NEW EVIDENCE: Ancient Emerald Tablets REVEAL Proof of Mysterious ORIGINS of Humanity with Billy Carson

Billy Carson is the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge Inc, and the Best Selling Author of The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets and Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke.

Billy is also the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge TV, a new conscious streaming TV network on Apple TV ,Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, GooglePlay and the web, the Co-Host of Bio-Hack Your Best Life, and is an expert host on Deep Space, a new original streaming series by Gaia. This series explores the Secret Space Program, revealing extraordinary technologies and their potential origins. He also serves as an expert host on Gaia’s original series, Ancient Civilizations, in which a team of renowned scholars deciphers the riddles of our origins and pieces together our forgotten history documented in monuments and texts around the world.

Billy appreciates the dedication and hard work it takes to accomplish great things. Recently, he earned the Certificate of Science (with an emphasis on Neuroscience) at M.I.T. and has a certificate in Ancient Civilization from Harvard University. Among his most notable achievements, Billy is the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Specifically, his space agency is involved in research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero-point energy devices.

Please enjoy my conversation with Billy Carson.

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Billy Carson 0:00
And then you go look at the three pyramids and align the same exact way at Teotihuacan with Orion. But then you also look at the dimensions of the Pyramid of the Sun, which is the biggest pyramid there. It's the same exact base size, the base is identical to the size of the base at Giza all the way in Africa. Coincidence, I doubt it. The second thing that's interesting is the height of the pyramid of the Sun is exactly 50%, the height of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Alex Ferrari 0:30
I'd like to welcome to show Billy Carson and how you doing, Billy?

Billy Carson 0:43
All right. Fantastic. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:45
Thank you so much for coming on the show. Man. I'm excited to talk to you. I've been a fan of yours. Like I was telling you before the algorithm keeps feeding me you constantly on my on my YouTube scroll and shorts and stuff because you are prolific to say the least you are out there.

Billy Carson 1:00
Thank you, man. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. And thank you to the algorithms that feed me.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
No question. So we're gonna have a deep conversation today about ancient civilizations lost history and how it affects evolution. So our souls evolution in this on this planet and societies in general, humanity's evolution, but my first question is, what sparked your interest in researching this kind of work the ancient civilizations and lost history?

Billy Carson 1:26
I always had kind of an interest in ancient civilizations just a surface interest as a kid because I was researching and reading about aerospace through the encyclopedias. But once I got through all the aerospace information, I then started looking at, of course, you know, the seven wonders of the world and the pyramids and all these other areas around the world that really have these amazing structures, Peru, and Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines, and so forth. So I had this intriguing want and need to go see these things. And I finally got a chance to go about 26 or 27 years ago, now my first trip out of the country was to, to, to recon and to to NITSA. And all that down into the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, I wanted to go somewhere close. But it wasn't really until around 2010 that I had a really strange experience. It's something that it took me a long time to talk about, but it was like a close encounter experience. But after that close encounter experience, I ended up looking and at this, this website that exists is called WorldWide Telescope, that org. Alright, then reason why I went to that website was because after this experience, that phrase was in my head over and over again. So I ended up going to And looking for a WorldWide Telescope, I looked for WorldWide Telescope found it it was actually all the space probe data, all the missions ever since in this space, pretty much from Earth, from NASA, European Space Agency, even some other space agencies were in there, like there was some Russian data, so forth, I think now they've even added some some China data, believe it or not, but regardless, it took me to Mars, panoramas, which I went and looked at Mars panoramas, where rovers were actually on Mars, and some of those images had anomalies in them. Things that I thought didn't appear shouldn't be there. But what was really interesting was some of those anomalies, had resemblances of megalithic stone structures here on Earth from ancient civilizations that I had been studying and even visited. And so that was like, wait a minute, could there be a connection between these anomalies on Mars and what I'm seeing on Earth, and then I dug deep into ancient civilizations like on another level from there, and dedicated my life to traveling the world, I have now looped this planet about 16 times, I've been in over 259 cities just in the last 24 months, 11 countries in the last 24 months. And I've gone and dedicated myself to go into all these ancient sites and meeting with the indigenous people meeting with homegrown archaeologists and guides on site and doing my own research. So I can try to see how I can you know, make this connection between the two and I think that I have.

Alex Ferrari 3:59
So how can you? How can these? Well, first of all, I've been to Chichen Itza. It's absolutely remarkable. And when I stand there, you do that clap technique. And you hear it bounced back. You're like, how the hell did they build that stuff? Like it's like at a whole other level. Which brings me to my first question, did they did the cultures of the Mayans and the Aztecs come across these monolithic things? Because it seems to me that it's very difficult to connect a culture that can build such beautiful and highly sophisticated structures, and then be cutting hearts out and sacrificing them off the edge. It doesn't connect what you're, what you're, what you're take with things?

Billy Carson 4:49
Built and connect at all. And initially, when I started studying the mines about 15 years ago, I was like, Man, this is really bizarre like these incredible structures are here. I know that it takes a high level of unrest Standing in technology and consciousness to be able to construct and become a master architect to even design and build out these things. But at the same time, I'm studying how they will sacrifice virgins into wells hoping that it would rain and they were cutting people's parts out and people wouldn't you know, play this ball game. And if you won the game that cut your head off, and I'm like, wait, wait a minute, this. This doesn't make any sense. You know, and so they would even kill kids that would like sacrifice children. And I'm like, something's not adding up. So when I went to cheat to Anita and to tilcon these areas for the second time in my life, I hired a homegrown guide, I got a guide, an archaeologist that I hired, not someone who went to the mainstream situation, but somebody who could give you the real facts. They brought me documentation that they actually teach in university in Mexico, and the Mayans actually arrived on site after the teotia recons, and that the minds actually inherited what was already there. The Aztecs came even later than the Mayans, the Aztecs had a volcano erupt in their Valley destroyed their entire, you know, town, they had to migrate out, they stumbled into Teotihuacan, and kind of just moved in and took over. And so a lot of the knowledge was lost. In the Mayans, and the Aztecs built at salutely, nothing not to take away anything from them. They were still a great culture, but they inherited what was already there. When I then tracked backtrack information to the Sumerian tablets, where you find out that thought the Atlantean, who was ruling over the land of Kim, which is now called Egypt, he began to have some, some arguments and fights with his brother almond, raw, and their father and keyset. To thought go to the other side, go go go to Mesoamerica and take some Olmecs with you he took some almonds with him from Africa to mesurer America and he and those all next Kickstarter and created the whole Teotihuacan civilization, where he then he over there, he became known to several people cancel Kuato you know, cuckoo con, Lord for call, and so forth and so on. But it's really all the same person the same being very kosher. He's also known as very kosher in different parts of Mesoamerica. But it's the same exact person, the feathered serpent, and him and the all next Kickstarter and built that entire civilization, which then at some point, they just disappeared or left. And then the Mayans came in inherited what was the already,

Alex Ferrari 7:30
You said, the Olmecs, they are considered the original, of mysterious kind of people that were there prior to the Mayans, the Incas, the the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Olmecs, who were the Olmecs?

Billy Carson 7:43
According to the Emerald Tablets of scope, the Olmecs were these Africans that left and came across were thought they were stone masons that came across with both. He's also known as the hoody or Djehuty. And Africa. They came here with him long before the Mayans even arrived long before Christopher Columbus accidentally landed on a Caribbean island. And these people were here so long ago, there's even records of them doing trade back and forth between here and Africa, with the indigenous peoples that were here, too. So then it was even crossed meeting and cross breeding. So they actually merged with some of the people that were here as well. So it's pretty interesting. There's a book, I believe it's called before Columbus, and it has a big ol neck head on it. And you can reach her research that has a lot of great sources to document and prove that this culture had arrived here. Hundreds of years before the Mayans even, you know, existed,

Alex Ferrari 8:40
I would say, yeah, when did they actually show up? What the timeline was?

Billy Carson 8:45
The timeline from here now would be for us roughly about six to 7000 years ago.

Alex Ferrari 8:51
That's when they showed up.

Billy Carson 8:53
Yeah, yeah, that's super Oh, that's a really ancient culture, like really ancient. But you know, what's interesting is, um, if you look, even some of the pictures from the 17 and 1800s, some of the sketches and 1700s, some of the actual photos that came through out of the late 1800s, you see that that entire region was almost completely covered. Yeah, archaeologist had to spend a lot of time digging out those structures, which means that at the time that the mines were there was probably around close to 1000 years ago. And then, you know, from there, closer into modern maybe 600 years ago, you have the Aztecs and then from there, it's just all dilapidated. The mainstream wants you to think this stuff was so recent, but the evidence of even just the the the erosion and so forth, give us a date that goes way further back then what we have

Alex Ferrari 9:42
Yeah because they've been finding these Olmec heads all around middle America and Mexico and South America, and nobody really understood where they came from the masonry in some of the stuff I mean, it's just that a whole other Lovell a How they're constructing it. I mean, you look at some of these some of these megalithic structures and the way that the rocks and the Connect, they're like, curved. And they like I was watching a documentary the other day about it. And they're like, yeah, the ground rock here. They're like, Are you absolutely? No? What? With these 20 ton giant blocks, you're talking about what sandpaper? Are you really? And then moving on? And how do you move that? Come on? It doesn't make any sense or crazy.

Billy Carson 10:32
And you got to remember we're talking about some of these areas were kind of an arid areas, like, for example, to tuba cones in the desert? No, but But you know, what's interesting is, he'll telecon gives away the master architect, because in the Emerald Tablets, both claims have built the Great Pyramid. And that takes us 36,000 years old. And even archaeologists teach at universities like Robert Schoch. Right? He says that, based on weathering patterns, just on the Sphinx alone, it's at least 13,000 years old, at least, at the minimum. And it goes even beyond, I believe, deeper than that. But you look at the great pyramid complex at Giza. And you see the three pyramids there, and you look at the dimensions of the Great Pyramid. And then you go look at the three pyramids and align the same exact way at Teotihuacan with Orion. But then you also look at the dimensions of the Pyramid of the Sun, which is the biggest pyramid there. It's the same exact base size, the base is identical to the size of the base at Giza all the way in Africa. Coincidence, I doubt it. The second thing that's interesting is the height of the pyramid of the Sun is exactly 50%, the height of the Great Pyramid at Giza. That's interesting, right? They also built to to come up on a gradual slope. So that the second that you know the other two pyramids that are there are the same exact height of the pyramid of the Sun, even though they're smaller pyramids. And the perimeter of the moon is actually eight pyramids built on top of each other with a fractal type of construction technique. I mean, it's mind blowing. And both of these sites are built on top of aquifers. So again, it's giving up the archaeology is giving up the master architect who I believe is thought the Atlantean that ruled over the land of Kemet, according to the ancient Egyptians for 16,000 years.

Alex Ferrari 12:27
So you've mentioned Thoth, for a couple times in this conversation, I know who he is based on watching you forever. Can you explain to the audience who who is Thoth and what are the Emerald Tablets,

Billy Carson 12:37
So Thoth thoth is his name, though, he's according to himself, he calls himself in Atlantean. King. Now the priests that were left behind after he left, they call him an Atlantean, priest King, the ancient Egyptians, you know, call Him a king or a God, he ruled over them. For 16,000 years, we're talking about a very, very long time ago to about 54,000 BCE. This is ancient pre dynastic era, obviously, this gentleman claims to have built the Great Pyramid. But what's interesting is he has Emerald Tablets, which are a text that he authored himself, he didn't have a scribe that authored these texts. Usually, these gods are these kings. So he's really important people would have a scribe action, what they're speaking, he wrote these tablets himself and left them behind, for this generation that we are in right now to understand, break down, analyze, and actually learn from what was interesting in these tablets. As he talks about this flood in the opening, versus this great flood that has swept across the land again, more evidence of a great flood. He talks about the fact that the temples were coming up out of the mud, and that his mission now was to go and raise mankind back up through a high level of civilization. In other words, we had already been in a higher level prior to this flood, potentially some type of golden age, high level high tech civilization existed before this flood destroyed the planet. And now him and his crew, he took a crew with them, he got into the great ship of the master, according to his writings. And this wasn't a ship that sailed out on the ocean because you said upward we rose into the sky to the sun, until beneath us, the planet, it basically disappeared, Earth disappeared. And we're talking about a ship that flies up and out not that sails across water. until the time appointed, he said he looks down beneath the ship, lay the land of the children of Kim and he sees the ancient temple coming up out of the mud. And then they descend down from and I think I think these ancient people knew what the sand and the sand and you know, sailing and flying and I think they knew the difference between all those terminology. So he's saying he descended down to the ground. And then the people that by this time, had become barbarians. And so they had lost their technology had lost you know, a lot of their language and everything else because of this global disaster had happened probably a couple generations have gone Whatever I'm assuming, but they come to attack him when he opens the door to his ship and come out him and his crew. And he raises his staff and he sends out a rate of vibration, which stops him still as practice of stone of a mountain. So he has a stun gun that can freeze you in place. Just like we have the Active Denial System in the military that sends a beam at a crowd of writers and can freeze them in their tracks, make them feel like they're vomiting, make them feel like they're on fire, put words in their head, make them and put them in pain, make them run away, same technology he has. And then he releases them. And he begins to talk about peace with them. And he says I'm a son of Atlantis. And I'm here to raise you back up to a high level of civilization. So this guy is interesting, because after he created this new civilization here in the land of Kemet, before it was known as Egypt, he then told his crew to go around the planet and duplicate what they had done there. So he's the master architect, his crew went around the world, and re kickstart a civilization in different regions of this planet, most likely along that 33rd degree parallel. And it's just to me evidence that after a flood, we had some assistance in getting back on our feet.

Alex Ferrari 16:09
So and that was another question I was going to ask you is like, how is it possible that the pyramids of Egypt, the pyramids of Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, to Japan, the pyramids in China, the pyramids in India, which are all close to that 33 degree that you're talking about. Yeah, technically should supposedly never had any contact, never could have had any contact with each other, right? Over 1000s of years, in theory, in theory makes sense. It makes sense. Yeah, if you only stopped the timeline to a certain point, but if you take the timeline farther back, and these ideas that are being talked about in the Emerald Tablets, then it starts to make more sense, because I just always wonder, like, how is it that, you know, 6000 years ago, or 4000 years ago, we're building quote, unquote, the great pyramids, and then which, then 2000 years ago or not even I think they said, How old is Chichen Itza? According to mainstream archaeology 1000s?

Billy Carson 17:07
Yeah, yeah, that's it. That's 1000 1200 units, this maximum they're giving it? I mean, like, I'm okay.

Alex Ferrari 17:11
Okay. It just doesn't make any, it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I mean,

Billy Carson 17:17
No. their numbers, our numbers are far off. I mean, if you go to the Nazca Lines in Peru, and you see the mountain there, they shaved the entire mountain off. Right? Or where did all the remnants of the mountain go? You know, I mean, I mean, how do you shave a mountain? back then? I mean, so the numbers of the giving for the dates of these things, they just don't exist. This this stuff is ancient man. Really super ancient.

Alex Ferrari 17:42
So the so so Thoth is the master architect out of all and then use the Atlanteans. So, obviously, Atlantis is very famous because of Plato. We all know about Atlantis. In your opinion, where, what Where's Atlantis? What was Atlantis? And what was it? Lemuria? That was Maria. Prior to Atlantis, correct? What was those things? How do they connect? Yeah, so

Billy Carson 18:06
I'll start with Lemuria. When you look at, you know, the culture coming out of the aboriginals out of Australia, even Aboriginal elders that I've talked to still have handed down verbal history of Lemuria. And it being an island that now has been sunk off the coast of Australia, in some ways even kind of connected, but that they were seated on this planet. This is not Billy Carson saying this, this is the Aboriginal elders 1000s of years handed down verbal history, that they were seeded on this planet in Lemuria. By Pleiadians, their Pleiadians brought them through this planet and seeded them in Lemuria and help build a golden age there in Lemuria, a spiritual Golden Age. Okay, a spiritual thumb, some not tech, consciously spiritual, where people had the capability of telekinesis, you know, psychic abilities, speaking to each other without opening their mouths and so forth and everything. And navigation through, you know, the geomagnetic fields using the magnetite crystals in their brain and everything else. Now, at some point, there was a corruption that happened on that island did sink but the aboriginals sustained on Australia which are still there till this very day. And there's still even remnants of these Pleiadian hieroglyphs, which I've seen with my own eyes. In Australia. When I went there a few years ago. Out in the outback, I went, I went for a walk about in the outback with some Aboriginals. We went out and we saw these glyphs. And to date nobody in the world has been able to decipher these hieroglyphs but they have been dated 5000 years old, based on the patina inside the carvings of the glyphs, you can date that that organic material there 5000 years old, pretty interesting. So now fast forward to Atlantis. All of a sudden these beings arrived here. They're called the Anunnaki. Right? The Anunnaki means those who from heaven came to earth it's a generalized term just like if you and I were to travel to another planet right now and they say, Hey, where are you guys from? We're gonna say we're earthlings, right?

Alex Ferrari 20:09
Boca Raton

Billy Carson 20:10
Floridian from Boca Raton, you know, we're just gonna say, We're Earthlings. Right? So Anunnaki is a generalized term for people who don't understand or know what that term mean. And that name has been used in the accumulation and seven types of creation, the ultra high seas epic, the Bible, they call the Henok and says we were as grasshoppers in their eyesight. And so this terminology of the Anunnaki is well known. It's in the Torah, it's everywhere. It's a well known name. It's not a fabricated or made up name by Zacharias Sitchin. It's actually a real name and ancient texts that you can actually find if you look for it. And so, but these were, they created a civilization now the civilization that the Anunnaki built is called the Atlantean civilization. Now Atlantis, according to Plato, right and what what he's what he described as that described it as seems to have been this giant ring city, which would have been in the Atlantic Ocean Atlantis, Atlantic, and there's remnants of cities sunken in the Atlantic Ocean, we know this now, just by basic oceanography. However, that ring city that was described was just one capital on Earth, one capital of many capitals, probably one of the most beautiful capital cities that existed on Earth, that ring city in the Atlantic Ocean, but not the only capital. There were people ruling in regions all over the planet. And Atlantis was just this ring city of Atlantis was was just one. There was at a time there was a war that went on, disagreements happened, the Golden Age began to fall. And these beings, these advanced beings started going to war against each other for control and domination of humans and resources on this planet and other planets as well in our solar system, one of them being the Moon and Mars, and they actually had a battle. So this battle is also well recorded in Sumerian tablets, tails, they had these wars that went on, and these wars extended from Earth to the Moon all the way to Mars, hence why Mars is called a god of war. And this remnants of evidence of weapons grade xenon, in the atmosphere on Mars, from the Mars Global Surveyor, and in the soil from the actual science kits on the rovers. We know that there's weapons grade xenon, weapons grade, what, that's remnants of nuclear warfare that happened. So at some point, in the ancient past, these beings went to have these, you know, these WMDs, and they went to war against each other, destroying each other or attempting to destroy each other. But Atlantis was not just a ring City, it was a interplanetary civilization. And no matter where you are on earth, we're all standing or sitting on top of Atlantis at this exact moment

Alex Ferrari 22:44
That it's absolutely fascinating. The, in this war that you're talking about is very clearly stated in the Bhagavad Gita. And in the Vedic texts, I mean, specific literal specifics of you know, it's space space and that space but like aerial crafts, wars going off, nucular some sort of explosion what it's, it's, it's been talked about,

Billy Carson 23:15
In detail, even tell you what the name of the weapons are the names of the Brahma Honda, they have the Brahma Honda weapon, you know, they have these weapons that once it release, you can't even stop it, there's no way to deactivate it. They have this one weapon that can destroy any man on three worlds they have, they had a weapon that can even destroy a planet. I mean, these guys were sitting around 10,000 years ago, let's make a sci fi movie, you know, like Star Trek or Star Wars. We just got nothing to do today. But we're gonna write a sci fi movie. And we're gonna spend countless hours you know, etching this stuff into stone tablets. And, you know, it just didn't happen this, they recorded what happened, I believe, and it's probably the closest to the truth we're gonna get there's always his story. But I think we're getting as close as we can possibly get into Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, the Indian Vedas, they talk about the vimanas, the shifts that used to fly, right, and they had the, the mercury based engine, so they use a ferrofluid vortex mercury based engine to fly silently from place to place that could take an accompaniment of men from Earth to the Moon, who's writing this in ancient time, these people knew what they were talking about, even left behind flight plans, and the designs of the vimanas that used to fly in. So the evidence is fully abound. It's just that mainstream wants to ignore it. So they can keep up with a particular agenda and a mindset flowing through the main civilization, the main population, for the purposes of monetization, and suppression of ancient technologies that the military and other private corporations are investigating and probably activating and utilizing in their own, you know, for their own services.

Alex Ferrari 24:53
So yeah, I was gonna say what's the purpose of lying about all this information? It doesn't make financial So you just kind of laid out a couple of the reasons but it's starting to get to the circumstantial evidence that is these kinds of stuff that they kept tossing around like, oh, that's now No. But now things are coming up that you just you just can't ignore and Gobekli Teppei just showed up a little while ago that's dated 13,000 years. So that pushes the timeline back the work that grant Hancock is doing. I mean, he's, he's leading the way and he's, as they say, the first one through the wall is the is the bloodiest, and he's totally that no question,

Billy Carson 25:32
No doubt,

Alex Ferrari 25:34
But also, in your opinion, how far back does the human story go?

Billy Carson 25:39
I believe it goes back. Well, I'll put it this way to two ways. The first way is this, the Anunnaki appear to have arrived based on the reading of the tablets around 450,000 years ago. Now that's significant because when they arrived here on this planet, they were creating a breakaway civilization with no intention of engaging what we will call homosapien or we weren't homosapien yet we were it was our cousins, some type of a hominid that was here. We know the hominid was here because they state that the hominid was already here. They said there was a being here, there was already had your little communities and existences, but we were at a certain level. And they added their essence to us to genetically modify and create homo sapien sapien after many experiments. However, our cousins were already here for 450,000 years ago, we were here we weren't in trees acting like monkeys, and, and, you know, eating bananas and all this kind of crazy stuff. This bilateral bipedal version of a hominid, what we kind of almost looked like now existed already on this planet. Now, according to these tablets, they worked. They creating canals and cities, and so forth, and mining for resources and everything else developing a civilization for around 200,000 years, to 250,000 years, roughly, before they almost went to war against each other because they themselves were tired of doing the work, and the kings of Earth and new Enki and Enlil. They felt like they were forcing them to do this labor. And they were tired, and they complained that they needed a break. And so they decided to go to war. This isn't the epic of ultra high seas. And so they went to South Africa to Adams calendar, where they found the oldest gold mines that exist 200,000 year old gold mines, and they encircled the campus. And they began to get ready to go to war. And Enki had an idea says, Look, let us take the existing being on this planet, and add our assets to them and get them to bear the load of the labor. So basically create a slave race, not from dust, not from actual, like, you know, the Bible says, You take some clay and wet clay and spin on it and blah, blah, blah know, from actually from taking a being that's here already genetically tinkering with it, making it inserting a worship gene, which we know the gene for worship was inserted into the genome, we know that for a fact, now through genetic studies, then it can be turned on and it can also be turned off, well get them to worship us. They'll think we're God, and they'll do the work just to be just to honor us. And they put them out there to do all the work and take the load away from the Ugg the working class and anokhi and that's how that initial war was kind of thwarted. And so that's what happened. You know, we, we literally were read reengineered to become a slave race on this planet.

Alex Ferrari 28:22
You mentioned the Sumerians. When were the Sumerians and who were they part of the Anunnaki?

Billy Carson 28:27
Well, Sumerians were beings that were here they were the first, according to the tablets, like one of the first races to be genetically tinkered with and kind of, or the the origins of, quote unquote, mankind. A lot of the tablets go back about six to 8000 years, which is why a lot of the biblical texts on record 6000 years of Earth's history, because they took their history and information from Sumerian tablets, the Sumerian tablets were directly copied right into biblical texts in the Old Testament. And this is why people who become Christians believe the Earth is only 6000, you have the Zealots 6000 years old. But that's actually not accurate. They're only getting coming up with that number because that's the date of the majority of the Sumerian tablets where the current information was plagiarized. But we know that those tablets now because we keep finding older tablets, we know that those tablets are copies of even older tabs. So as tablets get passed on from time to time, and they age or they want to take a copy of a tablet to another region, it will be copied. In other words, somebody will sit there with a stylus and copy the information from tablet to tablet. So there's versions and versions and versions. We've even found an older version of the of the Enuma Elish. And so even in the oldest version, the planet there's a planet named Nibiru, in the oldest version, but in the more recent version, which is about 6000 years old. It's named Marduk. Because Marduk changed the name to his name because he wanted to be the destroyer. So there's versions of these tablets that exist over time. There, they've been recopied.

Alex Ferrari 29:56
So let's let's dive into the Bible a little bit because that's a really intro thing, idea. Because I was raised Christian. We I mean, I in I learned the story and all that stuff. And I became more curious as I got older about trying to investigate, and things that made more sense to me. But can you talk a little bit about the Council of Nicaea, which most Christians and Catholics don't really know that history, and because everything according to the, to the world, that the according to dogma, it's the word of God. And it could very well be, but the physical aspects of how the Bible was created, and edited, was all in the council in the sea. And so can you explain to people who have never heard of this? This is history by the way, this is not made up? Yeah, this is not fake history. This is actual, ancient history.

Billy Carson 30:51
Yeah, it's real history. The Council of Nicaea under Pope is named with a rope, no Roman emperor, Roman emperor, Constantine, um, you know, in Rome had decided, like, you know what, man, we're battling against his Christianity, it's monotheistic mindset. And it's like, you know, it's taking a lot of toll on us financially doesn't make any sense. These people are rebelling against us nonstop. And this thing still is growing. Even as much as we rebuke it, it keeps growing, maybe we should just adopt it, you know, maybe we should just adopt this and bring it in an ad are pagan holidays to this thing, and I'll be contacting him we can take the tithes and all the offerings. And so it seemed like a great idea to Council of Nicaea. They came together. And they started analyzing a lot of the, the text that was left behind that was orchestrating the majority of obviously the Old Testament of the Bible, information from the Torah, and, you know, different scripts that were left and found in caves and vases and over time, and they said, You know what, let's, let's make this into one book. Instead of having all these separate scrolls and texts all over the place, let's make this into one canonized Bible. And so they began to handpick information from different texts. A lot of the texts that were they had found on these on these scrolls, these dead sea scrolls and scriptures now kamati, and other ancient texts, Torah and so forth. They literally had already been copied from Sumerian tablets, the majority of them Sumerian tablets, the Mahabharata, some from the Bhagavad Gita, some from Believe it or not, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which is really called the Egyptian Book of going for by day. And so then there were other books that existed, which are the apocryphal books that they decided to keep out like the Book of Enoch, and the book of, of Adam, and all these other books is there's an incredible amount of information. They literally like they put this in, modify that or change these two verses around, edit this, delete that, leave it in, but delete that statement, cut this story down, the story is too long, take it out, don't talk about this. Don't talk about that. And so they made this remix of the text. And they put it into this book called The canonized Bible. And then they began to put that out and said, This is the Word of God. No, it's the word of man. It's a true remix is what it is, you know, saying so they took information that was already copied in plagiarize, and then remix it even more. So the problem that you have with the Bible is you have some truths, mixed with some information as part truth part lie remixed by mankind, and some information that's completely, absolutely fabricated all together. When you're talking about hell. And you're talking about raptures and all this kind of stuff, that stuff doesn't even exist. So it's a pretty interesting book. And they put they realized that the power of, of the information and the domination control, they can put on masses with that book, they knew that they can literally talk dominate and take over masses and masses of people. And that's exactly what they did. And it's unfortunate because it, it put us into a time loop where we slow down the progression of humanity's technological advances. There was a scientific study done based on the Arabs, where we were in the 1800s, and the technological advances that were coming out of the Arabs, believe it or not, and he realized that if it wasn't for the acquisitions, and the Roman Empire, and so forth, we could have been on the moon in the 1800s. That's how far back religion has set humanity. That's a pretty interesting thing. And the book today obviously still has a huge grab, grab on people's consciousness. And because of the mankind's unwillingness to really research and investigate the information, we're still has a heavy, heavy grasp on us and will for quite some time, even though people are now beginning to wake up and ask more questions and dig deeper into the text and look for answers and ask questions about the contradictory information in there. There's still a lot more work to do. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 35:00
I mean, it's known in throughout the dogma that some somebody a bunch of pre sat down and just like, wrote down and like what's channeling the Word of God through the whole book and then at the end, like, look what we've done. But that's not the case based on on just historical fact. Yeah, it just, we just do a slight bit of research. And it's not the take away from the essence of No, not at all the teachings are, and there's a lot of good in the in the Bible, and there's a lot of great lessons and, and ways to live life and you know, all of that stuff. But it is not a complete idea. I mean, look, let's talk about Jesus for a second. As yoga as Yogananda says he was crucified on one day, but his teachings have been crucified for the last 2000 years. And as beautiful of a statement is I've ever heard, because it's so true. So who from your research was the real man that was Jesus?

Billy Carson 36:02
Yeah. Jesus was Yeshua. That was his name Yeshua. Which is, I think, translates into Joseph. Basically, that's his real name, if you want to use an American tongue. Now, this was a real person that existed some people like oh, he wasn't some imaginary person. No, no, no, there's a lot of evidence that he actually existed, he lived he breathed, he had blood in his veins. There was a walking man, ma N wasn't, you know, some type of flying guy with wings on his back, he was a man, he came through a womb, that what here's what's interesting, though, there was a little something different about this, this guy, the fact that he was a virgin birth, documented in the text. But when I looked deeper into see, well, maybe this was a mistake, or maybe it was a mis translation, or do they remix this too. I found through the apocryphal texts that his grandmother was also a virgin birth. And this is really interesting. So we see this established bloodline here, where through the grandmother comes his mother, and then through his mother comes him both through in vitro fertilization. Okay, this is advanced technology, someone purposefully did this, this was not a mistake, this wasn't an accident. This is some type of genetic tinkering. This is how you make a zygote and do in vitro fertilization in modern terms and modern science, to create a baby in a womb that it came without having sex. And so that was for a purpose and a reason. And the only thing I can hypothesize is that the genetics that were added into this zygote, when you take an egg, and you mix genetic material into the egg, and then insert it into a womb, it must have been some of this DNA from the Anunnaki. So even though we all have Anunnaki DNA, and as some people have a little bit more, and maybe it could have even been that he would regain his memories, or from even maybe a past life, and so forth, as he got older. But what's interesting is, as he got older, he became the age of 12, you're sure disappears from the Bible? Where does he go? There's a text called the gospel of the Holy 12. And this gospel of Holy 12, which, of course was left out of the canonized bible talks about where he went, he went to go live in Egypt. So I said, Let me hop on a plane and fly to Egypt. So I go to Egypt. And I find the place that he lives in Coptic Cairo, and you can still go there to this very day. It's a shrine there inside of this, now used to be the house, but now it's a church. It's a Coptic Church, obviously. But the place where he slept and laid, his head is still there, him and his mother. And their names are engraved into the windowsill there as well, and is kept very safe. So anyone from anywhere in the world with a passport can fly to the place where he actually slept as a child and a teenager. He then left from there, and went up into Tibet to learn Qigong and Reiki healing and healing with the hands or energy moving energy around the body, and so forth. And that was confirmed by the Dalai Lama. And then he left from there and went to India to learn the mystic arts, teaching reincarnation all the way back into Egypt. And then when he got back to Egypt, this is when he's 32 years old, the Bible picks up I call my Son out of Egypt. That's where the exact phrase is in the Bible. And he comes out of Egypt, he appears in Jerusalem riding on the back of a donkey. So this is still the whole missing era of his life that existed, it's not missing, it was purposefully left out to create this ideology and this dogma about who Jesus is and was. Now more recently, they found the book of Jesus's wife, which is actually in the Harvard seminary. So they believe now that he got married most likely to Mary Magdalene, and most likely had children, which would be the Merovingian bloodline, which is probably still walking the earth till this very day. In the Sinai Bible. He never was crucified during the Sinai Bible predates the King James Version of the Bible, so I'm more likely to believe the older text is closer to the truth. So my personal opinion crucification is about consciousness, being born again. And being baptized is happy to having to do it raising your level of consciousness to a higher level, nothing to do with splashing water, nothing to do with getting tied up to a cross and hung and so forth. I believe that those are all misinterpretations or maybe by accident or maybe on purpose, but they did it to manipulate the minds of the people. I think that the true message here is that we are here to save ourselves, and that we are here to forgive ourselves and you can't move forward. You can't you can't turn on the inner light inside of you and activate it until you learn how to forgive yourself.

Alex Ferrari 40:35
It's It's remarkable, Billy, that I mean, a lot of the stuff we're talking about, is it stuff that there is historical records of, it's not just like, hey, let's talk about the earth being flat. Because we, by the way, there's going to be at least four or five comments, just because they said that, just

Billy Carson 40:57
They're gonna go crazy. They're gonna go, they're zealots. That's why.

Alex Ferrari 41:00
Right, right, so it's not like we're making up stuff. This is all kind of based on ancient texts, ancient history, ancient sources. But let me ask you this, in your opinion, because you are, you are on the front line, as well as Bob Graham is on trying to get this information out to the world. Why do you feel that there's that people are so threatened by information of that doesn't connect with their dogma, their foundational their psychological Foundation, because you say something, and I've used this example on the show before is like, if I believe in the Christian dogma, or whatever, dogma doesn't matter. And all of a sudden, you throw in a new concept that makes sense, but does not connect with what I've been taught. And I'm like, well, reincarnation, like, if I believe in reincarnation, I can't believe in everything. I've been taught by my parents, by my church, or by my culture, by my society, wait a minute, then they were all wrong, and am I wrong? And then it just, it's just like a domino effect of losing yourself, hence, why they stopped, they want to fight they want to protect they want to go out to what is your opinion? And I know, how do you deal with it, got to believe that you get some pushback.

Billy Carson 42:17
I get I get death threats. And people always say to me, you know, you're not afraid of the government, you know, like, the only people who have threatened me, and have threatened to actually kill me, you know, actually told me they're going to shoot me in the head and shoot me between the eyes and kill me and so forth. And when I go to the conference, I'll be dead. These are all delegates. These are have nothing to do with government, you know, people who believe in religion, dogma, Flat Earthers have give me death threats, you know, so there's no government agency coming to try to, you know, I'm not big enough yet. Maybe when I get 15 20 million people following me, but right now, the people don't have to worry about, I have to protect myself, again, are the Zealots, those are the most dangerous people on the planet. And the evidence of this is look at all the wars that have happened on this planet. It's the Zealots, the people who are into the dogma, and the hardcore belief systems, they will kill you over a pile of a political belief, they will kill you over a religious belief, or any other type of dogmatic belief system that they've ingrained into themselves. And the reason why people get so angry and offended and pissed off and afraid when you bring up the types of topics that we're talking about today, is because like I say, all the time, when they were born, they were given a name, a race and religion. And now they've been defending a false identity since they've been born. And now all of a sudden, here I come, I show up on the scene. And I'm ripping that false identity away from them, I'm snatching it from their soul. And that hurts them because every single cell in their body is vibrating and resonating to that programming code that they've been given since birth, and now it feels alone, it feels naked. If you take a baby, right? A newborn baby comes out of the womb, and you put it right on the mother's chest. The baby is calm, right? It's calm, it's relaxed. The second that nurse comes and takes that baby away from the mother. That thing is kicking and screaming, it wants body contact and wants the mother's heat, it wants warmth and wants to smell the mother. It's the same thing when you snag somebody's belief system. They feel naked, they feel exposed. And especially the older they are, the worse it is. Because now they realize, oh my god, 20 3040 years, 50 years, this information might be invalid this information that I believe in so dogmatically that I've held so close to my heart all these decades, might not even be close to the truth. And now what? No, no, no, I had one guy telling me he was actually a pastor. I know you're probably right. But I gotta do this anyway, just in case. So what it tells me is this also takes into the second part of my answer. People, the majority, I wouldn't say 100% But I will say 90% of the people that are into religion and dogmatic belief systems are doing it for one reason One reason only because they believe that if they don't do it, they won't survive in an afterlife all eternity in peace and tranquility. In other words, what they're really saying is, I'm doing this to save my ass. Because if I don't do this, there's a chance I might be cast into this lake of fire. So what it proves to me is, there is no true real love for these entities and these beings that they're worshipping and praying to, and so forth. And it's fear, it's pure, unadulterated fear. That's what it really is. And because of that, they've grabbed onto this thing so tight, they don't want to release it, because the fear of this lake of fire in this damn nation is got a grip on them. And they've given it to their kids and their kids are getting to their kids and so forth and so on. And that's the real reason why they're holding on so tight.

Alex Ferrari 45:48
Preach! You're absolutely absolutely right, my friend it is. It's pretty remarkable. I have it I get it to a certain extent here on the show, because even people who've just like, near death experiences are all Bs, and this or that, because like that, they can't understand the concept of like, oh, it's pure love on the other side. And this is one life, and you have another one, you're gonna reincarnate. And you're just throws them out completely. When you have 1000s and 1000s and 10s of 1000s of people talking about these concepts. It's it's pretty remarkable. Now I want to go back to Egypt for a second. The pyramids, the pyramids, yeah, yeah, we're estimating that they're around 36,000 years old, according to at least at least,

Billy Carson 46:36
The reason why. But I'll just say real quick, in the tablets, thoughts, Father tells them to build the Great Sphinx, and put his face on it. That's about 36,000 years ago.

Alex Ferrari 46:47
And then the face that we see on the Sphinx now is something that the Egyptians did later on. Because it doesn't say

Billy Carson 46:54
Not proportionate, correct. So people, these archaeologists hypothesize, it used to be alliances, and it was never aligned. And it was always a man's face that they never did. They read the tabs and they want to ignore the tablets or they want to come up with your crazy hypothesis that doesn't exist out of their brain. But what the tablet say is, it was it was the face of both. Even though he's depicted with the face of an ibis bird, that's not his real face. That's a mask. Obviously, it's an archetype or metaphor based on bringing darkness to light. But his face was on there because Enki ordered it to be his face. At that time. His name was Nick Azita. In ancient Sumerian texts, if you look up, Ningbo, Zb, in the Sumerian texts, you'll find out that the face of the sphinx was his. It was aligned to the constellation of Leo, which was his time to rule over the land of Kemet. And then what happened was him him and his brother Marduk, aka Amonrah, are having these head to head battles, and both left and went to Mesoamerica. And when he left, his brother recurve the face much later to the face of his sons. So it's thoughts nephew space now, that was carved into the Sphinx, and that's the face of his nephew, the son of almond raw. That's the faces up there. Now. That's why it's done. It's not proportional to the size of the body.

Alex Ferrari 48:07
So if the if the Great Pyramid and the pyramid structures were built at least 36,000 years ago, how the hell did they do it?

Billy Carson 48:15
It's pretty interesting. And you know, and people who are how do you come up with this 36,000 was not just because of the tablets were written 36,000 years ago. But when you look at the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, you discover that if you go back one precession, you know, because of all the extinction level events that were going on, they're just natural geological disasters. It's like, huh, not a good time to be building a Sphinx and Megalithic structures. Because we know for a fact that that that one extinction level event where our asteroid struck close to the North Pole area, but it extended out disasters all down into Africa. So why would you be building pyramids and Sphinx is when that's going on, you just wouldn't it doesn't make any sense. So you'd go back another processional period, you're right at 36,000 years ago, so you go back to processional periods, you have the Emerald Tablets of Thoth saying, I thought build it the Great Pyramid pattern after Earth's force to get it to my remained through the ages. You have that text right there. And then you have the evidence of the weathering of the Sphinx. And you go wait a minute, these things are super, super ancient. Now, when you look at the way that thought talks about building the pyramids, there's a couple things that intrigued me. One, he talks about the ability to manifest stone through conscious thought and SIMATIC frequencies. He uses the light from his own being, right. So he's using conscious lightwaves. And what SIMATIC frequencies to manifest blocks. This is crazy, because when I looked into it at the time when I first read that I couldn't find any science that we can even come close to doing anything like that until recently until about maybe I think it was three and a half years ago. Scientists for the very first time in a laboratory, use photonic energy, light wave energy and frequency SIMATIC frequency sound, to manifest real matter into existence. And this is now peer reviewed science. Again, we have rediscovered what was talking about an ancient tablets 36,000 years ago, the ability to use waves and Cymatics to create solid matter. So not all the stones were created that way, some were harvested from a quarry, and some were actually manifested into existence. And I believe in my personal opinion that just from being underneath the pyramid being inside the middle of it, being inside the top, I believe that these the Great Pyramid, for example, was built from the top down. Hard to believe hard, hard concept to understand. What was interesting is one of these X Men movies that came out. So this ancient guy, which is supposed to be though I guess, he almond raw, he's building the pyramid from the top down, though it's an older one maybe came out seven years ago. So but Apocalypse the apocalypse, yeah, Apocalypse, right? Exactly. And I was like, Oh, my God, I just said this on a video like two months ago, it was great, because that you know, and then that came out the trailer came out was crazy. But others other ancient texts talk about, you know, the pyramids coming from the top down. But it's really a super advanced structure. When you look at the way it's laid out all the compartments on the inside, and all the hidden chambers that exists. And of course, hidden secret exits that exist in it, because the people who are building from the inside didn't want to be locked or enclosed in there and their bodies have never been found, which means they'd gotten out some type of way. It's a real super duper structure. Now, this structure of the Great Pyramid is a multifunctional stone computer. It's not just a pyramid, that can generate electricity. It's not just a pyramid that can mark the location of stars in the sky. It has multifunction, if you look at the way it was sitting on top of the aquifer, when water used to flow underneath it when the Nile was much closer, that water would create Physiol static electricity, which was sent ions up into the pyramid, which would then be amplified up the Grand Gallery into the king's chamber, which would then shoot through the apex with which we would be transmitted to arbalest around the region to be captured as wireless electricity, which can then be captured by the ancient Egyptians through something called jets that had cables at the end of them. Or they can use light bulbs, they can do gold plating, and so forth, which we know they did. The other thing is a certain amount of that water would flow up into the base and go down into the Queen's Chamber, which you see us electrolysis to extract hydrogen atoms and those atoms will then be pushed through the shaft and pointed at star systems when alignments happen. And what do we use hydrogen for right now in modern times, communication through vast distances of space, we're trying to commit contact with et right now we're trying to contact et right now. And what are we using the hydrogen frequency, the same thing the Great Pyramids doing? They were sending messages to our dev Ron, to Orion to Sirius, all these stars and they'll be aligned with they were communicating, hey, this is an update as to what's happened in the last 10 years here, down on Earth. And then the other thing is, of course, the fact that it gives you a complete breakdown. Once you analyze the size and dimensions of the stones and the blocks, you can break down the year, you can calculate the distance from the Earth to the Moon, you can calculate the distance from the Earth to the Sun, you can calculate the speed of the earth on its axis, you can calculate the speed of the Earth around the Sun and the speed of the Sun around the galactic equator, you can even calculate the speed of our galaxy around the local cluster, all from the dimensions of the Great Pyramid.

Alex Ferrari 53:50
So they encoded all this information in a way that it could, it could be eventually downloaded or transcribed by people who would get it later on. It's kind of like the whole, you know, I could put a movie on a DVD, but in 1000 years, there's not gonna be a DVD player to play it. It was just a disk. So they had to figure out a way to go beyond language which is math, which is the ultimate edge of the universe.

Billy Carson 54:22
That's it that's that's the language of God the language of God is mathematics period point blank.

Alex Ferrari 54:28
Now, I know this is going to be a bigger question and we might have to come back to do another episode on this one, but the the Hindu culture and the Indian culture they touch upon this vast history of what the you know of the Anunnaki and the wars and all of this kind of stuff. What do you know about the origins of argument one of the oldest known cultures in in the world because the Vedic texts Are some of the oldest texts that we have? And they say you owe 6000 years, of course, for 5000 years. But the but the but the Indians and the Hindus in the priests say, No, this goes back 10,000 years, 15,000 years, this information, so what information do you have about that culture? How they built the pyramids that they built? Once? I mean, that's a whole world.

Billy Carson 55:29
Listen, what's interesting about that culture and all these cultures is that they are so ancient, right? So I'm getting ready to do some research on different temples and one of them is in India, the Kailash temples, right, where they took a mountain and carved a mountain from the outside going into create those temples, saying, yeah, and but I'm comparing it to the Lalibela temples at Ethiopia, done the same exact way, they carved their entire mountain to a temple from the outside going in. And then Apple symbol, same exact technique, Jordan, same exact technique. So I'm going to document these temples and show the tool marks and the techniques all identical. Again, one master architect, just different relief designs. And you'll begin to see that these people were under the same tutelage or had the same knowledge as the master architect that came and help you know, kickstart civilization. In other words, that one person didn't build all this stuff, but taught this knowledge to other people. When you look at the Indian text, he discovered in some cases, in some areas that I've read, it could be 100,000 years old, 200,000 years old, but that for me matches also against some of the ancient Sumerian tablets referencing a timeframe of around 400. So this is really super superduper ancient information. And when you begin to analyze some of the tablets, the Sumerian you begin to realize that these people that they were calling the they call them this Avants, the heroes of all the Savant, they were different looking people. In other words, they look like different races of people. And I was like, Man, this is pretty incredible. Not only do they look like different races based on the descriptions of them, but then they all went around the planet and duplicate it civilizations or built civilizations. And that's when I started getting an idea. Let me research the genetics of the human being and find out why are we different races, because we should all be the same race. And then I found that there was a 2% variance in genetic material between races of people. And even modern day geneticists say for that to happen in only 200,000 years is impossible, it should have taken millions of years to get black, white, Hispanic, bla bla bla, bla bla these races, you know, so very Asian. And so what they realized was that this is an artificial mutation. I go back to the tablets, again, my reference point, and I realized that the reason why we have different races of people is because these beings were different races. Even one Marik one from a different planet. So what they did was they route ruled over, let's say, in India, particular region of the planet. And they were genetically brand us to mark us. This shows up again in the Bible. So we're genetically branded, black people are not black. I'm not dark brown because my ancestors worked in the sun. That's stupid. It's the dumbest thing ever.

Alex Ferrari 58:27
There's sun in America. There's sun in China. There's Sun everywhere. I hate to say

Billy Carson 58:33
It's crazy. It's crazy. The first time I read it, I laughed. But I found out it's not because of that. It's because it's a genetic brand, Caucasian genetic brand. We founded the genetic brand according to the text. The first Caucasians came out in the caucus mountains, right. That's what we're there by Russia. But so we're talking about this genetic branding that occurred. And the Indians they had a genetic branding as well. That's why those people look at a particular way the Asians the same thing. It's pretty interesting. So this genetic branding occurred, but these beings also had some blue people. And they also had record a blue people in Egypt. Alright, so all of a sudden you see these different colored people. And all Cyrus was green bra, not on rubber raw, was blue. And then you have the Indian beings or the Indian Gods who are also blue, right? And so it's this crazy thing and the deeper you look, you realize, man, these were a multi racial group of beings that came to this planet. They were all hominid, so that in some way had made a pact to do a breakaway civilization on earth. And they worked in in collab colluded together for some time before all these crazy wars broke out, probably sick the second or third generation, greed, you know, quest for power, and all that kind of crept in, because initially it was peace and tranquility and then all of a sudden everything went to pot. So at some point that's what happened. But these ancient cultures out of India have sort of most deepest spiritual knowledge, the most esoteric wisdom, the deepest understanding of the higher levels of meditation and how to get into those levels of meditation, Mystic capabilities, mystic powers, all this comes out of there, they had the records of the vimanas and the flying UFOs, that they had the flight plans, the designs on how to make them the information on what they were made out of. And all this stuff is already been discovered. It's not even a mystery anymore. And of course, some of the most vast amount of texts and records that we can actually get our hands on, we found coming out of India. So these people are super ancient, that goes back into this ancient culture of advanced beings that arrived on this planet. And I do believe that the reason why we have mixed race is because each race of people were genetically modified or genetically tinkered with to be branded in the Bible, you find out that Cain was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. And he's asking God, he's going God who was actually really Enlil in the Bible. He's saying, the people out there are going to kill me. When should they be people? What people? There shouldn't be people out there who's out there is millions of people that already on the planet. But why would they kill you? Because they will. He says, Don't worry, I'm gonna put a mark on you. So then God puts a mark on Cain, so that the people out there will recognize Oh, this is his voice and Lil's boy, ya Wait, this is you're always being a mess with him. So he genetically put a mark on him, too. So people would know. And he said, when you find when you get out there, don't worry, you're gonna find your wife and you'll give build this whole civilization called the Canaanites. But so again, evidence of someone stepping in and genetically tinkering with us to give us this particular look. So that people would know Oh, that's his group, or that's his group, or that's her group, don't touch them. And that's how it happened.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:49
Um, we talked a little bit about the mystery school in Egypt. Can you discuss what I mean? That sounds cool as hell. What is inside of the mystery school? What did they teach in the Mystery Schools in Egypt, that Jesus was

Billy Carson 1:02:02
Mystery Schools. Deep, deep stuff, I did a 36 hour Mystery School Class 36 hours. It's all on my forbidden OS TV channel. It's broken into our segments of 45 minute segments. And I still barely touch the surface of the information. I could have gone on for two or 300 hours. But these mystery schools were put in place in the very first ones. According to the Emerald Tablets were started by thought, right? He's known as the hoody or God in Africa. And he would use this system of teaching where he would get only adept initiates. In other words, hand picked people that for whatever reason, he felt they had the privilege. They deserve the privilege of hearing this sacred knowledge and information that he had carried that had been passed on to him for eons and eons, he says, and so in these classes in schools, it would be philosophy, esoteric wisdom, you know, scientific knowledge, everything from Sacred Geometry, to quantum physics, to understanding the philosophy of the world, understanding higher dimensions, how to travel to dimensions. I mean, we're talking about the most incredible set of information or knowledge that you can get anywhere was in these mystery schools, and you had to be hand picked, to be able to get in which you're sure we talked about earlier from the Bible, aka Jesus was one of these handpicked, adept initiates at the age of 12, which is incredible. And then their job was to keep this information and knowledge sacred. So I would pass on through time. The problem that we have is, once these quote unquote Gods disappeared or left the planet, or maybe even some died, the people who are in control of the information in the secrets of these Mystery Schools began to form FRAC lies and form out these sacred secret societies. And the secret societies like skull and crossbones, and Illuminati, and so forth and so on, you know, there's a million of them, they all realize that, wow, there is a force that exists, or the force is neutral, it can be good or it can be evil. It's up to the wielder of the knowledge. And they began to realize that if they can wield the knowledge in one direction, they can have an enormous amount of power and control over masses and extreme wealth. And so these secret societies all came out of ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. And then they began to utilize the knowledge and the power and the light or darkness because it works both ways. And they still have a heavy grasp on the majority of civilization till this very day.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:38
Billy man I'm going to be able to you gotta come back man, because we could talk for another 10 days on on, on this stuff that I'm gonna ask you a few questions ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Billy Carson 1:04:51
Oh man, my definition of living a fulfilled life is to be able to walk in abundance 24/7 My objective and at all My daily basis is peace and abundance. And when I wake up, I expect abundance. I don't hope for abundance. I don't pray for abundance. I don't wish I had abundance. I expect peace and abundance of my life every single day and I will it into existence every single day nonstop. And no matter what comes at me no matter what blindsides me, I stay true to that. I solve the problem. I don't see issues that come up as problems anymore. I see them as things that need to be solved. I find the solutions and I keep on moving. But I walk in abundance 24/7.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:31
If you can go back in time and speak to the young boy that used to be you. What advice would you give them?

Billy Carson 1:05:37
I would say that for that person to not only continue to studies that you're already on, but to understand that there are going to be a lot of dark brothers as both calls them the Amitabh is coming, you know your way, things are gonna blindside you things that are going to distract you and take you off your course. But to stay fast, hold tight, and stay the course. Because I did have a couple of distractions along the way in my life as we all do. I think I could have been even far long by now than where I'm at, in terms of helping humanity and raising consciousness on this planet. But again, it's a process you have to go through. But if I can go back, I'd say just be prepared, because I really wasn't prepared. I got blindsided a few times before I realized, Oh, this is a natural part of the cycle. But I would say to be prepared for these things and be prepared to look for solutions immediately. And don't get distracted. How do you define God, I define God as the natural spark that created everything in the entire universe. And that same spark that inhabits every single atom in the universe inhabits every single atom inside of my body. And that my spiritual source that is animating this avatar body come from one source and one source only. And then I'm just a fractal of that universal consciousness so that God power that God energy, and that I'm here to experience life as Billy Carson for a very, very extremely brief moment, before I reconnect to source and regenerate somewhere else as something else. And what is the ultimate purpose of life? I believe the ultimate purpose of life right now is to hear in the third dimension is a proving ground to learn your lessons to gain knowledge and information to transmit back to source what it's like to be Billy Carson, what it's like to be a blade of grass, what does it like to be a rock and to provide information and to learn from situations as a sentient being? How to become better how to become stronger? How to ascend consciously, how to really defeat the third dimension, and then ascend to higher dimensions?

Alex Ferrari 1:07:35
And really, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing brother?

Billy Carson 1:07:39
You can find me on 4biddenknowledge with the number 4 And of course, And they can watch a lot of my shows by just going to on a web browser or go to your local app store on any device and go get the forbidden knowledge TV app, and you have any parting messages for the audience, my friend, I would just say, you know, keep the faith in terms of humanity. It's at times it does look bleak, it does look like humanity is falling and failing and we're flipping flopping around. But when you really analyze history as I have there, you'll find that it's the greatest time to be alive right now. It's the greatest time we're not even close to the end of days, the end of days is not now, if it was going to be the end of day that would have been 1000s of years ago, when we had a lot of catastrophes going on geological catastrophes it would have been hundreds of years ago when we had the Black Plague when we had the bubonic plague. When we had the papal Inquisition. 80 million people being slaughtered for the purpose of putting pushing out religion. When we had the American Holocaust, 111 million indigenous peoples being slaughtered and killed over 70 years. We don't have that going on right now. There are wars and things going on here and there sporadically throughout the planet. There is poverty here and there. Overall, though, it's time for mankind to ascend. It's time for us to finally pull up our bootstraps and get ready to do the work. The work is unconditional love, service to others, and spreading knowledge and information that helps uplift and inspire people. Period point blank and that's what we're here to do.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:09
Billy on that note, I appreciate you and everything you're doing to awaken this planet, my friend. You will come back for part two, there's no question

Billy Carson 1:09:17
For sure we have to man.

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