NEW EVIDENCE: Lost Ancient Texts REVEAL Secrets to Humanity’s GOLDEN Origins! with Billy Carson

In the vast expanse of human history, there are always those who challenge the conventional narrative, seeking to uncover the truths hidden beneath layers of dogma and tradition. Today, we welcome Billy Carson, a prolific researcher, author, and speaker whose work delves into ancient civilizations, forbidden knowledge, and the profound connections between past and present. Billy’s insights offer a provocative look at the stories we’ve been told and the truths that lie beyond.

Billy Carson begins by exploring the advanced civilizations that predate our recorded history. According to Billy, these ancient societies, such as the Atlanteans, possessed technology and knowledge far beyond what we can imagine. “Thousands of years before the civilizations we recognize, there was an advanced race on this planet. They had interplanetary capabilities and sophisticated technology, which they used to genetically modify early hominids into Homo sapiens,” he explained. This radical view challenges the traditional evolutionary timeline and suggests that human history is far more complex than mainstream academia acknowledges.

Billy’s exploration into ancient texts reveals fascinating connections between disparate cultures and times. He points out that much of what is written in the Bible and other religious texts can be traced back to older sources like the Sumerian tablets, the Mahabharata, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. “The majority of Jesus’s teachings in the New Testament come directly from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, which are 36,000 to 38,000-year-old teachings,” Billy Carson notes. This assertion invites us to consider how ancient wisdom has been repackaged and presented throughout the ages.

A recent visit to the Vatican City provided Billy with firsthand experience of the vast wealth and power accumulated by the Catholic Church. “The Vatican is an independent kingdom with immense control over historical knowledge and religious narratives,” he observed. During his visit, he was struck by the sheer volume of artifacts and art, many of which have little to do with Christian teachings but rather symbolize the Church’s dominance. Billy highlights the immense underground archives of the Vatican, rumored to contain advanced knowledge and relics from ancient civilizations, including bones of extraterrestrial beings and detailed records of human history.

Billy’s critique of the Catholic Church extends to its practices and doctrines. He argues that many of the Church’s traditions are designed to generate revenue and maintain control over the populace. “The concept of paying penance for sins is a clear example of how the Church monetizes guilt and absolution,” he said. This system, according to Billy, creates a cycle where followers believe they can buy forgiveness, thus perpetuating the Church’s wealth and influence.


  1. Question Established Narratives: Billy encourages us to question the stories and teachings that have been passed down to us. By investigating ancient texts and alternative histories, we can uncover deeper truths about our origins and purpose.
  2. Seek Knowledge Beyond Mainstream Sources: The hidden knowledge in places like the Vatican archives suggests that there is much more to human history than we are taught. Exploring alternative sources and perspectives can broaden our understanding of the world.
  3. Understand the Power Structures: Recognizing how institutions like the Catholic Church have historically amassed and wielded power can help us see beyond their narratives and seek a more authentic connection to the divine.

Billy Carson’s journey is a testament to the power of curiosity and the relentless pursuit of truth. His work invites us to look beyond the surface and explore the deeper connections that bind us to our ancient past. In doing so, we may find not only answers to our most pressing questions but also a renewed sense of purpose and belonging in the grand tapestry of existence.

Please enjoy my conversation with Billy Carson.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 317

Billy Carson 0:00
Thousands of years before them and advanced race lived on this planet, built in Atlantean global civilization, probably Atlantean interplanetary civilization that had capability of spaceflight and everything else, and that they most likely genetically modified the existing hominids, which then became homosapien sapien in order to put us all in slavery and nickels to the workload for them. If they knew that those stories and those tales from the Sumerian tablets, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, the Indian Vedas, Tibetan Book of the Dead pages from Book of going forth by day, aka the Egyptian Book of the Dead, you know, they know me, Alicia has seven tabs of creation, the epic battle has ceased, and of all the updates are the myth of adopted by doing all these texts, predominantly made up the majority of the Bible, we will be like, Well, what do you guys preach it to us? This is all fake. It's all alive. So we know that in the Emerald Tablets, you know which book companion with the tablets, that the majority of Jesus's teachings in New Testament comes directly from the AMA with habits of dope, which is 36 38,000 year old teachings.

Alex Ferrari 1:08
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Billy Carson. How you doing Billy?

Billy Carson 1:13
Hey great look. Great to be back. Thank you for having me back on your amazing show.

Alex Ferrari 1:18
Thank you so much for coming back brother. I mean, our last conversation broke over a million to at one point 2 million right now. So people like you and I having a conversation. So I think so. But I think we booked this before that we were just like, we got to keep talking. But it kind of blew up, man. So people are excited. This is really great. We're getting this information out there.

Billy Carson 1:43
Yes. Listen, that's the most important thing that people begin to hear this information so that they can become researchers on their own and also digest it discern it and decide you know, for themselves based on the information given you know, how do they feel about it? How does it make them feel and and and what enlightenment can they get out of it. So this is a great man.

Alex Ferrari 2:03
So since last our conver, last time, we had a conversation, I had the wonderful opportunity to fly over to Europe and spend a little time in Italy. So too much gelato, first of all, and way too much cappuccino and, and all sorts of delicious desserts. But while I was there, I took the opportunity to visit the Vatican and Vatican City. And it was a really eye opening experience because I went to Vatican Museum, which is awe inspiring is not even the word to use. It was there's so much stuff that they have in that museum. It's for people if you've never been there, I'm sure I'm assuming you have. But there's so many sculptures that they have that they literally just pile them next like It's like room after room of them. They're just next to each other. Like normally, like one of those pieces would be the centerpiece of another museum.

Billy Carson 3:04
Right, right. Yeah. Yeah, they have an embarrassment of riches.

Alex Ferrari 3:08
And that's the words that was embarrassment of riches. You're going there like oh, there Raphael did that. And oh, Donatella did that, oh, Michelangelo did that dome and you're like, and then you get to the Sistine Chapel. I was exhausted. By the time I got to the Sistine Chapel. I was just like, what it was, Oh, nice. Because it's so much. It's it is it started to open my eyes right away. I'm like, wow, how do these? How did they get all of this stuff? And it's not just all like Christian stuff. Egyptian things from Mesopotamia. I mean, it's insane. And then you walk into St. Peter's Basilica, and you just in awe. It's the biggest church I've ever been in. And it's just like every corner you just think every corner there's like masterpieces from every like Michelangelo, Donatello all these people, and others. There's a leper Yatra and you're looking at all that stuff. And I don't know if you've had this opportunity to did you go underground into the catacombs?

Billy Carson 4:08
No, I didn't do the catacombs there. I did the catacombs in Alexandria, but I didn't do the catacombs in Rome.

Alex Ferrari 4:14
So the candidate another catacombs in St. Peter's is where the where all the Pope's are. Yeah, so when I went down to that area, and all the Pope's are there and I turned the corner and it St. Peter's resting space. Like it's the Apostle Paul. So it was insane. So as I was going through all of this, the main thing I thought myself was and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it is that this has little to do with Jesus. This entire this entire thing has such little to do with Jesus's teachings Jesus Christ the man and has so much to do about their own power, their own influence, and maintaining that power and influence over the world. Well, what are your thoughts on that?

Billy Carson 5:03
Oh, you hit it on the head. So no, the Catholic religion has literally nothing to do with truthfully, achieving a higher sense of consciousness for Christ consciousness, it's really all about them. And even like, for example, the Pope or the priest of the Catholic Church, wherever you are in the world, that's supposed to be the conduit that's supposed to be God walking in the flesh. Now, we know that we are all gods, and God is us. But they take it to another level where they truly truthfully believe that they're the actual creator of the universe walking around in a mindset of domination, not collaboration. And so that's where it goes really south. And then a lot of their rules and laws and their, their traditions are just all about, you know, generating revenue and money. For example, you know, you go in, and you admit that you did something wrong. And now they're gonna, well, you got to pay a penance to this and you pay these, you pay this penance. And that's supposed to, you know, remind you of your sin. So, from the mindset that they've established this, or I can go out here, I can drink, I can hang out, I can, I can have sex with anybody I want outside of marriage, I can violate all the rules of quote, unquote, Christianity, as long as I come in here and talk to this guy behind this invisible box, and I can just get paid some money, and all of my sins will be absorbed. And I'm good to go and do it all over again. So I can do this once a week. So I don't have to answer for any of my consequences. I can literally run rough and ragged, I can run, you know, like, it's the wild wild west on the streets. And then I can curse people out whenever I want. And I can just go and talk to this guy. So they've created a system where they generate revenue and money off of beguiling people into thinking that they can actually absolve themselves of their own responsibility of their own actions by extra money. Yes, admitting something to somebody behind a box

Alex Ferrari 6:59
In another example, was I was in Naples, and I went to the catacombs in Naples, one of the catacombs there, and I was talking to the guide, and I go, who won't like what is this, like, who owns this? And like, oh, anything Christian found in Italy, it's automatically property of the Vatican. If they just discovered it. It's automatic. If it's property. Yeah. So when they found it, this is so interesting. When they found it. They called it the Vatican. Okay. We found these catacombs. You know, we want to kind of open it up to the public and that people tour? And they're like, Yeah, sure, do whatever you want. That's fine, you know, no problem. And then a couple of years later, the Vatican is like, Oh, they're making some money. So then they're going back to on this is straight from the straight from the guide. He goes, Yeah, the now we have to pay, because by the way, all the money that is made from the catacombs tickets, goes into social programs for the city of Naples, meaning after school programs, arts, things for schools and kids and social programs. So it's for everybody to know. Once the Vatican found out that needing money, they go, Okay, since it's making money now you need to pay us $3 million a year as a license, and 50% of all ticket sales. And I was just like, Are you kidding? And then when you walk around the Vatican City, you just like there's literally gold on the walls. Are you. Nothing to do with Jesus.

Billy Carson 8:31
Nothing. It's insane. It's insane. You see, the Vatican is its own private kingdom. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. They create their own rules and regulations on the fly. And they can change a law or rule tomorrow or in five minutes. And then everyone will have to abide by that.

Alex Ferrari 8:50
And you know what's funny, I got into a cab in from Vatican City. Going back to to, to where we were staying. And the the taxi driver, who's in local. He we started talking about the Vatican and boy he did he just started tearing them apart. They're like, they we have to pay as Italian citizens. We have to pay them every year even though we don't live in Vatican City. You've got to like they get they pay no taxes. They basically still control Italy. But behind the scenes that this there's absolute power behind the scenes there like there was a girl that went missing in Vatican City, the parent the family was still trying to find them. But once it once you're there, it's gone. You're just gone. It was fascinating. How much power that that place adds and let's not even talk about and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. The archives, the archives were the books the knowledge that they have raped and pillaged for centuries from Alexandria, either before or after it was you know, going through Steam and all the libraries. What do you what have you learned about what in the archives?

Billy Carson 10:02
In the archives at the Vatican, it's first of all, about five miles of archives underground, and very, very secure access. In other words, you can't just go I'm gonna go check out the archives on the ground, you know, you have to be a quick security cleared, almost top secret clearance based on their standards to get down there. But they have in there so many incredible discoveries, so much knowledge and wisdom that had been stolen, literally stolen from all around the world. And of course, the Library of Alexandria, that was a book heist, the fire was a distraction. The real story of Alexandria it was a book heist, it was a knowledge that they stole the knowledge. They left a few books burning here, and then they burned it down to the ground. But the vast majority of the knowledge and wisdom stored at Alexandria was siphoned off and taken to the underground, I call it an underground base at the Vatican. Down there also, according to even some Jesuits are bones of actual quote unquote, alien beings. Information about advanced beings that visited this planet, the Anunnaki, according to the Dogana, no mo, and the Sumerians column, the Pantheon called the Anunnaki Pantheon out of Samaria, they call the material out of Africa, they had, they have all these relics and artifacts of these particular people, even out of Greece. They have all this down there. They have information even out of Iraq, that shows and proves that advanced races had lived on this planet long before this current civilization here exist. We're talking about eons and eons ago, super highly advanced with technologies and capabilities of flight and everything else, weapons of war that existed, all that information is stored underneath the Vatican archives, along with some of the most incredible texts and books and inventions that ever existed on this planet. And they siphoned it away in their hoarding all of that wisdom and knowledge. Further, they can keep controlling power and domination over the world. And guess what it's working.

Alex Ferrari 12:08
So that's that was that was my next question. The reasoning for all this is if you control the information, you control the knowledge, there can't be if the public is ignorant, it's much more controllable.

Billy Carson 12:21
Yes. You know, if the public knew that long before Jesus long before Moses and all these people, you know, supposedly were even born or existed, that 1000s of years before them and advanced race lived on this planet, built in Atlantean, global civilization, probably Atlantean, interplanetary civilization, that had capability of spaceflight and everything else, and that they most likely genetically modified the existing hominids, which then became homo sapien sapien in order to put us all in slave free and naked through the workload for them. If we're if they knew that those stories and those tales from the Sumerian tablets, Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita the Indian Vedas Tibetan Book of the Dead they just booked up going Forth by Day aka the Egyptian Book of the Dead you know they know me elation is seven tabs of creation, the epic baccarat seats and of all the if they do the myth of adopted by doing all these texts, predominantly made up the majority of the Bible, we will be like, well, what are you guys preach it to us? This is all fake. It's all lies. And we know that in the Emerald Tablets, you know which book competing with them with tablets, that the majority of Jesus's teachings in New Testament come directly from the Emerald Tablets of dope, which 36 38,000 year old teachings, so they must control and hide and secure evidence of this information and just knowledge to keep people basically in this level of ignorance where they can continue to control them and steal their money.

Alex Ferrari 13:42
Well, isn't the you know what, this is the weirdest thing while I was driving around, you know, I went to Rome. I was staying in Rome when I entered Vatican City and then it was down the street from the Colosseum and I got to see the Colosseum. You see Roman Rome is everywhere like Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Roman, every stuff all over the place. And, man, I don't want to sound ignorant, man, but it was the first time when I went to Vatican City and I connected it to rather wait a minute. Roman Catholic, I never connected Roman as in like the Roman Empire to Catholicism, even though it's always been called the Roman Catholic Church. I just never connected it. And that was the first time I'm like, Oh my God. That's right. Constantine. Oh my god, that he's the one that created the Council of Nicaea and 325 ad and, and they're the ones that sat down and like, okay, let's argue about what really Jesus is. And so they basically built up the mythology in the Council of Nicaea. Right?

Billy Carson 14:37
Yes, the Council of Nicaea came together built up the mythology. They add it to the story they took from a lot of ancient texts and tablets. And then they kind of curated this book which they want to call it a canonized Bible, right? So they took right here took from their this tablet, that tablet, this scripture, that Papyrus, this non commodity piece we like we all we like this coming out of out of this side. Um, text over here. And then they kind of just commented together and then remixed it, put their own spin on it to make sure that slavery was approved. And okay, right? Well, we want to add that in there got to make sure the slavery is approved. Now, because people were enslaving each other since back in before the black slaves I'm talking about in the ancient time slaves are already going on slavery was sure it was nothing new. Yeah. And then so you had that. And then of course, we want to collect a lot of money. So they have to pay us, we got to make sure we got the money, you got to pay, you know, and you got to do the labor. And you got to bring the offerings, because we're ours, we ourselves are not going to go out and hunt and, and grow farms and everything else. So you guys, you're going to have to bring these offerings to us, we want an already cooked meat source of burnt offerings. Make sure you drain the blood, make sure it's healthy for us and bring us your fresher first harvest. Because we want the freshest fruit and the freshest vegetables. We don't want the stale stuff. We want your freshest wheat and the freshest breads. And so people would come down and bring everything to the church and give it all away, along with whatever money they had left. And these people would live like fat cats literally off of piping, the knowledge and understanding of what's going on and tricking people into believing that they had some access to divine power and knowledge when they were just really high level pimps, as I call them. The elements of the people, you know, you almost can't blame them. But yet at the same time, it's like how can you how can so many masks people stand up and fall for this, but I you know, it happens, but also you gotta remember the way that they went around the way that the council Nicaea put this into place when Rome and Rome said, we're now going to dominate the planet with this religion. So they combined their beliefs with the Christianity, right? Because they felt that to keeping it separate was creating too much, you know, anger between the two sides, and everybody wants to go head to head. So you know what, we're gonna combine it. We'll add our stuff in with their stuff. And we'll make it a national religion.

Alex Ferrari 16:57
Well, yeah, we're getting over where they were getting unruly. And constancy said, Look, I'll be I'll be Christian. I'll be Christian. Let's all do this, guys. I'll be Christian. Let's go over here. We'll put a pope up the pope he talks about every day. Yeah. The bishops, they talked about every few days. The Cardinals, they talked to him like maybe once a month, twice a month. And the priests talk to them every once in a while. But this is it's an ordered thing. But they were with you guys, because they were getting the Christians are starting to get a little out of hand. So they needed to control them.

Billy Carson 17:28
Yeah, they need to control so yeah. If you can't beat them, join them. That's the mindset, right. Some of our stuffing with theirs. We'll mix it all around, but really mix it. But now here's the trick, as Rome was on its global escapade, trying to dominate and take over the planet. everywhere they went, they would then instill and install this Christianity, this Catholic Christianity in those areas. But this is how they did it. People believe that Christianity was spread by love and the good news and, and no, it was spread by right bloodshed, murdering and killing. When they came to your town, they literally would take your women and your children, they would you know, they will take the leader of that village or whatever, they will show that you guys gonna bow down to us, you're gonna follow this religion, you're gonna speak our language. And they will make an example out of somebody and then everybody else would fall follow suit. And if they didn't, then they will say, Okay, we're going to give you a lot of these torture devices, they will have the pope spear, alright, which is still in the museum's right now, which sought to get into a woman's personal parts, and it would explode on the inside of her, they would have this triangular pyramid with a spiral on top and it would really man up and down. And then it go up into his back door over and over again until he died. By the all these torture mechanisms. They tortured and killed over 80 million people over the course of 700 years, under the under the order of the Pope's in order to spread love and peace and Christianity all around the planet. And so but this was, you know, again, all with the authority of Rome. So this global conquest to spread this and collect money was all done by bloodshed and torture, not by loving peace.

Alex Ferrari 19:10
So just as Jesus says, Love thy neighbor and do unto others as you wouldn't do unto you, but make sure that you bring a check cash or Venmo I don't remember Jesus saying these things. And it's fascinating, you know, like you, you see all of this when you walk into, by the way, I don't know how many churches you I walked into probably 30 churches because they're everywhere in Italy, like you can't

Billy Carson 19:39
Everywhere you turn, every

Alex Ferrari 19:40
Like there's a there's a huge church and then like two blocks later, there's another church. It's like their churches everywhere. And every single church I walked into, no matter how rinky dink it looked from the outside, you walk in, masterpieces on the wall, on the ceilings, scrubbed it was no matter where you went. It was me Nothing like you're in the States. Here, you walk into some churches, and they're very humble. And they're very, there is no such thing as a humble church. In Italy, it was just so as you as an ignorant person from the field or from the country, and you walk into St. Peter's Basilica, and you don't understand anything, you have to believe God is here, because it's just something so. So just, it's so it's

Billy Carson 20:25
So grand.

Alex Ferrari 20:26
So grand. And, you know, I consider myself a fairly educated person. And I walked in and you just in awe, you're an officer, because like, wow, if if I didn't know better, you could easily fall into this. I mean, it's yes. And then let's not talk about the marketing campaign of hiring every great master artist of the last 500 years and commission. You religious, you know me, that's why every time you go into a museum, it's always a, generally speaking, always Jesus, or some sort of religious depiction, because the Vatican paying for all of that, right, am I right?

Billy Carson 21:02
Exactly. Oh, absolutely. You know, even the depiction of Jesus was switched over to the face that became the global popular face that was actually Caesar Butcher, who was actually one of the sons of an actual Pope, and killed his own brother to try to take his place. This guy was this evil, brutal killing ruler in Sparta commissioned the artists to paint him his image as the image of Jesus, and that image still propagates the planet till this very day. So the image that a lot of people are praying to, is not the Jesus that they think it is, but actually a natural born killer.

Alex Ferrari 21:42
And it is in that's true, because I mean, it is it was just propaganda. That was the propaganda of the day where these Master Master works of paintings and, and, you know, frescoes and things like that, that was the propaganda of the day, that was the art of that's all the only way they could get messages like this out there. So because of this one, artists, you have these images, but generally speaking, if you go back far enough, I mean, Jesus didn't wasn't a white guy with blue eyes. That doesn't make it if he was just was it right?

Billy Carson 22:16
Yeah, it wasn't a black guy with blue eyes. Have you read the description? You had bronze feet and and he had curly, tight, curly here? I mean, so clearly, you're talking about somebody that looks like they come from that region, which really is the northern tip of Africa, aka Arabia in that region. And I've been there, of course, now, dozens of times, I mean, all those people, the people who are homegrown, they all look the same. My back when I go, there they go you my brother, you my brother. You want to sell me something? Of course, I'm your brother. But oh, yeah, of course, of course. But the point. The point is, you get it. I mean, obviously, it wasn't a white guy with blond hair and blue eyes. But that's the depiction that took hold and took root, and has been brought into the minds what a great marketing campaign. I mean, you want to talk about applied neuroscience, that that image is brought into the brains of people before they're even conceived when they come out of the womb, they're looking for that image. So they did a great marketing and propaganda campaign with that image, they burned it into the brains of people so deeply, it's embedded in our DNA.

Alex Ferrari 23:18
Well, I mean, it's, I mean, look at Santa Claus. I mean, the image of Santa Claus was basically a marketing campaign from Coca Cola. And that's that Santa Claus, we all know and love, you know, that's the image that the, you know, the jolly little man with the white, you know, with the with a big white beard. And that was just an image created by Coca Cola and am I wrong with that, but that's, but that's now propagated. So now that is the image of, quote unquote, St. Nick.

Billy Carson 23:44
Yeah, it started off in there actually in the UK, with a gentleman and then Coca Cola kind of adopted it and enhanced it to what they're liking the way they wanted to be a chubby guy was probably a skinny guy, but they adopted it, they enhance it to what they want it to be. But it took hold again, like you said, it's great. It's great marketing, great propaganda, subliminal information, subliminal messages and teachings and it just gets birthed into the, into the genome and it passes on from generation to generation. Same thing happened with this Jesus speaker. His name isn't even Jesus. His name was Yeshua. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Yeah, that's the actual name. And so but again, Jesus, the J is a new letter. It didn't even exist until recently. I mean, you know, so we're talking about, okay, what is really the name e Seuss. And when you look into the root word of that, and you go back into some of the ancient tongues, you find out it's hail Zeus. So people that are calling on the name of Jesus all the time, they're calling for help from Zeus, which is actually a converted name from the Sumerian pantheon. So they're calling on in Lille is what's going on. They're not calling on any song of the Creator of the universe. And this is why a lot of prayers don't actually work. People don't understand the power of speech and then calling on names and in the somatic Frequency they create, then you're completely ignorant to what's what you're really saying. It's no wonder why billions of prayers go up every single day all around the world. But then again, look at the state of the world on a daily basis, you can clearly see that if somebody has a positive outcome, more than likely, it's just luck. You know, and

Alex Ferrari 25:19
I know this conversation will probably be upsetting to some and look, you know, I'm a recovering Catholic, I've said, I've been a recovering Catholic Catholic for quite some time. So I, I lived and breathed this when the Catholic school had the nones, the whole ball of wax. And I just hope that this conversation just sparks an interest to investigate it for yourself. Nothing that we're saying here is not investigate double on there on your own. And you can go out and look and read, I mean, just go even go to Wikipedia, for God's sakes, you just read about the Council of Nicaea. I mean, you just start reading it on Wikipedia, which isn't the perfect, you know, research thing, but still basics, and then you're like, oh, wait, this is really what happened like this is Oh, so you know, it was, oh, so the Bible is not God's word. It was a bunch of dudes that got together and left out stuff like the Book of Enoch left out other things, because it didn't kind of work in there, the concept of reincarnation, we're left out because that doesn't work. Because if you think you can come back, I really can't control you, as we easily, you know, all these little ideas, but you just have to do your own research. I hope this sparks a little bit of interest for people to do so. And

Billy Carson 26:29
I want to add one thing to this before we go on to I want people to understand I'm not an atheist, I believe in a Creator of the Universe. Yeah, because the quantum physics proves that we're living inside of a creation, there's no way to dispute that there's somebody to doubt it. We're living in a programmed holographic light matrix that is a method used for this creation. But we are in this is created by an entity and believe that there is a God I don't I just believe that the biblical version is not specifically talking about the creative universe, I believe those are the words of men about men that have been manipulated to be God. And actually, the word God in the Bible is Miss translated by accident on purpose, the original root word for that is God's with an S. And everywhere where you see God singular, is actually supposed to have an S on the end. So there's so much going on, there's been tainted so much by man, you know, but I do believe that there was a God. But again, you have to research everything that you believe in, especially if you're looking for this information to carry you into eternity, you should know every little tiny detail about it, you shouldn't just take it point. In fact, from somebody standing at a pulpit, you should be an expert on it yourself. After writing is your own eternity.

Alex Ferrari 27:44
Right, obviously. And then also the, you know, the problem that a lot of people have with just what you just said, is that like, Well, my parents told me, and that nice gentleman who's my priest told me, and you know, my whole family, yeah. Listen, at the end of the day, investigate for yourself and what makes what connects you better to to the Creator, if going to church every day with with a community to pray to a creator, that works for you. God bless. It's not hurting anybody else. Amen. Do do you. But if you are interested a little bit in these ideas, try to investigate them yourself. Because it might not be pleasant. It wasn't for me, when I first started going down these roads. I mean, when I was in my 20s, I started reading, you know, once I started reading Indian philosophies, and just going around the world and just started listening to other religions, I'm like, well, they all can't be right. And they all can't be wrong. Like, there has to be something here. And that's started the journey where I'm at today. But I hope that people take that, that we're not just bashing the Catholic Church, though it is bash a bull. For a lot of the the horrors that it has done in its existence. I just want you to kind of realize what is really going on and shows like this, and this information, the work you're doing the work I'm doing, is putting this information out there so people could just start going. And what by the way, we're not starting a revolution. People are leaving the church in droves. I mean, the whole priests thing with the abuse, and I mean, they have a problem. And I don't think in I don't know, I don't know, do you think they'll be around in two 300 years? You know, is it seriously

Billy Carson 29:26
I seriously doubt. No, no, they're not. They can't be Listen, there's too much they've paid billions of dollars in savings, billions in settlements for pedophilia, and sexual abuse. You can't persist along that path. You know, and so at the rate that they're going with what they're doing, they can't persist too much longer. They still However, right now, hold on a lot of power. I mean, even the governments of the world contact the Vatican. Before they go to war. A lot of people don't even know this. They contact to speak to Who the Black Pope, not a black man. But a Black Pope, he wears the black garment. Okay, he's called a super Jesuit, were sworn off. But very special sworn off the back posted online many times, if you have time, when another time, you can read the entire oath that they have to read. It's pretty dark, it's pretty dark. And it comes directly from their, their information. So it's not fabricated or somebody made it up online. And what's interesting is the the governments of the world and superpowers of the world they contact and get approval for the war, from the super Jesuit Black Pope. Think about that kind of power. Think about that level of power. People don't even know a Black Pope exists, they don't even know what a Black Pope is. But when you start looking it up, and then research the oath that's taken, it is so dark, and actually, it'll make you feel sick on the inside. That's how dark it is.

Alex Ferrari 30:56
Now, let me ask you, we've talked a little bit about the great pyramids and Egyptian Egyptian temples and pyramids and things like that. Before we dive into a little bit more of that. Have you studied anything in India, the temples and because as the temples and the archaeological sites in India, are not talked about that much in these conversations, it's always it's always a mess in America. It's always, you know, great pyramids, but even pyramids in Japan and China, in other areas, go back to therapy, obviously now. But generally speaking, I don't hear a lot of conversations about India. But they have some remarkable temples, archaeological sites, information in those temples, how they made some of those things is absolutely insane. So what information do you have about the Hindu or the Hindu temples or Indian temples, and cities in archaeology,

Billy Carson 31:57
I'm doing an amazing, I have a new TV show coming out called Anunnaki history on 4biddenknowledge TV. And we're just in the beginning stages of filming. And one of the things that I'm doing and one of my episodes is I'm tying together the the Kailash temples of India. The Kailash temple, is literally a mountain that's carved from the outside going in, oh, yeah. Start from the outside. If the if the first cut is off by one millimeter, you can't finish this trip to perfection. You can't finish the incredible openings, and the reliefs and all the incredible designs on the inner walls in a perfectly square where you can't do it. And so this is this is evidence of some type of either super guided laser technique or whatever it is, but I'm going to document them, I'm going to look for the tool marks. And I'm going to compare the Kalash temples, to Petra Jordan, to Abu Simbel, and Egypt, to the Lalibela temples of Africa, they're all May, with the same exact cutting technique, and the same exact, I believe cutting tool in any single one of those structures, you can't be one millimeter off when you start the first cut. And so I'm going to be documented and talking about that. But these temples in India are just they're mind blowing, how they're created the incredible attention to detail from a lot of carved rock, carved rock and a lot of the reliefs, you know, again, these are my personal opinion, some of them go back 1000s of years. And I believe that directly related to these Anunnaki people who created this Atlantean civilization, depending on where they were on in the world, they they had their own particular style, same construction technique, but their own style and look of how the reliefs and how the design work would go and and I believe that India was a location where they definitely walked, walked amongst men. And they built some some of the most incredible structures that exist on the planet, like you said, hardly ever talked about, but I'm going there next year to document these and and pull the whole thing together and connect the dots.

Alex Ferrari 34:07
What is interesting about the the sites that you're talking about, I know exactly which one you're talking about. And for people listening, it's literally imagine you built a temple and Temple is not even a word I would use for these things. And you carved it out of a mountain as one solid piece. So it's a solid piece. So I got to go see the David. That was one solid piece of marble he made the David out of okay. And that's impressive as hell. I mean, you sit in front of the David and you go Jesus, it's insane. Now do that with a mountain and that every little thing has to be cut or carved perfectly because if you you know like some parts inside the temple, because there's you could walk inside these structures that have been carved out of the of the mount And imagine I'm just trying to think, okay, so a dude starts carving up here and starts chiseling there. And it's all perfect. And when they go inside, they start chiseling, and they didn't go too far and bust a hole through the roof, or anything like that. It's all perfect. And it looks, we couldn't do that today. If we even tried, everyone always talks about, can we build a pyramids today? You know, could you? I don't know, probably not the way they did it. And not with that percent not that kind of precise engineering. But this is literally impossible. Like, this is not even. There's no technology today, would you agree? There's like, you could argue, you can maybe try to lift some 20 tonnes at 10 blocks. And granted, you might be able to do the pyramids. And that's a big if, but this stuff. Absolutely. And it's not just one of them. They're all over the

Billy Carson 35:55
Complex it's a whole complex. I mean, and it's like they did it because it was easy. You see, they did this because it was easy. Can you imagine the excavation process in today's world? How much mass of rock and stone has to be excavated? Right? Where is it now just that in itself is a mind boggling paradigm but but they were able to do it anyway, they were able to do it very easily. So yeah, I'm gonna be going there to document these these temples, these ancient structures and connect the dots between the same type of construction techniques you use around the world. And my new TV series, it's going to be an amazing series. People have to watch it. No Nokia history is coming very soon.

Alex Ferrari 36:38
And is that in Petra and Jordan, which was if I'm not mistaken, they use Petra and Last Crusade, right? Indiana Jones and Last Crusade when they go in to go get the the Holy Grail? Yeah, that is Petra. So for everybody listening, that's what Petra is, that also is carved out of a mountain, right?

Billy Carson 36:56
Yes, correct. Carved out of a mountain. Again, you cannot be off one millimeter when you start your first cut. And you have to have precision, because the most important thing about you said these places, these these structures have rooms and openings. So now you have to really understand the material that you're working with. And you have to understand gravity weight and stressors, you have to understand this because if you don't now you have at a risk of collapse. So you really have to have advanced construction knowledge and an advanced knowledge of the material you're working on how much weight and pressure can a particular beam handle, how much weight is dispersed over the over the over the area of a particular amount of mass, when you create an opening, all of this has to be like calculated otherwise, it will collapse. And you've done it for nothing. So ohh man, it's insane.

Alex Ferrari 37:47
And then also where the rock go where the rock goes. I mean, look, where did the rock go? Like they pulled out? And this is, like you said there's a complex of this. So arguably, let's say they did it with the techniques that we have today, which would be insane. You basically would have to have 1000s, of Michelangelo's running around carving perfectly all the time. Where did the rock go that that massive amount of rock? They didn't ship it somewhere, it is non existent anywhere within hundreds of miles of those areas, because the rocks would have had to have been, they didn't pulverize them to dirt. And if they did, that's impressive. But where's the like, where are the rocks? So I was when I was in the cat when I was in the catacombs in Naples, you're talking about because it's underground. And it's I think it was Roman. It started off Roman and like it had multiple generations of people trying to like build upon them. And you look inside, it's beautiful. But it's very crude. I mean, nothing is perfect. There's just holes where bodies were going, the roof is like, you know, more natural. It's not like perfect. It's very crude. And that's we're talking about 1000 to 1200 years ago, extremely crude kind of technology to build this stuff that was literally somebody just going in and just chiseling stuff out. And I had assumed that there might have even been a little bit of opening there to begin with if there was a cave down there anyway, and they started building that. Yeah, cuz it's not like a rock. So what that we're talking about is, I just can't even understand how they even begin to do it. What do you in your wildest dreams? How do you think it was done?

Billy Carson 39:35
Well, I think that they discovered a way to maybe even compress atoms to the point where they can remove empty space in between atoms. And so imagine if you of course we know that atoms are 99.999% empty space. And so to give you an idea what that means I can take all 8 billion people on earth and remove the empty space within their atoms. I can fit everyone into one sugar cube So yeah, that's how empty space is in between. Now imagine you have the capability of removing the empty space, and the atoms in those stones and rocks, where instead of having to excavate billions of tons of rocks, or hundreds of 1000s of tons of rocks, you now just remove the empty space in your atoms, and you smash them down into absolute tiny particles of dust, that are still going to be heavy, because the mass will still be there, but the size will be much smaller. And then you can use some other type of advanced technology to move them out of there. Or maybe just leave them here. Who knows. But that's, that may be one way that they did it, they have some type of super sophisticated laser guided cutting tool, which is already set in some type of a program that's already in some type of a computing system that has a pre done layout, or schematic diagram, a blueprint for this carving in this cutting. And it goes in as some type of a machine that goes in and does all this incredible work. And then everything else is just the excavation is just collapsed into, you know, particles, heavy, heavy, heavy particles, but still particles. Nonetheless, that's that's how I think they possibly done it. I think that might be even the future of waste management. Imagine instead of having piles and piles of garbage, you just utilize the capability of removing the empty space in the atoms. And you can turn 100,000 tons of garbage into a couple of crumbs.

Alex Ferrari 41:24
So it's been almost like a 3d printing technology, but not printing carving a 3d Carving technology almost.

Billy Carson 41:31
Right. Right, exactly,

Alex Ferrari 41:33
Where they're building it out. That's, that is absolutely fascinating. Now, let me ask you, though, how do you think that this technology are these temples in India, because you're doing the show, these temples and sites in India are connected to the pyramids, to Petra and these other any even Mesoamerica?

Billy Carson 41:54
Yeah, one of the biggest connections you can make with the temples and located in India, and literally all around the world. When you look at the Earth's magnetic field grid, the map that show you of whether all the magnetic field website of the Earth, increase the magneto sphere, you will find that in the places where a lot of these magnetic fields come out of the earth. And you overlay another map on top that shows you where a lot of the temples and pyramids are located, all of a sudden, you find that like 90% of them are on top of these magnetic fields. So they're connected by this magnetism, somehow they know or they knew where these magnetic fields were. And they harnessed the power the natural power of the Earth itself, in the construction process. So in some way, it was so important that they harnessed the magnetic fields, potentially, to find a way to reverse the spin of the atom to maybe reduce gravity of some of the stones. There's something where these magnetic fields worked along with their technology, which we don't have access to, which is now long gone. But I think their technology works along with Earth's magnetic field, because you have these super megalithic structures directly on top of them even look at Lebanon at bow back. I mean you have super megalithic stones up on top of other magnetic stones. And the only way to do it is some type of anti gravity or materialization technique, but again, directly on top of a huge magnetic field. So those Indian those the pyramids in India are connected to the others by magnetic fields.

Alex Ferrari 43:27
Now I have to ask you this because this is something else I I observed when I was in France, and when I was in Italy is in almost every city I went to, there was an Egyptian obelisk in the center of town. And I'm not talking in the Vatican. There's one in Rome. There's one there's many in Rome. I went to Bologna, there was one in Bologna, there was one in Modena like you just start, and I'm like in France, I was just driving around Paris, there's just in the Why are there Egyptian obelisks everywhere. And we even have a novelist which is the great one in Washington Monument is a giant obelisk in our major city. What is it about these things that are there?

Billy Carson 44:16
They're the Annapolis or remnants of ancient golden age that existed where a lot of wisdom and knowledge from the BRIC nations was passed down. And they are well aware of this and a lot of the knowledge that was passed down from the purpose and use of the obelisk. All the additional construction in those ancient cities, was passed down to brick masons over generations, and those people ended up becoming parts of governments that and were overseeing construction for new cities and so forth. And so it's a paying off to the to the ancient brick masons, and the knowledge and wisdom that they've shared and saved and hid and held back from the general public over the years. The actual arbalest were wireless receivers for wireless electric TriCity and even frequencies for sound. And so the Great Pyramid for example, you would generate this wireless electricity, which would shoot up out of the apex, the obelisk. They're all crystal granite, they would capture this ambient electricity from the atmosphere. And then if you had something called a Jed, which you see all over Egypt, and even in some other cultures, like in Afghanistan, you can find the jet etched into stone as well. And also in Turkey. What happens is this jet would capture this ambient electricity, it looks like a tesla coil. And then there's a cord coming out of it which connect to their gold electroplating devices. We know they had electricity, and they use them with the Jed because depictions of it are all over Egypt and the gold plating is all over Egypt from ancient times. So we know they use electric gold plating, so it's not even a mystery. Of course, they had light bulbs, which are etched into stone and the crypt located under underneath the Temple of Dendera, and a few other places as well. So they had but they all all of those depictions are connected to a jet, the jet will receive wireless electricity from these obelisks. So these obelisk were pillars of, of power. And so they have now taken that as an archetype and a metaphor to put that in their locations and say, Hey, we have power because that's what they did in ancient times. They're showcasing their power. If you look at Teotihuacan in Mexico, the pyramid complex there which mimics identical to Giza plateau in Africa and Egypt. You find out that you take a map of Rome's courtyard and overlay it over to timber con. It's a perfect match. The courtyard is a perfect match to the courtyard or to timber con, right up until you get too close to the perimeter of the moon, the permanent Sun's behind it. And so then you have the objects directly in the center. So even the robbing the Vatican, they mimic even the courtyard of Teotihuacan located all the way in Mexico, and they put an office that center so they know what they're doing. They're just they're paying Oh to tribute to the ancient past and the ancient knowledge, the brick masons and showcasing these are bliss as a symbol of power.

Alex Ferrari 47:13
Interesting, very interesting. And another thing that was interesting is as doing some more research into the Great Pyramid, not only have they never found any hieroglyphs in the Great Pyramid, so the whole tomb thing is a ridiculous idea that has perpetrated from a couple of white guys from the 1800s who said, This must be justice must be worth it. But even though they've never found anybody dead there or any, any hieroglyphs, I don't know about you if I would have built a pyramid, the Egyptians were they love talking about their stuff. And their higher groups are everywhere. But yet the pyramids, none. So that's interesting. But I was I was looking at the other day is inside the pyramids, how did they light while they worked inside the pyramids, because there is no fire cert remanent says like there are in other temples, that that you could obviously see that they use fire to light the way. There's nothing like that in the Great Pyramid, correct.

Billy Carson 48:13
Nothing like that, as a matter of fact, even in the other temples, the fire. And so you see, that came from the Coptic Christians long after the ones that were hiding from the Robins from Rome. And so if you go back prior because they've been doing a reclamation project to clean up a lot of that soot when you when they clean it off, you discover that in ancient times, when that stuff was originally built, they didn't even have soot then so they were actually using light bulbs in all these ancient temples. And in the Great Pyramid, of course, is no evidence of any sort whatsoever. So we know that they had harnessed the power of electricity. The Great Pyramid itself is built on a base of magnetized crystal granite. Now when the Nile used to run up close to the pyramid complex in ancient times, that water would be was channeled to these aquifers directly underneath the Great Pyramid. When you have running water moving underneath magnetized crystal granite you create something called Physiol static electricity. The ions were then pushed up in through the granite up into the chamber. Some of the water would push down into the Queen's Chamber which was an electrolysis device was extracted hydrogen atoms, the rest of the ions will get pushed up through the Gan Grand Gallery where they were resonating rods and slots are still there for those rods to push it up into the king's chamber. The king chamber is magnetized crystal granite a gigantic block wall with a two to one ratio on the inside. And in that room as a stone box we say we're claiming as a sarcophagus, I can't even fit in that box. Box, my knees have to be bent. Right? So it's not a sarcophagus. But that box is the same exact dimensions as the Ark of the Covenant. That's what's set in that box. And that would step the power up one more level and send the energy through a i The top plank of stop top of that set stone which is a crystal granite top and it will go up through the apex which was gold. And that was sent in whilst electricity out into the atmosphere, then to be captured by the INNOPOLIS. And so the other part the Queen's Chamber would extract the hydrogen atoms from the water and then shoot that hydrogen beams through the shaft that were pointed at star systems. Now they're bronze Sirius, Orion so forth on different alignments why hydrogen? How do we communicate with how do we try to communicate with aliens today? We transmit information piggybacked on the hydrogen frequency. Why don't we do that because hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. And so that's how we feel that we can communicate with et. Well, they were already doing this in the ancient past. And why were they doing it? Because of specific alignments with those shafts. They were sending information and updates about the breakaway civilization here on Earth, directly through a pyramid shafts. So the pyramid the Great Pyramid was a multifunctional stone computer and also a power generator.

Alex Ferrari 51:04
In today's world. If everybody left the planet today, and tribe found a cell tower, and is the grid is the biggest thing for 200 miles. And they go what do you think this was for? What do you think these people used it for? If we told you Oh, it's well, we bounced, you know, then we talked on the phone, and there's this thing, and we can Oh, we also did internet? What's the internet? It seems insane to somebody. So what you're saying could sound insane. But yet, try to explain a cell tower or an electricity grid to a Bushman, who has never experienced any of this. It's not as far fetched. You know, it's all we're all like, they're all hypothesis. You don't know exactly if that happened, because you weren't there. But this is what we're trying to do. We're trying to figure things out. Everyone's trying to figure things out what happened back in the day. There's another thing I discovered in my in my journeys, which is Have you heard of the labyrinth? In Egypt? There's supposedly a giant underground labyrinth in Egypt that they Yes, that was supposed to be like, there's talks about it, there's history about it, that people would go down underneath the it was supposedly a massive, underground thing. And they found some remnants of it. I don't know where it needs it, but they've started to find some of it. But it was massive. Do you know a little bit about that?

Billy Carson 52:39
I wrote about it in my book companion with the Emerald Tablets. Okay. And so this huge underground labyrinth exists, exactly what filthy Atlantean said it did, it starts actually underneath the Great Pyramid. And it spreads out from miles underneath the Giza Plateau. It goes on for miles. And some of those tunnels go all the way from Giza, all the way to the pyramid of Earth, the ziggurat of Earth. And I rack you can go from Giza to wire rack underground. Okay, this labyrinth is massive. And in order to build it and know where you're going, you have to have some idea of concept of from an aerial view of mapping and understanding angles and degrees. And of course, again, knowing the material so you don't so you can prevent a collapse. But he calls it the beginning part of this lab for this call the Halls of Amenti, just one of many Halls of Amenti that actually exist. And they discover these halls that connect to this labyrinth years ago, which I have, they have a sketched image of them, and I have it in my book compendium of the Emerald Tablet. So this is going to this has existed for eons. This this underground labyrinth of of passageways and tunnels that lead out. I mean for miles and miles. It's incredible underneath the sands of Giza

Alex Ferrari 53:56
Is this is do you think that these were built? After the youngest, the Younger Dryas collapse of the collapse of Atlantis and whoever started to build this they're like, look, we can't have this happen again. So let's build this underground city. So if something does happen up top at least we have a fighting chance underneath is that what do you think that's the case?

Billy Carson 54:17
Oh, no doubt, I believe definitely was built after the Younger Dryas. They may have even knew the Younger Dryas or they may have not known about this pre knowledge of this strike this asteroid strike there was going to come and hit and and just create a heck of a a catastrophe and extinction level event was coming and may have started building these underground tunnels from them because all of a sudden in Turkey around the same timeframe. You have their own crew you 30,000 People underground 14,000 ventilation shafts. Yeah, yeah. You have other areas throughout Turkey going all the way down into the Middle East where that people have built these underground shelters that can hold 1000s of people underground with ventilation shafts all over the place. You have the labyrinth underneath Giza that goes out for miles and miles where a person can literally travel from one place to the other without ever coming above ground. And then in the Americas, you have the story from the indigenous tribes of the Americas, about these people who took them into these underground caverns to hide from something, they never specified exactly what it was but to hide from something and it saved your life, so it must have been a part of this catastrophe that happened. But all of a sudden, all around the world around the same time on several continents, you can see that people were going on underground, almost a Ford knowledge of this global catastrophic, catastrophic event come in

Alex Ferrari 55:32
The what are the materials that they're using, under underneath the, in this underground, complex in Egypt? Is it what kind of materials were doing with a carving out there?

Billy Carson 55:42
It's the stone that's already down there. So whatever that sandstone or whatever is down there, they understood it, they know how to. And what's interesting is when you look at someone, like if you go into the Serapeum, which I call Enki Halls of Amenti. By this underground in Saqqara, when you see the perfect archways that are carved out and the alcoves that are carved out. Again, this is almost like Kailash, whatever they did, they knew how to cut this stone in a certain way, where they almost vitrified it as they cut. So as you're cutting this tunnel underground, there vitrified at the same time with high levels of heat, which which reduces the amount of extraction of mass and brick and rock that need to be taken out because you're actually searing and burning it as you bore through at the same time. And it makes these perfect cuts, which are evident at the Serapeum and secara. So I think they utilize the same exact technique. They look like giant halls. And when you go look at the image that was sketched from the one that was discovered on the Giza, gigantic halls perfectly arched underground, with the existing rock that's already there.

Alex Ferrari 56:49
The the idea of a lot of a lot of people talk about the ideas of these Oh, you know, they moved these giant 20 ton 40 ton 60 Ton, monolithic struck in a box, using horses or using people and using things. It's laughable, it is laughable, but you could argue it. But once you get to these obelisks that were 120 150 tons would doesn't work anymore. It just it just doesn't know it can't it can't You can't move those things anymore. At that point, with wood and pulleys. It, it's just not capable of being done anymore. So I've looked I've also studied the other these these, kind of like these junkyards of, of like obelisks that never left out of the ground and big chunks of other things that just didn't make it. But the drill marks and the tool marks are so precise, they look like something that we have today. In some areas, you just like, I don't even know if we had something like this. You could even see where the like the granite or the rock is cut. And they're like, Oops, and they pulled back out. And there's like, an oh, I sorry, I cut the wrong area. What do you what do you think about that?

Billy Carson 58:16
Oh, they had high tech tools back then they were capable of cutting solid granite. And they had some type of laser etching tool to etch all the hieroglyphs on them as well, because every one is extremely exquisite and perfect. Like, there's no Oh, my accidentally, they're perfect. And then the story that they want to tell you is that they took this, you know, 10 tonne thing and they dumped it on the back of a boat and took it down to now No, no, it didn't happen. It didn't happen, that they utilize some form of levitation or anti gravity or something that helped to reduce the weight of the object. And what's interesting is, so every time I travel to these places, I take an old fashioned compass. And when you get up to certain areas of the stone, all of a sudden, the needle starts to move you like Well, why is the needle moving? Why isn't the needle I'm not changing my direction. But when I get close to this stone, the needle starts to move this something has been done to the atoms in this stone to reverse the polarity. And so they have had, they had to have some type of whether it was a frequency technology, a magnetic technology in some way. They altered the atomic structure in the stone, possibly hypothesis to get them to be lighter, to be able to maneuver them around, maybe not completely weightless, but in some way that allowed them to move them without breaking them all over the place.

Alex Ferrari 59:37
I've heard you talk in other conversations about the healing properties of the temples of Egypt. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Billy Carson 59:45
Oh, yeah, listen, there's a temple there, which we're trying to find. I saw it in 2014. And we haven't been able to get the name but there's many of them that you can go to when you walk through these particular hallways or very narrow hallways with gigantic mess. glitter crystal granite on both sides. And as you walk through these hallways, you touch the walls with both hands as you walk down the hallway, people will be lined up behind you doing the same thing. And you would be treated by electromagnetism into your body from these gigantic slabs, these megalithic slabs of granite magnetized crystal granite, and one of these locations. So many people have gone down that hallway with their hands and their fingertips on the walls to the point where you can see the grooves of fingers in solid granite. That's how many 1000s of over 1000s of years have walked down these hallways. So I'm looking forward to finding that exact location where the most impressive one was located when I go in October, and documenting it and filming it. And getting bringing back all that knowledge and information to the people when I get back in the end of October.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:51
That's fantastic. Well, thank you for doing that work, my friend. I mean, it's, it's it's pretty, it's pretty remarkable. And you were saying a second ago about the perfection of some of these carvings. In the statues. And in the in the Vatican museum. I saw some large, fairly large Egyptian statues like where the pharaohs face and stuff. And it's carved out of it. It's black, it was a black stone, which I heard was even harder than granite. It's like some on the hardness scale. It's like nine diamonds or 10. It's like at a nine.

Billy Carson 1:01:26
Yeah, probably very rare and is like,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:29
Yeah, something like that it was the black was the black stone. And the the face of these are so perfectly balanced. They look like literally identical. left to the right, you can interchange them, it looks like a complete mirror that isn't capable of being done by hand. Even Michelangelo could do that. It's just the level of precision there had its mathematical, we're talking about centimeters and smaller than centimeters on both. So it looks like it's something you could cut it in half. And it's a mirror of itself. How can anyone even conceive that think that that was done by hand, and you look at the work, you just like, the way the dress or the whatever they were wearing the skirts or the the adorning the the things that they were wearing? So much detail. So how, man, how, you know, again,

Billy Carson 1:02:30
So exquisite.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:32
We don't know anybody. Go ahead, go ahead.

Billy Carson 1:02:37
Go, I was gonna say you can only hypothesize that, you know, a couple of ways. One, obviously some type of a laser guided tool that was already had a computer program. And it's actually a specific face. If it's not a laser, maybe it's something similar to a laser. Or could it also be a special technique that they use to melt rock and make it molten, without destroying the fundamental basis are the chemical compounds of it, and then put it into a mold, let it let it cure, and then boom, you pop it out of the mold. And now here you have it. Right. So there's a couple of different, you know, we could throw around different hypotheses, but we know for a fact it definitely wasn't done by hand.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:17
Yeah, because I mean, against, you know, seeing all of these masterworks by Michelangelo and DaVinci. And all you start seeing the work, the craftsmanship of all of these Renaissance sculptors. They're stunning work, man. I mean, it's, it is remarkable work. But yeah, they're not perfect. They're not meant to be perfect, is great. It's not meant to be this kind of almost computer esque style of sculpture. It's more naturalistic sculptures, like, you know, you and I don't have perfectly symmetrical faces. Your eye, the left is not exactly where you're right. I know very few people do. So it's, it's not perfect nature is not like that. So to to show that these things are remarkable. One last question, because I know you gotta go and I got 1000s of questions. And you and I could talk for hours and hours, brother. I heard somewhere that is, let me know is Shakespeare connected to the Pyramids of Giza, in one way, shape, or form with his work? Have you heard anything about that?

Billy Carson 1:04:25
I've heard about it, but I've never really dug into it deeply. That's something an additional thing for me to look into research. I haven't dug into his information quite as deeply with that connection to find out exactly specifically what it was. It will be very interesting to find out though, because, I mean, obviously he's, he came about yet 1000s of years after the pyramids and so forth. So I got to really look into it though.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:50
And then how about DaVinci DaVinci? Is artwork, how is it connected? Is there a connection to ancient Egypt wisdom and incorrect I mean, because obviously encoded encoded everything,

Billy Carson 1:05:02
Encoded everything. And this guy was an absolute joy, he might be an alien.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:07
He was at a whole other level.

Billy Carson 1:05:09
Man, another level, he was so far ahead of his time he had maybe he came from the future, I don't know. But when you look at the Vitruvian, man and some of the drawings and sketches that he's done, it lays out a perfect the petroleum and for example, when you circle the square, and you create a flower of life pattern inside of there, you get the dimensions of the Great Pyramid at Giza. But not only that, you begin to get the dimensions and angles of most of the pyramids around the entire planet. And where the lines intersect, and cross where the Vesica Piscis. You then know if you make it into a global scale, you scale up to a global size, that one image, all of a sudden, you start to find temples and pyramids, even across the oceans where something cities have sunk and so forth, you find remnants of civilizations on that grid. So it's pretty crazy. You can extract it directly from the Vitruvian Man so it's less like mind blowing the connection. I don't think it's a coincidence.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:05
And then let's not even get into the the paintings of like The Last Supper and, and just the the, the you look at the Last Supper, the the perfection in the art, and how the angles. You're just like, it's a completely other level. I did get to see the Mona Lisa for five seconds before the crowd was insane there. By the way, the Louvre, the Louvre, the worst museum in the world. Yeah. I can't stay in the loop. It's like you can't see anything. It's It's insane. It's horrible. But I did get to see the Mona Lisa. Right. Absolutely not. But the Mona Lisa, you see that you're like, Okay, I see. I see what the hope was about, you know, yeah, there's something there. I don't know what it is that the perfection of it is. So pretty remarkable piece without question.

Billy Carson 1:06:55
Yeah. Sure. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:57
So So Billy tell me where? Where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Billy Carson 1:07:03
Well, please go to with the number four. When you see me do this. It's not a gang sign. It's my 4 for 4biddenknowledge. Okay. Some people you got to watch. 4 4biddenknowledge. So Of course, get the forbidden knowledge TV app on your app store, any app store, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV, the 4biddenknowledgeTV app on your app store. So five star app on every platform. So we really appreciate you guys, thank you get a seven a seven day free trial and watch the 4bidden conscious awards we just had in Miami, Florida.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:44
And do you have any parting message for the audience Billy?

Billy Carson 1:07:46
I would just say keep continue to keep researching digging and asking questions. You know, don't take anything for face value. Even the things that you hear me say, just go and start looking them up for yourself. Write down key words in my statements in my comments, and go start digging and looking and researching and become your own researcher and begin to learn how to answer your own questions.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:07
Billy, I appreciate you and the work you're doing in the world. We will have another another session coming soon because I'd love to talk with you, brother. All right.

Billy Carson 1:08:15
All right. Appreciate it. Thank you man.

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