LIVE Channeling of Higher Consciousness Ascended Masters with Yolanda Tong

Life’s complex tapestry intertwines the visible and invisible, the known and the mystical. On today’s episode, we welcome Yolanda Tong, a gifted channeler who bridges the gap between the earthly and the ethereal. Yolanda’s journey into channeling began unexpectedly, a path illuminated by her natural intuition and a profound spiritual awakening.

Yolanda’s early life was marked by a typical upbringing, devoid of overt spiritual encounters. It wasn’t until university, during a chance meeting with a psychic, that her latent abilities were brought to light. This revelation, that she possessed intuitive gifts, ignited a deep curiosity and set her on a transformative journey. “Ah, I have intuitive abilities,” she recalls the moment of realization, a turning point that forever altered her path.

Initially, Yolanda’s foray into channeling was tentative. The voices she began to hear were both fascinating and terrifying, particularly given her family’s history with mental illness. However, she soon discerned a significant difference: the voices she heard were imbued with love and support, unlike the distressing experiences of her relatives. This distinction provided her with the courage to explore her abilities further.

Yolanda Tong describes her channeling process as a gradual evolution. At first, it was simply a voice in her head, guiding her gently. Over time, this presence grew stronger and more distinct, eventually leading to full-body channeling sessions where Yolanda felt her own consciousness step aside to allow the messages to flow through her. “I just let it flow, and then the message would come through,” she explains. This progression highlights the dynamic nature of her spiritual journey.

In the realm of channeling, Yolanda’s experiences have been uniquely diverse. Unlike many channelers who work with a consistent group of spiritual guides, Yolanda has communicated with various entities, including Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. Each encounter brought different energies and teachings, contributing to her expansive understanding of the spiritual dimensions. “I used to channel whoever showed up, but now I connect directly to Source Intelligence,” she shares, illustrating her evolution towards a more profound spiritual connection.


  1. Authenticity and Acceptance: One of the key lessons Yolanda emphasizes is the importance of being true to oneself. For years, she hid her abilities, fearing judgment. However, embracing her true self led to deeper connections and fulfillment. “Be yourself, someone out there is going to love it,” she advises.
  2. Healing Through Understanding: Yolanda’s journey reveals that healing often requires facing and understanding our traumas. By exploring why certain situations trigger us, we can uncover deeper truths about ourselves and begin the process of healing. “The change starts from within,” she notes.
  3. Connection to Source: Throughout her channeling experiences, Yolanda has developed a strong connection to what she terms “Source Intelligence.” This connection allows her to access profound insights and wisdom, illustrating the potential we all have to tap into higher realms of consciousness.

Yolanda’s story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s true self and the spiritual gifts that lie within. Her journey from skepticism to profound spiritual connection serves as an inspiration for anyone seeking to explore their own intuitive abilities. By listening to the guidance of our higher selves and the wisdom of the universe, we can navigate the complexities of life with greater clarity and purpose.

In conclusion, Yolanda Tong’s experiences remind us of the importance of authenticity, the power of healing through self-awareness, and the profound connection we can cultivate with the Source. Her journey encourages us to embrace our unique paths and to seek deeper understanding and connection in our lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Yolanda Tong.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 203

Yolanda Tong 0:00
And there's a lot more support growing by the day, because part of the going faster you know, it was fueled by things like for example, the internet, where there is a lot more connection worldwide connection, global connection, collective connection, where you're having more and more souls going that's not okay, that needs to change.

Alex Ferrari 0:23
I like to welcome to the show, Yolanda Tong how you doing Yolanda?

Yolanda Tong 0:40
Hi thanks for having me, Alex on this show.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
Oh, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you. And the entity that you channel as well, on the show. As you as you know, you've been watching our channel for a while, a little while now. And I love channels. I think they're fascinating. I think every like, you know, I'm good friends with some channels. And it's just fascinating, the whole process of channeling and, and people always ask me, Is it real? Is it not real? Are they acting? And I always say the same thing, Is what they're saying hitting you?

Yolanda Tong 1:16
Yeah, well, that's exactly it. And I really believe that, how can you tell the difference between a really good Channeler versus someone who's maybe making it up, is if you close your eyes, and you actually feel when they're talking, like just sit there and close your eyes, a really good Channeler there's like an energy coming off the message and you can really feel it and whereas uh, you know, someone who's maybe new added or having a lot of their own personality or ego getting in the way, it just kind of you don't it doesn't feel the same it doesn't expand you doesn't kind of make you feel a little bit more uplifted or energy moving through you or like what's going on, you know, you feel it. When a channel or channels you really feel it and that's something's going on there.

Alex Ferrari 2:01
There's something there's something there's something happening I a lot of times when I'm with interviewing channels, even on Zoom, you feel it. You feel Yeah, you feel the energy and people feel it when they watch it on YouTube. There's something there's something going on a lot of times, and some are stronger than others, and some are different. Absolutely everyone channels differently. I have you know, like Paul Salinger who whispers itself, which is fat, just fascinating. Daryl, you know who you are a fan of Darryl Anka, and how he does this thing, and so many others. So I do love channels, and I'm excited to talk to you. So my first question to you is, what was your life like, before this insanity that is channeling came into your life?

Yolanda Tong 2:42
Yeah. Well, for years, I thought it was insanity. But I loved it at the same time. So I kind of kept that insanity part to myself. My life was pretty typical life. I wasn't, you know, it's not like I was a little girl. And I was seeing, you know, had imaginary friends and saw people in my room. I had none of this spiritual stuff happening. Although that being said, there, you know, I do come from on my mother's line, a very highly intuitive family, but it was never spoken about. And it wasn't exactly like they told me anything, or taught me anything or talked about I mean, there's a few little incidents with my mother over the years, where it's like, how did you know that? But, you know, how did you know a truck was coming in and move out of the way before the truck came around the corner, like little things right, like happen, but we just thought, Oh, well, that was lucky. So my life was pretty normal, up until I was in university, and I was living away in Vancouver for university. And I was a friend of a friend of mine was throwing a party and she'd invited a psychic. And I was like, psychic. Oh, that's weird. Because the other part of my life growing up that I forgot to mention is I grew up in a very Pentecostal household. Now this is my father, right? Father's line, Dad go to church on Sundays. Mom was like, do we have to, you know, situations show obviously, I had all of this Bible, Jesus stuff, you know, the, you know, psychic stuff is the devil. So here, I'm, ooh, psychic, scary. Ooh. But then there was a part of me going, but I want to know. So I sit down in front of this psychic when I'm like, you know, my third year of university, and she's like, oh, you know, you're highly intuitive. And, you know, you've got these abilities and you know, this is your life. And here I am trying to figure out what am I going to do with my life? You know, I'm doing this arts degree, and I don't know what I want to do with my life and what am I supposed to do? And here she is, this is what you're going to be doing with your life. And I'm like, really this and, and yeah, she said, One day you're gonna be sitting in my chair telling people how, how intuitive they are and how gifted they are. And I was like, Oh, really? Oh. Oh, and it was like a light switch flicked on and I was like, Ah, I have intuitive. Ah, this is real. Like, it's just like it was like the lights came on. And I just saw it. And it's like that was it. That was it. My life had never been the same ever since.

Alex Ferrari 5:13
But the light turned on, but you didn't just start channeling at that point?

Yolanda Tong 5:16
No, that came about three years later.

Alex Ferrari 5:19
So what was that like? The I always love asking that question like, the first time you hear a voice? Yeah. Right. You think you're going crazy at this point? I'm imagining.

Yolanda Tong 5:32
Up to that point. I mean, she said, you know, you got a couple of spirit guides. I was like, Oh, yeah. And I could, I could feel them pretty shortly after. So I've been feeling them. But then I bought this book, you know, I pretty like straight after university, I actually moved overseas to Japan, and I was teaching English in Japan. And the only game online bookstore was Amazon, Japan, and I was looking at spiritual books, because I really wanted to learn more. And there's only about 50 You could get and one of them was a book on channeling. And I was like, Hey, that looks interesting. I don't know, I'll just buy that. And I was doing it. And then in comes this guide, and starts talking to me, in my head, you know, the voice in my head. I'm like, Oh, my gosh. And this actually was really nice and amazing, but also terrifying. And the reason it was terrifying is because also growing up, my mother's sister had severe case of schizophrenia. Where growing up, you know, Auntie comes for Christmas. And oh, the voices in my head are telling me this nice thing. The voices in my head are are being really mean today. And they just want me to go, you know, do this horrible thing. And so she was very not well, but there was always growing up this you know, if you hear voices, it means you're not well, and like, like auntie and and we hope that no one else in the family becomes like auntie, so the whole voices thing was like, Oh, I'm hearing voices, accent, tone, male, female, the whole thing. I got it loud and clear. So I'm having this man talk to me having this whole conversation, and I'm like, but it's not scary. It's not he's not mean, it's actually I was just bathed in love. So I was like, Oh, well, this is this is great. And shortly after that, I was like, you know, it became clear. It's like, well, let's work together. I'm here to help you. And so I, you know, meet up with a friend and they ask a question, and can you tune in ulanda and then he'd come and, and, you know, before, it didn't take long, and it was just he was coming in, and the messages were just being pushed straight through me. And it was like, This is great. This is fine. You know, and it actually felt like that he'd come in, and the message would just literally get pushed out. And and I'd be sort of saying it, but it was my voice. But it was his energy.

Alex Ferrari 7:44
Did you? Did you remember it? Or do you like what happens when it's happening? Or you look on the side? Or what do you

Yolanda Tong 7:50
Yeah, it kind of started out as like, I'd hear him come in. And he'd say this. And I'd be like, Oh, he's coming in. And he's saying this. And he's, you know, he's, he's quite excited, I could feel that I could hear the tone. And then and then it was like, he'd just come right in and like, kind of take over without taking over. Because it was still, at this point, I was only channeling and the difference between channeling. And voice channeling, which came later, is that it was still my voice. And it was still sort of my expression. But it was like, it was just sort of saying the words, instead of me hearing it first and then repeating it. It was like, Okay, you just, I'm just gonna let it flow, and then move on to add it with flow. Right. So that went on for about six months or a year. And at one point, he's like, it's almost like, I don't know what happened, but it was flowing. And then it's like, he just jumped inside. And I just kind of went out of the way it's like, you know, pushed to the side came in fully. And then my voice changed my face changed my accent change. And then he started talking through me and I'm like, Whoa, what was that? That was so cool. You know what I mean? And

Alex Ferrari 8:59
Like Whoopi Goldberg and ghosts, basically, is what you're saying.

Yolanda Tong 9:03
Like, and of course, I was with some friends. And they freaked out. What did you just do? What was that? That was amazing. And I'm like, I have to do that again. I have to do that again so.

Alex Ferrari 9:14
You're so excited. I love I love the excitement of this, this old stories just like and then this happened. And I'm so excited.

Yolanda Tong 9:22
Yeah, but you have to realize I'm in Hong Kong at this point. And I had met some amazing spiritual friends. I found my community, we were all kind of like minded. And we're all trying to just figure out who we are and what we do and really develop ourselves. So of course, they're just as excited as I am. And I'm like, what was that? That was amazing. Can you do it again? Do it again. So we organized a night and I was like, Okay, I got it. I gotta know what this is. And so I brought in and who came in this time it wasn't that same guide. It was Archangel Michael. And he came in fully and took over and I sat on that sofa and channel them for six hours straight while my friends fired off every question they had at me. And and it was just it was like, at the end of it. I was like, Whoa, this is real.

Alex Ferrari 10:10
Did you feel weakened? Or do you feel strengtened by it?

Yolanda Tong 10:14
Well, with after that six hour child fest, I didn't sleep for three days. You were wired, wired, wired, and like just too much energy. And it was it was just too much. And after that, I'm like, I'm never doing that, again. Channeling for six hours straight too much. I do now, but with breaks. But it took years to build up to a point where it doesn't it doesn't worry me, because that's the thing. You get wired. And then you get exhausted, right. And it's been finding that balance because it does energize you. But then if you do too much, it just depletes you. So

Alex Ferrari 10:51
like a battery, you just can't take too much electricity.

Yolanda Tong 10:54
Exactly. There's a lot of electricity that comes through. And for some people, there's more than others. It just depends on, you know, like the person sitting in front of me. And, yeah, and what we're what we're doing so it's fascinating, because for some people, it does energize them, and for some people, it does deplete them. But this isn't something people can do full time. It's not like you can just channel 40 hours a week.

Alex Ferrari 11:18
Right! It's a bit much from what I understand it is a bit much. But so Okay, so when did you so now you're channeling and you're, you're with your friends. At what point do you come out of the spiritual closet?

Yolanda Tong 11:31
Oh, see, that's a whole other story.

Alex Ferrari 11:33
Yeah, like because this is this is the thing that clears the room.

Yolanda Tong 11:36
Yeah, Cuz I mean, when you've got a father who's like channeling Well, he didn't even know what channeling was. But you know, that's the devil. You know, you know, exorcisms, you know, that's what they did to people like me,

Alex Ferrari 11:48
They would have burned you out. They would have burned you. Let's just put that.

Yolanda Tong 11:51
That's exactly it. And I'm like, I'm not telling my dad. And of course, then you have your mom, my mom's side. Like what you're hearing voices? What are you like, you're either you know, that that worry would have come in and I can't tell my mom. And well, thank goodness, I'm living in Asia, wherever they're far away. And they don't have to know what's going on in my life. So I kept it secret. For years,

Alex Ferrari 12:13
For years, you were in the you were in the closet for years.

Yolanda Tong 12:16
I was fully in the closet for years. And I was comfortable in the closet. And I was happy in the closet because I could just do my spiritual thing with my spiritual friends and no one had to know about it. Because to be to be honest, a part of me for a long time judged this channeling I loved it. But it was also really weird. And I didn't want to be the person who did the weird thing. I wanted to be the person who did something more normal, like healing or psychic or mediumship. He knew something that was just a little bit more,

Alex Ferrari 12:45
I love all that like, you know, like psychics or mediums, you know, normal stuff.

Yolanda Tong 12:50
Normal stuff, right? Because at the same time, this was my passion. I was you know, teaching English and again doing this, what am I going to do with my life? And what am I going to be because I'm not about to come out of closet with this like, No way am I going to make this a career like, ah, not gonna happen. So I was channeling for friends and going, Yeah, okay, I can do this weird channeling thing. And but I That's just the thing I do I really want to become more of this other thing. And yet, they kept coming to me, like, can you just channel some guidance for me? Please, please, I'm like, Okay, I'll do the channeling thing again. And I was working on it and developing it, but it was like, it wasn't my passion, but I was also rejecting it for years. So it was really only. So it was kind of like the story. It was really only one I had my son about nine years ago, when it kicked into the next level. But anyway, the point is, I really took it seriously after that. And when I was taking it seriously, I remember asking another channel or that I was seeing, like, how can I take my channeling really to the next level? Like how can I really develop it and he's like, You got to start a business. You got to start channeling for others and like, is there anything else I can do? Because it's weird, and people will judge me and I'm it's so weird, this channeling thing and what about my family? And so I was in the closet for a very, very long time. And interestingly enough, as I was starting to put myself out there a lot of fears were coming and the fears were of what if my family finds out? And and what if, like, what if my family finds out? And And at one point I'm like, I gotta clear this, like, I can't hide this from my family for forever. Like this is just ridiculous. And at one point I did actually very recently as in last year. Finally last year, it took me years to get to a point of being ready to really clear this fear and I did it and a little baby steps. But I had that burned at the stake. lifetime that came up in a in a session where it was literally I was doing whatever I was doing and my family found out and my family took me out Like grabbed me when I came home and put me in the back of the wagon or whatever, and took me into the center where I was just grabbed and burned or hung or whatever. But you know, witchcraft, it was one of those lifetimes where I was burned at the stake. And it was my family that turned me in. And suddenly it made sense. Ah, that's why I'm so afraid of my family. It's not just that my auntie is, is schizophrenic, and my dad is side is all Pentecostal. It's, it's that, you know, there's a past life here, because honestly, my mother, I did actually tell her before this was fine with it. You know what I mean? Like, it was just, it was these fears that were coming from something older. But it's gone now. And my family are starting to find out what I do slowly.

Alex Ferrari 15:48
After this episode, after this episode, maybe a few more people will know.

Yolanda Tong 15:52
Probably, but yeah, people are getting to know and I do I've had a website and I've put myself out there and it's, it's been fine. But, ya know, I had a lot of fear around people finding out what I did, because like I said, I had that judgment that this is weird. I loved it. But I also judged it and clearing that judgment actually made the channeling get better.

Alex Ferrari 16:16
So you mentioned to you, you know, two people are Archangel Michael, and another being, who is it? Or is it a group that you channel?

Yolanda Tong 16:24
Okay, so I've had a very interesting experience with channeling that's a little bit different than a lot of people know, a lot of people who've come on your show, like Daryl Anka, who channels Bashar, and, you know, you had all your channels, the angels, you know, but they've, they've kind of got their team, and it's been with them for a very long time. And it's not going anywhere, they've got like a contract for that. I've got a very different story. Because, you know, first it was a guide, then it was Archangel Michael. And then after that, every time I channeled for years, I never knew who was coming through until they came through. So it could have been an angel, it could have been an answer. Sorry, an Ascended Master. It could have been a council, it was like, I never knew who was coming into top for the person until they showed up. And it's like, Oh, hey, you know, we've got this being

Alex Ferrari 17:18
But you do have, but you do have the ability. It's your choice. Yeah, allows a man it's always your choice. It's not like a possesion

Yolanda Tong 17:27
And they would come in and and I would feel into their energy, it's just a good energy, maybe not so good energy, and it was, you know, good cut, let it in. And they introduced themselves. And that was that. But at one point, again, this is after the birth of my son, I kind of went, I'm tired of channeling whoever shows up. Like, why can't I be like, Darren coach, I want my team. My team, you know, mine, that's just mine that, you know, because I guess I'd had this thing where I saw them as like, oh, well, you know, the person, that channel is just so amazing. And, and I want that I want I want someone that can come in. Anyway. So then I just given birth to my son, this is very shortly after, and I'm having a lot of challenges as a mother and I'm asking, I just want to channel one being. And add who comes in Mother Mary, the Ascended Master mother, Mary, like you, but because you

Alex Ferrari 18:27
You're not cool mother, Mary, you're not like, you know, you're not Bashar or angels are like, Mary really?

Yolanda Tong 18:40
Again, and there was that that judgment of like, oh, that's the Jesus stuff all over again. But it wasn't, it really wasn't. In fact, she really helped me through challenges of being a mother with a child, but didn't sleep and all of these things. And just only when we the clients met in those days were all mothers themselves. So a lot of the guidance that came in was really helping mothers sort of find their way in through motherhood and through life, being a mother with kids. So that went on for a while. And then it was like, she's like, we're done. And she handed me over to a team more of a collective, as you call it. It was like a kind of a council and their name was Kenora Sun and like, I got my team. I'm so excited. And I was promoting it. And I was telling everyone and I was just so proud of the fact that I finally got my team like, Yay, it only took how many years?. And I was like, This is it. We're in it for the long run. I was like I'm gonna buy the domain name.

Alex Ferrari 19:44
You're getting serious if you can the domain name.

Yolanda Tong 19:46
Oh, I know. I know. I was I was literally at that point. And they were good because they brought in my next level of work like they really I guess I should say that, you know, right after the birth of my son was actually quite a life changing moment out of it. traumatic birth. And it wasn't exactly at that point of a near death experience. But it came pretty close. And it was one of the most shocking, traumatizing things that ever happened to me, it was just, you know, childbirth Gone, gone wrong. And I actually had a hard time connecting to my intuition and channeling. After that, it was like something changed in me, I had changed, and I couldn't channel for a year, I was also incredibly tired because I had a baby that didn't sleep, but I feel channel for a year. And then when I finally could a year later, everything was different, everything had changed. This is, you know, mother, Mary came in shortly after that. And it was it was like, my work got focused, you know, before I would just channel whatever, whoever. And suddenly it was like the work became sort of focused on gifts, purpose path, you know, the spiritual path and this kind of thing. And I was like, Oh, wow, this is this is getting serious here. And so when this collective came in, they're like, we're gonna take that to the next level. And it's like, we're gonna help people really open this and expand this even further. So they really brought in a good sort of foundation of my work. And I was like, that's the thing. We're here forever. So I'm channeling along, and this is back in, I think, 2021. I'm about to get ready for a client session. And I'm calling them in and they're like, Oh, we're just coming in to say goodbye. Like, goodbye. What do you mean, goodbye. I have a client in 15 minutes. And like, No, we've, we've taught you all you need to know, you can do this. You you, we've showed you how to do this, you know how to do this. You've been doing this. We've just been like, training wheels. You know, we've just been like, holding on to the back of your bike. You're already doing this, you're fine. You don't need us anymore. I'm like, but I do I do need that name, you know, that collective and poof, they're gone. And I was like, Oh, they're gonna quiet. What am I gonna do? So, you know, obviously, you panic when your team just bails on you. So then I was channeling my higher self because it was like, Well, no one else is showing up to the table. So I guess it's my higher self, oh, just my higher self. Sure. So as channeling my higher self and and I realized they were right, I actually was perfectly fine channeling my higher self. And I don't channel my higher self now get into that. But one of the things I learned in hindsight is that while some people, you know, their teams are here to do the work their councils is bringing through valuable information. The whole purpose of my journey was with all of those different guides and stuff, they were really helping me teach me how to do it myself. Right. And that was it at the end of the day, and helped me do it myself and access this myself and, and do the things that channelers do with these teams without the teams myself. So from higher self, I learned that there's so much more beyond the higher self you know, from the higher self what's what's above our higher self we have our divine I Am Presence. So it kind of moved into the I Am Presence and then it moved beyond that all the way up to source so if you asked me now who I channel I say it's called Source Intelligence. It's it's more of what the who, which is interesting. How do you channel or what you're not. But I kind of see it like this source intelligence is another way to say it is a bit like the oneness. It's the thing that kind of, it's the the intelligence that is everything in the universe. It's the thing that connects it all together, I see it kind of like a library, a giant library of information that we are in the cloud

Alex Ferrari 23:53
In the cloud, you've plugged into the cloud, in the spiritual, you're plugged into the spiritual cloud got it? I understand. It's the Akashic Records it's it's all knowledge. It's everything and all access to it. So you ask a question. The answers come pretty quickly to you. Okay, exactly. First of all, one of the most fascinating journeys and humorous journeys I've had on the show for channels with thank you for making me laugh and sharing all of that with us because it's been been very very funny. So can we can we start doing a little bit of a channel can we bring in Source Energy? Yeah, I got I got some some interesting questions.

Yolanda Tong 24:31
Good! I like questions!

Alex Ferrari 24:33
For it or what or I don't know,

Yolanda Tong 24:36
It, what, who, whatever. Even Even I just know that does

Alex Ferrari 24:39
Does it have a name by the way? Does it refer to a name or No?

Yolanda Tong 24:42
I just I just call it Source Intelligence. And it's just it's like, it's like yeah, like you said, like downloading a Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 24:50
Does it have does it have does it have a doesn't have a does it have jokes?

Yolanda Tong 24:55
Oh, it does make jokes sometimes. ones on the audience. Um, You know, I think it depends on what the audience needs. For some people, it's quite light hearted, and some people, it can be very serious, I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be serious today. given the energy

Alex Ferrari 25:12
Of our conversation, I'm not gonna walk in very, very serious at this point, well, hopefully we can get some good information out for the audience. So and then what's your process, you just take a few breaths. And then,

Yolanda Tong 25:22
So my process is to yeah, basically, take few breaths and let the energy in and I kind of feel like it drops in, and it just moves all the way through the earth. And I kind of just slip off to the side. And listen, I used to go completely away where I was kind of off with the fairies or whatever. And I would never remember anything. But I didn't do that for very long, because I'm actually really interested in hearing what's being said, because I find I find it interesting. I don't always understand it. But so I've never Yeah, so these days, I'm just kind of here.

Alex Ferrari 26:05
So I promise it won't be six hours. Or six hours, I promise that so whenever

Yolanda Tong 26:12
I can't guarantee that the answers themselves are going to take two minutes either,details,

Alex Ferrari 26:18
I will I will guide make sure it doesn't go past a certain time. Don't worry. Just for your sake. Thank you, my dear.

Yolanda Tong 26:29
Hello, Alex. Whenever you're ready, we are happy to take your first question.

Alex Ferrari 26:34
Thank you so much for doing this. I appreciate it. What is life, like for a soul on the other side when it's not incarnated?

Yolanda Tong 26:44
Oh, very interesting question. Now, we have to kind of break this into two parts, because well, we have souls that are, well, everyone has a soul, and everyone has an aspect or a part or a greater part of their soul that is always on the other side, no matter what. So we have these parts of us that are always permanently 24/7 You know, get rid of time, it's just always on the other side. But then we have choices and we decide, I'd like to come to earth and be a female or be a male and stay for a while or long while or short while so so we choose to come and yet the entire time there is a part of our soul that stays on the other side. So So when you ask the question of what is life, like on the other side? It really okay, well, we could say that we so often are incarnating and if not here on earth at this time, well, perhaps in other places, spaces times dimensions, we are also incarnating it is a bit like managing a roster of staff so to speak, where okay, you know, we're gonna send ulanda down to earth and we're gonna send this other part of ulanda over here, it this time it this planet this place, so there's a lot of movement per se, but if we go back to the part of our souls that are on the other side, so to speak, it is it is managing things, but as well as it is connecting to things it is giving us you know, it is it is connecting to information it is connected to information it is it is it is it's just about how well, the soul down on the planet or sorry, the person down on the planet is able to connect to that information, it is a little bit more difficult for some than it is for others. If you're watching this, it's probably because you're interested in connecting more to that soul on the other side, but to answer your question, because we keep going off topic, what is life like for the soul on the other side? To which we say it is incredibly filled with love, connection, peace. And we want to say joy, but it's not just joy, if anything we say, there is an element of neutrality as in Yes, there are moments of feeling joy, yes, there are moments of feeling of various things, but there is the sense of being much more understanding and you know, there's a part of us that has a much bigger picture much more expanded awareness of things, and is not necessarily on a higher soul level getting triggered per se or, but is able to sort of feel all the feelings and see all the things and have a greater understanding. But at the same time, you know, on the other side there is this very liveliness, as in there's connection there is I am happy to see you. I have not seen you the soul for some time. There is the sense here of being able to connect Instantly. Instantly we say when you're on the other side If it is just simply a thought and you are there you are connecting, you are meeting someone else, which for some souls coming to this planet at this time who are more used to that energy or who have spent more time in that place, coming to this very slow planet, which for many of us, it feels like slow, this place is not slow, it is fast, it is not, it is getting even faster. But for some souls that are new to this planet, this planet is actually very slow, things don't happen in an instant things don't a person doesn't just show up in front of you, when you think of them, there is the sense here of things take time, you got to get in the car, you got to drive there, you can't just teleport in an instant. So there is a very different reality on the other side than there is here. And it is just so much easier to be connected and to feel connected. And to know we are known the Connecting is is the connection to all that is is innate, with the soul. On the other side, it is the human down here that has seemingly lost that connection or disconnected from that or, or doesn't know where to look or doesn't know how to experience that yet and needs to do some work to expand into that grow into that or, or become more aware of that, if this makes sense. We feel like we didn't necessarily do the greatest job of explaining life on the other side. But at the same time, we say it is something that when we go back to the other side, it is the most natural thing ever, as in, oh, this is where I belong. This is where I've always been. This is just, we don't really want to stay home. But it's more like, Ah, this is who I am. This is who I am. And that's it. Does this make sense?

Alex Ferrari 31:53
It does make sense. I appreciate that answer. Now, do we plan our life on the other side before we incarnate? And if we do, do we have helped doing it?

Yolanda Tong 32:05
Okay, this is an interesting question. Because we feel this is a soul by soul situation. Now, some souls are very much like I have an intention, I'm going to this earth to do this thing, and this is what I'm doing. And I need, I need some help to keep me on track. And to keep me focused. And you know, and I'm, I need some some things, some catalysts to ensure I do this thing, and I'm choosing this deliberate place, space time country. You know, male, female, there is for some, a lot of planning that takes place. And for others, there's a, I feel like I just need an experience. And I need to leave it more open. Because I need to leave it more open. Because I want to experience not so much that the helplessness because you know, we always have teams and guides around us. But I want to experience more feeling separate feeling alone, feeling disconnected, and seeing how I respond personally, without the the greater care and support of the spirit world, you know, sending me signs and you know, making things helping to helping to ensure certain things happen at certain times. So there's a bit of fluidity and flexibility here. In the sense that some of us definitely, definitely plan these lives out. And if you try to step off, it's like a spirit with ghosts. No, no, no, no, no, no, we're getting you back on track. Something happens where maybe, you know, if you if you if you really want to go to the left, well, something will stop you a traffic accident or something will stop you to kind of make cute go to the right. Maybe you're disappointed like, Oh, I really wanted to go to the left and universe How could you not help me manifest the left and the universe is going because you were always meant to go right? You just didn't see that yet. So there is a lot of divine intervention, but quite often it doesn't look the way we are hoping or intending because we don't necessarily see the bigger picture. We don't see the bigger reality so to speak. That being said, we also have souls that come here that that want to leave things open more just because of the experience that they are choosing to have. Does this make sense?

Alex Ferrari 34:27
It does, it does. Now with that line of questioning why would a soul choose to incarnate into an abusive life or life or into a body that has disease or physical deformity of some sort?

Yolanda Tong 34:43
Okay, there are various reasons for this. Now, we want to say Reason one, sometimes a challenge such as let's let's go with the let's go with a disability or A disease, let's call it the disability, well, let's just say for for a moment that you can't see you're born blind, you have a disability, well, what happens when you can't see your other senses get stronger, you know, your hearing gets stronger, your feeling gets stronger, you learn to navigate the world differently, you are able to develop things to the one particular handicaps, you are able to almost forced to, in a way, develop other other ways of of navigating life. And perhaps you need all of your senses. And and and you maybe you're very, very good at one sense, maybe you're incredible seer, through many lifetimes. You're an incredible seer. And you're like, oh, you know, I'm such a good seer. I rely on my scene, and I can't hear. And it's like, Well, how about we disconnect the series seeing for a while to develop the hearings, and ended so there's that one aspect of, of some of us come with certain disabilities to help us learn something or develop something else. Or perhaps there's something along the lines of surrender, you know, because maybe we are being forced to surrender into something and allow something else, something different, something greater to come in, because we are forcing or pushing things in a certain way. Now we're talking here about, you know, disabilities and illnesses. Now, that's sort of one end is to develop other skills, there's another sort of a section here is soft souls, and have an agreement to, for example, there's some illnesses, let's put it this way, our genetic, they're handed down, you know, oh, I have this illness, my mother has this illness, her mother had this. And quite often we inherit these illnesses, so as to, for some souls, to shift those illnesses, and to ultimately heal those illnesses out of the family for future generations, such that it's like, you know, the illness ends with you, and you may not cure it completely. But a lot of the story behind the illness or a lot of the reason for the illness itself, ends with us to some people are here to ultimately put a stop to things to change how things go into the future. So there's another element, but when you kind of go down to the abusive side of things, or the the trauma side of things, well, that's a different story. Because those are difficult situations. And, and as much as we would love to say, we choose our reality, and therefore, we choose this, we don't always choose this. That's the thing, things we all have free will on this planet. And maybe we choose a particular experience, you know, I choose to maybe incarnate into a household that isn't the most peaceful. But remember, here on Earth, we all have freewill. We all have the capacity to decide what we're going to say when we're gonna say it, what we're going to do and what we're going to not do. And so sometimes, even though we don't choose these situations, they still happen. It's not that we're being punished. It's not that we've done anything wrong. It's not that it's your fault. It's not your fault. We all have free will, things happen. It is about how you choose to handle what happens and we say it a bit like this. Some people will have something bad happened to them, and they'll walk around like Poor me. Poor me, I've had this terrible thing happened. And yes, you did. We completely acknowledge that. But other people will take that situation and go, Okay, that was really, really hard. That created a lot of trauma. I did not enjoy that. But what were you know, why did that happen? And more importantly, how can I change so that my future isn't a repeat of the same thing, that I can have a better future I can heal? And also and also, what gems what gifts come from the situation. Quite often we see this many people who've had a traumatic experience, have a deep compassion, a deep understanding of what it's like to be in that situation, and how it feels to be in that situation. And how how alone they felt or how difficult it was. They develop a sense of compassion for others when they come across someone else who's been in the same situation. There is a connection. Ah, we are the same I did that I was I went through that you went through that. We're there's a sense here of being able to relate to each other. Not to the whole boohoo this happened to me. Although that does happen. It is more of a sense here of Well, you know, I went through that, and I came out the other side, let me help you. Because I've been there, there is that compassion, there is that recognition, there is that understanding of what it's like. And for so many of us on this planet, we feel disconnected, we feel alone. It is it is something that is so prevalent in the society, people can have so many friends, and be super social, and feel alone and feel not understood and feel disconnected. And then when you've got a certain situation that has happened to you, that you think no one else would understand. And along comes someone who's been through that themselves. It brings about a cohesion, a sense of, I'm not alone, it brings about a sense of connection. And so what we're trying to say here is that sometimes, these bad things happen to you to help you to grow, to help you to expand, because you would never have changed. A backup a minute backup backup. Quite often, these bad traumatic things are catalysts for change, I do not want that anymore, I do not like that anymore. Things have to change, I need to change decisions are made that change your life as a result of those traumatic experiences, perhaps we choose to move to another city or another country, or perhaps we we choose to change a particular situation or learn a particular situation, as a result of what we've been through. And as a result of that, we so often are then able to connect to those. And connection is the key here. So often, you know, and connection is the first step in healing, when we can connect, when we feel connected to when we feel understood, when we feel someone understands us gets us, we feel safe enough to let go of the trauma. And so we're not saying people are incarnating here to have these traumatic experiences, just so that they can, you know, relate to those who've had it, it's not like that. But so often growth comes, people are able to because of their traumatic experience, better help others grow and move through it and heal. Healing is the key. Because there's a lot of healing happening on this planet. We don't know if you've noticed or not, we assume you've noticed. But you know, there was a lot more trauma that happened years ago, there was a lot more abuse, you know, child abuse, and, and you know, you only have to go back in history about 200 years, and you see children working in factories, and, and, you know, children's slave labor and all of these different things, our history has had some very dark periods, and there's been a lot of awareness that's come up and things have changed. And things are is rapidly increasing, there's a lot more awareness that, you know, that's not okay anymore, you can't do that anymore, that isn't appropriate. And really, as a society, in general, we are healing. And so sometimes it takes someone who's been there, and done that and moved through it, to be able to help others going through it so as to stop the pattern, so as to put a stop to it so as to, to really help heal this planet, because ultimately, this planet is healing. And the more people that are stepping into the roles of that was crap, I don't want anyone else to go through what I went through, I want to help change the reality, it changed things are ultimately helping and contributing to the healing of this planet. Does that answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 43:45
It does. It was a beautiful answer. Thank you so much. I think you mentioned this in a prior answer. But I'm going to ask this question. Can a soul live multiple lives at once?

Yolanda Tong 43:55
Absolutely. And this happens, this is this is absolutely. Now, you may have heard the concept that time is a human invention. So to speak, like the calendar and this and that. Because ultimately we do if we were to connect in up through our higher self into our, our, you know, up to our soul, and we find that we're not just a simple I am ulanda and I am one soul, for example, you Alex are connected into what we want to call an oversoul. A monad is another way of explaining this. And if you were to look at the monad the monad has the capacity to blitz isn't really the right word, but you get what we're trying to say. I'm trying to paint a picture. It's like split, okay, we're gonna, we're gonna send a part of you over here and over there and over here, and well, according to our human clocks and calendars. Well, I'm here in the year 2023. But I've also So had a past life, what would you know, in the 1800s, and another one in the 1400s. Quite often, some of these are happening simultaneously, as in the 1400s lifetime in the 20, through 2023 lifetime are actually happening at the same time. And but there's a connection, but a disconnection as in, we're not necessarily aware that's happening right now. Because well, it's 2023, not 1400s, so to speak, but the point we're trying to make is as an oversoul, we have many extensions. And some of these extensions are, are able to incarnate or are incarnating, in various places, spaces, times, dimensions, planets, forms. And yet other other parts of these extensions, so to speak, are not incarnating, they are simply up there in spirit and having a rest, so to speak, or are busy doing some work helping to oversee some of the other extensions that are incarnating. And so we do, we're very busy as a sole and we've got a lot going on. And there's a reason for this. And, and, honestly, we are bigger than we can imagine, we are far bigger than we can imagine. And when I say we, we mean I as a soul, I the soul am far bigger than I can imagine. I am far more complex than I can imagine. And and as you can imagine, we as a human, we come here and so often we have a reason for being here, we have a purpose, we're here to achieve something, let's let's go back to that lifetime, we said as as a disability where you can't see, and you're developing your other senses, and you're learning to balance out your senses, and, and sort of develop new skills through practical real life application of being on this planet. If we were to come back to the oversoul, here with all of the extensions, the oversoul itself has a kind of a greater purpose of something it's trying to achieve something it's working towards something it's, it's, you know, it's expanding itself, it's growing, it's, it's expanding itself. And as a result of this, it does have some things it needs to learn, it does have some blanks it needs to fill in. And therefore, along comes the extensions, we're sending this one to Earth, we're sending this one to ladies. And so we have these different ones having these different experiences that are all contributing to the overall growth and expansion of the soul itself. Now, some of these extensions, you know, maybe let's just put one here on earth 2020, 3d and the other one in 1400s. Maybe they're having completely different stories playing out completely different realities. Maybe one's a male, one's a female, one's a farmer, the other is a, I don't know what business executive, they're living very different lives. But they're also you know, having experiences that are all contributing to the greater whole, which is why if you go digging into your past lives, so you may find, No, you weren't always a filmmaker, and every single lifetime, that's obviously not practical, but that you've had a variety of lifetimes where you've been in different places, and spaces and careers and jobs and situations. And it's, it's very, because as a soul, we love oversoul speaking as a soul, we aren't narrow minded, in a sense of, I just want to do one thing. It's it's like, I want to experience something greater. I want to experience this, I want to experience that because the more we experience, the more we learn. And the more we learn, the more we understand, and the more we as a soul oversoul can expand. So it's a hopefully that answer is clear enough and make sense, because the point we're trying to make here is that the soul, the oversoul is far greater than we can comprehend. It is far more complex than we can comprehend. And yet it is very simple. Does this make sense?

Alex Ferrari 49:05
It does make wonderful sense. Thank you so much for that answer. Why did we at this time incarnate at this time in history right now?

Yolanda Tong 49:15
This is a good question. And it has been approached from many different perspectives. Oh, we would like to share a perspective. When we look at history. The ball started speeding up the ball started rolling, it was almost as if, if you can if you can picture a mountain for a minute, let's just let's just use the metaphor of a mountain. Historically, speaking on this planet, it felt like trying to push a rock up a mountain, things were very slow. Things were very hard. Things were very challenging, not much changed, and not much changed. But they Where's the shift where it's like, ah, we've we've hit the peak, we can change, we can start going downhill. Oh, look, the rock is going faster and faster and faster. And this is great, we are finally making progress. And that's the key, this planet is ready for progress. And so all of the souls coming to this planet are here to contribute to this progress, and are here to contribute to the changing nature of this planet. It is a time of rapid acceleration and rapid growth. And there are certain things you can only learn going back to that oversoul experiential thing, there are certain things you can only really truly experience when things are going fast. You know, if you are in a farmer, a farmer, working the same fields, where you don't meet a lot of people and not much changes over the course of 50 years, there isn't a lot of growth happening, there isn't a lot of of inner change, there isn't a lot of things that challenge our perceptions and challenge our our belief systems and challenge us to grow. But right now, as we said that boulder is rolling down the mountain and things are getting faster, it's moving faster, we're having to almost some of us are having to run to keep up with it like Wait for me, I can't keep up. Because because the the momentum is building things are speeding up. And that boulder, by the way, has not reached the bottom yet. It's nowhere near the bottom, meaning where we are now here in 2023, it is only going to get faster, the more and more things change, the more things are going to change, things are going to continue to accelerate. But this is a good thing. Because sometimes when things go fast, we can do so much more with the energy and the momentum, we can do more, we can shift more, we can change more. And we can do it fast. So it doesn't have to be years of struggle and years of strife and years of pain and years of not much moving. And we feel that things are more and more and more going to be revealed going to be changed going to be upgraded, updated. And yeah, there's still going to be problems on this planet. Yeah, there's still going to be issues, you know, it just let's just use the whole boulder going down the mountain analogy, there's going to be a little rocks and justice sticking out and, and things that are going to kind of try to trip up the boulder and kind of make the boulder go Ouch, there was a big sharp thing there, oh, Ouch, that hurts. We, we need to deal with that there's still going to be problems, there's still going to be challenges. And it's not just going to be smooth sailing down the mountain because it's not. It's going faster. It's not a smooth path. It's a jagged rough path, there are sharp bits. But as we get faster, we are able to move through it faster. And there's a lot more support growing by the day. Because part of the going faster. You know, it was fueled by things like for example, the internet, where there is a lot more connection worldwide connection, global connection, collective connection, where you're having more and more souls going, that's not okay, that needs to change. And as a result, the energy behind things, the culture behind around things is changing. And in some cases, it's changing a little slower. And in some cases, it's changing very, very fast to the point that up over generations are going I just can't keep up with it anymore. It's just it's just good. It's just moving too fast, even for me. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 53:45
It makes perfect sense. And this makes perfect sense. Thank you. And my final question is do you have well, do you have any last words for my audience?

Yolanda Tong 53:56
We would like to share a piece of advice. And we're going to quote the words of Gandhi we believe the name is Be the change. And we want to explain more Be the change. Because we feel this is this is a very key thing. Now, being the change isn't just like, Oh yeah, I'm different. No, it being the change isn't just acknowledging your different. Being the change means making a conscious decision to change to do things better. For example, maybe you're having a difficult relationship with someone and they trigger you a lot and you're upset like ah this person they just make me so upset, right you know, and you're and you're you're off venting to your friend about how difficult this person is. Be the change. Go look at why that person triggers you. Go look at why this situation upsets you. ask the big questions. Why am I getting upset? Why am I reacting this way? Don't look at them. They are just a mirror to something deeper in yourself and go, Okay, why am I reacting this way? Why am I doing this? How can I change so that I don't keep reacting? Okay, I'm working through this, I'm understanding there's some, you know, maybe this is how I've learned, or maybe this is what I was taught to do, or whatever, the more we go in and ask those introspective questions around, how can we shift the situation? How can we heal from this, how can we, we change, we change and the more we change, the more we are on a greater greater scale, shall we say, activating the energy of change, because the more of us that change, the more that that the ball is building up, the momentum like this is changing, that's changing, we have more space to move. And the other thing, the reason why our advice is to be the change is because the more you take responsibility for your own stuff, and choose to change, you have the capacity to become more, right, we say it like this, when you shift those triggers and come to a peaceful place, you are in a better place and space to be able to explore more, explore your passion, open to more things, become more of who you are, develop yourself become a better version of yourself. Because the more you become a better version of yourself, the more you can inspire others, the more you can support others, the more you can connect with others in a way that perhaps you could not before. But the more we all change for the greater good that is for the greater good. The better this planet is going to become, the faster this planet is going to change in a way that it actually gets better and better and better. But it all starts with us. And it starts with us asking those big questions. Why do I feel the way I do? Why do I truly, truly feel this way? How can I change myself so that I can be a better person? Stop pointing fingers, we know not all of you do point fingers. But the more you take those fingers and come back to yourself and see that just as a mirror, or see that as something that's trying to show you something or teach you something maybe it's not an exact reflection, maybe it's not a reflection at all, but maybe it is triggering you to go in a different direction or do something else. The change starts with you some angel isn't going to appear out of the sky and just change you. It doesn't happen like that. Change starts from within, we have to want it. We have to ask for it. Our Angels, our teams, our guides, they can support us, but we have to want it first. That is our message. We thank you for your time and send you many many blessings and lots of love and say goodbye for now.

Alex Ferrari 58:25

Yolanda Tong 58:27

Alex Ferrari 58:31
Wow, they are energetic.

Yolanda Tong 58:33
Yeah, they are definitely energetic.

Alex Ferrari 58:39
How are you doing?

Yolanda Tong 58:41
I'm good.!

Alex Ferrari 58:41
You're good?

Yolanda Tong 58:43
I'm used to this. It's it's this is how it is lots of energy. Blasted!

Alex Ferrari 58:51
Yeah, they're pretty much like a like a like a shotgun. Just it's just did. It just keeps coming. It keeps coming. And yeah, profound and profound and profound. And, you know, the funny thing is that people again, when they look at channelers, they just say, Oh, they're faking it, or they memorize stuff. I'm like you didn't know the questions. I was gonna ask you. First of all, these are not easy questions to answer.

Yolanda Tong 59:14
No, they were not easy questions at all. And some of these questions I have never been asked in my life. So

Alex Ferrari 59:20
Because of questions because they're because I call them minefield questions, because you're just you you can, you could you can step on something really. And that's why I ask these kinds of really difficult questions, because these are questions that people want to know. And I want to kind of put that information out there. And it's, by the way, one of the toughest ones about why we choose to be in an abusive situation or triadic. That was probably one of the best answers I've heard to that question. It was very beautiful, poetic and very relatable and understanding of why we do choose that and hopefully that helps someone listening who is in those situations, because like I've talked about on my show before, about my traumatic experience, I wouldn't be here without it.

Yolanda Tong 1:00:08
Oh, I'm the same. I mean, I had a very tumultuous relationship with my very Pentecostal father, whose attitude was, well, yes, these bad things happened. But I asked God for forgiveness, and God's forgiven me. So you need to forgive me too. I'm like, but that doesn't change.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:28
I have spoken to God, that's between you and God, between you and me then

Yolanda Tong 1:00:33
Maybe you need to, you know, let Jesus into your life. And and, and I'm like, Oh, that's not how this works. And so yeah, I had a very challenging and, and in my 20s, part of the reason I left Canada and moved overseas was to get away from that abuse, and so that I could heal from that abuse. And if it wasn't for the fact that I was so traumatized, I would not have sought out healing, I would have just been developing this channeling thing of just being a channeler. But actually, my work isn't just channeling it really, you know, I needed a lot of healing, which opened the doors for me to learn healing, and I would have never gone down that path if it wasn't for the fact that I needed so much healing. And, and, and yes, I channeled but I combined the channeling with healing, because ultimately, we've all had our struggles and challenges and some of us more than others.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:29
Absolutely, absolutely. You are a ball of energy. Yolanda, thank you so much. I mean, you're so wonderful. You said this is like a spark of life on the show. I really appreciate it. I'm going to ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. Sure. What is your definition of living a good life?

Yolanda Tong 1:01:45
A life that's been lived, you know, when we have these dreams, but actually like going out and making them happen, like, a life that's been lived experience, and, you know, have your cake and eat it too, you know, don't just think about it, or dream about it, but actually take steps to make it happen so that when you're 85 years old, you'll be like, Ah, I'm good. Now, did all those things, you know, that's life, life that's been lived.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:13
What is your definition of God?

Yolanda Tong 1:02:16
I feel God is everything and everyone and everywhere. And God is all things.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:23
And, and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Yolanda Tong 1:02:28
To have an experience, I haven't experienced it depending on you know, ultimately, the experiences are all going to be different. But we are here to have an experience. And I do believe that is the reason we come here. We don't come here to just put on headphones and just tune out the world and pretend that we're not here. We come here to have an experience.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:50
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Yolanda Tong 1:02:53
Ah, my website

Alex Ferrari 1:02:57
And do you have any final words for our audience?

Yolanda Tong 1:03:01
Question, feel like I said them in the channeling. Okay, final words. Be yourself. And I say this because for years, I hid who I was. I was the weird channeler. I was the weirdo like, I didn't fit in and I wasn't cool. I did this weird channeling thing where I flap my hands and was this. And yet, when I finally acknowledged that, and really started to own that, my life changed, my life got a lot better. People started coming into my life, I connected with people, I made amazing friends. But when I was hiding myself, no one was really seeing who I was. And I was lonely. So my advice is be yourself, someone out there is going to love it. Probably more than someone out there is going to love it. In fact, you're probably going to draw in a crowd because the more you are yourself, the more you're authentic, and you're genuine. And that speaks louder than any story, any mask. Anything we pretend to be that we're not being our true, genuine, authentic self is the most amazing thing you can possibly do. And I know it's scary to be yourself. Look at me. I'm prime example. Yeah. But I do believe the more you choose and decide and work on changing yourself so that you become yourself and not a version of yourself that you want the world to see. The better your life is gonna get. That's my final message.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:33
Yolanda, thank you so much for being on the show and for sharing your gift with us and for everything you're doing in the world. I appreciate you my dear.

Yolanda Tong 1:04:41
Thank you and thanks to you because I know you're doing exactly the same.

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