CHANNELED Mary Magdalene REVEALS Truth About Her RELATIONSHIP with Jesus with Wendy Rose Williams

On today’s episode, we welcome Wendy Rose Williams, a remarkable channeler and spiritual healer who brings forth wisdom from Ascended Masters such as Mary Magdalene, Yeshua Ben Joseph, and Mother Mary. Imagine living an ordinary life, only to be thrust into the mystical realm of channeling divine messages. This is Wendy’s story—a journey from reluctance to embracing her profound spiritual gifts.

Before her spiritual awakening, Wendy led a busy life as a single mother, deeply engaged in the demands of everyday existence. “I came to channeling quite reluctantly, as I think a lot of individuals do. We have to be pushed and shoved into the right direction at times,” she reflects. Her life took a transformative turn when she began to receive unsolicited guidance from psychics and healers, urging her to acknowledge her past life as Mary Magdalene and her soul contract to channel messages from Ascended Masters.

Wendy’s journey into channeling was not without its challenges. “I was healing by leaps and bounds as I was stepping to the plate and saying, Yes, this is what happened,” she shares. Accepting her role involved extensive training, focusing initially on ego work to clear her channels for divine messages. This process required her to confront and release past-life traumas that had instilled fear and hesitation in speaking her truth.

The awakening was not only a personal transformation but also a call to serve others. Wendy began channeling messages from Mary Magdalene, Yeshua Ben Joseph, and Mother Mary. “I wanted to do it right… I went and took formal channeling classes. It was about a two-year process,” she explains. Her commitment to authenticity and accuracy in channeling was paramount, especially given the profound nature of the messages she conveyed.

In her practice, Wendy learned to distinguish the unique energies of the Ascended Masters. “Mother Mary, especially, I’ll just get one single tear will roll down from my right eye, and that’s just the way she arrives with me,” she describes. This sensitivity allowed her to deliver messages with clarity and compassion, helping others connect with these divine beings and their guidance.

Wendy emphasizes the importance of love and present-moment awareness in her teachings. “Love one another. Be very kind to yourself and just work to be in the present moment. And remember that love is the antidote to fear,” she channels from Mary Magdalene. This message resonates deeply, reminding us that the path to spiritual growth is paved with self-compassion and love for others.

Wendy’s journey from skepticism to spiritual healer highlights the transformative power of embracing one’s true calling. Her work as a channeler offers profound insights into the nature of existence and the importance of balancing spiritual and everyday life. Her experiences serve as a beacon of hope and a reminder that we are all capable of connecting with higher realms and living a life filled with love and purpose.


  1. Embrace Your Path: Even when it seems daunting, embracing your spiritual path can lead to profound personal growth and the ability to help others.
  2. Healing Past Traumas: Confronting and releasing past-life traumas is essential for clear and authentic spiritual channeling.
  3. Power of Love: Love is the antidote to fear. Being kind to yourself and others, and living in the present moment, are key to spiritual growth.

Wendy Rose Williams’ journey is a powerful testament to the potential within each of us to connect with the divine and transform our lives. Her dedication to her spiritual path and her ability to channel profound wisdom offer inspiration and guidance to all who seek a deeper understanding of their existence.

Please enjoy my conversation with Wendy Rose Williams.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 286

Wendy Rose Williams 0:00
Love one another. Be very kind to yourself in just work to be in the present moment. And remember that love is the antidote to fear

Alex Ferrari 0:14
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Wendy Rose Williams, how you doing Wendy?

Wendy Rose Williams 0:28
I'm doing great. Thanks for having me Alex?

Alex Ferrari 0:32
Thank you so much for coming back on the show. I think last time we spoke I said you had so much to talk about that we couldn't. We couldn't do it all in just one conversation. And you did so many different things that this channel we're gonna be talking about, specifically all your this conversation, we're gonna talk about your channeling, and everything that we do in channeling. So my first question is what was your life like, before the channeling before that, that that world opened up to you?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:03
Before the channeling and I came to that quite reluctantly, as I think a lot of individuals do we have to be pushed in pushed and shoved into the right direction. At times. It's quite interesting. How can we resist. But before the spiritual awakening before I agreed to channel which came a couple years later, just conservative, every day average life very busy working mother, and then a very busy single mother and her daughters were only six and eight totally divorced. So there just was a lot going on, and was not expecting the spiritual awakening that came up. That was about six years later, when my daughters were 12 and 14. And I did not expect the channeling, the way the channeling arose and to find that there was a soul contract that I had agreed to do this. And I was going what? Surprise, but when you think about it aren't some of the things that are the most wonderful in life, it might be a shock at first. But as we settle into it, it can be like, Oh, my goodness, what a what a privilege. What a pleasure as I got further into it. So what happens specifically, multiple people, wonderful healers, psychics, intuitives people that I hadn't known before, were starting to come up to me and to say, Do you need help? I know you've got a massive past life release going on. I know you don't want to, perhaps except or talk about who you were, but can I help you, I'm here to help you. And these were people I barely knew some of them. That was literally the first meeting with them. And what they were trying to help me with was my past life is Mary Magdalene. That was not a life I wanted to accept or step into. And I'm, I'm a bit chagrined at this point. Now that it's been about 10 years. And then about two years into that process of slowly accepting Yes, I do have this past life. And this makes so much more sense and so many things. And I was just healing by leaps and bounds as I was stepping to the plate and saying, Yes, this this is what this is what happened. And then what started coming up was the spiritual teacher I was working with at the time, she asked me as gently as possible. Do you know that you're meant to be a channel for three different Ascended Masters and I'm looking at her like, Whoa, that sounds like the advanced curriculum. I do not remember signing up for that. But again, it made perfect sense. It's Mary Magdalene, it's Yeshua Ben Joseph and it's Mother Mary. And I then Alex I so wanted to do it right. It's like this is not some obscure river God who I would still want to channel accurately and well, but I thought this one just has a load to it for me of really needing to get it right. So what I did was I went and took formal channeling classes. And I went slowly with them. I took my time with it. And it was about a two year process. Channeling classes were nothing like I thought they would be the training was a big surprise. Because I thought it would be kind of like like like how doctors train other doctors. I thought it would be kind of like the channeler would show me one coach me through one have me do one critique one took about a year and a half to get to that. Do you know what we worked on for the first year, year and a half what I'm seeing my ego and That makes perfect sense in hindsight, because how else can you be a clear channel if you haven't done your own work and haven't centered yourself, right. And what came up for me was a typical, a lot of times people have a little bit, perhaps too much excitement and want the glory and want the publicity around it perhaps. And, you know, speaking in generalities here, I was the opposite I was the shrinking violet from it. And I didn't have quite enough healthy ego in the sense of solar plexus being really balanced and having that self confidence and self respect for just to be natural. And that's where we had to get me that's where we'd had to get me to, and just balance those ego lessons. And we released a whole bunch of past lives along the way of why I was so Reddit reticent to speak from having been harmed or threatened or having had my family harmed or threatened for it before from channeling from being a profit from being an advisor to you know, kings and wealthy individuals and a lot of that off of their head. Energy, if they either didn't like the message, there was so much shoot the messenger in the old days, and just, you know, blaming when they didn't like the message, or energy changes constantly, and you can do your very best to forecast. Okay, here's where I think you should put the troops for what's going on in this battle. Here's what I think you need to do to protect your lands and to win this war. And when that prophecy wasn't always correct, you know, that that could be the end of things. So there was just a lot of history of me not wanting to speak up.

Alex Ferrari 6:50
So this was not a thing that all of a sudden was going to thrust upon you, you are actively cording this ability cording this channel.

Wendy Rose Williams 6:59
It took me a while to get there, I tried to deny it, I tried to shrink from it. And that caused a lot of health problems. And I started to realize, okay, there's a correlation here. And when we don't embrace the life that we're meant to be living, and we're not on our path, we very often end up with health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, and just have to really look at what do I need to be doing differently? Is there something I'm avoiding here? Is there something I'm doing too much of is, are there places I'm not stepping to the plate. And also, there was a lot of, there used to be I think channeling has become so much more accepted. Even the last two years, the last five years, it's become so much more accepted and understood, because we used to be burned at the stake for it. You know, we used to be imprisoned for it. And because I have such a deep, active memory of my past slides, it was tripping me up. So and you have to remember that was thin. This is now you've got to be mindful. You've got to be in the moment. And look at the reality was no one was threatening me. I was just scaring myself.

Alex Ferrari 8:21
Generally the way it works in life we do right were our worst enemy?

Wendy Rose Williams 8:25
Was it Roosevelt who said there's nothing to fear but fear itself. Yeah. And it's very true. We create that construct of we know it's going to most terrify us. That's why if you read a well done suspense book, or horror, or thriller, you're filling in what scares you the most. That's why it's always more effective and more terrifying than whatever is put on the screen. At least for me, this screen is someone else's best depiction. But, you know, you don't you don't know what's going to really make someone else have to deal with their own stuff.

Alex Ferrari 9:03
Right! It's the Hitchcockian way of doing things is don't show the murderer. How the murder happened behind the closed door and you

Wendy Rose Williams 9:11
Can a way because the person will fill in something more terrifying.

Alex Ferrari 9:16
Much worse, much, much worse than you could that could ever be put on screen. No question about it. So when it started to happen, what was your How did you process it? Because this is not an easy thing to process when you start hearing either voices in your head or channeling these kinds of energies through you. There has to be an acclamation period as well I imagine.

Wendy Rose Williams 9:38
Definitely was and I was fortunate to take I was actually this is quite unusual. The spiritual teacher was kind enough she knew my budget was super tight and to do the one on one classes with her was beyond my budget. And she kindly let me I had a very close friend at the time who was at the same point of being reticent to step forward with her channeling abilities. And so we actually became a group class of two for most of the classes. Yes, we had to do some some private private work too, because of you know, things that just came up that were so personal. But that's where my river God little joke came from, because my friend was channeling St. Francis, which made perfect sense because she's an animal communicator and animal healer. And she was also channeling this obscure river God. So the moment we found out who we both agreed to channel I just looked right at her. I'm like, can I trade Jesus for the obscure river God,

Alex Ferrari 10:43
It's less pressure, less pressure, less pressure.

Wendy Rose Williams 10:47
We're just all burst out laughing. It's like it's fun. Our soul contracts work. And it just makes such perfect sense. And it's so natural. Because Yeshua is with Mary Magdalene, the Ascended Master with Mother Mary the ascendant, they just come in so naturally, as a family, and you just have to you just have to put aside you know, anything else that just say that this is family, I've been part of this family, it's the most natural thing in the world.

Alex Ferrari 11:16
And what and then when you finally got accustomed to the whole channeling thing, and, and decided to go public with it, what was the reaction of your friends, family, people around you?

Wendy Rose Williams 11:28
It was, it was it was a very quiet thing. There wasn't this big public splash. It wasn't this big announcement, I simply just started doing it naturally. Because sometimes I could feel them wanting to come in. And they have such wisdom, they have such love, such compassion, the Ascended Masters are amazing. And just sometimes, so it wasn't like go off and meditate for an hour and a half, make sure I can vibrate off the bed, to be able to give them that it would just pop right out of my mouth and Mother Mary, she has a particular energy sing, I can feel it can tell the three of them apart, of course, we've each got a unique energy signature. But because their vibration is so high with mother, Mary, especially I'll just get one single tear will just roll down from my right eye. And that's just that's just the way she arrives with me. And Mary Magdalene, I feel her put this beautiful mantle like a cloak over me. And Yeshua, just he has such a unique, gentle yet powerful, approachable, I just can't describe his energy just makes me smile from ear to ear. And I always know when it's when it's him. So it just it just, it wasn't like a lion roaring at all, it was more like a mouse squeaking of it was you know, in very, very small, subtle ways. Eventually, I did put it on my website that I offered sessions with Magdalene. But because I still had some inner healing work to do, a very few people asked for them. And that that was a reflection of me, because I wasn't quite I wasn't quite comfortable and confident with it. And then it did get to the point where people would just ask me and in general conversation, you know, friends that knew and they would say, Wendy, you know, it feels like Magdalene is here, where could you please ask Magdalene? And can you just tell us right now? I mean, do you know that person individually, or there'd be a small group of us in person, either face to face or phone to phone. And I would just tune in and do that. And then I did start on a couple of a couple of zoom calls on podcasts. So Bit Bit by bit. And I did have one really funny, funny experience. I hosted a traditional radio show for a while on KK and w 11:50am, which is Seattle's alternative Talk Talk Radio. And one particular show that and I would always go through a pretty big prep to get ready to be on air and I was channeling Magdalene and when I channeled Magdalene, I don't I partially I raised my vibration, she lowers hers, and I partially leave my body. Sometimes it's a fully unconscious because there's different levels of channeling. But I would then have to kind of wait on pins and needles to hear the radio show because I didn't know what I'd said. Because it was Magdalene, but this one certain day, the topic was sacred sexuality. And I had this great friend who's a PhD and just a great person who was a sexologist, and she was gonna be the topic or was going to be the guest that day. And I got to the radio and she was down in California and in Seattle, I get to the radio state and I could feel this weird. I'm like, why is my throat so choked up? What is going on? I knew Archangel Gabriel was with me. I knew Mary Magdalene was with me. Well, they were duking it out of who was going to speak that day. It was hysterical, because usually it was just Magdalene, but I do work with Archangel Gabriel a lot, just being over communication. And so I'm sitting there with the producer, and all that equipment in, you know, a big radio station. And he announces me to go on air. And I'm like, I like can't get anything out. So I'm like, holding my script up to him of what I was going to say first. And he just seamlessly kind of stepped in and said the first sentence or two, and I'm in my mind, seeing whatever's going on, work it out now.

Alex Ferrari 16:00
Right! The show must go on or show the show must go on.

Wendy Rose Williams 16:04
And I downed like, almost a whole huge water bottle trying to like, clear my throat. It was just the funniest. And then I did speak with my spiritual teacher afterwards, I said, what happened? She said, Oh, that's fascinating. I was, like, I want to speak I was.

Alex Ferrari 16:25
Well, let me ask you, because you were speaking about energy and them coming into your body. And I've heard this from other channels, that I'm assuming that you had to prepare the body to receive this kind of energy? Because if not, it's kind of like blowing a circuit? Like, yes. couldn't handle the voltage, if you will. So that year and a half, two years, you were kind of bill,

Wendy Rose Williams 16:46
That is a fabulous question. You're exactly right. And that was the work we were doing, we're working to upgrade my circuitry. It's like being a little old 30 amp generator, and now you need to be a 200, amperage for the full house. Right? So that's exactly it. So you need to be healing and releasing the things that don't serve you anymore. You need to be working on your health, and your body, you know, in any in all ways, and just just preparing. Because you want to bring through as pure in essence as you can, and their vibration is simply much higher.

Alex Ferrari 17:25
That yeah, it's Yeah, exactly. Well, let me ask you, do you think Mary Magdalene would like to come in and? And talk a little bit?

Wendy Rose Williams 17:33
Absolutely. She's been planning it since since you wrote that possibility when we last spoke a couple of weeks ago, so absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 17:42
Great. I would love to have it and how do you? And for everybody watching? How do you come in? And how do you go out?

Wendy Rose Williams 17:47
Sure. So what you're going to see me do, you're going to see me just close my eyes, you can see me just kind of settle down and ground my energy. And you're going to see me just ask her, you may hear me moderating a little bit as I asked her to come in and ask her to be a clear channel, I will do it eyes closed. So just so you can make that distinction have to know it's it's her speaking, she usually comes in and she'll simply say, I'm here, or this is Mary, or this is Magdalene, she'll usually just say one of those three things. So what we'll see if that's what she does today. Alright, thanks. So let's get started. It's grounding my energy centering myself, inviting in Ascended Master, Mary Magdalene. I am here. This is Mary Alex, I'm so happy to speak with you. What would you like to speak about?

Alex Ferrari 18:40
Thank you so much for doing this. Mary, my first question to you is, what is the biggest misconception about your life that you would like to set the record straight?

Wendy Rose Williams 18:53
Ah, I so appreciate that question. Thank you. The biggest misconception is, was what my identity was. I was fortunate to be a beloved daughter, and sister and friend, and wife, and aunt and sister in law. In many ways that wonderful life for me was about the familial relationships. I didn't really care very much to get involved with the politics. We lived in very dangerous times in which a large portion of our population was enslaved. But my role, simply put was, I became Yeshua was wife and the mother to two of his children. I also was married previously, and I had known Yeshua since since childhood. So it was a dream come true that we were able All too, to marry and to have some wonderful years together despite the harsh ending

Alex Ferrari 20:08
During during Yeshua 's growth to become a walking Master, what when did you actually begin to walk the path with him in the spiritual journey that he was on? And where did where did he go? Where did you go during that? Essentially those 30 years that he was gone

Wendy Rose Williams 20:37
Fantastic question. Yes, we, I went to the I was my parents died when I was quite young. And my older sister Marta, and my older brother Lazarus took over, took over raising me and our family home. And we were we were neighbors to the Ben Joseph. So mother, Mary, Jesus's mother, yes, was mother also took over. She's here at that single tear going down that right i She took over helping also raised me and mother me, I opened my Kundalini incredibly young, in that age, in that lifetime, and Mother Mary had a relationship with the Temple of Isis, at filet in Egypt. So the decision was made with with my agreement, and with my older brother and sister agreeing that I should go study at the Temple of Isis. So I was there from the ages of about nine to 19. Yeshua and I had already made our agreement that we plan to marry. When we were adults, when we had finished our training, we both were very clear that we needed to two part and that he would need to go do extensive training. He trained in India, he trained in Egypt, he trained many, many places to be able to do the magnificent work that he did, we reunited. When I was 19. And I was gathering it was my it was my day, it was my turn to go gather the water from the well right outside the temple. And he was studying at one of the Egyptian temples for men. So we had our surprise reunion. Outside of that, well, we had not seen one another in 10 years. And we agreed at that time. Yes, we still want to marry. But we need to wrap things up in a tidy way. So I gave notice and was replaced at the Temple of Isis and had to work my way home. And don't forget, we're not just jumping on planes 2000 years ago, so I had to work my way, my way home, he had to do the same. And when we were both back home, things went in a very different direction. But I'll stop at that point. Is that Is that clear? Is that making sense? Questions to that?

Alex Ferrari 23:26
Yeah. It makes all the sense in the world. What was the what were the biggest challenges with your spiritual journey as you walk that both for you and Yeshua?

Wendy Rose Williams 23:38
The biggest challenge for me was how to balance having a normal life. In such extraordinary times was such an extraordinary mission. I was quite psychic. Yeah, she was certainly was and mother Mary was incredible. So it really was the three of us working to hold the energy for his mission. In many ways. Yes, yes, the disciples, the apostles were important. But don't forget, they had most of them had full time jobs. Most of them were working to eke out a living as fishermen and had wives and children's to support so they were not with Yeshua nearly as regularly as I was, and I do say thank you to the Catholic church into the pope for having officially named me the 13th apostle, because that is absolutely what I was. And I was with the man who became my husband the most and just you know was picking up the most of his teachings and his his his knowledge, he never forgot who he was. He came in as you'd use the term avatar, I think, nowadays, and came in with just full knowledge of who he was as a soul. But it was very difficult to balance because we have this very grassroots walking ministry, very hand to mouth, in some ways of who would be able to house us when we were on the road, who would be able to offer a meal, those sorts of things. And that's where the misconceptions started coming up as to my identity, because it was not, it was not typical, it was quite frowned upon for a young, supposedly single woman to be traveling with a group of, frankly, quite rough looking men. Showering was not always at the top of our list. And it just, you know, you you got bathed when you could, and for me to be on the road with them in that traveling ministry. I had the good fortune to have family money. He did not. So who do you think was funding most of that ministry? So that was another misperception is people didn't understand why and how I could have money. Well, that was simply from, from my parents. It's just it's just that simple. It has nothing to do with prostitution. And that's really quite a hurtful rude allegation, to imply that that's the way that a woman is earning her living that it's not. Let's set the record straight. Mary Magdalene was not a repentant whore. That is incorrect information that was dumped on her as part of blaming the Divine Feminine when the men worked to muscle, the women out after Yeshua was crucifixion after his death. And if anyone has played hockey, you know what a good hip check is, you know what a good elbow check is when he's Canadian. So hockey, ghosts are praying sometimes. And that's what was done to the women. They were just shoved aside, but they were defamed. So, and in my identity as Yesudas wife, I agreed it needed to be kept secret. It was for my own safety and protection. We knew we lived in very dangerous times, we knew what might be coming for him. For all of us. We knew the risks we were taking. They were conscious, they were done from love. These were decisions made from love. But there are hard decisions.

Alex Ferrari 28:04
And you were privy to a lot of the information, a lot of the story that we know of what happened to Yeshua and yourself. You and Yeshua and Mary all knew what was coming and preparing for it.

Wendy Rose Williams 28:18
We did. We'll go back in time a little bit to when I'm picture picture a 19 year old who cannot wait to marry the love of her life. Go back to that moment, coming back from the Temple of Isis. And we've agreed Yeshua was a couple years older than me what was he about four or five years older than me. And we come back home and we expect to be moving forward with planning our our wedding. And instead there's this incredible curveball that comes up in the Jewish priests. Were quite concerned that Yeshua was becoming too popular too quickly. They did not think they could control him. And John the Baptist, his cousin was a very, very capable voice of God also, I mean, he was was channeling and doing some incredible things too. But realize still run the fringe of society. We we are high in rank within our people, but our people are very, very oppressed. And there's a lot of what's the best word. Okay, this is not a nice word, but it's the most accurate word. There's a lot of collusion going on between the Jewish priests and between the Roman oppressors. So instead of marrying Yeshua, curveball, I am forced to marry John the Baptist who I did not want to marry who did not want to marry me. And that was I did not see that one coming. Evidently, my psychic abilities won't work in on that one. We're not school. to know everything. And I think, frankly, I would have considered running away. So I did what I was told to do, and it was the most joyous event you've ever seen. And there were that that wedding was an absolute spectacle. There were 1000s of people there. But again, no, no joy in it for either one of either the bride or the groom. And think of that dynamic. Because John was quite aware of who I loved. And Yeshua gets to watch me married off to his cousin. It was some quite quite an ordeal.

Alex Ferrari 30:45
And when you and Yeshua we're walking those those that decade, essentially or over a decade, since the meeting, when you were 19. What Yeshua was still discovering, was he already discovering more and training more to do what he was able to do? Or was he already?

Wendy Rose Williams 31:08
Yes. And no, he didn't, he didn't travel extensively at that point anymore. He was ready. He, personally, I believe Yeshua was the greatest healer that's ever walked the earth. That said, the person has to be ready to heal, or it's or it's not going not going to work. So he was moving into his ministry, in many ways of healing people hands on, let me tell you how we did that. Because the crowds became so large people would walk or carry their loved one there for days. So he would not stop until the last person had been tended to. We ran his triage, like in a modern day emergency room, I was in take. And I was always the first person that they would see and talk to, and he was in the back room. And what I was doing, honestly, was healing. Many of the women and children in particular, because just the way our society worked, the men wouldn't accept the healing from a woman. So and I was also getting the person prepared, so that they could then go in and have their time with him. And sometimes all it would take was him to ask them a kind question, say a kind word, lay a hand on them, put an arm around them, because I'd already done so much of of the work. Sometimes Mother Mary would be with us too. And she and I would be doing the intake. And we were actually doing kind of undercover healing work. And then they would go in to see Yeshua. And he would, he would do what he could for anyone and everyone. But it was getting to the point where it was depleting all of our energy, right to the brink, because we were starting to draw crowds of more than hundreds of people, the public speaking was different, that didn't deplete his energy the same way. I think that was more energizing for him to be able to give those wonderful, big talks. They were not without risk. And I can tell you what I was doing at those was I was watching the crowd energetically as well as physically. And I was working to put protection around him. He of course had his own rituals. But I can tell you, Wendy is still a little bit over vigilant today with how she will work to protect people around her and we've had to do a lot of correcting with her and say that was then this is now you don't need to be doing that anymore. Because it depletes your energy

Alex Ferrari 33:58
Fair enough now is is there any? What is the one thing that you think that most people misunderstood about both yourself and Yeshua as they walked the earth.

Wendy Rose Williams 34:13
That there was some absolutely delightful every day, family life. I had my two older siblings as I said, I have re met them. I mean this lifetime is Wendy which is amazing. I have remapped both of my parents from that lifetime. And the friend I mentioned who Wendy trained with for the channeling. She was Yeshua was youngest sister. So we have met many people from that play run so to speak from that timeline from that lifetime, have re met in this lifetime and it was it was the family and friends piece of what we all come here or have just the happiest, just those happy relationships in unibody.

Alex Ferrari 35:06
So there was you because I imagined that from the scriptures, it was all business. And I imagine that it's, there was day to day.

Wendy Rose Williams 35:15
Exactly, exactly. But the day to day, you know, it's not as it's not as fun to report on. It's not, it's not as historical record to report on. But I think that's, I think that's the missing part. You know, having having those three children, I had a son, by John the Baptist, John had already been killed at that time. And that was very incredibly traumatic, and upsetting for all of us of how quickly that happened. And that again, they tried to blame on Salone. Salam was one of my best friends for having done this tantalizing dance and having asked for his head on a platter, what a bunch of BS, that makes absolutely zero sense. It is not what happened. Just Jon's getting too powerful. So they kill them. I think that's a simple explanation.

Alex Ferrari 36:19
That's kind of what they did. At those times. That's, that's what happened to Yeshua.

Wendy Rose Williams 36:23
Exactly. What you may not know, is they then brought me I'm his widow, I'm pregnant, they bring me his head in a basket to try and intimidate me. And tell me to stand down back down, be quiet, just, you know, be under their thumb. And it was horrifying, it was absolutely terrifying. But luckily, when they were gone, my common sense came in and my guides came in and said, the fact that they're trying to scare you, that much means you've got some power, you just need to be very quiet about it, you need to center yourself, be very clear who you are. And just keep asking for your divine guidance. So the portraits, the famous oil paintings by several masters of Mary Magdalene showing her with a crystal skull, that are trying to imply She's practicing some sort of occult, witchcraft or whatever, that crystal skull is actually the head of John the Baptist. And that is him kind of trying to, you know, go all in energetically and you know, I've passed on now, Magdalene Yeshua, let me help you. So that's, you know, that's, that's what those oil paintings are really about that I don't think a lot of people know.

Alex Ferrari 37:55
So many people that I've spoken to, and in this show, with having near death experiences and spiritual awakenings, they always credit Jesus or Yeshua, to be there to help them to guide them through the process, who was there for Yeshua, and guiding him during his lifetime?

Wendy Rose Williams 38:19
When he was passing on the cross, or in general?

Alex Ferrari 38:22
In general, and and both actually like, who were who guided him through this through the process, yes.

Wendy Rose Williams 38:28
In general, Yeshua heard, he heard his father, he heard his divine father, he heard God at a level. I don't think anyone ever had this. And he came in to deliver a very beautiful, very simple message. God is love. That was simply his ministry, to just feel that love except that love to be loved to be loving and kind to one another. It's why he healed animals right and left, not just people. And I mean, that really was was was his ministry. So certainly that was going on his his physical parents, mother, Mary, and she was a virgin birth because she was able to, just like his grandmother, grandmother of Ana, we're talking generations of women who knew how to raise their vibration to such a high level that the Divine Spirit could come in and could physically impregnate them. So it's kind of like it does happen in nature. What is that called a hermaphrodite? I think seahorses do it when there's not enough males or females, they can switch genders so that it's a similar process. Fair enough, but just couldn't raise it's all about vibration. It's just all about the energy. And so Mother Mary, that is how she was the virgin birth but thankful The Joseph, you know, that was such a amazing helpmate and protector because she was was shamed because this is not okay to for a young female, to be pregnant in those times and to have no husband, this is this is a big deal. And so he stepped in and played that beautiful role of being Jesus's father, just like Jesus became my my son, John's father, because John, of course, did not remember his father. He was, you know, he was he was killed before before he was born. So, and then I did go on to have two daughters with Yeshua. So those three children were just absolutely the light of my life and the light of his life. But we needed to protect the identities.

Alex Ferrari 40:54
Why do you believe that this story has been suppressed for so many years?

Wendy Rose Williams 41:00
Because there's beauty in it because there's power in it. Because there's simplicity in it, of God being love and us all being a spark of the divine. This has nothing to do with religion. Religion is manmade, this has nothing to do with being Jewish Catholic, Seventh Day Adventists name any religion you want. It's nothing to do with that. You don't need a middleman. I'm not saying the churches don't do some wonderful works. They do. But including companionship for people who are disenfranchised and lonely and stressed and whatever else can be, you know, finding, finding solace there. There's community certainly. But I think just what Yeshua said about what he accomplished in did, any of us can do, I think he was referring without using the term the Christ consciousness, it's simply an energy, and that we could all do what he had done and more, we just have to be able to send ourselves balance our divine masculine and feminine, and be kind to ourselves, first of all, loving to ourselves, forgive ourselves, and then just emanate that out, you know, be that to everyone around you, and get rid of all these nonsense, artificial divisions of countries and governments. And I don't like you because of the color of your skin. I don't like your accent. You know, the color of your eyes, just ethnic purging. Oh, my goodness, it has just gone on for millennia. And we know that the most crime and torture has happened in the name of the church and the Crusades, etc.

Alex Ferrari 42:55
Very, very true. Do you have those by the way, since I know Mary, and Yeshua are with you? Do they have anything to say to our audience?

Wendy Rose Williams 43:06
Love one another. Be very kind to yourself in just work to be in the present moment. And remember that love is the antidote to fear. It is not courage, courage is the antidote to cowardice. Many people are feeling fear and saying, oh, gosh, I need to be more courageous. I need to be braver, and then they're getting more pugilistic based on fear. There's more there's more fear factor and so much of the land grabs that go on so much of the just just the inhumanity of man against man, it's based on fear. There are plenty of resources on this gorgeous planet. There are plenty of ways for for us all to do well together when everyone is helping one another and I don't just mean people helping people. Please remember the animals please remember the trees, the water, the mountains, you know all the aspects of what what we're here we're getting to live on a gracious Mother Earth's body. Let's treat her as the sentient amazing being that she is and know that she's just got to balance her energy she's got to take care of herself. And we are going to see more more words English, more. The explosions when a when a volcano the explosion of eruption explosions eruptions. Thank you. We are going to see more tsunamis. We're going to see climate change. Climate change must be addressed. It's an mazing how you had a vice president in the United States in Al Gore, who got it so right, and everyone made so much fun of him, and just ignored and COVID was a big opportunity for Earth to start to reverse some of the issues that were going on with with just too much driving, you know, too much use of gasoline, too much fossil fuels, fracking, I can't even begin to understand what the purpose of fracking is, is not appropriate. So we've just got to live more gently with with a lighter, lighter footprint and just simply be more humane to one another. And some challenging times are likely coming. I do not say that to cause fear. I say that to just help you center into yourself, look at the present moment and say I'm okay, everything's fine. And also, there is nothing wrong with doing some emergency type prepping. But this is critical. It can't be done out of fear. Because that leads to these crazy stockpiling things that leads to these cults, these just Branch Davidians as an example that that leads to those types of things. I'm talking about stockpiling your basics of just just do it kind of this like a fun exercise. Like if you were gonna go be a boy scout or Girl Scout and do some backwoods camping for a month that you've never done before. If you didn't have your fresh clean water in your house coming through your taps, what would you do? Would it be good to have the LifeStraw? Would it be good to have that filter straw? Would it be good to know how to boil water and purify water? Do you know how to get the water out of your hot water heater? Do you have a clean bucket? You know, what can you do for emergency water supplies? What can you do to grow some of your own food? What can you do to have some first aid supplies? What do you do for warm if suddenly your power is gone? I do want you to understand the grid in the United States, the power grid, the physical electric grid, it is quite fragile. And I don't think everyone understands that especially well, they just take electricity, and heat and power and lights totally for granted. It's quite fragile. The system is not not up to date. So what do you need to do? Do you need to have a camp stove you need to have a generator are one of those cool new power packs that are only about $200 that you can plug some extension cords into, you know, just just do things like that to be as self sufficient as you can. But again, do it from a place of joy of I'm taking care of myself taking care of my family, I'll be able to help take care of some of my neighbors, because I do think you will likely reach a time when some barter may be needed. I do think there's a moment when some banks may fail, some banks may go down we're already seeing a little bit of that. would it behoove you to have some cash on hand in small bills? would it behoove you to have a big bag of rice and a big bag of beans, you know if you just need some emergency food and suddenly your fridge and freezer is out. If you can't grow gardens on your property because you're living in an apartment or a condo where you don't have a green thumb or you have a heavily wooded lot. Look into the hydro hydroponic Wendy's got these neat little things called arrow garden and she grows so much lettuce and burbs right on her kitchen countertop. And it's just such fresh food and nutrition is fabulous. It's no more expensive. And it's really fun. And it's a good thing for kids to learn to. How do you grow food? Why are you not growing more food on the tops of your hospitals on the tops of your schools, on the tops of your high rises, people in the cities especially who do not have a lot of money. They need food stamps to pay for fresh fruits and vegetables, they don't have transportation and they can't get to that food you need to be growing it on your cityscape rooftops for for people, you need to have beekeeping up there. They're starting to do that in some places in New York City. But you just just need to get back to basics because what if your internet's down? Amazing how that just humbles people. What if your fancy dancy iPhone or Android wasn't working? How are you going to communicate. And again, I don't say this to engender fear, I say this just to encourage some emergency prepping from a place of, of joy and of providing for yourself and your family and thinking about how you could help those in your neighborhood. And they'll have things to help you too. And just there's going to be likely some bartering going on for time periods. I'm not seeing calamities happening everywhere in the world. But I think there will be situations, we've already seen them recently, where people were stranded because their credit cards wouldn't work, if they were from from the Russian banking system, because they got locked out once they had done the invasion. So just just think, think old school, do you know how to start a fire? You know, do you have a flint? Do you have, you know, a way of just you have to think of your local resources, because this is a very different conversation for someone living, you know, really in a dense city area versus someone living more out in the suburbs or the country? And depending on what country you live in, how cold does it get? How hot does it get? You know, what, what do you have available, there's a Wikipedia that you can look up about the great ice storm of 1998. Because that ice storm, there was in the northeast, Canada in the US, it lasted for over 30 days. And for people in freezing temperatures to have no power, no heat, it was a big deal. And it's very helpful to study that. And again, just try and have it be as fun and exercise as possible. And then just let go. Just say I've done everything I can to prepare. Good. Now I'm just going to be confident. And I'm just going to ride the wave in just just just project and think of the best, you know, the best outcomes and just just just plan for that and let everything else go.

Alex Ferrari 52:12
Mary, thank you so much for this conversation. And for all the information and for setting the record straight on so many things. I appreciate you so much. Thank you again.

Wendy Rose Williams 52:21
Thank you. Likewise, this was my absolute pleasure. And thank you for the work that you're doing, Alex, it's very important. And we're very pleased that you you stepped to the plate so willingly. It's just it's just a big deal with the communications that you do. So we are with you all the time and we'll just continue to help. So thank you. I'm gonna just bring Wendy back in and just give her a second to orient here.

Alex Ferrari 52:51
How are you doing?

Wendy Rose Williams 52:53
I'm just I'm like, Why did I put eyeliner on? There vibration is so high just I can just I can just feel the tears. It's like tears of joy to get to. To get to connect.

Alex Ferrari 53:05
I saw that I saw that. I saw your tear come down and it was pretty remarkable.

Wendy Rose Williams 53:09
Yeah. Yeah, that was exactly isn't that interesting. That's just that's her energy signature for me. Yeah, you can't you probably unless you're unless you're clairvoyant, you probably can't see the the mantle that Magdalene had put over me. And Yeshua was was standing and he had his hand on my left shoulder. But some people who view this who are clairvoyant will be able to see so it'll be fun. It'll be fun for me to look at, look at the recording and see if I can see things around me.

Alex Ferrari 53:40
That's remarkable. That was a very interesting conversation, to say the least.

Wendy Rose Williams 53:46
Was she especially feisty er, which nicely clear

Alex Ferrari 53:49
She was, she looked slightly feisty, slightly, slightly. Not too crazy. That's not perfect. But it was. It was eye opening. It was an eye open conversation.

Wendy Rose Williams 54:00
There have to be some backbone to be that individual. And to do that, to do that life. I think you asked a question and I'll just answer it as me because I remember it clearly. You asked what was happening as Yeshua was going home. And that was a conscious choice. He we all chose, we knew it was coming. That's why we had the Last Supper. We hid out at friend's houses to have that amazing last meal together. They were at some risk by letting us all gather there they were standing guard outside the house. And we chose to go to the garden of disseminate because it was such a beautiful place. We'd been there often. And as was the custom the men went to pray separately from the women and we knew he would be taken from there. We chose not to resist it was a conscious choice made out of huge love and He chose his cousin Judas to betray him. And Judas didn't understand what was going to come. And I want to clear the record for Judas. Because that became an unfortunate expression. People even say, Oh, he's such a Judas or she's such a Judas as a betrayer. Jesus needed it to happen. He was choosing to go home, in that humiliation painful public way to try and calm the waters for everyone else, so that there would not be huge riots because he we were all fearing riots, and that many 1000s of our people would have been killed. So we were just trying to tamp that energy down. And he asked Judas to point him out Judas was paid a small fee for it and didn't know what what would happen. And Marie wouldn't have been able to do it. Judas committed suicide as a result of just the guilt and the shame over I want to have sage that I want to let that go. Judas played a role that was needed. If it hadn't been him, it would have been someone else. And he played his part, right? He did it right. Fair enough. But it was it was hard. And when we went to the cross, mother, Mary was on my right. As my mother in law, I was on the left, and we were on our knees at his feet. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. In my life, in any of my lifetimes. We were sending him energy. And we had a lot of other people that loved him, we asked him to stay away, because it was great public risk to be there. We asked the man especially to stay away because we thought if they even twitch, they're going to be killed. They're going to have more money on the crosses. So Mary, and I were just trying to be not threatening. And we were just sending love. And we were also I'll be honest, we were both arguing with him a bit and saying this doesn't be a lot need to be a long, painful spectacle. It typically takes about three days to die on the cross. We are pushing him home, we are shoving him home, we were inviting him home. And we were doing, we were doing the dance he and I and we just lead the way up. And he didn't obviously have the strength and the energy to do it. And I was just leading him up. I definitely got to the point of no return. Because I didn't want to come back. And Mother Mary pulled me back and rightly said, Mary, you've got children, you need to attend to your children. This is not your time to go. She was the most amazing beacon of strength. I cannot imagine how a mother can go through that. To see their beloved, oldest son be crucified. But as I said, it was about a day versus about three days. And there were so many people sending us love and sending us energy. And that's how we did it. And we walked him home. He insisted on going home fully conscious, because we were saying to him, dude, just leave your body. You know, we all know how to pop right out of our body. Come on. He's like, No, I am. He was doing the the Lamb of God. He was asking His Father to forgive them for they know not what they do. He wanted to do things. It was his death. And he chose he chose how to do it. But it was obviously very, very difficult. And we then had to run for our lives, which we did. So we escaped. His uncle was wealthy and had chips. And we escaped first up to Egypt. We went and sheltered at the same Temple of Isis set, Phil Hey, and we're taken in there, and then went from there. I was close to delivering. So it was heavily pregnant. And we made our final move to the south of France. And a little cottage had been found for me and prepared for me. And that's where I that's where I lived out my life and had my two I had my my son Sadly, my son by John the Baptist had become estranged. And he was was not in my life. So, but I did have my daughter and then I gave birth to my youngest daughter so the oldest son by John the Baptist and the two youngest daughters, middle child and youngest daughter by Yeshua.

Alex Ferrari 59:57
That's, I mean that It's amazing. It's really remarkable Wendy. Where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Wendy Rose Williams 1:00:06
At my website, my website is And please, you're so welcome to request a complimentary 15 minute phone appointment there. See if I may be of service to you. I'd love to speak with people one on one can also check out my podcast I co host with Greg Kirk. And it's called Waking Up Spiritually. And certainly the other podcast apps or the YouTube which you could also go to And it's a visual. It's a visual podcasts like yours, Alex, which has to do with PowerPoints. So it's just our way of presenting the information that comes in, also via Amazon and audible. Just look for my full name there. Wendy Rose Williams.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:52
Wendy, thank you so much for coming on the show. Again. I appreciate you and the work that you're doing. And thank you for sharing, sharing this with us today. I appreciate you.

Wendy Rose Williams 1:01:02
Absolute pleasure. And I just want people to know, it's all going to be okay. We're all going to be we're all going to be fine. Certainly some people are passing on all the time they're going to be there's so many angels here. There's so many unemployed and under employed angels because people are not asking for help. Because they don't believe in it. They don't think they can get it. They don't think they can deserve it. Just be willing to ask for that divine assistance from the angels and watch your life change. It is amazing.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:36
Thank you again, Wendy. I appreciate you.

Wendy Rose Williams 1:01:38
Thank you!

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