Saint Germain Speaks! Channeled Message You Need to Hear! with Tara Arnold

Tara Arnold is an Intuitive Artist and Conscious / Trance Channel Medium. As a Medium, she channels messages of universal knowledge and divine healing energy. As an artist, Tara channels this energy into her artwork. Tara works with the Ascended Masters and channels universal messages of love and guidance from Ascended Master St. Germain. As an empathic child, Tara received messages and guidance from spirit guides and, in her twenties, was drawn towards a career in healing.

She became a Registered Nurse and spent 12 years nursing before returning to school and becoming a Natural Therapist. While Tara was taking energy healing courses, all of her intuitive abilities opened up, and she started sharing messages from her spirit with her clients during her healing sessions. She enjoyed consciously channeling messages, which led her on her path to trance channeling, where she could access messages more quickly and precisely.

Please enjoy my conversation with Tara Arnold.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 166

Tara Arnold 0:00
Pain you have made it your identity, identity and formed an attachment from the ego. If you observe your physical body while you're in physical pain or disabled, and simply observed it without judgment, it would bring you into the Now moment, which is the fifth dimension.

Alex Ferrari 0:17
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I'd like to welcome to the show Tara Arnold. How are you doing Tara?

Tara Arnold 1:05
Good Alex, thanks for having me on.

Alex Ferrari 1:07
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm very excited to talk to you because I'm fascinated with the the entity that you channel who is Saint Germain, who's based on a historical figure. And I've, I mean, I know a little bit about him, but I'd love to hear more about him. But before we get into who you channel, how you channel why you're channeling all that kind of good stuff. What was your life like prior to you beginning to channel because I'm assuming you didn't just come out of the womb channeling?

Tara Arnold 1:36
Well, when I was a child, I would receive messages from the guides, as if they're standing like right beside me, they would like for warn me of, you know, something bad was going to happen, and they would comfort me and told me not to fear it. And so I had that guidance. And I was very sensitive to energies as a child. So I always had them there. And then now when I channeled it's a little bit different, but as a child, that's how they connected and it was there is as if they're just speaking directly like clear messages. And then as I get older, I kind of went you know, into the ego and lost touch with that. And I went into nursing and was in a 3d reality doing that job and I had an injury and that led me to go back to school and I took natural therapy courses and energy healing courses, which opened up everything again. And I started to get a lot of messages for my clients and then so I would give the messages and then I found trance channeling online and that looked fun. So you know is asking the guides, how can I be in service? I told them I was interested in it. And then eventually the trance channeling started.

Alex Ferrari 2:54
Now what's the difference between conscious channeling and trance channeling?

Tara Arnold 2:57
There's more precision. So when you're consciously I'm a conscious trance channel so I can be deep and trance and conscious at the same time. So there's another aspect of me that is aware and talking to them or will go into past lifetimes as I'm channeling their messages. So when I'm consciously channeling I have my eyes open and the messages come in slower. But when I'm trance channeling, they bring in light frequencies so it's like the left and right brain work together. So the creative side and analytical side and they bring in light language into the crown chakra and my brain translates it into English and then the deeper I go into trance the more of their personality like they'll move my hands and it'll be more of their energy coming through. And if I'm lighter in trance, it's more of mine similar to consciously channeling so there's not much difference going from conscious channeling to trance channeling except for the messages come in more precisely faster. And it's a lot of fun because while you're while the bringing in messages, they're also showing things like pictures or you can taste things smell things like they'll bring messages using your other five senses. And it's like putting a puzzle together putting a puzzle together to come out with the message.

Alex Ferrari 4:24
No does it take energy out of you do you like it? What does it do when you actually channel like you are you tired? Is it weaken you does it strengthen you does it energize you? What does it do?

Tara Arnold 4:34
Yeah energizes me because it's like divine love like pouring in so it feels really happy and loving and at the same time because I channel the Ascended Masters they bring through Healing frequencies through my shockers to the viewer, the audience, whoever I'm channeling for, so they'll bring so all like as I'm channeling I'll feel like one of them come in and bring energy frequencies for the heart chakra and then I know that that person is receiving for the Heart Chakra. And then another one will come in and maybe for the sacral chakra.

Alex Ferrari 5:07
So So, so is it just it's so you've mentioned Ascended Masters. So it's not it's not just St. Germain here. It's a collective of ascended masters that come through St. Germain.

Tara Arnold 5:17
Yeah, so I translate through St. Germain because that's what I'm most comfortable with. Sometimes I'll channel another one as well, but they all come in all come in together. So, like Jesus and Buddha, they were the spiritual leaders for some of this couple of the spiritual leaders for the Piscean age and then st remains one of the spiritual leaders for the Aquarian Age so he's channeling with a lot of people right now he's he's you're gonna see him come up more and more because he's guiding a lot of people he wants to work with a lot of people and that's what I do is I channel him as he teaches people how to channel whether they want to channel him or not. He will teach you how to trance channel the brain through frequencies to connect the left and right brain so that you can integrate those frequencies and then you can start transparently.

Alex Ferrari 6:12
Now this can anyone channel or is that special for you?

Tara Arnold 6:17
Everyone can channel and that's what he's here to empower people that everyone it's our natural state. It's more natural than like talking like you and I it's more comfortable to channel than it is to talk from the ego. So we're all channeling at all times. It's are we channeling the ego consciousness? Or are we channeling heart centered consciousness? So he just teaches you how to channel heart centered consciousness. And everyone can channel it's more are you passionate about it? Is it your interest? So for for your YouTube channel, there's a lot of people on your channel that come to your channel that are interested in channeling. So that means they're already good at it, if that's an interest. So anything that we're interested in in life, it's usually means we're good at it. It's just the ego always tells you, you wouldn't be good at it because it doesn't want you to live from your heart. So if you like painting, and you say, Oh, I wish I could paint like that, but I know I never could it means you're already great at it. It's just the egos getting in the way. So it's the same with channeling like anyone can channel.

Alex Ferrari 7:21
So who who can you tell everybody a little bit about who St. Germain was.

Tara Arnold 7:26
Okay, so the aspect that I channel of him his last lifetime was in the 17th century and he was like a spiritual Alchemist and philosopher and he has ascended. So Ascended Master means that you've expanded your consciousness, like you've come to planet Earth and had lifetimes on planet Earth and expanded your consciousness to the point where you ascend, and then you become a guide for others on planet Earth. So like Archangels don't get caught up with the human emotions because they haven't been on the planet or angels. So they can guide you that way while the ascended masters have been around the planet. So they, so the like, angels archangels, they haven't, they don't get caught up with the human emotions because they haven't been on the planet, but the Ascended Masters do. So the Ascended Masters understand are human emotions, and they can help us on our journey. They bring through frequencies to transmute all dark back to light. And that's how I work with Saint Germain, he brings through the violet flame, it's called. And it's like a seven. He's a co Han of a seventh ray, and brings through this violet flame, energy and everyone has access to it. So we bring these frequencies in our heart shot, like within our physical heart. So when you go to channel, you're, you're bringing, like you've already brought the Christ consciousness with you to the planet. It's just reactivating, it's remembering how to connect to that. And that's why anybody can channel it's because it's a remembering how to

Alex Ferrari 9:03
Got it. Got it. Just a quick question, what is a lightworker? I've heard that term thrown around so much, I don't know you've talked about it before.

Tara Arnold 9:12
Right! So a light worker, basically, is everyone on the planet. It's just when do you want to awaken? So there's like three levels, as I understand it, of lightworkers. So the first wave of light workers are the ones that began to awaken. And so they have already started to expand their consciousness and a lightworker is one who remembers that, that they are consciousness. So that's like, if you're if you're starting to remember that you are everything that everything's one energy, and you are part of that energy, and that's your lightworker because you're remembering who you are as consciousness. And so the first wave of lightworkers brought through brought frequencies to the planet that haven't been here and then everybody else starts to die. Download it from them. And then when they begin to download those frequencies, the second wave of light workers begin to awaken. And then there's a third wave. So it's like, third wave is like deep asleep. And then second wave is just starting to have awarenesses. And then light work in the first wave are the ones like that are doing channeling or, you know, doing other types of energy healing or guidance, spiritual guidance of some sort.

Alex Ferrari 10:31
Got it and seems to be a lot more of that is happening now than ever before, at least conversations like this couldn't exist years ago. And they are now more common. And people are talking about these things in the zeitgeist more. So I'm assuming more and more people are waking up, because there is some sort of great shift happening, correct.

Tara Arnold 10:48
Yes, and they're the people that are asleep, it's, you know, they have a big role to because they're triggering the people that want to awaken. They're, you know, when people trigger you, like, you hear that a lot, like somebody's upset me, somebody, you know, that's their role is to, so that you'll be motivated to change and go within. So everybody that is triggering you as a gift as well, because it forces you to go in and not need anything outside of yourself. So that's what the awakening is, it's like, it's, it's, it's realizing that you don't need anything outside yourself, because you are everything. So you stop seeking validation for love outside of yourself, and you give that love to yourself. And as you give that love to yourself, you expand your consciousness, and the universe.

Alex Ferrari 11:43
Now, I understood that from my from my studies of St. Germain that he was he lived for hundreds of years, and kept kind of showing up in people right when they were kids and like, and they grew up together. And then he just stayed around around the same age for I'd forgot how many hundreds of years but you know, a while enough that he was kind of legendary about it. And I guess at that time, you could do something like that. You could just move from place to place to stay at a certain age range and have that kind of that royal but status in society and be able to jump around like that. He's a fascinating figure. Fascinating. fascinating historical figure, and I'm looking forward to talking to you so let me ask you, can we can we have a Can we ask St. Germain a few questions?

Tara Arnold 12:36
Sure. Sure. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 12:38
Do I ask the question first?

Tara Arnold 12:39
Yeah, you can start with a question.

Alex Ferrari 12:41
Okay. How do you how do you raise your consciousness?

Tara Arnold 12:46
Okay. Oh, yes. Welcome. I'm St Germain we welcome you. Welcome. I just have to go deeper so I'll just take me a second

Oh, yes, welcome Alex we welcome you how would you raise your state of consciousness this this is the question this is the question how would one raise your state of consciousness we would say that on your journey on your path. On planet Earth, you are all experiencing vibration you are here to experience vibration you are here to experience the polarities you are here to experience. The vibrational frequencies that are on planet earth you are all energy and to as you are on your journey of awakening as you are on your journey of expanding it is about going in you are all causing a separation because you have a separation of frequencies the universe is striving to be whole and all of your life you have been giving love outside of yourself you will be in service your whole life I will do this to please my mother I will do is do this to please my teacher, I will do this to please my boss, I will get married and have children and I will take care of the children and I will please my husband and so on and so forth. This causes you to separate from yourself. It is about going back in and finding yourself again you have cause of separation in the universe by mastering loving everyone outside of yourself. But why is everyone else's spirit more important than yours? Why is everyone else more important than you? Why are you pleasing others and not loving yourself? This is the inner child the inner child is a feeling abandoned by many and it is causing the separation in the universe. When you give that love to everyone else but you are consciousness also it is about going in And when you go in and begin, begin to give that love to yourself, you will expand out and the universe will become whole again you are all you have all lost your way on finding the consciousness within yourself it is by going in and as you go in as you go in and recognize the God or the universe, within you, whatever terminology you use, as you can analyze this, it will expand out and those around you can begin to download the frequencies that you offer as well. This is when you have a grief in your life. If you have lost a loved one and you're on your journey and you are grieving and you have transmuted this grief back to love, for example, you have now offered that frequency to offer everyone on the planet when you walk into a mall, there may be somebody on a bench and they have had a loss to they are grieving and their spirit can begin to download from your spirit, the frequencies that they require in order to transmute those fears back to love, it is all about the journey it is not about the end result you all know who you are as consciousness you all know the end result there is not a rush to get to the end it is about the experiencing of frequencies while you were on planet earth it is about experiencing those frequencies and transmuting those frequencies back to love this is allowing and accepting all frequencies the dark is light that has forgotten it is love it is forgotten it is love and you are here to transmute the dark back to light with the consciousness within you as you do this and do not resist instead, embrace when you are having dark times embrace it fully surrender, let go and just stop resisting it. When you stop resisting it. It can transmute back to light and your consciousness will expand. Ah

Alex Ferrari 17:03
Great, great answer.

Tara Arnold 17:05
Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 17:08
Okay, how do we find our purpose in this life?

Tara Arnold 17:14
Okay. I guess well, I'll come and say to me and we would say oh, what is my purpose? This is the question What is my purpose? Ah Alex is asking what is my purpose and we would say you are more than enough with your essence this is a misconception that there is a purpose in life it is that you all have you all have interests and you all have passions you all have talents it is finding out where would you like to play? This is the question Where would you like to play this is the purpose. If I find out where I would love to play then my inner child will be happy this will raise my vibrational frequency and then my purpose will be found because I will be in a high vibration the purpose is to raise one's consciousness or raise the universal consciousness by being in a high vibration of love and joy and you can find this within the inner child how did you play as a child and look back at your childhood? How did you like to play with your dolls or your toys? Or your army men or your Did you like to teach? Did you like to play house or doctor Where were your interests? This will guide you did you like art or music This will guide you to what your purpose is what did the inner child like to play we when we speak of the inner child we are speaking of the aspect of your spirit that remains young that so that you can experience all joy wonder and innocence This is a spiritual aspect the spirit is made up of fractals of energy and it is a fractal of energy that you must connect with in order to receive that divine joy within you as of now all of you have been looking outside of yourself we will not use the terminology all we would say many of you have been seeking outside of yourself for love you have been looking outside and the ego consciousness is never going to leave you satisfied it will keep you searching and searching go in and ask your inner child where they would like to play visualize yourself as a five year old. What did you like to play with? This will lead you to your purpose your life purpose we like to read books it means you are a great writer if you'd like to paint it means you are a great artist. This is where we would say that your purpose lies as you begin to tap into this these talents that you already have that you have forgotten you have then you will raise your vibrational frequency and this will bring more abundance into your life it will flow in and you will find your joy and your happiness. Ah Ah

Alex Ferrari 19:59
Now is it okay if I Keep asking questions to St. Germain. So you're jumping back and forth I feel bad for you like it seems like it's taxing but apparently it's not.

Tara Arnold 20:06
No, it's easy to come in and out really?

Alex Ferrari 20:08
Okay. Okay, good. Every channel is different. So that's why that's why you know some people just stay in the channeling mode. You're the first comment comes back and forth. So I want to make sure it was okay. Didn't want to overstep. All right, so my next question is, why do we suffer in life?

Tara Arnold 20:26
That's a great question. Oh, yes, welcome. I'm St. Germain. We would say that there is no one suffering it is a perception all you were in a third dimension reality and you are seeing the world around you as suffering and we would say to change one's perception, you are not warriors. You are not victims of suffering, you are warriors of experience. And we would say that you are here to experience the polarities, the frequencies of that which you aren't Oh, I am consciousness and I came to planet Earth and I put on this human costume and now I am here to a play. I am the director and I am the main character in my play. Alex, we are cracking a joke because we are showing Tara you are a director ah, we would say that you are the director in your life and you are the director in your play and you are the main character in your play, we would say that as you are on your journey and you are experiencing the vibrational frequencies, he would look around and see the world as suffering Oh, there is something happening to people and instead of for them, we would say to change the perception, everything is happening for you, we're here to experience all frequencies, if you are seeing somebody as a victim of suffering, you will keep them in that victim and they can never heal, they can never expand and they can never become conscious because you are offering them a vibrational frequency of victim because you are seeing them as a victim. Instead, if you perceive them as not suffering, and not struggling, but yet to having an experience in life, then, and everything happening for them instead of to them then you would realize that you are not in a victim vibration and their spirit could begin to download from you the frequencies that they will require to heal, we will give an example if there is a war on the planet in a country and everyone is looking at this country as victims of suffering. And then they will continue the war for longer because every the collective consciousness energy, the billions of people on the planet will are vibrating in this victim. And that is the energy they are offering. Ah, if everyone on the planet at this moment change their perception to that everything is imperfection. Because the universe is always in perfection, it is always striving for perfection. And it is always balancing the yin and yang within everything. If you saw the war was an experience, and that the people in the war in their play and their human costumes were not suffering, but yet they were experiencing frequencies, then it would raise vibration of all would end It is that simple. We say that. If you are standing in sympathetic shoes, you are seeing people as victims, because you are saying, I am so upset for you, I feel so sorry for you that I want to take your pain on and help you and you take their pain on and it causes you to remain in a low vibration. But if you saw them in empathy and empathetic eyes, instead of sympathetic eyes, then you were saying I understand your pain. I have been there before and I understand your pain. And I'm offering you love from my heart, but I'm not going to take on your pain. And then it would be much more effective because you are offering them love instead of victim instead of a low vibration. Oh, we would say to be empathetic, not sympathetic.

Alex Ferrari 24:18
Not a bad answer. So another question I have is so many people always ask this question. If there is a God, why does He allow evil in the world?

Tara Arnold 24:32
Okay. Oh, yes. Welcome. I'm St. Germain. We would say this is similar question. Oh, yes. Excellent. Excellent question. Alex. You have excellent questions. We would say that on your journey on Planet Earth. You are seeing God or the universe is something outside of you. But there is no separation. You are all frequencies. You are the dark. You are the light, the dark Because is the light that is forgotten it is love. When someone speaks of the devil we would say that is the ego consciousness. You can only channel from where you're vibrating at everyone on the planet is channeling, are you channeling the ego consciousness or are you channeling heart centered consciousness, if you have fear in your reality, you are in the third dimension reality you are channeling from the ego. If there is judgment, in your reality, you were channeling from the ego. If you are having fear based entities show up in your reality, or having evil spirits, or evil happening to those around you. You are seeing it from a third dimension perspective, you are seeing it as suffering and as victim. But we would say that the dark is light that is forgotten is love. And if you would embrace and surround your consciousness with the dark, for example, if you saw a scary ghost, at this moment, something that startled you, and you said there is evil in my house, there is evil in my house, there is a ghost that is causing things to be thrown around the room, then you will begin to snowball that effect, it will get worse and worse. We would not use terminology worse, we would say it would speed it up and expand you would begin to channel in the collective consciousness of the ego consciousness of all the people on the planet that have a fear of ghosts, you would begin to snowball the effect and make your reality worse, you would see more evil because you begin to channel the vibrational frequency of your fears. If instead you saw it as I'm not in fear, I am in love consciousness. I'm not going to judge anything as good, bad, right or wrong. And I will not buy into the fear based energies, you will never channel or be able to channel anything fear based, it will not show up in your reality, we would say that the ghosts would be gone from your house. Ah, so how could I do this on a bigger platform. What I began evil world as a non judgement, as that purpose has been an experience. They're wearing a human costume. And they're having an experience. The Dark is light that has forgotten, we would say all of the universe is one energy. If all the universe is one energy, and you are awakening to remember who you are as consciousness, knowing that you're connected to all energy, what would you have to be afraid of? Why would you need a bubble of protection, there are so many that are putting a bubble of protection around you before you go out anywhere. But we would say you are all energy, what is there to be afraid of, if you let go of the fears, you cannot channel fear it would not show up in your reality. If you were seeing everything in the universe as imperfect harmony, if you see someone who creates a crime, and you stop judging it, you will see that the universe will take care of it. But it is the judgment upon it. That keeps it in that vibration. For example, if someone was stealing, and you were judging that their stealing is bad, or good or right or wrong, you were in a third dimension reality, and you are judging them and then you call the police. I'm going to take care of this, I'm going to call the police and they will come and arrest this person we would say you are interfering with the universal flow. What have you simply observed the person stealing and did not judge it is not good, bad, right or wrong? And I will not call the cops? What would happen then would the universe transmute and give that person an experience? Maybe they would have an awareness of what they did and begin to change in the reality. The universe would have the person pay for the consequence in their own way we would not say pay for the consequence, we would say the universe would take care of it the universe would shift the energies so that person who stole from that other person would now have an experience in life to make them realize what they did so they could see the reflection of how that person they hurt the other person. It would be that the universe would take care of the problem. Not you. All of you are we would say many of you are wanting to fix something and we would say nothing in the universe is broken. Every time you begin to fix something outside of you somebody else's problem you interfere with the universe's plan, you interfere with their souls journey. No one is struggling or suffering except for in your perception when you try to fix or someone else's problem you interfere with their souls journey and then they cannot expand. We would say to observe and see how the universe takes care of it. When you watch how the universe takes care of it, you will see miracles around you. Because it will line up perfectly that person who was stealing or that person that hurt another person, they will have an awareness and transmute and become a better person for it. Oh watch and see. Ah Are you doing good good some of the some of the words that can grab there so

Alex Ferrari 30:58
Now why do we why did why did we choose to reincarnate in this time and this is in this time in this moment in history.

Tara Arnold 31:07
This moment, okay. Yeah. Oh, yes, a party on planet Earth, a party on planet earth. All these spirits are lined up to join this party. This is a party of awakening. I will. Who I am all my other lifetimes I've forgotten and this lifetime, I will remember I will come to planet Earth and I will put on my costume. And I will remember and that I'm here to have the party it is that it is exciting to remember who one is all the other lifetimes you have had struggling and suffering and you believe that God was outside of yourself or the universe was outside of yourself and you are remembering in this lifetime that you are it and that means you have the power to change your reality and the other lifetimes you did not have the power to change your reality because when your crops failed, you believed God was punishing you when the when you didn't have things line up, you believed you were being punished by the universe and this created much helplessness and hopelessness in this lifetime. You are remembering who you are as consciousness which gives you the power to change your reality. This is the game this is the fun play that we are all in at this moment. I can change my reality simply by changing my perception and raising my vibration. Ah, this is going to be a fun game.

Alex Ferrari 32:27
Now, how do we deal with toxic people in our world in our life?

Tara Arnold 32:32
Oh, that's a good question. Lots of those. Oh, yes. Welcome. I am St. Germain, we will say that they are not outside of you. They are a reflection of you. They are a hologram. Everything in your reality is a projection of where you're vibrating at. There is nothing outside of you. That isn't a reflection of you. We will give an example. If you somebody had knocked on your door and you've opened the door and they were handing you flowers. It is a reflection of how you've been loving yourself. I've been kind to myself and this is reflecting back to me, thank you I give gratitude for the flowers and for showing me where I'm vibrating at if someone knocked on your door and you open the door and they said you have not fixed your stuff and you are there's something broken here and you're not doing a good job and you could do better than this is a reflection of how much you're criticizing yourself. Ah, this is the key. If you observe how everyone treats you and you go in to love oneself, you can change it within you will will give an example If Tara's husband disrespected her she would give gratitude she would go in the other room and ask her inner child how she had disrespected her her ego had attacked her inner child may be criticizing her for not doing a good job channeling ah we would say if this happened then Tara would go in and work with her inner child and tell her inner child she is more than enough and that she does not need a husband to love her because she is more than enough. Then when she leaves the room she comes out her her husband would shower her with love because she changed the vibrational frequency within her it never existed outside of her every time someone attacks you outside of you it is showing you a reflection of where you're vibrating at it is your it is your what is the terminology it is your beacon or your our channel cannot find the terminology is a reflection of you and we would say that this would be a key to change it and the more you go in and love yourself you will notice that the world around you will begin to reflect that back to you. Go in not without go within not without Ah

Alex Ferrari 34:56
Do you remember these what you just channel?

Tara Arnold 34:59
Yes Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 35:00
Yeah, you're conscious. So you're conscious of all that you remember everything you say.

Tara Arnold 35:04
So if I go really deep, then I'll start to like, kind of like daydream, or I'll start talking to them with another aspect of myself. And then, so I might say, Oh, what did you guys just talk about there? Why were you saying that? And I might start getting in a conversation with them, and then I won't hear what I'm saying. And so if I listen back after, but it's just like if I'm listening, but if I go really deep I start to or if the maybe they're showing me a past lifetime, or something of like, say that I'm channeling for someone and they have like, a past lifetime, they might show me it just to help me understand what that person's going through.

Alex Ferrari 35:42
Got it. Got it. Okay. Next question. What are the main reasons that a soul would want to incarnate onto this planet questions? I appreciate that.

Tara Arnold 35:57
Oh, yes, welcome, I am St. Germain and we would say ah, to experience frequencies, it is all a game of frequencies, when you are all that is when you are conscious love, how do you know what you are if you have nothing to compare it to? Ah, this is a great time we will create a planet in we will create a universe and we will have a planet in this universe that can go to the deepest depths of the polarities of who we are, so that we know who we are, ah, we will go onto planet Earth and we will get in our human costume and we will experience the polarities. In emotions, we would say there are 100 1000s of emotions and there are 1000s of shades of each emotion you are here to experience the difference frequencies of each emotion and the different shades of these emotions. Meaning that if 1000 People have a grief, they all experience it in a different frequency. It is never the same frequency they're experiencing different shades of it depending on their upbringing, and their culture and their life experiences. So when you are on planet Earth and you are experiencing these frequencies our channel is lost the question one moment please. What was the question again? Sorry,

Alex Ferrari 37:22
What is the main reasons we incarnate in this why souls reincarnate.

Tara Arnold 37:26
Right! Oh, yes. Welcome. I'm St. Germain. We would say that as they reincarnate and come to planet earth, they will come back over and over and to have several lifetimes to transmute each frequency. Every lifetime they come they will say Oh, this lifetime, I will transmute that frequency. But we forget that we who we are and so therefore we don't have the power to change it this lifetime we are remembering. And so it is reincarnating experiencing the polarities of what you are so that you know who you are. How do I know who I am? If I have nothing to compare it to It is that simple. It is an experience of frequencies. Ah, enjoy. Enjoy all frequencies. And all five senses. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 38:25
You jumping back in and forth. It's just it's jarring to me. I feel like I'm like abusing asking you.

Tara Arnold 38:33
It's really it's really easy. It sounds weird, because I huff and puff..

Alex Ferrari 38:37
Right. Exactly. I feel like my tax thing or too much. I feel I feel

Tara Arnold 38:41
No, no, I could I could. Yeah, I could. Probably two hours is my max.

Alex Ferrari 38:47
Got it! Got it. We won't go that far, I promise. This is a tough question. And please feel free. If you don't want to answer it, let me know. But this is a question that I've been getting from followers and people in the audience. Why do souls choose to come to incarnate in bodies that are diseased or have a an impairment of some sort or have you know, Down syndrome or something that's going to really blind you know, it's some sort of disability that's going to hamper them through the rest of their incarnation the rest of their life? Why they would they choose that? And why are there you know, and did the people around them choose to help them along that path? It's a tough question.

Tara Arnold 39:35
It's a great question. So here we go. I already got it coming in here. Okay. Yes. Welcome. I'm St. Germain. We would say this is an excellent question. There are many on planet earth that are asking this question. Excellent. Alex, thank you for your questions. We're having a good time here. We would say that you have all created a form of imprisonment. This is one of the games on planet Earth. that you create in the ego consciousness, we would say most of these prisons are in your head. But many of you have chosen prisons, in physical bodies as an illness, what is some of you have chosen a physical prison, in a prison on planet Earth? Some of you have chosen to be a front prison in a family, where with an abusive husband, do you see that everyone has created a prison? And as soon as you are in this prison, the game is to, can I be free? While I'm imprisoned? This is a game of the soul, the spirit, can you remember who you are as consciousness and become so peaceful, and so calm within that prison that is surrounds you does not take your joy, it does not limit you. It is a game of limitations that you came to play on planet Earth. And it is can you be free while imprisoned that is the game. Many of you have chosen bodies on planet earth that have illnesses if you were free within this illness, you would notice that the pain lifts and that you are more comfortable in your body, but it is your judgment upon the body that is disabled, that is causing so much pain, you are judging it as wrong or something is not good. And this keeps you in a vibration of pain, you have made it your identity, identity and formed an attachment from the ego. If you observe your physical body, while you're in physical pain, or disabled, and simply observed it without judgment, it would bring you into the Now moment which is the fifth dimension. If you're judging it will keep you vibrating in more pain. As the ego judges the physical pain as something bad. It causes a resistance of the vibrational frequency of the spirit and the physical body's consciousness as something is wrong and I need to fight I need to resist this. This is what is causing so much pain, surrender and relax into it relax into your prison. Can you be free while imprisoned can a woman who was being abused by her husband find freedom. If you find freedom within, then the universe will remove that person out of your reality it will lift the illness if you are being abused, for example, and you not judge the abusement if you stop judging the abusement it changes the frequency and that person that is abusing you no longer match it is the consciousness that you are the high vibration of love that you are and they cannot be in reality any longer. So the universe will remove them. You do not have to do anything to fix it except for observe. And we would say for those who are being abused. Not to you do not have to stay but we're saying even if you leave to simply enter meditations look at look at the situation without judgment. We're not saying to stay if you need to go we're saying when you go observe your situation without judgment and eventually that person will be removed from reality instead of constantly torturing you are constantly constantly stalking you. They will be removed once you were tapping into a client who has is going through this there are we're tapping into a viewer who is going through this is why we have changed from disabled to our channels asking why we have changed from a disabled physical illness into a physical abuse and we would say there are many that are viewing that are experiencing this. Stop judging it as good bad right or wrong and the universe will do the work to remove it as you will become expanded consciousness and a high vibration and the person abusing you will stay in a low vibration and the universe will separate those two frequencies as you can only attract what you are you are vibrating in frequencies and as we said earlier, everything is a hologram it is a projection and you project this energy in front of you to reflect back to you based on where you're vibrating at if you let go of your fears. What is the worst fear if someone could? If someone is threatening threatening to take my life What if you did not fear that? Oh this is it. What if I did not fear then you take your power back if my husband is threatening to kill me if I leave? What if I did not fear that this is what we are saying? Watch what the universe Stuck is when you let go of all fears of the prison that you have created in your reality. This is the same with physical pain, let go of the fears around it. What is the worst that can happen? If you die physically, you awaken instantly. The spirit is not afraid of this. So why are you? Ah? Ah

Alex Ferrari 45:23
Wow, that was a heavy one.

Tara Arnold 45:26
Yeah, there's a lot of crying with that one. Like a lot of there was a lot of yeah, a lot of pain chakra stuff. Yeah, a lot of pain.

Alex Ferrari 45:35
Yeah, I was almost about to tear up. As you guys, as you guys were talking, that was just like, whoa, this was this went off the rails a little bit on the it just took off. But I'm glad you in the trans you actually asked why you've changed this, you've changed the subject, why? It's similar but different.

Tara Arnold 45:50
Yeah, he kept going, he's kept showing me that there was a lot of people that are just, it's like, it's like, we all create a prison, we're never happy, because our ego will never let us be happy anyway. So even if, you know the, like, ever, even if one thing gets removed, we always create another prison right after like, it's just the game of the ego. So it's like, if you're always free and not trapped in it, then eventually what shows up in your reality is not a prison, you're just you're set free. The Universe removes everything that's you've imprisoned yourself with. And a lot of people are imprisoned in their head. Sorry, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 46:29
Most most people are prisons in there. But it also I think, when you keep using the words of vibration, and frequency, which is something I've we've talked about on the show multiple times with different people. But the idea for people listening to understand is that there's a reason why, you know, monks, and nuns and priests and other you know, people that are maybe at a higher spiritual space or in a different vibration now higher different vibration, different frequency, they don't get mugged by thugs. They don't get you know, they're not abused. They're not you know, beat up or anything like that. Maybe not priest, because that's the trigger word right now. But monks and and other spiritual people walking the earth. That's why you see like a yogi in India, can walk Calcutta and not, you know, not get not get hurt, not get mugged, not be abused. None of that stuff. There's a reason for that. Where other than sometimes you see someone like why did they get you know, hey, what was that was out about? So it's interesting. So you can't, the concept I'm trying to explain is that you can't be you can't attract something that you're not the same magnet magnetic frequency of let's say if you're a magnet, right? If they're not like they repel each other, essentially, am I speaking? Please explain.

Tara Arnold 47:56
Well, yeah, the man Well, the law of magnetism. It's like the opposites the opposite side of the magnet. I know what you're saying. Like it's the North Pole and South Pole. Like they're attracted to each other. But it's it's like if you're the law of attraction, so if you're vibrating in that high frequency, yeah, you're not gonna get mugged because you're not in that reality. You're in like fifth dimension. So it Fifth Dimension isn't a place. It's a state of consciousness. So you just move into a fifth dimension. It's the same as like if if I'm beachcombing and somebody's with me and they're, they're really deep and 3d. I find all the treasures on the beachcombing and the right beside me and they can't see them. Because they're not in that vibrated. They're in 3d and I've moved into a five d to find treasures on the beach. They were always there. It's just, it's just tapping into them. So it's like everything that we want right there. It's just her frequencies. Are they matching it? To receive it?

Alex Ferrari 48:57
Got it. My next question, can you explain the concept of karmic law?

Tara Arnold 49:04
Okay. That's a good one too. Oh, yes. Welcome. I'm St. Germain. We would say that karmic law is ah karmic law is created. In the ego consciousness, this is created in the ego. What does this mean? What does this mean Saint Germain? What do you mean it's created than the ego? It is a perception if I believe that there is karmic law then that is what all create what if I changed my perception while I'm on planet Earth, and instead I had an experience instead of beating myself up for it. There are many that are viewing that are criticizing oneself. Oh, I did this and we would say Tara does this as well. I will criticize myself now because I made this mistake and we would say if you were seeing it as a mistake, then you are keeping yourself in that vibration. If you see it as I had an experience, there is no karmic law because there is no karmic debt because you are not seeing it as something right or wrong, you are seeing it in a fifth dimension perception, this is where we would say to change change that you do not all have to live in karmic debt, it is that you are deciding that karmic debt exists and this is that you will create that in your reality what if you had a different reality you have the choice to change this if I have a life experience where I after my life experience, I realized I have hurt someone forgive oneself instantly transmutes this scene, you will not create a karmic debt it because you are not judging yourself as as something that has been done wrong, you were saying I am observing and I will not judge it I will observe the emotions, I am upset because I hurt someone and I will observe those emotions as they arise and I will transmute them back to love by forgiving myself instantly. And there will be no karmic debt. Ah Just choose to change your perception on what karmic debt is because it's like people beat themselves out and then they get and then their ego like snowballs, and it's like, they just keep paying, like if I do this for somebody else to because they I hurt them. So I've got to now I've got to do this and this and this to make up for that to even it out. And that's not the way the universe works. It's not about points. It's about balancing. So yeah.

Alex Ferrari 51:41
Well, I understand from what I understand one of from other people I've spoken to is that karmic. karmic debt is like when you're on the other side. It's not like, oh, I have a debt to pay. It has nothing to do. You could choose not to reincarnate. Again, it's up to you as a soul. But, but you and the other side, go, oh, man, I really want to balance that out. Like, I did this amount of negative, hurting other people, I need to do something to balance that out. And you choose to come back down to balance that out, in whichever way you choose to do it. But it's not like there's an accountant up there like, well, you owe and if you don't pay, you're not moving forward. That's kind of not the way it works. To my understanding from talking to multiple spiritual masters and channels.

Tara Arnold 52:27
Yeah, it takes you deeper into the ego because there's something to fix. And there's a problem. And I've got to, I've got to behave a certain way. It takes you so many layers deep into the ego, instead of saying, Okay, I'm gonna forgive and love myself. It's not even forgiving, because we were having an experience. So it's, it's just loving who you are in that experience and just accepting I had that experience. And I'm going to love, love myself in that experience, and not judge it.

Alex Ferrari 52:55
And then one last question for Saint Germain. What do you see for humanity in 2023?

Tara Arnold 53:02
Oh, yes, welcome. I am St. Germain, we would say that there would be we would say there'll be more. There will be more global warming effects, there'll be more storms, more surges, this is you are all familiar with this, it is we are showing our channel that Mother Earth is bringing to the surface, what she requires, in order to release it is based on the collective energy, the collective consciousness, all the billions of spirits and souls on the planet Earth, we would say that the souls on planet Earth are choosing what the future looks like, based on where they're vibrating at this changes in each moment, before when you went to a psychic time was stretched, we would say 20 years ago, time was stretched, you would go to a psychic, and they would tell you the future. And this would be happening in two or three months and then it would happen, but we would say time has sped up Mother Earth has sped up her frequencies and linear time and your perception is a past present future, but we see it as folded space. So Mother Earth has sped up the time. So everything is happening. Now, we are bringing this up because it is imperative that you understand that you can change everything in the Now moment rather than saying this will happen in the future. And I have to stick to that. And we would say that time has sped up and so predictions are not in alignment as everything is changing. In this Now moment based on where everyone is vibrating at on the planet. In general we would say that because you are awakening as a call Like to have consciousness you are bringing up 1000s of emotions to the surface from your past lifetimes, you are experiencing this in much anxiety. So you will find on planet earth, there will people be people that are having panic attacks, and they're having anxiety and there will be more and more people experiencing this it is because they are feeling the emotions that haven't been transmuted from the past lifetimes. They're coming up through the chakra systems. And they will be transmuting these as they come to the surface, but it is the judgment upon them that keeps them in fear that keeps them panicking, relax into it. When you feel panic, explore those frequencies, explore it, and surround your consciousness with it and it will lift this is what we're showing our channel on planet earth, there will be much more panic and fears and much more storms and much more fighting on planet Earth because these dark emotions that you had had in your past lifetimes need to come to the surface to be transmuted, you were all deciding this as a collective. And as in each moment, it changes based on where you're vibrating at. If everyone would stop judging on the planet, we would not use terminology stop we would say if everyone began to not judge, and instead of looking at everything as as imperfection, without judgment in this Now moment, if there's judgment, it means I'm in the ego consciousness, if there is no judgment, then I am in a fifth dimension perception. And this is where things can begin to change, it will raise the vibration of the collective, and it will create more peace on earth. But these old emotions must come to the surface, we would not judge it as wrong, we would say that everything on the planet is imperfection, whether you are seeing it as perfection or not, we are seeing it and we are excited about the progress on planet Earth. We are excited and celebrating with you on the progress on planet Earth. So the more that you are seeing the destruction on your planet, the more we are celebrating because we are seeing the gift in at all we are seeing the transmutation of frequency. And that is what is to be celebrated. Do not fear what is coming. You are all you are all warriors of experience. This has nothing to fear, embrace, observe and give love, give love from your heart. If you stop vibrating in fear the world can change more quickly back to peace. Oh, oh. So he's saying like, just like the predictions and stuff. They it's it's like it's changing so rapidly right now it's like so fast. So if they're, if they say, predictions, it can change within a few days, like based on where everybody on the planet is vibrating it. Because time has sped up. It's yeah. So the more people that are in that state of expansion. So to help people on the planet to help change the planet, all you have to do is be present like art says. So just walking into a room, like just expanding your consciousness out instead of lowering your vibration to match everybody's frequency in the room. Because when you do that everybody stays in victim. So it's like people walk into a room and they're like, oh, they read everybody's reading energy. And so they'll walk in the room, and they're like, oh, everybody's vibrating here. So I'm gonna lower my energy field to match theirs to please them, so they'll love me. But if you love yourself, you can walk in expanded out. And then when you walk into the room, so Saint Germain, saying walk in knowing your greatness and then everybody in the room that's vibrating really low can start downloading that from you. Because you're not you're not lowering your vibration to match theirs. You're you're you're walking in with that expanded out. So that's how we can help everyone on the planet is just to always be expanded and just your presence is enough, because it's not how you give it it's how they receive it. So their spirit can say no, I want to stay in a third dimension reality and vibrate victim or I'm gonna start downloading that and awaken to so it's not forcing people to awaken but just offering that light that you are. That's know your greatness is what St Germain says.

Alex Ferrari 59:33
One question popped into my head if you don't mind me asking one more. It's because it's a it's a fascinating question, and I hope he can answer it. What is St. Germain take on how quantum physics is starting to connect with spirituality that science is starting to catch up to what spirituality has been talking about and ancient spiritual texts have been talking about for 1000s of years. I'd love to hear where he thinks that's going

Tara Arnold 1:00:01
Okay that's a good question Do you have great question you must have been like I'm telling you because a few of the questions that you just did like asked I have those videos I just put it out and I'm like You must be working with Saint Germain he's already working with you. Okay, so oh yes Excellent question we would say oh what a fun chat this is with Alex This is a great day with you in it Alex ah see your greatness and we are showing our channel that it is there is a question in quantum physics of why can two things rotate to atoms or particles, why one atom at one moment please, why can one atom or particle rotate in two different directions at the same time or be in two different places at the same time when can why can one particle or Atom be at two different places at the same time and we would say it is because one is vibrating in third dimension and one is vibrating in fifth dimension, this is that you are all you all have a hologram beside you have a fifth dimension reality everything that is solid on planet earth, there is an aspect within every molecule within every particle within that everything is vibrating in frequency and it is you are all vibrating. So densely you are in a third dimensional reality, but there is a hologram beside you of you in a fifth dimension, this is why we are showing our channel the atoms one atom can vibrate in two different places at the same time are in two different directions at the same time one is on a fifth dimension reality and one is in third dimension reality, it is exciting to connect to the fifth dimension reality by tapping into the hologram. Visualize this beside you you can do this in a visualization if you are unable to visualize you can write it down or draw it out. It does not have to be one way if you are going to create your reality and you were going to manifest what you desire, we would say to visualize the hologram of yourself in a fifth dimension and step into that and manifest from there this will raise your frequency to the fifth dimension you are creating into the fifth dimension and as you begin to create in the fifth dimension, we will give an example if you visualize your bank account one bank account in third dimension is empty and one bank account and fifth dimension as full. As you are in the fifth dimension vibration, it goes out to the universe and it begins to vibrate and pick up speed based on everyone else that is in that now moment visualizing or having a full bank account, it will begin to vibrate and pick up speed to the point where it collapses back into your third dimension reality. This is how spirituality is connecting with quantum physics. It is about expanding. And creating from a fifth dimension perspective by tapping into the hologram of that which you are everything on planet earth that you can see has a hologram of a fifth dimensional reality go there and create from there. When it is vibrating to the point where it collapses it will show up in your third dimensional reality. Ah

Alex Ferrari 1:03:45
Okay, that was good. Um, now I'm gonna have a few questions for you that I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Tara Arnold 1:03:55
Oh, ah, joy just being happy in the moment in the Now moment with my inner child. So it's like not needing anything outside of yourself. So now it's like I wake up and I'm like Good morning inner child. What do you want to do for fun today and I would say happy birthday to myself because that was the day that we were felt made to feel the most special. So every day is my birthday. And so we have birthday party we every night we have a birthday breakfast birthday lunch, birthday dinner, because I'm a foodie and and then I just asked my inner child what do you want to do for joy today? And then I go from there so if you can't connect with your inner child if you don't know that aspect of yourself, it just what feels good. Just go by what feels good. Do you want to go for a walk? Do you want to go for a hike? Do you want to paint Do you want to so it's like tapping into that and then it's it's like you're always in the moment with with that aspect of your consciousness. And then that's the happy life. Yeah, that's, that's it

Alex Ferrari 1:04:56
That works that works. What is your definition of God?

Tara Arnold 1:05:02
Everything just the universe, just frequency. Just everything is one energy.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:10
What is and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Tara Arnold 1:05:15
To expand your consciousness, to experience frequency and to just enjoy the experience like in when you're going to the deepest darkness it's enjoying that just as much as when you're having your you know your reaping season or your your great season that you are flowing in abundance, but it's like it really enjoying when you go to like, the lack as well. And just really experiencing those frequencies and not seeing yourself as a victim and just experiencing everything as as perfection, Joy.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:54
And where can people find out more about you in the work that you're doing?

Tara Arnold 1:05:58
Um, you can come join or come and see my YouTube channel. It's Tara Arnold, and it's channeling Saint Germain. And I'd love to meet you. Subscribe and leave a comment. And also on my website, And I believe you're putting in the in the description below. So they can just click on that.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:20
Yeah, I'll put all those links and

Tara Arnold 1:06:23
I'm on Instagram and everything.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:25
Yeah, we'll put all those links in the show notes no worries I offer

Tara Arnold 1:06:30
Yeah, and I offer courses on how to channel So that's if anybody is listening that's interested then you can check those out. I have a live event coming up but for the new year for we're going to channel St. Germain the ascended masters to balance the energies for like hormones and stuff blocking us from like weight loss. So it's in then he'll channel messages on blocks to weight loss. So if anybody's having like, struggles with that, because a lot of people's New Year's resolution is to, you know, get in shape and lose weight and stuff. So we're just going to channel messages on what would be blocking you from achieving that and also they'll be bringing in through frequencies to balance hormones. It's not a replacement for medical treatment. Disclaimer there. It's all Yeah, it's for fun.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:20
And does Saint Germain have any final messages for the audience?

Tara Arnold 1:07:25
Okay, all and go into trance here and oh, yes, welcome. I am St. Germain. We would say Alex your channel is a beautiful channel. Oh this is a great channel on YouTube where people are coming together and vibrating in love. There is much love on your channel, on YouTube and we are showing our channel that you are helping many people at this time Alex and we are commending you. We are giving gratitude for this for your service on planet Earth. And for all of your services on planet Earth. We are showing our channel you have had an experience life. experience many ups and downs in life and this has propelled you to be where you are and we're offering this light that you have within you that you have already transmuted within you from your own journey. You are offering this to all of your audience and they are receiving we are giving gratitude for this. And we are acknowledging the service of Your Spirit. We would say that your viewers we are we are showing our channel your viewers are oh we are showing our channel we are having a message for your viewers One moment please. Oh we would say to go within Not without you are all magnificent Beings of Light and Love. There is no more making oneself small step into your greatness if you wish to connect with us we are here you do not need Tara but you must be that which you seek. What we mean by this is step in to our frequencies. How could I do the Saint Germain How could I step in to the frequencies to attract the ascended masters to me and we would say see us as equal. If you are seeing us as more important than you this causes a separation of frequencies and we cannot connect. You must see us as equal and we will be there you will see us we will feel us in subtle ways. We will be giving you chills or bringing an animal across your path. Look up the animal totem and we'll we'll be giving you messages it is simple. It is simple. The simple subtle frequencies around you are always we are always bringing you messages. Connect with us. We are here. So yes is equal and step into our vibration. What would St Germain feel like get into that vibration and I can connect easier? What would Jesus feel like getting into that vibration and we can connect? It is simply a separation of vibration if you are seeing yourself as outside of you, we are all one energy you are us and we are you. Will you have all have an aspect of us within your physical heart. It is time to access it is time to access this consciousness within you. It is a simple turning of the key and remembering blessings. Ah

Alex Ferrari 1:10:41
Tara, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing St. Germain and the Ascended Masters with all of us. It has been a eye opening and wonderful conversation. Hopefully it helps some people out there listening. So I appreciate you in the work that you're doing for the world. My dear. Thank you.

Tara Arnold 1:10:57
Oh, well. Thank you Alex and Thanks for Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it.

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