BANNED HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible! Genesis DECODED – Bible Code is REAL with Richard L. Haight

In this captivating episode, we bring you an exclusive interview with renowned author Richard L. Haight, who delves into the mysteries of life, spirituality, and human potential in his transformative book, “The Genesis Code.” Prepare to embark on a thought-provoking journey as Richard Haight takes us on an expedition to explore the ancient wisdom that … Read more

The Ancient Path to Inner Freedom with Richard Haight

Richard Haight, warrior meditation, The Genesis Code, The Unbound Soul

Today we have back on the show Richard Haight. In this remarkable conversation we discuss his new book The Genesis Code: Revealing the Ancient Path to Inner Freedom. Suppose knowledge of the foundational principle of mind and consciousness had been lost thousands of years ago. How would we know it? We wouldn’t—until it was rediscovered. … Read more