How Your Ego Can Destroy Your from the Inside with Sacha Gervasi

In today’s episode, we welcome the talented Sacha Gervasi, a screenwriter and director known for his work on films like “The Terminal” and “My Dinner with Hervé.” His journey from music to filmmaking is filled with unexpected twists and turns, showcasing a blend of perseverance, humility, and serendipity. Sacha’s early fascination with film began at … Read more

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway with Bruce Dickinson & Sacha Gervasi

On today’s episode, we welcome the incomparable Bruce Dickinson, lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, a man whose talents span far beyond the realms of music. From his dynamic presence on stage to his adventurous forays into aviation, brewing, and writing, Bruce embodies a modern Renaissance spirit. This conversation delves into his multifaceted life, exploring the … Read more

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