Clinically DEAD Girl Given Ability to See Angelic Realms (NDE) Near Death Experience | Susan Walter

Beneath the veil of our mundane existence lies a tapestry of the unseen, a realm where angels weave our destinies with threads of divine light. On today’s episode, we delve into the extraordinary life of Susan Walter, an artist and visionary whose near-death experiences opened her eyes to the ethereal guides that walk among us. Susan’s journey is a profound testament to the intricate dance between the spiritual and the physical, a dance that shapes our lives in ways we might never fully comprehend.

Susan’s story begins with her childhood near-death experiences, the first at the tender age of four and the second at six. These encounters with the divine left an indelible mark on her soul. Susan recalls, “I was just a normal Iowa farm kid, playing outside from sunup to sundown.” Her first near-death experience was hazy, a blend of heavy blankets and a surreal detachment from her physical body. It was during her second experience that she vividly remembers being in a park with three beings she instinctively knew were angels.

These celestial beings, towering and radiant, guided her through an extraordinary journey. They allowed her to see the world through the eyes of animals and even experience the vastness of space, swimming among the stars. This immersion in the divine was not just a fleeting vision but a profound spiritual awakening that altered the course of her life. Susan was shown the creation of souls, the exhalation of the Creator, and the purpose behind our existence.

Susan’s connection with the divine did not fade as she grew older. Instead, it deepened, guiding her to understand her purpose in this lifetime. “One of my purposes in this lifetime is to help people feel more connected to the divine,” she shares. Her ability to see and communicate with angels became a cornerstone of her spiritual practice. These angels, she explains, are multi-dimensional beings of light, ever-present and ever-supportive, helping us navigate the lessons we have chosen to learn in this lifetime.


  1. Divine Guidance: We are never truly alone. Our angels and guides are always with us, helping us navigate the challenges and lessons we have chosen for this life.
  2. Forgiveness as a Pathway: One of the key lessons we are here to learn is forgiveness. It is through forgiveness that we release ourselves from the chains of resentment and move closer to our divine nature.
  3. Connection to Nature: Nature is a powerful conduit to the divine. By immersing ourselves in the natural world, we reconnect with the source of all creation and find clarity and peace.

Susan’s journey also highlights the importance of tuning into the subtler frequencies of existence. She emphasizes that our physical reality is intertwined with the spiritual, and by acknowledging this connection, we can lead richer, more fulfilling lives. Her art, inspired by the angels she sees, serves as a bridge for others to connect with their own divine guides.

Her experiences have not been without challenges. Growing up with such profound gifts meant navigating a world that often did not understand or accept her reality. Yet, Susan’s resilience and dedication to her purpose have enabled her to use her gifts to help others. Through her art and her insights, she guides people towards a deeper understanding of their own spiritual journeys.

In conclusion, Susan Walter’s story is a beacon of hope and enlightenment. Her near-death experiences opened her eyes to the divine realms, filling her life with purpose and a mission to help others connect with their own spiritual guides. Her message is clear: we are all interconnected, part of a divine tapestry, and by embracing our spiritual nature, we can find peace, purpose, and profound love.

Please enjoy my conversation with Susan Walter.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 140

Susan Walter 0:00
The main reasons that we're here and that our angels are here to support us is it's like we sat down with them like between lifetimes. And we plan out these are the things we want to experience. These are the lessons that we want to learn. And it's they help like lineup those situate me to learn those lessons. So for example, if he'll one of the main things you need to learn is forgiveness. They'll put you in situation after situation after situation where you have to forgive somebody, maybe even yourself

Alex Ferrari 0:46
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I'd like to welcome to the show, Susan Walter. How you doin Susan?

Susan Walter 1:23
I'm doing great. Thank you so much for inviting me to be on the show.

Alex Ferrari 1:27
Thank you so much for thanks for coming on. I appreciate it.

Susan Walter 1:30
So I've been listening to you for a while and I enjoy your show.

Alex Ferrari 1:35
I appreciate that. Thank you so much. Yeah, it's it's an interesting show. And it's an interesting, I love that I love the different kinds of people that I get to talk to on the show. And it definitely feeds the soul to say the least. Yes. So. So my first question to you is, we're going to talk about your near death experience today. But what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Susan Walter 1:59
I'm considering because of how young I was when I was, I was four and six years old. When I have my two nephews in the Andes. So yeah, I was just here on a normal Iowa farm kid. You know, playing outside from sunup to sundown, the only time you went back to the house is when you were hungry.

Alex Ferrari 2:22
Amen, I remember those days

Susan Walter 2:26
We had more of I wish we could have more of those again.

Alex Ferrari 2:29
So let's talk about your first one what Tell me about your first near death experience?

Susan Walter 2:34
I'm going to be honest, I don't remember the first one with as many details as I remember the second. And both were caused by the same thing I actually had was ruptured hernias, which is very unusual for little girls to have hernias at that age. But so I was going during my experiences, I was going through life saving surgery. I do remember particularly the one. Yeah, the the first one. I do remember being young, laying on the couch being under a blanket. And it was just so heavy, that I couldn't even move it. And, and being really, really hot. I've remember the doctor coming to the house, which they still did back in those days. And then yeah, I remember going with my mom and dad and the doctor went into the next room just to discuss was I going to go to University of Iowa, or was that gonna go to the Yeah, or the local hospital. And I remember following them and just kind of built up from the point of view of by the ceiling and looking down at them. And then all of a sudden, I'm in this park with these trees, massive trees way bigger than I'd ever seen. Now that I've seen pictures of the redwoods, I would equate them to that size. And I just remember being introduced to these three beings that I knew to be angels, and how I just knew it i But I did. And that's really about as much as I can remember my first one other than waking up. I remember waking up waking up. My one of my grandmother's was setting my bedside. I remember her reading that she was reading a National Geographic and the Pyramids of Giza were on there. And I just looked at her and she didn't even know I'm awake yet. And then I look at her and say where's the rest of them? And she just is like, yeah, even now we're now figuring out even just in the last two or three years that there's actually foundations of more of them on the on the plaza and yeah, then you see today there's just foundations left a smaller one. But yeah, but the second one, I remember a lot more detail.

Alex Ferrari 5:07
Alright, sotell me what happened in that one.

Susan Walter 5:09
Yeah, that one, I'm back in the same park with the same three beings, and it's like I hadn't even left. And I was one of those kids on the farm that if there was a nest of baby mice, or snakes, or rabbits or whatever, I found him and I would just gently play with them, and then put them right back where I found them. And so I was very connected to the animals at that time. And they asked me if I wanted to see the world through the eyes of the animals. So it's like, they occupied my time, or my energy while I was there, just kind of literally going from one animal to the next. And the next thing I know, I'm not on land anymore, I'm actually swimming. And I feel like I'm in this massive, massive body size, it's yeah, it just felt really big. And then all of a sudden, I'm not swimming in the ocean are in the water anymore. I'm swimming in space, I'm swimming in a stars. And then I'm shown what's like, the best way I can describe it is like this big rush of energy from this central light source where there's all all the like souls being created, like the exhale of the Creator, and all these souls come into being. And I'm watching that you're on one of these souls. And it's, I'm pulled as me and two others are, like pulled aside. And were asked to become planet creators. Now I'm still trying to figure out fully what that means. But we and then we were shown on like, youth, glass pads is the best way I can describe it, because it's like it, there could be pictures on them, or they can be completely transparent. And it was a little bit bigger than the average computer screen. But we are showing like, what, what the world what would it would be like if we did and what it'd be like if we didn't. The other two beings chose to go on to the angelic realms, I obviously didn't have at least to become an angelic, but it's like I went there for training for a while, is the best way you can describe it. And that part of it is a little bit foggy, or and I think it's because I'm either not yet ready to remember or there's some things about that. I'm not supposed to remember, I'm not sure. Okay. Yeah. And so I'm just being shown all these things and my nd. And then I'm, then I go back to this garden. And I, you know, I had a whole bunch of questions. I don't remember all of the questions. And then just like as the questions, as I asked questions and got the answers to what I was asking. It's like, I became more and more back to my physical body at that time. Where I even started asking questions about things I was being taught in Sunday school. That didn't make sense to me.

Alex Ferrari 8:38
Also, let me ask you a question, though. Did you while you were there as a six year old, did you have the consciousness of a six year old? Or were you were you experiencing this as a six year old or as a higher expression of your soul?

Susan Walter 8:54
A little bit of both. It's like at the beginning, I was the six year old and then I kind of moved into a more larger understanding as the best way I can put it. And then as is it like it, the experience was kind of starting to come to an end. I went back to that six year old again. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 9:14
Yeah, it makes sense. Like you start off, connected more to the physical realm, as you go out. You become more open to your, your soul self, if you will. And then it's like, oh, they're starting to go back. So you start to regress back into that six year old. So that's why you were asking the questions about Sunday school and things like that,

Susan Walter 9:32
Right! Yeah. Yeah, the biggest one that I've really remember is asking how long God's day was? Because it didn't make sense to me that this massive being is the best way I can describe it in English. They was the same size as ours. Just like that being was bigger, so their day must be bigger. And I used to get in trouble in Sunday school a lot for asking questions like that,

Alex Ferrari 9:58
God forbid, right? God forbid, you see, you start questioning the pure logic of

Susan Walter 10:09
Very small little Missouri Synod Lutheran church that I grew up in, you know, wasn't prepared.

Alex Ferrari 10:17
Very progressive. I'm assuming very progressive. Oh, yeah, very. So unlike, unlike your your nd sounds a bit different than many that I've heard before, because you didn't have a life review. You didn't. So the people that the beings that you were talking to, or communicating with the you consider them were the spirit guides, they weren't relatives or of any sort, because you're so young, you wouldn't have money.

Susan Walter 10:45
Yeah. And at that point, even most of my great grandparents were still alive. I had eight great grandparents growing up and Yeah, well, I do have three families. Got it. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 10:59
Okay, so that makes sense. So that, so who so what did you believe that these beings were, were they spirit guides were their angels? What were they?

Susan Walter 11:08
I understood them immediately to be angels.

Alex Ferrari 11:11
Okay. And you felt you just you just had that knowing?

Susan Walter 11:15
I just had that knowing. And how I see saw them during that experience is still how I see them, and how I draw them.

Alex Ferrari 11:25
So we'll get we'll get to that in a second. So as you as you start pulling back, you know, pulling back towards your, your consciousness of a six year old? Did you ever have a feeling that you wanted to stay? Or were you like, No, I don't want to go back? Because I've had heard many people like, no, no, no, I'm good here. I don't want to go back.

Susan Walter 11:45
I don't really remember making that decision. It was just like, I just did it. You just came back. I was just back. And I think that's pretty as probably about the time the anesthesia Young was wearing off.

Alex Ferrari 12:00
So did you actually physically die or where this is all happening through during anesthesia.

Susan Walter 12:06
And probably more during anesthesia I, from what I've been able to gather from my medical records, because they're kind of all over the place, because we moved a few times. And I've only been able to get bits and pieces here and there what actually happened, the letter that was written by the doctor who performed the surgery that went back to my actual, you know, to my doctor, and you know, where I live, didn't really give it a lot of details, there was probably only three sentences even about the surgeries.

Alex Ferrari 12:43
But obviously they would have put some down at the like, if you if you would have coded or something

Susan Walter 12:48
You think?! But yeah, these weren't the actual, you know, records of what happened in them in their in during surgery or anything, it was just that this surgery happened on this date. And a doctor that performed it. That was basically it.

Alex Ferrari 13:09
Alright, so when you came back as a six year old, even when you came back as a four year old, did you talk about this to anybody?

Susan Walter 13:19
I tried to but you know from the mind of a 46 year old you don't really have the words to convey to your parents what you experience? Did I tried definitely it but it came out of what my dad called stories were young when I was a snake when I was a rabbit. You know, that was the best I knew how to describe it. Because yeah, even if I had heard such a word as near death experience, it was not even in it wasn't even coined yet for another 10 or 15 years.

Alex Ferrari 13:52
Right. So when you're, I'm kind of fascinated about your time, your timeline from when you were six, up until you know you're older, obviously a teenager or, or in your early 20s. Something like this, I'm assuming just really encompasses you as a psychologically as a person. You can't really let this go very easily. I've heard people who've put it away and try to say no, no, that never happened. It was a dream. But so psychologically, as you're growing up with this knowledge inside of you, and we haven't even started we haven't touched upon your talents yet the gifts that you were brought back with but how did you deal with that psychologically as you started to educate yourself more and grow up and mature more as a as a human being? Where you now have the words where you start? Did you start doing research into this kind of stuff? Like what was the what was the process?

Susan Walter 14:51
And yeah, I remember my dad at one point did tell me to quit telling me those stories. So I did I just quit talk Talking about it. But yeah, there's some because you know, when I came back, I saw my angels all the time then after that. Yeah. So I just quit talking about seeing those things and experience, you know, and the experience that I had. But it's like I wasn't completely disconnected from it, I guess. I'm still not. But yeah, I was just able to see the angels and all the time after that. And to be honest, I really didn't understand for quite a while that not that everybody didn't experience seeing.

Alex Ferrari 15:38
So what was so what was the gift that you came back with? Was this on the first or the second? Second time?

Susan Walter 15:43
I don't really remember so much after the one at four. But after the one at six, I do remember clearly seeing them just, they're just there all the time. Still, are

Alex Ferrari 15:53
They just hanging out? They're just hanging out. But they don't speak to you?

Susan Walter 15:57
And they do sometimes they do. Some of them are not so good about speaking English either.

Alex Ferrari 16:04
That's a that's a problem. Get them get on my get them a Rosetta Stone app or something. I mean, a babble. I mean, come on.

Susan Walter 16:16
When they even communicate with each other. To me, it sounds more tonal more, and it has a more of a frequency musical aspect to it.

Alex Ferrari 16:24
So okay, so you have so now you're walking around, as you know, 7 8 9 10 11 12 year old. How does that it seems you're saying that you're seeing angels? How does that affect you socially? How does that affect you growing up? I mean, I growing up stuff by itself, let alone see beings who are just chillin around.

Susan Walter 16:49
They were supportive. That, yeah, after a while, I think I kind of got so I almost ignored them. To be honest. Right. It because it's like you just take for granted that they're they're always there. I did kind of as time went on, and yeah, I did eventually learn how to kind of turn the volume down a little bit where I see them like, more as like a sphere of contents kind of looks like a snowglobe of color that's just constantly moving. It's gonna go feel like glitter is the best way I can describe it.

Alex Ferrari 17:29
So I have to ask you, why do you think this ability came back with you? What's the purpose of it? What is the evolutionary purpose for you, your soul, for humanity, if there is one

Susan Walter 17:44
One of my purposes in this lifetime, is to help people feel more connected to the divine. And I think angels are a very common way that a lot. I think a lot of people can understand it can do that.

Alex Ferrari 17:59
So are angels. So let me let's talk about angels for a second because it's that that's a very big word angels. And it's been misunderstood for many years. I mean, obviously, there's Archangel Michael, and Raphael and Gabrielle, and these, these kind of, you know, historical mythology, if you will, through throughout time. When you say angel is justice, is that a lack of a better word for what you see? Or if it is an angel? As we know it? What is an angel? What's the definition of one?

Susan Walter 18:34
And the definition of an angel for me as there are multi dimensional beings made of light? And there are ones that even exist in different frequencies? Yeah. Yeah. And there's, like Archangels that kind of are come and go, as they're called upon and needed. And then we also have one things that are personal to us that stay with us at all times.

Alex Ferrari 19:02
Would they be considered spirit guides, or that's a separate situation?

Susan Walter 19:06
And my understanding, and what they have shown me is that separate where it's extremely unusual for an angel to take physical form, have a physical lifetime, where spirit guides is just the opposite. It's almost like unusual that they don't. So there are things that angels you know, understand better and they're things that spirit guides understand better. Like, time is totally different. Yeah, for an angelic being than it is for us having having a physical experience. So your spirit guides understand time better.

Alex Ferrari 19:41
Got it goes. I've experienced it. Exactly. So So my first question, what was the what do you think you came back with this as far as like, is it more to show humanity in your own evolution? What is it is it doing as well?

Susan Walter 20:00
Yeah, it's like I have this constant connection to the divine because of it.

Alex Ferrari 20:06
And has that ever been a burden to you?

Susan Walter 20:09
I've never felt like it was now. And I really haven't. Yeah, it to me, I really don't remember life without it. So I hate you. So I'd have this big, empty space.

Alex Ferrari 20:24
And as you've been going along through life, have they? I mean, how they guided you helped you, you know, obviously protected you along the way. But how is it? The main question is, how is it hanging out with angels all day, every day that you can see and, and somewhat communicate with?

Susan Walter 20:42
Yeah, I'm, you know, in a lot of ways, I've had a pretty normal life. I've been married a couple of times. I've got four great kids. I'm now grandmother. Yeah, I've done all the things that most of us have done. Yeah, I had the corporate job for a number of years. I got out of that a few years ago, but I was a web designer and developer for 14 years. At one point, yeah. Lift actually a pretty normal life. Because there was times I was not good about listening to them. So if there were times I made things a little harder within myself, or myself than I needed to. But it's, yeah, it's like sometimes they're standing there pointing in a certain direction, or illuminating a certain choice. And sometimes it's like, oh, no, I want to go do this.

Alex Ferrari 21:41
Generally doesn't work out very well for us.

Susan Walter 21:43
No, it doesn't. It would, my life would probably have been a lot easier if I have to listen better.

Alex Ferrari 21:50
Now, also, for my understanding that you can see angels and it's from on other people as well, correct.

Susan Walter 21:59
I can now I didn't always, that started in probably like 90s, there was January of 97 was when that started. And at the time, I was a stay at home mom, because I am time to my boys were teenagers. And then I also had two toddlers. So I've you know, kind of busy. But I literally didn't kind of noticed I was seeing a few more than normal, but really didn't think much of it. I hadn't really sat down with that yet. And then I went to the grocery store and kind of down about two aisles and literally left cart in the middle of the aisle and went back home. It was just it was a little overwhelming at first isn't most of the time they show themselves as being anywhere from 1215 18 feet tall. But Jesus. Yeah. So it was kind of overwhelming. So you know, as I went home, and as, as soon as I was able, you know, being a busy mom, I sat down and meditation is gone. You know, what's going on here? What am I supposed to do this? Why me all those questions I think anybody would ask. And they were very adamant that I was supposed to find a way to either paint or draw them. And I first thing I did was argue for like six months. You know, I don't have the time for this. I know. And I don't know how.

Alex Ferrari 23:33
Right! You didn't have you didn't have the skill set at that point.

Susan Walter 23:36
No, I did not. I remember as a young kid, when I was probably nine or 10 years old, I found I was born the same day as Michelangelo. And I thought that meant something.

Alex Ferrari 23:47
Because you're the you're the only one that was born in the same day.

Susan Walter 23:53
Yeah, I was a naive kid. I granted. But yeah, so I I'd had a fascination with art and I doodle, but yeah, I wasn't any good at all. As a matter of fact, my high school art teacher had told me not to bother.

Alex Ferrari 24:09
As, as high school teachers end up doing sometimes. Yes. So when you see when you see angels around other people, strangers sometimes or family members or your kids, I'm imagining you see the angels around them? What is is there a difference between what you've been dealing with for since you were a child? Are their messages that come through, you know, what is? What is the purpose you think?

Susan Walter 24:41
Yeah, I think it's really to help to help them get connect and understand that they do have the support system that they do. You have lessons that they're on this, you know it that they're here to learn and things are here to experience and that there's here, there's more to life than just God But we can touch and experience and physically see that there's more to life?

Alex Ferrari 25:06
And do you do like do readings of with people in angels, how's that work?

Susan Walter 25:12
I actually draw them for people. So they actually walk away with, you know, after an hour session with me, they walk away with a physical portrait. And as far as information, it's like, some of them are more talkative than others. Some feel like they, because we, you know, the person they're with has ignored him for so long. It's kind of like, almost like they need to learn how to talk to him. And in some ways, it seems like, in some time, a lot, actually, a lot of the times they don't even want to talk to me, they want to talk to you.

Alex Ferrari 25:49
They want to talk to the person that they're with.

Susan Walter 25:51
Right! Exactly. Mm hmm. So it's like, sometimes I like it's like, I get subtle messages. Sometimes it's like Big Give me like little snapshots, like little photos of things

Alex Ferrari 26:04
In your head? Yes. That comment? So you almost kind of like channel them? In a sense? Yes. Would you like quick little bursts of channeling?

Susan Walter 26:13

Alex Ferrari 26:15
So during I mean, during your lifetime doing all of this? I mean, again, it's because you started off so young, it seems like it's just second nature at this point. It's like, it's not something that you picked up at 30. You know, and like, your whole life was something beforehand. And then that was after like, before and after situation, you pretty much got it at the beginning, close to the beginning of your life.

Susan Walter 26:37
And yeah, it was really just, you know, when I was, I think it was I've 97 I was 36 when I started seeing other peoples and drawing them, and learning how to draw, and then eventually learning how to paint too. But

Alex Ferrari 26:54
So obviously, people have known about this about you for a while. How did I mean against this? You start so young, you didn't have a core group of friends or people. But I have to imagine, though, on a psychological level, there have been issues with family members who were like, and maybe friends who discover afterwards. How do you deal with that as a person who has these kinds of gifts?

Susan Walter 27:20
Yeah, at this point, I just don't hide it. I used to, but I don't need more. I've had to be true to who I am. But yeah, and I know my family isn't to my brother and sister particularly don't get but yeah, they have a totally different perspective on life. You know, they're my brother's president of a bank. Yeah, he doesn't. My sister's A's school teacher and married to a stockbroker.

Alex Ferrari 27:53
So yeah, that's not so much with the angels.

Susan Walter 27:57
No, no, I'm not. Yeah, I am the very first there's never been an artist, your musician or writer or anything like that. In the family before me.

Alex Ferrari 28:10
You're the first because normally our artists kind of have a lineage, if you will. There's some DNA involved.

Susan Walter 28:17
Yeah. And there is not with me. So it's all over my astrology chart. We are, of course, according to it and readings that I've had.

Alex Ferrari 28:27
So with all this information of, you know, connections to the Divine that you have, and have had over the course of your life, are there any lessons are there any things that you've picked up along the way truths knowings, about why we're here, what we're doing things like that, that you could share with the audience.

Susan Walter 28:49
The main reasons that we're here and that our angels are here to support us is, it's like, we sat down with them, like, between lifetimes. And we plan out these are the things we want to experience. These are the lessons that we want to learn. And it's they help, like, line up those situations, to learn those lessons. So for example, if he'll one of the three main things you need to learn is forgiveness. They'll put you in situation after situation after situation where you have to forgive somebody, maybe even yourself until you get it. Yeah, and sometimes Yeah, it's you feel like you've gotten a spiritual clue by for upside the head.

Alex Ferrari 29:37
That's very true.

Susan Walter 29:40
I think we've all experienced that. It was yeah, it was one lesson or another in our lifetimes,

Alex Ferrari 29:45
That we just keep going down the road and they seem to be getting more difficult if we don't get it like it until it starts off with a nudge and then it ends up with a two by four on the side of your head. Yeah, kind of vibe. And that's kind of what we're I'm basically here to do and, and the the the angels that work with you and are the angels are with you as a person, as well as spirit guides as well as Ascended Masters sometimes who are, you know, come in and out and guide you through. This is all been laid out like you This is a test. I'm like, Hey, listen, I really need to learn about how to forgive. So can you guys throw some stuff at me? While I'm down there? And that's it and then you're like, Alright, let's start off with something small. See if he gets it quickly. If not, no, he didn't get it. Oh, this looks like it's gonna be a while guys. Alright, let's just keep keep bringing them in. Let's attract that person. Oh, you over there, you know, he's gonna want to forgive you. And that's kind of the the pattern until you finally get it. And go, Okay, I need to forgive or I need to,

Susan Walter 30:51
I need to change. Yeah, change this habit, that habit young, learn the lesson to, you know, some people just to take better care of themselves to realize that, you know, we were given these central eight and away temp energetic temples that we also need to honor honor them and take care of them.

Alex Ferrari 31:11
Right. And

Susan Walter 31:13
A lot of times we we abuse ourselves until we get 60. And something starts hurting. And yeah, then we realize, Oh, gee,

Alex Ferrari 31:21
Maybe I shouldn't have been eating those burgers and bacon and drinking soda every single day for every single meal. It seems Yeah. It's interesting on that topic, I mean, because you know, when we're in our 20s, and when our teenagers we do whatever we want to our bodies, anything we want, because we're invulnerable at that age, at least that's what we think.

Susan Walter 31:42
Yeah. And we think we're invincible.

Alex Ferrari 31:44
Completely they think we are. And then as you get older, you just start, hey, that didn't hurt before, hey, what's going on here? And why? i Why can't I eat Taco Bell at three o'clock in the morning anymore? After not sleeping for, you know, 24 hours, that like those kinds of things. But as you get older, you start to realize those things, and hopefully you do not everyone does. I know, you know, but like they say you don't see a lot of you know, obese 80 year olds walking around. You know, a lot will be 70 year olds walking around there is there is a problem, to say to leave. I think it's a lesson that a lot of us are trying to learn and go through Yeah. To take care of Tibet. And not only to take better care of ourselves physically, but to take care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually, as well. These are all lessons that, that I think we're all still learning, I think as a as a species as well, right?

Susan Walter 32:40
Yeah. And it's like, we it's not just even what we're physically feeding our body. It's also can be what are we feeding our ears? You know, what, you know, energetically? You know? Are we around people that are negative? Are we listening to the news and all that negative the negativity and fear porn all the time? Yeah. That affects us energetically, spiritually, and emotionally, too. We need to. Yeah, all things in moderation.

Alex Ferrari 33:12
Right to a certain exam salutely To a certain extent, at all things with moderation. Now, we kind of touched upon this a little bit with our, our life journey. But one thing that I've noticed that we we noticed everyone notices this and everyone deals with this is fear, fear of moving forward fear of following your dreams fear of, of just, you know, things that shouldn't you shouldn't have be fearful of. Do you have any advice on how to overcome fear in our lives, and not that good fear, like the Tigers around the corner, kind of fear? That's good fear. But the kind of fear that is self created to basically block our evolution, if you will?

Susan Walter 33:56
Yeah, if it's, you know, like about following your dreams, for example. You know, and this is why I look at what it what if you didn't try? You didn't try to follow that dream and see if you can make it happen. You know, how would you feel when you're 60 7080 years old, and you didn't at least give it a shot? Yeah, and yeah, most of you here are afraid of say something like what others are going to think of you. To be honest, most time they really don't think of you. They don't think of you often enough or with enough care that they're stopping you from doing what you really want to do or what you really desire and stop you from being who you truly are. And they're not really your front.

Alex Ferrari 34:50
And that goes for family members as well. Sometimes,

Susan Walter 34:53
Sometimes it does. Blood isn't always thicker than water.

Alex Ferrari 34:57
That's what I yeah, I've kind of I've come to grips with that in my life as well as sometimes it's just it's rough. This is not an easy journey, this life thing.

Susan Walter 35:09
No, it's not. Yeah. You know, family members are not always from your same assault your actual soul group. You don't always have that connection to them.

Alex Ferrari 35:20
And can you talk? Can you mentioned soul group? Can you just explain to people what a soul group is? For those who don't know?

Susan Walter 35:27
It's the voice. I understand it now. I could be wrong. Yes. The way I understand it, it's like, groups of souls that were like, created at the same moment, or the same second, the same exhale, they were they were clustered together in some way. So they feel more connected to each other. It can also be people that have, think more in the same patterns. So they're on this they exist in the same, their thought patterns are in the same frequency. Yeah, that all saying like attracts like. Yeah, that's really all about frequency. Yeah. Yeah, there's Yeah, like, if you have somebody that goes into one of those rooms, that's completely blocking all lights sound from everything from the exterior, you're still going to hear two things, you're still going to hear your own nervous system and your own heart, meaning that nervous systems because it puts off your nerves actually puts off a frequency. So when you say somebody gets on your nerves, they really do because your frequencies are so different, that they don't, you know, communication can be difficult. Yeah, you're just you think completely differently.

Alex Ferrari 36:52
But with frequencies from my understanding, is that like you said, frequencies, like attracts like, in our life, as we evolve and change and grow our frequency hopefully goes up.

Susan Walter 37:08
Yeah, it speeds you know, I think of it is faster, slower, more than higher, lower. I think that's more accurate. A more accurate description

Alex Ferrari 37:16
For for frequency, but it's vibration the same. I think vibration goes up and down.

Susan Walter 37:23
It's that I think of them as pretty much the same thing.

Alex Ferrari 37:26
Got it. So speeding up, Potato, potato, it's speeding up or going up and down. It's there's a difference in, in, in tone, if you will.

Susan Walter 37:35
And yeah, I just like I think the description is more accurate and faster, slower,

Alex Ferrari 37:39
Got it. So slower, would be more of a primal, lower used. score would be lower, and higher would be so something like hey, anger, fear has a charge to it. Right? love, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, has different connect different connected vibe to it, if you will.

Susan Walter 38:05
Right. And yeah, and that's a those are faster frequencies.

Alex Ferrari 38:09
So when you meet certain people, like, you know, when you meet very highly evolved spiritual beings, if you're in the room with the Dalai Lama, let's say or someone along those lines of just us a bit lack of a better or Mother Teresa, you would feel the difference. And I've been in the rooms with some of these beaten that those specific people, but been in the room with these kinds of people before and you definitely can't put your finger on it, honestly of what the thing is there. And then you could also meet someone who's, you know, very dark, and toxic. We've all met toxic people in our lives. And it's our own toxicity that they're dealing with when you meet them. You just got who I don't want to be around this person.

Susan Walter 38:58
Yeah, people that like say drama, for example.

Alex Ferrari 39:01
Oh, that love the drop the drama, please. Yes, the drama queens, you just want to bring you suck you into their drama, to create this kind of toxic environment. It's, it's fairly very fascinating. So I want to ask you as well, what is the biggest lesson you've picked up from your near death experience from this, this whole journey that you've been on so far? Because it seems pretty extraordinary what you're going through.

Susan Walter 39:27
And I think for me, it's that I've really, honestly put more weight on the spiritual than I do on the physical as a result of my experience. Sometimes that has served me very, very well. Other times it's made life a little more difficult, at least as far as the 3d reality. Right? Yeah. Because yeah, sometimes things like finances can be a little more difficult understanding how that works, because that's a very 3d structure a very 3d way of looking at life and things. Yeah. And sometimes I'm I'm not very good at that part. So, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 40:11
You're an artist. So there's that.

Susan Walter 40:13
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, the brains are wired a little bit differently.

Alex Ferrari 40:18
No question. I understand. I'm an artist. I've been blessed with a little bit of a business side as well in the art world. But you asked me to do some accounting and forget about it. I'm done. I don't want that's just not the way I'm wired. I can't, I can't do it. I can't I can't. I understand completely.

Susan Walter 40:36
Yeah, I have an accountant for a reason.

Alex Ferrari 40:38
Absolutely, you definitely do. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of a good life?

Susan Walter 40:49
Family, friends, connections, making connections with other people? Yeah, feeling. Those heart connection, I think are some of the most important parts of life.

Alex Ferrari 41:02
What is your mission in this life?

Susan Walter 41:06
Connecting others with the Divine and helping people realize that there's more to life than what we can physically touch.

Alex Ferrari 41:14
And what is the ultimate purpose of life? Love to have it always comes down to love, doesn't it? Dance? It is the highest form of any expression that we do is love.

Susan Walter 41:32
Yeah, that's the fastest frequency. With at least from our perspective.

Alex Ferrari 41:40
Exactly, exactly. Now, where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing? Um,

Susan Walter 41:45
I have a website, I can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Alex Ferrari 41:57
Susan, thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you and the work that you're doing. And I thank you for sharing your journey and your life story with us. I appreciate it.

Susan Walter 42:07
Thank you for having me.

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