Clinically Dead Man Shown Creation Blueprint & The Quantum World (NDE) with Steven Noack

Amid the vibrant symphony of life, we often find ourselves tuning into the resonant frequencies of others’ experiences. On today’s episode, we welcome Steven Noack, a remarkable soul who has danced with the ethereal realms and returned with profound wisdom. Steven’s journey is not merely one of survival but a transformative odyssey that reveals the limitless potential within each of us.

Steven Noack’s life was marked by tumult from a young age. At just four years old, he encountered a near-fatal accident that propelled him into an extraordinary experience. He recalls, “I was able to generate a charge, and then send this charge with my mind to another person basically sending photons.” This moment was a pivotal point, a threshold between the mundane and the mystical. As Steven lay unconscious, he found himself in the presence of a luminous being, a hooded figure of light, who imparted messages of cosmic significance.

The early years of Steven’s life were fraught with struggles, yet these challenges served as the crucible for his later enlightenment. He described a childhood marred by neglect and hardship, a backdrop that starkly contrasted with the celestial visions he experienced. Despite the turmoil, Steven emerged with a deep-seated conviction: if he could overcome his past, so could others. This realization became the cornerstone of his life’s mission.

Steven’s near-death experience wasn’t his last brush with the otherworldly. In his thirties, another severe accident reopened the floodgates of his memories and expanded his psychic abilities. He began to perceive and interact with the quantum field, understanding it as a universal blueprint where all possibilities reside. “It’s a universal field theory, where all fields exist within the quantum field, up to a zero point,” he explains. This awareness allowed Steven to harness and direct healing energies, not only for himself but for others as well.

In this profound conversation, we explore Steven’s insights into the nature of reality, the power of love, and the significance of the quantum field. His experiences underscore the idea that we are all interconnected, and our thoughts and emotions play a critical role in shaping our reality. Steven emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high vibrational state, suggesting practices such as breathwork, meditation, and nature immersion to achieve this.


  1. Embrace Your Inner Power: Steven’s journey illustrates the immense power within us. By believing in our ability to heal and transform, we can overcome any obstacle.
  2. Connect with the Quantum Field: Understanding and tapping into the quantum field can enhance our capacity to manifest and heal. It’s about aligning our mind, heart, and body.
  3. The Energy of Love: Love is the highest frequency. By embodying and radiating love, we can positively impact ourselves and the world around us.

As our conversation with Steven Noack draws to a close, we are left with a profound sense of wonder and inspiration. His experiences remind us that even in the face of adversity, we have the power to transcend and transform. By tuning into the higher frequencies of love and connection, we can navigate the complexities of life with grace and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Steven Noack.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 223

Steven Noack 0:00
And most people's filter that blocks them from what they really are. I was able to generate a charge, and then send this charge with my mind to another person basically sending photons.

Alex Ferrari 0:25
I'd like to welcome to show Steven Noack. How you doing Steve?

Steven Noack 0:28
How's it going?

Alex Ferrari 0:29
Thank you so much for coming on the show, man. I appreciate it.

Steven Noack 0:32
I appreciate you having me. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
And they are unique ones to booth Sir, they are there, you've definitely walked a little bit outside the box path, as they say. So tell me before we get to your near death experiences. What was your life like prior to those?

Steven Noack 0:51
Well, I would say the first one was that for so I mean, the whole thing has been pretty rocky up until like the 30s. At four years old, when I had it, I couldn't fully recall what happened. I knew something else had happened other than Hey, you're hurt, you're fine. But I couldn't no matter how hard I tried to remember, I couldn't remember what so I live generally normal and got that education from the dark, you know, you're talking addiction, you're talking, abandonment, and all the things that just seem to not up into something I could could not be undone myself. But at that way, parents you know, broke up. Mom's out at the bar and you're waking up in the middle of the night in the dark, and nobody's around. So you're crossing the street to go to the neighbors and and just the things I guess people would deem neglectful. I'm really thankful though, that I went through it all because it made me who I am. And it made me so that I have this firm knowing that if I can do it, you can do you know, without that I wouldn't have I wouldn't have done it. But yeah, a lot of addiction to cope with my emotions, the physical pain, from the numerous car accidents I had had. And, gosh, just a shell of a man, I would say looking at myself.

Alex Ferrari 2:14
Wow, man, so So tell me about your first near death experience when you're four.

Steven Noack 2:17
I'm four years old, and I'm in a driveway of a neighbor's across the street from my house. My brother's calling to me to come over, getting ready to go to the mall. Big thing. So I shoot down the driveway in between two parked cars. And there's another car coming which of course I can't see. And we collide. I go under the car. My big wheel, I was on a plastic big wheel. Tricycle that's like in solid, solid construction, solid destruction. Yeah. Great, 70s memorabilia. So I'm on that and I go under the car, my big wheel goes under the car, the big wheel gets wedged under the back tire, which actually saved me what I was told from going under the tire. I remember, a blur. And then I remember seeing myself it was like a blur. And then I'm looking at myself and I see my eyes roll in the back of my head and then everything, like a movie sort of fades to black. And then it opens up again. And I'm sitting with someone who I think is someone you know, I'm leaning to my side, sort of like this, and I have my head down. And I'm feeling someone so like, Who is this? What's going on? You know, I opened my eyes and that the first first time I opened my eyes, first thing I see is hair. And its hair that's like silver, white, almost luminescent. Like, we don't have colors for it here. It's hard to describe. And it's almost touching the ground. And I catch a glimpse of the bottom of what I think to be like bathrobe or robe. And then I turn to see who that says. And it's a hooded figure of light that has no face there's only light where the face should be They said my name. They said you were in an accident. Everything's gonna be alright. And as we're talking I'm realizing okay, we're not moving our miles but we're talking so part of me is like in the distance trying to figure out what's happening. Part of me is engaging in the conversation. And I'm becoming aware of like a couple little things here or there. And as we're speaking and they begin to tell me you have more to do your you can't go yet as you're speaking I'm being pulled into this beings face and I feel like you know I'm lifting when I think about it I feel like I'm lifting even now today and what I like it opens up into a picture and what I see in this beings face is what I can only describe as what we would say heaven should look like it was beautiful. There are so many colors that We don't have here and the colors were alive, they were breathing, everything was alive. And there were their seniors there, there were kids, flowers typical picture as nature view. And I could feel that their laughter and their emotions or life, and they had a life of their own. And instantly, as soon as I felt that, I was hit with the feeling of knowing there's no pain there, there's no misery, there's no suffering, and I want it to go. And then that's, that's when they're like, Well, we have something else to show you. And instantly, I'm in this other place that looks like a looks like a blueprint. If any of your listeners are you have seen a blueprint with a building drawn on it, that's exactly what it looked like. It was like I was seeing material reality. But it wasn't real anymore. And I was seeing the structure behind the energetic structure that formulated or gave the direction.

Alex Ferrari 6:02
Yeah, the code behind the matrix.

Steven Noack 6:05
Yeah, and some CNS, and they begin, they begin with me and like a wagon wheel is like the center of a wagon wheels, all I can describe are medicine wheel. And in the center, I'm like seeing this and in it. So in, in the center, they're showing me your pure love, as you come down into this body. And as you go through your life, you're spending your energy to experience reality. On an emotional level, you're exchanging energies with people, places and things. And these are contained and kind of imprinted or placed in this field. And then this is what helps give you the exchange through your energy centers. And they're going they're showing me a little bit. And they're showing me like a movie screen, and it had all these memories, like, all around almost like you're looking at a bunch of TVs acceptable all around me. And then they're explaining to me this extension, the spoke of the wheel is your agreement to co create a reality you're going to live through in your nervous system, that's going to be a reality, you're going to create it and and live it through for whatever it is. But they were keen to speak the power as a creator. And for us to be aware of our connection and how powerful we are. And that everything is created through the heart. And what you contain in the heart is what's going to create your world and your reality. They spoke about I don't know should I touch on enters energy harvesting. Yeah, please. Ascension. They spoke about a time period on the planet where humanity is going to need to evolve its spirit to survive. expand into more of a divine higher self consciousness that breeds more compassion, unity and oneness, rather than suffer separation, war and suffering. They said they would be back for that. And, you know, I'm like, as I'm watching these memories as I gained access to them, and feeling them unlike, you know, I wasn't convinced. And then sure enough, you know, they came back. So they talked about so many different things. They showed me a file, almost it was like each person held their own personal blueprint, and some some spiritualist called Akashic records. A lot of this, literally, I was thrown into a lot of this as a skeptic, and had to figure it out and put pieces together. But to me, what they showed was that we were a lot like a computer. And our subconscious mind will store programs that we do not process or filter or express. And it also gets stored in conjunction with our cellular memory. That's the physical link. So it's working between the two. So they showed me this imprint or blueprint that was contained in the quantum field, for lack of a better word, I'm sure it's called something we don't understand. But they told me everybody has this imprint. It's perfect. It's the image of God you were made and the image of your Creator is always here for you. That's like a failsafe you have to claim it with your heart and your free will and you have to learn it and allow it to integrate with you. And as you identify yourself as this and you integrate this as your healing. This is your rising this is all the things that you seek to fill yourself in the world with this will fill you with so there they were definitely really strong to have a understand that and understand it at a technical level that like look at your inputs and outputs and the type of data you have in your system, what your digest, inputting what you're placing out of you, because energy is going to cycle through your system. But you don't have to attach it to the outside world, right? You don't have to attach that to the outside world, even if it's cycle. They were strong to preach, you are the identity of love, as an energy having a human experience, you have no label. And this freed me as I as I began to believe it, and embody it, it freed me from the need to people, please, the need for approval to seek all these things that I saw in my childhood, when I identified myself as that. And that's the process to allow yourself to believe it.

Alex Ferrari 10:55
Let me just stop you for a second. Is this all happening in this first near death experience when you're four?

Steven Noack 11:01
That was mostly everything from my first death. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 11:05
So how did you process this? Will you still looking through the eyes of a four year old or something different?

Steven Noack 11:13
No, I wasn't able to until I was in like my 30s. That's when they came back, the voice came back. And then that's when everything opened in my head and able to access what had happened.

Alex Ferrari 11:23
Oh, so in other words, when you were four, this was all kind of downloaded into the back of your head, if you will. And you just held on to it. You didn't remember any of this.

Steven Noack 11:31
I as hard as I tried to remember. Like I was saying in the beginning, I knew something happened. That That wasn't normal. But I couldn't remember what it's like trying to remember what you had for breakfast last or dreams or a dream was Yeah, yeah, dream. Exactly. So the second near death was when I flipped. I wouldn't say it was a clinical like the last one. But it was really bad.

Alex Ferrari 11:55
Ohh real quick, real quick on that last one. Did you leave? How did you come back?

Steven Noack 12:00
I was just woke up and I had toys.

Alex Ferrari 12:03
And you just were just kind of sucked back in.

Steven Noack 12:05
Yeah, it was like, gone back in and woke up and had toys, after they had given me all this education about energy harvesting, about beings that exist in realms that we can't see that are just made up of this energy and they want to survive. So they're gonna cycle through humanity, humanity and push them into a lower want to keep them in a lower state of being, like humanity not being aware of it, ascension. They also taught me about the Trinity being a circuit of energy, three points that we can connect, to form a field around us and have ourselves expand. So it was like, they gave me a lot of the technical stuff behind things. And I didn't really have the religion, I wasn't raised religious, I never went to church. So as I'm experiencing this, and it's starting to come out the second time when I'm in my 30s. So this is when it really gets crazy. You could say, I have the car accident, I'm unconscious, I go in for surgery, I wake up, I want to leave. And I don't know why. But I had to get out of there. I hadn't had any medication yet or anything. So I was like, I'm leaving. And sure enough, as I had this overwhelming anxiety, I mean, the worst I've ever had in my life. And I didn't have anxiety. All of a sudden, this piece hits me, from head to toe. It's like somebody's wrapped me in a burrito of love. And there was the voice again. And it said, Steven, you were in an accident, everything's gonna be alright. And I was like, holy, you know, I don't want to swear on your show. But I instantly recognize the voice. And then all of a sudden, that's when all these visions started. All these energies passing through me. It was like something had opened up. And the false part of me was now creating polarity with that higher energy. And I was beginning to alchemize and transmute, and I didn't really understand it, in order to integrate this other energy into my system. So I went back to work, started to hear people's thoughts. I started to, like, clap out loud, start crying. Just crazy psychic stuff. I went, I went to lunch break one day, and I walked into a store and I had witnessed something happen. I will never forget this kid standing in line, asked his father, if he could get something and then he went back in line. And then he did it again. And I remember it being the same exact thing like that was weird. And he didn't have a second one. He only asked for one. So I'm back into my car. I start the car. And they're talking to a woman on the radio and she won a contest. They're talking about the answer, blah, blah, blah, and all of a sudden, click. The phone's ringing. On the radio, and it's the woman and they're asking her the question, and I'm like, I just heard this, I know the answer. So at that poll moment, I considered checking myself into the hospital, I started to go to every church, I could find, no matter the denomination, to see who I could talk to, how do you not know? And I instantly knew there's a war, a spiritual war for our energy of going on, for our emotions. And then that was the real gold here. And I'm telling talking to these people in general, how do you not notice this going on, it was like, I could feel it so intently, and I had such a passion about it. My feelings towards all these people, sort of, okay, having hurt Earth experience, but not being able to free themselves from it and being kept down. And just all this stuff I wasn't aware of, of course, quantum physics, and talking about quantum physics all the time, God, never went to school and never went to church. So my family wanted me to see a shrink. They kind of, you know, black sheep to me. And it was good. It was what I needed, because I needed to break away to start activating my neural pathways, rewiring my brain neural plasticity, and begin connecting that to this image and strengthen that and the knowing in myself. So that I could give people whatever I had whatever I learn.

Alex Ferrari 16:28
So when you went back the second time, this is when all they kind of just really want reminded you of everything, or did you experience something new in there as well?

Steven Noack 16:38
No, it was it was entirely different. It was feeling it and walking through it, as opposed to at four, of course, I'm not experiencing all these psychic things, and spirits, and and all that, because I woke up to spirits and silhouettes and energies around me, it was almost like I was getting a glimpse into the field. And to go back to the medicine wheel, and projections, I woke up to that as well. And it was, for a brief time, probably about a month, I was able to see my quantum projections moving around in reality, and I was able to see and discern what type of energy they were made out of whether it was lower or higher, then conversation began. Because at first I thought they were spirits. And it took me a while to figure out notices inside he is not outside of you. And so that's when I began to change my energy, my frequency and my habits and my patterns. And then that expanded. That's when angels came in. And they kind of I started to realize that too, I sat with in my NDA II. They also explained that they were inside every single human being that nobody's special here, that they're there to access. When, when you want to achieve that frequency and kind of integrate. And they were clear, humanity's both demon and Angel, who have a choice. And what we're seeing on the planet today speaks a lot about the charge, people are storing within their cellular memory. And it's called neural hijacking. That's the neuroscience neuroscience term. It's when your emotions are so much they override your rational thought. And these people need to discharge that charge the anger, anxiety, build a lot of tall chart. And, you know, we see with the acts of humanity today, so they were clear to say your angel and demon. It's up to you which one to be.

Alex Ferrari 18:35
But there is there does seem to be more of a spiritual awakening happening now than ever before. Would you agree?

Steven Noack 18:42
Absolutely. Yeah, I feel like it's definitely being pushed along by energies. And you can definitely feel the polarity on the planet, of course, subjects and topics. And I think there's so much to learn from contrast, without contrast, we wouldn't be here. Without contrast, we wouldn't exist as matter, positive and negative. But we need to learn how to process it. And that's the thing we're missing how to process our own nervous system and the things we're storing there as data. Because after a while, you buy a computer at the store, you take it home, runs great for the first year or two. After storage of that data for a few years. It's going to be a little wonky processing and we have the ability to self cleanse self process all this lower energy out of us just don't know it, you know, oh, people are coming into it. Yes, but I think the rising energies on the planet there's a lot more beings that are coming here to assist through willing you know, channels to help people with knowledge and just remember what they are because your love already, as soon as you feel that and you embody that. That's your healing. If you can't feel that, then you want to eliminate that doubt, you want to integrate with that, that you are loved as the energy. And that's it.

Alex Ferrari 20:07
So you mentioned the quantum field a few times, can you explain what the quantum field is to people who don't understand it.

Steven Noack 20:14
It's a universal field theory, or all things, kind of exists within this, this quantum field. It's not limited by time, or space. To me, it took me a while to learn about it, it was something I experienced and then had to come into. For me, I understand it a little differently. It's like a blueprint, it's a building structure that we can send energy to, and create our reality. But it's known as the universal field theory, where all fields exist within the quantum field, up to a zero point. And then when you talk to zero point, you're talking about vacuum energy, and other quantum mechanics. So it's a universal field where all things are tied together.

Alex Ferrari 21:06
So it seems to me from that explanation that it's kind of like, hold, and you're the programmer of that code, and you can kind of create whatever program, you want to display the reality that you would want to choose to be. And you're doing this mostly on a subconscious level until you are made aware of it consciously. And that's kind of where the, the the seed of an idea like the law of attraction, which has been misunderstood so much, but when that movie, The Secret came out, it was the beginning of a conversation about this kind of like, co creation idea, at least in a mass way that I can remember, is that fair?

Steven Noack 21:51
Yeah, absolutely. First, you need the awareness. And then you need the implementation, you know, and it's like, people are becoming more and more aware. To bridge the gap, what helps for me with working with others, and the changes that I could cause in their system, and healing and whatnot, was the knowing, and I just spent time working with the feeling of the knowing. And what I mean by that is, humans, people instinctively know waters wet, you know, fires hot, why don't you know your love? Why don't you know this is healing, and work on bridging the gap between that. So you want to hold that feeling of knowing that this is already finished, and wonder what it is you're asking for, fully, and eliminate any unbelief until your body feels it. mind, heart, body, that's the physical. So they want to use your mind and your heart basically, to complete a signal into the physical, to have your body feel it. And that's when you begin to manifest really magnetize and manifest.

Alex Ferrari 22:57
Now, in regards to quantum healing, which is something that I've heard a lot of like quantum integration medicine and kind of quantum healing, energy healing, can you kind of talk us through a little bit of what that is? And how it can? How can we kind of tap into that?

Steven Noack 23:14
Sure. I can't say what quantum means. Quantum healing means for everybody, because there's so many practitioners and different things. I can say, for me. Having gone there, I It seemed that it left me with something. And once I was able to uncover that through my own shadow, which was the filter that blocked me, and most people's filter that blocks them from what they really are, I was able to generate a charge, and then send this charge with my mind to another person basically sending photons. And photons can be exchanged without any loss of distance, or time they're instant. Then there's experiments out there, you know, science, real science experiments, where they're sending photons to another space and time entangling. Yeah, you know, quantum entanglement. So I'm able to generate a large enough charge, because I've really worked on this and purified myself to allow this embodiment, I'm able to generate a large enough charge within my system of love. Because I know 100% Without a doubt that I am that and I know what it feels like. And then with my mind, I can send that to them and then their, their photons, their energy field begins vibrating at that rate of love. But what I'm really doing is imprinting them with their higher self, okay, I'm helping them fire these synapses of love. And now we're creating a structure. That structure is your higher self, that's your identity. And so I'm just kind of helping them integrate in and by Adding more of that, and then that, as these other energies, begin to feel that the charge and cellular memory, that negative charge starts to come together. And this creates what's known as action potential creates a threshold on the nervous system, the ion gates begin to open, the negative charge begins to come out. And then that's where a lot of our diseases or illnesses and pain is stored, as well as experiences. You know, so quantum to me, just means instant, you know, instant realization,

Alex Ferrari 25:35
And speaking of realization, then, you know, I always try to, from the, the knowledge I've been able to, to grab on to throughout my life, I try to, you know, connect things. And as being a host of this show that I've talked to so many different people in this fields, and multiple fields, from quantum mechanics or quantum physicists to you know, near death experiences to spiritual teachers, it seems to me that you said something was really interesting, I want to dig into that the shadow blocks you. Shadow is your pain, your fear, your you know, things you hold on to all this kind of stuff that you got to work out, to be able to see who you truly are. When you said that, that sounded to me going through the yogic philosophy of an Ascended Master, where you, once you release all of that and you become love, you are reminded of who you are, and you find quote, unquote, enlightenment, you are connected to source at that point. And people like Yogananda or Jesus or Buddha or these kinds of people who walked the earth, got to that place and understood who they were to be able to, then that's why they can Jesus was able to spontaneously heal people. And because he, they all became kind of Neo. In the matrix, they were able to completely manipulate the environment and things around at a level that we can't understand. Because we're not Neo, but we're all capable of becoming Neo, from the matrix. If you guys haven't seen The Matrix, please go watch it. But But is that a fair kind of analogy of what I'm trying?

Steven Noack 27:12
What I would say. Yeah, I say I say most certainly, since all atoms and molecules are the same. And the only thing that's difference is density and frequency. I would say they absolutely were three structuring matter, since it's not solid,

Alex Ferrari 27:28
Within themselves and within others.

Steven Noack 27:30
Yeah, absolutely. And spent many years to really figure themselves out first. And that will, that's what helped me was putting in the time with myself spending my days, strengthening my charge. And I learned that if I want to get anywhere, I have to build a charge. And I can't keep introducing these lower charges, and sending out these lower charges, because they're gonna keep me in a lower space. So I just wanted to build those higher charges and higher charges. Now it doesn't mean you have to be all puppies and kittens. It just means treat yourself as a sacred sovereign being and understand and be aware of what you choose as spiritual food.

Alex Ferrari 28:09
And is that one of the reasons why when you go into nature, or you're at the beach, or in the waves or something or around animals, there's this energy that you feel especially a surfer surfers call it that high, that they feel when they're running with the waves and they're on the beach, there seems to be a charge of energy around the beach, very healing energy around the beach, about around being grounded to the ground of the earth. Japanese culture calls it nature bathing, which is a thing where you just walk around nature and just bathe in it. Oh, yeah.

Steven Noack 28:46
Positive ions. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 28:47
Right. Is that so? Are we kind of talking in the same similar world?

Steven Noack 28:52
So when I walk out into nature, I have no pain. I have no worries, I'm home. And it's because I was in that that zero point, totally unattached. I knew I was part of everything. And that's kind of my aim when I work with myself or people is to bring them to that zero point. But yes, we are a part of that energy. We are made of the same elements made up of all the same energy and realizing that brings us back into that rhythm of peace. That rhythm of surrender, acceptance, receiving and flow. You know, when you when you try to fight the natural world and humans seem to be the only ones that want to live faster than nature. They have hiccups. But yeah, I agree.

Alex Ferrari 29:38
And the vibration of love is so much higher than the vibration of anger or fear or hate. And you could feel it within yourself when you're angry. Just sends how you feel. But when you're in love, or you like that first puppy love when you're when you're a kid or you're around your children No, you're around your, your significant other, the love that you're an animal, the love that you feel you feel higher, you feel lighter in many ways, correct?

Steven Noack 30:11
Yeah, you instinctively know the difference between heavy and light, you know, it's just you have to make a choice, you know, it's like, we're not going to get everything we want. In this world. A real power isn't what we attached to. You know, as soon as I attach my identity to this, I become it becomes me. And that's why I'm really firmly preach that my only identity is the energy of love, I'm having a human experience, I've may feel these feelings, but I am not that feeling itself, it will pass through my system, and I will reconnect. But yeah, that heavy and that light is such a difference in density and weight in the quantum emission journey generated by our thoughts. And naturally, these thoughts sometimes for us will run in patterns and have us repeating behavior. And that pattern has been solidified through a consistent synapse, fired over and over and over again. But if you connect, then you begin to enlighten yourself, your nervous system, as you say, with love, because that's enlightening the neural pathways with neurons higher, then you can use that charge to command a lot of these old programs from childhood from, from addiction to behavior out. But you kind of want to connect and embody the charge First, give yourself time, you know, everybody needs that time.

Alex Ferrari 31:37
In also, you said something interesting, too, is that we all go through negative stuff in this world, bad and good are very, depends on your point of view, what's good and what's bad, but let's just talk about not negative and positive, negative things that affect us or we perceive to be negatively affecting us, the core of disease and all the things that we go through is because we did not cycled through those feelings. And that energy, we held on to it. And it's what causes many of the diseases that we're struggling with, to this day, where, you know, medicine tries to heal it, but, and they could maybe take care of some of the symptoms, but at a certain point, if you don't take care of a core problem, like, you know, if you're angry about something that happened to you and your kid, you know, I heard that I've heard that from my relatives that like, Oh, my one of my relatives died of cancer. And they're like, oh, he was so angry. He'd like the anger killed him.

Steven Noack 32:42
And a lot of that with clients when they come to me with kids with cancer, because a lot of it is stuff to let go. I believe the energy is what forms these, these mutated cells. Because it's a nasty energy man. And working with people I've been able to feel and witnessed the type of entities that come out of them. I had one guy I worked with. He walked ran around the corners and started puking black goo, like, okay, that doesn't happen, everybody. But this stuff that we embody, and we identify with and take on, it's not ours to take on, and it's not worth it. A routine on how to cleanse ourselves. And it helped me to look at myself a lot like a computer, be mindful of the data, be mindful of the output, charge myself, things like that. That helped me.

Alex Ferrari 33:34
So does that also include the kind of media that we intake, whether it be social media, or news or negative stuff that comes in? Because after you watch the news, generally speaking, you don't feel good? Yeah, maybe after you watch a comedy, you know, or a sitcom or something that makes you laugh or you that's a higher energy level, then watching the news?

Steven Noack 33:56
Absolutely. And I go back to the Movie Monsters Inc. If you've ever as anybody's ever seen. Oh, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 34:01
Have Yeah, of course. Laughter Yeah. Fear. Yeah, that's powerful movie.

Steven Noack 34:06
Yeah, great movie. So the movie where these monsters come out from under the bed, and they harvest the energy of these kids. by scaring them? Well, by the end of the movie, they figure out laughter is more powerful. And yeah, for sure. News, everything what we put into our mind is going somewhere and if it's not expressed, because thoughts generate energy, so it's not that okay, I can't look at it. I can't do this. I can't do that. It's when be aware of yourself when you start to become attached to it. You know, in your emotions, and it's starting to really a passionate about it or things like that. It's okay to help and do things. But once you start attaching, again, your identity and your energy to it. Now you're asking for co creation, and to run a cycle with you As soon as I take this energy and place it outside,

Alex Ferrari 35:03
Right, so like when you're when you're saying that you're saying that when we consider ourselves a victim, and we play into that role, if you will, that energy, you're asking for the universe for the quantum field to go, okay? Alex wants to go through this now. So this is what I learned. Yeah, yeah, he wants to go through this. So we're gonna let them go through it. As opposed to an enlightened being a yogi, if you will, wouldn't even think about these things. And their co creation is completely different. Because they understand. They understand the matrix, they understand the code a bit more within themselves, and they understand how to process things. Because when you're human, you still need to you have an ego all you have to deal with ego, regardless of how enlightened or unenlightened you are. It's how you deal with that ego, and how you how you deal with the emotions that come up, because you're going to get angry, maybe, maybe, I don't know, because I'm not an enlightened being. But when we get to that place where you could, but I am just, I guess, to a certain point, but you know what I mean, I'm not, you know, I'm not an Ascended Master at this point in my life, or my evolution, but to the point where they just like, either laugh it off, or ignore it, because they just see the ridiculousness of the play that we're all in. We're all actors in this play. And they don't take it seriously. You know, because,

Steven Noack 36:32
ultimately, because, yeah, it's a play. Man, I hate to say that, because when you think about that, and I've had these discussions with clients and human suffering and things that go, Yeah, well, yeah. And unfortunately, we are the creators of this reality. And we have the responsibility. And we're supposed to be looking after each other like brothers and sisters, and we've had the instruction for 1000s of years. So we can't blame God. So I think for me, the more I embody the belief in holding this energy, and the more I, like, I'll wake up in the morning, and I'll say thank you to every single thing I can think of, you know, I'm not there for 15 minutes or anything, but thank you, God, thank you, God, I'm building a charge. And as I go out, this, this stronger charge is what enables me to not be taken in so many things. It enables me to just okay, well process that right out. Yeah, okay. Hey, that was a good install, I like it. That type of deal as opposed to attaching to it. And that because of my charge was was more lower, I may attach that and it's gonna make me mad. So I have to make sure my charge is correct and my state of being. And that should be the most important thing in everybody's life, just correct your state of being back to the feeling of love. And you don't need anybody else to do that you have activities, you have so many things you can do to generate this frequency that enlightens your system. But yes, you will be able to handle things a lot easier. And that doesn't say you don't get mad. It's just that you're able to process it quicker. The turnaround is quicker. What about one?

Alex Ferrari 38:15
Yeah, and that's something I've noticed that even in my own life, or something I would hold on to, sometimes weeks or months, have, has now turned into something that I might process in an hour or minutes, you know, where I would hold on and ruin my day or ruin my week, when I was younger. Now it you know, you just got it. And it kind of processes through you and it's not perfect, and you're not supposed to be perfect. We're all learning. This is a school, we're really just trying to try and figure it all out as we walk through. And that's again, one of the reasons why I do this show, is because as much as I'm trying to show everybody else watching the show, I'm learning myself on how to walk the path for me. And you're we're learning how to walk the path for you, and what you're here to do and so on. But

Steven Noack 39:05
Absolutely, I want to leave as love. We came as love. We want to have an experience with all the emotions, because no good story can be told with all highs. So you want to have it all. And then you want to return as love. And I think that's the idea.

Alex Ferrari 39:18
Well, the other thing is that, you know, you said that no good story has all highs. But that's true. And if we look at the structure of story, because I come from Hollywood, and I've worked in the business for a long time and I understand story structure. Without conflict, there's no story. You need conflict in order to make the story go without an obstacle for the hero or the heroine to overcome. It's boring. If they're just like home run home run home run home run home run. You know after the first two you're just like dude, is this nothing but when you like Oh give him a limp. Give him a He's he's dealing with alcohol abuse, and his wife left them. And, you know, if he doesn't hit this, if he doesn't hit this one where he's gonna get back sent back to the minors and all this stuff in that baseball analogy, it just throughout is all these things that make it more interesting than it is just like,

Steven Noack 40:19
Yeah, they draw you in like the human heart, you know,

Alex Ferrari 40:21
Because you're because you're drawn into it. So with that said, Then, and this is where the difficult part for people listening has to come in is that without those negative things that happen to us in life, we cannot grow. If in other words, if I know how to hit a baseball, a fastball, sorry for everyone who doesn't know baseball, there's two different pitches I'm going to talk about here, a baseball gets thrown and you hit it with a bat. If I learn how to hit a fastball, and every single time someone throws a fastball, no matter where it is, I can hit a homerun it gets boring after a while, but the second someone throws me a curveball for the first time I swiped I strike out, I now need to learn how to hit that ball that adversity, that thing that challenge. But with life, things that go you know, things that are horrific, like abuse, like, you know, the alcoholism, or drug drugs or things like that addiction that you have to deal with, or neglectful parents or being beat up or being bullied or all these things that are so horrible, are part of this process. And it's hard for people to understand that is that I'm sure you've run it,

Steven Noack 41:37
Yeah, I will try to make it easier for its data, as all it is, is energy and data. And when you come into a certain space within yourself, where you are more aligned, and you're able to look at it, it's it's wisdom, it becomes wisdom. And you wouldn't be where you are without those challenges. Without my challenges, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to everybody here. And similarly, on the show, I wouldn't be helping people, you know,

Alex Ferrari 42:09
If it wasn't for the stuff that I went through, or whatever done the show, I wouldn't have wanted to try to help people avoid a lot of the pitfalls that I fell into. You know, it's, it's,

Steven Noack 42:19
I think it's a mechanism of growth, too. Because as you're growing up, you know, you're not gonna have that reflective consciousness, you're not gonna have that awareness, you're just living life. And so, once you get to another point, you're able to have that reflection.

Alex Ferrari 42:34
You know, there's a guest that I had, which is such an amazing story, and I think is really, really appropriate for what we're talking about. She was young, she was in college, and she was raped by a group of guys. And she decided to, at that moment, forgive them. They caught the guys did not press charges, did not do anything, they were let free. Because she forgave them because she understood at that point, if I hold on to this isn't going to kill me. So she let go of it. 20 years later, one of the guys that raped her, ran into her. And he'd become a police officer. Because he was so distraught at what he had done. And he was so touched by what she did for him, that he's like, I'm gonna dedicate the rest of my life to saving people and helping people out. I get chills saying that story.

Steven Noack 43:29
Yeah, I just felt that go up my leg.

Alex Ferrari 43:31
Yeah, like, it's such a powerful story. And when she was on the show, she was just she said, he and then I was, you know, gangrape than this. And I'm like, I'm sorry, we could slow down for a second. What did you do? Because that's how she just, she had no connection to it. And now she's a doctor as well, and she helps people. But that lesson is so powerful. It is exactly what Jesus said, is is exactly what all these Ascended Masters

Steven Noack 43:55
I think they make the greatest stories too. Because pick and choose and the people like us, man,

Alex Ferrari 44:02
It's such a fascinating idea. But so for people listening who are going through tough times, you know, you can choose to get yourself out of it. In as much as it might be difficult to be out of it. There's always a choice. You know, if you're in an abusive relationship, like I was, for a little while, when I was younger, with a mobster, which is a whole other story. You choose to leave. And you can take it but there's always a choice. And you could figure out a way to get out of it. If you truly want to get out of it, and learn from it and grow from it and forgive the people and the things that are happening to you do that because it's going to be so much easier on you. If unless if you're holding on to all that anger and pain. You're just hurting yourself. It's it's one of those famous quotes from I don't know some famous sage somewhere. It's like when you hate someone it's like you're drinking poison because you're not hurting them with you hate.

Steven Noack 45:00
There's always two people involved. And that's why the masters are like, forgive. And if you can't forgive, what I tried to do is forgive the experience, okay? It happened. It's in the past, I forgive whatever was involved, I don't make it personal. But yeah. So with that, without that energy, that contrast, it wouldn't transform us in a different way.

Alex Ferrari 45:25
And that's the point of this whole thing, because on the other side, there is no contrast.

Steven Noack 45:29
And people, you know, the more you spend time connecting to your Creator, to who you are, and however you recognize, it doesn't have to be in anybody's way. But it should reflect love, than the easier it is to move forward with those decisions of growth, because the only thing that's never going to change is change. So you want to enable yourself to kind of go with it. And embodying that energy and strengthening your connection using your neural pathways. Connecting to love as an energy is what's going to help you stay out of those situations as well as move out of them.

Alex Ferrari 46:06
Do you have any other advice for people listening on how they can kind of tap into that quantum field, whether it be with breathwork, whether it be with, you know, certain things that you can do on a personal standpoint, to connect more to that I mean, I meditate very heavily. And I feel that I connect to those things that you recharge when you meditate, like there's a yeah, there's a building of charge when you meditate, and I suppose you're after, right? And I feel it too. Sometimes, like, Man, I got it. I gotta take an hour, I gotta go, I just gotta go. Because I'm just waiting. Then when I get done with a deep meditation, I feel

Steven Noack 46:45

Alex Ferrari 46:47
I feel better.

Steven Noack 46:47
I'm the same way I do. Like, I know exactly. When I need to go out in nature, I know exactly when I need to do this. I'm a big advocate. And yes, breath. breathwork is super important. Drawing that energy up, imagining like a tree expanding into your chest, as you're commanding your consciousness, okay, I'm a big advocate of taking control of this space, and nothing being outside of me. So I will speak to any energies that are in me whether it's a disease, and I'm saying this for people disease, ailment, injury, any lower energy, I will speak directly to, and it will obey me, because I have the charge to make it so. So I will speak to my cellular memory. I command, you know, all say the memory to come together as one because it's spread out in all of our cells, you want it to come together. And this starts to create alchemy and polarity. And then you tell it directly, you know, it could be I just worked with somebody who had cancer yesterday, we're speaking to the cancer directly, you are no longer welcome here, all your frequencies, all your energies, all your densities, are now bound not only to the Christ, but the Law of One the singularity of love. So we're kind of, because that exists within us. We're trying to tie everything together there to allow his system to heal. And as we're doing this, he's having spasm in his stomach as these discharges are beginning to come together. So speaking, that these lower energies are no longer welcome. Taking that space, and making it sacred in your mind, and then feeling in your body. Because when you feel this is my sacred space, and you start to look at it that way. You embody it, you no longer allow the stuff you used to allow, possibly, and you also no longer create the things you used to create. You also gain awareness by embodying this energy and all these other things, speaking to your injuries, speaking to your ailments, to leave firmly, and then working on knowing that they're gone. The same way, you know, the dog needs to go out the same way, you know, waters, hot fires wet and make it simple. And once you complete that with your mind, your heart and your body is able to feel that then you're healing. So commanding, I'm a big, big advocate of speaking,

Alex Ferrari 49:16
And everything you just said essentially, at the basic, the basic, the basic level is the placebo effect in many ways. If you believe, yeah, you're going to be healed, you get healed it regardless of any other woowoo spiritual stuff that we might be talking about the placebo effect still, the medical community doesn't understand it. They don't like it. It doesn't fit in their box. But yet it is an extremely powerful, powerful tool in healing, but you need to have a belief in it. So it's the mind it's the mind

Steven Noack 49:46
And mind heart coherence. You want to practice mind heart coherence exercise, because you're have a quantum generator in your chest. You can generate quantum energy, but you want to connect your mind to and witness how powerful you are

Alex Ferrari 50:02
My friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show, I'm going to ask you a few questions I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Steven Noack 50:10
Living a good life to me would be, would be feeling light. And in a state of being of unattached bliss. And I think I'm able to do that for most of the time, it doesn't matter to me the possession doesn't matter to me the money, I don't care, I care that my state of being is love, and I feel clean. What is your definition of God? My definition of God is everything, all things, but also a creative power that can mirror our well, and what we want to create both positive or negative, embodiment and physicality.

Alex Ferrari 50:43
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Steven Noack 50:46
I think, for me to just leave clean, I can't speak for anybody else, I would say for me to leave whole and clean and leave no pieces behind. And when they think of me, you know, whether it be clients I work with, or I want them to think of how I brought them to him, to their Christ that exists within their heart.

Alex Ferrari 51:05
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Steven Noack 51:08
You can reach me through You can also email me at I started off as a Reiki practitioner. So and then as I got more into it, who I was, I'm here.

Alex Ferrari 51:28
And do you have any final words for our audience?

Steven Noack 51:30
Yeah, just go out there and be love. Have your authentic expression. Nobody else needs to give you approval for that. As long as it's not harming anyone, be yourself and show people that they're also safe to do so.

Alex Ferrari 51:44
My friend, I appreciate you sharing your journey with us and for the work that you're doing to help people around the world my friend, thank you again so so much!

Steven Noack 51:51
Thank you!

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