Woman DIES in HORRIFIC Crash, Shown Purpose of LIFE By COUNCIL of LIGHT BEINGS (NDE) with Shawna Ristic

Highly intuitive as a child, Shawna Ristic grew up in a more traditional world that valued reason and physical experiences and discredited her more paranormal experiences, causing her to lose her deep connection and ability to trust her intuition.

A catastrophic car accident at the age of 19 changed the course of her life. Shawna had a near-death experience (NDE) and was in a coma for several weeks. During the NDE, She awakened to the love that is the fabric of everything, a vibration that holds everything and is the essence of each of us. She was introduced to a group of light beings from the other side that shared many messages with her. She later came to know them as the Council.

Upon awakening from the coma, it was as though Shawna’s 6th sense, the intuitive felt sense, had been blasted back open as well as a strong desire to help others heal and find their way back to the Truth she had experienced. Her renewed psychic awareness and new understanding of the world would facilitate her work from this point forward.

Guided towards massage as her chosen modality for helping others heal and channel her psychic abilities, after more than 20 years of honing her skills in massage and anatomy, as well as training with shamans, intuitives, psychics and energy healers, Shawna’s work transforms her clients in incredible ways.

Upon moving to California in 2015, opportunities began to open that valued Shawna’s intuitive abilities as much as her hands on abilities. She now offers In-person Individual Private Sessions in Santa Cruz and Los Gatos, California and Distanced Intuitive Sessions worldwide through Zoom and phone.

Together, with her husband, author and spiritual teacher Nikola Anandamali Ristic, she offers group events and retreats in Santa Cruz, California.

At the request of her clients, Shawna has created and offers her exclusive workshop series Becoming Your Intuitive Self to help others connect more deeply with their true self and develop personal intuition through the use of vibrational awareness as a powerful tool to navigate their world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Shawna Ristic.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 289

Shawna Ristic 0:00
That whisper for about two weeks, you need to wear your seatbelt. So I put my seatbelt on, I'm assuming down the highway was going about 75 I think the speed limit was 60. At the point that might that was flying down the highway, going past a car, going over a bridge, and I was like, Okay, I need to call this guy and tell him I'm on my way. I'm not going to be late, but I'm gonna be really close. So some of you won't think I'm rocking. I'm not going to make it. He's going to wait for me. So I've been over the phone was in the floorboard of my passenger side of my car. So I'm like, Okay, well, I gotta go over this bridge, at least. And I gotta pass this car at least. And so I go over the bridge, and I'm just about past the car. So I think the seat belt off and I didn't know where to pick it up. And as I come up, I came close to hitting the cars passing. And so I swerved to miss. And what I think happened is that I fish tail. And then I think I thought I was going to pull over and catch my breath. Because that's kind of what I remember happening when I started coming out of the coma. And that's not what happened. I think what happened is that I, I noticed dived into the median. And then I flipped it over in across the medium, which was about like two lanes of traffic. And then I flipped it over and across the two lanes of traffic going the other direction. And then they found me about 40 feet from the car. base down turning blue just blood.

Alex Ferrari 1:25
Welcome to the show, Shawna Ristic, How you doing Shawna?

Shawna Ristic 1:28
Doing well, thank you. Thanks for having me here.

Alex Ferrari 1:30
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you sharing your your remarkable journey with us. And hopefully, this interview this conversation will bring some some healing some peace, some information to the world. So that's that's the goal of this anyway. Yeah. So my first question to you, my dear is before you had your near death experience, what was your life? Like? Were you a spiritual person? Were you religious?

Shawna Ristic 1:55
I wasn't very religious. I grew up in the Midwest, where Christianity was the main religion, and the main sort of concept of reality. And my family was not religious, they were more on the science sort of rational side. But I did go to church one for a summer when I was a kid, because I wanted to know what all this god stuff was about. And I realized pretty quickly as a Baptist church, and I realized pretty quickly that I wasn't God that I'm here because I had a pretty close relationship with this spirit thing. And you know, this, this, this guide, and wasn't the same one. So I kind of fished it away a little bit. And then I did have a lot of spiritual experiences. When I was a kid, I thought my house was haunted, and have a lot of doors shutting, seeing different disincarnate spirits are, you know, hearing this Deer Creek and doors rattling or different things like that. And then I set my parents on the couch and told them, you know, this is haunted, and I need some help. And they're like, oh, that's just the active imagination of a child. And I said, You just wait, you'll see. And at that moment, the doors the doorbell went off by itself in the attic and went off by itself. But of course, then the doorbell has shortened the fantas was turned off all the way, obviously. So you know, that made me really realize I didn't have a lot of support in this and whatever I was experiencing, and I really shut it down and tried to not experience those sorts of things anymore. Because I thought, you know, either I'm not safe. Or I'm, I'm cuckoo, or something. What's going on here? And. And then, like, I'd seen, like The Exorcist, and that pretty much, freaked me out and did me. And then I was really scared for a bunch of years. And I learned this technique. I don't want to see us, I don't want to see us. I don't want to see us.

Alex Ferrari 3:47
So, yeah, The Exorcist the didn't do anybody a favor in this world

Shawna Ristic 3:55
So but then, when I was getting into my, you know, high school years, I started modeling and was doing that sort of genre of work and in high school, and felt like I had really shut off a part of myself because of that fear. But I was still so afraid I hadn't really wanted to open it back up. And then after I graduated high school, I left home pretty quickly. Got a job as a bridal consultant at a mall. So I could still be modeling on the side, you know, kind of new curriculum, but I was in Kansas City, and that's not really a big at that point wasn't a real big hub for models, especially models that look a little more exotic like I do, right. And so it's kind of struggling with that and going to college, but not really sure why just because that's what you're supposed to do. And then I lost my job. And women in my class was like, I know how you can make some money and you got to be willing to do it. And I was like, I'll do it, whatever. And it was a strip bar. So I ended up working in a strip bar as a dancer for about a year and I thought it was a good idea because I was kind of fed up with it. You know, going out in the evenings and dealing with men, man handling and all of that, no offense, but was like, Well, hey, you know, at least I'm kind of benefiting from that. And thought it would be a way to make good money. And I could still leave and go and go seize and modeling and stuff like that. But then, you know, after a while of doing it, kinda got a little jaded, got a little fed up. And it really started changing me. So I thought I wanted out. And I was trying to find way out, I moved back home with my parents at that point, and was trying to figure it out. They didn't know what I did. I kind of like, wasn't really proud of it. And then, you know, I remember sitting at coffee one night with it with my close friend at that time. And I told him, I said, you know, I know I came here for a reason. I am sure I have, but this place is really hard. It's really hard here. And then when people treat each other, and I think I, when I renewed my contract, I just I just want to go just want to be done. And that was kind of just one of those things. You'd say, like, you know, 4am after working in a strip following night drinking coffee, or you know, in a in a breakfast shop. Maybe there's something that people

Alex Ferrari 6:15
No, you know what, look, listen, I've been in many Denny's at four o'clock in the morning in my early 20s. And things were said, I'm gonna say things are stupid things are said at four o'clock at a Denny's or an aisle. Right? So it's not, like, you know what, this is hard. I can overtake this contract, because I'm tired of this. And it's just kind of like a thing, you just kind of just kind of thing that flows out of your mouth, and you just don't even think about it. Right?

Shawna Ristic 6:42
Right. Right. Right. So I had, you know, I was kind of tainted the, or whatever, you know, and just, you know, basically, at that point, like in your 20s, you know, it's all about people want in your pants, you know, and I was like, Well, you know, I'm going out with these guys. And that's all they're wanting, and I got to work and at least they're paying me to see that, you know, I'm like, hey, you know, these guys are asking me to go on trips with them. Why don't I do that? You know, and that was just my working brain starting to rationalize that, at least I'd be getting something out of it. So I went on one trip. That was the end in fall of 93. And that was to Georgia, because Atlanta was an up and coming hub in the modeling industry at that point. So I thought, well, I'll just go I tell the guys only on the up and up no funny business, I get my own room. It's separate, you know, not? No, no funny business as well. And he just said, I'm just bored and lonely. And they just want company. Okay. So I'll just go to some groceries and go pick up some agencies. And then out there, and then, you know, when I was there it was he called me to his room when I was pretty clear, he had other plans. And then, you know, I kind of froze, and he was like, you don't want this, go back to your room. Like, gracefully escaped. And I was laying in my bed that night. And I was like, you know, quite doing here, how far am I really going to take this because this is going to be sold. And but if I you know, go through with this, this is really going to leave a mark that's going to really influence my relationships in my life from here on out. And I knew that, but I was kind of down this path. And I had another trip planned for Christmas Day. And with another client or customer and that one was a friend of the owner, but you know, like, how safe is that? It's a strip bar.

Alex Ferrari 8:38
You mean to tell me that the strip bar owners friends aren't reputable. Like?

Shawna Ristic 8:43
Nice guy. Right! So, so I fell asleep at night at night in bed. And I was really contemplating all this. And I don't know, do you know how like, sometimes you think you're gonna go somewhere like you think you're gonna go to the grocery store and you kind of imagine yourself go there. You walk through the path, yourself getting out and going? Well, I was like, Okay, let me just imagine what this trip to Minnesota is gonna look like Christmas day trip. And I couldn't imagine it. And I was like, why can't I imagine that? That's so weird. And I'm like, I can't even see myself getting well, okay. I can't even imagine myself going to the airport. I couldn't even imagine that. And I was like, wow, so I'm contemplating all of this as I fall asleep at night. And then I wake up in the middle of the night and I sit in bed, I'm like, holy cow. I'm going to be in a car accident, and it's going to be a miracle of I survived. And I was like, oh, so fulfilling prophecy. Don't even think that way. push that aside, put that aside for 10 aside and just, you know, get back to Kansas after that trip and, you know, then Christmas day arrived and that was the day for that Minnesota trip. And that's when the whole accident happened.

Alex Ferrari 9:49
Before we get to your your near death experience. I just want to kind of dig into just a little bit because this is something that so many of us do. And you know to a certain extent I've done it in other areas of my life, where you, you make you compromise yourself once, then you compromise yourself again. And then you start to rationalize, and you start to rationalize, and you start to ration with me it was it was making a movie with a mobster, one step here, another step there, all of a sudden, a year later, you're like, Oh, my God, am I in the mob? Like, my life has been threatened on a daily basis is this, but it's one of those things that you completely lose track of. And you and someone have told you that at the beginning, you were like, No way I'm going down this path

Shawna Ristic 10:38
I'm never gonna do that. Not me!

Alex Ferrari 10:40
Right. But then all of a sudden, because you just like, continuously rationalize and rationalize and rationalize, well, you know, it's gonna be okay. Well, at least I'm getting something. Same thing from

Shawna Ristic 10:55
You know, well, you know, it's not that big of a deal.

Alex Ferrari 10:57
For me, it was like, Oh, well, you know, I'm, I'm following my dream, and I'm meeting movie stars, but my life has been threatened to daily basis, but it's okay. And I'll just, I'm still alive. Right? I'm still alive, I'm young. So I just want people listening to that, that is a dangerous place to start walking when you start to compromise once and then twice. And that's in relationships, that's with the jobs. That's with every aspect of life, I just really wanted to focus that. And thank you so much for sharing that part of your life, because it's an important lesson for people to listen to, because especially younger people older too, but younger, specifically, we are dodo heads in our 20s.

Shawna Ristic 11:39
I think it's when we really, you know, let our mind and this rationalization, you know, and at that age, you know, that's when that's really kicking in, that's when we're starting to really develop it and cultivate our mind or ego mind or whatever you want to call that. Right and can eat it. Right. But we can get so caught up in the stories and the rationalizations that we forget to drop into who we really are. Because all of the messages are there. There's a big part of me that was like, this isn't gonna go so well. This is solid damage. What the hell are you doing? You know, I'm contemplating this, I'm sure you've been here. There's a part of you that was like, this isn't okay. Every day, we can't hear you. You know,

Alex Ferrari 12:15
You push it. The thing is you kind of push it aside. And you and it's yelling at you, It's yelling at you,

Shawna Ristic 12:22
What's your intuition and your soldiers your experience of I mean, whatever you want to call that it

Alex Ferrari 12:26
Somebody is somebody is yelling at you, and you get this instinct and this feeling. But you have such a the ego and the mind is so powerful at that place, to just silence is it and it's day to day and it's just it's a stop, stop. Nah, now it's not me stop that you're going down the road, but that it's okay. It's okay.

Shawna Ristic 12:44
I'll get those opportunities to start to listen.

Alex Ferrari 12:47
And it's one or the other, either. For me, it was something I you know, for you, it seems like it was a car accident. For me. It was like the universe like okay, they're not listening. We're gonna have to do something to wake this person up. Well, I always say this is like the universe starts with a whisper. Yeah. Then a tap, then a nudge, push, and it just keeps escalating till it's like from a slap to a punch of my sledgehammer. No. All right, piano falls from the sky and hit you in the head, like something, something has to happen to you for you to wake up. So let's go to your piano falling, which is your car accident

Shawna Ristic 13:28
What is your piano falling?

Alex Ferrari 13:30
So my you know, what I'll be honest with you, for me was I wish I would have had a piano falling, but I didn't mind wound itself out on its own. I never left I was literally gate was given an exit out. But because if you would have had, if I would had a piano fall on me, that would have been it. And I would have been a way out. But for me, it was much worse. Because it was it took two years of mental reconstruction afterwards that I just had to I got destroyed so far, much worse than if I would have just been slapped or punched or, you know, some

Shawna Ristic 14:14
Maybe was the piano.

Alex Ferrari 14:16
Exactly. That was like, Okay, I want to make sure that this person never does this again. So let's torture him. Oh, he's going to torture himself for about two years. We're going to bring him to the edge of bankruptcy. Almost a homeless. John has done the break, but he's gonna have to pull himself out. So all this was about two year process for me, as opposed to if I would have got into a car accident, let's say or something would have happened. I would have been given a release so much. I wish I would have had an experience with squat nut back then back then.

Shawna Ristic 14:53
Yeah, no, that's that's all relative, my friend because, you know, obviously, you know, it was probably seven years out After my accident before I felt like I wasn't just picking up pieces anymore. And it was at least three years before I felt like I was stable enough on the ground to keep walking.

Alex Ferrari 15:08
It's it's it's a process. It's not. And I was gonna say I said two years, but it really I didn't direct the film again. For four years, I didn't go near a camera for four years. That was my career. I've been doing it 30 years. So it was substantial. So yes, enough about me. Yeah, your car accident.

Shawna Ristic 15:28
Okay. So let's see. So I, Christmas day arrived. And I was living with my parents. And we were going to do the normal little Christmas thing. You know, we all come downstairs and we open up gifts, and we have food and all that stuff. And we did that. And then they my family, my brother, my parents left to go see your extended family. And I was just gonna go upstairs, take a nap, and then get ready to leave. And then I fell asleep. And then I overslept. And then I woke up and I was like, close, and I had jumped into my car, and I'm zooming down the road and get up on the highway. And this is back, you know, in the 90s, when we had when cell phones were just starting, and there were those bag phones, you plug into the cigarette lighter. And I thought I was cool, because I actually had one, you know, and it's cigarette MSRE. And seat belts were legal at the time, you didn't have to wear them, you know, they were legal. They weren't illegal. And so I, I hadn't been wearing one for something you've been telling me that whisper for about two weeks, you need to wear your seatbelt. So I proceed on I'm assuming on the highway was going about 75. I think the speed limit was 60 at the point at that point that was flying down the highway, going past a car, going over a bridge and I was like, Okay, I need to call this guy and tell him I'm on my way. I'm not going to be late, but I'm gonna be really close. So some people think I'm wrong. And I'm not going to make it. He's going to wait for me. So I've been over the phone was in the floorboard of my passenger side of my car. So I'm like, Okay, well, I gotta go over this bridge, at least. And I got to pass this car, at least in fact, over the bridge, and I'm just about past the car. So I think seatbelt off. And I've been over to pick it up. And as I come up, I can close to hitting the cars passing. And so I swerved to miss. And what I think happened is that I fishtailed. And then I think I thought I was going to pull over and catch my breath. Because that's kind of what I remembered happening when I started coming out of the coma. That's not what happened. I think what happened is that I, I noticed dived into the median. And then I flipped it over in across the medium, which was about like two lanes of traffic. And then I flipped it over and across the two lanes of traffic going the other direction. And then they found me about 40 feet from the car, base down turning blue, just blood. Oh my god, this car behind me was a nurse, she saw the whole thing. And the next car from the other direction was also a nurse. So there were two nurses and God immediately there on the scene. They said basically, all she did was try to hold my airway when there was so much blood to try to stabilize me. And she gave me this great story. See, I've never met them. And after years later, I kept writing them. thank you notes. And I can't remember what year it was. But we can see the star found out about us, I think it was 2000 or something. And they've organized this big meeting between us. And she told me this beautiful story, that there was this big burly truck driver who would have stopped. And basically I had a day planner and all of my pages in my life were scattered all over the road. And so all these people stopped and they were just picking up the pieces of my life to bring it back together and kind of figure out who I was and what I was doing. And this big burly truck driver had an old teacher and just came in like gently wipe my blood off her face. Wow. You know that that many people who don't even know me, came together to pull it together for me. I mean, it's amazing.

Alex Ferrari 18:49
I mean, so so. So that's a remarkable that's remarkable story. So this is all happening outside. At what point did you start with your near death experience? Would you? Did it happen at the coma? Did it happen at the accident scene?

Shawna Ristic 19:04
Um, I have meditated a little bit to try to remember the accident scene. What I really remembered when I came out happened more, I think probably after the coma apart. I remember being in a room. And so I don't know if that was in the house, but I don't really know where my body was at that time. But in my meditations, I've you know, like consciousness is consciousness, those memories have to be there. Right? And they have to be able to do it somewhere. And so I've tried to sit and meditate and I have some memories of kind of coming up out of body and being above and just sort of everything's kind of hazy and white. And you know it's Christmas day so it's probably white and gray and snowy about I'm not sure but lots of swirly colors and then I remember coming back in body and going this is ridiculous. This thing is so broken there's there's nothing I couldn't do anything was like just Paulo shell. They ambulance me to back to my hometown or my body to my hometown. I Um, because if they if there was a common doctor there who's only there, like twice a month, and she happened to be there that day, otherwise, they would have ambulance me to Aletha, which I probably would have made it it's an extra 20 minutes or so. And then the lifeline to me by helicopter to Kansas City after after stable or whatever they did with me there,

Alex Ferrari 20:20
This is what they told you, you don't remember. This got it.

Shawna Ristic 20:26
This is just so for years, I didn't really even talk about my part. Because in Kansas, I just felt like when I talked about that part, it was kind of glaze over, you just can't take it in, right? It's either it's either scientists or Christians, and it doesn't make sense and spit fit into either one of those camps. So they couldn't really take that in. And so I just stopped talking about it. I actually never really started talking about it just kind of closed up around it. And so I like would tell people could take in the miraculous healing I had, you know, so they lifelike so I know more about that? Well, not more of it, you know, they life led me to Kansas City. And then I spent about a about four weeks in a coma. I think probably part of it was drug abuse. But I don't know how much I can do some how much was it? I broke my chin off, have no place in my face. I broke six ribs for front and back punctured lung cracked pelvis, broken ankle, and injuries baseball ahead. Yeah, that's kind of what happened to my body. And then what I remember is that, as I said, there's some of those memories of kind of come back around the accident. So you know, that's coming meditation later. But I remember It's like opening my eyes and being in this really bright white lit room. And there's the six call being standing next to me when three on each side. And they're like these light beings, they're like, I'd seen it like being in my house once when I was a kid. So I kind of knew what that look like you're just sort of, they're very tall, and kind of just this glowing, you kind of have a human form, but they just look glowing, they just glow. And, and they emanate love, I mean, but like real love, not like the love that we put all the attachments and conditions on in this world. But just okayness like, Hello, we are happy to be with you. And they they lifted me up out of my body. And then I was standing in this room with him and everything was bright white. I don't know, if it was the hospital room. I don't remember seeing anybody else. I mean, it just was bright white, and everything was just sort of white, and, like a space. And, and then they remember embracing them. And I felt like wow, this is like family like but family without baggage. You know, and you feel this, this beautiful okayness from them, like, you know, it's like the porosity, it's like they, they love you. And they they want to give to you and they, they give to you that love. But then when you receive it, it fills them up so much that it goes back to them. And that's how you create reciprocity. That's how it really functions in this world, frankly, just that we don't realize it hooked up in our heads, as we mentioned at the beginning.

Alex Ferrari 23:12
Yes, yes.

Shawna Ristic 23:14
So they, a lot of it was just about do I come back or not. They showed me what would happen is what I came to do, and wish I could remember all that that would be really make my life much easier. I understood that I had come to, to kind of like a mission or something to help represent them or they were, you know, part of my team or something like that they're calling the council. And we were kind of a team here. And that I had chosen to come in the body. And they're gonna stay and they showed me what I had done to this point. And I saw, you know, some memories of experiences I've had in the past and especially how I made other people feel, especially this boyfriend I had, he was my best friend at the time and always wanted to be more than that. And I was too caught up in everything else but not ready for that. And I just saw how the way I had spoken to him the way things that I had treated him how I had really been with him how that had hurt him and I felt his pain from like his perspective, but also from mine and it was it was really profound. And then they also showed me you know, like what my leaving that impact would have on the planet. You know, and I say me but I don't think I'm uniqueness. I think this is everybody. You know that we are so much more impactful than we have been led to believe. And they showed me how my brother would be like he would he would he would transform eyes relationships with with women from here on out. Maybe he wouldn't ever even have a relationship. It showed me kinda like looking out over on an airplane at night at the the city lights, and you see like all the lights in the city and how they're all sort of connected. And if one light goes out, you can create like a power surge that spreads through the grid. And then the other two puts others out and you're far away. And it makes so if a light goes out, it creates this, this surge through the power grid. And then that's what would happen if I left. And and then they showed me what was possible from here on out. And you know that it wasn't too late. I hadn't gotten so far to really screw the pooch on those. And so, did I want to go or stay, you know, I didn't want to come back. I was like, This is great. I said, I remember back here. I really love it here and right, you know, I saw like, you know, so a lot of it was about me trying to make come to terms with that. And I remember looking down at my hospital bed from like the corner of the room. So like the door was here. And then I'm looking at the doorway, top of the door and in the beds over here. And I remember seeing my mom holding my hand and just kind of sitting there and thinking I could feel it feel what she was feeling. And I'm thinking Wow, alright, done. Can't do this. I can't do this to her. I can't do this to my family. I can't do this to these people. And I mean, come to find out, you know, my my whole, all my aunts, my uncles, and everybody just came and camped out in the waiting room. Because you can only see me three times a day in ICU for 30 minutes at a time and only two people at a time. So they would just shift your chips for the whole four weeks. And, yeah, and yeah, I mean, interestingly enough, you know, I found out that I had received my mom saved by the cards and everything that I received while I was in there, and there were hundreds of them. And they were like 5060 Prayer grams from churches from people I don't even know. You know, and I just so humbling. I'm like, wow, but that many people knew and were pulling for me the putting the energy out there to bring me back. You know, and I think I felt that on some level that I couldn't, I couldn't do this to all those people. But it was still really nice air. Last thing I remember is being in a circle of these beings, and they're probably like 12 of them. And and I didn't feel that was the first memory I had in coming back. And that's what I really was pointing out with me. And I remember thinking that I didn't really have a choice or that they were kind of debating whether I was going to go or stay? Or do we do like, do we switch out and someone else go in, you know, kind of that walk in thing which I don't think happened? Or that didn't happen? Or do we just totally scrapped this thing? Or what are we doing here. And then I started waking up. And waking up from a coma is it's hard. It's not like the movies high. But I guess you know, it's not like that it takes a lot of effort to get into body and to stay there. And that was I think that was the end of January of 1994. That started happening. And then they transferred me to a neurological Hospital in Gardner, Kansas. And that's where I started really waking up. And you know, the miracles of the healing was that they said it would take four to six months, four to six months to rehab from the neurological hospital. I did it for weeks. They said I would never live on my own again, I would always need mental assistance, I'd be mentally handicapped, I'd be a miracle if I could, you know, sustain my own life. And none of that's true. So you know, it was a miracle. But coming back into body was pretty challenging. thing I remember is like this friend of mine that I mentioned, he was also camping out in the waiting room to see me and he was one time I was laying in the bed and I woke up and I saw him there and he was kind of sleeping. And I remember noticing the room and how that love space that I knew on the other side that it was here. I could feel it. And then I was just willing him to wake up like, Oh, my mouth was all messed up. I couldn't I couldn't speak. And he woke up and he's like, Shawna, you're awake. And he he was like mumbled something. And so I think he knew I wanted to know what happened. And he started telling me, I don't remember what he said. But I remember looking at his eyes and seeing it's him. It's here. It's here. That energy that I see in those beings over there that you can see it in the eyes of every single person. It's here and that love space that I felt on the other side that that's the fabric of what holds here. Up to here too. It's just we can't see it. But it's the basis of everything. And it's what each of us is we just have forgotten because we've been here for so long and got our own crap going on.

Alex Ferrari 29:56
We get caught up in the play. We get caught.

Shawna Ristic 29:58
Yes, thank you well said well said,

Alex Ferrari 30:00
You get caught up in the movie here. It's pretty intoxicating movie, I have to say

Shawna Ristic 30:04
Here is it's got a lot of feelings to it.

Alex Ferrari 30:07
Yeah, there's no question. That's such a remarkable story. Let's go back for a second. So when you're, when you wake up in this white room, and you see these beings, you feel like their family, but you don't see faces or recognize them. Correct. And are you telepathically talking to them? At this point?

Shawna Ristic 30:25
Yeah, I would say that it was probably more that I don't. Yeah, I mean, I don't think I don't remember like actually moving myself or anything. It just felt like it sort of came from me. It came from them.

Alex Ferrari 30:35
And you had, did you have some sort of download or understanding of deeper ideas than you do? Now obviously, up there, like, as far as what was going on, you kind of grasped what was happening a little bit.

Shawna Ristic 30:48
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's a good way to say it. Because, like I said, I kind of I understood that we were a team, and that I had come here to sort of represent the team or I had no one had agreed to be in body or something like that. But it's hard to really put words to that kind of concept, because it was just sort of a download of an understanding like, Okay, this is my pride. And these are the, you know, I'm the one he chose, or we agreed on me coming here. So we're going to continue this or not, right?

Alex Ferrari 31:16
It was very pragmatic. It's like, Look, man, are we doing this? Or not? Like, you know, are you gonna? Yeah, and

Shawna Ristic 31:23
it was also reminding me about what it's really about love. Right, real love, not the other stuff. Not Not, not this world conditions of it.

Alex Ferrari 31:33
And then you were essentially given a life review as well. It sounds like,

Shawna Ristic 31:37
Yeah, I don't remember a whole lot about it, except for the memory of how I treated my friend. And, you know, also just seeing how, yeah, more, more, more than anything it was was, I remember noticing times when I was not acting out of love.

Alex Ferrari 31:57
So I'll have to ask you being that friend for many girls growing up, what happened? I also love I also wasn't the friendzone quite often growing up. So what happened to that friend? did you how did that relationship change? Or did it?

Shawna Ristic 32:14
Well, it changed a lot, you know, and he was really there for me, because we were about to split it off, you know, when the accident happened. And then, you know, he told my mom, I don't know if I have to be here tonight. And she's like, What do you want to do? And he chose to be there. And you know, of course, we got, you know, really close after that, and our hearts open, it became really quite something. But then, after the accident, and I started healing, probably say it was probably a year later, it kind of started falling apart again, I think he got used to me being broken. And I was ready to be on my feet again. And I wasn't as needy and, and I wasn't as you know. And yeah, and you know, the other thing that that I have to say happened is that when you have such an expansive experience like that, you get kind of blown open. And that's great and beautiful. But the problem is you lose all your social filters. And you lose like all that capacity of like you learned here all the way up to then about like, how to speak in ways that someone had to notice when someone can take something and you know, and how to say when he's usually just start blurting out, and I'm sure there was some of that and, you know,

Alex Ferrari 33:26
The BS filter kind of went away.

Shawna Ristic 33:28
Yeah, yeah, it did. It did. And that's hard on people.

Alex Ferrari 33:34
No question. Let me ask you, though, when you were the miraculous healing, you come back, you start walking back through life? How did you deal with this psychologically? Like, how did you process in our little mainframe that is our head here, because it seems like a lot over a lot over there is just wide open you there's no limits to the power of, of, of computation. Here, it's very limited. So psychologically, how did how did you deal with this? and process it?

Shawna Ristic 34:09
Um, so yeah, at first, it was really hard. I slept a lot. Trying to stay awake and just stay in body was really hard. I understand why the park benches on Dawn pounds on all the corners. And then, you know, little by little, I got my strength back and I kind of start coming back in and then I'd say, you know, when you it's like when you have anybody and many of your listeners have probably had spiritual experiences. And when you have that experiential experience, it really blast you open. It's like a full expansion. And then, but then always two or three days later, there's a contraction that happens, where you start to kind of come back and you're like, ah, you know, well, this was like, times 10. Right. And so I got blown open and I mean, the first time they took me out of the hospital out of the neurological hospital on a drive, go to another hospital for some base work base construct and stuff. It'll work out Um, I remember seeing grass. It's so amazing. It was just like this vitality coming up from the earth. And it was just like, Wow, it's so beautiful, you know, and I was just so enamored with that little by little, you know, the reality of what we're living like what we do to each other war, like, why is Wardman idea? How does that ever going to create peace? Right? You know, I mean, the way people treat each other and just the way that in because it's so difficult because you're gone. And I'm also feeling everything, so fully. And so it was like a bombardment to my senses a lot of times, and so overwhelming. And I would cry a lot on this day of the world, this, what is this place? And I'd say a depression start setting. And at some point, probably, I will, I went back to school, and I was driving again. So I got out of hospital in February. And by that fall, in August, I was living on my own and driving and going back school. And I remember driving back from school, and just thinking you just run into that wall, hey, Karakter efficient ways, you know? And I was like, Dude, you can't do that. You know, I mean, your parents just went through the everybody just went through this with you. I mean, that would be just such a slap in the face. There was no way I could do that. But the thoughts were there. And yeah, it was really hard, usually hearts, the big contraction. And then I started journaling. And, you know, just to process it all. And I would just write in free flow and just write all this, process all these emotions that way. And then, you know, kind of go into a trance a little bit, you know, just sort of writing and writing and writing with whatever comes. And then I started noticing that something would answer. And it started answering my questions, and it started giving me guidance. And that's when I started working with the council on this side. The light being through the other side. And they became my biggest cheerleaders and my biggest helpers, and explain to me, this is what you should be doing right now. This is a time in your life where you're rebuilding, you're just setting up for future times, you're just setting up for the future. And now, you know, here I am in my late 40s. And I'm like, I bet it this is what we were doing back then. But I couldn't I mean, I didn't get it. You know, I just trusted and but they taught me a really big toolbox. Cool. And that is to follow the expansion, that when you're in contraction, it's really easy in our whole society is set up to dive into the contraction. What's wrong? How do you fix it, you go to the doctor, what's wrong? How do we fix it, we'll find something wrong to fix. You know, if you go to the government, that's what they're focused on. All the social organizations are focused on what's wrong and how to fix it. That's that's one way. But that they were telling me that the real way is follow the expansion. You notice what's working with right? Where does it open? Where does it pull you? Where does it draw you because that's where your truth is, that's where your something resonates with you. And so I started kind of doing that. And they my boyfriend at the time, which wasn't the one from the accident, we'd already split up by then. He we were working in restaurants. That was my new job was working in restaurants, service industry, just different, this different venue. And he had met a massage therapist, and she was going to teach us him massage techniques. And I was going to be the guinea pig. And we did one session in June, I really hit it off dude had a bad accident, we knew a lot about each other are connected a lot, and then could never get the rest of the sessions together. And so she just gave us one session for one of us or half or two. So I went he gave it to me because I'm the one who's depressed and stressed out and I said, you know, why am I so unhappy? I'm just I have all the things, okay, I figured it out how to be here on this planet, you need a car, you need a relationship, you need a job, and give me an education. And I've done all of that. And I'm miserable. Why? That's what everybody tells me. I'm watching all these people here. And that's what they're all doing to be happy, right? And it's not working. And she said, maybe you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing. And I said, What am I supposed to be doing? And she said, Have you thought about checking out this massage school? And I said no, but I will definitely follow that. Because when she said that something opened, something was a yet. And I went there and I walked in and it just and I knew this is it. This is the path. So then I drove to my hometown and set my parents on the couch and I said, I'm going to massage school and it's not prostitution. We thought it was to tell you, I graduated Do you know, I had to go to the adult entertainment section in Kansas City and get fingerprinted and mugshot ID in order to do massage. Yeah, that was 96.

Alex Ferrari 39:48
So let me ask you while you were processing this entire thing, people who come back from near death experiences are always changed. They're never the same again. At least from my experience,

Shawna Ristic 40:02
Ending if me and the beginning of a new me.

Alex Ferrari 40:05
So the new me is not often accepted by your friends, family, colleagues people around you, how did they deal with it? And then how did you deal with them dealing with it?

Shawna Ristic 40:17
No, um, when I first came back, I believed that everything I was before the accident was the reason the accident happened, I understood clearly that I had gotten off my path that I was I read the chip, I understand that clearly. And that was maybe from that telepathic download, you know, during the end, I don't know. But I got it. And I became this. And because I was so sensitive, I couldn't even have a cuss words, it would just be like knives. You know, if someone cussed in front of me, it was just like, so, you know, I became this Puritan matrix thing up here. And, you know, I just became this super extreme sort of, Puritan like person. And very pure, very, I mean, Puritan in a religious sense. I mean, pure and try to use the right words, tried to be kind, you know, very loving, cried at the drop of a hat about everything, oh, my god, emotions that came out all the time. And I think that, you know, it was very sweet. And people were really passionate about it. You know, I think that my family, you know, in some ways, they kind of saw the new the little culture again, you know, in some ways. Yeah, I'd say that. It was it's been harder for people. You know, because I've set up my life. No, when I read this article, I've been doing bodywork and massage and healing work and intuitive work for almost 28 years now. And so my life is set up so that I'm very structured that the people who can receive me come in, and the people who can't I mean, in Kansas, I shut it down, right, I didn't let people in about the loop, but they would come to my office because they knew I can help them. Right. And for and i Little by little, and then the information would come and I just start telling them things. And that would help move your life forward. And so little by little, that's what people came for, although I never hung a shingle about it, right. But I would say that it's people who are outside of that, who are more mainstream, or I don't know, I mean, I don't even know what label to put on that. But people who are outside of that realm that I had set parameters are the ones who've had a hard time to deal with me, even still, even still, people who are really attached to their viewpoints of religion, were really attached to their viewpoints of science. They have a really hard time. And their whole purpose is to rationalize, for instance, or to religious fie. What I experienced, like beings must have been angels, right? Jesus must have been there somewhere, maybe. I mean, I've had experiences with him later, you know. And, you know, I've had many spiritual experiences since then, because it's sort of blasted me open. And I still have that connection. But it wasn't in the end, right? Or, you know, when I came out, start talking about sitting in the circle of beings. The response was, oh, there must have been a show on TV about a trial, and you just took that into your dream space. Right. You know, and that really sent me on a tailspin because I was like, well, maybe I just imagined it all. You know, maybe I'm crazy. Or maybe maybe just made it all up. And, you know, within the council told me, even if that's true, Shana, how else are we going to communicate with you? Then Then using what's around you to send you messages happens all the time happens all the time to all of us. Dreams, I used to find random fortune cookie fortunes all over the place. Just look at fortunate, you know, now I find random playing cards, you know, I mean, you know,

Alex Ferrari 43:48
So it's fascinating. You when you came back, it seemed like the veil between the other side has become thinner for you. It was already you already kind of out of the factory, programmed that way. Yeah.

Shawna Ristic 44:04
Actually, you know, I, I nearly died when I was born. When I was born, it was a pretty traumatic birth, according to my mom and I had what's called Highlands membrane disease, which is a lung disorder. And basically, they doctor took me out showed me to her whisked me away to me way to another hospital and folder, I probably wouldn't live. And then two days later, my dad calls her it's like, Hey, I'm still holding her, you know? So, I was like, asking the council once I'm like, What was that all about? You know, like, it was just to give me all these weird attachment disorders. And they're like, no, because the veil, the, you know, there's a door that shuts between the two sides when we're born. And it's kind of like that space between the lungs, but it closes off to the heart starts functioning. You know, there's a door that shuts and that for me, that door needed for some reason to stay ajar. And that that's sort of the gist of the beginning.

Alex Ferrari 44:57
Oh, that's a really interesting analogy. Almost kind of say that because of the door shut. But for those who have these abilities, who could see, you know things and experience things from the other side, that door kind of swings, open for and then as you get, you could possibly learn how to keep it open or closed.

Shawna Ristic 45:17
As I got older and got scared, I learned how to shut the door. Right. And then the door had to be blasted back open.

Alex Ferrari 45:23
And I did it. Right. Did it ever. So what other what other abilities? Did you come back with it that you started to evolve come out of you?

Shawna Ristic 45:36
Well, I have that sensitive, you know, ability to feel others things like that, I'd say that it's taken quite a bit of work to learn how to navigate. What's better, I've now got to have the parameters my office, that gives me strong boundaries. And then there's the, the channeling with that I was doing through automatic writing, I could hear them. And then that, well, that all started really coming full circle. And really, I'd say, you know, once I started doing body work, which I graduated massage school in 96. And so that was three years after the accident. And that was probably right about the time where I was like, Okay, I'm starting to feel like my feet are on the ground here. And a lot of times, I'd be working with clients just doing massage, if they start saying, you know, ask her about this or give me employee get these impressions, right, get these visions. And I was arguing with it. I'm like, that's crazy. I'm about anatomy physiology, nobody's gonna believe this, we were crap around here. Sorry, who stuff and so event, but they would be so loud that I finally just have to blurt it out. And then something amazing would happen with the person and it would be really important to them. And it would start to transform the whole situation. And, and so that would happen. And I kind of just sort of for about 10 years of my practice just sort of channeled at night. And then did this connecting in during the sessions. And just sometimes things would would appear information would come. And then we moved to California, which was a whole weird serendipitous thing. I thought we were coming here from my husband, and Nope, we were coming here for MBE. And for me to open, then people told me no, people really want to hear about that spiritual stuff here, they're really open to that they're not going to doubt you and they're not going to question you. And then identifying words for it, because I just I never talked about it. I just kept that inside. And that's when I started opening up about the end. And much to my surprise, you know, tell them to these nuggets, these memories that when I shared with you, but the more I started to open about it, the more it's like a flower that blossoms and then more information is there. And then you know, my connection with the council became stronger. And then, you know, I was able to access more connection and information that way. So now, they've basically taught me how to now I focus a lot on trying to teach others to do this. They've taught me that. So the world is vibrational, I'm sure you know that. And that sound is a vibration. So there are name as a sound vibration that each of us have my vibrated have resonated with our whole life. Right? So you can use someone's name as an anchor to tap into their energy, and you kind of go up into the matrix and you drop down and then I like to know the location they are in the world, because then I can drop down and then and you can't do it if they know I don't do it. If they're not open and get creeped out, you're gonna write spying on me. You feel the person? And I mean, well, first step is you have to know where you are. Because if you don't know where you are, you can't know where anyone else's. So I use my own name sometimes to drop into my vibration, feel where I'm at. So that I that that's been a whole challenge. I mean, everybody always talks about boundaries, you need better boundaries, you know, because with what how open I was, it was a boundary like what the hell is that when you feel like everything, just merges one into the other, right. And I realized that if I was focusing on boundaries, I was either focusing on the other thing that was boundary against, or I was using my attention to create a wall or some symbol to boundary myself. But if I just dropped in here, and I dropped into my vibration and my frequency and then felt that, then I could just notice when something shifted me, and then when it makes me sort of bumped into me tonight. Instead, our tendency is to be like, what is that? What are they doing to me? Or what's wrong with me for feeling like that about that person? But both of those are projections. So if I instead just noticed that's information, and then I could get really curious about it. Hey, what is this? I know where I I am right now. And this no or as I went up to drop into this person, this is what it feels like. Right? And it's been challenging. Sometimes my mind is like, distracted all over the place. Oh my gosh, I gotta call this person I always drop in 15 minutes before a session. And I'm like, I got it pop, right, you know, and, and then I realized, oh, that distracting is not me. That's their path. That's what they're doing. I got it. No, and then I have a little process that I do that helps me create a framework of questions to understand and kind of settle into what's going on with that person. Before I call them. That sort of thing I do in that I'm working on teaching other people to feel their own vibration so that they can navigate the world that way.

Alex Ferrari 50:44
So do you when you're when you channeled the guides? Are you able to? I mean, as you know, I've had a lot of channels on the show. So I'm always fascinated, not everyone's process a slight bit different. Do you? Can you just like, Hold on, let me ask. And then they pop it. Okay. Is it something like that? Or is it only through automatic writing? Or is it just come sporadically? Can you control that opening?

Shawna Ristic 51:06
A little bit. It all depends on what my crazy mind is doing its time and how anxious I am. Everything. But in general, it used to be that it would just sporadically happen. And then I started trying to track down like, what are the what do I feel, it's telling me that it's gonna happen. And it used to be a buzz behind my ears. And I would notice this and be like, Oh, okay. And then. And then at some point, probably about seven or eight years ago, they told me that things were changing on the planet. And that I would it would, they were still there, but that it would be harder to feel them. And that the the way of feeling them would be different. And and I didn't feel the buzzing anymore for that. But I can settle in and sort of drop back to that falling back space. And then I can sort of be in touch with them and feel them. And that's also the space I go into when I'm with other people and feeling what's going on with them.

Alex Ferrari 52:04
So when did you come out of the Near Death Experience closet? It sounds like when you went to LA or California. 2015 For God's sakes, is that the first time you really started to like, really open up about it. And then when did you start doing interviews and like really getting out there?

Shawna Ristic 52:29
So in 20, I think it was 2013 Probably Spirit told me go on. My husband was working with spiritual teachers at the time. And he had met his route teacher. His name was Mr. Nanda. And he was here in Santa Cruz. And he'd met him and had an awakening with him and had been working with Mocchi via zoom or anything was using modeling with what it was at the time distance. At that time in the spirits, homie counsel told me, hey, it's time for you to meet mochi, whenever happens is going to happen. And you know, I was hoping that maybe he was one probably doing all these spiritual things because I was on with baby. My son was probably he would have been six or seven at that time. And I can start traveling. And so I told him, Hey, whenever it happens is the right time just make this trip happen. And we both air and mochi had organized a dinner with like 10 people, the first time we were there, which was not really as intimate as I hadn't really anticipated with my husband's spiritual teacher, but okay, how we met a bunch of people, they were interesting and really interesting sound healer and another guy, you know. And then the next night, we're downtown Santa Cruz, and we're, we're in a bookstore, and we're trying to rule out of the bookstore, keep losing people keep losing people how we roll out and it just happens at that moment. There's a guy standing next door, and he's someone that we've met the night before. And he has this whole idea for a television series around near death experience. He thinks Santa Cruz is a place for that to happen. And he's got some money and he wants to throw it that way. He didn't have enough money for a TV show. This was, you know, never get this was 2013. This was long before. A lot of this stuff is going on now. And so he's a type of guy who meets all them who can go to a conference meet all the keynote speakers. And so he met Raymond Moody, and got the Moody's on board with this and so the Moody's Can you buy the Moody's to Santa Cruz? And so Santa Cruz when we met it was like, well, we're these are my people. So my first interview was actually with Raman. And it wasn't very good. It was Raymond going to tell me about your experience. And here's my response. What do you want to know?

Alex Ferrari 54:46
Better, you've gotten better

Shawna Ristic 54:47
Thank you, his wife started saying you got to quit self editing. So you're self editing and then that's when I started really having to learn what that means. So that was the first interview and then we got to besides trying to make a movement happen in Santa Cruz, we had as we were going to symposiums and get a class at UCSC, which we did, my husband co taught it with Raman for one semester. But then the whole thing, you know, our benefactor kind of just lost interest in the whole thing sort of fell apart. And after I'd moved me, my family, my cat, a whole thing to California, where cost of living is three times my mortgage. Oh, my God brought me here, let me draw up. So it's been a hustle, you know, just sort of, you know, the, you know, things to Raymond's help and, and the ions groups, you know, I started speaking, I think the first public speaking I did was in an ions group in Saratoga. And then I did an ions group in Berkeley. And I spoke in Marin, and, you know, became really close to a lot of those facilitators. And then then COVID, hit, everything went online. And I think I also spoke in Arizona, and I also went to was invited to the ions board meeting once in Florida as a consultant and stuff like that, I did a lot of ions stuff. And then once like I said, when COVID hit, then I think I got some podcasts, someone found out about me through something. And that's where it's good. Now, here I am with you.

Alex Ferrari 56:15
That's amazing. What is the biggest lesson you pulled away from this entire experience for you.

Shawna Ristic 56:22
You have to live in love, you have to live in. That's the answer. That's what it's all about. And that's the way home, we're all here trying to find our way home. We've all forgotten who we are, we've all forgotten where we came from, and what but we know there's something in us in our hearts that want us to go back to that space, that love space that we came from. And that's I think, if you ask me, that's what every life is about, you know, it's a little wackadoodle sometimes in our efforts, and you know, all that stuff. But that's essentially what we're trying to do here. And if you always try to act from a place of love, then you're going to find your way. Know, and love is what expands you with what open to you. It's what draws you to it. You know,

Alex Ferrari 56:59
It's beautiful. And I love that when you were in your coma, and you looked at your your friend, and then you said you looked in his eyes, you could see the light being inside of him. Mm hm. income was inside of the suit inside of the costume. Because it seemed like you were still had one foot in the other side of one foot on this, because you were still like, not only alive, but not fully gone.

Shawna Ristic 57:27
I still see it. I see it in you, Alex, I see it in you. I mean, you can still see it, you know, it's still there. You just have to move your consciousness back into that love space. And remember that, you know, and I mean, I'm fortunate to have had that placid open experience of really having that imprinted on my system, my mind body system here, you know, but it's in everyone. It's in every single one of us. We just have forgotten.

Alex Ferrari 57:51
Shawna I'm gonna ask you a few questions asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Shawna Ristic 57:58
Fulfilled life, I think that's probably different for each person. But for me, being of service, really, it's so gratifying to watch people transform and change. I have some sessions yesterday that were just, you know, someone who hasn't slept for days called me and said I slept last night, you know, and, you know, because because we got in touch with her inner child in listened instead of trying to control it, you know, and, and, you know, I don't know just be of service and to be able to help transform this world in even small ways. Is, is it is it? Is it?

Alex Ferrari 58:35
If you had a chance to go back in time, and talk to the little girl that used to be what what advice would you give her?

Shawna Ristic 58:41
Don't watch The Exorcist. Stay open, it'll all be much better.

Alex Ferrari 58:53
One, don't watch The Exorcist. Just stop there, too careful with that drive on Christmas. But you know what, you know, and I love asking that question. Because when you look back, we all look back to our lives. And we all say, Oh, I wish that we would have done that differently. Or I wish I wouldn't have walked down that path. But at the end of the day, that's who we are because of it.

Shawna Ristic 59:19
You know, the the the envy. I mean, we were standing outside of that restaurant where that guy that we'd met the night before it and he comes over and I'm thinking this is about my husband, you know, he's the one who's spiritual teachers here. He's the one who wants to be here. I'm just you know, along for the ride. first words out of that guy's mouth is you I think about the near death experience. And I had never had anybody even I didn't even know that phrase at the time. Because I had never I'd never went out researched. It wasn't really an internet thing at the time. And that changed everything. And that one had I had, maybe I wouldn't have even ended up in California. Right? It's just sometimes I look back and I think maybe it all had They happen anyway.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:01
It is all divine plan. It's just divine organization that

Shawna Ristic 1:00:08
In that light, I think it's important to recognize that we are co creators with the divine.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:13
Well, obviously you went off track, because you could have gone. Right? And it's really interesting. Because if you would have maybe gone on the path you were supposed to be on, it might be different. For you learn so much on this path. Who knows what you would have learned on the other one? And where you would be maybe you would have gotten to the same place? Just a different way of going about it?

Shawna Ristic 1:00:36
Maybe Maybe, yeah, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:00:37
No idea. But it's, there's no waste.

Shawna Ristic 1:00:41
No, no, there's not. And even if it kicked off, even if there's a co creator, you choose to take the other. They're pretty persistent. Like we said, In the beginning, it's a whisper, and then it's a yelling, and then

Alex Ferrari 1:00:54
Arguably, they have nothing else to do on the other side. So they're like, look, all we have to do is watch this one, boom, boom, boom, let's just keep slapping around until something happens.

Shawna Ristic 1:01:04
Come to learn to it, you know, a concept to this council has kind of taught me this concept of when they call the tribe. And we're thinking about guides and our ancestors, and all of these beings that are here helping assisting us in different times in our lives. But there's also these beings, I like to explain it, for lack of better for concept of the reef came from our own planet, and in on that planet, everybody there is of a similar vibration that you are in a similar love frequency. And when you're going to come in your consciousness is going to travel through space time to come to planet earth, there are a certain amount of beings that are close to your family there that agree to accompany you on this journey, or maybe stay after your body there and accompany your consciousness here, and that they're so close to you, that you often don't even feel them as separate. But they're the ones who do that little serendipity thing, like, you know, you look at the clock, and it's always says 111, you know, or, you know, you need something and it happens to appear, or, you know, you find fortune cookie fortunes everywhere, you know, or whatever. And, and that it's important to recognize that, you know, that's what the council is, for me. It's that tribe that is guiding each of us, you know, we all have that.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:11
It's a soul family, a soul family.

Shawna Ristic 1:02:14
That's a good word for it. Yeah, yeah. And I think that so many of us are so busy looking out there for help. We forget to drop in here. Because when you drop in here, then you can feel them.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:26
Yeah, well, the answers are all inside, they're never outside of us. Without question. Now, how do you define God?

Shawna Ristic 1:02:33
The great all of it is. Yeah, it's that ever present. Pregnant possibility pregnant potentiality its vibration of love that holds everything. And that is at the same time, the void and all the emptiness where everything is nothing, and at the same time, pregnant potentiality where everything can spring forth from it, you know, and it's, it's, it all comes forward in love and is always there for working in our benefit working in our favor, even if we can't see it.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:06
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Shawna Ristic 1:03:08
Find your way home

Alex Ferrari 1:03:09
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Shawna Ristic 1:03:12
My website www.shawnaristic.com. And yeah, that's the best place to find it. Find me.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:19
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Shawna Ristic 1:03:21
Hmm. Trust yourself. Trust yourself in here in your heart, you know, and and all of the expansion follow up open, do what draws you to it. And no matter what your mind says, Get out of the active crazy mind, just drop back into this receptive place.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:36
Shawna, thank you so much for for sharing your story being so raw and honest about it. And I hope this helps some people out in the world. So I appreciate you and what you're doing for the planet. So thank you.

Shawna Ristic 1:03:46
Thank you, Alex. It's really great to spend the time with you. I enjoyed it.

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