Woman Struck By Lightning & DIES; Tours HEAVEN & Shown FUTURE WORLD Events in NDE with Sharon Milliman

In the mystical tapestry of existence, certain souls traverse realms beyond the ordinary, gaining profound insights into the very fabric of our being. On today’s episode, we welcome Sharon Milliman, a woman whose journey through multiple near-death experiences has unveiled the mysteries of life and beyond. Sharon’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless love that awaits us all.

From a young age, Sharon Milliman possessed a unique gift—she could see and interact with beings that others could not perceive. This ability, which began in her childhood, set the stage for her spiritual journey. Despite being different, Sharon embraced her visions with a calm acceptance, never fully realizing the magnitude of her gift until later in life.

Her first near-death experience occurred at the tender age of thirteen, when a swimming lesson took a harrowing turn. Thrown into the deep end by her instructor, Sharon found herself at the bottom of a ten-foot pool, detached from her physical body. She described the surreal experience of seeing the entire scene from above, noticing every detail with an uncanny clarity. As she drifted towards a brilliant light, a lifeguard’s timely intervention brought her back, leaving her with an unspoken understanding of something far greater than herself.

Years later, Sharon’s second near-death experience unfolded under the most unexpected circumstances—struck by lightning while on a cordless phone. This time, the journey was more vivid and profound. She described peeling out of her body and floating through her home, which appeared transformed, bathed in a golden light. A loving, formless presence guided her through ethereal pink and gold clouds to a beautiful garden. Here, Sharon reunited with her deceased brothers, Michael and Steven, and underwent a life review surrounded by loved ones from different eras. This review, devoid of judgment, reinforced the unconditional love and acceptance she felt in that divine realm.

“God, your 100th name is God is everywhere. God is nowhere and God is in me,” Sharon recounted saying during a profound conversation with a formless presence she identified as God. This realization, that the divine exists in everything and everyone, transformed her understanding of life and her place in the universe.

Her third near-death experience, during an emergency surgery, further deepened her insights. Sharon found herself again at the golden wall of the glorious city, witnessing a celestial celebration. Among the myriad souls, she recognized a young man she knew in life, accompanied by his recently deceased father. This encounter affirmed for Sharon the continuity of life and the presence of our loved ones in the afterlife.


  1. Interconnectedness of All Beings: Sharon’s experiences highlight the profound interconnectedness of all life. She saw the divine presence in everyone and everything, teaching us that we are all part of a greater whole, each with a unique and significant role.
  2. Unconditional Love and Acceptance: Her encounters with divine beings were marked by overwhelming love and acceptance. This serves as a reminder that we are loved unconditionally by the universe, and our true essence is beyond the judgments and limitations imposed by the world.
  3. The Eternal Nature of the Soul: Through her near-death experiences, Sharon witnessed the eternal nature of the soul. The presence of her brothers and other loved ones reassured her that death is not an end but a transition to a realm of profound love and peace.

Sharon’s story is a beacon of hope for those seeking understanding and solace in the face of life’s challenges. Her message is clear: we are loved, we are important, and there is a magnificent reality awaiting us beyond this earthly existence.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sharon Milliman.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 308

Sharon Milliman 0:00
My brothers were showing me around and I was able to see buildings. I saw this beautiful what I call the glorious city. And it was behind a wall. A big, thick golden wall. And in the center of the city was a round building that had a dome. And I didn't. I don't know what that building was, but I noticed how beautiful the dome was. And I saw other buildings like on the outskirts of the city. And I could see a place for babies and children go, where they're loved and cared for.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
I like to welcome to the show, Sharon Milliman. How you doing Sharon?

Sharon Milliman 0:58
Good thank you. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:00
I'm good, my dear thank you. Of course, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your many near death experiences. First question I have to ask you is, what are you doing that you keep dying? That's a problem.

Sharon Milliman 1:17
I don't know, I just slipped out.

Alex Ferrari 1:19
Exactly. So we're so I've had a lot of people on the show that had multiple near death experiences. So we generally try to focus on the most impactful ones. Since you've had four will probably we spoke a little earlier, we're probably going to be focusing on two of the really impactful ones. But you have been I mean, you've had such an interesting life so far. It's really fascinating. Before your first before your first near death experience, what was your life like I know was young you were 13 or so if I'm not mistaken, correct?

Sharon Milliman 1:55
Yes, I was 13.

Alex Ferrari 1:58
So what was your life like prior? Were you spiritual? Do you have any inclinations? Where were you religious? What exactly was your life? Like? I know you're a teenager still, but

Sharon Milliman 2:09
I was always a very spiritual child. Not necessarily religious, but more spiritual. I saw God and everything. Okay, even as even as a small child. And you know, I was one of those. Well, I saw things that other people didn't see. So I was a source of other kids making fun. But I was able to see people that they couldn't see.

Alex Ferrari 2:45
Were you able to see like, you know, spirits, or, Oh, you were gifted like that from very early on. But you weren't weirded out by it. You just were very comfortable by it.

Sharon Milliman 2:56
No, I didn't know they were spirits. I, they looked so solid. To me. They just four people. And they, even to this day, when someone shows up. It's like, they're just as solid as you are. They're not transparent or shadow people or wispy, whatever,

Alex Ferrari 3:17
Glowing or something like that right?

Sharon Milliman 3:18
Right! yeah, I'm like, Please don't come to me that way. But they just come to me as normal people, usually younger than younger versions of themselves. But they just look to me. They're just people without physical bodies. And layers, still have their own identity, their own personalities and their own whatever.

Alex Ferrari 3:44
So you've been dealing with this since the very beginning. Essentially, this is something that's been going on. So when you had your first near death experience, tell tell us really quickly what happened during the first near death experience because you are 13 if I'm not mistaken.

Sharon Milliman 3:58
Right! We had just moved to West Virginia, and we're where we are now. 50 years later. And my parents wanted us to learn how to swim. So they took us to the why down the road. And the teacher wanted. I was in the older class. He wanted us to dive in headfirst, this way. And I saw the other kids doing it and they came out just fine. But there was something in me that was like I cannot do this. I just can't do it. And he told me he said you're either going to do this dive or I'm going to throw you in and I was I He threw me in and I broke out workout. No, it didn't work out.

Alex Ferrari 4:52
Different style of teaching back then.

Sharon Milliman 4:57

Alex Ferrari 4:58
Very different style. I love teaching back then. Wow. So you died there. But you what did you see during that near death experience?

Sharon Milliman 5:07
Well, I'm laying on the bottom of a 10 foot and the 10 foot section. And I could see all the way around the pool without, I mean, obviously, I was dead on the bottom of the polls, and I was kind of, I could see myself on the bottom, I could see the water rippling on the top. And I could see my mother, she was on the other side of the pool. And I could see her face as if it was right here. Um, I could hear people screaming, I could hear people talking. The lifeguard that was taking care of the little children and three foot section of the pool. She screamed at my teacher, she called him by name and said go in and get her. And then I could see his face. And he was frozen. And he couldn't move. I saw my mom, she was screaming. And she was in the balcony where the parents were on the opposite side of the pool. So it was it was because I'm 13, I have no idea what's going on. So I'm, I'm seeing all of this, I'm hearing everything, I can see everybody all the way around all at the same time. And at the same time, I'm seeing this light, and it looked like a light bulb in the pool. And the light kept getting bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter. And it was just a brilliant white, but yet it was soft on my eyes. It didn't hurt my eyes. And it just kept getting out. I don't know if I was going up to it or it was coming down to me. But it was just huge. And it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And it was about this close from touching me when I heard what sounded like a metal door slam. And it echoed. And the lifeguard who had the middle aged kids, it was like in the five foot section of the pool. He had jumped in and was getting me out. He was doing CPR and getting me out of the water. And then I could then I saw my mom when I came to I saw my mom, and all these kids around been two legs and feet.

Alex Ferrari 7:42
So did this this event. Change you in any? I mean, obviously it was traumatic. But did it change you any way in as far as knowing and things like that?

Sharon Milliman 7:53
Well, my my mom and I never really talked about it. I didn't know what it was called. I had no idea what what I knew nothing about near death experiences or had never heard anything about that. If anything, it made stuff stronger. Things that I experiencing as a child, it made it stronger until I became an older teen. And then I and then a young mother, and then you know things in my life were just so busy that I was just I just shut the door on all of it. And

Alex Ferrari 8:31
So you you kind of you close that you're like I don't want to deal with that right now. And you kind of like, put it in a box, throw it under the bed. Right? Which is never never a good thing as a general statement when it's the thing under the bed is gonna come back out unless you're gonna have to deal with this.

Sharon Milliman 8:49
Absolutely. And I did.

Alex Ferrari 8:53
So tell me about your your second near death experience.

Sharon Milliman 8:56
Well, before the second experience, I had been hit by lightning several times. So it was

Alex Ferrari 9:05
So we had to stop there for a second. What are you doing? That you're near lightning and you not only near but you're getting hit by it multiple times. And afterwards, did you play the lottery? Because the chances if I liked the so many times is pretty out there.

Sharon Milliman 9:13
It is pretty out there. And I've had people ask me the next time I have a near death experience. I'm supposed to go straight to Jesus and ask Him what the lottery numbers are. So everybody knows I'm going to do that.

Alex Ferrari 9:37
The next one, number five, number five, right?

Sharon Milliman 9:41
Right. Exactly. I don't know if I'm a lightning rod or what I really don't know. I have no clue. It was twice was ball lightning and twice was the lightning bolts. And people are like well lightning comes from the ground. Well, there might be an arc From the ground, but if you look in the sky during a storm, you will see lightning bolts come out of the sky. Lightning Bolt came out of the sky and hit my arm. So sorry.

Alex Ferrari 10:09
So you hit three times before the near death experience.

Sharon Milliman 10:12
Twice was ball lightning,

Alex Ferrari 10:14
What's ball lightning?

Sharon Milliman 10:16
It's, it's like a firewall like this, that'll just it can come through glass. It's kind of rare. But it can actually come right through the glass. It looked to me like it had come through the, you know, the, the little space between the windowsill and the window. It's that's how it looked like it come through there. But it could have come through the glass. I don't know. We had a big Victorian house that had the heavy, heavy curtains and you know, the shear and all that. Only thing I know is that I saw the ball coming through the window. And it rolled across the room. And I was on the computer. At the time we back then we had the great big tower and the you know, the big monitor the weight 5000 pounds, you couldn't pick it up, move it. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 11:15
I'm very familiar.

Sharon Milliman 11:18
So I'm typing on the keyboard. And this ball, this big ball of fire is rolling across the room. And it smacks my hands. And it fries. I mean, it just shook me to the core, my hands just tangled all the way up to my shoulders. It fried the keyboard.

Alex Ferrari 11:40
Interesting, honestly had to two to the two ball lightning one lightning strikes. So that's three but you haven't died yet. These three, were just primers essentially. Exactly. Okay, so that was. So what happened on the fourth lightnings. Love what I can't believe I'm saying this on the fourth lightning strike, or your second near death experience. What happened?

Sharon Milliman 12:03
I missed sitting out on the back concrete steps. And there was a roof over top of where I was sitting. And I was talking on a cordless phone. And it had started to rain. And I knew not to be on a court corded phone. But I didn't think that a cordless phone would be any big deal. But apparently don't go outside on the cordless phone. So I'm sitting there talking to my friend on the phone. And the lightning bolt came out of the sky and it hit my arm in my right arm. And it went through my body and traveled underneath the house. And we had a transformer that was right in front of our house and it blew that pieces. And I felt this when it hit my arm I felt this burning, searing, just horrific pain. And then I peeled up out of my body. I mean, I just I'm down on the ground, I can see my body on the ground. But I once I peeled up out on myself. I didn't feel any pain. There was it was wonderful. It was like I love this. I can do this now. But I It was very strange, because I didn't know I was dead. I mean, didn't it happened so quick that I didn't have time to process in my own mind, I guess that I was dead. That crumbled body on the ground was me. And I walked into our floated or walked or whatever it was and I went into my kitchen. And as I got into my kitchen, everything had this burnt gold look to it. So I'm looking around at the curtains. And I mean, it was just very odd. And I noticed that the lace curtains on my windows were not my curtains. So I went into the dining room, which was just stop the kitchen. And I noticed that none of that furniture was mine. It was my house, but it was not my furniture. And I'm walking through and I couldn't get around. So I went from the dining room into the living room and from the living room into the parlor. And that nothing in that house was my stuff. And so I heard this old time radio show playing sounded like something from back in the Waltons. And I knew we didn't have a radio in the house and I knew that I mean we had no electricity so how could a radio be playing? I didn't know where that sound was coming from and I was looking for this sound and I couldn't find it anywhere. And just as I was about to freak out because I was it was so odd. This huge, loving, formless presence, huge, huge presence came and got me. And as soon as that presence appeared, I felt this huge peace, this love like I've never felt in my life. And it just filled me just totally filled me and I was at peace, and I was calm, and I was okay at that point. And we started these beautiful pink and gold clouds appeared, and we had like part of the house disappeared. And all I could see with the pink and gold clouds, and we started moving very quickly, we didn't move up, we didn't move down, we went lateral, side to side. And so we're moving really fast through these clouds. And we get to the end of the clouds, and there's this garden. And it was the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. It was a beautiful, sunny day, it felt like a perfect day, you know, 75 degrees, zero humidity. For flowers. It was just the most beautiful place. And the colors were just so rich and vibrant. And there were colors that there weren't even words for. I could hear music. And it was like, everything has a vibrational sound. The leaves on the trees, the flowers, each color, the water, there was a stream that just like, looked like there was a bazillion diamond sparkling in this water. And it was going over some rocks. And so I noticed that the rocks had a sound of water had a different sound. Each individual blade of grass had a different sound colors, everything had a sound. And when you put all those sounds together, you hear this magnificent orchestra. It's like everything was singing praises to God, everything. And it was just it was so beautiful. I call it big music because there were lots of instruments and lots of intricate pieces all put together to make this melody. And there were two young men that stepped forward to greet me. And they were wearing this ivory very intricate linen clothing. And I noticed that the clothing was a herringbone weave. I mean, they literally took that a snapshot of the wave pattern stuck it in my face for future reference, which I found out years later. What that was, but at the time, I didn't know like, Okay,

Alex Ferrari 18:08
Thanks. Nice, nice outfit. Exactly.

Sharon Milliman 18:11
But it was sort of an instant. Some sometimes it takes me being hit over the head with a two by four. Sometimes it takes being hit by lightning for me to understand what's going on. And I had no at that point, I was just floating along. Everything was so magnificent. And I was in that all factor. And the two young men were my two brothers who had died when they were babies. It was Michael and Steven than they were a year apart and they were younger. I was older than them. And when they smiled at me is when I realized who they were, I was like, Oh my gosh, you look just like dad, you know, and I we had our family reunion and the hugs and tears and you know, we're so happy to see you Dad would be so proud of you. You're so beautiful. In fact, they looked exactly like my dad when my dad was a young man except that they had longer curly or hair than he did. And their hair was a darker blonde with this color blonde running through it. And they glowed it was they looked like they'd been on the beach all day long. And they had this glow about them. Then I realized everybody I saw had this glow, and it's sort of like they glowed from the inside out. So after we had our family reunion, we walked a little bit further into the garden and it was time for my life review. So they were standing one on either side. Give me in this huge loving presence moved from beside me to behind me. And then there was a whole bunch of other people that came around me. And I knew them, but I didn't know where I knew them from. And they knew me. But they were from all different time periods. And I, you know, the clothing that they wore was like, from different time periods. And they, some of the women wore dresses, some of the men were in suits, other people were wearing jeans, it just, I guess it depended on whatever they felt most comfortable in. I don't know. But that's what made sense to me. But they all gathered around me, and there wasn't one person there that was over the age of mid 30s. So they were all young and strong and healthy. Nobody was crying. Nobody was sick. There weren't crutches and wheelchairs and all that kind of, I mean, it was just amazing. It was like, wow, people are so beautiful. Everybody's so strong and healthy. And when my my two brothers actually had to tell me that I died, because I at that point, I didn't know you got it. And they actually had to tell me that I had died. And I was like, Okay, if this is that I can do this, this is not bad. And so then the screen comes down. Now when they told me that I had died, I looked down the front of me to see if I still had a body because I felt like I did, I still felt like me. And I looked down the front of me and I could see my hair going down the front of me. I could see my clothes that I had wore that day that I still had on. I could feel that cool grass on my feet. So I could feel and I could smell and I could touch and it was like I could see 360 degrees all the way around. So I could see even the most minut detail without even turning my head. And so after they told me, I died, I'm looking and I'm seeing that I still have a body. But it was light. It wasn't heavy, like our bodies aren't here. And I wasn't concerned whether my hair was okay, or whether my makeup was okay. It did that didn't matter to me. It was I felt loved and accepted. And I had never felt loved and accepted in this lifetime. I'd always been told you're fat, you're ugly, you're stupid. And I've never felt the love that I felt there. And so a screen comes down. And I'm watching the screen. And it was like watching an old fashioned black and white movie on an old fashioned movie reel. So I'm watching my life review. And it was from the moment I was born all the way until that day that I died. And I didn't know I was supposed to judge me. And I didn't nobody else seemed to be judging me. And I didn't realize I was supposed to be doing that. And so I didn't. And the life review was just over like that. And it was it kind of thought that was quick. Must have been pretty boring, because that was over really fast. And I asked my brothers did I miss something? What am I what am I missing? And they just kind of grinned and they didn't really answer me. And I thought, Oh, that's not fair. You're playing a brother card on me here. But I realized that nobody else was judging me. I didn't judge me. And so it was over and that was it. And there wasn't the judgment that not to say there isn't judgment. But I mean, for me, there wasn't any judgment. I did not feel judgment at all. I felt love from the being, you know, the one I call God, that big, huge, formless. And nobody out my brothers didn't judge me. The other people around me didn't judge me. So I didn't feel judged at all. And I started thinking to myself, well, maybe judgment is when we judge ourselves in front of God, who is perfect. And if we feel that we need to be punished when we get punished, but if we don't need to be punished and we know I mean I don't know. But that's how I felt I didn't feel anything at all. Did you?

Alex Ferrari 25:05
Did you feel what other people felt when you were interacting with them during the life review? Because that's something I've heard multiple times.

Sharon Milliman 25:15
I didn't, okay. It just was like, like, I was watching it for information purposes only. And that's why I thought maybe my life was boring, because?

Alex Ferrari 25:29
Well, you and also, this is not the ultimate life review. So you have no idea this is this is part of, as we now know, many liniment, many near death experiences. So if this is, it could have been set up that way for you just for this specific near death experience. So interesting, right. So what happened after that?

Sharon Milliman 25:49
Well, we, my brothers were showing me around and I was able to see buildings, I saw this beautiful, what I call the glorious city, and it was behind a wall. A big, thick, golden wall. And in the center of the city was a round building that had a dome. And I didn't, I don't know what that building was, but I noticed how beautiful the dome was. And I saw other buildings like on the outskirts of the city. And I could see a place where babies and children go, where they're loved and cared for, by their, you know, grandmas and grandpas a great grandma's or, you know, their loved ones, and bright ancestors, angels, mentors, teachers, there are people that are specifically trained to take care of these children, because they not only grow, you know, they'll, they'll grow physically up to a certain point, and then they stop growing, and then it becomes all about spiritual growth. So babies and children go there, and they're loved and cared for. And they were all running around and swing sets, and, you know, trampolines and jumping boards, and whatever. You know, they were all having a great time. And I saw people taking care of them. And I saw another building that looked like a gigantic library, and it had books from top to ceiling, and they were every book on every subject you could possibly want to know. I called it the Hall of knowledge. But that's, I don't know if that's what it's called. But it was. So I saw that I saw what looked like a spiritual hospital. Like for I'm calling it that, I don't know that that's what it's called. But what it looked like to me as it was, see heavens a very gentle place. It's, there's, it's very calm, very peaceful, very gentle, very loving. And there are people who may die very quickly. And they have no earthly idea what's going on. Like, I didn't have any earthly idea what was going on. I was in this beautiful place, but I didn't know I was dead. I had my two brothers who loved me enough to tell me. But there may be other people who don't have two brothers to tell them. So they go to this place and they everybody's brought gently to the awareness of what's happened. Okay, you're not on earth anymore. You're you're here with us and we love you. And, you know, this was what happened, but, but you're okay, and you're here now. And then you go on from there. It's that kind of thing. It's not

Alex Ferrari 28:59
Gradual. It's a gradual acclamation to where you're at.

Sharon Milliman 29:05
Right! Exactly. It's not Stark. It's very gentle, gentle. I didn't see anybody in pain. I saw no suffering, no animals were being killed. I saw lots of animals running around rolling plains and hills and valleys and

Alex Ferrari 29:30
I think just walking you through all of this. Are you seeing all of this like, toward kind of like being a tour it almost

Sharon Milliman 29:37
it's, that's what I would call it. We were walking but it was I could see very, very far distances in great detail. So I walk right up to the building. But I could see the building I could see inside the building.

Alex Ferrari 29:54
Kind of like what you did with your your first near death experience when you were able to see your mom's face even though you weren't near your mom's Tres similar concept, right? Yeah. So you were taking a virtual tour as you walked on the side, you can jump in and do basically a tour of, of heaven on the other side.

Sharon Milliman 30:12
Right! Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 30:15
Interesting. So what else did you see?

Sharon Milliman 30:18
Well, there was this. This there was this one beautiful castle wall. It was like a failed stone wall. And it was like falling down into had pink roses growing up and over it. And I was just enamored by this beautiful wall, because it was a castle wall, you know, it had fallen down and it was beautiful, breathtaking. I saw it in both my second and my third and same same wall, same place. I saw houses. So like the city is right here. Okay. Over here was the the other buildings that I saw over here were these houses. And one was sitting on a bluff. And I could see the ocean water splashing up on the rocks. And the house was made of some kind of stone that kind of glistened on the light. There was a house directly behind it. And it was like, like a I don't know, English cottage type house. And there were beautiful rose gardens in the back. I don't know who lived in the houses, but they were definitely houses and beautiful, beautiful houses. I did see one room. Today I was my brothers were with me. So I was literally taken to this room. And they were having a party inside the room. And there it was. It was absolutely breathtaking, though. The people were all dressed in fancy clothes. Or there was a man sitting in the corner on a great big piano and he was playing music and there were candelabras and roses spilling out of vases onto the piano is just breathtaking. There was the the floor was like marble. And they had a pink plush carpet, often on the floor and chandelier bigger than my house. And on the other side of the room, there were tables that had very expensive linen and silver trays. And on the trays there was meats and cheeses and fruits and vegetables and pastries and and just anything you could possibly breads, anything you could possibly want. And know the bread the the meat was not because animals were killed. It was because God can manifest anything with just a mere thought no animals are killed. But it's whatever you want. And you don't have to eat to sustain life you eat because you enjoy it. And families enjoy it and got people who gather they enjoy gathering over food. So it it was an amazing, amazingly beautiful. Everything was just beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 33:37
So you're walking with you're walking with your your brothers, you've got this other large being formless being with you at this entire time. You've now accepted that you're dead at this point, I'm assuming and you're just like basically just walking around what happens after this amazing tour of of heaven, because you do come back. So how was that whole process happen?

Sharon Milliman 34:01
Well, I look over into the corner, sort of next to the glorious city and there's a grove of trees and I see Jesus walking through the grove of trees. And he comes up to me, and he talks to me. And when he's talking to me, my brothers disappear. I don't know where they went. So I'm just looking at Jesus and I'm listening to what he's telling me. And he walks me over to a wooded Glen. And it's just so beautiful. Everything is so beautiful. And there was a log laying there. And I sat down on the log. And when I sat down on the log, Jesus walks away, and there's another man sitting on the end of the log. And that man was God and And we had started talking. And he asked me, it was kind of chit chat at first. Until I, you know, I was kind of like, stunned about everything, you know, when I had to get my wits about. Because God asked me, What would you do if it was just me and you? And I'm like, what? I had no idea what? And so we said it again, what would you do if it was just me and you? And I didn't understand. It made no sense to me. And I was like, I don't understand you. What, what do you want me to say? I don't have a clue what you're what you're looking for. So he said, Well Come with me. So we go through the woods, and there's a clearing. And he shows me He waves the sand. And he shows me the vastness of the universe. The stars, the planets, the multicolored gases, all of that. But there's no trees, no people, no cars, no houses, no animals, nothing. Just all of that. So I looked at God. And I said, that there's all of that, and just me and you, you'd be tired of me after the first 10 minutes, and you wouldn't like me anymore. So no. And he just threw his head back. And he started laughing. And then when I realized what I said, I was like, Who? Who does that? You know, Sharon?

We and we sat back down on the log, and he asked me again, and I started thinking, Oh, my god, how am I going to answer this? Because I still had no answer. So I'm looking at this beautiful tree. In this beautiful tree, I could see all the detail, the bark, the, you know, roots beneath the ground, and, and just everything is connected to everything, the trees, clean the air, we breathe, the air and all of that. So I realized that and now I don't know why I said this, because I've never read the Qur'an. I've never read, don't know thing about Islam. I don't know any of that. So, but I said, God, your 100th name is God is everywhere. God is nowhere and God is in me. And he said, Yes, that's right. And I said, God, you made this tree. You are in this tree. So when I see this tree, I see you. He said, Yes, that's right. Well, then I said the same thing about my parents. You made my parents are and my parents, when I see my parents, I see you. I said it about my children. Then there was this person that was very abusive to me and hurt me a lot. And I said, even though this person has hurt me a lot, you made this person, you are in this person. So when I see this person I see you. He said, Yes. He said, Now I have a question for you. He said, What would you do? If it was just? What would if you were looking in the mirror? What what do you see? And I thought, well, you made me, you're in me. So when I look in the mirror, I see it. He said, Yeah, that's right. And what he was telling me, he started telling me, I love you, I'm with you. You are not everything that everybody tells you. You are, you are not what the world makes you to be. You are what I make you to be. And I don't make mistakes, I don't make dunk. You have a purpose. Just like everybody has a purpose. And that's important. And you need to start seeing yourself that way. And so then, after that, I it was shortly after that, that I came back to my body.

Alex Ferrari 39:21
So after that, did you just come slamming back was like, Do you want to go back? Do you not want to go back? No, those questions were asked.

Sharon Milliman 39:29
I don't remember having any of those questions asked if there was a conversation between me and God about me coming back. It was not a good one. And I don't remember.

Alex Ferrari 39:41
You were just slammed back into your body.

Sharon Milliman 39:43
Pretty much. Yes. And it was very,

Alex Ferrari 39:46
I was gonna say the pain and everything started.

Sharon Milliman 39:48
Oh, it was horrific. It was awful. Sure.

Alex Ferrari 39:51
So when you came back with this one this, this near death experience is a little bit more intense than the first one. And you could process it into a lot higher level than you could at the first one. How did you deal with this new experience? Did you share it with others? Did you? Did you just psychologically process at all?

Sharon Milliman 40:14
That's a good question. I had no idea at the time, I still had no name for it. I had never heard of near death experiences, or Dr. Moody or any I didn't know any of that stuff. I was taught the lady I was talking to on the phone when I got hit by lightning. She was Native American medicine lady, and she bout two weeks after the incident. She got a hold of me to find out if I was okay, because she heard me scream, and then the phone went up died. And she didn't know what happened. And when I told her what happened. You know, when I went to this place, you know, I saw my brothers, I saw Jesus, I saw God, you know, she was able to tell me what it was. She knew what it was actually called. And when I came back, I was in what I call the pink bubble. Because I don't know what else to call it. I was floating, literally floating people said I was glowing. I could see things and hear things. Great distances. I could hear it and see it. I saw the grass literally. multiplying and growing across the yard, I could see flowers open up and close. I could see here, electricity humming in the air.

Alex Ferrari 41:52
How did you again process this? Because that's a lot of information.

Sharon Milliman 41:57
Well, if it wasn't for my friend, I didn't know what I didn't know what to think. I was in a very abusive relationship at the time. And they, I was told I was losing my mind that I was crazy. And I wasn't, it was this was all a part of that oneness. I was still in that oneness with God, that that oneness with everything. And everyone and I loved everyone, and you couldn't hurt me if you tried. And it was like six months of floating.

Alex Ferrari 42:32
You held this, you held this for about six months,

Sharon Milliman 42:34
six months. And then it was like, I got thrown down a flight of stairs. And I came out of it just like that. And I was in shock for six months. And I had to call my friend again and say what's wrong with me and she said, You're in shock. To go from that bliss, that oneness with, with God and all of creation to the cruelty of others. And you came out of it so abruptly that I was in shock. And I felt nothing I didn't I wasn't happy. I wasn't sad. I wasn't not I was nothing. It was just and so I was worried about that. And she said it'll it'll pass. And it did.

Alex Ferrari 43:21
Pass. So, so Okay, so now let's go to your third near death experience. Okay, which is another intense one as well, correct?

Sharon Milliman 43:33

Alex Ferrari 43:33
What led up to that what happened?

Sharon Milliman 43:36
That was November of 2016. And I had emergency surgery for about blockage. And I was in surgery. And I was actually has happened is I aspirated on the breathing too. And it I quit breathing. So when that happened, I left my body. And I was watching them operate on me. And they had these blue hats and they have their heads bowed down and they had the blue gloves and they had the blood all over the gloves. And I thought that was just gross. So I went up into the corner of the room hoping not to see inside my body. And so I'm sitting in the corner of the room and I can still see. And I was it was like I was sitting on a chair or something in the corner up by the ceiling. You know, and I'm looking down. And what appeared was this rainbow colored swirling like thing. It kind of looked like an upside down Whirlpool. And it was sort of rainbow colored. And I just thought alright, I'm out of here. And I went right up through that. I And I ended up at the Golden wall that surrounded the city that I had seen previously. I also could see a the field Stonewall the the pink roses, yeah with the pink roses. And it was halfway between where the garden was. And where the wall, the great big wall. So I'm standing by this, this big. It looked like it was pure solid gold, like cinder blocks made of gold. And it was very tall. I couldn't jump and I tried. I couldn't. It didn't dawn on me just to walk a couple of feet down and open the gates. And there they you know, the gates were already open. But I mean, to walk through the gates, I could hear people talking. I could hear dishes clanging. I could hear music playing, they were getting ready for a party. So I'm standing there and I'm thinking how in the world am I going to get through that wall. Because I'm done. I'm going through those. I don't want to go back. And there was this little brown and white beagle puppy and he was jumping at my feet. And I was playing with him. So I was literally interacting with another being a puppy. And then I saw hundreds of people coming out of the garden where I was at before. And it was on down, way down to the end to the left. And in between the garden and the wall where I was at was this meadow of tall grass and beautiful wildflowers and but all these people were coming out of the garden. And I saw two Middle Eastern men, they came up real close to me. And then went into the city. I saw somebody that looked like maybe they were from New York or something. And they were like a construction worker. And he still had his hard hat on. And he had a tool belt that had holes stick stuck down on it. And he walked up close to me. And then he went into the city. And there was another couple. I mean, there were women and children and men of all ages and sizes and colors and shapes. And I mean so many people I couldn't even count, right. But the last two people that came up to me that and I actually knew the younger of the two he had died years ago. And I knew him via his mother. I saw her showing me pictures of him. And he was escorting an older gentleman. And all of the people, which I forgot to say earlier, they everybody had their own Angel. And the angel was taller, dressed in gown, blue sash white gown, and was much taller than the person was and glowy. So I knew the difference between the angels and the people. And everyone had their own Angel. So when these two walked up to me, and I knew the younger of the two. I just was so excited. I was like, I know you. And he smiled at me and he escorted his father and into the city gates. So I didn't know what the puppy was about. But I was playing with the puppy. There was more to there was more to it. But that was the most important part of what I experienced. So when I came to in the hospital, I still had the breathing tube in my mouth. And there was a nurse standing by me and there was machines. And when the nurse realized that I was had it was waking up. He got got the tube out of me I guess. And when I got well enough to go back to my room, I picked up my phone, and on my phone was a message from another friend of mine. And she told me that the mother of the young man that had died previously, her husband had died that day while I was in surgery, and I said I know because I saw him he was with her son and they were in the city. They were fine. My daughter came to see me at the hospital that night. And I told her the story. And I mentioned a puppy and she said Mom, we had to call the police on a neighbor who was seeing beating his beagle bone bid dinner. And I said that puppies, they're the puppies fine. Our animals do go to heaven. And I told her not to worry the puppy was fine.

Alex Ferrari 50:12
So why, okay, so the second, this third near death experience, you didn't have any guides, you didn't have any other entities, it was kind of like you would just dropped into where you left off. And you were kind of like just kind of just checking out what was going on, but you weren't part of it. Technically, you were just viewing it in many ways.

Sharon Milliman 50:33
Alright. Alright, played was, the only part I played was the playing with the puppy,

Alex Ferrari 50:40
But, and interacting interacting with the kid that you knew, and then you get slammed back into your body. So and then I'm assuming you, you've your old had at this point at near death experiences, so you're able to handle this, you know, dealing with this at this point, I have to ask you the question, why do you think this happened to you? Why do you think you've had so many of these near death experiences in this lifetime?

Sharon Milliman 51:06
Two things. I think I keep trying to find a way out. I keep wanting to leave? And God is like, oh, no, no, no, I still got more for you to do, you're going back. But I don't want to be here. I want to go back there. I want to be there. And this life has been very hard. It's been very painful, very hard. And I just kept wanting to leave. And at one point, I even cried and said, God, what is wrong with me? Do you not like me? Do I smell bad? What's the problem? You keep throwing me back there? You know. And the other thing is, like, I believe that the third experience happened. Because I needed to let the mother know that her husband and her son were okay. And I needed to let my daughter now and others know that our love, our pets are just like our loved ones. And they go to heaven, too. And we're going to see our loved ones again. I used to play with my brother Michael, when I was a little girl. He was one of the people I used to see all the time. And then he stopped coming. And it was like, I felt abandoned. Where did he go? Why? You know, why did he leave me? And but he wasn't having? And he was watching over me still. And it's I think it's so that I can let people know. There is another side. This is not all there is. And that what's there as the love is so huge. And it's so it's what's there is more real been here. And the first time

Alex Ferrari 53:03
I've heard that, not the first time I heard that what? Your story is remarkable. And you keep coming back. And it's a unique. There's elements of it I've heard before, there's elements I haven't heard before. And everything your experience is very custom made for the person. When did you decide to come out of the closet, if you will publicly about this to do interviews and to really talk about these experiences in a larger way.

Sharon Milliman 53:34
It took many, many years. It really did. It was very hard. And sometimes it's so very hard. Because there's a lot of people out there that are harsh. I'll just say horse. I've lived with so much abuse over the years. But I don't know how to take people sometimes. But I think that God uses you know, he will use these kinds of things. Work. People who have had near death experiences come back and they feel very strongly that we have to share with other people to let people know, you know, whether we've been told to or not told to we feel like we need to let other people know that to have hope that this is not all there is that heaven Israel and God loves you or whatever name you have forgotten, you know, he's got a bazillion names and he speaks a bazillion languages. So whatever, you know, he she whatever. And that we are loved and that we're not just thrown here so that we can flounder and screw up and then burn on the fire or whatever. But that's not. That's not. That's not the God I met. And so maybe he's wanting us to come back and say, who he is, you know, what did we meet? Who did we meet, you know, our loved ones are still there, they're not that far away. And I found that heaven isn't up or down having this this way. Or what? You know.

Alex Ferrari 55:25
It's jumping to another realm, if you will, left to right,

Sharon Milliman 55:29
Or walking from one room in your house to another, I found that to be very seamless and very flawless. One minute I was here, and then I was there, and I was blown away because I had no idea what was going.

Alex Ferrari 55:41
Right, right. Sharon, thank you so much for sharing your your story with us. I'm going to ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Sharon Milliman 55:53
Doing out of love for others?

Alex Ferrari 55:55
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Sharon, what advice would you give her?

Sharon Milliman 56:01
Don't listen to the world?

Alex Ferrari 56:06
How would you define God?

Sharon Milliman 56:09
God is that huge, formless loving spirit that was with me, God is Spirit. But I also define God as He is love. pure, pure, pure love. And the other part of my definition is that he's not limited, is so huge. And so beyond any little box, we might put him in, that he can talk to us in many, multiple ways. And it took him four times of hitting me with lightning before I could, was smart enough to listen. And he kept turning up the volume each time until I was in front of him. And he could say, Hey, I didn't make you to do this kind of stuff. Don't listen to all those people. Listen to me, and what is the ultimate purpose of life, for us to love to love each other. And there are many kinds of love. So it's not just the physical love, but it's the I would die for you kind of love. I love you with no strings attached. And I love you exactly the way you are. You don't have to change and be anything other than who you are. And it's that kind of love. And if we can do that. If I can do that, you can do that. And the next person, we're all changing our own little part of the world. And I think that's what we're here for is to learn how to love and be loved.

Alex Ferrari 57:40
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Sharon Milliman 57:44
Well, I'm on Facebook, I have a WordPress website. Look up Sharon Milliman.

Alex Ferrari 57:54
I'll put you up, put your links up, put your links in the show notes. And do you have any parting messages for the audience Sharon?

Sharon Milliman 58:01
Just remember that God loves you. Whatever name you give God. He loves you so much that he thinks about you 24/7 Every single moment of every single day. And if you stopped thinking about you for one second, you would just cease to be as if you never were. And he loves you that much. And he loves me that much. And the next person, he loves us all that much. And he can do that all at the same time. And that he told me one time, it doesn't matter how tiny you might be in the grand scheme of all that I've created. You are so intricately important to everything I've created. And if you ceased to be my creation changes, that's how important you are.

Alex Ferrari 58:53
Thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with all of us and your bravery to put this out into the world to help other people. So I do appreciate you my dear. Thank you again.

Sharon Milliman 59:04
Thank you. Thank you.

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