Teenager DIES in Crash; NDE Shows Her Other Planets, Civilizations & Why We Are Here with Sharon Kumara

Life often unfolds in ways we least expect, revealing truths about our existence in profound moments. On today’s episode, we welcome Sharon Kumara, whose life-altering experiences have given her remarkable insights into the mysteries of life and beyond. Sharon’s journey began with a seemingly ordinary life, working as a bookkeeper in Texas and enjoying weekends filled with country music and fun. However, her life took an extraordinary turn through near-death experiences that changed everything.

Sharon’s first near-death experience (NDE) occurred in 2001 during a tubing trip with friends. As she fell from a moving bus, she felt the trailer’s tire crush her neck and head, leading her to pop out of her body. “I was looking down on the scene from above,” she recalls, feeling no fear but rather a detachment and acceptance of her death. As she hovered above, she saw her stepfather, who had passed away, and he reassured her, “It’s not your time.” This moment marked the beginning of a journey that would see Sharon reuniting with spiritual guides and discovering a deeper purpose.

During her NDE, Sharon encountered a tunnel leading to a group of her ancestors, followed by a brilliant light where she met Yeshua (Jesus). Immersed in his loving presence, she felt a profound connection and merging of light and love. “I felt like my face would break from smiling so wide,” she says, describing the overwhelming joy and peace. Yeshua conveyed to her that her work on Earth was not finished, setting the stage for her return to her body.

The experiences didn’t end there. Sharon was taken on a journey through the cosmos, visiting a water planet that felt like a home. There, she reunited with her aquatic family and felt an intense love for all parts of her planetary existence. This cosmic voyage highlighted the multi-dimensional nature of our souls and the interconnectedness of all beings. Sharon’s memories of this journey reinforced her understanding of the expansive nature of life beyond our physical reality.

Sharon’s childhood also held a forgotten near-death experience. At nine years old, after being severely beaten, she floated into a void, a place of immense peace and oneness. Here, she encountered Yeshua again, who offered her the choice to stay or return. Her desire to complete her earthly mission brought her back. This early experience, coupled with the 2001 NDE, helped Sharon uncover and heal deep-seated traumas, leading her to embrace her psychic and healing abilities.

Her NDEs also brought insights into the concept of soul retrieval. Through her meditations and guidance from Yeshua, Sharon learned to heal fragmented parts of her soul, bringing them into wholeness. This process involved forgiving and understanding past-life agreements and traumas, thus freeing herself and others involved from these karmic loops. “I realized there’s nothing to forgive. He loves me so much to agree to this,” she reflects on a past abuser who played a role in her soul’s growth.


  1. Interconnectedness: We are multi-dimensional beings connected to each other and the universe. Our experiences are part of a larger, intricate tapestry of existence.
  2. Healing Through Forgiveness: True healing involves understanding and forgiving past traumas, allowing us to release karmic patterns and embrace wholeness.
  3. Love and Purpose: Our ultimate purpose is to recognize and express love, knowing that we are loved beyond measure and are here to fulfill a unique mission.

In this enlightening conversation, Sharon Kumara shares her extraordinary journey of spiritual awakening and healing, offering wisdom and hope to those seeking to understand their own paths.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sharon Kumara.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 294

Sharon Kumara 0:00
So I hit the trailer hitch on my back and then I bounced off that onto the pavement on my back again and then onto my side. And I'm thinking, as I bounce on to the my side, I'm thinking I'm yelling in my head. At the driver stop, you're killing me. As soon as I yelled that out my head that tire from the trailer, he was pulling a trailer which had our ice chests in our air tubes in it, you know, when those trailers and it ran over my neck and my head.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
I like to welcome to the show, Sharon Kumara, How you doing Sharon?

Sharon Kumara 0:46
Doing great. Thank you, Alex. It's an honor to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:49
Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your remarkable stories with us today. So my very first question is what was your life like before you had your first nde.

Sharon Kumara 0:59
My life? Well, it was pretty normal. I was a bookkeeper for an oil company. That was my last career before my auntie Eve for about 15 years I did live in in Texas in San Antonio, Texas, independent oil company. So I was I was kind of a partier, I love to party, love to go out on the weekends and have fun, you know, and in Texas, that's kind of the law that you're supposed to go drink beer and, and dance country music, right. So. So yeah, if you don't do that, then you don't you don't fit in. So I did that. And as far as my, my adult life, that's kind of what what I did is I worked in an office I was in, in that type of realm of being a bookkeeper and administrative type of person. My childhood, I don't remember very much my and I'll explain a little bit about that later. But my parents divorced when I was six. And my sister and I, who grew up together went to live with my grandmother, when we were very young at that time. And we're a little bit after that, because we did live live with my dad and stepmother. But that didn't work out. So we went to live with my grandmother. And that's where a lot of the experiences happened that I'll share a little bit as a child. And I don't remember a lot. Like I'm saying, although some as my memory started coming to me after my NDE. I realized okay, well this is why I don't remember that.

Alex Ferrari 2:31
No, were you spiritual or religious as before your nde.

Sharon Kumara 2:35
I was raised Catholic, but I was not a good Catholic. I would fight my grandmother to go to church. My parents were not religious. They were both raised Catholic, but they didn't take us to church or anything like that. And yeah, I would actually fire up poor woman and make her chase me around the house to take me to church. Yeah, I feel so bad afterwards, when I remembered that, but yeah, so no, I was not a good Catholic of mine. I I believe that, you know, Jesus existed, and I knew that some form of God or higher, higher intelligence did, because I knew that they must have somebody must have protected me throughout my life. Because like I said, I was a partier. So I probably should have died a long time ago.

Alex Ferrari 3:24
Oh, I look back at my days. I'm like, I don't I have no idea how we survived. I generally our generation as a general statement, smoking on airplanes. No seatbelts.

Sharon Kumara 3:37
Right! We survived it.

Alex Ferrari 3:40
We some and now we have to, like bubble wrap our kids. It's insane. Like we survived without all this, you know. So tell me, so tell me about your first nde what happened?

Sharon Kumara 3:54
Okay, well, if I could, I'd like to share the one or 2001 Because then that leads up to because then I remember the one when I was nine, which is actually the first one but the second one in my memory. So yeah, 2001 I lived in San Antonio. And some girlfriends and I went inner tubing down the Guadalupe River. And it was June 11 2001. It was for girlfriend's birthday. And we had a really great day. We it was the end of the day around five o'clock. And so the outrigger that we rented the the inner tubes from would take us down the river or up the river, I guess and then pick us up in another area afterwards, and so on. We parked our cars at their parking lot. So at the end of the day, we were done. We pulled out got out the river and we were standing there to get on the bus, the shuttle bus to take us back to our cars. And there was five of us. And so we and they had these Little school buses, the little, what we call the short bus, right? Those little school buses. So I went to get on, I was the first one in our group and I went to get on and I saw that the bus was already full, all the seats were full. So I actually turned around and get back off. But people were saying, kind of pushing us, you know, my friends and I and, you know, to get on and, and there's and the people on the bus was saying, Come on, come on, you can stand in the aisle. So I got on and I was the first one in the group. And they packed us on the bus and I was up against the back door of the bus. So as he's driving down the road, he packs his arm and as he's driving down the road, and shifting gears, I believe it was third gear as he's moving away from Red Line. It's just a couple of miles I guess to the to the outriggers business, the back door pops open, and I fall out of the bus. Yeah, and I'm thinking did I just, I can't believe I just fell out of this bus as he's driving down the road. And I and my back hit the trailer hitch. I remember all this my back hit actually grabbed my just automatically grabbed in front of me and my friend, who was five months pregnant was standing in front of me. So thank God, I didn't grab her. And so it was just an instinct. And so and so I hit the trailer hitch on my back, and then I bounced off that onto the pavement on my back again and then onto my side. And I'm thinking as I bounce on to the my side, I'm thinking I'm yelling in my head. At the driver stop, you're killing me. As soon as I yell that out my head that tire from the trailer, he was pulling a trailer which had our ice chests in our inner tubes in it, you know, when those trailers and it ran over my neck in my head? Oh my god. Yeah. So then I then I popped out of my body, that's, that's the point where I popped out through my head into my head out of my body. And, and I and I'm looking down and I had to piece this together afterwards. And I'm looking down on the scene. As I'm up above, I'm looking down on the scene and I see what's happening. And I see, I remember thinking that there's a there was because that was the bus was still going. He didn't know I had fallen out. And so there was another big you know, those commuter buses that was coming towards my body. I'm thinking oh, I hope that they don't run over my body because that would really mess it up. But I didn't feel frayed I didn't feel upset or anything like that. I did I take that back. One thing that upset me was that I was thinking we just had this is really, this kind of really sucks because my friends and I just had a really good day. And here I go and die on them. That's that was my thought.

Alex Ferrari 8:11
But it's a bummer. It's a bummer. Yeah, it's a great way to bring them way to bring the your your harsh in my bed buzz here, you're you're crashing the day here Sharon.

Sharon Kumara 8:25
Exactly. That was my thigh are I going die on and when we had such an awesome day, that's really gonna ruin my friend's birthday. She's not gonna celebrate her birthday anymore on that day kind of thing. You know, that was my thought. And I'm thinking about that. And I'm thinking, because I didn't have any attachment to my body. None whatsoever. And I knew I had died. I just knew and I'm like, Okay, well, I've done this before many times. And this is apparently, again, another time. So. So then I'm thinking okay about my boyfriend at the time. And now I'm thinking Well, he'll be fine. He'll be fine. He won't, you know, he'll be sad for a while, but he'll get over it. And I'm thinking about my sister and her family, because we're really close. I'm like, well, she'll be fine. Her, you know, she'll be sad for a while, but she'll get over it. And I know everyone's gonna be fine. And then I thought about my mom, because I kind of took care of my mom, we were really close. And she just lived down the road from me at that time. And in a sense, I think about my mom, I feel I feel a presence behind me. And so I turned around, and it's my stepfather had died and Ida who pretty much his passing changed, almost changed everything for me. And so, I see him and I'm really, really happy to see him because we were we were close. And so I see him and he tells me telepathically right away. He looks really good. By the way. He's he died of lung disease and he was sick and on oxygen and all that and But he's still wearing these horn rimmed glasses. Because that's his signature that to show me because I used to make fun of them when they weren't cool. You know, the black glasses? Number one, they weren't cool. And I'd say, Dad, can you get rid of those ugly? And get some wireframes? You look like a dork. And I would tell him that. So that was his joke, because he was really funny. And so when he appears to me in the spirit world, and my dreams are out of bodies, he's wearing those glasses, which is really funny. So he, he had done to us to me, it's not your time. And I'm like, But what but I I'm like, What do you mean, you know, kind of thing, I didn't understand it. But I want to, I want to stay here with you. And as, as he's in, we're having that conversation, a little bit of a conversation to his, to his right, to my right, his left, I see a tunnel open up. And I see who I recognize as my ancestors. And I can't and you know, it's hard to tell if they were in the tunnel, if they were, you know, where they were. But I knew who they were. And they were also people, ancestors that I didn't know here. But I knew were my ancestors there when I saw them. And so this tunnel is opening. And I'm in I look at them. And I'm like, they don't look really happy for me to be here. They, there wasn't any kind of celebration, which obviously, I was used to when you die. There's an I've heard from spirit, too, that there's a celebration. And so so they weren't celebrating that I was there. They just kind of looked Their faces were kind of just neutral. As I'm gazing at that, and and it wasn't that long afterwards when, and it's hard to put this in time linear times, right, you know, that you've talked to enough people. And so and probably have your own experiences. But I see this huge, golden white, like the sun, like a portal sun. And it's it's often the distance in from my perspective. And so I see that and my attention is drawn away from that tunnel to this this son, portal. And and who, okay, certainly. And so I see a figure, and I'm just gazing at it, because it's just wow, that's so you know, wow. So I'm gazing at it. And I see a figure moving out of it toward me. Does and as as this figure comes closer, I recognize this figure as as Yeah, Jesus, Yeshua, who I perceived as it was a light being basically a light being and I perceived this this person as Jesus, who I call yeshua. And as soon as I recognized him, because I recognize him as soon as I did, I flew hello to him. I was already having out of body experiences at that time conscious experiences. And I flew to him. I I was immersed in this this love and light. It's I can't even describe. And I I was it felt like it first. Well, first thing he tells me is it's not your time, just like my dad did. It's not your time. And I and I say what I want to stay with you is telepathic. I want to stay with you. I want to stay with you. Who and? And he he laughs chuckles like I know. I know. But he's like, but he's intuiting to me, your worksite done, which you went came here for that type of thing. And I know now that if he wouldn't let me stay up probably mad because I've been missing what's going on? You know? Because that's where we're here. And so not that he would anyway but yeah, so I'm having that conversation. And as I'm in his energy. I feel this merging of light between him and me where I become the him and he becomes me type of thing. I'm in that that light merging and it's difficult to express but I am filled. It's tangible. The light, the love is tangible. And I I'm thinking if my eye can't smile wide enough, I'm going to break my face because I'm a big his huge, big smile. It's it makes me smile, I just feel so at peace loved in the light again home home with him. And so we're there for a little while and and he asked me Would would you like to go on a journey with me. And I will, of course, he extends his hand for me to take his hand. And I take his hand as soon as I take his hand. Everything changes and it feels like movement that we're moving through the cosmos. And, you know, it's, I can't tell if cosmos is moving through us. Or we're moving through the cosmos, it just feels like movement. And I see these lights flying by us, okay, stars, I'm assuming. And so he takes me there. And then I see a, another light off in the distance. And we move and it's a it's a, it's a little portal, another little portal. Okay, so we go down this little portal, and then I see a planet in front of us, we're above this planet. I'm, I recognize this planet, as a water planet that I am have any existence or expression on as kind of a home planet for me. We all kind of have, you know, home star system, home planets, what I've learned since then, I recognize this planet. So we're hovering above this planet. And it there's kind of a communication there, where he's helping me understand what we're doing. Okay. Yeah. So it's not really words, it's, it's intuitive, intuitive, intuitive communication. So we're hovering above this planet, and I am. Feel and become my, how I put it, I've become one with the planet. My perspective is, one is the planet I am the planet. And I have so much love, and so much empathy for every one everything every you know, every part of my planetary body, I have so much love for them. And for that part of my body, me. And so and I moved my awareness from there to back to me as Sharon, and we moved down closer and closer to the planet. And then we got Yes, we dive into the, into the water, and we're on the planet. And I meet reunited with a my family, my water, or my aquatic family. And he's, at that point,

I don't feel his awareness or feel him in my awareness. As much as I'm just really happy to see my family really happy. And it's like I really never left. And so I'm so I'm there with it. And that's how it was whenever I connect with him and connected with him. And so I'm with my family. And I, I'm aware of a mate there water and, and, and aquatic children, that type of thing. So I'm, I spent some time there. I don't know how long, long in terms of but the met with them as the memories came. I mean, I was there for quite a while and I kept going back. I kept going back. And so at some point, or he did to

Alex Ferrari 19:04
This is all during the near death experience.

Sharon Kumara 19:06
This is during the near death experience. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 19:08
Got it. Okay.

Sharon Kumara 19:08
Yes. He told me you can come back here any time in your mind, you know, in your meditations type of thing. Okay. So, so I did and, and I, when I would go later, later, I didn't want to come back. Right. So as is that they're experiencing that? I don't actually recall the being taken out of there, and that, you know, out of that experience, but I do remember, beam slamming back into my body. I don't remember the conversation that we had. Okay, about it at that point, okay. Of being moving transitioning from the water planet to my body That makes sense. We had we had a lot of conversation, intuitive conversation that I recalled afterwards about the future of our planet, about about my, my work here on the planet or my mission kind of thing, and why you know, and why I needed to come back or why which would choke he chose for me and we chose together. I didn't make an agreement with him. I said, Okay, I'll go back, if I'm able to remember you. on a conscious level. That was my, my stipulation. I was making a deal with Jesus right and but I need to be able to remember you because I realized at that moment, when I was with him, that moment that I missed him really, really bad badly in my life. So I'm back in my body

Alex Ferrari 21:02
Slammed you get you get slammed back into your body.

Sharon Kumara 21:05
Yeah, I got slammed back into my body. And I jump up at that point. And what I what I recall, because I'm, you know, when you look at these things, you're from an observers perspective in your memories. And so I recall that I was, I jumped out, my girlfriends are freaking out. At that point. They were jumping had jumped off the bus or jumping off the bus, and they're freaking out and I jump up, and I run. I'm running around, you know, like, Oh, my God, I just can't I know Yeah. What just happened? And so I my, my hair though, is falling out because I got you know, they made fun of me at the hospital, they call the ambulance. And the ambulance came and got me it took them a long time they got lost in new and that's you know, New Braunfels is New Braunfels is yes, south of Austin. And so. So it took them a while they got lost for some reason they in the wrong address or something. And so. So we're sitting there waiting, waiting for a while, and I'm in shock at that point. So they take, you know, they put me on this spine thing and take me to the hospital. And they x rayed me, and I didn't have a concussion. But they I know, right. And my, the only thing that with my neck in my head is that I have nerve damage. So I do have kind of a tremor. But I do have to maintain my back to my, my back is if I don't, you know, keep my back supple. That kind of thing if it gets stiffed, and it's it's pretty painful. But but I didn't have anything broken about a road rash. Because we were wearing shorts and stuff. And yeah, so that my body was protected. Definitely.

Alex Ferrari 23:00
Interesting. Yeah. And then so when you come back after this, or you know, remarkable experience, how do you deal with it psychologically?

Sharon Kumara 23:10
Well, I didn't remember what when I came back. That's, that was protected from that, because he knew they knew my guidance knew that it had to be a slow process for me. And it had to be after my mother passed, because in my mother passed in 2003, and it was after that she helped helped me remember him, she actually helped me from the spirit world. And remember the experience? So yeah, it was huge for me to be able to integrate that it. He calls it my quickening. There was so much of my childhood and things like that, and being able to integrate a lot. But it does. It took me a couple years, to be able to put it together, I'd have flashes, all of a sudden I'm sitting there like, Oh my gosh. Wow, that makes sense. That's that's what you know, that type of thing. And also in meditations.

Alex Ferrari 24:13
So when you saw right, so you after you have Jr, this new death experience in 2001. For the next couple of years, you're processing it. It's kind of coming in and out back and forth. Correct. When do you remember your first near death experience as a child?

Sharon Kumara 24:30
It was after that time because I was working with Yeshua in my meditations. I made a commitment. So it was around 2003 2003 is when things just started. Overflowing for me. 2003 After my mother passed, she passed April 4 2003. After that, I was in meditation. I made a commitment with him that I would be in my room at 9pm Every night and meditate with him. I did. And things started coming to the surface for me remember my childhood? This? And what was the memories were coming through? As me as a child were being tortured and abused by. Yeah. Thank you, yeah, by family, family members. So there was one in particular I remembered. And as I became, you know, started became more aware of it, and everything's like that, everything like that. So I saw that there was more than just one, but the main one I remembered in when I was nine. And, and this was not my parents or anything like that. But I remembered when I was nine, I was in the backyard of my grandmother's house. And I was picking grapes. And looking for agates I loved I was almost don't freak, so I looked for agates in the backyard, that's when we could actually find them, you know, just out in the backyard, on you know, on our property. And so, and, and then he was there, and he starts chasing me and I fall down and he's starting to beat me, he likes to beat me. And so he's beating me, and he hits me so hard, underneath my ribs. And I felt this intense, immense, intense pain, like he had, I don't know if he broke them or what, but that didn't come through. But I pop out of my head again. At that point, I felt this immense peace, just pure peace. And I'm, and this was very different, because I'm not, I don't see anyone or hear anything I'm in. I'm in this darkness. And I'm just floating in this darkness. And I didn't realize what that was until just a couple years ago, or a year ago, I guess, when I when I talked to someone on my channel as well. And, and she called it the void where she ended up in this darkness in it. So it's not like a dark, like we would know, dark, but it's just a void. And I was in what she called the void. Am I oh my gosh, that's what, that's what that was. And I felt so peaceful and supported. And I knew that I was a part of everything. Everything was a part of me. It was more of an awareness. Like with the light, I'm just filled with so much love, and light within that void. It's an awareness, if that makes any sense of being a part of everything, and I could bring my awareness, expand it, and also bring it back within me. Kind of like the planet. And so but it was just this expansive galactic universal awareness. So I'm doing I'm like, I don't know how long I was there. I'm floating in this peaceful state because that, you know, suffering and trauma. So that was the gift from God to help, you know, bring me in that peaceful, supportive state. And I just felt totally supported. And, and I noticed off to my right of a light off to my right, there's a light and it becomes brighter and brighter. And then, yeah, she Yeah, she was there. Jesus is there. And this is the first one. Jesus is there, and he's moving toward me. And there's nothing really underneath this nothing we're standing on. He's moving toward me. And he says very clearly to me. You've suffered enough child, you don't have to go back. And he's crouched down in front of me. And I say, but I want to because I haven't. I haven't done when I finished to do. I need to go back. And this is a nine year olds awareness. Right. So I had that expanded awareness within a nine year old body, but I didn't, but you know, not that buddy. But so I had that awareness. I haven't finished what I went there to do. I need to finish my mission. And he asked me, Are you sure? And I said, Yes. And then I'm back.

Alex Ferrari 29:47
So you were when you were in the near death experience, you were looking at it through a nine year olds eyes. It wasn't like, you weren't all of a sudden aware of the entire makeup of the entire universe all of a sudden,

Sharon Kumara 29:58
No, no was a no I didn't if I did, I didn't bring that back, you know, and that, you know, that's a process, for sure. But ya know, I was looking at it as I was expanding, I was understanding, I guess I should say, understanding that we are all connected, that there is no separation. I do remember that we were just had that I had that expansive, experience, expansive mind experience, that I'm more than just a nine year old. It was like, remembering I was remembering that type of thing. And then as I and then I could also bring it back to the nine year old.

Alex Ferrari 30:41
Now, but you didn't remember any of this until 2001? Or after 2001? in that general area? Yes. Yeah. Three or so. So you didn't bring any of that back with you? You didn't remember any of it? So it didn't. Did it affect you in any way? During your childhood?

Sharon Kumara 30:59
Yes. Yes, I was. Yeah, I was a very, very painfully shy child. I didn't have friends. I was afraid of everything. I had basically agoraphobia as an adult.

Alex Ferrari 31:16
Because of the trauma,

Sharon Kumara 31:18
Although I didn't know why. Right. I didn't know. Yeah, I thought, Well, my parents got divorced. And, you know, maybe I'm just too sensitive or something. But you know, I didn't remember any of that. As, as I, until that time, although I will say that I would have dreams about being abused and things like that. But, you know, I thought, well, maybe that's just something I'm working through, you know, where I feel in, you know, I feel vulnerable and a situation in my life or something like that kind of thing. And also the offense, the main family member that I remember, I didn't remember being that or seeing him that much in my life as a child, I hardly ever been around him. And I would see people that would remind me of him. And I think to myself, Why am I thinking about him? There's I don't have any kind of connection or, you know, write with him in the family. Yeah, so. And my sister, yeah, my sister doesn't have any memory of anything. You know, she, she's, she's totally opposite than me. She has the family. You know, the home, the house, the family, and I've always been kind of the weird. Weirdo.

Alex Ferrari 32:42
The weirdos are always the most interesting, my dear I have to tell you.

Sharon Kumara 32:47
She's weird now.

Alex Ferrari 32:49
I would much rather sit down at a bar with a weirdo talking about interesting things, or at a party or something than someone who's straight. They're much more entertaining. So when you were in your second near death experience, you said that you saw your, your ancestors, but they weren't recognizable family members of this lifetime. They were ancestors almost like a soul family, if you will.

Sharon Kumara 33:15
Yes. Some of them were my grandparents. Yeah, but but the others I wouldn't have recognized here. Yes, minimum on the street or something. But there I knew them. So you had that feeling? Good idea.

Alex Ferrari 33:31
Yeah, the soul group. And then did you come back with any? Oh, real quick. Did you have a you didn't have a life review? Of all at all?

Sharon Kumara 33:40
Not that I recall.

Alex Ferrari 33:42
Okay, not that you recall. But you are aware? Obviously, you've done some research at this point.

Sharon Kumara 33:46
Yes. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 33:47
Yeah. Yes or no life review? No. Council of Elders. No tour, you've been a heck of a tour throughout the universe to another planet. So to be fair, you had a pretty interesting ride to say the least.

Sharon Kumara 34:06
It was interesting for me. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 34:08
Well, let me let me ask you that after when you came back, were there any after effects of the near death experience that you started to see or have abilities or have awarenesses or sensitivities that you didn't prior?

Sharon Kumara 34:22
Well, I was I was always a psychic child. And, but I pushed it down. Because I mean, I, I see dead people kind of thing. You know, that's how it was when I was a child, and I would have prophetic visions and dreams. But I shut it down because I was raised Catholic and when we live in my grandmother, you know, that's something that we just didn't talk about, or it just was a no no, and it scared me. I saw my grandfather floating in the window. And because we when we were staying there, my sister and I lived on a or slept on the second floor. And he passed in the House. And, and you know, one night I wake up and I'm looking, and there he is floating, looking in the window at me. And I'm like, That's kind of weird. So yes, but I, you know, I had a sense of of being spirits and things like that, but I didn't it scared me. Because I didn't have any

Alex Ferrari 35:30
As it would I, you know, I'm that's the first question I always ask people like, so you start hearing voices you think you are going crazy? Like, you know, I know your channel now. But when you first hear it, what does that feel like? Because I'd imagine if all of a sudden you're just walking around and you see grandpa floating you like, depending on the age education experience that you have no one guiding you that could very much be terrifying.

Sharon Kumara 35:58
Yes. Yeah. So I was very withdrawn anyway. And just went more within myself. Right. And yeah, the voices thing because I did start channeling Nashua, or he's the one that got me to. I mean, he saved my life, basically. And sorted my stepfather when he passed. And so he's the one that got me to start. You know, automatic writing, journaling, that type of thing, getting all that out. And that's how the memories would start coming. So it was kind of a life review, then, I guess you could say,

Alex Ferrari 36:34
Oh, that's interesting.

Sharon Kumara 36:36
Yeah. And I know a woman who wrote a book about she did her life review in this life just started. And she had an A spiritual transformative experience after she did that while she was doing that. So it's a really good way to, you know, uncover that stuff. So. So that's how I started channeling.

Alex Ferrari 36:55
Well, let me ask you this, because this is a question I get asked all the time, especially in the comments. Why is I have the running joke on the shows like Jesus is the hardest working man in the afterlife, because he's everywhere all the time. And people always ask, Well, why is it always Jesus? Why isn't the Buddha why isn't it Krishna wise? And I have a couple of stories that it is Buddha and Krishna. But from your point of view, since you I mean, I guess he would make the most sense for you being raised Catholic, that that makes because if you were Hindu, it might not be Jesus, it might be somebody else. Right?

Sharon Kumara 37:31
I agree. I believe that, that, you know, they, they, us, he's a part of me, I'm a part of him, we're all a part of each other. And so whatever is in our life experience, or experiences or other lives, is what will appear to us and what we resonate with, and what makes us feel loved and comfortable. Is what will need us to appear to us if, if that happens. Yeah. So So Jesus was the one that knew that.

Alex Ferrari 38:01
Well, let me let me ask you this, because this is something I've heard from many near death experiences is that when you have a near death experience, besides the nine year old one, when you have one later in life, it's a wake up call, that sometimes it is you've gone off the path, or you need you have an out that another another explanation. It's an outpoint, you kind of create these kinds of exit strategies, like you can get out of 23 you can get out of 45 You're gonna get out you have exit strategies, if you want to leave. Why do you think this happened to you? Why did you think at that moment, you got near death experience happened to you? What was the purpose of it, you think?

Sharon Kumara 38:39
I believe it was to help me uncover my childhood helped me heal from it, because that was really, really important, because I realized afterwards that this agreement I had with these family members and the one in particular, needed to be healed, because, you know, I do past life Soul Retrieval work. And so he's the one Yeah, she was the one who taught me about soul retrieval, fragmented souls, bringing fragmented souls into the hole. And so I believe that that is what I needed to do. And then for you know, that one in particular and others because I hadn't healed completely What are you know, I was just kind of floating through life. Not really. Yeah, partying Yeah, just not really caring you know, working in my boring job and you know, and you know, being that kind of a person which is you know, a nice person of course, but just not caring about spirituality and that kind of thing.

Alex Ferrari 39:38
And then why do you think is your you have a unique near death experience? From from the the mass amount that I've interviewed and spoke about, where you got to travel through the cosmos went to another planet, visited another soul family. Why do you think that happened to you in this one? What was the purpose of that? Because many times when near death experience happened Things happen in the near death experience that are very, everything's purposeful, and custom designed for that for the soul going through it. Why do you think that was? What was the purpose in your mind? Do you think?

Sharon Kumara 40:09
Yeah, and that's a good question, because I've thought about that. But I do believe that my soul wanted me to remember that planet. And I was I remembered that once I finished my mission here on Earth, you know, with with humanity, our planet here on Earth, that I, I can go back there and as send a lot of my sole focus there. Because that was a home planet for me, is what I was what I remembered. And like I said, during my meditations, I would go and know when to come back. So they had to bring me back. Yeah. And so I believe that was to help me remember that my gift from my soul, my higher self, and helped me remember that, that it was that I still ended I am, we are multi dimensional. And we have these respites you know, that we can we can tune into.

Alex Ferrari 41:10
No, you just mentioned soul retrieval. Can you explain that a little bit? What is soul retrieval?

Sharon Kumara 41:15
Okay, so, what I was taught and how I understand it, and I see it, and I can say how much it helped me is that we come here to experience everything, pretty much there is to experience that's, that's the good part of it. Because I was, if this is all that we got, if this life is all that God gave us, God's source we will call it gave us then we got gypped, because there's so much to experience. Right? Yeah, not just on this planet, but other planets too. And so just across the galaxy, universe, so we come here to experience and the challenging experiences are the ones that give us soul growth, more soul growth, so we can choose challenging experience for soul growth. But unfortunately, or fortunately, we're in you know, on the, in this realm, this dimension, that we're moving out from, I'm pretty sure that our emotional, the emotion from the experience can be or the trauma can be so traumatic for us, you know, so emotionally charged, that that personality or that part of us can become like a ghost, and they basically are ghosts and fragmented from the oversoul. The idea is to bring that experience into the oversoul. And this is what I learned or remembered, bring those experiences into the oversoul. So we can go experience something else. Or so soul can experience something else is a fractal of our, of our soul, of source. And so. So we what we do is, when we haven't brought that experience into the hole, because of the emotionally charged Trump baggage, like to call it baggage, then we choose to repeat certain karmic patterns or that pattern that experience some of that experience. So that we can be maybe triggered within that life. To heal it, the idea is to, to close that karmic loop within that life experience. And our lives have been cut short, as I'm sure you know. And so we used to live a lot longer, and we had a lot more time to clear up our stuff to pay our tab, I guess, or, and clear up our stuff in a in a current life, and then move on to the neck shift to another other experiences. So we used to know how to do this, but we forgot how and so we can go within and find that part of us and, and connect with that part of us. And just help them move in to our oversoul have that conversation with that purpose, that personality, past life, whatever you want to call it. I mean, they do this kind of work in, in psycho psychology, right? Bringing in our fragmented parts of us fragmentation, right? Yes, to heal. And that's basically what it is and what I have found to be very helpful and with, with the, the family member that I remembered, during my childhood, when he was working with me with this, to bring that in, during my meditations, he, you know, he's he asked me to just have, you know, imagine his soul in front of me or him in front of me, and just say, I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you kind of thing just over and over, you know, fake it till you make it kind of thing. And then one day, in my meditation, it hit me. I had this profound awareness that because I was already seeing my past lives, at this profound awareness that he and I had made this choice many, many lifetimes before that, where he would abuse me and kill me that kind of thing. But it was so traumatic for me Then I didn't bring it in. So he. So in the in between life, we'd be having this conversation. Hey, you know, I didn't bring that in, can you come back with me and kill me and abuse me again so I can, you know, so I can heal it. Yeah. So he agreed that he would do that in many lifetimes. And I saw where I was burned at the stake as a witch. And he was I saw him moving back and forth in front of me, and I'm floating up here. So I had to retrieve that one too. And I'm just above my body. And so all those lifetime times that were too traumatic for me. He agreed to lower his frequency so low, because I kind of got the better end of the stick, because he ended up being such a bad guy. For for me, and I'm sure others in his soul group, which he would have to work on. But with me, at least, I realized there's nothing to forgive. And he loves me so much. There's so much love there, that he agreed to do this. So now he's free of disagreement. And I'm free to disagreement. And that was really huge for me.

Alex Ferrari 46:08
What was the biggest takeaway you had from your near death experience?

Sharon Kumara 46:11
So many. The biggest takeaway, well, that we are multi-dimensional that Jesus is real, that he does let me beyond anything I could ever imagine. And he is there for all of us, for whoever, you know, for anyone that calls on him. He's there. And he is that part of us. And we are. And we never really left home. And we're experiencing so I know, there's a lot of things that I'm loved beyond measure.

Alex Ferrari 46:47
Well, I first of all, want to thank you for telling me your story is it's profound to say the least. And hopefully it helps people listening to it. I'm going to ask a few questions. I ask all my guests. How do you define a fulfilling life?

Sharon Kumara 47:00
Fulfilling life is a life where you are loved and you love others. Love drives you or is fills your heart and your life, and you are helping others a life of service to others as well.

Alex Ferrari 47:18
If you had a chance to go back to that little girl, what advice would you give her?

Sharon Kumara 47:23
That she's safe and she's gonna be okay. And she is loved.

Alex Ferrari 47:29
How do you define God or Source?

Sharon Kumara 47:32

Alex Ferrari 47:33
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sharon Kumara 47:35
I believe it's to remember that we are love and expressing that yeah,

Alex Ferrari 47:41
I see a theme here I see a theme of love. There's a theme of love these answers. And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Sharon Kumara 47:52
My website is sharonsananda.com, sharonsananda.com. And you can find everything about me there.

Alex Ferrari 48:03
And if you have any parting messages for the audience?

Sharon Kumara 48:06
That we are so much more than what we actually think we are that we are amazing, powerful beings. And we are loved beyond measure. And everything's gonna be okay. Just trust the universe, trust God.

Alex Ferrari 48:21
Sharon, thank you again so much for this amazing testimony and this amazing conversation. I appreciate you my dear.

Sharon Kumara 48:27
Thank you, Alex.

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