The Council’s Prediction for THIS YEAR: Mankind’s NEXT Stage of EVOLUTION is HAPPENING with Sara Landon

In the ever-unfolding dance of the cosmos, we find ourselves graced by the presence of the enlightened Sara Landon. Her wisdom, channeling profound insights from the Council, offers us a path to higher consciousness and deeper understanding. In today’s episode, we delve into the essence of awakening, the power of consciousness, and the transformative journey of realizing our true selves.

When someone awakens to who they really are, a powerful shift occurs. They become conscious, present, and intentional creators of their reality. No longer bound by old stories, patterns, or behaviors, they contribute to a higher collective consciousness filled with peace, harmony, and abundance. As Sara shares, “Living the council’s wisdom has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. They said early on, if you will just live this wisdom, you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams.”

As we navigate the uncertainties of our world, from global conflicts to personal challenges, Sara’s teachings remind us that our outer world is a reflection of our inner state. The wars and turmoil we witness are mirrors of the battles within. To create peace in the world, we must first cultivate it within ourselves. By elevating our own consciousness and vibration, we contribute to the collective awakening of humanity. Sara Landon emphasizes, “You can’t be in disharmony within yourself and then turn on the news and go, ‘Oh, that’s terrible.'”

In this profound conversation, we explore the idea that our level of consciousness summons energy into form. By becoming conscious and present, we align with higher vibrations that manifest our desired realities. When we encounter negativity or unwanted situations, it’s an opportunity to look inward, reclaim our power, and transform our experience from a place of love and compassion. Sara beautifully articulates, “If you want to see peace and harmony in the world around you, you first have to create that within yourself.”


  1. Embrace Self-Realization: Awakening to our true selves allows us to become intentional creators of our reality. By living in alignment with higher wisdom, we can experience a life beyond our wildest dreams.
  2. Cultivate Inner Peace: The external world reflects our inner state. By fostering peace and harmony within ourselves, we contribute to the collective elevation of consciousness and vibration.
  3. Live in the Present Moment: Practicing presence and awareness helps us navigate life’s challenges with grace. Three conscious breaths can bring us back to our heart center, where true peace and stillness reside.

The essence of Sara’s message lies in the power of love and the importance of self-awareness. By shifting from judgment to love, we transform not only our lives but also the collective human experience. As we focus on love, joy, and the miracles around us, we elevate our consciousness and create a ripple effect that touches the world.

In conclusion, Sara Landon’s wisdom, channeled from the Council, serves as a beacon of light guiding us toward a higher state of being. Through self-realization, inner peace, and presence, we can navigate the complexities of life with grace and love. As Sara reminds us, “You get more of what you are, not what you want.” By embodying love and joy, we attract experiences that resonate with our highest truth.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sara Landon.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 388

Sara Landon 0:00
When someone awakens to who they really are, and becomes conscious and present, and a powerful, intentional creator of their reality, they're no longer stuck in the unconscious old stories, old patterns and old behaviors. So what's going on in the individual, if unconscious to it will just be what is contributed to what's going on in the collective. And there are far more people on your planet now that are awakened and conscious, and living in a greater level of alignment to peace and harmony and joy and freedom and well being and abundance and love.

Alex Ferrari 1:00
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Sara Landon. How you doing Sara?

Sara Landon 1:05
Hi, Alex, though excited to be here with you and your amazing community. I'm very much looking forward to this conversation. Thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:14
Thank you for coming back. You've you're I think you're in the four time club at this point.

Sara Landon 1:20
This is our fourth time

Alex Ferrari 1:21
Yes, yes. You've come on and have at least four times. And every time we have come on people really love when we have our conversation, especially when the council shows up. The Council, which we'll we'll talk to the council a little later today. And this conversation, but But yeah, people really seem to like when we have the energy that we have together. So that always helps. So I appreciate you

Sara Landon 1:42
I love that energy too. And I think it brings through just very expansive, exciting conversations. And of course, the council is always here. But if I'm sure they will make their official appearance.

Alex Ferrari 1:42
Yes, of course, of course. So so this conversation I wanted to talk about since it's a new year now. And there is a lot of uncertainty about the where the world is going and where we're at now. And there's also just a lot of uncertainty of like us as people like what are we going to do? How are we going to make this year better than the last year? And how do we manifest things in our lives that we might have not been able to do before? And how do we break through these boundaries? And we didn't have before. But before we get into that aspect of the new year, I want before we get the council to come in, I'd love to hear your your point of view on this. Because, again, because you've counted, you've channeled the council so much, I'm assuming some stuff has stuck over the years.

Sara Landon 2:40
Oh, yeah, I, to me, it is about being the ultimate student of the council's teachings. I take great, it to heart, living their wisdom, because I think that's part of my responsibility. But But beyond that, living the council's wisdom has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. They said very early on, if you will just live this wisdom, you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams. And I thought I had some pretty big dreams. So I couldn't have imagined how living their wisdom has completely transformed and expanded my life in ways that I never could have imagined. I also felt like when I started channeling the council, I wasn't really aware of a whole lot of other channels at that particular time. And there may have been lots of them. I just wasn't aware of them, that we're really talking about how to integrate channeled wisdom. The council when they come through, they often say that, well, their words are important. It's a vibrational experience. And so sometimes when you're in that vibrational experience, it's amazing. It feels so good. It's such a high vibration. And they bring in so much wisdom and so much information that it's really important to talk about how we integrate and actually live that wisdom and their particular principles for Self Realization. And so I have found that teaching alongside of the counsel, how I integrate the wisdom, we have an amazing community in our masters class program that also shares very openly about how the wisdom is transforming and changing their lives and their shares and their stories. So I think that's been a huge part of it. But to me, I never felt like I could bring it all through and then just go okay, well, good luck. Have fun with it. You know, I really, I felt like the most important part was to live it for myself. So everyone knows that it's possible for them to no matter what.

Alex Ferrari 4:45
So my first question to you Sara is the there's a lot of turmoil happening in the world today. There's wars in the Middle East with ancient arguments about stuff and the Ukraine as well. And it just seems like we're taking one step forward and five steps back so many times as a as a consciousness as a as a species, what is your feeling about what is happening and the spiritual implications of that for us, not only in the new year, but moving forward,

Sara Landon 5:18
I truly believe there is more consciousness on our planet than ever before. There are more awakened conscious people living in a state of peace and love, living from an awakened place of knowing not only who they really are, but who everyone else who's to, and I would say, there is far more consciousness on our planet than ever before. And you can take really any issue, or any topic that someone believes strongly in. And there's far more consciousness about those things than there ever have been. Whatever that is for you. And so if we look at what's going on in the world, the council always tells us that it's a reflection of what's going on in our inner world, what we're seeing in the collective human consciousness is really a reflection of what is going on within so many people that are part of this human experience. So if you really want to change it, if you want to transform it, if you want to positively contribute to something different, you've got to first create that within yourself. You can't be in disharmony within yourself in a place of warring against someone in your head, whether it's a past relationship, or your boss, or a co worker, or a neighbor, and oh, they wronged me and I, they're wrong. And I'm right, and they shouldn't do this. And they shouldn't be like that. And I've got to control them, you can't be like that inside yourself. And then turn on the news and go, Oh, that's terrible that these people are doing, right. So when we see these things in the news, it's first our opportunity to understand that if we want to see peace and harmony in the world around us, we first have to create that within ourselves. As we continue to look inward, look inward, look inward, we not only elevate our own consciousness, our own vibration and frequency, but we contribute that higher consciousness. And at higher vibrational frequency to the collective consciousness, the council continually tells us that the collective human consciousness is being elevated and the collective vibration of humanity is being elevated. And that's because of people like you. That's because of people in your audience. That's because of the incredible speakers that you have here sharing that are focused upon raising that consciousness and raising the vibration. And that's the most important thing that we do. Now, there are times that we're going to take actions for things that we really believe in. But the counselor reminds us to first really connect with why you're so passionate about whatever you're passionate about. And underneath it all is love. Many people identify with coming to earth, this life, this greater calling, or this purpose, to be part of raising the consciousness to be part of raising the vibration, to they feel a calling to create a world where there's peace and joy and harmony for all and peace and harmony between humanity and the animals and the planet. We have to create that within ourselves. And we feel that because of our great love for humanity, our great love for animals are great love for nature of the planet, right? So when you want to take action against something or, or war against something, you're not in the vibration that is ultimately the essence of why you care so much, which is because you love and so we have to come back to the place within ourselves that is aligned to pure love. The council talks about unwavering pure love, the council talks about the highest truth which is there is only love. And when we come back to that place and that level of consciousness and then take inspired action towards the things that we love and truly are passionate and care about, then you can make a great difference in the world. But it's the level of consciousness urine that determines whether you're contributing to the warring or to peace and harmony.

Alex Ferrari 9:35
Would you agree that the the the vibration or the frequency that you are putting out is what is your reality is what comes back to you. This was I always use the example of the yogi that gets mugged. It doesn't happen. Because just like there's never been a yogic crusade to to followship Shiva. Like that's that think that you've ever heard it didn't align.

Sara Landon 10:02
Yeah, I love that I've never heard it said quite like that, Alex good, it's perfect. So where I have a lot of compassion about that statement is when someone does have something happened to them. And then they, they instantly go in to a state of shame and judgment of themselves, what am I doing wrong. And that right there is your opportunity, whatever is happening is happening for you. But here's a really important piece of that, to bring you into a new level of your power. To help you get clear on what you really want to help you get clear on who you really are. So I can think of the things that at a particular time in my life, I would have said, Oh, this is this terrible thing that's happening to me. And yet, now I look at it and go, Oh, my gosh, that brought me into such a new level of my power of being clear of who I really am. clarity on what I do want my life to be like. So if something comes up in your own life that seems negative or unwanted, be conscious and aware and present, to how is this happening for me? Where am I giving my power away? Where am I dimming my light and playing small because it's a habit that I unconsciously took on as a kid. And be really aware not to judge yourself or shame yourself. With this whole Oh, I must not have been in the high in this low level of consciousness. Or I might, I must not have been in a good vibration. Really slow down in those moments. Be compassionate to yourself? How could this potentially be helping me to no longer give my power away to things outside of me?

Alex Ferrari 11:58
Let's say you're in a higher state, you're being conscious, you're trying to be a good person, you're trying to do all these things. And yet, things are happening outside of you at a grand scale, let's say a warzone, or violence in your city, or poverty, things that are beyond your control, quote, unquote, beyond your control at a much larger scale. People who are listening going well, you know, I didn't want to be in a war zone. You know, I didn't want to be in as you know, in a city that has rising violence and crime. I'm not asking for this. Why am I being placed in this situation? These are, I'm playing devil's advocate. So what would you say to that?

Sara Landon 12:42
We have to understand that who we really are, is this magnificent human, that you know, as you that's on this journey, and there's so much more to you, including what you would call your soul or your higher self. The council says that for all of us, our ultimate purpose for being here is our own self realization, to realizing the love that we are the power that we are the divine being that we are to allow our expansion, to allow ourselves to fully express all that we are to choose the experiences that we want to have. And they also say that we cause our own suffering, when we think we know what another souls journey should be. We don't know why a particular soul has chosen to incarnate into a particular family that may have abuse that they just continue to pass down unconsciously. The council talks about this specifically, in the 11 Spiritual roles for the soul, there's one that's called the transformer. And many awakened people can identify with having been transformers where they were born into a family where there was, you know, ancestral patterns or lineages of physical emotional sexual abuse that was just unconsciously handed down. And it continued on. And so you have these highly evolved enlightened beings that incarnate into these families as transformers, and they say, No more. The stops with me and I can think of one particular woman that has been part of my community for a very long time who was born into a very abusive, alcoholic family. Her father's father was an abusive alcoholic. Her great grandfather was abusive, alcoholic and many people in the family. That's how they were and the partners they chose, you know, continued help. helpless behaviors that it continued to just get passed down. And at some point, she said no more this stop, she stopped drinking. Very young men are very, you know, in her 2021 college days, she's like, I'm not doing this, I'm not going to repeat this pattern. And now she's got a beautiful family grandchildren, she has created a whole new legacy of a family that is loving and positive and supportive and caring and safe and peaceful. And so we don't always understand I there's this beautiful story in the horse world of this young boy who was born with a very debilitating disease, and he was wheelchair bound. He was not doing well at the time and he wanted to meet a racehorse and so Make A Wish Foundation found a horse who went out to this horse farm in Kentucky near where he lived. And his name was Cody doorman, and he went up to this pasture of yearling horses yearling meaning a year old kind of baby teenager acting horses, and this one little colt came over and put his head in Cody's lap. And they actually named that horse Cody's wish. And Cody lived many more years because he wanted to see this horse race. The horse ended up racing and winning and they kept showing the story then Cody wasn't doing very well. And so they took him to see the horse. Well, long story short, and I actually was there to witness it. Cody's wish final race was going to be this race called the Breeders Cup in California. And Cody Dorman Yeah, actually flew there was there in a very close race Cody's wish, one. And on the flight home, Cody Dorman passed away, made his transition. And I have never been more inspired by any story that I can remember. And I look at Cody Dorman, and what a powerful, old evolved enlightened, courageous, amazing soul to come into that body, and leave his legacy in the hearts of so many people, and inspire so many people. So you could look at that and go, Oh, that's awful, that this child was born with this disease that he wasn't expected to live past a couple of years old. Or you can see the incredible love and inspiration and the legacy that he created. And I could give you lots and lots of examples. But the same is true of, you know, we don't know what another souls journey is. I have a member of my Master's class committee that recently asked a question, and she started it by I live in the middle of one of those countries you mentioned earlier, that's currently at war. And she is living as this Oh awakened, realized master on Earth, in the middle of a war zone. And her experience is that no matter what's going on, she can create peace and harmony. And she can stay in a place of love. And so sometimes, it's the most courageous beings that choose to incarnate into places where there's war, I have another client and I will never forget it. Shared with the council, how she had been in genocide, and seeing her parents and her whole family killed, she was the only one who escaped. And now she lives a normal life in a modern world. And yet, here's this person who came from living in genocide, which most of us can't even imagine. And yet, she has one of the most loving, positive, uplifting, empowering, inspiring people. And it's the love she had for her family. And for her people that, you know, have created this, this inspiration that she has left in my heart and many, many others. So we don't always know and I understand I, you know, I'm a huge animal lover. If I do not stay present and conscious, I could, and I did for many years, I would get on a tangent of all the animals that were probably suffering in this moment at this time, and how can I be happy and and I would make me really, really, really upset and feel really helpless. And the council had a message one time and they said, just imagine that whatever you are feeling right now, the rest of the collective and everything or everyone that you love, including animals also feels, times 1000. And I went, Oh my gosh, like, if I am here, and I'm in a state of peace and love, and I imagine, first off, it's about filling every cell in your body, aligning every cell in your body to that which you most want for others. It's not about deeming yourself helpless and powerless, and there's nothing you can do. And it's just awful. What do you most want? If I think about people that I love our animals that I love, or even it can be a place that you love, I mean, we had some things in the news of different places in the world that have had fires and things happen. You might love a place. It might be people it might be a group of people might be someone specific, like a child, or a daughter, or a parent or a sister or a friend, or whatever it is, what do you most want for that person? First, create that within yourself. Align every cell of your body and your being an every, every particle of Infinite Creation within your forcefield of consciousness, align that to the love that you most want, for another. And from there, first off, you're going to feel the shift and the difference in yourself back to your question that you were asking originally your long way back to it. That is what you are contributing. And that is what is reflected back to you, you get more of what you are, you get more of what you are. Not what you want for others or think others need. You're not here to save a broken world, you're not here to drag everyone into a spiritual awakened life. You're here to live this fully. In your own experience, you're here to live fully, you're here to love fully, you're here to be all that you are. So if you turn on the news, and you go, that's terrible. And that's awful. And that shouldn't be happening and you dim your light and you hold back and you're angry. You're missing the real opportunity and potential to contribute that what you most want for humanity into the forcefield of consciousness that all of humanity is a part of

Alex Ferrari 22:43
Beautifully said. Now, I'm going to piggyback on that if there's a story I just saw that is I think it illustrates what you were just saying. There is a family in Scotland, who the the older brother is, or was the strongest man in the world. Literally, he was the king of all the strong men in the world and all the competitions. And he had an autistic brother, younger brother, who had a very tough struggle through his life and, and you know, and he took care of them and he really baby them and made sure he was okay and protected him. And you know, they it was all about him because he was the the special needs child and their family. And as he got older, he struggled at school, he struggled this or that. And then he found wrestling. And then he started to wrestle. And then he started seeing what his brother was doing in the strongman competition. He's like, I want to learn what you're doing. He's like, okay, and this older brother started teaching him how to be a strong man started lifting started eating. It happens to be that the younger brothers about six, seven, the autistic boy six, seven, the strongest man, he's like, six, two, so he's no slouch. Yeah. And little by little, the, the the quote unquote handicap that he has as an autistic person, the need for routine, the need for sameness, the say that all is perfect for a training partner. He wants to wake up in the morning, eat the same thing every day, train the same way every day, go to sleep and do it again, in a way that his brother, he's like I it drives you normally crazy to kind of go through that routine for him. He wants it. So there's really no one who can compete with him because he's at a level that nobody else is at. So then he became the past his brother became the strongest man in the world. And the most interesting thing is that there's this event called the Atlas ball, which is you know, like Atlas to carry the world on our shoulders, where there's these balls of iron or whatever. See Whatever it is, and they just keep getting a lot heavier and heavier in weight. And there's like five of them. And whoever could put the five on the on the pillars fastest wins. Yeah, yeah, he crucifies. Everybody comes near him. Like, it's not even close it like anytime the number two guys on it just doesn't even come close. And you know why? Because he said, How do you do it so fast? And he's like, Oh, I I just pretend that my family's underneath the ball and a half, to and a half to get it off there to save them. But in his mind, it is so concrete that that's not just like visualization. In his mind. That's what's happening. Yeah. And by the way, it goes, well, who's on who's on the lightest? And who's on the heaviest? He's like, Oh, well, the first one is my dog. The next one. And it goes all the way to like a brother. I think the brother was on like the dog came before the brother. But it's such an illustration

Sara Landon 25:53
I love my brother too. But the dog comes first.

Alex Ferrari 25:56
It's an it's an illustration to what you're saying is that on the outside, it looks like oh, this poor kid. But all of those things, if he wouldn't have incarnated in that body, and went through his trials and tribulations, he wouldn't be the strongest man in the world.

Sara Landon 26:12
Yeah, yeah. It's and do you have to have horrible things happen in order to fully awaken to the love that you are, and who you really are and your gifts and your abilities. Know? How, however, when you are looking at someone else going, Oh, that's so sad that that's the life they have. You're not allowing yourself to really shine your own light and share your own gifts and, and to appreciate other people's gifts. I I've used this example many times, but we don't hear as frequently anymore of someone having a child with Down syndrome. But back when you and I were younger, that was more common. And yet it was like, Oh, that's so that's too bad. And you would only say that, if you've never met someone with Down syndrome.

Alex Ferrari 27:14
They're the best people in the world.

Sara Landon 27:16
They are best, the most loving, the happiest. makes me cry. They are just pure love, pure love. And they knew exactly what they were doing when they chose their body and the experience they were going to have because they wanted to come here and be pure love and pure joy. Have you ever seen? It used to be this? Oh, that's so sad. Right?

Alex Ferrari 27:43
Well, did you ever see the show on Netflix? The love on the spectrum?

Sara Landon 27:50
I didn't someone else mentioned that to me.

Alex Ferrari 27:52
You've got to watch that show. It is really anyone listening. There's like two or three seasons on the spectrum. Yeah, it's I think it was Australia, New Zealand. And then they did an American on next season three that did the American and it's just people with on the spectrum trying to find love. Oh, my God is just like the most beautiful thing to watch these, these pure love be. It's just amazing. So anyway, so we can keep talking for hours. But I

Sara Landon 28:19
Yeah, there's something important in what we're doing here. And it's just happening naturally. Yeah. But when you start focusing on the love, when you start focusing on all the examples that we have, of people who have overcome whatever appeared to be something really challenging, and become such a vessel of pure love and inspiration. We could go on for hours, I couldn't think of five stories just off the top my head right now that you've reminded me of in this conversation. So back to your question again. So if we focus on love and miracles and the perfection in each other, is that what's reflected back to us? Is that what we get more of we just, we just experienced that.

Alex Ferrari 29:07
Very true. Very, very true. Now is the council ready to come in? A little bit of a little bit of fun today. And finally, for everybody who has not seen you before, please explain to the council is what you're doing and how.

Sara Landon 29:22
So the council ultimately is a collective of beings that are in a higher dimension of consciousness. They are Ascended Master beings but I also very much believe they are the higher selves of everyone that will ever hear this and ever listen to this. I believe anytime you're hearing one of the council's messages, your higher self is part of the collective that is bringing that message through because they promised they would so that you wouldn't forget who you are. They're here to offer us a grander perspective of the human experience and and their messages are just of absolute pure love. So channeling to me. And if you listen to Alex, you know, he asked a question about what's your life like before I don't even remember what life was like before, but I live a really normal life, I live a really normal life. And in a very, in the modern world, I'm very much a part of the world and and many people in my life have no idea what channeling is and have never seen me channel and many others get it and some people know that I channel and don't get it. So it's all perfect. It's just, it's to me, it's a very normal natural thing, we all channel in our own way. I'm what we call a verbal channel. So I am conscious and aware of what comes through, I can hear the council usually just trying to translate as quickly as possible, the huge streams of consciousness and vibration that they're bringing through. I close my eyes, I just take a couple of deep breaths and they come through. If you're not comfortable with channeling, don't worry about it. If you're wondering, oh, wait, I don't get it. And who is the counsel don't worry about it, just feel for the vibration. Just take the wisdom that resonates with you and, and know that you ultimately drew that to you. And whatever experience you have with it just is perfect. So if you don't get channeling, that's fine. If you don't fully understand or the council is, that's fine. If you don't know how whatever that's happening here is happening, that's totally fine too. Because I still do not know how on earth you and I are real time on video, you know, hundreds of miles 1000s of miles away and we're able to see and hear each other real, I don't know how that works. So that to me is more incredible than me being able to channel more unexplainable more woowoo. Like, personally, in my own opinion, so I'm gonna go ahead and close my eyes and bring in the council and, and have a great time.

Alex Ferrari 32:01
Thank you so much appreciate you.

Sara Landon 32:04
We are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you on this fine and glorious day. Indeed, We remind you that while our words to you are important, this is a vibrational experience of remembering the truth of who you really are, why you are here, and ah that you intended when you chose this magnificent life experience. We are pleased to be with you. Where would you like to begin?

Alex Ferrari 32:36
Thank you so much counsel for coming back on the show. I appreciate it. My first question is about the unrest and wars that are happening around the world. That it seems that the world is again going back to these old patterns of of old arguments about land and old arguments about ideology and things like that. What is the spiritual reasons behind all this current conflicts and unrest?

Sara Landon 33:07
Well look at your own lives and your own personal experiences, how many people are still having the same wars with a family member with a co worker are still arguing for the same limitations are still unconsciously doing the same habitual things all the time. When someone awakens to who they really are, and becomes conscious and present, and a powerful, intentional creator of their reality, they're no longer stuck in the unconscious old stories, old patterns and old behaviors. So what's going on in the individual, if unconscious to it will just be what is contributed to what's going on in the collective. And there are far more people on your planet now that are awakened and conscious and living in a greater level of alignment to peace and harmony and joy and freedom and well being and abundance and love. When you want to point the finger at why is that person fighting or having the same feud that they've had for decades. From a place of pure love, just observe. Is there some story that you still have in your head and someone you have been fighting with in your own mind for decades? That person that wronged you so many years ago or it could be a whole group of people? Oh women are like this or men are like that or Oh Mother or in laws are like this, or we could give you so many examples. So the more you become conscious and present yourself, we mean this with great reverence and compassion. The more you see how perfectly the laws of the universe are playing out in your physical world, no one can take someone else's freedom without that person giving their power away. You might use an example. How do we read all of these dictators that are just trying to control people? How do we get them to stop controlling people, so many are unconscious and unaware. And so attached to their own limitation that they continually give their power away. And so long as people are still giving their power away to people who will unconsciously take it from them. You're going to have people that control and take freedom from others. You are each on your own journey to self realization, to the realization of who you really are, and the power you have, and that you are creating your reality. Now, we know that no one would ever, from a human perspective, choose to be in the middle of a war so. But you have billions of people on your planet, and the majority of them are not presently, or have ever been in a war zone. You don't know what that souls journey is, and why they are in that place at that time. And your soul has such an unwavering dedication to you. That it honors your free will to choose limitation, struggle, suffering, pain, Warrior warring chaos tragedy. But when you awaken, and you begin to come into the realization of who you really are, and you are open to the integration of every part of you, you come into a place of realization. Once you are realized or have had an experience of realization, it is a choice you continue to make to elevate yourself into a higher perspective and live at a higher level of consciousness and a higher vibration. Or to continue the same patterns of unconscious lack limitation, fear and separation. Most who have experienced awakening are now actively moving into realization. So it wouldn't matter if you were living in a Realized state. It wouldn't matter where you lived, you would not be living in a war zone. You would be living in peace and harmony. So to say that anyone living in a war zone is not an enlightened Master is not a true statement at all. There are many realized enlightened beings living in places consciously or unconsciously, to contribute to raising the vibration there. And there are many of you who it's not your soul's journey at this time to be in those particular places. But you are contributing to raising the vibration the consciousness wherever you are. Does that make sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 39:39
It does does. What advice would you give to somebody who is feeling lost or overwhelmed by what they're seeing on the news? What people are telling them? Maybe just what see what they're seeing outside their windows?

Sara Landon 39:58
Well, first off We would tell you to go within and reconnect to who you really are. That stuff is all out of the air. And you can say it's your world. But it is merely a reflection through your physical senses of your own connection to Source, we say that consciousness, your level of consciousness, summons energy into form. If you want to create a different reality, you've got to come to a place of knowing how to come into the present moment. Take some deep breaths, find stillness within you, and choose a higher level of consciousness in order to summon the energy to create the reality that you want to experience in your life. But most people, they're triggered, they're reacting, they're pushing against, they're trying to control. They're focused on the unwanted. And they just get more of that. They're watching the news to see what terrible thing happened today. And yet, we would say if you stop whatever's going on, whenever you're feeling anything that is not feeling good to you. But even when you're feeling good, stop, close your eyes, if it feels good to you, but take three conscious, intentional breaths. Go from your head, into your heart and feel for that peace and harmony within yourself. Now, you'll know you're in your head, because it's really loud. It's very busy. And it's got a lot to say. And it's got a lot of things you think you should do and a lot of things that are wrong and a lot of things that need to be fixed. When you go into your heart, and we say three deep conscious breaths, and most people go oh, yeah, okay. But right now, take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Like I said, second, deep breaths, breathe in. Breathe out. Take a third deep breath, breathe in. Hold it for a moment. Breathe out. Move all of your awareness from your head down into your heart. And feel the stillness, the calm and the peace in your heart. You can do this any time in any place, no matter what eyes open, eyes closed. And come into the present moment. And come into your heart and feel for the truth of who you are. Now, if you will practice this, when you feel good when things are going well. When you're in a good place. You might notice that you'll rarely ever get into that place of being triggered and upset anymore. Because you have literally created such a connection to your own being that you're living more of the time in your natural state, your true divine nature, which is harmonious.

Alex Ferrari 43:54
In what way does our individual power of manifestation influence our shared destiny as a species.

Sara Landon 44:04
You're here for expansion. Every experience you have provides data and information. And your own expansion contributes to the expansion of all consciousness. You're here to express all that you are when you were in a job where you were dimming your light and not really being who you are and really overwhelmed. And now you've created a platform for yourself of sharing and doing what you love and shining your light and expressing yourself and what you believe in what you're passionate about what you care about. And it's changing the world and it's changing lives and it's making an incredible impact. That's an important expansion expression are and then you're here to choose the experiences that you want to have for you. And you don't all choose the same thing. Everything is potential and possibility. So you leaving a job that you were in in class Simply trained for to do the absurd thing that you were inspired to do to start this platform. And now look at who you've become how many people you've inspired, how many other people that go, Oh, I'm feeling called to something too. But look at Alex, he stepped into the unknown, stepped away from everything safe and comfortable. went against the grain sort of say, and look at how he's thriving. So, when you and we say that you creating your heaven on earth, the life you want to live the life of your dreams and living it is the most incredible contribution to the collective. And you have so many examples of this. Like running the eight minute mile, it was impossible until it was possible and then it became common, or a four minute mile or whatever it is. The same is true with making a certain amount of money or creating a certain level of freedom, or sharing your gifts and your abilities in certain ways. It's expanding everything, it's expanding, everyone is expanding the potential and the possibilities. Think back to when just a few people had cars. Or some of you can relate to remembering when you first got a television in your home. And now most every home has a television a time and when it was only the wealthy that could fly on airplanes. And now it's available to almost anyone yet very few people, the percentage of people on your planet that have actually experienced some of these things would probably shock you. Which is a reminder to all of you, who are living at this level of how truly abundant and prosperous and rich and beautiful Your lives are. You've chosen to be actively intentionally part of the expansion of potential impossibility. It's a huge part of why you chose to come to this earth at this time during the Great Awakening of your beloved human family to first fully awaken yourself. Then this journey from awakening to Realisation to then stay on the planet as the realized masters that you are and live fully love fully be all that you are create your heaven on earth and play in the potentials and the possibilities as impeccable creators.

Alex Ferrari 48:06
Are there any specific global lessons or challenges humanity is currently facing? Or will face in the near future for its evolution?

Sara Landon 48:16
Well, I will make this very simple, going from judgment, to love. And that starts with you. Most all of the issues all the problems. All of the disharmony and the chaos comes from judgment. And not only is the judgment of others and judgment of circumstances and conditions, it's most often judgment of yourself. When you choose to go from judgment, to love for yourself and for others you will begin to see a wave that goes through all of humanity it's already happening. And you're a huge part of it. You'll see this huge way of an awareness of going from all the ways that you hold yourself and lack and limitation and fear and struggle and separation suffering. To allowing yourself to live in peace and joy and harmony and well being and beauty and freedom and fulfillment and abundance and all those things. And you are Wayshowers as you become conscious and aware of it and live it for yourself and choose it from yourself and others see and feel and experience Your own transformation into pure love. They will remember the pure love that they are to humanity will fully awaken, you all have the free will to choose. But your current trajectory is that that the elevation of consciousness will reach a point where a person couldn't possibly harm themselves or someone else. The vibrations too high, the consciousness is too high. We say that anything unwanted, anything abusive someone, crime, suffering, war, all of these things, they, they can only exist in a certain level of consciousness. A person that you might go, oh, well, they're a terrible person. They're pure love, just like you. But they are holding themselves in such density in such a low vibration in such a limited state of consciousness. That their experience is fear and separation. And because of their level of consciousness, they harm themselves and they harm others. someone living in an elevated state of consciousness and a higher vibration that knows the pure love that they are, and knows that the truth is there is only love doesn't harm themselves and doesn't harm others. It's consciousness that's going to change your world. And you are contributing in this moment, your own level of consciousness, to the collective. And as more and more of you continue to, at an expedited rate, elevate your consciousness because of things like this, and what you're doing offer in the collective will shift. And it's important to note that you're not going to read War and crime and struggle and suffering out of the third dimension, you're not going to get rid of those things. So your attempts to push against them and change everyone and get rid of these things that you don't like, are unnecessary. Because when you elevate your own vibration, and frequency from the third dimension to the fourth dimension of transformation to the fifth dimension of pure love, those things just don't exist in your world anymore. To your point earlier. One who is living in a vibration and level of consciousness as the example of highly spiritual being, for example, you said they don't get robbed. They're not in a vibrational frequency where that's part of their experience. Someone else get robbed in the block over there next to them, maybe, but it will not be part of their experience. So you're not ridding the world of all the things you don't want to see. You're elevating yourself into a vibration, a state of consciousness, a state of being where your experience is peace and joy and love and harmony and freedom and well being and prosperity and beauty and all the things you want to experience more of. And you're realizing that you can create amazing things. By following your passion and doing the things that excite you and doing the things that bring you joy and focusing on love. And you co create and you expand and all sorts of resources come in. That's the way it's meant to be. You are making the idea of that. Your experience in your reality, which contributes to the potential and the possibility for all who choose to live in heaven on earth and do what they love and follow their passion and live with an innocent excitement and, and really create and expand and do amazing things in a way that's fun and playful and joyful.

Alex Ferrari 54:51
Since we're beginning a new year. A lot of people have trouble breaking through their own obstacles breaking through their own programming breaking through their own power to manifest the lives that they want. What advice do you have for these people?

Sara Landon 55:07
Stop denying love for yourself. Stop doubting that you are worthy. It is your judgment of yourself that keeps you from that which you most desire to experience. So we'll take well, being someone who looks in the mirror and goes, Oh, I look terrible, I need to lose weight. Oh, I look awful. You are denying love for yourself, you are denying that you're even worthy of love from someone else, because you're not good enough. Because you've got this extra weight. There is no reason ever to deny love for yourself or deny your worthiness for any reason. But most people have an highly unconscious habit of judging themselves all day long. And in that judgment, you're creating resistance. And when you resist anything, you're resisting everything. So this is an easy example. You look in the mirror and you think you look terrible, and you think you look awful. And you're denying love for yourself because you're not the weight that you should be. And then you're going to push and force and effort and struggle. And you don't see the correlation between that and not feeling very inspired or happy in your work. Not feeling harmonious and connected in your relationship. But it is your own judgement of yourself. When you love yourself and you celebrate yourself and you accept yourself and you know, we're one of our foundational teachings. You are everything you wish to be you already are. This is about enjoying the journey of becoming. You are perfect whole complete worthy in every moment. And you have the freewill to focus on what you believe is your incompetency or your failures or your imperfections. So you cannot bully truly experience the reality that you most want by skipping this part your own self love, love of self. Really, truly loving yourself. We said recently to our Master's class community, what if we told you that from here on out? That feeling into the knowing that absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. Absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. Absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. What if we told you that the only way that manifestation and true creation can present itself to you is from that state of being? It's not far from the truth. When we bring through something to your awareness that you may not have ever heard before or not felt aligned to in that moment. That's okay. The first step is the awareness. Your mind may argue with you 100 times before you start to get what we're saying to you. When we say absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am in this moment. Your mind might be going oh well, a lot more money would make me happier. Oh, well. The perfect partner would make me happier. Oh, if this person would go away, oh, if this war would stop, oh, if this would change that that would change. Your mind might do that. Time and time and time again. Let the awareness of what we're saying. Let it sink in. You might have some limiting beliefs that keep you from accepting what we're saying. But as you start to allow the awareness of it, and you start to perceive that more easily you find yourself in that place of absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am in this moment. You start to feel the power of it, you start to realize that it's highly magnetic, attractive. And you start to experience things showing up out of the blue, true creation, what you want and need showing up even before you know you need it. True creation where your well being and your abundance is a sure manifestations that show up without some huge delay or experience of waiting. Can you allow yourself to fully receive everything that this divine perfect moment has to offer you? Once you do, you will physically begin to receive all that this divine, perfect moment has to offer you,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:26
Council, do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Sara Landon 1:01:30
Have fun. Have fun. Whenever you're listening to this, let this be the moment that you let go of the struggle and the suffering and the difficulty and the dark night of the soul and all the challenges and all the complications and you accept just for a moment. Life is meant to be good for you. Life is meant to be joyful. Life is meant to be fun. You are here to play and create. This is a grand adventure, an epic ride. In the moment. You take your last breath and release the density of the body. You're gonna know what a grand adventure this has been. You don't have to wait for that moment. start realizing it. start realizing it. Now. Have fun. Sometimes people say to us, I don't know what brings me joy. I don't there's nothing I'm really passionate about. Nothing. I'm excited about nothing I really love and we would disagree. If we said okay, what if tomorrow you wake up with only the things that you're passionate about. And excited about and appreciate and are joyful for and love today. Your warm, comfortable bed? How many times have you been on a vacation or been traveling or been off on a work trip and you just can't wait to get home to your bed? Your warm comfortable bed and your sheets and your pillows and it feels so good to be in your bed? Are you passionate about a roof over your head? Are you passionate about the friends? Do you ever you're passionate about your family, your dog, your pets, your your body? We could go on and on. There's a lot of things you're passionate about. There's a lot of things we assure you you'd be really excited about. If for some reason they weren't going to be here tomorrow. And yes, there are things that you want to create an experiences that you want to have. That's all perfect. But being passionate and excited and joyful, and focusing on what you love is an incredibly powerful state of being incredibly powerful. So have fun. Do the things that bring you joy. It's time to shine your light. It's time to be all that you are and live fully and love fully. Have fun with all of this. Yeah. Do you have any more questions?

Alex Ferrari 1:04:50
I don't my dear. Thank you so much. And I appreciate that.

Sara Landon 1:04:54
We are always with you. And we are always available to you We come forth, because we promised we would, so that you do not lose your way to the realization of all that you are. You're here to experience your heaven on earth. Whatever that means to you. You're here to be the powerful creator that you are. We are always in the absolute knowing of the powerful creator that you are. We love you. We love you. We love you. And with that we are complete.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:42
How are you doing my dear?

Sara Landon 1:05:43
I'm so good.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:46
You remind everybody you are energized after the sessions, you know? You're not, you know, the energy doesn't drain now.

Sara Landon 1:05:55
No, no, no, no, it's, it's like, I just had a wonderful eight to 10 hours of sleep. Or like, I just ran three or four or five miles. It's just that like, incredible. Feeling. Like, I guess you would just call it that high vibration?

Alex Ferrari 1:06:17
Did you? Did you hear everything? They said? Do you remember? Do you remember everything? They said? Give or take?

Sara Landon 1:06:23
I do. If we started to talk about different parts of it, I'd be like, oh, yeah, I hear it from a much higher level of consciousness. But I don't experience it as something outside of me. You know, it's, it's, it's all part of my field of consciousness. Fair enough. So sometimes I'll get off a call and someone will be like, Oh, what was the call about it? I can tell you what it felt like I couldn't tell you how amazing it was. But until I actually kind of get into it, I won't remember every little detail of it. But it's yeah, I it. And again, it all integrates in. And this is partly why I focus so much on the integration piece. Because people tell me all the time this happened on Wednesday, we had our masters class advanced call, it was a channel call. message was amazing. And one of our masters class members says, I don't know why. But every time you know, the council starts their message, I just go to some other place. And it's like I'm sleeping, but I'm not. It's so beyond. And then when they hear them say we are complete, they're right back there. Right. So they heard everything, but they heard it in such a higher level of consciousness and elevated brainwave state that it feels like they were sleeping, but they were really getting the full activation of the vibration that was coming through

Alex Ferrari 1:07:46
Is any part of the of the council's message that came through you like to tag on to or explain a little deeper or anything along those lines.

Sara Landon 1:07:55
I'm gonna talk for just a second about the whole, absolutely nothing could make me any happier than I am right now. thing. The Council started talking about this this year. And I remember even at first going ooh, I, I my own minds being like, Well, what about that? What about that? And what about that, that would make me happier, that would make me happier. But they continue to say it. And when they would say it when I was in channel mode, I noticed that that voice wasn't there. And so I just continued to hear it and allow myself to hear it and to focus on it. And to play with it. I wrote it down and I put it by my computer. And little by little I started to realize, no, that's true, absolutely nothing could make me any happier. Oh, no, I get that I really feel that. And I it just it was this opening to feeling into. And the moment I actually experienced it as truth. I really got how powerful it is. I really got that it is the ultimate state of being that allows true creation. And us to live at the highest levels. Now, they also say you get more of what you are. Right? Not what you want, not what you think you need, right? So when the mind is going, Oh, I'd be happy if I had that. I would need that to be happy. I'd be happy if I had that. I need that to be happy, right? When you go absolutely nothing could make me any happier. Here's what I didn't expect. The things that started to show up in my life were so beyond anything I couldn't even imagine. They weren't on a vision board. They weren't something that I sat and visualized. They weren't something that I was trying to make happen. They just showed up and I went Oh my gosh. And that experience of feeling an even greater, expanded state of happiness continued to just draw all these incredible things into my life. And it's not just me, I, there's so many people in our community that that are now living in that state. And you can just see it, and you can feel it in there. So you just want to be around them. I mean, think about it. And I, I was having this thought, as you were talking, you know, think about it in a relationship, when you're with someone that just no matter what you do, they're never happy.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:44
Yeah, I've been there before.

Sara Landon 1:10:45
It's miserable. That's horrible. It's miserable. And I can think of times in my life, that I was in a relationship, and no matter what they did, I wasn't happy. So think about the difference between when you're with someone that you don't have to make them happy. They're happy. What happens to your happiness level and joy level and well being, it expands you, you have a much more harmonious, connected, loving, playful, joyful, amazing relationship with someone who can create that state of well being happiness, if you don't like the word happiness, use the word joy, absolutely nothing could make me more abundant, absolutely nothing could make me more peaceful, whatever if you don't if happiness isn't the word for you. But they, I think they use that word specifically for a reason. Because we have placed our happiness on all the external things that need to be the way we think they should be. So that we can be happy. And their point is, it's all here for you. And it's really powerful. So that has been life changing for me. And in full disclosure, when they first said it, I, I have the same experience that probably many people will have, which is all the things your mind wants to say, No, we have to have that we have to have that we have to have that and then we'll be happy, and then we'll be happy. And they talk about true Creation versus manifestation. And it's quite a longer story about how that all came about. But I think that's essentially a result of my own asking of, okay, I did the vision board the law of attraction, I manifested all that stuff, I got it, why am I still not happy? Why is it not enough? Why do I still not feel fulfilled? And that's maybe another if you like that, absolutely. Nothing could make me feel more fulfilled than I feel in this moment. Right? Play with it, if that feels better for you. And that's when the counsel really started to bring in the big difference between going into the third dimension of lacking something being in a state of limitation, separate from what it is that you want, and taking massive, determined action to try to make it happen and focus on and think about emotion, force and effort. Versus coming into that place of ultimate alignment to your highest truth, well being. You are everything you wish to be? You already are. You're here for the journey, the fun, the magic, the miracles, the things that happen along the way. And I can say in my own life. It's what comes in through true creation is so much better than what I could have tried to manifest in order to make myself happy, right? That's interesting. The more you're in that state. And you know, again, it's not about if something comes up. And this This was with the word joy for a while. Can you be in a state of joy no matter what. And then my dog passed away. And I was aware that I was feeling all the emotion and crying and in shock at that point. But I was also still aware that I could still choose joy and feel what I was feeling. Because what I was really feeling underneath it was love. A very intense, focused emotion of love for this being that transitioned in was no longer in his body. But I was aware that I could still be in a state of joy and be present and allow the emotions that I was feeling So that is what I would say to people that you know, this conversation about your emotions and feeling your emotions. Absolutely. This isn't about trying to pretend like you're happy, it's actually about elevating your state of being. It is about elevating your consciousness, your vibration, your perspective, to a place where your natural inherent joy, peace and well being exist. So you can observe an emotion that's coming up without entangling and getting triggered and going into this unconscious, reactive state that you have to process things for months and months and months. There's nothing wrong with that, if that's your part of the journey, they're just offering a perspective that you do have the ability to consciously navigate through something that might be an emotional experience, being completely present to what's coming up without entangling, without getting triggered, and reactive and, and creating your own suffering. Observing your emotions, being conscious and present and aware, and navigating through them in a way that you don't deny love for yourself, don't go in a state of unworthiness don't disempower yourself. So, you know, to me, it's about really living that and integrating that in my own life. And the beautiful reality that that create,

Alex Ferrari 1:16:40
Sara, I thank you so much for coming on the show, where can people find out more about you and the work that you and the council are doing in the world?

Sara Landon 1:16:48,, you'll find lots of free resources, more about our Master's class program, our books, they've, at the time of this interview, I have two books published and three more on the way. So we're very excited to do more with Hay House and I, I have a YouTube channel as well, you can find lots more videos there, Alex and I have done three other at least at this point, interviews, which I I really have enjoyed creating with us. So you can check those out too. But we have lots of different courses, meditations, all sorts of things that you can find it and many other free resources.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:33
And soon to be translated in multiple languages. Are, you're already a

Sara Landon 1:17:39
Little teaser of what's coming. Yeah, that and that. You know, the council was saying how your specific example of just, you're having a good time, aren't you like.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:55
I've been waiting for this moment. For a long time, I just didn't think it was gonna be this moment. And I didn't think it was going to be this way. But I've been waiting to do something like this. And I'm so happy that this is the way it's happening. Because I'm able to not only do it for business or other things, but I'm actually helping so many people by doing it. So you already in Spanish, I think in the least two of our episodes are Spanish third ones coming, and then you'll be one of the first in German coming out soon and other languages next year. So that's a teaser for everybody.

Sara Landon 1:18:31
That's very exciting. Very exciting. I you know, I have to say just really quickly, you know, I we were talking beforehand. I came from a technology background. I remember when people when the internet was like, Oh, the internet, that's terrible. And all these terrible things that are going to happen from the internet or the millennium to your 2000. Right. And all these ones. Okay, yeah. And, you know, I look at the time of COVID. And for years, we had really wanted to go to video and start using Zoom. But we were really concerned about the technology issues we would have. And yet, in a day, literally, like it took about three days for pretty much everyone that I knew to start using Zoom. It was just like it happened so fast. And it may have been a week it may have been two weeks. It may have been a month it may have been whatever. But I literally went in one day, oh, I got to figure out how to use Zoom. And then we moved all our courses to video. Now we're having the same conversation about AI where you can see it as that's this terrible thing. Or you can go oh, oh, oh, what is this going to present? What opportunities what innovation? What expansion? Is this going to bring what's going to be possible and I hadn't connected all the dots so that but I could feel something really big coming. And a few weeks ago, Alex and I got on a phone call. And I was like, Oh, that's it, right? Taking this information and being able to translate it into almost every language on earth through AI. Oh my gosh, that is that is a huge game changer. So I'm, I'm one more look at how do we embrace these things to expand consciousness to expand this awakening movement to foster the Great Awakening that is occurring. The council said years ago that the internet was a pivotal, foundational part of the Great Awakening. But the internet had to be in place for the Great Awakening to happen at an expedited, and accelerated rate. And I think the next wave of that will be AI. And if we put positive energy into it, that's that's what comes from it.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:08
My friend. I appreciate you. And I appreciate everything you in the castle joining the world. I look forward to hearing you in multiple languages and on the show in the near future. So I appreciate you.

Sara Landon 1:21:20
I look forward to hearing your multiple languages too. So fun so fun, awesome. Thank you. Thank you. I love you. I appreciate this. I am so grateful for what you do and you're changing the world, my friend. I'm so excited to be on this. Did they say epic ride with you?

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