EXPLOSIVE LIVE Channeling: Future of A.I, Atlantis, The Pyramids, Soul Evolution & More with Roger Burnley

On today’s episode, we welcome Roger Burnley, a transformative spiritual coach and intuitive channeler who has spent years guiding others through their spiritual journeys. His profound connection with the entity he channels, Wilhelm, has allowed him to bring forth messages that inspire and enlighten many.

Roger’s journey into the world of channeling was anything but straightforward. As he recounts, his early life was filled with a sense of chaos and a lack of direction. He stumbled through various jobs and life paths, never quite finding his footing until he encountered the concept of automatic writing in 1988. This moment marked the beginning of his transformative journey. “I started receiving this information, which was kind of crazy. And it actually startled me at first,” he shares. Despite initial fears and doubts, Roger began to channel messages that would eventually change his life and the lives of many others.

His path was not without its struggles. Roger candidly discusses the personal and financial challenges he faced, including the devastating impact of the Great Recession. He lost everything he had built, only to rebuild it again, driven by a deep-seated belief in the messages he was receiving. This resilience is a testament to his faith and the power of the guidance he channels. “I started transforming, I created a business, and it became really successful. I became known globally as a vocal coach,” he reflects, underscoring the transformative power of his spiritual work.

The heart of Roger’s teachings lies in the messages from Wilhelm, the collective entity he channels. These messages emphasize self-love, unity, and the evolutionary process we all undergo. Wilhelm’s teachings are profound yet accessible, encouraging individuals to embrace change and trust in their inner wisdom. “It’s happening so you can come together, it’s happening so that you can start to love yourself. It’s an internal process that you each move through in your evolutionary path to bring your light and your love to the world,” Wilhelm advises through Roger.

One of the most compelling aspects of our conversation is Roger’s exploration of the historical and generational influences on our spiritual journeys. He delves into the idea that we are all part of a larger, interconnected tapestry of existence, where our actions and growth contribute to the collective evolution. This perspective shifts our understanding of personal challenges, framing them as opportunities for growth and contribution to the greater good.

Roger’s experience with channeling Wilhelm has also provided insights into the nature of higher dimensions and spiritual ascension. He explains that the shifts and upheavals we experience, both personally and globally, are part of a larger process of restructuring and evolution. “You’re moving through a restructuring, but the purpose is so that you can restructure yourself and that all of you will become the beings that you are meant,” he conveys, highlighting the transformative potential of these turbulent times.


  1. Embrace Change: Understanding that personal and global upheavals are part of a larger process of restructuring can help us navigate these times with greater resilience and purpose. Embrace change as a path to personal and collective evolution.
  2. Interconnectedness: Recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings and the influence of historical and generational patterns can deepen our empathy and commitment to personal growth. Our individual actions contribute to the collective consciousness.
  3. Self-Love and Unity: Central to spiritual growth is the practice of self-love and the recognition of our inherent connection to others. By loving ourselves and coming together, we can create a world filled with light and love.

In closing, Roger Burnley’s journey and the messages he channels from Wilhelm remind us of the profound potential within each of us to transform and uplift our world. His story is a testament to the power of resilience, faith, and the enduring quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Please enjoy my conversation with Roger Burnley.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 257

Roger Burnley 0:00
It's happening so you can come together, it's happening so that you can start to love yourself. It's an internal process that you each move through in your evolutionary path to bring your light and your love to the world now to make this shift that you all want to move through now we know it's challenging and difficult because none of you like to change and that's what you have. So if you put billions of people together who don't want to change then you have chaos.

Alex Ferrari 0:33
I'd like to welcome to the show Roger Burnley. How you doing Roger?

Roger Burnley 0:36
I'm doing great, Alex. So great to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
A pleasure. Pleasure to have you on the show my friend. I'm excited to talk to you about the work that you're doing. The channel, the channel entity that you do the you channel Wilhem who's a fascinating by the way, I love love hearing him channel. Uh, him or her it? Yeah. All of that. Yeah. It's all of that. And then some. Because the messages that come through you are pretty profound. So that's why I reached out to you have you had on the show, my friend. But so my first question to you is what was your life like, before this insanity of channeling and all this crazy mess?

Roger Burnley 1:16
It was that it was insanity. I had this crazy life from the time I was born didn't understand it. And I think I was making connections when I was much younger when I was quite young, because it frightened me a little bit. And I just kind of kept putting that off. And then I went through my life, and I'm kind of stumbling around doing every imaginable job you can possibly imagine. And then nothing was working. And then in 1988, I read an article, this is how it happened. I read an article about automatic writing. I said, Oh, that sounds interesting. Let me see if I can do that. Because this was guy, he was talking about his business. I was going into a new business at that time. I changed so many times. Yeah. And I want people to understand I'm 72 now I am. So I

Alex Ferrari 1:16
By the way, for everyone that seeing him, he looks fantastic.

Roger Burnley 2:08
I started reverse aging after I did this work. And so and then 1988. What happened was, I started receiving this information, which was kind of crazy. And it actually startled me at first. And if I remember the first time that it came through, because the first few days I tried this, nothing happened. And then all of a sudden, one day it felt like something took over my hand and I'm writing this information. And where's this coming from? And something said, save them. And so I saved every single day that I that I would meditate and write. And what was happening is I started changing my life. I started transforming, I created a business because I was going into a new business at that time. It became really successful. I became I was doing vocal coaching. And I became known over the years became known globally as this vocal coach. I didn't know music, Alex, I didn't know what I was doing. But I was figuring this. No music. I hid that from my clients for 30 years.

Alex Ferrari 3:10
Wait a minute, hold on, stop there for a second. How can you be a vocal coach and not know music?

Roger Burnley 3:17
It I heard it all. I just, it was this crazy thing that started with me. 12 years old, I thought well, maybe there's something there, but I didn't ever trust it. And then it was my coach. In 1987. He says you have to start coaching. I can no I can't do that. I don't know music I can't get I'm going to ruin someone. And he knew my ability. He says no, you know more than anyone who would come to you. And I said, Okay, let me try. And so I started and I was terrified. And then I started he was right. And I started doing things that I couldn't believe and then I started creating stars. I got some that became quite world famous. And then that was you.

Alex Ferrari 3:58
Can you name a couple of you?

Roger Burnley 3:59
Sure. Well, the first one was the earlier one was was Macy Gray.

Alex Ferrari 4:04
Oh, I'm familiar with Macy's work.

Roger Burnley 4:08
I should I just before we came on here, she's also she now she sends me clients for me to work with. And so I'm working with one of our artists right now. But when she first started, she was doing something completely different. She was going to college for film, someone like you. And so then she shifted. And because she didn't trust herself, and she didn't trust your voice. You didn't trust any of it. It was a journey. But then that's how that happened. The other person was on brandy.

Alex Ferrari 4:38
She was a small star. Yeah.

Roger Burnley 4:41
Which she was 12 when she came to me for the first time. And yeah, so though so I just kept figuring stuff out. Then I met this ear, nose and throat doctor who said oh, well you can do stuff. I didn't know what the heck I was but he started sending me patients that had vocal damage and I've been on it had changing them healing crazy things like spasmodic dysphonia, which most people had never even heard of. But I was able to somehow figure out the mechanisms working with the voice, and heals and heal voices that way. All of it was coming intuitively. And I and it was just it was really kind of odd to me, but I just kept going with it. Then in 2010, no, no, yeah, yeah. 2009 Actually, this was after the big, the Great Recession. Yes, they lost absolutely everything in my life. Everything. I mean, I, every penny that I had in my life, I lost during that time. But then I rebounded. I've done that so many times. And some guy in Australia contacted me about doing it found me on the internet and said, I want to do business with you. He says, we can make it global. I said, Okay, I didn't care. I had nothing at that time. And we started this business of an online singing program. And over time, it started becoming really successful a couple of years. And he says, you know, we've made a million dollars from this. We're selling one program during that time. And so, but that went on for a while. Then I said, I gotta change again, this is what I do. Because I had to change with the times, I would receive information about what was happening in the world. And this was so crazy, that even my, my nobody understood, my family didn't understand and all that. But I said, I have to move in another direction, because the world is changing, and I know it. And they're like, you're just the nuts person. I said, okay, but I had to go with this. And then in 2020, I started receiving different missing messages. It says, you're moving through a restructuring in your world, and everything's going to be different. I know. That's crazy. And then, and then it kept going, and I'm receiving this information that was making me a little uncomfortable, actually, because I didn't want to tell people, but I had to write it because I knew exactly what was going to be happening. Then they said to me, and the United States will lead the way in this restructuring, as this went on throughout 2020. And I'm receiving I get this, it makes no sense. The United States was in a mess. During that time, because we were going moving through the pandemic, and all kinds of things with the our election, everything was a mess. But they said this is going to straighten out because you're here to shift your world into a new dimension. This makes no sense. Then it gets crazier Alex and 2021. I go out for a walk. And I hear very clearly because this is how I receive information. They said, We gave you everything you needed to know in 2012. I said that's insane. I go I don't believe that come in my home. I go to my computer. And I I look at five I opened up I don't know why I didn't go there before. But I found a folder that said Wilhelm I open it and all the messages were 2012 Then they got crazier. Then they said and we also gave you things that were going to help you move through this transition, which later I understood was in a planetary ascension. And that's why everything was Christ. They said we started giving you your planet, your world has times that it moves through things that's gone on throughout history. I still didn't trust it. I wouldn't had an Akashic Records reading done, because I'm so free. And so this one I had two of them done in that year. Actually one of them said very clearly she saw Oh yeah, you have ancient memory. And you know, this stuff that's going on you. She took me back to Egypt and all the things that I used to do. I said, this makes no sense. Then in 2021, I knew I had to do more. And so I said I had to start doing live channeling, which was terrifying for me. I don't want to do that. I'm very introverted. I don't like being public. I don't like doing any of that. Then they started telling me we want you to understand we gave you things and we even gave it to you on certain days. So you would understand what was happening in your world. So you could help people not be freaked out. So you would help them understand. This is nuts. And so then this and if you meet someone, and we gave you if we gave you a message in 2012 on their birthday, it will probably resonate for them. And it will resonate for everyone, but it'll be a little it'll have a little more resonance for the person's birthday. I got that doesn't make any sense. And I started testing. Well, first of all, I had to discover why 2012 Because I didn't know what that time. But they said in 2012 That's when you all thought that your world was going to end? Because that's, yeah, the Mayan calendars. Yeah, the Mayan calendar world's going to end and then I said, Okay, I didn't remember somebody in a Facebook group reminded me of that. And then my Wilhelm said, go back and look at our messages and tell you and look at what we gave you on that date on December 20. First of 2012, and it said, Wait, the message, the title of the message was wait. And this says, No, you're building something new, you're building a new world. And then they said, We gave you guidance all the way through. I said, that's insane. Then in December of 2021, I said, I have to test. So I took a bunch of messages. I created a program. I called it four weeks to your best slide. I said, What's it called? I put people in it. And then they started transforming. And I said, this makes and I was, and I still was like, freaked out. They said, Yes. I said, first of all, you've been through everything in your life. And that's true. I had been through every difficulty, problem, failure, success, everything, and also healing. I was healing crazy things. I was making the mind body connection. And it was just happening. But I was still doing trusted. I didn't tell people. And this is why I said, you know, I sent you something I said, I'm a reluctant mystic. Because I, I had been hiding out. But I knew that it was too important, then. And then to make things crazier, when they said the United States would lead the way, they would give me certain things that would happen in our country that I would understand, like yesterday we had, and they said, you're going to see things that have never happened in your world before. Because you're trying to create a better one. And things are going to be uncovered that were hidden from you, getting with you in terms of things that we each know about ourselves, and hidden within our world. And so yesterday, we have, for the first time in history, a former president of our show, and then I opened up the message, and it was showing me Oh, yeah, we told you that, like a couple of years, we've told you that a few years ago, 2020, that you would be moving through this and I'm reading that message, I go, Oh, I did have that information. Then on the next day, they said you're going to have a little turmoil. So today, they took me back to on the fifth, which is interesting that we're doing this, filming this, this date. And they took me back to help the world to mend. And I go what, that is a song that I wrote with a friend in 1987. And it reset, we want you to remember that now because there's going to be upheaval, you have to uplift everything about you so that you can help the world that said, you all have paths, you all have a divine plan that you were following. And it just shows up at a particular time. And they said what is happening in our world right now is that you're all here, everyone alive to move through your restrictions, your limitations, your doubt, your judgments, your prejudices, your biases, and start to own yourself and bring in more love and light. Go. That's crazy. They said, that's all the work that we gave you. And that entire time. So and then the birthday thing was the weirdest thing. Because it started I started testing with people because I didn't trust it. And every time I did it, it would be something that again, would be more for the the individual, but it will present what Okay, so tell me, what is your birth? Just your month and day?

Alex Ferrari 13:06

Roger Burnley 13:07
June what?

Alex Ferrari 13:09

Roger Burnley 13:10
June 28. Let's see what I can see if I have it. First of all, I didn't I sure I didn't do every single day, but we might have June 28. And let's see what that says. And all and you know, it was so crazy, because I would look back at these tonight when I was receiving them. They didn't. And during that time, of course, they didn't make that much sense to me. But I said, Okay, I'm gonna keep going with, okay, this was yours, it gets better. It gets better has become a popular slogan, if you will, in your current society. However, it also resonates to a much wider audience than their particular social issue that brought it to the forefront of your mass consciousness. It refers to your individual, particular life experience, as well as your world as a whole. It operates on the system of contrast, meaning that you were given certain choices, some of which may be very distasteful to you, however, they offer you the opportunity to then make a choice that is to your pleasure, greater good, and therefore causes expansion in your life and world. Therefore, it always gets better. That was on your birthday. That's exactly what you did. And then they said, because I kept getting this, they said, Oh, well, yeah, that's why you're going to the channel because Alex made a shift in his life, didn't know why he was doing it. But he was guided to make this shift to bring this kind of information to the world because on a deeper level, he knew that this was going to help in some way. I don't know if that was if that was true,

Alex Ferrari 14:52
But it makes sense. It makes all the sense in the world. It makes me now I mean, I've mentioned that on the show before. It's the shift of the show. And I admit this shift from filmmaking in my podcasts in the filmmaking space to open this up and I had no idea why I was doing it. I was terrified to do it. Once I launched it, I pulled back made excuses till I finally said, Alright, I'm all in and, and then the show now is doing what the show was doing and growing at a pace that I can't comprehend honestly

Roger Burnley 15:24
That's what they told me. And they said that, yeah, you got no idea why you were making those changes. And also you have no ideas, that tremendous contribution that you're making, because it's going so far. And that's why it's, and then they said, and then you you're seeing recently too, that you've had more growth in your your subscribers. That's why and that is because you're just following your soul path. And it is moving, and it's going to open up and everyone alive now is meant to do that. And then if we do that, eventually we start changing our world. So we have another year or so to move through this kind of insanity. But if we all come together and uplevel our energy, which many people are being moved to do, things change,

Alex Ferrari 16:05
Roger, first of all, I think you need to buy a t shirt in the front that says this is nuts and in the back says that's insane.

Roger Burnley 16:14
I know. I know that.

Alex Ferrari 16:17
This is crazy. Because that's a fantastic story of of this insanity that you've gone to. But I have to ask you when you first started the channel, when you heard the voices coming in. Did you think you were going nuts? Yeah. Do you think you did you like What? What? Like, how did you because you said you're reluctant? Which are those are my favorite. Those are my favorite channels. By the way. I know many reluctant channels. Yes. Because they're just like, Am I nuts? Am I literally going crazy,

Roger Burnley 16:48
Right! Yeah!

Alex Ferrari 16:49
How did that feel?

Roger Burnley 16:51
I kept coming up with what I was going to call my TED Talk. This was many years ago when this started making sense. And I said, I'm not crazy. And my life makes sense. And I found my life purpose. But I felt that way for most of the time, and everybody else thought I was a little nuts too, because I kept making these ridiculous changes in my life. But I knew that I had to, I've always been an empathetic person I've always loved I love people, I just love helping I just always that's just been who I am, which is also gotten me at the trouble a lot of times in my life, because I just give and give. But I know that I had to get out of my own way. So in about 2021, when I said, my welcome says, You can't keep just writing you have to talk you have to communicate with people. So I started doing the live channeling sessions. And what when I first started doing them, they were weird, because they were felt they felt comfortable. But then I would be done. And then I would record them on and I'd listen back and I got where the hell that come from. Why they were I was receiving information that didn't understand. They said, you have an ancient memory as it said in the Akashic Records reading, and you know that you you were here to help others. And you're face to things that would come through like the first part of my life, they said, Roger sacrifice the first part of his life, because I went through every tragedy, horrible thing that was this, this this incarnation that I chose to have only so I could be available now and be a demonstration of what is possible. That demonstration of how you can heal yourself, and how you can start to look younger, or you can start to move through everything to do that. And because because I've done it, even things that doctors didn't understand that I had done, and I was still I didn't want them to talk about it. Because I don't want to tell people because then I have to maybe prove it or show it or something that went on. But then it said no. Gotta do this. There was when I put people into this program in December of 2021. And saw the results. The funny thing was, I said I can't I have to trust myself. And so on the first in December, I did it. And then we had a mood meeting. So I had a weekly group call with everyone because I knew that if I met with them that there would be no problem. I could address whatever they might be stuck on or not moving through. But I didn't want to read any of their assignments before because I thought I'm going to be doubting myself. So I didn't do that. until the night before the first meeting we were going to have and then I'm like reading this stuff and freak it out. Because people were healing we're coming to awarenesses about themselves. That took me decades to kind of figure out and put together and I kept reading and reading and I stayed up all night doing this for I was late for the meeting the next morning with the group, but I got them back and I told them what had happened because I was just so blown away. But they said you don't understand that's how evolution happens. You each come into the world to learn To experience gain knowledge and wisdom, and you give it back to others, how do you think the world is different. And at certain times certain people will create new inventions. And they said, We gave you a philosophy, and it's a philosophy for the new world. Because you're all trying to create the new world where you let go of your anger, your judgment, your your hatred of yourself, they said, You got to start with you first. And they said, you've been doing that. Then they took me back to 2016, because that's when they started grooming me to move here. They had me write an article, and I said, I might be slightly racist, with misogynistic tendencies. Wow. They say, Yes, you all have systemic things within you, no matter where you came from, that it's time to let them go. And I had to be the example. And it was crazy, because I'm writing this article and talking about these honest things, that I thought, Oh, if I saw black people, I might be a little afraid. If I saw white people, I might be said, that's all programmed. That's within within everyone. And then they said, look at your look at where you grew up your age, women weren't equal, but why you still making women separate. And there's, and that's, and this is the shift that's going on. So they said in this particular period, you're going to see a global shift, where and we see it right now, where you're going to try to decide on your foreign democracies or autocracies. And that's the ship or if you want freedom for all if just for some, and they said, it's going to be an economic shift as well. And we're seeing that happen in the our, the global markets and the whole bit, because you want something better. And the way you do that is by honoring who you are every single person,

Alex Ferrari 21:49
Roger, when you decided to finally come out of the closet, out of the spiritual closet. Yeah, I was in the closet for quite some time. And it took me a while to come out. And I just do a talk show. Essentially, I do an interview show and have conversations with spiritual people. I don't channel entities through me. So the level of you putting yourself out there is, in my opinion, much more vulnerable, then. Let's say what I do.

Roger Burnley 22:24
No, it's not. No, it's not. Okay. Well, I'm getting there right now.

Alex Ferrari 22:29
Fine. It Okay, fine. It's fair enough. But you what you do is you put yourself when someone channels, another entity or something like that it is a vulnerable space. It like I say in the show all the time, it clears the room, you walk in and go, Hey, everybody, I'm a channeler. If anybody wants something, just let me It clears the room. How did you deal with your friends, family colleagues, after you decided to come out publicly and start channeling live like this?

Roger Burnley 22:54
I received a message in 2017. Because I was struggling with that, and especially family, and they sent you and they said you needed the opposition? Are you in 2017? I got this message. Because I said, Why is everybody coming at me? Why am I receiving this judgment? They said well, because you weren't trusting yourself. And so if you have pushed people pushing against you, then it causes you to go within and start to own yourself, which is what everyone's supposed to do. And so they started giving me things I said, everyone has had the same situation, no matter where they are. And one of the things they gave me I use and in some of my work, how to have a happy childhood. Because they said you all have these ideas about your childhood and where you came from. And all those things, they were all great if you figure out the value that you gained from any experience that you had, rather than all the judgment of how horrible it was, we'd have to re interpret everything about our lives, which is mindset, which is a higher state of consciousness. And that's what that's the work that I that I was given. And

Alex Ferrari 24:00
So what so I'm assuming that the people around you weren't? Oh, great. You're a channel

Roger Burnley 24:05
Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, I'll tell you one thing. I had this great, this best friend. She was since 1986. This, she's, she's German and she came to this country, but she's just a wonderful person. And we became best friends. She was 10 10 years older. Unfortunately, she died last year. And, and I thought in this so for 36 years, we were best friends and I thought I'm going to lose it. But she also didn't really trust what I was doing. didn't believe it. And at certain point she says, I no longer understand you, I no longer understand what you are doing. And all I said you're not supposed to because I have to go on this other place and I know you're not going to get it. Everyone is not going to understand. No one sees what's coming right away. This is how we have world conditions that show up that nobody's paying attention to is basically my guide said if you look back 100 years ago, all the things that happened and you thought it was a surprise some of you know what See, you know, you have. So then she died. And then what happened on the night, she died one night. I am just crying so so I reeving Alex like you can't believe. And in my grieving, I felt this different presence that like and I thought, well, maybe that's her telling me to calm down and stop that. The next morning, I had to do but I had scheduled a channeling session. And I thought, I don't know if I'm gonna get through this. And I'm just really, I went and did it. And I'm like, oh my for her. It was the best one ever. And it felt like now she understood. And now she's sending me energy. That's exactly I couldn't explain anything else. It was so funny. Because I want people to understand, we're all living consciousness. And we're OCW eternal beings are always here. And then what started happening, she started sending me people to help these German people just started sending me these young German. I knew that what was happening, and so that I would keep going, because we need this work in the world now so that we can uplift the planet.

Alex Ferrari 26:09
That is That is fascinating. Well, we keep speaking of this, of this of this group of Wilhem. Do you think that we can have a chat with him with them?

Roger Burnley 26:20
Yes, yes, yes, yes, absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 26:24
Okay, what's the what's the process, by the way, so I

Roger Burnley 26:27
I just need, I just need a second to I've been already receiving stuff, but I just need a second to focus. And then we will do? Well, you're so pleased, we're here and we've waited for you your entire lives. Now we know that doesn't make sense to you, because you've probably never seen us. But you will understand what we're saying. Because we speak a universal language that you will all understand you're at exist in your world right now, in most opportune time, because you have the opportunity to create this wonderful world that you've all wanted to see, as you look at what's occurring in your world. Now it's happening for a reason it's happening so you can come together, it's happening so that you can start to love yourself. It's an internal process that you each move through and your evolutionary path, to bring your light and your love to the world now to make this shift that you all want to move through. Now we know it's challenging and difficult because none of you like to change. And that's what you have. So if you put billions of people together, who don't want to change, then you have chaos. But we told you also back in 2012, that it also brings unity, you move through your world, your universe at specific times. And so I'm connected to everything that's existed, it's all connected to the galaxies to the stars, because everything is energy, when you understand that you are energy in your world is that you will start to use it in a more effective way. Meaning that you will use it to move through your past limitations and restrictions. This is a generational shift. By the way, that's why you've never experienced it. That's why it's heavy. That's why it's complex. And that's why it's chaotic. However, you decided to be alive in this carnation for the purpose of making a better world and you make that better world by you becoming better within yourself, honoring who you are. Now we know that many of you have gone through all kinds of challenges, difficulties, and you thought that you were being punished for some reason that's never true. You are learning, you are gathering information, you are gathering wisdom so that you could bring it to your world. Now, there's nothing more important than you loving yourself. There's nothing more important than you becoming successful, prosperous. Because when you do that, you will shift your world and you will take care of those that you've been ignoring half of your world has been, you've been ignoring half of the world and you've lost let people die and start, there's a abundance in your universe. And you're shifting that now. That is why you're having this period, we've told you that you are moving through a restructuring. But the purpose is so that you can restructure yourself and that all of you will become the beings that you are meant. Now one of the things we're here with Alex, we want to say this, because he has done so much and he is not appreciated on the deepest level. But the fact that he followed this movement, that he didn't even understand why he was doing it. And he did it in exactly the right time. Because it was an energetic movement in your world that he was attuned to not knowing with your cars, but he was attuned to it. And as he did that, now he's helped so many more than you can even imagine. And he did something else when he decided to do his his raising money for for to feed people. My word. The example that he has set for all of you has been tremendous. And we hope that you appreciate it, because now you have this opportunity to move in because you've made another shift and you'll make another one where you love it. We're doing this coming into your full moon because it's very powerful. And as more of you decide to own who you are love yourself, you're going to see a very different world. We know it's going to take a little while but if you start now, it will be beautiful. Now you will create the world that you want to see if you create the well within yourself that you want to have, we love you all so very much was beautiful. I will hear it later.

Alex Ferrari 30:12
Does Wilhem answer questions? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Okay. Well, that first of all, thank you so much. Well, I'll talk to him about how do collectives like you Wilhem, choose the channels that are going to go through you use that channel that you are? How did you pick Roger basically my question.

Roger Burnley 30:35
Because you each have connections, your universe, your, your eternal spiritual beings, but you come in and you have different incarnations and that incarnation, whichever you choose, you will have connections to those who have come before you have consciousness that exists forever. Now what we gave Roger, we've talked to him, he didn't understand why he picked them named Wilhelm, for instance. And then we showed him the connections. And we took him back to Friedrich Nietzsche, whose middle name was Wilhelm. But then we took him to kurta who wrote Wilhelm Meister, this was about the search for self actualization, which is what you're all doing. So his thread followed all of these beings that came before it, but we also through and others like Alfred Adler, because many of you think that you're insignificant, and you're inferior. And that's one of the biggest problems in your world, and its biggest problem and more many of your lives. So that is why we chose Roger and he was willing, he had an incarnation is with this age, if he was willing to go through all the struggles, all the problems, all the difficulties, heal himself, and then come to be the demonstration, he's perfectly fine with the fact that he sacrificed the first part of his life, because now he can make a greater difference.

Alex Ferrari 31:47
What can we do to let go more in life and surrender to the spiritual path or to the path that is guiding us?

Roger Burnley 31:54
Understanding first to understand that you are eternal beings, and you're connected in all the connections, and we want to talk about the generational things, if you start to understand that you are connected to all those beings in your lineage you have come before, but they also had limitations, you exist now to move through the limitations that your ancestors, your parents, and all those had to create a better world. And if you examine your world, now, you can see that it's vastly different than it was 500 years ago. And the way that that happened is that beings came in and decided that they were going to create something new. Now you are creating something huge now that none of you have done, which is why it seems so chaotic. However, you should congratulate yourself that you're here. But you we know that it's challenging. Many of you have been beating up on yourself and thinking you're being punished. No, you're moving through, you agreed to move through certain things in your life, and you took them from all those who came before so that you can make a better world. Now we want to say this, not everyone will do that. And you know it, you know that everyone is not going to understand what you're doing, what you're feeling. And this whole thing that we call your spiritual self. And most people won't accept that. That's why you have to shine more during this time. And each of you who would be listening to us, nobody, no one would hear us accidentally, you just decide when you're going to hear you pay attention, you're just going to decide when you accept yourself. When you separate yourself, you have a much different light, and the glorious life and you'll add that light and energy to the world. Everyone has it is no one separate, you just decide how much you will allow yourself to believe.

Alex Ferrari 33:29
How do we handle feelings of spiritual doubt or uncertainty?

Roger Burnley 33:33
You're never going to get rid of it. We wish we didn't give you another answer. But you have done all the time because you're eternal beings. And so the doubt means that there's more to you. That's all you have another level of existence that you can ascend to, which is what's happening in your world, now you're having a planetary ascension. But within each person, you have different levels of understanding consciousness that you continually ascend to. And then you see everything differently, what many of you call the fifth dimension, you're what you would win. Now we love using the Age of Aquarius, because you all are moving into that. And you can understand that concept a bit more, where you come together where you love one another. You thought it was happening decades ago. But no, it's happening now. And it's just happening recently. And so every person can do this, when they decide to love who they are.

Alex Ferrari 34:22
How do we silence the negative voice in our head?

Roger Burnley 34:25
You want, it's going to always be there because again, the negative voice is what you want to you want to find you want to see it we give you so many processes of say, so to speak, to re program your negative voices, but you can't say you can't reprogram them until you hear them and you hear them because they're old. They're part of the old you the old paradigm, the old, all of that. So you must hear them first before you can start to change them and you change them by changing your mind which is an up leveling of your consciousness. And so you Don't try to think that you're just many of you think that you'll just sit in some place and everything will be fine. If you just ignore everything that never happens, and you never get to where you want to be, each of you are here now to create this better world through your better life. And so you can only do that when you start to notice when you're judging yourself, because you're judging everyone else, when you're judging yourself. And the first thing that we gave you, please let go of your self judgment.

Alex Ferrari 35:26
Now, a question I get asked all the time is, if we choose to come into this incarnation, with certain blueprints or goals and things that we have to do in our life, to learn and grow, how can we still have free will,

Roger Burnley 35:40
You have free will all the time, because you can choose to create a horrible life. See, because if you don't follow that instinctual thing that's within you that innate feeling that you have, then you have struggles, and Roger had a zillion of them, he we worked with him for so long to try to get him to move, he says, No, I'm not going to do this. I don't want to tell people. And so then he had every physical illness, and accident and failure and all those because he wouldn't accept himself. But then he becomes a great example for you all, you can say. So just understand that you're always in the process of evolving and progressing to new levels of understanding within yourself. So but you can't, the duality that you have is thinking that you should not have certain lower vibrational energies or feelings are moving through you, you have to because that's the only way you uplevel you see, because we can give you a certain examples. And you can do it throughout your history. And we love we took Roger to study so much ancient history actually big so he could stimulate his memory. But when you look at your old world, they're very different than where you are now. So over time, you have evolutions of consciousness, you're all equal beings. But you can see that through your races, your, your, your genders, and all of that you have an honor and all of that. And so this is the time where you start to shift that to come back to oneness, you're always attempting in every civilization, you're attempting to come back to the state of oneness, meaning that you know, you're each connected to God, and you came in with particles that you're supposed to activate, and the more of you will come together, you create a very different world. It's not going to happen tomorrow, but you're in process,

Alex Ferrari 37:16
How do we approach forgiveness when someone has wronged us deeply?

Roger Burnley 37:20
To understand that you are hurt in some way, and they helped you? Thank you helped you feel that that insignificant because otherwise, you you nothing, we've given you so many things about criticism, too, because this is the same kind of thing, because you feel hurt. Because you're a little unstable about who you are, you haven't fulfilled that empowered part of your cells yet. And so you have people come into your experience, to cause you to feel those things so that you become stronger in terms of owning who you are. And we've said to you many times that when you receive criticism, embrace it, because see, what happens is, you will feel it. And if it sounds feels uncomfortable at first, that means there's an unhealed part of you that you wanted to see. So the criticism helps you say, but then if you see the criticism coming in at some way, and it has no relevance to who you are, and you know that it's just the other person's idea and their issue. Now you've become even stronger, because you get to trust yourself a lot more

Alex Ferrari 38:21
Beautiful answer, beautiful. How can we overcome feelings of fear in our lives?

Roger Burnley 38:31
You don't overcome it, you start to use them in a different way. We had Roger, he didn't want to do this. But we had him write a book, we released it in, in 2019, overcoming fear, a guide to freedom. This, we had him write that he resisted. Fortunately, we sent we sent in a friend who said, No, you're going to write this book. And so she helped him put it together. And so we'd love that so much. But the fear, you use it in different ways. And we gave you very different example, many examples in that Roger was fearful instant tire light. And he we he loves telling the story about what his mother would say about him. When asked, Well, how was Roger as a child, she would always say, careful, and what she was really trying to say he was afraid. So you can move through anything. And it's a process. And this is why we wrote the book, and why we've given you all of our work to help more of you move through fear, because the fear the collective fear is what's causing the chaos and the craziness in your world right now. So the more of you who decide to move through those steps that next evolutionary part of your life to move beyond the fear, you're going to have a wonderful life and you're going to help your world do the same thing.

Alex Ferrari 39:41
What are your thoughts on AI, artificial intelligence and how it's going to affect humanity?

Roger Burnley 39:46
It's going to change. Now, you must understand you've developed so much technology you all have, and you're human. So you've developed things that can help you create something better. The problem is you're human. And so some of You will use it in ways that do not serve you. And so you're going to figure out your governments are trying to do this. Now they're trying to find the correct ways of monitoring. And people are, are really freaked out at this point about what may happen. But you all have more ability than any technical thing that exist in your world. Because you have consciousness, your consciousness can take you above anything that exists that you create, as humans in this in this physical world. It's the same thing in your in your bodies. And in your health. Yes, you use your medicines, and you use operations, use all those things to correct your physical bodies. But ultimately, you begin to understand that you could do it with your mind. And so people who are going to use AI, hopefully, they will, if they have developed within themselves, this ability to understand that anything they want to create us for the good of all, it will be wonderful for you all because it will help your humanity progress and become more. But you will have to go through this period of figuring out how you can monitor it, how you can control it so that you don't allow the energies, the lower vibrational energies of those who might use it become a start to fool you, which has already happened. And you're finding news reports that are made up from artificial intelligence that many of you will follow. So which means you've got to start trusting your heart going inside and knowing that you have the guidance to take yourself to the next level of your experience. And so that stuff won't affect you. But your society as a whole will have to deal with this particular new invention that you're all bringing into the world.

Alex Ferrari 41:33
You spoken about ancient history a few times in this conversation, I'd love to ask you a question that has stumped so many for so long. How were the pyramids made?

Roger Burnley 41:44
They were made from dimensions that you don't understand. You have civilizations that hadn't higher awareness, their gods, you've lost civilizations, by the way, have been other civilizations that have existed, none of you remember, because you didn't quite do those the correct way. When you think you have this, this debate about Atlantis, for instance, you don't completely understand that. And people some people think it didn't happen and never existed, you have no idea of all the things that exist and other galaxies with throughout your, your, your universe, let's say you live in your limited earth in which you're trying to make ascend to a higher higher level of being. And so you use those, those things that happened before and the pyramids are that because you're still trying to figure out how you created them. We brought that up many times, because we wanted you to know that you have so much more ability than you know, because it's been exists in existence forever. You're just accessing you allow yourselves to access as much as you want within this particular incarnation on January 1 of 2012, we gave you a message that said infinite intelligence because we wanted you all to understand that you do have it. It exists in the ethers so to speak, that you can access with your mind. This is why all of the work we have given you is about mindset, where you can understand how you use your mind to access all kinds of ancient information Rajat didn't want to do this, he we took him back to his memory, and he had help you all need help sometimes. So he had readings done that would give him confirmation. You all want confirmation. But who you are. None of you have to go back there. If it's not on your particular evolutionary path in this incarnation, however, just understand that for you that there's information available in your consciousness that is universal that you can access when you allow yourself to open to that information.

Alex Ferrari 43:29
Well, how far back do we go? Because we've been told it's only 6000 years, which I don't think is very true as far as humanity is concerned? How many? How far back do we go Sir?

Roger Burnley 43:39
You have trouble with linear time? Yes. Because you all think that you only structure your physical life experience by dates and all of that. And we've used that we've given you this is why many of you can understand why we gave Roger the dates because we wanted to use them the last several couple of years, we've been using taking you back just 10 years, but we started giving you information that you can understand in 2012. But we did it back then. But you're understanding it today. Meaning that you shift into a different level of consciousness. You can move your awareness to different dimensions. And that's how you improve and evolve in yourself in your world. And those dimensions have exist now. And you've had many people coming up come into your world who have brought you this information. We love using the Ekor Tolle, the author who wrote The Power of Now he was he was one of the messengers that was attempting to give you all the experience to know that you're you exist in this moment. We also use Seth, who came about a long time ago through James Roberts, of course, and he and they said, your point of power is in the present, you see. So everything is existing in this moment. And if you can just bring yourself into this moment and only think about that. That's where all your power is because you're creating from now any thought that you think in this moment is creating your future. And you're all doing that you're doing it collectively. And it's and the world will turn out depending on the quality of the energy that you each decide to contribute. And you can only contribute the energy of light and love when you decide to love who you are, and move through your restrictions.

Alex Ferrari 45:18
Is it possible for soul to have multiple incarnations at the same time?

Roger Burnley 45:22
It is yes. Okay. Let's say this, we had Roger understand, oh, as he speaks through it, we are Wilhelm Yes. But it has shifted throughout throughout time. And in 2012. The reason it was so different for him because there was he explained to him a walk in personality, so to speak, they're brought in new information. And many people can have that he has a different way of receiving this, as we said, he resisted it for so long. But now it's making sense which will happen for all of you, at some point, you move along in your evolutionary path towards this greater awareness until you uncom, you're no longer going to no longer need this particular incarnation, the thing that we wanted you to on all understand is that you're in physical form for a limited amount of time. You all know that. And you just decide how pleasurable you're going to make it during that time that you're here. But you're here. Now, all of you, anyone who would hear this, you're going to make a great contribution. Because your war, your world has never moved through this. And it all depends the way that it turns out, it's going to turn out well. But the experience that you will have will depend on how each of you decide to use your lives to move through this, and you can only do it in this moment.

Alex Ferrari 46:37
So the shift that is happening now has never happened in the history of humanity. It's no bad because it does.

Roger Burnley 46:43
No, no, nothing has happened. No, this is brand new. And that's what we want you to understand. Now, you've had similar periods, where you've moved through changes in your world, you can go back and see them when we've taken Roger back through through many of them if this is why we use the dates. And when we talk about the Mayan calendar, yes, that was a another civilization And they did have this information that they brought through. And then they said, Okay, now we're gonna let your take over. And that's what happened in 2012. So it's always a continuation of consciousness, you see. And so you're moving through this particular period, for each of you to allow each of you who are here and decided to be here, your age doesn't matter. By the way, doesn't matter how old you are, or how young you're still doing the same thing. Because you're, your soul, decided that this time for your incarnation was going to be helpful in your evolutionary journey when you decide to love who you are. And so that's what your world is attempting to do in this shift. And it's never Yes, it's never occurred before, which is why it's been so chaotic, which is why we gave Roger this information, because we wanted more of you to understand because the more of you will understand you will make this transition much better.

Alex Ferrari 47:54
What is the role of meditation and prayer in our spiritual practice?

Roger Burnley 47:58
It gets you out of your head. It gets you to shut up, it gets you to listen a little bit more. You all have consciousness and you know this. And some people say, Well, no, I don't hear anything. I don't know what's going on. That's not possible. When you close your mouth and you're sitting, you have thoughts, they're always there. The difficulty that you have is that you're only listening to the ones that destroy you sometimes that make you feel worth less than what you are, that's when you're in your conscious state, you see. So when you move yourself into this state of stillness of meditation, you hear something completely different. When we are working with Roger, when he's in this state, he has no, he has no trouble. He has no problems. Everything is wonderful. He feels the light and love of everything. And then when we let go of him, and he comes back into his normal life, he has to deal with all this stuff that you're all doing. But you have those periods where you let go of that. And that is why meditation and prayer, when you're doing prayer, it's the same thing. You just all use different, different terms. But when you're praying for something, you're using what we call focused attention. And you can only do that in your moment. And now and you can only do that when you decide to listen and be quiet Do you see. But when you then you start to find the thoughts that you want to have and the thoughts that you want to place into your world into your life. And that is what manifests your world you create your life, your world and your life through your energetic thoughts. And so when you're using the ones that you want, you're creating a very different experience. And we gave you a process called we've given you many but we gave you one focused attention with focused attention you can create anything.

Alex Ferrari 49:35
What is the path to enlightenment, or self realization?

Roger Burnley 49:40
It's a process of letting moving through. It's a step by step process and we've given you this to it's a progression. It means that you move through your limited thinking, it's a daily thing. That's why we advise you to do it daily. It's a daily thing and then each time you move through that you're in a different existence. You have moved to a higher level of understanding, you all come into the world with these blockages with these barriers. And again, we want you to understand that during this time, you've carried in more of the generational, more the ancestral and limitations. That's why it's some everybody's jockeying for their position, so to speak, to feel a sense of safety, however, you're meant to let go of that. And so when you decide to say, Okay, I'm having this terrible thought about myself, I'm having this terrible thought about someone else. That's not what I want to put into the world. So I'm going to use this moment in this moment, because that's where my power is. And I'm going to change that thought. And each time you do that, this magical thing happens, you start to feel better, oh, well, today, I was like, kind of down on myself, today, I'm not the next day, I'm better, and then I'll keep getting better, but didn't, you're never going to stay there, because it's going to be something else that comes up, it's gonna kind of hit you a little bit. And then you said, Okay, this is another opportunity for me to move through some limited thought I've had about myself or the world or some other person, and go to the higher state of understanding and bring in a new, new new light and love in my life. So I can bring that to the world. That's what you're each doing.

Alex Ferrari 51:10
How do we reconcile the idea of a beloved deity or source energy with the when there's existence of evil and suffering in the world?

Roger Burnley 51:19
Well, we don't use those terms. There's some there's Yes, there are all those things exist, but it's your interpretation of them, you say, and that's what you have to change, everything we have given you was to make new interpretations because you think that some of your, your your suffering was, you're being punished. That's what a lot of you have had, that you've had these experiences that have been terrible, difficult and challenging. And, and you are being punished in some way. But you're not, you just don't remember that you agreed to move through those things, because you knew that if you move through them in this incarnation, that you would never have to repeat them again, you would never have to go through them at now, you've added that energy in that information to your collective consciousness, which is what you're all doing all the time. And so now, but this particular period, you you've got to really up level that because you have the others who are living different lives who have different understanding who won't get that. So your thing is always about moving through what's within you. Because that's the only thing you can you can control.

Alex Ferrari 52:21
What advice would you give to someone who's just beginning their spiritual journey?

Roger Burnley 52:25
It will feel and we this is why we'd love to having Roger talking about this, because when we first became a coming through to him, and he, he consciously remembers it is 1988. But it was actually before that none of you have those dates quite accurately. However, when he started first receiving it in 1980. It was frightening for him, which is what caused him to hide out. But now that was purposeful you see, because you each take these roles so that you can help others coming along his path now, because he's moved through that. So he can understand when he meets someone, and they're starting to awaken and they're frightened or unsure, he can guide them there. He could not have done that unless he had moved through that himself. But each of you are doing that in different ways. or whatever you might be doing in your life, whatever career vocation or whatever it is, you're doing exactly the same thing. You each are here to help one another. And especially during this time, and you're helping one another by giving them what you have learned, but you've gained, and then you all evolve. That's what's happening.

Alex Ferrari 53:28
What is the most important lesson you would like to give to the audience today?

Roger Burnley 53:32
To stop doubting yourself? It's the biggest thing, I mean, just stop, the doubt will be that we want you to understand this, we want to explain this. Because we've given you several informations on doubt, we've given you many on blame, too, because we want more of you to stop blaming other people for your experience, because they are never in control. It's just you. But then what you have to do is start accepting what you're gaining every day. Now the doubts always going to be there, as we've said, because the doubt means that there's more, there's more for you to access. And that's and your higher self is giving you the doubt to say please accept more, please move to the next level of your existence, because that's why you're feeling the doubt. And the only way you move through the doubt is doing the thing that you doubt. And then you have a result because if if you're you do something didn't turn out, right, well, great. Now you no longer have to have that doubt. But most times what you will find when you move through the doubt of the thing that you want to do you have this glorious, like

Alex Ferrari 54:26
You have any final words for our audience.

Roger Burnley 54:29
You're gonna see things happening in your world, right at this point. This is why we're so grateful that you are giving Roger this opportunity to bring this message forth at this time because in the next several weeks, you'll see a little more chaos. You'll see a little more upheavals in different parts of the world because you're trying to figure out who you are. Each of you and your world is doing the same thing. Every country is doing the same thing. This is why you had that we told you before this is why you had the war. This is why you brought in certain leaders who were demonstrating very old ideologies you're supposed to change All of that, and it's in every single aspect. It's even in your religions, as we've told you, your religious have been restricted this that you've, you've carried that out for centuries, where you've used your religions against one another, rather than using them to understand that you're trying to access a another part of who you are. But when you use them to separate yourself, you've missed the mark. And what we've told all of you in this time, you cannot hate the others. We're saying that because you're going to always see them, they're going to be those beings, they offer you contrast, by the way, that's why they exist. So but if you're going to hate them, you're not going to sell your division within yourself, because that's the only reason you're disliking them. Because you're not understanding how they are helping you become who you're meant to be. Because you're all eventually going into this oneness. And that's what we're so pleased about.

Alex Ferrari 55:49
Wilham, I want to thank you so much for this, this lovely talk. And I appreciate all the work that you're doing, my friend, and thank you so much.

Roger Burnley 55:57
Thank you, and thank you for this opportunity. And we love you all so very much.

Alex Ferrari 56:02
How you doing Roger?

Roger Burnley 56:04
All right, good. How was that?

Alex Ferrari 56:08
That was good. When they when they come in? Do you? Are you gone? Yeah. What's happening? No. So where do you go, sir?

Roger Burnley 56:16
I'm, I'm partially there. But I never know. And it's just the weirdest thing ever. Because what would happen is my searches have gotten used to this and I tell them all, please have me listen to the recordings, because I will go back later. And listen, I go oh, is that what they said? Is that a quick? And so I have to do that? Yeah, I'm just in a different dimension for a good person. I mean, I'm, I'm kind of there. I have I have those Dream like, Yes, I have faint memories of some of the stuff. But I I won't know exactly what came through until I hear the recording. Gotcha.

Alex Ferrari 56:52
Yeah. Because every every channel is different. Some little they know everything that said, some go away, some are kind of there some, you know, sit down in a chair right next to him almost, it just listens to everything. It's everyone has a little bit different vibe.

Roger Burnley 57:06
And mine is just and I don't have the vision, I don't have all that stuff. I get information. And then and what's happened over the years, I'm able to just it's that's a part that was took me a while to get comfortable with because I was able to interpret it much quicker. I even received a message I said, you will begin to hear faster, which was a really interesting concept.

Alex Ferrari 57:29
Wilhem is actually what I found really interesting about Wilhelm is that he they it moves very quickly, it answers questions extremely quickly. There is or not, you had no idea what I was going to ask. Because I didn't know what I was going to ask. So some of the questions I just come up on the fly with, because I was like, oh, you know what, let me ask them this. Oh, you know what, let me go down this road and see what happens. So there's no, you have no understanding what's going to happen. And it's like, boom, boom stream of consciousness. So when I see that is really, really interesting to see how it's authentic it is because again, I have more experience with channelers than most from interviewing this and Boni as I have. And they all are different by the way, some of them, some of them, especially if they're newer will stutter, right? Or will be the arms and EMS and people like yourself. You have a very strong connection because they there wasn't even a hiccup I don't think

Roger Burnley 58:33
That's what that is Alex, I'm glad you said that. Because I want people who might be as you said, people coming into this because that was the thing that was so crazy for me because I would do and I come back I go wait a minute. I'm not my my speak pattern is a slightly different or something a little bit a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. And then and then there's just yeah, there's just no hesitation is just right there. I was struck when it was happening. When I first started doing this, I'd freak out right after I called my brother. Am I still here? Please give me that happen? Yeah, we have different levels of dimensions that we can always access.

Alex Ferrari 59:12
Yeah, it's it's it's it's a pretty fascinating thing. And I always say this, I always say this to people about who don't believe in channelers. And who believe in what's coming in I go, I always say the same thing. First of all, if they're if they're acting, Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington would have a very difficult time doing what you just did. That's it if you were given our script to remember and queued and it would be just the mental capacity is impossible to deal with. And I always tell people, does it bring true to you? If it does use it? If it doesn't dismiss it and move on and it's not for you right now? Right? It's okay. And everyone's on their path? Everything. Exactly. Yeah, everyone's on their path. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. Sure. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Roger Burnley 1:00:01
When you can own every aspect of who you are. God gave you beautiful ability of beautiful life experience. Yeah, you might have had a lot of other stuff going on. But we got to move through that. And just really love who we are. That's why we came to the earth, we're supposed to prosper and to be happy. So yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:20
If you can go back and give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Roger Burnley 1:00:24
Ah, that I, you know, I've heard that I've thought about that. And it's, and this is going to be the craziest thing ever, because I suffered a lot. I went through so many things throughout my life. And but now, they don't matter that much.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:42
I know, I know. Isn't it amazing? That the moment that it's happening to you, especially when you're younger? Yes. And you're in your 20s, and you to God forbid, teens, but in your 20s, and even 30s, and 40s. Things feel like it's the end of the world. Many times like the smallest little thing, and you look back now and you'd laugh. And that's only from someone who's been around the block a couple times. And you go, how silly was it to even waste energy on that? Or how foolish was it to do? And that's a judgment on yourself, but you can't judge yourself? Because that's, you did the best job you could at the time. That was presented to you? Sure. If I go back now to high school. Could you imagine? Imagine what we could do if we went back to high school? In our mind? Yes, have have an 18 year old body, right? Yeah, exactly. Oh, my God. It could be woof, I'm getting chills just thinking about it. But at the time, that's all the information we had access to life experience we had access to, to deal with the problems that were presented to us.

Roger Burnley 1:01:53
I'm so glad you said that. Because that's the thing that my Wilhelm keeps talking about in the live sessions, especially to understand that you're always in this progression. And so you can't judge yourself. You're always getting more so yeah, that was that's perfect.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:07
What is your definition of God?

Roger Burnley 1:02:10
It is this universal fluorescence. I want people we unfortunately, what I would get in my Wilhelm would say, you've people made up different ideas about that. So they have it's a stigma even to kind of use it because we use it with our religions and all that. But if you think of it, and this is interesting, I think Napoleon Hill used to talk about the ethers. Terms of consciousness. And so if we were to think about in that way, it's just this, this this energy, that God has this universal energy that we get to use two in the way that we choose to, that was one that's so crazy. That's one of the things that came through in about 1988 and early 80. And 89, or something like that I message came through about that, as he said, It's everyone's power to do with as they wish.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:03
And it's a choice, no question. And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Roger Burnley 1:03:09
Happiness, and see we get there, when it doesn't matter when it happens. When you're really all I was talking about the other day, I said, Oh, wow, I finally I'm this age. And I finally feel like I'm myself. That didn't even make sense. But that's what happens. And so but the ultimate happiness is being willing, just being able to embody who you are with all the crap, all the stuff that went on, but in this moment, embodying and appreciating what who you are and what you've accomplished, and all that sometimes it's challenging, but that's what we're supposed to do.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:42
And where can people find out more about you and the book and the workflow?

Roger Burnley 1:03:46
I just got this before we came on. It's my site, but I don't want them we created a special gift package for people who might watch this video. Oh, please go ahead. What is it? Um, these are all free stuff. And we just made it for for next level, so and it and I'll give you the link to that.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:07
You don't have to say don't worry about it. I'll put it in the show notes and in the YouTube description, so people will be able to get to it.

Roger Burnley 1:04:12
Yes, I want them to have this because it's a little pro. There's a great one of my associates. He does, he's he's just he creates these meditations that are just take you to someplace else. They're wonderful. And so I'd love for people to have that and my book on fear. They'll have that. And then in the other things, yeah, so we made a special next level soul package.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:36
I appreciate that so much. And do you have any final messages for the audience?

Roger Burnley 1:04:40
Just I just want to thank you, because you have no idea how helpful this is for me. Because, yeah, it just really is because I've been following you. I found you a while ago, and I just loved the challenge. But then I waited. I said I'm not gonna I can't contact him yet. I'm not gonna do this. Yeah. And I knew that I had to do that. So thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:03
Roger, thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate the work and the bravery that you've had to come out of that spiritual closet. Right? Do this work, my friend. I truly appreciate you and the work that you're doing in the world to help us wake and I appreciate you my friend.

Roger Burnley 1:05:16
Thank you so much. I appreciate you as well.

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