EXCLUSIVE: NEW DISCOVERIES at the PYRAMIDS of GIZA That Will Change EVERYTHING with Robert Edward Grant

In the embrace of timeless wisdom and modern discovery, Robert Edward Grant graces us once again with his profound insights. A polymath in every sense, Robert has ventured into realms both ancient and futuristic, weaving a tapestry of knowledge that spans millennia. On today’s episode, we delve into his latest exploration, a journey that took him deep into the heart of Egypt’s pyramids, uncovering secrets that have lain dormant for thousands of years.

In this profound conversation, Robert Edward Grant shares his experience from a recent trip to the pyramids in Egypt. The journey was not just a physical voyage but an expedition through time, uncovering layers of knowledge hidden from mainstream Egyptology. Grant’s insights challenge our conventional understanding of history and invite us to consider the interconnectedness of all things. He recounts an evening spent inside the Great Pyramid, a privilege that offered him an unparalleled perspective on the ancient petroglyphs etched into the stone walls.

Grant’s discoveries are nothing short of groundbreaking. He describes finding petroglyphs that depict not just random carvings but specific constellations, astrological symbols, and even what appears to be a depiction of DNA. These carvings, unnoticed by countless Egyptologists before him, reveal a sophisticated understanding of astronomy and biology. The implications of these findings suggest that ancient civilizations possessed knowledge far beyond what we have previously credited them with.

One of the most astonishing revelations is the connection between the constellations and the chakras, suggesting that the pyramids themselves are not just tombs but also repositories of cosmic knowledge. Grant explains how the constellations mapped on the pyramid walls correspond to specific chakras, illustrating a deep understanding of the universe’s energetic framework. He describes, “The entire Giza plateau is a map of the human body’s energy system, encoded in stone.”


  1. Interconnectedness of All Things: Grant’s findings underscore the deep connections between the cosmos, our physical world, and our inner spiritual landscape. The pyramids, through their precise alignments and encoded knowledge, remind us of our place in the universe.
  2. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Ignorance: The realization that ancient civilizations had advanced knowledge of astronomy and biology challenges our modern assumptions of progress. It invites us to re-evaluate the wisdom of our ancestors and seek a deeper understanding of their teachings.
  3. The Power of Perception: Grant’s ability to see what others have overlooked for centuries highlights the importance of perception in uncovering truth. It serves as a reminder that reality is often shaped by our ability to see beyond the surface and recognize the deeper patterns at play.

As we ponder the mysteries Robert Edward Grant has unveiled, we are reminded of the timeless quest for knowledge and understanding. His work bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, offering us a glimpse into a reality where everything is interconnected. The pyramids, with their silent stones, speak volumes to those who are willing to listen and see.

In the grand tapestry of existence, Grant’s discoveries are like threads that illuminate the intricate patterns woven into the fabric of our universe. They challenge us to expand our consciousness and embrace a holistic view of reality, where science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom converge.

Please enjoy my conversation with Robert Edward Grant.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 399

Robert Edward Grant 0:00
Right, so it's alpha omega mu, backwards, which, by the way, is part of the arcturion language. And Greeks basically got it. This is not what we think of as Greek that way predates it. Alpha omega mu aom. So he's literally breathing out of his mouth. And it's got like little things.

Alex Ferrari 0:24
The sound of the universe.

Robert Edward Grant 0:24
The sound of the universe. So of course, this is, you know, super new. No one knows about this.

Alex Ferrari 0:32
So literally Egyptologist had never seen this before before.

Robert Edward Grant 0:35
That's right.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
And what did they what? Like, seriously, they'd been in there 1000 times. And they're just going wait a minute. what?

Robert Edward Grant 0:43
Yeah, so this is.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Robert Edward Grant. How you doing Robert?

Robert Edward Grant 1:00
Hi! Good to see you. So good to be with you Alex.

Alex Ferrari 1:03
Thank you so much for coming back on the show. Our last conversation is done fairly well. Some very fairly well, people like us, like us talking, apparently. So I wanted to bring you back. Because there's been such, you know, we talk a lot about ancient stuff. And we talk about, you know, things that have been here for billions of years. But there's also some new discoveries as well that are going on. So I'd love to, if you can talk about your recent trip to the pyramids in Egypt that I asked you is kind of a joke, like, so any new discoveries? And you're like, Well, yeah, I got a lot. I'm like, Well, let's talk. So what happened on this recent trip?

Robert Edward Grant 1:40
Well strap in strap in make sure you're ready for this. You know, you might be picking your brains up off the Florida moment. So okay. Actually, that there's some truth to that. It's, I had an incredible trip to Egypt in December on 12.12. So on December 12, and I brought with me many of the people that you've had on your podcast, there were about 42 big influencers. So people that you know, you have interviewed like Billy Carson, and, and people you would know, like Danica Patrick, and, and many, many others, Matias de Stefano, and people from this whole community. And it was a very special trip because we decided not to, you know, video it, we decided not to do Instagram lives, we had a social media blackout, which was actually for this group. One of the best things ever, it was like therapeutic. All you have to do to have a therapeutic event for this type of group of people is to just simply say, no cell phones, so so everyone had permission to like not be on their cell phones, and I had the chance to the day before everyone else arrived. It was my friend share V and I don't know if you know, Cher Vien. He lives in Laguna Beach, Chevy and 333 on Instagram. And he is the founder of a company called symbiotic, which is a really interesting company in the supplement space. And it was his birthday. And so I got him a night at the pyramid with me, just the two of us at the Great Pyramid for that whole evening. Which was pretty amazing, right? Because you don't get to do that very often. He'd never been to the pyramid before. So his first experience was to go with me, just the two of us and spend the night in the pyramid. Sounds kind of cool, right?

Alex Ferrari 3:31
That's amazing. It's a dream. That's a dream. Of course,

Robert Edward Grant 3:34
It was it was really fantastically fun. And right before we left, I had had a podcast and also a math research meeting. I have another math research meeting this afternoon. And we record these the last one actually is on YouTube, you can find it on my channel, Robert Edward grant. But basically we had this this this well known astrology specialist and astronomy specialist. And so I started show him because he remember in codecs, my television show, we just finished filming codec season two, you might remember that we discovered on the walls of the Great Pyramid petroglyphs right that included the cow in the bull. Right on the north wall, included the face of a king and a lion and an alien head as well as a, a Eye of Ra On the west wall. And then on the east wall, there's a woman shooting an arrow at an eagle while riding the back of a Pegasus a flying horse. And, and so and then on the other wall, the south wall, there's a water scene and you can see snakes all over it and what looks like DNA as well. And so I showed this to this group that was on this call. And one of the people this astrology specialist Robert James combers, his name, he says to me, he says you realize that each of those things you just pointed out, are part of the astral out nickel symbols of the decans have astrology and I said, I'm not familiar with the decans. He said well yeah, you probably are. You just don't know it by name. And he said it's the same as the Dendera zodiac. So the Dendera zodiac includes all of the other constellations. So during the Ptolemaic period, there were 48 astrological constellations that were known and used. The 48 were the 12 that we know there along the plane of the ecliptic of the precession of Equinox. So that would be like Taurus, Gemini, Leo, right? Cancer, Sagittarius, all these ones that we know so well. But in addition to that, there are three subsets within each of those 12 constellations of tourists and etc. So in within tourists, there are three subsets that give greater specificity. So the Egyptian calendar year was 360 days, and they broke it down into 10 de segments. So within Taurus, there were three and the three were air Adonis, right, Orion and Austria. So these three constellations are directly associated with the specifics of the Taurus constellation. So depending on where you're born, you actually have different characteristics that tie to Taurus plus Orion Taurus plus air Adonis Taurus plus a string up. Now, this is true for all the constellations. So one of those is also Scorpio. And under Scorpio has a futures, which many believed to be the 13th constellation. Right? Oh, futures is the serpent bearer. So he points this out to me, he says, all of these symbols that you have on the walls that you've identified. They're matching in the exact order, the position of the day can have astrology. And I was like, what? You've got to be kidding me. So we start looking at this chart. And the chart shows that on the wall for Aquarius, right. So on the on the east wall, where the woman's writing the Pegasus, if you look at the the chart of the Deccan, it's Pegasus, and then you have next to it Delphinus, Who's the woman shooting the arrow, the arrow is Sagitta. And the eagle that she's shooting it towards as the Akela. And they're all in the right order, right of the daycare. And so I was like, wait, what, so this is like a calendar on the walls. And then we realized that from this calendar, we could fill in the blanks, because we could see all of the constellations that had been etched as petroglyphs into the walls with a very light edge. They're all over all four walls, and they, we were able to fill all the gaps. And we've identified now, about 40 of the total 48 constellations on the walls in the exact correct positions. Really? Yeah. So I said, you're gonna get kind of mind blowing?

Alex Ferrari 7:58
Well, so let me ask you this, though. What is what is mainstream Egyptologist think about these kinds of ideas. I mean, they're there. I mean, they're there, you can't deny them.

Robert Edward Grant 8:08
So first of all, let me let me rewind for a moment. Okay. And I could show you some images if you want. But, but basically, in my show codecs, remember, I found this encryption. Alan green and myself together found this encryption, which was showing that if you look at the horizontal lines in the Vitruvian Man, this is the famous illustration by Leonardo da Vinci, probably the most iconic that represents mankind. There are 14 lines that have been drawn both vertical and horizontal lines, when you overlay the pyramid in exactly the right position of the squared circle, then you'll find that the chambers of the Subterranean Chamber matches the line of the groin, precisely. The ground level matches the sacral chakra, if you position the, the king's chamber is perfectly matching the heart chakra position on the Vitruvian Man and the line that cuts across his chest. And then if you split that distance, it gives you the Queen's Chamber as well. So if it's exactly the middle point, between the ground level and the heart chakra, and then it also shows that there's a line at the throat, which is above the king's chamber, but only slightly. There's another line behind the nose. There's another line at the forehead and one of the top of the head. So I went to the Egyptian government and showed them this and I said, Look, I have a feeling that the next chamber to be discovered is going to be the throat chakra line. And there's going to be a ascending passage, right that matches the same ascent angle as the Grand Gallery above it, and I'm calling that the magnum opus gallery. Right, and then it leads to the throat chakra line. I said I believe there's going to be a throat chakra chamber now. They had done muon scans in 2017 and that happened to be the day that I was there when I was there in 2017. And they basically said, No, we think it's a different shape of a room. It doesn't really make sense that it says that it's an angle of a Santa. There's a lot of controversy over it. And they said, and we don't really see yet. We don't have enough specificity on the muon scan ground penetrating radar to find yet this chamber of which you're speaking of. And, and I was just filming my second season. Last week at Gaia in Boulder. I was having a meeting with the management I said, Look, you guys gotta get ready, because I feel like they're going about they're about to announce that they found this new chamber. Now, about a year ago, they did announce that they found a corridor leading from behind the Chevron's. They were able to get a, a small endoscopic camera through the crack of the Chevron's. You know, that iconic view, you look at the entrance, and it's got the two Chevron's with those Chevron's represent the hieroglyphics of the Great Pyramid, which are bull mountain. And bull is a reference also to Osiris, right? Because a pious bull is Osiris. It's the great bull of the West. So basically, they got a camera in through the point where there's a small crevice. And it happened that I happened to be in the pyramid that night, they did that again, I rented it that night, they were able to get it through and they had scaffolding all set up around the original entrance. And they were able to get imager imagery of this corridor that's 27 feet long. That's the shape of exactly the anatomy of the throat. The shape of it is matching a diamond shaped pentagon, which if you look down an endoscope down someone's throat, where the vocal cords are, you'll see a diamond shape is the shape that our throat takes. And so it's almost as if to say this way to the throat chakra chamber. Right now. There's a wall at the end of that 27 feet. So they made this was a huge worldwide announcement that happened in March of 23. And I stayed very enclosed very much in close contact with the people that manage Giza plateau, etc. And I knew that they were close to figuring out that there was a new Grand Gallery, exactly as I described behind it. Well, just last week, John Pierre who Dan, a famous architect, Egyptologist archaeologist, published a paper of the discovery of exactly what I had said, in the exact same ascent angle of degree and landing at the top right of the throat chakra line that DaVinci basically points out, that predicted where the next pyramid chamber would be. So I definitely have the ear of the Egyptian authorities. They're, they're watching this. And in fact, they close the pyramid for me on Saturday. So I could present it to one of the top Egyptologists in the country, not the new chamber, because they don't know how to get into that yet. They're considering whether they're going to do a notch and do a half meter by half meter hole into the chevron so they can get into that corridor and then get some sort of person into it, they want to actually want to get someone in there. So they can get to the end of the 27 feet and see, you know, how they could potentially get past it. And by the way, the back wall of that 27 feet looks like vocal cords. The image on the back wall, it literally looks like a vocal cord. So So basically, I was able to get audience with some very, very important authorities right in Egypt. And I showed them the the petroglyphs that were found on the Queen's Chamber walls, which are many, as well as the petroglyphs that were found on the king's chamber walls, as well as the sarcophagus, the backside of the sarcophagus, the Alpha Omega that I discovered in 2018. And they were blown away, because they could see it. And the thing that really, I think, made a big difference for them was this notion of the Deccan of astrology because they can have astrology is something that's uniquely Egyptian. Right, this whole idea of having a it's virtually o'clock in the king's chamber, a clock of time, that goes both directions. So we process through time, and we process through time at the same time. So when I say that what I mean so if you think about January, right, right now we're in Aquarius, right so the sun is in Aquarius, so we go from Aquarius after Aquarius is Pisces and then Pisces after Pisces is Aries and then after Aries is Taurus after Taurus is Gemini after Gemini is cancer after cancer is Leo right? And it goes in that order. But have you ever wonder why when we talk about the ages of time that we transition that we basically you know, sort of transfer into every 2000 years we go backwards So we were in the Piscean age, and now we've gone into the Age of Aquarius. Right? That's because time in the annual cycle processes through the equinox, but through the 24,000 year cycle of Sri Yukteswar, right of holy science, it goes backwards to the procession,

Alex Ferrari 15:22
Right! Because it's, it's going the opposite way you form enlightenment to darkness from darkness back to enlightenment.

Robert Edward Grant 15:29
And so wait a minute. So does this mean that time is both going forward and backwards at the same time? Like a mobius strip.

Alex Ferrari 15:41
So this is where the head starts to hurt. Every time I talk to you, my head hurts, sir.

Robert Edward Grant 15:50
You bring some like wet wipes to clean up? Because that's a me No, seriously, time. We think time is linear. Right? We have no evidence that it's only linear. If I shoot a photon into the edge of the solar as they go into the edge of our universe, in theory, the toroidal shape of the universe should bring that photon back around to where it started like a boomerang, it'll take billions of years. But it should happen that way. Are we in a time Taurus that is like a klein bottle. You know what a klein bottle is I did not I didn't know a klein bottle is a, it looks like a bottle that inverts within itself, or a mobius strip a mobius strip, if I take a piece of paper, right, and I twist it, and I twist it 540 degrees, I could take a car and end up on both sides of the strip of paper. Right as I make it into a track. And the 540 degree reference is what allows that to happen. DNA is a mobius strip. So the way DNA twists and turns makes it into a mobius strip. So time itself, I believe is a mobius strip that goes both forward and backwards simultaneously, as part of this matrix of mind,

Alex Ferrari 17:14
Which may, which makes sense because for my studies, and being able to speak to so many near death, experiencers and spiritual masters that have on the show, this concept of that there is no past lives, there is no future lives that all lives are happening at the exact same time. Yes, and that they relate to each other. And they ripple, quote unquote, forward and back. And the best explanation because that's hard to wrap your head around like as a just a human being with a brain. It's hard to wrap your head. But the best explanation I heard of that was, well, when you're watching the television, you're watching your show. Let's say we're watching Fred, we're watching friends. Okay, so we're watching an episode of Friends on television. But you know, that there was 1000s of other channels 1000s of other shows going on at the exact same time, you were just focusing on this episode of Friends. But there's Seinfeld there's Gilligan's Island, there's Breaking Bad, there's all these other shows happening all at the exact same time. And at that, at that what that explanation was like that kind of makes sense. This time is a construct of this reality, time and space is a construct of this reality.

Robert Edward Grant 18:31
So let's pull this string a little bit further then. Right. So we know in physics that and remember this year or 2022, the Nobel Prize was awarded for quantum entanglement, right, which proved and is on the cover of Scientific American. It says the universe is not locally real. And this year's Nobel Prize winners proved it. So if you're not observing something, what this proved is it doesn't exist. It doesn't hold a position. Now, have you interviewed Donald Hoffman? Yes, I did. He's wonderful. Yeah, he's wonderful. right onto him about this. He'll go into like super detail you probably did, about how the universe is a simulation. And it is directly tied to our perceptions, which perceptions are not the same as anyone else's perceptions because each one of us has a unique viewpoint in which we see the world. And that by itself might be the reason why the one divides itself into the many simply for the joy of observing itself through our unique eyes a perception that there has never been another Alex Ferrari and there never be another Alex Ferrari, even you in your different time incarnations. There are different be different because you'll have different experiences that will come to the fore. But the only way for the one, the universal Source Creator to become more and more wise would be to accumulate the empathy and emotions, emotional states based on everyone's entirely different and unique perceptions. And we can call that a recorded record that we call the Akashic field. correctly the accumulation of our feelings, because in this matrix of mine, the only thing that's real is how we feel.

Alex Ferrari 20:24
So let me ask you this, Robert, with with this idea of the, the cosmos in the universe, this idea that's been coming up a little bit more and more recently, and it's something that I've started to talk about a little bit more and more is life in the universe, besides us, life in the universe? What is your opinion of life in the universe? And on a spiritual standpoint? Or even on a frequency standpoint? Can if there was another planet that had life on on on it intelligent life? What are the odds of them being able to travel and understand things at a deeper level that we're talking about, like being able to time and space? If you say, Hey, I'm going to travel to the nearest planet that seems to have some sort of like, the Goldilocks planet. Oh, it's going to take I don't know, what is it 30 million years, or whatever it is, or 30 30 350 million light years, or whatever it is. That doesn't make any sense to us. But if you understand that time, and space is an illusion, and they're able to start jumping in doing warp speeds, and jumping through, or bending, bending the universe, or understanding the quantum field, all this kind of stuff. I'd love to hear your perspective from your studies. What do you think is out there? And is that something that could come here on a spiritual standpoint on a frequency standpoint? And what does that have to do with some of these ancient sites that we have?

Robert Edward Grant 21:55
Okay, so I'm glad you're asking this question. So let's say you're a grasshopper, and you live in a field, right? Your Universe is your field. You've never left that field, you're going to live and die in the same field. And you only know the grass. And maybe every once in a while, some giant dog comes along and steps on your buddy or something like that, or you're a grasshopper, that's your entire life. You die. And you become, you get reincarnated as a monkey. And you're a monkey. Now somewhere in the Brazilian rainforest, not far from Rio de Janeiro, maybe 10 miles or less from Rio Rio, you have never seen humans, you've ever heard that some sort of weird looking monkeys exist? Right? With like, no hair on them. And, and they're big and, and sometimes they're dangerous, but you don't, you don't know. Because you've never seen a human. But you've seen a sloth and you've seen a lot of other flora and fauna, it's a lot more diverse than it was when you were a grasshopper. Right? You die and come back, and you live in rural America, Arkansas. And you hear about going to fish in Alaska and how blue the sky is, but you don't really know until you've gone there. And you may never travel, you may never go to you that might be the entire world Arkansas. You know, you've heard that there are people in Africa that speak, you know, that live in Swaziland and speak, you know, a very strange language or languages like Swahili or something. And, but you have never experienced it, never seen it. So you're just going off of what others have told you. Then you die and come back. And you're very metropolitan, you're an explorer. It's been all around the world. You've seen it all. You've been to 150 countries. And you've experienced all these things. What's the next step after you die? So each time we went for the grasshopper, the number of flora and fauna, the diversity increased, and the monkey had an increase as well. Right? All new for all new fauna. Then you have a guy that lives in Arkansas, he might live in a rural area where there's farmland could be corn or whatever, beets that they're growing there. That's his world, then you've now seen the entire world. You've been to Mount Everest, you've seen it all the next level of expansion. Why does it not become intergalactic? Why does it not include now more flora and more fauna? It's just another expansion of consciousness. So what we call extraterrestrial beings, which I believe are actually entered terrestrial and extraterrestrial, they're here. They're already here. They've been here all along. It's only our perception that blocks us from being able to perceive them. It's like, if you look at pi, right, so pi is this interesting, transcendental irrational number of 3.14159 but 1000s of years ago We didn't know that there was a relationship between a diameter, a line, and its circumference, we finally figured it out. And somewhere along the way, Archimedes came along and said, Oh, it's roughly 22 over seven is the relationship, which is 3.14285. But until that time, it was completely random to humanity. We didn't know what it was, we didn't know it'd be the same every time. As we become more and more aware, we push the boundary of our ignorance farther and farther out from us. So we have different stages, we have the stage of I know what I know. And we call that the conscious mind. Then we have the stage of I know that I don't know. stuff, right. I'm not an ice skater. So I don't know how to ice skate. So I know that I'm not aware of how to ice skate. But I know that ice skating exists. Right? Right. So let's call that my subconscious mind. Now, let's go beyond that. And to this realm of I don't know what I don't know. I don't even know what I don't even know. Right. So this is the realm that we would call entropy, if we perceive it as randomness, because we prefer to call it random than ignorance. But actually, as we get smarter and smarter, we move the needle from 22 over seven is not really 22 over seven, then someone else comes along much later and decides no a more accurate description. And ratio of pi is 355 divided by 113. And that gives us 3.1415926. Right? So, so basically, as we go further and further in our consciousness, that which was formerly random, that we called vehemently random, and devoid of pattern is now no longer random. Which then you have to ask the question, is everything not random? Because if even I make random number generators, if even one pattern exists in a sea of suppose that randomness, it blows up the theory that it was random at all, because random means it's supposed to be without any pattern. So the fact that life exists in the universe presupposes to me that the entire universe is pattern. And we are only limited by our zone of perception, our dimension of perception, how far we can perceive. So it changes the whole world for us. And we start to think in these terms, because then we realize, Wait, there's pattern everywhere. And we've even taught kids in school not to look for pattern. Because once you start realizing there's pattern everywhere, then it implies what

Alex Ferrari 27:49
Implies that there's a unified source, or creator or something, organizing all of it.

Robert Edward Grant 27:56
That's right. And we can't accept that, can we?

Alex Ferrari 27:59
God forbid, no pun intended

Robert Edward Grant 28:00
Right. And so it was Louis Pasteur, who said, when you study a little science, you go farther from God, when you study a lot of science, you come near to him. And to me, God is not some old guy with white hair, God is the entire universe. Everything in the universe is God, we are God, including the darkness and the light, both. And so what we are basically trying to wade through right now is the higher aspects of us, the one divided, that are all perfectly patterned, but we have been put in this game by our own choosing. And you would never play a game. If you're omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. You would never play a game where you had all three of those abilities. Because how fun would that be? Yeah, what's the point, you would have a game instead, you would design one that took those powers away from you. And you'd probably to appreciate them more fully, you'd probably create a game that was about unlocking and finding those powers within you

Alex Ferrari 28:00
Correct, because it's kind of like having the invincibility code for a video game. It's fun, maybe for the first time, but really gets boring really quickly. It's more fun to find the tools and gain the experience.

Robert Edward Grant 29:20
You're a movie maker, man. You're a movie maker. It's like that thing. You know, they come out and you go to a movie premiere. And you come out of the theater and someone's there holding a microphone, and it's like some local TV station. What do you think of the movie type thing? It was like, Oh my God, it was so real. The reason why we love movies, is because it's immersive. Correct. It puts us in this place where we forget who we are and where we are. We like get so broad. We can if it's good, we get so enthralled in the movie. So if we're making a game and we're gonna if you and I were making a game, spiritual life simulation game. We would make it Really good, we put some ground rules down the ground rules would be, you don't remember who you are. We're gonna basically take that out. And there's only very difficult ways that you could potentially unlock the remembrance. And it's a slow process, you would make it so you didn't have all these superpowers, you would you would create through belief systems means to limit people, you would make the great joke be okay, all the the only obstacles that are real in this life for you are the ones that you consistently believe in.

Alex Ferrari 30:34
Robert, let me ask you this, though, with with life and other worlds. If, and this is a concept that was kind of thrown at me the other day, and I wanted to talk about you. In order to reach a certain level of technological advancements, let's say, or a certain amount of knowledge, you need to raise your consciousness and frequency to a level that allows you to to our untapping, these kinds of things. This is a concept of the yogi's and the spiritual masters that walk the earth that they were able to raise their consciousness to in order to gain access to knowledge that other people in the game, let's say, couldn't. So the idea of Independence Day, where there is an alien species is like or aliens, that they're just there to destroy, and it makes no sense. Because that's not possible. Because in order to have those kinds of that kind of level of technology to be able to travel the universe, they would also yes, they would have to be at a high, they have to be at a high level of consciousness, and frequency, to be able to even get access to that information. I'd love to hear if you agree with that.

Robert Edward Grant 31:47
100%. And I mean, they'd be. So we tend to think that science has merit simply for science sake. And yet, when we look back throughout history, all the greatest scientists were the polymaths that were spiritualists without exception. The ones who we literally use today to be become the foundation of what we call our material sciences. We're all esoteric cysts. I mean, I can go through who are the big fathers of what we consider astronomy today. Kepler, Isaac Newton, right, who were the great mathematicians, Charles Napier, all of them. Leonard Euler, they're both musician. They were Polymathic. They were geometers. They were philosophers. was Einstein only a scientist. Yeah, he was a good scientist, but he was also a musician. And he was also his great violinist. And he was also not only a polymath, but a philosopher. A lot of the quotes we see of I'd say have nothing to do with science. He was a philosopher. So philosophy, this love of wisdom is gained when we can start to see multiple perspectives and viewpoints. And it's only through this gaining of multiple perspectives and viewpoints that we can finally transcend beyond duality. The transcendence of duality requires us to make a decision consciously and unconsciously. And that is, it's the moment that we decide to express love, more than we decide to search for one objective truth. When your expression of love exceeds and supersedes your desire to find that one objective truth, then that is

Alex Ferrari 33:39
Beautiful. You're absolutely you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right, because one is intellectual. While the other one is not even emotional, it's a different vibrate a different vibration, a different frequency, a different energy to

Robert Edward Grant 33:54
It's becoming heart lead. Yes, it's like the logos has to continue to remain. And the Logos is important. You know, it's like, people can often fight over the same things. And they'll they'll fight to different points without realizing just there's a higher perspective to it, which is if I were holding a cylinder, I used to have one around here, right? If I were holding a cylinder, and I and you saw only one side of the cylinder, which was the bottom side of it looks like a circle, and it casts a shadow on the wall behind me the shape of a circle, then someone like you could look at it and say, if I say what am I holding? You say, Well, you're holding a circle. And another person sitting 90 degree opposite, right? So offset would look at the shadow cast on this wall. It would say no, it's a rectangle. And me holding the cylinder has the benefit of being able to understand and comprehend that it's four dimensions that I'm looking at. I can put it in motion to make it the fourth dimension. Right. And it's been both a rectangle and a circle. Both are right. But they're limited in their viewpoint. This is the point that science has the biggest trouble with, because we think that the world and this goes right back to this whole question of how do you traverse these massive distances in space time. Right. So we have a big event that's coming up. And I don't know if you saw this, but so Beetlejuice or beetle guys, as it's properly pronounced, is believed right now by several mainstream scientists to be at a tipping point where it's about to explode into a supernova.

Alex Ferrari 35:43
What? So real quickly, beetle guys or beetle,

Robert Edward Grant 35:47
Beetle guys is a star in the Orion constellation.

Alex Ferrari 35:50
Got it! For me. It's a movie starring Michael Keaton.

Robert Edward Grant 35:56
Bright star, it's the shoulder star of that famous iconic Orion constellation.

Alex Ferrari 36:01

Robert Edward Grant 36:02
Which Orion constellation by the way, is mirrored in all the megalithic sites where there are pyramids of major importance in Shan China, in Teva Teva Khan plateau in Mexico. They matched the Orion's Belt, constellation, that part of the constellation. Same thing with the Giza Plateau. And then when you take all three of those together, so Egypt, China and Mexico, it's created another Orion's belt across the planet. So what's up with that, right, okay. So, the shoulder star of Orion is believed by Brian Cox, famous physicist, and by Michio Kaku, famous physicist just last week, they announced that it might imminently explode into a supernova. Now, for us, it would explode, you know, potentially this year. And who knows if they're right, I don't know. But what I can say is that it started looking funny and was flickering strange. The last few weeks, I was looking pretty closely at it. And it's become a very reddish hue color, which is, you know, more so than normal. And they believe that the reason why it's flickering is because it's spewing out, like a volcano that spews out ash before it explodes type of thing. It's spewing out a lot of material. And it's 764 times the size of our Sun. And it's 724 light years from us. So that means that if it were to explode in the year 2024, it actually exploded in the year 1300. It's just getting to us now. And it's just getting to us now. So you start thinking about that, you know, well, how do you traverse these massive distances. But to put this into context, if it explodes, they believe it's gonna look like a rose. So there's a Rosetta and other Rose Nebula all around Orion already. And it's a reddish color. So it'll probably look like a rose. But it will end up filling the span of our entire entire solar system. Which don't quote me on this, but I think our entire solar system something like 16 point 1 billion kilometers, Ross. So that's pretty massive. That's how large the gas envelope will be on this, you know, she so when you think about that, and you consider we would see that in the sky, guess how bright it will be? They're estimating a star exploding the size of 764, large times larger than our Sun would have the same brightness as a full moon at night. Full moon at night. So imagine now a night where we don't have a full moon, we have a new moon so you don't see the moon, you'd see this new Nebula, the beetle guys Nebula, looking like a giant rose with the same brightness as the moon. This is going to irrevocably, if it didn't happens on this timeline, it will irrevocably change our night sky. And not only the night sky, but with the same brightness as the full Moon. You know, when you look during the daytime, you can see the full moon in the sky as well. You'll see the butyl guys Nebula in the sky as well. This is going to be a profound shift in that's gonna that's gonna be from this point not from this point on for the rest of our lifetimes. Yeah, for sure. All of our lifetimes, my kids lifetimes and my grandkids lifetime. It'll be super bright for a few weeks, but then it'll always be there. So it's amazing, right? So think about that. This is it just seems like the timing of this is. So matrix A is very matrix II, right? It's kind of matrix C okay. So what if, so if I took this, this is a cube octahedron. If I were to shine a light for one direction and to cast a shadow on my desk, right, it would make the shape of a vise if I flatten this out, right. This looks like a hexagon doesn't If it does see it in two dimensions, you can force yourself to see it in two dimensions. Sure, though, somehow this three dimensional object can be contained and compressed into one two dimensional shadow. And all the information that I need for this information to also come out inside that shadow. Correct. It's a compression. So what if what we consider as higher dimension, all of it can be compressed into the second dimension. In shadow this in a shadow? Right? So now let's start talking about distances of time. Because there's light really travel. What do you think there's light travel?

Alex Ferrari 40:47
I don't think it does. But I don't if it does, I mean, all I have is my sci fi reference points.

Robert Edward Grant 40:54
So let me ask you this. If there's an earthquake in Japan, sure. And there's a tidal wave, sure that it's there, right? The water molecules that make it to the shore in California, right, and Washington and Oregon? Are they the same ones that started from Japan? No, they're not? No, but because, but is the force the same? It's the wave perturbation, the energy, the energy, the force, yeah, the wave, right. But each, each molecule just goes to an on excitation. And then off excitation. It's not like the water molecule traveled to California. Correct. This is the nature of wave dynamics, you have a wave perturbation, it's just like when we go to a football stadium, when I'm in a football stadium, and they say, Okay, let's do the wave. And everyone goes, whoa, and I stand up, the wave energy passes through me, I stand up and then sit down, I have an odd excitation off excitation that I travel. No, but you were just part of the wave, I just went up and down. Yeah, it's the same with photons. And light. Because there's a luminiferous ether, that then just causes that wave perturbation that come through the ether. It excites, it turns it on, reflects the photon. And then the next one adjacent to it does the same thing. Just like if I'm playing Pong on a video screen. The ball right is going back and forth on Pong. It's not that is the same photons that are traveling across the stream. It's each LED is getting excited along the way. Okay, so then if that's the that's the case, then why do we have to consider all these large distances of travel, even for ourselves, because actually, if I'm waving my hand back and forth like this, I am nothing more than suspended light. I'm suspended light matter is light suspended between the centripetal force of gravity and the centrifugal force of radiation. And I'm moving my hand around, that means it's literally just like an LED screen, recreating itself each time. This is not solid, like a matrix like Holika matrix, like a simulation, like a simulation. Like it's those ammunition. If that's the case, then if the only way to unlock this way to collapse distance and collapse it mathematically from a fifth dimensional or a 10th Dimensional or higher dimensional object to the lower dimension, is to go through the shadow. Right? Even Leonard Susskind at at Stanford University believes that all of the information that accumulates on the surface of the black hole is all in the second dimension, just like the lens of a projector. So imagine what if What are the black hole is really just like a giant projector as a technology that creates this holographic matrix all around it. And it just happens to be one of the projectors that exist in this holographic matrix of mind. And it all emanates from a second dimension, which has all the information we just haven't figured it out yet. Because it's beyond our zone of understanding and awareness. Its higher dimensional awareness.

Well, is it from what I understand that the new theory new theory that's been proposed is that in order to have a universe or a galaxy or solar system, let's say that's elicited by the galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, that there is a black hole in the center of it. And that's a new, new, a new theory that's been proposed. It makes sense.

Sure. I mean, that look, a lot of people believe that the galactic disk is at its center is a giant black hole. Right? I mean, but then maybe every proton is also a black hole.

Alex Ferrari 44:52
Let me let me toss this to you for a second. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I heard from I forgot who it was a spiritual master yogi was taught I was talking to the other day is that as the universe, let's say, our solar system, or the Milky Way Galaxy, the closer we are to the center of the universe, the more enlightened we are. This is the Yuga cycles. And as we are going away from the center of the universe, as we become more ignorant, more dark ages, we start to forget more things, our vibration starts to slow down, because we're losing connection to Source, the center of the universe. What do you think of that theory?

Robert Edward Grant 45:29
Well, I, I don't know enough about it. Although I can say that, in the theory of Equinox, people often believe that there's a light side of the precession of equinoxes, and there's a dark side of the equinox and the dark side, time goes by slower, so we end up with like a 13,000, year one half cycle. And on the light side, we end up with an 11,000 year and a half cycle. So it's a 24,000 year cycle. And part of that is because we're going around our sister star, Sirius A and B, you could argue as well, and which is a brown dwarf. And as we go closer to it, just like we see on all those movies, where it shows a slingshot, where it goes faster like this, we're now entering into that faster zone. Why? Because we have something called mass dilation, mass time dilation, just like in the movie Interstellar, right, they landed on the planet that was next to the black hole, and that they were there for only 45 minutes yet 23 years past. So what happens is we get closer, we have time going by faster, in effect. And that kind of makes sense. You know, time goes by faster when you're having fun. But but the point being that we have this difference in mass time dilation, that impacts how we experience time. Right? So a day on Jupiter would be very different than a day here. Yeah, that's true. Right? This is this is the nature of gravity. Because gravity and time are inextricably linked. They are connected without a doubt. And it all comes off of electricity. Electricity is the emanation. The one force, that rhythmic balance interchange is the one force of Source consciousness. So that is what's basically creating that. So I think that as we get closer to Sirius A and B, we do go into a higher state of awareness. It's also about where we are against our plane of ecliptic. There's a south side of the ecliptic going into the north side, we passed into the north side of the ecliptic also as part of going through, you know, into the Age of Aquarius that started in 2012, which there was a miraculous discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012. On July 4, I think all of it is absolutely connected. We don't live in a universe as much as we live in a you inverse, the level of consciousness that you experience within you is what gets reflected, reflected to the world outside of you. So what does this mean? So let me let me show you something before you go too far down that because I think this is going to help crystallize for you exactly what I'm talking about. So this is a model, right? View, the three dimensional style view on two dimensional paper, of course of the king's chamber. The proportions are exactly the match. It's like two cubes, length and then one cube with it's not quite a cube, it's a little bit more than a cube and height. So it's, instead of, you know, you have 10 cubits here and 20 cubits for the length. And then you have the height is 11.18 cubits. And so nobody really understood why that is what it is. But we know that actually, it's because if you just take this two to one relationship of the floor, and then measure the circum radius, which would be from here to this corner, right? So the half diagonal, that equals 11.18. Okay, so the proportions are perfect. The way that they're set up on this wall is the bull and the cow. On this wall is the woman holding the bow and arrow shooting the Akela. And all of this is matching this procession of Equinox, which is tied to this right here. The Deccan. So the woman I'll show you in just a moment, is writing Pegasus, her name is Delphinus. She's shooting the Sagitta at the Akela.

Alex Ferrari 49:32
And this is what you found inside the pyramid?


Who created this the astrological chart?

Robert Edward Grant 49:43
Nobody knows. It's, it's very, very ancient. And it in some cases, dated all the way back to you know, the period of time that would be around Gobekli Tappe. So I mean, this is very, very ancient. So for example, This is an image of the bull that's etched into the wall. And you can see from my cursor, right here, as I trace it, yeah, right, it's two horns. And then you can see also, there should be no linear lines on this block, right? You can see a linear line here. And the linear line here, creating this symbol that is also matching the Orion constellation. This is in the exact position where Orion should be. Right. Right now, it's strange, because Dolores Cannon, whom I'm sure you're probably aware course, yeah. She said that there were in one of her sessions, that there were hidden things in the walls of the Great Pyramid that no one would see until they had a symbol that match that which was on the wall. Do you remember seeing that?

Alex Ferrari 50:52

Robert Edward Grant 50:53
Let me show you. So basically, she was very, you know, this is in her recordings, which I'm sure you're quite aware of.

Dolores Cannon 51:02
So has to match the sample of the person in order to be able to even see it. So naturally, I wanted to know more about that. He said, Every person when they come into rely argument assemble us for somebody ever heard about the symbol is in there or feel each symbol is unique to every person. They said sometimes this is why you will feel comfortable with someone or you feel uncomfortable with it because the symbols do not match. And it's almost like astrology. It's all together. It's up for each individual. Each person has a symbol in there are a field console, they said the pin things were in the wall of the pyramid. Nobody who would just pass by and be totally invisible. Like she'll go right person with the symbol match with the symbols, they put all the all the hidden art, then they'll be able to see them or they'll be able to find them and use them in our time period.

Alex Ferrari 52:17
Wow. So you were that guy?

Robert Edward Grant 52:21
Just wait. So here we go. I'll show you. Alright. So wait, what do you think about that so far?

Alex Ferrari 52:35
So far? It's pretty remarkable. I mean, in Astra astrology has just been beaten up so much over the over the last 100 years, that it's so far gone to woowoo that people you know, joke about and like I think can be really serious, or you know, I was born and I was born as a Leo or Sagittarius. So that kind of stuff, and horror horoscopes and that kind of stuff. But if you start to think about like, well, how old is this thing? And why was it created? It wasn't created, but in the 60s, you know, to sell horoscopes. It's been around for 1000s and 1000s of years. So to figure out why that's been created is, is was what's really interesting.

Robert Edward Grant 53:20
Yep. So you'll see this now. So basically, I'm trying to find the picture. So this is what is on the wall of the east wall of the king's chamber. This much detail. mind boggling. Now I'm going to show you. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 53:37
How did you and that you didn't draw that on the wall? Obviously that's drawn after.

Robert Edward Grant 53:40
No, no, I drew over. Right. Yeah, several of us saw it. And then we would point it out. And then we were able to match it. So we didn't know. We all we had was the eagle. Right. And we had the the Delphinus and the pregnant Pegasus in the Sagitta. And then during the call you actually watched because we recorded all of this live that we posted on on on YouTube. And so then this guy, Robert comer is like well, there must be a fish somewhere on the wall. And then we noticed there was a Vesica shape right next to the eagle because there had to be the Pisco sturdiness as one of the constellations and sure enough exactly where it was supposed to be. We find it on the wall. And this was true on all of the walls. The bull in the cow that I just pointed out to you there's a cow that's the Hathaway that surrounds the bull. On top of it is the face of what I believe to be Orion. This is exactly where the Orion constellation is. And Orion represents the throat chakra. The bowl represents the throat chakra, it's and there's the DNA. And there's the DNA precisely. And so you could look at the entire Giza plateau. As part of this, and this is all new, nobody has seen this. So this is the entire Nile Valley, going and outflowing into the Mediterranean, which is creating a lotus flower. And along the way, each of the temples that are all temples erected to the same God, Osiris. They're all just different chakras of Osiris, with different musical notes in exactly the right positions in both the male and female form of them, forming a total of 24. Wow. And the Giza Plateau is the throat chakra, it is managed by the bull. That's why the original name of the Giza plateau was Rostow, which is Taurus backwards. Sure. And Orion is the exact constellation. That is the one responsible for the throat chakra, the throat chakra is here. And the shape of the pyramids determines the musical notes that they represent. So the pyramids, when you take the slope angle of the Great Pyramid, which is very specific 51.8539 degrees, the slope angle of the cafe pyramid is 53.13 degrees and the slope for mencari is 51.34. we're led to believe that it's because of, you know, we had a father, a son and a grandson who were building pyramids to themselves, why would the grandson, he squandered his fortune. So he made a small pyramid for himself, it doesn't really make sense, right? Of course. And then when you realize that actually, they're musical notes, and they're in a major chord that literally goes, da, da, da, that's the sound of Giza. It's a perfect chord relationship, that each of the slope angles are based on the height of the pyramid versus its one half base. And that determines the musical interval in music. And this is exactly what we found. And, and now it's not only related to those pyramids, but by the way, we've extended it to include pyramids outside of Egypt. I just got back from Mexico, I was measuring all the pyramids, and they're all matching the same convention of mathematics and music. And let me this is pretty entirely new.

Alex Ferrari 57:21
Well, let me ask you, that was that was my next question. Well, how good a system or a pyraa bunch of pyramids on the 36? Parallel, let's say? Which is what I found out that the most of the they already, I think, 30/33 parallel Excuse me.

Robert Edward Grant 57:41
Which here in California, we're on the 33rd as well.

Alex Ferrari 57:44
Which makes which makes sense. Why would? And how could different cultures from different time periods, quote, unquote, build these kinds of complexes all connected to Orion and aligned to Orion? If there was not some sort of maths intelligence behind all of it?

Robert Edward Grant 58:05
Well, that's kind of my supposition as well. I mean, you could say there was a global civilization. But what I've done here, before we get to try to answer that question, let me just show you what we've got. Right. So I'm going to try to give a better annotation here, I guess. So you can see here the bowl.

Alex Ferrari 58:31
Yeah, I can see there. Yeah, right.

Robert Edward Grant 58:34
Okay. Just like I drew, like that, right. And then it's got this symbol, which by the way is matching my logo.

Alex Ferrari 58:42
Yeah, it was about that. I was about to say that's like good, sir. Yeah, I mean, I guess

Robert Edward Grant 58:46
I didn't even know. I had no clue of, but look, there's also another cow right here and you could see its horns. And this is the hathor. Right? And then its face kind of comes down like this. Here's its neck profile of it. Right here's its eye and then it's even got concerned Can you see that?

Alex Ferrari 59:08
Yeah, of course.

Robert Edward Grant 59:09
Yep. All right. So then here you've also got DNA look DNA is coming across

Alex Ferrari 59:17
I could see it actually.

Robert Edward Grant 59:19
You see the DNA?

Alex Ferrari 59:20
Yeah, I see. I see. Yeah. Yeah, I see the look.

Robert Edward Grant 59:24
Freakin DNA.

Alex Ferrari 59:26
Yeah, I see it I literally see it embedded in the in the in the in the pyramid wall. That's insane.

Robert Edward Grant 59:33
Exactly, because the throat chakra activation is accompanied with DNA activation. But now look so this has nothing no writing on on this side. You can see the eyes

Alex Ferrari 59:47
Oh, no. Oh, absolutely. I can see the eyebrows. I can see the bowl I can see the DNA. It's it's there. Your mind blown dude. No, it's insane. It's absolutely insane. That you were able to find this stuff. See it, and then identify it and map it the way you've mapped it is absolutely remarkable because it's been sitting in front of everybody's eyes for at least 100. However, how long ago? 1000s of years? Oh, yeah, of course. 1000s of years. Yeah, it's been around for 1000s of years. But people, you know, have been seeing these walls, taking pictures of these walls, doing these things for years. And no one ever put the two. They just never saw it. So the divorce, the Loris video that you showed, really, really does say like, oh, when the right symbol walks into the room, it will see it will see it. So it's, it's pretty remarkable man, I have to I have to say.

Robert Edward Grant 1:00:49
So here's what's on the other walls. You guys are the first to see this seriously in the

Alex Ferrari 1:00:54
And this is this is new by the way. This is brand new?

Robert Edward Grant 1:00:57
All brand new. All brand new. So there's Oh futurists on the opposite wall, which is the opposite constellation of Orion. And they represent the 13th and 14th constellations. There they are actually important enough that they have to have their own constellations and they are on the plane of the ecliptic. Oh futurist is one degree above it and, and Orion is one degree below it. Together, they represent the conscious and the subconscious. They are the shadow. So every constellation has a shadow consciousness associated with a Taurus as Scorpio. You can't have 13 constellations, you have to have 14 Because each constellation like I think I'm Taurus, yes, that's my son, but my shadow consciousness is Scorpio. So sometimes people will feel like I'm more Scorpio because it's part of my shadow. But you can see here, look, it's a man. Here's his eyes. Here's his mouth. Here's the ram's horns that represent the black RAM. And the story in the story of Shakespeare there 36 plays of Shakespeare, how many Daikon are there, there's 36 Day Ken each play represents the day Ken. And so you know the story of a fellow. So futurists will have to have black serpent healer, he has a snake going around him. That's the Python. They're both biting its tail right here.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:31
We'll have to have another conversation about Shakespeare and DaVinci has connections to the pyramids.

Robert Edward Grant 1:02:35
Oh, there are many because that was part of this whole discovery and solution. So So basically, then the other wall, right. So it is pretty mind blowing, rain blowing. It is super mind blowing. And, and then, you know, see if I can find the other one, trying to find an image that okay, here's another one where you can see the birds above the cow and the bowl and above the sow on the face of Orion. I guess I could see it as a bird over his eyes, almost like a mask. And then there's another bird right here next to it. And all of this was found in the Last Supper?

Alex Ferrari 1:03:21

Robert Edward Grant 1:03:22
Yep. Because here it is.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:26
It was here I can find the DaVinci for everyone was still the Vinci's Last Supper.

Robert Edward Grant 1:03:30
Yep, Da Vinci's Last Supper. So I'm trying to figure out how I can overlay annotation. Yeah, hold on. I can do it. I can do it now. Okay. So I'm going to draw this. On here. If you look closely, you'll see a cow on the right wall on the exact same spot. You see the horns? I'm drawing? Yeah. Yes, it is original. It's back. And then it has inscript Alpha. QW Alpha Chi Omega. Right there. So here's its eyes. I need to change the color of this thing.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:18
Yeah. Okay, so but I'm seeing I'm seeing you movement through it at least. Yep. There it is. Right.

Robert Edward Grant 1:04:27
Here's the eye. Yeah, here's the horns.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:32
So right there, right.

Robert Edward Grant 1:04:35
Like this. And then there's a bowl. There's a bowl inside here. With the two nostrils right here and a torus symbol on its forehead. I'm not drawing it well, but there's another eye here. Another eye here. And it's got two horns as well. So it's a bull inside of a cow on the exact same wall. So when you match up the back All of the Last Supper to the king's chamber, this little port right here becomes the sarcophagus. No pun, this is an encryption. And guess what each one of these guys represents the different astrology he's like, seriously?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:19

Robert Edward Grant 1:05:21
It's so mind blowing. So each one and guess how many holes there are in the ceiling here 36 to represent

Alex Ferrari 1:05:33
That is absolutely mind blowing.

Robert Edward Grant 1:05:36
So here we go. So if I try to not let me get out of me show this again. Okay, so if I zoom in on this, look what we have right here. There is a I'm going to try to do it with my cursor here. This is an airy symbol right here, so yeah, there's orange. Yeah. There's the face. Here's the eye of the ram. Because this guy represents Aries. And then look at the guy next to him. He's got on his forehead, a tourist symbol, just like the bullet on the wall. Here, this little tiny small tourist symbol, right over his right eye

Alex Ferrari 1:06:21
Did DaVinci DaVinci. Go to the pyramids see this? Yeah, and then decide to incorporate this into his paintings in a way that in his way, allowing this information to continue. Just like the pyramids that all this is encrypted inside of the pyramids. So it could last 1000s of years.

Robert Edward Grant 1:06:44
Yes, he did. In fact,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:46
That's in. That's insane. That's mind blowing Robert.

Robert Edward Grant 1:06:52
That's exactly what he did. And that's what my whole show is about. Yeah, is how all of this has been encrypted. So you can find even here on the on what supposed to be John. You can see the shape of the Libra symbol, which is the shape of omega. Right on her. raiment.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:14
That's that's that's Mary Magdalene, right?

Robert Edward Grant 1:07:17
Yeah. It's Mary Magdalene. So of course and where they're sitting. This is a sarcophagus right here. And this is exactly where the alpha omega r alpha omega. Yeah. And there's a king's face on the back wall. Right here. There's an Eye of Ra.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:39
Right here there is there is an Eye of Ra. That's an Eye of Ra right there.

Robert Edward Grant 1:07:43
And then you can also see the profile of a face of a man right here in his eyes right here. And his other eyes here and this is his ear. And here's his nose. I mean, right down. There is his eye looking at us. Right there. That's so this and that's a king. It's King, c'est dias. The entire last supper painting is a map of the king's chamber the Great Pyramid.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:10
The one quick question, Robert, on the all the all the things that you found inside all these these things you found on the walls? Were they worn down over time? Or was it

Robert Edward Grant 1:08:21
Yes. And I had to ask the Egyptian government because they continue to do work on the walls to try to make them like restored somehow. And they're pretty harsh chemicals on it. And these are light etchings. Yeah, as I say. So it's almost like here's how I believe they were done. I don't believe they're done with laser or anything I believe now. Have you seen the research that shows that you can think a thought next to a glass of water and then freeze the water and then thought shows up in the water? Well, they've now extended that to include liquid crystal. So liquid crystal has the same property you can you can freeze the liquid crystal and you can see the images from your thoughts. That's how sensitive it is to our thought. Okay, well, does that mean that it might also apply we just don't know it yet. To solid crystal right as a memory storage medium. And this is why the king's chamber is made of Rose granite and granite. Some of which has 55 55% quartz crystal as its composition so these etchings in the walls are lightly etched and you can see them from the side. You know it's like almost impossible to miss them. It's it's it's kind of mind boggling.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:51
That no one no one saw this before.

Robert Edward Grant 1:09:53
No one saw this before. So you're you're you're getting the first right?

Alex Ferrari 1:10:00
No, but like nobody saw this period. Before. That's right.

Robert Edward Grant 1:10:04
Nobody saw this period before so. So there's an alien head right on the wall right here also, and they're all overlaid on top of each other. You see this alien?

Alex Ferrari 1:10:14
Yeah. What do you mean by alien? Oh, there he is. Yeah, you mean like,

Robert Edward Grant 1:10:17
Right there with the mouth and everything here, you've got an Eye of Ra On the wall right here. Okay, here's the center of it. You see, it crosses two blocks. From here, it goes like this. All the way across. And that's right over the nose. There's a nose underneath it as well of a king, where one eye is right here. The other eyes right here. And then part of the alien eye is making his mouth it looks like this on the side. So they're overlapping. They're overlapping, matching the one on the Last Supper they just pointed out to you. That's remarkable. That is absolutely see it. You can even see his crown right here. You see the crown going up on both sides up and down. Yeah. So you have a good ability, your ability to perceive pattern is tied to your level of conscious progression. Right? Okay. So the higher your consciousness, the more ability you have to perceive pattern of higher dimension. Right? You see these quickly, that means that you're you're basically seeing this stuff rapidly, right? So this is a, here's the DNA.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:29
Yeah, I could see the movement on it. I can see I could see the arcs of it. I could very easily. I mean, look, it helps that there's, there's a pattern at the top. So just by matching it, you just look and you go there it is. Yeah, there it is. Absolutely.

Robert Edward Grant 1:11:41
You can even see the nucleotide pairs and the way they're twisting in perspective drawing that's like, difficult to do next level. So this is in the Queen's Chamber.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:54
Oh god, that's easy.

Robert Edward Grant 1:11:55
The face of Osiris.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:57
Yeah, that's a super easy one to see.

Robert Edward Grant 1:11:58
It's never seen this stuff. But how is it even have a molar right here? It looks like it's translucent, like an x ray. He's got a myrrh from his teeth right here. This is his chin

Alex Ferrari 1:12:09
How is no one's seen this stuff or our or is it just it needs to be seen now in that scene 500 years ago?

Robert Edward Grant 1:12:14
It needs to be seen now. Just like Dolores Cannon said.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:21
When it's time when we're ready when we're ready.

Robert Edward Grant 1:12:25
It is time now. It is absolutely time now. So here's another one. This is Last Supper painting the same DNA. We saw on the walls. They're all over the walls there and you'll find it right in the last supper too.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:39
Yeah, I can see I can see parts of it. No question. How that was embedded inside of this painting. The level of of genius. Oh, it's mind boggling. It's mind boggling. The math, the math, the artistry. If you just had hurts to think what the Vinci had to do. Oh, yeah, to cooperate this stuff at a time where he was basically a God amongst men.

Robert Edward Grant 1:13:06

Alex Ferrari 1:13:07
I mean, it must have been so frustrating for him to even have a conversation

Robert Edward Grant 1:13:12
Here we go. So this is the Queen's Chamber okay. You can even see his vertebrates. That was an Egyptologist going, Yes, I'm not supposed to see it. And then look, if you look close, coming out of his mouth, looks like a sound bubble. Like you have cartoons almost an alpha. Right? Um, right. So it's alpha omega mu, backwards, which, by the way, is part of the arcturion language. And Greeks basically got it. This is not what we think of as Greek that way predates it. alpha omega mu m. So he's literally breathing out of his mouth. It's got like little things. The sound of the universe, the sound of the universe. So of course, this is, you know, super new. No one knows about this.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:42
So literally Egyptologist had never seen this before. Before. Yeah, that's right. And what did they what? Like, seriously, they'd been in there 1000 times and they're just going wait a minute what?

Robert Edward Grant 1:14:52
Yeah, so this is an incari pyramid.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:55
Oh, where's that, which one is that?

Robert Edward Grant 1:14:58
The third pyramid and Okay, it has the it has the Garden of Eden scene inside of it and the flaming sword over the tree of life, which is the staff of Hermes right here. And you'll see, right there's a staff, but that's a sword coming down and two snakes coming around it. And the tree is right here. This is the base of the tree. This is the trunk of the tree here look.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:35
This is this is your group. This is the group that

Robert Edward Grant 1:15:37
Yeah, yeah. That was the trip before.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:41

Robert Edward Grant 1:15:43
But can you see the staff of Hermes right here?

Alex Ferrari 1:15:45
Yeah, I see it. I see it very clearly. Yeah.

Robert Edward Grant 1:15:49
Top of a tree. Here's all the leaves all around it. Right. I mean, I'm telling you.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:54
So let me ask you a question that you've been in these pyramids years ago as well, you didn't see these either back then?

Robert Edward Grant 1:16:00
No, as as consciousness goes higher. Right. We see more and more every time I go in there now. So this is what I see on the wall. Right now I also see the face of the man which I didn't see until this last trip. Right there was behind this. This bird right here. There's two birds. This is sickness. This bird right here is supposed to be sickness. And this is supposed to be Lyra. And then the dragons that are representing the DNA. And its DNA cow and the bull. Yeah, yeah. And there's a tree of life right here that they're biting into, which actually think is either Tree of Life or it's a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I'm not exactly sure. But, you know, all of this is, and this is what's on the other wall. So the woman riding the Pegasus, you can see her arm right here holding the bow and arrow, here's the arrow. And it's written right underneath her. I think Da Vinci put this here when he was there. T h o t h, and then the number 126. So you got t h o t h and then 126. And then you've got a woman whose face this is her nose right here a profile her eyes her hair. holding the bow and arrow shooting at this eagle that comes across like this. Can you see it? Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:21
I mean, it's like you can see the shadow. Like so it's clear as day to me. What you're like this stuff. Oh my god, like yeah, you can see it. And now you once you have the reference point you obviously see it. It's right there.

Robert Edward Grant 1:17:39
Yep. Oh, holy cow, man. So what is all this for? Why are we going through all this? I believe and we'll finish on this. Yeah. And I believe it's related to where we are in consciousness, first of all, and all of this is going to be in season two. I was gonna ask Codex which is going to literally blow everybody's minds. I mean, seriously, but still, I mean, we see the Orion correlation literally everywhere Look, these are the Great Pyramid. tanti makan she on China a constellation and then not only that, but look DaVinci and cryptid it also in Vitruvian, man see needs three who has abs like that?

Alex Ferrari 1:18:33
Yeah, exactly. Three diamonds

Robert Edward Grant 1:18:46
Actually the three belt stars of Orion

Alex Ferrari 1:18:52
That's insane.

Robert Edward Grant 1:18:58
In exactly the right spot, that's ridiculous. So what's happening? Why is this all happening? That gets related to this, we're coming to the realization that time loops on itself. We have a precession and a procession. In the procession of Equinox we have 8640 hours in the Egyptian year, why is the Egyptian year 360 days because it's the combination of balance masculine and feminine. There's 365.25 days and three are cyclical if you include the Leap Year, 360 5.4 days, for the for the year, right with Leap Year. And 354 for the lunar year, which is the feminine, the average of the two is exactly 360 days. So, think of it like DNA, you've got two sides of DNA rolling, the place where it would actually end would be the mean value of the two. So it's literally like two sides of DNA. And and it becomes like DNA that wraps into it. Self as these Mobius strips would imply, and we go forward in procession and backwards simultaneously in precession and the number of days of the precession of equinoxes 8.6 4 million days, which is the same 8.6 for that is the procession of hours. And that is derived as the gravitational constant divided by the square root of pi minus one, it's too perfect, we add one to this as the speed of light in the front.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:33
Robert, one last thing. So basically, I just want to hear your opinion on this. The, the more you said, the higher the consciousness, the more you start seeing patterns. From my understanding in my studies of, of yogic masters of spiritual masters of ascended masters, they started to raise their consciousness to a level that they were able to see things beyond what we could see different realms, different everything. And we can literally and they can start manipulating, you know, this this reality, which, if we can go to 1999, when the movie, The Matrix comes out, which by the way, is a thing to 25 year old, 25 year anniversary coming up this this year. When Neil starts to believe who he is, he starts to not only see the code of the matrix, but learns how to manipulate the code. So he starts to see everything much clearer. The illusion gets pulled back. Is that what you're saying? As we as a species is raising in consciousness, we're starting to see these things that have been there all of the all the time, but we were just not ready to see it.

Robert Edward Grant 1:21:47
Yeah, correct. That's exactly right. Well, even the fact that time has always been going forward and backward at the same time. It's been right in front of us in the stars.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:59
Well, I mean, listen, microwaves have been around forever, but we just figured them out. You know, gravity had been around forever. We just started figuring that out of you know, a while ago, there's things that are around radio waves have been around forever. But we just started figuring out how to tune

Robert Edward Grant 1:22:12
Physicists believed at the beginning of the 20th century that all physics had been understood. But we didn't need to study it anymore.

Alex Ferrari 1:22:18
Right! Which good was solid.

Robert Edward Grant 1:22:23
I think what the wet Great Pyramid actually is. The King's Chamber is a stargate. And each block, each block has a different size, they're irregular, very irregular, they have a different XYZ axis. The depth is even different. Wow. So are these simply coordinates for each of the constellations that you can access from the king's chamber.

Alex Ferrari 1:22:52
Robert, we can keep going for another five hours. So you will ofcourse be back.

Robert Edward Grant 1:22:57
I will be back invite you the rest of the story.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:01
But my friend, thank you so much for giving us this kind of exclusive of this new information that you just found, which I'm so grateful for. It's mind blowing, my head's still spinning. Where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world, sir?

Robert Edward Grant 1:23:14
I'm on all the social media stuff, Robert Edward Grant. Also, I'm watching a new platform right now called Orion, which is the first? Absolutely, it's all about freeing your voice all about throat chakra. It's it's end to end encrypted with quantum secure encryption, the strongest encryption in the world, no government can get into it. It is also the social media platform. And it's very, very exciting. So look into that at orionmessenger.io. And then you can also find my website, robertedwardgrant.com. And from there, you can find all the stuff that links to my classes and all the different things I'm involved in.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:54
Robert, a pleasure as always, my friend My head hurts after talking to you as it always does. And I have to now go research a whole bunch of stuff. So thank you for the extra homework. I appreciate you and what you're doing in the world, my friend. Thank you again so much.

Robert Edward Grant 1:24:06
Thank you. Great to see you, my friend. See you soon.

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