Awaken in the 5th DIMENSION: The Great Shift Has BEGUN! with Channel Riz Mirza

On today’s episode, we welcome Riz Mirza, a gifted channeler and spiritual guide known for his deep connection with the spirit world. His unique ability to bridge the seen and unseen realms has offered transformative insights to many seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual paths.

Riz’s journey into the world of channeling began with an innate sensitivity to the spiritual realms, which manifested during his childhood. As he describes, “I started receiving this information, which was kind of crazy. And it actually startled me at first.” This early connection was both a gift and a challenge, as he navigated the complexities of growing up in an environment that did not readily accept his experiences.

Before fully embracing his role as a channeler, Riz lived in the fast-paced world of New York City, far removed from the spiritual circles he would later lead. His upbringing in Harlem and the Bronx provided a stark contrast to the mystical experiences that would define his later life. “I was just a dark-skinned Indian man this lifetime, but I could look like you last time or somebody else who’s watching this a different gender, different background,” he reflects, emphasizing the transient nature of our physical identities.

Riz’s turning point came when he attended a channeling circle led by his mentor, Alex Murray. This experience opened his eyes to the potential of his abilities and set him on a path of spiritual exploration. Despite initial resistance, he eventually surrendered to his calling, leading to profound personal and professional transformation. “You have to not care at all. You say that you’re a channeler. Welcome to target practice, buddy,” he advises, underscoring the resilience needed to embrace one’s spiritual gifts.

One of the core messages Riz channels from the spirit guides is the importance of surrender. “Your sensitivity is your strength. Every great artist, every great singer, the reason you like them is because they were dropped into their sensitivity 100 times deep,” he explains. This surrender allows for a deeper connection with the spirit guides and the flow of divine messages. It is through this deep sensitivity that true channeling occurs, whether in a formal setting or in everyday life.

Riz also emphasizes the universal nature of channeling, likening it to the flow state experienced by athletes, artists, and professionals in various fields. “Channeling can be used in any field… Athletes do it, they call it being in the zone,” he says. This broader perspective demystifies channeling and makes it accessible to anyone willing to embrace their inner sensitivity and surrender to the flow of energy.

In his channeling sessions, Riz connects with various spirit guides, each bringing unique messages and insights. He describes the experience as both grounding and expansive, likening it to a deep nap or a meditative state. This process requires a high degree of openness and trust in the subtle energies at play. “I get real sensitive. And then I open that up and make it bigger for me,” he explains, highlighting the delicate balance between surrender and active participation in the channeling process.


  1. Sensitivity as Strength: Embracing your sensitivity can lead to profound personal and spiritual growth. It’s through deep sensitivity that true connection and creativity flow.
  2. Universal Channeling: Channeling is not limited to spiritual circles; it can be experienced in any field where individuals are deeply connected to their inner flow and intuition.
  3. Surrender to the Process: True channeling and spiritual connection require a deep surrender to the process, trusting in the subtle energies and messages that come through.

In closing, Riz Mirza’s journey and the wisdom he channels remind us of the profound potential within each of us to connect with the divine. His story is a testament to the transformative power of sensitivity, surrender, and the universal flow of energy.

Please enjoy my conversation with Riz Mirza.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 260

Riz Mirza 0:00
I understand that intelligence itself is what you are, it is what all things are, it is at the core, the essence, the impermeable, you cannot face it. You cannot get inside. Though you think of it as a place to go into consciousness to drop into a deeper understanding intelligence is all things intelligence is the very fabric of all consciousness intelligence is what you are, and love is your highest form of intelligence

Alex Ferrari 0:33
I'd like to welcome the show, Riz Mirza, How you doin Riz?

Riz Mirza 0:46
I'm doing great Alex, nice to be here with you guys.

Alex Ferrari 0:48
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend. I'm looking forward to talking to you about your unique journey in the spiritual space. So the very first question I have to ask you, my friend is what was your life like before the insanity of channeling came into your life?

Riz Mirza 1:04
I think it was instead of not channeling and then replaced by the insanity of channeling. Because what do I mean by that? When you are not doing what is the most natural, purposeful thing about you? Nothing feels right until you find it right. That's why I say the insanity of not channeling then was replaced by the insane, crazy world of channeling. So I don't think I've ever had a well I don't even know what a sane moment is anymore. Now it's it's leveling out now, after you know two decades of this.

Alex Ferrari 1:38
So what what was when you were younger, when you were younger? How was it like before you actually started to professionally channeling or actually talk about channeling and so on?

Riz Mirza 1:47
Well, well, let's get into the definition of what even channeling is. And we're talking about people who channel spirit guides, people who channeled messages from spirit guides. That's the word when he when you're using this. That's what channeling means. But the channeling can be used in any field, you can be someone who channels in you're an accountant. And I think we need more accountants who are channels by numbers. We need lawyers who are channels, we need politicians who are channels. So I teach people how to get a way that's what channeling is you stay the way and for a psychic is allowing the spirit guide to come through in the messages. But that's the same ounces for for what you do you know, when you're doing something and it's in a flow, you're almost not even controlling it. In fact, you're not controlling it. You're kind of somewhere in there somewhere way, way, way back. But that energy is taking over. Athletes do it they call it being in the zone. So it's like you are it's an unconscious consciousness, because you're kind of prancing out trance channel. And then it's a conscious unconsciousness. What does that mean? That means that I'm definitely with intent. Going into that state of unconscious, higher conscious, different consciousness. Looking, I don't really believe there's an unconsciousness, I just think that you're conscious on a different level, for example, you're sleeping, you're not unconscious. So we're all channels. What how do we channel what do we mean? We're all channels. Everybody has something that they do that when they step out of the way, that thing that task, those words, that energy just flows through you. And it lands exactly where it was supposed to land. You kind of after you finish it, you go whoa, what did I just do? Whoa, who said that? You finished a conversation even with someone and you aren't in the stream of speaking to them, maybe you're giving them information, helping them sort their life out? Telling them your opinion on what really matters to you about their situation. And suddenly you're like, oh my god, I wasn't I wasn't prepared to say that what just happened. So that's when you're channeling your it's a conscious releasing, of control are gripping that steering wheel really tight. So, spirit guides to come through us. This has been around for 1000s of years now. We're all different colors and backgrounds. And you know, this is just a costume. I'm just a dark skinned Indian man this lifetime, but I could look like you last time or somebody else who's watching this a different gender different background. So I'm under no, at least for me no illusions that this is temporary. And that spirit guides and spirit guides have been around for all people in all historical backgrounds. Before religion came in before the institutions that are popularly kind of organizing our society now came in and took hold. We were all tribes. Black, white, brown, yellow, red, whatever color you are. You came from a tribe 1000s of years ago, and in those tribes we already know everyone had a role. There was a medicine In woman, there was a warrior's there were the farmers. There was the healer there was the Shaman was also the psychic, people sat around a fire. And in those saram phonies, that shaman that psychic that Channeler would bring messages forth from the ancestors, we know this to be true, because those traditions are passed down. There's nothing different just because we have LED candles now at my circles instead of a big difference, we're still sitting around in a circle. So my my event for the last 15 years is called a circle of light, which has been Touchwood, humbly speaking, in my humble opinion, which has been really the most consistent and popular channeling event in LA, it's now going on close to 3000 circles in 15 years. And it's always 40 to 50 people in each circle. And in my circles, spirit guides, every single person, circle gets a message and gets to ask personal specific questions. So it is not just the guide coming through and giving edge about humanity, which is, which is incredible. They do do that. But then they go to every single person. So my circles often go to three or four hours.

Well, let me let me just let me ask you this when you first started channeling, how did you discover this in general? Because did you did you start hearing voices? Did you think you were going crazy? Did you have a different understanding? What

We're just really chicken and scared of the dark when I was a kid,

Alex Ferrari 6:28
As all of us were,

Riz Mirza 6:30
Don't turn off the light. You know, I would beg my parents why? They would say what's wrong with you? Or I didn't want to go into a certain part of the house. You know, we when we ended up living in a little house. We had a ping pong table. And yeah, it was in the end, it was dark. And my brothers would go down and play and my mom's like, go down and play and play even though I wanted to play it. And I would say that I feel like people were watching me. And that was it for my parents. They didn't want to hear any more of that. What are you talking about your brothers go play there all the time. There's no ghosts down there. You watch too many American movies. My parents came from India. backstory was born in Harlem raised in the Bronx in New York City. Not a place where people expect shaman psychic mediums channelers to come out of. I like to say that shamans do come out of the jungle except for me. I came out of the concrete jungle happened to be born. What can I do about it? So I felt presence, I felt spirits. I started to literally feel being physically touched in the house that I grew up in. So someone would just touch my shoulder and I would turn around and it was an actual physical connection. And of course, was frightening. But there was something inside of me that knew I wasn't in danger. I can't I don't know. Because it's your calling. Right? See, it was my call. So that's why I looking back I go that's probably why I wasn't completely terrified. And I kept it to myself. And I began to be really drawn to all things on television at the time growing up in the 80s. You know, we had one show a week and one or two shows a week about it right? Do you remember those shows? Yeah. glued to the TV. They're talking about ghosts. Now once you go to discovery plasters 80's shows,

Alex Ferrari 8:25
Ohh, that's just a one channel. There's 1000s and 1000s of shows.

Riz Mirza 8:30
Right! Right. So that's where it began. I at seven years old, I had blurted out a mediumship reading, I was sitting with my mom in an apartment of her girlfriends in Queens, New York. And I was aboard kid didn't have anything to do my parents. You know, my mom was chatting with her girlfriend. I'm waiting for it to be over and I blurted out, and oh man died on that couch and he was drinking tea. I don't even know Alex, why set it? I have no idea. There's no reason for me to say it. I blurted it out almost like I wasn't even trying to say it. That was where the channeling began. I'm not trying. And it turned out the woman stopped talking. She had a little bit of a free guns and said my father, she goes her father did die on that couch. And he was drinking tea. And she said to her, her friend, which is my mom, did you tell him that she goes my mom was I didn't even know that. And then it was like, Huh. She said, Do you see? I said no, she was Do you hear him? I said no, she will. How do you know I said I just know

Alex Ferrari 9:31
How old are you?

Riz Mirza 9:32
Seven, man seven and so then later on now I don't want to go you don't have to worry too much of that bore you with my story. But I then in high school, I was the guy at the lunch table that always gave really good advice to everybody. So it was the I just became the advice guide so they started calling me rich, the West. That's where that name started. So that's on my Instagram. It's psychic. Where is the Wiz and it came from when I was a kid. And little did I know I was is going to enter into this world of magic and wizardry of mediumship. And channeling when He's seven years old, I ended up at a channeling circle by my mentor Alex Murray, who passed away last year, after many, many years on the planet, and one of the greatest channelers I love history, but wasn't famous and had an article in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in his apartment consistently every Tuesday night for 40 years. And people in New York KNOW Him who are in the know. And, and his, his wizardry and his magic would change my life. I went for a channel, I was there to hear about life, I'm 27 year old years old, and whether or not my band because I was a singer, and that was my life as a musician. I was only there to hear about my musical career not about psychic anything, told me I was going to be a channeler I didn't believe it. One of my 40 bucks back was like Chandler I don't even know what that is. He was a channeler the spirit guides spoke through him. I was blown away the first time I saw Chandler, because you just know it's real. You know, something is going on here when it's good.

Alex Ferrari 11:12
Well, let me ask you, what does it feel like when you channel like a lot of I've heard channels that get tired, get energized, they listen to hear every word. Others go to another place somebody feel like it's a dream? What does it feel like for you?

Riz Mirza 11:27
Oh, I've experienced all of those things. In the beginning, I did get very tired after channeling and I would I would get your entire and I would end up with my wife and like, you know, 24 hour diners in LA scarfing food down at 1am Trying to ground myself. But you know, then I said this is not working after gaining, you know, 20 pounds. Need to find a better way. So I did and then now it's pretty normal. I'm not hungry, not tired, not energized. It's kind of like, oh, so what you wanna do you want to watch TV now? And that's what I channeled for my family. But when I'm in public, I'm done. I'm done. I just drive home after.

Alex Ferrari 12:12
So no effect has no effect on you

Riz Mirza 12:15
I remember about 10% I have about 10% Recall after.

Alex Ferrari 12:20
Okay. So where do you go then? What do you just step out? Did you do something wrong? Is that why they're sending you to Jersey? No, I'm joking.

Riz Mirza 12:36
No, No, Chucky Cheese is where I lived in the Bronx. Yeah, we're having way too much fun for him, which is supposed to be a very serious podcast. Changing Lives.

Alex Ferrari 12:50
My audience. My audience knows the show. And I do joke. So it's all good. So do you do you? statue behind you? I'm wearing like basically the same shirt. Look, it's pretty, pretty close.

Riz Mirza 13:02
There's like just lexan is pexa. I go into? Oh, that's a good question. Where do I go? Where do I go? I don't really see much. It literally is like taking a nap. For me. It does feel like maybe I'm in a place where it's kind of dark. And there's voices from another room with the doors are closed. Imagine if you could hear people talking. And otherwise you can't make out anything they're saying. And you just were taking a nap. You're like I don't I'm not being disturbed by the noise. Let me just show that happens a once in a while. Once in a while. I'll feel like I am. There's people with me. And I assume these are the spirit guides that are with me. I feel that they are. And I just feel they're just supporting me and kind of holding space for me. But very much there's no there's no fireworks or anything like that.

Alex Ferrari 14:00
Well, let me ask you a question because you've been around channeling for so long at this point in your life. And I get this question constantly. I'd love to hear your point of view because I have my own opinion on what the answer is, but I'd love to hear yours. Sure. There's so many people call themselves channels. And some you can feel when they're real, and others could be a little bit more of a show. And it might not be as authentic as they're portraying it to be from your point of view how can you determine if they're more authentic or if it's more of a show?

Riz Mirza 14:36
Idea of doing one of those like five ways to see if the channeling is that's a good Instagram video. I have been just me I feel so good able to do that. Here's why. It feels like say something negative to do that because oh that I was about to say I know that people mean well, but maybe they don't. Maybe they The name of it. Sure. Okay, my bottom line is I steal that. We can say spirit guides, we can say dimensions. I'm working in the ninth dimension I'm working in the seventh. I don't know feeling I feel like if that would be a bit negative for me to put out a video saying here are the five ways to see if a channeler is real. It feels negative, because I believe that ultimately, the universe and reality is one big mystery and we are finding our way trying to organize this vastness that is unfathomable. But we are still saying, Oh, looks like spirit guides are here. Okay, this what seems what crystals do? Okay. Feel messages from the Pleiadians from andomedans and from the Syrians. Here are the differences between all of them. Here is what I feel that happens in the eighth dimension, the ninth dimension, I'm a 12th Dimensional healer. I'm not saying you're not. You may be because ultimately, who knows. But what I do feel is that we are those of us who have impactful channeling. It's clear. It's clear reason is one is clear channels. I feel the ones who are fully out there not repeating things you feeling in times? No. Yes, there are in music, 1624 notes, 30 notes maybe? And yes, you can use those notes and make a billion different songs. So the laws of universal living are not different laws. They're probably if I had to guess maybe I could put it all into 50 miles. But how do you how do you express that? Esther Hicks is Abraham the wonderful spirit guide is only talking about the law of attraction and vibration for 20 years. No predictions, nothing just about how to understand vibration. But it's spoken of in such a different way or in in unique that I know that the channel is, it's clear, I know. So I do see a lot of channelers who are aspiring to be channelers online. And I can see that they're not fully in trance and a full trance channel is rare, very rare. Channeling is not so rare, doesn't mean that you have to be a full trance channel to give real powerful messages. Oh, you don't. You can channel and receive messages and repeat them. When I first began. I used to just write the messages and that was channeling. I am Red Eagle, I would like you to know it is time for you to start now. And I would write it. And I started saying it. Red Eagle is saying this to you. Or Merlin is saying this to you or Archangel Michael, whatever the name of the guidance is saying this to you. Then it became Hello, I am and I was repeating what they were saying. I am so and so like you to know this. Then it became my voice started changing. started getting a little a little accent started coming or what is this going on here but I'm gonna let it happen. I don't care. Then my eyes were still closed and then eventually my eyes were open over the process of year. And then I was fully dropped out I was out road come back and go whoa, something happened. So it was through that. So it was it was a process. So how to tell is I think you I think some people may look at even Esther Hicks are a great Channeler some people look at Jane Roberts who was probably the greatest Channeler of all time. Edgar Cayce. Yeah, you may say but we have video with Jane Roberts. Yeah, that's true. Casey So Jane Roberts would channel and set the books are prolific every new age from Wayne Dyer to Deepak Chopra. Many of them got all her information, Marianne Williamson, all of them got it from the set material that sparked this, this whole new movement that's happening the last 20 years in consciousness or new age. And some people Jane Robertson say that's bullshit. Come on. Want Social Security? Number two, I've given very specific messages and psychic readings, very specific messages. And some people may still so I think that there's there's people who are always in on the understanding of consciousness and channeling and psychic phenomena that work or that energy has people on the fence and then there's people doesn't matter what you do, you could tell literally their social security number and they'll be like, Oh, Wondering how we got that information. They're never been there. I'm interested in believing they're not it. And who needs them? Not everybody's going to be interested in all the same things. Everybody likes, famous musicians that everybody likes. So there's never been a person who has been believed totally, including Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha. Name them, they all had people who didn't believe in them and still do. So as a medium, I'll tell you, I eventually realized doing this work that you have to not care at all. You say that you're a channeler Welcome to target practice, buddy. I tell my students that open welcome is hard to practice for some people. Who cares? Alright. Try to be the clearest channel that you can be. I'll can teach you how to do that. But I don't think channelers are made. I think they're born.

Alex Ferrari 20:54
Well, let me ask you. So you said when you were 27, you had that channel with your mentor. That session and he said your channel? At what point did you decide to come out of the spiritual closet? The channeling closet? And what was that like? Because I imagine that everybody around you were like, dude, awesome.

Riz Mirza 21:14
No, I mean, people, a couple of friends were there said, I told you your psychic intelligence. Imagine what you might be channeling. And it's like, it'll never happen. You're the moment it took me nine year, nine years from the message from the day that I was told that I would do that I resisted it for nine years. Most stubborn person ever had to be beaten down. By life, I had to have people die, I had to have relationships break up, I had to lose all prospects of other careers, I had to be just at my lowest for me to go May. Maybe I am a channel. I really, you know, they say take the path of least resistance. I resisted the path of least resistance. I tried everything else to make a person out of myself. And it was, you know, professionally. And it was nothing was happening. And it was like, but you do you do that thing. I had actually I had a friend who was not into up at all, like Wall Street guy, but we were friends. He was cool. He one day he goes, people should just like, pay to talk to you. And I thought, what is what is he talking about? He goes, it's your thing? He's like you, could you I just like talking to you, like call you I just feel better. I said, I'm not going to become a psychiatrist or psychologist. He's like, no, no. You know, like, it's that all that magical shit you're into. And I was, it's interesting because it came from someone who's not into this. But he was onto something. And I would say he was getting a message. He had never say he was getting a message. He'd be like, my gut tells me I'm like, right? Your gut tells you. So my gut told me. Maybe it's time I just surrendered to this thing. And I had to be completely emotionally broken down. I did not want to be a channeler there was no YouTube, there was no idea that that would be making money from it. There was nothing. It was a place of solace. It was a place of surrender. It was a place of being so goddamn broken. That anything. I was open to anything. Because I was suffering from the death of my mom, my brother, my best friend committed suicide. So I was broken. Wow. So when people say, what's the superpower of a challenge, I say your superpower is you're broken. because something has to break for something else to come through. For that to come through. So what am I what I teach people in my classes they want to come in and do. I'm coming in spirit guides. I'm holding my crystal. Now the guides. I love crystals. I love doing this. I love talking to the spirit guides. But that's not how it happens. You can set an environment to be more meditative and quiet your mind good. I do that in my classes. But are you asking me Alex a hardcore question? sense? Like how does this happen? And I would tell you that real anybody real athletes, real musician, handlers, they have to be broken for that ship to come through.

Alex Ferrari 24:29
Yeah, it's pretty powerful because both you and I come from artistic backgrounds. I've been a filmmaker for most of my career and I've had the pleasure of speaking to some of the greatest artists in the world rock stars and things like that. And I've asked them I go How is it what what comes through you when you're singing that song? What comes through you when you wrote that thing? What you know Oscar winners who go like when you were writing that did you type and then stop and read it and go who wrote that? And and most of the writers all say Yeah, you, you, you chase that dragon all the time. Like you hope for that it doesn't always happen. But when it does, it's a beautiful thing. So I do think that you're right that at a certain level, we all channel something, whether that be the gut, whether that be intuition, whether that be the small ways of it, but, but when you get into that zone, it's pretty powerful. It's a pretty powerful timestamps. timestamps. Alright.

Riz Mirza 25:25
So what I do teach people is how do you stop time? How do you surrender that you know, another class, but it would it would end up channeling anyway. Meaning you would start getting messages, your spirit guides, guys listen up, they're your spirit guides do not hit you over the head, don't come in, like a ton of forests. They come in Super subtle and quiet. So when I channeled later on the show, what I do when I drop in, is I become like, almost like a three year old, or an infant, very sensitive to any stimulation. So like, I, I wait for the spirit guides to the lightest touch, just almost like a feather on my shoulder. And I have to be so sensitive. To feel that if someone says I'm going to touch you really softly now, there's something that's going to happen to you that goes, Okay, let me prepare for that. Let me get really sensitive right now. So that's how the guides come through. It's like the first initial contact is like that. And then I kind of surrender into that very soft. First touch, imagine a finger on your shoulder, and I get real sensitive. And then I open that up and make it bigger for me. Does that make sense? It makes perfect sense. Okay, yeah, that's what I do. And then we go into it. So the Spirit guides are not here. Can I talk about their purpose?

Alex Ferrari 26:54
Yeah, I was gonna ask you about the spirit guide specifically, like how can we connect with them a little bit more? Because Spirit Guides have been that's a word is tossed around a lot nowadays. It is it is a it's an idea that's actually started to come into mainstream idea, mainstream idea that starting to hit the zeitgeist, but how, why are they here? What are they here to do? How can you connect with them more, and so on.

Riz Mirza 27:16
So the spirit guides job is not to give you what you want. It's not to help you get what you Want, in a way like, oh, it's behind door number A, the thing that you want. Know what they do is that they help you connect the dots. In your reality that you're experiencing day to day, they help you to kind of look in deeper, they bring you to situations that you normally go, you know, I wasn't supposed to be here tonight. We've all said it, right? We're some we're having a really good time or something really cool happens. And you go, you know, and I wasn't even supposed to be here. Tonight. Yes, you were, what happened was something in you loosened up enough to move you to be there. So I'm always teaching people how do you surrender more? How do you surrender more? Your sensitivity is your strength. Your sensitivity is your strength, every great artist, every great singer, the reason you like them. And the reason why they made work that impacted you was because they were dropped into their sensitivity 100 times deep. Not a little, all the way. So this surrender is where the guides come through, and then they kind of bring you to the situation, they also help you connect.

Alex Ferrari 28:32
So before we get started, guys, you'll notice if you're watching the show that the background is a little different, we stopped for a second to get a better connection, hopefully for our channeling session is going to be a little bit more solid. So last last question I asked you riz was about the spirit guides and why they're here, how can we connect to them, what is their purpose and so on.

Riz Mirza 28:52
The purpose of the spirit guides is not to just give you what you want in life. Their purpose is to help you connect the dots, develop a deeper understanding of how your reality is created. And understanding your path as a soul. So you've lived many lifetimes, many times spirit guides will give you messages about what you have been working on in different lifetimes and who these people were sometimes they'll talk to you about how the person you might be having a conflict with this lifetime is actually a close soul friend, not a friend here on Earth, but on a soul level, they are a friend because a true friend is there to help you grow. And this lifetime, they're here to take on the role of a challenge or an opponent, someone that you're at odds with to help you discover and create yourself more powerfully. So that is the job of the spirit guides to help you discover yourself and also to create yourself more powerfully and powerfully. Same also means more peacefully.

Alex Ferrari 29:52
Now one thing I'd love that answer by the way, but from what I understand as well that when you were at a lot of us, don't ask for help in our lives, we don't like men. You mean men, right? Men? Generally yes. No, we don't we don't we, generally speaking, people in general don't ask for help, you know, of God of the universe of, of the other side to help us on certain things. And even if you don't believe in the other side, you just say out loud, can someone help me do this, or this or this? And it's not about like, Hey, give me the lottery tickets. It's not about that. And give me the lottery numbers. It's more like, I need an opportunity here. I need a job here can I will work if you just open a door for me, but I need someone to open a door for me. You know, and it's not ego base. It's not like I want to get that part in the movie, because it's going to make me rich and famous. It's more like these other kinds of I want to find love in someone guide me to love. What can I do is that

Riz Mirza 30:50
You're, you're touching on something very powerful and interesting, because first thing I'm gonna say is the universe doesn't care if you want to billion dollars and want to buy, you know, toys with it, and don't share with anyone. The universe doesn't have a judgment on that. So your noble purpose is not of any consequence to the universe, obviously, look around at all the successful people that are not going to die miserable deaths, like everyone's Oh, they're gonna die a miserable death because they're evil. No, a lot of people evil people, don't. They just do it. You're like, well, they're gonna pay for it on the other side. Oh, they are. So you do believe in the other side. So that you will be doing bad things with the things that they got things that you want, that you haven't gotten, you're nicer, you're smarter, you're a better person, maybe you're more talented. Maybe you're better looking. Who knows? And you wonder why did this person get it? This isn't your first rodeo here, you've had many, many lifetimes, many times the people who have tons of money are the people who died in poverty. 10 lifetimes in a row, they get money like that this lifetime, because this lifetime is not going to be about that Earth is a school. It's not a place to get what you want. Apparently, sometimes it's not even to get what you think you need. Now we can go back and forth about how much pain and tragedy and death there is in the world and just go like back to why do bad things happen? To innocent people. I'm an innocent person, I had some really horrible shit happen to me. So are you. So but when I ask why did it happen? I actually am going to listen to the answer, and accept it. So someone says to me, why did you three people closest to you die miserable, horrible. That's where they suffered. You're gonna say that's right. Yeah, I am. How could I say that? Oh, because I don't believe that. My even my death is wrong. It's bad. It's unpleasant. I've had super unpleasant experiences, but I don't consider them wrong in the context of reality. I'm going to, I'm going to be born, I'm going to die. I'm going to suffer, I'm going to live I don't consider it wrong. I consider it me surrendering to the process of existing. Now I can scream to the heavens, Have ye ye ye ye but I'm not really going to get an answer because there is no good answer to tell someone who doesn't want to hear it. Because they've already made up their mind that I'm really just suffering and I'm in pain. And so sometimes a Why is just an exclamation of pain. It's not really wanting to know why. Because what reason is going to be good enough. There is enough for me right? there as well. The reasons that were good enough for me were I came to earth to learn about loss, about pain about family about that there's more to reality than just this physical flesh and bones. And I came to learn it obviously clearly. Why because the other alternatives I just came to suffer through a ton of pain and somehow hope that sometimes maybe something will happen to someone will just throw me a bone. My life is the bone I was thrown. Someone Throw me a bone you're alive or is. So I have my awareness of my consciousness. And all I need to do is develop that I can move out of all situations. Yes, you can. Because here's the thing. There are people sitting in prison right now who are healthier, both spiritually and physically than people walking around on the outside. Some people say well, I just rather but they're in prison. I go, Yeah, but you're in the prison of your mind. Well, at least I'm not in jail. Yeah, but you're kind of sick and tired and aggravated and frustrated. Well, if I was in prison, I wouldn't have any worries you wouldn't have you obviously have never been to prison.

Alex Ferrari 34:22
You've never seen the movie have you?

Riz Mirza 34:22
Never seen a movie or even scared straight? Have you or any documentary? No, they have worries. But here's the thing. There's so some of those people are surrendered to their experience. They're just surrendered to their experience. Let me tell you a story. And we can see we're kind of channeling now just flowing where it's no template to what we're talking about. Alright, so I was on the phone with a good friend, a client and she's a really fantastic yoga teacher, super popular one of those rock star yoga teachers that really knows her shit here in the LA area. And she's like, Great cuz I've been coming to your circles, and then the whole thing, and I was like, oh, here comes a question just gonna ask. So I just want to know. So if you don't know, don't tell me. Don't say anything. But if but if you do know, I really have a specific question about when I said, Okay, she goes, When am I going to get it? I'm not going to get it. She wasn't talking about money. She was talking about that moment. And I said, You know what, let me that's a great question. Let me actually ask the guides and see if I actually get an answer. Maybe I'm gonna get an answer that that's such a huge question. And I got an answer. I saw the number. And I was like, I got to number 56. This is her reaction. All I heard of the phone was, Oh, God, right, because she's 38. She's been working in spirituality, her whole life, dedicating it to serving the people, helping them with their bodies, and the transformation and their breathing and everything. She's 38, I just finished telling her it's gonna be an almost another 20 years before you have that breakthrough. And she went into and I tried to console her. And I was like, she's like, How can I keep doing this for 20 years to come and my breaking point, you're telling me I'm gonna get that freedom, that inner thing at 56. I said, Look, you know, I'm just live your life and do good. And then we finished the conversation. And she felt a little better. And I said, I want to just share something with you. Because it just struck me at that moment, spent a good deal of my life in India, and has a certain philosophy there. I said, you know, it's interesting. If I had said this same conversation with someone in India, they would be crying, also, but they would say, are you talking about this lifetime, and they will be crying out of joy, they will be, if I said 50, they will be like, you man, I'm gonna get into this, I was thought you're gonna say in three lifetimes, or five or 10. There's no way I could be so blessed as to get it in this lifetime. And so keep that in mind. When you're trying to make that breakthrough. It's a series of breakthroughs that are endless,

Alex Ferrari 37:12
But don't you agree is that it is about letting go of the outcome and doing the work and enjoying the ride. Because if you're searching for enlightenment, you will never find it. It is when you release and surrender to whatever comes is when that that apparently does happen. But it's not like I'm going to be enlightened, that you can't take a western approach a male energy approach, like, I will control I will be the most enlightened, I will be the most spiritually you can't do that. It's a complete surrender.

Riz Mirza 37:49
And what is spiritual? You know, I'm able to play with my bracelet. And someone once said to me, there was somebody who said, Ruth, how come you had the Illuminati symbol on your hand? I was like, Oh my God, you are number one. Idiot. Sorry to say it. This is not a goddamn alumina Illuminati was made up. Now, this is a very ancient symbol about psychic awareness. And it's just a triangle with an eye on it. It's not about what somebody has turned it into. Yeah. Right. You know me so well. Yeah. Okay, great. I'm not talking about the roads. And the Alamo is a triangle. Do you even know what a triangle is?

Alex Ferrari 38:26
It's a fascinating conversation. Well, let me ask you, so can we can we talk to the guides, I think it'd be a very good conversation.

Riz Mirza 38:32
Let's do it. And I'm ready. And let's just say a few words before let's just drop in. Because I know we're, we're really loud and having fun and laughing and got to quiet down. I don't know who's going to come through. I have a couple of regulars who do come through maybe one at a time, they may come through my channel, many, many different guides. One of the thing that's unique about what I offer is that I channel I've probably channeled close to 40 to 50 different spirit guides, I've channeled different books. My last book was called the nine keys. It was each chapter was written by a different spirit guide. So I don't channel the same one every time. Red Eagle is a message bearer. Some people call Red Eagle, a Native American. Some people say is just tribal. I don't know what it is. We're not, you know, he's been many things. I think it's more like talking to a tree than talking to particular ethnicity. But he has that kind of tribal way about him. Phineas is another guy channel, Phineas is. I call him the philosopher. He's very scholarly. He comes in speaks with kind of a different accent and he comes to speak about, okay, I'm already getting the message, what he's here to talk about. So let's begin. Okay. I think Phineas is going to come through first. If everyone is watching, you just take a little breath. And those of you who are really into and understand channeling, take a deep breath and close your eyes. And maybe you will feel his energy coming through as well. And being with you. I'll see you later Alex. All right. it and Phineas, there are those who believe that technology is the future of your existence. And they are concerned that technology shall replace their humanity. It is with this term of artificial intelligence that you are contending with. If there are any concerns or questions we are open for your discussion, but first, understand that intelligence itself is what you are, it is what all things are, it is at the core, the essence, the in permeable, you cannot pierce it, you cannot get inside of it, though you think of it as a place to go into consciousness to drop into a deeper understanding intelligence is all things intelligence is the very fabric of all consciousness, intelligence is what you are. And love is your highest form of intelligence, your problems can be solved with more love, can they not for the resources that are needed by those who are hungry, those who hold these resources in the form of food and sustenance, if there is more love than they are fed, if there is less love, and they will stop. And so indeed, as your own poets have said that love is all you need. And understanding that love is the energy through which all can be accomplished. But that would require an ascension. And so you are then in your ascension process. But what for is it to be very intelligent in terms of your cerebral progress? Or is it actually about you surrendering to the feeling of love that you are, and understanding that this word magic, this has been used quite often, where if you were to take a piece of technology and travel back in time, then this technology would be considered magic to those primitive peoples. And so, in 100, or 200 years from now, perhaps you will see channeling as a technology, more of an inner technology, perhaps a different way of seeing eye t that is a different information technology, it is inner technology, currently as this energy as you call it, or you call us by the name that we choose to use as fingers, then you see it as a magical experience, you are hoping to receive some information that is what we are transmitting to you. But considering it is a spiritual experience, considering it is sort of a magical experience, you will wonder is it really happening, or perhaps this proof is needed through technology, perhaps in a few centuries, you will develop a camera different than the one that you are watching this transmission on. And that will pick up the more subtle and finer energies through a very powerful and more sensitive lens. The more sensitive the technology, the more that you want it, is that correct. And so if you are upgrading yourself, then you would have to upgrade your sensitivity. Your sensitivity would require you to surrender any blocks or any walls that you have around you. And that will require a very deep change in belief that you are safe as a being that your entire existence your entire planet and all of reality is safe. Whether you are in a physical body, as you call alive or you are dead, as you call it, when you are no longer inhabiting the physical body, that you are safe in all dimensions in all perceptions in all realities. And that is where creation can happen. The most powerful creation happens, where you are on the edge of your fear. Many poets and artists, inventors know this, that you must be at that edge of fear, to create anything that is worthwhile, that will have an impact that will spark new discussions, spark new thought. And since creation is the entire reason for your existence, whether it is here on this planet, this plane, or elsewhere,

Alex Ferrari 44:15
Thank you so much for that, my friend. My first question to you is, what is the nature of consciousness? And how does it relate to the divine?

Riz Mirza 44:22
There is no difference between physical nature that you are referring to here on this planet? What is nature, that which seems to be sprouting without your control? If you were to simplify the definition, would that be correct? You have no control over the fact that there is water on the planet the fact that the trees and the flowers are sprouting from the earth, and that the Earth itself has nutrients you find it to be something that you can sign typically compartmentalize and analyze. And yet you do not know why it is happening. The scientists only want to answer why by going deeper into the study of the physical structures of the planet of Nature, why is this element interacting with this element in such a way? Ah It is because there are this number of electrons and this sort of frequency that things are on that are interacting with another and so, you have combustion or so, you have another chemical reaction that would be nature physically, and you are constantly studying it, you must consume nature to be in your nature, isn't that true? Even if you are a breatharian, even if you are a fruitarian, a pescatarian, all of it is still nature Aries nature, do you agree? I do. And so the nature of reality has to do whether or not you believe you are the creator. Now, many in your history who have had spiritual awakenings, whether they were gurus or the common man exclaimed out loud, I am God. And they were very quickly executed. And so the basic premise, the belief that is deep within the core of most people, is that they do not believe they are God, they want to have reasons that are separate from that fact. They do not accept it as a fact. And they do feel that this would be a very arrogant thing to say that I am God. But do you believe God is love? Yes. Do you believe you are love? You will get a lot more yeses to that question then to the question, are you God, you will ask the common man are you love? They will probably say yes, I am. Are you also magic? Yes, I am. Are you also intelligence? Yes, I am. So while you God? No, I am not the creator of this reality. You see, this? Then begs the fundamental question, is this all there? Is the planet the physical? The idea of other dimensions? What you see in your dreams? Is that real? Is that another physical place? Would you take a rocket and go to these other dimensions in which you inhabit in your dreams? The idea of where is consciousness? Now you may say vinius consciousness is everywhere? And that seems to be a very common answer, isn't it? And yet, you would also believe that the entire universe could possibly fit on the head of a pin. Couldn't you believe that? And so where is everywhere, then you're asking very powerful fundamental questions of is there separateness that is at the core of what you're asking? Is there one being observing another thing, and yet you want oneness, you do believe that oneness is the sort of do all of your problems on the earth, you do believe that oneness with yourself would be solving all of your emotional issues as well. So oneness seems to be the key here. And yet, most do not wish to ever exclaim that they are God, or God must retain the idea that there is a being who has created all things and is observing and judging, analyzing, and assisting or not all that occurs, and that belief has been ingrained, those who have found freedom from this belief, and its limitations, shall find more peace, for they will not come from the human approach, which is not defective, by the way, the human approach, I am a victim to circumstances I am navigating in a landscape of reality, that is full of obstacles, I am not entirely safe, though I am an eternal being and there is a conflict there or I wish to prolong my physical life. Are we moving too quickly for you? Not at all. And so, you will return to? Are you the observer of the reality? Or are you the wider reality and that could be the nature of reality, that you are all things, but you see, as poetic, as it is its nature, meaning, you like to hear that you are all things, what does it mean to feel it and so, that that brings us to that you are living in a feeling based reality. Notice it, everything is based on your feelings. If you are happy with your environment, you are happy. If you are happy with the behavior of your friends and your partners, your loved ones, then it is a good friendship, it is a good relationship, because they are behaving the way that you feel is good. The moment that they begin to behave in a way that you feel is not good. Your relationship is not so good at the moment, your friendship is not so good at the moment. So everything is based upon how you feel you have made decisions about your reality that are agreements for example, you have agreed then there is a certain time currently when you are recording this transmission, you have decided that there's such a thing as an hour, a minute, a second a year, you observed that your planet seems to make one revolution around your son. And you began to call that one year, you could have said that three revolutions make one year, but you decided that one makes one year you even decided to call it one you created this language you created these numbers, you assigned these terms to organize your reality a week is a week because you will say it is but what has helped you is physical nature, you notice that the sun seems to disappear, and then it seems to rise again though it is not going up or down is it you are moving. So, you began to call that the sunrise and the sunset. And you decided this shall be called the day through nature, you began to organize the idea of time. And so, everything from then on became an agreement you began to study frequency and count it let us give you an example. Those who are musicians shall understand this, you have heard of this terminology of hertz, yes. In sound, you're very fond of certain numbers 432 To be precise, and you find that this is the vibration that is say that you hit the tone of a and that vibration is going back and forth 432 times you have decided that this shall be called a the note of a in music. And when it vibrates at a faster frequency remember you created the numbers as well then you shall call that B or C and as the notes get higher in pitch according to your own ears you shall now raise it this is a D This isn't a This isn't it oh we can go the other way to the lower octaves. Sound has always been used to describe vibration frequency these terms are interchangeable there are frequencies you cannot hear is that correct? Your dog can hear them the dogs technology is different. It does not mean the sound does not exist, because you cannot hear it. And so, what you refer to as spirit guides and we are fond of the term perhaps will be perceived to some as reality when you develop a technology perhaps you will develop a camera that will then see the spirit guide moving into the body of the channel and then some will say Ah now I believe it because this camera that I developed can show me energy moving into this person. Now it will not prove to you that there is such a thing as spirit guides because those who are scientific will then question further well I know something is happening. It is very similar to what is occurring on your planet now in the mainstream media about these unidentified aerial phenomenon. They are no longer considered to be UFOs they are now referred to as you APs are you familiar? And so much discussion is happening in your government, the government that you see and they are putting on a very big drama for you that they do not know and they must investigate when they know what they have known for close to 100 years to have questions

Alex Ferrari 53:28
I do. So let me ask you, why do you? Why do we as human beings have such a difficult time understanding that we are God we are part of the one and we are an extension of the one Why is that such a difficult concept to understand,

Riz Mirza 53:46
Pperhaps its difficulty lies in not accepting that your path is eternal, as expensive. Now, one may say that when you hear a truth being said to you, it resonates with you is that correct? Yes, something to resonate, it must mean that the receiver is attuned to the spectrum of frequency of that transmission. Therefore, it can resonate. If it does not resonate, it is because that is shut off, for the resignation to happen the resonance to happen. That means that they are in some level of awareness on the same page and so as the soul that is you, you do not have a soul You are one as you are moving forward as you project you see, the terms we are using are meant to be descriptive of your feeling of progression, you are moving forward. And so the forgetting and the remembrance is how people have been describing this, that you have forgotten your divinity and so you must remember it. Well why do you keep forgetting it and remembering it in every successive life? It seems to be a bit of a drag, doesn't it? Yes, it is not that you are learning the same things, you are learning more things. And if you believe that there is a great unknowingness of that which is meaning that there is always more to learn than that is what is happening, that the God energy that you are referring to as the creative force and the creative force that you are referring to as God energy is so massive and endless that you shall never know it all. And why would you want to? Perhaps it would take all the fun out of it? Why would you want to know every inch of reality? For what type of control? Are you seeking for yourself to know everything? And then What shall you do? And so we ask you, is peace the highest vibration on the planet possible? Or is this something even of a higher frequency than peace? What about celebration, we believe for you celebration is a higher frequency then peace, wouldn't you rather have 7 billion people on your planet dancing and singing together than just sitting there in meditation, ignoring one another, not interacting, trying to connect to something else, rather than God in all things around them? And so, celebration is interactive, you see, where peace is more quiet? It is not great appreciation. Appreciation is your gratitude in motion is it not? Let me show my appreciation your property appreciates in value when you add more to it. And so, you are constantly in appreciation your value is increasing as you appreciate all information and you are removing your blinders and filters of how it feels meaning is it unpleasant or pleasant for many of your most unpleasant experiences have given you the strength and the character that you have and many of your pleasant experiences later on, felt detrimental to you. There are many whom you have met at first glance upon first meeting that you did not get along with and they turned out to be very close friends as time went on and the opposite has been true has it not you got along famously in the beginning until you got to live there. And so, what this tells you is to not react or judge too much as you are experiencing new reality, that what you are learning from your teachers and your channeling is to open your mind means that you are freeing yourself of judgment or blame or your initial reactions to something because your initial reactions to something had been programmed by the beliefs you have held, that were programmed into you mannerisms that are accepted in one country, normal physical mannerisms will not be accepted in another country, but they will be found to be offensive socially. You cannot belch at a table in America and be invited again to dinner, but it is very common in the east, it is regarded as a natural physical function and so it is not judged as socially unacceptable, do follow, I do. It is very impolite in America to ask a person how much they earn. And in the East it is very common to ask for they are all suffering in the same way and want to get ahead and they are wondering what do you do see,

Alex Ferrari 58:35
Let me ask you how we've spoken a little bit about reality in this conversation, how can we have more lack of a better word control? Or how can we design our reality or do we design or co create our realities?

Riz Mirza 58:49
You are designing tomorrow at this very moment. Now this transmission this recording shall be viewed at many different times. There will be those who see it as soon as you load it up onto your internet and there will be those who discover it years from now. And yet it will always be now my friend. Whenever you are watching this transmission it is now it is not in the future someone will discover this video they will discover it in their own now Do you agree? I do. They may look at the date of the video and say oh this was created many years ago. It will not matter for the transmission and the energy of it is as potent at any moment when you are receiving it. And so this then, can bring you therefore to understanding how you are shaping as you call it or creating your reality. For underneath it. There is a murky, swampy area in which perhaps a little fish is hiding. And that little fish is saying what I really mean is how do I get what I want If you're back to that premise, you may then qualify this statement to say, but I do not want much you say, Phineas, I only want a comfortable home, I just want to be happy, I want enough money to be comfortable. Well, a person may not be comfortable unless they have $10 million or $10 billion. Why is it up to you to decide what they should have or not have to be comfortable? Are you living a spiritual existence? The old statement, we are spiritual beings, having a human existence have you heard it, I have, let us correct it for you. You are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience, you are not limited by anything in terms of how you may feel, you are the creator of how you feel and your Self Mastery shall be that you are able to take yourself from a bad feeling place into a good feeling place without moving in muscle without anyone around you changing anything at all, how they speak to you how they do not speak to you what they do to you or for you or not to to you or not to for you. Whether that is your personal relations or the world at large. You are the creator of how you feel. If you do not like what you see, you shall feel bad. This is your program. It is a very simple program you're operating in, if they do not say what you like, do what you like, then you feel bad. You say it is impossible, then if they are not doing what I like or saying what I like and the world is not what I liked, and how is it possible for me to feel good? We shall ask you the same thing is it possible? Then, you will have to begin with a very simple exercise that we offer to any of you who are receiving this transmission. begin to notice today or tomorrow for the next several days, how many things you are making wrong, that you see, or hear or sense in any way. And notice how that list gets longer and longer. Then, after several days of this, do the reverse? How much do you see is right? And then observe yourself. That is what makes you feel good or bad what you are deeming to be right or wrong. It is a rather simplistic way of seeing it and is not why you are on the planet to get what you want. You are here to discover and to create yourself to discover and to create your self.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:32
How can we have a deeper connection with our spirit guides?

Riz Mirza 1:02:36
First you must quiet your mind. First understand that you are always near them. They are not far away in some other dimension, that you must yell. They are assigned to you before you are born agreements were made. And your connection to them is very similar to your connection to anyone which is a surrender you must surrender to relationship you have physical, romantic relationships, intimacy and you must surrender to intimacy, you must surrender to the gifts within you. If you are playing an instrument, you must surrender to that if you are learning to dance, you must surrender to the music to the rhythm to the melody for you to then be perceived as dancing, you are surrendered to the dance, when you are bathing in the sun and allowing the sun's rays to do its work on you. You are surrendering to the sunlight. And so you must surrender to the connection to your spirit guides. Now there are modalities that will help you to quiet your mind such as meditation and focusing on the breath to simplify this, go into your deepest state of relaxation by any means that are available to you. Now, this begins to happen, the process is very subtle, you will begin to feel the subtlety of the energy of the guides happening with you. When the guides are coming to you, then they are reflecting to You that which you are wanting to hear. So, in order to be more clear in this there must be the receptor within you that is doing something it is not used to that is I believe there are spirit guides I would like to hear their messages. But you see the messages are delivered in a way that is a vocabulary that is in the beginning not entirely understood. And so certain words, phrases feelings are then transmitted to the receiver that is you. And they may not make sense to you in the beginning. Perhaps you will only receive a word perhaps you will only receive a thought perhaps only a color or a sound you say. And so great diligence and surrender is required if you wish to strengthen this connection. Now why must it be so difficult to say? Why can I simply I see my Spirit Guides idea that is simply like saying that? Why do I not know the lottery numbers? I should just know them And then you shall have them and then you shall have your riches. And then what shall the emptiness be filled? You are a creative, dynamic intelligence. And so that is the essence of what you are, you're required to consistently learn and expand and your capacities are far beyond what you know them to be. You are just beginning to tap into the vastness of the power and magic that you are,

Alex Ferrari 1:05:23
What advice do you have for somebody who is beginning their spiritual journey?

Riz Mirza 1:05:28
Learning, what you are grateful for, or some gratitude cannot be expressed, was simply the roof above your head, or the food upon your plate, they cannot connect to this. The gratitude must be consistent and authentic, perhaps they are only grateful for their dog or their cat. Perhaps they're only grateful for the blanket that is covering their body when they sleep, perhaps they are only grateful for the air they are breathing, or perhaps something of the taste of a fruit or a food, that frequency that energy that spark, in that moment of feeling grateful, must be made very large, meaning the tiniest thing must be made large for you, how do you do that? That is again, where you surrender and you begin to learn that indeed, as was said earlier, your sensitivity is actually your strength, that is your port, you are pure sensitivity, when your sensitivity is open, then your flow of creation happens much more easily. There is a fluidity to it. That is perhaps why you refer to as the channeling. So to begin your spiritual path, you must spend more time in gratitude. In observing the world and breathing, you must slow the breath down, we recommend the physical modality of healing referred to as breath work. You are only alive if you are breathing correct. And so let us begin at step one to breathe, you will calm your nervous system down oh, there is a very interesting point to make. Do you know why most people smoke, whether it is cigarettes or marijuana? Why is probably the only time they are taking a deep breath. It allows them to breathe a deep breath and they then look at the substance in their hand and say thank you to this when actually 50% of the work was done by this.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:35
Do you have any predictions for us on what we can expect in this year and maybe next because the world is so upside down at the current moment.

Riz Mirza 1:07:46
The time of the brute is coming to an end. Men who are sensitive and in their hearts and in their strength shall begin to be seen. You are seeing the climax and the culmination of those who believe that force and judgment and blame and dehumanizing others is their path to power. And this sort of anger shall not promote peace, or well being amongst the people. And so this balanced energy is rising. And what you shall witness over the course of the next two years on your planet is the last dying breath of those who believe that force and aggression shall be the way of the future. It shall not be easy, but it shall be worthwhile. Bless you.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:37
You have any final words for our audience? Hello.

Riz Mirza 1:08:41
I'm ready equal. Welcome to say the final words deal. If you do not surrender to the magic of life. In the magic of life is not only in the pleasant experiences, there's magic happening everywhere at all times. This device that you are watching this transmission on is made of countless particles that are pulsating and radiating. In fact, your phone, your laptop, all of it is breathing. Some people have to take the sacred plant medicine to see the tree is breathing. Everything is breathing. This computer that you are on is not even a solid. There are many many, many small particles pushed together but there is space in between them. All of these particles are pulsating radiating, moving the heavy frequency and yet they're so close together you see it as a solid. But if you are at a higher faster frequency and even tinier, you can move right through this so called solid mess. You are not seeing in real time. Everything you're seeing is at the speed of light and it is not the fastest speed you're only able to see because you are seeing light reflected off of an object back to your eye and that takes time. That means that we're Right now as you're watching this video, you're not even seeing it in real time. And you're not hearing it in real time because it takes time for the sound to reach your ears It travels at the speed of sound. So you're not hearing anything in real time, you're not seeing anything in real time, you're seeing it just a bit after the fact. And you ask, what is the now what is real? You are making do with what you are able to sense. So you hear the sound it seems to be now you watch them out of the channel are moving and you say it is no, then you see it. You see the light, you see this division on the screen, you say I'm seeing it now even though you know scientifically, you're not seeing it. Now. You're seeing it after it reflects back to your right. So what is the present moment. Most of the time when you feel pain, it is because of something that happened in the past. And something you're worried about is going to happen in the future. It is not really the present. So when you're dropping into the present, there is a neutrality. There's a stillness that happens. And that stillness is what you are. When you begin to know this and awaken to this, you will be free.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:21
And I ask you one more question. What is the most important lesson that you would give us today?

Riz Mirza 1:11:28
Your surrender is your victory. You have to know what you're surrendering to. If you surrender to the love and the magic that you were if you surrender to that there's magic happening at all times. And you are not in danger. Oh, you will fight dead one once you you will fight it tooth and nail but here's what is dangerous. Here's what these dangers you have your list. You have so many lists. Well then, Sir, do you want? There's going to be a formula. We'll give you the formula. That is nice. But tell me something more way because you cannot do that one. Although I know that one already. If you knew it, you wouldn't be living it. Bless you! My guides don't play man.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:13
They do not my friend.

Riz Mirza 1:12:16
And so full of love.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:19
How are you?

Riz Mirza 1:12:20
I feel great.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:22
That was intense man and Phineas and Red Eagle. He just showed up. And the energy of the room changed pretty quick.

Riz Mirza 1:12:32
Yeah, it's like they they I've been living with them for a long time. They are kind of like a tag team great professors together, you know, a Phineas, I feel very cosmic and ready was very earthy, and he's just like, Get up and come with me. It's like that energy. He's like the grandfather, big brother, that we need.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:53
My friend that was a pretty, you know, I've done a lot of these, that was a pretty amazing one. Thank you say the least, it was really amazing. You can I mean, I could talk to them for hours,

Riz Mirza 1:13:04
You can just come anytime you will have a great time, man with so much to talk about. I'm really, really grateful to be here and for you guys dropping in and listening to us.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:16
So let me ask you a few final questions asked all my guests, my friend. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Riz Mirza 1:13:22
And you know, I just want to say I you know, I'll say something. And it sounds real simple. It's not what you do. It's not your job. It's how you are doing things, not what you're doing. I find that the happiest people are the ones who will find a way to be themselves. In whatever it is that they do. Whoever it is that they're with, whatever it is that they're encountering, they're staying spontaneous. They're not in their pre planned answers of everything. I used to think it was what you what you do. And I'm realizing it's just how you live. It's how you're doing anything. It's not what you're really doing. I mean, you can always find more interesting, happy jobs, you might say. But it's not all that ultimately, because even then you may get it and you still feel empty. So I would say to that and then on a simpler answer, you got to travel. You have to travel get oh my god you have to travel. By the way. Just want to say something Speaking of which, and I wanted to talk about this, you know, I lead retreats, my wife and I really retreats all over the world we go we have our companies called sacred Earth retreats. And you guys I'm sure you'll put my website You guys sure sure. Sure. Yeah. We just came back from Egypt. I take people to mystical trips into the pyramids I channel on on the sand around the pyramids with our camels, I sit there on the sand and we get messages. And we go to Japan. We're going to Japan next spring. We have an Egypt retreat coming up. And we have a Mount Shasta retreat coming up. Sedona, Arizona, the fourth energy vortex is on the land. And a really special one I just added, which is a paranormal retreat, which is happening in Salem, Massachusetts, in the October staying at a beautiful, beautiful haunted historic site all to ourselves by the sea. And we go into Salem every day, and we're doing channeling and ghost hunts and going into the forest with the local witches there. So if you're interested in that, please go to my website And you'll see all that information. And I do phone sessions. By the way, guys. How do you define God? Love because when I experience love, I'm experiencing God? Of course I am. It's in those moments, you realize that when the baby is born, you realize it when you look in the eyes of someone you love, you realize that when you realize your life, how much it means that God? It's not. It's not a separate being. It's the force. It is. It is. Yeah, what is the ultimate purpose of life, to just surrender. The guides taught me that. Just surrender all the time. Doesn't mean you give up. That's not the same thing. When you surrender to the music, you're not giving up. When you surrender to love. You're not giving up when you surrender to strength, you're not giving up when you're surrendered to a hug. You're not giving up. That's the bullshit. They told you in school, you surrender you lost. It's the opposite surrender, you win, just know what you're surrendering to.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:28
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Riz Mirza 1:16:31
Let's let's try to move away from being a comment society, and really getting annoyed and just tired of everybody just commenting all the time sitting, we're just scrolling and commenting, left and right and saying rude. Nonsense bullshit all the time. Just ridiculous. You look like a fool doing it. Because it's really easy to sit there and just do a computer and just I'm going to type this nasty comment. We need to support each other more, we need to understand that everybody's on a path. And we're not going to get further as a planet or as a race if we don't. And look at all the stuff that's happening where the government is talking about, oh, there are UFOs. And maybe there are alien life forms. Yeah, there are. And they know a lot about them, too. And how are we going to be part of this, the cosmic, I call it the cosmic states, you know, not the United States of America. We're like the whole we're all part of this society that's bigger than us. And that's what's going to happen as we evolve. We're going to be in contact with all of these other civilizations that go now you're ready to be part of us because you're too busy killing each other, and hating on each other. And that's why we're not landing on the White House lawn because you try to shoot us, and then we'd have to take you out. So we're having mercy by not landing on the White House lawn, okay, we're gonna do it behind the scenes while you guys get your shit together and evolve. And then we can have a peaceful conversation. And that's what I see is happening. That's my message,

Alex Ferrari 1:17:51
My friend. It's been a pleasure talking to you. And I appreciate all the work that you're doing to awaken the universe, the planet and humanity, my friend. I appreciate you.

Riz Mirza 1:18:01
Thank you so much, Alex. Much love to everybody. Peace!

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