UK’s Top Psychic REVEALS Humanity’s NEXT STAGE! Brace Yourself for the BIG RESET! with Nicky Alan

Nicky Alan is a born Psychic Medium coming from many generations of gifted Psychics before her. She officially started her psychic work 32 years ago. For eighteen years, she was a police officer, ending as a Major Investigation bereavement-trained Detective in Essex Police. Following medical retirement in 2003 and by public demand, she has achieved a very high profile in the spiritual industry as a full-time Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Writer, and Angel Expert.

Since 2003, she has been a freelance paranormal writer regularly published in mainstream spiritual magazines, including Chat its Fate, Psychic News, Psychic Vision, Kindred Spirit, Paranormal News, and Spirit and Destiny. She is the current columnist in Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune Magazine as The Psychic Detective, UK and Australia. She is also a resident features writer in the international Haunted Magazine. Nicky’s debut spiritual memoir, M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic, was a Number One Amazon hit as the hottest new release in her genre. Her recently published second book, The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium, is a Number One International Bestseller.

She is noted for her international appearances on radio (winner best Show/guest for ‘Angels’ Haunted Devon FM) tours with the late Colin Fry, and TV programs, including Street Seer Gifted channel, A Sister’s Loss, Sky One, Live from Studio Five channel 5 (with Melinda Messenger, Ian Wright and Kate Walsh) Dine with Me (guest Medium) Angels (two seasons with Gloria Hunniford, Glennyce Eckersley and Chris French) and cinema film paranormal documentary The Birdbrook Ghost Hunt. She has carried out European theatre tours, seminars, retreats, and workshops to 3,000 strong crowds on the afterlife and angel phenomena, resulting in a high social media platform.

She has produced many guided meditations and has a successful online spiritual living course, Prism Living. She also helps the public through her spiritual education videos as The Bedroom Guru on YouTube and Nicky_alan_psychic on TikTok. Since her catastrophic road accident in 2012 limiting her touring, she is now pursuing her passion as a Spiritual Author and teacher. Aside from writing, she has a passion for the sea and adores walking her two dogs, Teddy and Mia, on the beaches of Devon where she now lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Nicky Alan.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 338

Nicky Alan 0:00
We need to bring you straight back. We need to bring it back on the path and unfortunately got to go through hell to get through it. So that five years was the best five years of my life. Even though it was I was in bed the whole time and I was alone, most of it. I was shown miracle synchronicity and lessons for me to learn self love. All of my demons were eradicated. All of my mental health issues were eradicated from the abuse, even though I'd had loads of therapy. And they showed me how to live through the dark night of the soul, which is what I was going through.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
I like to welcome to the show, Nicky Alan. How you doing Nicky?

Nicky Alan 0:47
Oh, I'm doing peachy keen Jelly Bean. I'm so excited to be on here. And what I've got to say right before I even start you are so Colin Farrell. I look at you. And you are the actor Colin Farrell. You're so handsome. But you've well, we'll talk about that in a bit. But look at you gorgeous

I'm with royalty here. Now I'm not gonna have to watch my P's and Q's darling, because I'm legend that is Alex Ferrari!

Alex Ferrari 1:19
Oh, my God, this is gonna be a long interview and i love it.

Nicky Alan 1:23
Some headache pills and all sorts of stuff. I'm fighting it. So that's what you have out there. And it Yeah, you're gonna need it.

Alex Ferrari 1:28
This, my dear, thank you so much for those kind words. I appreciate it. I've been looking forward to having you on the show for a while now. And finally the schedules connect. To get in, you've lived a heck of an adventure so far and are continuing to live an adventure. Can you tell the audience a little bit of what your life was like, before you came into your own with your psychic abilities and mediumship abilities.

Nicky Alan 1:57
It was pretty tough doing actually, I've got to say, I was literally my first memories of knowing that I was different. But you know, at the time, I didn't see it as being different. I thought everybody could do it, I started seeing an ebb and flow of energy at the top of the landing when I was about four or five years old. And I kept seeing this white light and I knew I shouldn't really go through it. But I was so connected to it every night I'd actually plane towards there and travel all over the place. And I thought kids could do that. And I used to dream of things that had happened the following day. And so it was a really lovely poetic type of yes spiritual like, you know, up upbringing until my dad passed in a road accident when I was nine. And two days after I was walking out my aunt, the whole family around the house because obviously the grief of it was only 37. My mum was 32 with just three kids. I was the eldest at nine. My brother was five, my sister was nine months old. It was just such a tragedy because my dad is like, he was just larger than life love parties and joking around and the positive signs of light. And he was just the best medium ever. And we came from mediums going way back, way back when I come from a stock of really good mediums. And all of the men are sent the sons of seven sons on the one that broke the mold, darling. Yeah. And I remember he pulled up in his car. And I was walking my dog with my auntie whose husband was in the road accident, but he survived. So you can imagine the guilt he went through. He was a firefighter. And it eventually killed him mentally that he was there and he blamed himself. It wasn't useful. And my dad pulled up fully manifested. Get out. I don't know, I don't even know. I don't know how it all happens. I just accept it. And I go with it. And I share it with everybody else. And he was in his car. And he pulled up and goes, it's okay, Nick. I'm Mariah. And I was like, Oh my God, my mom's just told me my dad's dead. What the hell? And they just pulled off smiling. I'm like, what? So I literally ran back. I left the dog off the leash, ran back to the house and string to the house down. How dare you say daddy's dead. I've just seen him and that's when my dad's dad My granddad Fred, who was the Gandalf of mediums. You know, Doris Stokes, all the famous mediums who used to mix around with he used to go with Scotland Yard and give them advice on murders. But it was all under the carpet then in the 60s and 70s. And he said, You're going to start seeing people that are dead, basically. And he said you're going to see angels he goes through a very special Gulf and very special family. Don't ever show fear. Just know that you're always going to be looked after. And that really did serve me well, because I went through my mom went through a complete breakdown. She became an alcoholic. she'd lost her soulmate. she'd lost her reason for being they were the most And, you know, this is one of the things throughout my whole time as a medium and as a cop as a as a police officer, is that you just think you lose a love of your lives. Why when you've got these people that hate each other, and you're going around every night going, Oh my God, that's the same light, come on, get all our stuff out because it's going to be a fight. And you know, she just her her whole soul broke. And then she ended up being with a very violent man. And I went through many, many years of physical sexual and mental abuse. And so my awareness if you like, of, of the spirit world, the angel realms kind of balled in the background, I resented them a bit thinking, Well, how could they let this poor child as an adolescent be exposed to this monster and my family, you know, and I remember sometimes after like an abusive episode, I'd be rocking. And I would hear, the only way I can describe it is like a very distant radio station playing like someone next doors, play music, and I could hear it's like choir and these songs. And I thought, what the hell's that, and I just saw, it's just me going mental. But during all this time, unbelievably, I had the most strongest resilience, because I was obsessed with wanting to be a police officer. And so I, you know, I literally every time he attacked me in any way, I would go straight to the police station, because I had this massive belief in justice. And eventually, my mom deserted me because I did that I went against this man and groomed her to be submissive. And I ended up becoming a police cadet two days off absolutely two months after my school days, and then I literally qualified into being a police officer ended up bagging him up, he went in he but he didn't go into jail though. He didn't go to jail. And now with massive assaults, and all sorts of things, but he never went to jail. So I kind of had this a lot of, you know, stuff going on in my head, lots of demons. And this is like, oh, I should be laying on a couch love.

Alex Ferrari 7:03
That happens on the show,

Nicky Alan 7:06
And I literally ended up being one of a very young detective promoted detective, the only thing I ever wanted to do was investigate murderers. I was obsessed with murderers, and people that had the mentality and the energy to kill other people. But this is the this is the weird thing. During that time, when I was going through my police career, I would do party tricks. And we will be out, you know, having a beer in a bar, and I go see that man over there. His name's this, he does this for a living, and they'll be Oh my God, I need to do readings at the training schools and all the courses. By 21. I was doing party psychic parties. So I wasn't really taking it seriously. I was kind of, you know, a cop during the day, and then doing the psychic evenings in the night and it started to get around. And then what used to happen was being on the murder investigations, I started seeing the victims. So my predominant job was being a family liaison officer, which we facilitate information between, you know, the detective bureau, and obviously, the people involved the family of the murder victims. And I got a walk here, oh, my god, the murder victims going Hey, and I'm Oh, so you know, Ronnie, Ronnie was one of them. He got he was part of the gang land shooting, which is quite rare. To be fair over here in the UK, not now. But it was back then in the 90s. And he was just standing there next to television. So I'm walking in as a, you know, professional detective. And he's standing there, this big muscley guy really good looking because it literally been shot in the head in front of his wife and his only son on the doorstep. It was a hit. And to walk into that, but he's standing by the TV going, Hey, can you tell him I'm okay, I'm fine. I'm like, Oh, my God. And it was so hard. And it wasn't till about six months later, when I'd really got to know them that I said to her, you do know why. I keep wanting to say to Johnny Bravo. She was talking about and I said, Look, you know that I do psychic stuff. I've mentioned it before. I said, I've seen Ronnie. And so I said he keeps talking about Johnny Bravo. She goes, Oh my God. She goes he keeps changing. The channel keeps changing to Johnny Bravo. Do you remember that series? Of course. Yeah. And he looked like him. He was like really? Like, you know, yeah, duty and his nickname was Johnny Bravo. And they go Yeah, Bravo Get over here. And such because that's his nickname. She goes, Is he here now. So Terry's just standing by the telly. He was here the first day I come here and so it really started to interfere. And you know, with my investigations another one there was a lady that was that was literally found burning in a carpet in a car. She'd been rolled up in a carpet and I went to the same because I was one of the investigate is on it this time more than a family liaison officer. And I felt I needed to go to the scene and I connected with her. So just tell me to show me. And I saw her being rolled up after being throttled by her husband, I know it's the husband. The problem with that is, is that you then take it back to the the office spoken to Tina, and she says her husband killed, you can't do it. So we used to have to pretend to have anonymous calls. And you know, informations come in, but it was me. And then we've got the motive for the killing a very long story short, I went to one girl that was just did inquiries on that was a young daughter of friends of the family. And I saw flashes of her making out with their husbands. And I ended up grabbing her and taking her out. So look, you're in love with him what's happening. And so she said, I, I can't believe he did it. But I said to him, You can't divorce her. She was 15. You can't divorce her, we're just gonna have to stay secret. So in his mind, he thought, I'll get rid of us. So I can be with this young girl. And he got his nephew, he got his nephew. Again, I'm interviewing the nephew going in, you can imagine you sit all the time on the TV. You've got all the cameras on and you're pressing record. I'm like this professional detective walking in. And I'm looking at and I can see him rolling her in a carpet. But this is about and this is the nephew is he's bawling. His eyes aren't in the carpet for a cut of the insurance money. And I'm like, I can't do this. And my partner at the time. You know, my prime partner said, what's happening? I said, I'm getting visions, I can't carry on with this interview. It is involved, the nephews involved. And then the thank goodness and nephew thing, this massive seizure and we have to stop the interview. And, again, a long story short, because obviously, you know, you need physical evidence as well, we found that evidence. But I actually got the motive for the killing because I turned to this girl and said, You're in big trouble. You need to make a statement here, girl, because you're a big trouble girlfriend. And she went, oh my god, I can't believe you know about it. And so in the end, we got the motive for the murder. And it literally she said, I know it killed her because he wanted to be with me. So it was it. You know, it kind of juggled all the time. But I still the reason why I mentioned the abuse is because so many people are loving light and fluffy mediums. And it's so so wonderful. And I found that I resented that when I went my journey that I'm going to say about I resented them being all love and light because it isn't love and light. You know, it's it's hard having your human incarnation down here. And so I had I got retired from the police service. And pretty much had to break down because I had a back injury, I broke my back ripped loads of ribs from my spinal joint picking a dead body up from a crowd. I saved her life, that girl and I didn't even get Thank you. I didn't even get saved. And I got retired from the police service. It's all I've ever known. It was, you know, your family or the police. You know, you've socialized with the police, your neighbors are the police. Everything is about that at the time. It's your family. And suddenly, I was extra extricated from that. And I was like, wow. And then this has given me the spoiler. I'm giving you the spoilers now for my most recent book rise and fall. Because I literally then within a couple of months had my house haunted beyond belief. I'm talking, I'd go past a light bulb and it just go, it'll just smash into the rings. The doorbell didn't know LinkedIn on LinkedIn, permanently, and chandelier swaying above my head.

Alex Ferrari 13:40
I have to stop you there for a second. Because this is interesting, because obviously, you have the ability to see the other side, you see, to see your medium and you're actually seeing you see people that have passed. Isn't there some? And this is from again, my knowledge of mediums and psychics that I've talked to over the years. Isn't there some sort of like, rule that you go like, Hey, I don't want to see you. You know. You have Yeah, so how could How could someone be haunting or groups haunting you?

Nicky Alan 14:13
Exactly. That was the problem. Because as far as I was concerned, like for instance, you know, the psychic part is and stuff. I'd be touring off doing all my little messages to my little readings, closing down, creating a visualization to close out That's enough now, and it would close down apart from obviously when I was in front of murder victim family. I just kept it quiet. But it was out of control. And the partner I was with at the time. He was a firearms expert in the place. And he was like, I just heard that because what the hell was going on and he was hearing it. I literally had people in my bedroom saying Nick and Nikki, Nikki and I'm like, Oh my God, and I thought I was going mad but he could hear it. And so one night I'm gonna go back to the light go back to the light doing all my stuff. And in the end, why don't you just half ass? I need to get up for work tomorrow. And they kind of went quiet then it started again. And then the worst thing was the spirit baby crying. Right? And there was nothing. I couldn't do you know, like that. Right? You know, the young,

Alex Ferrari 15:16
Like a horror movie.

Nicky Alan 15:19
Yeah, it literally was like a horror movie. And I was like, Oh my God, and he goes, you seriously gotta go. And so is that what the hell? So I said, I don't know, I've never had this before, I don't know. And this baby, every room I went into, it would then go into the next room, and I'd walk into the next room. And in the end, I was like, No, during to me what's happening. And I just, I just didn't know I was I had no control over it. I had no control. When dad passed my dad pass on trying to ask them up in spirit world, what the hell. And you know, it just I never followed the church route or, you know, going to spiritually to meetings, that was a busman's holiday. So I'm like, I don't know what to do. I just don't know what to do. It just carried on month after month. And I was getting no sleep. I was getting cranky. And I'm like, everywhere I went, there were things flying off the side. And it was just what the hell's going on. And it wasn't until my friend phoned up, because lots of my friends they kind of settled check a few cards out for me if they want a proper, you know, reading because obviously, they know me, they tend to go elsewhere with someone I recommend. And so she said, I'm going to medium I'm really scarce. We talked about being scared. I said, you probably know me. We love love. And she goes home. No, but my friends cancel. Please come with me. I just want a bit of more support. Right? So okay, then. So we knocked on the door of this medium. She opened the door and it was like a movie. I'm not gonna lie, Alex, right. She opened the door and she just went, the baby will not stop crying until you serve spirit. Oh, oh, hell no, this is what and she went, you need to come in here. She completely ignored my friend would pay for this reading. And she said, You are an ambassador for the spirit world. You have been chosen, you will not you will not know any piece until you work for them. It is your destiny. And she said you've had a massive blur. You've lost your career. But that was never your career. Your career, your vocation in life is to bring your knowledge to the masses. And so she went don't move a muscle so so then my friend goes in for reading she comes out and this woman's just stare at me go oh my god. She was I've never seen such a natural medium in my life. She was you literally have one foot in the spirit world. I said always have it's my family legacy. And so she goes you are coming into my circle next Monday. And I've never sat in a circle or development circle. You know, for people that don't know it literally as you just have a meeting you're invited to a circle. You sit in a devoted energy every week at a certain time you do meditations you bring spirit people in. And you know straight away my first guy turned up and I'm like Blimey, and she even you know said your first guide say this is who he is and that was one of my my Sedona guide and I'm thinking Oh god no to America. Got one of those and she even said his name and that was backed up as a sex all in my book. And then she said you're ready to get on stage I went oh no, I don't think so darling. No, no, no. Because yes you are. And so within a month within a month she had me stand in front of over 100 people at a spiritualist center in grays Essex and I was absolutely terrified. I can't even tell you I was my legs were shaking, sweat dripping down my back. And the thing is because I was like kind of like 34 35 People expect mediums like now because I'm an old fart now. Oh she's old she's got loads of skin on that because most mediums the fat she's got the Webby dress I don't do that. But they've got oh yeah she looks like a medium she's gonna be really good right but I'm turned on I've rocked up in jeans and a flowy top right. And they're like and you could tell they're like she's going to be correct.

Alex Ferrari 19:14
Because you didn't look apart you didn't look the part

Nicky Alan 19:17
The look from up and down going she's rubbish. So I guess you can she was Irish so you can do this. You know that don't you? I know when Aggie you are just mental if you think I'm going to be able to do this. I can't. And all I can tell you is a stood there shaking. She did her bit. Right. And she goes I want to introduce you to someone that literally is at the top but has just started it's Nikki Nikki Ellen had to change my name because I I'll tell you about that in a minute. So I stood up there and I was shaking and literally you could feel that judgment and you're sure that they don't they don't mean to you but they want their mom they want their dad they don't want to be mucked around by some young bird is wrapped up in a jigsaw The Hills Do you know what I mean? Like, lightning coming in. And so I'm like, Oh my God. And then suddenly I remembered having putting this water in and what I was doing this, I think I can't even drink water. So I'm just gonna fry all over me tonight. And so, and suddenly this calm, never gets making me goes do see and emotional flow. This calm came over me and it was like, this is your destiny, this is who you are. And I stood there and suddenly this beautiful man came up to me and said, You've got to tell Robert I'm sorry. And so I said why? And it goes because this is what happened and he showed me walking to a pub over here bar. And he walked in he showed me it was a Royal Oak with the with the oak and top of the bottom top of the bar walked in, went up to rob his best friend, his name was Mark. And he went up to his best friend and goes Hi, Mike. That's just a last point. I'm just off and he goes which mean just off. And he goes no, I don't mean just stuff I just have a slightly too much I love you guys are Don't be stupid. He then literally left the pub got on his motorbike and drove it off a bridge. So I panic to begin with, because I've never addressed an audience of ever with my medium. You know, we used to do these little, little parties. And so I've said, Look, I know I've got someone that I think killed themselves. And I'm thinking oh, you should have said take themselves over. And I'm still you know, I'm criticizing myself and my ego is getting involved, which is the worst thing is to develop a medium. And I said and I know that he went over the bridge, and I know that it was in here it was in grace. And then everybody's like that. And you could hear a pin drop. I'm like, oh my god, I'm so wrong. And then suddenly, again, this feeling come over me. They said you push this, you say what you say? So and I know that this man went into the Royal Oak pub, and then it suddenly started coming and he spoke to rob his best friend. And he said he was having a drink but and I was really reeling it out and it was just spitting out. And she went, oh my god, oh my god. And this woman put her hand up she goes, That's my husband, Rob is his best friend Mark. They drunk at the Royal Oak and he can't live with himself because he never knew that will be his last conversation with his friend. Because he then just drove off a bridge and grace on his bike. I asked God for that. And as soon as that triangular link took place where the person acknowledged it, that was it. Mark was in and he was just rattling out fact after fact, and I stood back and was watching it. That's the only way I can describe it wasn't Trump's boss kind of stepping back, I just let in my mouth to style all Allah, which is quite easy for me. And everybody's going. And everybody started talking amongst themselves. And I'm looking around panicking and Aggies, like you're smashing it. And everybody. Suddenly you can see the energy and they're like, Oh my God, I want to read it from now I want it. She's amazing. I want to read and and it just happened and this woman is crying her eyes out. And she's like, I've got a phone my husband, oh my God, and everybody's cuddling. And I saw the impact of what a medium can do. What a genuine, beautiful natural meeting can do to a person that's holding so much pain. And eventually I ended up meeting Rob and having a one to one with him. And I helped him rid himself of the demons. So it wasn't just about look how clever. It's never been for me never even when I was on television. Even when I was at the top of my industry working with the likes of Colin freind, Durga, co I never was looking at me on imazing it was ant spirit amazing and my God, how grateful I am that I can channel that to someone and bring them healing. That was the most important thing for me. And from that day, I was booked in over 80 churches spiritually centered throughout the whole of the UK. Within six months, I was asked to do my first documentary series which was Do you know the the, Myra Hindley and Ian Brady the most murders of the six children they killed her rific if you mentioned that in the UK is one of the most horrific Child Murders ever took place. They literally would take them and talk to them and buried them on the Moors up in Yorkshire. And I was asked to go and do that and I literally just stood like a robot in these hundreds of 1000s of acres and said this is where one was buried. This is where the other ones bury. And I just literally turned into a walking talking and tenor for the spirit world. And then suddenly the angels started coming in I'm like yo and this is super foot bloke standing me Oh, why? I Miko and this sword in this blue cloak. I'm like that's nice. Oh, yeah. And a lot of it came to me I like because I've never read about it. I've never you know, my Nana. My granddad and my family would have tarot cards when I was a kid and tea leaf reading so I never studied it or read about it. And I still am organic now. To this day, I don't. It's like I just for instance, I don't know if you've heard about this I never have. But little while ago, I went up in a meditation and spoke to Juliana's what my mind soul guide, right? I ate my diet. I'm like, oh, but they are. So that's the only way to call them my mate. So I called them but I suppose you got to call them guides. And he said to me you need to talk about the Schumann residence and I thought he said, the Schumann residence. Right. So I'm thinking I'm really good. I've learned something new here. But it's the Schumann resonance. Do you know about that? I do not. I didn't have a clue. And so he said, You got you need to mention this, because you need to lift the vibration of the planet because everybody's in crisis with a money situation with politicians with, you know, all of the global disasters, the what pretend, you know, the potential war with Russia and the Ukraine, and it goes, you need to lift them and you need to talk about the Schumann residence. I'm not I've never heard of it. It's the same with the angels, they will come down, you know, because what happened? I'm really in it all out now, because it's the most incredible roller coaster ride of my life. Because when I then literally from that time, rose to such heights. It brought a lot of jealousy. I will say that from fellow mediums like, Well, how was Nikki Allen come from? Yeah, well, we do in the development circles. We didn't see a training, you know, and there's a brilliant I don't want to do a spoiler on it. But in the book, there is the most juicy, yes, sexy, this bit where someone talks to me like a piece of garbage. And then a couple of weeks later, because I said to her, Do you mind if I kind of practice in your church? Who were you? And then two months later, she's phone a few months later, she's funny. We'd love to have you here. She didn't realize it was me. And then I turned out, it was just absolute sexiness. And then suddenly, the TV opportunities and I was working with legends I've done if you know GLORIA Hunniford, she's one of our national treasures here. And I was doing a series of angels. And there was documentaries going and I was doing magazines all over the world doing radio. And so it just went bang. Before I know of sitting in front of TV things and having chauffeurs. I'm like, this is random. And then Colin Frey approached me and said, You need to come work for me. I need you with me. You're just you know, you're the new Doris Stokes, you've got a direct line to heaven, I need you. I want you working with me. And so I was touring with him. And obviously he sadly passed in a and then I literally thought the world I've got the world for me to show that there's an afterlife as well as Angel realms. And I was loving it. I thought my purpose was to show that the afterlife is real. It's so how people can say, Oh, we just die. I just can't even compute it. Because I see spirit people every single day. I see miracles and synchronicity all the time, so I couldn't get that. Then what happens? I have a road accident. And I get taken out like that. And within three or four months I'm fighting because I'm suddenly got this chronic fatigue and chronic pain and I can't work out what's wrong with me. I'm in bed all of the time. I was dragging myself out of bed to do a show, and then come back and go and sleep for the next few weeks. So I had to do another one. And I was fighting into eventually my partner at the time cleared me out. He stole 65,000 pounds of mixers in a wheelchair. And I then lost my house. I had a holiday home in Devon where I live now that got repossessed and a very long story short and this is my first book me myself and I have a psychic which was my journal throughout I literally ended up with me and fibromyalgia me you know as chronic fatigue syndrome over in the States and I became homeless right months.

You've had this I got you know you you resonate with this because you when I say Colin Farrell energy with you, you have got the most open, beautiful, sincere, wonderful heart. But you've also known toughness, you've known street smarts you've known and there's this robustness in you within Colin Colin Farrell energy, but there's also this beauty within you. And no, it's absolutely true and your energy is that use I remember I don't you know I can't remember Did you say it or I just had it in my head. It's so hard sometimes to get voices in your head. You're not bad. But you are a channeler you're you are a subconscious Channeler so what you've done is you could have easily have taken the Hollywood route, the TV route producer at which I feel you're still doing anyway. But your subconscious channeling energy has got the most strongest energies coming from the As opposed to saying, Do this channel, do this. And it's it is great because it's what you do present and you're doing your productions and stuff. But you're enabling, you're enabling people to have a voice and your platform, I assume, because I haven't I obviously, I haven't known you for a while. But I assume it's just gone bang, like minded, back in the day, because mine's just sank, which we'll say about in a minute. And it's because you're enabling people with a voice because most people view what we have to say people are talking if things aren't tangible, are in the back, you know, the back pages with the psychics in the ads, you know, but, but you are giving a platform and you are bringing credit to the people that are trying to bring an awakening to the planet because this is the time it has to happen. This is the time it started 2012 It started 2000 Bringing the millennial children in just getting a bit deep on the philosophy now. And then it started again, 2022 and then 2023. This is when it needs to happen. Right? And this is why the resonance of that the Schumann Resonance is now starting to vibrate harder and you are bringing that. So you have just bought so much awakening and knowledge to the planet. Don't ever forget that and what you don't appreciate your urine.

Alex Ferrari 31:15
I appreciate that

Nicky Alan 31:16
My 50 quid for saying that. Is it now?

Alex Ferrari 31:20
I'll send you some PayPal or Venmo later. No, it's fairly interesting, too. Because, you know, it's a lot of the things that are you saying about what's happened to you and your journey? It's kind of already happened to me because I'm, I came out of nowhere. You know, in the in the spiritual space, I have no spiritual credibility. Like, I know

Nicky Alan 31:41
A lot about you. You say, This is what I don't know what to know a lot about who I'm talking about. So I can let it organically flow what I observe about someone.

Alex Ferrari 31:49
Yeah, it's I had no street credibility. You know, like, when I opened up my podcast in the filmmaking space, I've been in the film industry for 25 years. So I could talk, very care, you know, very, very educated about the highs, the lows at work with big movie stars and big productions. I've done everything in the film industry at one point I have done. So when I opened up that podcast, it made sense. I'm like, Yeah, I could talk about this. And I could talk about that because I do it. I am I am it. But when I was told to do this, I was just like, you can say, I have no street credibility. I have no, I had no one who's gonna listen to me about spirituality. And they're like, just do what you do. And it started to grow and grow in January of 2022 is one, I took it seriously. Okay. I took it seriously January 2022. And then took about six to eight months and October exploded. So we went from 75,000 views in a month,

Nicky Alan 32:47
Some lucky I don't bloody get that

Alex Ferrari 32:50
1.1 million in a month, that same month, and now we're averaging about 10 million a month.

Nicky Alan 32:56
That's what I'm saying. You are chosen. This is what I'm you know, this is I'm at the beginning of this now, because what happened was is that I ended up five years in bed

Alex Ferrari 33:09
Before Nicky, before you continue, I have to ask you because you have very deep insight on the spiritual, your spiritual path, your soul journey, your soul blueprint, your soul contract. Why did this happen to you if you were doing everything correctly? And according to plan, why was this derailment because this is a massive derailment. Why is that?

Nicky Alan 33:32
Because and this is why I mentioned my past, I was a very angry person for the abuse that I sustained. That's why I mentioned it. It wasn't I feel sorry for me, because I knew that would be relevant because I know you're gonna ask this. I'm psychic. I'm joking. But it's heartless. And the thing is, is that even now, and I don't want people to misconstrue this, even though you know, I was doing 5000 Crowd strong theaters sold out everywhere. Everywhere I went, everything sold out. I had like, all of my workshops, seminars sold out years in advance. It was just crazy. Like, you know, 6000 people on a waiting list for reading it was just ridiculous. I was but I wasn't absorbing it myself. So I was doing this machine, but I was still living with my demons because I had so much abuse that it was you're not worthy, you're useless. You are. You're just feel and that's what I was told all the time. And that's what I believed. And so there was kind of like an unhealthy and unhealthy push to help humanity. I want you to people please I want you to save an empath has got that skill. I just had an old go across them. There was an impasse or obviously do have that that they want to save. They want to help and that's where they end up in relationships with, you know, alcoholics, addicts and saving people and they end up with the worst partners. But I'll tell you about that in a minute. happy ever after. It's the All spoilers for the books but I've got one I've got no spoilers for that one yet that's coming out soon but anyway, so I had that his people pleasing thing and I was absolutely exhausting myself wanting to give everybody everything and everybody knew me for and all the theaters the staff the crew, I'd go over half now so just wanted to give that a little bit more. I kept pushing myself to give it and so what happened was had the road accident this thing I was with, who was a gambler had drink problems he was a caller a scammer I didn't know because it was part of my path not to know how just don't even go there. And he just cleared me out and as a sales homeless or sofa hopping with my two little dogs couple of dustbin bags, and that was it. I lost everything. Apart from the shot on my back. Thank God I had that was would scare people. And what I was sad, and most of you get emotional. I always do when I talk about this. So I ended up magically This is so funny. This is so funny. I was staying at my friend's house and my nan come and visit because I literally let off one night, I was in so much pain and I was so lost and so desperate and so suicidal, I wanted to die. The pain was so excruciating. I was on morphine, and they couldn't work it out. And in the end, I said, Oh, you got me Fibromyalgia off you go. And I thought that was just rubbish diseases that, you know, hypochondriacs made up. I'm so wrong. It's so nice rific pandemics of our, you know, our century. And I was laying there and I couldn't move my hands. I was like, you know, I was incontinent. And my eyes were bulging out of my head. They're in so much pain. And I just went what that F word? What is going on? One minute, yeah, hold me and get me to work. I hate you. And I was screaming out. And then my nan just came in and said Go turn your phone on. When nine gets she was just my grandma was just one of my guardian angels at the time. And I thought, oh, that's cry from from the spirit world and told me to put the phone on what the hell so turned it on. And this advert came on for this cottage. And this cottage I thought it can't be that can't be the cottage I used to. And years ago, I used to drive past this, this really old Victorian cottage by a cemetery. And I used to joke to my friends and say I'm gonna live there one day because it's in a cemetery with dead people. And I love old buildings. And it was by the sea. And she and then they said, go there. So the following morning, I thought well, you know what, I've got nothing else. So I said to my friend are staying with Can you drive me I couldn't drive I was literally so disabled. And so wanting to die. I just was looking at the morphine every day thinking, I want to go home. But then I started losing my faith thinking there isn't a home I'm just gonna die anyway, good. I was in that energy. And I literally, we went down to his cottage. And as we got closer and closer when you got to be kidding me, turned up. And it was a cottage that I've been saying for years in jest. I'm gonna live there. I had no money, right? This is how it works. This is how it works. And this is what I'm trying to tell people every day now. I had no money. And I walked up, it was on the ground to the cemetery. It's where the cemetery lodge keeper used to live, right? And it was in the middle of nowhere. And I knew I needed to be away from people from technology. And it was surrounded by forests and rivers, there was a river running down the bottom of it. And I said I'm I'm moving in here and my friend said, you haven't got any money, darling. And I'd love to lend you some money for rent, because I haven't got it. And so I said Doug Murray to find out suggests I want to take this guy looking at me like you haven't got any money. I mean, yes, I'm going to take the cottage plays, and she went, Okay, then. So she goes, do you actually want to go? No, I don't want to have a look. I know what it's like, I want to take it. So okay, then well, we need to go through, you know, doing the credit checks. And I'm like, okay, so Janet is looking at me, my friend like, this is not gonna go well. And I just knew it. And so I just said, Yeah, okay, do it. Right. I have got no clue because I was then in a black link because my house had been repossessed. My home had been repossessed, I was like, blackballed. It went through. And then my friend randomly said, I think you need a bit of help. I'm gonna lend you 5000 pounds because I know you're gonna get it back. And when do why don't you I just want to help you. I'm like, okay, so that gave me the rent money for a few months. The credit rating went through complete miracle. And literally when I got in the cottage, I remember a voice saying this is your sanctuary when you're here to heal. This is the most peaceful part I'm not gonna lie, Alec's had the lights on for the first seven days because I literally, the first grave was about five foot away from my lounge. And literally, I was surrounded by graves everywhere. And it was pitch black, no superficial light, there was no houses. It was just a forest in a cemetery. And I thought, oh my god, this is gonna be haunted. And then people said, oh, you know, someone hung themselves in the morgue, just just outside the house. I'm like, Oh, lovely, thank you very much. Nothing, it was the least haunted place I've ever been in my life. And then literally, within a few days, that's when it started. That's an I literally, I want to kill myself. The one thing that stopped me was my dogs. But then I remember going back a few years, my dad from the spirit world have visited me to tell me that was gonna go through all this. But that's when the angel started. And I had the seraphim, which I didn't even know they were, and they were the ones. When I heard them come into the room. I thought, Oh, my God, I don't believe this. And now I'm going to take you back to when I was rocking after I'd received abuse. That Jr. Told you bet the radio in the distance. It was the same song. Oh, and they said, we've been you. We've been with you since that whole time. And we're sorry, you've had to do this. But you went so far off your path. And you need to serve humanity. But you also need to love yourself. And you need to own our energy when you work. And you've never done that. We need to bring you back. And then my guide Juliana's came in and the reason I knew they were there is this whole dark shadow come over the dogs reacted. So they were barking in the doorway where they were manifesting. So I knew that I wasn't hallucinating. I knew it was real. And they basically showed me standing in brambles overgrown, and they show me the path I should be on. And Juliana's. Again, it's in my book said, my darling child, when I was I went for a healing session, do you honestly think we would have put you through this pain we need you were straight, so far off your path because of your ego, because you didn't feel that you deserve to good enough. We need to bring you straight back. We need to bring it back on the path and unfortunately got to go through hell to get through it. So that five years was the best five years of my life, even though it was I was in bed the whole time. And I was alone, most of it. I was shown miracle synchronicity and lessons for me to learn self love. All of my demons were eradicated. All of my mental health issues were eradicated from the abuse, even though I'd had loads of therapy. And they showed me how to live through the dark night of the soul, which was what I was going through materialistically and mentally, spiritually, physically. And they slowly brought me through and then you know, my Nan would visit and say, try this drug. And I tried this drug and it got me out of bed. And then an angel will come in. And it was amazing. One day, I was obsessed with power blow. And I was sitting there and I remembered that I had this old pale blue cushions. I had to have them around me on the bed. And I went downstairs and in the middle of the hallway was a Powell Blue Angel like a figurine on a Powell Blue Ribbon. I thought that it was that from so Oh, well take it up to the bedroom. And then I remember this voice saying I'm racking well. I'm like, that's nice to read of you love pleasure. I like never heard of you. Because I'd never studied I don't study anything. I wait for them to tell me then I Google it like my previous life in Rome. That's another story. And so I went oh, that's nice. Are you and I'm still angry because a lot of people said, oh, yeah, but you know, you're preaching to the converted, you know, you're already spiritual. No, I wasn't I hated them with a vengeance. I was the least spiritual person. I had lost my faith, completely. I hated them. I was suicidal. I just wanted to die. But I couldn't leave my dog. So I'd seen what happened to people that kill themselves on their own and their dogs are left there for data couldn't do that. That's the only thing that kept me alive. And so he said, I'm going to help you. I said, are you really that's nice, do a bit still bit London, whatever, whatever. He said, You need to make the phone calls now. Because I had literally all of the people turning up banging on the door phoning me you owe this money, you owe that money, you know, and I had two other people coming in, because all the debt had been passed over to all these people that were coming in the credit agencies. And I said we've taken everything I don't know what else you can do and I couldn't handle it mentally. And this rocky well said trust me make the phone calls. So after I'd heard this voice, I googled the name rhaggy Well, and he was the Archangel of balance. sights. And he helps with debt and bringing material balance back and harmony and justice and works on the Powell blu ray. And design journal Powell blur on oh my god, it just you couldn't make it up. There was so many things even when I read my book now, sometimes I just don't know. I think my God did that really happened seriously because I think did that it did happen. And within a day, within a day, I had got rid of 65,000 pounds worth of debt. He's just said to me speak your truth. So I just picked up the phone. I was lucid because you get brain fog. I couldn't hold things. Sometimes I was blind. Sometimes I couldn't hear. And I picked up I'm just went Do you want to take money from a disabled person that most of us never going to work again? Because I've got nothing to take to you. If you want to take me to court, please do. But you'll have to come and pick me up in a wheelchair. Oh, hang on a minute. Yeah, we'll just clear that debt. Don't worry. And it was all cleared within a day. And this was Archangel Ragu. And that's how I learned all of these angels. It wasn't from reading a book. It was Hello, this is who I am now. I'm Raphael and Rio green all around me. I do healing do that's nice. That's how you start. And then it came to a stage where they took me through everything through affairs I'd had in my past abusive relationships because you attract it as an empath. You attract narcissists, because you don't feel good about yourself, the abuse, that my mum married the fact my mum abandoned me throughout the death of my dad, they took me through the whole lot, it was the biggest spiritual bootcamp of my life. And I remember one day, I thought, right, I looked and I remember looking at the morphine, because I was incontinent, I was laying on towels, I'd carers and I just didn't know that the prognosis was, I'd never walk again, I would never be up and about again. So that's it, you just gonna rot in bed, and I thought, You know what, and I thought, I'm gonna have to sort out the dogs, get them to stay somewhere. And I'm just going to do it that I'm going to do it. And then I sat there one night, and I had the OT that had the morphine in my hand. And I thought, All I got to do is drink this bottle. And that'll be the end of it. And then I just saw, but is it do I really want to go and I thought, You know what, I don't want to go I don't and something just made me and this is the funniest thing. You can I love this. So I come down. And first of all, I walked through the cemetery and I had a hurricane lamp, and a white, white flannel it gown, right facing gown. And I walked through and I was just walking through I don't know why is walk through the cemetery, I nearly created a road accident, because a car was coming down the road and saw this

Alex Ferrari 47:49
Very ghostly, very

Nicky Alan 47:52
Got the bush, oh, my God. And then I've just kind of laughed. And so I'm not going to live or die tonight. What you're going to do, Nick, are you going to go for it and drink that bottle. bit like Alice in Wonderland, you're going to drink it, or you're going to live it. And I started thinking back of the eight the angels that come the surfer mctominay protected this place. And I thought and I looked up it was a full moon. It was blinking phrasing, it would have been nice if it was their lights. But you know, Texas, and it was freezing. And I just took my robe off. And I was naked. I just needed to be naked to show my vulnerability and the fact that I was just surrendering. And I just looked up to the moon I said, I'm totally surrendering to you, I am going to literally get I am literally going to pull my face back now. You've had me, You dragged me kicking and screaming. I said, show me show me the why and show me how I can help humanity again. And I just literally dropped on the floor crying my eyes out naked in the middle of the cemetery freezing cold. And then the following day, the following morning, I had a hamper on the doorstep from one of my friends who said we really miss you. Here's some food. Here's some stuff for you. We know you haven't got any money. And then that started this thing of me reaching out because I'd been this big, big detective and I need your help on this. And I was suddenly reaching out and said I need help. And that's what most people don't do because they feel it's a weakness. It's a strength. And I started reaching out saying to people, I need help. I need you to help me. I need you to brush my hair. I need you to bathe me. I need you to take me to healing I need you. And slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly. I started to see spirit people again. There was a cease gardeners that were doing that that used to look after the cemetery and one of them. I said, I think it's in the book actually. I said I've got this lady right next door. It's my first person in years because I've literally cut them off. So she's got a beige suit on and I can't remember that. So she's talking about sharing mugging goes now are we talking about love and I went and I started crying and went back in the house. And then then I got on this new drug this low dose Naltrexone and I thought My computer died. And I thought that's random because it's a new one. I just bought it. So I thought, I'm gonna leave, I'm gonna have a new computer. And I sorted out my debt. And somebody offered it at a really cheap price. I said, I'll have it, but the battery had gone. So that's really weird. So I literally was so proud of myself because I took a drive up to the computer shop and he said, Leave it with me. And on the way back was a place I used to work at used to do workshops at a big community place a big old mansion. And I walked in there and there was a lady sitting there. And I just said to your mom passed, she went, Yes, I said, sure has if you've got a husband called Dave, who works in cemeteries went Yes. And I went, Okay, so I said, if I told you about a lady with a beige, which went, Oh, God, God, anyway, turns out, it's a first day out after four months. And the woman that I was describing to her husband was her mum. And he just went no, no, no. And suddenly, it was back and it was there. And I realized that my path from then on wasn't just to prove the afterlife, I still do it. I still do zooming and mediumship and that kind of thing. But it was to be the guiding hand, to people going through darkness, you know, the dark night of the soul, or to go through crisis or darkness while they're down here. So, you know, one of my biggest things is to educate people awaken them so that they can live a more lateral life have one foot in like I do now. Never been so happy. I've met the love of my life, my soulmate. And it's just this I ordered, I taught me how to cosmic order. So I now live by the beach, never thought I would I got a house, don't ask me how I got it mortgage free. I've got no mortgage. It's just incredible. And so suddenly, in the last year, it's then been well, come on, you need to start doing this online business. And I'm like, Ah, I can't be doing that virtual staff. So I've only just started out doing really pushing my energy towards my YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook, on my website. And then things like the QR tarot cards came, you know, they just said to me, you need to do this. And they've started these Angel people. And these guides are started introducing me to technology stuff. So they said, do a QR tarot cards. And I'm like what you're talking about. And so I created, they taught me about my tarot card, that you have a QR code on the back, nobody's ever done it, and you click on it to learn Tarot. And there's a video of me or my friend, given the description of the cards instead of having to look up in the book. And it's just done massive fire all over, you know, us, England and Australia. And all I want now is it's just to grow my community, you know, and I see people like you and wonderful Jeff Mara, who's a wonderful friend. And I think that's what I need to do. Now I need to grow my awareness through online because for me sitting here doing this, and I'm so eternally grateful to you, I can't say that enough. It doesn't hurt me as much as me having to go touring. Because of my condition. I've still got my condition, I thought, hang on a minute, are you not going to heal me completely, then he doesn't do that. But you know, through my first book, me myself and I have a psychic. The people I've reached worldwide that have got chronic fatigue syndrome, any chronic illness, if you've given me a reason to live, you show me that we're not alone, you've shown me that I can get through my darkness. So that's what I'm here for to bring people through the darkness. And so now it is open it is as you know, and you're you're meant to be doing this, that's why it's gone. Bang, I'm just waiting for my bang. So I've only got 15,000 subscribers, I'm not with the wizard, Big Bang,

Alex Ferrari 53:52
Bang, bang might come sooner than you think. As this gets released.

Nicky Alan 53:57
Because as I said to you now I'm going over to Florida to do a conference in October, which I can't believe I just so excited about that. I don't know why I say I can't believe but I get so I haven't got my demons anymore that I thought I don't deserve it. But I'm so Wow, the vast may I'm just so grateful. And so happy. And so in touch with myself now. And so, I operate so much self love, which I never thought I could do because I was so damaged, so damaged. And so I just want to bring that to everybody else, that that feeling of being alive and awake.

Alex Ferrari 54:34
What's so beautiful about your story, Nikki is that on the outside, everything seemed to be running on all cylinders, which was your career, and you were very famous and you had money and it seemed like it but because you had not worked internally on yourself. It was you were living two different lives essentially, in that year because if you'd don't deal. And I come from Hollywood. So Vegas very much understand that world of people like I'm perfect. And in the background, they're just the most damaged human beings.

Nicky Alan 55:11
Oh my god, they're the worst celebrity amount of, you know, people that came to me and they were the worst. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 55:19
Yeah, it's, you know, as a director, you deal with them on a very intimate level. So you see, you know, you spend 12 hours a day with somebody, you figure it out pretty quick, a week or so. So I think this is a really great lesson for people listening is that just because the outside looks perfect, or you feel like, Hey, I got my career, I got this, I got that if you don't deal with that baggage that you had to deal with, like, for me, it was writing my first book, which was about my trauma with the mafia and making the 20th almost making a $20 million movie with the mob and yes, it's nice my first book, but I was 26 year old kid, I almost I almost made it. I was basically caught up with the mob for a year because they wanted me to make a movie about this ex gangster was a $20 million movie. My my offices were in a horse racing track. It's genius. It one day will be made into a movie. And then and then Hollywood took me seriously. And then I met the biggest movie stars in the world and billion dollar producers. I'm in Hollywood be you know wined and dined I went, I went to Batman's house. Literally, literally, so But that experience scarred me for because I was my life has been threatened on a daily basis. You know, I was like this, this I was in a very abusive relationship, verbal, and sometimes physical abuse with this gangster, who was like Joe Pesci from Goodfellas. And I did that for a year. And feeling you know, just feeling without any power powerless and, and you know, but then it's like the carrot kept dangling because you're like hanging out with Batman, okay, this kind of stuff. But that trauma, I hold on to it until my 40s Till I said, I kind of break through this, I wrote my book, and that kind of exercised a lot of those demons. And then I did the audio book, and that exercise some more demons. Yeah. And I feel that once I make the movie, one day, that will probably put the nail in the coffin of that of that. I mean, I think you should I think you should you and Meryl, I think you and Meryl should be fantastic and Meryl Streep will be fantastic together. So you've talked a lot about the dark night of the soul. That you know many of us go through in life. We're here everybody is no one who gets a free pass. If you incarnate no one has a perfect life all the way through. Something has because if not, what's the point of this situation? Like you don't come down here? Just for vacation? Generally speaking, yes, there are vacation. Yeah, it was jet but generally speaking, there's still some something happens during during life. You can't all be, you know, all be you know, peaches and rainbows. But so this dark night of so we're talking about individually? Can you talk about what you have seen for humanity? Because there seems to be so much stuff happening. You kind of mentioned it with the potential of war and the money and the politics and the division. It seems like everything's going to hell in a handbasket. Yeah, I'd love to hear from a psychic mediums point of view what the spirit world has to say about where we're going in the next six months, a year, five years, 10 years.

Nicky Alan 58:45
This is incredible, because I was actually told it inadvertently back in 2014. During my time I was in bed, I was writing my diary of what it felt like to be completely abandoned. Ill blob and blob which is the first book. But then I had the most incredible dream, the most lucid, incredible dream. And I thought it was a psychic dream for me to write a fictional book and I wrote it within three months. And it's called Earth walkers children's a light and I'm going to have to run it by my editor to see if he thinks is a bit too close to the nub of what's going on. But basically, I was already told this back in 2014. So the story was is that there will be maths. This is how I write my story. Basically what happens is there's a call of different beings from different dimensions, different planets, whatever you want to say, right? And they all come together and they say to the source, God, whatever you want to call him. We got a massive problem. Earth is really not doing well. It is it's totally been abused. Plant planet animal plant lands humans themselves. So it's just we need to eradicate it again. We really do. Okay, this is most All right and then let's pretend he's God it's not but you know this calling God for the sake of goodness. And he says right it goes but I really it's like my my first planet I ever created I've got a bit of a you know quite a passion for it. And so so right well what do you want to do so we eradicate it straightaway and what we'll do is we'll take all of the higher beings you know, the people that are already awake, take them to another planet Well, there'll be absolutely fine because telekinetically there'll be okay with light you know, the other dimensional beings and then to slip the rest just diminished to start again. So there's no nine goes what we'll do is we'll send three angels down three angels who work no sorry fight Oh, my God have lost me I'm thing for angels down. And they will basically influence some children and we'll create things called the happenings to wake the planet up so that they suddenly change and everything will be brought back to where how it should be. So so well as agonal happen what happens you guys and so the first happening is I actually write this I don't know if you knew about the the attack in the arena at Manchester, when erotica or when surname Rana grande I can't remember a name now

Alex Ferrari 1:01:14
I run on it. Yeah,

Nicky Alan 1:01:18
Well, obviously, there was a tackle actually wrote about the terrorist attack in the arena. And but I actually the bombs halted. So basically, I then started talking about all of the terrorism so that started to raise questions with the politicians in my story, I then just loads of thing, combinated disasters, I came to where I was angry. So all the disasters started. So I put it started, I wrote about tsunamis that took place. And then I write about volcanoes that took place. And then I wrote about the devil, as such, you know, because it's fiction, that Lucifer rises to the planet because of the surge of energy of everybody going down because of the you know, this cryptocurrency and the politicians and everything and all this hate and the war, he manages to manifest on the planet and creates a condition where he could get his army together. And how he will get his army is is his energy was infiltrated into a human, if he touched other human, they would get infected. And if they survived, after seven days, they remained one of the loose of his army, or they just died. And it was through touch. And so basically, I was predicting COVID. So all through it, were all the predictions of what was to come. And then the next book is all about how the politicians and the UN and everything's all completely unjust. And it was exposing all the power people exposing all the money, people and the manipulation, and it culminates in a huge turnaround and everything's lovely at the end of it, but I've stopped writing the rest of the books because I thought, is there going to be happy after? So when the Schumann resident reds and UK still call it residents when the Schumann Resonance came up with Juliana so what what's happening? I said you that book you made me right? That's not fiction is it? You went? No. He said, We are under judgment at the moment, we're in the most severe crisis of our lives. So what's happened is I bought the millennial children into these children. Perhaps I've got Down syndrome, ADHD, autism, and they're trying to show unconditional love. You see how loving they are and how beautiful their souls are. And they're having more knowledge so they're starting to remember previous lives and children don't lie. So we've got an issue on the previous life things like ghost in my child, you know, like that series that was on whether remember the previous lives, they stopped and this is all in my book, they start to infiltrate, credible people, Dr. Eben Alexander, people that were brain surgeons, doctors are now saying, I've seen this, I've seen that I've done this, I've done that I've seen aliens and under. So they start to infiltrate the energy of credible people that aren't just the nap loops that were born psychic, do you know what I mean? And so they're starting to try and bring this awareness. Now what's happening is is that they're trying to expose politicians, people in power, they're trying to expose and make it so bad that people will revolt against things like the cryptocurrencies, things like the crisis of living I don't know what it's like over there. But here it's ridiculous. People are going to food banks, nurses, police officers can't afford to feed their children all culminating into a huge massive volcano of revolt and a reset. So I said well, how's it going to be reset? They honestly that valium up there with me because I go year back. So he said, WhatsApp is a heartbeat is getting louder, so So what's the heartbeat? And that's when I thought we said the Schumann residence. He said the Schumann Resonance is revolting against everything that's happening, the spikes of energy that used to bring he said that used to be Paying winter to spring to summer is now not loud enough. It's staying in a winter element. And he said, so we've got to sit and wait and wait for the resonance to reach people. And he goes part of what you do. And you Alex and all of the other people that trying to bring the knowledge in like we're doing at the conference. The Galactic conspirator informers conference is trying to bring people awareness and make them awake. It's like this, this local thing with the US Congress. I predicted that ages ago that some will say yes, there is non biological intelligence wherever he said, like he's basically saying, yeah, there is aliens. And we do have spacecraft so made you remember when that happened in the and is that fake? Is it not? But slowly, he made it feel like it was an implosion. Giuliana said, there'll be an implosion, where everything is going to be exposed. But he still left the scows hanging. So I said, Well, are we going Egon eradicate us? Are you going to take us to another intelligent planet? It goes possibility. I'm like, Oh, my god. I can't say that to people. And so it's it's a possibility. He said, but the more people that are awake, and the more people that stand up for the justice, and the more people that push and strive to expose the power people, Elon Musk, and the gates and all the rest of them and all that. It rose and Charles he told me all these names, I don't even know what they are. I've tried Rothchilds Yeah, was it rough chop. So there you go. So I don't I don't like reading or learning things because I want it organic from the source. And then I'll say to people, they might think, Oh, God, you're thick. I don't care. I want it organic from him. So he kind of quoted these names, to say that they're in so much control of everything and manipulating everything. And it goes plus your boosts of each other at the abuse of animals, the abuse of young children abuse of the planet. It says it's all coming to an implosion that he's left it in nice scouse. So it's almost like it's down to us to revolt. It's down to us to stand our ground. For instance, when we had dirt, I don't know about five minutes cities that they were going to impose on us where we are done if you had it over there. But basically, we weren't allowed to travel more than 50 minutes out of our area where we live more than 100 times. If you did, then you get fined. And there was bollards and armed police and they went around town. They started implementing. And it started in Oxford, which is like, you know, mid, mid mid England. And they all revolted. They just ripped all the cameras down, they smashed the balls down. So we're not doing it because the government thought, don't worry, we'll play with that, like we did with the COVID. And we'll keep them doing this. We'll keep them doing that. But they revolted. And so its strength in spirit, its strength in standing our ground and our rights to humanity and freedom that's going to free the whole world. If we sit in allow it to be, then I don't know what's going to happen to be honest with you. However, the resonance that's taking place at the moment is just it's like shaking the wheat from the chaff. It's shaking out the gold from the sale. And it's showing humanity's gonna win. And all of the scum that have created this whole for all that's going on at the moment will be exposed. And so it's a waiting game. It's a waiting game. And you know, it's like, for instance, I recently did a celebrity Snoop for Donald Trump. I think it's going to be back at President again, I don't know if he could or couldn't I don't even know what's going on with him. But I saw justice, I saw a few things he's guilty for. And then I saw that he's going to be back President again. And then I initially thought he was someone that was like the rest of them. But protect perhaps he is someone that has got something to say. And he's standing his ground against all the people that are trying to make him a puppet, I don't know. But all I know is is that the small Juliana's gave me was, we've got a rough ride, but it's going to be worth it. So it's almost like the planet is like how I was the planet is like in the brambles, and there's a path we need to get back on for it to resonate properly and to run properly, and for humanity be restored because there's nothing but hate and violence and fear of third world war. And that Putin, you know, Russia, it's just, I can't even I don't watch live TV anymore. I can't do it. I just don't want to connect with it. And so he smiles and says it will come. And so there's a Sorry, go on darling.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:30
So no, it's so it seems like and I've heard this from others on the show that everything needs to kind of be the old has to be torn down. The old systems have torn down reset exposure for these new systems to come up. So something as simple as energy. If tomorrow we wanted to put an electrical grid on the internet or a solar panels on every single house in the United States that can that make sense for that to happen, we could switch over to solar and renewable energy like that, really, there's, there's still going to be places that you need, until technology changes, you're going to still need fossil fuels. But you could diminish it dramatically. If there was a will to do it. If there's, if there's a deal to do it, just because that's one of the reasons why corn costs, pennies, and meat costs pennies over here, it's cheaper to buy a burger at McDonalds than it is to buy some broccoli.

Nicky Alan 1:10:30
Yes, it is. And that's the same here. It's almost like they're encouraging people to go downhill with their health as well. And then obviously, our NHS system, you I know that you have private insurances out there. And I don't think they're trying to push us into that environment. They're trying to break down the NHS so that we end up saying, Well, no, we want to pay for our health care here, you know, and it's all the slow manipulations, and I smile when I see it. But the end game, he smiles, Juliana's, my main guide, and he's been with me for like, since 1452. I went and found him in my previous life in Rome, I thought, well, if you're my guide, and you recognize with you, I'm gonna go and find you. And I did. And I proved it was incredible. And he's with me, and he's, and he just smiles. And I've just got it there naturally, just this the frankincense mix with the rose smell, that it's all just going to come and it calls it the mess, reset. And he says it's when the fifth continent will arrive. And I've got no clue what that means still now. And that's even in my fifth continent, waiting about.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:31
I'm not a geology, a geography major, but we have more than five continents now, don't we?

Nicky Alan 1:11:36
Yeah, all thinking, but he's meaning I don't know, if he means like a fist. I think he meant like, you know, like fifth dimension. That's why he called it that. But I think he means the fifth dimension. So I just think that perhaps his millennial children that they that he keeps talking about are the new leaders, the new people that will start rising, and say, You can't do that to animals. You can't do that to the public. You can't manage it, you know, but

Alex Ferrari 1:12:06
It's happening now. I mean, even my children, you look at them, and they just look at some stuff that they see. They're like, that makes no sense. That makes Yes, like, that's why like, what the meaning of racism, I don't understand like, it doesn't compute with them as easily is, and I think my generation, your generation, we were kind of the bridge between the old and the new. Generation X, I'm a Generation X. And I always say that my generation is that bridge between. We understand what the old was like, we understand what that world was like, the way we were raised. The way our technology was, how we're all alive is a miracle, comparatively. To the new generation, who grew up with the internet, grew up with information at their fingertips, grew up with us so much more than we did. But we're that bridge. So I had to kind of understand it, but I see it. I see it in my kids. I see it in their friends. I see it in young people I talked to all the time. They just don't. They don't buy into this new

Nicky Alan 1:13:07
Absolutely, right!

Alex Ferrari 1:13:08
Yeah, they just don't buy it. Innately. I don't think it's even that we're teaching them that they just come in programmed like that. I call it programming from the factory.

Nicky Alan 1:13:18
Absolutely. The millennial I called in the millennial and he refers to as a millennial children, and they're the ones that are coming in. And as I say you've got the ones that we've labeled with these stupid bloody titles, ADHD, autism, and they're showing humanity unconditional love, you know, that all of them cuddle show love. So they're doing that part, and then you've got the people that are going to question that's not right. Why are we doing that? Then you're gonna get the intelligence of solar panels, as you've just said, and it's just simple things like that. I remember walking down the street with my youngest niece. And she stopped on I went to UK and I thought she just stopped to look at this homeless guy. And she went on to Nikki Kim, can we go to the shop? And I'm like, okay, so I thought what was so she got into a shop, and she got her money out of pocket money. And she bought a sandwich. And she was five years old. And she walked out and she goes, please have this sandwich. I hope I hope it really helps you and it I just went cheat. I couldn't believe what I've seen. And he looked at me, looked at me, and I said, it's nothing she's done. And it's the same as you know, my other niece or obviously all of them are all spiritual. They've all got the gift. You know, my my eldest nephews already start doing readings. And again, there was a cormorant, which is I don't know if you have cormorants over in the in the US it's like a tonight it's kind of like a duck cross with a goal over here. And there was one day on the beach and rather than go around, and that's disgusting. I don't like he goes we need to honor the life that that cormorants had and what is given to the biosystem and she was like seven I'm like okay then. So then we had to she goes on to Nikki What is it? Who is the angel for the animal kingdom? Was this Archangel Ariel? She was okay, can you please ask her to come. So she then created this and she picked this bird up and put it in this hole and like built this kernel of, of rocks, put a feather in it and said right now ask Archangel Ariel to come down and honor the presence of what this bird is done and asked him to be taken to spirit world place I'm gonna write. And it's like, wow, and this is coming out of you know, and this is what it's all about. So it's about waiting. And I think we've got a lot of bumpy rides to go through. Oh, yeah, it's the same as everything fifth dimensional stuff. It's the same as everything is that it's the 18th hour when they go out or the 11th hour, whatever you want to call it, they'll go ding, and then suddenly, something starts making it right again. That's how I feel it's going. But I still feel we've got another three, four years of just what the hell was going on, until it does that big reset. To the extent where we could even be going back to no electricity, they could be taking a load of that away from us. So we almost go back to basics again. You know, I'm such a fan of apocalypse, I'd love the zombie apocalypse apocalypse, or the bad people can be summoned based and we can fire him up. Love it.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:16
Like your, like your coming from Hollywood.

Nicky Alan 1:16:23
It's just the reset will come. And we've got to have faith in that and continue spreading that awareness, bringing as many people into the fold to awaken them. To say this is a reality, the more that we educate the more that we send love, the more we question, the better we're gonna be in the end, it's down to us. It's down to us.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:43
I could talk to you for another three or four hours without question.

Nicky Alan 1:16:50
Oh, no, you've met Oh my god.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:54
I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Nicky Alan 1:17:02
I feel it's nothing to do with material. Living a fulfilled life is self-fulfillment. Surrounding yourself with love trying to be the healthiest you can and sending out as much love as you can. Everything that is intangible in life, it's the most precious the tangible is just an aside. It's quite good. That wasn't it?

Alex Ferrari 1:17:23
It was not bad.

Nicky Alan 1:17:25
I've learned through my journey because obviously I had everything I literally had money and had the house had the holiday home and then I had nothing if I'm in a shoe box. The fact is I have my soulmate. I adore my I adore myself in a I love myself why but I'm finally free of believing what my abuser told me. And I feel real. And I'm quite happy to sit in my PJs on a bad day and talk to the world which I'd never would have dreamed of doing. So self fulfillment self love, surrounding yourself in love and just giving that out as got and being an trying to be the healthiest you can mind body and soul has got to be the key to a fulfilled life surely what a connection with source as well.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:10
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to Little Nicky, what advice would you give her?

Nicky Alan 1:18:16
I think it would be be brave. Love yourself and don't let anybody ever steal your energy. How do I need you to go through it though? I think obviously it was my plan. But it was all it obviously we're all we all have our plans, our life plans when we come down. But I think that's what it will be stay strong. Love yourself and don't let anybody steal your energy.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:39
How do you define God?

Nicky Alan 1:18:40
I've been there. I've been in a cavern. I've been with the omnipresence and it is an all pulsating all being all living with millions of images going through of humanity. And it is the biggest plug socket of the universe. And the plug socket holds millions of tiny, tiny little plug sockets. And that essence that throbs ebbs and flows with the vitality of the whole of the universe is just there waiting for everybody to plug themselves back in. That's God's and once you're plugged in your life will never ever be the same again.

Alex Ferrari 1:19:27
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Nicky Alan 1:19:30
Soul ascension, learning, engraving memories, experiences, triumphs, disasters in your soul to go back up to reconnect with your soul cluster to calm down, do it again and continue this soul ascension. Without getting too deep. I know where we can potentially end up if we no longer want to be incarnated in human form. And the dimensions are endless and the beauty is endless and infinite but That's the whole reason we're here soul ascension and etching our souls with all of the most curious and most exuberant and the most humble things we possibly can whilst we're down here, and we do it all again, this is a speck, a tiny salt speckling ocean that we are doing here this lifetime. And we realized that when we get back up, and we do that little notch on our soul, and then we think what we're gonna do next to add a few more notches, love it.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:28
Where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Nicky Alan 1:20:33
My website, Nicky Alan is Alan, I work in my dad's, jump over to my YouTube channel, which is Nicky Alan, the bedroom guru. I'm on all the other sites as well, Facebook, Instagram, all of that. But the main website that gives you everything, there's all the link tree stuff there, I've only learned about link tree. This is what I made in the last couple of weeks. I'm rubbish at this. So please come and join me and help grow that I'll try because I don't know how to do it. But I'm trying my best by sitting in front of a camera. All my books are available on Amazon, I've got loads a series of soul journals, my QR Oh, my 10 hour towercos course have a look at that. All videos and interactive stuff. It's just kind of a look on the website, go to the shop, and you'll see everything I provide for you. And it's always growing. Next books coming out. And new courses are coming out. I just want to do as much as I can to help humanity while they're down here and they're struggling. It's as simple as that.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:30
And you're definitely invited back when your new book comes out to talk about that as well my dear.

Nicky Alan 1:21:35
Oh my god, I'm just gonna write it so I can come back and see you.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:39
And finally, do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Nicky Alan 1:21:43
I just want to say one thank you for listening if you listened this long, and please always know that no matter what you go through in life, no matter how desperate you feel, you are never alone. I can categorically promise you you're never alone. All you have to do is surrender and reach out. And that's when the miracle start. Okay, so whether it doesn't matter what belief system you are, doesn't matter what religion you are, there is always going to be someone up there in that mist. A whisper away just wanting to help you just please reach out. And it does to reach out to people like Alex and me just watch what we've got to tell you. Watch what we've got to share with you and what you can learn from us because you can take it on board and live the best life you can down here. Just reach out and surrender.

Alex Ferrari 1:22:30
Nicky, I appreciate you and everything you're doing for the world. My dear, thank you so much for sharing your journey.

Nicky Alan 1:22:36
Straight back to you Namaste my darling because you are a legend and it's been an absolute pleasure and honor. Thank you so much.

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