Woman Shown TRUTH About the MULTIVERSE! Sees PARALLEL LIVES on the OTHERSIDE! | Natasha Venter

Life, with all its unseen currents and whispers from beyond, often guides us to moments of profound clarity and understanding. On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary Natasha Venter, an intuitive healer and medium whose deep connection with the spiritual realm offers us a window into the timeless nature of the soul. Natasha’s work unravels the intricate tapestry of past lives, soul contracts, and the enduring quest for self-discovery.

Natasha’s spiritual journey began even before birth, as she recalls experiences from within the womb. “Our soul is timeless, it can move forward, it can move back, it can move up, down,” she explains. Her earliest memories include vivid images of being in the womb and observing the world around her from a unique perspective. This innate awareness continued to develop, supported by her intuitive family background, where spirituality was a natural part of daily life.

Growing up, Natasha faced challenges such as dyslexia and bullying, which made her feel isolated from her peers. Despite these difficulties, her home was a sanctuary where her spiritual abilities could flourish. “I was very safe in my home… it was where I could flourish,” she reflects. Her father, a chiropractor, understood the body’s energy systems and nurtured her abilities, teaching her about the importance of self-love and energy healing from a young age.

A pivotal aspect of Natasha’s work involves understanding pre-birth experiences and soul contracts. She describes standing before an elder, planning her life with specific goals and lessons to be learned. “This is kind of what’s going to happen in this lifetime… bullet points of what we want to achieve,” she says. These pre-birth plans guide our earthly experiences, influencing the challenges and relationships we encounter.

Natasha also emphasizes the importance of past lives in our current existence. She explains how traumas and experiences from previous lifetimes can manifest in our present lives, affecting our physical and emotional well-being. “I have a knowing of a past life where I was an angel working on a battlefield,” she shares, illustrating how past experiences influence our current reality. By acknowledging and healing these past wounds, we can move forward with greater clarity and purpose.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Natasha’s teachings is her understanding of multidimensional existence. She believes that our soul operates on multiple levels simultaneously, experiencing different realities and timelines. “Our soul is made of them as they are made of us… we can do it,” she asserts, highlighting the interconnected nature of all life. This concept challenges our linear perception of time, encouraging us to embrace a broader view of our spiritual journey.

Throughout her work, Natasha Venter focuses on the power of love and self-compassion. She encourages us to embrace our spiritual nature and use our experiences to grow and evolve. “How do I come back to being love?” she asks, emphasizing the importance of returning to our core essence of love and compassion. This approach helps us navigate life’s challenges with grace and understanding.


  1. Timeless Soul: Our soul transcends time and space, continuously evolving through various lifetimes and experiences.
  2. Healing Past Lives: Acknowledging and healing past life traumas can free us from their effects in our current life, allowing for greater growth and clarity.
  3. Multidimensional Existence: Embrace the idea that our soul operates on multiple levels, experiencing different realities simultaneously, which enriches our understanding of existence.

Natasha Venter’s insights into the timeless nature of the soul and the importance of love and self-compassion offer a profound guide to navigating our spiritual journeys. Her teachings remind us to embrace our multidimensional selves and heal past traumas to move forward with greater clarity and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Natasha Venter.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 303

Natasha Venter 0:00
Our soul is timeless, it can move forward, it can move back, it can move up down whatever your perception of, of knowings of time is, you know. And so with that, that our soul is something that it's never really, totally 100% Complete, because it's always doing something

Alex Ferrari 0:34
I like to welcome to the show Natasha Venter. How are you doing Natasha?

Natasha Venter 0:37
I am here and feeling very blessed. Thank you!

Alex Ferrari 0:41
Thank you so much for coming on the show I am, I'm excited to talk to you about your life journey and some perspectives you have on past lives, a little bit of pre birth experience, and how we can connect a bit more with who we were and how that helps us today. So I appreciate that. Appreciate you coming on.

Natasha Venter 1:01
Well, thank you, I would love to talk about this because I do a healing technique that actually brings, you know, how can we heal our DNA, blood DNA, at the same time heal our past lives, to be our better selves now. Because it's all about us now. What are we doing now? That makes us move forward into the next journey of where we're going?

Alex Ferrari 1:22
So my first question to you is, what was your life like, before these abilities, these gifts that you have came to life? Or would you like straight out of the womb, were able to start doing all this?

Natasha Venter 1:37
Okay, so straight out of the womb, actually before womb, okay, before I well, I have knowings kind of being in the womb, but my first real knowing experience was setting up in the hospital room. And I saw my mom, nurse and a doctor sitting in the room. And this is a remembrance I have, I don't read books, I'm very dyslexic, I didn't really read until after high school. And that was Louis L'Amour. You know, and if it wasn't for him, me picturing horse riding on a horse through the countryside, I wouldn't have been able to read. And so with that, that, you know, this is annoying I've had since day one of the hospital room. And then all of a sudden, I remember seeing the inside of my mom. And then plop out, seeing a doctor's face white mask is a little bit plump. You know, he's older, you know, the old 60s cap. And it was very clean and sterile. You know, I was born in the middle night. So it was kind of clean and sterile. My dad wasn't there and weren't allowed at that time. You know, I know that later. But you know, and then I have memory rinses, I have so many memories of of before three, you know, I have a remembrance of my mom picking me up out of the crib. And I know it's me being out of the crib, because all of a sudden, my head comes up and I see my mom, you know, and I see the the see the roof, the ceiling of where I slept downstairs and downstairs part of the house. So there's this knowing so my soul has always been awake in this lifetime. I I've always had this journey of knowing that there's something greater out there and it wasn't just me. You know that there's something going on. I've always had, I grew up in a very busy house. You know, I grew up hearing chips, chips, chips, chips, chips, you know, because there's so many spirits in the house. My dad was intuitive. We come from an intuitive family. You know, my dad was very intuitive. But my cousin finally said I'll probably about 15 years ago. And Tasha we're all intuitive. But there's something different about you. When you didn't speak very much, but when you spoke we stopped and listened because you said something. I like really? Okay. Yeah. My spiritual experience has always been, you know, that that bigger picture, my dad was the chiropractor. So, you know, he at age three went back to chiropractic school. So I always understood that there was energy, you know, the body was energy there. You know, like, he always said that, when I had just somebody is like adjusting the computer system of the body, you know, so I always grew up with knowing that and he would be, he'd use me as a surrogate muscle tester if somebody was old or that kind of stuff. So I always understood the conduit of what we are as energy. I didn't necessarily know it as a five year old or a 10 year old in the humaneness that I know now, but I knew it's in somewhere in me in as a five year old as a 10 year old, you know that this was bigger.

Alex Ferrari 4:40
So so it wasn't ever weird to you or ever. You never felt closeted in any way. Did you like did you talk about this? When you were teenagers when you were in college like hey guys, by the way, I I see spirits or I hear spirits I'm a medium or I understand it. Any of that because back you know when you know when we were growing up this was not I have talked about very often in public.

Natasha Venter 5:02
No, actually, I felt closeted by my outside world. Okay, so I didn't have friends, I lived on a block where there was no children. You know, it's like, I'm an only child myself. So I never really experienced the outer world. I was bullied when I was growing up, you know, being very Dyslexics, I was very shy, quiet, you know, people say you're shy? And it's like, yes, actually, I wouldn't. If I was that person, then I would never be here now. Right? You know, so it's that evolution part of it. So with that I was really limited by by the outside world, I was very safe. In my home I had, I was one of the opposite people of of life, a lot of people were safe outside their home, I was very safe in the home. And so that's where I was able to flourish. But then when I was outside the home, that's where I met.

Alex Ferrari 5:53
Gotcha. So you talk a little bit about your pre birth, understanding a little bit of your pre birth, can we go? Can we go a little bit deeper? And what kind of image do you have pre birth, your, like, your pre birth experience, your contracted all that kind of stuff before you even get to the, to the hospital? If you will.

Natasha Venter 5:58
So what I have a remembrance of, and and unknowing of is, is that me standing, and I'm going to call it kind of a it almost appears like a podium in my language. Okay. And, and there's, uh, he's, he's, well, we're all angelic looking on that side. So it's, it's that bright light, but he has the formation of an elder, you know, he's, he's just an elder of knowing he's, he's, and then I'm standing there as as a as a energy. And I can tell my energy has shifted a little bit, it's taking more human form, because I'm getting ready to come in as a human. So I'm still light, I'm still knowing I'm still bright. And I can see that he's like, trying to write down some things. I'm like, going, No, I've been poisoned way too many times in my lifetimes. I'm not, I'm not smoothies, no, you know, vitamins, no. You know, and then, you know, there's some other experiences about, you know, wanting to, to this lifetime, I really wanted to persevere through the, the limitations I've had in past lives of being my spiritual awakened, self, the, the, my soul wants to show love, it wants to, to experience what that true or calling love is, and so how, how could I bring that experience in and, and having that knowing of writing that down, that these experience was come in, and, and the unit, you know, I'm always taking care of, you know, I've always been taken care of, but I needed that, that, that careful place at the beginning, to practice and pull my, you know, my dad used to walk around the house get excited, you know, at age, oh, I forget around 10, he put me in front of the mirror and said, you're struggling with self love, tell yourself you love yourself, you know, so that, so that he, you know, he knew that I really needed this, this, you know, him and I, I always picture so family's kind of like rings of a tree. You know, and the ones that you work with and stuff are on the outer rings, the older rings, as the tree grows, you know, my dad and I weren't the center rings of soul family. And so he really, and I really, we finished each other's sentences, you know, we really knew each other in a way that was beyond and he knew that I needed this, this inner lesson of love you and and it starts with self, it really starts with self, you have to come back to self.

Alex Ferrari 9:04
So during during that pre birth experience there was this elder that was basically writing down in a in a soul contract, if you will.

Natasha Venter 9:12
Well, it's actually in the Akashic record book that we have for you. I mean, it, I can't tell you how thick it was. Because I mean, because he's writing in a page. And there's pages after and there's pages before, you know, so it's writing in a page of this is kind of what's going to happen in this lifetime. And I have an understanding that there were just the the basic, I'm going to call them goals, bullet points, bullet points. That's a good word for it. Cola points of what we were, what was to be, because of the fact that you know, now I have an understanding that you know, we have these bullet points of what we want to proceed to accomplish. Yet at the same time that we have the human experience, that that either influence it to have this experience like we may want to come in and have the experience of boundaries. But we may have a parent that, that physically abuses us, you know, and, and we don't necessarily call that in. But that's the experience that the humaneness brought in.

Alex Ferrari 10:13
Right. So you got to be a, I say, Be careful what you wish for on the other side, but it's just part of the process. And the way we look at it here is not the way we look at it on the other side.

Natasha Venter 10:27
No, no, because we don't, we don't necessarily, when we pick a parent and stuff, we have an understanding that he has situations, so I'm gonna use quotation marks, you know, and but we don't really have the cause and effect until we get down here and have the human knowing is what I have an understanding of.

Alex Ferrari 10:47
And now that it's because for some people, this concept of soul contracts is going to be pretty new. And I just want to dig in a little bit to it just a bit more. So these ideas that are being are being written down by your elder, who's not an old dude with a gray beard, there's just an energy of an elder energy. Yes, more advanced or more, a little bit more advanced.

Natasha Venter 11:10
He's done this before many times.

Alex Ferrari 11:13
Veteran, the veteran, the veteran veteran, yes. So

Natasha Venter 11:19
He's such a friend he is, I can't express the friend ship that we have, as he's, he's laughing with me, you know, it's like, really, you don't want to have anything that goes down your throat that looks like this, okay.

Alex Ferrari 11:31
Okay. It's kind of like, okay, so you're putting these ideas as close as we come down into, into this incarnation, these are the bullet points that we have to kind of tackle, that's what we're gonna, that's our goals of trying to tackle doesn't always hit because we have this thing called free will, that allows us to kind of wiggle around. While we're down here.

Natasha Venter 11:53
It's just 20 years to get to that journey instead of five. You know, it's like,

Alex Ferrari 11:57
Tell me about it. And I'm like, why did this happen in my 20s, my God, if I could have been in my 20s body, that would have been a lot more hopeful. But a lot of ways, though, you know, timing is almost always perfect, because you had to go through certain things to get where you are now and this person that you are now is the result of everything good, bad and indifferent. That has happened to throughout your life.

Natasha Venter 12:27
I still Concur on that. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 12:30
So, okay, so let's talk a little bit about past lives, because those always fascinated me. The concept of reincarnation is a concept that I discovered, you know, when I started going into the yogic philosophies, and the yogic texts, the Vedic texts, and things like that, when I started hearing about past lives, not as much past lives, but more about reincarnation, and that we come down multiple times, still, unless it's the basic understandings of reincarnation. But then as I started to dig deeper throughout my own studies over the years, the concept of oh, wait a minute, we can actually either see our past lives and connect with our past lives. And then as you start to understand past lives, or get access to past lives, it explains so much of what's happening to us. Now, something as simple as I read a story is like, Oh, this person's shoulder has been chronically in pain all its life. Because in the 16th century, he was a Scottish warrior. And he had an axe to his shoulder, it was like that that kind of trauma passes through past lives. So what can you explain to people a little bit about what past lives are and how we can connect to them.

Natasha Venter 13:45
Okay, so our soul is timeless, it can move forward, it can move back, it can move up, down, whatever your perception of, of knowings of time is, you know. And so with that, that our soul is something that it's never really, totally 100% Complete. Because it's always doing something. So like, for me, right now, I can see different dimensions that I'm doing the same show that we're doing right now, but it all has a different aspect to it, kind of thing. So. So knowing that our soul is all kind of one, that sometimes when our soul has experiences through different lifetimes, so like, I have a knowing of a past life, where I'm an angel working on a battlefield and I'm actually helping the souls move to where they need to go who've passed or whispering in their ear saying, Get the over here Come on, you can do it and then I have a remembrance of of you know, come on, come on, and and they're finally crawling real low because they don't want to get shot again, you know, and I'm asking these guys to get into the bunkers, you know, I don't know What part of who I'm voting for? You know, there's no, there's no attachment to who it's the human. It's the it's the soul human. And I'm looking at that going, okay, but that's in World War One or World War Two, and I was born in the 60s. Okay, so that's a quick turnaround. That's, you know, one of those things. So, I was looking at why am I so like, in different realms at different times so close? Well, it's because our soul experience things. But we're here to experience. And that's one thing that people I don't think that they really get as is, it doesn't matter about the matrix. It's about the soul experience here on Earth, because it's so unique. So many of us choose to come here. And, and so when we have those past lives there for experiences. So like, from one of my past lives, I was mystic, I was a female mystic in in a very, like, early English times, right. And P and I was in the cave with other mystics, other ones, who were seers at that time, and people would come and ask for medicine and ask for healing and stuff. But if I came into town, and I had my and I have this remembrance of coming to the town, and being, being rocks and food thrown at me, because I was so and that is pretty much all I have of that past life. But what I get out of that past life is, it doesn't matter who I am in the cave, I can be that person out on the street. Be that and so if we can take our past lives, which are our soul goes through these experiences, to be who we are, it's the evolution, it's kind of like, we're not the same person, when we were one, as we are, when we're in our 50s, right, through the evolution of our soul that comes through, that's why you hear the story of, you know, this is a younger soul, or this is an older soul, you know, because they're in this different timeline of, of who they are in their experiences. And I have an understanding that that many of us do carry on energy from that past life. You know, like, I have a friend whose son has a blood clot kind of situation in his foot. Right? It's a vessel situation, and I'm like, lying right there seeing you know, that it's a past life, because he, he got stabbed in the foot, you know, in a in a battle back when he was, you know, in the Celtic times, right? And so, how do we heal that? While it's healing, that part of that, that journey of saying, that's the experience? How can it's, it's done and over? Thank you for those lessons. Thank you for those experiences. Now, it's time for me to move on in a healthy way. Here's a little bit more with that. But that's my understanding. So I hope I answered the question.

Alex Ferrari 18:07
It's the beginning, it's a deep question, and it has a lot of,

Natasha Venter 18:12
It's a big bag.

Alex Ferrari 18:14
It's a very big bag and has a lot of moving parts in it without question. You mentioned about, you know, bringing things over from from other lifetimes. And it's not like maybe not your direct last lifetime, it could be two or three lifetimes ago, that that energy is coming into this room, because it's part of the experience that you have to go through, and how to heal those. So you know, if you have a mole on your back, it could have been a gunshot that you got shot in the back and in a duel, or, or if you if you are afraid of heights for no reason whatsoever, this light that you'd be afraid of heights, you might have been thrown off of a pyramid and sacrificed in mind times, or an aspect times these kinds of these kinds of things where if you're afraid of water, you might have drowned or been drowned in another lifetime or so on and so forth. So these kinds of phobias, how can we use our past lives to heal our present fears and phobias?

Natasha Venter 19:12
It's a for me, I can only speak of really how I've helped others. And for me, what I have learned is to separate it. You know, like when I do a past life regression for someone I say, Okay, first off, I want you to know, this was an experience. And it's in the past. We're taking it as a lesson experience. It's not about bringing it forward in the drama, trauma. And when I say drama, trauma, I'm not dishonouring it, we have life that is drama, and we have trauma in it. And so we it's about relieving ourselves of that drama, trauma, and how can we bring in that knowledge? Let's take that knowledge. Okay. So let's take the knowledge of you drowned in a past life. Okay, and I'm Not saying you, person, they drowned in a past life, right? And then. So what was the experience around drowning? Oh, you ended up a bigger brother ended up drowning you because he was jealous of you. Okay, so why do you think now that you have problems with your brother now? How can we? How can we take that experience? And ask for forgiveness? Ask for wisdom from it as for why did we? Why did we battle each other in that lifetime of jealousy? So let's look at the jealousy you have in this lifetime with your brother, sister or whoever you're having problems with? Who is the same soul? But just comes in a different scenario in this lifetime? And how can we take that jealousy that you have? Maybe through all your life, you know, that is maybe a life pattern that you needed to work on? And how can we help you work through that jealousy that is coming forth? Well, there's, it can play out.

Alex Ferrari 21:09
So yeah, and then the this, let's dive in a little bit of karma, which karma is because you just mentioned that a little bit of like, this soul did something to another one, but this time, he's your brother again, or he's your mom this time, and he's your sister this time. And you're still dealing with the same problems, like there's a jealousy problem. So can you talk a little bit about generational karma, which is more through a soul families line, or even the DNA line of the family, you're in that, that stuff that holds on for generations, like if your granite great, great grandfather was a slave you might have and you didn't even know he was a slave, you might have issues associated with that, and have to break that or he was a drunk. And he abused people, three generations, four generations back, you if you can break that, that cycle and things like that, because I discovered generational karma, more recently, within the last year. So talking to guests, I was like, I have no idea oh,

Natasha Venter 22:12
So huge right now, if we can go in and heal it, okay. So as you were talking, I was asking permission, because I just do a session, I'm not going to name who it was, but I'm going to name the experience. And I was asking her herself, if I can use that experience that she said, Sure. That, that this person that I had a session with, she it comes from a generation of a culture, okay. And this culture has been demeaned, through many lifetimes, many lifetimes, both in soul and DNA, okay. And there is an experience that this culture wrote was writing a contract for land and didn't get and got basically brushed under the rug. And that that family member in the DNA line, basically cursed the situation, so much anger, so much dis hardness D valued. D, you know, whatever the DS were, you know, you know, just basically smashed, you know, being in the culture that he was. And so then generations forward, have had problems finding homes. Okay. And this person who's sitting in front of me has struggled with, with home, buying home selling homes now finding a home to rent, right, and feeling very sabotaged. So then we went back through her past lives, and found out where she has had a history of being in this culture, I'm going to call it because I don't want to go too much into detail. But this culture, she's been many times and there again, is really signifying the demeaning the unvalued, the whatever it is, and so taking that healing of what that that just honoring him, putting the energy of honoring him, giving him a smoke, giving him tobacco, giving him whatever his culture needed, you know, to to add those blessings. And he finally said energetically, you know, and brought that forward, and then worked on her DNA and honored the same way. And then we talked about it here in the human form. And she texted me about two days later, I can't believe how lighter I feel. That's, you know, and that's that it's that would that cause and effect that happens and When we have the cause and effect that happens, it changes our DNA, it changes our awarenesses it changes the way our brain is formed. You know, and if you get these, these loving beings that are from generations of being demeaned even in their own family culture, you know, we got a lot of family members that that devalue our each other, you know? And then what is what is their DNA, like, what is their brain wired to, and you wonder why we're not getting better as a culture as a as a human race, you know, and so it is going in, and I have an understanding that we can change our DNA, we can change our mind. I had a father who died of colon lung cancer, I had two family members who died of ALS, I'm actually at the age where both my parents passed. And I look at me, I mean, I'm alive. I'll know that this works when I'm 80 and 100 years old and still living, but But it's that it's that generational, we can heal what we are. If we really want to

Alex Ferrari 26:13
Now you just You said something a little bit ago about, you're seeing this conversation in multiple dimensions going on at the same time. This is an idea that is being tossed around a lot by quantum physicists, and the multiverse, things like that. So there's a two parter, this is gonna go deep and wide.

Natasha Venter 26:43
I'm gonna surprise you and I got surprises.

Alex Ferrari 26:46
This is gonna go deep and wide. So step one is the multiple, multi dimensional experiences of the soul happening now. So, that idea has been tossed around for 1000s of years, especially in the Vedic texts and things like that this is not a new concept. But it's new to the west, and we're still trying to grasp it. So our soul is able to split off and live in multiple dimensions at the same time, but then I understand I've heard from multiple different masters that all of our there is no sustainance a past life or a future life that they're all happening at the same time, which is very difficult for our little brains, our little computers to understand and that our perspective is basically the needle on the record is where we are right now. Yes. And when we fix something here, we fix it it ripples to the quote unquote past life and can ripple to the quote unquote future lives. Yes. Please explained this as best you can.

Natasha Venter 28:03
Okay, so I'm going to take it to something that some people who are in the spirit world can kind of grasp on to Archangel Michael. Okay. He works with everybody all the time. All the time. How can an angel be separated into different energies and be one at the same time? Because they say he's an angel? He can do it

Alex Ferrari 28:27
Oh, Jesus is like that as well but the hardest working man on the other side

Natasha Venter 28:32
You know a lot of the great Ascended Masters are that I work with Archangel Azrael is my is my guide he's I mean, he's right here right? Got it was St Peter. You know, but it's it's one of those things we are them we are them are our soul is made of them. As they are made of us. So if they can do it, we can do it. We can do it.

Alex Ferrari 29:08
I get that part because that's I always made that joke is like I have a lot of near death experiences on and you know, Jesus shows up a bunch of times. He's hard working well he is showing up all the time. You know,

Natasha Venter 29:20
He's our new reincarnated the one time he's like I'm exhausted either, you know, Mary doesn't come back

Alex Ferrari 29:27
Right and all of these in all these deities and Shiva and Buddha and all of them they all they pop up with these near death experiences all the time. So it's like interesting how I get understand that that they could be at multiple places at the same time. Even when you start getting deeper into some of these near death experience stories where they can be like here helping this soul get through their their near death experience, while being in multiple other places doing this all kind of like I hate to use the word tentacles but like, you know, there's a main oversoul I know that's that technical term, but a bigger soul here. The one is here. And it's just like extensions of themselves endless extensions all at the same time. Again, it's very difficult for our brain to understand that. But then if you start to think about the internet,

Natasha Venter 30:19
It's same difference, a text, whatever it is, it's the same concept. I actually have been, I think my brain all the time, because I grasp on to these concepts better than what just happened to me at the elementary school. On Thursday, that one, I couldn't understand what he was doing that, but then I understand because I, I, it was a while ago, I asked, Where did I come from, and I got the picture of this big. I can only say light. Sure, beyond light that we know it. Sure. And then I saw my, I saw in me being like watching a movie, saw myself and they said, this is you being brought off, and being a ball of light. And then I saw other balls of light sitting next to this big vision of light. And those were the souls that started out. And then as we went, the first couple of lifetimes, we were more solid, we were more solid and who we are in the timeline of time. As we want to see it, now I'm going to it's going to speak of time in the linear that we see it now that those first couple of times we were more solid, then I have an understanding after we kind of got used to being a ball of light. Right? Then we ended up starting to fragment and us who are older souls, using that language. In the timeline of life fragment more than then the younger souls who haven't experienced as much. So for like me, I don't know. I mean, I remember the earth being made. I mean, I'm a very, very old being. So it's like, for me, I see my soul doing many different things, going different places, I am here at the same time, if like, I get a picture of being over in Europe, yeah, I traveled to Europe. And last night, I need to come back to this body and be here in the knowing now. And what I get is the higher self, people talk about the higher self, that that is the I'm gonna call it the computer that kind of grabs all the information from everywhere that the soul is. And then it brings it down into what we know is our humaneness.

Alex Ferrari 32:59
Right there is the concept of the Akashic records and this kind of endless knowledge that is in the ether. And the exactly what physicists are calling the Akashic field, if you will, that it's everywhere, how you were gonna say, How is it being funneled into us? Or how can you tap into

Natasha Venter 33:19
Yeah, and that and that's going in. So when we're thinking about it, that the only thing that really limits us in our knowings is our mind, right. So our soul is mindless of the humaneness. So it can go up and do whatever it needs to do. And so that's where like, like, from me sitting here, I, I am in this body at this time, knowing this information. Now I'm picturing another body form, in other dimensions doing the work, but they're having the same experience, but different experiences. And the further out they go, the less I have an understanding of them at now, unless I step into that body form. That's a little bit over here, and then I get more. Because I haven't practiced doing this. I'm concentrating on being in this lifetime. Practicing going out. I like to be here and working with the 3d world, you know, because that's what my experience,

Alex Ferrari 34:26
It seems that the experience that we go through this one experience for the soul is a lot but in the scope of eternity. It multiple generate multiple dimensions. In other words, it's again, the head starts to hurt everybody. So I understand. But let's say there's like,

Natasha Venter 34:48
I love this conversation. This is making me expand.

Alex Ferrari 34:52
So we're here now having this, this experience you and I, but there is let's just round it out to a whole 100 Let's just call it 100. Other dimensions going from the left and right of us, having different experiences could be different. Different areas of the universe could be different time periods, could just be different realms, all of it having slightly different conversations about slightly different things. You know, if you go far all the way out, my show might be about something completely different than it is exactly, exactly. If I go that way, it could be completely different. This is this, this is the point and this experience with the show as well. Exactly. That I have to ask you, because we're talking about some foreign stuff here. Yes, you know, very far stuff. What do you say, and I have to believe that you've probably run across this in your life, once or twice, to people who can't understand or who don't believe can't understand contradicts their own religious beliefs, or what they've been told, as they've grown up their own programming that they've kind of come up against? How do you approach opening them a little bit if there's a way if you have any advice or any tools, of if they're listening right now, because if they're listening right now, they're curious, there's something happening, that they're listening to this. So if they're watching this or listening to this, that means that there's a curiosity about this. And they might have questions, it doesn't mean that they have to negate everything they've been taught. But you could open the door a bit to get some of this information. And it might, you know, plant some seeds in it might change you as you move forward. But what advice do you have for somebody who's just listening to this? And going, this is not what I was taught. This is not what is in the book that I was brought up on my community. This is just heresy. You know, let's not even go and you're all going to hell, all that.

Natasha Venter 36:49
Exactly. Exactly.

Alex Ferrari 36:50
What would you what would you say to them?

Natasha Venter 36:53
You know, this is my perspective on the knowings. I have. Remember, I'm very dyslexic, I have not read books, this is all coming from. I'm always here, my three main mantras. What is it here to teach me? I'm asking for divine healing on this. And how can I be my better self in this moment, right. So you can understand the matrix, you can ask about the star beings, you can ask about all these things. But really, it comes down to B being here and the now breathing. And so if you're worried about going against your religion, if you're worried about, you know, stretching your belief system, like I tell my clients, you know, put this in your back pocket, just put the idea in your back pocket, carry it around for a little while. Just stretch and pull it see how the world around you starts looking a little different. You know, and we're all going through right now the stretch of what is truth. And it's it's an it's a rubber band, and it snaps back and pops us right. So it's a very big stretch. So sometimes when we're stretching a truth, we have to put it in our back pocket. Not not hold on to it not not say that this is mine that I need to have this right. It's about just practicing it. Hmm. Well, that cloud does look a little different. They were talking about Star Beings, weren't they? I wonder, okay, I'm gonna shut that door. I'm gonna walk down the street now. Right. You know, practice it. Practice the idea. synchronicity. Oh my gosh, I've been asking for a parking spot. I got one in the best spot. Practice that, wait a minute, is there something bigger than me out here that my back pocket can't go there right now. You know, practice the ideas. As we walk the humaneness that we're in, because it is about the stretch and pull, you know cause and effect be here now. I have an understanding there is a matrix system. That really all it comes down to is having this wonderful conversation with the better intention I can with you. Because this is my experience I'm having right now to learn.

Alex Ferrari 39:26
And everything you just said. If you think about it is coming from a positive place. It is is about love it is about understanding is it about self and self understanding self exploration. These are not contradictory ideas to religion or belief systems. That's the thing I always find it fascinating when people you know, you know attack the show or attack the guest about something like Oh, they're a channel they must be this the demons work. I go this is a horrible deal. Because this demon is talking nothing about love and understanding there's really don't understand what a demons job is. These kinds of ideas, it just find a facet. So I brought it up because because this is an this is an out there conversation for a lot of people, the concept of reincarnation, which has been talked about for 1000s and 1000s of years

Natasha Venter 40:20
It's happening for beyond 1000s of years

Alex Ferrari 40:22
Of course, but like, literally, there's ancient texts from multiple cultures around the world that discuss it. And even in even in the in the Christian faith, it was there before he got pulled out and the castle that

Natasha Venter 40:36
Still people wanting to say that the world is flat, it is what it is. And everybody should be honored for what they believe I had this image one time of, of all the people on this world. And then I went, Okay, so there's all these people stat means every single one has a perspective, a truth. And then you get like, if you have five people in a family, each one has their own perspective, their own their own noise. So if you think about how many truths and knowings are out there, we all should be honored for them. Because it is an evolution of who we are. But that's about treating each other better. Different. What is this here to teach me? Oh, somebody has an anger management problem. Okay, so do I need to work on mine? Maybe, okay. You know, it's that it's that stretch and pull up. And if I don't understand something, or something is beyond me, and my knowing, or my, my willing to help? That's why I ask for divine healing on this. The horn opponent? Oh, no, you know, healing aspect, you know, and I didn't even say that, right. But

Alex Ferrari 41:51
It's a tough word to say it's a tough word.

Natasha Venter 41:54
That's why they gave me the simple simplicity. I'm asking for divine healing on this, you know, and I do that, for me, even when I'm having these troubled human moments.

Alex Ferrari 42:05
It's really interesting in and again, this is another concept that I've kind of under, I've come to understand in recent years, is that we have to ask, we have to ask, because our guides are, you know, the, our relatives or our spirit guides, or elders who are around us helping us through this journey will not interfere, unless you ask for help. And the second you ask for help, things start to open doors start to open up things. And it might not happen in your timeline. By the way, I've learned this, it will happen in the perfect timing for what your soul needs. But you need to ask and so many of us don't ask for help. The few times I've been go ahead

Natasha Venter 42:51
Oh, no, well, that's because people forget the vulnerability is can be our greatest strength. And it takes a vulnerability to ask,

Alex Ferrari 43:02
Oh, very much, you have to be strong, to be vulnerable, you know, to put yourself vulnerable. And even the few times in my life that I can remember that I was in very dark places. And I like just literally yelled out to God, I need help. And if you don't help me, I'm gonna do something else. And then literally, within days sometimes or like, the next morning, something would happen. And you're just like, you know, and it took me years to figure that out. But that's a very big, you know, lesson to help people listening understand is, don't be afraid to ask for help. And obviously, if you can ask to help with people, that's great, but also just asking of the universe, to get you through a tough time to give you the tools to send you, the people that will open doors for you or comfort you or help you or teach you what you need to be taught that lesson is so, so, so important.

Natasha Venter 43:56
Oh, it is it is I've had many experiences where you know, like my husband, you know, we've been married almost 3233 years now. And 22 of them were him being an alcoholic. You know, and I you know, I lived through parents passing away. I mean, I went through my own stuff. And so with that, that we were at that point where either we've we've done our contract will work we did our we did our thing, I knew that we were kind of at this cups, you know, either we're going to split up or not. I sat on my bed and I said, you know, I can't break up my family. You know, I can't do that. I had two kids at the same time. You know, I can't I don't have the strength to do this. I found I love so much I love almost to be on what it needs to be, you know, and, and I said he got to help me. And all of a sudden, everything was quiet. It was the quietest I have ever heard. I have heard, if people knew all the voices that were going off in my head at the same time, they would put me in a sale silent, right? It was quiet. So freaking quiet. I'm going to tell you three weeks almost to the day, I hadn't experienced that I needed to drive down our driveway, come to find out, my husband got pulled over by two cops on our dead end road in front of our neighbor's house. He ended up going through where he had to go counseling and AAA meetings. He has not drank since then.

Alex Ferrari 45:39
That's great. That's wonderful.

Natasha Venter 45:42
So there again is being willing and that's the thing is sometimes people ask for help, but they're not willing to surrender to what actually is going to happen. And I knew at that minute when I was standing in the the dentist office as my husband got pulled over and the dentist said to me, are you codependent

I mean that that message, flip to the back of the head and forward again and back again. I don't buy beer, but I am in totally motion in total, putting up with it. Total negotiating. came in the door different person. You have to go with the experience. When you have those experiences that come up. It's an interesting dance. It's an interesting dance, to trust and accept, you know, it's, it's beyond us. But it is all about us.

Alex Ferrari 46:47
Very much, very much. So. Now, Natasha, we've been talking about past lives. And, you know, it's very esoteric, but we're talking about like, you know, because not everybody has a track. But yes, no, but it's off track or not really same thing. It's all part of that bag that we're talking about. But so a lot of us are talking about past we're talking about past lives, where not everybody can access past lives. Meaning that like how can you like great, I'm with you guys. All in? How the hell do I connect with past lives to help me heal now. So on a scientific standpoint, there is something called past life regression therapy that has been studied now for a long time. hypnosis, hypnosis, hypnosis techniques, by by different doctors who do this kind of work? Can you touch upon what are some of the avenues people can go down, to connect with their past lives and help them heal? Things that they're dealing with in this one?

Natasha Venter 47:49
So you can go if you feel like you can't do it yourself, then go to someone with hypnosis, who is someone who's like me? Who is a spiritual being who has and I'm gonna say, either way, find somebody with good integrity. Yeah, please, please. I have an understanding. There's more spiritual people that are not spiritual.

Alex Ferrari 48:13
Shocking, shocking.

Natasha Venter 48:16
Find someone with high integrity. Help them do the work. Ask them do you work with past lives? You know? hypnosis. thing is though, we can always come back to ourselves. I mean, to say, you're afraid of bugs. Okay. There's a bug, you're starting to freak out. Ask the question. Why am I freaking out? Why am I freaking out? Be willing to ask that question? Why am I freaking out? And then then it takes that takes it out of its empowerment. who's controlling who? Right? Is that fear of bug controlling me? Or am I engaging with it? Right. And, you know, some people I've asked this question and they and they come in, it's a stretch in Poland. It's a practice to get there. Okay, so let's take the bug again. You know, why am I bugged by this bug? And then ask the question, where did it start? First thing that pops in your head if your mom pops in your head, it started with your mom. She may be have fear bugs became there her truth became your truth right? Or if you're willing to respect and honor this first thing you hear is I was put in the ground and bugs crawled all over me don't have to understand it or anything. And and and And sometimes that's very fearful there again, you know, like I said, before, you know, we when we're going into past lives, we have to take the experience over the drama trauma of it. Because it's there for an experience. Okay, so I got buried in the dirt with bugs falling on me that was then this is now okay, I got it. That was then this is now. So if I would suggest if you're really new at this, go to somebody who does hypnosis I do a show with Regan forced and who is a clinical hypnosis with the Newton Institute. And so you know, people like that that really are good people who can help you figure this this stuff out and you they do it with guiding this. Me or someone like that can really give you an experience of okay, this is your past life. This is what it was here for. This is the reason why I see it happening. Is this your truth? You know, I asked those questions, you know, do that. But if you're on the spiritual awaken, walk and you have some tools yourself start that process when something is triggering you ask where does it come from? First thing that pops in your head if you wait any longer than that your mind is going to take over because your your Higher Self pops in quickly. I call them fly bys.

Alex Ferrari 51:27
We have a lot of those Yeah.

Natasha Venter 51:29
There's no fly bys. And you have to grab onto but it's practicing hearing that first thing first and loose and 99% of the time that is your higher self or or a guide or someone's spirit your spirit team that is telling you where something comes from

Alex Ferrari 51:46
I can keep talking to you Natasha for at least another five or six hours I'm gonna ask you now a few questions I ask all of my guests are what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Natasha Venter 52:01
I listened to the song from the How Do You Love changes over the music just I lost the the guys that sing it because they're my favorite bands. But it's the song How do you love? How did you love? That is my fulfilled life is is no matter how much I get off track? How do I come back to being love?

Alex Ferrari 52:29
If you had a chance to go into a time machine and go back in time to talk to the little Natasha that used to be you? What advice would you give her?

Natasha Venter 52:35
It doesn't matter who you are, what you are. Just be you.

Alex Ferrari 52:41
How do you define God?

Natasha Venter 52:43
Everything dark, light, shadows amazingness.

Alex Ferrari 52:51
It all. And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Natasha Venter 52:56
Find us to find us that core us not the us not the mind us. But the core us. Who are we to be when we get done with this?

Alex Ferrari 53:11
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world.

Natasha Venter 53:15
You can find me at Natasha Venter acAC pretty much all spectrums and, and platforms, and a little bit everywhere. And then I'm live twice a week Mondays and Wednesdays four o'clock Pacific time on my YouTube channel. And Tasha mentor AC, I love to do inspirational videos, weekly or daily, at least every week. So

Alex Ferrari 53:39
Do you have any parting messages Natasha, for the for the audience?

Natasha Venter 53:42
That as we're going through this human experience. Remember to take care of you because you matter. And this too, is a moment that is here to teach us. Not to hurt us or harmless, but to teach us and if we can have that perspective. What is this here to teach me? We can get through most everything

Alex Ferrari 54:06
Natasha thank you so much for being on the show. It has been a pleasure talking to you and I appreciate you so much better. Thank you again.

Natasha Venter 54:13
Thank you Alex for everything you're doing your your team is very happy that you've gotten on this path.

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