My Religion Lied to Me: NDE Showed No Religion & No Hell with Nanci L. Danison

In this boundless journey we call life, the paths we tread are often illuminated by extraordinary experiences. On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Nanci L. Danison, a former high-powered attorney whose near-death experiences have transformed her life and brought her profound insights into the spiritual realm. Nanci‘s journey is a testament to the transformative power of awakening and the mysteries that lie beyond our physical existence.

Before her near-death experiences, Nanci led a bustling life as a successful attorney at a 270-attorney regional law firm. “I was practicing law full-time and stressed to the max,” she recalls. Despite her career achievements and the external trappings of success, a sudden health crisis shifted her trajectory dramatically. During a routine mammogram procedure, complications led her to an extraordinary out-of-body experience. She describes the surreal moment: “I very, very, very slowly got out of my body. And then I popped out and I was standing in front of it going, I didn’t know you could do this.”

As Nanci journeyed into the light, she encountered wave after wave of bliss, unconditional love, and acceptance. She began to receive “knowings,” complete and instantaneous downloads of universal knowledge. This profound state of awareness revealed the interconnectedness of all things and provided answers to questions she had pondered throughout her life. She realized that our earthly experiences are but a fragment of a vast, intricate tapestry woven by the source of all creation.


  1. We Manifest Our Reality: Our beliefs shape our experiences. By understanding and healing limiting beliefs, we can transform our lives and manifest a reality that aligns with our true desires.
  2. Access Universal Knowledge: We all have the ability to tap into the universal knowledge of the source. This can guide us in practical matters and provide deep spiritual insights.
  3. Unconditional Love is Within Us: The capacity to experience and express unconditional love is inherent in every soul. By giving love freely, we connect with the essence of our true nature.

During her life review, Nanci experienced not only her own perspective but also the thoughts and emotions of others involved in her life’s events. This multi-dimensional understanding revealed the profound ripple effects of our actions. “You get to see the impact of your actions from all perspectives,” she explains. This holistic view of existence underscores the importance of empathy and compassion in our interactions.

Nanci also learned that the ultimate purpose of life is to experience it fully. Whether we incarnate to explore specific themes, support others, or serve as catalysts for change, every moment is an opportunity to grow and evolve. “The ultimate purpose is to experience it,” she says. “The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly—all of it.”

Her near-death experiences prompted her to leave her law firm and dedicate her life to sharing the wisdom she gained. Despite the initial skepticism and silence from her family and colleagues, Nanci persisted, driven by a deep sense of mission. She emphasizes that each of us has spiritual tools at our disposal, such as manifesting, self-healing, and accessing multiple levels of awareness. These abilities empower us to create a fulfilling and purposeful life.

As we delve into Nanci L. Danison‘s remarkable journey, we are reminded of the infinite possibilities that lie beyond our physical existence. Her story is a beacon of hope, urging us to explore the depths of our true nature and embrace the spiritual tools within us.

Please enjoy my conversation with Nanci L. Danison.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 130

Nanci L. Danison 0:00
From the local anesthesia that had been injected into my skin, combined with very, very low blood sugar, and so I very, very, very slowly got out of my body. And then I popped out and I was standing in front of it going I didn't know you could do this.

Alex Ferrari 0:30
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I'd like to welcome to the show, Nanci Danison. How you doin Nanci?

Nanci L. Danison 1:07
I'm doing great. How are you doing Alex?

Alex Ferrari 1:09
I'm doing great. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk about your journey, which is quite remarkable. We've had a you know, as you know, we've had a lot of near death experiences on the show. But I'm always looking for unique stories when, as you like very poor, like, it's so boring the near death, you come back, I have to find something unique. No, but like, you know, a lot of the stories that we hear in the near death experience, you know, world, you know, there's similarities, obviously there because it's everyone's going through kind of the same process. But each one has their own unique story. And yours is fairly unique. And we're going to talk about your book as well. And then where people can find your books and find out more about your stories. But my first question to you is, what was your life like? Before you had a near death experience?

Nanci L. Danison 1:57
Hectic, I was practicing law full time and a 270 attorney, regional law firm. I was a partner in the firm. I was building my career, I had a national reputation as a health lawyer. And I was stressed to the max.

Alex Ferrari 2:19
Living the living the life, right, everything that they tell you, you should have the money, the career I'm sure you had a nice house, a nice car, all those things, the external things, you seem to, at least from what you're telling me had a lot of those things in place. Is that Is that a fair statement?

Nanci L. Danison 2:36
That's a fair statement. But I was having a party, my stress came from the fact that most of my clients were healthcare providers. And they more and more often were asking for discounts on fees, which my firm, you know, would have to approve. And so it was like, I was always going begging yoke and this client never just calculated, you know, so it was it was hard, giving my heart and soul to my clients knowing what the financial impact was.

Alex Ferrari 3:06
Did you feel fulfilled during that time? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So you were down, you were walking the path. You were like, You know what, this is great. I'm, I'm living life the way I want to live it all is good. Yes. And then.

Nanci L. Danison 3:24
And then my firm. My partners decided to bring a mobile mammography unit to our parking lot. And so all the women in the firm, you know, could sign up for a mammogram. So I did. And a few days later, I got a call saying we want you to come in for magnification studies and to meet your surgeon. I'm going my Sarja What do you mean? And so I went in for magnification studies. And I was scheduled for surgery to remove three tumors on my right brush.

Alex Ferrari 3:54
Oh, wow. You know, I have to ask because about my mother, my mother has not passed. She's still here with us. But she went through she went through cancer as well. She had an she's a cancer survivor. Psychologically, what does that do to your entire world when when you get kind of news like that?

Nanci L. Danison 4:15
Well, back then it wasn't so bad because it turned out that after the path out technology took like 10 days because they weren't really sure what to call it, and the classification system had changed. So previously live in called carcinoma and cy two, because the classification system changed. They call it an atypical lobular ductal hyperplasia, so it wasn't malignant. Then in 2011, I the other foot of the other, the other foot drops together super dropped. And I was diagnosed with stage three metastatic cancer on the other wrist.

Alex Ferrari 4:54
Oh, wow. But but we're getting ahead of ourselves. So let's go so So when did you If you're new and tell me about your new death experience,

Nanci L. Danison 5:02
I had the first one right before the surgery to take out the three lumps and the right breast, the ones that turned out not to be cancer. I, you know, a lot of women don't understand that not all cancers form lumps, so you can't always feel, you know, when you've got cancer. Some of them leave calcium deposits behind when the cells die, and the calcium deposits can be picked up on mammogram. So it's really, really important to have a mammogram, when there's no lump for the surgeon to feel a radiologist sticks a large bore needle with a wire inside of it into the breast using your mammogram machine squishes.

Alex Ferrari 5:45
I've heard I've heard.

Nanci L. Danison 5:46
I'm sure you haven't had it, and I hope you never do. But after about eight squishes and two injections of the needle with a wire inside of it, the radiologist and the technician and left the room to go get the last set of films developed. And I left too.

Alex Ferrari 6:08
You just you just passed right there. What happened?

Nanci L. Danison 6:13
As best we can reconstruct, I had an electric shock from the local anesthesia that had been injected into my skin, combined with very, very low blood sugar. And so I very, very, very slowly got out on my body. And then I popped out and I was standing in front of it going I didn't know you could do this. And then I saw blackness. But I wasn't afraid it was this comforting. It's comforting darkness. And then I saw pinpoint of light. And I said myself, Oh, I know what this is I'm supposed to go into the light did not have thought that I died. I just recognized but are supposed to be doing. So I went into the light. And I spent a lot of time alone in the light feeling that wave after wave after wave of bliss, unconditional love and acceptance and joy. And it was like going through me and boomeranging back out and being sent back to wherever it was coming from. And while I was in the light by myself, I was there for a long time, I started getting downloads, you know, I could computer download directly into my mind of everything there was to know or could ever be known on lots of different topics. A lot of them were things I've always been curious about while I was living Nancy's life. And they were just there. And I'm just going to bounce back, back and forth between all these, what I call knowings. And knowing is different than knowing human life, knowing is that you receive an afterlife are complete with every single piece of data that could possibly exist about the topic, along with the sense that you have personally lived it firsthand. So it's got all the feelings and the emotions and experience and the sensations and everything all in one bundle. And it's all at once. You don't have to learn, it's just boom, it's there. I spent all the time doing that.

Alex Ferrari 8:25
So similar to the matrix, like you were literally downloading, they were downloading you.

Nanci L. Danison 8:30
And I saw that movie, I was like, Oh my God, you know. And it's kind of similar because, you know, he in comparison to the afterlife, human life does kind of look like that, you know, planet Earth that they showed him a matrix. I mean, doesn't really look like that. But it's, you know, the differences

Alex Ferrari 8:47
Is stark. It's stark differences. Okay, so, at this point, have you figured out that you're, you're dead?

Nanci L. Danison 8:54
Not yet. I was doing because I was health wire I did a the way a physician would analyze a patient you know, I started gathering the facts and I did a review of systems you know, no breathing, no heartbeat. No this know that I'm gone. But I can still breathe and I can still see and and so then I was like looking. And I realized I could see through the back of my head. I could see 360 degrees. I didn't really have a head, but I could had 360 vision. And while I was looking through the back of my head, I saw Nancy's body down in the mammography room. And I saw that she was on earth, but I knew I was in the light. And that's when I started kind of suspecting and I said to myself, nah, I couldn't have died. I always heard you go through a tunnel you know, into the light and I'm already in the light. I go through the tunnel and then boom, I'm in a tunnel. And you know how near death experiences get these glorious tunnels of beautiful colors and lights? Some new travel through the universe and their friends and loved ones are there to welcome them or they got angels, I get dirt, I get a dirt floor with stone walls with moss growing on them. And it looks to me like it was a railroad trestle from like maybe the 1920s. Because there's, you know, there was a passage overhead, which I think was the railroad tracks. And it was a very narrow passage, but I got the sense it was wide enough for like a Model T Ford to go through, I could smell the moss, I could smell the dirt, I could feel the humidity on my skin. Here, the insects, I mean, it's absolutely completely real. But I wasn't fooled by it. And so I said to myself, fooled by it when you fall by it, but I fall by Earth. And so I did a couple more experiments to see. And to prove to myself that just thinking a word manifested that environment. And it's true, I learned, after doing it three times, I got a download of information about manifesting, there are very, very few English words used in my whole experience and manifesting was one of them. And it was explained to me that wave souls inside human bodies manifest what the body experiences as physical reality. It's all thoughts projected into physical matter. After that, I, you know, I realized I had died. And then that seemed to be kind of a gateway. I saw five beautiful colored lights that I knew the names of while I was there, but they would all look white to humans, because we have very narrow Color Range. And as I was looking at the spotlights, I'm thinking, Oh, this is a typical day I was in a moment I'm supposed to go into the light might get five of them, I'm supposed to pick the right one. And a voice not my own comes into my head and says, It doesn't matter. Just pick one. And the five lights turned into five glowing beings that I recognized as my dears, deepest, most beloved friends, and loved ones from all eternity. None of whom I've ever known in human life, or in any incarnated life. But they were my eternal friends, I was home. It was the first. First time in Nancy's life I ever really felt home. Those were my people. So I spent some time with them. And I had a life review.

And unlike the life review that most near death experiencers describe, when you go farther into the afterlife than 99% of nd ears go, you get a life review, that includes not only seeing everything from the life that you just lived, but also you get inside the other people who were in those various events. And you get to watch it, and feel their emotions and hear their thoughts and be them participating in the same event so that you're seeing your perspective and their perspective, but somebody else's perspective, it's all at once. And you get to feel the ripple effect of you know, like you said something, and here's how it impacted these people. And here's how they change their lives, and how it impacted other people, you know, way down the stream. You also get the answers to your questions like all those times you ask yourself, why did sell Metacell do this? And why did I do that? And you know, what would have happened had? Well, you get the answer sales questions, you get to see, you know, why so and so did something because you get inside their heads, and you get to hear their thinking. And then you also get to see if you'd made different choices, how they would have turned out.

Alex Ferrari 14:19
Also you do get like alternative, you know, timelines, if you will.

Nanci L. Danison 14:23
Now, they're not really alternative timelines. They're just projections of thought about what would have happened, you know, had you done something different. But while that was going on, I'm saying to myself, been there done that. So I wasn't really interested in watching that other than to see that every single bit of sensory data that Nancy had ever taken in was all there. Every sky, every sound, every thought, every hope every dream ever. Everything was all there. But I started getting a download of all these hundreds and hundreds For maybe even 1000s of other lifetimes I had lived throughout the universe has all kinds of creatures and things. That was a lot more interesting than they imagined.

Alex Ferrari 15:13
So, because I've already lived Nanci's life, I don't remember the other ones. Yeah.

Nanci L. Danison 15:21
As they were downloading, I remembered every single moment of every single one of them. And I was just flabbergasted that I could possibly have ever thought I was dancing. I mean, it was just ridiculous that I could conceive of an idea that I'm just this little human being. Well, I have lived this eons and eons of other lifetimes. And I remember every single moment of every single one, it sounds like sampling them. Yeah, remembering all you know, is like trip down memory lane LD. It was my memory lane was the entire universe. After that, I realized that I could get knowings on particular topics, like if I focused my attention, and intention to know the answer. I could get specific topics instead of just random, you know, things dropping in my head. So and I didn't know how long I was going to be there. So I thought, what better ask the big questions. So I asked, what is God? What am I? What's the purpose of life? What does God expect me? Where's heaven? Where's hell? And what's the one true religion? I asked the last week as I was reared as a Catholic. And I told him, that was the one true religion, which I do believe be true,

Alex Ferrari 16:42
As all of them do.

Nanci L. Danison 16:47
So I got the answers to all these questions downloaded, you know, in the form of knowings. And after getting all those nice, I was angry. I'm surprised that you can be angry, actually. But I was angry. I am. I felt betrayed. You know, I felt like everybody knew this, but me. I must be stupid on dirt. If I didn't know this, everybody's got to know this. And they wouldn't tell me. My parents wouldn't tell me the truth. My Church wouldn't tell me what you have my school would Catholic school wouldn't tell me the truth. Why weren't they telling me this stuff? didn't think I was stupid. Did they think I couldn't handle it? Yeah, I mean, I just I couldn't imagine why anybody would have taught me this intricate religion, when there wasn't a bit of it. That was true. And I had just gotten the truth directly from the source. Literally, the source. I think kind of calmed me down from that. I was shown like a documentary history of planet Earth, and how religions developed, and how they got to be the way they were, when I died, and what they were going to be like, in the future. So that I could see it was a good faith attempt by souls that knew there was something more, but they couldn't figure out what it was. So they were like, projecting human life and human thought and human speculation and what they knew about humans as a species, on to God and on to the afterlife, assuming must be the same. So that that did kind of calm me down.

Alex Ferrari 18:31
Right! When you just look at Greek mythology, I mean, that's exactly what the Greeks did. I mean, Zeus, and they had, they had affairs and they had, you know, kids out of wedlock, and they were doing all sorts of things. It was just a complete projection of human frailties in the gods world back then. And, you know, I was raised a Catholic I still feel very guilty about it. And I'll hold that against. But but you know, the concept of Heaven and Hell was very difficult for me to understand that there was a hell and unlike if my mom wouldn't send me to eternal damnation even though I might have done the worst things. I mean, you could see serial killers mothers in the courtroom going he's really a good boy. Like I mean, I mean, it's so I couldn't comprehend a god that was so angry and vengeful and egotistical. Even it especially in the Old Testament, were like, You must honor me you must focus on me I need your attention like God the God I think is not that frail.

Nanci L. Danison 19:38
Like when I met instantly either

Alex Ferrari 19:41
I'd imagined like he'd be he'd be like no no if god yeah, you need to do exactly what I said I need you to honor me and then pay pay tribute to me like this doesn't make sense. At least the the Western religions never made sense. I think I got much closer to the Eastern religions, even though they have their their their weaknesses. as well, but they seem to be a little bit closer, some of them Buddhism and and you know, I think is Yogananda who said, I love using this quote, he goes, Jesus that Jesus was crucified on the cross in one day, but his teachings were crucified for the last 2000 years. Isn't that amazing? Because if you go back to what Jesus was actually trying to say, you know, a lot of times I feel that, that Christians don't act like Christ.

Nanci L. Danison 20:30
Well, review of religious history that I tell me that no one no one person existed that matches the life story of Jesus Christ. Really tell me story is composed of little pieces of Egyptian mythology, little pieces of Chinese mythology, little pieces of what Jewish religious beliefs at the time, and a lot of bits and pieces of the lives of a group of wandering what were considered heretics by the Jews, who believe that the kingdom of God was coming like right then. So I saw you know how these bits and pieces came together. Year, decades after the the alleged lifetime of Jesus, and they were pulled together by religious leaders who were trying to bring basically pagans, you know, what they would consider to be pagans into the Christian religion. And so they alter Christianity, with a lot of holidays that are turned into holy days, it didn't actually exist, no, but they wanted to keep that celebration time together, because it appealed to non Jews. And they they needed a figurehead, because all religions previously had a man, like God figurehead, so they created one.

Alex Ferrari 22:13
So you said you had you asked six questions. So what are the answers to those six questions?

Nanci L. Danison 22:20
What is God, God is an energy source has nothing whatsoever in common with humans. It's infinite, infinitely powerful, all knowing. unconditionally loving, has a distinct personality is creative, funny. Curious, extremely curious. And Albert's curiosity. It created the universe. Mentally, it imagined things that it, it knew could exist, but it couldn't experience directly because of its own nature. So imagine this universe, like we imagined dreams. And it populated the universe with creatures and things just like we populate our own dreams with characters and places. And then in order to experience what it was like to, to be in that universe, you have to be inside a human to be inside a tree to be inside a rock to be inside a comment. It projected its own consciousness and self awareness into those various physical matter things as what humans call soul. And it operates much more sophisticated, but similar to how when we dream, there's always a character in the dream. This lets us know it's the same character that we play during the day. And we are inside that dream character experiencing the dream. The same way we're inside human body, experiencing human life from the inside out. And that's what's that's what source is doing. It's experiencing the universe, from inside, all the things that has imagined. And so the person that you love as yourself that you consider to be the real you the true you your identity, your personality. That's the soul. Not the body. All human animals are basically the same. They have the same character traits have the same very limited personality. They're, they're really no different than dogs and cats and horses and cows and pigs. We honor them because we're inside them. And we bring honor from ourselves as souls into human life. So all the wonderful good things that you see humans do, and all the good things that you know about yourself. That's Are you that source? That's you operating a source and the physical world. And all the things that you say they're violent and selfish and self centered and manipulative and evil. That's just typical animal nature. Humans are just animals. And they act the same way. And like we don't condemn tigers, when they take down, you know, prey in the wild. Humans act the same way. But we condemn them not realizing we're condemning our own animal host bodies.

Alex Ferrari 25:45
So that's one and two. Okay, one and two. So what are the rest of the answers?

Nanci L. Danison 25:53
What's the purpose of life, I was told that there were three major purposes. And to kind of add on purposes, the major purposes are and what most people most souls that incarnate want, what their goal isn't incarnating is to gather data about a particular character, trait or aspect of physical matter, that source can't experience directly. So it'll be something that more than one species in the universe experiences. So we don't incarnate just in humans, we encourage, you know, all over the place. So let's say the thing that you are, you want to study or learn about is greed, you will incarnate into every creature in the universe, over and over to experience what greed is, like, from all perspectives, 360 degrees of perspectives. And you'll do that over and over into various and sundry creatures until you've learned all those things that were in the knowings. That downloaded into my mind. That's where they come from. They come from sources, intellectual knowledge, combined with the experiential knowledge of souls that have incarnated. And so that's what most souls are doing. They're experiencing some what I call theme, some character trait, some emotion, some aspect, physical aspect of the universe, the source can experience directly. The second, more, not as prevalent, but more prevalent than the third is to incarnate with somebody that you love to be their support person. So you know, so a wants to incarnate into human life, and maybe it's the first time they've come into human life. And so bees have been here a lot to sell B will come with a and incarnate into something or someone that would make sense as a support person, like a mother or father, brother, sister, Rabbi, Priest, teacher, coach, you know, something like that. And that. So bees sole purpose for living is a support. So A, and the rest of the time supposed to be fun. And even when you're studying a theme, when you're not in a situation where you're famous playing out, you're supposed to be having fun. And then the third major purpose is to be a catalyst. Like you will incarnate with someone you love, in order to do something in their life, that will be a catalyst for them doing something that will help them meet a goal. And so that catalyst event, maybe one time, and the whole rest of that human life is supposed to be fun. And then the overriding purpose is in the actual life, I learned that we consider Earth to be a very primitive, wild, exotic planet. And humans are primitive untamed, wild, exciting. Yeah, off the wall creatures. And so we consider it a challenge to incarnate into humans and to try and control them, and to try and keep them from acting wild and violent and all those other things. So kind of an overriding goal is to see if we can possibly, even if it's just for a few moments at a time, express unconditional love from inside this wild animal we're writing and we have to take control of the animal to do that.

Alex Ferrari 29:52
It's just kind of like trying to tame a wild stallion the like, you know, if you're a cowboy and you've written a lot of horses, but there's like, oh, there's that While I got it, I'm gonna see if I can break that that stallion won't break and see if I can attain it. So it's similar the concept in many ways,

Nanci L. Danison 30:07
And some humans are easier to control than others. Yeah, I'm sure those are the purposes. Whereas having, it's a state of existence, not a place. It's the state of existence you reach when you're not incarnated. So in between incarnations we return to Heaven, and Heaven has. Heaven is one stage of eternal life is the stage from which we incarnate, there are other stages, you know, kind of like how humans have childhood and adulthood teenager, eternal life has stages like that. So we may grow into the Incarnation stage, we may not, we may never incarnate, we may grow out of the Incarnation stage and go on and live eternal life doing other things, some of which I did. There's no hell. I watched source create, I remembered creating the universe. And there was no hell created. And at the time, that source created the universe, there was no other entity. There was no you know, comparable evil force or evil spirit, there was nothing but source, everything that existed is source. So and then also, source told me there's no hell.

Alex Ferrari 31:30
You know, as you're talking as I was coming, when you're saying that there's nothing else existed, you know, I come from the creative, creative background and in the film, industry, and writing and things and as a writer, you are the source of the story, you are writing, all the characters, the world, everything is all you there is no other force, in that process in the creative process. So you are literally the god the source of all the characters, and you decide whether they die or, or live if they go through, you know, I mean, literally, the hero's journey, as Joseph Campbell laid it out, was about struggle, about journey about going through obstacles, about all this kind of stuff. But you as the sole writer, there is no other version, there's nobody else talking unless you're writing with somebody else, or unless you have to deal with a studio executive with notes. Generally speaking, you are in control. So that that concept as again, as an analogy makes sense, as a creative, you are the source of the art that you're creating, generally speaking, and generally it's a it's a writing is a one off thing, painting is a one off thing, music can be a one off thing, but it's like you, you create everything around you. And there is no other point of view, there is no other duality in that is that makes sense.

Nanci L. Danison 32:58
I love listening to you source. Because you know, everything you just said, is right out of the mouth of the core entity source, the creativity. It's all from source. So when you're in your creative process, you are being source in the world.

Alex Ferrari 33:19
You're tapping into that. Yeah, and I've talked to again, so many high, high performing artists, that I always like to ask him like, do you? Do you feel like where do you tap into the muse, the flow. And they say, there's ever a time when you're writing and then after an hour of writing, you look down and you're like, who wrote that? That's really good stuff. And they're like, Yeah, I look for that all the time. It doesn't happen all the time. But I try to try to tap into that. And I think most artists, especially at higher level, understand that it is coming through them. And they are a filter to with their own personality, their own kind of, you know, flavor, you know, the words will come out. So if they came out through you versus they coming out through me, my life experience, my tastes, my things, it will filter through that, but the information will still come out through you. And there's an art to tapping into that. Doing it at a high level.

Nanci L. Danison 34:21
I've that I've written five books, and I'm working on it six. So I know you know, I wake up in the morning at 4:30. And it's there. And I type it all out. And when I'm finished, I'm starving. And I look at it and go, where did I come from?

Alex Ferrari 34:34
Oh, yeah, at that worked out like that. Well, my first two books, I was just like writing and I just, I looked down and sometimes I just read 1015 102,000 words in a sitting. And I'm just like, and then I go back and I read it and it really doesn't. It feels foreign. Yeah, it feels foreign to me and like I see a little bit of what I was talking about, but I like the way it's all put together. It's a pretty the creative process is really magical. process. It's one of the reasons why I like to talk about it on the show so much. Because even if you're not going to be an artist, if you're listening, even if you're going to be an artist, there's creativity and everything we do in life. I mean, this technology that we're talking through it and I was extremely creative. Someone had to think this up the chairs that we're sitting on the roof, the roof over our head, this is all part of imagination of somebody somewhere some time said, Hey, I'm tired of sitting on this rock. Let's design something to sit. And they put some wood together, and oh, the first chair was created, and then it just keeps evolving from there and there. So it's pretty, it's pretty fascinating.

Nanci L. Danison 35:38
Yeah, well, when I write Of course, when I'm writing down memories, they're not conscious memories. I mean, they are once I've written them, but I was writing memories from the afterlife. And I actually go back there and live, relive the experience. And that's what comes out through my fingers on the type. And keyboard.

Alex Ferrari 35:59
So So you've now so you're still in the you're still in your experience. You've been downloaded, you're finding all these knowings. At what point do you decide or are sent back to Nancy?

Nanci L. Danison 36:11
Well, after I watched the documentary of mystery of religion,

Alex Ferrari 36:15
Was it was it was it well produced? Was it edited? Well, how was the sound?

Nanci L. Danison 36:19
I don't know that that's edited well, but it was multi dimensional. I, I was getting, like a voice in my ear, explaining things to me. And they were like TV, Chiron running along the actually, they were at the top that were explaining like time periods. And you know what, what was

Alex Ferrari 36:38
So full National Geographic production here. Yeah. And

Nanci L. Danison 36:41
I was watching it. As Nancy. I mean, I could still feel like I was Nancy. And I was watching it as a spiritual entity. And I was watching at our source. So it was like, it was really cool. Filmed. But after that, I met back up with my five lightning friends. And they said, they didn't say it was all mental telepathy, they let me know that I had to learn how to merge into them, so that we could go forward. And so I spent a lot of time merging my energy into the energy of like one of them. And while I was in them, I could pick snatches of physical life's lives that they had lived. And I could live those physical lives, those scenes, I could live those scenes as them, or I could live them as me being inside them being inside physical reality. And having that experience, I did that over and over, like one at a time two at a time. Eventually, I got to the point where I could merge into all five of them at once, our energies were totally combined, I felt what it was like to be a being of six, a collective being. And I came to understand that source is the collective beaten because like, you know, you talked about that the book characters. Source is composed of its own core nature, plus all these mental characters that's created. So I had to get used to that sensation of being part of a collective. And then we kind of moved deeper into the core source. And I don't know what happened to my, my friends. But I was I got to a point where I woke up, I woke up to the realization that I am source, se I just watched creation and I remember doing it. I remember doing it a source or not only what I remembered it. And I've been merging into these other beings. And I remember that's what it was like. And I woke up and I thought, I did this to myself. I went into Nancy's life. On my own core, that was my own choice. I created this whole physical universe this whole life this way of experiencing myself. But more importantly, I was never alone. I was never unloved. I was never drift. I was never by myself. I was never I'm loved. And that feeling was the most powerful thing I've ever experienced in my life. Because I often felt needed sees life that I was out there on my own. You know, I didn't have a soulmate I didn't. I didn't really know anybody like me and then to know that no matter what I'm never alone. And no matter what, there are two of us, there's a body and a soul. And we're always there for each other.

We're never alone. And all the time that I was watched waking up to the realization that I'm the creator. I kept saying in the back of my mind, this is Nancy's eternal personality. Some of y'all tell those folks, so when you will tell them these folks down there. And I was still saying that. And then next thing I know, I'm in a whirlwind on my way back to Nancy. And I'm saying, I didn't mean me. I thought,

Alex Ferrari 40:46
So much of say, I didn't volunteer me

Nanci L. Danison 40:49
Quite happy where I was. But apparently, I Well, it was kind of like this. My intention was that somebody tell those people what Nancy learn and experience, and I was the only one that could do that. Because I was the only one that ever been inside Nancy. So back to the body, fighting like cats and dogs not to go back into that body because he was dead. Right? I mean, she was cold and slimy.

Alex Ferrari 41:23
And how long? How long will she how long she was she talking about she you how long?

Nanci L. Danison 41:30
I was, I was never Allah had never lost one moment of consciousness. Nancy was dead. We're guessing 1015 minutes on how long the other people have been gone.

Alex Ferrari 41:45
But in the end, but in your experience in your consciousness, it was, there was no time really usually when you say you spent a lot of time doing this, and you watch a documentary and all this happened. A lot happened. But for you, the time doesn't really something that a lot of near death experience, just say that there is no,

Nanci L. Danison 42:02
There's no time. Time is an artificial measurement that humans use like inches pounds. It doesn't anywhere else.

Alex Ferrari 42:09
I mean, for people that don't understand that I'm like, Look, we create a time based around the rotations of our son. If we lived on Jupiter, time would be different. If we lived on Pluto time would be different if we lived in another universe. Time would be different. It is just an arbitrary. Or there'd be no time. It's just an arbitrary thing that we've created. Like if we're traveling between universes, and there is no sun that's rotating. There is technically no time you just you just are. Yes. And that's a hard concept for people to understand. But there really is no time it is a manufactured thing based upon the rotation of our particular sun and planet. So anyway, that's a side note.

Nanci L. Danison 42:51
It was an interesting one though.

Alex Ferrari 42:52
It was so your back and then everyone's you people are trying to bring you back or, you

Nanci L. Danison 42:58
No, I came when I came back into the body enough that I could see through Nancy's eyes. I saw the radiologists and radiology technician at the back of the room. I had a view box and they had the mammograms up on the view box.

Alex Ferrari 43:14
But they haven't even figured out that you're gone yet.

Nanci L. Danison 43:16
No, they didn't. No, no. And the radiologist was drawing a little map on the envelope that the mammogram films went in, you know, cut here surgery. And so I finally it felt like I was talking through a megaphone from way inside the body out to the lips. And I said, I passed out. And then the doctor turned around and came over to me and so did the red tick. And the red tech went out in the hall and yelled for a nurse to come in. And the radiologist looks at me, she goes, Do you know who you are? I'm like, oh, yeah, boy, I know why. She goes, Do you know who I am? You look familiar, but I can't place you. Well, not only was she my radiologist, she was a client. I've known her for years. And she asked me what do you know where you are Malmo room. But it was obvious. I could barely talk. So the nurse comes in. Puts a blood pressure cuff on me. Yes. And the first reading that I heard her say was 60 over palp normals. 120 over 80 was palp means you can feel there's something there but it's not high enough to register on blood pressure cuff.

Alex Ferrari 44:36
Oh, Jesus. So you would really Yeah,

Nanci L. Danison 44:38
Yeah, it took a half an hour for my blood pressure to come up to normal. And I told him I was starving. And I told the radiologists like I don't know why she didn't recognize that Alexis. I had told her the symptoms I was having before I died and I told her I was my heart was racing. I'm sweating. starving, I think weapons might pass out. And those are all like telltale signs of anaphylaxis.

Alex Ferrari 45:08
So alright, so you come back, I'm assuming that it didn't didn't take long for you to come back to full force or were you in the hospital for a while?

Nanci L. Danison 45:16
Well, I'm, amazingly enough, they took me from death over to surgery. I really thought that was amazing. It's like, okay, Billy,

Alex Ferrari 45:25
You just passed out? You went through all of it. But did they understand that you died?

Nanci L. Danison 45:30
No, I didn't say I died. All I said was I passed out because I, I was freaked out, I wasn't able to tell anybody that I died for a while. So they took me over to surgery, and it will they put a an IV me right away, sort of feeding me sort of water, you know, and then took them over surgery. And I was not left alone. At any for any moment. After that. When surgery was over, the anesthesiologist came to check on me. And I told her, I was starving, she went got my Snickers bar. And then they put me in a hospital room for a while and they had, like, I don't know what kind of person it was, but maybe a volunteer, somebody sat at a little desk, like one of the school desks, like right at the foot of my bed and just watched me the whole time. Then they released me from the hospital.

Alex Ferrari 46:27
Now, how long before you decided to start sharing this information that you've learned with the world?

Nanci L. Danison 46:35
Well, honestly, it's harder as 1994 as much 1499 for a few months later, I died again, went into the afterlife. And I met with a group of spiritual entities, beings, you know, kind of shoot like that, who were basically saying, you're not working on division?

Alex Ferrari 47:02
How did you die? By the way? The second time?

Nanci L. Danison 47:04
I don't know. I was really iffy, four years after that. I mean, it was very hard to keep a normal blood pressure, normal heart rate, to keep a normal temperature. I mean, my temperature would go down to 95 point something, wow. Yeah. And my blood pressure would go down to 60 over 30. And, you know, my heart rate would be up and down. And so it's just, you know, I don't know what took me out. But they basically said, you have a mission, you're supposed to be working, and you're not. So get with the program. So I left my law firm, because it took me a few months to kind of like, figure out how am I gonna work my mission while I'm in this law firm. And so I left and went out on my own. And October 1, so from March to October 1, I stayed in the firm, and then I hung out my shingle and practice all on my own. And I still didn't tell anybody. I mean, I taught my surgeon and he just poo pooed it, of course. So, and that was very discouraging. So it wasn't until I think 2001 When I, or maybe it was my baseline before that, that I met somebody from ions, the International Association for near death studies, who told me about that organization. And I started going to ions meetings. And I told my story for the first time at the very first ions meeting I went to

Alex Ferrari 48:37
And when you finally came out of the closet, as they say, as a near death, or did how did your family friends, colleagues deal with this new version of you? Because I love asking this question of near death experiencers. Because I always fascinated by the psychology of how you dealt with the people around you seeing this massive change, because you were not obviously the same, Nancy, that you were prior to it. And you're a completely different person with a different set of understandings and knowings. How did your family and friends and colleagues deal with this? And how did you deal with how did you deal with them not dealing with?

Nanci L. Danison 49:20
They didn't say a word. Nobody in my family has ever discussed my experiences with me. They know I do podcast they know I've written books they know, you know, nobody said a word to me. My friends in the law firm. Just thought I was a trader for leaving the firm. And they stopped talking to me. And my friends outside the law firm knew I had changed but I didn't tell anybody why. You know? So I was kind of out there on my own. And for two years, all I wanted to do was just go home again. And I wasn't suicidal or anything. I just didn't want to be here.

Alex Ferrari 50:03
Another common another common trait of near death experiences is just as is this horrible, I don't want to be down here.

Nanci L. Danison 50:09
I kept passing out and, and reliving, you know bits and pieces of my actual experience. I don't know if I was going back there or whether it's flashbacks for what. But it was it was hard.

Alex Ferrari 50:24
But then you finally found your groove, obviously when you start running your books.

Nanci L. Danison 50:29
Well, I started writing my books because I was too sick to do anything else. I gone, I told him, I hope my body was whacked out. And I gotten to the point where I couldn't even sit up for very long without passing out. And I would go and spend my family doctor was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. And he would just have me sit in a patient room. While he was like going about seeing other patients and he come back and asked me questions and type up seven, he leaves me come back and gave me medicines to try to get my blood pressure stable and keep my heart rate stable. I went through a whole bunch of stuff. And then I died again. This time, I went back I met a different group of beings that they were the council that were monitoring my motion. And they said, You're not working in Michigan, we won't hold it against you, you can come home and stay home. We won't hold it against you. Or you can go back into Nancy, if you choose to go back. You will suffer for the rest of her life. And I felt a lot of different things. One was, I didn't want to be failure. I mean, source gives you a mission. I got to do it, you know, I didn't want to fail at that. And I also real still felt really strongly somebody's gonna tell those people. And I was somebody. And then part of me just wanted to see what was going to happen because he had seen the future. And I wanted to see how much of it was going to happen. And part of me just felt rotten for leaving Nancy so many times. So I came back in the body knowing we were going to suffer which we have made her promise I will not leave her again. Until she's ready. So I've had near death experiences since then, but I didn't actually die. I was resuscitated.

Alex Ferrari 52:37
Wow. Good Lord Nancy. I mean, you've got you've gone through a journey and a half, haven't you?

Nanci L. Danison 52:43
Yeah, this girl has been with me the hallway.

Alex Ferrari 52:48
I was talking, you know, it's interesting. I was talking to Jose Hernandez. He was another near death experience where he was on the show. He says something so beautiful about the body. And it's so interesting because we all really beat up ourselves beat up how he looked because of the way media portrays us our opinions of other people of what we look like and things like that. And he said when he was when he was dying, and he's having his near death experience, he was floating above himself. And he saw his body sitting there on on the On the Table of the surgeon wherever he I think for I forgot what exactly happened, but he was in hospital. And he said he's like, my god. Why was I so brutal with my body, I beat it up so much meant like just the verb, the war, the words, the verb, the verbal abuse that you gave to it, like you're you're fat or you're out of shape, or you're this or that, and oh my god, that that was that. The vehicle of my journey, it walked me through everything. You know, I was able to walk to things I was able to experience things. And he found such a newfound love for his vehicle for his body, that I was just so touched by it. Because I think all of us at one point or another has to go through those experiences. If you're a teenager, my God, do you ever go through those experiences about trying to compare yourself with others? And it was just such an interesting way of looking at it from a performance perspective that is that most people don't go through. So I love that you're like, I'm here. I'm still hanging in there with her. She's still with me. You know, it's really remarkable. I read in your bio, that you came back with some spiritual tools. What are the spiritual tools that are inside of all of us, but yet, not many of us use in our daily in our daily life.

Nanci L. Danison 54:44
We all have the ability to manifest physical reality. We do it mostly unconsciously. We souls inside these bodies have created a life for our bodies. based upon proving to ourselves the truth of what we truly and deeply believe, about ourselves, about the world, and about our place in the world, and we get those beliefs from inside the womb, all through life, and a lot of them are just crazy. They're just wrong. And partly, they're wrong, because we pick them up at an age where we're too young to even understand, you know, what, what we're thinking, you know, or what we misunderstand what people have said, or what they've done, we misinterpret their actions, too. But we don't want to get hurt again. So we create all these little rules like, can't do this, we can't do that. And those beliefs are they're manifested into physical events in our life. So if we don't like our life, all we have to do is find those rotten beliefs, heal them, and then we'll start unconsciously manifesting much better life, we also can consciously manifest particular events, and opportunities into our life. And my fifth book, create a new reality walks through exactly how to do that. Another spiritual power that we have is, we can access what I call universal knowledge, that's all sources knowledge database, the same way I was getting those knowings, we can get little tiny bits and pieces of knowings. While we're inside the body, that we can get knowings on everything from like, bookkeeping advice, universal law, I've gotten, you know, just practical things, you know how to go about doing things. And then also we can get the truths of the universe, you know, the truths about ourselves. And one of the things I learned in the afterlife is that we don't put our entire energy into an incarnation, part of a stays in the afterlife. So you can communicate with the part of you that still in the afterlife, that knows why you came here, and can give you guidance about you know, should you do A or B, or C or whatever. Another spiritual superpower we have is self healing. We can use manifesting to heal these bodies, physically and emotionally. We also have what I call multiple, simultaneous levels of awareness as a spiritual power. When I was in the afterlife, when I was in the light, and just getting all these knowings, I realized I could like, step back and see myself objectively. And then I'd step back from that and see myself seeing myself objectively. And then I stepped back from that. And I kept doing that kept stepping back and back and getting a wider and wider and broader perspective, we can do that in human life. We call it walking a mile in someone else's shoes. We try to put ourselves into their position into their perspective, so that we can understand them. We don't do that enough. It's a it's an ability that we have. And then the fifth one is unconditional love. And, you know, when when I, the other half of my mission, besides telling people was I was supposed to experience unconditional love, and Nancy's life. I took that to mean I suppose to find a man, the perfect man. Well, in my first ions made, you know, I said that I said, you know, I have been trying, but you know, I haven't really experienced unconditional love. And the leader of the group looks at me, she goes antsy, you could always experience some conditional love. Give it away. So, those are our five spiritual superpowers.

Alex Ferrari 58:52
Fascinating, Nancy, I mean, your journey is inspirational. It's, it's, I really do appreciate you being so honest, and being so raw with your experience. And, you know, a lot of times, you know, I have people who talk to me and go man, you know, do you really believe in you know, these these near death experiences and things like that people outside of my world? And I say, Look, I've just talked to so many people from different walks of life, like your your story, and you're a very accomplished lawyer, had money, had prestige, had a career, you really had a lot of the boxes checked off in the physical idea of what we're supposed to be. And for you to just kind of walk all walk away from it for just like, you know, I feel like telling stories now. I feel like I'm just gonna just walk away from my entire career and the money that I wouldn't be making to tell these these meetups doesn't make sense to me. And I've heard it again and again from different people from different walks of life. So I just like to say that out for people listening that might be like, you know, this, I don't believe this, I go, there's two things, if you don't believe it doesn't matter, if you feel it and it connects with you on a spiritual level, great. If you connect with it on a admit to entertainment level alone, if it connects with you in any way, it's fine. But I approach all of the work that I do very pragmatically. And I love jumping from both sides. Because I, I do believe your story 110%. But I also like to sit on the other side of the table, have someone going, This is crazy. So we can hear both sides of that story. So people can really kind of get into what we're trying to do and spread the kind of message that you're trying to spread. Because at the end of the day, you're just, you're just trying to help people with what you're doing. Is that fair?

Nanci L. Danison 1:00:55
That's fair. And I tell you, I wouldn't believe it. If I hadn't lived it myself.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:59
Exactly. It sounds. I mean, it sounds crazy. And so many times I've talked to, you know, near death, experiencers, and people from all walks of life in the spiritual realms. And I just, I always tell people, like, you don't have to believe them. But what are they saying? Is it connecting with you? Is it connecting with you in any way? And if it is, then it's doing its job? It doesn't matter if you liked the movie that you're watching. But did you understand the message? You might have not liked that actor, you might not like that storyline. But Did something come through? And did it connect with you in a way that was deeper than just superficial? If it did, then it's done its job. And if it did it, maybe you're just not ready for it. Or maybe it's just not your cup of tea and you move on and live life the way you want to live? You know, that's the way I again, I look at it really pragmatically about how we approach all of these things. Because I look at things, you know, yeah, I understand things at a deeper level. But I also look at them from the point of view of someone going, what?

Nanci L. Danison 1:02:10
I'm always amazed when one of my readers writes to me and says, Oh, you know, I read this, and it's exactly what I've always thought I'm going to did. It took me seven years to get to the point where I could accept that. Yeah, well, what I had experienced, and then it had people just read a book and go oh, yeah, I get that right away.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:34
But I think it's I think it's also your your mission, I think is to make people remember, because it's not that they always thought like you're just remembering, yeah, you're just remembering things that were there. You're not discovering new things. You're waking up slowly, but surely. And you know, if you study enough spiritual masters over the years, you know, between Yogi's and, and, you know, monks and other people who've come out publicly written books about things, you start to understand that they just have a different understanding of this illusion, my, as they say, and Hindu and all this, like the illusion that we're in the physical reality. That's why I love the matrix so much, because it's just such a beautiful incarnation. And the ideas in the in the matrix had such a powerful effect on the zeitgeist of humanity. Because afterwards, people started to go, Hey, wait a minute. Are we in a computer simulation? I don't know if we're in a computer simulation. But we are in a quote unquote, simulation. This is a dream. And this is those are concepts that have been talked about for 1000s of years, on multiple, multiple religious texts and spiritual texts throughout history. So I mean, they were talking about that in Egyptian times. I mean, it this is not new stuff, just packaged differently.

Nanci L. Danison 1:03:59
Yeah, once I was watching that history of religion, I was shown that source has sent millions of messengers to humans, and none of them were like, kings or, you know, famous people what someone were famous, but you know, they weren't people that you would expect to have a spiritual message. A lot of them were artists, musicians, housewives, teachers, gyms, gym coaches, just all walks of life, but one of them that I remember was Gene Roddenberry. Yeah. Creator.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:35
Yes. Look at that. I mean, look what Gene I mean, look, what Gene did with Star Trek with George Lucas is done with Star Wars. I mean, when you when you affect humanity in the way that those artists have I made just changes things. But like I said, Jean, I mean, what they did with Star Trek and the ideas and the concepts and all of that. Yeah, I mean, look at Walt Disney. I mean, What did he do for the world? I mean, since Steve Jobs I mean, like him or hate him, I mean, he changed the world in so many ways. And there's, and the list goes on and on and on, and on and on, of people who've done that. But yeah, it's not just the one or the two, there has been many, many over the years, some who effect a small area, some who will affect humanity as a whole, and really does affect exactly what we're doing here. I do feel that we're all waking up a bit more. I mean, it's

Nanci L. Danison 1:05:31
It's hard to see that.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:34
Look, this is the nasty this is the way I look at it. 70 years, and that's seven years ago, in the 70s. If you were meditating, you were looked like you are an absolute loon. You were crazy. But now it's very accepted. If you were doing yoga in the 70s would have said, Now, everyone does it. You know, meditation now is be done by CEOs. There's like there's, there's so many things that are now normal that in my lifetime, in my in my short lifetime, I've seen that I've seen the changes from what it looked like in the 70s and 80s. To where we are today, things are much more accepted. Ideas are except so it's, it's crawling little by little, it's not not making big leaps, just little by little just in the mud, crawling up trying to I mean, Yogananda when he came in the 30s, in the 20s, and 30s, to talk about meditation and yoga people from an Indian man wearing a turban, can you imagine him walking the streets of New York, which is what he did, and just started teaching and speaking about those big main concepts, a lot of the concepts that you and I have been talking about in this conversation. He was trying to spread that information out at a time where people were just like, wait a minute, where do you come from India? What's that? Like? That's where we were. But now, we're more culture. So I do think we changing, but it's not fast enough. And I think yours as

Nanci L. Danison 1:07:04
Well. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:06
So I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I asked all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Nanci L. Danison 1:07:14
Well, I wouldn't apply to anybody else. But for me, it's working my mission.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:21
Now and what is your mission in this life?

Nanci L. Danison 1:07:23
And mission is to tell anybody who will listen what I experienced now, what I learned in the afterlife.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:29
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Nanci L. Danison 1:07:34
The ultimate purpose is to experience it. Just experience, The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly, all of it. Whatever you want.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:47
It is up to us in many ways. And where can people find out more about you your books and the work that you're doing?

Nanci L. Danison 1:07:53
I have two websites, my new my new one used to be my law firm website. And the other one is, I have youtube channel too.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:16
Ohh, we have what yeah, I'll put all those links in the show notes. And indefinitely people check out my first book. This is your first book backwards. But there's many other five other books working on your six. And I recommend people check it out if they want to go deeper into your experience in your teaching. So Nanci, I appreciate you so much for coming on the show and sharing your your story with us and hopefully it's helped a few people along the way, which is my goal of this entire show. So I do appreciate you my dear, for being brave enough to come out and really try to help humanity.

Nanci L. Danison 1:08:49
I appreciate you sharing your your thoughts and your beliefs with me. It's very reassuring a very affirming your wonderful host Thank you source.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:59
Thank you!

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