REVEALED! How Universal MANIFESTATION Actually Works! (The Law of Attraction) with Mike Dooley

Life often unfolds in unexpected ways, revealing profound truths and insights along the journey. Today, we are graced with the presence of Mike Dooley, a legendary figure in the realm of spiritual teachings and the law of attraction. Mike Dooley is well-known for his contributions to understanding the universe’s workings, particularly through his inspirational project, Notes from the Universe.

Mike Dooley’s path has been a tapestry woven with both struggles and triumphs. His journey began in the traditional settings of a Catholic upbringing, which later transformed through a series of eye-opening experiences. A pivotal moment in Mike’s life came when he hit a personal and professional low around the year 2000. He had just liquidated a successful business, faced financial insecurity, and experienced heartbreak. In this dark night of his soul, Mike turned inward and began sending out inspirational emails to remind himself and others of the immutable truths of reality.

The concept of Notes from the Universe emerged from this period of introspection and growth. Initially, Mike’s emails were signed off under his name, but he soon realized that framing them as messages from the universe itself added a layer of depth and impact. “Your attention please, your attention please. This is the Universe,” he writes, introducing humor and levity into profound spiritual truths. This creative approach resonated with many, turning a modest mailing list into a global phenomenon.

Mike’s teachings center around the idea that our thoughts are incredibly powerful and have the potential to shape our reality. He emphasizes the importance of creating an inner world with thought and emotion, and even speaking affirmations out loud to reinforce these beliefs. “Start speaking of transformation as if it’s already happened. Say, ‘I feel so good, I look so young, my life is so easy,'” Mike advises. This practice not only shifts our internal state but also sets in motion external changes that align with our desires.

A significant part of Mike’s message is the need to stop relying exclusively on our physical senses, which can often deceive us into thinking our lives are worse than they are. Instead, he encourages us to trust in the power of our thoughts and the creative process. This shift from a reliance on the physical to an embrace of the spiritual can be challenging but ultimately rewarding. By envisioning desired outcomes and taking small, aligned actions, we can begin to see real changes in our lives.


  1. The Power of Thought: Mike’s core teaching is that thoughts become things. By focusing on positive, constructive thoughts and affirmations, we can shape our reality in profound ways.
  2. Inner World Creation: Building a positive inner world through thought and emotion is crucial. This inner work reflects outwardly, bringing about the changes we desire in our external circumstances.
  3. Taking Aligned Action: Visualization and positive thinking must be accompanied by action. Small, consistent steps towards our goals can lead to significant transformations over time.

Mike’s journey and teachings remind us that even in the darkest moments, we hold the power to create light and transform our lives. His experiences underscore the importance of aligning our thoughts with our highest aspirations and taking practical steps to manifest those dreams. By doing so, we tap into the boundless potential within us and live more fulfilling, joyful lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mike Dooley.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 346

Mike Dooley 0:00
Where do you want transformation? Start speaking of it as if it's already happened. I feel so good. I look so young. My life so easy money shows up when I need it is preposterous in the beginning. But that's the way this game works. We have to stop relying on our physical senses to the extreme that we do, which told me my life was a train wreck and was all bad when it was all good. stop relying exclusively on our physical senses, they still serve an important purpose, and start creating that inner world with thought and emotion. That maybe even for extra credit, you speak up, even if only in front of the mirror. My life is easy. I have total clarity, everything I touch turns to gold. And then, I mean for the coup de gras. You start acting, little demonstrations as if you're worthy.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
I like to welcome to the show. The legendary Mike Dooley. How you doing Mike?

Mike Dooley 1:10
Hey, nice to be welcomed by a legend. And I'll try to live up to my name there.

Alex Ferrari 1:17
Mike, I appreciate you man. I've been well I've been following you for a long time and the work that you've been doing in the world. You're one of those pioneers in this space of, of understanding the universe connecting with the universe, the law of attraction, you were in that little little Footloose, independent film called The Secret. Those seats. But I love what you do with notes from the universe. I just found that so beautiful. When I first started I was like, man, thank god someone's doing this. This is before I was ever in this space. I was still following you before I ever got into this, this crazy podcasting world. So I appreciate you and what you do for the world, my friends that thanks.

Mike Dooley 1:55
Oh my gosh, likewise. Thank you, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 1:58
So what was my first question is what what inspired you to do notes from the universe? And what is notes for the universe for people who don't know?

Mike Dooley 2:07
Okay, well, in the depths of the dark night of my soul, literally as the calendar was going from 1999, which was no party for me into the year 2000. I was winding down, mopping up much of my life, I just liquidated the business I had run with my brother for 10 years, my mother as well, T shirts tucked gifts. It used to be totally unique T shirts, then totally unique thoughts. We got the domain name Before I really even knew what a domain name was. So we have And in 1999, at the end of it, I was approaching 40 I had just liquidated this business my girlfriend had run off with her boyfriend. And it wasn't me. No, it was weird and awkward is that must have sounded. They say looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. I had no tunnel. I had a big mortgage, I had no income. And I was like how did this happen to me of all people? I mean, I'm a good person. Yeah, and the prior 10 years, mommy Andy and I had sold, you know, millions of dollars worth of our T shirts totally unique T shirts, which had my brother's art. He's an amazing graphic artist and teacher a reality to this day. And my little inscriptions about believing yourself. picture in your mind all that you may be and with a little time you will come to see that in the game of life, your dreams will come alive by thinking of the end result as if it had arrived. So we had these metaphysical thoughts with souvenir dolphins and whales and fishies and that business had gone great guns but the trends were declining and we decided to go out or we'd sink with the ship. And so I wanted something to remind me every day of the truths of reality. I believe they are absolute. They are immovable. I don't like the idea everybody has their own truth that there goes all your power there are certain inviolate immovable truths we all have our own road our own path to truth. There's a million roads to Rome but not one of those roads changes Rome. We are creators we are of the Divine our thoughts become things there is only love everything plays to a greater good those are immovable. And I remember thinking don't try to figure out how you got to this you know nightmare car crash of your life. drill down into the truth. Remind yourself immerse yourself in it daily and figure out how to move forward without figuring out what had just happened and later if you want you can look back at the carnage and you know dissect it and be the Have you know the MC narrow a narrating the drama, but I needed to save my life. Financially romantically, unattached. No relationships, no kids nothing. I felt like I had nothing to show for 40 years of my life. And plus turning 40 was like, so ominous and scary. Little did I know, 23 years ago, what a small speed bump that was. But one of the things I did to immerse myself in truth, back in the day, you know, when Windows was just coming on the scene, there was a screensaver and there would be a little biplane, that would fly in the dark, and you could put a little banner after it. And I would say, Mike, it's all illusions, Mike, you're dreaming, Mike, you're not alone, Mike, you're all powerful, your attorney eternal, you're a gladiator of love and joy, just to get myself like, out of this funk of, of, you know, real confusion and you know, devastating heartbreak. I literally wondered if I'd ever be happy again. After my girlfriend left and I was nauseous and losing weight, I don't have weight to lose. And I remember praying on my knees at the side of my bed every night and old things from my Catholic days. They gave me comfort then, I wasn't a Catholic any longer, but still extremely spiritual. Just saying, Dear God, I have no idea how I created this mess. But I know what I want, wealth and abundance, so I don't lose my home friends and laughter, creative, fulfilling work, and international travel, you figure it out, which was we can revisit that in a minute. That was a really magical formula to give the house to divine intelligence where I insisted on desired end results. And with vision boards and affirmations. And wanting to be immersed in truth, I scoured the the baby thing called the Internet back in 1999. And was looking for like daily jolts of inspiration. And I really could not find any with new thought, metaphysics entwined and I. And because I had a small database of 1000 email addresses of people who visited our T shirt stores who wanted to know the Deal of the Week. Nobody ever bought. We were not a secure online shopping experience. We didn't even know the difference between secured and unsecured. But I still was sending out these little poems about picture in your mind all that you can be and with a little time and and, you know, we had hundreds of other little poems about our power and life's beauty. And so I started sending out emails as Mike, which were never that popular. But some weeks I had negative subscriber growth. But by the end of writing one now and in the beginning, I was like Mike, if people knew where your life was right now, they wouldn't be so inclined to read what you have to say. But since nobody was sending them I wanted I started sending. What I wanted to receive is the answer of your question. And from there, Alex, it evolved into this niggling feeling like, you know, Mike, when you say that you are the eyes in the ears of the divine in an email and that your thoughts become things your words give you wings, all things are possible and you sign it as Mike it's like, it's just a buzzkill. This idea, if I signed it as the universe, you know, a metaphor for God without bringing in religion. I could say and get more I could say things I couldn't say as Mike get more carried away, and it would land totally differently. I can't do that. You know, I that's arrogant and presumptuous. You know, here I am, you know, with the carnage of my life, you know, pretending to be Almighty, but the feeling wouldn't go away. And so I remember nine months into writing emails that were originally weekly that turned into daily as Mike I was like, just do it on a Friday just write as the universe. And so I set out that morning to write and writing for me is always fits and starts and, you know, type copy, paste, curse, type, Copy, Paste curse. But by the end of the day, I had written something to the effect of your attention please, your attention, please. This is the universe and I didn't know what would come next. But that's my writing process. And then I wrote today, I'll be recording your every thought and emotion, your every word and behavior, no matter how generous or stingy no matter how empowering or fearful, no matter Now this or that, or this or that, and everything I record, Alex, they're all personalized, will be played, want to be played back for you as soon as possible as some type of physical manifestation in your life. Thank you. That is all. And that gave room for the introduction of humor. Like if Mike says Thanks, that's all it's not funny, but if it's God, and it's like, thanks. If it's God, oh my gosh. So there's room for levity and surprise, which is the key for humor. I'm not hilarious. I'm not known to be funny by my friends. But you know, it was it sparked a grin and people replied, and people loved it. And it took six more months Alex before it was like Mike stop writing is Mike Monday through Thursday, and do what you're doing every Friday because it turned into an every Friday and just write notes from the universe and subscribers have never stopped coming just from word of mouth, the free emails 1000s and 1000s have been written most took four to six hours to write. But they're all about a paragraph long. And that began this little cottage industry of touch adventurers club and real life adventures and world tours and the life of my dreams.

Alex Ferrari 11:20
Wow, that's amazing. Really quickly that I want to just go back a little bit farther from where you started with your story. You have a lot of metaphysical aspects to you. And a lot of these ideas that, to be honest at that time was not as open as it is now. Where did you come that being an ex Catholic? I'm also a recovering Catholic. So where did you find these ideas? I mean, I'm assuming you read books. So you found something that kind of brought that into your world?

Mike Dooley 11:52
Yes, yes. Yes. Yeah. Back then. This kind of talk could be found in the occult section of bookstores.

Alex Ferrari 12:00
Obviously. Demons were all demons Mike.

Mike Dooley 12:04
My mom was always an avid reader, just crazed reader. I've always shunned reading didn't like reading was not a good reader. But when I was in college, so about 20 years old, you know, pre internet pre cellphones. She mailed me this book, it was the Seth material. dictated by channel Jane Roberts. With a post it note. You must read this and she told me over the phone in our weekly you know, corded call. She said this lady goes into trance. And Seth comes through. And her husband takes long hand dictation and boom book after book perfectly dictated from Seth and I was like, Mom, you lost it. This is this is a bridge too far. This is cuckoo, if you don't tell anybody what you're doing, and she's like, shut up, reset. Forget where it came from, set out the validity or not thereof. And I did what I was told, always close to mom, and it changed my entire life forever and ever. Up until then I had been a huge seeker. My freshman year at university I was just like, Why the hell are we here? Everybody dies? Are you kidding? After a short life and they're gone forever? It's like what is the point? nothing made sense. But when you're really seeking with some kind of sense that there must be an answer. I know it is out there you become a magnet to that answer. Ideas attract in the law of attraction, like material possessions. And for me, they came through my mother then she found Richard Bach books. Then she found Ramtha by JC Knight, the white book, then she found you at your Casey and she was sending me these books. And I'm just like, how lujah it's like everything I had suspected everything I had deduced on my own. There can only be God that everything's God, everyone's doing their best. There's no Hell, there's no devil, those are concoctions of the human mind, and of men with agendas. Seth confirmed and then Seth went way further than I could possibly go speaking of, you know, the eternal validity of the soul but in words that were understandable and always speaking, reverent really of life, and absolutely of our power. And I was like, This is my ticket for living a great life. And so graduated became a CPA worked for Price Waterhouse. After six years I did the t shirt business with mom and Andy. We did great by the way, we never went bankrupt. We didn't owe anybody a penny. But we just got out before the trends took us down. Which at the time, I thought was the biggest nightmare of my life as I recounted the dark night of my soul, nothing was right. In hindsight, looking back at the carnage, to wonder like, what was that all about, you know, how screwed up was I? What beliefs did I bring about that sabotage my progress so much, an Alex, there's no sign of a train wreck. It was the beginning of the biggest dream of my life coming through, the train of my life stopped, which is weird enough. So that it could change tracks, so that I could be more creative, reach more people be more widely read, I didn't even have any but to self published books at the time. Now I've got 18 Simon and Schuster Hay House or my publishers, it was the beginning of the biggest dream of my life coming true, but to the physical senses, it was all bad. And had I gone looking for what was wrong with me, I would have found stuff, I would have made stuff up to such a degree, I would have needed a team of people to undo the mess that I was, which is not a knock against coaching or therapy, there's a place for all of that, but but never lose sight that you are creator. And that you are the greater of whatever you're facing, because you created it. So whether it's a diagnosis or a bankruptcy or anything, you are its creator, therefore you are, it's greater. And by looking forward, I was able to get it on with all the metaphysical living deliberately creating consciously things that I've been teaching now for 23 years. And be the example of what it is. And ironically, I know, you've seen this too, the more I took care of my little self, and my cup started overflowing, the greater my definition of self became. And now it's like, you know, kind of everybody should live like this. Everybody should know these things. And so whether it's a charity, and I support several and a mighty way, or it's helping other people get started in business or different things that I do. I see myself in everyone now. And I think that's the beauty of what selfishness is, is can be. It's usually defined as you know, my knees not yours, that I didn't believe we are here to put the needs of others before our own. I didn't choose to be Mike Dooley, so that I could sit down Mike Dooley aside and live other people's lives or problems. When you take care of business at home. First, as mom would teach. You begin seeing yourself in everyone and when your infernos have been put out and your attraction has been gained, what you most want to do is share the love share the bounty, empower people teach them to fish. And so my life has has, you know, sort and taken off and I'm not challenged free or problem free, but I'm always learning and what I learned I relay and it's like God, man, this is the coolest gig ever.

Alex Ferrari 18:15
So really, that leads me to my next question about our friend Sarah Landon, who connected us and you wrote a beautiful book, the dream the journey, the journey and eternity and God with a friend of the show friend of the show, Sarah Landon has been on like three times at this point, I think three or four times I lost track. But she's a channel and she was one of the first people I spoke to really was kind of introduced to channeling that way you were introduced to channeling through Sara through through Sasa. Right. So can you explain to people what, what channeling is, from your perspective, if they don't understand the concept,

Mike Dooley 18:55
Sure well as I shared earlier, there are certain immovable truths very few and far between one of which is that we are all one, we are all of God by God pure God, there can't be God and non God, right there's no God and then their lower 40 acres you know, is God's tool shed, it's like God's tool shed is God. Everything is God and God is a small word for the enormity and the majesty and the power and the love that is indisputable when you look at the miracles that our physical senses alone share and so with this oneness, I mean, really Alex, there's only you and more you and that includes me and for me from this lens, there's only me and more me. And so it's begins making sense what many of these profound channeled messages from Sarah the council and others have said we are multi dimensional beings that have chosen an exquisite focus in the density of time, space and matter third, dim attention as it is otherwise referred to the Divine or all that is, which is maybe even more inclusive is truly, if you will, Words fail when applied to truth, but we do the best we can and we make some ground, everywhere always at once. The divine, all it is, is everywhere always at once because time and space as modern day scientist has shown matter as well as illusionary. It's a concoction. So being everywhere, always at once. You can't see yourself understand yourself or have different perspectives. So the idea was arranged that by forgetting, momentarily, that we're everywhere, always at once there could be an emissary, if you will, a spark of the divine set out which is pure divinity, like a drop of the ocean is pure ocean. And they can fleetingly believe that I am here, not there, I am now not later, I have or have not, the truth is, we're all everywhere, always at once. There can only be everywhere, always at once. But we play this game, for the joy of it, for the adventure of it for the in thrall and for the emotions that are born of living a life thinking that the illusions are reality. And then we find ourselves as Mike and Alex just sparks of the Divine. You and I are connected at a at a medium level, besides just being the same spark of the divine, if you will, there's higher selves, their spirit guides, there's a whole bunch of them at the density of earth or in between their soul families, their soul connections, wherever there's love, wherever there's intrigue, wherever there's likeness of thought, we attract each other. And what Sarah and Jane Roberts and so many now, oh my God, you've got you've gotten such a stable of stars in your repertoire. And in your shows. More and more people are inspired by this and wondering, Can I do it, of course, we can all do it. Even this conversation mine and yours is channeled, it's not the physical cells of our body that are that are producing this conversation. We are each channels of our spirit, as Matt Kahn says, most of us just channel our ego, but it's still spirit. And so we all have the ability to tune into other aspects of ourselves, whether it's our higher self, or someone further removed. Beethoven or the mailman, we have that ability, through broadening our scope with intention, understanding the truth and the nature of reality that reveals our connectedness, in love, and with good intentions, because we will only sabotage ourselves if we're trying to trick somebody or manipulate somebody with good intentions to bring forth clarity, for more joyful living, to all within reach, we then create the license to speak from our highest self. or draw in other versions of our reincarnation, old soul family, which do include sparks of awareness on other planets and other dimensions. I mean, at some point, we're not going to have this enough commonality, I'm sure there's space ghosts that live on Saturn that don't resonate with time, space and matter. So you know, we're not going to channel them. But when we have desire and intent, and maybe even chose this lifetime, in part, there's always free will and change anything, but in desire impart to maybe raise the frequency of a planet going through chaos as ours is right now, to be a light to hold the energy. We tap into that to bring forth our higher self. And so there's no doubt that there are times when I've written some of my books, and when I've written some of the 1000s of notes from the universe, that I was better able than other times to get out of my own egoic way and just let spirit aka intuition, aka my higher self come through. Some folks can do that in trance and they don't remember a thing other folks do it with waking trance, other folks do it through automatic writing other folks do it through sports or the arts or entrepreneurship. It's like it's all spirit. And we all do it. And we can all learn to do it to the degree of Sarah Landon or Jane Roberts.

Alex Ferrari 24:37
You know, it's funny, it's funny, Mike, is that hearing you talk? You sound like a channel to me. I have such an experience with so many I've spoken to so many channels. In my day hearing your voice I swear to god your channel picks up because of the cadence the way you move. Maybe just 20 odd years of you doing this, but man you just flow so be dutifully and you don't pick up. So it's really close to channeling my friend. Well, I'm just throwing that out there.

Mike Dooley 25:06
But I love to hear that. I love to hear that. And I'm choosing to believe and see it more and more myself. And yeah, it well, we all channel everything. And I think with the experience that I've had, which has allowed me to believe in it more, have you read illusions by Richard Bach?

Alex Ferrari 25:23
Oh, of course, as well, first of all,

Mike Dooley 25:24
I knew. Well, you

Alex Ferrari 25:26
I think I have it back here somewhere. It's

Mike Dooley 25:27
Yeah, so do I, I have like multiple copies around the house. Well, the Messiah, the playful Messiah, Don Shimoda, in that book, picks up a guitar and starts playing this little toy guitar and country drugstore. And Richard Bach, who is also a character in the story says, I didn't know you could play guitar, Richard. And he says, You think any Messiah worth his salt? couldn't pick up any instrument and play it? He said, Richard, the trick is, removing from your thoughts. Any belief that you can't? Do you think any Messiah would be able to say, oh, no, I'm sorry, I can't speak Mandarin. It's like they can. We can all do all those things, which your guests have said, This is the sixth density, Christ Consciousness potential within all of us, we can all bend the illusions of time, space and matter. We can all tap into direct knowing and call it channeling call it our higher selves, we could all we can all do anything. That's why it's common vernacular, even old school, all things are possible, nothing is impossible, everything is possible. And Jesus said, The things I do, you will do greater. And he didn't say, if you go to my church, he didn't say if you become a vegan, he didn't say if you skipped me on Fridays, he didn't say, first you must profess your sins. He said that we can do it and believe and you shall receive not no caveats. And so we're all learning how to navigate our beliefs, and trust like a child in life's magic, bringing forth spirit operating at a higher operating platform. So that ego is precious, beautiful ego, nothing wrong with it, it just that we're in the driver's seat, put it in the copilot seat. So it can kind of be your your ears and eyes on the ground. Whereas 99% of the time, we are going to be fluid, bringing forth the highest wisdom, always knowing to turn left or right, never faltering on what word comes next. This is what awaits all of us. And this is what we're on the cusp of experiencing this is such an extraordinary exciting time to be alive a time of awakening, Aquarius, a brand new Mayan Calendar were being removed and moving through Book of Revelations, Nostradamus, they all tuned into this time. It's gonna be crazy. But the upside is out of this world. And so we're beginning to see that.

Alex Ferrari 28:11
So let me ask you this question. Because I agree with everything you've said, manifestation, the law of attraction, these ideas, work, people weren't ready for them. 40 years ago, 50 years ago, 60s 70s 80s. Not really, maybe a couple of people in the occult section of the bookstore. understood it. But when a movie, like the secret shows up, you know, for better or worse, not perfect. But it created the idea in a mass way that shifted the awareness of the entirety of a large swath of our population. Movies do this as well, the matrix did it with simulation theory. You know, there's so many of these kinds of movies that come out of mult, the multiverse now is being talked about everywhere where the concept of parallel realities and multiverse were, like, oh, that's just science fiction. Now quantum physicists are saying, No, it's there's something there. So do you agree that there are these kind of these big moments, these big things that come out a book, you know, that comes out and changes, you know, changes people's mind? We're just all starting to get more awakened. We're all, you know, just trudging through the mud, getting ourselves cleaned out, like, oh, I can start seeing some light. Is that where you think that this is all going?

Mike Dooley 29:35
Ohh gosh, yes. And that was a watershed moment when the secret came out. And while Rhonda told me before, even filming, she said, the goal here is to bring joy to billions, and indisputably that's been done. I mean, when I've traveled around impoverished countries, South America, parts of Asia, bootleg vendors, were selling you know, pornography. Crazy stuff and then copies of the secret and that we joke with audiences. When truth begins selling neck and neck with pornography, sun's going down on that planet, oh, my God. And what the secret did I think was, was gave people permission to recognize that they actually have a point of contact with their future and how things will play out. And it also simultaneously imparted a lesson about responsibility. I mean, responsible with great power, Superman's dad said comes great responsibility.

Alex Ferrari 30:36
Spider Man, Spider Man,

Mike Dooley 30:38
Spider Man, thank you.

Alex Ferrari 30:39
I can't let that go. I can't. If if I would let that go. The comments would explode, sir. So I'm just calling you out on that, sir. Thank you.

Mike Dooley 30:48
Well, conversely, with great responsibility, which, you know, we've been, we are still emerging from very primitive times, speaking to the evolution of consciousness, we've been driven, and understandably so by fear and survival. But when we move into a place of like, hey, maybe life isn't just happening to me, Hey, maybe if I started speaking more optimistically about my life, hey, maybe this is the power of positive thinking, maybe there's more to it than just a way of looking at life, maybe there's a real power there. And I think that was the first time that people got an inkling of like, you know, you don't have to take it anymore. You have choice, you have options. And hey, doesn't this resonate with what we've been taught in the 70s and 80s? About the power of positive thinking? Doesn't this resonate with the fact that athletes use creative visualization, create a picture in your mind your desired end result, and you fool your body, it doesn't know the difference between the imagination and reality. And so suddenly, people started getting it. And of course, it could only have been because at that point in the societies and the civilizations, wanderings that they were beginning to not have to hoe out in the fields, nine, you know, all waking hours, and everybody started to become maybe in the last 50 years, thanks to technology, an armchair philosopher, pause and wonder how come so and so is always lucky. How come so it's always always unlucky. I remember when I first came into the power of creative visualization, again, thanks to my mom as a teenager, and playing a competitive tennis circuit. She was like read this book Psycho Cybernetics and read this other one inner game of tennis, the power of thought, and I had my first girlfriend she had her name is Patty, she had long blonde hair right down to her belt. I like this to share it to audiences. And I would always be terrified of these awkward silences with my you know, this girl that I was holding hands with a girl in high school like, oh, I mean, I was a slow bloomer, late bloomer. But I was awkward. I felt awkward in the silences. Like, why isn't she talking? Have I said something stupid? Is this the beginning of the end? I was desperate to say anything. And I started to say, because my uncle visiting from London, I lived in the States, you know, was always jet lagged. He'd be like, I'm so exhausted. I'm bloody exhausted. I started to say, I'm so tired, even though I wasn't just to say something. And would you believe and I was like a fly on the wall, I could see what I had done only in hindsight, by saying, every time there was a silence, which was all the time and I was hypersensitive to it, and I'm really tired. I'm so tired, Patti. I don't know. I'm just tired. I'm exhausted. You're tired. I'm talking. Finally, she's like, Mike, why are you always so tired? And I remember, the response was like, I don't know, but I am. And I realized, saying an utter lie. Contrary to evidence surrounding me that I was tired, often enough, actually ground mice, my poor self, to a halt and fatigue. And I wondered, I wonder if I stopped saying how tired I am all the time, even though by then I was. That's one of the scary things were powerful, whether we know it or not, you know, wherever you point, that thing. There's an effect in the illusions. And even though I'm tired now, if I stop saying how tired I am, I wonder if I'll feel better. And it was like that, Alex, it was shocking. And it's like, and I tell audiences, you know, I don't you think you could do the same? Do you think if you felt great right now and you started saying 12 times a day how exhausted you don't without any more self improvement books, without changing your diet? Without being aware of what you're doing in the world. Just say you're tired 12 times a day and really feel it. Do you think You can succeed. And it's like, hell yes, they succeed. They all know they would. So flip it. Where do you want transformation? Start speaking of it as if it's already happened, I feel so good. I look so young. My life so easy money shows up when I need it. It's preposterous in the beginning. But that's the way this game works. We have to stop relying on our physical senses to the extreme that we do, which told me my life was a train wreck and was all bad when it was all good. stop relying exclusively on our physical senses, they still serve a an important purpose, and start creating that inner world with thought and emotion, that maybe even for extra credit you speak of, even if only in front of the mirror, my life is easy. I have total clarity, everything I touch turns to gold. And then, I mean for the coup de gras. You start acting, little demonstrations as if you're worthy as if you had energy as if you felt better as if money was abundant. You like Seth would say in Jane Roberts books, you know, even spending a few pennies a day if you're poor, on a few select items, or give a few pennies away and adjusted for inflation, a few dollars away or a few rupees away or a few euros away. demonstrating your inner witness sees this, your inner witness doesn't know the difference, your inner witness your higher self, whatever you want to call it is like this is not the same Mike, this is not the same world and new evidence starts assembling that you can't see. But as you continue living your life not sitting on the couch with a vision board waiting for Oprah to call she's not calling as you continue living your life. Making baby steps in the direction of transformation, asking for help circulating a resume, printing a business card doing some drafts of your manuscript. You become convinced ultimately eroding invisible limiting self sabotaging beliefs that you didn't even have to pinpoint ahead of time, they might not even exist, don't go looking, I say, and all of a sudden the evidence of your life, almost through a metamorphosis, almost imperceptibly begin shifting until there's enough weight of it that even if you had invisible limiting beliefs, they no longer make sense in light of your surroundings. And this upward spiral begins and you realize that you were born to thrive. In the height of our naivety as a civilization, we're still thriving. But when you get out of your own way, by knowing a few little tricks, and you get congruent with your words and your thoughts, there's no stopping you. And I love to share this. If I may continue just a little ways, please. I used to worry when I first found out that you man, my thoughts become things and I'm reading the Seth books and ramp has confirmed that. Like when I first got out of school, I was working for Price Waterhouse and things went bad. I had bad reviews, I was unwanted on any audit team. And I was pretty sure I was imminently about to be fired. From a job I made sure everyone I knew knew I had it was I could not stop worrying. And to this day, I'll have a fear not like back then, where I'm like, oh my god, Thoughts become things and all I'm thinking of is doom and gloom and fear and worry and what if and, and I remember thinking, you know, okay, you can't stop this runaway train of fear. I am waving the white flag, but you can simultaneously start another train running. And so get on the couch. My mom's living room, I lived at home at time after I got home from work. Lie down on your back, set a timer for five minutes and visualize that you are happy at work that everything is working that you say hi to the partners, and they say hi back to you. Because up until then I was the pariah. I was like bad news. Bear. Nobody wanted me. I was just like one of the you know, people sort out these guys are good. These girls are awesome. This guy sucks. Don't just like ah, I was that guy. So I visualized for five minutes a day. And Alex even when I visualized that everything was turning around and I was happy. I'd wonder if the pink slip was really pink. The pink slip is the the metaphor for the termination slip. I don't know why they call it the pink slip and I remember thinking you're gonna find out even with a tainted spoiled negativity. infesting my five minutes of creative visualization. I prevailed. I got a call from human resources. He said Tax Department is slammed Audit Department would not mind loaning you to the tax department. It was their busy season and so I was transferred My career blasted off. And time and time and time again. I have had fears that I couldn't stop. But I could simultaneously muster a few minutes a day where I could think infested positive thoughts. And I have lost track. Not that I haven't had setbacks, disappointments, broken hearts, I have lost track of the crises that were averted. And Mark Twain said this, a famously,

I have had countless thing I have countless worries in my life, none of which came to pass. And as a teacher, this says like, if thoughts become things, and it's as predictable as gravity, which I have told countless audiences, then how come that bad crap doesn't always come to pass? Because I think more of it at least then I thought more of it. Then I was thinking the good thought, and it's our input and in hindsight, you ask questions, you get the answers. Were you and I and everyone listening, watching right now, we are sparks of the Divine gladiators of joy, eternal beings, careening through the jungles, the sacred hallowed jungles of time and space, and in realms we can't even fathom. And we go here and we go there where we want. And when we chose Planet Earth to be who we now are, it was for the joy for the possibilities for the abundance that is innately something that we are all born worthy of now we could parse this and talk about the poor child and an impoverished nation where there's disease and drought ravaging there's an explanation for everything. But generally, for everyone watching this right now, you got a pretty damn good and so does most everybody else. And we don't have to look at outliers, to say, well, this theory can't be right, given our nature, and the joy and the love and the power that brought us here with the intention of thriving and falling in love with worlds other people ourselves and being loved. When we think thoughts and alignment with that those absolute truths, like, life is awesome. I am powerful. I deserve abundance. Like yes, yes. How? Yes, they go with the current of what brought us here, our eternal, loving nature's when we think thoughts of like, I'm stupid. I don't like math. Nobody likes me. I never have the right thing to say the right term. At the right time. It's like lie, lie, lie. They will always be lies. You are God Almighty. So it's as if our pop thoughts in alignment with truth, otherwise called positive thoughts in alignment with truth positive as judgment that we know what we're talking about. Thoughts in alignment with truth are at least 10,000 times, if not 100,000 times more powerful than our thoughts that are out of alignment with truth. Now, we're so powerful, we can make anything happen. We can unintentionally manifest, you know, Carnage, but it is still played to our greater good eternally. And yet, with this realization of why so many of my fearful negative limited thoughts didn't come to pass, when timid positive thoughts in alignment with truth did come to pass this like, well, of course. So I'll tell audiences don't worry that you worry. Okay, you're coming out of primitive times right now, cave man, cave woman, don't worry that you worry, but set a little bit of time aside, maybe with a vision board, maybe journaling, maybe creative visualization, take some steps in the direction of transformation, pretend and act as if it's already happened. You will become utterly unstoppable. Utterly unstoppable.

Alex Ferrari 43:48
So Mike, I agree with everything you're saying. And I want to kind of just dig a little deeper into the science of it. Because there is a science behind what you're talking about. So a lot of people think of this as woowoo and think of it as kind of like, Oh, you just ask a genie for something and the genie comes out, you know, those kinds of images from the original secret which again had its place but was kind of misleading in that way because it didn't tell the whole picture. Right. Your thoughts? The thoughts that you are creating in your mind have an energetic vibration and that vibration, it could be high vibration or low vibration that would you agree that the reason why the negative thoughts that are at a lower vibration and the timid positive thoughts overpower the negative thoughts in a way and make them come to pass a little bit faster than the negative because it's just, of course it is because positive thoughts, positive ideas positive energy, vibrate at a just a higher level than negative thoughts or worry or fear? It's just it's such a dense Energy. And I'm trying to I'm trying to put this in a way that someone listening goes, these guys are just full of crap. These guys are just talking woowoo stuff. And this doesn't make sense. And vibrations also don't make a whole lot of sense. But if you can just look at it from a scientific perspective, or can you explain it in a scientific way using quantum physics or the quantum field are what we're tapping into, to kind of explain it in a different way than the way you have explained it. Because that does make sense. But for the other group of people listening right now, who are going, I don't really get it, can you get grounded more for me? Because there is a science behind this?

Mike Dooley 45:38
There is a science behind it, and loss is coming out more and more so now than ever before? Um, yeah, and even vibration sounds a little bit woowoo to some folks like, what's that, but a higher vibration is in alignment with the truth of the magnificence of divine mind that brought us here. That's not evidence. I'll say this. And then I'll give you some rock solid evidence. Our thoughts have an energy and a lifeforce all their own that leave us once we think them from which they strive literally to rearrange the circumstances and the players of our life to bring about their mirror likeness in physical form. That's still woowoo. But here is not woowoo. I said, our thoughts in alignment with truth are like 10,000 times more powerful than thoughts out of alignment with truth. And okay, that's woowoo. But But check this I bet you everyone watching or listening right now can attest to the fact that they have smiled. This is their own life's rock solid proof smiled 10,000 times more in their life than they frown. They have laughed 10,000 times more in their life than they've cried. They have had health 10,000 times more often than they've been sick. And even in sickness, they still have health, they had clarity 10,000 times more in their life, and they've been utterly lost and confused. They've had friends 10,000 times in their more their life more than they've been all alone with not a single human being to call that's never even happened. Money, we've had money more than we're broken. Even when we're broke, we usually have some money in our pocket, and look at us as a civilization as I just shared with our heads in the sand, thinking that God is an angry white man, and that people are jerks, and that we were born broken sinners. We still have space stations, we still thrive, we still sore, we still cooperate in traffic, we still still cooperate as as nations. How many countries right now on Earth are in an all out one on one? Physical, violent war. 235 And how many countries are there about 200? And isn't that the norm? Everywhere we see with DNA technology, scientific breakthrough, smartphone innovations, artificial intelligence, we're killing it. That's the rock solid. If if someone thought this was woowoo, they would very likely think we all have a 5050 shot at at what? Success or at survival. Have we not destroyed and obliterated any notion of 5050 there's no 5050 We live and outlive and live longer and get better and find more joy and more forms of entertainment and more loving our families to the point on planet Earth. Now in spite of the naivety, there's more inclusion, there's more discussions, there's more equality, there's more. It's like keeps getting better. Where Where does survival come in as, as our goal we've we've obliterated that in our naivety and ignorance when we get out of our own way and see the audience and smell that coffee. And we'll see this in our lifetimes, Alex, if our lifetimes don't go, well, even especially since our lifetimes are gonna go 500 and 1000 years or until we want to buzz on out of here. We're gonna start seeing cooperation and love and a realignment of priorities. Inclusivity that makes the sciences and the arts and love and joy and our hearts just shine like we can't even imagine right now. Heaven on Earth. As the counsel from Sarah Landon talks about it's at our feet. And we're just now noticing, because we're finally getting out of our own way. And we've bought ourselves a little space with technology and the damage technology has done to the environment will be our highest priority and we will undo it. Mike, I don't know how long it'll take. It'll take a long time. I don't want to sound you know, untethered to the earth here we've we've created a mess. But we are awesome. And we are powerful. And technologies will come that will accelerate our return to balance with Mother Earth and this is like I think the evidence is our lives, the joy that moves in your heart. There's not equal measures of joy and love. I mean, joy and hate, excuse me, there's not equal measures of optimism and pessimism, what we're soaring, well ignorant, it's going to be a lot more when we're all clued in and the cluing in is happening now, thanks to great shows like yours.

Alex Ferrari 50:22
Well, I appreciate that. I appreciate that very much. Well, what would you tell somebody who is a little lost or disconnected from their own spiritual journey, and they're hearing this and they're like, I just can't get out of the negative. I was there, you were there, that we're just living in our negative, we're watching too much negative television, we're watching the news. It's just, it's just all this kind of information. And all this energy is coming in. Maybe you have a spouse who's like, pounding on you. And maybe you have a parent who's just not supportive, or you're just your whole community around you. You're the only one listening to a show like this or reading books like yours, and you have you feel like you're lost and you have no one to talk to. How, what advice would you give that person to, to get out of that darkness where they are? Find this light man,

Mike Dooley 51:11
Or maybe they were violated and I mean, we I can't, there's a lot of horror that happens the world over I've never denied that. But there's always an underlying purpose, meaning, and believe it or not, there's love somewhere in the scope of things and it's not important, as important to understand where you've been, or even where you are now, as it is to understand moving forward and coming from the bleakest corners. My first bit of advice would be to, to go out and help someone else, go volunteer, go to hospice, go to an animal shelter, go see yourself, make a difference, be the bringer of smiles, show up a little early, stay a little late, get a job, not for the money. Unless of course you need it for the money but get a job just to interact with people and be the one who makes a difference. In a bigger scale. If you have any kind of leanings or inclinations, what I did emerging from the dark night of my soul. I didn't know what would come next. I didn't want to go back to the corporate world. I didn't want to go back to retail manufacturing gifts and stuff like that. I didn't know what I wanted other than wealth and abundance, friends and laughter, creative fulfilling work and international travel. And when you are utterly clueless as to the path, you can be rest assured that the divine, your Higher Self, your greater self is not clueless, it just needs some dots to connect. So I tell audiences This may sound facetious, I mean it from the depths of my soul. Assess your sucky options. Okay, you probably got a lot of them. And if you didn't, if you've got some good options, then I'm not talking to you, you know what to go do you have a direction to move in. But if like me, your options all suck, assess them. You public accounting, you could cut hair, you could mow lawns, you could pull weeds, you could work in human resources, whatever your sucky options are, narrow that list down to the least three sucky, what are the least sucky options on your list? Give yourself a deadline, couple of days, no more than a week. And start down those paths. I started sending out emails as Mike, that was not the life of my dreams, I had no idea where that would go. But taking action down any path breeds clarity and clarity that could not have otherwise been obtained. I circulated my accounts resume in spite of not wanting to go there, I was desperate. Let me get a job and I won't worry about money, and then I'll figure it out. The action, the clarity I got from those two paths. Number one, I felt sick, circulating my resume number two, to my surprise, the hiring world was equally nauseous at the prospect of my return. I couldn't get an interview. And so after three months, I was like, forget it. Just forget it. You have honestly tried to go down that path to the best of my ability. I really tried to shine and every door slam shot. On the other hand with the creative writing. I remember thinking I don't want to do this. But I had I had time on my hands. I said no, I'm sure Wayne Dyer has done this better than I'll ever do it Louise Hay Dr. Deepak Chopra. Why am I going to send out inspiration because I was passionate about the nature of reality have always been passionate about it, and I needed to hear it for myself. By the time I finished the first email I ever sent an eight hour day went by I had three paragraphs describing that little poem about life's dreams and happy about picture the end result in your mind. And by the end of it, I wrote this little essay about when you create a vision of the end result in your mind, you've actually created A mold that later the elements of time and space will rush to fill. And I was like, oh damn, I bet you Dyer never said it like that, Oh, damn, this is good. And the clarity I got from taking baby steps down a path I really didn't want to take writing for free sending out an email, like I had the time was like I liked writing at least having written my mom would say other authors have said, I don't like writing. But I like having written and I put myself to it, you write good, it better be good, you better like it, or you're not going to send it. And by the time I finished writing, I was like, that's good. And so that led to daily silver bullets. Those were the names of my daily emails before they were notes from the universe. But that led to notes from the universe that led to an audio program that led to world tours that led to being in the secret that led to 18 books, New York Times bestsellers. Taking action breeds clarity. So for those emerging from their own dark night of the soul, or their whole lifetime of darkness. Either. Try to lighten someone else's load as an employee, as a volunteer walk kids across the streets in the school zones. Just get up serve animals or Furbabies working to rescue society. Just get out of the house, get out of your head, and or if you're ready to take a longer journey. Remember, it is the dirt path that leads to the diamond mine. For me, the dirt paths that I went down writing for free, a website for free. You know, speaking at Toastmasters, where I got was supposed to get over the fear of public speaking oh man, it just showed me how scared I was. I wondered if people could see my heart beating. It was pounding so hard. But my first speech at Toastmasters, I talked about thoughts become things which is one of our best selling T shirts. And I talked about how by that time, 20 years into the Seth material. I had had a lot of success stories. I couldn't explain my life at the time, but you don't have to explain your life. Look for the strengths, look for what worked, and I was able to relay an inspirational speech. And while I had to read my speech, I was so terrified with trembling hands and shaking paper and cotton mouth and knocking knees. I found I could write a good speech. It was really good speech. It took me two weekends, four days nonstop to write a four minute speech. But I shook like a leaf on a tree in front of 11 people. But that led to rotary clubs that led to speaking at Unity churches who are all about metaphysics that led to announcing to my email subscribers I'm going to be speaking at the Holiday Inn and Orlando or London or Sydney or Honolulu and it's like just beyond my wildest imagination

Alex Ferrari 57:58
Mike want to ask you this because this is something I haven't heard anyone asked before maybe you can shine some light on it. You've mentioned your higher self the soul family all this kind of stuff. I assume you unless you believe in a soul blueprint that we're here to learn from you know we create our life we create a soul plan all that kind of stuff to learn lessons in this life how does that interact with this law of attraction if we are creating a blueprint of what we want to learn in this life? Well if we put on the on the blueprint, hey men I gotta go through some struggle here. How does a law of attraction mix into that because arguably, you can law your law of attraction or manifest your way out of anything based out of our conversation so is is the reason why you're throwing these obstacles in front of you so you can learn the lesson that we can manifest ourselves out of it or so how does that mix between the two sir?

Mike Dooley 59:00
No, there's some good stuff there well, blueprints I know exactly what you're talking about ancient spiritual contracts know exactly what you're talking about. Karma even sure. He's all our our attempts to apply words to certain phenomenon, not certain laws. There is no destiny. There is no fate. There are only probabilities and likelihoods. And we do choose those for our own growth and glory. So we can change our blueprint change our ancient spiritual contracts. Get off the Wheel of Karma. All through changing ourselves, changing our thoughts, changing our expectations, making new decisions, we can and do we write this stuff on the fly always. And no one would cheat somebody I remember that question several times. What if I chose this lifetime to to experience poverty and lack it's like no one has ever chosen a lifetime to experience poverty and lack it may have been on the radar. There may have been a Reason, or maybe it was to be in an impoverished nation. So that family would have a much higher priority than, you know, getting to Beverly Hills 90210. But it wouldn't be a life chosen to be beaten up and bruised, just to know what it's like, that's gonna happen anyway, you're gonna find that out anyway. We choose lifetimes only for our growth and glory. Now, there's tangents here. What about the child who dies at two? What about, you know, we can go there. But but let's not look at little outliers. Again, to dispel what is obviously discernible through observation and deductive reasoning, we choose all of our lives for joy, happiness, and love. And along the way, if these are places we haven't been before, and other incarnations, we're going to have to go through territory we did not anticipate. And when you start following a dream out from the woodwork, lions, and tigers, and bears, you know, if you want to go somewhere, you've never been, you're gonna be on terrain, you've never seen anything like, oh, I need to toughen up this muscle, oh, I need to, I need some more self confidence, I need to get in front of an audience I need to. And then that's all for your growth and glory. And you can say at any point, now stop this chain, I'm going to go in this direction or that direction. But we can always know that from the zenith of our magnificence, brilliance and divinity. That's where the options were chosen. And the probabilities were perceived, that brought about a choice to be fill in your name here. And from that place, you knew what you were doing. And from that place, it would have been about becoming more about knowing the truth, more about deeper love about maybe other priorities, but always with ability, the ability to say, you know, maybe I chose, you know, a certain likelihood from a certain lifetime, but it's just not filling me up or it's just too painful is too scary. There would still be infinite other paths and probabilities in that lifetime, as is true for all lifetimes, to rewrite your ticket and try something else. If you're here and you're still breathing, you are still who you must want it to be. And you are still who God most wanted to be putting words to it metaphorically, you are it and go live that life and wait, wait it out, be patient, take action, get busy, go serve be be of service. And the sun will rise again.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:34
Beautiful answer to that my friend. Now, Mike, I could talk to you for at least another six hours. But I know you've got things to do as well as I so I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I asked all of my guests. How do you define a fulfilled life?

Mike Dooley 1:02:49
I would say a fulfilled life, it will come most effortlessly. But it can come in the hard way. Most effortlessly, when we do tune into our feelings, our desires, our dreams, those are channeled, those are not fantasy, those are not made up. Those are from our pipeline to our highest, most magnificent self. And so if you've got a desire to go this way, or to write a book or to be of service, or to give up, whatever or whatever, listen to those desires, don't refute them, don't settle for less start moving in the direction you feel drawn. And that doesn't mean it's going to be the yellow brick road from day one. But enjoy that road because it will become the yellow brick road and you will look back on your life as I look back at the dark night of my soul. And I'm like, oh, oh, Little Mike. Keep going. It's going to be so good. If you can see what I see right now. Oh, little Mike. Oh my gosh, it's all unfolding perfectly. There's nothing wrong with you. You're not broken. There's new opportunities that will just blow your mind. Just hang in there. And so that little Mike must have heard the call back and is like, well, I'm going to keep writing well, I'm going to deal with my irrational fear of speaking and just do it because I love talking about the nature of reality. It's just, you know, in front of more than two people It freaked me out. So face that here, you know, you're bigger than that you're drawn down that road for a reason. And so if you're moving of your own volition in a direction, that is at least your least sucky past, I promise the scenery will change. You're going to find fulfillment, you're going to find yourself you're going to find service. You know, I would run away from service. Like I said, I was like, Nah, I'm not here for that. But you're gonna live a life of service, my new thing. Your passion is your purpose and your purpose is to serve or I'm, I'm playing but your passion is your purpose. And your purpose will lead you to service you don't even have to think of the service unless you're coming out of real darkness. Just your passion but People who say I don't know my passion will just go do the least sucky thing. And it will lead you. When I get GPS navigation, it begins with the end result, the end result dictates the left and the right hand turn and the end result will invariably have me go left on Cybersmile cord. And that's not the road I'm gonna arrive on. Every journey begins on the wrong street. Because the street you're on doesn't go there. But by going down the street, now you're moving, you're guided by the destination guidance is forthcoming, make a legal U turn turn left at the red light. That guidance is not forthcoming when your life's in park and you're waiting for things to get better. You're contradicting yourself just like your car is in park.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:40
That is beautiful. I'm gonna steal I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to steal that GPS analogy that is brilliant, my friend

Mike Dooley 1:05:48
End result for the details. As long as your car is rolling.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:53
That's beautiful. That's beautiful. Now I was gonna I always ask about, if you go back in time and talk to a little Mike, what would you say? You've already answered that question. So I'll go to the next one. How do you define God or source or the universe?

Mike Dooley 1:06:09
Oh my gosh, well, everything everywhere, always at once there is not a mote of dust or piece of glass or willow tree that isn't pure, 100% Radiant divinity. And that, of course includes us. There's magic everywhere. Life is one nonstop miracle. This is truly heaven on earth. It's not going to become heaven on earth. We're going to realize we were here all along. And then with our power, because we're immersed in truth, our vibrations rise, we activate Layton biological features, we know all things relevant to every decision we make. It's like, oh my god, it's just just bliss, just radiant bliss. And that's why we're here.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:57
And what is the ultimate purpose of God? Um, excuse me purpose, ultimate purpose of life?

Mike Dooley 1:07:03
You know, this is a word that Sarah the council would use expansion, which means more growth, more glory, more love, more joy, and then more growth, more glory, the counsel says there's always more, there's always more that we're from where they are, there's always more. So the purpose of life is to limit the meaning of life is to love it. In really, we can't get it wrong, even in the darkest of darkness. Even with an empty stomach. Even if you were to transition from this life, the doors fly open, the marching bands begin, you find all of your loved ones. And you're like, Oh, I didn't have to take it so hard. I didn't have to be so serious. Oh, let's go back. Let's go back. And we'll tune into next level soul and we'll read Hay House, folks, let's go back and be each other's best friend and be reminders. Let's go back until we're totally fluent at this spiritual ease of which we were born of. So that life is just a nonstop joy.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:59
Beautiful. And that this is a question I want to ask you haven't asked before. Three books that everyone who's interested in this world that we've been talking about should read?

Mike Dooley 1:08:10
Oh, my gosh, yeah. Just just as much as I'm not a reader in the last three years since COVID. I'm a I've been a fiend. So I would say Tim Carey can have you read Tim Carey, and not he wrote in the 70s or 80s, the Starseed transmission starseed transmissions which blew up huge. I found them three years, that book in my fi in my shelves three years ago, I was like, This guy's talking about awakening and enlightenment. He's passed away. I wish you could interview him. But then I said, What else did he read Return of the bird tribes. And then the third millennium is like, compile but I would almost read them in the order I shared. Well, I've just named three books, but I'm also reading vagary, and right now, the stuff books Oh, I can't do that. Arthur, Richard Bach, Richard Bach, but we can carry Oh, yeah, can carry return to the bird tribes, and the third millennium.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:21
All right.

Mike Dooley 1:09:22
Oh, my God. But now we're on many good books these days.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:26
Yeah. And they're coming out more and more, they're becoming more accessible through shows like this and the work that you're doing to get it out to the world a little bit bigger than it other than just being in the occult section. Now, where can people find out more about you? Your amazing new book with Sarah and other things that you're doing it the world?

Mike Dooley 1:09:49
Well, Now it stands for the universe talks. And the notes go out for free Monday through Friday. We have a membership We have real life tours. I'm taking a group to Tahiti. Come with us, Alex in it's April next year, South Africa tours, I do online courses all the time. lots of stuff for free. And if you like it, there's, there's stuff that you can choose always at a you know, usually variable pricing to make it easy for every budget.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:23
And you have a parting message for the audience.

Mike Dooley 1:10:26
Thoughts become things, choose the good ones, while you choose your words wise and behave wise and introspect and ask questions. You know, it all goes together. But the bottom line is you get what you think about.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:39
My friend. I appreciate you coming on. I feel like I found a new soul brother in our battle to awaken the planet. So I truly appreciate you and everything you have done and are doing and will do to help awaken the planet. So I appreciate you my friend.

Mike Dooley 1:10:54
Alex, I appreciate you. Thanks for all the great work you do. I'm inspired.

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