Bizarre NDE: Who and What are Walk-Ins Souls? with Mike Ben Avi

After a deadly car accident and a near-death experience, Michael became a “walk-in,” and his new soul inherited abilities such as mediumship, secrets of creation, Kaballah, and soul reading. His life was changed completely as his new soul has had dozens of testimonies on how he helped save people’s souls from all over the spectrums of life.

During the accident, he had a unique Near-Death Experience and also what is known as a “Walk-In” According to Ruth Montgomery, who popularized the term in her 1979 book “Strangers Among Us”: “There are Walk-ins on this planet. Tens of thousands of them. Enlightened beings who, after successfully completing numerous incarnations, have attained sufficient awareness of the meaning of life that they can forego the time-consuming process of birth and childhood, returning directly to adult bodies.”

Please enjoy my conversation with Mike Ben Avi.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 142

Mike Ben Avi 0:00
But when you look at it's something that it's way more powerful and way more global. Where everybody no matter where you are in the earth you're going to look up and be like we all now sharing the same thing. This is going to be where the consciousness was completely is going to evolve. It's almost going to be forced evolve and everybody so I'm here to tell people you know when you wake up spiritually do it because this is going to be your shield.

Alex Ferrari 0:35
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I like to welcome to the show, Michael Ben Avi. How you doing, Michael?

Mike Ben Avi 1:13
Good, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:14
I am good my friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show you have a very unique story to tell today. Without question, and I've had many, many near death experiences on the show before and no two are alike, though there are certain common common things that happened during them. Sometimes most of the time something common. But you you had something called a walk in which we're going to get into your your walk insole, which we're going to get into which I found fascinating doing research on it was like, this is a new one. I haven't heard this one before. So firstly, first things first, do you remember what your life was like prior to your near death experience?

Mike Ben Avi 1:58
Yes, first of all, I must say and I know we're going to get into that a little later. But part of the walking experience is that agreement that the two souls have between them prior to the walk and experience during the walking experience. And at times after the walk can experience and that agreement states something very, very simple, but yet powerful. You're able to exchange souls, but you must keep the memories keep the emotions of the old soul don't make it as a shock to anybody else. It's supposed to be almost like a covered operation. Like it's something completely silent and hidden from the eyes. Because the also that's coming in to fill the gap to help the also rise in consciousness pretty much because a walk in storage, and we're going to get to it more in detail. But a walk in story is pretty much a story where an old soul is coming in to save a soul that's let's just put it that way not really behaving according to its journey. You come in there and instead of being born as a baby, and start correcting the world, as a child, you already come as an adult, but you have to find that adult that needs that, that spiritual guidance they need. They need that other soul to elevate it. And they just swap. They're saving their body. They're saving that human.

Alex Ferrari 3:40
Okay, fascinating. Fascinating. We're gonna get deeper into that conversation in a minute. All right, so tell me about your near death experience what actually happened?

Mike Ben Avi 3:51
Okay, so again, in the beginning, when I was investigating for seven years, I was doing soul searching of what really happened until I got to the walking answer. So it wasn't a near death experience. It was a death experience. It's something happened after that. What happened was that I was working as a correctional officer at the maximum security prison of the Northern Illinois that was just put it that way, a place that drains all your mental and emotional energies and exchange them with bad ones, whether you want it or not, whether you believe in it or not. You know, I came in there, this happy guy with this old life, just coming in there for the money for the challenge for helping the community but I was never the spiritual type. I was I was the complete opposite. I was in fact a rebel that was very materialistic. And every day I walked in there, I truly saw the underworld. Some of our reality of our generation, like you see things that the general public is not supposed to see. See, a lot of people think about 3500 of the worst criminals of the state of Illinois. And amongst the inverse, some people also dealing with mental issues, and everything is criminalized. And there's a lot of agony, there's a lot of pain. There's not even a sympathy in a way for those who really just ended up there by making a mistake. So there's a mixed emotions that you soak in every time you go, any new head, you're trying to convince yourself, Oh, it's just a job. But it wasn't to me, it was draining me slowly to a point, when I couldn't sleep. After my shifts now was the night guy was working at nights, sometimes 14 hours because we were very short on manpower. So we were doing mandatory overtime. And I used to commute to work one hour each way in Midwestern town, small town, tons of cornfields boring, just, you know, the same drive every day, back to work and from work in one night, it was a night shift that I remember, it was the night before the accident. And I remember that because in one of our breaks, see, we couldn't take any smoke breaks inside of prison, or we couldn't bring our cell phones inside of prison. So all of our breaks were outside it was lit a hill that we used to all gather there. And in one of the breaks like 3am, I saw these beautiful shooting star, I think it was a meteor it was something falling from the sky. And I remember I was just shocked for the first time in my life from seeing something like that really coming down. And I was positive that everybody's going to talk about it and lose. The morning after that, look, there's like a falling star and it's like meteor or something. But it was very noticeable, at least to me and to to my other friends. And but instead, I was the one who made the newspaper. And I'm gonna get to my story. So that morning, it was it was a Tuesday morning. So it was my technically my day off I was I was not a senior officer, I was only there for two years. So my days off were Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So I was excited. Nobody could keep me there past my shift. And I was heading home, just like a normal morning. And I remember I wasn't even I didn't feel tired, I didn't feel anything, I was actually uplifted, I was excited to go home and start my two days off. And I remember driving the same road that cornfield surrounded road and the speed limit was 70 miles per hour. So I was doing a speed limit. And all of a sudden, as I'm driving, I don't know, if I dozed off for a minute. I don't know, if I just close my eyes. I don't, everything happens so fast. But I remember that I'm driving and then I opened my eyes. And all of a sudden I lose control of the vehicle, my wheel locked, my brakes locked in, I felt like there was no hydraulic fluid at all to even work with. And here I am looking at the speed gauge. And everything is happening so fast. And instead of the speed going down, it's going up from 70 to 7580 miles per hour. So really high speed and I'm like what's going on, I can't control the vehicle. And I'm like, and I'm aware and I'm awake. And I have this few seconds to tell myself that I'm probably not going to make it out of it. And before I even get to do anything, I see this car coming right in front of me and it was 7am Tuesday morning, and I could see that there was a mom and two kids probably about to drop him off at school. From that moment on, I remember that. I told myself that no matter what happens, I'm not going to hurt another person because of either I fell asleep or my mistake and whatnot. So with everything I had, I turn the wheel to the right. And for some reason it worked. And here I am heading into this concrete wall at 80 miles per hour. Now I know that as close as closer as I get to the wall, time started slowing down. And I'm realizing like like you know how they say that you can see your whole life passing through. So I didn't see my whole life but time completely slowed down. Everything was slow motion. And the thing I remember the most is that I used to be a martial arts instructor For 20 years alongside working as a correctional officer, so I'm a guy that if I see danger, I'm usually reacting with my hands with instinct try to dodge to block just to you know, I got good instinct. And as I'm heading towards that utility pole concrete, or whatever it was, I'm just smiling. I am, I'm not even worried. I have no fear. It's almost like I'm welcoming it. I'm almost like looking forward to it. And this is the first time that I realized there's two meats. Because I, I'm like, what's going on? Like, why are you not scared? Like, where's the part of you that we do that with jump out of the car, we try to do something. And instead of sitting there and smiling, laughing, almost like telling myself is this isn't going to go like in my uniform on my way back from work is this one laughing is this one smiling, but apparently, this is not why I was smiling. The reason was discovered years after. And then I remember getting to that wall, and I hear the the Big Bang, the blast. And it was the loudest explosion have ever heard in my life. And I've been in the military. So I've heard some explosions in my life. And when I hit the wall, it was almost like, like a nuclear device was set off. And all I remember was the airbag starting to deploy. And it looked like it was a sheath flying in the wind. It was like so beautiful. I'm looking at this airbag just slowly slow motion deploying. And this was it. That's all I remember. Until my experience started. seconds after I opened my eyes. I'm upside down. And I look around me and I'm completely crushed. If you had a chance to see pictures of the vehicle after the accident, I'm not sure if you did not know. But when you see that you tell yourself how can a person possibly can come out of this alive?

Alex Ferrari 12:12
Show me so inside you were inside the car still? Or did you get thrown out I was infinite.

Mike Ben Avi 12:17
Apparently I was I hit the wall. And then I roll over five times in that high speed. And I ended up completely crushed. Like a like a soda cane. It's someone stepped on. And seems like most of the damage was on the driver side. It's almost like it was aimed at the driver side. And the car itself formed. And everything's documented on the video, like for metal, swords type things that forks, the crossing, meaning like if the driver was there at the time of the accident, which is me, it would have been completely impaled exactly where we're using. Well, it's that that's what I'm talking about. So I'm I'm outside now and I'm seeing myself and everything is crushed. And I'm like it was the best feeling I've ever felt my entire life. First of all, I remember everything. The second I opened my eyes. I remember me coming back from work. I remember me dozing off, I remember me losing control over the vehicle. I was awake and alert the whole time. The only time I was not was when I hit the wall. But when I woke up I remember everything. So I knew I wasn't even dreaming or having a concussion. I knew that I wasn't seeing things. I remember that the most fascinating thing at the time was that there was no sound. What happened to the sound? And when I'm talking about silent, I'm talking about it's almost like something sucked out all the sound out of the world. And it's pleasant. You feel like it's, it's it's peaceful, both physically and mentally. And then I'm looking at myself and I'm like, How come there's no pain? There's no pressure. I mean, I'm, I know what happened. I see where I'm at and I don't feel anything. And you'll you'll know you realize after that what I felt was real. And then I was trying to smell and there was no smell. And I'm like, the only thing that's operating on my eyes. And I'm looking outside and everything is the same. The cornfield is a little gray. It's a little depressing outside. There's nobody out when there's nobody out at the time. And then realize that something happened And because completely relaxed, there's no sound, there's no pain, there's no smell, all of a sudden, I realize I have no thoughts. You know, in this consciousness, we always think, even if we're the most relaxed, we can be in that remote island, relaxing, we'll still be thinking about how much we relaxing or something. And all of a sudden, it's like, everything was empty. I just exist. I didn't have any thoughts. I was just there. It felt good. It felt myself I felt warm, I felt like something was around me. Um, I didn't see anything, of course, until I picked out of the window. Because at one point, I realized that I just want to get out of there. And I'm looking at the window. And all of a sudden, I see that lady, and she's in her like mid 60s or something. And what I noticed about her the most is she she was dressed up all in black, she had a headscarf, but our clothes were like from the 1800s 1700s. It was not modern clothes. It was not 2014. Back when the accident happened, it was not none of that. And she's just walking. They're pacing outside of the cars, like three feet outside my car, and I'm upside down looking. And she's just walking back and forth. And I remember that I couldn't speak because there's no sound, there's no. So it was just waving with my arms away. I was waiting for help. hoping she'll call somebody hoping she'll do something. And all she did was just pacing and waving. No, just with her head. No, just like that. And I kept trying, it was the same thing. And then there was the second time that I felt that I was not myself. Because the old me would get really mad really quick, would be really judgmental, would be probably just cussing and asking his screaming and be like, what's going on? How come you're not helping me panicking. And all of a sudden, I'm looking at myself and I'm like, you know, I'm not judging you, lady. Maybe you just scared. Maybe you know, some people are afraid to do more harm than good by by approaching an accident. I was really not judging her. I was just thinking that sisters doesn't want to get involved. And that's okay. And then I close my eyes. And remember because I wanted to get some some extra strength to try to get out even though everything was just dream state like and the second I close my eyes, it wasn't even a split second. I opened them and everything comes back to life. It almost like a pause movie that you just replayed everything the smells, the sound, the smoke, I feel the pressure of the car on your on my right leg. And people around me are just screaming in the running. And I just remember that. I'm like, what happened? It was so good. Like, why everything is just now activating in the car smells like gasoline. I was like, reaching out and turn it off and the car was still running. And I reached out I was like, I didn't want to die in a fire or anything like that. So I was like, I turned it off and people running in remember this paramedic just tackling the car screaming through the window at me not to move. And I'm like, sir, I'm okay. I'm 100% Okay, just get me out of here. He was like, No, we can't. We got to call the firefighters to bring the jaws of life. And for those of you don't know, the jaws of life are those hydraulic machinery that supposed to just rip the car open to extract pain passengers. And I'm like, I'm okay sir. And he keeps screaming that I'm not okay. And that I'm hallucinating that I'm probably severely hurt because of how the car looked and the detail. And then the firefighters came and I'm closing my eyes just missing that experience that I just experienced. I really wanted to go there and be there and understand what happened. And I'm hearing them drilling and cutting and ripping the car open and extracting me all of a sudden they're giving me a shot morphing to my stomach. Like against my weirdly nobody asked me a question that just screaming at me not to move. And I realized that I have to play the game because I don't want him to restrain me or anything. I kept saying, hey, and the next thing I remember is they're rushing me in the ambulance, of course at a hospital. And I'm laying there and there was a sheriff lady writing a report. And I remember saying to her, I said you know, Ma'am, can I ask you a question, please? And she replied, that I know that you know, you need to rest. You just had a bad accident. You can talk to me later when I take a statement. And I said, Well, I insist to ask you a question if that's okay. And she said Go ahead. And I said isn't it against the law? For a citizen not to help another citizen in distress, and she was like, What do you see? And maybe there was walking outside of the car and, and she was like, there was no lady that we were the first in the scene. There was absolutely nobody there and after they arrived has hundreds of people, but she said at the time, we were first in the same. And I remember telling myself Uh huh. Like this is getting weird. And this is miracle. Number one, I'm getting to the hospital. And they're rushing me through everything. I felt like a VIP guests. Like they brought the MRI machines to me get a CT, so they take you to Trump. Trauma, unlike the ER is like they do things really, really fast. There's no time to waste. And they check me from head to toe. And I'm laying there and this professor, the doctor comes to me and he said, Listen, I've been here all these years, I've never seen anything like that. And I say What do you mean, sir? And he said, you know, you don't even have a broken nail, not even a bruise, I'm gonna have to let you go. So after like an hour and a half in the ER, After this accident, which if you'll see the pictures that you're not going to believe that

Alex Ferrari 21:11
Please send me please send him to please send me the pictures, please send me pictures.

Mike Ben Avi 21:14
Absolutely. And there's a news article. I mean, it made the news because 99% of the people don't make it. And the 1% will be severely hurt and probably vegetables for the rest of their lives. And he sent me home, I'm telling you, I felt like I just took a shower. And I was like, I couldn't you know, it was years of trying to understand what happened that day. It was the new soul molding into this old body in a way of you know, I'll explain when of course when you asked me about that, but it was a seven years process just to realize really what happened there and it wasn't a near death experience.

Alex Ferrari 22:00
So okay, so you know, it wasn't a near death experience so there was no going to the other side so when this transition with this lady walking back and forth was there that's as close as we're getting to a near death there's that's that's something off in the universe.

Mike Ben Avi 22:19
Have I have an answer to that please? Yeah, now that I've told the story of what happened to Mike on the way back from work and how this new soul enter the body, I will explain the process See, in order to have a walk in you have to have a sudden trauma you can't have somebody just taking their time or go to sleep one guy wake up directly and then walk I mean it has to be something that it's instant so in order to do something instant has to be trauma and it can be a car accident it can be sudden heart attack something and when that process happens you have to understand it's so sudden that nobody will even know around it like the average people will be like wow, he's survived the miracle you know wow like nothing happened to him because what happened to me was that I was in between dimensions when you all the people when this they have near death experiences and they all see sometimes the common sight of the bright light right they're seeing their own light when you ascend out of your body when you almost all the way they're completely ascending out of your body you no longer see yourself in those physical eyes you see light and this is their own light this is not the internal light because when they go to the eternal light they become part of it forever. But in between second elevator you have floor 1234 lounge lobby right when you pass there is this world but in the spiritual version and this as well was there is yes there is in between the world when you when we pass it when we pass away we can we continue to remain in this world for a while but the world is nothing but spiritual. That you don't see it you don't see it physically anymore. It's all spiritual. That's what people see their own body. When they pass away, they're like they floating they see the wrong body and people so what are they really see they see a reality that is not no longer part of them. Because then people then doctors cannot see that soul. So you see you stay in this world, but this world gets a whole new meaning. And what I was was that lady who was this lady? I still don't know. But I know that I wasn't in dimension when it's almost like an in between if you think about an elevator that goes to from Florida on floor two, and get stuck in between.

Alex Ferrari 25:03
Right! You see a little bit of both? Well, yeah, you're Yeah, exactly, exactly. Okay. So now you're back, you have to believe there's some psychological things you're dealing with here, your mind is trying to wrap its head around. What just happened, that you basically, it's a miracle, you should be dead or vegetable. And you're walking around an hour and a half later, which is fascinating to me, because I guess they checked everything and there's no concussions, there's no head trauma, there's no nothing. Because for you to leave a hospital for the hospital to let you go an hour and a half after an accident, like that is pretty remarkable. That means they must have checked every single thing and their liability. They have no liability at this point. Like there's just nothing we can hold them for. So you're so what happened on the days after that event? What are you feeling? How is it? How are you dealing with it psychologically?

Mike Ben Avi 26:13
It time, it was at the time, because now I know that it's completely different. But at the time when I was battling, who I was versus who I'm becoming, or who's entered. There was the classic battle between mind and soul, between consciousness to subconsciousness, between the physical and spiritual, between my old purpose in life that I did not fulfill versus the new purpose in life that I've been fulfilling. And usually, when this happens, a person gets into a deep depression, or very bad mental state. There's no going around that. A lot of the time when people talk about spiritual battles and all that stuff, this is a real thing. And I was I was very depressed, I was very confused. I had a lot of visions, that modern medicine described as hallucinations. Now I know that you know, you can look at it that way, that's fine. If science wants to call it this, it's fine. I call it what it is. And that's, you know, seen spiritual beings all of a sudden, realizing like, why is all these abilities and a lot of psychic abilities and things that I never asked for myself, never studied, never requested, never believed in before. It's almost like I inherited it, like all that stuff is coming to me. And I thought that I was going crazy. I thought that something's wrong with me, I thought that I'm getting just, you know, it was a battle. And to a point that, you know, I was married at the time, and it affected affected me badly to a point when I decided that I can't deal with his dreams and visions, and, and all these like supernatural things that happened to me, because it was scary, you know, when you taste the spiritual and consume it, and become part of it, and bring it into this world again, you take the good of it, and you take the less good of it for everything, there is the equivalent, there's a spiritual balance in this world, for everything physical, the spiritual equivalent. So me, I was consuming the spirituality. So I was seeing at the beginning, the very, very scary part of it, and I was getting into depression. And that ended up not wanting to live. And just because I said that I ended up in a hospital. And I didn't know why. Because I didn't belong there. But I was there for 48 hours in the psychiatric hospital. But get that after 48 hours, I he'll help healing half of the people that were there with me by just being with them. And all of a sudden, I'm going there talking to everybody. And, and I don't belong there. I was just telling him, like, Hey, I'm depressed, and I'm a veteran to set PTSD, whatever you want to call it. So that's what was my diagnosis. And I said, Hey, I'm pretty depressed, I don't want to live anymore. And they ended up there and I didn't realize why we ended up there. But I help people like people wrote me letters. One of them started speaking after years of not speaking to Stanley, your staff who told me thank you, because I was talking to him and all of a sudden I'm doing stuff I find myself in this areas in life and positions in life and places in life that I would never I ended up and otherwise, and I'm helping people. And everything I do is just like, it just works surround me helping people and helping souls and getting the feedback from them. And I'm like, you know, all these things don't happen against me. And I happened for me. And there's there's a reason here. And then all of a sudden, I started changing, I started seeing people who passed away and telling random people, hey, you know, doing like psychic stuff like, Hey, your husband, we used to play music and used to dance with you and Mrs. Dancing with you just randomly people that I would meet in the club,

Alex Ferrari 30:42
I'm sure I'm sure that I'm sure that went over very well.

Mike Ben Avi 30:46
Yeah, I mean, do people start crying? And I'm like, What am I doing, I never I'd live, I'm the type of person who would make fun of these people charge what happened to me, I was completely the opposite. So I started getting disabilities. And since then, especially in the past six months, I've helped over Wow, over 130 people almost every day, from every corner of the world, especially I'm gonna say help, nothing supernatural, nothing like reading the future, nothing, nothing like that. It's mostly speaking to people who need direction in life, and I'm speaking to them as an old soul. People who dealing with losses, people who mourn. For example, I have parents who you know, bury their children. And this is one of the worst pains a human being can face, it is the worst thing that a human being can face in this consciousness. So when I speaking to them, and giving them hope, has done this, and I've been in that side, there is no death, you know, don't worry about it. Your son, your daughter, your husband, your mother, your father, they're okay and, and they hear my story. And they get the message. And then all of a sudden, from this very sad, crying face, you find people who end up with a smile with this, you see the light in their soul. And this is what I do, I don't no longer see people I see their souls.

Alex Ferrari 32:05
So let me ask you this, then let's go back to the walking because I find the because we haven't, I want to dive in a little bit into the walk in concept. I use the, from what I'm hearing, it's basically in no pun intended, by the way, it's you're changing drivers of a car, the car is moving, but the driver just happens to change mid mid drive. And, and the old driver and the new driver haven't have an agreement that you're, you're it's cool, you can come in, you can drive my car, you got to remember where the car has been driven. And you have to agree to what's happening now. And then you also make some agreements as the, as the the drive keeps going, if you will, that you keep going back is that a good kind of summary of what this walk in is?

Mike Ben Avi 32:54
Yes, in some cases, but like I said, in, in some cases, the the driver just takes over the wheel, the new driver, while the other soul is no longer in the car. What's in the car is the memories is the emotions is the people. And and that's usually happens because they also had the potential, I mean, the old person who passed away had the potential to, to do something good to follow their journey. And despite the potential they chose otherwise, so instead of just going and new soul comes in, takes over, and usually does nothing but helping others. It's not a soul that comes to you to try things. It's stalled. It's been reincarnated over and over, it's usually an old soul that comes in to take over an experienced driver if you would

Alex Ferrari 33:58
Experienced driver and it's and by doing so they don't have to deal with the whole baby thing. The whole adolescent thing, the whole puberty thing and figuring yourself out thinking like you're coming in fresh, like with a with a with a new body and don't have to go through a lot of that headache, because it's

Mike Ben Avi 34:18
And you have the knowledge of how the game works.

Alex Ferrari 34:21
Right and Yeah, exactly. You have. Yeah, you're an older soul. So I'm fascinated that you found after years of looking where did you find this in for? So first time I've ever heard of this concept. And I've spoken to a lot of people and I've read a lot of things. I've never heard of the walk in concept where did you find this information?

Mike Ben Avi 34:42
I you know, throughout my whole seven years of my story being told I was featured in books and podcasts and for years, but it was always like the near death experience and my new that's experience never really I could never relate it to the classic ones or even to the non plastic ones have you not heard their stuff and a lot of it is is similar in a way of how it makes sense to be that way but it was never mine like mine. Mine was completely different because I didn't have the people declared me dead and no people did CPR or mine was like a flash that you know, there's the astral projection thing it's like I truly believe in that it's almost like that so leaves the body leaves with it for a second new soul comes in the body is reinstalled in a car kind of like a proper new movies like you just reinstalled me back to because I wasn't even hurt. I wasn't even scratched. Do you know what I mean? Like, like, the only scratch I got was in this hand. And one of the pictures and I have to send you the pictures was from when the firefighters took me out after I was awake after everything was over. When they pulled me out of the car. My hand was touching one of the glass, but the car was completely crushed. And especially the driver side. And it wasn't there was no way like there's no way on earth that somebody can survive that or let's not be bloodied up or

Alex Ferrari 36:14
Right so that's my that's another thing here. It was the driver's side I assume you were driving. So I'm assuming you had a seatbelt on. So I assume that that you would buy all logical standpoints be in the driver's seat during that process. So what you're stating is that during the roles during the whatever your body was literally taken out for a second souls replaced and put back in or something along those lines, or you were pushed into a nose

Mike Ben Avi 36:48
There is no other scientific because you know, I still stayed rational I had to be also scientific with it. And again, you gotta see there's there's a video on my page there's pictures video of me doing walk around the car, and you can see that where I was sitting and yes, I was wearing my seatbelt when was where I was sitting the majority of the damage was so I wouldn't have to be like, like if that impact didn't kill me then the rollovers could have at least injured me or break my neck or something I'm there's no other way and you see these medals right there where the driver was like it's supposed to like decapitate me and not even a scratch not even a broken nail. Not even a headache after like, how do you explain that in talking about 80 miles per hour? You're done. There was no you know, and all these visions and all these like the loss of sound and being in seeing that lady, and all of a sudden, like close my eyes and everything comes back to life. So realize something I told myself, I said you no longer skeptic like and now I'm never afraid of, of passing. Like it's not something that like what happens or what's going to I'm not saying I'm looking forward to it. But I really tell people there's no such thing like the change of consciousness is so smooth and so pleasant. Even in the irony of being pinned in the car. I still have the honor to experience that change of consciousness that peace being so when you are so when you are naturally soul that's that's true nudity, that spiritual nudity when you are yourself. There's no There's no other feelings.

Alex Ferrari 38:29
It's like they say everybody wants to go to heaven, but just not right now.

Mike Ben Avi 38:32
Yeah, nobody wants to

Alex Ferrari 38:36
Not right now. But we all want to get there eventually. So okay, so it's but again to ask that question again. Did you did you were there books? Where were you? Where did you hear about the walkin concept?

Mike Ben Avi 38:52
Oh, so yeah, going back to that. So I was searching and searching and searching of what was my thing. And I remember that I was going to some Facebook forums of near death experience. And I was telling my story. And I described it as to just say, you know this happen. I no longer recognize myself, I'm definitely you know, everything that I used to love and now hate everything I used to hate and I love like a complete change of personality and nothing was like pushing me to change. I'm different. I'm looking at my old self I don't recognize any of the patterns of behavior besides my memories, like I know who I am and stuff. And this lady was like, You are walking and she said that and she's like to check check that you know that these words out like walking and and then I was reading a little bit about that and I know it's a new term New New Age term. And and the strangers among us is a book that was written about the walk ins. And I was checking this out and like wow, and then I read more walking stuff and I was like it's exactly what happened. Then I went to Kabbalah to like Judaism, and I was like yeah, There's another term for that, too. So there's this goes back like, and then I realized this is exactly what happened to me because it talks about the post experience, patterns of like how your soul changes and how you crave helping people and all that, all that stuff. So, so to me, it was amazing. And I was starting using it and know that it was my calling. And once you embrace it, it's almost like you just you just know you're training you you're certified like you know what you're supposed to do. And from there on, I completely aside from existence in this physical world. I completely this attacked myself for anything physical, and all I do is try to help people.

Alex Ferrari 40:42
That is, okay. So when you came back you when did you start discovering you had new abilities?

Mike Ben Avi 40:49
Well, first, the new abilities were visions, dreams about angels. And I started knowing like Kabbalah and numbers and letters and meaning in science. And all of that stuff got me really scared, because I was always opposing that I didn't understand that. And I didn't choose that. And I thought that I'm losing my mind. And it affected my life. And I was really like, isolating myself. And I just realized that, instead of fighting it, I need to start finding out why it's happening to me. And I started the soul searching, I started reaching out to people and writing my story to people because for the longest time, I kept my story to myself and family, even though I made the news and stuff, but I was never talking about it. I never want people to judge me and, and but then I couldn't fight anymore, the new soul slowly emerged that it's not like something suddenly, a lot of people think that the walking will change immediately. And be somebody else. It's really a process. You know, in Hebrew, in Kabbalah, the term walking is called Soul in pregnancy, meaning incubation, meaning you hosting another soul in you. And that's, that's so slowly so you don't go crazy. It's slowly revealing its character, while the other one's memory fades. So this was a seven year process to me. And then I realized that all these abilities can be doing good for people, and then I'll start doing being a medium, and especially for those who lost loved ones. And I was very successful with that in America, but then I decided to focus in the living because I know my calling was to read the soul of the living and help them and just give them hope. And by sharing my story,

Alex Ferrari 42:41
So Okay, so So what are the abilities that you brought back?

Mike Ben Avi 42:46
The abilities, which was the first main one, which still exists, is to really see people as souls, and not as people?

Alex Ferrari 42:54
Is that like, or is that like aura, or just in general?

Mike Ben Avi 42:59
Exactly, and what is already in the meaning Orion Hebrew is light, the illumination. You see, if somebody said, you see that the light is dim, if you somebody is completely you literally see it on people. And it's very hard to me, and you get that feedback, you see what they think. I start getting sequences of numbers coming into my life, and instead of just getting like, wow, what does that mean? And I started reading into signs and symbols. And every day, I just learned how to manifest just with my thoughts, and that ability just allowed me to go ahead and help people talking to angels and stuff that never in my life, I was so materialistic, I was so, so different. And I never believed that I would end up like that. So I started a Facebook page, and I decided to help people.

Alex Ferrari 43:54
So mediumship, you know, seeing auras, and just helping guide people through their life, like their life journey, if they're having struggles, you kind of guide them in the right direction.

Mike Ben Avi 44:06
Directly. Yeah, like the type the soul guide, like, think about an EMT to the soul. A lot of the time people Yeah, like they hit a rock, but they need somebody to just allow them were drawn to me like I've helped people and I'm not looking for I don't ever advertise myself, like, I want to try to get out there and be like, Hey, I'm, I'm, I'm doing reading. I'm a psychic. I'm not. Most of the people that I've helped were people that were drawn to me through the story, and it's all I believe in synchronicities. I live my life according to the synchronicities every single moment. That happens happens because it's supposed to, or as a result of my actions. So all these people came to me and I was able to make and I hope so according to them, I was able to make impact in their life. So they were part of my life journey as part of theirs.

Alex Ferrari 44:57
So let me ask you is there too Is there any advice you can give people who want to connect with that spirit within the soul higher self, to help guide them through their life?

Mike Ben Avi 45:10
Yes, first of all, they have to have acceptance. Everything starts from that a lot of the time, people don't realize that the soul inside has to be expressed. And the way for the soul to be expressed is for you to cancel the physical, the physicality around us, its job, it's to suppress the soul. And many times in life when people hit a challenging time, and it can be of any time. This is where they start questioning themselves, they start questioning their souls. And what they do by that is bringing a darker, bigger cloud over their head. And what I tell them is that accept everything in your life. And know that the harder the trials you have, the bigger the soul you have. And it's very important to know that and once you have acceptance, and know that everything happens for you, and not against you anything, because there's always worse anything because this life is so temporary, you know, we live here average of 7080 years. What do you think there's just we came to this world to just eat and sleep and work and make money and chase the material. And then just go, I mean, what, what's the purpose of it, we're way more sophisticated than that we have way more internal purposes. So I tell people that, to do that, they have to first decide to disconnect themselves from a lot of the physical things they don't need in their life. In order to wake up the soul, you have to it's almost like a labor scale, you have to give some from that, in order to gain that you can enjoy both worlds, unfortunately, you can balance them. So look inside your life do good surround yourself with do the things that gives you goose bumps. And once you surround yourself with all these good, it concerns you just you know.

Alex Ferrari 47:15
Do you think that I mean, there's so much craziness happening in the world today? Do you think that we as as as a species is are evolving at a at a at a higher level spiritually than we have been at any other time in our history.

Mike Ben Avi 47:33
So many people nowadays are waking up spiritually, almost like an army that wakes up. And I'm going to say something that I've had in my visions, and it's not always pleasant to hear. But again, it's a matter of, of consciousness. You know, there is no such thing as evil. It's just the absence of good. Like, there's no such thing as cold, it's just the absence of heat, the further you are from the heat, the colder you feel. So there's a lot of negative energies in this physical world right now that it's almost started consuming us and forcing us to wake up. And it started with COVID. It's continuing now with wars. I mean, right now, some of us live in some parts of the globe, where we just leave our normal nine to five jobs life or family gatherings and going shopping and restaurants. And in some areas in the world, people are still starving, or some areas are being bombed and people running to shelters. And it's not really a fair world. But it's starting to consume everybody and eventually will consume everybody. And part of what you said is there right? We are evolving. But I will say it would have been pessimistic. But it always gets darker, before it gets brighter. And in what we are about to face because we got ourselves so used to the physical, we're going to have all we will all we will have will be our spiritual in what's coming.

Alex Ferrari 49:17
So let me ask you this, then, because the West is so materialistic, I mean, that's what we've been known for. That's its greatest power, if you will, economically and where the East has been more connected to spirit in you know, historically, India, even China and those places, they were a Middle East, they were more connected to the spiritual as opposed to the materialistic West. But the West's export of materialism has really overtaken the world how You know, I'm an American been here all my life. I'm curious to see how the world will handle it. In the coming year. I agree with you, by the way, I don't disagree with what you're saying. But I'm curious to see how the specifically the US and Europe, the you know, these, these these, these territories will be able to handle? Not, you know, stop the hanging stuff. Look, I've got every time I move, I realize, okay to get rid of things. This is ridiculous. I haven't looked at that in 20 years, and I've been carrying it around with me for 20 years. What's wrong with me? It this is ridiculous. So I'm just curious, like, how do you think the the West because in many ways, the West kind of leads the way in a lot of ways, culturally around the world? Am I Is that a fair statement to say?

Mike Ben Avi 50:51
Yeah, absolutely. But we're talking. We're talking about events that are going to take place that a way deeper than this, than even it's not even going to be divided to west and east. The world right now is heading into a collision course, with itself. Unfortunately, it's inevitable, because it's part of the synchronicities and it's part of what's meant to happen. We are about to all be force, forced to change consciousness. Because if you think about it this way, let's just say if you want the analogy of a nuclear war, if a nuclear war will, will happen, a global nuclear war, we will lose everything that we have acquired and learn and that used to in the past, not 50 years, few 100 years, it will go back to the Stone Age. So most of the people in the world will have nothing to hold them, but their spirituality. Now, it's not just about going back in time, if the world getting into a war or something like that, or natural disasters. It's the loss of life. It's the fear is the darkness is things are going to test our soul more than just my boss fired me, or my girlfriend broke up with me, or those little mini mini mini earthquakes that happen into everybody's life, or us as a collective look at COVID-19. And a lot of families look at wars. But when you look at it's something that it's way more powerful, and way more global, where everybody, no matter where you are in the earth, you're going to look up and be like we all now sharing the same fate. This is going to be where the consciousness was completely is going to evolve, it's almost going to be for civil for everybody. So I'm here to tell people you know, when you wake up spiritually do it. Because this is going to be your shield, you will need that if you have kids, you need to protect your kids, if you are going to be in a place when you don't, and I'm not trying to be pessimistic. You know, a lot of people in this community of the near death experience of the afterlife. It's all always butterflies, rainbows light, and they don't understand that this is this world is based on balance, even the spiritual world even more. So the spiritual world is based on balance. And sometimes this balance is interrupted, like we're dealing with now. And we have to stay. So we don't fall up the stage. But we're going to have to go through a lot of spiritual challenges, and those who wake up spiritually now are going to be the future soldiers, they won't carry weapons, they'll be able to carry hope in their heart, they'll be able to talk to people in the language they'll understand. And money will be nothing and physical things will be nothing. All they will be a value will be how people help another soul to soul. This is what I've been seeing in my visions for a long, long time, and only elaborating on it because you asked about the world.

Alex Ferrari 54:01
And I think you're right, I think COVID was that first step. And I've said it so many times. It's in my lifetime. And I honestly think in the history of Release history, that written history that we know of. It was the first time something happened to us globally. But the entire world stopped for a month, like this stopped for like three to four weeks. Nothing moved. Planes didn't go anywhere. Like it just shut down. If I would have told you that in 2019, you would have been like you're absolutely maybe you wouldn't say you're absolutely crazy, but most people would say you're absolutely crazy. So that is something that's very significant. And now obviously what's what's going on in the Ukraine? What's going on economically in places what's going on politically in places what's going on environmentally, all around the world.

Mike Ben Avi 54:51
The violence that increasing everywhere in the world,

Alex Ferrari 54:55
Everywhere is increasing your, your it's just getting. It's kind of like it's the rattle I have I've talked to other spiritual people as well on the show who have said that it's, it's kind of the final rattling of the chain of like hold, trying to hold on to the old ways trying to hold on things that don't serve us as humanity anymore and it's gonna get it's gonna get ugly and it's not gonna get it is ugly. It's gonna get uglier.

Mike Ben Avi 55:28
I don't know personally and I don't mean to ask a personal question, but he should I don't know if you believe in God or not, or whatever power higher power you believe.

Alex Ferrari 55:35
So I mean, if I wouldn't have a show next level.

Mike Ben Avi 55:40
It doesn't matter for that point. But first for say, for example, I believe in God think about a wake up call. Okay. If somebody wants to wake you up. Sure. First to wake you up. And literally, you know, pattern your cheek Hey, like you do what a charge wake up. So I'm going to school, and then I'll wake up and you start increasing like, Hey, hello, wake up, are you okay? Get up. So you start shaking them. And then it was like a glass of water in the face. And then you got to ice bucket, let me face to wake up, or somebody knocking on your door, you don't open and breaking. It's the wake up call to humanity. It started with COVID. And, you know, unfortunately, I would, I would love to see more good than evil, I would love to see more love than hate. I would love to see more union and diversity. And unfortunately, no matter nowadays, where you turn your head, you hear bad news. Right? The generation the more we go the UK, you're supposed to be we're supposed to be more advanced and more. But the more we go like that, that morally, there's something declining. And I know I'm speaking, I can generalize, but I'm speaking on behalf of a lot of people, it told me that and therefore a lot of people also spiritually waking up. A lot of people also spiritually waking up from their own personal traumas in their own personal problems. So it's almost like you're waking up from something, it's, it's from something bad, something good is going to emerge. And it's going to happen also globally, globally, the whole world's gonna go through a panic attack. Globally, the whole world's gonna go through depression, globally, the whole world's already into depression. But then something's going to come out of it. So almost like a birth canal. Think about like a woman who's given birth, all the contractions and pain and misery and crying and pushing, but then everybody's happy. There's a rebirth, refreshment, something new a new consciousness and a life. That's exactly what's coming to us.

Alex Ferrari 57:33
And as you were saying, at the beginning, right, what you just said is like, it's kind of like, I don't know about you, but the universe, usually, if you have a lesson to learn, it'll tap you whisper first, and then we'll tap you, and then it'll nudge you. And then you're gonna get hit with a car, but that side of the road, or you're gonna get a baseball bat across the side of the head, because he's like, Oh, he's not listening, or she's not hearing the call, that she's gonna have to deal with this, or he's gonna have to deal with this. And boom, and it's kind of like what's happening to the world. But now it's global. Yeah, Think global, it's a global, you need to learn a lesson.

Mike Ben Avi 58:11
It needs this. And it's, and it's, you know, and this is why I tell a lot of people, like, I know, what I'm doing for myself is the by helping people I'm also helping myself, like, I know that it's all going to come down to the spiritual soon enough, like it's all gonna come down to, to the, you know, this is difficult spiritual first aid kit to keep it home, like, you will need it. People will need the people needed to deal with fear. People needed to deal with anything that you can't really buy yourself out of. Anything that you know what I mean, like stuff that it's like, we didn't even face stuff like that, like, we can't even be the average person can be terrified.

Alex Ferrari 58:52
Yeah, and it's funny too, because with COVID, you know, money can only take you so far. can buy health. Yeah, it can buy health and and some of these natural disasters. Nothing you can do. Like there's, there's just really, really nothing you can do. It's, it's a, it's a very interesting time to be alive, Mike. There's no question about that. And it's one of the reasons I started this show. I wanted to put more light out into the world and wanted to help people wake up and hopefully, learn and grow and evolve with the people and the stories that I tell them to show. But it was something that I felt inside of me. That's I had to do it. It's something it was scary, but I had to do it. I had to get it out there.

Mike Ben Avi 59:40
It's wonderful because you could have spoken about everything and pick many, many subjects. I mean, right now with technology, a lot of people do podcasts and stuff. But when you speak about stuff like that, and even if you have just this one listener out of this 1000s Just one listener, this conversation or any other conversation you have with people touching their heart, their soul, you've done your part RT, but a person's life is equals to save the whole world. If you save one, it's all connected anyways, so you do what you can and it's good. And I appreciate the opportunity to speak about what happened to me. And like I said, I'm like a lot of other near death experiences and people to do reading and psychic stuff, I think that you describe me or we describe myself and my story best towards the end of this conversation when we talked about what's going on with the world. And what I was trying to do, and I've been trying to do is to just speak to whatever whoever I can speak, do my own maximum, and everybody should do their own maximum, to do better. And hopefully, hopefully, we can decrease the whatever coming our way. And we can maybe change it and we can maybe make it better, maybe make it hurt less, I don't know. But everything counts. So

Alex Ferrari 1:00:57
Now Mike, I'm gonna ask you a few questions as well, my guests. What is your definition of a good life?

Mike Ben Avi 1:01:03
A good life, to me, is a life where you know that you are a soul that happened to have a body and not a body that still wondering whether he has or has not, doesn't have a soul.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:22
What is your mission in this life?

Mike Ben Avi 1:01:25
My mission in this life is to care for my loved ones, and help anyone that I'm supposed to help help as part of their life journey in line. And luckily, I've been doing it. And I've been doing it in ways that I don't get rewarded. This is where I can see like I'm giving for my place that something was taken from me. Because to me, this is the true definition of given you gotta give and feel like something was taken from you. If I'm a billionaire, and I give you a $5 bill, yeah, I gave you it's nice. It's a good deal. But I didn't really feel like something was taken from me. I'm broken, I'm giving you know, it's different. So this is why this is what my mission in life is to give and give and give.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:11
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Mike Ben Avi 1:02:16
Be ready for the afterlife.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:20
And where can people find out more about you, your work and everything that you're doing, sir.

Mike Ben Avi 1:02:25
So what people can find about me most of the time is my ability to help those who really need help. I do not do any type of readings or any type of terrorist type. I just speak to people souls really feel like there have nobody to speak to and then want to know a lot about the afterlife. I also post a lot of short one minute videos of insights, such as some of the stuff that we talked about, and a lot of life advice. And that's for the benefit of everybody and it's all free of charge. And where can people find me on Facebook on the soul guide. Yeah, or a YouTube the soul guide 27 and I have all my little short clips of just how to live life more as a soul.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:13
Mike, thank you so much for being on the show. And thank you for sharing your story and for all the amazing work you're doing my friend. God bless him and I appreciate you

Mike Ben Avi 1:03:21
Thank you for what you do absolutely.

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