Life Between Lives: Past Life Regression SAVED My “Current” Life | Michael Hoffmann

In today’s luminous episode, we welcome Michael Hoffmann, a man whose profound journey takes us from the depths of personal trauma to the heights of spiritual awakening. Imagine a life punctuated by intense trials and triumphant revelations, and you will begin to understand the essence of Michael’s story.

Michael Hoffmann, a seasoned expert in cognitive behavioral therapy and neurofeedback, shares his transformative experience of escaping a manipulative cult and finding his spiritual calling. Born into a chaotic environment with an alcoholic father, Michael faced physical and emotional abuse from a young age. His early years were spent in Mexico, moving from one boarding school to another, grappling with feelings of abandonment and trauma. This tumultuous childhood led him to study psychology in an effort to heal himself, but instead, he found himself entangled in a cult that promised spiritual answers but delivered psychological manipulation.

“Love is the basis of everything,” says Michael Hoffmann. “And love is the force of the universe.” His journey into the cult was driven by a desire to understand life’s deepest questions and to find healing. The cult, however, preyed on his vulnerabilities, using ego-boosting tactics and fear-based indoctrination to control its members. The leader’s claims of direct connection to the universe manipulated Michael into surrendering his autonomy and resources. It was a classic tale of spiritual exploitation, masked under the guise of enlightenment.


  1. True Spiritual Teachings Are Rooted in Love: Michael’s story highlights the importance of distinguishing between genuine spiritual guidance and manipulative teachings. True spiritual wisdom is always rooted in love, not fear.
  2. The Power of Self-Awareness and Healing: Michael’s journey underscores the significance of self-awareness and the ability to reclaim one’s power. His escape from the cult and subsequent healing journey illustrate the transformative power of inner strength and self-discovery.
  3. Divine Guidance in Personal Transformation: Michael’s encounters with luminous beings and his profound spiritual experiences emphasize the role of divine guidance in personal transformation. These experiences provided him with peace and direction, aiding in his recovery and spiritual growth.

Michael’s escape from the cult was a daring feat, driven by his realization of the leader’s true motives. Fabricating a story about a wealthy grandmother, he managed to gain permission to leave, exposing the cult’s greed. This marked the beginning of his long road to recovery, battling severe PTSD and anxiety. Over time, he found solace in his work with high-risk offenders, helping them navigate their own traumas, a process which in turn facilitated his own healing.

In 2009, Michael experienced a spiritual awakening that changed his life. During a semi-wakeful state, he encountered a luminous being that exuded unconditional love and peace. “Now I know what the saying means, ‘peace that passes all understanding,'” he recounts. This encounter marked a new beginning, guiding him to help others and transforming his approach to life and work. His cognitive behavioral work with offenders became infused with a deeper sense of purpose and divine guidance, leading to significant positive outcomes.

Michael’s research into the afterlife has further enriched his understanding of spiritual existence. Drawing from evidence-based sources, such as the works of Dr. Michael Newton and experiences with evidential mediums, he gained insights that helped him collapse decades of PTSD. His book, “The Face of the Iguana,” reflects his journey and includes humorous anecdotes, highlighting the role of joy and laughter in spiritual growth.

During a life-between-lives regression session, Michael connected with his higher self, experiencing an expansive sense of spiritual energy. This session, facilitated by a Michael Newton-trained hypnotherapist, revealed the vastness of his spiritual essence and emphasized the importance of raising one’s vibrational frequency to connect with divine guidance. This practice became a cornerstone of his meditation and spiritual exercises.

In conclusion, Michael Hoffmann’s journey from darkness to light is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love and divine guidance. His story encourages us to seek true spiritual wisdom rooted in love, reclaim our power through self-awareness, and open ourselves to divine assistance in our journey of healing and growth.

Please enjoy my conversation with Michael Hoffmann.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 219

Michael Hoffmann 0:00
Love is the basis of everything. And love is the is the force of the universe. It's the is the essence of the universe. And from a physics point of view, it's all of that energy that is interconnected is the interconnect of energy of the universe.

Alex Ferrari 0:18
I'd like to welcome to show Michael Hoffman. How you doing Michael?

Michael Hoffmann 0:31
Really good Alex, thank you very much for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:33
Thank you so much for coming on the show. And thank you for sharing your remarkable life journey, which has been interesting to say the least. And what you've gone through your spiritual awakenings, the trauma you've dealt with, I think your story can help a lot of people listening today. So my first question is about the time you were in a cult how that you opened yourself into that, how I've never spoken to anybody who has been in a cult before. So this should be fairly interesting, is fairly interesting conversation, at least from my point of view. So well, how did you start? How did you get kind of wrapped into this kind of situation?

Michael Hoffmann 1:14
That's, that's an excellent question. And the precursor of that question, is my childhood coming from a dysfunctional alcoholic family, having been abused physically, and emotionally, and then having my parents divorce. And then I was basically just shuttled from boarding school to boarding school. And then my mother had to see we lived in Mexico. And because I was born and raised there, and I felt very abandoned because suddenly, she had to leave because her life was in danger, because my father was a violent alcoholic. So that is the precursor left me with lots of childhood trauma. I studied psychology and I guess one of the reasons why I lean towards that was to find out a little bit more about how to heal myself. But apparently, after I graduated from university, I got attracted to this very subversive, hypnotizing group of people who promised you everything in the world in other words, I was looking for, and I was looking at the basic answers to life, what is this all about? Why am I here? What are we doing your you know, those were the basic ones. But at the on the other hand, the other piece to that was, I need healing. So I gravitated toward these people, and everything was based upon ego, you're here for a special reason, you would not come in contact or would have not come into contact with us. If the universe didn't want you to be here are the cosmic means are the Ascended Masters. So in other words, it was a really subtle play into ego, you're special. And then the leader, the CO leader, and I don't identify him, him or her, is simply I won't even give him that. That energy. Simply the cult leader was saying, I have the direct connection to the universe. I have direct connections leads to God. Of course, everything that you need to know comes to comes through me and First, give me your money. Give me your money. Come and come and study with us, which I did. I gave up a really good job, Alex. I mean, I was making really good money and

Alex Ferrari 3:58
But this sounds very much of a it's an old playbook. This is not a new playbook.

Michael Hoffmann 4:03
It's it's no, it's really old. And as boring actually,

Alex Ferrari 4:07
Ohh very, very unimaginative.

Michael Hoffmann 4:09
Exactly. It's like there's no imagination to whatsoever to this is just slam dunk. Thank you, ma'am. Gotcha. And now you're going to work for us and you're going to, you're going to give us your money. And you're going to help us to spread the news of this, we're going to increase our numbers, so on and so forth. It's just you know, the same old thing is like, trying to do sell you the world until you that you know you're going to race 1000s of years of karma by being with us, by the way. Obviously at the time. I didn't know what karma was so that the be explained to me. And of course, good.

Alex Ferrari 4:54
What's really interesting so far of your story is that it is it's tapping into existing belief systems that are not associated like, you know, karma Ascended Masters. These are not mainstream, like that Western mainstream ideas. These are all Eastern ideas, but they're manipulating those ideas for their own egoic benefits.

Michael Hoffmann 5:19
That's exactly right. But not have been said better. And ego is one of the incure key ingredients to the sense that the leader, the cult leader, was just, it's all about what I can bring to you. And the cult leader was interested in money, basically. So in a boil down to and I, I eavesdropped on one of the conversations of the spouses, the spouse of the leader, and the spouse said, I can't believe this. You are you just exaggerate everything. And then you expect people to come in here and give you all this money, and then you will want to go then you want to go here and you want to go there and you want to travel all over the world. I don't think that's right. And I was listening to this. And that whole idol came crashing down. And I go, oops, there's something wrong. But at the same time, I was having psychological effects, because it turned out that it wasn't so positive. It was nefarious, it was evil. There was a programming that took place and now I understand it as a cognitive behavioral counselor. And as a AEG Neurofeedback practitioner, I understood what they did. And they basically programmed all of us to go down to the subconscious level and accept the information and these nefarious messages that were being planted. So basically what they did they reprogram my mind,

Alex Ferrari 7:07
By the way, not an easy feat to do to get into the subconscious. And to reprogram someone, it is not easy.

Michael Hoffmann 7:13
Well, it isn't, it isn't. But I'll tell you how they did it. They had us chant and chant and chant and chant and chant, we sang, we chanted, we sang, we chanted, and then the leader would come in, and then deliver the messages from the big Cosmic Masters or the Ascended Masters or, or whatever, or the saints. I mean, it doesn't make difference who it is, I mean, and some of these messages, we were down, we were already at a lower level. Our brainwaves were down in the Alpha, from Alpha down to the theta level, which is the hypnagogic hypnagogic. region, if you want any access to your subconscious mind, go to theta has between four and seven Hertz. And as a trained certified Neurofeedback practitioner, I've suddenly realized that's how they got in. That's how they were able to program all of these messages, all of these and they were fear based. I mean, they were, it came to the point where I started dissociating, if you understand what that means, my my psyche, my brain went into an altered ego, an altered state of consciousness that prevented me from being in touch with reality. It was like living in a dream. And I and they had more more control over me after that, but it wasn't just me, it was all the other people around me.

Alex Ferrari 8:46
So enforcement around you, you're seeing Oh, this must be real look at all these other people.

Michael Hoffmann 8:51
Exactly. Exactly. And so that was reinforced all kinds of states of consciousness, just really bad bad bad psychological feelings. And then I don't know why you attract so many Catholics but you do the bead recovery Catholic. I I got all those during catechism and all the all the you're gonna go to hell and if you eat this on Friday, Baba, you're the devil's you're gonna go to hell and the dole is gonna take the and all of this stuff. So I was pre programmed. And then on top of that,

Alex Ferrari 9:37
You're ripe, you were ripe for the picking.

Michael Hoffmann 9:39
Oh, no kidding. I mean, it was just like, you can't even believe that. I did. I left out one piece in my childhood. I think it's important to mention. That is they didn't know what to do with Michael Hoffman. My parents did my father. My mother had already gone. So they sent me to boarding school after boarding school and boarding school. No Mostly in Mexico City or Puebla, and then then an extended family member. So I think what we'll do is, you know, there's this American priest here who has an orphanage. So let's send him there, Jesus. So I was sent him talk about culture shock. I mean, I was sent him to these orphans. I mean, they, they didn't have fathers and mothers, they were just kids that were found on the street. And it's, it was, that was horrible in itself. And the only way that I could get out of it was say, oh, I want to, I want to be a priest. So I started, I told the, the priest, I said, I want to go seminary. Because I was I was going to do everything that I could to get out of that place. I mean, anything and that was my way out. And and eventually, he said, he doubted whether I had a vocation. I mean, I was only like, 12 years old, but they take him young and Mexico. And so they accepted me and I was there. I didn't last long. I lasted maybe a year at the most. And but all of those that pre cursor programming was already there as a baseline. And then I have this cult on top of it, reinforcing that 1000 fold all of these fear based beliefs. Hell, attachment. Sure, sure. Sure. There were people who committed suicide,

Alex Ferrari 11:41
Of course. Yeah.

Michael Hoffmann 11:44
So the the thing, the thing is, what is important for me is to really be conscious of these fear based beliefs that were not challenging in our society today. Alright. fear based beliefs don't come from source. They come from the reptilian brain. That's why on the cover of my book, the face of the Juana is the iguana with with the butterfly and the the one that represents the reptilian brain, the reptilian brain is the fight flight freeze element of our brain. And it's the amygdala, which really means almond in Greek, is that part of our brain that sounds, the alarms, the bells, and the whistles, when we're about to become lunch, are possibly going to become lunch, as you have mentioned so many times on your program, the tiger, tiger. And so so that that part of the the brain then is just constantly reinforcing the fight flight response in memory of the parts of the nefarious messages that I received, or was programmed into me, not just from the cult, but all the way up from childhood, through the seminary through the Catholic Church, and, and the fight flight freeze response, when we have, and science has been able to prove that when we have an memory of a very scary element in our life, and we remember that, that reinforces that memory, because noradrenaline norepinephrine, Cortisol is released, and that has a reinforcing effect. So people who have PTSD, which I had for 40 years, the PTSD then is reinforced and reinforced and reinforced. And so what we need to be aware of is when children are subjected to these fear based beliefs, and we're talking about two, three years old, I mean, how old were you when you went out?

Alex Ferrari 14:16
Oh, I started. I started right away. I mean, the first time I remember being exposed to the concept of Hell was first grade. You imagine? First grade, I came home terrified. I know the devil I don't want to go to hell, I gotta be better I gotta be. It's nefarious.

Michael Hoffmann 14:35
Exactly. Welcome to the club.

Alex Ferrari 14:38
Truly nefarious.

Michael Hoffmann 14:39
So it was just like, you know, if your base belief stacked on fear based belief stacked on fear based belief, and then you have the perfect cocktail, or the dissociative disorders, and also you have a perfect cocktail, or a wonderful episode of PTSD, which lasted for me intermittently. You already yours.

Alex Ferrari 15:01
One thing I want to kind of go back into what you said and you kind of mentioned in regards to source, but when you said that the leader came out and spoke for the Ascended Masters, the concept of Ascended Masters is an Eastern philosophy. It is part of Eastern, you know, either Hindu or yogic philosophy, these kinds of things. If anyone's listening, if anyone says things in regards to source, ascended masters being a Jesus or Buddha, those kinds of Saint Germain, Yogananda, whoever you want to speak of, none of those messages are fear based, not. The other one is fear based. If you look into any of the Ascended Masters teachings, they're all based in love, based in the powers and within you, you have to remember who you are, all of the strength is within you. And they're not asking for cash. And they're not asking for you to join in to spread My Word. They're talking about awaken as many people as they can, in the time period that they need to awaken could be this life. Could be the next one. Is that is that? Absolutely you can I wanted to kind of really point that out.

Michael Hoffmann 16:17
Yes, Alex. And I thank you for also clarifying that, because the Ascended Masters saints, anything, any beam that comes from source is a is encapsulated and represents pure unconditional love, correct period, period. And if that message and that that vibration is not emitted, then you need to find the nearest exit, ie x it and find it and start running for it. And any belief system that gives you a sense of fear, or dread, or any type of anxiety is one that you need to be aware of. And you need to take measures to stay away from. So then when you go back to Okay, so what about all the Bible, the New Testament. And so I did a lot of research and a lot of really good researchers out there, like Elaine, Elaine Pagels, for example, there have discovered that the Bible has been tampered with it has been edited. Of course, it has been edited and re edited. And I don't and I know a lot of metaphysicians will agree with me on this. They they don't believe that Jesus ever came down to establish a church. He came down to teach love to love one another. And in past life regressions, for example from Dr. Martin, Dr. Michael Newton, this the whole message in the 1000s and 1000s, of past life regressions that he's done, or life between lives regressions, is the only religion and the afterlife is pure, unconditional love. Correct. That said, if you want to call that a religion, but it's not a religion, you want to hear it's go ahead

Alex Ferrari 18:28
You want to hear something funny, as I was speaking to a grandmaster the other day, as as you do,

Michael Hoffmann 18:36
Of course.

Alex Ferrari 18:37
Who was in a Tibetan monastery for 20 years and a martial arts master as well. And he's evolved to a certain place, and what what was it that they taught you inside of the monastery? And I'm thinking there's these library of ancient texts that they're digging into, and all of this stuff. And they said that he goes, When you come into the monastery that there is religion is allowed, to a certain extent, in the monastery, he goes, but if you want to evolve to the next level, you must leave religion behind, which I thought was so powerful of a statement. And they said, What did they teach you? He goes, all they do is teach you techniques. So you remember who you are. And once you remember who you are, which is pure, unconditional love, source energy, all that knowledge that they talk about floods in because you have access to it now, because you've released all the mud, that you're carried around. So I just wanted to bring that as a point because of the the concept of religion like Oh, and don't get me wrong. If anybody is on a path in religion. That's not fear based. It's not hurting anybody and it's, it's the way they connect to God in this life. God bless. Go with Go with God in many ways. But at a certain point, maybe this like maybe another one, you'll open up to other ideas.

Michael Hoffmann 20:05
Right! Yeah. And I think that all the, all of the the Masters, all of the great teachers have really come up said the same thing. And they're saying, Love is the basis of everything. And love is the is the force of the universe. It's the it's the essence of the universe. And from a physics point of view, it's all of that energy that is interconnected. Is the interconnect of energy of the universe, quantum entanglement, quantum quantum entanglement, called what you may, and I mean, physics, really is when you marriage physics, with these belief systems, you really physics explains how source is that connected, that universal energy that connects everything, and connects us all? I think you had Nancy Denison is wonderful, wonderful program. And I really love what she said, we are all strands of source, we are strands of that ineffable, beautiful energy, that is love and care, and, and it encompasses everything that that we are in contact with, and everything that we're not in contact with. It encompasses things to be there or known and things that are not known. And when you start realizing that this, this vehicle, this is just a vehicle, and that we are much larger than spiritually and energetically, then this little visibility, this vehicle that we've adopted to run around in this dimension. Once we leave the vehicle, we are just our wonderful, incredible, enormous spiritual selves.

Alex Ferrari 22:11
So let me ask you, How did you escape this scenario? This, this, this this little, this little situation? You've put yourself into

Michael Hoffmann 22:19
The the Houdini effect?

Alex Ferrari 22:21
Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Michael Hoffmann 22:24
Well, I suddenly came up with a plan. Because when you realize that somebody wants money, you talk that you talk that language, and they listen, right? So one morning, I woke up, I, I gotta get out of here. I just, I can't I can't get me here anymore. So I came up with this plan to my grandmother. She's very rich. Now I came up with this. And I said to the kids, one of the lieutenant's, I said, you know, my grandma's getting really kind of old. And she wants to have her estate of millions of dollars distributed. And but I have to go to Mexico. And I have to be there for this. And they said, Oh, really? Oh, yeah. I think this would be wonderful for the organization. Because, you know, I'm coming back to the millions and millions of dollars. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you need to go. You need to go right away. I mean, you can't wait any longer when you need to leave. And it was just like, really? Oh, now you're, now you're really showing who you are. I mean, that just cemented it for me. It just, I said, Yeah, I'm onto here. I'm on to big, big time. So I said, Okay, well, I'm preparing myself to go. And we'll see you later. And that was how I got away. But there were there was a lot of drama. In between, that almost I almost got caught. And they would have held me back. They would have prevented me, they would have locked me up. They would not have let me leave.

Alex Ferrari 24:18
What was this base by the way? Was this based in the US?

Michael Hoffmann 24:21

Alex Ferrari 24:22
Of course, California. That's where I'm from. Of course, California. The best, the best and the worst, as you will. There's much there's enlightenment in there, but there's a slight bit of ego in California. Especially where I come from Hollywood.

Michael Hoffmann 24:39
Exactly. If anybody would not be you

Alex Ferrari 24:44
So then, So you you did you finally get out? What happens what happens next?

Michael Hoffmann 24:50
Then they tried to hunt me down I left for Karnataka which is where I grew up and you They, they, they look for me, they contacted me. They say, okay, when are you going to come back? When are you going to bring? You know, you're the money and all that. That's all they were interested in? Of course, not how you doing? How's it going down there, we care about what you what you know about you and what your help and all that we don't care about that. We just want you to come back with the money. And basically, I just told him, you know, things are really complicated. It's I'm not going to be back, come get me if you want to. And they never did.

Alex Ferrari 25:33
And did they? What kind of threats Did they give you? Like a spiritual, spiritual threats.

Michael Hoffmann 25:38
The spiritual threats were the worst. You are going to go through what's called the second death. In other words, your spirit will be dissolved. Wow. And it will be no longer and you know the words, you will be denied the ascension, obviously, unquote. And you'll go through the second death, Hitler went through the second death, you're gonna go through the second death if you don't obey all of the masters and cosmic beings that have put you here. And that have told you that you need it to be here. So you know, it's guilt, fear. It's all those subtle, nuanced messages

Alex Ferrari 26:22
But I have to say, though, that Hitler and Michael Hoffman, you know, it's just generally doesn't seem like a balanced argument. I think it's more of a desperate argument at that point

Michael Hoffmann 26:36
Was pretty I was pretty desperate. It was really desperate. As a matter of fact. Yeah, it was just like, Oh, really? Are you serious? So I just, I didn't have anybody to deprogramming you around the world like this. I was out there. And I was still going through I had horrible panic attacks, I had

Alex Ferrari 26:59
Poor thing.

Michael Hoffmann 27:00
I had, I mean, serious anxiety attacks to the point where I would almost pass out. And then I would try to regain some sort of identification with myself as I got my old high school yearbook out. And I was looking at all the times that I was really happy. And I was wondering why I was not happy now. Well, guess what, your brain just got programmed. And slowly and surely, I started to get into a sense of re identifying myself and my true self, my previous self, and be able to emerge out of that hole. Miss identification is what I'd like to call it. And that best describes it was a form of dissociation. And other words, I sometimes didn't know who I was, I lost identity, my homes personal identity. Moving fast forward. In the past 15 years. I had a transformative spiritual experience. Meantime, I'm, I'm doing all of my work. I'm going, I'm working. I'm doing consulting throughout Latin America and Europe. I'm, I worked in alcohol and drug abuse, substance prevention and treatment. And I just submerse myself in my work. And I was able to gain a sense of sanity and groundedness when I did them, but I still wanted the answers. The answers weren't there that were not answered when I joined the cult. I don't have those answered.

Alex Ferrari 28:52
By the way. Is that cult still all around?

Michael Hoffmann 28:56
It's not or it's their, their remnants of it very.

Alex Ferrari 29:03
Yeah. It's not what it's not what it used to be.

Michael Hoffmann 29:07
But it's the leaders, the leaders dead. And there's just a few followers.

Alex Ferrari 29:13
Got that! Okay. Just curious.

Michael Hoffmann 29:14
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Thank God for that. But in 2009, I was I was asleep. I was waking up one morning. And it was that you know, that dream state that you're in that you're kind of waking up, but you're not waking up, you know what I mean? It's that theta, four to seven Hertz. And all of a sudden, I had this incredible feeling of love and I had this feeling dislike vibrational feelings of peace, an incredible peace and are suddenly I said, Oh no. not dreaming there, there's something going on here. What and I looked up, and here's this beam, this luminous beam, they're standing before me with, and his eyes were a violet blue, it was almost undescribable, the colors, I can't can't describe it other than saying it was like a violet, Violet, bluish, is colors were getting enticing. And this incredible sense of unconditional love came over me. And I was so at peace that I then I thought to myself, there's what's going on. And the first thought that came to me. Now I know what the saying is peace, that passes all understanding, I'm experiencing the peace, that passes all understanding, you don't really have an understanding of these, until you have that feeling of that being in in that forcefield of energy. And the QA this being said, Michael, I, you are at the beginning of your new life. And, and the scene appeared in my work and this was work, I was working with high risk offenders at the time. And he said to me, your life will change after this, the past will be gone, you will no longer have to deal with with the past, you will have you will have an issue with your health, but that will not impede your progress. And this is the new beginning for you. Then he said look behind you, or look to your right rather look to my right. And this was in the hallways of my work. Nobody was around was just us. He says go to that man. And this man emerged from this disappeared. And he was a middle aged man. He said go to him and take his hands. And I thought to myself, well, what am I good? Why am I going to do that I could take my hands. He said take his hands, I grabbed his hands. And I could smell alcohol coming off of his breath. He said he told him help him to heal and heal all those you come in contact with. And, and and from that point onward, the whole new program that I participated in completely changed the whole concept of recovery of dealing with cognitive problems that these offenders had tremendous issues that had catapulted them into criminal behavior. I mean, I was involved now in a program that I felt completely guided by I was completely guided by this program to the point where I was able to end to have some very viable results. That helped so many people and to this day, I get letters from my probationers who said, I don't know what happened in that class. I don't know what you did, but I feel completely changed. I feel completely transformed. And I'm not involved in criminal activities anymore. And I knew at that point, that when I was involved in my cognitive behavioral work with these high risk offenders, I knew I was being guided, I knew that that was the effect of that new life, that new energy that had come in, to, to work with me. And as a result of that, then I started to be I started to In Search, and I was guided to book after book after book after publication that had gradually gotten me into the answers to the original questions that I had when I went into the cult. And at first, the first major works that completely collapsed 40 years of PTSD was Dr. Michael Newton's journey of souls and, and his other books. And it completely collapsed. All the PTSD, everything, everything that I was taught by that cult completely collapsed. I was completely free. And then then I thought, wow. Then I started to do some more research and more research I went to several mediums and And I was, I was told that, you know, you need to write a book, and you need to get this information out. And and these were evidential mediums, they were evidential mediums. And that's how the face of the Awana came into being. And I tried to summarize all of my experiences there. But you know, it's not gloom and doom in that book, a really, I have a lot of funny stories in there. Lots of funny stories, because one of the other pieces to spirituality isn't I think it's overlooked a lot is that, and it's a, it's a very important part of spirituality. And that is, the joy that comes from laughter is one of the highest vibrational frequencies that you can be involved with, the afterlife is full of laughter, full of joy, and engulf yourself in that. And so I said, you know, I have, I have so many funny stories, and to help me as matter of fact, recover from my PTSD from that whole process, of, you know, stories about my grandmother. I mean, she was funny, she was just the funniest person. I mean, she was just incredible. So I relate to stories of my grandmother, I relate other stories. And I, I believe that if we laugh a little bit more, and we really enjoy our laughter, and we express that joy in our laughter, nuts, that just completely sends you into a whole different vibrational field that raises your vibrations. And when you raise your vibrations, during your charge of yourself, you're in charge of being in charge of reaching your higher self. I had a past life regression, lower life between life regressions from very wonderful Michael Newton hypnotherapist, her name is Tiana Tiana wrote Roeser. And I, what I experienced in that life between life is four hours long, it was a long, long session. But it took that long to get me down to that, that four to seven hertz deep into it almost 4.5 hertz, which is really low, almost on Delta. And that's the hypnagogic section of our brain. What I experienced was the following. I wasn't shown all of the, my, my my girlfriends or my life. My soul group, I was not shown all these wonderful events and and spiritual beings that are common that Michael Newton describes. I just saw my guide. And he said to me, you are going to experience something that's going to be very important. And I had made a request. And I told the type Tianna this before, I says I don't want to see the cult leader. I'm not interested particularly in seeing my dad at this point, maybe later. And I just want it to be a healing session. And she says, Okay, and so my guide said, you are here for the requested that should be here.

So what we're gonna do is we're going to I'm going to take you through an experience that will help you heal. And there was like a barrier over here to the left. And all of a sudden, she said, this is pay attention to what's going to happen now. And I felt like arrows coming out of my etheric body just arrows coming out and and just leaving my etheric body. And then I, he tells the past your cult leader, you didn't want to see who that could the cult leader. And so we kept that from you, but we didn't keep the healing that you needed to have. And that cold Hill, that cold meter is also asking you to forgive and to let go. I said Wow. And that was just incredible. And then I saw a whole group of people but I couldn't see their faces and they're all saying hi and I said I imagined that was my soul group. I don't know. But then he took me to the a glass enclosure where there was energy there was like, you know, like install Once you see this energy and you see it, it's, it's all like, convoluted. And but if it's bright, it says this is the rest of your soul energy. And Michael Newton in the 1000s of, of regressions that he's done in life and life between lives, he says, we don't bring all of our spiritual energy into incarnation is if we bought all our soul energy and it would, this body would not be able to support it, there would be it would just blow us up, basically. So what we're going to emerge right now with with your soul energy, so I'm we merged. And when we when I merged into this, this energy, my God was on the left, he grabbed my hand, and we started growing like giants, and we grew and grew and grew and grew. And all of a sudden, and the meantime, I've got I can't believe all this is happening. I mean, it's just like, you know, and I told I believe I told Deanna I said, I can't believe this a savage just gets go with it, just keep going with it. And I've we finally got to the point where we were at the maximum height of our enormity, if you will, our spiritual enormity, he says this is how you connect with your higher self. You you in meditation, see yourself and practice yourself tapping in to the enormous spiritual energy that you are now. And when you do that, you tap into your higher self. And you can do this at any time that you want to do it. And my whole life changed after that. It was it was such a healing experience. And I know, a lot of people may not understand all the nuances of this. That's why I really recommend reading Dr. Michael Newton's books. And there's some other books too. They're, they're good. But I practice this not only in my meditation because I meditation. Man, meditation is the only thing that kept me sane when I left the cult. And I know you talk Alex lot about meditation. And this is the only thing that kept me sane, that was the only spiritual grass that I retained after leaving. And so when I practice to my meditation today, it's a completely different experience. Because I'm able to practice put into practice those, those, those exercises those and reach up to the highest level that I can when you raise your vibrational level, your guidance or can also then communicate with you better because we're in such a lower vibration, they have to lower their vibration, and then we have to lower our or raise ours, in order for us to meet somewhere in the middle is the two dots between the 11 11 or the one and 11.

Alex Ferrari 43:11
I always look at it. Like there's a big, thick layer of mud between us and our Ascended Master or our spirit guides, and you got to kind of dig through it with like, raise your hand to the point where you could stick a finger out on the other side, and then they can come down and touch you. But they can't go into the mud. Like why would you if you're at a if you're clean? You took a shower, like why am I gonna go down there like it's I can't pass that point, you've got to come up to us, we can't meet you where you're at, because it doesn't benefit you. At that point, you can't even comprehend it. Someone who's that low vibration, someone like your son, your your spirit guide shows up, they're going to lose it, they can't, they can't process it. The vibration of that of that body is not at a place where you can process it as opposed to like a walking master that we have today like a yogi or someone like that, who you just want to be in their presence because of their vibration, and their aura for lack of a better word.

Michael Hoffmann 44:24
Exactly. Yeah. And that was exactly the same feeling that I had when I had that transformative spiritual experience with that being that I saw. I mean, it was could have completely caught me off guard. But that same vibrational frequency is the one that I experienced in my life between life session. Right. And, and I and that took four hours to get to that level. So i is just amazed at what the human mind can do. Oh, I'm amazed What if when we work with our subconscious mind, and we deprogram our subconscious of all those fear based beliefs, which is really my mission in life is to educate and to inform as many people as possible, then I like to completely change.

Alex Ferrari 45:21
Absolutely. And, and I love the work that you're doing because you you really focus on the fear based belief system, which is something that you are very, you know, you know, associated, understand and have been associated with throughout your life. I have to ask you this question, though. And people asked me this question about the trauma, traumatic, which is nothing compared to what you went through. But I wasn't in a year of insanity with a mobster. Would you change anything if you could go back?

Michael Hoffmann 45:55
Absolutely not.

Alex Ferrari 45:57
That's the answer. I was expecting sex, because it's who you are. It's who you are.

Michael Hoffmann 46:02
I had to go through everything that I went through. And then when I found out about life planning, what were you thinking?

Alex Ferrari 46:13
We can meet to you we can't, we can't understand

Michael Hoffmann 46:19
The homeless rap on the plate. Really? What were you thinking? I must have been high

Alex Ferrari 46:26
You get high on the other side

Michael Hoffmann 46:28
Because you're good.

Alex Ferrari 46:30
You're I have a unit universal love on the other side. That's what I was.

Michael Hoffmann 46:34
I know, right. But, you know, everything had to happen, Alex, everything in order for me to get here. Now. I'm 74 years old. And I had to go through all of those phases, in order to be where I'm at. And to know what I know, at this point. I know, I don't know everything, obviously. But there's, I've changed, I've become transformed. And I am in a position to help others. Hopefully, to and I have get rid of some really nasty programming that they went through.

Alex Ferrari 47:15
As they say the blade gets stronger, the hotter and the more pounding. It takes. That's right. That's exactly right. And that's life. And if you have an easy go of it, that blade is going to break the second something comes towards you. Exactly, but but it isn't, it's not it's not fun to go through. It's not it's not fun. It's not a fun thing, but it isn't necessary. Part of growth. And I always associated with the gym, you know, this life is going to the gym, and you got to pick up heavier, heavier weights. If you want to grow the muscles to get stronger and stronger. You need resistance, you need challenge to do it. Some could just do a little cardio, and they'll be fine. Others. Others need to tear it tear a bicep or two.

Michael Hoffmann 48:06
Well, there really I know, right? Yes, yes. Yeah, but it's all worth it. In the long run, it's all worth it. No. And you know what, Alex? We are we always have assistance from the other side. Always. Always. And it works better when you ask for the assistance to.

Alex Ferrari 48:31
You know, what's funny is that, again, because I get to talk to so many wonderful souls like yourself on this show. I keep seeing the patterns. I keep hearing the patterns from different people from around the world, who know nothing of each other. And that last statement, you said, has been said to me a good 20 or 30 times in these conversations I've had because they say you need to ask for help from your guides. You need to ask help from your, your ancestors or your angels or or whoever you believe is on the other side helping you. You have to ask for the assistance. Because if you don't ask for it, they're not going to impede on your freewill.

Michael Hoffmann 49:16
Exactly. Our freewill is sacred. And they can impede on our freewill. They cannot know you have a contract with our guides. And we've agreed in our our angels. But if you want anything specifically done, you have to ask them. My sister passed my younger sister passed away two, two years ago. Sorry. And I said you know, spirit is practical. This is what I'm going to do. I asked my angels I said angels if y'all weren't gonna do that, help me out with this. I want you to send Patty my sister 50 Yellow roses, and write on the note and love you and manita And welcome to your new life. And then I went to a medium about those about a year after that happened. And the medium says, What's the new sister? She's passed a son spirit site? And I said, Yes. What's this about? 50 flowers? Hi, got Oh. So she said, No, she's saying, she said she knew it was you. She knew. I mean, and this made him doesn't know me from Adam. And I, it was just like, wow, I got confirmation that she got those flowers. Syrup is very practical. And we have to understand, we can ask them to help us carry our groceries. And if they're too heavy, especially at this stage in the game, right. And we can do, we can ask them to help us with our driving that we if we're in a tough situation, we can ask them to assist us in any way that we need to be assisted with. And when we know that we are being assisted, that can reinforces that and then we become closer with spirit. And closer with the other side.

Alex Ferrari 51:18
The analogy I always love using is this video game analogy where the player sitting in watching it on the screen is soul. And the player is the Avatar, which is our bodies in the game. And we take it very seriously in the game. But they're guiding us when you ask the man can you help me with this, then you start moving the player nudging it over towards the area where they might find that level up they're looking for or the knowledge they're looking for the experience they're looking for, to kind of get them to where they want to be. And a lot of times that nudging goes into a cave where there's a monster that you've got to fight, and you have to bid and beat. And that is part of your obstacle, because after you beat them, you get something called experience points, and you level up. So now the next time a monster like that shows up, you could just whack them. And they're done. Because you're that much stronger. These you know, these little analogies of of what we're going through down here. But it's your stories is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. It really is. And I do appreciate what you're doing in the world trying to turn your pain and your suffering into and trauma into, into something very positive for the world around you through your book through the work that you've been doing. And you also from my research, you also did afterlife research as well, right?

Michael Hoffmann 52:51
Yeah, I'm going on 10 years now.

Alex Ferrari 52:53
What is that? So So yeah, tell me a little bit about your afterlife research. And I'm curious about that.

Michael Hoffmann 52:58
I've read, I would say at least 50 to 60 70 books on. And when I left the cult, or in war, when I started this, I said, I'm not going to go into any type of belief system does not evidential, and that does not have a database. And that is verifiable. So the research that I've concentrated on is that which is data, which is evidence based. And that also involve, for example, the University of Arizona, University of Virginia, they're doing a lot of work in this area. There is I don't know if you ever heard of the soul phone?

Alex Ferrari 53:44
The soul phone? I have not, sir. Oh, no. And I get that on my can I get that on T Mobile?

Michael Hoffmann 53:52
You'll have to wait a little longer for that one. You'll know allowed to wait a long time for that one. There is a lady in Brazil, who has been working with computers. And this has been ever evolving over decades. And they are now able to establish communication with souls on the other side and get images.

Alex Ferrari 54:19
Why I have heard about this. Yeah!

Michael Hoffmann 54:23
Sonia Renaldi is her name. Uh huh. And it is absolutely amazing. She did an experiment with 15 parents who lost their children. And she then communicated with them with or could be at her computer. And in a large conference, they had the 15 parents there. And as they call the name of each one of those parents, they projected the computerized image of that child compared to a real image in real life, and it was just amazing. Just I mean,

Alex Ferrari 55:07
And technology she's using, like, is it a hertz thing? It's a it's obviously a frequency thing.

Michael Hoffmann 55:12
It's apparently, Nikola Tesla's involved all his research involved in his research, you know, from the other side. Oh, obviously, that makes sense. I mean, I know that sounds out of this world. But I mean, why not? I mean, its frequency, its energy.

Alex Ferrari 55:37
Well, there isn't. It's now that they have machines that I've heard about this, that they can plug into your brain and actually see the dreams that you're dreaming. Like they there's a visual representation, a rough visual representation, because they're able to read the images that are being created in your mind. Yeah, that's older to me. That's been around for a little bit. And they're trying to it's, it's all crazy. It's all nuts.

Michael Hoffmann 56:06
No, it really is. I mean, it's bad. It's wonderful. I mean, we're, we need all this information, because of the the shift that's coming.

Alex Ferrari 56:16
It's Happening. The shift is happening.

Michael Hoffmann 56:18
It's happened. Yeah. I mean, it's happening now. And the consciousness of Earth is so different now. Compared to even in the 50s

Alex Ferrari 56:27
10 years ago, or 10 years ago,

Michael Hoffmann 56:29
10 years then yeah, yeah. Right. I mean, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 56:31
50's that's a whole other conversation.

Michael Hoffmann 56:33
I know, I know that is.

Alex Ferrari 56:35
A whole other I mean, even from my generation, which was 70s 80s. There was no conver, I was raised. If you watch my show, you know, I'm not you know, so I come, I come from, you know, a rich Latin Caribbean based belief system where they spoke about, there's the grandma, or the aunt that spoke or if you need a session, you could go with them, or, Oh, you need to when I leave USA. Which means a cleaning of dark energy around. I kind of grew up with that. But it was very backdoor conversations, it would have never been spoken about in public, let alone in a public forum like this, where now it's not only acceptable to talk about this and becoming more acceptable on a daily basis. People are searching for this information. People want to learn this information. It's not the backdoor mystic shops anymore. It's going more and more mainstream.

Michael Hoffmann 57:36
Yeah, it's word of full disclosure.

Alex Ferrari 57:39
Yeah, it's getting to that point where Netflix as near death experience shows, you know, right. Yes. You know, and talking about channeling and talking about psychic phenomenon and all these things that were like you're crazy. And now quantum physics and spirituality are starting to, to start to marry a little bit more. And there's quantum physicists were talking about spirituality in their, in their in their work, and it's, it's an interesting time to be alive, my friend.

Michael Hoffmann 58:10
That's definitely. Absolutely Alex, you said it.

Alex Ferrari 58:16
So let me ask you a few questions. So let me ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests, Michael. What is your definition of living a good life?

Michael Hoffmann 58:22
Is helping people to overcome their fears. And to help them understand a greater reality.

Alex Ferrari 58:32
What did you definition of God?

Michael Hoffmann 58:34
All that is pure, unconditional love.

Alex Ferrari 58:37
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Michael Hoffmann 58:40
To grow, to learn and to ascend into a higher level and return eventually to source

Alex Ferrari 58:48
And where can people find out more about you your book and the work that you're doing, sir?

Michael Hoffmann 58:51
Well, it's available on The Face of the Iguana is available on Amazon. And you can people can reach me through, we have a really good group on Facebook, freedom from fear based beliefs. And I enjoy working with all the our members, and I would invite people to contact us through that. Also, I'm on the board of the Santa Fe Institute for mediumship and spiritual studies. And I can be contacted through there as well. Even though I live here in Austin. I do a lot of work with I go to UC Santa Fe law. So

Alex Ferrari 59:33
And do you have any final words for our audience?

Michael Hoffmann 59:37
Yeah. There's something I I this this is a very powerful meme that I want to read. And to reflect it. I think people I invite people to reflect on this. An old Eskimo chief is talking to a priest And he says, If I didn't know about God and sin, would I go to hell? And the priest says, No, not if you did not know. And the Eskimo says, Then why in the hell did you tell me? That's great. And this is what we're talking about. It's just like, is this? I mean, how many times have I heard that? Why are they telling me this stuff? I mean, I, you know, it's, it's those, those fear based beliefs that need to be eradicated, they'd be need to be exposed. And people need to exercise their independent risk and strength, and say, I'm going to do my own thinking and not let other people do my thinking for me.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:52
And I think that is the awakening that is happening right now more and more people are starting to wake up more and more people are starting to look inside for the answers to elevate their own vibration to elevate their own evolution without a medium a middle man or middle woman. And these kinds of fear based ideas that that that have been around for 1000s of years, and I guess had to replace in the evolution of what we were doing. But we're now at another stage of the evolution we are, you know, is like at a certain point, the horse and buggy had to go. Absolutely. At a certain point the horse and buggy had to go so absolutely. Were in another place. My friend thank you again for now being on the show, but for the work you're doing in the world and you and your bravery for for telling your story and sharing your raw everything that you've gone through my friends, I appreciate you.

Michael Hoffmann 1:01:44
Yeah, thank you, Alex. I appreciate you as well.

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