Aralamb Channeled LIVE: Life-Altering Message from BEYOND with Melissa Gates Perry

In the dance of life’s grand tapestry, we encounter souls who bring profound wisdom and transformative experiences. Today, we welcome Melissa Gates Perry, a gifted channel who connects with a higher entity named Aralamb. Melissa’s journey is a testament to resilience and the remarkable ways the universe communicates with us.

Melissa’s early life was marked by significant challenges. Raised in a tumultuous environment, she experienced deep introspection from a young age. Her heightened sensitivity to the energies and thoughts of those around her hinted at her latent abilities. It was a terrifying event at age 21 that catalyzed her spiritual awakening. In a moment of profound need, Melissa prayed to the universal Creator for guidance. Her prayers were answered by the presence of Aralamb, a guiding entity who brought peace and clarity to her life.

Aralamb’s arrival wasn’t initially marked by dramatic visions or voices but by a comforting presence. Over time, Melissa’s connection with Aralamb deepened, evolving into clear, direct communication. Aralamb provided not only personal guidance but also profound insights into the nature of the universe and our place within it. Melissa describes this relationship as both a blessing and a responsibility, one that she has embraced fully.

One of the profound topics Melissa and Aralamb explore is the concept of soul contracts. Before birth, souls create agreements with others to learn and grow through shared experiences. Aralamb explains that while these contracts outline potential life paths, free will remains paramount. This delicate balance allows for growth and evolution, even when life deviates from the planned script. The significance of these contracts becomes particularly evident in discussions about suicide. Aralamb asserts that suicide disrupts these soul agreements, causing profound ripple effects for those left behind and necessitating a complex healing process for the soul who departs early.

Another fascinating aspect of Melissa’s channeling work is her exploration of the quantum field, which Aralamb refers to as the “dark matter fabric.” This field, teeming with potential, responds to our intentions, shaping our reality in profound ways. By focusing our thoughts and emotions on what we desire as if it is already present, we can harness this field to manifest our goals. This process, however, requires a deep sense of gratitude and an unwavering belief in the outcome.


  1. The Power of Intentional Manifestation: By deeply feeling and visualizing our desires as if they have already come to pass, we can influence the dark matter fabric to manifest our reality.
  2. The Importance of Soul Contracts: Our life paths are influenced by pre-birth agreements with other souls, designed to facilitate mutual growth and learning. Honoring these contracts, even in adversity, is crucial for spiritual evolution.
  3. Embracing Challenges: Difficult experiences are opportunities for growth. By facing our challenges head-on and with courage, we not only fulfill our soul’s purpose but also uplift those around us.

In this enlightening conversation, Melissa and Aralamb shed light on the intricate weave of our existence. They remind us that while life is filled with challenges, it is also brimming with opportunities for growth and transformation. By understanding and harnessing the spiritual tools available to us, we can navigate our journeys with greater clarity and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Melissa Gates Perry.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 224

Melissa Gates Perry 0:00
You and someone else might come into a life where one of you has is determined that you might be the murderer and the other might be the victim in order to have lessons, but suicide is never used in that way. It's a no go. It's a don't do it!

Alex Ferrari 0:24
I like to welcome to the show, Melinda Gates Perry. How you doing Melissa?

Melissa Gates Perry 0:27
good. I'm doing great. I'm thrilled to be here. Thrilled to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:30
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you and to the entity that you channel as well. Our lamb. Lamb. Lamb, thank you. I'm gonna miss, I'm gonna mess that up a couple. Everyone does, please ask please, please ask him for my forgiveness. I had a typo. But, you know, you know, I have a lot of had a lot of channels on the show. I do love talking to channelers because of the knowledge that comes through them. But I'm also just fascinated by the process. And I think most most people are who have not more not channelers are interesting, or interesting.

Melissa Gates Perry 1:06
No, I think you're, I think you're completely right about that. And it's an it's always really amazing to be able to talk to people about what that feels like and what that's like for me, so I'm thrilled to be able to do that as well.

Alex Ferrari 1:18
So my first question is, what was your life like prior to this, this insanity?

Melissa Gates Perry 1:23
Well, I was raised, people say this, a lot of people have difficult childhoods, I had a particularly horrific childhood, it was just very, very difficult. My parents were, you know, sort of meant well, but we're really drug addicts and alcoholics. And I was basically I was, I'm old. So I was born in 64. I'm old to a lot of people on the planet. And I was raised in a bit of a hippie commune, for lack of better terminology. And so there were just tons of people through our lives when my sister and I were little. So there was a lot of fear, a lot of stress, a lot of just difficult situations. And so as a kid, and you'll hear this with other people who were channels, as a kid, I did an awful lot of introspective sort of thought, and especially at young ages thinking about things that young kids shouldn't even be thinking about around survival, and what is the, you know, what does life mean? And who am I and what am I and all of that. And so when I was pretty young, I just realized that I had a really strong sixth sense, I had a really strong sense about people oftentimes would sort of know what people were thinking when they weren't saying things out loud, and that kind of stuff. And the thing is all human beings, and Erlang tells me that all human beings are really born with that ability. And right now on our planet, what's happening is that so many people are waking up. I mean, it's a challenging time to be alive. But it's also a phenomenal time to be alive. For that reason, you know, so as a kid, I went through a lot of trauma. And then as I got older, I just started to realize that I was sort of seeing and hearing a lot of things that my buddies and people around me weren't. And so that's kind of how I came into it. But where Erlang actually showed up in my life, and I write about it in the book, it's in the chapter where he literally showed me my life was, and I don't want to go too far into the story. But I had a situation that was very, very frightening when I was 21 years old. And a friend of mine wrote me a letter and said, Hey, we're in this situation together. And if anything happens to me, I want you to understand why. And he was involved in some very kind of, you know, frightening, he was involved with a couple of frightening groups who were doing magical workings and energy work that was kind of negative and a lot of stuff like that. Well, three or four days later, he was in a car accident and died. And I became terrorized, I was so terrified, because he had told me that he was fearing this was going to happen. Now people could say, coincidence, whatever. But for me, it was terrifying. And the honest to goodness, truth is I started praying to God, to send me some assistance, meaning I literally was praying to God. And when I say that, in the book, I said, I wasn't praying to Christian God or the Buddhist god, I was praying to the God with a capital G. Right? When I say capital G, I mean, the God who created everything, regardless of your religious background. And I spent about three days doing that and just saying, please, if you've made me different like this, tell me what you want me to do. Tell me what you want me to do. And I went to bed that night and I at the time, my son was about two years old, I was a single mom, living in a trailer park, living the dream. As I tell people I was I was being the stereotype. But I'll tell you, I woke up in the morning and Erlang was there. And I would have been terrified of that except that I had really hit that that rock bottom place where you're just you're really If you're praying out of that place of of need that is so deep, you know, that place of fear, and arrow am showed up the next day. And initially, and I'm talking here and you're not getting to ask another question, but initially Erlang showed up kind of as a presence, meaning it was like, I knew that he was with me because it was as if you know how when you're in your house, and if you're in your house, and somebody else is in the living room, you know, they're there. Do you know what I mean? You don't have to have them right next to you to know that you're in the house with others. So his presence, for me initially was like that. But it was very calming. And it was very peaceful, and it made me feel very safe. And then over the next year or two, I just accepted that I thank God for that. And I sort of said, great you've sent me I thought, initially, it was just going to be you sent me somebody to just help me feel more secure in life. But as it turned out, Erlang was in communications on the other side, and we started talking not shortly long after, and then after that people started showing up.

Alex Ferrari 6:03
So let me ask you this when you first started to talk to him, you don't trance channel. So he just kind of you have a conversation with someone like he's in the room.

Melissa Gates Perry 6:10

Alex Ferrari 6:12
And yeah, so he does not does he so he doesn't, when you're talking to him or channeling him, it doesn't give you a burst of energy or comes through you in that way. How's that work?

Melissa Gates Perry 6:23
I know, that's weird, isn't it? Um, so for me, like right now, Eric lamb is standing here because we're having this conversation. So for me, it's as if he's standing right next to me, just like if my best friend and my brother were standing right next to me in this room, but they weren't talking right now. The minute he starts talking, I don't hear him out in the room, I hear him in my head. So it isn't like I'm hearing him in the room as I would hear you in the room. But It's as clear as day It's as clear as that to me. And let me give you another you know, when this first started happening, I went and I talked with a couple of pastors, I talked with psychiatrists, I did all of that thinking, by the way,

Alex Ferrari 7:07
How'd that work out?

Melissa Gates Perry 7:08
Ya know? Well, you know what, every single one of them said, You are not crazy. You aren't dissociative. You don't have you? This is not a mental illness. This is something that's happening for you. And I was lucky in that way. I was very lucky. I didn't have anyone tried to exercise me and I didn't have the two therapists that I talked with about this because I said to them is this as real as I feel like it is and they were both you know, your your jet. This is what's happening to you. And of course, that was 2530 years ago. Now people now people are channeling you know what I mean? People are channeling so

Alex Ferrari 7:43
Did you give the therapist that like a quick session or something like that to prove the situation,

Melissa Gates Perry 7:46
You know, though. But oddly enough, one of those therapists does is somebody that sees me on a kind of a regular basis. So it's kind of funny. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Nothing but a blessing to me. I mean, it's an interesting thing to explain to people because, and a lot of people say to me, I would not like that. I wouldn't like having someone present with me all the time. Because what about when I want to be alone? What if I'm in the shower? What if I'm being intimate with my significant, you know, I don't want that kind of connection. And what I say to people is, you know, Aaron lamb has such big fish to fry every day, meaning he's on the other side, he's not caring about any of the mundane things that I'm doing. Really, he's not. So it's not intrusive in that way. And the other really amazing thing is that since the beginning, Erlang, always has said to me, you know, the second you don't want to do this anymore, you say so and I'm out, meaning the door will be closed, I can close the door anytime. So it's not out of my control. And it's completely, you know, it's been a great blessing for me. And it's been a great blessing for so many people. And that's the really phenomenal piece of it.

Alex Ferrari 8:59
And when you started to do like this professionally, essentially coming out of the spiritual closet, if you will, right. How did how did your family your friends, your people around you, kind of because it's again, it's a little bit outside the box. So yeah.

Melissa Gates Perry 9:16
My my immediate family have always been very supportive of me. I do have some extended relatives who have tried to get me saved up through Jesus a few times. And you know, they try to say, you know, that this is not from God, but most of the people that know me, and see my day to day life and understand who I am and they get my energy. They understand this is from God, like, you know what I mean, God made us all some creator, whatever you believe. The other thing that I so I've not it's not been a hard thing for me. I haven't had a lot of pushback from family and friends. Good and a lot of times my clients people will come in very skeptical. They'll come in very, you know, just very skeptical. I've had people who have had other family members say Send them to me. And they come in really, really skeptical. And they leave feeling way better about the way that life is and what our souls are. And the other thing for Erlang is that you know, him, the other side where where we go where our energy goes after we've died. It doesn't negate any religious belief. It doesn't negate any religious belief. Because the bottom line is, if you're a born again, Christian, and you've lived a phenomenally good life, if you get hit by a truck tomorrow, you're gonna have to pass through that entry point, your your soul will. Now some people would say, I don't believe that we have a soul. An era lamb says that's perfectly okay. Free will is what there is. But you'll be surprised. Because eventually you're going to end up there, at least initially. So it's, it's, it's all inclusive in that way, which I love. I love that.

Alex Ferrari 10:56
Well, it's kind of like saying, I don't believe in gravity. I'm like,

Melissa Gates Perry 10:59
Well, yes, exactly. It's like, well, you might not believe in gravity, but you'll be surprised to find it's, it's real, you know, so

Alex Ferrari 11:08
Well, you can't you could also not believe in, you know, electrons and protons, exactly. And the concepts of quantum physics, but your belief in it doesn't negate

Melissa Gates Perry 11:19
It doesn't mean it's not real. And the other really good thing for me that's been wonderful is that, as I've gotten a little bit older, I'm going to be 59 soon. So I'm, you know, I've been doing this for a while. But as I've gotten a little bit older science and scientists have started to catch up to this. Yes. So it's really wonderful when you when you hear different people, Joe Dispenza, and people like that, talking about these things, because this is all from where Erlang works. This is this is his backyard. This is where he works.

Alex Ferrari 11:51
It so it's really fun. It's fascinating. I have a friend of mine who's a channeler. And he decided to go and connect his head to Yes, yeah, machine. Yeah. To see what actually is happening in his brain when he's channeling. And the science behind that was fascinating. Yeah, I'm not sure it would be like you because he's a trance channel like he probably trances out, you trances out, but the brain waves dropped down to I think gamma.

Melissa Gates Perry 12:21
Yes. You know, I had that done about 10 years ago, because I had it done because I just wanted to have it done. And I had some people that knew me and knew some people that could get that done. And because I don't trance to do it, like right now I'm fully connected to Erlang completely. And I don't trance to do it, but what they found was that the, the, the eight lowest levels of my brainwaves, right now, while we're talking about this with that open channel to airlin, they're in those beta waves. It's like I'm trance in a trance, but I'm not. Does that make sense? Yeah, you i was the really strange thing about it. It's almost like I'm sleeping on some level.

Alex Ferrari 13:01
You know, it's interesting. I've had a few channels who have your ability in the way you do it on, that will just go Hold on a second. And with a bow. And they very similar. So it's in they have complete conversations and things like that. But some of them can actually go into a trance if they want to go with you and have them kind of speak through them, but doesn't seem like our alarm. Does that make you

Melissa Gates Perry 13:29
I could do that. But you know what I like to be part of the conversation. I really like to be part of the conversation. And about 20 years ago, I had a friend who wanted me and I would basically would, I would go into a trance, and then she would tape record lots of heirlooms information. But what basically happened was then I was the I liked we connected, I like to be able to know what's going on. And I also like to hear what he's saying. But you're right about that. Oftentimes, if he's really talking straight to someone, then I'm doing that very thing. I'm okay. Oh, and he's saying this, and then I'll say what he's saying. And sometimes I just say what he's saying in the sentence is exactly, but it's all me hearing him and being wide awake, which I love. I love that piece of it. Well,

Alex Ferrari 14:15
so is it possible? I have a handful of questions for Ireland, if he is interested in answering them? They are they are. I'd like to call them. They're tough questions, questions that we get asked a lot about. Yes. And they're, they're kind of like minefield questions, because those questions are so difficult to answer. And they can spawn off into a bunch of different things. And a lot of people have very strong beliefs around these questions. I love that. I love asking channels this because I'm really curious to hear what he has to say so right. Okay. Are you ready?

Melissa Gates Perry 14:48
I am so ready. It really I'm just said she's always ready, Alex, that's what he just said. She just said she is always ready. Yep, kind of a fun dry sense of humor airlin, which I liked

Alex Ferrari 15:00
So he was British and a former life is what you're saying.

Melissa Gates Perry 15:03
Right! I know, right? Actually, well, yes, he was. He was well, sure. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 15:06
There you go. So there comes this as a humor. Okay. First question, what happens to souls if they decide to leave their life early or committed suicide?

Melissa Gates Perry 15:18
Okay, that is a big question and Erlang is going to give you it's going to be, he's saying to me, it's gonna be a little bit of a long answer. Before you are born into this life, you will have made soul contracts with, usually between five and 10 people, those are going to be your closest people. And those contracts consist of what are the lessons we're going to learn together? What are the experiences we're going to have together, these are positive experiences and negative experiences, what are we going to do together, we're going to have all these possible timelines. And we're going to all come in together. So your parents, your children, your spouse's, you know, sisters, and brothers, you make all of these soul contracts before you're born as a group. And you tend to do that on purpose. And you'll you'll work through different lifetimes like this. And what it is, is in one lifetime, you could be the father figure who has trouble with addiction, and your children all agree to come in, and try to learn and struggle and do the right things around that. So that everyone heals, so that you're, then your whole group wouldn't have to learn those lessons again. So that being said, on top of it, everyone has free will, the creator of this universe, in all of the universes, the first rule of law is free will, your free will can never be taken from you. Okay? So as he's saying, all of your souls, y'all come in and in your lifetime together, then somebody in your group say it's a brother in a family commits suicide, that completely destroys all of the pre conceived agreements that you all had, because you never agreed to have anybody commit suicide. It's like leaving the game early. Right? We're supposed to be born in, and then your whole life is like that. I mean, it's not to make it sound he's saying, not that the word game is insinuating that it's not serious your life because it is, but you're in the game together, you've agreed to do this together. And if somebody does not play it out to its to its end, then what you're literally doing is you're throwing everyone else's timelines off completely, completely. And so, again, Erlang is saying right now, this isn't a judgment. In other words, say that you're the person who commit suicide, your soul moves back over to the entry point where LM is at. But what happens is, rather than just you'll be meet by, you'll be met by your people over there, and maybe the people in your family who have already crossed over. But what doesn't happen is that you don't immediately get to go and decide what are you going to do next, you don't go through your life review right away, because what you've done is, you've extinguished your life early, now you've thrown everybody left back on the planet into complete turmoil complete, because that's not ever an option. And people hate to hear airlin say that, they hate to hear him say that. Because people want to believe that. And people can believe whatever they want to believe. But I'll tell you, and it's in the book, there's a whole chapter on suicide, and he calls it suiciding out of a lifetime. You're just it is Erlang literally says, the increase in the creator's eyes, committing suicide is worse than create than doing murder to someone. And the reason is, you and someone else might come into a life where one of you has is determined that you might be the murderer, and the other might be the victim in order to have lessons. But suicide is never used in that way. It's a no go. It's a don't do it. So if somebody does that, when they get to the other side, they have their soul is held in a waiting area. And it is literally held in a waiting area until such time that every person, every life that suicide impacted, has a chance to run its course and they come back over. But you know, the statistics say that if your great, great grandfather committed suicide, you have what a 60% higher chance of doing it yourself. And that's a great, great grandfather. Right? So that soul has to wait it out. In other words, they literally have to wait it out. And the other issue is that that soul will have the opportunity and be made to feel to actually feel every single thing that their suicide made all of those around them feel because now they're they've they've messed up all of the all that covenant they signed those agreements, they said yes, we agree. You can't get out early. I've had so many people come to me and say, you know, I'm I'm depressed. I'm This without I'm like, Listen, you cannot you you can't do that do whatever else you need to do. I mean, there's there's a million and I know that it's a chemical imbalance and I know that that seems very hard and a very harsh rule. But you and I know people who are suicidal are suffering, I get all that an air lamb does too. And but it's just it's a no, it's a no

Alex Ferrari 20:23
real quick question, though. What happens to the the lives left on Earth? Since they are there now? Basically, kind of like three free flowing, if you will, they're not connected anymore. They're lost almost. So throws everybody else out of whack? It does. Do they continue to learn in other ways is there new timelines created?

Melissa Gates Perry 20:46
Well, the airline talks about this in the book. And this is why a lot of this information is coming out through channels right now. And it's good. So if you're someone who has had a suicide close to you, or someone that you care about, what you need to do first is you need to understand the best way to help your friend or family member is to get help for yourself. Because if you can get to the point where you can stop feeling guilty yourself, and you can really, truly forgive them and let them go, that will take time off, they're waiting. So everything that you do after the suicide from Earth affects the person on the other side. So you, you really need to work on yourself to understand it's not about you. And the other thing is, is that people sometimes will go, they'll go into that guilt plays if only I had done this, if only I had done that. And then you end up feeling like you're not a good person, because you didn't you didn't stop it right? You didn't stop it. It's not your responsibility at all. And I speak not only from heirlooms point of view, but from my own, I had a very dear friend who committed suicide. And the really, really strange thing was for the first three years after he was gone, I kept saying to Erlang Have you heard anything from him? And have you heard anything? And he said, No, he's in rest, he can't do anything because he did this thing. And then all of a sudden, he did show up to me, he did show up with Erlang. And he said, If you could release me from your anger around this, then that is one thing I can check off my sort of to do list here. Because really, if you commit suicide, you spent eons of time trying to to wait it out or make it better for people that you left behind. It's just bad. It's bad karma.

Alex Ferrari 22:21
And and if you from what I've heard before, is that suicides also, when they come back, they gotta deal with every the same situation that is left with. So they because they have to go through they have to pass

Melissa Gates Perry 22:35
Yes, you can't, you can't skip it, that suicide, literally, whatever. It's whatever the life experiences that you're having, not you, but whoever the person would be any life experience that you're having that's making you feel overwhelmed to the point where you're going to commit suicide. If you commit suicide. First, you're going to have to deal with everybody else's ramifications that loved you. Or you or you were it's why when really famous people commit suicide, it's the worst. Because how many people that didn't even know them now commit suicide? Because do you see what I'm saying? Robin Williams numbers are on the other side. So how does that work?

Alex Ferrari 23:12
Yeah. Robin Williams, or nope, actually. But but that's a good question that look, Robin Williams had a disease. Yes.

Melissa Gates Perry 23:20
Have yet here's the one I was getting to that and you got you psychic hotline. So if you the one thing is, is that if you have a disease that is debilitating to the point where it's going to kill you, then you most likely would have put that into your timeline possibilities, meaning everybody in your group would have agreed, okay, one of the things that could happen to me is I could get cancer. And once I get to the point where I can't take that cancer anymore, or if I'm to the point where I've lost my mind, or do you see what I'm saying? Like if I'm not if I'm because depression and suicide depression is yes, a disease. But it's not something that's going to kill you today. Right, right.

Alex Ferrari 24:03
But what Robin Williams as an example, it was literally going to kill him

Melissa Gates Perry 24:07
It was going to kill him. And he knew it and right. So that is that's the only loophole to this. That's the only loophole because Robin Williams and I'm not Erlang is not telling me this is for sure. But I'm going to use it as an example. And he's telling me that that's valid. You know, he may have made an agreement with all of his people and said, Look, you know, there's a possibility that my end of life is going to be this. And everybody would have agreed, right? Yeah, yeah, but just depression alone. It's not because you can, you can talk to people every day. You can call somebody at any moment and say, Look, this is where I'm at. Okay, stop me from doing this helped me. So it's a really big one that you don't want to do.

Alex Ferrari 24:47
Well, that was a great answer to a difficult question. Now, one other question that I've had, I've had a curiosity about as to is, at what point does the soul enter the body is it In the womb, is it at conception? Is it at birth? What is the actual because I've heard multiple different

Melissa Gates Perry 25:07
So Aralamb, and it's in the book as well. And some people are going to hate this answer, and some people are going to agree with this answer. Aralamb basically says there are two things at play here. Firstly, the idea that two human bodies can create, organically create another vessel, a body, right? To house a human soul, that is a miracle all by itself. Yes, so once a soul, once a soul say that you, you know, when you were on the other side, and you made agreements about who your mother was going to be. Once your mother became pregnant with you, you will go your soul go on the other side goes to this area of what Errol am calls the forgetting. And it's like it's it's basically this place on the other side where your soul goes there and it becomes very tightly condensed into a much smaller area. And you forget everything you forget your time. On the other side, you forget your agreements. Now, there's a reason that you forget your agreements. And that's because if you knew everything going in, you would never take any challenges, you would never do anything difficult, right? You wouldn't take the difficult lessons, because you'd already know what was coming. So once you're all in there, and you're in the area of the forgetting and you're ready to be born at at 16 weeks gestation, this is what heirloom says, approximately 16 weeks, the mother's body will then either be fully ready like this, this pregnancy is going to go on, organically, everything is fine, she's going to accept this pregnancy, whatever that is, at 16 weeks, the soul moves into approximately, the soul moves into the vessel and is seated there. And that is a pretty instantaneous thing that doesn't take very long. From what Erlang tells me at the moment of conception, basically what happens on the other side, so you could say, you know, I mean, at the moment of conception, it's as if a flipped a switch is flipped on the other side, that light bulb light goes on, right, a light bulb goes on, and you're and you're like, Okay, I'm going to go into the area, I'm going to get coalesced into a very tight area of energetic soul body, I'm going to have the comfortable warm forgetting. And that's about 16 weeks Earth time it takes to do that. And then I will drop into that body. So

Alex Ferrari 27:29
But to be interpreted, who dropped you but at any moment between those 16 weeks, that could be a miscarriage, there could be multiple different things that have accidents, things like that, then

Melissa Gates Perry 27:38
That happens, then the whole thing is put on hold and you're released back out of that area until your mother would maybe get pregnant again.

Alex Ferrari 27:46
Right. And it's just kind of like a almost like a hopscotch, hopscotch kind of thing you like, Okay, getting ready to jump and getting ready to jump in? Oh, right. Right, right. Yeah,

Melissa Gates Perry 27:56
I know, from what an heirloom is, he's kind of interrupting right now. But he's saying, normally, if you're if the mother becomes pregnant, in other words, she's now had the conception. Normally, if that if that conception is strong and wanted and they're, the agreements that would be in place would have a lot of power there meaning if something happened and it happened but but chances are pretty good that you're gonna end up there got it got it got about 16 weeks ish is when that's heirloom calls it the seeding the seed of the soul.

Alex Ferrari 28:31
Now, we've spoken and you've kind of hinted about this earlier, and I've talked about this in many other episodes before about the soul's blueprint, about our agreements about our, you know, ideas of what we want to learn in these lives. I get this question all the time, why? Or how can we still have free will? If we have laid out this beautiful blueprint that we're all have to walk anyway. So how is this free will?

Melissa Gates Perry 28:53
Okay, good. So this is amazing and awesome. So and again, heirloom talks, and I'm gonna give you the overview from what heirloom is saying. So basically, you were born into your life with maybe four or five or six, say possibility arcs. Meaning you'd still be running into the same other souls, but the arcs of possibility or their free will is always yours. So even if you came into this lifetime, fully well, knowing that you were going to be an account agent who gets in a motorcycle accident and ends up in a wheelchair, say that that is your main and then your whole lesson plan is to overcome that challenge. Be a great human, go on to be a lawyer after that, marry, have children do all that stuff. You don't have to do it. You could do none of those things. You are never on a path that is set in stone. You could literally ignore all of the lesson plans that you put in place. You will not be judged for that, but you won't get credit for them because you didn't do them, you'd have to do it again.

Alex Ferrari 30:04
Well, those specific lessons Yeah. But then there'll be a whole bunch of new stuff that you'd be learning along the way.

Melissa Gates Perry 30:09
You could you could do other things. And you might get credit for those things. It say that, because it's not so much the specific thing, it's the lesson, say that you want to come in and you want to learn about suffering, you really want to come in and suffer, but overcome it, well, you could put all these possible, you're gonna put these possibilities in your timeline, that that would be that the best ways to do those things. But chances are, even if you don't go with those specific ways to suffer, you'll find another way to get to that lesson. So that, see what I mean. And if you really, really, really avoided all of your lessons, and you got to be a 90 year old man, and then you pass back over, you're going to be met by your people. And when you have your life review, because everybody has one, you're good, they're gonna say, Well, you went in with these objectives, and you didn't really hit on any of them. But you had a great time in this life. And you were a really good person, or you didn't hit any of your objectives. And you were kind of you weren't a good person slump, you were terrible. And so you're gonna have to go back around again, you're not going to be able to, you know, walk, you're not going to avoid those the next time around.

Alex Ferrari 31:12
Well, from my understanding is that when you you know, let's say, I come down in this in this lifetime, and I'm supposed to be a basketball player. Yes, in the NBA. And as I'm going through life, I decide to become an astrophysicist. Yeah. And I start going down that path, because I got interested in astrophysicist, and astrophysics. But then, from what I understand is that your guides the unit, you know, source, the universe, will start to kind of nudge you in the direction that you're supposed to be going. Based on the agreement you laid out, you can ignore those. And for my understanding, you ignore those at your own peril. Because the first one is a gentle whisper, the next one's a little pat on the back, eventually, it's going to be a sledgehammer across the head, it has that work out?

Melissa Gates Perry 32:05
Well, it can be and it depends on which piece of your lifetime, you sort of aren't listening to the really big lesson plans that you lay down for yourself, it's not likely that people are going to stray very far from those, there are a lot of peripheral things, right? There are a lot of things in the periphery that you want to add into the lifetime. I mean, it's very much like making sort of a karmic soul salad in a way, right? It's mostly going to be the lettuce, it's mostly the stuff that you know, you're gonna go there for. So yes, your guides will give you nudges. However, an heirloom state to this all the time, to me, a guide can never do anything to you, they're not allowed to do that. They can't do anything negative to you. And they there's no repercussion from them. If you don't do the things that you really should be doing, however, let me because I know you've got to, but yeah, I can see the but happening. However, if you are really going against your life path, you're the thing that's making you light up the thing you're supposed to be going there to do. Because if you avoid your life path to that degree, you're going to be missing some of the other people you're supposed to be meeting and helping. Right? So if you really do that, yes, the great hand of the creation will sort of give you a push here and there or make you you know, it'll send things into your path to get you going in the right direction. Absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 33:31
Okay. Yeah. Because that's because from what I heard from near death experiences is that sometimes they've gone, they've, they've gone so far off the path that the near death experience, or the accident is a wake up call for them, hey, absolutely. Either you get out of this life now, or you got to go back down the path that you're supposed to be on that you agreed upon. So that's what I've heard from multiple near death experiences. That's where

Melissa Gates Perry 33:54
I was, and that is completely valid. And the other thing about the near death experiences is that they go where they go, and to the, I mean, you now you can hear hundreds of people, 1000s of people talking about this. And it's so amazing, because they're all going to the same place. Where pretty much and it's where air lamb is working with a million millions of other guides, right? So they show up there, and sometimes they don't let them come all the way in because it is meant to be a wake up call. You know, they're saying, Look, you don't really belong here right now. But you got to get it together, man, you know, you're supposed to be doing ABC. And I think that a lot of times from what airline has shown me and oftentimes in readings, I'll have people come through in readings who say, you know, I am very torn. I feel like I'm on the wrong road. I feel like I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. And there are people will show up and give them details about where they're supposed to be headed, which is really awesome.

Alex Ferrari 34:50
Now, this is another interesting question. I've heard of this idea, and this might make people's heads explode a little.

Melissa Gates Perry 34:58
It's something I'm used to exploding heads,

Alex Ferrari 35:00
I mean, the head might explode a little bit. And there might be a little bit of smoke that comes out of the ears with this quote, I've heard that you can heard that you can experience multiple lifetimes. At the same time, can you explain how that's possible within our world of time and linear time that we've created.

Melissa Gates Perry 35:25
So from what Errol M tells me, because he talks a lot in the book about time, space and frequency, right, and Nikola Tesla was all about the frequency, if you can, if you can get your brain tuned into the right frequency, at the right timing rate, you can sort of be anywhere all the time, or all the time, nowhere. If I know that's confusing, but that's what airline was saying. So what that generally means airline was telling me that on this planet, right now, people are not you're not able to be living to timelines on a single planet. Now souls that are very highly, highly seeded meaning they've had tons of lives, and they're not dealing with the kinds of things that these are the souls that come back to this planet now to be huge helpers, you know, the people who come up with, you know, the Nikola Tesla's or the, the great, you know, Jesus or the Buddha, these kinds of souls, they have the capability of living multiple lifetimes, simultaneously, but not on a single planet, meaning they're not living, you're not, you and I are not being two different human beings on this planet now, because our head would explode. We don't have the, in these bodies, our bodies right now are coming into a big change. That's the other thing. It's a phenomenal time to be alive. It's a challenging time to be alive. But it is an amazing time to be on this planet. Because we have the opportunity right now to just explode into much more positive hot, higher level souls right into that next level soul no pun intended, we really that's where we are right now. So it's just an amazing time to be alive. But so Erlang says that he's saying to me right now, he actually what he said was Melissa, stay on topic. He just told me to stay on topic. So yes, it is possible. But it's not really possible for the general humanity that's on the planet right now. And to make people's head explode more, I mean, Erlang talks all the time about other planets that are inhabited. And you know, that there are other universes and all of that stuff like that as a reality. But in our universe right now. It's, it's not for us. We're not doing that right now.

Alex Ferrari 37:37
I mean, yeah. And regardless of me, it's kind of like, this is a lot of space for if it's just us. Yeah, no, that doesn't make a lot of logical sense, even in a scientific standard in science, right? I mean, even physicists are saying, Guys, there has to be something out there. Yeah. What they are, I don't know,

Melissa Gates Perry 37:56
Well, that's a stretch. But the idea is that Aralamb says, you know, so really, you if you wanted to say that you live to be an 88 year old man, and you pass away, and you do, you basically did everything here that you needed to do, and you did pretty pretty well at it, you get to the other side. And of course, you're gonna meet up with the folks that went on before you in your group and your pod, your soul bod. And you're going to look at the life you just had, but you do have the opportunity at that point, to determine do I want to go on with these folks right now? Do I want to have another life on Earth? Do I want to go to some other planet, you know what I mean? Maybe half your pod is gonna go to some other planet, and then come back together, because we keep coming back together with the people that were in it with. And the people we struggle the most with are the ones we've been with the longest.

Alex Ferrari 38:40
But from what I understand to this is, this is the Harvard or the Yale of experiences, like this is a tough

Melissa Gates Perry 38:47
This is yeah, Earth is Earth is no joke. I mean, you have to really all this, but that's the other really wild thing. Is that right? Now, a lot of times Erlang will let me see, when I say see, I mean like see, in my mind's eye, my I have a door, like I have a physical door that I can close, it's like an office door. And if I want to have a weekend where I'm just gonna go eat cheeseburgers, and lay on the beach and drink a cold cerveza and kind of just let this not be thinking about any of this, I can literally close that door. And then I don't have to see because I see lots of souls and people coming and going all the time on the other side, through that door, I can see it in the hallway. And oftentimes airline will say, Oh, you know, there's a huge influx of souls being born onto the planet right now. And that has been ramping up more and more obviously. So souls are wanting all the souls who are the big, the big cheese's like the souls who are really high level souls who have been through a ton of stuff. They want to be on the planet right now because of this huge shift we're having. Yeah, probably your podcast is one of the you know, this is a place where people are going, you know, I need to look into this. I want to grow I want to think about what this means. So it's a binominal time for that.

Alex Ferrari 40:02
Now, I've heard of something recently that was caught my ear and I'd love to hear what you have to say about it. Family karma, or ancestral karma, which, you know, we all understand. Well, hopefully most people understand the concept of Karma. I think it's pretty much in the zeitgeist of, of humanity at this point that karma, you know, you do something wrong, something comes back at you to a certain extent. I mean, that's basically the very rudimentary level of that, but, but then this concept of ancestral karma, meaning that like, your great, great, great grandfather, in your in your line, you know, fell off of an Aztec building or Aztec pyramid, and now you are still afraid of heights? You have to fight through that or something, something along those lines.

Melissa Gates Perry 40:45
Yeah. So an heirloom is saying, so. So what this, what this is connected to is, is that say that three generations back your grandfather was an alcoholic who hit everybody in the family. I'm not saying he was I'm just saying, as an example, right. And then, but nobody ever, no one ever confronted him on that, because of the time in our history, or whatever it was, or say it was four generations back. Well, then what's happening is not only on a physical level, but on a psychic and spiritual level, that energy never got stopped with your grandfather, no one ever stopped him. And nobody ever healed from that karma. Right? Nobody ever healed from that abuse, the chances of his children going on to do some form of that abuse are pretty high. Now, even if they don't, it was never dealt with psychically, or spiritually back then. So what it is, is that there's this unseen, energetic body that the family keeps carrying forward, until someone say, like you says, Hey, I was looking through great grandma's grandma's papers, you know, I've got a trunk of stuff from her, was great, great grandpa, Bernie was he had kind of a drunk and a hitter? Well, everybody would need to see that that was the truth. Talk about it, bring it out in the open, Let light be on it. And then everybody heal from that. And also, everybody in your family would want to look at themselves look at each other and say, are we carrying any of that with us? Or any of our behaviors like that at all? Do we do anything that reminds us of that. So you you need to people need to stand up and physically and emotionally but then spiritually released from that? Because hidden secrets, right? If grit if if three generations back Uncle Ernie was somebody who inappropriately touched all the cousins, right? But no one spoke of it, we won't speak of that. We're just going to Ernie just don't get near Ernie, well, then you know how that goes down through the generations. Because even if you don't go on to be somebody who's inappropriately touching children, yourself, you're living with that scar, then you're going to raise kids, and you can't help but give them that scar. And that's why air limb is like everybody on the planet right now needs to look at our histories, we need to look at where we are wounded. Where are we wounded? Where are we wounded. And it can be a wound that's old, it could be a wound that you're carrying, that your mother gave to you. And that's where that karma is, that's what it means. Now available, and it's fixable,

Alex Ferrari 43:22
Good to know. Now I've also in my studies of yogic philosophies and Eastern philosophies, the concept of enlightenment, when the Buddha found enlightenment, Jesus found enlightenment. And so many other masters have found enlightenment over the years, I heard on a karmic level, that when a soul does get get to the level that it transcends needing to come back or incarnate at this level, it's such a powerful thing, that they fixed the karma for their soul group and can go back five or six or 10 generations and clear karma for everybody that's basically in their group. Is that a true

Melissa Gates Perry 44:03
That is absolutely true. And how that works is and a lot of times aerelon will say this, and he's saying this right. Now, oftentimes, you will find one person in a in a pod, a soul group, who says, I'm going to come in this time with everyone else, and I am going to take the hit for everybody, meaning, you know, I'm going to come in, and I'm going to be born into a big family, all of you, but I'm going to get, I'm going to get childhood cancer at nine. And I'm going to suffer for the next 10 years of my life, but I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it with incredible courage and nobility. And then I'm going to die young, and it's and I'm going to give that time up and I'm going to give this to you as a gift, all of that pain that you guys are going to have from this I'm giving it to you as a gift. So I'm going to sort of sacrifice myself in this lifetime, in order to gift you and all you will have to do is you have to find a way to overcome this pain of the loss of this child without becoming Drug addicts without being angry without, you know, you got to grow through it. And if everybody can do that we all move up a couple levels or more.

Alex Ferrari 45:08
But no, but I'm talking about like the ultimate level meaning like you, you reach the end of that Jesus, Jesus.

Melissa Gates Perry 45:14
Yeah, everybody wants you think about that there is an ultimate level. But in Erlang, has said to me, a lot of times once you get to that level, many, many times those souls who are at that level where they never have to reincarnate, they are literally ascended beings. Half of the time Erlang says they quietly come back into lifetimes on very difficult planets in order to try to help as many souls up as they can.

Alex Ferrari 45:43
Right, which is, which is what what Jesus and Buddha, these kinds of these kinds of souls did. But when they do reach that enlightenment, does that help the soul group meaning like it? Can they wipe out karma for the entire soul group, by their own, by their own ascension

Melissa Gates Perry 46:01
By their ascension, they can, but oftentimes, an heirloom saying oftentimes, and most of the time, the souls around them will have already been raising up anyway. Meaning you, he's saying you never get a soul who's very close to ascension, family it up with a whole bunch of souls who are just started 20 or 50 levels below, it doesn't happen.

Alex Ferrari 46:23
Right! So everyone's kind of coming.

Melissa Gates Perry 46:27
You stay at the same level. And the reason that you do that is because you're always agreeing, you keep agreeing to come back in for the big lessons. And the other thing he's saying right now to remember is that oftentimes the people with the hardest lives, the people who are struggling, struggling, struggling, but get through it, they're oftentimes the people who are bringing their group with them. You know, they're bringing everybody up. So he's saying, and now he's saying, it seems very simple, but it is one reason that you should always or anyone should always embrace their worst challenges, really embrace those challenges and grow through them on purpose, do it on purpose. He's saying, make those decisions to stick with the hard things on purpose. Like know it, like own it, say, He's saying, you know, say to yourself, my soul chose these things on purpose, because they're hard, and I can do this. And he's also saying to me that right now, the reason that so much channeled information has come through is because if a person starts to understand they have a soul, and that they can work through that soul, in other words, you can look at your whole life through the eyes of your soul. How much good work are you going to be able to do? A ton? The a ton was my part. times I use vernacular and sometimes Alex, I will even swear in a reading, which I'm not going to do here, I presume. Occasionally, I'll swear in a reading an airline will say to the person, she swears I don't swear.

Alex Ferrari 47:55
I've heard of of channels who do swear, like,

Melissa Gates Perry 47:59
I personally swear, but he doesn't swear. So no, no, but the other but the, on the other side, some do. But he doesn't. He's pretty bright. He's,

Alex Ferrari 48:07
He's proper. He's a proper,

Melissa Gates Perry 48:09
More proper than me. All that proper, he'll say, he'll say be sure to tell them that was your choice of word.

Alex Ferrari 48:17
Now, another idea that, I think that we'd love to dig into a little bit is the concept of co creation, our CO creating our reality, and what we kind of want to have in our lives and what we can create the the secret and the Law of Attraction idea that was seated in the early 2000s was the very beginning and kind of manipulated in a way like, hey, I want a new car and a new car is going to show up. Like that's not the way it works. But generally can Can, can you guys talk about co creation of your reality that you're in?

Melissa Gates Perry 48:54
Okay, so an Aralamb calls this manifestation, right co creation manifestation. So manifestation is 1,000%. True. He's, I mean, those are his words right now. It is 1,000% true. And the thing that people need to understand as it's 1,000% true that you can manifest positive things into your life. And it's 1,000% true that you can manifest negativity into your life. So with manifestation in the book, Aralamb talks about something called a faith tether. It's an electromagnetic tether that every soul has which goes up through your crown chakra, it attaches you to the other side, it attaches to your soul, but it comes through your frontal cortex kind of this way, and it's a faith tether. So anytime that you're praying, that you're manifesting that you're meditating, you're literally using this energetic piece of your brain that isn't physical, but it is connected to your soul that he calls a faith tether. So what Erlang always says and what I think the secret and things like it missed they made it so simple, and it is simple. But it's specific. And he's just saying it's simple, Alex, but it's specific. And he wants, he's saying, I want your listeners to understand this, to manifest something, it isn't that you are praying for it, you're not praying that it happens, you are praying it that it is. So when you are praying for something, the best way to do that, or manifest or meditate, however you want to do it, it's that you, you connect your feeling of it already being you physically emotionally have to sit and feel the feeling of having that job or having that home or having that relationship, feel the way you want it to feel with someone else. Or the healing, or the healing of a relationship or whatever it is, if you want to. If you have $0 in your bank account, but you know that your life would be changed for the positive. If you could spend two weeks on a beach in Fiji, then you need to spend your time not thinking necessarily initially about the how of it. Don't worry about the how of it. You need to literally meditate or pray and feel yourself sitting in the sand on the beach in Fiji. Listen to ocean sounds while you're doing that. Feel the sand, feel the heat of that you have to emotionally feel it as if it's already here. And what that's doing is that sends the energy from your soul that intention, it's everything is intention. And I know that people talk a lot about intention and heirloom is saying right now. You you literally must do it literally this way, that is the literal format to do it. And the other thing is at the same time, as you're already there, you're thinking the universe, the Creator God, however you want to say that or you know, female, however you want to look at God. But you're also having that incredible, because if you're if you're sitting on the beach in Fiji, how grateful you're going to feel that immense you know that feeling you get inside when you're so grateful. It's it's this the most grateful thing. So you have to have all that feeling. And then you have to sort of let go of it and know that it's going to happen. Of course, you still have to dig the ditch, right? So you're still going to, you know, all that was the universe will start bringing that to you through the dark matter fabric. And I don't want to get too deep down the rabbit hole. But there's Erlang does a whole section on dark matter. And what dark matter is, dark matter is is what God gave us. It's sitting out there, it's everywhere around you. And it's literally a field that is waiting for you to tell it what to do.

Alex Ferrari 52:40
Is it the quantum field.

Melissa Gates Perry 52:41
It is it's a part of the quantum he calls it dark matter fabric. So it's everything that's between everything else. And it literally can go it can be made into anything. But it needs intention. It literally it needs attention.

Alex Ferrari 52:56
It needs a programmer and its code.

Melissa Gates Perry 52:59
But it'll it'll program anything. So if you sit all day alone, thinking I know that I'm going to die alone have toenail cancer. If you think that over 10 years, there's a pretty good chance you're gonna manifest that for yourself. Now, heirloom is saying he just said The caveat is he's not saying that everything bad that happens to everybody is because they were thinking it. But if you can catch yourself and stop that behavior, worrying is the worst kind of praying, it's the worst. You don't want to do it.

Alex Ferrari 53:27
Again, the dark matter. Fabric Saturday fabric very sounds very similar to the matrix. Meaning that why no once you understand thing

Melissa Gates Perry 53:36
About it is though is the dark matter of fabric. It doesn't it the dark matter fabric is there for every soul. And it doesn't have any bias one way or the other code. So nothing, nothing that you would pray for is too big of a prayer, no healing, no amount of prosperity. And the other thing that's so interesting, because airlin just said, don't forget to tell him this part. So the other thing is that the universe loves when one person can help more people and more people and more people. So if you're praying for something, and you and I talked about this, I won't go into that. But you and I talked about this. So if you are praying and meditating and manifesting for something great to happen to you, and that that great thing happening to you is going to actually help tons of other people have great things as well. The Dark Matter fabric and the universe loves that, like loves it. I can't say loves it big enough. Because the whole idea here is that the snowball wants to be getting bigger in the positive direction. And what it is

Alex Ferrari 54:38
And if you're aiming for that, if you're aiming outside of yourself and being of service to others,

Melissa Gates Perry 54:44
Yes, things become all the things you need are going to come as well and not just the things you need meaning it's not just that you would only get you know a good sturdy tent to live in. It means that all the things you need and if if things that make you give you joy would be a car or a house or whatever great as long as you're It's also helping other people, which is why I loved doing the readings and why I love the book because I'm, you know, it's a way for for all this stuff, all these lessons and all this talk from Maryland to get out there to people. So I love that.

Alex Ferrari 55:13
Now I'm going to ask you a few questions, ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life? You could answer or Aralamb can answer.

Melissa Gates Perry 55:22
Okay, well, I'm gonna let him answer first, because his answer and mine are gonna be very different. Well, not very, but a little, you know, okay. So heirloom is saying, from a soul perspective, living a good life is coming into this lifetime, successfully traversing all of the lessons you would have laid down for yourself, while also finding other lessons that give you joy and happiness and harmony, that you didn't even program into your situation? Meaning you just you know, and he's also saying, filling yourself up with joy all the time. And he's saying, if you can leave this lifetime, understanding that even the challenges were some of the biggest blessings. And he just saying, he knows that sounds a little cliche, but it's so simple, it's so true. And embrace your challenges, because those are the things that you're going to look back on and go, I'm glad that I grew through that. I'm glad I lived through that, because now look what's happened after it. Right. So that's what he's saying. Me, I would say a successful life for me is just to be able to reach a ton of people have a really good time. And, you know, just do the things I love to do. And the other thing that I think for people and and this is a hard one for people, I think, is that it took me a while and I think it wouldn't have taken me I shouldn't say that. It didn't take me as long as some people, but I think on our planet right now, people should just start being exactly who they are. Without fear. Do you know what I mean? Like, of course, because here I am, I was a 23 year old with suddenly being being a channel, I had to get over it really quickly. Like, I couldn't pretend anymore that I was was with the status quo, right? Or that I was going to be the way that other people thought I should be or whatever it is, I just think human beings right now we're on this precipice of having the the, the timeframe is perfect for everybody to just get really, really deeply into the most positive aspects of themselves. You know what I'm saying? Like, you don't ever want to hurt other people. But if everybody could get super free to look, they want to look and be who they want to be. And I suppose in a way, it's a little bit of like a spiritual libertarianism. Right, it's like, it's like everybody just be nice. And everybody get to be completely freely who they are. And if you want to be an organic goat farmer, go for it be the best one you can be. If you want to be an accountant, if you want to be a stay at home mom, if you want to be you know, a designer who designs buttons for you know, high end, quote, whatever you want to do, just be a super good human while you're doing it. What is my love? That's what I want? That's my thing. I always want to do that. What is your definition of God? Well, I was funny, I was raised, heirloom, just folded his hands and said, you can answer this one. So he folded his hands and said, Go ahead. So I was raised, even though I was raised in a hippie commune. And it was very difficult most of my family around were pretty hardcore Born Again Christians and I got nothing against Born Again Christians at all, or any religion. But through my experiences with air, lamb, you know, God, to me, God is not female. God is not male, God is sort of all things. Firstly, there's no doesn't seem to be any, from what I understand of God. When I asked when I asked Eric, when I want to pray to God, because I do I pray to God Occasionally, when I do that air, lamb and everybody that's right on the other side there, they all step aside, whoever's around my prayers, the energy of my prayers go up up up into this sort of never ending white light that's way far above us. I don't think that God is punitive. I really don't. I think, and I don't think that God is, I think that God is the creation force from which all things come. And I think that originally, God just created our universe, all the universe is everything that's in creation. I think God did that specifically. To be able to watch us have lives and have offspring. I really do think that's what it is. And I think God is is a benevolent, non threatening, I think all of the threatening pieces of God that we learn on our planet are from men's mouths. Oh, obviously, you know, so to me, God is just this and also God is is to me, like an all forgiving creation source that lets us I mean, think about all that we're allowed to do. I mean, if God was a different if God wasn't just this all knowing sort of awesome, perfect Space of Creation, that that creative God wouldn't let us do all the crazy stuff we do. I mean, we get in trouble all the time, you know. So

Alex Ferrari 1:00:02
Now where can people find out more about you and your book?

Melissa Gates Perry 1:00:06
Ok so the book, I'll hold it up here I'll do. The book is called Being Humans. And it's a channel, it's channeled guide, it is simultaneously chapters about my childhood. And then Erlang uses those chapters as learning tools about soul growth and what to do with that. And then Erlang talks about everything, he talks about what I call the lobby, birth and rebirth, death, suicide, everything you could ask a lot of what you didn't ask today is in this book, Aralamb, I'm speaking on that specifically. You can find me at Melissa gates I'm also Melissa gates, Perry on YouTube, I'm on Instagram, all the places, all the different places that you can find smiling faces, I'm on all those places, and the book is on Amazon, and all all different places. So yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:53
And then there's do you or Aralamb have any final words for our audience?

Melissa Gates Perry 1:00:58
Okay, so Aralamb is saying. So he's saying, Alex, thank you so much for allowing me to speak on your program today. He is saying, He's saying, and thank you to all of your listeners, it's a wonderful time for you all to be on the planet. And oh, he's also saying anyone who wishes to contact their guide or have more of kind of an impact of their God in their lives just simply has to ask for that. Just say to your guide, anytime, hey, I don't want you talking to me, particularly. But if you want to send some good stuff my way, that would be great. You can do that. So he's saying that and I would just like to say that you, sir, are phenomenal. You're doing the good work, you are doing the good work. And I'm telling you, all the stuff you have online in the master classes and the people and I am I just feel so so you know, proud to be a part of being on your show. And being one of your people. I'm proud to do that. Because it's you know, every bit of this stuff is stuff that people can just grow and you can bite off a little or you can bite off a lot. You can start where you are and just start learning and that's what you're doing. You're doing the good work.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:59
I appreciate that very much, my dear, thank you so much for the book and for and for the work that you're doing to help awaken souls around the world. So I appreciate you.

Melissa Gates Perry 1:02:08

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