UNBELIEVABLE Changes Ahead: Humanity’s Great Shift EXPLAINED! Everything WILL CHANGE! with Mary Reed

In the vast and intricate tapestry of existence, some individuals embark on a journey that illuminates the deepest mysteries of life and consciousness. Today, we welcome Mary Reed, a mystic and spiritual guide whose profound experiences offer a window into the divine and the human struggle to reconcile the two. Mary’s story is one of surrender, transformation, and the ultimate realization that the answers we seek are often found within us.

Mary Reed began her journey in a state of complete normalcy, deeply entrenched in her career as a healthcare executive. Yet, her life took a dramatic turn in the summer of 2000 when she started hearing a persistent, clear voice urging her to fulfill a significant purpose. This voice was not merely a figment of her imagination but a vibration that rose from within, becoming more pronounced and insistent over time. Despite her agnostic background, Mary felt compelled to explore this mystical phenomenon, leading her to a series of profound spiritual experiences.

“I remember sitting on the edge of my couch and saying, ‘God, you can see I have no idea what I’m doing. If there’s something that you all think I’m supposed to do, then you’re gonna have to lead the way. I can’t be the project manager for my life anymore. I can’t do it!'” Mary Reed recounted. This moment of absolute surrender marked the beginning of her true spiritual awakening. Mary was soon engulfed in a series of mystical experiences that defied conventional understanding. She experienced being in the body of Jesus during his crucifixion, embodying the mind of Buddha, and engaging with the lineage of the Dalai Lamas. These encounters provided her with a divine perspective on humanity’s evolution and the conflicts that have shaped our world.

Her journey was not without immense struggle. For over a decade, Mary sought help from therapists, shamans, and medical professionals, attempting to make sense of the overwhelming experiences that continually disrupted her normal life. Despite seeing more than 40 practitioners, she found no solace, leading her to a point of utter despair. In March 2011, Mary attempted suicide, believing that perhaps her purpose lay on the other side. Miraculously, she survived, and in that profound moment of defeat, she fully surrendered to the divine guidance that had been beckoning her.

This surrender marked a significant turning point. Within six months, Mary was invited to India, where she met a high Tibetan lama and eventually lived in a Buddhist nunnery in the Himalayas. This period allowed her to integrate her experiences, gain greater perspectives, and find a community that understood her journey. “From that point forward, all the doors just started opening one by one by one, really easy, really quickly. It was completely a path of ease,” she explained.


  1. Surrender to Divine Guidance: Mary’s story underscores the power of surrender. By relinquishing control and trusting in a higher power, she discovered a path of ease and alignment with her true purpose. This act of surrender opened doors that her rational mind could never have anticipated.
  2. Embracing the Mystical: The mystical experiences that Mary underwent were both awe-inspiring and confusing. Her journey teaches us to embrace the mystical aspects of our existence, recognizing that they offer profound insights and wisdom that transcend ordinary understanding.
  3. Living in Alignment with Love: At the heart of Mary’s teachings is the transformative power of love. By aligning with the divine love within us, we can heal our deepest wounds and contribute positively to the world. This shift from fear-based living to love-based living is crucial for personal and collective evolution.

Mary’s experiences provide a beacon of hope and a reminder that the divine is always present, guiding us through life’s challenges. Her journey from despair to spiritual awakening offers invaluable lessons on the importance of surrender, the richness of mystical experiences, and the profound impact of living in alignment with love.

In a world filled with chaos and confusion, Mary Reed’s story is a testament to the transformative power of divine love and guidance. By embracing our true selves and surrendering to the greater wisdom of the universe, we can navigate life with greater ease, purpose, and joy.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mary Reed.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 315

Mary Reed 0:00
In that massive state of defeat, that I just quit, I quit Absolutely. Everything. I quit trying to be normal, I quit trying to figure it out. I quit trying to make a plan and quit trying to seek help. And I remember sitting on the edge of my couch and saying, you know, God, you can see, I have no idea what I'm doing. Like, if there's something that you all think I'm supposed to do, then you're gonna have to lead the way. I can't be the project manager for my life anymore. I can't do it!

Alex Ferrari 0:40
I like to welcome to the show, Mary Reed. How you doing Mary?

Mary Reed 0:43
I'm very well Alex, I'm so excited to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
Thank you so much for coming on the show and reaching out and, and we're here to talk about not only your amazing journey, but your book, humanity's epic awakening, which it is pretty epic, what's going on in the world today, isn't it? So before we get into this great shift that we're going through in this awakening, your story is fairly interesting to say the least. So what was your life like prior to your spiritual awakening before you started down? Strongly the spiritual path?

Mary Reed 1:19
Um, well, first of all, most importantly, I was very agnostic. I was staunchly agnostic. I didn't grow up with a lot of big questions about life, I grew up around a bunch of Southern Baptists in New Mexico, and I couldn't relate at all. And so I just, you know, I only ever wanted to just be successful and normal and do good things in the world to help people. And I grew up to do that, as a healthcare executive based in Washington, DC. I did clinical research for many years. And then the nonprofit industry, mostly related to AIDS, and ended up working in Africa and all kinds of normal things. And while I was very busy being successfully normal, and the summer of 2000, I started to hear a voice. And this voice, it was just like this vibration that rose up in me very clear. And it said that I was supposed to be doing something very important, which I already thought I was. So I tried to ignore it. And it just kept getting more persistent and more pronounced. And after six months of that voice, there was a series of events that unfolded that led me to need to find out what was happening. So I went to see a psychotherapist friend of mine in Little Rock, Arkansas. And I'm like, I don't have any idea what's happening. But there's this thing keeps rising up in me. So I went to see her the middle of December 2000. And I spent two days with that beautiful friend of mine, going into these unexpectedly into these mystical realms, and the very first thing that happened, as we're sort of sinking into kind of a deep state to explore what's this thing that I'm supposed to be doing, I went into the body and being of Jesus on the cross at the moment of crucifixion. And then suddenly, I just know, I have all this information in an instant about all the things that have been happening in our human evolution, all that led to that moment, the conflict nature of our world, what happened from that moment forward, all of this information. And then the next day, I went back into those same kinds of realms had a big meeting with my soul group, big meeting with Moses about the conflict nature of the world. And so in one weekend, I got information about the New Testament, the Old Testament, all in one fell swoop. And then I had to go back to my office in Washington, DC and just do my normal work. And it, it really just completely shifted absolutely everything. It was a real blowout experience for me and extremely confusing. And then all these experiences just started happening spontaneously, just you know, as I'm into or out of sleep is, you know, relaxing somewhere walking down the street. We just have these huge metaphysical experiences. So they just kept happening and kept happening and kept happening. So my idea of normal was quickly falling apart. And so I tried to seek help. I went to therapist after therapist after therapist trying to figure out what's happening to me. Why is this happening to me? And most importantly, what do I do with this? What does one do with all of that really weighty, divine perspective on things, and the therapists could not help I went to Reiki practitioners and shamans and allopathic doctors, and then back to therapists. I saw more than 40 practitioners over the next 10 years. And no one could help me This is before you know, you could jump on Google and type in consciousness or spiritually transformative experiences. That wasn't a language that we had back then. So in the 10th year, I'm trying to live in these two very discordant worlds this reality that seemed unnecessarily cruel and confusing compared to all of this incredible, easy, beautiful, loving wisdom. In the 10th year, my normal world fell apart, all of the things that I had been successful in my job, my money, my home, my relationship, my family, like it was just like the eggs just dropped. And there was no way to put them together. And all the while this spiritual stuff is just pushing harder and harder on my psyche. So it ended up tipping my world dramatically upside down. And that culminated in a serious suicide attempt in March of 2011. I took 97, prescription pain and sleeping pills with three glasses of wine, I said, my prayers, and then just really hoped that all of this is telling me that I'm supposed to do my work from the other side. It's not anything that I had been shown, it was just that I was in such despair, that I felt like maybe I'm just being called to the other side. And then two days later, I just woke up, I just woke up entirely on my own, I woke up entirely sick, and unable to control my motor skills. But I was alive. But I still woke up into the same two worlds, I went to sleep. And so I was still massively confused. So it was then finally, in that massive state of defeat, that I just quit, I quit Absolutely. Everything, I quit trying to be normal, I quit trying to figure it out, I quit trying to make a plan, I quit trying to seek help. And I remember sitting on the edge of my couch and saying, you know, God, you can see, I have no idea what I'm doing. Like, if there's something that you all think I'm supposed to do, then you're gonna have to lead the way, I can't be the project manager for my life anymore, I can't do it. So then, in that really supreme state of surrender, all the doors just started opening one by one by one really easy, really quickly, it was completely a path of ease from that point forward. And within six months of that suicide attempt, I was invited to India, to meet with a high Tibetan lama to tell them about my experiences. I was invited to stay and I ended up living in a Buddhist Nunnery in the Himalayas for the next several years to finally just stop everything, allow everything to integrate, allow much greater perspectives to come, allow myself community where I could, you know, talk with people about what was happening. And so that's how, then I've been on that mystical path ever since since 2011.

Alex Ferrari 8:03
Thank you for sharing that. It's, it's pretty remarkable. Because, you know, a lot of times you hear about spiritual awakenings, it's all you know, rainbows and puppy tail, puppy dog tails, and, you know, and, and cotton balls, you know, cotton candy and stuff. And it's not always that way. I mean, even if you look into the spiritual teachings of some of these Ascended Masters, it wasn't an easy path for them. I mean, when Jesus alone for God's sakes, it wasn't an easy path of spiritual awakening and what they're doing, but I appreciate you sharing that with me, with me and with the audience, because it's a clear idea of like, I always ask people, like, when you hear the voice, do you think you're going nuts? Because a sane person would say, I mean, if you're in a mystical space in your, you know, you understand maybe you deal with that a little bit differently. But if you're just a, you know, an agnostic walking down the street doing my thing, and all of a sudden a voice pops up. What was that initial? That initial feeling? I'm like, and you held off for six months before you started to seek help. How did how did you even handle it?

Mary Reed 9:15
I held us longer than that for for trying to seek help, because in the well, first of all that voice was describe it. It was definitely a vibration that felt like it was translated in the sake just kept saying the exact same thing. You're supposed to be doing something very important. And I describe it as you know, when, you know, when Barry White hits a bass note, and there's like this after sound vibration, it felt like that kind of vibratory thing. And so it didn't, it was unusual. It wasn't anything I had experienced before. So I tried to ignore it. I just thought, Well, that was weird. And then it just kept showing up in elevators and when I'm on conference calls and when I'm driving or on airplanes, or it was just relentless. So yes, I thought But it was very odd. And this is why eventually, after six months, I'm like, I'm gonna have to figure out what what this is. But then when there were the huge metaphysical experiences, gigantic experiences, when I started going to a therapist, therapist didn't have the resources to work with someone like me. So obviously, they thought I was having delusions of grandeur, or that I was hallucinating, some believed it and were intimidated. So then they wanted me to tell their future or explain why their boyfriend broke up with them, or, you know, like various things. So it was really confusing, massively confusing. And I didn't have any way to talk about it. You know, as you know, when people have near death experiences, they often say it's so hard to talk about. These are the realms beyond words. And they're called that for a reason. It's very hard to describe everything. So I didn't have the way to talk about it. I didn't have any framework references, you know, for because I didn't have a religious upbringing. So when people say, God, I get this a lot people want what I have, they want to, you know, these big metaphysical connections and like, you know, it's not, it's not that simple. And it's not that I mean, yes, it's exquisite when you're in it, but then there has to be a way to live with it, in this world. So it can really be devastating. And as you've probably heard from people who have near death experiences, you start wanting that high again, and again and again. And this world feels unnecessarily cruel and hard and complicated. It's like, Why the hell do I have to keep living in here, when I can, you know, this stuff is available? Why do I have to live in both, and I can't be here all the time. Why can I not go in and get really clear direction on all of this, like, there's you just, you know, you're walking around with a lot of why and I want more and that sort of stuff. So it's really, it's very confusing.

Alex Ferrari 11:59
It's when you get a peek behind the veil is a dangerous peek. Because that's what people in psychedelics, when they go out with psychedelics, they, as a yogi once told me, you walk through a door that you were not invited into. And you must walk very carefully, because Yogi spend decades of meditation and practice to walk through those doors, and to be able to handle what they see outside, or someone like yourself that is being prompted to walk through those doors.

Mary Reed 12:29
And this is why I'm sorry, this is why in my, in my teachings, and the guides that I have, they always talk about taking your time that it's a process you must integrate, you absolutely must integrate that, you know, this is a this is a very compassionate process, when you allow it to be something that's very careful and methodical, and lovingly embraced and received, you know, you have to ask them.

Alex Ferrari 12:56
Right! Exactly. It's kind of like, if you've worked your way up from zero to a billion dollars, let's say, and you've taken 20 years to get to that place, you understand how to work with money, as opposed to if you're at the zero point and someone gives you a billion dollars, you have no understanding how to deal with that kind of energy, that kind of responsibility. So there is a learning process and acclimation process, through this whole thing that you didn't mention that you went through to your friend, a psychotherapist, and you went into these realms and these mystical experiences, can you share a few of these, the most impactful if that if that's even a way of saying it, but some of the some of the highlights of these mystical experiences so the audience can kind of understand where you're coming from.

Mary Reed 13:42
Yeah, you know, as I talked about, in my book, humanity's epic awakening, I had an incredible scale of experiences. So my very first experience as I mentioned, was going into the body and being of Jesus on the cross at his moment of physical death in the crucifixion and I literally have the death experience of Christ where you know, I'm I'm in him I'm as him I can feel my head very heavy, and it's sort of bobbing as this in this experience. And then the moment of physical death, like my spirit is like pulled from the body just like you hear people in an indie it's just sucked out and then I'm hovering above the crowd. And then I can go into the the emotions of absolutely every buddy present at that scene. And I'm experiencing the emotions and all the information as though it's me. Instantaneously, everybody, and I can see how it's all connected to the momentum that led to that experience. What happened afterwards, what's happening in current day related to like it's, the scale is unfathomable. It's really unfathomable. And in the same way, I have experiences of going into the To the mind of Buddha, going through the the lineage of Dali Lama's all the way back to leaping into the mind of the buddha at his first moment of enlightenment. And so I'm seeing everything the Buddha saw, and understanding things in the way that Buddha saw them before any teachings came out of it, before any language was used to describe them. And then going into in one of the experiences my very first moment of existence, like the first moment of existence and understanding, what is the god source and how is existence taking place, and what is existence in all of this sort of stuff. So these just, I mean, they're just, they just go on and on and on. And at the same time, I also have experiences of going into literally the quantum patterns at play between perceiver and that which we perceive, and all of the relationship that's going on for us to perceive form for us to perceive other for us to perceive that we're separate from this thing that we call God, at a quantum level, so the scale is the entire continuum, which is why I can write about the trajectory of humanity, from where we've been, where we are now, and where we're going, because I've experienced embodied all of these various different stages, from the divine perspective, to be able to tell a story that's quite different than what we normally tell from sort of our human experience.

Alex Ferrari 16:36
From my understanding of talking to so many people, like yourself on the show, I understand that. On the other side, there is no time. And that there is no past, present or future, that it's all happening at the exact same time. And that when you solve a problem, or you learn a lesson in this life, it ripples to past lives, even if there's no past parallel, parallel paths, it all seems to be happening at the same time, even the future, that's how there's probabilities of the future, more than likely certain things will happen. But we have free will of going different places. So when you say things like that, of like, Oh, I understand where we are, where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. If you've tapped into that kind of matrix, if you will, you would have a view of all of that, at the same time, which is incomprehensible to our, our hardware, our hardware, it meaning our brains can only go very limited. I mean, the Akashic records, as an idea is infinite. The term Infinite is it still scratch making quantum physicists and physicists like hurt their head with the idea of it

Mary Reed 17:59
Because it's hard to grasp the idea of infinite in a finite consciousness, right? An idea of this, this linear, you know, sort of thing. But if you imagine, first of all, what you've said about it's really hard to grasp is the reason why I've told the story in the way that I did, like, you know, you set up a context so that the mind can comprehend a little bit and see, the patterns that I speak about that are at play that we can relate to, we understand we know that we're experiencing these things. And so you can imagine like, so you can imagine like a circle, let's just call this a one plane kind of circle. And if you're in the circle, if you're any point in the circle to get from point A over to point B, you have to it takes, it's a linear, you know, sort of process. But if you rise up, and you see that circle, from a higher perspective, everything is visible at once. Right? Everything is visible at once. So these are the perspective, like, from the tiniest perspective in there to the greatest perspective is what I've embodied. But I described this idea of like, what we're waking up into, for example, that we will experience as a future is much like, you know, the light of a new star. It just takes a really long time for it to come into our awareness, the light is already there. But for us to perceive it, just take some time. So we're sort of waking up into the presence of that light. It's the same thing with what we're waking up into. We're coming into these higher and higher and higher frequencies and vibrations and access to understandings and wisdom that we're coming into, but they're already here. It's not that we're creating these sorts of things. The information for the Internet wasn't created. That information was already there. We just came up into it and could access Is that? Do you see what I mean? Absolutely. So it's the same thing in our awakening, this is what we're awakening to is that which is ever more available to us in our higher frequencies?

Alex Ferrari 20:11
Well, the concept of the internet is almost unfathomable, because it's just, it's everything that we know, instantly, where, when I hear near death, experiencers, talk about, oh, I was on the other side, and all of it, I had a download. And I automatically knew what quantum physics was, I grasped all of it instantly. The into all of it, it's an entirety, I can't bring it back because my brain couldn't, it just couldn't process it. It's like trying to take a video game from today and trying to jam it into a video game system from 1985. Like, it just doesn't have the hardware to do it. So it's pretty, it's pretty fascinating. So well, let me ask you, then where? Where do you think humanity is going? You know, what is your current view of, of humanity's evolution right now?

Mary Reed 21:04
Well, first of all, I think it's incredible. I think it's wondrous and amazing. And when you can see it from sort of the healing perspective, all that is happening, that is in transformation. And key to that is all of these healings that's going on. When you look at all the chaos that's underway, you can understand that, that chaos is important, because it is happening because of all of this old pain that is rising up from the crevices of humanity, this pain, it's always been here, we didn't just create pain, it's always been here. So in the awakening, in our healing, coming into more of our wholeness, nothing's going to be left behind. And that in particularly means the pain. So that pain rising up is going to be expressed through all of this chaos, all of this mayhem and mess. And so the more that this Divine Presence is palpable, and accessible here, it's pulling up all of these things to be included in this healing. And that means it's pulling up more and more and more of the things that feel uncomfortable, the things that feel on, that feel confusing the things that we've wanted to repress or reject. Now, it's very, it's very front and center. So all of this that's coming up, is now seeking a different relationship and reaction than we've ever had. Because in the past, the way that we would react to that is just to continue the momentum of pain. We hate it, we reject it, we try to conquer it, we try to, you know, do away with it. And nothing in US wants to be rejected. Right? We've had this conquering mentality. And I talk a lot about this conquering mentality of humanity's evolution, even in the Christ crucifixion experience, in that there was all of this information that was very clear about mankind had made a decision at that time that mankind didn't want a good Christ that healed. Mankind wanted a good Christ that conquered. And that's a very different dynamic to continue on in how society works, right? That's the fundamental systems of our world is this conquering mentality, you know that in your film industry, because every story requires a conflict arc, right? You require this tension and this the good conquering the bad, right. But you know, ultimately, because we are all one, because we are all from the same exact source, we then keep employing this idea of trying to make one part of us make another part of us go away. And you'll notice that we can't, we've never been able to, we've never been able to love our bad away. Right? We just keep recycling it. And the reason is, we keep using love like a weapon to try to conquer or do away with this bad and what that bad is, is all of our pain is the expressions, these iterations of pain that are crying out so loudly for love. And what we're coming into is the realization that oh my god, we're that love. We're the answer to that cry. We're not the thing that continues to try to reject it or conquer it or destroy it. Or the thing that says, oh, my darling, come on, in, come on into this home of love. And that's the transformation. Exactly. That is the time where we begin to transform all of that pain into the healing creative. cocreator of love with us.

Alex Ferrari 25:03
It sounds like it's a spiritual facial, where it's pulling out all the pores and the black gunk that's inside of your pores to clean them out.

Mary Reed 25:13
Oh my god, I've never heard that. Yeah, that works.

Alex Ferrari 25:20
I mean, yeah. Because it's like, literally, this new awareness is pulling out all these credit, you said these premises first thing that popped in my head is like, well, it's a spiritual facial.

Mary Reed 25:30
Right! Yeah, that's exactly right. It is a cleansing. You know, you hear a lot of teachers talk about this time being a time of clearing and cleansing. And that is exactly what's happening. And we get to be part of that process. And, you know, this is all about changing our relationship to what's happening, changing our orientation, from an orientation in the separation consciousness into an orientation into a more embracing unit of consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 26:01
But let me ask you, though, without the negative vibrations, or the negative aspects of the things, we're talking about this book, that we're dealing with this chaos, without it as a counterbalance to the light without the dark, the light can't shine, it needs the dark to counterbalance it. So it can grow this, this kind of thing that is happening now. So in other words, from my understanding, you have to understand pain, in a certain level, to understand love, and in here at this realm, not at the other realm.

Mary Reed 26:42
My experiences are a little bit different. My experiences aren't that we have to, it's that through the way that it's happening, we can understand light, but light doesn't require dark to shine, light is just light, light shining, right. And we don't require the pain. But we do experience the pain because the all of the origins of pain, I have experienced this again, and again, and again. And again, the origins of all pain, start with our belief, our deeply held belief that we're separate from this thing that we call God, this life force, this divine love. And so when we're separate from this, our very nature, our very source, there's an innate pain, there's an innate sense of abandonment and loneliness, and a knee, deep fear that we're all alone, right? So we just perpetuate all of this pain from that. And this is an avenue, we didn't mean to do it. In my experience, this wasn't some grand plan that was like, we're going to suffer and see how we learn through that. That's not my experiences at all. It was all an innocent exploration that just, you know, continue to perpetuate and perpetuate and perpetuate. We did learn and we are learning we have learned a great deal from this. But what's at hand now is that we don't have to suffer in the learning through this avenue. Now we can begin to heal the things that we do not want to bequeath to, you know, future generations or humanity, humanity as a whole has finally said, Okay, we're done with this path. Now, we're gonna go exploring some greater aspects. And when you think about in the in the higher dimensions, they don't require pain. Right? You don't hear about people having near death experiences, and they go up there and they talk about how they, you know, have pain with each other so they can learn. Right? So it's this pain is a thing that's very human. Like it's a very human experience. It's a very fear based separation consciousness experience. Is it written and learnings in deepenings? And understanding? Yes. But now we're, we're learning that we can have the richness of that as we heal those things to continue on to evermore expansive, much easier, much more compassionate paths of exploration.

Alex Ferrari 29:16
What I think what I meant was the word contrast is I think the word I was using for us to have the word, that word I think works better for what I was trying to say because the contrast is how you can see the difference. That's right. And you don't have to go through pain. You're absolutely right. It is a choice, or it is something that you come down here to learn. But from my understanding, this is the Ph D. Schooling down here without question, multiple PhD level learning down here because it is so intense. I had had a near death experience or come on once, who was on the other side and they were Oh, it was a pre Excuse me. It was a pre birth

Mary Reed 30:00
Is this Christian Sunberg?

Alex Ferrari 30:01
Yes. When he was I think it was either Christian or was somebody else I'm not remember remember? But he was walking I guess he was there on the other side, he met another soul. And I think he said, What have you been? Like? You've been working at a gym?

Mary Reed 30:14
Wow, look at you. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 30:16
I want to do that. It's like, well, you know, you gotta eat right? You got to go to the gym, you got to do some good cardio. Where are you going? Oh, is the gym called Earth? I gotta get that goes. Be careful. Ain't ain't easy, right. But there's, there's a learning X, you expedite your learning here at a much more rapid, more rapid rate than you do on the other side, when you have this kind of contrast, because it's just, it's the same concept of lifting a weight. The more weight you put on, the faster your muscles grow, because you're being tested and pushed in ways that you wouldn't without that contrast, is that fair statement?

Mary Reed 30:50
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. And I talked about in my book, this idea of contrast that, in my experience, very early on in our evolution, in God's evolution, of you know, we're exploring through contrast, because if you're red, and everything around you is red, you don't know what red is, right? So the new encounter yellow, and you're like, Oh, hey, and then everything begins to, you know, be possible in different ways that we can explore in different ways. So the more contrast you have, the more interesting and deep you can go in self exploration, right?

Alex Ferrari 31:26
I mean, if you just look at your, a plate of food, it could be just a one element, or it could be a contrast of many different flavors and idea. Yeah, cultural and things like that makes it much more interesting.

Mary Reed 31:38
No, beautiful, isn't that this is what this is, what I find so wondrous, is that, you know, there's one of the teachings from my guides is about appreciating the uniqueness of absolutely every one and everything. Like you and I, there's no one else in the history of humanity that has the perspectives that you and I do, that any single person does know, this is why we're all so incredibly precious, because we offer this singular, unique experience and view of all of life through this unique lens. Right? It's, it's incredible. And absolutely every single thing in our world is that way. It's beautifully unique.

Alex Ferrari 32:23
No it without question. And then if that's only on the human level, then you start going into the animal level and the plant level and all these other forms of consciousness, in one way, shape, or form, it is just an infinite amount of perspectives of what we can have what that's correct, it's, it's complete. And then let's not even start talking about the universe. We're just talking about this

Mary Reed 32:49
Multi dimensional, right, then we start getting into all kinds of different dimensions. And the mind is like, ah, that's just too much.

Alex Ferrari 32:56
No, yeah, the concept of the multiverse is an idea that quantum physics is starting to play with. And it's starting to make their head spin, because it's such a difficult and complex idea that they have multiple versions of this conversation going on. I've had people on the show who are like, Yeah, I'm seeing what we're doing right now. But I also see what this is over here. And obviously, our how our conversation is going over here, and can go all the way to us yelling at each other to all the way as loving, it's all different ways of communicating in different dimensions, your head really begins,

Mary Reed 33:31
This is where you realize that the mind just can't grasp it, the mind just cannot grasp it. And I had this incredible experience one time about, I was in the nunnery in India, and I was, you know, still young and my exploration of what the hell is going on. And I was asking the question in a meditation, you know, I don't understand what it means to be the light of God. Like, what what does that even mean? Is that an actual light? Is it just using words of what does that mean? And then I had these two screens come up. And one of them was a screen of being the light of God from the mind. And the other was being the light of God from the heart. And the mind screen was really rudimentary was like stick figures. And the scene was very basic. And it was just that the mind was trying to recreate what it was trying to understand. But it's not the reality. It's just this thing that's trying to understand it. Being the light of God from the heart was really vibrant and rich and alive. And just like blushes, it was the embodied experience of the light is the actual experience, not the idea of what the experience is. So the mind is always trying to understand the idea of what a real experiences is, but it's not the actual experience. So it can't, it can't get there. It can't hold the scale of all of the things that are actually possible and accessible to us, because basically, it's just brighter aspects of ourselves.

Alex Ferrari 35:08
These conversations go down to that the deep rabbit holes, don't they?

Mary Reed 35:13
They really did. This is why when I write my books, it's it's very methodical, like just ticking us, you know, we can't be too overwhelmed too quickly, we lay some groundwork for understanding, we can really understand the greater picture pretty easily, actually.

Alex Ferrari 35:31
So with you, in your book, you talk about humanity, making a choice. This is not the first time I've heard that concept that as, as a whole, have a consciousness as humanity as a species, if you will, making the decision of where it wants to go. And you could see that throughout current history, where it was during, let's say, Jesus's times or during the Egyptian times, and then where we are, we've been going, and it seems to be speeding up dramatically. Yeah. I mean, we from the Dark Ages, only a handful a few 100 years later, we're flying.

Mary Reed 36:13
Yeah. Yeah. We're talking on video in real time and completely. The world. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 36:19
Right across the world, you know, and, and we take it so for granted now that, you know, you and I both are old enough to know, when we were kids, these things were not, you know, the internet and the phones and cell phones and remote controls for a television, a television.

Mary Reed 36:34
On the television. Yeah, don't

Alex Ferrari 36:37
Yeah, don't get me started Saturday mornings, cartoons. But, but how things have moved so rapidly? And it seems that we are in so many people think, oh, things are getting worse? Yeah, absolutely. I completely disagree with that. Things are systematically getting better from where we how we treated ourselves 200 years ago,

Mary Reed 36:59
And how we treated each other. Like it's the same thing that's happened in technology. It's also happened in civil rights. And you know, these kinds of things. And there's always, this ebb and flow is everything is still adjusting. But remember, we're adjusting on a global scale, right? It's a mass consciousness that's moving along here. So I agree. It's phenomenally fast. When you when you just look at, like in our lifetimes, you know, the things that have come about in our lifetimes. It's like, Oh, my God, it's amazing.

Alex Ferrari 37:31
Yeah, I mean, I was I was there before the internet. I was there during the beginning of the internet. And I'm the I'm now taking advantage of where we are right now. So I, my generation, at least, it seems to be that in between generation that like, we know what it was like with three channels. And we know where we are now, as opposed to like my kids who I tell them their horror stories, three channels, you had to watch commercials? How did you survive? And like we went outside? Outside? I'm like, Yes, we have,

Mary Reed 38:02
Right, the only show we could bond on was like you know Gilligan's Island, or, you know, some like fantasy,

Alex Ferrari 38:07
Fantasy Island, Love Boat.

Mary Reed 38:09
Yeah, exactly. Like various, you know, teeny tiny little realms of shows that we could all think, the same around. And now it's like, there's all kinds of influences and think about all the storytellers that get to tell their create, like all of the ways that creation is just like, just coming in. It's just phenomenal. It's phenomenal.

Alex Ferrari 38:34
It really is interesting to see where this is all going. Let me ask you, because I, you know, a lot of people always ask me, how, how can we make this global change? How can we keep this going? Or what do we do to help the evolution and I always tell people, is to help yourself to evolve, and you by you evolving and becoming more enlightened in your own way, you start to influence other people. By doing that, would you agree?

Mary Reed 39:03
Yeah, 100%. I mean, we are the source of the contribution that we make to the world. Like we're always contributing something. I talk a lot about what's my contribution, if you have any, any situation at all, you have a reaction or an engagement with this experience, whether it's a tragedy in the world, whether it's a loved one or whatever. But whatever your reaction is, is your contribution to the collective. So if you are in the old mindset, of rejecting or hating or blaming or whatever, that is always others that are the problem, then that's your contribution. That's what you're contributing energetically to the collective and to your own environment. It is what you as Paul Selleck says that's what you're in accord with. Right? And so when we think about All right, well, what's my opportunity Unity here, right? And for some of us, maybe a responsibility, but what is what is the thing that would feel more joyful to me, that feels like I can contribute something more helpful, that's really aligned with what feels like my heart, what feels like my really true, genuine desire to contribute. And that is not hatred, not blame, but maybe an exploration of what else is in here that I can contribute. When we see a tragedy, that tragedy clearly, especially something like the school shooting or something like this. Obviously, there's love absent here. Right? So what's most needed as love? Right? So then we get to choose All right, am I willing to be a presence of Love to see this and understand this and embrace us in a different way than we've ever done before? To be the presence of love no matter what, right? When we drop back into my deepest desire is a world at peace, well, then, am I contributing peace? Right? So in this way, we go to the origin of our suffering, we're not addressing the symptoms, right? Every everything that we see the mass shooting, even the crucifixion, that problem didn't just start right then Right? That's the result of the momentum, right? It's a momentum expressing, Alright, so now we can either contribute to that momentum and continue it in a different way, where we alter the course of it, right, we can contribute to the hatred or the separation consciousness or the fear that caused it. Or we can have a different reaction and stop we can we be where the buck stops, basically. Right? So we contribute a different momentum.

Alex Ferrari 41:50
Well, if I may geek out here for a second, because you inspired me a bit. If you look at one of the greatest villains of all time in cinema, Darth Vader, it took him six movies, six movies, the first six movies of the Star Wars saga, where you saw him as a loving little boy slowly transformed into who we then be, who became Darth Vader, why lack of love. He, his mother was killed, anger, fear all. And it was this transformer it was subtle. And the only thing that sorry for the spoiler alert if no one's seen the turn of the Jedi, the love of his son was what brought him back. So I love when you said lack of love, it's so important because if you if you see people who are angry or in pain, it's because they don't, there is a lack of love or lack of connection. Yes, they're hurting. They're, they're hurting,

Mary Reed 42:54
That whatever the expression or the iteration of pain that they're expressing this bad thing is, it's their cry for love. It is there the loudest cry, I mean, we look at right now there's these, these big tragedies are our loudest cries for love. And it's our greatest opportunities to then find the resources within us the connection within us the love within us, that can flow in response to this not in a way that our mind has to figure out, but that our spirit can allow, right that is the love coming. This is the divine love. This is not the human idea of love, that were the avenue in we are all these vessels the avenue in for the divine love. This is how all of this Divine Presence is starting to make itself known in our world through people like you and I,

Alex Ferrari 43:44
What I find interesting is you speak about divine love. For those of us who meditate and have been meditating for a long time, and we're able to tap into a deeper place within ourselves, at least from my experience as an being a meditator. There is this thing called the mecca of meditation of bliss, where you are blissful and you're blissed out, when you come out, there's this kind of level that it's very difficult to get that anywhere else, unless you are using some sort of drug of some sort, which is, it's very pales in comparison to it. But it is a deeper level of connection and love than you get in the human experience. You can have a tremendous amount of love for people in life. But when you look into your spouse or into your children's eyes, there is a spark of the divine love inside of them. And that's what we connect to. So when you're able to and you understand this because you've been had your mystical experiences, you connect to that divine love you like oh, this is where it's, oh, this is the love that they're talking about. It's the near death experience he's talking about this constantly to is all they felt was love. As love was the language of the other side it is how that's what you speak with is love. On the other side, again, very difficult for our brain to comprehend, would you agree with this?

Mary Reed 45:12
Oh 100% 100% You know, my experience in going into the first moments of existence, my experience in the primordial God space, if you will, is that what we call God, this life force, this source, if you will, in my experience, is a is a beautiful, incredible dynamic awareness that has a singular nature. And that is that it's cherishing. And it is not some thing that's aware and cherishing. Cherishing awareness is the thing like it is the the substance of what we call God. And so when we, when people have a near death experience, or a spiritually transformative experience, where you come in to that presence of angels, or or masters or God, and you have that really blissful, like wild, blowout experience of love, it's because we've come into the purity of that cherishing awareness. And that cherishing is so pure, it's experienced as this ecstatic bliss. Because it's that powerful. And that's our nature. That's our source. That's what's giving us life experience. That's the thing animating every single one of us is that so in our awakening, as our beliefs that we're separate from that begin to fall away, we begin to access more and more and more of, we get closer and closer and closer and closer to that relationship to that embodied experience of the purity of that love.

Alex Ferrari 46:48
Now, how do you envision the world wants this shift of consciousness reach, if it can reach its potential peak? Where are we going, in your view? If you could, if you can estimate if you can think and you can be creative in your own perspective.

Mary Reed 47:07
Yeah, you know, I'll tell you that, in part three of my book is all about what we're waking up into. And it says that the guidance that came through is that so much of what is going to be happening and the the experiencing and embodying of Evermore of all that we are, we will experience the joy and wonder of it by all that is ending. So the things that are ending are related to our ideas of separation and all the effort and fear and all of this in our that we hold because in our we have a belief that we're separate. So we begin to the ideas of inadequacy begin to fall away. The idea of constant effort and achieving that mindset begins to fall away. This separation ideologies begins to fall away, the conquering games begin to fall away. There's the very first experience I talked about. And I every single thing in here I have embodied I have been on that sort of leading edge, what's coming. And the very first experience I talk about is the end of hell, that the very idea of Hell is ending. So we don't have the the evil ideas we don't good and evil paradigm, right? That paradigm in and of itself is the key thing. This is the sort of anchoring chapters of my book talk about this good Trumps bad paradigm is the actual key thing. That's the work of the universe that's now beginning to transform. So we begin to end all of the suffering, we begin to end the things that create a constant sort of sustained sense of despair, or a desire for something, you know, greater than us or whatever, we begin to rise up into so much more of our capabilities that we're not tethered or founded anymore in this weighty despair, a burdened kind of way of life. So it's the path of ease is basically again and again and again, what I've been shown the path of ease, and it's, you know, I talk a lot about the constant state of fascination and wonder and awe. And as you've probably experienced in your own journey, the further we get along in the mystical journey, the more easy that is like we really begin to see how incredibly fascinating it all is not seeing it from a judgmental perspective of like, oh my God, when is this ever going to be finished? Right?

Alex Ferrari 49:42
Oh, absolutely. I mean, as as I've gone down my my own spiritual journey. Things have become much more fascinating to me, and I've you know, I'm not perfect. I'm a human being I still have to deal with human being things, but judgment starts to to go away a lot more more compassion, more empathy starts to come in. And you start to, to look at life a little bit differently. When you stop when you stop trying to control your training. When you stop trying to control your journey, those doors start to open up, and I've just experienced it. So, again, and again and again, whether it's like, okay, well, you did it that time, but this time, I need to take the wheel. Okay, well, we did that. But I really needed like, I need to drive now. Like in that egoic ego aspect of ourselves, when you start to start to let go more and more, life becomes so much more enjoyable. And you don't look for it to end. Even the even the quote unquote, negative things, as they come into your life, you start looking at them, like what am I supposed to learn here?

Mary Reed 50:56
Right, you know, negative, you see, like, Hey, you look like you need some attention here. What's happening? Right? What does it relate to it differently? And this is, you know, this is the difference, Alex and being led by fear, which is the thing that needs to control, it needs order, it needs security, it needs safety. This is, you know, if you look at all of the systems of our world are built around this. And it's entirely achievement oriented, do you have to keep achieving to be okay, right, you have to keep growing, you have to keep getting better getting better, because it tells us that we're not okay as we are. Right. So we begin to stop being led by fear, we stop making fear, make the choices for us. And we begin to just bring fear along on our journey in a very much bigger way. And I talk about this, very simply in the idea of embracing things rather than indulging them. Right. And as I use an example with this, the lesson on fear and when you when people really look at, honestly, their lives, they begin to see how many ways fear really does control, they really do follow the choices of fear in life. But I talked about this embrace versus indulge in a very simple way where I used to live in India, about an hour down the mountain range in the Himalayas was where they have the world paragliding championships. And I've done it, it's fantastic. And the way that it happens is that you're up on this peak. And you've got an Indian guy strapped to your back and he's got a parachute strapped to his back. And then the two of you just take off running and you leap off the cliff. Now fear is the thing that, of course, you're scared. But fear is the thing that gives you that nervous exhilaration as you leap off that cliff yelling Whoa, but you're still going on the adventure. Right? You're still trusting the adventure. Now, that's embracing our fear. We're like, I'm scared shitless. But I'm gonna leap anyway. indulging our fear is the thing that will let us run off the cliff is the thing that holds us in place and says no, we're going to ask that fear to make our decision for us. And now we don't go on that adventure. And so this is now we've identified we've aligned with fear, right? So we begin to make our decisions differently, we begin to have a larger trust, a larger surrender to a greater adventure. As we begin to shift out of fear based identity, out of alignment constantly with fear and into a greater sense of exploration and adventure. It really does feel like a grand adventure,

Alex Ferrari 53:45
I'm gonna have to leave you to jump off that that ledge because I will not paraglide I'm sorry. I agree with the analogy, but I will not be

Mary Reed 53:55
We can you we can take it to something less scary. Didn't you leap off a cliff when you decided to do your show when you finally just gonna have to take the leap? Right? Of course. Yeah. Let fear make the decision about your your path. Right. You said I'm gonna have to take this leap of faith, right? I'm a little nervous, probably. And I'm gonna bring fear along. But this feels like the right path. Right? It doesn't have to be so extreme. That's just a helpful example.

Alex Ferrari 54:23
No, no, it was a lot of fun. It is it is. I agree with you know, it was it was a terrifying leap for me. And that was the time that I finally understood. When you let go of the wheel, someone's driving. I there's someone who takes that wheel and takes you to places that you could not take things that you were trying to do. Right. That's what's so hard. It's kind of like you're trying to climb a mountain all of a sudden this. This hand just kind of lifts you up and you're just hovering to the peak as opposed to you got it. do it myself and the hand will not interfere unless you ask for help.

Mary Reed 55:04
That's right until you surrender, right. And this is ultimately what happened to me with my suicide attempt is that I had a very strong mind, like I was doing global work. And I could hold a lot of pieces. And I felt very intellectual and important, and all of that kind of stuff. So it took a lot for me to come out of that mind into like, Alright, I have no idea what I'm gonna do with my life, I have no idea but something else just took it. Something else said, this is the path now that's available to you. And it's in this path is always felt way more normal than when you have to walk.

Alex Ferrari 55:44
Right! But the thing is, a lot of people think, Oh, well, I you know, I want to control my life. I you know, you have free will, I'm like you do, all they do is open the road, you still got to walk it, you still got to work it. I show up every day and do these interviews and release them every you know, every week, and I'm doing the work. But a lot of these other bigger, heavier lifting things. I kind of let other than the universe handle for me. Yeah, if I want to guest the guest will show up. And if they don't, it's not the time. And it just the way it were before. I was like obsessed about. I need to get this get I did get now I just let go. And then a lot of times, they'll just knock on my door. I'm like, okay, that's how it works.

Mary Reed 56:31
Come on in.

Alex Ferrari 56:33
So let me ask you, what do you think the biggest challenge or obstacle is going to be for humanity in this new, great shift?

Mary Reed 56:40
Well, I think we're already in that greatest obstacle, which is, you know, we face a lot of confusion because we haven't been here before. Nobody has the manual, right? Nobody's like, well, let's look and see what we did last time and how that worked. We haven't been here before. And so we're already we're already very confused. Look at in our world, how prevalent this fake news are. That's not true. Or, like all of the like, what's true anymore. what's real anymore. There's a lot of confusion coming up with that. And anybody who's had metaphysical experiences has some measure of that, like, Oh, my God, I need what is what's real. What's so there's a, there's a level of confusion that we're all in this great confusing soup right now this chaotic soup right now. And that's going to continue until we have the ability more and more within ourselves to access that greater perspective on what's happening. So I think the greatest challenge is having some patience and trust through this process, and being able to trust what you come in to realize within yourself. I think for all of us, that's probably the biggest challenge.

Alex Ferrari 57:56
No matter I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. Okay, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Mary Reed 58:06
You know, I think everybody's doing the best that they can think everybody's dealing with different levels of capability, different lenses, filters, you know, so I think everybody's doing the best that they can. But I think that the life that feels most perhaps fulfilled or easiest is one in which we've just let ourselves let everything in us be free from our ideas of how we thought we should be. And really just let the love that we are live unabashedly through us.

Alex Ferrari 58:42
If you had a chance to go back in time, and talk to a little Mary, what advice would you give?

Mary Reed 58:48
Um I know it looks hard now. But you're gonna have an amazing life.

Alex Ferrari 58:58
Strap in! How do you define God?

Mary Reed 59:05
This is an answer that I could go into for a really, really long time, especially with my guides, but in my experience, and I can only ever talk about things that I've experienced because I don't have any kind of theological background. But God is I know that people say God is everything but God is a creator, that which is created and that which is created for. So it's all God and in my own experience, as I said earlier, my experience of God is this dynamic awareness with a cherishing nature. So, all of life, the movement of life is this cherishing awareness seeking to be aware of and cherish all there is to be aware of and cherish. So this is creator, creation, and that which is created for this chair version of all of it.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:01
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Mary Reed 1:00:03
Well, you know, from the highest perspective in the moment of why we exist in the first place, is simply to be all that we are. Right in the living of all of our potential. Everything's possible. And so what is that everything? Right? That's the ultimate purposes the experience of all that we are

Alex Ferrari 1:00:28
And where can people find out more about you the amazing work you're doing and you wonderful book humanity's epic, epic awakening!

Mary Reed 1:00:35
They can visit lovemaryreed.com, and my courses and books and YouTube channel and blog and all of that stuff is on there already.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:45
Thank you so much for being on the show. Do you have any parting messages for everybody, anybody for the audience?

Mary Reed 1:00:49
This world can feel really heavy and serious. But I can assure you that there's a lot of playfulness in the Divine Realms, that we in our own nature have a lot of playfulness. So the more that we can tap into that, and try not to take everything so deeply serious. It really does help. And playfulness is a very open, embracing kind of energy. So we're just saying to the universe. Yeah, let's have some fun together. So lighten up and have some fun.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:23
Thank you again for being on the show. And thank you for the amazing work you're doing. And humanity awaken my dear. Thank you again.

Mary Reed 1:01:29
You too. Thank you, Alex. It's a joy!

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