Psychic Medium REVEALS Humanity’s FUTURE! It Will Leave You SPEECHLESS! with Mary Anne Kennedy

In the unfolding saga of our existence, certain individuals possess the ability to traverse the veil between worlds, offering insights into the realms beyond. On today’s episode, we welcome Mary Anne Kennedy, a gifted psychic medium whose journey is a testament to the profound connections that lie beyond our physical senses. Mary Anne’s story is one of discovery, acceptance, and the pursuit of a deeper understanding of the universe.

Mary Anne Kennedy began her journey into the world of psychic phenomena at a young age. Raised in a Roman Catholic family, she was quietly observant, noticing nuances and subtleties that others often overlooked. Her path took a significant turn when a psychic tarot card reader visited her home. This encounter sparked an enduring interest in the mystical and led to a mentorship with a practicing pagan. “I was only 11,” Mary Anne recounted, “but this experience opened a door to a world that felt familiar yet profoundly intriguing.”

Her early years were marked by a duality of experiences—immersing herself in earth-based religions and returning to traditional practices after the loss of her grandparents. These shifts illustrated her innate quest for understanding and connection, a journey that would deepen with the loss of her father. Seeking to reconnect with him, Mary Anne delved into mediumship, a path that revealed her natural aptitude for communicating with the spirit world. Her dedication and studious approach transformed her into a professional medium, recognized for her ability to bridge the gap between the seen and unseen.

“Spirit people do not talk. We as mediums may perceive voice or sound coming toward us,” Mary Anne explained. Her process involves blending with the energy of spirit beings, receiving impressions, and translating symbolic messages. This intricate dance of perception and interpretation allows her to convey messages from loved ones, demonstrating the continuity of consciousness beyond physical death.

Mary Anne’s approach to her work is both professional and heartfelt. She emphasizes the importance of boundaries, ensuring that her interactions with the spirit world are purposeful and controlled. This discipline allows her to maintain balance and integrity, essential for anyone navigating such profound energies. Her ability to blend the mystical with the practical makes her a beacon for those seeking clarity and connection.


  1. Unity of Consciousness: Mary Anne highlights the interconnectedness of all beings. By recognizing that we are part of a unified field, we can tap into a deeper understanding of our place in the universe and our connection to each other and the spirit world.
  2. Purposeful Living: Discovering and expressing our soul qualities—such as love, compassion, and intelligence—through our roles and activities leads to a fulfilling life. Living on purpose means aligning our actions with these inherent qualities.
  3. Embracing Experience: The purpose of life is to experience and know different aspects of existence. Whether we process and learn from these experiences in this lifetime or beyond, each experience contributes to our soul’s evolution and the collective consciousness.

Mary Anne’s insights extend beyond her personal journey, offering a broader perspective on humanity’s path. She envisions a future where technology and spirituality coexist, where our evolving consciousness leads to more compassionate and intelligent interactions with the world and each other.

In a time of rapid change and uncertainty, Mary Anne Kennedy’s message is one of hope and empowerment. By embracing our true selves and our connection to the spirit world, we can navigate the complexities of life with grace and wisdom.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mary Anne Kennedy.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 309

Mary Anne Kennedy 0:00
Spirit people, as you can think logically, they don't have bodies anymore. They've left them behind. That means that they don't look like anything. It also means they don't have voice boxes. And it also means that they can't speak spirit. People do not talk. We as mediums may perceive voice or sound coming toward us. But if spirit people could just talk, then there's no translation factor needed. I can just say, Oh, hi, I've got your mom here. Her name is Mary. And her license plate was this and this was her birthday. This was her phone number. None of us do that. And that's because Spirit people don't speak. So and in mediumship spirit, people aren't communicating to us from afar. You know, they're not across the room or walking into my office sitting down and talking to me. They actually merge with us, they blend with our energy. And that's why if you talk to most mediums, you know, professional enough ones, you know, they'll say it always feels like the information is coming from inside of me.

Alex Ferrari 1:03
Like to welcome to the show, Mary Anne Kennedy. How you doing Mary Anne?

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:06
I am good. How are you Alex?

Alex Ferrari 1:08
I'm good my dear, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you. I don't, I have had only a handful of psychics on psychic mediums on the show. And it's something that we haven't really delved into a lot. But I've been fascinated with psychics and mediums pretty much as long as I can think about since I was a kid, since it's culturally, something that I came up with as a Latino kid growing up, you hear about psychic mediums and, you know, go to her, she'll tell you what's the future and all this kind of stuff. So for so my first question to you is, what was your life like, before these abilities came into full force? And how did you deal with it when it did come in?

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:48
Yeah, that's a good question. I'm, I'm the youngest of four kids. And so when I was growing up, I was really quiet. So I didn't talk a lot. I didn't express a lot about, you know, how my world was on the interior. But I wouldn't say I was a psychic kid necessarily, I was definitely observant, very observant, over observant, I could notice nuances and, you know, tone of people's voices, how adults would move, I would notice those things that later on in my life, I realized it wasn't ordinary necessarily for, you know, a 789 year old to notice those things necessarily. But when I was 11, we had a psychic card reader come to our house. Now, my mom is Italian, okay, and I was raised Roman Catholic. So you know, they don't really talk about these things. Certainly don't practice these things. But for whatever reason, my mom agreed with her friends to have a Psychic Tarot card reader come over. And it was interesting was very synchronistic, that that same week before she was arriving, I was watching a TV show. It was based in the States. Of course, I'm in Canada. And the TV show that I was watching was about a family of witches. But it was real. It was a talk show. It wasn't, you know, it wasn't fiction. So they had a real family. They lived in Salem, Massachusetts at the time, and, and it really caught my attention. So when you mentioned Alex, that you were sort of fascinated I was too but really not until that moment when I was about 11 or so. And then the following week, the the psychic card reader came over and I had asked my mom, that would it be okay if I asked her a couple of questions after she was done everyone's readings and my mom, to my surprise, said yes. And I did. I had a really long conversation with her about witches, tarot cards, psychics, mediums, and she was really, really helpful to me. And when I expressed the interest in that TV show that I had just watched, and to learn about earth based religions and paganism and witchcraft. She had introduced me to a longtime friend of hers, who was also a practicing pagan, who actually took me on as a student, all of which on, on sort of furled over the next several months with my mom's permission, that there was a woman I would talk with over the phone, and she'd send me books to read. And she would be a mentor and a teacher for me for over a year. And I was only 11. So being raised Roman Catholic, this was no girl was very under the radar. So even my dad didn't know about it. My mom didn't share any of this information. So I stayed in that practice as a young person and I wasn't socially this wasn't a social practice. For me. It was singular. I had no friends that did anything like this, no one that was interested in you know, walking in forests and feeling into plants and whether or not they were alive. But a few years later, I lost my maternal grandparents. And I find that even as adults but especially with young people, when something traumatic happens in life, and it was the first Death or deaths that I experienced, we tend to revert back to things that are comfortable and comforting to us things that we know, places we find warmth. And so when I lost my grandparents, I sort of let go of my pagan earth based witchcraft study and practice. And I actually came back to church. I mean, I had to go to church every Sunday, when I was a kid. And both of my grandparents, my maternal ones, being Italian, it was a very, very religious time, in saying goodbye to their departed souls. And so I came back to a more traditional practice when I lost them. But that only lasted a short while, and then I found myself back, you know, exploring the universe in different ways. But that was my introduction to sort of psychic based experiences, I was initially called, you know, attracted to something in the universe. And then the universe laid out an opportunity for me to explore that, in the context of mediumship and psychic work that I do. The mediumship portion of that really began again out of loss. In my 20s, I lost my father. And I had done a lot of psychic work and psychic practices before that, but I was never interested in mediumship communicating with the other side, I mean, yes, I was aware of spirit people, but I, I didn't have meaningful communication with them, because I had no desire to. And then when I lost my dad, I decided that I wanted to find out where he was. And I wanted to know if he was okay. And I wanted to ask questions about him questions to him questions about my own life, I had big questions for him out of loss. And so my journey into mediumship came from loss, which is true for a lot of us, but not not all of us. And I took it on as a matter of study. And so I was very studious about it. I studied, I sat in classes, I sat in workshops, I traveled, I practice more than anybody I ever knew. And so I took it on that way became very, very good at it. And in a matter of somewhere between a year and two years of study, I started working professionally. That was 12 or 13 years ago. And so that's sort of what brought me into the work of mediumship.

Alex Ferrari 7:05
So first of all, Mary Anne is when you think of psychic medium, or with a psychic in general, your image is not the first thing that pops into my head.

Mary Anne Kennedy 7:15
That's what I hear that a lot. I hear that a lot from students I work with as well, I kind of sort of like dispel the myth a little bit. But that's actually part of the philosophy of my work is to take the veil away, like to normalize the idea that we you know, that this ability to connect with the spirit world to tune in psychically to the unified field to understand future possibilities. All of that is very natural for almost everybody. But most people shut that down. I remember a number of years ago, I was being interviewed after my first book was released. And when the interviewer arrived in my office, they walked in and said, verbatim, I thought that I'd see crystals hanging from the walls and seeing the windows covered in purple drapes. So I think I bust the stereotype a little bit, but I think that that's a good thing.

Alex Ferrari 8:03
Well, no, without question, because again, that kind of like tarot card reading at a carnival. You know, what the movies have put out over the years and televisions put on over the years, is what has been kind of it kind of dismisses it as a kind of like a lot like, Oh, look at that kind of crazy. Where your perform your the way you do your work, from my understanding, at least it's done very professionally. You treat it like a practice a service that you do. And I think the new generation of psychic mediums are trying to approach it in such a manner where it doesn't. It's not as woowoo, if that makes any sense as it used to be.

Mary Anne Kennedy 8:43
It totally makes sense. A couple of years ago, I actually wrote an article that was published about the power of words, and it specifically addresses I think it's interesting that you use the word woowoo, because it addresses the word woowoo. And how, you know, we can throw that word around to describe the type of things that we do, or what we're interested in to folks that don't really understand, you know, if we were to and atomize our work, they might say what is what are all the parts of that thing, I don't understand it. So we might use woowoo. But, you know, the origin, the origin of the use of that word is to diminish what we're doing. And I don't do that. And I don't want to do that. I'm not a proponent of that i i talk and teach to my students and in my books about the power of words and how you know, you get to name what it is that you do, use a word or words or phrases that you feel in power, what you do and don't diminish it by by describing it as something that is gimmicky or hard to understand or unnatural in some way. It's it's disempowering to step into that language and I really tried to not only within my own practice my own work, but because I have the honor of teaching hundreds and 1000s of students over the years. I try to guide them in that same direction so that they can have a deeper love and respect and honoring of themselves and what it is that they do.

Alex Ferrari 10:04
Now, this is always wanted to ask a psychic I've never thought to ask this but it's just popped into my head. I speak to a lot of channelers I speak to a spoken to a lot of mediums. And I have some of my best friends are psychics and mediums and channelers. So I get to ask like, you know, off air deep questions, I'm like, Dude, seriously, how is this like, what's going on? And I find out a little bit more detail about it. From your perspective, or at least in your abilities. What does a psychic tap into, in order to see what is coming in the future? Because there's the Akashic records, there's channeling, there's all these other mediums like it could be just something something. What is your process?

Mary Anne Kennedy 10:46
Yeah, so you know, when we tune, it's when we talk about the future, for the most part we are talking about when we perceive the future, we're looking mostly at possibilities and probabilities, that's what we're working with, because freewill choice is mostly at play. What I know from spirit is that, you know, a very small amount of things that we experience in life are predetermined by us in our own pre birth planning. And so much of what we experience is in flux, and is not predetermined and is based on not only freewill choice that we have, but freewill choice of people that intersect with our lives. So when we talk about the future, you know, if I were to take you know, 20 readings that were futuristic in a month, probably something like 30% of that would feel like if I'm looking at a future event that this is absolutely going to happen. And 70% of it is this is likely based on decisions that you're on the trajectory to make, but we can influence that and we can change the future. And we can co create with the universe to have an alternate outcome from what we're currently on track for. So when we tune, you know, psychically speaking, when we're working psychically, we're perceiving information that's available in the field. Okay, it's it, we're simply coming into an understanding or an awareness of information that's there, you're made of information I've made I made of information, situations are made of information, vibration is information. And so we become aware of that information. And anyone can do that. But what we're doing is perceiving that's what we're doing. And then the future part in relation to that, as I said, you know, time is we perceive it linearly on this continuum, but it's so much bigger than that. It's so much more complex than that. And so, you know, I call it the field, I call it, you know, if I'm talking about a person we're turning, we're turning into a person's field, we are all part of the unified field together, right? And so that perception of us being separate, is not correct, energetically speaking, right? We can shrink time, space, our perception of time space, and be together. It's the same way the Spirit people, you know, when I'm working with clients, and a spare person may be talking to me about a picture that a client is looking at behind the computer screen, I can't see anything, I don't know that. And then they say to me, I'm looking at that picture right now, how could they see me looking at that, and show it to you at the same time, you know, because Spirit people can be in many places all at once. And so, you know, the idea that we're, that linear perception of disconnect is a total illusion. And I've had so many experiences to substantiate that in my life. You know, that's what I call the field is that, you know, it's our connection point, was everywhere in anywhere.

Alex Ferrari 13:36
So just like in our soul blueprint, or our pre birth planning, there are giant, you know, markers along the road that we are going to hit, how we get to those markers is kind of in flux, is that pretty much the same for humanity, like there are going to be like 911 was going to happen, it wasn't going to be in flux. And World War Two was going to happen, it was not going to be in flux, these giant markers for Humanity's consciousness is as well. So there's certain those are probably live in the 30%. You're like, no, that's, that's going to happen unless the entire system entire humanity's consciousness changes course, that's going to happen because we need to go through that. But that's why sometimes you're like, oh, that's like it told me I was going to meet the man of my dreams or the woman of my dreams. And it didn't happen. Well, probably because certain things go off track. Is that fair?

Mary Anne Kennedy 14:28
Yeah, that can definitely be the case. And I would say yes, I mean, it's always the case. Whatever, you know, perspective or level of altitude, you're viewing something from, you know, from a soul based perspective. There's the microcosm and the macrocosm. And you know what you're talking about Alex's, you know, the blueprint of the soul, the individual, that unique expression of consciousness, but then the all consciousness really it is like a mirror like that. It's what you're talking about, right? We have ours and all of us together also have one so that's what I No to be real as well. But yes, absolutely to answer that question, we can take ourselves off a course that we were either at some point projected to be on, or that we planned to be on, before we incarnated and we can get, we can get a little bit off track that, and I have found that to be true. And sometimes we're so far off track that, in fact, let's let's use an example, if there was someone that were, you know, we were destined to meet based on the plan based on the contracts, the soul contracts in place, we can, through our own free will choice really come so far off track that, that that union, that connection may not even occur in this lifetime anymore? So those things can happen.

Alex Ferrari 15:50
So when you are actually doing a reading, are you seeing images? video, if you will, or someone actually, or do you hear voices of some sort,

Mary Anne Kennedy 16:00
All of the above so, so I have a pretty highly developed clairvoyant, clairsentience, clairaudience, clear, cognizant, I see, hear, feel I know, in all variations, and it does happen, it happens sort of evenly between the two, and I talked to folks who are first learning, you know, mediumship, or psychic work, they're usually pretty good at one clear, you know, they might be able to hear something, they might be able to see something clearly. But over time, you tend to develop all of them all together, and they work in unison, when you're connecting with spirit or when you're working psychically. So yeah, I receive and perceive information through all of those ways,

Alex Ferrari 16:38
You seem to be a very well put together person, I mean, your background, you're very well dressed, you're very articulate about what, and you're pretty much out of the closet as a psychic medium, there is nothing about it otherwise, I'm assuming that wasn't always the case, when you finally decided to come out to your friends and family as Hey, guys. I'm a professional, psychic medium. Now let's open up a website. Let's write some books. How did you deal with that psychologically? And was it a challenge for you? Is it was it easy?

Mary Anne Kennedy 17:09
That is an excellent, excellent question. And it's, it's such a good question. Because, you know, when people are learning to be mediums or learning to be psychics, this is a big hang up that most people have is what do I do with this, you know, coming out of the closet at the psychic closet or the medium closet, and being afraid, you know, and, and rightfully so, because historically speaking, you know, it doesn't leave our DNA that at some point, some of our ancestors were killed, or were rejected from society or ridiculed. So those those sort of traumas that way, still can exist for people, whether they're really aware of it or not. For me, personally, you know, I have an interesting, I have an interesting life, I guess, as it relates to being a professional, psychic medium, you know, I have formal education, I have an undergraduate degree, I worked professionally for a number of years, while also being a professional, psychic medium, and then deciding to, you know, leave that practice entirely and work on my work professional, you know, full time. But, um, so, you know, I don't know, I don't know what being put together means, but I, you know, I, I'm an entrepreneur, I'm a, you know, a best selling published author. And so I'm Do you know, I think that my, my, my abilities as a medium, you know, have helped me to get to where I am professionally, but also, you know, who I am in general, you know, I like to use my intelligence in good ways. And so I'm a teacher of this work. And I like to work with people still directly back going back to when I first decided to share. Yeah, I mean, you know, something happens to all of us, when we share our true nature, if it is outside of any box. And what happens is people literally will just vibrate out of our lives, we're no longer a match vibrationally speaking, or our consciousness is, you know, there's too much disparity between us that we can't hold meaningful relationship. And did that happen to me, it definitely happened to me, and it happens to a lot of people. And we can mourn that. And I think mourning has to be a part of that. But in order to step into our higher purpose, you know, it tends to happen, that if your purpose isn't aligned with the beliefs of other people, that you shed those people along the way, and your path becomes it tends to become more and more solitary. But even if it's not solitary meet community is very important, but the community tends to stay small. And that's the way that that's the way that it goes but it is important to have community. For me, it was definitely a leap of faith, but I let spirit sort of lead the way for me, but you know, in whatever What does that mean? What does it mean for Spirit to lead the way? For me, I used my clients are the people that I would read for as my benchmark. If my work was being received meaningfully, if it was powerful if it was accurate, if it served its, you know, the basic purpose of mediumship, which is to demonstrate continuity of consciousness after physical death. If I could do that, then it really didn't matter to me what people that weren't involved in the process had to think about it. I use the people that I was helping the people I was in service to, to be the marker for me to say, Should I be doing this? Am I good at this? Is this needed? And at any time, time and overtime, as that continued to be consistently? Yes, I made the decision that this is where I felt like I was living on purpose. And I felt like I was in the flow every time I was working. And so that was my decision. And yes, sure, there's some fear. But it's like that 20 seconds of courage, get out and say it, and then it's out there, you know, and then you do have consequences afterward. But as you're stepping deeper into purpose, those things become easier to let go and to surrender to loss.

Alex Ferrari 21:06
Now, this is another thing I hear so many people ask me about psychic mediums is do you do predictions for yourself? Like, if you can see the future? Why did you go into your other field? Why didn't you just come out as a psychic? If you knew all of it, you know, these are? These are the what ifs that I hear a lot of? So I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Mary Anne Kennedy 21:28
Sure. Yeah, that's a good question. I do not read for myself, I do not tap into my future field, I don't do it. I don't want to do it. One of the things that I you know, and I think that if you can, you know, my work is surrounded in deaths, and loss, okay. So I'm working with grief an awful lot, I have to manage my own energy very attentively. Because, you know, like, energetic osmosis can happen, I spend a lot of time with people who are grieving, and that can easily impact or affect my own energy field. And so, what I've learned in, I could never count how many times I've connected with a spirit person. But what I've learned over time, is to enjoy the now to be here. Now, the moment of power is now make decisions for now make decisions for the future. But I don't really need to know all that's coming out ahead of me, I need to be aware of what I have going on now. And what I intend to walk into in the future with the understanding that you know, none of us are supposed to know all of the plan. I think it would be maddening. And it will be frightening to us. Right? Because, you know, the most basic fear is the fear of death, which all of us experience. So it is not helpful. And what I know from spirit, of course, always is that it's not helpful to know these things ahead of time. It's simply not. So I simply don't inquire. I simply don't need to know what I need to know. I don't ask for it comes to me. If there is something that spirit or a spirit guide, or an angel or an ancestor, one of my own loved ones needs me to know that they'll transmit that information to me, so I trust that I will know what I need to know. And whatever I don't need to know, I won't know. And I don't inquire Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 23:19
I would agree with you. 100%. Because when I was younger, and I spoke to psychics, I would always ask, what's going to happen? When am I going to be famous? was when am I going to make it big? When all these kind of like insecure, quiet, you're very insecure when you're asking those kinds of questions. As now I have access to so I could call I have a Rolodex of channels mediums and psychics I could call and get a hey, can you just I would never I don't want to know here. I just I just You as well I'm sure can have someone read for you, if you don't want to tap in yourself. And it's just something like I really don't want to know, what's happening in 10 years, I can barely deal with what's happening now.

Mary Anne Kennedy 24:05
You know, there have been circumstances, you know, in my life where there might be a situational specific thing that I can't get impartial about, you know, when you tap into the field, especially if you use tools like divining tools, maybe a pendulum or dowsing rods, you if you have preference to an outcome or to an answer, you can actually influence the information, which means it's not correct, right. So there have been times over the years very sparingly, where there might be a situationally specific situation that I There's something I need to know about it. And I feel like you know, it's sitting at the edge of my fingertips, but because I can't go neutral about it. I wouldn't trust any information. And in that case, there might be a very trusted person that I might connect with and ask but as I say that would be very few and far between and situationally specific, not a general you know, prediction or projection into the future.

Alex Ferrari 25:00
Now the million dollar question is do you see dead people?

Mary Anne Kennedy 25:05
Every single day of my life.

Alex Ferrari 25:07
So yeah, so that's my questions, because I know a lot of them a lot of mediums. They set rules and boundaries and like, you know, you turn the open sign on, you turn the open side close, I don't want you coming in the shower. Like, you know, are you what be Goldberg and goes like, what is your experience dealing with with the other side in that way?

Mary Anne Kennedy 25:25
For sure. I mean, I mean, we all have to have boundaries, but not all people do. I've worked with a number a number of students over the years who, you know, may have come from other teachers, and then, you know, they find their way to me at some point. And, you know, they were never taught boundary. And so they would perceive spirit people everywhere. I mean, one thing that people tend to not think of is that the reality that actually spirits are everywhere, they're everywhere, they're in the grocery store, they're at the, you know, the laundry mat, the the hair salon, they're everywhere. So if you can perceive spirit people, and you don't have a boundary around your ability, your life can be really inundated, you know, because all of that energy also perceives you. And when they know that you can perceive them, especially if it's an unknown transition spirit, it might be a grounded spirit, or a ghost, they become very interested in you because you elicit some kind of response to them. And then they feel like, you know, they have some meaning to what they're doing here. And so yeah, I mean, I definitely have a boundary, it's well, very well established. I only have one exception to my boundary. And I teach this to students, and I talk about my books, as well as that, you know, my own spirit people, my own spirit family, I don't have a boundary for them, they can reach me in a live feed at any time, the same as with my spirit guides, my guardian angels, the same idea, there's no boundary around them, I want to be accessible to them, If I ever need immediate assistance without ever knowing I needed it. So with the exception of my own family, there's always a boundary in place. So I have a very, like, very clear on or open sign and off closed sign. And I have to I have to I have to function, you know, the best psychics and mediums. When I say best, I mean, the ones that are high functioning, you know, and can occupy basically a foot in the other world and a foot in this world, you know, we have the most well defined boundaries and take good care of our energy. And part of that is that boundary that says this is when it's okay. And this is when it's unacceptable.

Alex Ferrari 27:16
So don't be Whoopi Goldberg in ghost tours, because there's like, there's a crowd of ghosts, they're trying to come in and stuff.

Mary Anne Kennedy 27:23
Well, you know, that's funny. But in some cases, our experience, like my experience can be quite like that, you know, when I'm working with galleries, when I'm working on a stage, I have hundreds of spirit people in a line and I perceive them that way. They're in a line ready to blend and merge with me.

Alex Ferrari 27:38
So yeah, so that was my next question. Do they? Do they do like the Whoopi Goldberg when they come through you? Or do you just hear them talking? You relay the message?

Mary Anne Kennedy 27:46
No, I don't hear them talking. And I think it's important to really like, again, like remove the veil a little bit. Spirit people, as you can think logically, they don't have bodies anymore. They've left them behind. That means that they don't look like anything. It also means they don't have voice boxes. And it also means that they can't speak spirit, people do not talk. We as mediums may perceive voice or sound coming toward us. But if spirit, people could just talk then there's no translation factor needed. I could just say, Oh, hi, I've got your mom here. Her name is Mary. And her license plate was this and this was her birthday. This was her phone number. None of us do that. And that's because Spirit people don't speak. So and in mediumship spirit, people aren't communicating to us from afar. You know, they're not across the room or walking into my office sitting down and talking to me. They actually merge with us, they blend with our energy. And that's why if you talk to most mediums, you know, professional enough ones, you know, they'll say it always feels like the information is coming from inside of me. Even though it's not from me. And that's because fear people merge or blend with us in our aura. And then they transmit information. So for me, yes, I have, you know, I'll know things or have impressions of things I should know. I see images. I do see movies play, I may hear sounds, I do hear words, but it's my own voice speaking to myself. And mediumship is really like it's a three step process. There's an input, so you have to be able to receive spirit. If your or your frequency is inhospitable, not a match, not close match to Spirit, they can never merge with you. It's like oil and water. And then there's the translation or the processing factor. So we receive spirit receive information, then we have to make sense out of it because their language is mostly symbolic. It's mostly symbolic because they can't talk. It's like playing charades, but even more difficult because they also don't have bodies. So they can't act things out. But they use our own mental faculties you know, so you know, mediumship evidential. Mediumship is mental mediumship spirit people use our mental faculties to relay information through, you know, references that mean things to us, you know, so if I've ever been to Disneyland, they want me to talk about Disneyland. They'll have me think of my own memory there. Even though it's not my memory I'm supposed to talk about it's theirs. So they use our own faculty. needs to translate or understand what it is that they want to say. And then the third part of mediumship is to deliver it. So you have to receive it, process it, and then you have to deliver it to someone. So my process is to see feel, hear no all of that.

Alex Ferrari 30:12
But it's but it's not like us will be again, it's not like they take over your body and you're gone. It's like they just merge energetically with you, you are 100% in control 100% there, your voice doesn't drop five octaves,

Mary Anne Kennedy 30:26
Correct. I am I am entirely there in some forms of deep trance mediumship. You may have your body and I made it in some way. But evidential mediumship and mental mediumship doesn't look like that. And that's not how it's experienced by the medium. We're not in full surrender mode is this so interesting. This just came up in a class I was teaching the other day, you know, as opposed to channeling where you have to entirely surrender and move out of the way. Right, the information comes in and out. You're not doing any processing before words cut out mostly right. So in mediumship, that's not the case. The surrender part is only in receiving it's just in the receivership you have to be blank, open, no mind available for spirit. But then, in fact, your mind is working, it is working to translate or process the information. So it's not a full surrendering of itself.

Alex Ferrari 31:16
Yeah, that's that's the big difference. When when when I work with psychics or have spoken to psychics, they're trying to decipher the images that are coming in, and trying to explain it in the best way they can. And sometimes they do hear voices. And sometimes it's a little clearer than others. But generally, they're just trying to process it as opposed to a channel, who is an independent, there's multiple kinds of channels, there's, you know, but that's a call in a trance channel that comes in and they're gone. There is no processing for my understanding when they have to come through. And this is a question for you, though. The, to receive a channel, your body needs to be primed, your nervous system needs to be primed for the energy that comes in. If not, you can blow a circuit and that is, you know, it's overwhelming. From what I understand what channels, how was it for you, the first few times that you actually talk to spirit in a deep way? Or even for a client? I mean, the first time you did this for a client, how freaky was it for you seriously?

Mary Anne Kennedy 32:21
Well, of course, you know, the first time I did this wasn't for a client, it's important in mediumship, to develop good to develop slowly. So the first time I did this was would be with a volunteer, right? I wouldn't, there wouldn't be an exchange, per se. And so the first time I did it, when I first received spirit into my aura, the feeling was warm physically, I felt very warm immediately, I also felt very dizzy to begin with. And you know, some old style, it's sometimes like, what do they call them? Well, here in Canada, they're like spiritualist churches, they have them in the states too. But, you know, students will practice mediumship standing up. And that is a way to do it. And it is good to practice that. But I always say to students, you know, before COVID, when we would all be, you know, teaching and learning in person, I would have students sit down for their first several times connecting with spirit because it can throw you off kilter, you can feel off balance, Dizzy, warm, but nothing about it is really frightening. But it is a bit of an odd sensation. And we also you know, in mediumship, we have to prime our energy field, but we also have to prime our physical body, there's a deep relaxation that you need to establish in your body in order to receive spirit as well. And then over time, you know, when you start if you know, if you do this work long enough, and you work with, you know, galleries and, and stage work, you know, you have to walk around and talk and move and hold the mic and all these things. And so you can't fully relax your body. But that takes time to be able to not be in a full relaxation mode with the body and receive spirit. But you do eventually get undefined

Alex Ferrari 33:53
Right. And it is a there is a priming process, because I'm assuming you don't get dizzy anymore. So your body is used to this energy that is coming in. But it's not as an is it not as intense as a trance channel that can like their body gets taken over. So it's a very different energy that comes through correct?

Mary Anne Kennedy 34:09

Alex Ferrari 34:11
Now, Marianne, I have to ask you, because this is a question I get asked all the time, and I'd love to hear your points of view on on what's going on. The world seems to be up in in chaos. Many people think it's getting worse and people think it getting better. What is your opinion of your from your perspective? What is going on currently, for us as a as a species as a consciousness? And where do you see this going? A year from now and maybe, you know, a decade from now or something like that if you can tap into that?

Mary Anne Kennedy 34:42
Yeah, for sure. I mean, I'll preface anything I say with this that I don't watch the news.

Alex Ferrari 34:47
Good, very don't.

Mary Anne Kennedy 34:49
And I think that and I guess I'll just comment on that. Because to begin with is that you know, a lot of folks like myself and you know, if you're A psychic medium is sick, if you're empathic, it can be really damaging to yourself to absorb all of the negative things that are going on universally. And so as much as you want to be a global citizen, and I do, and I am in the ways that I can, I also have to take care of me, first, I have to do that, and most psychics and mediums most of us have to do that. So I, you know, I'm aware, but I don't entrench myself in all of the goings on. You know, it's over the last few years, I've had a number of, you know, experiences and discussions with colleagues and, and folks about, you know, how we look back maybe, say 500 years ago, and how if you maybe stole bread somewhere, you might be executed in the middle of a town square, and that was acceptable, and people would come and view it, and it was quite entertaining, et cetera, et cetera. And, and it's, it's, I think, it's hard in the moment, especially when we have tough times, to see that we're going anywhere better, I think you have to look, it's almost like looking at geologic time, you have to look at a larger scale to see sort of like a trajectory that we may be on. If I look back, you know, in recorded time, it seems that we continue to change consciousness for the better over time, with blips in between, you know, where we may backtrack, and then we may bump ahead again, I have no reason to feel that, that anything different is is changing. I think evolution, like we talked about, we talked about the microcosm of the macrocosm. I mean, everything is evolving all the time. And evolving, happens maybe in small spurts. And then, you know, something is created out of that. And so I think that, you know, our experience, from a humanity perspective, I think that will continue, I feel that will continue to change upward in consciousness. But that doesn't mean that we don't have catastrophic events and occurrences on that process. Because I also feel like, you know, that chaos is also required in the creation of new, right, because we have to reach some destruction point for some of the things that need to be disrupted. And in order to get there, it's chaotic. And so I think that that's part of our experience to come still, as will always be the case.

Alex Ferrari 37:23
Well, yeah, I mean, you sometimes you need to, you need a forest fire to happen naturally, in order to have all this new growth come out. Because if not, the old growth is holding the new growth and coming up. So essentially, it's not pretty. But it's, it's it has to happen. Now, what are your takes? What are your perspectives on artificial intelligence, and where this is all going with us? And how it's affecting not only us in the physical way, but how this is going to affect the spiritually moving forward?

Mary Anne Kennedy 37:55
Well, it's an interesting question, you know, I actually, on many iterations of my second book, I had to go back and add a chapter about, it's specific to mediumship, but mediumship in the age of technology, because it changes, it changes how we connect with each other. And, you know, the first version I wrote of my book was pre COVID. And then it was just released in March of this year. And so I had to go back because I didn't, you know, pre COVID, I'm not thinking about needing to talk about technology and different levels of intelligence in and how it relates to spiritual practice. But now we have to now we have to address that. And, you know, in terms of AI, I think that it's such a plane it you know, when I talk about these things, they're just plain sort of viewpoints, but I have a very, like, even keeled view of things, I tend to not have polarized views on things, mostly because it's not necessary for me to, but I think that things happen before you know, it with with AI, you know, like, I have two young kids. And, you know, I would say maybe a couple of years ago, even technology based I was far more intelligent than them. And I had a handle on everything that they were doing. And in a very short period of time, they have become like globally aware of things like my kids are like, one is nine and one is not yet 14. So, you know, they they are so connected beyond, you know, their little, you know, universe around them immediately. And they are so technologically beyond where I am, I think most of the time. And so that's a little bit, it's a little bit frightening, because it also there's a there's there's kind of a drawing out of, you know, regular sort of like human characteristics. So, for example, lots of their interactions are virtual, and then that also means that it's like false intimacy, false connection. It's like they talked to people, you know, digitally, but then First, and there's no real connection there. But that's but that could be something to be worried about. Because you know, that, you know, human interaction like face to face. And like real dialogue versus virtual, I think that that creates stronger connection than, than digital. And then, as I say, just before you know it, you know, the whole world has changed around you. So it's a little bit of a slippery slope, especially with young people. But But I will say that it, you know, it appears that that's the direction that we're going into. And there's also, you know, an aversion for young people to connect face to face with people, you know, who picks up a telephone anymore, everyone is just texting each other. And so, you know, that's normal for young people. And so I'm not sure you know, what does that mean? Because if we can't connect and develop compassion for people, which and I don't, it's not that we can't digitally, but I think that, you know, connecting with people on a personal level, it's different. So I think it's something that we have to be aware of, and certainly, as parents or citizens, I think that we have to create opportunities that allow face to face connection still, otherwise, I think that it can create isolation effects for young people and, and adults as well. And I think it's something we have to manage and be aware of, kind of a, you know, an uninteresting answer, but that's probably as much as I thought about it.

Alex Ferrari 41:18
Now, as far as I have to tell you a quick story is that I had, I was at a restaurant and I saw these two teenagers 16 15 16 17. And they weren't having the most awkward first date I've ever seen in my life. I mean, the most awkward thing, this guy's knee, did not stop shaking the entire trip the entire time, he didn't even touch his meal. It was so nervous. And you could see she you can see there's no chemistry between them. It was just, but then like, towards the end of the day, they both pulled out their phones. And they just started like just checking, whatever. And you just saw them become much more relaxed. Well, I'm at home now. And I was wondering, Amanda, like, are they texting each other right now, because that would be really weird. It was just it's in my whole family looked at and we were watching them the entire week, we're stocking up the entire meal. And I'm just like, wow, this is really remarkable. But I agree with you on everything in regards to technology. Have you been able to tap into anything in regards to AI? Because that's such a quote, because look, there's the Terminator AI, or there's the everything's, it's just going to help us all out kind of AI I lean towards, it's going to help you AI help us out a little bit more than the Terminator aspect of things.

Mary Anne Kennedy 42:36
Yeah, I do. I do. I agree. And I have. And I've added a number of years ago, I mean, I mean, who's I mean, we've done so many interesting things in our lives. But I remember in a what was called a retreat, you know, a friend group we like to, we would every year, you know, create a peak experience somewhere. And in one of our retreat weekends, we decided to do sub contact with E.Ts. And that was interesting, from a physical phenomenon, seeing things happening in the sky cetera, but also receiving information. Um, you know, I do a lot of work in healing work, you know, healing auras, clearing auras, you know, I do work in shamanic extraction, and I never do that work alone. There are always other beings there that are not only just participating in the process and helping but also providing me with information that has nothing to do with me at all. And so I had to have that contact I have it has always been helpful to me. I don't think of it in the sensationalized version like Terminator thanks. But But in saying that, as much as there are, you know, benevolent energies and intelligences in the universe, and in the cosmos at large, you know, there are also lower energies that don't want to be helpful and that aren't and you know, can be malevolent to certain degrees. And so we have to be aware of those too,

Alex Ferrari 44:05
Do you think that spirit can influence AI? It's just fascinating, the whole concept because I'm using AI, I use AI all the time. And it's fascinating and like, it was like, hey, spirit, like I just had the question. And then like, a spirit kind of guiding what is being said, by the, by the I'm just curious about that your your point of view?

Mary Anne Kennedy 44:26
Well, maybe maybe you could illustrate with an example.

Alex Ferrari 44:30
So if you're, if you're asking deep questions about something in AI, so you go to chat, GPT and you asking deep questions, or you're helping write an article about something? Is it kind of like is is spirit using AI to get the message to you just as they would use a song on the radio that you need to hear at the right time? Or a television show or something along those lines?

Mary Anne Kennedy 44:54
For sure. And I think that that's absolutely possible. Not only is it possible, I think that that happens all the time. I I think that happens all the time. I think that spirit is constantly trying to reach through our dimension to make contact with us. And they're incredibly powerful and capable of doing that, so long as we're willing to receive it, right. So I think that it does happen all the time. I never I don't believe in coincidences at all. I never believe that they occur, everything is synchronistic. Everything is, in that sense, where you have the same message coming at you from multiple venues, you know, there's meaning in that you have to be able to receive it and see it. So yes, I think that spirit influences AI, but any type of information pathway that could lead to us, I think that they can and do influence it.

Alex Ferrari 45:46
Now, as we are continuously shifting as spiritually and going through this kind of great shift of consciousness, which is happening right now, just like you and I are have been able to have this very open and interesting conversation about psychic medium ships, where I'm assuming when you first started, not so much publicly. Right? So there is definitely some some moving, where do you feel that the traditional beliefs or traditional religious dogmas that we've been tampered with for 1000s of years at this point? How will they shift? Will they shift? Or will they just kind of vibrate out?

Mary Anne Kennedy 46:23
Yeah, I don't, you know, I don't foresee that, you know, dogmatic practices, and in Bo indoctrinating experiences for people in a religious context, I don't think that that leaves our experience, you know, as a as a species. You know, certainly not in my or maybe a couple of lifetimes to come. But, but I do feel like, you know, folks that don't subscribe to, you know, particular doctrines, I feel that our experience will, as you sort of, say, you know, allow, you know that reality that does exist in the universe to vibrate out of our experience, it becomes inconsequential. It becomes unconcerned knowing it. And when you, you know, when you don't acknowledge something, or it doesn't have meaning to you, it doesn't hold place in your universe, then you experience it less and less and less and less, and it falls away from you. And so and that's not an it's not a judgement, people need to connect with what they feel called to connect with it. That's important, no matter what that thing is, you know, if it's not harming someone, I think that that's important to subscribe to whatever you need to subscribe to. But I think that more and more people are having conversations like we are having today. And I think that that's a, you know, an illustration that we're heading in a direction of more openness, acceptance, love, right? Like, think of like the highest consciousness, right? It's like, we could come up with all these names, which are all iterations of love, but it's love. Right? And so if we step, as we step deeper into that identity, then these conversations, no matter who it is talking about it, no matter what variation, no matter what the subject matter, it's always all it's okay, you know, and that it's acceptable, and that we can acknowledge, you know, the value of whatever it is that someone is practicing whatever it is someone that's teaching, and I think that those that don't hold that level of acceptance, I think that will still exist. But for those of us that may be continuing that journey of deeper love deeper power, deeper intelligence for ourselves and for others, you know, we just allow those others that are incongruent to that reality to vibrate out. And they'll still occupy their own spot in the universe, we just won't share that space very much.

Alex Ferrari 48:51
Now how do you think that our relationship is going to evolve with the planet itself? I mean, we've been pretty destructive with our planet last couple 100 years specifically. But it's been able to, but that fueled where we are right now, without that kind of destruction that we've done, and abuse of the of the planet. We wouldn't be here. But now we're here. Where do you see our relationship out? How is our relationship because this can't I mean, another five, this is 5000 years at this pace. We're, we're, we're, we're basically Easter Island, we're going to self destruct. So where do you see us going with the relationship to the planet?

Mary Anne Kennedy 49:31
Well, I mean, I have a couple of viewpoints on it. One is that I really do believe more and more as you know, we continue to advance as a you know, human human race, that necessity can be the mother of invention, and it is all the time. And I think that, you know, interestingly, in another phase of my life, you know, I taught at the post secondary level, sustainable resource management and talked a lot about the subject matter. And, you know, I'm optimistic in the sense that technology to, you know, probably a very high degree can help us in terms of our relationship with and how we're impacting affecting living on footprinting on Earth. I think that that's one aspect of it, that I feel like we can look after. And do better and elongate, you know, the viability of being here. But on the other hand, you know, nature is alive, it is spirit, you know, it is energy, it is real, it is animated. And I, you know, I visit places all the time, you know, on my on my show ghosts of different county and beyond, I get called out to locations that need to be cleared from sometimes from Ghosts, sometimes their spirits of the land, sometimes the land is scarred based on something that has occurred previously or is happening now. And so, I think that we need to become more aware of, you know, the alive nature of the natural world. And so understanding, seeing ourselves as stewards of you know, I have a farm and I have many acres, and I don't call myself, the landowner, I call myself the steward of this place. And I think that as long as we keep thinking, as long as a number of, you know, a good number of the population see the natural world as not having a choice, then I think we abused that. And I think the more that we can cultivate, especially younger generations to understand that, you know, this tree has a feeling, right? It has feeling it has animation, it has lifeforce and you should honor that the same as you would for a person and ask and check or rebuild or do better. I think that if we can cultivate those attitudes, I think that that that's necessary, and I think that'll take us in a better direction than, say, my generation or the generation before me or the one before that, you know, partisan participated, you know, in activities on the earth, I think that we have to do that.

Alex Ferrari 52:12
Mary Anne, I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Mary Anne Kennedy 52:19
Good question. I think living on purpose is is important. The trouble with that loaded statement of living on purpose is fulfilling is how do you identify purpose? Right, because purpose, purpose isn't a role. purpose isn't a role. It's not, it's not a position you occupy. Right, a sole purpose is, particular qualities, Soul qualities or iterations of love in some way that you express through your body, your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, its soul expressing through you. So if we can identify what those qualities are, and there are a number of ways to do that one basic one, would be to look back at the things that you want really enjoy and things to that you really good at, because that'll give you clues as to which qualities you are here to express and share not only with yourself, but more importantly with other people. So if we can identify sole purpose and under and identify what it is that we're here to express, whether it's compassion, whether it's kindness, whether it's discernment, whether it's intelligence, light, love, goodwill, whatever that might be, if we can discover what that is, or what those things are, and then express them through whatever role is a match to that. Okay, so whether that role is your vocation, or it's your hobby, or it's your role at home, or whatever that is, it doesn't matter. If we can find out identify what those qualities are, and find the activities that allow us to express those qualities, then we'll feel like we're living on purpose, when we live on purpose. And we continue to learn and we continue to evolve. I think that that brings us into a state of fulfillment.

Alex Ferrari 54:03
If you can go back in time and talk to a little Mary Anne, what advice would you give her?

Mary Anne Kennedy 54:07
I would tell her that it's okay to be you. Exactly as you are, even though that looks different than other people.

Alex Ferrari 54:15
How do you define God?

Mary Anne Kennedy 54:16
Oh, that's a big one, too. I don't use the term God.

Alex Ferrari 54:22
Source, energy, source, energy

Mary Anne Kennedy 54:24
Yeah. Gosh, that's tricky. I would say, you know, we all have when I think about spirit, or think about the universe, which is kind of probably the same concept as God, I think have the most innate qualities in a soul which also is the most basic and neutral state of universal energy, which is like truth and beauty and goodness, like power, love and intelligence. And I think that those are the common qualities that all of us possess as unique X Question of consciousness. And so when I think of God, that's what I think of, I think of energies, what the what is the energy of God, you know, what, what is common to all things at its most basic level before distortion. And it's those qualities, and that's what I that's what I think of as God. And I think that God is not separate from us. Right? That we make up the totality of all of us together. It's not a, you know, an intelligence outside of us. It's not a an individual, either. That's my perception of God.

Alex Ferrari 55:35
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Mary Anne Kennedy 55:37
To experience, what I know from spirit is, you know, we, we so often get it wrong, that we're here to learn something or that we're here to evolve. And that would be great. And a lot of us do do those things. But I also know that it's not a necessity. And this kind of trips people up sometimes when I talk about it, and you might feel the same way. But, you know, I've worked with so many spirit people, you know, who are, you know, newly transitioned, been transitioned for a very long time. And they all say the same thing. And so many of them have the experience where when they were here in the physical world, they couldn't, they either didn't have the intelligence by virtue of like their biological makeup, or they didn't have willpower enough, they didn't have circumstance enough to process some kind of learning based on either experiences they had, or what they have observed or witnessed within a life, sometimes traumatic and hard things. They couldn't do the learning, or they couldn't integrate learning, even if they did do the learning. Some of them couldn't integrate the learning when they were here in the physical world. And so you know, some people might look at that life of someone that you know, had a really rough go, they might have been involved in addiction, they might have been into mountain mental illness, they may have hung out with a bad crowd, make bad decisions for themselves, all kinds of things. And then they find themselves at the end of their life. And someone might say What a waste, right? What a waste. But it's never a waste. What I know from spirit is that what we're here to do is to is to experience something to know something, whether you learn from it become better, more evolved from it in this lifetime, is totally irrelevant. The idea is that we have contrast or duality here in the physical world that doesn't exist in the spirit world. And the only way to experience contrast or duality is to be here incarnate. And so the learning ground, the learning, the experiencing ground has to be here in the physical world, if we can process the learning and integrate and evolve here, great. But if we don't, because of any of the a number of the reasons that I mentioned, I think of those limiting limiting factors that may be at play within one's life. What I know from spirit is that all we needed to do here was experience it, but we could do the processing the learning and the evolving from that experience. On the other side, we don't need to be in a body to do that. And so what I know from spirit is we're not here to learn lessons, we're here to experience to know something to become sensitized to it, to understand it at a deeper level, simply just see it. So that we can then do something with that. And if we can all do that through the series of lives, then our consciousness continues to evolve. Right. And so the kind of goes back to your question earlier, Alex, when you were talking about, you know, what's the process for Humanity's blueprint? What does that look like for us, if all of us make up that God energy of all of us make up, you know, mass consciousness and beyond, then if each of us are having experiences here, whether we're processing them learning and integrating here, or we're doing it on the other side, by the time we come into another life, we have done that. So then that is to say, we could reasonably expect that over time, all of us will continue to shift upward in consciousness and become more loving,

Alex Ferrari 58:41
Beautiful answers to those questions. Thank you so much, where can people find out more about you, and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Mary Anne Kennedy 58:48
For sure. So my website is And I do do social media, but mostly Facebook. So that's spiritual media, Mary Anne Kennedy. And of course, both of my books are available in all major retailers in the US and in Canada. My second book was just released a couple of months ago, and we move to the number one best selling in the first one or two days. And so it's being received really well in North America and also in the UK. So you can check me out there.

Alex Ferrari 59:18
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Mary Anne Kennedy 59:21
Stay in your power.

Alex Ferrari 59:22
Mary Anne, it has been a pleasure talking to you, my dear, thank you so much for being on the show and for the amazing stuff that you're doing to awaken the planet, so I appreciate your material.

Mary Anne Kennedy 59:30
Thank you, Alex.

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