Canada’s TOP Psychic REVEALS How to PROTECT Yourself from GHOSTS & EVIL Spirits! with Mary Anne Kennedy

Today we welcome back to the show internationally acclaimed and award-winning Mary-Anne Kennedy, one of Canada’s Top Psychic Mediums. As a published author, spiritual educator, soul-based coach, and TV Personality, Mary-Anne’s multifaceted expertise continues to illuminate and inspire.

Throughout her illustrious career, Mary-Anne has graced numerous television, radio, and podcast productions as a guest and expert contributor. Her professional contributions to the metaphysical community are unparalleled, earning her a well-deserved reputation for insight, compassion, and wisdom.

As the founder of the esteemed School of Mediumship & Spiritual Studies, Mary-Anne is celebrated for her distinguished teaching style. She possesses a unique gift for demystifying the spirit world, making it accessible and comprehensible to all. Whether you’re a seasoned seeker or just beginning your spiritual journey, Mary-Anne’s guidance empowers individuals to deepen their connection with the realms beyond.

Please join us in welcoming back the extraordinary Mary-Anne Kennedy, as we delve into the profound mysteries of the spirit world and the transformative power of spiritual growth.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 433

Mary Anne Kennedy 0:00
Many souls or ghosts over the years that I must inform that they are not animated in life anymore. And you might say, Well, how would they not be aware of that? That doesn't make any sense, right? And the best way that I can describe it, especially when I'm teaching students to do spirit rescue work, or psychopump work is they are in a bit of a state of confusion. Have you ever interacted maybe with a loved one or, you know, a friend that may be struggling mentally with cognition, maybe Alzheimer's or some dementia, it's a very similar experience when you are in communication with a soul that's the part of the body but isn't aware that they've passed.

Alex Ferrari 0:49
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Mary Anne Kennedy. How are you doing Mary Anne?

Mary Anne Kennedy 0:53
I'm good, Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:56
I'm good. Thank you so much for coming back on the show. Our last conversation resonated a little bit with some people, to say the least. So it's been, I said, Well, I have to have her back. So thank you so much for coming back on the show.

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:11
Thanks for having me. I'm happy to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:14
And also you also now being translated into multiple languages. And now you're getting people from around the world calling you for sessions that you can't do, because you don't speak Spanish, German, French, Portuguese.

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:25
That's right. I mean, I've always worked with folks all over the globe, but primarily in English. So yeah, we're working on how to accommodate that beyond, you know, a singular translation app, which is a little bit difficult, given the work that I do. And we have two specific time periods together. And translation apps sometimes don't work on demand as well as you want them to.

Alex Ferrari 1:48
I think and I think within the next five or 10 years, we'll look back at that kind of problem and laughter like, Oh, look at that, that couldn't even translate real time. Oh. And we'll get there.

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:59
And I hope you're right.

Alex Ferrari 2:01
I so I hope so too. I think it's it's opening up the world to this kind of information, which is what we were trying to do with the show is to try to really get it out there to a lot of people who just don't speak English, so. But anyway, so today, first of all, for people who don't know who you are, and what you do, can you tell everybody a little bit of what you do and who you are?

Mary Anne Kennedy 2:22
Sure. My name is Mary Anne Kennedy, of course, I'm a psychic medium. I primarily work in mediumship. So I've done this for a number of years. And so I communicate with people on the other side of people who have, who have passed departed loved ones, and make those connections between them and their people here, I do a lot of teaching. So I teach mediumship and psychic development, I have two best selling books. The first is how to become a medium a step by step guide to connecting with the other side. And my most recent book, which was released last year, oh my gosh, time is really flying isn't it is advanced mediumship. And it's it's a masterful guide for the practicing medium. I'm in the process of writing my third book, it actually just started, I just started that process. And so I've been doing that writing. And yeah, I work with folks all over the globe, both in mediumship. So making contact to the other side for other folks. And also in you know, Soul rooted or soul based coaching, as well as psychic and intuitive guidance. So I work with a lot of folks who are a little bit stuck on their journey or don't know what's coming next or you know, are unsure about trajectory, and I just present clarity and options for them from a more universal perspective. That's so that's sort of what I do. And I'm in Canada. And it's snowing,

Alex Ferrari 3:48
Aas it does in Canada. But Mary Anne, I have to ask you, where's your crystal ball? You don't you don't look like a psychic at the side of the carnival. So and that's one of the reasons why I love having you on the show is because you kind of break the mold the stereotype mold of this like you know, I see your future that kind of like really character a character a character of what you do. I mean, you look you absolutely the way you present yourself, the way you dress your environment. You look like a psychologist that's like, you know, like a therapist of some sort. Like you do not like what I think of psychic or psychic medium, no less I think of Whoopi Goldberg from ghost.

Mary Anne Kennedy 4:32
Funny we're on the same wavelength but I thought it will be Goldberg this morning from the movie ghosts. Isn't that funny? You know what, it's something I it's something I hear a lot. I have in some ways. You know, I'm very aware of what you know, stigma is around psychics and around mediums. You know, I grew up like a psychic kid. I didn't practice mediumship but I was very interested in you know, tarot cards and you know, nature or nature spirits and, you know, lucid dreaming and the psychic field and all these things. And I think part of the reason that I in my you know, adult and professional life as a medium you know, I, I normalize what it is that we do not necessarily through intention, it's just over years and years. And I know that you can relate to this, you know what, because what's initially supernatural, incredible to someone else, if it becomes part of your daily interaction in the way you interface with both the physical world and non physical reality, it all becomes very normal. But I'm very aware of the the, the stigma that can go along with it. And it's so important to me to be, you know, one of the folks who has the privilege of being public and the work that I do to break that mold, because there are a lot of people, so many folks, whether you're a psychic medium, just sensitive if you're empathic, you know, they are afraid to claim that power, because of what over, you know, hundreds of years of history have thrown out us as being sensitive people. And I think that we're not different, I think we're normal. And I think other people that are not sensitive are also normal I like so it's so important to me, to not feed in to a stereotype. And to claim who I am as I am doing what I do and who I am and how I look doing it. And, and I'm comfortable in that. And I encourage that, to normalize who we are as sensitive people, even language is important. You know, I work with a lot of students, and, you know, new students I work with sometimes come to the table, you know, when they introduce themselves in a group setting, they'll say I'm, you know, I'm a little bit woowoo. And even that word, I really, I really want to bring light to it, I want to bring, I want to shine a spotlight on I want to bring wisdom and insight to this word. You know, historically speaking, it's like different than strange, weird, the weird ones, you know, the woowoo people. And I don't want to claim that, you know, because it's such a disempowering term, if you really think about it, choosing the language we use to describe ourselves is so important. And so I know I don't look like stereotypical, psychic medium. And, and so the two my two responses to that is, in some ways, I am that way, because because of the stigma. So it was very important to me as a young person to not be seen in doing what I did, because it was so different. So I stayed presenting normal at the surface. And then the other is just my own evolution of my own power. You know, this is always, you know, this is what I look like and sound like. And I also do this thing, and I don't need to fit into a mold, for someone to recognize that I'll hold my power the way that I am, including looking the way that I do. Another part of that, of course, is that outside of my spiritual life, you know, I am, I'm an educated person outside of the world of spirituality. And you know, I did, I did work in that field of education for a lot of years. And I sort of straddled both I did my spiritual type work, and also worked in the ordinary world and eventually shifted out of that. But I think whether it's formal or not, I think education is important for anyone who is in a position of, you know, helping to lead others. And as I say, the education doesn't have to be institutionalized. But continue learning continue to continued education is important. And when we are in that position of continued education and learning, I think that that, you know, becomes obvious when we present ourselves to whomever it is that we're speaking to.

Alex Ferrari 8:33
Yes, absolutely. And again, that's one of the things I tried to do on the show is to, to break stigmas between channelers and psychic mediums and near death experiencers. And even NASA rocket scientists who come out to talk about woowoo sorry, stuff about things like that, because it's it's it's a very important message to get out there that this is was once considered very outlier is becoming much more mainstream than it used to be much, much more mainstream to peep people like you're doing the work you're doing in the way that you're doing it is, I think, benefiting humanity in a large way. So I like to shine light on, on people doing that.

Mary Anne Kennedy 9:15
That's great. And I feel like a big message of the work that I do in my teaching capacity is if people want to be astute students would like to use me as a model, or if someone listening to an interview that I'm doing, it might use me as a model. I like to sort of like if I distill it into essence, you know, it you know, it's so many years now, but when I step into this work, I do so without requiring an invitation from anyone else. You know, I claim my position in this world and my own soul in this world as I am. And I don't require someone else to approve of that. And I don't require an invitation. I will, you know, act discerningly and intelligently to prove sent where I needed and when I needed and how I needed. But I don't need anyone to grant me that opportunity as a human in this world. And that's important because when we, if we play small, as a psychic or as a medium or a sensitive person or an empath, then you know, we tend to require someone else creating a space for us. But I'm not, I'm not, I'm not waiting for that. I've created my own. And I think we all have to create our own, I think we have to claim our own power. And we can do that, you know, without being callous or harsh about it. We can do it with such conviction and knowingness that we're here to do something. And I'm going to fulfill that purpose. Whether or not you know, a single person over here or over here or over here doesn't really like it. It's not really, that's really not my issue.

Alex Ferrari 10:45
Yeah, absolutely. Look, no one gave me permission to start the show. You know, and I just like, in trust me, it was I'm sure as it was for you, which we talked about a lot in the first episode, coming out of that closet. Was not that easy. But once you break through that wall, it's very liberating.

Mary Anne Kennedy 11:04
Usually liberating good word.

Alex Ferrari 11:06
Yeah. Yeah. So So I wanted to talk. So as of as of right now, there is this eclipse coming? Is this eclipse coming on April 8, as of this recording has not happened yet. I would love to hear your point of view on because a lot of fear around that, of course, is like 2012, as the Mayan calendar is nine minutes, y2k, it's all this kind of insanity. I love to hear the other side's point of view on what's going to happen on April 8, and specifically, spiritually, vibration frequency for humanity? Or, or are we just done on the eighth? Is it over Should I just cash out my 401k, and head over to Bermuda like is that what we should do?

Mary Anne Kennedy 11:53
Like to I mean, I always like to take universal occurrences, you know, as opportunities for us, I mean, we are here incarnate and inform, to experience duality, to experience the expression of spirit into form into life. And I, I like to take these universal occurrences or changes in the season, or you know, an eclipse or another type of event, as a sort of like a symbolic marker to make a pivot or to make a shift, make it like an invitation to myself, to change something to mark that occasion, by some sort of, you know, evolution of self clearing of self. I like to take what specifically is going on, on the planet, and replicate that in spiritual terms, because it's easy to understand a concept, you know, we think about going into Halloween, for example, or the fall harvest, you know, everything is dying away, going dormant until we come into the spring. So I like to tune myself to those things, because it's opportunities for us to also work with our own selves in cycles, and create, like significant moments of, you can call it ritual, or plan to action, whatever that looks like. So when I think about the Eclipse, you know, I would, I would, I would think to myself, and talk to students about, you know, what opportunity, what does it mean to you, right, to go into total darkness? What does that mean to you spiritually, what opportunity is being presented for you? What I like to think of when I think about the eclipses, and that might sound a little counterintuitive. But sometimes we have work within ourselves to be done that we don't want to share with other people that we don't want other people to see where we really want to operate in our own darkness. So that illumination isn't brought outward, because it's really an inner job. It's an inner process, and it's extremely vulnerable. So when I think about the Eclipse, and we've we actually just talked about this in class recently, I think about bringing ourselves into that really deep, honest moment or moments with ourselves to say what needs to be reorganized, hear what needs to be looked at what needs to be, in some cases obliterated or known better, so that I can have that deep, vulnerable moment with no spotlight, you know, that I can be really, with so many that sometimes the darkest or worst parts of myself or my experience, and let me do it like without shame or without, you know, spectator let me do that on my own. And then let me following that process of either examination, letting go integrating learning, whatever that might be whatever I do in that shadow time, let me come into my own light after that. So that's what in terms of a ritualistic opportunity for us. That's what I would look for in an event like the solar eclipse that we're having from Humanity perspective, I have no inclination or indication, spiritually speaking, that anything remarkable in terms of destruction is occurring for us.

Alex Ferrari 15:11
Really no Comet? No,

Mary Anne Kennedy 15:15
Like it, no two, no 2k. Like not, none of that is easily occurring on my radar. And but this is why I also say this is what I say is that, if we come to know something as a human in life, then we come to know it, because there's some sort of useful information out of it, you know, like, like spirit, for example, they don't give us information that we can't do anything with. Okay, they tend to not do that, because it's not useful. It's not empowering. So they tend to not do that. So if there was something useful for myself, the immediate universe around me, or the larger universe that we're all part of, in knowing something important about this event that's coming, I tend to think that if I needed to know something about it, I would, when I tune into what the significance is, you know, we tend to, because it's a universal event, we're thinking about it on universal terms. But what I've seen, I mean, over and over again, and I think you'll understand this is that a lot of what we see externally on a global scale, on this larger sort of macrocosm, if we shrink it down to you know, your family, my family, the people, you know, the people that, you know, in your social circle in your environment, we see the same thing occurring, usually on a smaller level. And so it can be really overwhelming to say, you know, what can be done with this information on a global scale, it's even if you were on receipt of it, it's really difficult to elicit action, you know, on, you know, on how many billions of people, but I can take that same reality and shrink it into my universe and say, What can I do with it there? Because I feel powerful there. I feel like I can have influence there. So. So for me, that's how I perceive it, I perceive this event as an opportunity to share information about what we could do with it, you know, in to the folks that I have connection or influence with? And so that's what I'm doing with it.

Alex Ferrari 17:09
Is it going to do anything to the frequency of our, of our collective in general? Is it helping us with the consciousness shift that's happening?

Mary Anne Kennedy 17:16
Well, this is the thing is that those things don't happen magically right there. But there are changes in universal energies, the frequency around us, universally changes, also locally, like on large scale, small scale individually, and so on. And so we, in order for us to sort of resonate upward, right like to have a more coherence with a higher energy a higher, a higher frequency, that doesn't happen magically. And that's what's the that's the tricky thing, right? It's like, it doesn't happen magically, we as individuals with bodies, so we have the emotional body, the mental body, the physical body, we're expressing spirit through us, we're distorting spirit through our personality bodies, which is part of the human experience, which is normal, we actually have to take, you know, dedicated action, both in thought, and in doing to actually make it truly and genuinely make that shift of resonance upward to a higher frequency. So even if the universal energies change, if we don't change anything, nothing, in terms of our own mass connection really changes. So that's the thing that's tricky. You know, if we look at the state of things on a global scale, we have very little influence to the broader community outside of our immediate connections. But I think that that's the key. I think that that's where we have to start. So we can think bigger. And I think we should, because I think it's, you know, often stories only make sense, you know, in light of the larger picture. But I think that it's important on us to as individuals, you know, if if, if we're looking at conflict globally, right, and it's, you know, 1000s and 1000s of miles away, and it's an occurrence that we have no connection to no ability to be connected to, you know, I say, scale it back to yourself, where do you see the same energy of conflict occurring around you? You know, personally, because I think that I think that that's where our power is, is to relate it back to us. And I do believe that if we can all in some way, view things that way, then we have a reverberation effect, then we then we have a much higher frequency more consistently present around us. And then I think that's where our big shifts change, but I think it happens with a number of individuals, you know, there's, there's like a tipping point. It's like a critical mass, right? It's like we have to reach this in order to move into next phase.

Alex Ferrari 19:41
And it's just so true, because it's it's the individual that changes the world. It's not a giant group, if without the individual starting and affecting another person and affecting another person to the point that becomes a movement to come as a group. That's the only way change really happens. You mentioned about the world being And there's stuff going on in the world. What's your point of view on why we as as a species, we as humanity, are dealing with these old arguments, these old conflicts that are just keep replicating up out of the soil after we thought it was buried and gone. It just keeps coming up. And getting worse, it seems like it's getting worse. I know that 24 hour news cycle doesn't help. But generally speaking, it seems to be getting worse with some of these conflicts coming up out of out of we're just like, I keep saying this on the show is like, really, really Israel and Palestine. Oh, my again, like how I mean, it's 2000 years, guys, like, how much longer are we just going to keep going on. And, you know, not taking sides, just saying, Guys, you know, this can't in quote unquote, the holiest land in the world, quote, unquote, according to them, this continues to happen. So I'd like to hear your point of view why all of these conflicts are happening right now, specifically to humanity?

Mary Anne Kennedy 21:07
Well, you know, it's a really big question, right. And when I look back, well, first, I'll start by saying I'm aware globally of what's going on. But also, and I think I mentioned this in the last time we spoke, I also insulate my own energy. If I take in all of the difficulty that occurs globally around me, I am very affected by it. Because I'm an empath, like most probably folks that are going to be watching this. And sometimes we can guilt ourselves a little bit for not being a spectator, we say, I don't really know what's going on with that. It's when should I everybody's talking about it. And I would just say, for, for those that are sort of in that way of protecting their energy, I'm also with you, and I must do that. I know, if I'm here to fulfill purpose that I'm here to do that I have to take care of myself. I can be a global citizen. But I also know what I need to temper that and not really take it in and be such a constant observer of it. But it's a really good, you know, it's a really good question. And I thought, you know, if we look back in time, if we look back to maybe like Dark Ages, Middle Ages, time, time periods, right, we're so vastly far away from that, right. Like, significantly, so. And then. But then I also think about, like, how many years in, you know, actual calendar years have passed since those time periods, you know, 1500 years, et cetera. And I think that it's hard sometimes as humans on like human life scale, for us to see larger, lino the larger timeframes that things historically have taken in order for most like that, you know, like a critical number of humanity to evolve. And then I think that this particular time period where we have such a, like a, say, a larger number of folks sort of operating at this level involved in this conflict, it's a little bit like my mind blowing, right? Like you would you would agree, right? It's a little bit of a surprise that not a surprise, but it's just it really makes you go hmm, like, Where was the you know, lack of evolution for whoever is involved in this, right? Like, what what was different there, maybe compared to, you know, folks in other parts of the world, it's really hard to understand. And it is for me, too, but from a spiritual perspective, I do understand that. You know, if I think about it as like a human day to day level, it's confounding. But if I look at it from a soul perspective, and a larger humanity group perspective, I can see that historically, there are generations and generations and generations and groups and groups of people that essentially sacrifice their experience in that life for the larger picture, larger scale evolution, knowing that there were souls that had to sign up for this experience, in order for an experience to transpire for people to observe it and to learn something from it. I also do, like I've done, I do a lot of work and like psychopomp, which is helping souls that have departed from the physical body, but not moved on with the journey. And a lot of times when I work with those souls, sometimes it's in groups, and by dozens and hundreds, sometimes in, you know, old conflict zones or war areas. And what they all talk to me about is, you know, this idea of, you know, a generation or a group of people or an entire family, from a soul perspective, signing up for this terrible experience, where there's no immediate payoff, or obvious understanding or meaning or purpose for this family, or this geographic region of everyone between the ages of 15 and 19. There's no obvious immediate reason, but it's only over the passage of time and sometimes the time can seem geologic like it's exciting. really long, sometimes the the purpose will reveal itself. And that's what I see historically. And so my hope is that although there's extreme suffering in what's going on now, and there has been in so many of these types of occasions in the past, you know, historically in human history, although that is occurring, I have to believe that from a soul perspective, those involved in this same as the folks that I've worked with, you know, in psychopomp work, they have, for whatever reason, for a larger picture have signed up for these occurrences so that we will eventually be able to know better do better and be better.

Alex Ferrari 25:39
You were talking about this, this cycle is a cycle, what would you call it?

Mary Anne Kennedy 25:43

Alex Ferrari 25:44
Psychopump. It sounds like a new form of music, which I'm interested to listen to. But but can you get? Can you dive into that a little bit deeper? Because I've heard of souls? Not moving on? I mean, that's quote unquote, ghosts, if you will, right. My understanding my understanding of that is that it's not like they're, and please correct me. It's not like they're trapped in a house, or anything like that. But no, but they're, they're kind of psychically or spiritually connected to that place. There. There might be in what are called having, they might be in between lives, but they keep coming back and keep them they're not kind of let go of it. That's what I've understood from people I've spoken to, can you can you explain to people why certain souls decide or just can't move on? And, besides Hollywood, the Hollywood version? Why souls can't move on? That's not what, that's not what's poltergeists, please, people. But do you know what I mean? I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

Mary Anne Kennedy 26:48
Yeah, for sure. There are a number of reasons that a soul does not move on with the journey when it departs the capsule, or the vehicle or the body. There are so many, so let's, you know, we will talk about the most common ones. First and foremost, it is possible that a soul is unaware that it has departed the body. So it's like a soul not being aware that its physical function has ceased to exist. So I have encountered you know, many souls or ghosts over the years that I must inform that they are not animated in life anymore. And you might say, Well, how would they not be aware of that? That doesn't make any sense, right. And the best way that I can describe it, especially when I'm teaching students to do spirit rescue work, or psychopomp work, is they are in a bit of a state of confusion. Have you ever interacted maybe with a loved one or, you know, a friend that may be struggling mentally with cognition, maybe Alzheimer's or some dementia, it's a very similar experience when you are in communication with a soloist departed the body but isn't aware that they've passed. And so there's almost sort of like in a sense of like, what's the word, sort of like Groundhog Day, they really do experience life on repeat day to day to day, and when I observe them as an energy, sometimes they're going through those motions, you know, and then a few minutes later, I'll observe them again, and they're doing the same motion again. So it's sort of like they're unaware. And then in a state of confusion, and not able to recognize what's really going on, and they sort of move in this cyclical fashion of whatever their their soul energies being animated to do outside of form. So so that's, so that's one circumstance, sometimes that can happen when someone makes a very sudden and unexpected departure. And it also depends on you know, the time lapse between when there was a death. And when the media makes contact, because all souls eventually we'll move on. But it can indeed take hundreds of years and others it's months, others it's days, others it's weeks, it's very different. But a sudden and unexpected departure can catch someone very off guard. And they're unclear as to what's just happened. And they sort of resigned to a state of confusion. So that can happen.

Alex Ferrari 29:11
So the question, so what is the purpose of the soul's evolution to be going through this on a soul level? Because we understand the reincarnation we understand going through this? And what is the purpose of that experience? For the soul? I mean, to be trapped, or lost for 500 years. And again, I know time is irrelevant up there. But let's say you trapped on a battlefield for 500 years or in a house for 500 years, and they truly believe that they like why are you in my house like in that movie? Oh, God, what was the movie with Nicole Kidman? The others!

Mary Anne Kennedy 29:45
Yes, the others? Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 29:47
Oh, what's a great movie? Spoiler alert. They're there. They're the ghosts. But they kept thinking that somebody was haunting them, but they were the ones

Mary Anne Kennedy 29:55
Great. That's right. That's a great example of what I was talking about. They just sort of like unaware you know them.

Alex Ferrari 30:01
It's a family. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, it was. It was a full family and they were in their house. And then people moved in. And they're like, wait a minute, and it was like Beetlejuice too a little bit like Beetlejuice what they did.

Mary Anne Kennedy 30:10
Yeah, no, it's a really good question. Because in there can't be a singular answer. And here's why. It really depends on why the soul has not moved on. So in the case, where there's been confusion in that, something happened really fast. And quickly, there was no time for the actual body to mentally process what happened or what was happening. And so the soul is now confused, and isn't sure where to go what to do. So it kind of hits this replay. When that happens in terms of like, purpose, like, why does that happen? You know, my understanding of doing this for so long is that when that happens, it's like a little bit of a glitch in a process. So it's not really serving a function or a purpose, not in a in a meaningful way, not in any appreciable way. It's like, sometimes people get hung up on things, without being conscious of it, we do it here. And we can do it outside of the body as well. Other times, we, in answer some of your other questions or giving you other examples of why souls don't move on. Other times, souls can have some sort of like proprietary ownership over something or so for example, if they if someone you know, ran a business that they were extremely invested it for a very long time. And then they made their departure from the physical world, they didn't want to let go of that. And they have, you know, a very real intent of making sure that everything still goes okay, here, no one's doing anything they shouldn't do. Everyone's safe, it should be run this way. People can have in this in a ghost sense. So a soul inside of the body, but hasn't, you know, assimilated to the spirit world, they're still invested in and have a vested interest in what's going on here. And when that happens, that's very much by choice. So we still have freewill choice outside of the body. So I've encountered a number of ghosts that, you know, I often get called into professional buildings or, you know, studios or theaters and things like that, where there are hauntings taking place. And typically, the spirits or the ghosts that I run into in those locations, they are very well aware that they no longer have a body, but feel extremely invested in what's going on here. And then it's my job as the medium, to help them to understand that they essentially have zero influence in what's going on here. And also that their time has come and gone. And an important part of spear rescue oftentimes is helping the soul that still spirit or form bound or physical world bound to remind them that they have typically family or people or animals that are important to them that are in the spirit world that are waiting for them. And so they've almost like lost touch with that forgotten about that. And it's part of my job to make a reunion for them. People are usually surprised to find out for me that, you know, unlike what it looks like in movies, where you can compel a spirit or a ghost to leave the physical connect.

Alex Ferrari 33:14
The power of Christ, the power of Christ compels you.

Mary Anne Kennedy 33:16
Yes, yeah. Right. So what what what my experience is, of course, is that, you know, for the most part, and I say for the most part, because sometimes souls especially the ones that are confused and extremely dull, sometimes they can feel very comatose to you. And then we would sort of like implore help of higher beings of light to retrieve them, because they just can't make the process happened themselves. But aside from that, which doesn't happen very often, the ghost the the energy itself has to make its own freewill choice to make the transition, they have to choose, you can't make them.

Alex Ferrari 33:50
So then let me ask you this. Because of I've spoken so many near death experiencers. And in the process of when they die, and those first steps when these people died, and left this realm. There was no tunnel of light there was no nobody there to meet them. Jesus didn't show up and go Come with me child. There's all these stories, so why hasn't the relatives or their spirit guides or, you know, angels or some sort of other beings from Light Beings from the other side, come over and said, hey, hey, you you're no no time to move on? You don't have to leave what you can't stay here. thing. Why didn't that happen for the souls?

Mary Anne Kennedy 34:33
I think there are a lot of reports and and and accounts of that actually happening to people and then I think that there are and then there are accounts where that didn't happen for people. There are lots of folks with near death experiences that have spoken even on record really important, you know, people in some cases, talking about having encountered some being and, and and oftentimes also a tunnel of light and then Other times, none of that. Sorry, don't. Right. So I don't. So I think that it can happen in any number of ways for different people, I can't remember now. So you can't quote me. But I remember a number of years ago doing some nd research. And so this is where you can't quote me, because I can't remember where this was published. But the discussion was about, you know, during early transition of soul from in the body to outside of the body. There were a number of accounts, as part of this research project that talked about, you know, the being that presented are the beings that presented to them at the initial sort of phases or stages of death, typically ended up being beings that they recognized as either like religious figures that they subscribe to, or family members. But that is because some folks described going further into the spirit world and then coming back out. But beyond that initial phase, there was no hierarchical presence, there was no singular figure of like a, like a god or an avatar figure for them, that kind of they moved past that transcended it. And what this discussion was about was that we, you know, we will, we tend to recognize what presents to us if it's a form in some way, so a person or a figure, so that we're not afraid, at the beginning of death process. But that ultimately, you know, from a religious perspective, at, you know, there is no hierarchical presentation of like, you know, you know, a father and a son and all of these things. But we may perceive that in early transition, so that we feel recognition, we feel comfortable, we feel comforted. And then for other folks, there's no experience of that at all.

Alex Ferrari 36:53
Interesting. Yeah. Because I know, yeah, I agree with you. 100%, after speaking to so many near death experiences, there's no, there are common elements, generally speaking, but some come up and they pop right back in other ones go and they take a tour of heaven, or the other, they take a full tour. And they're like in the Akashic records, and oh, that's the healing center. And so there's all sorts of different experiences. But on a soul level, I was always wondering like, well, if grandma loved me, why didn't she come and pick me up? Like, like, what if my mom who's passed or my dog? Why didn't they like, Oh, they're obviously lost? Maybe we should go down there and help them out. That just it's just, it's just curious, why would I wouldn't?

Mary Anne Kennedy 37:36
Sure, yeah. My thoughts on that. My thoughts on that are this, you know, in the, like, hundreds of 1000s of readings I've done in communication with spirit people. No one has ever not been collected. No one has actually shown me, eventually, no one has ever shown me their experience of departure of soul coming out of the body. And there was nothingness, and no one, no one has ever shown me that. But what I will say is that in the context of what we're talking about right now, which is near death experiences, which is essentially meaning the person came back to life, right? There could very well be an obvious reason that no one showed up for them, because it wasn't their time, and they weren't going anyway, that's very possible, in my mind, that would, to me would make some sense. Now, the New Year is like the the spirit world knew that they you know, this is we're not collecting them. There's no retrieval of soul needed, because they're not staying here. This is a temporary experience, blank and back. And so there was no need for it. And that makes sense to me. But I will also caution by saying, the spirit world, you know, reality beyond form is infinite. So sometimes these things don't make sense to us. But it's sure nice when they seem to actually maybe have a correlation and actually make sense.

Alex Ferrari 38:51
Yeah, our hardware is just not built for the ideas that we talk on the show sometimes just like these large, I mean, even quantum physics, you start talking about, which is now becoming very spiritual, in the way that they look at the universe. These concepts are so mad, that it's just that the universe is endless and infinite, and is constantly expanding. wrap your head around that. That's right. It's insane. Oh, there are no past lives or future lives where all our lives are happening at the exact same time. And what like, you can't even turn your head on that. So So from your experience working with souls that have departed, but have not left this realm, have you run across? Again? I have I worked in Hollywood for 30 years, so please bear with me I've seen way too many movies. It's are there angry ghosts are there like what are the kind of feelings that you you know, are there hauntings? That the you know, weird things are happening like they do in a haunted house movie? How does that work?

Mary Anne Kennedy 39:57
Yeah, I mean, when you encounter a ghost It feels very unlike what it feels like when you communicate with a transition spirit person. So for example, your grandmother on the other side, right like that feels like, you know, an epitomized idea of love. That's what it feels like communicating with transition spirit people, there's a glow to it, there's a vibration to it, it's extremely high. When you encounter ghosts, very infrequently, would they feel sort of neutral, but sometimes they do, for the most part, it will be a lower vibration. And that can include energies that feel like anger feels like resentment. A lot of the time on transitioned, people have opinions. Whereas if you communicate with a spirit person who is transitioned, they are very unopinionated because they have a deeper higher understanding of what may need to occur whether or not they liked it or didn't like it here in the physical world, they have a higher understanding of it now. So they're very unopinionated. They never tell you what to do. On transition spirit, people have ideas of what they want, or what they would like. And you can be very aware, and even palpably feel that energy even if you're not a psychic, I mean, some people will walk into, you know, a room or a building, it's like, whoo, you know, like gives me the heebie jeebies. I don't know what that is, right. And that's people just recognizing a lower energy presence that's there. Can the spirit world manipulate form they can. And you know, it was funny, we were just talking about what Bill Goldberg and the ghosts but everyone goes, but you remember the part of the movie, where it was Patrick Swayze trying really hard to hop camp or move the pay, right? Yeah. So the spirit world can influence in very small doses, the physical world, but very, really, in truly our power, being animated in form is more powerful than anything a spirit person wouldn't be able to do to influence our physical surroundings, but yet they do it very easily do influence the energy of it. So yeah, you run into all kinds of low energies that feel super gnarly, a lot of the time. And that's why, you know, the type of work cycle poppers, you know, spirit rescue work, or spirit replacement work all the same thing, you have to be a really experienced practitioner, because sometimes those energies, a lot of times those energies really want to knock you off your kilter. Right, so you can stop bothering them. Right, they would like to continue to watch over what's going on here. Or, you know, they, and sometimes people are haunted. So you could have a soul that felt like a vendetta against you, they were extremely low energy, when they were here, they don't want to let go of this and release into, you know, the highest love, they want to see something fulfilled that is per their agenda. And so, those types of energies would love to not be bothered by anyone. So when you bother them as a medium, you really the reason you have to have you know, a lot of experiences because you have to hold extreme power. Right? Because if anything about what a non formed being is doing frightens you, you immediately shrink out of your power and you have zero influence over them, you have zero ability for them to buy what you're selling, which is let go of whatever you're grounded to, and move on to something better.

Alex Ferrari 43:19
So yeah, that makes that makes sense in the sense that, again, talking to you to experiences that have had a hellish experience, which does happen. There's mostly it's all butterflies and rainbows with the near death experiences. But sometimes there are hellish ones that people go through. And they say that in the dark, when they go through the dark part, there's always a light being usually a Jesus form or an avatar of some sort that comes in and the negative energy just they can't handle that vibration that frequency. And they have to like kind of come down grab you pull you up, and then you have to have to raise your frequency. That's very fast. So it's more ghost less Ghostbusters.

Mary Anne Kennedy 43:59
Yeah. Saying that, you know, I have to do a lot of clearing work that has nothing to do with discarnate human soul. Okay, so you can have thought forms or other energies, you know, transient globs of energy, that are extremely low vibration, extremely suctioning, extremely influential to the people and the places that it occupies. There. You know, a sympathetic resonance can occur between two things upward or downward. And when we have these low energy beings, either around us personally or in the spaces that we occupy, we can sort of be sectioned down by them. And you know, every time you go into your home, you're like, gosh, I just feel like a super frustrated exhausted person. Then 10 minutes ago, before I got here, I felt like I was flying high. So and sometimes there's no one as the medium or the person doing the replacement work. There's no person to talk to in non form. Rather, we have to use or own actual personal energy and combine with other energies to move and manipulate that energy out without having a discussion per se. So it's not always just humans that are formed, sometimes it's sort of, you know, I call them like astral nasties, or blobs of energy, that are usually an initiator or created as human thought or extreme emotion. Okay, and then it's self generated by a human and then sort of like, projected out from their field, and now it's free roaming. And so there's a lot of transmutation work that has to happen. That has nothing to do with actually a you know, a human outside of form. So sometimes it can be a little Ghostbusters is what I mean.

Alex Ferrari 45:46
A little bit, a little bit, but we don't have plasma plasma. Right? That's right. Yeah. Is there a way because my understanding of spirit from my research and people I've spoken to is that, especially with angels, and also spirit guides and things, but specifically angels, they are dying to help you all the time. But they won't interfere with your free will. But if you ask for help, they will come in help you. Is that something that? Is that something that people can do if they are in a situation where they're dealing with a lower energy in a in a quote unquote, haunted house or something like that? Or even these blob energies that you're talking about? Can I bring in someone to help protect helped give me away things like that?

Mary Anne Kennedy 46:34
Yeah, that's what a great question. Yes. And no, so yes, you can call in angels, helpers, guides, helping spirits to protect you to try to maintain your energy. Those beings of light on their own don't transmute, you know, either a ghost or maybe a blob of energy. Because again, in a ghosts circumstance, they through their own freewill choice, they need to detach from form from grounded reality outside of, and so nothing compels them to do that outside of their own freewill choice. So you can protect and insulate yourself from that energy. But will those energies get rid of the contaminating energy? They won't, right. And then, with all that being said, this can sound like scary sometimes to people. But it's so important to remember the power of your body, you are way more powerful than anything non formed around you. And that's a gift of form. And that helps us to understand if you really realize that, you realize that you really don't have anything to be afraid of. Yes, you can be impacted your energy and your personality can even be influenced by an intrusion, either in your own personal energy field or where you are. But beyond that, you're safe. That's the truth of it.

Alex Ferrari 48:01
Yeah, there's the the Hollywood possessions and things like that, that that's that doesn't really, I mean, even in Ghost, she allowed people to she was channeling essentially, when she was channeling spirit to come through her in the most beautiful, hilarious way that she did that movie. Now, this is a fascinating conversation, because I've really never gone deep down this the ghost and soul spirit, you know, not being not deciding to transition because it is something that is, man, it's something that scares the bejesus out of people to the point where they're, you know, they're, they're burning sage around the house, I'm not sure if that even does anything.

Mary Anne Kennedy 48:45
It doesn't. Well, we can be you know, sometimes there's just a little bit of a lack of education around it, where you know, a tool will do the work, but in reality, this level of work, it requires interface, you know, between you, and whatever this is, or if it's not you, between you and someone else, we want to feel empowered all the time. So it makes sense, could I use a tool, but in my experience, you know, and I also teach, you know, energy clearing and release meant to lots of students. You know, the first initial concept people have is that, yeah, you know, maybe I could burn some mugwort or whatever that might be, or palo santo or what have you. And that'll release some clear. And really, you know, tools like that while they have value because they at the most surface level can clear something, you know, something that isn't really a deep intrusion or hasn't been there long or is literally like a dusting. You know, if you had a little spat with someone, but it didn't turn into a big fight. For example, you could clear the energy in the room with a tool and it probably will work but what we're talking about is something much deeper, where Free Will choices involved in the interface is required. And so tools really don't do anything for that and That's not to say they don't serve a purpose, but for what we're talking about, they really don't, it really doesn't do anything. And that's probably why, you know, probably lots of folks that are going to listen to our podcast today are going to talk about, well, that makes sense. You know, I tried, I did this ritual and this ritual and burned this or, you know, sprayed this. And I felt like it felt good right after. And then the next day, I felt like whatever was there was still there. And this is why.

Alex Ferrari 50:22
So you mean holy water not so much?

Mary Anne Kennedy 50:25
It's the same idea. Or if you're burning sage, you know, whatever it is, yeah, but that's exactly right. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 50:32
It's fascinating, because you're the first time I've heard you say, or anyone say that those entities have free will. These their souls who have free will, and free will, is to my understanding the ultimate law in the universe. You know, once you're given free, will they do not intrude on that free? Will? Angels don't do it. People on the other side, don't do its bit. No one interferes with your free will you have the choice to crash and burn, or fly. It's up to you completely. But I never thought about a ghost also having free will. And I don't want to go, you know, I think well, Disney is haunted. Disneyland Walt Disney's haunting Disneyland, obviously, you know, he's in Cinderella's castle. And he's like, No, I'm just gonna make sure this all runs and I'm sure he's pissed off. By a few things have happened with this company over the years. But yeah, but if they choose to stay, it's their choice. And

Mary Anne Kennedy 51:30
Whether it's in a body or out of a body, right, a soul as a soul in a body or out of a body. And so that doesn't change, it really doesn't change.

Alex Ferrari 51:38
And that the you do have the ability to insulate yourself from the energy, but it will not affect the energy is very important distinction for people because if I'm going to bring in Archangel Michael, and he's that that big sword, I seen him and he's gonna take care of this. That's not the way that works.

Mary Anne Kennedy 51:55
It doesn't work like that. I mean, I wish it did work like that, because it would make things a lot easier, not only for us, but for the souls that you know, in their neutral state or their natural state, they aren't a low energy, but they have been so damaged by the lifetime, they just came out of based on those experiences that were part of, you know, their souls plan. But it was extremely damaging. I mean, they want to have a return, whether they're conscious of it or not conscious of it, they want to have a return to the universe to and when I'm when I'm teaching psychics and mediums to do this work I met I know, I make sure to talk about the fact that those energies, although they may seem very low energy, and they are and they're very damaged, I also have found in my work that all energy essentially wants to make a return to whatever its natural state was, which is a new state of neutrality. And then we become imbued by things here and there and through experiences here and through life, etc. And so I really have found that because there is always it's like, energy is always wanting to evolve, it's always going to change, it's not wanting to stay the same. You know, there's this constant motion of energy. And the same is true for the souls that are still Earthbound. Right. So, but they aren't aware of it, a lot of them, it's but unconsciously they want to, which is often what can draw those energies, who mediums because we can be a source of that transmutation for them. Okay, it's like so we noticed them. So because we noticed them, they are interested in us. And they may then come into our energy, even if we don't want them to. But it's really not to be, you know, my view. It's not to be malicious, but unconscious, they want to make the return to the universe, but they're so sort of contaminated by low energy that they've created an experience in this life that they don't really can't articulate it. It's like they don't really know it, but the soul itself is striving to get there. And we're a vehicle to make that happen. And that's why spirits or ghosts, correction can be drawn to the energy of psychics and mediums because we would be a route of transmutation for them because we will notice them. And even if we don't know what to do with them, we'll find out how to

Alex Ferrari 54:11
Would would dealing with a ghost or dealing with a an entity that has not moved on? Is that part of the karma of the person and of the entity as well?

Mary Anne Kennedy 54:25
It could be I mean, I can't say that it would or would not be for from a human like I'm animated life perspective, the medium or the psychic here Do I Do I think that that presented very synchronistically for them to have an opportunity to experience that. Yes. Could it be karmic, if it's karmic, I just don't believe it's like sent an idea of a sentence. If a soul has not transitioned and they're grounded to form. I don't feel like they're relegated by some force to be that way. I think that's part of their karmic choosing whether they're immediately aware of it or not. And I think that That's important too. And it also demonstrates our freewill choice that still exists. And I think maybe the last thing I'd say about it is that I have in my life many times encountered spirits that are grounded to form. So they're attached to either a location or a person and idea here in the physical world, still, that are not low energy, they're not angry, they're not opinionated, in a, in a sort of, like startling sense. You know, they really loved this place. It was, you know, when I think of, I think of one in particular, and then there were so many, but one in particular, there was a woman who, with her husband, at the same time, were killed in a car crash. And they had a rural farm business that they put their whole entire life into. And, you know, everything that ever identified, any of them, either of them had to do with this farm. And suddenly they were gone. And maybe a year later, I was called in to do an energy clearing of the farm property because the new tenant felt stocked a little bit. It felt like she was having someone watch over her literally all the time, and it was so uncomfortable. And when I came to do the clearing, the husband of the property, he in fact, had moved into the spirit world, he had transitioned, but the wife, the woman, proprietor had not extremely invested, wanting to make sure everything was just so done right on right by the animals done right by the land. And she was so invested in it, that it was so difficult for her to withdraw from it. But she wasn't angry about it, she wasn't when you think of like, you know, a haunting, it wasn't like she was trying to hurt anyone or had any bad ideas. She just loved this place so much, and wanted to stay connected to that reality. And so when I, you know, did the release meant it really what I had to do was assure her of a few things. One was that there is much more for her to experience beyond this one to the current tenant agrees to take the best care of this place that she could and that seemed to pacify the ghost, that the new tenant was committed to whatever it took to make this successful, but ultimately, it's her journey, and we have to let her live that so. So there isn't always you know, a haunting isn't always something that feels like you've got something to be afraid of sometimes, like the story is deeper and more loving than that. And it's just an unfortunate situation where a soul needed some help to let go of this reality, to give them a glimpse of what's beyond which is much better for them.

Alex Ferrari 57:38
Have you ever dealt with a walking soul in your work?

Mary Anne Kennedy 57:42
What sorry?

Alex Ferrari 57:43
A walk in soul

Mary Anne Kennedy 57:45
Walk in, like walk into me?

Alex Ferrari 57:47
No, walk into like, So my understanding is there. Sometimes when someone dies, in a near death? In the near death experience, the soul decides to leave? And there's another soul is like, Oh, that's a good body. I don't want to go through childhood. Again. I'll just jump in.

Mary Anne Kennedy 58:05
Oh, Jimmy, no, yes, I haven't heard that terminology. No, I have never encountered that. I also think that if that has ever occurred, historically, it would be extremely, extremely rare. However, we can also miss identify that and here's what I mean by that. I have worked with a number of folks live in who have had near death experiences and when or and even if it weren't near death, if they would have been in a situation where folks would have said, you should have died there, but you didn't. Okay, so like a catastrophic car crash and etc. There are a number of folks who have experienced that and when they make their either return back to the body or return to life as normal, feel like radically in totally different people. But as a soul, they are the same, but you've had a radical transformation through experience. So sometimes we could maybe miss it. And I actually have, I remember working with someone a number of years ago, who wasn't sure she was the same person pre and post. And through exploration of her Akashic records and looking at her soul's blueprint and her process. She does the same, but the radical transformation feels so immensely different from before that it feels like you can't even identify with who you were pre

Alex Ferrari 59:26
That as well. No question now that Mary Anne, we've been having this very casual conversation about ghosts and spirits and clearings and things like that, and, you know, very casual. I'm assuming that somebody's watching. If they're still watching, they're curious, and that's why they're watching. But I gotta believe you've run into a couple of naysayers. A couple of pessimists about this, how do you what do you say to people who are going these two people are absolutely insane? What are you talking about? This is crazy, I'm sure You run into this all the time. Like, she's nuts. He's nuts for just just talking about this stuff. What would you say to these people?

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:00:07
Well, I can give you two answers. One would be good for our show. So that allows us to have dialogue. Okay, that one. So revisit that. But my more truthful response to that would be, I have no responses for that, because I'll tell you why. It's such a draw on one's own personal energy, to invest in explanation, or pitching of, or trying to enlighten someone on a subject matter where there is no receptivity to it anyway. So it feels like a total waste of my energy to do that. And I typically don't fall into that trap. I mean, not typically I don't, I just don't, because I feel like and there's no right or wrong to it. I'm not right. And an a skeptic, or a pessimist is not wrong. We know what we know, based on our own experiences. And I think it's important to honor that, but also be open. So if an energy is closed enough to say, this is total Baloney, and prove it, then, you know, I feel no need to accommodate that request. So I think maybe that would be my answer.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:18
So it's basically you know, a vegan trying to tell me either you got to stop eating steak. It's just not it's what why even waste your time?

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:01:25
Why bother? Yeah, exactly. No, I have met, I mean, I work with a lot of professionals in the form of me. So as a medium, I work with a lot of professionals, so doctors, lawyers, politicians, actors, etc. And a lot of folks that I work that Eric's work with better, like very, very left brained, very, you know, very mathematic and you no grounded and needing things to be very demonstrable, and connect A to A to Z, I have worked with a lot of folks like that I myself am actually naturally wired that way. But a lot of those folks, you know, self identify that, you know, 10 years ago, I was talking to you, I would you know, back away and be afraid or not want to interface, right. But, you know, I trust that if a soul needs to, you know, become aware of a reality that they currently aren't aware of, or don't subscribe to, or don't believe in, and then I believe it'll show up for them like it has for many people, you know, who in their lives, were skeptical of anything that couldn't be named or videotaped, or heard or seen. And then they have a direct experience that they can't explain. And that will lead them into a pathway that's appropriate for them. And I am never going to be the person that's going to try to open that pathway for them. Because it's the timing is not optimal. It's optimal when it shows up for you not because someone's bringing it to your table.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:43
I love that answer. That's a beautiful, beautiful answer. Because you're absolutely you're absolutely right. Everyone's got their own path. And everyone, I mean, if they're watching the show, there's a curiosity. If they're watching this episode, they've listened. They've stayed this long. There's a curiosity. There's something going on. Mary Anne, it's been such a pleasure talking to you, as always, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:03:06
Sure. Well, thanks for having me, because I love having these conversations with you. My website is And social media is spiritual media. Mary Anne Kennedy, of course, everyone knows there are so many, you know, impersonating accounts, which is so difficult on social media these days. So I always say linked to my social media through the website, so that you really get to the real me and not, you know, a number of impersonating pages. But that's where you can find everything about me is is on my website.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:38
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:03:40
Yeah, you know, it's been these things come up as themes. And this week so far, the theme and messaging from spirit is to like claim and stay in your power, however it is that you need to get there. I think that's so important. Like don't don't play small. Play big, play you.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:59
Beautiful, beautiful! Mary Anne, Thank you again, so much for being on the show, and I appreciate what you're doing to help awaken the planet. So thank you, my dear.

Mary Anne Kennedy 1:04:07
Thank you, Alex.

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