URGENT! Psychic Medium REVEALS What’s COMING for HUMANITY in 2024! PREPARE NOW! with Marie Manuchehri

We welcome back to the show Marie Manuchehri, a remarkable individual whose journey from oncology nurse to renowned intuitive, healer, and medium has illuminated paths to healing, transformation, and empowerment. Hailing from the vibrant city of Seattle, Marie’s psychic abilities blossomed amidst the backdrop of her dedicated service in a hospital setting. Here, she first began to recognize her unique perceptions, which would later inspire countless individuals to embark on journeys toward healthier bodies, relationships, and financial fulfillment.

Marie’s profound belief in the power of manifestation extends beyond the bounds of conventional reality. With an unwavering dedication to exploring realms beyond the physical, she has forged connections with spirits and departed loved ones, serving as a conduit for messages from the other side. Through her work, she imparts wisdom and empowers others to harness their innate psychic abilities for personal growth and fulfillment.

As a passionate advocate for intuition, Marie offers a wealth of teachings and courses aimed at nurturing the intuitive capacities of each individual. Her mastery of direct intuitive communication enables her to provide insightful readings spanning every facet of a person’s life. She extends her healing touch to clients worldwide through her private practice, offering profound insights into their health and well-being.

Beyond her one-on-one sessions, Marie’s impact resonates through various mediums. Her weekly radio show, “Where Energy and Medicine Meet,” is a beacon of inspiration and guidance for listeners seeking spiritual and holistic wisdom. Additionally, she is the author of “Intuitive Self-Healing” and the creator of the enlightening CD series “How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides.”

In the realm of holistic healing and spiritual exploration, Marie Manuchehri stands as a beacon of light, guiding others toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the interconnectedness of all things. With her profound insights and compassionate presence, she continues to illuminate paths toward healing, transformation, and spiritual growth for individuals around the globe.

Please enjoy my conversation with Marie Manuchehri.

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Marie Manuchehri 0:00
Over this next year, we're going to recognize that more and more. And this is a world problem that we can't leave societies marginalized, and when, especially throughout the Middle East, that when we marginalize a group of people, and this would be from a worldview, not I'm not talking about any individual, just a worldview, then terrorists can deeply embed themselves and within their population, and it's very difficult to remove terrorist organizations from any population of people. So we're gonna have more of a worldview, that we need to start taking care of, we need to check in Is everybody okay? You know, is right. Yeah, we're gonna have this kind of world view of check in instead of this terrible thing happened, and this terrible thing happened, which is true, terrible things happen. And then we go to war, and create more terrible things. We're going to start to stand out and go, Wait a minute, our process isn't working.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Marie Manuchehri. How you doing Marie?

Marie Manuchehri 1:10
Alex, thank you for having me back. Thank you so much.

Alex Ferrari 1:14
Oh, thank you for coming back. I had such a ball talking to you last time. Your conversation with me really did very well. On the show. Lot of people reached out to me, I know a lot of people reached out to you, after our conversation, and I just wanted to have you back because you just a pleasure to talk to you. So thanks for coming back.

Marie Manuchehri 1:34
Thank you. Well, you know, it's mutual. I had a lot of fun. I believe we're from the same soul pod. I truly. And I love the people who follow you. They're kind and interesting and aware and conscious. So and thank you for the work you do in the world. We're grateful to have you here.

Alex Ferrari 1:49
Thank you, the tribe that I'm building out with Next Level Soul is is a very powerful and unique group of souls. There is absolutely that. So I'm always happy to hear how the tribe is behaving with, with people. And I've always heard nothing but wonderful thing. So that's amazing. So I wanted to have you back. Because last time, we focused mostly on your medium ship aspects of how you are able to see and speak to people who have passed on. But in this conversation, I wanted to kind of focus more on the psychic aspect of things because I get hit up so much. And I'm trying to answer the questions as best I can, through my shows about the future people are very uncertain about the future, about what's coming. Is it good? Is it bad, this coming shift? Are we in this shift? Are we all like what's happening, you know, is there's politics coming, which we won't get into too deeply. But there's, you know, it's a it's a it's a presidential year for the US, and there's economic issues, wars, it's all sorts of craziness. So my first so I'm just going to kind of go over a couple categories here and there and see what you what your impressions are about them. So in your view, what are what major global events do you foresee happening this year. Good, bad or indifferent?

Marie Manuchehri 3:11
Well, first, I'm, I'm just gonna back up a tiny bit and see things yes, please, I see the world very differently than most people have a very different perception about the human race, about our planet. So first of all, the Earth was actually created to be contractual, meaning light and dark are supposed to exist here. So you and I, let's say we've been in other realities, having all kinds of life experiences, then wanting to grow and, you know, advance our souls, when you're living in a non physical reality, which we are many, many more non physical time space realities. It's so much easier, you don't have to eat. You don't have to put clothes on. You don't have to work. You don't need money. You don't need a house. And so let's say if you're working on, um, compassion, right, and you've been trying to figure it out for maybe 3000 lifetimes and non physical realities, but you don't feel that oh, you know, because the thing is really pushing you so Earth is kind of like the PhD program of where you can learn something and probably 80 years, which is a lot shorter time period than 3000 lifetimes in some non physical reality. And so it's a desired it's a very highly desired reality to come to first and foremost. And freewill is the strongest law in the universe. So nobody ends up in any reality unless they actually want to be there. So some people will say to me, you know, like I lost the lottery, I'm on Earth. I mean, like, no, no, no, no. You actually wanted to come to earth you even chose your family of origin. You don't actually pick that exact parents but when you before we incarnate we sit down at IOCL beautiful round table and creation is there God the universe, beings that we pick that will be our spirit guide. As we pick them from a hologram actually like a catalog, and there are beings that we believe who are more involved than we are, and we know that we're gonna go to this contractual reality and earth is not that complicated to figure out, it doesn't grow very fast. So things like wars have been predicted famines, all kinds of experiences are already pre predicted or the soul is going okay, these things are probably going to happen. This is the culture I want to be a part of this is a religion I want to be a part of this is the family I want to be a part of, this is the part of the world I'm going to be born into. So souls already have all this awareness and consciousness, which they forget is they're moving through the veil, they forget their past lives and their experiences, you can reawaken that within yourself. As you live on Earth, you can reawaken your lips and have all kinds of interesting awarenesses of them. So I think that's first, super important to point out, because so many people want to make earth, heaven. And it can be heaven on earth, but it comes through from consciousness. So consciousness is what creates heaven on earth. And so what we see is individuals shifting their vibration and their frequency affecting themselves so much, that they begin to have a completely different experience than other people on Earth. And we don't know what souls want to learn. They've had so many lifetimes, it's complicated, you know, and many times souls learn through tragedy, they learned how to adjust their life, or how to have a different experience, or how to request a different experience through tragic events. And it's so it's doesn't mean you have to have those experiences. That's not a requirement. Consciousness is really what frees us. But sometimes it's not. It, there has to be some sort of diversity, before we allow ourselves to be more conscious. So I just wanted to put that out there first, like there's really nothing wrong with Earth. She was created to be this way. And someday, she won't be like this, we will grow so consciously, she will shift and be like heaven on earth, and then she'll probably disappear. Most likely, the Akashic records will disappear at some point, because the Akashic records, excuse me, keeps the history of the earth and I'll have humans who've lived here, but at some point, Earth won't exist. But I think we're a long, long, long way away from them.

Alex Ferrari 7:14
Before we before we Yes, with the first question I asked you, you said that I think you mentioned that before about the Akashic records being eventually wiped out, would that make any? That doesn't, to me, at least doesn't make sense that there's so much information, so much knowledge in the Akashic records over centuries and millions of years of existence on this planet, wouldn't it be put on a shelf somewhere with sure all the other universe, all the other universes and other planets that might have a record? No, we won't need it. But But is it like, Hey, do you want to just check out 1997?

Marie Manuchehri 7:50
I mean, just like how it's kind of hard to get information from Atlantis, or Lemuria, you know, which were dimensions that lived in the Earth's atmosphere, you know, they were one was in the ocean, one was in the air, and they were very highly conscious. And beautiful places are a reality, although Atlantis fell to the ego, and Lemuria, dissipated even before Atlantis fell, because they weren't even more involved than Atlantis. So they had an awareness that the ego was creeping into the Atlantic energy. And so they just dissipated, they kind of like dissolved their energy system and went off to another dimension. So we can get access to anything really like nothing ever completely disappears, but it just won't be credible, like in the non physical realities, where it's like war and famine and crime don't even exist. They're not a part of our vocabulary. So when you've had a planet that's had so much contractual experiences like Earth, and there are other dimensions that are similar to Earth, we're not the only planet like us. But there aren't that many. And so it's a powerful place of learning and powerful place of expansion. But anyway, those are my thoughts.

Alex Ferrari 9:01
Okay. I was just curious, I was just curious about that was like, you don't throw the book away. I mean, you put the book somewhere for someone if they ever want to just go back. And that's for entertainment purposes alone.

Marie Manuchehri 9:14
It's like the TV Guide. Like nobody needs TV Guide anymore. And if I'm dating myself, when I bring

Alex Ferrari 9:20
Your dating yourself, I'm dating myself, because I remember the TV guide

Marie Manuchehri 9:24
See them in the mail and you open it up and you could see what channels were listed and what was going to come on TV. And now we don't need that, you know, it's not in paper form. So that's what it'll be like the Akashic Records just, it'll be interesting and fun, perhaps for people, but this is a very long time away. So to kind of answer your question, I don't think the earth is going anywhere. I think she's the happiest that she's ever been actually managed. What? What people don't understand is that remember it when we look at energy and subatomic particles like attracts like, so the earth is just as conscious as all the beings that we Have upon her. So she's as conscious as Bali and Australia or Afghanistan or you know, all these interesting parts of the world so she's learning just like we are, she can't be more conscious than the beings who live upon her, which is fascinating. And there already are evolved beings that live on earth that do not even help, you know, own a human energy. You know, we have many kinds of beings live on the planet. And I'm not just talking about aliens. I'm talking about soul masters,

Alex Ferrari 10:34
Masters, walking masters. Yeah, absolutely. The Babaji's of the world, if you will, yes, yes, the walk the earth and that way. I heard something really interesting the other day that from one of my guests that the cycle of ignorance and enlightenment is a cycle, there's like you are there 20 I think it's 24,000 years or 26,000 years, I'm not sure it's one of those to the yugas. It comes from the Hugo's, which was a huge dishwasher, the great saint that wrote a whole book about that, about the Hugo's that we start off, enlightened, then we go into the dark, and then we come back out to the enlightened. And we are in our cycle right now on our way back into enlightenment. Dark Ages was pretty much the bottom of the of the hill when there's like, No, nothing happened for like 500 years. And then the Renaissance started kind of crank kind of kick started the, the evolution, it's been slow. But now it seems to be speeding up very, very fast. But on a galactic standpoint, or cosmic standpoint, they say that the actual Milky Way is moving closer and farther away from the from the center of the universe. This is what I heard, which is closer to God source energy. And as the farther you go away from it, the more ignorant and the more disconnected you are. So that's the cycle. So now where the whole unit, our whole galaxy is moving towards the center of the universe, and hence why we are getting a little bit more enlightened as we can. So as we get closer, people become nicer. Even I know, people are saying, What are you talking about? World's going to an end? No. But generally speaking, people, people are becoming nicer people are becoming more aware and more conscious, more all these kinds of things. And if you just look at the world we live in now versus the world we lived in 50 years ago, 100 years ago. How much more conscious are we? Yeah, there's still wars. Yes, there's still famine. Yes, there's still greed and ego. But how much more of that was there? 50 years ago? How much more that was 100 years ago with 200 years ago? So we are evolving? In many ways. What do you think of that? I just like to hear your thoughts on that.

Marie Manuchehri 11:19
Well, I agree, even, like right before the pandemic, I just had this awareness because you know, when you've already been aware, there isn't a lot of people that I mean, I'm lucky I attract wonderful friends, I have a lovely family. So I surround myself with high vibrational people. But there's a lot of people that aren't don't have awarenesses, I kind of think it's the plan is like 50%, younger souls and 50% older souls is, and then we've got some people in the middle sort of speak. And so I really thought it just there wouldn't be changed in my lifetime, is what I really thought. And then, just right before the pandemic, I got a lot of downloads, about information, and how quickly the earth is going to grow and change. And that's why things are so obvious now, because there are many people on Earth who have been feeling a certain way and believing a certain way that maybe isn't as the kindest or the most acceptable, let's say, for all of us to enjoy, but they've been quiet about, they haven't voiced their opinions. They haven't shared their belief systems. And now that's changing. We're now we have this. And it's global. It's around the world where people are being more outspoken about their belief systems, even if they're not popular or favorable in terms of the mass population. And I know that's very shocking to most of humanity, but I think it's actually very good for us, because how can we change our education change the way you know, people raise their children or change the way that corporations treat others? We can't do it if we don't know that, that the problem exists. You and I have known. It wasn't a secret to us. We were very aware of that. But a lot of people were unaware because individuals weren't speaking honestly about their belief system. When a baby is born, souls are pure. They don't hate anything. They love everything. They think everything is beautiful. They're so fresh from God. And so these things of hatred and you know, disagreeable topics are learned behaviors. And so now even though it's scary for a lot of people, they don't like it and makes them feel uncomfortable. That it looks like we have this division. But we're really having this awareness so that things can change. And it's also helping people to decide who they want to have in their life and who they want to have, helping them raise their children, or who do they want educating, you know, themselves or others that those are critical and important thing. So we're actually moving in a positive direction. But just like anything that needs to change, it doesn't feel good originally, you know, like, even when some family decides to have children, and they're so excited to have them. It's very, you know, unnerving and difficult and people are tired, and you didn't know and it's expensive. It takes, it's a change. And so we're in immense change, we're in a place where people are going, Oh, my gosh, there are people who actually think or believe this way. And that's critical, actually, that's very critical, because that's consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 16:00
It's fascinating, because I've used this example before, on the show where, you know, when you and I were growing up, racism has always been here. Always been here. But it was whispered in the corners, it was a it was a bad joke at a party. It was it was, you know, you didn't never lead with your racist ideas. Now, it's platforms, people are building platforms on their racist ideas. And it's really coming out in a big, huge way. And that's a perfect example of what you're talking about. Because all of a sudden, everyone's like, whoa, wait a minute, what this is, my neighbor thinks this, I, it needs to come out into the light before it can be healed. Because if it stays in the dark, and it stays in the in the back room, it's never going to get here. So it has to actually be brought out into the light. And that's in all aspects of it of life in general, all the negative aspects of our life has to be brought into the light before it heals. But I want to ask you this, there are certain people on the planet right now, dictators, people accompanies, you know, people in different industries, who are causing havoc for humanity, whether through greed, through ego, through dementia, through psychosis, in their own mind, whatever the reason is, there are people in the public eye who are, are starting wars, because of ego, and because of other things. That it's hard for people to kind of wrap their head around. But those people are part of the players that need to be on this stage right now. Because if they don't bring out this stuff, that we can say, We will not allow this anymore. You know, it's kind of like with World War Two happened. After World War Two, everyone's like, no, no, no, no, we can't. We can't do this anymore. And apparently, we forgot. But, but do you agree with that? Do you agree with this?

Marie Manuchehri 18:09
I think all wars are started from you go anyway, right? All of them. And they've it. So all of this has been around. But all of our leaders were speaking politely about it and making excuses for the behaviors, things that logically made sense to go well, okay, but now,

Alex Ferrari 18:28
I don't like you, I'm gonna throw missiles at you. Like, that's simple as that.

Marie Manuchehri 18:32
Right, which is actually what was always happening behind the scenes, you know, has been in every government around the world. You know, we've allowed leaders to take advantage of people and take advantage of the wealth that they're building globally, worldwide, we're just, we happen to be living in a more balanced country than others. And we also happen to be living in one of the most generous countries in the world as well. You know, the United States is the most generous country in the world. But we still have obviously, issues to heal and to grow. So it's just now becoming obvious, just like you and I already knew these things existed. My, my children are half Middle Eastern, and when my family would have some family reunions, I wouldn't let their dad come to certain parts of the United States for family reunions, because I didn't believe it was safe for him. Yeah, so I've always been aware of, you know, some of the experiences even though I didn't have them personally as a person who's not of color, a color but not you know, different shades of brown. But I've been very much around many cultures all of my life, they bring me great joy. So so it's always been there. It and so it's surprising to me, that people just haven't been aware of it. They've they're shocked. They think this is brand new, and it is not new. It's just coming to the surface so that we can remove it and so that's it. citing it's scary. I know that you and I and other people have already been scared. We've already been scared. We've already been aware of it. We've had to adjust our lives regarding it. And my children, certainly him. So,

Alex Ferrari 20:11
Look, we're Gen X for God's sakes. I mean, I mean, we, we could survive anything. I mean, we're latchkey kids. We're the last last last generation.

Marie Manuchehri 20:19
But I do think that we're moving into a positive place of change, I think consciousness is expanding, I think you are helping the human race move into that place, you're making it comfortable, accessible, healthy, normal. So people have looked at psychic ability and intuition and awarenesses and consciousness of scary things. And maybe not really noticing other things like racism, or sexism, or, you know, greed, and ego is scary. And so now we're having a shift in awareness where these things that truly are scary and aren't healthy for us are being called out or being seen, and people are having to look at it and go, Well, wait a minute, even though, you know, our whole family believed a certain way for generations, maybe we have to reevaluate that. And then that's causing them to look into spirituality and consciousness and awareness. And this is also about not blaming anyone as well, too, and, and allowing the universe to positively affect us as quickly and as beautifully as possible so that we can continue to evolve.

Alex Ferrari 20:21
You know, it's fascinating when I was over visiting in Europe, it was, it was my first time over in Europe and in seeing how other countries treat their people. But there's lines in the sand that in Europe have been drawn that have not been drawn in the US. Specifically with food. It was fascinating to see how everything was clean. Cheese, there is very different than cheese here. Bread there is very different than bread here. Not only taste but just none of the garbage that we accept completely here in the States. And they don't over there. The big one for me was Coke, Coca Cola. I drank a Coca Cola, in in Italy, and in France, and they were delicious. I'm like, oh my god, this is, this is kind of what I remember when I was a kid. But you drink a Coca Cola here, and it's like, oh, it's just all the corn syrup is in there. That's sugar. It's the pure in the cokes not good for you. You shouldn't be drinking Coke.

Marie Manuchehri 22:33
I was gonna say, I mean, grams of sugar.

Alex Ferrari 22:36
I mean, it's a horrible, but it's a treat. Listen, we shouldn't eat, you know, you know, desserts either. But we do it all in moderation, all in moderation. But I'm using it as an example that it's still natural there and observed no GMOs there. So you didn't have to worry about that. And here for greed and other reasons. It's completely different pharmaceuticals over there. I really want to tell you the story of what we had to get. We had to go to an urgent care, my family and I just for some minor stuff, got some drugs that gave me a prescription walked into the pharmacy. And I had like a bunch of stuff that we got and, and they said 50 and I go 50. They're like no, no 15. And I'm like, I'm sorry, 15 euros. This is easily without, without insurance, easily a three or $400 bill in the US. So these are the kinds of things that people are starting to understand and see, wait a minute, we got to change these systems, these systems are going to break down. And these older systems are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to power and money.

Marie Manuchehri 23:41
Well, they've made a lot of money, these older systems, and they've allowed the money to stay in small groups of people, instead of allowing the money to be equally shared. Like in Europe, people have five weeks of vacation paid by their employers, right there is free health care in most countries. I can eat wheat in European countries, I can't stress it hurts my stomach, but I can eat it and wheat and eat it to my pleasure in foreign countries. So one of the things that's happening is that the human race is having a shift in their energetic system all their life bodies. So So because the Earth is starting to change and we're gaining more consciousness, but the majority of the population feels it's that's not what's happening. They think it's like the end of the world. So there are so many beings throughout the cosmos Lightworkers you know, Masters archangels, just millions of them, focusing all their light on planet Earth and helping humanity to expand their light and allowing even their subtle bodies, bodies of energy that even healers don't always look at because we're looking at the chakras and the auric layers and all of those things are increasing. So we're noticing a heightened frequency and vibration affecting humanity. And this is what's also creating the elevated consciousness where people are starting to go. Why are we doing them? Why is that happening? That's not very nice. B Because when your light bodies start to raise in vibration, you start to see from a more compassionate place of reality, you begin to see that we're all actually equal, you know, and in the highest vibration of our consciousness. So that's one of the things that's happening right now, outside of the earth realm,

Alex Ferrari 25:19
And you can use this as an example. I mean, if people don't believe that it's happening now, all you have to do is go back 100 years, and people would like if you just cross somebody the wrong way, you cheated in a card game, you're you get shot. And it's completely acceptable. You could get killed for something like that, or you would get, you know, hung, or you would get all these things that are completely outlawed. Now, there's just like, No, that you don't want to treat people like this anymore. In certain countries in the world that obviously most most, most first world countries have outlawed a lot of that kind of stuff. But now, I think it's more of those are the big broad strokes. You know, like, hey, you know, don't don't shoot somebody over a card game like, Okay, can we all agree that this is not a acceptable situation. But now we're, I think, going into the more subtle things like, should we not poison our foods for profit? Can we can we not continuously add ingredients that is making our populations so unhealthy and so overweight? That we're all going to die and it's burdening our healthcare system? Because one industry is making a whole lot of money, but it's, it's screwing the other industry, and then this other? These are the subtle things that were you were talking about the now we're, we're going to eventually get to the point where like, No, we don't want chemicals in our food anymore. We demand leading food, we demand better health care, we demand better education for our children, and so on.

Marie Manuchehri 26:49
Yeah, I think all those things are happening to me, it feels like it's, it's happening slow, because I was raised on organic food, you know, so to me, I'm like, Oh, hurry up, you know her yet. But yes, it is happening. But to me, it feels slower. But things are incredibly changing. The biggest thing that's happening on the planet, from my perspective, is that people are becoming more psychic and intuitive and aware and conscious. And that I find so incredibly rewarding and beautiful and stunning. And I'm so happy for everyone they're allowing themselves to recognize that that overthinking, analyzing and processing from the brain is this logical tool is not going to give you the answers that you want that the brain doesn't understand intuition, and it never will. And so I just love that people were waking up in this way. And, and there's so much confusion, you know, like, they're still trying to stay in their logical brain when they don't need to be in their logical brain. But it's so lovely to watch their light bulb moments and their expansion of consciousness. It's, it's a delight.

Alex Ferrari 27:51
And it's funny because you said organic, I remember, only, I'd say 10 to 12 years ago, I was I was putting together I was hired by the organic council or something like that to promote organic food, and educate people on what organic was, people had no idea what it was 15 years ago. And now it's now everyone's like, Oh, no, organic, you got it. That's the way to go.

Marie Manuchehri 28:18
It's in every grocery store. Now, every grocery store, you can go get some organic food if you want to, which is beautiful. You don't have to drive, you know, 45 minutes to a specialty store and

Alex Ferrari 28:31
Where the incense is, is blooming in the air. Yeah, exactly. So, so. So this year, where do you see us going in? I'm going to cover a couple of topics, and where do you think we're going, but specifically, any major events that you see, not specific, but any major energy shifts in the world that we're going to have to kind of deal with?

Marie Manuchehri 28:58
I think we're again, we're a slower planet than people recognize, because I have a different vision of major shifts than others. Like, I know we have wars going on, but we always have wars going on. They're just not always public, some of them wars that we're a part of. I do, yeah, I my brain just shows me that. We're like, the major stuff that I would want in the physical realm is going to be like 20 years out. But what I think is happening major shift is in is personal is on the vibration of the individual. So we're not going to have some of those major shifts that people think we're going to have and, and I hear predictions all the time from psychics and they say that there's going to be these major awakenings in healthcare and there's like little because I worked in healthcare. There's little ones like something happened a couple of years ago where their medical American Medical Association decided to not aggressively treat early stages of breast cancer, something I've been asking all of my clients because I see a lot of people with health issues. I'm asking a lot of my clients to not do chemotherapy if it was early detected and it could be removed. And because chemotherapy also is a carcinogenic, you know, it's right. So, so I don't see those big things for next year, but maybe they are big for other people. You know, maybe it's big for them, I still see us taking little baby steps. We have huge infrastructures on the planet that need major overhaul even like our medical system, you know, doctors don't study nutrition. So they don't know about supplements and vitamins. And then we have this beautiful pyramid of you know, the food that is completely off balance.

Alex Ferrari 30:46
Well it's because it's owned by the food industry. Once the created it, and said, You guys should get more dairy. But it's by the Dairy Council owns it. So like,

Marie Manuchehri 30:59
And most humans can't digest cow's milk very well, you know, most

Alex Ferrari 31:03
we're the only species we're the only species on the planet that eats and other species milk.

Marie Manuchehri 31:08
Yeah. I mean, like, it's, it's not healthy for people.

Alex Ferrari 31:12
But cheese in Europe is delicious, but go ahead,

Marie Manuchehri 31:15
Yeah, I eat cheese, but I eat mostly goat cheese, and you know, organic, all of this. I don't see those huge changes that people talk about. But I am seeing huge changes within the individual. So I think I think it's starting from the inside out, you know that through the inside through their light bodies, through their awareness of their consciousness or their chakras, through their aha, I think there's going to be tons of aha moments over this next year, tons of aha moments, but they're going to be highly personal. That's what's it's going to feel like that people are going to have, oh, my gosh, I shouldn't be doing this. And I don't need to be in this relationship. And I need to move to this part of the world, I think we're going to have a lot of individual awareness and consciousness. wars take a long time to resolve, because unfortunately, the people who start the wars aren't the ones who weren't being hurt or victimized by them. So they don't understand what's really happening. I do believe that, over this next year, we're going to recognize that more and more, and this is a world problem, that we can't leave societies marginalized, and when especially throughout the Middle East, that when we marginalize a group of people, and this would be from a worldview, not I'm not talking about any individual, just a worldview, then terrorists can deeply embed themselves and within their population, and it's very difficult to remove terrorist organizations from any population of people. So we're gonna have more of a world view that we need to start taking care of, we need to check in Is everybody okay? You know, is right, yeah, we're gonna have this kind of world view of check in instead of this terrible thing happened in this terrible thing happened, which is true, terrible things happen. And then we go to war, and create more terrible things, we're going to start to stand out and go, Wait a minute, our process isn't working, we're actually endangering more people, our own people and other people's people, you know, because eventually, different countries get involved as well, you know, different aspects get involved. So we're gonna have more of that kind of awareness. It's already happening, I can already feel it. But we still have people in power, who are still running the show are still being voted in, that are still running from an old old paradigm, rather than the place that we can't respond in the way that we used to, you know, we, we have enough nuclear weapons in the world, especially the United States, we have the most, we could blow each other up a million times over, right? Like, we aren't going to solve our world problems from violence, it's not going to happen. So I think there will be a slight awakening about that. And in terms of the truth that you've always known, I've always known many people have always known that violence actually doesn't stop violent activity, and doesn't really help and it's necessary at times, you know, at times, of course, unfortunately, because of the consciousness on the planet. It's necessary, but I think we're gonna have an awakening that we need to not marginalize communities throughout the world, even though, you know, like, Gaza has had the most aid, you know, then I think, the most aid out of the world for many, many years, but they've also really needed it, and the world needs it. So it's not about blaming anymore. It's about how do we, how do we help a group of people or a country be sustainable? That's really where we're moving towards.

Alex Ferrari 34:46
And it is, it is something that the US learned, and the world actually learned after World War One, which is the most dangerous group of people are the marginalized group of people who have been left destroyed. So after World War Two, they'd learned their lesson. And after they went and rebuilt Germany, they went in and rebuilt Japan, they went and rebuilt Italy, because they knew if you left those to simmer, it would be, you're just going to repeat in the next few years, they're going to rebuild, they're gonna get angry again. And they're gonna get so those lessons and look what happened to Japan became a huge economic power. Look, what happened in Germany became a huge economic power, Italy, fantastic cheese. And everything else they do so beautifully well, but they were able to rebuild those countries and not leave the marginalized. And I agree with you 100%. I think that's the lesson that I hope that we're starting to learn. And I hope we got to help these other countries to get to a place where they don't feel marginalized. And they can build themselves up good enough for us to do it. But but to give them the tools to do that themselves, which is what happened in Japan, and what happened in Germany and Italy as well.

Marie Manuchehri 36:03
And I guess we haven't been very good about that throughout the Middle East. Because you know, Stan, and, you know, we finally left the region, which I do you think was a good idea, ultimately, but we weren't able to help rebuild it for whatever reason. So I think that those are going to get clearer. But I do think the greatest shift that's going to occur this next year, and I know that my opinion may not be popular, it's going to be from inside, I think people are going to be waking up and making significant powerful decisions within themselves. I also think people are going to wake up so much over this next year that they're even a start to do their own internal healing, I think people are going to be shocked and surprised that they can actually manipulate their own subatomic particles, that they can affect their pancreas, their liver, their digestive system, I think there's going to be a huge awareness of the true concept of energy medicine and energy. Awareness, I think that is what's going to be happening over in 2024, which will ultimately help the entire world. So I think the big shifts that people are seeing that are going to occur. I don't think in 2024, like I don't think the war is going to end in 2020. Either the ones that are popular in our, in our culture right now. But I think that because people are going to be more enlightened, they're going to have more consciousness, people are going to start to feel energy in their body, they're just going to start to have an awareness. And that's what's going to help raise the vibration of the human race so that we vote differently. We support companies that are actually more fair, and honest, you know, there'll be conscious shifts about where the population puts their wealth and their resources, which is actually what had started to change, even modern medicine in the United States is more people started to seek seek out holistic care. That's why one of the reasons why I love and people wouldn't be be excited with what I'm about to say, but I love autoimmune disorders, I have such honor for them. Because modern medicine doesn't know how to heal, the immune system only knows how to repress it. And some people when their immune system is repressed it kind of refires but not the majority of the population. And so people have sought out holistic medicine, energy medicine supplements, natural paths to heal their immune system. And, and so that created more of a trend for Americans and more doctors how to study about it, because their patients are saying, well, I'm gonna go get IV vitamin C. And they're like, Wow. So I think the change is going to be internal. And I think it's going to be significant.

Alex Ferrari 38:44
Now, let me ask you this, because this is another topic that people have fear around. I find exciting. I think it's, I have a very, very positive outlook about what I'm going to ask you about. But a lot of people have fear about it is technology. Where AI is going AI is growing so fast. It's insane. I use AI all the time. It is such a powerful tool. We are in its infancy still but it is it just seemed like overnight, AI was everywhere. In a matter of six months. Now everybody's using the word ai ai ai everywhere. Where do you see AI? In what role does this kind of technology have in the evolution of humanity in this year, and maybe the coming years?

Marie Manuchehri 39:37
I think it's going to be huge and significant. I think it's highly needed. I don't think people should be afraid of it. I think the people who are afraid of it are the ones who and I'm talking about corporations and institutions. I think they're the ones who are used to manipulating and controlling people and so they can see how it could be used negatively because they've used us the consumers. You know, they've manipulated us and used us so I think it's going to be excellent for humanity, and it makes sense, Pluto just moved into Aquarius and Aquarius that is governed by the planet Uranus. Uranian energy is very about computers, it's about movement. It's I don't speak the language of computers and all of that. I have people help me with that. But it's all about that. So it's going to be huge. One of the things that I think is going to be affected, I think the conversation and again, I think Earth is too slow, for me anyway, a little too slow. For me, it will be in products created that still require from the FDA animal testing. So now we won't have to use animals. And it's we've actually haven't had to, we already know what chemicals are going to do to everything that lives on the planet. We're smart people, we have incredible scientists, but now we're going to have programs where they can set up and, and get the information and data that they need that they can then give to the Food and Drug Administration or whatever organization that they need. So that we don't have to raise animals and laboratories and have them tortured by chemicals. You know, so I think that's going to be one thing that's going to start sneaking in and 2020 for where I think that will be significantly a change.

Alex Ferrari 41:16
What do you say to people who are going to be displaced by this new technology? This is a very scary thing. I mean, I know writers in Hollywood, I know writers, not only in Hollywood, but I also know cinematographers very big working on $100 million movie, and a friends of mine, who are terrified by AI because they're seeing what the computers are doing. I have visual effects guys who have worked on every big Marvel movie, every big Star Wars movie, and they're just like the tools that are coming out, are are going to displace millions of artists, millions of people, writers, I mean, now I could just write have aI write something in the voice of this person in five seconds, where you before you would have to hire someone to do that for your blog, let's there's a lot of displacement gonna happen. That's just a few examples. What do you say to those people who are so terrified that their career has been wrapped around something that is going to this technology is going to displace them? If not now, in the next five years? Well,

Marie Manuchehri 42:26
I think it will be five to 10 years, I agree with you, I'm so sorry for all of those people who are going to be displaced, I'm so glad they have the awareness of it. Because we've had other industries that didn't recognize that there was going to be a shift like the steel industry, or the logging community. You know, even the consumers didn't realize there was going to be a major shift in that in those industries, and people lost their jobs, well paid jobs that generations of their families had worked for. So I'm thrilled that they know, I'm so happy that they know, I'm sorry that this is going to happen to them. But things don't happen for just no reason. Things happen for powerful and amazing reasons. Our souls come here to have incredible experiences. And people who work in those industries have a lot of creativity within them a lot of creativity. And perhaps they need to find another way to allow their authentic self to allow their true authenticity of their creativity to to come through. So it's an opportunity for them to, first of all get clear about what really makes them happy. This is what I'm talking about this internal shift is because if you feel your energy, you can tell what's your next step for you what's in your best interest, what profession would be best for you. And most people don't feel their own energy system or their subatomic level energy, they don't feel their chakras, they don't have an awareness of what their pancreas is feeling. And a lot of people, even if they have a successful job, they don't like it. They're not having fun, they're coming home completely exhausted, they've wasted all of their energy, which is which is not good for their physical well being. And then they have to come home and lay on the couch to read, cooperate their subatomic particles to go back and do the same thing. So I'm happy that they know this is art of living in a human reality, that we keep evolving. We were supposed to keep evolving. So I would say it's time to get very creative and think outside of the box and listen to your inner guidance system and discover what lights your soul on fire. Because it could be something completely different.

Alex Ferrari 44:35
And you know what? It's something that I agree I agree with everything you've said. And I think what you said earlier about wars, and that's just getting, there's a lot more light being shine on wars, but we're always there's always been worse. I mean, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars lasted 20 odd years. I mean, we've been at war forever. So that's so I'm going to point that to the same thing with AI. There's so much fear hunkering around this transition. But if you look at in the 19, in 1900s, you know what the number one industry in the world was no whaling because they needed oil for the lamps. Then once petrol came in that entire industry, the world's largest industry was gone in three years. Gone. You know, I always use the guy who did the whip or the the whip for the horses for the whip and buggy, when they were just horse and buggies, the guy who did the whip the whip the horses to make the move faster, back, I lost his job. Yeah, that entire industry is gone. Now. It Oh, it's gone, because automobiles came into place. So I'll use my I'll use me as an example really quickly. I've started off in the film industry, then I became an editor, then technology showed up that what I used to be paid highly for became more user friendly. So a lot of other people or more competition showed up. So then I jumped into color grading, which was another, again, smaller group of people needed more knowledge. Then everyone also opened in that door, I'm like, okay, maybe I gotta do this. And I kept constantly getting ahead of the curve, to finally I said, I'm going to do podcasting, when nobody was doing really podcasting. And then all of a sudden, now, I've left my other industry, and I'm now a full time podcaster. Because if

Marie Manuchehri 46:36
You followed your energy, so this is what I'm talking about. All of these things are opportunities for humans to actually get out of their head. Because you can't figure these things out. Logically, it will never make sense to your brain. I'm sure you can say that you can inspire.

Alex Ferrari 46:53
And logically, podcasting is not a logical conversation. In 2015, I said, Hey, I'm going to start a podcast. I'd never thought in a million years that I would be doing it full time. I thought it was a side hustle. And I enjoyed it. It was fun, but then eventually turned into a real business. And then once I launched this show, I was like, oh, oh, I guess this is what I'm supposed to be doing with the numbers and everything that happened with the show. But it's something that came, there's no logics to this. Me opening up a spiritual podcast is no logical conversation. No.

Marie Manuchehri 47:27
So this means that humanity needs to start moving in a non logical way. And we're even creating a system that can take over our logical needs. It's already been created, right? So that we don't have to spend, you know, years and educational programs studying something that actually doesn't seem to our heart, but will you know, give us the money to buy the bread and the butter and all those things. But as you know, when people are in alignment with their subatomic particles with their energy, that feeling that intuition, they will be successful, they will be financially cared for, they will be able to attract wealth, because when people are in high vibration with their energy system, they attract high vibrational results and everything in life, they have different friends, they have more fulfilling relationships, their bodies healthier, they create a reality for themselves that makes them free financially, you know, whether that means that they decide to go live in a different part of the world and you know, spend part of their time on the beach, it doesn't matter as long as they're happy. But fulfillment, that's what we're moving towards. We're moving towards authentic fulfillment. That's really what's happening on the planet.

Alex Ferrari 48:34
And isn't it interesting that now the concept of a gap year was introduced years ago so that's like that was in my time. What you that go into college right away, and even the concept of college for every for it's not the end all be all that it was once if you want to be a doctor, please for God's sakes, don't take an online course go to go to medical school. You want to be a lawyer do that. But at a certain point even a lot of those jobs will be displaced even lawyers are looking at AI now and they're going they want that contract pretty damn well. How shoot like it's it's becoming harder and harder even and so we're Why would be go to why would we spend obscene amounts of money which is now so expensive, with a with a debt that we can never get rid of? Because that's the way the law was written for obvious reasons of greed and so on. So, I can basically ask any kind of information or knowledge I need is at my disposal. And now with AI, as it continues to grow, it will be even a higher level of information and knowledge than the internet is. Right. So what is the point of learning a bunch of facts at at school where it should be more learning how to be creative learning how to do things that the AI can't do. Would you agree?

Marie Manuchehri 50:03
1,000%, I agree with you, I do think we will have even more student loans paid off and in this year. So I do think that the United States will eventually allow for free education or close to free, which will be really important. And maybe because more people will not go to college, you know, there are they're going to spend time.

Alex Ferrari 50:23
It's all going down. It's all going down. You could all the all the enrollments are going down, even at the even at Harvard and these big Ivy League schools, they're absolutely going because it because the jig is up, the information of these younger kids are going well, we'll have what I'll just No, I'll just go. Even Google's hiring straight out of high school. We don't want you to go, we don't want to go, we'll train you. We'll train you how you we want you. You know, it's it's it's fascinating, what we're talking a little bit about economics a bit, where do you see the economy going, because that's been something very rocky, and we're all we're all due for something to happen.

Marie Manuchehri 51:05
I just have such a different perception than most people. I mean, time is actually strong, it's actually in a healthy place, even though our interest rates are crazy. Not in a good place. But economically, the country is actually doing well. So I, I just I think things are just gonna get better and better and better and better and better. But again, this is going to come from the individual. So when someone's consciousness rises, they actually attract more wealth in their life. So look at it this way. I know I'm not answering your question exactly the way you wanted me to. Sure. Sure. Allah Gize for that, so sincerely. So money, which I prefer the word wealth versus money for people to use, humans are scared of the word money, and they don't like it, and it scares them and lowers their frequency, and then they have less money. Money is a vibration or wealth. It's a frequency, and how someone relates to the vibration is how it comes into their body, how it comes into their energy. So again, as a person starts to feel their frequency and their subatomic particles that can recognize what brings them joy. So what I ask every single client or when I teach a class on wealth, the first thing I ask them is what brings you the most amount of happiness? Most people don't even know how to answer the question. Right? So I actually help every single person, and they go, oh, yeah, that's what it is that you're right. And so let's say, you're so interesting. I mean, really, you're very, very interesting. You've like weird, strange thinks, this is me. You're the batter? I mean, I'm talking about like Star Trek, Star Wars, you know, you have everything the galaxy.

Alex Ferrari 52:45
So I'm curious. I'm curious. I'm curious.

Marie Manuchehri 52:48
I think it's lovely. So like, what I would tell you not that you need my help, of course, is that to think about the cosmos and think about black holes, you know, and stuff, right? So, so as soon as someone can identify what makes them super, super happy. What I tell all everyone when I teach this is, is to think of that first before you grab your wallet, before you grab your credit card, or a debit card, a checkbook before you go to your mailbox and grab financial mail, if you still write checks before you get out of checkbook before you put your password into your online banking, because it's not about learning how to have a positive relationship with the with the actual dollar signs, it's about being in high vibration of what authentically makes you joyful before you connect with a vibration of wealth. And when you do that, then you attract wealth and weird and spontaneous ways that make no sense. no logical sense whatsoever. You know what I'm talking about? Right? Oh, very much.

Alex Ferrari 53:50
So I mean, very much so.

Marie Manuchehri 53:52
So again, what I see is happening this year, and this is just going to keep happening, we're not going to have something happen and stop, it's just going to keep going and keep going and keep expanding is it individuals are going to have a better awareness of themselves. They're going to know like, Oh, when I see light streaming through the window, that brings me the most amount of joy. Or when I hear a wave of an ocean. That is what brings me joy for me. It's subatomic particles, all I have to think about is electrons and protons, and I'm in heaven. So So that's what's going to create more financial freedom for individuals. And then they're going to feel the freedom to create whatever it is that makes them joyful. We're really moving into kind of lat long Marian and those energies where people actually just played and had fun and rested and did things that fulfill them and enrich their minds.

Alex Ferrari 54:46
When you're saying and for a lot of people listening. That sounds like a very polyanick view of I want to I'm gonna defend you in a second very polyanick view of our society. It could be like, How can we live in a place where we only could just do what we'd love that we have someone's got to, you know, go out and do the rough work and this or that? Well, there have been societies in the past who have done that the Greeks, the Spartans, you know, not they would using slaves. But now technology can take over a lot of the things that were done by slaves in the past. Now, technology, and that kind of that kind of advancements could allow us to be free to do other things. And it's already here, there's so much technology that we use now, that has freed us to do other things. So it is possible I do see a world where AI and other technologies completely free us from the mundane, you know, working nine to five going to get a job to doing things that we actually love and contribute to society from a soul purpose, as opposed to a survival purpose. I don't know if that'll be in my lifetime or yours. But I think we're going to be moving towards that direction. Would you agree?

Marie Manuchehri 56:12
Hasn't it already happened for you?

Alex Ferrari 56:14
Oh, it does happen for certain Yes. So for me, I still the thing is this, I am I love working. I've always loved working, it's part of my my being. But I love doing this work. I can't, I could easily stay still. And just do one or two episodes a week. Most podcasts are one a week, almost like I'm a psychopath. I've actually dropped it down to three new ones a week now. And I can easily continue to coast doing this for the next three, four or five years. Not move not do anything else. But just stick to doing that. But that is not my makeup. So what am I doing, I am launching multiple channels and multiple languages expanding here, creating an app for people over here. It's just part of who I am. But it also is coming from a deeper mission base place a soul place,

Marie Manuchehri 57:12
And are you happy?

Alex Ferrari 57:14
Happier than I've ever been in my life.

Marie Manuchehri 57:15
Right. So you're a perfect example of just what I talked about. And when you follow your energy, of course, you're going to change, you're going to do different things, nothing will stay the same for people just like now, when we look at our younger people, they don't stay in a company for 30 years, they're not going to you know, they're in and out in like two to three, five years, maybe, you know, because they're going well, I'm not happy, I'm not enjoying myself. So I'm going to go find some other place where I could be happier. So it's already happening. I'm very static in the work that I do, I'm super happy and fulfilled. So this is normal, it's normal to be happy. It's normal to have financial freedom, it's normal to be healthy until it's time to go, however, we choose to leave the planet. And all of that is normal. And that's what I see happening over this next year is people starting to be aware of the light inside of them, that starts to speak to them in ways that they never imagined before that inspires them and gets them moving into the direction of their true authentic selves. That is what's going to be happening. And then and then we'll see the bigger outer changes occur. Because there won't be so much time for arguing and deceit and ego craziness, there just won't be as much room for that in the physical realm.

Alex Ferrari 58:27
Isn't it amazing that and how difficult it is, for people, especially of my generation, our parents generation, and definitely our grandparents generation were what they were what Mom, what they saw as a model growing up was like, you have to work hard for the money. You know, you work hard for your money, so you can do what you love on the weekends. So it pays for that as opposed to the opposite way of like you do what you love to get the money you make you make the money doing something you really don't like. So you can maybe have the weekend to, to do something that you really enjoy or really the hobby, that's where hobbies came from. But it's so hard because at least for me, the model that I saw was you got to work hard for your money. Money's not easy to get. You got to do you know, and even I broke that model because I went into the film industry, I basically ran away with the circus. You know, you know, my parents were all my dad worked in a factory. No, for 40 years, you know. And so what I said I was going into the film industry, like essentially, you're running away with the circus. And even then, even within that industry, I was doing things I didn't like for a long time. But I tricked myself to saying oh, well, it's this but it was a very it was a step away from where further generations behind us. But it is so difficult for people to kind of model that. I think it's becoming easier, especially with the technology with YouTube and when people go I tell people I have a YouTube show apart Okay, so they're like, make a living? I do okay, I do. Okay. And we, you know, we're doing fine. Like, really? I'm like, Yeah, and I used to live in LA, another used to make a living in LA doing this. I go. Yeah, I did, okay. But it's hard for people to grasp, but it's becoming more commonplace, you know,

Marie Manuchehri 1:00:22
Well, kind of look at it this way that people are starting to stop listening to their logical mind. And we don't need them to listen to their logical mind anymore. We have technology that can do what we used to do, we spent hours researching, analyzing, evaluating, over processing, which is a complete waste of everyone's energy. If people would only listen to their intuition, they would solve every single problem and their life incredibly fast. And so listening to these light bodies, feeling your energy becoming aware, getting out of your head resting in the lower half of your body, becoming present, so that you can all the solutions that we could possibly imagine from the intuitive realm have always existed. It's they're not hidden. They're constantly available, they're easy for us to connect to and maintain knowledge with. But people go back into their mind and try to analyze and look at even intuition from a logical perspective. And it doesn't make sense to them. So they go the opposite direction, they don't follow their intuition. So we literally have to stop listening to the logical mind. And that's why we have this artificial intelligence coming onto the planet, to help us so that will actually listen to the true intelligence of the universe that is powerful beyond anything we could possibly imagine, that has every solution that we would desire to experience in every area of our life. That's where we're heading.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:54
Let me ask you one last question. What is the biggest challenge you think humanity has, in this next coming year? To overcome? Personally not, as as a collective?

Marie Manuchehri 1:02:04
Yeah, so not this isn't for me personally. But I think what humanity has to overcome his fear, I think people are terrified, they're scared, we have wars that we can relate to that are happening, you know, because sometimes they're happening in countries we haven't heard of, or we don't know anybody from those parts of the world. And it's not, you know, publicly reported often. So it's not really in our consciousness. We have a lot of industries that are changing, we're finding out all these problems that are occurring, we have a lot of political unrest globally, not just within the United States. So I think it's fear, people are legitimately scared. And then even the topic that you brought up people whose industries are going to be replaced in between the next five to 10 years, I agree, I think that is a very accurate statement. So fear, and fear, is the true definition of ego. So the definition that we see written about ego is incorrect, people are supposed to love themselves think that they're amazing that they're worthy, valuable, handsome, smart, all of those things, people are supposed to believe that about themselves. So when we feel fear, that's when we're dancing with our ego. So if people can learn to recognize that as Oh, I'm dancing with my ego, and when you're dancing with your ego, you can't get accurate information, you're far away from your higher self, you're disconnected from all that's occurring, you're definitely not in the present moment. So learning how to recognize when you're in fear, because it's such a common energy. That's why people have, you know, problems with your immune system, because they're over activating their cortisol levels that are adrenal glands, and, you know, whacking out their energy system and their beautiful bodies. So recognizing that you're in fear, and then being able to do something different stopping the pattern, because that's what keeps us locked in to the world that we've been experiencing for such a long time is fear.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:56
And this the amount of information that we have access to now and is really changing all this is from information about nutrition, financial information, geopolitics, the Earth, the environment, all these spiritual, I mean, even this conversation is going to blow someone's head apart, somewhere around in a good way. It's going to it's going to it's going to be like an atom bomb going off in their head. Because for you and I this is very a this is coffee talk. You know, this is spiritual Coffee Talk, essentially. But for others, when they hear this for the first time, they're just gonna go, oh, oh my god, it's going to be a revelation to them. And I see that happening on the show a lot. But these are the kinds of informations that are being accessed to people so much, so much more information now lives about nutrition. We all know that there's certain things you should eat You shouldn't things you shouldn't eat. And the old systems are fighting against it. But we're all figuring out like, you know, you probably shouldn't eat this. Yeah, you know, smoking, probably gonna kill you. You know, I don't care the doctors, three out of four doctors approved camels. But like they did back in the day, those were the advertisers back in the day. But now we're like, no, it's, it's gonna kill you. And now people are starting to figure out other information. It's part of our evolution. And but it's, I think, even in my short life, and your short life, how much it's changed. So much has changed in our time on this planet. I can only imagine the next 50 years, 100 years.

Marie Manuchehri 1:05:39
It's exciting. We're entering into a very exciting and profound moment of personal individualized awakening, that will lead to an expansion of mass consciousness. I wanted to share one story, do we have to leave, please, of course. So, you know, I, when I grew up, the Vietnam War was happening. And it ended, I think, when I was 13, or something like that. And so when the United States decided to go to the Middle East and start fighting, I was shocked. And like, I mean, we already live as you guys, you know, these people actually are good warriors, you know, the,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:14
They're fighting for centuries

Marie Manuchehri 1:06:15
Yeah, they're really good wonders, what are we doing, we want to work this once you know, and I was very upset. I was very sad. And so I was talking to the universe, I go, we show me the beauty in this, which everyone needs to do. When you get scared, you just need to ask first you need to get quiet. Do whatever you need to do to get connected to yourself and just ask, please show me the beauty in this and you will be shown beauty. So I was shown a story. And it's kind of stereotypical in a way, you know, but I was shown a story where a soul wanted to learn compassion. And so this soul was born into a family that had a strong military background in the United States, and was of age when we, you know, went to war. And that war, those wars, and this soul had had many lifetimes in the Middle East happy ones, of course, had never been in this in its current reincarnation had never been to the Middle East. And of course, it was trained to fight against this enemy. But when that soul, this young male soldier, that they showed me a picture of got to whatever country it was probably Afghanistan. It heard languages that sang to its heart, it's a people that, that it already loved. And it learned compassion in a way that it had tried to learn and other realities for centuries. And so that's one of the ways when I was talking about Earth, how it's this contractual place, there's light and dark, and they're both just beautiful. There are incredible opportunities for us as individual beings of light and souls are very independent creatures. You know, they're very independent. They're extremely unique. And they're seeking out knowledge and healing. And when you come to earth, it's kind of like, well, I'm going through the hardest PhD program there is because I've tried and multiple realities to learn how to be compassionate, and I'm not doing a great job at it. So this soul learned, wow, everybody's lovable, everybody's valuable. Even the people that I've been trained, who are my enemy.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:19
Beautiful story. beautiful story. Marie, I could talk to you for another five hours. But this has been such a wonderful conversation. I really do hope it helps people around the world. Where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing?

Marie Manuchehri 1:08:33
Oh, thank you so much. And thank you for having me. It's a pleasure chatting with you energyintuitive.com is where you can find me.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:41
That has, and you have all sorts of courses and bookings and all that kind of stuff.

Marie Manuchehri 1:08:45
Yes, yeah, we booked out pretty far. So we always apologize for that. But we do have cancellation list and I do a podcast and I answer questions, people leave a voicemail on the website, and I answer them every week about 15 questions. So yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:09:01
Very beautiful. And you have any parting messages for the audience?

Marie Manuchehri 1:09:05
I'm excited for the way the world is, is going I think we're on the right track. Despite all the obvious logical things that are problematic on Earth right now. I think that that we are in alignment, and I didn't think it would happen in my lifetime. I really did not. And so I'm thrilled and proud of the of the human race for raising its vibration because we don't have to raise everyone's vibration at the same time. We just have to raise a certain percentage. So we've had enough of a percentage that we're in that still point where now the masses can be drawn up into a higher realm of awareness. Maybe not everybody to the highest point but definitely there's going to be a shift and and movement of consciousness moving up. And I do think it's been slowly happening, but now I think we're on the roller coaster like we're gonna You're moving faster in that realm this year. And I'm grateful that Pluto moved into Aquarius because it's helping us we're moving into the true the true energy of Aquarius, which is about humanity and compassion.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:15
Marie, thank you so much for everything you do in the world. Thank you for helping the planet awaken. So I appreciate you.

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