Psychic Medium REVEALS Ancient Method to SPEAK to Deceased LOVED ONES! with Marie Manuchehri

Life often reveals profound insights through unexpected encounters and transformative experiences. On today’s episode, we welcome Marie Manuchehri, a renowned psychic medium and energy healer whose journey from a traditional medical career to embracing her spiritual gifts is truly inspiring. Marie Manuchehri has dedicated her life to helping others connect with the spirit world and harness their own intuitive abilities.

Marie Manuchehri began her professional journey as an oncology nurse in a Seattle-area hospital. Her life took a dramatic turn when she started experiencing tachycardia and was advised by her cardiologist to manage her stress. This led her to meditation, which opened the door to her psychic abilities. “I began to hear, see, and feel things very rapidly,” she recalls. Her patients’ organs would talk to her, revealing past lives and specific medications that would work for them. This shift was both exhilarating and challenging, as she had to navigate these new experiences while maintaining her professional responsibilities.

Marie’s spiritual awakening deepened during her nursing career. One profound experience involved laying hands on a post-surgical patient suffering from pain. As she did so, she saw beautiful bright colored orbs along the patient’s body and communicated telepathically with the patient’s organs. This experience not only relieved the patient’s pain but also validated Marie’s newfound abilities. “My life actually got calmer and more relaxed, just stepping into my path made my life work,” she reflects.

Marie’s journey has not been without its challenges. She describes her initial fear of being perceived as mentally unstable when she began to see and hear things beyond the physical realm. Despite these fears, her supervisor encouraged her to lay hands on patients, validating her experiences and guiding her towards a new career path. This support was crucial in helping Marie embrace her psychic abilities and transition from nursing to full-time energy healing and mediumship.

One of the central themes of Marie’s work is the importance of self-compassion. She explains that many older souls on the planet are learning self-compassion, while younger souls are learning compassion. This distinction is crucial in understanding our spiritual journeys and the lessons we are here to learn. “An incredible expansion for compassion is what creates Ascended Masters, and self-compassion,” she says, emphasizing the importance of loving and accepting ourselves.


  1. Embrace Your Path: Marie’s journey illustrates the transformative power of embracing our true path. By stepping into her psychic abilities, she found a deeper sense of peace and fulfillment.
  2. Self-Compassion: The importance of self-compassion cannot be overstated. As we learn to love and accept ourselves, we elevate our vibration and connect more deeply with our spiritual selves.
  3. Interconnectedness of All Beings: Marie’s experiences highlight the interconnectedness of all beings, both in the physical and spiritual realms. This understanding fosters a greater sense of unity and compassion for ourselves and others.

Marie’s dedication to helping others connect with their loved ones on the other side and harness their own intuitive abilities is truly inspiring. Her work reminds us that we all have the potential to access these gifts and that by embracing our true selves, we can lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Marie Manuchehri.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 358

Marie Manuchehri 0:00
They don't want to come back. They're so big, you know, their energy is so huge now that they don't want to reduce their vibration or their frequency or their consciousness to enter into a physical form. Because even when you and I incarnated to Earth, we didn't bring all of our soul with us, we can only bring parts that can be helpful and parts that want healing. Because we would go crazy if we brought all of our consciousness. But an incredible expansion for Kant, for compassion is what creates Ascended Masters, and self compassion. So like you are an old soul. And I think the planet is like 50% Old Souls and 50% young souls, approximately. and younger souls are learning compassion, older souls are learning self compassion.

Alex Ferrari 0:53
I'd like to welcome to the show, Marie Manuchehri. How you doing Marie?

Marie Manuchehri 0:57
I am great. Alex, thank you so much for having me. And thank you for everything you do in the world to help us grow consciously. I truly appreciate your work.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
Oh, I appreciate that very much and appreciate the work that you do. You've been doing it a lot longer than I have about 15 years as if, as you as you told me

Marie Manuchehri 1:12
25 25 years of energy work. But yeah, 15 years of radio, yes.

Alex Ferrari 1:17
Of radio. It's, that's, that's amazing. So like, we were saying, We were lucky that we get to talk to some of the most interesting souls on the planet all the time. And sometimes I pinch myself, like really, an hour and a half to two hours, I get to sit down as whatever I want. This is great.

Marie Manuchehri 1:35
Well, I'm very happy for you that you're doing things, new joy, and it's helping all of us. So it's a win win.

Alex Ferrari 1:40
Yes. So I appreciate you coming on the show I wanted to bring you on. Because your skill set is unique in the sense that you are a psychic medium, but you also focus on connecting with loved ones on the other side. And not only doing it yourself, but helping others do it as well. So we're gonna go down that rabbit hole in a little bit. But first, what was your life like prior to this insanity that I always like to call of being a psychic medium? Or did you just come out of the womb going I see dead people.

Marie Manuchehri 2:13
I didn't come out of the womb, knowing that I for that lady. My family was, you know, kind of the average family where they were Catholic. And there was five kids. And my parents wanted my mother and father both wanted to start taking some sort of birth control pill, or, you know, method to prevent further pregnancies. My little brother got very sick when he was young, and they were in and out of hospitals for about a year and a half. So they were both devout Catholics. And so they went to their priest and said, you know, am I the crease? Tell them? Well, you'll be excommunicated. I actually I think the priest said that my mother would be excommunicated, but not my dad.

Alex Ferrari 2:52
Obviously not because he's, he's a man. And that's just the way the church

Marie Manuchehri 2:56
Right! Yes. So my parents made the difficult decision for them to leave the church. And yeah, and surely after that, they've even divorced. And so their lives changed dramatically. They started to experience the world differently. And after my mother was stopped being mad at God, because she was so devoted, and she had, she always started her journals with dear blessing Virgin Mary, you know, she was went to Catholic school. So once she got when she stopped being angry, she started to read books on spirituality. And she began to feel her home with spirituality. So at a young age I had access to I was probably around seven when she started to do this. So I had access to it. And my mom had new thought friends and her life and would drag us to channelers you know, sometimes on the weekends, but I wanted to be normal. I did not want to be woowoo. I didn't, I had no aspiration to do that. So I Married an engineer and I went to nursing school. And then lo and behold, while I'm an oncology nurse at a Seattle area hospital, I began to hear, see and feel things very rapidly. I also started to meditate at that time, I had some I had some experience in tachycardia while working in the hospital, which means a racing heart. And the cardiologist said it was stress after he did like, several weeks of testing, and I have the all clear I decided to start meditating. And my true first experience that wasn't, that didn't end quickly. That wasn't because of, you know, some external event, but just because I close my eyes and quieted My mind was quite significant for me. And from that moment forward, while I'm in the hospital, I'm hearing my patients organs talk to me, I can see their past lives. I can tell what medications are going to work for them and what can't and eventually, because I was having so much fun, I think because I was raised with spiritual awareness. I wasn't scared. And my life actually got calmer and more relaxed, just stepping into my past made my life work, even though it's odd and different compared to other people. I went to my supervisor I was a charge nurse most days that I worked and I was so afraid I was going to pay attention to what someone's liver was talking to me about that I, I was afraid I wouldn't call a code on time because that's the charge nurses job is to call the the code team and get the crash card and start, you know, compressions for the rest of the team is arriving. And so I went to her to tell her what was happening to me. And I thought she was going to suspend me. And I thought she was going to order a psych eval. That's what I thought was going to happen. And I was married at the time. And I didn't even tell my husband, what was happening to me. I've kept it very hush hush and kind of secret between my meditation friends and the nurses in the hospital that I was working with. And my supervisor to my delight and surprise, so that I was seeing energy, and that I needed to start laying my hands on our patients. And right. I was pretty surprised you know that Dr. Sandman which was his real name, our in house therapists psychotherapist was not going to be interviewing me or doing a second poll on me, I was really kind of terrified of that. And a few days later, I laid my hands on, you know, consciously because I've touched hundreds of patients, maybe 1000s of them, but not with an intention, not without a stethoscope or trying to feel a pulse or putting a injection into their body. That was different or removing, you know, Staples or sutures. I remember we there was a patient who had been transferred up to our floor who was a surgical patient who was having postdoc pain, and she was staying in the hospital longer, so they didn't have any more room on the surgical floor. So she moved to moved her to our floor. And I walked into her room and asked her if I could lay hands on her, even though I really didn't know what that meant. I don't even know what a shocker was, quite frankly. And I shut the doors tightly as I could, I didn't want anyone to come in and ask me what I was doing. When I laid hands on her. And I saw these beautiful bright colored orbs line, the center of her body from head to pelvic floor. And her organs talk to me she had just had a hysterectomy. And her body was sad, even though she wasn't of the age to have children any longer. Her body was sad that she wasn't going to have any children and anymore any new children. So had this lovely mental telepathic dialogue with her body. And we both cried, you know, we both had our eyes closed, but I eat with my eyes open for a moment. And I could see that she was crying too. I had an amazing time she was discharged the next day, she wasn't in pain. So that was the beginning of my career. But I've had a full time very busy energy medicine practice, which I then found out within a few years, and I'm also a medium with clients around the world for about 25 years.

Alex Ferrari 7:47
So okay, so you said that because of all the training you had, and kind of like the, you know, being raised in the environment joueurs when this began to happen to you, you weren't scared. Because at this point, you're just more hearing energy or seeing energy and feeling energy and hearing Oregon's kind of talk to you. Which, you know, to be fair, sounds a little off little weird. And I understand why you shouldn't do it thinking you're gonna get a psych eval completely understand the shocking that that. She said what she said, I'm blown away by that.

Marie Manuchehri 8:23
I actually my radio show years later, because she works as a director for a cancer center in our area. And she's been instrumental in getting natural paths to work along on college. And yeah, she's so she's an incredible being in herself. And she's just she was raised very similarly to me, which I didn't know. And so she was she knew what was happening.

Alex Ferrari 8:46
So when you first discovered your mediumship abilities, that's always I always ask people so when did you see a dead person walking in the room? Did you hear them talking to you? Like that's still off putting even with your training and you're like, all of a sudden you're like, grandma, like it's like Bob. Bob, you just left a year ago what's going on?

Marie Manuchehri 9:11
You are so finally you are hysterical. I had it. When I all of this really centered around my nursing career. It's like somehow because my family is so holistic, they were not happy that I chose to become a registered nurse and like my mom would take us to Chinese herbal medicine physicians and acupuncturist before she would take us to a doctor. And so when I said I wanted to study conventional medicine, my family of origin was not happy about it. But yet, I love nursing and every woowoo interesting psychic experience that is still with me today. I started in the hospital. And the very first moment that I had an awareness of a dead person in the room was my very first day after graduating from nursing school and I'm following around a supervisor and she wants to Teach me. Someone had just died on the floor. And she wanted to teach me how to prepare the body for the morgue. So I walk into the room and I'm listening to her and watching her and helping her, you know, undressed and clean a body. But I can't stop looking at the ceiling. I was like, this woman is not in her body. She's on the ceiling. So I even said to the charge nurse that I was there was teaching me I said, Don't you feel like the woman's on the ceiling? Because I'm someone who's pretty direct and frank. And she goes, Oh, yeah, probably and and just kind of ignore my constant stare on the ceiling. So that was my first kind of moment of recognizing that I could feel it energy that's left the body. And way before I even knew I was intuitive before I was working on the oncology floor. And then it was my second year of doing hands on healing I, I trained myself in the hospital, and I touched hundreds of patients and taught myself how to do energy work. And I was in the hospital, I was walking the hallway really early in the morning, and I saw this very visual, I saw this blue cobalt fabric kind of floating in the air about five feet above me, there was very tall ceilings in the hospital. And I wasn't surprised because I've been seeing weird, wacky things for a couple years by then. So I'm staring at this cobalt blue fabric. And this head kind of emerges through the fabric of a woman. She has gray hair, it's pulled back she looks if I were to guess an age, maybe in her late 70s or early 80s. And she speaks to me and when when being speak to you, they speak mental telepathically. They just kind of dropped jumps in your head. And she said to me, will you please go talk to my son. And I meant to telepathically say back to her. We were the only people you know, I was the only human in the hallway was very early in the morning. And I said I don't know what true he's in. And I'm really busy today. That's what I said. And then the cobalt, like, disappeared, disappeared. But every moment that I walked on that floor, which is a lot because charge nurses you take care of the other nurses and make sure that you're there, okay, so I would walk the floors very quick and rapidly, every time I would walk that part of the floor, she would appear again and asked me to take care of her son. And it wasn't till like three o'clock in the afternoon at the end of my shift when she was kind of pleading with me. And she was kind of mad at me actually.

Alex Ferrari 12:24
I would be to if I've made the effort as someone who had just passed, Dude, can you please just pass a message along? I know you're busy. But this is special.

Marie Manuchehri 12:35
And it really, really really was, as soon as I could hear her that last time all of a sudden, because it was like a huge unit. There were so many doors, you know, but all of a sudden one of the doors and I had been standing in front of every time I saw her started to glow energetically glow. So I asked his nurse because by then the hospital staff knew that I was doing something different in the rooms at times. And I would always ask that patient's nurse before I went in and spoke about energy or anything like that. And the nurse said, sure you can go on in. So I walked into the room introduced myself and asked the man who the young man who was lying in the bed was maybe in his 30s There was a woman sitting next to him around the same age as well, who I assumed was his wife. And I asked him if his mother had passed, and I and he said yes. And I said Would you consider kind of demanding and they both burst out laughing. And he then introduced me to his sister. And I said your mother has been yelling at me all morning to come in here and lay hands on you. She wants to pass on some message. I don't know what it is, can I please lay hands on you. So I did. And I could hear his mother telling me that he still had time had a terminal illness. And he was concerned that this hospitalization was his last time on Earth. And she wanted him to know that he still had time and that he was going to go home and be with his family and and that she she would be waiting for him when it was time for him to cross over. But it wasn't quite time. And it was an incredible experience a wonderful experience.

Alex Ferrari 14:04
Let me ask you because your perspective is so unique in the sense that you've worked in the medical field. And that's another thing by the way, I've noticed that a lot of people in your field sometimes reject their gifts and go the complete opposite way. So they'll go into like I was raised with Chinese medicine and other they'll go into that or or I'm going to become a scientist because I'm not into this. And they always come back around. I mean look at Suzanne Giesemann or you know a mutual friend where she went

Marie Manuchehri 14:34
I know! Air Force One.

Alex Ferrari 14:39
So from your perspective, I've heard so many stories of nurses, specifically nurses and that as much doctors, but nurses who are the frontline workers more so in many ways and doctors not to take anything away from doctors but the nurses are always in the room. Doctors show in come out come in come out and they're always working in multiple patients, but nurses are generally over Isn't the room and they see everything. They see life they see death. And I've heard from multiple near death experiencers who've come back, who they see the first person that a lot of times they see as a nurse. And there was just one great story I heard and he came back. He's like, I just, I just came back from this beautiful place. And she's like, he's just blurting stuff out. He just came back from dying. And she's like, it's honey, you just, you just, you were in an escrow. You are in escrow. Now you're back. You're gonna have to deal with it that you're sorry. Yeah, well, and we, but she's like, No, but you're gonna have to deal with the concept that you're back here on Earth, and you're not going to go back there for right now. So from your experience, working with so many nurses how, how many of these stories? How wise beyond their years of like, knowing what they're seeing what they're not seeing? And just kind of accepting? Like, oh, yeah, people, there is another side. I've seen this, or I've heard that, that they just accepted in the medical field from your perspective?

Marie Manuchehri 16:06
Well, great question. By the way. First of all, I think intuitive people, particularly nurses are attracted to the medical field. And a good physician will, if a nurse calls him in the middle of the night and doesn't really even know how to completely express by she's concerned. I mean, of course, she's gonna have some clinical reason, we'll come to the hospital and make that his first round. Because a lot of nurses are intuitive. But here's an interesting aspect about hospitals, which are still one of my favorite places on earth. I just adore them and miss working in the hospital every day, although I love what I do now, much more is because so many people are traveling in and out, you know, energetically speaking, people are coming that are being born into the into the planet, people are leaving their energy as crossing over. And of course, as soon as you start to leave your body, you ascend your energy very quickly you become, you gain so much knowledge and information in such a short period of time as your body and your energy is shooting up into the heavens, right even if it takes you weeks or months or years to completely cross, you gain so much Cardinal knowledge. But there are gateways huge gateways that are open between our world and the other worlds. And they're he enormous, they look like archways to me, they could be hundreds of feet high and hundreds of feet wide. Because there's so much exchange spirit guides are helping a baby being born, that will be guiding that person their entire life existence, perhaps even loved ones who will not meet them in physical form, but met them before they decided to reincarnate like grandparents, or great grandparents are also helping with that beautiful fetus and infants emergence onto the planet. And then we have beings who are humans who are going to leave the earth realm. And we have people from previous lifetimes who want to be there at their homecoming because going home is like a baby shower in itself. But on the reverse side, everyone on the other side is excited that people are coming home, we don't consider Earth our home. It's a temporary reality where we have exquisite contractual, unique experiences help us to evolve our souls. And so it's a very busy place with all kinds of angels and archangels and departed loved ones and beings who haven't seen for centuries, perhaps for greeting you, when a soul is deciding to leave this unique, Blue Green Planet.

Alex Ferrari 18:32
That's amazing. What so when, when, when you have spirits try to contact you, like the lady in the blue veil, the veil? What is the energy like? Is there is there a feeling that you get is there a smell or what kind of physical repercussions if you will, or happening during that process.

Marie Manuchehri 18:59
You know, I my Spirit Guides are really great at teaching me how to maintain my own vibration, so that I can be very healthy and enjoy my life. So my experiences are actually incredibly positive. But I work at calibrating my energy to run fast. So like when I first used to lay hands on patients in the hospital, I could feel all of their physical discomfort, it was really uncomfortable because our patients were very sick, they were on very strong medications and I would just be reveled in pain. And I would have to go out of the hospital and sit outside the cafeteria where the waterfall was and wait for my body to discharge their energy. But my guides taught me very early to run my energy faster. But what typically happens to me because it's a great question is things to start to glow.

Alex Ferrari 19:46
It's visual, it's visual.

Marie Manuchehri 19:49
Very visual for me. I mean, I feel the warmth and I feel like my body starts to run at a higher frequency. Like if you're really excited and happy. Those things happen to me. But yeah, it's It's like, or I just see people, like if I'm about to work with someone or someone's on my schedule, and I don't want to know anything about why someone is making an appointment to see me, I like to go in cold, dead, people just start following me around my house and help me fold laundry or wash dishes or walk my dog. And then when I sit down, and I do everything on Zoom these days, when I sit down to talk to the client, then all of a sudden, they'll go, Oh, your doubts and follow me around all day, you know, then I'll know who that person is, so to speak.

Alex Ferrari 20:29
So I always use when I talk to psychic mediums, I always use the example of Whoopi Goldberg and ghost, which is amazing, amazing, amazing film. In the movie, she basically had no control of who showed up when they showed up how they showed up. I mean, in the movie, shoot, they actually take over her body and kind of go through it and all that kind of stuff. But generally speaking, is there a closed sign and an open sign for you? Or do people just show up whatever the heck they want? And you kind of have to deal with it? Or is it your choice to kind of like, I'm closed right now, No!

Marie Manuchehri 21:07
I had to set rules really early on and boundaries are really about ourselves, and really not about others. So I set boundaries that because I was I would be in line at a coffee shop, and someone would start talking to me, and I'd have to walk up to a stranger and talk to them about their parent. I mean, they always appreciated and valued it, but then they're crying, and then I have to make sure they're okay. And I might be late to my appointment. It's a thing. It's a thing. It's a thing. So I have a rule, no one's allowed to bother me, which is not very nice word phrase to say, but no one's allowed to bother me unless I'm working or it's an arterial bleed, like it has to be serious. You know, like it like you can't just come up and talk to me because you miss your son. And I happen to be at Costco and I'm picking up my organic strawberries, because I may forget, and I might buy the conventional ones. And I really want I really want the organic ones. So I'm suppose so I have rules. And so that means when I am interrupted, then I really give it my full attention. I know that it's critical and important. I once was in a restaurant with a friend. And it was a Friday night, I just had a couple sips of wine, I went to the bathroom, I'm in the stall water. It doesn't matter if it's toilet water or sink water or bath water or an ocean. Spirits are very attracted to water molecules, because we're mostly water and the earth is mostly water. So I'm in the stall and this woman appears who's crossed over she was young. And I say young, because at 30s to me is young these days. And she told me she had just passed and that her husband was in the restaurant. And he was very sad. And she wanted me to talk to him. So we're having this mental telepathic conference even told me that she had had a chronic condition for years and had been managed. But all of a sudden, something's kind of switched in her body and she died unexpectedly like it was not expected. And I told her my hours, you know, have him call me. I go out.

Alex Ferrari 23:12
Here's my card. Here's my card.

Marie Manuchehri 23:14
Basically, that's what I did. So I go out to the restaurant, we were sitting in the bar, and I'm sitting next to my friend and she says to me, because aren't gonna believe what happened. This man came up to me, he told me that he's with his twin brother that his twin brother's wife just died. And I invited them to have dinner with us. I go, okay, great. You're. So that woman in the stall, who, you know, when people really want you to work for them. And I don't mean to sound like I'm ungrateful. I just used to see 25 people a week, you know, I used to work a lot. Seeing people and now that I teach and all of those things, I had to make some rules about it. But when they really want to see you, and it's truly important, they will make it happen. So her husband and her brother in law came to set it on our table. And she was screaming at me the whole time, tell him to stop drinking and driving, tell him to stop drinking and driving. So he was in so much grief that he was drinking and driving. So I finally told him that his wife was right next to me. And that, and he just started crying. I've only force you know, he's using all the napkins and blowing his nose. And he was annoyed because he wanted her to talk to him. And I said, it's not that she can't talk to you, but your energy has to be elevated because they live in such a high vibration and earth is one of the lowest frequencies on Earth, you have to raise your vibration to have a connection to the multi sensory world of any length. And I sit in grief, although beautiful, unnecessary days a low frequency. And I said I'm sure at some point, you might see her in a dream. Or you might have an actual experience with her but it would be hard right now. So I said she's telling you to please stop drinking and driving. So he promised me he would go see a grief counselor. I did speak to him for a little bit. The following Monday, and I haven't seen her spoken to him sets, but I'm grateful that she took all the necessary attempts to make me do my job.

Alex Ferrari 25:09
Well, let me ask you, who is the enforcer of these rules? Is it your spirit guides? Or is it just once you put that intention out there? It kind of does does it?

Marie Manuchehri 25:17
I think if your intention is authentic, and you don't have a lot of wiggle room in your intention, if you're not being too nice, or you're not over compromising, then the universe at abides by it, because free will is the strongest law in all of the universes.

Alex Ferrari 25:30
Okay, that makes perfect sense. Now, is there a certain are there certain times and places that make connection easier? Or is it you know, just anywhere,

Marie Manuchehri 25:39
I don't seem to have issues with connecting, I can pretty much be anywhere I was at the bank, talking to my bank, and we're in her I didn't even know her father had died. And he showed up. And while we're having a conversation, again, tons of tears, napkins to tissue and

Alex Ferrari 25:55
Do you carry around tissues with you at this point?

Marie Manuchehri 26:00
I don't follow your lead. I'm gonna definitely

Alex Ferrari 26:02
I mean at this point, every time you talk to somebody. Like it seems like it seems like an occupational hazard. So then let me ask you, is there a way because you said something about raising the vibration of ourselves to have any kind of intuitive powers? What can people do to have this connection with their own loved ones?

Marie Manuchehri 26:24
Thank you so much for asking me that question. You know, one of my greatest joys since I didn't know I had disability till I was 37 years of age, I had no idea whatsoever. I have seen so many people who are just as gifted and talented many people have net net, everyone has natural gifts and talents inside of them. Some people never discover them, which brings me the greatest sadness. So one of my joys on Earth is helping people to discover their magnificence and learn who they are and discover their natural gifts and talents. Of course, multisensory ones make me the most excited. But so the other side being too crust over remember, as they're leaving their body, they're sending their energy. So it's, it's escalating, it's moving faster, our energy on Earth is slower. It's a lower frequency, it's a lower vibration. So as the being as it's sending, their energy expands, and that's how they gain Cardinal knowledge and can absorb all that information, which is very healing, like you've learned why your parents were a certain way why you married someone that you didn't you wish you had enter all kinds of closure and awarenesses come in, that are so freeing, and help you recognize that everything was happening for all the perfect reasons that the human mind can't even possibly comprehend. So if humans learn to run their energy at an elevated vibration, then they can easily matched the frequency of other beings, you tend to have high energy, Alex, you're a happy person. And you've worked hard in your life. And we haven't met before this, but you've worked hard in your life, to discover your own joy in your own happiness, which isn't always popular in everyone's eyes. And not everyone agrees with what makes us personally happy. But that's what keeps your vibration elevated is continuing to be mindful of joy to also not listen to mind made emotions which I think trap and imprison humanity, and things that don't even exist or never will exist that exhausts us and lower our frequency. So learning to feel your own authentic emotions is paramount to raising your vibration so that you can choose what does bring you as an individualized being joy.

Alex Ferrari 28:33
Is there ever a time where there's just spirits on the other side who just don't want to have a conversation? Like if I show up and like I need to talk to grandpa and grandma grandpa is not having it, he does not want to talk to you? Has that ever happened?

Marie Manuchehri 28:46
It has never happened to me personally. But it's a very common thing that I've heard is happened to other mediums. For whatever reason, at least the first session that I have with people, the person that they want to see shows up a lot of a lot of times because the people who have crossed over are coming to help humans. They don't need help. Dead people don't need help. They don't have a body. They don't have to eat, they don't have to pay taxes. They can see creation, the universe, God Archangels they have all this consciousness, but when they come they want to come to help that's their desire. They can see things that we can't see or that we don't understand. And so sometimes the person who comes who offers the most valuable information isn't necessarily grandpa, even though grandpa might be there and say a few words. It could be the neighbor that was living next door that died when you were a child and understood some basic concepts about you and brings information that frees your soul so that you can evolve and, and allow yourself to be more fulfilled in this lifetime.

Alex Ferrari 29:48
You, You call yourself a psychic medium. So a lot of times when people think the word psychic, they think of like are you can tell me your future. There's a crystal ball, all that kind of, you know, Hokey Pokey stuff, but generally speaking the cards Have a psychic because you could tell me my future or guide me in some way, shape or form for you, when it's not directly talking to a spirit, what is your source of the information that comes into you because it's different for a channeler, to an Akashic Records person to a spirit talking to spirit guide, what is yours?

Marie Manuchehri 30:17
Mine is kind of a lot of different things. So I can be in the Akashic records, I can be talking to departed loved one I can talk to their spirit guides, their body talks to me, I like to think, but I don't want this to sound, you know, too far fetched. I like to think that I'm talking to God, which I believe we are all we are all God, we are all part of creation, we are irreplaceable. So I like to think that I'm speaking to the higher consciousness of whatever's available to each person, and it's different for each unique person. Some people are more cognizant of their connection to their spirit guides, some people are more comfortable with their connection to the departed loved ones. And I like to have conversations with whoever that is in their highest good that's available.

Alex Ferrari 31:00
And how do you is it through thought, through feeling through like Audible? How has that information come in to you?

Marie Manuchehri 31:08
It's any of those things. So what psychics hope to experience is the knowingness you might see something, you might hear something, you might feel something, I personally don't care how it comes across. I just want to know, so I'm highly clairvoyant. I'm highly visual. One of the things that happens when as a medium is I don't hear people's names who have crossed over I'm really not interested even in human names. People to me Do not look like their names. They look like energy, which could look very different than their name. But beings on the other side, because they're very aware of how mediums work, they know I'm highly visual. So they show me what they look like I can I can see their personality, what their clothing look like their hair, all of those things. And then most importantly, for all psychics, all intuitives you have to feel what you experienced, whether you hear it or you see it or you have a knowingness you have to feel what it means. So like if I was working on someone and I saw vitamin C, the the the symbol for it floating around their body, I have to feel do they need more vitamin C? Or they do they have too much vitamin C? So you have to feel the information that you receive as well.

Alex Ferrari 32:16
What is I have to ask you what is the strangest place and time that some spirits showed up? I'm assuming it's not in the shower, I hope. But like what is like I want you you're doing something you're like, really? Now? What was what's the bathroom?

Marie Manuchehri 32:34
It was a shower thing. Yeah, my cousin, my cousin who was family. Yeah, it was. But we had been estranged for a few years before she died. Her husband was having fun with other people in their marriage. And when I went to visit them, I didn't want to stay at their home and she was mad at me. I had a really cute place that I rented. I said, come stay with me. But she was mad, she was hurt. I hurt her feelings. And she didn't want to talk to me after that. So after many years, I found out that she was terminally ill. And I sent her a bouquet of flowers and tried to reach out. But she probably wasn't even strong enough to have a conversation. So I never got to speak to her before she passed. And so I'm in the shower. One morning, literally. And I had you know, big glass doors, and I look through and there's my cousin looking stunningly gorgeous. She was beautiful. Anyway, leaning up against the sink and countertop, you know, maybe, you know, eight feet away from me, just looking beautiful. She said, the most hysterical thing that shocked me. That's what I love about intuition. Because it's very surprising. It's not what your mind would tell you. And the mind is not a high vibrational place anyway, for humanity. It's, it's a logical tool to help you and I get on zoom on time and make sure the lighting was good in our rooms. Right? Right. So she says to me after she, you know, we said hi, I actually hugged her. Because when I see people, they from the other side, they look the same size as us, you know, and, and then she said to me, she goes, I want you to remember that I had fun in the marriage too. And I completely forgotten that she also had done that earlier on in their marriage had completely forgotten and she was there to teach me to not be judgmental, and to be accepting of people's choices. And it was a very profound, beautiful, wonderful moment for me.

Alex Ferrari 34:30
Let me ask you, because when you brought up your cousin now, how long does spirits stay? In the form of the person that they were the avatar they they were during this lifetime? Is it after everyone who remembers them has gone on the other side? Is it completely different? Are they just projecting themselves as that in this life? What is that? What does that like?

Marie Manuchehri 34:54
Great question so they get to have any form they want when they leave Earth. They don't have to look like anything If they don't want to be cut, so there's a reader board, if you will, outside of every medium. This is what my Spirit Guides taught me. After that cobalt woman, I'm like how the work that I get to communicate with more dead people because they said, Oh, you're a medium surprise, and like, how am I going to do this? So it really is a hologram. But it looks like a sandwich board to me, and it has information on it so that when souls come by, they know how to respond to the medium. So, but to answer your question, you can look like whatever you want, but because I'm very visual, they will show me what they look like when they work physical form. Typically, it used to be 100 human years before anybody would reincarnate to the earth again. Because contango is very fast on the other side faster than Earth time. Earth is so popular right now. Like we're a hot bed of potential conscious grow

Alex Ferrari 35:50
The club that everybody wants to get into.

Marie Manuchehri 35:52
Yes, yes. And so 50 to 100 years is what most souls will wait, they don't necessarily wait. In the other side, there's hundreds of 1000s of dimensions, and depending on your consciousness, you can visit and be wherever you would like to be. So they wait 50 to 100 years before they decide to reincarnate to the earth realm. Was that the question you asked me?

Alex Ferrari 36:14
Yeah, exactly. So it's, in other words, it sounds like they just project themselves as whatever they want, here, as opposed to like, they're not walking around as Bob Wright for the next 100 years up there, or wherever the other places,

Marie Manuchehri 36:27
And if they reincarnate or decide they, you know, are so far away from the Earth from, there's always a spirit vibration of every lifetime we've ever experienced, that exists, it's not as full bodied, as when you're connecting with the person like my cousin, you know, where it was just like no time had passed, and we're just hanging out and laughing our heads off and having a wonderful time. But there is like a spirit representation of that energy, because energy never dies, ever. So we like I can tell when I'm talking to someone who's already reincarnated, you know, they're already back on Earth. But I can communicate to that spirit aspect of them that energy memory that they have of that lifetime.

Alex Ferrari 37:09
So that you mean you can be talking to the spirit, Bob. And then Bob is already Fred Earth, at the same time, it's rare, it's very true. Because in my understanding, there is no past life or future left, it's all happening at the exact same time. Which is hard for us to understand. But I get it, I had a great example of it. So one of my guests told me, it's like, when you're watching television, you're watching the show. But you know, that there's 1000 other shows playing at the exact same time as that show, but you're just not tuned in. So I thought that was such a great way to do it.

Marie Manuchehri 37:47
Great description, because we're having multiple lifetimes at the same time to know we're not just here. On Earth, having this magical moment, we're in multiple places.

Alex Ferrari 37:56
So this concept of the lost soul, or of ghosts, or, you know, spirits that are, you know, trapped in a house or have unfinished business. This has been you know, lore for such a long time, from your perspective. Is that true? How true is it? You know, like, you know, like, there was some tragic accident for Bob, I keep beating up poor Bob. But Bob had some tragic accident in this house. And now he's quote unquote, haunting at our house or hanging out at the house or can't really leave and he was also in the Civil War. So like, is that a thing? How do you what from your perspective, how's that work?

Marie Manuchehri 38:36
That is true. So when energy is leaving the body, remember, free will is the strongest law in the universe, even if choirs of angels are helping someone to cross over. They don't have to if they don't want to. In fact, it's so respected, our individualization is so respected in our free will. So someone is kind of stuck in that lifetime. Like they didn't do inner work, which some people don't do, or my guides always say that people do, it's just so small, I can't perceive it. So sometimes people wait, too, they cross over, and then they look back at Earth and their family and they start to do the inner work from that perspective. But if you have a horrible tragic loss, or your life turns out completely opposite of what you expected, you can stay in the astral plane. So right outside of our dimension is the fourth dimension. I was thinking the fifth dimension is heaven for Earth. And the fourth dimension is called the astral plane. It's a huge time space. Reality is where the Akashic records are, where we can visit past lives, mediums and departed ones crossed through the astral plane all the time so that we can connect and communicate. And so they will get stuck, if you will, because they want to stay in a certain perception they may haunt to home. Typically, though, when I look at hauntings that are pretty challenging. It's usually connected to a human who's having a lot of mess. mental challenges and it could be just depression or sadness, or maybe insomnia. In order for the those two vibrations to come together because they write, there has to be something consistent between their experience from my perspective.

Alex Ferrari 40:17
So in other words, if you are, you're vibrating at a high frequency, and you walk it, you probably wouldn't move into a house that has a spirit in it or two, generally speaking, but you could do we just, it just didn't it doesn't connect,

Marie Manuchehri 40:32
I'm not afraid of ghosts, I think they're cool and interesting, quite well,

Alex Ferrari 40:36
Again, you're you have a very unique perspective. I would, I would beg to differ, many other people see, see Uncle Bob hanging in the corner, probably will freak the hell out.

Marie Manuchehri 40:46
But I do tend to choose new construction in two ways. But who knows about the land, you know, the land could have a ball, right? So there are, you know, there's also these really interesting corridors that were used for a long time where beings could go from one dimension to another. So they're kind of like gateways, kind of like the hospital, but they're actually portals that connect dimensions. And so you don't, you don't want a house that has an open portal. So I sometimes if I can see that in my clients, I encourage them to close it with crystals and things of that nature so that we don't have things just popping in that might be a little mischievious or allowed or create havoc. But there's something beautiful about figuring out one's healing so that they can cross over I think it's kind of a beautiful thing to be near souls who are still trying to figure that out

Alex Ferrari 41:41
Is there is there anything that we can do to protect ourselves from negative energies or things like that, that come into our lives?

Marie Manuchehri 41:51
So I'm not a huge fan of the word protection because I feel like it's a low vibrational word. But I do believe AI vibration naturally protects us if we are happy and fulfilled, which is a moment to moment thing for humans, you know, unless they're present, we naturally expand our auric field and a healthy auric field is about three city blocks in every direction. And think of your aura like your skin and how your skin protects you from heat or, or coldness, or bumping into piece of furniture or falling down and protects the tissues and vessels underneath it. The auric field is the very same thing for our energy system, and even for our physical form. So if we, if we feel present, and we we can even expand our auras all by ourselves, if we just it's a part of who we are. If we expand it, then I think that creates the protection that allows lower vibration energy to stay away from our high frequencies.

Alex Ferrari 42:47
Are there spirit guides, angels, other relatives around this that are around us all the time. Are they a form of quote unquote, protection or a layer, if you will, against that kind of stuff? I ask because this is something is asked to me all the time, right? I'm sure you get as well.

Marie Manuchehri 43:07
I do I do. Yes, absolutely. I mean, your spirit guides are devoted to you, they have to stay with you. And from the moment you're conceived to the moment you cross over and then some family members choose to be an integral part of our lives. And that's why someday mediums won't have a job, everyone will be able to communicate to their loved ones, because everyone's actually capable of it. If they raise their vibration, quiet their mind, they can have connections with their loved ones.

Alex Ferrari 43:33
Who is I've asked this question a few times in the show. I'd love to hear your perspective. What goes on on the other side? Is there a bar? Is anyone hanging out at a movie theater? You know, obviously, there's the Akashic Records, which is a library, really not many people hanging out at the library, though, that's probably the coolest library of the ball. But generally speaking, what happens in that, quote, unquote, time because there is no time on the other side. But that time that they're on the other side in between lives? What's happening?

Marie Manuchehri 44:03
Well, the Akashic records is really just a library for human scrolls of lifetime. So it's really Sunday when Earth no longer exists, which will be a long time from now. Because it will, you know, shift its frequency and then the Akashic records will dissipate because we won't have records for the Earthrealm. But so, they do a lot of things like there are so many people I've talked to who didn't vacation, didn't rest worked like a dog. So they're over there just resting and having fun and playing. They'll say I'm not playing golf, but it's kind of like golf, and not playing the guitar, but it's kind of like a guitar. And so there's been a whole bunch of people just relaxing and laying and having fun and jumping like out of an airplane even though there's no aeroplanes and having adventures or air, or air, you're people who work Believe it or not. So there there are souls that are devoted to the expansion of human consciousness. And one of the jobs that I've seen a few times are when people actually work in the hospital, I know, because they know I love the hospital. And, and so children who are terminal have a hard time crossing over because their parents don't want them to go, the medical staff is doing everything that keep them in their body. And so spirits who have crossed over will come and play video games with him in the evening or at night and talk to them and help them be okay to leave their body because they're going to be leaving their bodies and so they will spend time, kind of giving them therapy and counseling and play. So that I mean, I've mentioned,

Alex Ferrari 45:39
I've heard, I mean, I've heard that there are, you know, keepers in the Akashic Record. So I'm like, well, someone's doing that job there.

Marie Manuchehri 45:46
They don't look human to me, they're like about 20 feet tall. They look like Ben. So they have more of a, a male look, they were again, this cobalt blue collar, for some reason shows up in my visions, like a rope that goes from head to toe. And they can reach the scrolls that are in cubbies very tall and they bring them down and they assist in your right. They monitor the Akashic records.

Alex Ferrari 46:10
So there is there is jobs on the other side that you choose that you choose to do whether you want to. I mean, like what you want to do.

Marie Manuchehri 46:18
Have you seen the movie? What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams?

Alex Ferrari 46:22
Of course, I have. Of course I have. I have had the producer on the show. So yeah.

Marie Manuchehri 46:27
Okay. That's what's happening on the other side.

Alex Ferrari 46:30
It's what?

Marie Manuchehri 46:31
That's what's happening on the other side.

Alex Ferrari 46:33
So that's one of the things I thought because when I saw that movie, and I've heard this from so many near death experiences, like you create your own reality, sometimes you do and what Robin did in when he got there where everything was paint, because his wife was all of paint, and then, and then it slowly built out. And then Oh, there's the dog. And I always love that tree. And I really wanted to have this kind of like Italian villa, and that's what he built. So it was all of that. So it's that kind of what happens on the other side.

Marie Manuchehri 47:00
You have that freedom to be creative and unique and you're still discovering yourself, you know, now you don't have the parameters of a human existence.

Alex Ferrari 47:08
So let me ask you, what is the process for an Ascended Master, a Jesus, a Buddha, a yoga Nanda Baba Ji, these kinds of these kinds of historical characters that we have, we've known some within this last century, like Yogananda but then some more famous, the hardest man working in television, I would always say is, is Jesus, he shows up at every near death experience. Not every bit I'm joking. But like those, if it's appropriate, he shows up or, or Shiva or these kind of these, these beings. What is their? Like? What access do they have? Do they not want to come back? Or they do come back? It's just a help. What is your experience with them?

Marie Manuchehri 47:53
Well, they don't want to come back. They're so big, you know, their energy is so huge now that they don't want to reduce their vibration or their frequency or their consciousness to enter into a physical form. Because even when you and I incarnated to Earth, we didn't bring all of our soul with us, we can only bring parts that can be helpful and parts that want healing. Because we would go crazy if we brought all of our consciousness, but an incredible expansion for, for compassion is what creates Ascended Masters, and self compassion. So like you are an old soul. And I think the planet is like 50% Old Souls and 50% young souls, approximately. and younger souls are learning compassion, older souls are learning self compassion. So once you've learned compassion, so significantly like you and I, you know, if there was a hardened criminal, of course, we want them to go to jail, but we hope they're eating organic food and getting therapy and it's safe for them there. That's right. But because we're on Earth, I'm sure we're working on self compassion and ascended masters have learned how to combine their compassion for all Creation throughout the universes and to have compassion for themselves to that's what I sense their vibration and their frequency.

Alex Ferrari 49:13
And where can they go on the other side that, you know, maybe a soul who's not as ascended, if you will, as they are can go What dimensions from my understanding there are multiple levels, quote, unquote, dimensions, multiples realities, but there are closed doors to certain areas to certain souls who have just not evolved their vibration to the level where they can open that door or go into that place. Where do Ascended Masters go? And that is that the end or they're higher? Obviously, there's higher than Ascended Masters.

Marie Manuchehri 49:44
I don't think there's an end. I don't think there's an end. I don't think the universe is the vacuum. I think that we just keep expanding and we keep expanding and we'll keep creating. So you're right, it's your energy that opens these passageways that we're looking for. Everything on the other side is all about subatomic particles and enter Do you know that's why if someone hasn't been very kind to their loved ones, they won't be able to go near their energy, even as a departed soul, because they can see that the vibration is saying you can't go near their energy until you learn to be kind to them. So it's so much clearer on the other side, that's why there isn't violence and crime and poverty, and all of those things don't exist outside of Earth. You know, we're one of the few timespace realities that has that. So we just keep expanding, and we keep going to dimensions and realities that have that have not even yet been explored. But it's by I, oh, yes, there's the vibration that opens up the doors and the gateways for all of us. So gaining consciousness is truly the goal, you know.

Alex Ferrari 50:47
So the expansion of the infinite universe, as we understand it here in the physical realm, is the exact same thing on the other side, it is an infinite expansion of multiple, I mean, if you start getting into the concept of multiverse or parallel dimensions, every decision you make in your day, arguably can start a new reality somewhere else. So there's a reality where John F. Kennedy did not die. There's a reality where, you know, DC is more popular than Marvel, you know what I'm saying? Also, there's the all sorts of different realities on a grander scale, but just even an individual skill. Like, what if I dated that girl? What if, you know, we would have gone out, you know, and made love that night, and had a kid that would have changed the reality? All? Right, so all that kind of stuff. Is that true?

Marie Manuchehri 51:42
Yes. Even as humans start to embrace the fact that financial freedom is a normal and healthy thing for people to have, you know, that changes their paradigm that changes the vibration of our planet, we start to then have the ability to take care of all kinds of people and create free education and free health care and all of these things. So Earth is a central point to the expansion of all the multi universes. If Earth keeps growing, which a lot of people think the earth is in a really bad spot, I think the Earth is the happiest it has ever been in documented times. I think the vibration on Earth is really high, we could have these conversations. Right? Right. Right. And so as Earth keeps evolving, that helps the universe to expand, that helps to open up more dimensions. I don't think it'll ever end I think it will continue to expand. That's what I think anyway,

Alex Ferrari 52:30
I have to ask you this, because we've had this lovely conversation. And, you know, you and I are both of similar minds. So the conversation has been very, very free flowing in understanding. But they're probably one or two people watching. Who said, these guys are frickin this lady and this guy, nuts. They're insane. They're certifiable. What do you say? Which I'm sure you've run into skeptics along your journey? What do you say to them? And how do you approach that, that skepticism, when it does come to you?

Marie Manuchehri 53:04
You know, I've been so lucky in my career path, either. I'm just in denial of all the skeptics that are out there. But most people find out that about me through referral and by word of mouth, and so by the time they hear about me or learn about me, they've already you know, they. So I'm very blessed. I used to say to the universe, May those who I can easily help find to me maybe that rare helped, I'm not really sure. But but for I have, of course, had a few moments where people have said negative things to me or whatever, email, you just kind of don't care what other people think, you know, like, I think some intuitives and psychics are here to prove that what they do and what they believe in exists. To me, that doesn't, that's not a lot of fun for me, and I'd love to talk about it. I think it's interesting, I could talk about it forever. But I just want to do my job and my work and, and be in the world in my own body and have fun and enjoy myself. So I can't I don't care what other people think, actually,

Alex Ferrari 54:03
What is the biggest misconception about the spirit world that you would love to address?

Marie Manuchehri 54:09
Thank you. That's a gorgeous question. Gorgeous people have so much fear of the multisensory world or the world outside. And I think Earth is 1000 a million times scarier, quite frankly. So we're on this lower frequency and I love Earth. I love it. I, I hope I come back a million more times. I just adore it. It makes me so happy here. But so many people are terrified to have multi sensory experiences. They want to talk to their loved one, but they're so scared and their energy starts to contract and then they can't have a conversation or they think they saw a dead person but they're not sure or someone woke them up in the middle of the night and scared the bejesus out of them and they can track their energy. I think that what would be helpful is to know that words like famine, crime and war do not exist. In any vocabulary outside of the earth realm, and that it is a much kinder loving, certainly interesting and very curious like that movie. So incredibly interesting. I just want to dive in that movie, and go hang out with all those people and learn even more consciousness beyond what I've had the joy of experiencing in this lifetime. That outside of Earth is beautiful and loving and kind. And if you just tip your toe in it, and let yourself feel free and safe there, you will be delighted and all that it has to offer you and all the love and compassion that is available for all of us here on the human side of things.

Alex Ferrari 55:39
When you're doing your work, how do you ensure that the spirits that are talking to you are actually Uncle Bob and it's not someone and you know, disguise or trickery or any of that kind of stuff? With like, maybe spirits who are earthbound because of choice or things like that. They're like, Uncle Bob, really am Uncle Fred. Like, how is that?

Marie Manuchehri 56:04
It's a really good question. So for me what happens because remember, I don't hear their names. I don't know what street they lived on. You know, I don't get those factual aspects, but I can see them and I see the hair first. If they have hair or not. That's what I see first, for some weird reason. But as I'm describing them, some people can't recognize their loved ones, or they forgot what they look like, or the Bob has been dead for 40 years, and they don't know. And until the person that human being that I'm talking to, has an ah ha moment, I can't move forward. I literally won't get the message. So isn't that weird?

Alex Ferrari 56:38
It's a failsafe system. This is a failsafe

Marie Manuchehri 56:40
Apparently. Yeah, apparently, I remember this one time, I described this gentleman to a tee like he was wearing overalls. He was outside. He was clearly a farmer or a gardener. And this woman had no idea what I was talking about. And I couldn't get the message. And I said, Okay, well go home and talk to your family. And if this makes sense, and I described it to a tee, email me, and then I'll get the message and I'll be able to give it to you. So she emailed me a picture a black and white photo of this person wearing the exact outfit that I described holding like this pitchfork, and that I could get the message and it was for wasn't even for that individuals for a family member. I think an aunt of hers. Yeah. So yeah, I have the universe. We apparently had some agreements before I came here to the planet.

Alex Ferrari 57:25
There are some fail safes. Okay, that's good for people to know. Because again, that fear aspect of it all. You're right, people are so afraid of the other side, they're so afraid of dying, they're so afraid of, of talking to the other side, or even having any sort of mystical experiences because the unknown and the unknown, we're just our brain are just known. You we're scared of the Tiger around the corner. We don't want to get eaten. And the other side is a pretty thing pretty big around the corner. You know, and movies don't help at all.

Marie Manuchehri 57:57
I can't watch those scary movies. I'd be terrified if I watch it.

Alex Ferrari 58:03
Can you give us an example of the most profound message that you ever had that just just rocked your world as a medium

Marie Manuchehri 58:12
Well. Okay. Well, you know, I probably well, there was something because you said medium. And there was one just rather recently somebody had somebody who has been had passed away. And she, of course want to talk to her husband, because the children that they helped raise together were her stepchildren, and they weren't happy with her. And how things ended in the estate even though it was fair for everyone. But sometimes people forget when, when someone remarries the person who is left behind who you're not related to still needs a house. You know, you, you we still have to take care of people, you know, hopefully everybody gets a fair share, but this person that we're not related to also get something out of the estate, hopefully, you know, sometimes that doesn't happen. And so she was the the human that I was talking to was very distraught and upset because his entire family had kind of turned from her. And, and she wanted some peace about it because she followed the the will, which was great. And he encouraged her to before he passed. And it was fair because she brought in no resources into the marriage. She was a single woman and married a little later in life and had been homes and so she brought wealth into the relationship. But the person who came to thank her for raising the children Where was his deceased wife, his first wife. And she didn't expect an I didn't expect it either. at all I knew she had crossed because she was explaining how their marriage came about. And she was friends with this woman and when she was alive, and she was just so shocked in a good way and happy and crying and thrilled that this woman came and said thank you for taking care of my family after I departed and anything that you received from her In this union you deserved 100%. And thank you so much for loving my husband and my children when I couldn't be there to take care of them and love them. So that was a cool recent thing that happened that both of us went that was amazing. Like, thank you for coming, you know, and thank you for, you know, being so generous with your energy and appreciating this woman's endeavors, you know, on Earth.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:25
Now, how can anyone learn how to communicate to the other side?

Marie Manuchehri 1:00:30
I will be teaching a class soon and

Alex Ferrari 1:00:32
No, stop it! Before we before about the class, any little, little little teaser tips?

Marie Manuchehri 1:00:39
Yeah, yes. So I really believe and resting in the lower half of your body. I don't think I believe the brain is a conservation organ. It doesn't need a lot of attention. Most humans keep your energy in their chest and in their head. Now, I mostly work with older souls and Pathak people and older souls are attracted to someone like me, younger souls aren't typically not attracted to someone like me at all. And older souls spend so much time in their heart chakra because, you know, they've been working on for millions of years compassion, and they feel guilty all the time responsible for even world events, they have nothing to do with, you know, they're constantly exhausting their heart chakra and wearing themselves out. So unlike most spiritualist, and most teachers, I ask people to take a break from their heart chakra, it's not going to reduce their compassion, but they need to learn to feel their own energy, they have to stop feeling everyone else all the time, that they're not going to lose that capacity. But they need to learn how to feel their own energy, because once you get out of your head, and you rest in the lower half of the body, you're going to connect to the second layer of the auric field, which is called the emotional response system. And true intuition is based on your authentic emotions, not mind made emotions, but authentic emotions, which are always calm, compassionate, and a little bit surprising. Like the woman who showed up in that reading, we were both surprised. That's how you know you're on the right track, so to speak. So people could start to wiggle their toes throughout the day, feel their glute muscles when they're sitting, feel their hands if they're on their lap, or just feel your jewelry on you or your clothing become present with your own physical form. I think there's a natural slide and to that vibration of authentic emotions and feelings and intuition that can propel people to have all kinds of mystical experiences that they deserve. They deserve to have these experiences. Those of us who do this professionally, we know that everyone can have these experiences, we know that and those of us who wish to teach about it, we encourage inspire others to have their own experiences. So that's, it's there's a lot involved. But but that is a great way to start is to stay away from feeling guilty and responsible for everything that's happening on the planet. Love, love, love and adore and cherish yourself. And stay away in your brain.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:10
Yes, well, that's a very, very, very good advice. What is the main message, or lesson have you learned from the spirit world that you'd like to convey to the to the audience.

Marie Manuchehri 1:03:21
Ahh, you know, it's so funny. I kind of forgot this until I was listening to somebody who had just kind of opened up and then again to Suzanne Giesemann, who is just a wonderful being on the planet and incredible you know, being of light is the other side when you connect with it. The main thing you feel an encounter all the time is love for yourself, it and then just loving you. In fact, humans are have such a what most humans load themselves and are highly self critical and cruel to themselves. So when you start to tap into the multi sensory world, it's shocking that beings are saying kind things to you and appreciating you and valuing you, I think the definition of ego is incorrect. I believe that the true definition of ego is fear. Whenever we're in fear of our thinking, analyzing and processing, we're in our ego and that we should love ourselves deeply. The Universe does and the the the more you love yourself, the more you authentically appreciate and value who you are, the higher your energy runs, the closer you are to your higher self, your God consciousness and the easier it is to navigate Earth and have fun here while we explore an adventure this magical place together.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:40
Now I'm going to ask you a few questions ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Marie Manuchehri 1:04:46
Happiness, which is very personal, you know, it's a really personal thing. Like I didn't know that I really like big houses and I like when I bought a home like 10 years ago my kids like mom you should be downsizing sizing. I liked it. How's it said? I live in a big house.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:02
I love to, to get all the spirits that follow you all over the big games, you need space.

Marie Manuchehri 1:05:06
And I need to expand my energy. So what I'm trying to say is you have to kind of spend time with yourself and find out what you like and what you don't like, and not be apologetic about it or embarrassed or ashamed. Your shame is a very low frequency vibration, and start to do the things that make you happy. Like I love jazz music, I make sure it's on whenever I can. I love to be in nature. So I am surrounded by nature and walk a dog all the time. So if people would find out what makes them joyful, that makes your life fulfilling. And because our natural gifts and talents are very joyful experiences, you start to vibrate your energy, or it's more of your authenticity, and you discover things about yourself that you never knew even existed. So if we can be happy, we can discover these things. And that truly is what makes our life fulfilling.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:59
Now if you can go back in time and talk to little Marie, what advice would you give her?

Marie Manuchehri 1:06:03
Oh, yeah, I thought about this so much, honestly. And I'm so glad I've been, especially over the last five years getting rid of regrets because I think that's such a waste of energy. But it's such a human thing. I would tell her how lovable she is, I would tell her how much I love her. I would, you know, just hug her and at every age and tell her that I'm proud of her and that she's amazing. That's what I wish I had loved myself more sooner. You know, that's truly wish I wish I had and everyone had the best intentions, my parents our circumstances, and everyone did the best they could but many people don't get enough nurturing when they're young. And it's hard on us. It does it. It doesn't help us to make the choices that are in alignment with what we truly deserve.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:51
How do you define God or Source?

Marie Manuchehri 1:06:53
Yeah, energy. To me God is energy. So when I see God, which is every day, in my opinion, it's like a big ball of fire. But I don't necessarily see flames. And I love subatomic particles that I see particles all the time. So to me, God, source energy is energy. And then when creation gets inspired, a soul is born from that fire. That's what you are. And that's what I am. So we're all inspired aspects of, of the whole, and we are all part of the whole, the whole can't exist without us.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:29
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Marie Manuchehri 1:07:32
Collective purposes and unique purposes. So like, younger souls, collectively are learning compassion when they come to a contractual reality like Earth, and older souls. As I said earlier, learning self compassion. older souls should not be social workers. Younger souls will make better social workers and social workers work so hard. And then we have our own individual in things that we want to experience. And I think once you get to know yourself, you find out what it is like some people want to learn to be very vulnerable and have deeply beautiful, intimate bonds with others. Other people want to really stand in their power of who they are, and influence the world in a positive way. Some people just want to lay back and do nothing all day long, and grow tomatoes, you know, and donate food. So I think we have multiple purposes, but as a collective of souls in general, we're here to understand love.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:33
And that's what we're working. And where can people find out more about you and the work your'e doing?

Marie Manuchehri 1:08:37
Thank you, you're so sweet. is my website. And I have a radio show that airs on Thursday mornings, you can go through my website, it also turns into a podcast. And I take calls from around the country or sometimes internationally. So it's kind of my way of giving back. I answer people's questions. live on the air. And I teach on the ship network. And I also teach on my own platform as well.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:04
Yeah. So we will have a link to your shift network course in the description. And in the show notes. For everyone to take a look at your I think it will be giving a free version of it first. Yes.

Marie Manuchehri 1:09:18
Saturday, yeah, they are on the 14th and the 17th. I don't know when this will air, but I guess, my class and I'll be teaching mediumship for the first time on the shift network. So I'm thrilled and delighted to do so.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:29
That's amazing. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Marie Manuchehri 1:09:32
Ahh, well, first of all, thank you, everyone, for taking time out of your day and following this wonderful human being Alex, who is such a pure light, um, who graciously sends energy and love throughout the world and the universe's so thank you everyone for finding Alex and listening to him and following him and for hopefully enjoying the conversation we had today. And please, please, please, please, please fall inlove with yourself please.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:02
I appreciate you and the work you're doing my dear thank you again so much

Marie Manuchehri 1:10:06
Thank you Alex.

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