REVEALED: Secret ANCIENT Technique To MANIFEST Your DREAM LIFE! with Marie Diamond

In the sacred space of today’s episode, we welcome Marie Diamond, a luminary in the world of energy, environment, and the Law of Attraction. Marie’s journey from a traumatic near-death experience (NDE) at the age of 15 to becoming an internationally recognized Feng Shui master and a star of “The Secret” offers profound insights into how our surroundings impact our lives.

Marie begins by recounting the life-altering event when she was struck by a truck while biking home from school in Belgium. Declared dead at the scene, she experienced an extraordinary NDE where she encountered beings of light. One of these beings communicated a powerful message: she was destined to enlighten more than 500 million people. This revelation not only brought her back to life but also set her on a path of spiritual and personal transformation.

Marie Diamond describes how this experience profoundly impacted her, leading her to study and practice meditation intensively. She transitioned from a straight-A student to struggling academically due to memory issues caused by the accident. Meditation became a tool for reprogramming her mind and healing. This intense spiritual practice strengthened her intuition and set the stage for her future work.


  1. The Power of Environment: Marie emphasizes that our physical surroundings significantly influence our lives. By aligning our living spaces with the principles of Feng Shui, we can enhance our well-being, success, and relationships.
  2. Trust and Surrender: Despite not knowing exactly how to fulfill her mission, Marie trusted that the universe would guide her. She advises asking the universe for clarity and being open to receiving guidance through various channels.
  3. Personal Transformation through Meditation: Marie’s story highlights the transformative power of meditation. It not only helped her heal from physical and emotional trauma but also deepened her spiritual awareness and intuitive abilities.

Marie’s understanding of Feng Shui goes beyond mere aesthetics. She explains that it is an energy system similar to acupuncture but applied to spaces rather than the body. Feng Shui, which translates to “wind and water,” involves arranging our environment to optimize the flow of energy, or “chi,” to promote harmony and prosperity. She shares practical tips such as decluttering, incorporating specific colors, and positioning furniture to enhance positive energy flow.

One particularly impactful story Marie shares is about a client who struggled to find love. By removing a painting of a lonely woman from his home and replacing it with images symbolizing romance, he was able to attract a loving relationship into his life. This illustrates how our environment reflects and influences our inner state and experiences.

Marie Diamond also discusses the significance of facing the door in any workspace. This simple adjustment can shift our brainwaves from a stress response to a more creative and solution-oriented state. Seeing the door symbolizes being open to new opportunities and having control over our space, which can positively affect our productivity and mindset.

Clearing space, both physically and energetically, is another crucial aspect of Feng Shui. Marie suggests using lavender mist, candles, and regular decluttering to maintain a harmonious environment. This practice helps to release stagnant energy and invite fresh, vibrant energy into our lives.

To attract more wealth and abundance, Marie advises paying special attention to the entrance of your home, which she calls the “mouth of money.” Ensuring this area is clean, inviting, and adorned with symbols of prosperity, like gold-colored items, can significantly impact your financial well-being.

In conclusion, Marie Diamond’s insights into the power of our environment and the Law of Attraction offer practical and profound ways to enhance our lives. Her story encourages us to embrace our surroundings as reflections of our inner world and to trust the universe’s guidance on our journey to fulfillment and enlightenment.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 194

Marie Diamond 0:00
Now, I learned that the third part of the law of attraction is your environment, and not the environment just from having the people around you, but literally, where you live, sleep and work.

Alex Ferrari 0:13
I'd like to welcome to the show Marie Diamond. How you doing Marie?

Marie Diamond 0:31
Hi! I'm great, looking forward to talk to you today, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 0:34
Yes, it's been a pleasure. It's a pleasure having you on the show. I saw you at a Mindvalley event, year a few years ago, and I live in Los Angeles and I loved your presentation. I then of course, moved my desk to face the door. Instead of having my back to the door, and it things, it's going well, I have to say. But we'll talk about what that means in a minute. But before we get started, I just recently found out you had an event happen to you when you were 15. Can you talk a little bit about that event and what happened to you then?

Marie Diamond 1:14
Yeah, so when I was 15, I grew up in Belgium. And I was in Belgium, people take the bikes to go to school. So I was coming back from school when I was run over by a truck. And I was actually declared dead. So they already put a fabric over me. And they put me in the ambulance at that moment, because my mom was very close to where we were the accent was somebody had gone to look for her. And she started screaming and asked to resuscitate me. But I was already gone. So I was literally hovering over my body, seeing my mother there that I thought was very weird. Because she was with me when I had an accident. And I went to the other side. And I literally went to a space where there were Light Beings of Light and and I got a message that I was here to enlighten more than 500 million people to come back. So I went back into my body. A couple of days later, I went, you know, I woke up. And that's from that moment on my purpose. I knew what I had to do here. But I had I had physically died. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 2:32
So did you. So did you did you go through any life review or speak to anybody on the other side? Or was it it was just that message?

Marie Diamond 2:40
No, there were beings of light. And there was this one being that was telling me like telepathically I was getting that message. But I didn't get like a life review. I mean, I was only 15. And I have to be honest, my life hasn't done a lot in 15 years. But I've just started at a time, you know,

Alex Ferrari 3:01
Fair, fair enough. And that that moment, that event probably shaped the rest of your life, obviously.

Marie Diamond 3:07
Yes, it did. Because after that accident, also, I had a lot of problems with memory. And so I had to really kind of study again, and I had a very hard time being from a straight A student becoming a straight F student. And I learned to meditate very intensely. I already knew some meditation before, but I really learned to really try to reprogram my mind because I needed to heal my mind because I couldn't study very well. And I was very depressed. So I had to like, you know, find a new way to live my life, you know, and I would say my intuition became very strong by then practicing a lot, a lot of hours of meditation. So, yeah, I would say without that, and without knowing my vision, that what I was here for, I probably would have done something else with my life than what I do now.

Alex Ferrari 4:11
And would you spirit, were you very spiritual prior to your event.

Marie Diamond 4:15
I was I was very, you know, I come from a Catholic background, right. So I was very religious, but also very spiritual. I was praying a lot. I already as a child, I could see energy. So I could see chakras or fields. I didn't know what that really meant at that time. But I was already very much in tune with God. Like I was very, very, I mean, for that age. I was very religious, like, but I did not know what to do with it. Right. And then we'll say from that moment on, I would ask every day I am here to enlighten more than 500 people show me how God showed me how universe show me how I I had no idea what that freaking meant.

Alex Ferrari 5:03
It's a fairly that's a fairly large mission, you know, you're

Marie Diamond 5:06
Huge mission, what I have accomplished already by being in The Secret and being so many movies and, you know, have reached millions of people, but I had no idea. So I had to find a way. And I kind of felt that God universe was putting like breadcrumbs on my path. And I just have to follow it. Yeah. And, and trusting it, you know, I learned to trust that it will be revealed, I didn't know what it meant, but it trust enough to message that I came back from the dead literally, in a physical body to to do something with it. Otherwise, why was I here again?

Alex Ferrari 5:51
So that's very interesting. I just want to go back to what you said, you said you trust and you just trust that things will unfold the way they needed to. There's so many of us listening right now that that is extremely difficult to do. Now, obviously, not all of us have a spiritual near death experience that really solidifies why we're here. Someone literally gave you like, Hey, this is what you're here to do. Go do it. Most of us don't get that, that blessing. So it's hard to trust. Can you give any advice to people listening on if they're in a wall or hitting a wall in their life of what they're trying to do or attempting to do? To find their mission? To trust that the universe will unfold the way it needs to? in their best interest?

Marie Diamond 6:34
Yeah, so yeah, you're right, I was given a blessing by receiving it. Yeah. And I've spoken, you know, over the years, with 1000s of people asked me that same question, that same question. Like I don't, I don't have like this thing happening to me, or somebody telling me, like, this is what you're here for. And I always say, like, I believe every soul is here to really make a difference. But the difference can be their family, it can be career wise, can be for the community, we just don't know, right? What it is, but we can ask, we can ask every day, you know, let this mission this vision unfold in my life, let it become clear. So you can ask for clarity about it, even if you are not knowing what it was. So I had to ask the house because I did not know the house. But I already know what it was. Some people know the how, but they don't know what they doing it for. Yeah. So we just can ask and I the power of asking, you know, the the power of asking from your heart without expecting right away an answer, but allowing the answer to come? Yeah. So it's just like, ask the question, and then say to the universe, and I allow to receive it. I'm open to receive it. Yeah. Because if we then if we just ask, and we just like, yeah, I want to know. But we're, we're already in that moment of stress. Like, I want to know, like, we're already in a controlling experience at that moment. But if you say, I'm open to receive the answer, then you're doing it from your heart, and you don't put stress or pressure on it, then I'm telling you, the universe will guide you to the book to the teacher to a dream to a conversation to a podcast, or you know, something that will help you to get to know and like, Oh, this is why I'm doing this. This is who I am. This is what I'm bringing, but be open to receive the answer.

Alex Ferrari 8:44
Very, very good. So when you obviously had a mission, and you you had a marching orders, but you didn't know what, but you didn't know what they were. So how did you find the line of work that you're in now?

Marie Diamond 8:59
Well, it's really interesting. You know, at that time, I had no idea what to do with that, like, did I have to do with this? I mean, I was in Belgium, like there was no, no things like self help self improvement books in that exists. So I had that moment. I thought, like, how can I reach millions of people and improve their lives? And at that moment, I thought, like, what if I become a diplomats? Yeah. What if I work with the United Nations? What if I become a politician, and I'm able to change laws? And so that's why I studied law and international law, and also became a criminologist because I wanted to understand that just a little bit I want to understand the most when people are in the weakest or the most vulnerable are the most difficult of the experience, and they choose the wrong pad. You know, how does that unfold like I wanted to do to grow my compassion, yeah. And that's why I studied this information and said a lot of psychology and psychiatry. And I was just like, I was so interested, I was studying like, literally non stop till I was, like 28 years old. And I became an international lawyer working for the governments, Belgium, and then Europe. And after a couple of years, I was like, I did a lot of great projects and changed a lot of things. But I didn't feel it was a change of the heart. It was like the change of the mind that I did mentally, I changed things. But I felt like something from the heart didn't change in people's when I changed something in politics, for example, it's the heart that is very much involved there. Right. So that is when I was like, 31. After having my first baby, I was like, I kept receiving to set up a spiritual center. Now, I didn't know that that existed already. Or so I just started, I just followed the guidance that came in my dreams that came in my meditation. And I set up a spiritual center. And I started teaching my meditations that I always had received. I had Meanwhile, at 26, I had an enlightenment experience. So I, I had some experiences, and I wanted to share that and I got some exercises. And I shared it with people. And before I knew it, I had 1000s of people taking my classes in a small country in Belgium, and then after a while, it was like, after a couple of five years, like how to reach millions of people. Belgium is too small. So, you know, I just decided to immigrate to America. And I started from from nothing there. I didn't, you know, and then I found out there were other people teaching. And some people said, but really, we have plenty of people like you, we don't need you. And I told them, Well, you know, perhaps I have something different to share, you know, meanwhile, I already had started teaching Fung Shui I had studied Fung Shui with a function master because I already practiced this some parts and principles since I was 15. And so I started bringing Fung Shui and meditation together. And and that's how things started unfolding. When I moved to America.

Alex Ferrari 12:34
So you said you had an awakening experience enlightening experience? What was that? Can you just share that really quickly? What What was your enlightenment experience? I mean, when you when you say things like that at a conversation, I'm gonna ask what kind of enlightenment conversation did you have Marie?

Marie Diamond 12:50
Well, yeah, it was very interesting. I was 26 as a lawyer, right. And I was guided to go to a place where they did Tibetan gongs, so there was like a Tibetan tradition and they would like play Tibetan bowls, and Tibet, gongs around my body when I was at in meditation, and at that moment, when that happened, I went totally out of my body. And I traveled like beyond dimensions. Like, I traveled beyond the Earth beyond the Milky Way till I became in a total place of total silence, like the void, there was like nothing but out of that nothing, suddenly, light appeared. And sound appeared. And like I started seeing how galaxies were created. And I was the galaxy, I saw how planets and stars were created. And I was every star and it was every planet. And so souls being played enemy came every soul and so ultimately, the earth and ever was the earth. And so there was this whole experience of totally becoming the universe, and I was the universe. And when I came back into my body, I, for me to experience felt like it lasted five minutes, because it was like so quick. Yeah. And but I knew when I came back to my body, I will be never to say, yeah, that was very clear to me. I will never be the same. And then I asked the people that had been working on me like, and they were like, for two hours, you were like, snoring. But they couldn't touch my body. They were like, there was so much energy going on in my body, that this just Amanda was doing this as a Tibetan monk said, I couldn't touch your body. We had all to step away from your body. Your body was such a cluster of energy and So they knew that something major was happening with my body. But for me, it was just like a blink of a time blink of a second. That was how fast it was. Yeah. So everything changed for me.

Alex Ferrari 15:14
So you have the title of your next book, snoring to enlightenment, I think that I think that it's a best seller. Make a note of it, it's free to use snoring your way to enlightenment, I think the Marie Diamond story, I'm telling you, it's gonna be huge.

Marie Diamond 15:34
Well, my husband will be happy to hear that because he's always still saying I'm so sorry.

Alex Ferrari 15:39
You're just going back into enlightenment. That's all that is. I am enlightened every night apparently, according to my wife, I'm enlightened constantly. So So you mentioned Fung Shui? You know, that's a term that was it's been thrown around a lot. Can you explain to people what Fung Shui is and how it works?

Marie Diamond 16:02
Yeah. So functionally is, first of all, it's an energy system that is put 1000s of years around in China. And it's actually built on the same principles as we know acupuncture. Yeah, as Tai Chi and Qigong. So it's all about moving the Chi Moving the energy, because functional means that the winds energy and water energy. But as we look at the body, and we know there are some blockages from Chi from energy, then the acupuncturist will put acupressure or will put a needle. But if you look at the home as a body, then we're actually using same principles to move the energy in a house. And to create for the house more wealth, more success. For the people living in the house, more better relationships that are held, we will play some things, not needles, and we don't put acupressure. But we use colors, we put certain things in a positioning. So we can see the body also as a place of acupuncture. And this is actually traditions that Tilda 9050 were very much known only in China, with some exceptions of like the time of Peter, the first bit of the great in Russia, and Louie the 14th, the Sun King in France, they use some of the functional principles for the castles. But for the rest, I would say it was quite contained to China and only in the 1950s the information start being brought out beyond China to places like Singapore and Hong Kong and Taiwan and, and Malaysia, because some of the function masses left China at that point. And so they start sharing this information. So for me, when I started connecting with Fung Shui was when I was 15. And I had gone through this experience, I already had a spiritual mentor on my path since I was quite young. And I had asked that mentor, you know, what did I do wrong? Like, why did I attract this accident? And this mentors told me like Marie, you have bad phosphate. And I was like, but that, you know, never heard of that term. Remember, Catholic country, Belgium, they don't talk about Fung Shui. And so he said, like, it's the place where you live has an influence. So the place where you sleep, has an influence on your brainwaves has influence on how you feel. And I slept in a room that I hated that room, I felt really very bad. A lot of nightmares there. So I was my life was not in a good place. I was bullied at school beaten up, I had no friends. I was a good student. But that was all. Yeah. And so that's why I think I did not have a life review when I died because it was a great life. So I was definitely you know, I was in a very emotional and physical abusive household. So it was not fun to live. And so then I moved into another place. So I asked my parents, if I could move to another bedroom, I painted another color start creating something that was more aligned with what I wanted. And my wife said shifting like literally, and I was like oh, so I started understanding that your home is actually a reflection of what you want or is a reflection of what you have created in the past. So I call this a law of attraction of your home. And so when I started studying with my functional Grandmaster he told me that three out aspects of law of attraction. And the first one is your soul comes to this planet in this vessel and has a certain law of attraction in place, like you have a purpose, you have some talents have some challenges. So you come already with a basic law of attraction package that I will call your karma, or your dharma or your destiny. And so you're born someplace with certain parents, and you know that there's something basic, right? And can you change that? Yes, if you move to another country, or you, you say like, well, I'm changing gender, you're changing some of that energy, right? So you also have a second aspect of the law of attraction, and that is your human aspect. And that is how you think, how you feel and what you do. So the self improvement world is really talking about that. It's like, you can change your mindset. Yeah, if you change your mindset, you change the law of attraction, if you change how you feel about things, like instead of being angry, you'll be grateful and joyful, then things move in another direction. And so you will attract something different. If you take good actions or you are lazy, don't do anything? Well, your love, attraction will change. Right? So that's the second part. Now, I learned that the third part of the law of attraction is your environment. And not the environment just from having the people around you. But literally, where you live, sleep and work. And that the rules and the principles of that were actually found 1000s of years ago by Chinese shamans that understood and could see probably the Chi the energy that on the other body, but also around people where they were living, and they start seeing if we do certain things, then the energy is optimized, and there's more harmony, and there's more weld, and people feel better. That is what Fung Shui ultimately, has been the energy system to change the last part of law of attraction. And I always say your home is like a three dimensional vision board. Yeah. So everything around you is affecting you. Literally, it's like a message that is sent to you. It's like a story. So the question is, what's the story of the space around you? How is that affecting you? Like I look at your space. And there are some things that are you know, the word awake? Yeah. There's Tibet, Tibetan traditions there the word love. So you are sending some messages to you. Yeah. To yourself, and of course, to your listeners also, right? There is all this. We are there 24 hours a day, we're in an environment eight hours really sleep eight hours when we live have a social life. And eight hours where we work. Yeah. So that is all the time influencing us on a subconscious level.

Alex Ferrari 23:06
So I mean, I know that there's power within colors and things like that. So like if I painted this room red, you know, blood red, it's going to have an effect on my end on an energy. That's why I for I think it was I think they started doing this on a psychological standpoint. They started painting. jail cells in pink, they found that it calm there was less fighting. Let's see if everything was in pink for whatever reason.

Marie Diamond 23:37
Yes. Well, pink stands actually for tenderness for loving chi. Yeah. They actually already 100 years ago, they started the standing of they painted, you know, hospitals and psychiatry areas and prisons. Green. Yeah, that people would actually come down also, because these people are insights. Yeah. And they missing nature. So by having the green energy, you actually balance more. And you connect more with your your heart, first of all, and so because there's also the green chakra, so they have seen there certain colors that do influence psychologically. But there's a whole range of that. And of course, if you, for example, do red all around you, you will not sleep very well. Like if you would have a red bedroom, you will not sleep because first of all, you're like in an alert system when you see red. Now red can be a great activator, or you can do certain red objects. It's all about passion. So it's a great color. But if you would have it constantly because red stands for fire. Yeah. And so subconsciously, we're all the time in fire. So if you are all the time surrounded by fire, you will not sleep. Yeah, you will be on alert. Yep, the same with blue if people would have blue around them, then subconsciously will connect in with water. And if you're surrounded by water, let's say you're in, in the sea, you will not fall asleep in the sea because you will drown. So these are the two colors, reds and blues, and we don't want in a bedroom as main color.

Alex Ferrari 25:17
Then there was another thing that was one of the main principles because I did study Fung Shui a bit when I was in my 20s. Because when I bought my house, I was like, well, I need to design this house somehow. So I Fung Shui the entire house. And the one thing I understood was mirrors in the bedroom are not good. And I don't know about anyone listening, you could tell me about mirrors in general. But if you were surrounded by mirrors, in a bedroom, just let's say literally wall to ceiling, mirrors, or even just one big wall or wall in a closet. There's something it's very unsettling. It's not a it's not a good energy. Can you explain why?

Marie Diamond 25:59
Well, you know, a mirror reflects whatever it sees. Yep. So if you're in a bedroom, and you have a mirror, it reflects the person sleeping. If you're sleeping by yourself, you're doubling the loneliness. If you're with two people, you're doubling the people in the bedroom, but also you're doubling the aura field, the frequencies of the body. And so when people are sick, and this mirrors it doubles the sickness. So interesting enough, some studies have been done in China about mirrors. And they have seen people sleeping in a room with mirrors, and even a television can be a mirror, by the way, that they have seen the the white blood cells increase the blood pressure increases. Yeah. So there's more inflammation in the body. And so it is actually because we have in our mind something called the mirror neurons. So we are reflecting, but it's actually reflecting constantly. So we wake up and we let's be honest, when we wake up, we don't look the greatest in the morning. Right? So some people are okay, but some people like oh, I don't

Alex Ferrari 27:07
I look fantastic. I don't know what you're talking about. look fantastic.

Marie Diamond 27:07
So but let's be honest, we look, you know,

Alex Ferrari 27:11
We're slipping.

Marie Diamond 27:14
Yeah. And so we are receiving that, but also you go to bed and you're stressed and you're so you're reflecting that all the time, you're magnifying all this energy. And so a mirror is a great thing to hang in places. Where for example, in restaurants, because you want double the food, like in a dining room, it's great. Doubling the food is always great doubling people that are active and having fun and enjoying themselves. In restaurants, you have to have for sure mirrors reflecting the people, because you will double the income double the happiness, but in a bedroom, because you're so so calm and silence most of the time. Yet you are actually are, you're doubling the the night energy. And so we never want that. Yeah. But there have been studies about that. And that's the first thing I always say when people are by themselves and they have health issues. Make sure you are not reflecting yourself at night.

Alex Ferrari 28:21
There was when I when I saw your talk and Mindvalley you gave a couple of stories which I want to have you repeat here in this conversation with a great, but there was a client of yours that that was he kept telling us like I can't find love. I can't find love and you went to their house. And there was a certain painting that was on the wall constantly. And you're like, well, there's the answer. Can you talk a little bit about that conversation?

Marie Diamond 28:44
Yeah. So you know, when the image is around, you are actually reflecting back to you. So this this person had literally an image of a lonely woman that was like looking away from him. And he was like, literally, he was like, I'm not interested in you. Right? I tell the story, also in the secret in a movie I'm in. And so I said to him how I was going said, Well, to be honest, people are just they're setting me up with blind dates because no woman is interested in me. And he's a gorgeous looking guy. He's a film director, right? I mean, literally, if I would have been by myself by that, at that time that married I was going to be interested that guy, it was gorgeous. And so but he's like, women are turning away from me, like so I asked him to take that to take this images away. So if you are looking for romance don't have single images of single people. Yeah, or statues around you. Because you're actually giving yourself permission to stay single. Yeah. So I asked him to draw something that's more romantic because he created himself. So add things around you what you desire, not the things where you are at at this moment. Yeah. So as things start shifting so quickly for him and attracted the right person, because he gave himself permission to fall in love.

Alex Ferrari 30:13
So like in a bedroom, you should, you know, have if you're with if you're married images of you having fun and loving images, your family, your children, those kinds of loving images to bring that kind of energy, right?

Marie Diamond 30:30
But be careful don't put too many children pictures in your bedroom either. Right? So focus on your relationship, your romantic relationship, because I had women saying, Well, I have pictures of all the children and said, so they're always sleeping with you. And it's like, how do you know? Like, yeah, because you tell them this is the place to sleep. So be careful about that. Also, in a bedroom don't put too much spiritual items like I've seen too many times people have too much Buddhas and and Ross's right. And I say like, you know it. It's okay to have something but not like overwhelming yet. You don't make love in a temple, right? So

Alex Ferrari 31:12
Generally speaking, you don't want to make love and Buddha's looking at you with one eye like this, you'd like don't want that to happen, essentially. So with this, so just looking at my set, the way I've built this thing I have all the books are all spiritual books, the word awake, the word love. I've got gurus and Yogi's meditating in a mountainside behind me. I have, you know, statues of Buddha. And you know, Baba Ji. And Yogi's. And I have the world. Everything was very specific. I built this very specifically, because this is the energy that I want to go out in my show. So this does this makes sense to you?

Marie Diamond 31:52
Yes, totally. Yes. But of course, you know, you can also go a little bit more personal, right? This is very general, right? Sure. So based on your birthday, and your birth gender, you can actually find out in the space around you. What is your success election, so people can go and download my free Marie Diamond app, called the emoji number. And then there they can look at what is their birthday, and their gender. And they will be asked to put that in. Yeah. And then it calculates. So it's all about the birth gender. So your number is an eight. So that is your call to connector. Yeah. So you will see there are some directions that are good for you. And your success of action is southwest. And then you will be able to click on your compass. Yeah. Diamond compass. And you will see southwest. Yeah. Is your success direction. And relationship direction is West for you held is Northwest and wisdom is north east. And so what you do is your whole campus, in the center of your room. Okay, yeah. There you look, where is my success, so my success actually is actually behind me. I couldn't see it. Because I see the door. That's the first rule always see the door. But what is behind me is actually some upcoming books, some of my major programs, my awards. So some some information about my companies. So I put something there. And then in my relationship direction, it's over there. I actually have images of all my top clients, I have a globe, because I have global students more than a million online. So I have some images there also even an image of my family, because my family supports me. So you can actually die this what I call the acupuncture. Yeah. So you're going to use your home, and you will look at your bedroom at your office or workspace and your living area and see what is it my success energy in the good direction. So there are four good directions and there's some empty directions. Deputy directions, they don't relate with you personally and just for the rest of your life. Yeah. So in the good directions, you always make sure you have no clutter. No garbage bin. Yep. So you always place an activator things and in the app, it gives you explanations. Yeah, there's some free videos that you can look into that to help you with that. And then as you activate that, it's like you are bringing in 1/3 of your love attraction. So I don't know from your space right now what you have, which direction that is for you. So you will need to download the app. Hold it in the center and see, for example, your Tibetan monks, yeah. With it with Tibet. Let's say that will be in your wisdom direction. Yeah, that is perfect. But if that would be In your relationship direction, yeah. Then you're saying, Well, I'm hanging out with monks in a monastery. That's not a great idea for romance. Yeah. Right. Start looking at things and become aware of it. Yeah. So in my bedroom in my relationship direction, I have a picture of my husband and me. Yeah, I will not put a picture there of me and my students, I don't want my students to come in my bedroom. Right. But a picture of me and my students I will have in my office, for example. Yeah. Right. So this is how you can look at personalizing your Fung Shui, and, and start implementing what we just shared.

Alex Ferrari 35:46
That's really, really wonderful information. You said facing the door, which is I know what this is, but I'd love for you to explain it to people, because so many people, especially workspaces, they have their back to the door. They have their desk, you know, in a aesthetically pleasing arrangement in the room, but not arranged well for your functional area for your energy. So can you explain the difference? What, what how why it's important?

Marie Diamond 36:13
Yeah, so the first rule is to be in a power position. Yeah. And so a power position means you always want to see the energy coming in from the door that you would use yourself to come into the door, into the room. Yeah, so there's perhaps room to the bathroom. But that's not where you would walk in from the hallway from the rest of the place. So you always sit yourself this way. Because when you do that, you are actually opening up your energy, and your vibration will go to the frontal cortex. When we're in the frontal cortex, we are more in alpha brainwaves, we are more optimistic, we are more creative and solution driven. When we are with our back to the door, or energy goes to our reptilian brain, and we go into fear based energy and beta. And literally, when we are back to the door, we don't see who comes in, even if nobody comes in. And if it's just your dog walking in once in a while, right. So you're literally closing yourself off from the incoming energy, that means you will close yourself off from solutions, you will focus more on the past instead of on the future. And you will also not see the opportunities that are coming to you. So that's the first rule. We always say to people, any space you're working, make sure you see the door. So I'm sitting here I see the door. So it's like in that peripheral view. I see the door. Yeah. So if the door is on the sides are behind you. That sounds good. So you always sit more in a weaker position. I always say like, think about the President of the United States in the Oval Room, his sits and sees all the doors. Yeah. So think about a king or queen, or a CEO of a president of a company, they will put themselves up so that when somebody comes in, they would see the door. If you're not seeing the door, you like a receptionist you like that's so important. So always set yourself up as being the king and the queen, or the president of your own space.

Alex Ferrari 38:23
Now, for a lot of people listening to this, you know, this, this might sound woowoo. And all this kind of like this is sounds this is a little odd. But the the art of functional way, has been around in China for 1000s of years and has been used and has been tested. And I mean, buildings and complexes and neighborhoods are built on the principles of functional way there. So there has to be something that a billion people believe in it so as to be there at this point, correct?

Marie Diamond 38:57
Yeah, that is correct. And so it's not just only in China, you know, there's a lot of big companies also that hire me, for example, or other functional masters, to help them to when something is off, or the personnel has issues, or you know, they have safety problems, or just the financial things don't go well. You know, it's like celebrities and politicians and governments I've even worked with, you know, they probably won't say it publicly. But, you know, at a certain point, they're like, Yeah, we need some help. And we don't know what is going on, can you please come in and support us with this? So it's a very ancient information. I, I was like somebody that loved that so much, and I wanted it to go to everyone like, my big thing was like, I want everybody to know this information. So for me to use that and then get make sure there's a lot of free information out there for people to use, for example, through an app Have you no longer YouTube like wherever I can. So, so people to know that some simple shifts that you can do, right, that have such a huge impact. And I will say, if I would not have practiced this, I would never have been in the secret, I would have never reached millions of people with my work. I mean, I was just, you know, a girl from Belgium, right? I had an accident that 15, right. But I was using this information constantly. And I have seen so many amazing shifts happening and people, because other people try so hard to make the best of their life, to have a positive mindset to be more grateful. But if you can just be simple things, and what the super wealthy are using paid away, right, that this information I give you here for free. They know setting themselves up in their space gives them a better control over life, they're more open to receive the wealth that they're looking for. And so these are simple techniques, but they were aware for so long and around for so long. And now it's time that all the Western world knows about it.

Alex Ferrari 41:16
Yeah. And at the end of the day, you know, everyone listening, you know, why not try? Yeah, like, it's not gonna hurt, like, move your desk in your office to have it face to some subtle stuff. You don't have to go all in you don't have to go crazy. But even if these subtle things, you know, ideas that Maria is talking about in her books and her work, why not try it? It doesn't hurt. You know, it's not like a, you know, taking a pill. Like, you know, it's just give it just give it a shot to see if it works because it has, you know, elements of Fung Shui has worked in my life without question. And it's always fascinating to see, when you start thinking about these things, you become conscious about these things. How things do change in your life. Which brings me to you were mentioning celebrities. I love your story about the little gold man. Can you talk about that the director that you you were focusing on this little gold man, and there's this, this young and up and coming director that you went to go work with? Can you talk about that story? It's a fascinating story. Yeah.

Marie Diamond 42:20
So you know, when I came to America, I wanted to connect in with being in a movie, you know, or the movie industry. So I got myself a little fake Oscar golden Oscar statue. And I put it in my success of action. Yeah, so this for me, it's a Southwest, same as yours. So I put it in the southwest of my office. And within a month, the first Oscar winning client called me out of the blue. And so over the years, I had Oscar winning clients coming to me, but always they had won an Oscar. And I always say that Oscar was much heavier than mine, because mine was fake. There was real. And then one day, I woke up with the idea like, you know what? It's really interesting. I only attract people with one Oscar. But I don't get people with more Oscars.

Alex Ferrari 43:13
This is first of all, this is first world problems. By the way. It's it's definitely first, well, probably only one Oscar. I'm tired. Just a one Oscar winners. Yeah, I need a multiple Oscar winner at this point in my life,

Marie Diamond 43:25
Right? Yeah. So I bought two extra Oscars and big Oscars, of course. And I put it three out. And that was on a Tuesday morning. And the Thursday from that week, I get a phone call from somebody saying out of the blue. I'm a personal assistant of a top celebrity. They want you to come and do the Fung shui of property. And I said okay, but who is it only? We don't want to mention it. But I said, Okay. Give me who referred you. So they told me the referral. And I said, Okay, I'll trust it. So I go there. And so I'm getting to the property of Steven Spielberg. Yeah. And so. So they asked me to look at his office, and I look at his office can't find any Oscars. I'm like, that doesn't make sense. Right? Then I'm invited to his personal home. And there I see his three Oscars. And I'm like, Oh, this is interesting. He has three Oscars. At that moment. He had three, right. He has more now, but I said, Can you tell me why do you call me and when did you talk about me? Well, last Tuesday afternoon, so Tuesday morning, I put the three Oscars out. Last Tuesday afternoon, we'd start talking about you to a friend of us. And we know about you for four years. And suddenly we thought like it's time to get re diamond in, you know, but the thing was, I said The tone to the universe like, Hey, I'm ready for three Oscars. And then the three asker person said, yes. So that's how I got Steven Spielberg as a client.

Alex Ferrari 45:12
That was. That's amazing. Yeah, that's such a great a great story. Um, can you can you talk about clearing the space? What is that exactly?

Marie Diamond 45:21
Well, clearing the space can be on many levels. The first one is the physical level, literally, what is around you is affecting you. We know that already. So if you have chaos around you, then don't be surprised your mind has a hard time to be focused and concentrated. So if you have like a desk, and there's all these papers and books around them, or you're on your nightstand, you look at your nightstand is all these books. I don't know, I've seen everything on nightstands, from socks, to tax bills, by the way. So it's like it affects you because it's in your aura field, it's in your energy field. So the first thing is always physically clearing the space. Yeah. So let go and organize your stuff. The second thing is that energy around you, right, sometimes the energy is quite heavy, because perhaps you have been worrying a lot in that space, perhaps there has been a lot of trauma, or you felt a lot of conflicts there. So you know, there can be like a heaviness in the space. And then we want to clear that. And the first way to clear this open the windows literally let bring in some fresh air. But you also can help to clear it with for example, adding lavender like lavender mist. Yeah, you spray that around, it brings up the energy. And of course, there are some specific rituals, some people will love to ring a bell or to some saging, whatever you like to work with. I love lavender mist. So I will spray always lavender, and work with essential oils, because I love beautiful smells. And that can just feel like so much lighter to be in that space. more in harmony, it can be also putting a beautiful candle right over the aromatic oils, that just creates a new space. But it's also good to do that regularly to clear your space, not only physically decluttering, but also bringing in some new energy into space, especially where you sleep where you work.

Alex Ferrari 47:28
Now, this is the question that everyone listening wants to know, how can I bring more money and wealth into my life?

Marie Diamond 47:38
Well, the first step is your entrance. Yeah, so the entrance of your home is actually we call that amount of money. It's where the money comes in. Literally, money doesn't come into the windows that comes through a door, it follows your energy. So make sure your entrance is feeling decluttered there's some beautiful items out there, add some gold items, because gold is a color of money. Yeah, it's abundance color. It's not the green dollar, right? We're in different countries, we don't have green dollars. So gold is really according to the Chinese the element of wealth. So please, there's something when you come in that you feel welcome. Make sure there's not an old carpet there or broken things or Amazon boxes or shoes on the ground. Make sure it's open and welcoming. The second thing is check out your success direction. Yeah, make sure that you have a can be books on us on money. It can be success symbols around money, images of people that have money or you know something that represents money for you put it in your success direction, in your or even a vision board. For example, we created where you put some goals around money, you can put that in your success direction, but definitely in your office. Putting yourself in a power position will open up the flow to money if you want your back to your door. Especially if you are sitting with your desk against a wall you will actually hit a financial wall it will be very hard for you to create money flow. So turn your desk around see always a door when you're in meetings with people clients make sure you see the door so that mannequin comes towards you and definitely work with a lot of gold. So if you have certificates or awards, put them in a gold looking frame, put some golden items around you. I mean I have always that my golden eggs to me, right. So is it just some golden energies around you? Changes the vibration? Yeah. And decluttering you know decluttering all your your desk, your closets, declutter and open space for money to come in.

Alex Ferrari 50:07
Now, Mary, I'm gonna ask you a few questions ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Marie Diamond 50:15
Well, living a good life for me is living a life with passion. Yeah, and gratitude. And I'm very passionate. Very passionate about what I'm sharing to the people. And it's from the morning till the evening, you know, I'm and it's midnight for me now I'm talking. So it's really till the evening. So I'm so passionate about what I'm bringing, and I think living a good life is when you have passion for something. Yeah. And that you can share that passion, you know, with your family, with your friends with other people, and be grateful for the fact that you are able to do that. I think that is for me, a great life.

Alex Ferrari 50:57
Yeah, what is your definition of God?

Marie Diamond 51:01
For me, God is everything. Yeah, I believe everything that we see around us, every human being is God, is the expression of it. Sometimes people have lost their way of being that feeling of God. But for me, it's the whole creation, and everything we can create ourselves, is also part of God. So and for me, that is the energy behind between and behind and around, everything is love. And for me, so God is the loving creation of everything.

Alex Ferrari 51:38
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Marie Diamond 51:40
I think the ultimate purpose of life is to evolve, yeah. To have. So when you are born, and when you are passing on one day, that your mind and your spirit has evolved to become a better human being to have contributed positively to others, to your family, to your community, that you have helped others to evolve to? I think that that is the purpose of life.

Alex Ferrari 52:09
And where, where can people find out more about you and the wonderful work that you're doing?

Marie Diamond 52:15
Well, they can go to my website and, they can go to Instagram, mariediamond8, and of course, go to my free app. Because there you get so much wonderful information to start with what you just have received, and there's great videos also on YouTube. And so just explore and start practicing.

Alex Ferrari 52:36
And do you have any final messages for our audience?

Marie Diamond 52:40
Well, my final message is for your audience is that, you know, start today with a moment of gratitude and end your day with a moment of gratitude. And because you're setting the tone, and the tone of your day, and the tone of your nights, and when you start doing that, your life will be so much more fulfilled. And I wish you all the greatness and all the blessings for your life.

Alex Ferrari 53:08
Marie thank you so much for coming on the show. It's been a pleasure talking to you and thank you for all the good work you're doing to help people around the world I appreciate you my dear.

Marie Diamond 53:17
Thank you so much, Alex also for the great work you're doing you're a blessing to many.

Alex Ferrari 53:23
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