Clinically DEAD for 8 Minutes; NDE Shows Woman The Pain She Cause In Her Life with Maria Lupita Gurulé

Life is a journey marked by moments of profound transformation, where we encounter experiences that challenge our understanding of existence itself. In today’s episode, we are joined by the remarkable Maria Lupita Gurulé, who has traversed the boundaries of life and death multiple times. Her near-death experiences have gifted her with insights that bridge the physical and the spiritual, offering us a glimpse into the mysteries that lie beyond our everyday perception.

Maria Lupita Gurulé has had several near-death experiences, each one profoundly shaping her understanding of life. Her first major encounter with death occurred just three hours after the birth of her daughter. Due to a reaction to a spinal block during a tubal ligation, Maria’s heart and lungs stopped, leading to an eight-minute journey on the other side. “The very first thing is that you know what that consumption… it was again like a floating feeling,” she recalls, describing an immersion into a pure, crystal-like energy where she encountered divine figures and was surrounded by an overwhelming sense of peace and love.

Maria’s experiences did not end there. Her journey continued with a series of life reviews and healing processes conducted by various spiritual beings. “There was a process of not like, look what you did, but more of let’s look at the life,” she explains. This immersive process allowed her to see her life’s traumas and understand them from different perspectives, including those of the people involved in her experiences. This deep level of introspection and healing was facilitated by what she describes as a healing temple, a place of pure lifeforce energy that helped cleanse and reset her spirit.

Throughout her near-death experiences, Maria was guided by what she calls her “wise council,” a group of spiritual beings that helped her understand her life’s purpose and the broader implications of her existence. “What we are, why does this happen? What are the experiences?” she muses. These guides provided her with profound insights into the nature of reality and the soul’s journey, helping her align with her true purpose.

Maria’s story is also deeply intertwined with her spiritual beliefs and practices. Raised in a devoutly spiritual family, her experiences have deepened her connection to spiritual figures like the Blessed Mother and Christ consciousness. She describes these encounters with a sense of awe and reverence, noting how they have influenced her understanding of love, healing, and the interconnectedness of all beings.

In her more recent experiences, Maria has encountered a different form of healing, one that she describes as a “fifth density healing.” During a heart attack, she experienced the presence of golden beings who facilitated a profound healing right in the emergency room. “It was like a consuming in the room… this golden energy, this golden essence,” she recalls. This experience reinforced her belief that Heaven is not a distant place but a state of being that is accessible here and now.


  1. Oneness and Unity: We are all interconnected, part of a greater whole. Recognizing this unity can transform how we perceive and interact with the world.
  2. The Power Within: Each of us possesses a divine spark, a source of immense power and creativity. Tapping into this inner potential can lead to profound personal and collective transformation.
  3. Life as a Learning Journey: Our experiences, including our traumas and challenges, are opportunities for growth and learning. Embracing this perspective can help us navigate life’s difficulties with greater resilience and purpose.

Maria’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of near-death experiences and the deep spiritual insights they can provide. Her story encourages us to look within, to seek the divine spark that resides in each of us, and to embrace our interconnectedness with all beings.

Please enjoy my conversation with Maria Lupita Gurulé.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 268

Maria Lupita Gurulé 0:00
And these images of my nd e that would just come in a flash with this overwhelming like anxious feeling, not knowing what it was. So when I first started, it was selfish, I needed to understand what the heck happened

Alex Ferrari 0:13
I'd like to welcome to the show Maria Lupita. How you doing Maria?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 0:27
Great. Thank you so much, Alex, thank you for having me here.

Alex Ferrari 0:29
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about your multiple near death experiences. I mean, you're doing something wrong. You shouldn't be having more than one. There's really mean you're standing in the wrong place. Something's happening.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 0:41
All right. It's a little kick by the university get back into gear. So yeah. Exactly where they went to save it as.

Alex Ferrari 0:50
And by the way, near death experiences are a slight kicks their full sledgehammers.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 0:54
Exactly. They think that, you know, when we have this experience on the other side that everything is like glory and bliss. And we come back and it's going to be like, Oh, we actually come into the massive trials of trying to apply everything that we learned. So I've spent the last 22 years trying to figure all that out. So I'm so excited to share all of this

Alex Ferrari 1:13
Awesome, so much. So Alright, so first question is what was your life like before your first near death experience?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 1:19
Well, I had a lot of trials and experiences, I was going through one of the most difficult things in my life, quite honestly, I had a massive experience something that I was actually going to be stepping into a huge triumph, a big, big dilemma in my life. And I did not know how I was going to be able to handle it. Then full on near death experience, I call it full on because I had what I call a brief pop out with my first child, but this full on experience have been just three hours after the birth of my daughter. And it was through her and her birth that actually, I didn't want to be here with because of everything I was experiencing. So the first chance I got I got out. But it was also through the awareness of oh my gosh, I just had a baby, you know, get back here. And then when I got back here, I'm thinking what did I do, I went through a depression that they thought was like postpartum, but it really truly was. All that bliss, all of that love all of that peace. That sense that we had on the other side was not here when I returned. So that's a big story. But yeah, it's a lot.

Alex Ferrari 2:20
Yeah, it's, um, I hear that from a lot of near deathers that they, they when they come back here, they're just like, oh, oh, gosh, I gotta stay here. Now. I mean, I would much rather go back where the the party's at. This is tough. This is dense. This is pain is here. And you feel everything. And it's, it's part of the so there is I've heard multiple of my guests have talked about this kind of depression, or even, you know, thoughts of like, I don't want to be here anymore.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 2:46
I wanted to go home. I want to do. And I had that feeling. Ever since I could remember as a child. I when you talk about multiple near death experiences, I recognize that I had my very first when I was a child. And again, it was more of like a pop out experience because as a child, I really didn't make sense of it. I was in Mexico City was with my family. We were in Acapulco, we dropped I was in a pool. And I had gone under the water taken in water. And I had this experience of what I called my golden lady, you know, and then ever since then, that was about three and a half years old. I wanted to go home. I had this big experience that was like with my first Holy Communion thinking, Okay, we're going to have this experience. And, you know, it was like a letdown. You know, thinking like, Okay, that didn't quite happen. I remember sitting in church thinking I want to go home. I remember for the longest time as I could remember wanting to go home.

Alex Ferrari 3:38
Well, let me ask you this, why do you think a three year old needed to go because you were saying it's a little kick or nudge? Three year olds generally don't need that. So why do you think that happened to you so young and gave you the awareness of the other side so young?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 3:54
Well, it has to do with life purpose. For me, I understood that so I don't know if people are familiar with the concept of star seed or star being profound experiences in my in my growing up in my family. And having had these like other incredible experiences. As a three year old, what I remember with my golden lady is excitement. And I remember being told that like, no, no, it's not time yet. But when when, you know it was this part of excitement of something to come. And so it was this feeling of holding on to something my entire life. So I am devoutly spiritual I have my My name is Maria Guadalupe, which is Our Lady of Guadalupe, own birth was very challenging. So my mom was three weeks late for me with me, I didn't want to be born. I did not want to be born. So when I was on the other side, I had this experience of what's called a poppin. So I remember my mom being pregnant, seeing her pregnant and then deciding if I even wanted to come into this life. And that was my very first experience. I'm in in here in present time, it was a three week delay. So I was late by three weeks. And when I had the experience on the other side, that was the awareness of, I don't even know if I want to do this. My mom had had a miscarriage before me and a miscarriage after me. I was almost all I was almost another because I didn't know what to learn to be quite honest with you. And so it was this constant thing of so at three years old of remember, I think I'm excited. No, no, not time yet. Go back, you know, like it's okay. And then went through life and this whole experience and then had fallen in the E. And that was the kick back into gear. So at three years old, knowing that this was I had seen the thema in Mexico City at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and named after, you know, and that was by design, because my mom has said that, you know, if I was to be born, born safe, she would need me after her. So I carry her name. And I had that experience. But it was always this deep, profound knowing. But there was something more, something wasn't quite right, that there was just something that I couldn't put my hands on my fingers on, and I wanted to go home, I'm missing of something. And then I went through and ever denied this inner knowing I went into path of, you know, the picket fence, the hotel, the marriage, the two kids, you know, the animal, getting the job, denying all this spirit side. And that was the big kick. So it's like the universe with the subtle voices of going in a specific direction that I was resisting, which is everything that I am now. And then I had that massive experience. And I can honestly say, now that I am so thankful that I came back. I'm so excited about what I'm here and sharing and being able to express. So it's pretty exciting. So all the way back then was more our sole purpose and remembering and an excitement and just hold on, it's gonna get tough. And then the other one was get back into gear, you're not doing what you said you were going to do. Let's let's do this.

Alex Ferrari 7:03
Sure. So how many near death experiences have you had technically?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 7:07
If I count the in utero one, my three and a half year old. At three and a half, I had a pop out with my son, it's all my minor always intrinsically tied with seems birth and death. So 1234. And then I had a scattered heart attack just this past October on October 3, it'd be exact. And that was what I'm calling a fifth dimension, like, inner healing, were the first near death experiences like I had to. I wasn't taken anywhere like traveling, although it felt like a sense of floating was more like a consuming in the room. But this other one was like not even going into another location. It was like literally brought to me. And that was asked October. So

Alex Ferrari 7:55
Before we give away the ending. Let's go to the first let's go to the first big the first big your main near death experience that kicked you to drive. Tell me so tell me about that.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 8:07
Okay, so that happened on the day that my daughter was born, it happened three hours after her birth. And not because of the birth I had. Because my pregnancies were so difficult, I ended up with a condition called help. And both of them. It has to do with elevated enzymes and platelets and all kinds of things. It's life threatening. The only way to cure it is delivery of the baby. My first child was born 10 weeks early, my second was about three weeks early. So it was induced. And they said there's no way that you can have another child. So I planned to have a tubal ligation that kept the catheter in my back and I had an epidural, you know, with no complications during her birth. And with that same catheter remain, they gave me a spinal block. And that stopped my heart stopped my lungs. And they as they were filling me out of the breathing room to go into the operating room. And so they had a full on resuscitate me. So they had to intubate me breathe with the bag and they actually had to resuscitate my heart. And this was not anesthesia. This was not to be put under I was supposed to be entirely awake, alert and just numb from you know that point of the spinal block down just so that I wouldn't feel the pain. Well, I had a reaction to it. And I was out for approximately eight minutes. On the other side, that seemed like an infinite time. I still feel like I don't know how to explain it quite fully because I still feel like I struggle. I'm still partially there, which we all are. That's a lot of explain, but I'm very aware of my fallen presence there. So that was my full biggest one. And that was eight minutes on the other side. That's when they had the biggest. That was the one that sent me into, oh my goodness, what's this? How do I resettle and acclimate back into life? And

Alex Ferrari 9:53
So we heard this side what happened on the other.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 9:56
So the very first thing is that you know what that consumption And of whiteness, it was again like a floating feeling. But it was this immersion into this pure energy pure crystal like like the light of a million suns, that didn't burn my eyes, it was an energy, the very first thing that I saw was loving the Blessed Mother, then I know that has to do with my belief and my upbringing and all of this. Secondly, I saw intertwined hearts of the Sacred Heart with the bless of heart, which is also Jesus. And then past and beyond them, I saw like this pinpoint of energy, this light that I knew what I now call the god center of the universe, I had this experience with them, I have not shared a lot of those communications, you know, up to this point, but a profound experience. And because I did not want to return I, it was an entire process of working with a multitude of beings, a total of four different groups, part of it had to do with healing and being taken to like a healing temple. Part of it was a life review to understand what I was experiencing, so that I could understand it was intricate, and like a technology on the most incredible, it's a soul technology that we've lost. So I was exposed to that. And then there was also like working with a group and a council to be able to, how do I apply this when I get back? How do I do these things, what happened. And so there was all of these different process and I was in the fourth group was about seeing what I'm now knowing, as a Valley of souls, I'm calling it a Valley of souls. So it's our soul group that is here now on the earth clean. So feel the flowers, you know, being shown that that's what we are that how we're intricately attuned every possible color that you can think of, you know, so a sea of, of reds and blues, and every color of the spectrum, you know, that represented every single soul, and every color of red that you could possibly think of so unique. And I was showing things about the universe, our Earth, you know what we are. And then lastly, after all of that feeling, like I had enough to be able to understand and come back fulfill my purpose that I felt that three and a half years old, that excitement, to come back, you know, and have enough of understanding and be able to be here. So that was the entire process, the very end, I found myself kind of where I began, in this consumed white space with the Blessed Mother. And at this moment, you know, she was holding my daughter that I had just had hours old, you know, and she happened to head to notice that my mom was standing next year, my mom was alive, my mom was present at the birth. And the blessing mother kissed my daughter handed that my daughter to my mom. And it was that awareness of oh my god, I had a child. I couldn't be more mother miss on the day that she's born. And it was not like this Oh, angelic separation with his beautiful like healing thing. It was like, an instantaneous panic of oh my god, I had a child. So it felt like I just landed back into my body falling 10 stories, and I felt every single bit of the pain Bay, I was still intubated and felt like I was being buried alive, I couldn't move whatsoever, and just one single tear. And I remember someone cradling my head and whispering into my ear, it's going to be okay. If I wasn't nurse that I now think it to be, you know, that that angelic God energy, and I just landed back. And you know, title a long recovery after that.

Alex Ferrari 13:26
So Alright, so let's go back for a second. Because there's a couple of areas that I want to see if we can get dig into a little bit. You had these four sections, you're saying four different groups? Can you kind of go a little bit more into detail in each of these groups? Because they're fascinating. Some of the things I've heard before some I haven't. So what was that first one?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 13:42
So after the the very first one was really about more of of like a healing, it was a two part thing. So these two kind of interacted intermittently. And this was probably the primary activity at the beginning, after that full experience with the blessing mother and all of that. It's like being transported when the location moves, but yet, I would simultaneously move. There would be like one particular being always with me through every single group. And it was as though there was one particular being that was somehow separated into three, kind of like, like, like separated, I don't know how to fully explain it. Very specific tasks. The first one was about reviewing what was going on what was my life event, the traumas that I had experienced the abuses that I had gone through, like everybody, I've gone through abuses, and even as a child, what happened to us what is that that pain that we carry? So it was a process of not like, look what you did? It was more of let's look at the life. Let's see how these things happened. It would be it was a platform of which I stood in it was like this technology where a span of infinite pixels if you would, I could like stretch it out. Fast forward. I in a time, like be able to pull it up on this like what looked like a book at the time again, mind it's 22 years ago, way before Harry Potter right before the exam moving, you know, images and stuff like that. But that's what I saw. I had no reference of this prior to that time. So it was like a moving living books. And then I could cast it up on a screen and then actually interact and see. But though it became something more where it was like interactive and holographic I have one of the most horrific experiences. And I was like in projected into it again. But then I could also switch roles with the other individual to understand what were they experiencing what was the decisions, what made them up. So this entire immersive process, and one of them was so overwhelming, that from then I would be into this healing like taken to like a healing temple. I would be immersed in what I'm calling like this effervescent, most pure lifeforce energy, you would like datumize, and kind of just cleanse and purify the experience. And because I was still, with the human experience, while still soul experience, when we're there on the other side, all of this makes total sense. But I was still in that half space, knowing that this is what we go through after we pass. How do we acclimate in, receive all that information through our awareness and apply it? So it was about understanding the painful things I've gone through, and then healing receiving the healing and the cleansing of it in this what I'm calling the healing temple like a pool of the most purest lifeforce like a reset if you would. And so this kind of happened several times. And after these two occurrences, then it was more of working with the council. Like, and again, it was always seemed like four different groups, a four, one was always with me. So it would be like that these prime, and I know that they were all together, and I know that they each serve as my full council. So the next thing was like sitting with all of them. But there was always a group of that primary was really working. What is it that I set up in my life's dream? What was it that my purpose is? What did I choose? How did this actually happen? What am I going back into? Now? That's the catch, going back into and understanding those pieces, what we are, what we're even here to do, where we come from? What if this what what all of this is even about? And it's not what we think.

Alex Ferrari 17:32
So yeah, so when you were talking to the council, because I've heard of the Council of Elders before. So I'm assuming that's kind of what this is. This is part of your I'm assuming soul family, or at least your spirit guides,

Maria Lupita Gurulé 17:42
Spirit guides. Yeah. So I was able to see spirit family. So there's a there is spirit family, so that we actually do incarnate with but that's entirely different. It did have some other engagements. But it was primarily just working with this wise counsel, what I call the wise counsel, but it's exactly that different names, same thing, that we each have, you know, group and what we all work with, and then technology in this understanding, we're not left alone to it. The hardest part is that, you know, our plane is we have to abide by the rules. And what governs this is this amnesic experience for our seeking. That's that I know, I'm kind of skipping ahead. But that's just something that I was given at the time, what we are, why does this happen? What are the experiences? And so it was definitely that wise counsel.

Alex Ferrari 18:31
So let me ask you this, then, from your opinion, why do you think all this information of the other side is starting to come out in a mass way? I mean, near death experiences have been around for a while, but more prominent because of resuscitation and being able to do it, we're able to do now. I mean, I've talked to scholars who've go back to Roman times and Egyptian times about near death experiences. But, but you know, 70s, with Raymond Moody, when he wrote his book, and that kind of started the ball rolling, but now, I mean, it's in the zeitgeist, like don't go to the light, you know, runaway via these kinds of ideas are much more broad, and these conversations are becoming more much more accessible. Why do you think that's happening now, at this time?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 19:12
Well, in the way that I like to say it is put simply, is that the time of the Earth, new New Earth is right now, and we are the ones creating it. So I'm gonna I have not talked about this before, but I in pursuit of trying to understand myself afterwards. The power of our mind is so incredible. I had an experience as a child with hypnotherapy in preparation for surgery. And I was always fascinated by it. So I pursued hypnotherapy while I went to the hypnotherapy Academy of America and part of my training was receiving all of this while there was an experience where we are doing past life regressions, okay, and every single person in my group had a present you know, pretty near us and you know, recent history experience when It came to me. And what in the in the question through that experiences go to the lifetime that is most impacting your reason for being in this lifetime. And what I saw, quite literally Alex was, was myself in this ship, my was there was a blue glowing light can go to the next event, what am I looking at? I'm looking at the planet ahead of me. Okay, when is this 30,000 years ago? Where are you now go next? I am in this arid area. They're like, okay, look at yourself. They're like, how big are you and like 14 feet tall. And I'm, and I'm loving the people. And I see myself in that 300 span of 300 years, and an arid area and a humid area. And that we were in a scene of people in this place that I would liken similar to Washington DC, of like the mall, where there was hundreds of 1000s of people that I'm covering above, and we're looking at this alignment, okay. And I recognize that there are some of us that have been on this planet here to help and aid for this thing that is occurring. When I say that there is a soul technology, it is a technology and something has occurred on the planet, you know, within our recent history that has actually trapped a lot of souls here on the planet in this reincarnation process. And so why is it happening now? Well, two things, one, that it was shown that we are actually traversing in the sector of the universe and something that is extraordinary and unlike anything we've experienced before. So if you can imagine that we are hurtling through space at an unfathomable speed. And that there we are a part of a cluster of galaxies that is living, breathing, vibrating energy, you know, we're going from a 55 mile zone, you know, headed on to an onramp of a, you know, a freeway 75 miles an hour, our galaxy is transitioning, we're getting extra energy from the sun, which is also getting, there's a network of communication throughout the entire universe. And it is being fully transmitted on to us right now. People are awakening like no other. And I was shown about four years ago, because my download channel do all kinds of things. But in this meditation, I was shown one morning, that the earth with God was going through a process of mitosis, cell division, and looked like in my mind's eye is that the earth was literally separating into two energies. And that There literally is two energies that are coexisting on this planet right now. I'm calling 1/3, density, heavy dense energy, darker duality, opposition separation. And we have now arrived into another one, which is fifth density, energy, and that is unity, oneness. And the physics and the laws of one does not operate the other and we are half and half. And most of us are stuck in that what I'm calling the icky sticky in between trying to figure out where we are in between. So most of us are awakening, the people that are awakening to this are now discovering, like I know who I am, I remember where I'm from, I know what I'm here to do. And here on a mission, so that we can share that because what we are has been taken from us, we have this incredible power within us that has been hijacked. We are so powerful. And it is happening on the planet now so that we can awaken and learn and discover all of that. Yeah, that's why now, New Earth is now we are the ones making it. The choice is up to us. Where are we going to land?

Alex Ferrari 23:40
Correct. And everything you've said has been said, I've heard on the show before, in a certain way or another in just a beautiful way. But the theme is the same. And yeah, it is. Again, my perspective is very different. Because I had talked to so many people like yourselves in this space that I can start seeing patterns faster than others. Because unless you're watching every single episode and really taking note, it's hard to do. So everything you said is something that has been said in one way, shape, or form. And it just continues to reinforce the idea of there is an awakening, there is something going on. These conversations are happening more and more. You know, we're literally the show is reaching millions of people every month, and growing more and more. That's unheard of five years ago. Well, or 10 years ago, there wouldn't be these kinds of talks back then. So there is something going on without question. Now. The when you were in the healing and life review thing, I found that really interesting because you're unique in the sense that I've heard of life reviews, and I've even heard of healing. But being able to jump back and forth it was kind of like we got to clean out the carburetor here. We got to put this this car back on the street.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 24:58
Exactly, exactly. You know, like I was short circuited with so much trauma, because something that's also unique to this earth realm is like the power of our emotions. Oh, that is what the power is, you know. So when, in the heat there I was recently shown is that, you know what, what we think that other species and other interplanetary systems coming to the planet Earth for gold. It's not so much you know the element of gold, but it's that mana prana lifeforce energy that we hold inside of ourselves. It's a golden essence, it's it's something that is so, so powerful that like all of the universe is watching to see what happens with us right now. That's how incredible it is right now, in your part of it. You know, you're fulfilling your purpose by having this platform to be able to unify this so that people who are interested can carry that so you're fulfilling your perfect part of this whole process, too.

Alex Ferrari 25:53
I appreciate it. I played we're all playing our part, we're all playing apart, cut wood and carry water, cut wood and carry. Going back to the beginning of your near death experience you there was interactions with the Holy Mary, Guadalupe and also Jesus or Christ consciousness as well, right? Again, a lot of these, these iconic the the imagery is based on your own programming of this lifetime makes you comfortable.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 26:22
Exactly. And that's what we have to understand is that most people, so the biggest misunderstanding is that, like, we die, and something ends and something else begins. That's not what happens we continue. Our consciousness is a continuation, we mean, the majority of us is already there. It's our awareness that brings us here, okay, that's what people don't understand, we are already there safe at home at rest, our awareness and our consciousness is here in this physical experience, very real, but the majority of us is already there. You know, and that is something that is so profound that we don't even begin to understand. And when we learn that we can understand like, Ooh, there's something much much greater here. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 27:04
Without question Did you Did you run into relatives or anybody else that you pets anything like that on the other side?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 27:11
Not in my experience, with the exception of at the very end? No, this is very interesting because my mom and my daughter were both alive at the time. Okay, so I did not have an experience however, I have had the the ability to be able to see you know the crossings of others in for for specifically pardon me more specifically than I can recount and were there and again, it depends on the soul what's happening to the soul mine I felt like I was brought there to have this reset, if you will, others who actually do class they do see like from my brother when he passed he did see and was greeted by our parents and a whole slew of beings on the other side. Mine was not because it was more of like an interception. He felt like I was intercepted to be re acclimated to have this cleansing to not make that choice to fully go back so that's why mine was like okay let's let's recollect or get this figured out and so I didn't fully and there was I knew at the very beginning that with the blessing mother and Jesus the Christ consciousness that I didn't fully go into that full on tunnel that there was this this interaction engagement messages things but then it was like again this going in a different direction of like okay, let's let's look at your life Let's heal let's let's kick you back into gear put you back into plain

Alex Ferrari 28:36
In other words, like this car isn't just not going to make it we got to bring it back in and tuner up or she's not going to be able to fulfill the purpose essentially

Maria Lupita Gurulé 28:44
Exactly. That's exactly what it is.

Alex Ferrari 28:47
Yeah so with when you before this exit on the on the highway you are going down you took this exit to do all this stuff. What were some of the messages the downloads and things like that, that you kind of talked about with Christ consciousness with the Holy Mary and then so on?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 29:04
It was about that understanding of what it is that we actually are that what how powerful we are, that that which is within us as that were meant to be these soul enlivened beings and there's two parts you know that there that we have the ability when we talk about being awakened, we're talking about a person who is like aware and their soul is engaged okay. So, it was really about that understanding what is the price consciousness, how powerful are we and what is has been missing is this understanding half of half of the guide energy, okay. And it has nothing to do with religion, that there is this great, but is it is that the Sophia the wisdom it is the the primordial energy that is the universe that is alive, that God energy in motion, and then there's this other that is the idea so these two parts work together? They're all it God, the masculine and God the feminine. Okay, so that feminine creative energy, that's what's missing on the planet, we're so disconnected for our creativity feeling so alone and separate. And that it's about we are one, because what I saw was the Sacred Heart. And if you're if people are familiar with blooms and blossoms, you know, and within the Immaculate Heart, and the Sacred Heart is Jesus's with thorns, like what he had on the head, what I saw was those thorns mixed with her blooms, that we take our pain and it becomes into blossom that they were almost like one part, I saw these, this red and this blue, like dancing fire together, as they were, like intermingled as like a unified heart. I don't know how to fully describe that. But it was more of an explanation of the Christ consciousness. Now, it's taken me 22 years to really begin to understand all of this, because when I first came back, I didn't have this kind of language, you know, it took a long time for me to seek, learn, understand, and I had no guidance, I had nobody to talk to it was really like just this constant process of downloading. And, you know, this, I call it communion, communication, downloads, and then you know, being dilated, so that I could really come to understand that which was given to me in my in the, it took a process, and it was not easy, and it didn't like I did not have this full awareness and where everything just completely worked afterwards. Really working at it and working hard at it, just like everybody else, you know, there was no, I didn't get a pass.

Alex Ferrari 31:40
No manual, no manual

Maria Lupita Gurulé 31:42
Well, and this is the crazy thing is that it was the discovery of the manual. There is a manual, and it was taken from us. So when I talk about this old technology, there is it's been hidden and taken. And it's like by by hiding that which is we're seeking, right people that are here seeking, we're seeking something, we're finding something, why don't we feel that there's something out there we're looking looking looking, but we're not looking in the one place that it actually exists, which is here. And it's not even Alex, it's, it's a portal, it is an access point that if you tap into that place, life flows. And that's the thing that's been hidden. So yeah, there was no manual, but it's taken about 22 years to understand that there actually is, and that is what people are discovering. Now, you know, all these different pieces, and I'll live in all of these different languages. Religion isn't language science is a language you know, quantum physics is a language doesn't.

Alex Ferrari 32:43
Well, let me ask you, okay, so you have this near death experience. You come back to the world? How did you process this, psychologically? How to do that? When did you come out of the closet of the in the closet with your family and friends? And because I'm assuming they didn't look at you go? Oh, yeah, sure. That makes sense. No. Okay, what did that years ago, no less 20 years ago.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 33:12
Exactly. Oh, I love the question. Because my mom took one look at me after the whole day still pursued and did the tubal ligation. So I still had this surgery, took about 45 minutes longer. My mom took one look at me, and she was like me, how can I slow what happened? Like and she knew, I was like, convulsing, and I short circuited. I forget about the first year and a half, I had these, I call them violent flashes. And to me, they felt violent, because they felt very overwhelming over the coming, like would completely overcome me. And these images of my nd e that would just come in a flash with this overwhelming, like anxious feeling, not knowing what it was. So when I first started, it was selfish, I needed to understand what the heck happened. Now the difference is that I started to finally feel comfortable about three years in now I'm gonna say four. So three years at about 2003 I started to seek doctors, you know, I went to four different doctors, I was very careful for them, not for me not to say that I was sensing energy that I was feeling things that I was hearing things, because I do have an uncle, my mother's brother is schizophrenic. And so I needed to be very careful to not you know, invite that knowing that it's very different people who are who actually have that they're very powerful beings, by the way, but that's a whole other discussion. So three years into this and then finally, I tried taking antidepressants that will they just did not work for me. So I had to stop. And then I thought, Okay, God, if you cannot take this away from me, help me understand it. So and then the reason for me is because I started to experience things since things feel things know things. I now recognize that I call it a wisdom keeper. When I if I have access to PII, some people call it the Akashic records, I don't they call it the sacred living library. Same word. Akash is the Sanskrit word for the same thing. So simultaneously while trying to come back in life and understand what happened, I was like so raw, that I would send some feel things that people that I worked with, and I had no intentions of doing anything in that world or realm. I was brought up Spanish Catholic. And then we don't do stuff like that. I want to use the, you're willing to draft a couple of words. But I had, it was a process of understanding that this is not something to fear, something that we are meant to be. I prayed on it prayed a lot developing faith, and then something completely entirely opened up out of it. So being okay with coming back to things and I love that you said yeah, for me, it was not only coming out of the nd e closet, but coming out of the psychic closet. And that was very, very hard.

Alex Ferrari 35:58
Yeah, people around you didn't accept it as easily.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 36:02
Some did, and some did not. But But I think that I myself, they only represented what was me, I had a hard time dealing with it, but myself, you know,

Alex Ferrari 36:11
Very psychologically, just trying to deal with it, of course,

Maria Lupita Gurulé 36:15
Entirely. So I started to have more confidence and more comfort of being able to say like, oh, my gosh, this thing happens. Can I just tell you? And then finally understanding it like, no, there was a whole plan and a mission. So that excitement of that three and a half year old child self of like, okay, no, not now. What was that even about? Now, I can honestly like, Oh, my God, this is so exciting. You know, so like to be able to share these things, to be able to talk about these things. Now, I know that that's what I felt early on, you know, so through that period of coming back was the unlearning the unwinding the unbinding, the clearing out all of that flutter, the misunderstanding the teachings and the created beliefs that you know, really, again, it's that unwinding. That was the whole thing of the indoctrination to take away the power that we are. So I had to undo all of that. So I could learn something entirely different. And when I say learn, I didn't have again, you know, guides or anything. It was really being comfortable within myself, and then really tuning in discovering it learning it. Wow. Yes,

Alex Ferrari 37:26
It's a heck of a good journey so far.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 37:28
Intense. be intense. You know, then I? Yeah, go ahead.

Alex Ferrari 37:36
Well, no, you said that you had a second one. That was fairly intensive way, but a different way. Can you tell us about that one.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 37:42
Okay, so yeah, perfect timing. This past October, October 3, to be exact, I had a scared heart attack. That stands for a spontaneous coronary artery dissection. I, yeah, it's not because of a clogged artery. It actually happens primarily in women when we're, especially when our hormones change later in life. But when we're going through a lot of stress, distress and emotional distress, I have a high history of heart disease in my family. And we had lost my brother, my older brother, Sebastian, not even nine months before that. So there was a lot of emotional distress going on. I've had this heart event happen. And while I was in the emergency room with my sister after the diagnosis was given, I had an incredible emergency room doctor that was able to call it and was able to explain exactly what it was. So I was holding this in my hand, my sister's hand and she was with me. And we shifted into prayer. She was helping me in that moment. And after I've had this experience of this, I'm calling it a fifth density healing that where I wasn't transported the room did not go white. This time. I didn't flow anywhere. But I had this incredible in for lack of better words, I want to see in my mind's eye that simultaneously right where I was, but with my eyes open, I could feel and sense that these golden beings with this golden energy, this golden essence and vibration, they were like iridescent translucent, not so much unified, like still solidifying. It was like holographic and fused, right in present time. My sister was, you know, she had her mind head cradled, and she was doing just this deep prayer. But something massively transitioned and happened right where I was present time. I saw this only other time that I saw this was when I had my end. That was that same feeling of that gold, golden energy when I was going through my own healing. When I was taken to those healing temples in that effervescent energies and waters, that I had that same experience with these beings present in the the emergency room at SR St. Vincent. And in Santa Fe. So in the city of holy faith and the county of holy faith at the foot of the mountains of the blood of Christ mountains, somebody that crystal mountains, they had this massive experience, I had this healing right on the spot. And I felt inside these things in technology that I saw when I was on the other side. It was they brought up and it was explained that it wasn't like a scan of my body, but the energy of my actual body. It was like the, the information, the structures of how I saw my physical heart. Now, the craziest thing is out of this experience of a massive transition of the physical heart. And there's something that is actually quite profound that that I've discovered, and this shows evidence of these two timelines that I talked about. So when we talk about I don't know if you've heard this, Alex of like, where people say, like, where's the location of your physical heart. So in your physical body, where is the heart located? Most people would say, on the left, you know that when we cross our hand over our heart, it would be on the left side, if you were to Google a page right now and say anatomy and location of the heart, it's going to show it to you that it's right directly smack dab in the center of the famous painting behind it. People are experiencing like, wait a second, that's not what the anatomy look like the heart used to be on the left, why is it showing images of it on the center, you will actually discover and see images like that, where there's literally two things, I know that I experienced this incredible healing, with that entire process happening. And that was about an hour and a half into this. And then about two o'clock in the morning, we were waiting for a room for myself to be admitted I was in the hospital for about four days. So as I was wheeled into this other area for a CT scan to occur, while they filled me there too early, and I went into a moment of panic, I had just had that massive experience, the healing and all of these things. But then I had a moment of doubt. And I felt the presence of the Blessed Mother there in the room with me. So I close my eyes. And I could envision the same thing that I felt from the first full nd E. And I felt as though she was cradling and holding me this time. And I could hear and feel those like don't doubt, like receive the healing that you actually experience because it is truly your decision of where you will land either in that reality of one or the other. So I went into this mode of completely accepting and receiving that it was real, that it did occur, and that I am choosing it. And then to understand the reality and the truth of it all. And then things began to shift and change in my experience, they're in the hospital. So a fifth density healing with these light beings in the room present with me, present that I didn't have to travel and this is the thing is that Heaven is not a place that we go, it is not a location. It is a state of our being. And it is present. And it is here with us here, here with us now present. So the difference between the first is like being taken away at a distance 22 years ago, the difference now with this new vibration and energy, it's right here. So this fifth density, we are immersed in this world, we do have all of this available, we are far more than what we think if we just went allow and open and receive it. And it is a there is a way to do it. It's a technology, it's a it's a process and those instructions that you speak of, there is a way and when we do that, and awaken to that there's this other energy that comes through that we can fuse with. So one is that awakening of the song, the other is this ambient energy of the Spirit and that we can become a soul spirit fused being. And that's what we were meant to be here on this planet. That was what was hijacked. And that's why we're having this big change. It's happening now.

Alex Ferrari 44:10
Did you remember or do you recognize any of those light beings, even by energy?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 44:16
By energy I do. And I those were the same beings. Thank you Alex for saying that because you bring it full circle, that those were the exact same beings that I experienced in my first nd and that rather than me having to be taken anywhere. It was to know that it is right here. Yeah, so I had that massive physical healing change in the anatomy and this huge awareness that I used to say that whatever veil I find was removed from that in the need 22 years ago, does not even compare to what I am currently experiencing now. That event,

Alex Ferrari 44:57
So they wanted to save you some mileage and they came to you you instead. It's like Uber Eats. It's like a spiritual UberEATS. Spiritual DoorDash just a spiritual DoorDash

Maria Lupita Gurulé 45:10
DoorDash Oh, yeah, it was brought to me I didn't have to go. And that's the difference.

Alex Ferrari 45:17
Did you leave a good tip though? That's the question.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 45:20
Damn good tip. One that keeps one that I keep serving, because that's really what it's about, like, this is like, I feel on fire through service. Like, that's how I feel. I feel like Oh, I'm so ready. Like, gosh, I feel so excited to share this information and service to humanity, that I know that I know, what am I here to do? Like I just want to share now. And we can become an entire new Earth of such incredible healing one soul healing at a time. And that fuels me,

Alex Ferrari 45:56
It's really amazing that so many near death experiences that come back, everyone that I've spoken to all have this urge to share, all has this urge to let people know what they saw. And to share this, some have books to sell, some have nothing to sell, not that you're going to make a whole lot of money with books. You know, some have services, some don't, it doesn't matter. Some, it's just about getting the information out there. And it's really, again, so many common ideas, I've yet to really run across a near death or that even if they had a negative experience, which some have. Some even recognize, like I had to go to hell, because that's what I believed. And I had to go through that to be saved to come out the other end. Even those all have similar ideas that you're talking about. And not in the sense of, yes, life review that that's all that I'm talking about the concepts that you're bringing up, oneness, service, kindness, lack of judgment, these very basic universal truths. Keep coming back again, and again. And again, it's one thing I noticed, I've never heard anyone say something so outlandish or so off of adalah field that I've just like, oh, that doesn't make sense. Every one of them in one way, shape or form, say something along those lines. And there's love, always love on the other side.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 47:25
And that is that is the the absolute. So what I've what I now call, so when I say that we have this, this special thing inside, I call it the god spark. And that might trigger some people using that word if they have like some background, so life Spark, God, Spark, whatever, source Spark, okay, so that is that that is within us, it's hidden inside of us, you know, the one thing that will for all of us seekers, if we would just turn ourselves around and stop trying to seek outside of just turn ourselves around and go inside, we would discover something so massively incredible, and then fuse with something that was your soul fire, I call it, it is truly soul fusion, that we can finally become the beings that we were always intended to be. And I love that you're saying this, because I will very quite honestly say that it's out of no disrespect to any others. But I am so overwhelmed with my own experience. I haven't actually seen anybody else's. So to be able to hear you give that validation, Alex, you know, because I was very worried at the very beginning of like, oh my god, this is what I have to share. So fantastic. Is like otherworldly like you're gonna think I'm insane. So to be able to hear you say that there are like these interweaving to this truth to this simple and to this consistent, you know, and so even though there's variations of it, though, there's there's universal truth. And then there's personal truth. I understand the difference, but they're within it is these consistencies. And that is what I trust. I trust that implicitly. I mean, there's this reality that we are experiences far stranger than anything we can even imagine in fiction, you know, so yeah.

Alex Ferrari 49:18
Getting stranger

Maria Lupita Gurulé 49:20
And getting stranger. Exactly. And I love that you said that. So I'm so excited to like, if I can, that I have been invited to be a guest speaker at the International Association of near death studies. Awesome. Awesome to be in August, August 30. Actually, to be exact, and that's, that's my birthday. And you mentioned a book so I'm thinking like, you know, I'm working on a manuscript I just came off of this massive Hay House writers event, because I am passionate about sharing it and it really is just about reach, sharing it with people. You know, that we are all here if we can. We are all into An inch connected, we are not separate. We are did one, you know when one person can do it. And if we can do it together, like they can create something entirely different. You know, and that's most exciting.

Alex Ferrari 50:14
What is the biggest takeaway you had from your near death experience?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 50:17
That we are much more powerful than we think that we are, that there truly is this divine source that we have access to. And that our experience on this earth plane does not need to be difficult in the way that we've experienced it. That is by design. And that when we know how to work life, life really does work, that there is this set of instruction that we can actually follow that we can be in flow with. That's my biggest takeaway. We're powerful beings. And we are incredible. And this can be an entirely different experience.

Alex Ferrari 50:50
Well, let me ask you this, from your perspective, when we discover our mission, our purpose, however large or small that might be. Is that part of the instruction manual? Because it these, it seems that to me, because once I started this show, things started to change in a very large way for me in my life. I was like, Oh, I'm happy. Okay, everything's taken care of. Okay. Okay. And then things start, oh, doors start opening, that were closed before, things became a lot easier, in that sense. Not that I don't work. It's hard. Everyone, I get comments warning me stop working so hard, because they put out so many of these episodes. But is that what you feel as well?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 51:35
Absolutely. And what that is, is that our purpose here, every single one of us, and however way that chooses to manifest itself is love, when we actually can bring in these principles, if you could just bring it in not even love because sometimes, that's a big word that has a lot of confusion. So it's really those fundamental things that you talked about. And there's three basics, truth, beauty, and goodness, if we can look for those three things, you are beginning to open yourself up. And it really is a language of our own soul. Our soul is within us. And it is either dormant, and they're captive, while our ego struggles through all of this craziness. Or we allow it to have its voice, there's these two parts that are inside of us, we have a left brain, right brain masculine and feminine. We also have an ego and a spirit, ego and soul. Okay, so if there is a difference between soul and spirit, but that's neither here nor there, sometimes those words are used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Nonetheless, that's the awakened part inside that you go into flow, you give it a voice, and you begin to understand that once your best favorite, the universe is efficient conspires in our favor. It knows everything, every person, every placed every circumstance, every situation that needs to be set into motion to make this work for you, if we allow it. So we let go of this other energy that interferes to come on, you're like you come online, you come online with yourself and things work life flows, doors open to you, you know, things begin to happen, things shift, and that you begin to understand. And we also closed doors, you know, things that that we would have, you know, felt out of obligation before, that would have held us down before. So simultaneously, we're learning to raise ourselves up and then tune tune into something else that's greater. And then when we do that, and just align with love. So people say, Well, what is my purpose? I'm like, what is that desire inside your heart? Those are seeds planted in you before you were even born, what what it interests you? What enlivens you, that thing that you just can't wait to get to? You know, that's purpose fused with love, you know, that sets a soul on fire with purpose, changing the world.

Alex Ferrari 54:00
I'm going to ask you a few questions I ask all my guests.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 54:02

Alex Ferrari 54:03
What, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 54:06
Being authentic to yourself, knowing that which is within you, and staying true to yourself.

Alex Ferrari 54:14
How do you define God?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 54:16
God is that spark that is within us. And that actually holds and forms everything together? It is with and in us. And we are it

Alex Ferrari 54:27
If you had an opportunity to go back to the little girl that used to be you, what advice would you give her?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 54:33
Keep holding on to that excitement because it's gonna get heavy and tired, but you're gonna get there and it's gonna get exciting. You will be able to be like to do this.

Alex Ferrari 54:43
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 54:45
To discover the truth of what we are to not be limited? Let our souls come on fire to create a new earth.

Alex Ferrari 54:53
And one quick and one question I forgot to ask you before I said these last questions up. You You've mentioned psychic abilities and other abilities? What is What are the abilities that you came back with from your new death experience? And how do they manifest?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 55:05
I have a lot of difficulty calling it psychic calling myself a medium calling myself an intuitive, going through all these things because it's all of it. I can communicate with people who have Christ I can sense and feel and see loved ones that was probably prominent early on. Second thing I recognize I call myself a soul reader versus a psychic medium, even though that is part of it, Soul reader because when I sit with someone they can sense and feel their true essence of their soul. It is the most sacred act of sitting in the presence of somebody else's God's spark within them, and to sense and feel what's happening within their life, loved ones past things and things. Time does not exist. And people have looked at me like I have three heads, only to discover some things I told them have not yet had come to, perhaps, you know, so that it's, I call it that sacred living library, like Akashic readings, something similar to Edgar Casey do channel I don't channel for other individuals. It's primarily for myself, but it has occurred with other individuals when I've been massively drawn to. So it's, and being able to sense and feel like I've had time loops, I've had incredible experiences with otherworldly beings in men, in in taken off planetary systems consciously, not physically, but in a shamanic group and prayer. So I it's I have yet no, I'll put it this way, Alex, I have yet to discover what I'm not capable of. And I don't know how to fully say that just yet. Because that it's truly the power within all of us. So I've had the ability of, you know, having incredible sessions with people all over the world. You know, far this, I think would be New Zealand when 17 hour difference when they're meeting with me and my, my tomorrow, and they're yesterday. These time loops, I've experienced, like so we are far powerful, incredible beings, that our consciousness flows throughout the entire universe. I mean, I've had incredible experiences that are just so otherworldly. But yeah, primarily is really about helping people tap into themselves. What is that their core was? What is really how can I help them tap into themselves? And that's what most brings me online and on fire to be able to help people each other and I never know what, what's going to happen. I never know what's gonna occur. I literally just people's schedule, and I just show up and whoever's on the other line, and boom, like things that happen and things that I've been told is incredible.

Alex Ferrari 57:52
And where can people find out more about you your story and the amazing work you're doing?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 57:57
Thank you. Well, they can find it directly. Easy on the website is just my name. It's I do have a YouTube channel. I have a Facebook page. I'm on Tik Tok under two small mediums, which is kind of interesting. So yeah, and but primarily my website, you can find all my information there. And then I appreciate the opportunity.

Alex Ferrari 58:19
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Maria Lupita Gurulé 58:21
May we know that we are all in this together that no matter how difficult it may be, that we actually can be, you know, that there is something else and just knowing that the greater part of ourselves is safe at home, and that we can tap into it, that we don't have to feel so alone we do have help in life. And that there is always hope. May that hope, be like a seed that grows to be like that step fill the flowers that I saw.

Alex Ferrari 58:51
Maria, thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you and sharing your story and and helping the world awaken my dear, thank you so much.

Maria Lupita Gurulé 58:58
Thank you so much, Alex, I have appreciated this opportunity and the questions of yours and being able to share it so thank you. Thank you for like truly you really are serving by having this platform. Yeah.

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