Oxford Doctor DIES; See Deceased Mother & Comes Back with PROFOUND Knowledge with Margot McKinnon

In the boundless realm of our shared consciousness, where spirit and science intertwine, we welcome the remarkable Margot McKinnon. A distinguished educator and spiritual guide, Margot’s journey is one of profound near-death experiences, spiritual awakenings, and a passionate commitment to understanding the spiritual dimensions of life.

Our conversation begins with Margot recounting her early life, marked by a deep connection to the spirit world. From the tender age of four, she was guided by a protective voice, providing her with life-saving advice during a near-drowning incident. This voice, she explains, has been a constant presence, offering wisdom and guidance throughout her life. “This voice has always been there protecting me,” she shares, illustrating the profound influence of her spiritual experiences from childhood.

Margot’s near-death experiences at 18 and later at 37 brought her closer to the spiritual realm, reinforcing her understanding of life’s deeper purposes. She describes a vivid encounter with a bright light and the presence of her deceased mother, an experience that filled her with unconditional love and joy. This profound event inspired her to embrace a life centered around love and peacefulness, shaping her approach to education and personal growth.

Her educational journey led her to the University of Oxford, where she explored the integration of spirituality into public education. Margot emphasizes the importance of acknowledging children’s spiritual experiences, which are often more real to them than the physical world. She advocates for a model of education that nurtures these experiences, helping children and adolescents navigate their spiritual journeys with understanding and support.


  1. Embrace Spiritual Experiences: Margot’s insights highlight the importance of acknowledging and nurturing spiritual experiences, especially in children. This acceptance helps individuals grow and understand their place in the world.
  2. Life as a Learning Journey: Margot views every challenge as an opportunity for growth. She encourages us to see life’s difficulties as lessons, fostering resilience and personal development.
  3. Living with Purpose: Understanding and aligning with one’s soul purpose can bring fulfillment and clarity. Margot’s journey exemplifies how embracing one’s spiritual calling can lead to a meaningful and impactful life.

Margot also delves into her development of the Five Dimensions of Self, a model that outlines the body, mind, spirit, soul, and oneness. This framework helps individuals understand and balance their various dimensions, fostering a holistic approach to personal growth and spiritual development. “We have five dimensions of self,” she explains, “and we’re born dominant in one of them, growing the others over time.”

Her work in education reflects this philosophy, as she creates spaces where students can explore their spiritual selves and grow into their true potential. By fostering an environment of unconditional love and peacefulness, Margot helps students navigate their spiritual experiences and find meaning in their lives. She shares, “My purpose in life is to teach people about this, to help them create the life their spirit came here to live.”

In concluding our conversation, Margot McKinnon emphasizes the importance of community and connection in supporting spiritual growth. She encourages listeners to seek out supportive friends, engage in spiritual discussions, and find solace in knowing they are not alone on their journey. “Finding friends that are supportive, you only really need one friend,” she advises, underscoring the power of community in fostering spiritual development.

Margot’s story is a testament to the power of spiritual experiences in shaping our lives and guiding us towards a deeper understanding of our purpose. Her insights offer a roadmap for embracing our spiritual selves, finding balance, and living a life of unconditional love and peacefulness.

Please enjoy my conversation with Margot McKinnon.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 240

Margot McKinnon 0:00
But I would say, I'm done now. I want to come home. There were a couple of occasions that I don't think my family realized until they read my first book, that I would go into the kitchen and take the butcher knife out and pull my little shirt up.

Alex Ferrari 0:28
I'd like to welcome to the show, Margo McKinnon. How you doing Margot?

Margot McKinnon 0:31
Hello, Alex, nice to meet you!

Alex Ferrari 0:33
A pleasure to meet you as well. I'm excited to talk to you about your your interesting life to say the least, some near death experiences some spiritual awakenings, some amazing books that you've written, and things that will hopefully help our audience. So my first question to you is, what was your life like, before you had these near death experiences, which apparently was pretty interesting in its own right.

Margot McKinnon 0:56
Well, thank you for saying so. My near death experiences happened when I was 18. And about 37 38. So I had 2, and if we go back in my life, I always had this deep voice that would speak to me as a child, I saw spirits, I could hear voices. And it wasn't till I got older, I realized these voices, were telling me what was going to happen, giving me premonitions and showing me like a vision moving forward. So the very, you know, I always say the very first time I remember that voice coming in, I was about four years old. And we used to have this house on the beach in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and we were little kids. So I used to, I was surfing, okay, so I was about three or four. And I was surfing, and I fell off my surfboard. And because of my height by kind of I fell off, but the waves were coming over my head, and I didn't have the strength than that, and the tide was taking me back out or whatever, you know, and I was going this way, and I was drowning. And I could see my parents, like the water was just up to their knees. But for me, it was like up here and I was drowning. And then suddenly, I heard this voice that said, with the neck, it was always this deep voice with the next wave that comes over, let it push you down, then dig your toes into the sand and push yourself back onto the shore and let the wave carry you back onto the shore. And I got onto the shore, it really did work. And I sort of looked with my little scrunched up face to make her then you see I was drowning over there. But I realized that this voice has always been there protecting me in my life. And now even when I feel like I'm drowning, like Metaphorically speaking, I say no, just stick your toes in and let it bring you on to the shore. Don't fight it. Just breathe, let it guide you onto the shore. So I was about, were you gonna say something?

Alex Ferrari 3:09
I was gonna I was gonna ask you. So when you were younger, the concept of spirits and voices talking to you. That was not it was just part of your existence. It wasn't even a strange thing that you thought everybody could do this early on, right?

Margot McKinnon 3:23
Yeah, it wasn't until I was 16 years old Alex. Wow. That I found out because I had very nurturing parents. And we also have it as part of our family culture. My uncle. He haunts the armory in Kingston, Ontario. And he's been written he he died in World War Two. And he he haunts the armory and people see him. I used to see him too when I was like a high school adolescent. I used to see him but that's a whole other story that I used to see me written up in the newspaper. My grandmother used to see a spirit he came to tell tell her they that he had passed in France. And so it's part of our family culture. They're just some of us who have it. So my parents were very good. My mom saw my grandmother on my mom's side and my dad is an engineer. So we always took a little more like but he was always really open to my dad was an incredible father. And my mom was so supportive. So she really helped me and you know, I have my PhD in from Oxford on the idea of we brought spirituality into public education, what would a model look like? And in my research, my lit review when they talk about children, how important it is not to dismiss their experiences. Because then the child because that experience is more real to them than anything physical and tangible. So they children grow Grow up not knowing what is real and not real. So it's important not to necessarily explain it to your child, but just ask a lot of questions. And as we move along, I'd like to introduce some of the stories from my me raising my own kids. Because my kids, you know, it's showing up in them as well. Now, they're adults now, but it showed up in them as well. But if we go back to this childhood experience of mine, now I'm four, I've moved to Quebec City. I'm Canadian, I moved to Quebec City. And I'm putting my little doll Michael to bed. I have his crib in the living room, I'm about four. I'm tucking his little blanket up. And I hear just out of nowhere in the dark, I hear you all, to be your teacher. And I, my little kids self said, Okay, I will. And I became a high school teacher. And I could see some of the high school kids really struggling with, they were having spiritual experiences. But there wasn't a place in our school system for them to understand their experiences. I did it because I was a high school English teacher. And because we talked about Macbeth Hamlet, you know, Hamlet sees the ghost on the his father's spirit on the tongue, we would have conversations about that in the classroom. But invariably, they would say, Are we allowed to have these conversations here? I think that sad, Alex, it is. It's really, really sad that kids, but because they think about these things, they wonder about them. But where do they have a chance to explore them? How do they get the tools and it shows like yours now, that's giving people tools to navigate their own spiritual experience of life. So I really appreciate and value what you're doing.

Alex Ferrari 7:06
Thank you so much.

Margot McKinnon 7:08
So I heard this voice when I was a little kid. But as a child, also, I knew I was a spirit trapped in a body. And I used to lie on my bed, my little kids self. And I was kind of in a theory, a little kid, like the wind can blow me away. And I'd lie on my bed. And I'd go, I talked to the spirit world. And I'd say, How long do I have to do this all like forever, like this? Brief? How long do I When do I get to go home? When do I get go home? Like how long do I have to stay here? And you know, when when I've been listening to your show, and we hear near death accounts about people, they go home, and I knew that as a child, this wasn't my home. My home was over there. When do I get to go home? And this is a little theory a little kid. So we can move forward. And I I I remember, I was about eight years old playing in my living room and I heard die. Breast cancer 36 Oh, you'll miss your mom. I thought I was gonna die of breast cancer when I was 36. I didn't set up me retirement till after I was 36. I shouldn't be what's the point? What's the point? Right? Yeah, so I thought, like, yeah, I don't need anything like that. Right. But I was wrong. I hear I still am. But, um, so my dad came in and he said, What are you crying about? And I said, Well, I'm gonna die. When I'm 36 have breast cancer, the voice told me because as I said, I had parents that listen to my visions, you know, and really help like my mum used to, because I used to see spirits at night and everything. And I'd wake up and they'd be looking at me in that. And so she'd say, like, or do they go behind your curtains, look under your bed? Look in your cupboard. So we do a whole suite. And I said, Well, the problem is they come when everybody goes to sleep. But anyway, my dad said you're too little to worry about dying when you're 36. But it always kept inside me right that I had heard this and it as it turns out, my mom passed away of breast cancer when I was 36. So in your near death experience, when people are telling their stories, they often talk about a blueprint. And that we were born with some sort of a blueprint. And I think with my mom because she ended up with breast cancer was that just her destiny was she was going to pass away at 66 and I was 36. So do we have a day that is that day? I think we have some days that we can overcome, we can change our circumstances

Alex Ferrari 10:00
For my understanding I feel that I've been told and it from, from many conversations I've had is that we have multiple out points. We have multiple exits that we can choose to go out in or not to go out. And many of these are these near death experiences that they come in like, Okay, this is one of your outs, do you want to leave? You can! Or if you want to go back, you can. It's your choice. So there are these kinds of outs that we we have along the path there, you know, obviously, sometimes they're hard outs, that you have no choice in the matter. You know, at least no choice here in the matter. That's just the end of the blue, the end of the the agreement, if you will. But yeah, I think there is multiple outs. Again, sometimes for different for different souls, depending on the blueprint, it all depends on what the soul is trying to achieve in this life. That's my experience. So if it's to be in and out in 12 months, in and out in 12 minutes, in and out in 120 years, it's it really is dependent on what the soul is trying to achieve, either within themselves, or for the people around them. And that's kind of gotten that my that's what I've kind of gotten from the multiple conversations, I've added this.

Margot McKinnon 11:24
I would agree, I would agree. Because when I taught high school, I did have some students because they really trusted. And I took my I took because the universe told me God, creator oneness told me I was to be a teacher, I took that like so seriously. I knew that I was a some sort of an instrument, and I took it really seriously. But I did have some kids who they wanted and out. They want it to go home. But so I had to try and talk to them about that.

Alex Ferrari 11:55
Well, let me ask you this, because this is very interesting. You know, we were all kids, we were all teenagers, you were a little bit different, you had a little bit more knowledge and understanding than most. But I understand those thoughts. Because when you are an adolescent, when you are teenage, it's horrible time, it really can be just a horrible, horrible time body's changing, you really don't know what's going on. The ego is kind of really, you know, starting to take control. And there's a lot of things that are happening during that time period. If you don't have the proper guidance or the proper under people around you kind of got and even with the proper people. It's tough to break through that time period. But I understand that but I do truly believe. And I was talking to a neuroscientist the other day about this, on the show in regards to what our brain, how our brain functions, when there's faith in it. Not religious faith, it can be religious faith, or it could be spiritual faith, whatever faith, faith in it, something larger than yourself. Those Those souls seem to have an easier go of it. Because they they are they kind of understand that there's something larger than themselves. When you think you're it. It's a difficult road, this is a difficult game to play. If you think you're the only if you're if you think I'm in control of everything, everything is either happening to me, because I have bad luck or this or that or it's a very difficult goal. But when you open your awareness up to a larger awareness, it becomes an easier road. So I think that children and adolescents who have a spiritual path, either religious or spiritual, they have an easier run of it. And I did go to Catholic school. And they obviously went through struggles, but understanding that there was a larger picture helps tremendously. I don't know how you feel.

Margot McKinnon 13:53
I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you a new idea to add to your collection of ideas that you're putting together in your podcast. I told you about that. A voice came in and told me I was to be a teacher. Okay. I also saw spirits I heard voices. Okay. I wondered about how long do I have to stay here. But I also had this kind of longing to go home. And I came from quite a lovely family. Right? Right like that. Like how does this get explained? Right? So they'd be downstairs watching TV. I'd come up to tuck my little daughter Michael into his bed regularly a very loving little nurturing child. And, but I would say, I'm done now. I want to come home. There were a couple of occasions that I don't think my family realized until they read my first book that I would go into the kitchen and take the butcher knife out and pull my little shirt up and start and go right in here. Like, there's no explanation. I'm not in any duress, I don't come from a family of abuse or anything. And I've put this knife up there, and then I hear that voice. Put that back, you all to be your teacher? I really think the universe gave me my purpose in life to keep me here. I don't think I'd be here. Alex, if I didn't have that, just like what you're saying. But I didn't have that voice. I would be out of here already.

Alex Ferrari 15:35
But you were I mean, you're unique study, because you were very connected to spirit early on. And even young children are much more connected in the world. The longer you you spend time in the simulation, if you will, the game, if you will, you become more and more disconnected from source. And then it's our job to kind of forget everything we've been programmed with to try to find our way back to sort that's kind of the purpose of life in many ways is to go back to source. But you were just like, why am i What's what's the point of all of this? You couldn't see, you couldn't see more than one step ahead of you. In many in many directs, you couldn't see the larger picture because you were for, for God's sakes!

Margot McKinnon 16:13
I was four 5 6 7 8. Yeah. Okay. So when I'm 16, let's, let's move ourselves forward to 16. I'm sitting in an English class, she brings out that we're going to study this book. And in this book, it's a historical fiction, they used to believe in ghosts and God and, and it's because they were uneducated. That's why they believed in that, right. And I was not a person in class that would actually raise my I kind of like self taught, like, I probably would have done well as a student during COVID and doing all my stuff online. But anyway, and I put my hand up, and I said, What do you mean, that they saw spirits and, and had visions and everything? Because they were uneducated. ghosts are real? Can't you see them? They're everywhere. Oh, that's my world looked like a cocktail party. Like I was a child who had to learn like, Is this a real person? Is this a spirit person? I talked to them out loud. My older sister, we used to share a bed when I was a little weak kid. And she said, used to scare me so much. Because you'd say, well, how are we supposed to get to sleep with all these people in our room? She said I I remember her diving under the covers. And I'd get under there to not knowing why. But oh, there's something going on. But that was my reality. Right? There are a lot of people who have that reality. But in that moment, when she said that, I sat back in my chair, and I said, Someday I'm going to go to a very prestigious university. And I'm going to show that people who have this are highly intelligent. And so I went to the University of Oxford, and I did my PhD there. So I had a life. I think a blueprint that we were talking about, that tells me that I have to keep bringing legitimacy to this field. Right? And that's why I really enjoy you. You're bringing really legitimate people onto your show. And legitimate, right, like they've worked hard, they've studied, they speak elegantly about their, their experiences. And so Okay, so that 16 by 18, I'm at university, I have my first near death experience, which to me, I think it because I didn't have a near death and it became my big opening into the it was just another one of many of my chapter, another chapter. Yeah. So I was very sick. I had strep throat. And apparently I'd had mono from kissing too many people. But anyway, when I went off to university so anyway, I ended up with this strip. And I had such a high fever, and they put me down in this dorm. It was called an infirmary at the bottom of my residence. And this student nurse was supposed to be looking after me. Well, anyway, she said to me, Hey, Margo, Listen, I I was I had this date tonight with his thigh. I just wanted to go out with him forever. And he asked me out for tonight. And here I am having to look after you. Well, sorry about that. Well, just go out on your date. Don't worry about me. I'm just here. I can't even get out of bed. I'm that sick. And she said, Well, you have a phone here and then a call. Yeah, like nine o'clock. Okay. So way she goes, I have a green. So I'm going out. And I and I'm heading to this beautiful orange tree. Wha Yeah, freedom loving it. You know, your typical and then I thought, oh, I need to say goodbye to my roommate. So I thought I'd better so I'm in the basement. So I'm coming up. I'm on the ceiling. I'm coming up through the staircase. And I see all the girls lined up and they're in ballgowns, and they're waiting for taxi. So I I'm on the ceiling and I'm looking down. I said, Oh, girls, all beautiful. You're heading out somewhere. And then this one girl looked at me and I did a little somersault in the air. And I said, you've seen your first ghost. And then I came, went up, and I went through the door, and my roommate wasn't there. And so I said, Sorry, gotta go. And then I woke up. And then soon after my nurse, arrived on the scene from her date, and she said, I called you over and over and you didn't pick up, I thought you were dead. And I said, I think I was like, were the girls going somewhere? Yeah, they were going over to the military college for a ball tonight. And I said, I saw them. And she said, You couldn't have seen them. Because you're you can't even get out of it. So anyway, that was my first one.

Alex Ferrari 20:48
So that sounds a little bit more out of body experience than near death, or it's a kind of a combo a little bit of,

Margot McKinnon 20:55
Well, you know, I think there are some, you know, okay, so I've been watching your show. And I'm listening to the near and other near death experiences on other shows. I don't remember my dreams, maybe three a year. But I'm listening to people's near death experiences. And I'm going, I had, that's my dream. That was my dream. And you know what you're supposed to come in, and you're supposed to have forgotten your blueprint. But now, I realize those are my dreams. I'm going over there. I'm going over to the other dimension in my dreams. Sure. So now that I've realized that out from your show, Alex, thanks a lot. I'm gonna start really studying my dreams because usually they're they're wiped from my memory when I get up, but they're always something like that. So I had that one. But I thought that was interesting because our curtains were orange in my infirmary. So I went to orange, like, I used to have a recurring dream when I lived in Cocoa Beach, Florida, that I was like, in the water, and I was like a fish and I could breathe the water and I somebody was talking about their near death, but they were in water, and they were breathing. And I thought I was my recurring dream exactly that I think I'm having these on going over to the other dimension in my dreams. So I'm gonna study that now.

Alex Ferrari 22:20
So there's that. So let's go to your second near death experience. So what happened there?

Margot McKinnon 22:25
Okay, so we're gonna go over here, I was doing an indigenous ceremony. I don't want to go into the ceremony, because we're not supposed to talk about these ceremonies. But I had one in there. Sure. So anyway, I'm in there. It's a like a fasting one. I'm on my third day, no food or water. So I'm there. And then suddenly, I just draw. Okay. And it was like this, I can't, my spirit came right up. And I could feel, I went up and I saw the pure white light. And then my mum came down. And my mom had this smile, because, you know, she passed breast cancer, like two years prior to that. She had this smile that went like this. And her smile was like this. And, and she was there. And I could see these other spirits. They look great to me, but they were on their way up. And I was on my way up like this. And I met my mom. And she, she said, I love to see you, but you can't come any farther than this. And so I was like, you know, typical, but I had kids, little kids, I had to come back down, but the experience of that absolute unconditional love and joy and freedom. And then my friend said, Margo, which is how you call a spirit back in by the way, if they go that way, you just call their neck real hard like that. And chances are their spirit will come back in. So she and I went like this. And then I kind of looked around, I had to Oh, yeah, who am I? I'm a person. Like I had to settle my spirit back in I'm a person, what's my mind? And then I hear that voice coming. You're Margo. You're the teacher. So my purpose in life has always like been my anchor to keep me here. So I had that one. So then I decided after that one, okay, because you see, or you hear people with their near death experience, and they take on whatever they learned as their kind of mission moving forward. And I learned it really showed me about this unconditional love and peacefulness. And I thought I am going to construct my entire life around unconditional love and peacefulness. So I'm going to go back into my classroom. And this is going to be a space where young adolescents can learn in absolute unconditional love and peace. suppleness, and I used to get some real hardcore behavioral kids into my class because I was good working with them. Like they came from really, really tough circumstances, right? So they didn't really know how to behave, but they be dropped into my class. Because think that my, even my school knew about all my experiences, really? Oh, yeah, I like you can't know me for five minutes out. You know, you can't know me. Like, when I wrote my first book, which was this one. My dad said, You better not tell you about your experiences, because you'll commit academic or career suicide, but you can't know me for five minutes that, you know, know this about me. So everybody at school knew this. And you know, and they knew, like, because I could help kids in the classroom. So I'd get these kids and it was almost for them. Like, I love them so much. And I said, I don't care what he did. What I want to know, is what you learned. Tell me what you learned. So it was like for them. Now I realize it's kind of like a really nice life review. What have you learned? Doesn't matter? Good or bad? Right. So what you learned, and when, and you talked about high school being a hard place for adolescents. And I wanted because of my near death experience, I wanted it a space where they could grow into the people they want to be no matter where they came from. So we fast forward now two years, I'm taking my master's degree class because my professor, my school jurisdiction wanted me to become a principal. So I go get my master's degree. I took one class that was just for myself. And it was called philosophy of mind. I wasn't doing anything to do with spirituality. For my master's thesis, I was doing professional growth and organizational culture. Doesn't that sound like a nice, mastery kind of thing? Yes, it does. So I took one class for myself. And the homework assignment was how are the body mind spirit related? Well, I did what I do all the time, Alex, I went home, I have a system, I have to clear everything. Like everything has to be shiny and uncluttered for me to get my visions. So I went onto the couch. And I said, Okay, I'm ready now for you to come in that guide that tells me you were to beauty to dig your toes in. Like the waiver, I asked. And this massive, like, I only heard the voice, but this time I saw and it was this massive figure in my living room. So excited, I asked, bubbling with excitement that I asked, I wrote everything down. It said, we have not just three, we have five dimensions of self. Okay, here's my second book, you know, five dimensions of self. It actually started with oneness. But I'm going to start over here for clarity reasons. And then I'll explain how this works after we have a body. But your body is your body, but it's also your material surroundings, anything material physical material, you have a mind. It's your logical, rational self. It's the one that system it does your taxes, it helps you buy a house, right pay a mortgage. Then you have a spirit self. That is that is your self that came from absolute unconditional love. came down to earth to have an experience will go back into unconditional love. Okay. It's eternal. I was surprised because I've always heard people saying spirit and soul as like the same thing in my mind. Like, yeah. And it said, No, I said, So I talked to my this figure, right? I because I can ask any question. I don't need to be in a near death experience to access that voice. And I said, Well, I always thought spirit and soul were the same thing. And it said, No. Your soul is your purpose. It's your reason for coming down here. This is your connection. This is you. It's your eternal self. It's the one that did a little somersault in the air and said, you've seen your first air it but your soul is your purpose. It's your use or to be your teacher. It's the anchor for why you want to be here. And I suspect Alex because you've called your podcast next level soul that you're really exploring this side of yourself like this is opening up and leave aches and bounds and you're diving into your sole purpose and expanding it. Okay? Oneness is connection and belonging but it's your it's the white light from the other side, it's God Creator universe, it's part of us. Okay, so we have five dimensions. We're born dominant in one of them, and we grow the others over time. This is what it was telling me. Body dominant. The physical physical experience, they love the hair, makeup, nails, fashion, sports, like especially those sports like rugby. And like those body ones, everything football, hockey, okay, body dominant. Love Food, setting a table, I am not a body dominant person. I'm a biker say I'm a body competent person. And I've only risen to the level of competence. It used to be worse, like before I ever wrote this book. It was I wasn't very good at the body dimension of life, because I was so a theory of mind, dominant, love the logical rational systems. And I'm saying our school systems are too mind. Dominant, it values mind dominant skill sets, the mind dominant kids get to rise to the top and go to university, then they get a jobs and now they're running everything. And I would like to see our school systems bring these ones in. Because we have spirit dominant students. And I would say I'm a spirit dominant, but I almost like almost equal now spirit and soul dominance. But as a spirit, dominant person, I value unconditional love and peacefulness. More than anything else. My spirit looks out at a world. And when I look over here, I live in a condo and I have full on city views. So I see all the big high rises, and I live in a oil and gas town. So my eyes look out at a world that is unnecessarily harsh and abrasive. Doesn't have to be like that.

And now I realized that's why as a little kid, I want it to go home. I want it to go back where it was kind. And we were loved. And spirit dominant people they remember that Rob Alix like they, they remember it, and they long for it. They miss it.

Alex Ferrari 32:56
But can you get that longing or being more spirit predominant later in life?

Margot McKinnon 33:01
I think you can. I think that's why when people have these opening up experiences and it concert because we all have all five. So when I had kids, and I was showing this to my class when they when I came up with it, and I said, Hey guys, guess what? I just came up with this. And I drew it out on the board. And I was showing them and it was these kids who stayed after school. And they said you're talking about me. It's like you read everything that's been going on in my mind. They want to go home now. They're lonely. And I was a spirit dominant person. I say was because this book helped a whole model helped me. So my first book was called the exquisite pneus of being human. And I wrote that because at when I invented this when I came up with this in my master's degree degree class when that figure came in my guide came in and told it to me. I was so lonesome to go home. And I remember looking at my sister, I was visiting her in Stowe, Vermont, we were in this we were hiking and that and she she loved hiking, I'm not body and dominant enough to love that. But I go into that she's body dominant. So anyway, she's on the couch lying there under this afghan in this kind of rental house, drinking tea out of somebody else's cup. You know, and she's lying. There. She goes, Margot, tell me about your life. How's it going? Tell me every I'm sitting Alex just barely touching the chair because I'm thinking how can she be so comfortable under somebody else's Afghan drinking out of somebody else's? Spirit dominant people are so sensitive. They're porous people. They can sense the what, whose lips have been on that glass before? Who's body's been under that Afghan they can feel it. And I was barely touching the chair and I looked at her and I thought, I know the difference between you and me. You're at home everywhere and I'm at home, know where. And that's why I decided I'm going to find the exquisiteness of my life, I am going to make earth, my home. And I went about doing that now I'm so excited about it. I painted my whole condo out white so that it matches my near death experience of going into the whiteness. You know, so I have my home into that sanctuary space of unconditional love, peacefulness. I created my whole classroom around unconditional love peacefulness, where people can grow into their real self, where the students can create the life their spirit wants to live.

Alex Ferrari 35:54
Well, let me ask you this, because we have these five dominant personality profiles. Okay, well, how do you balance the five because we have all five and in this you know, simulation game experience. We have to deal with all five no matter even if you're the highest of spiritual beings, ascended masters or soon to be Ascended Masters still deal with body and mind in this still deal with ego differently than you and I do. We all have to deal with it. Those are the rules of this game. So how do you balance them?

Margot McKinnon 36:26
Well, let me just finish the soul just get through to these ones. And then we'll get to that. So soul dominant people, they knew their purpose, like I was given mine, right? Early, four years old, soul, dominant people. That's why I respond to stress. Like a spirit dominant. And by that, I mean, I want to go home now. My soul keeps me here. My soul, you know, I go back in here. So anytime I have those feelings of I want to go home now. I don't like it here. It's harsh and abrasive. I go over here. I go over here. I say I'm not body dominant. But I run for miles every other day. And I lift weights. You know? So I can be buff and everything. But do I want to play in a body dominant game of rugby? No basketball? No. You know why? Because it's rude. Stealing somebody's ball away while they're still doesn't say my mouth. Like, you know, here we are. Yeah. Call them. It's rude.

Alex Ferrari 37:43
Sure, fair enough.

Margot McKinnon 37:45
So the thing is, we end up in a culture, like I was giving this presentation to teachers, because I'm teaching this to teachers a lot because to recognize the kids in their classroom, you can see who the body dominant kids are, you can see who the mind dominant kids are. Are you seeing these ones? And what you really want to watch out for with these kids, when you see that their eyes go dim, like dead eyes. Because then their spirits out, it's gone. How do you get that spirit back in for them? So I used to watch out for that in my classroom. And then I got because the kids knew about this model. And I went over to this one boy, he had his hoodie on with his ear buds in and everything. He was a pale ethereal kid. And I said to him one day, drag my chair over and I said, Hey, listen, where do you go when you get sick of us? And he just looked at me and any had light in his eyes for the first time. And he said I build skateboard parks. I said do you okay, and I got out a journal book for him. It's okay. Do you ever get formulas? Do you ever get pictures of this coming in for you? Yeah, I do. Well, let's put it in this journal book. And I said, Well, what does your time schedule look? Like? Are you taking physics because you're gonna need that for the ramp? So you taking math calculus so that you can get all of those can you get? Are you taking drafting art because they need to be beautiful. And so suddenly, his schooling became irrelevant. And I said, you don't need to escape. Because it's their spirit world. Alex, they're escaping.

Alex Ferrari 39:29
Right daydream. That would be another word to be daydreaming.

Margot McKinnon 39:33
I don't think of it that way. Because if your spirit can come out when you're when you die, like you have a your near death or when you die it comes out and can come out right now.

Alex Ferrari 39:42
Yeah, of course. No, of course. But when I say is like when I remember, you know, just daydreaming or going to another place. Yeah, in class because I hated school despised it when I was in high school, love that in college, despised it in high school, because I didn't see any relevance to it. I would be I would be In the land of movies, because that's what I that was my path was filmmaking. So I was constantly living in that place and going off and figuring out things in regards to story and things. And it just was where I went. So you could, I would interchange the two words, you know, Potato Potato, but like, Dad doesn't really matter. Doesn't really matter. But they go somewhere else. They go somewhere, yes, you go to somewhere else, you're somewhere else. I think everybody at one point or another has been in the room, and their eyes just go dead. And they're just and someone goes, Hey, where did you go? Like, oh, I was in a much better place.

Margot McKinnon 40:40
I know exactly. But here's the thing for me is that when I send when I my spirit goes places people see me there. So I remember had a friend who was traveling through Mexico, and this was pre cell phone days, and I don't even think he'd have a cell phone today. Even, you know, even now, because he wasn't that kind of he liked being off into the wilderness. And he was driving through Mexico. And so anyway, I thought, I wonder how he's doing. So I took my spirit out. And I got I found him he was in his car. And so I said, Hey, how are you doing? Then he found a phone booth. Like two days later, you said you scared me like I was driving along like the dust coming out the back and I heard this, how are you doing? I looked there you were sitting in the backseat of my car. So I actually do send my spirit places and people see me there. I have a number of like astral projection. Well, yeah, except they see there. So my spirit can come out and it goes play. So I taught my son how to do that, because he was hit by a car. And he became really kind of OCD about things, and really fearful of death. And, and he, I taught showed him how to take his spirit out because he was worried about me, I was going to die. And I said, just take your spirit out, get inside me and look out my eyes, and then you'll see where I am. And I taught him that he's been able to do that. But if we look at say, spirit, dominant soul dominant, and then oneness might, that same son I'm talking about taught me so much about oneness. And I'll tell you how he did that. So he was three. And I was putting him to bed and he was such a cute little kid. And so I was putting him to bed and he said, you know, Mum, before I was born, I was talking to God. And I said, really? Well, what does God look like? Looks like white. Looks like white. But you know, you're talking to God. And this is before my near death experience. My second one, it looks like white, but you know, it's God. And I said, Well, what good did God tell you? God told me I had to come down and be a human. I said, really? Well, what did you say? And he said, Well, I told him, I didn't want to come. Why not? Well, because it's so nice over there, mom. And it's not nice here. Not nice here. And I said, Did you tell God that? He said, Yeah, I did. And I said, well show me a picture of my mum, show me my mum. He said, show me show me my mum. And he took a picture of you. And it was like out of a photo album. And he took a picture and showed it to me. And I said, Oh, I don't want to be her son. Because she looks mean. I'm keeping all my feelings to myself. I said to him really? Well. So what did God say to that? He said I had to come. And so I got inside your body. And then when I was born, I looked at your face. And I said, Oh, you're so beautiful. And I'm glad you're my mom. But he was born dead. Because he was feet first. And he had the cord all wrapped around his neck. And he was born like they whisked them out. And then I could hear you know, come on, baby. Breathe. Come on, baby breathe. And so they brought him back. So I think that conversation happened. So he's, so when we talk about do you choose to come in? He was an obedient spirit. He came in because God, did he want to come? No. Did he want to face all the hardship? The meanness down here? No. But again, because God told him to come.

Alex Ferrari 44:22
Well, you know what's interesting, we were talking before we got on the show about you saying you wanted to have an A plus life rule. Yeah. Yeah. And and then as in when you said that I the first thing that came to me was, well, what is the definition of an A plus life review? Is that something that you do perfect, that you had a perfect life and you did everything perfectly? Is that a plus? Because I would consider that a fail as opposed to a life of struggle and overcoming different obstacles in your life and challenges in your life and making it to the end that I consider an A plus. So a lot of people listening My under might have the same feelings you have like, I want to have a great life review.

Margot McKinnon 45:05
Yeah, what a really great one. Over there, Alex, because I've heard this voice talking to me my whole life. When I go over to the other side, and I do my life review, I'm really hoping that I hear. Thank you, Margot. You did? It makes me cry a little bit, actually. Thank you, Margot. You did everything I asked.

Alex Ferrari 45:29
Or everything or everything that you set out to do.

Margot McKinnon 45:32
Well, I mean, I heard I was to be a teacher, I had this really cool job when I was at university where I was like, uh, you know, I was working in hotel, like to make lots of money to go to university and, and they said, oh, we'll put you in the hotel management, we'll send you all over I couldn't. I promised at four, that I would be a teacher. Well, that was your test. That was a terrible play was my test. And so yeah, I see everything as a test. Well, and some people say there are no tests. Well, we get challenges. And but this This child of mine here, he taught me a lot about oneness. Because he and when he told me that I said, I've really got to make school, a place an educational space for kids to grow into creating the life, their spirit came here to live. Isn't that what the purpose of school is, should be whatever

Alex Ferrari 46:29
We are in one big school in general,

Margot McKinnon 46:34
By law to go off to this school. So my son now is like seven. So I take them off to that my three kids were off in a museum. Well, he had fallen in love with Buddha. At seven, so he was here he is various. He's like Buddha posing it all. How beautiful is that? So anyway, we're in a museum, he's I see him. He's sitting in front of the Buddha and exactly the Buddha pose. And the other kids are saying, Mom, do you want us to get Alex? No, no, no, just leave them there. My son's also Alex. Just leave them there. And when he's finished his experience, he can catch up, we'll just stay. So anyway, he caught up and I said, Alex, how was your experience with Buddha? And he said, Well, you know, Mum, to understand something, you must become that thing. He's seven. Seven,

Alex Ferrari 47:31
That's amazing.

Margot McKinnon 47:32
So that is oneness. Yeah, to understand something at a deep, deep combat thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. So when we look at this again, so, you know, that voice gave me this model. But what happens is when we're stressed, so imagine when we're stressed here, what do body dominant people do when they're stressed? Shop, maybe steroids? Maybe? All that ozempic? You know, plastic surgery? Is that a whole industry preying on body dominant people's fear of aging? All the materialism over here, what do mind dominant people, they live a very systematic structured, logical life. What do they do when they're stressed out, my systems not working? Or maybe their partner passes away, and they had an idea of what their retirement their whole Old age and now everything's changed, right. But they can micromanage because they have to get everybody back into the system. And some of them go around calling other people idiots. Look at all the idiots on the road. Idiots, idiots, idiots. My friend did this. And we were driving in a car and she was calling everybody an idiot. And she looked at me finally, I bet you think I'm stressed kind of do. Not everybody's an idiot. But it's really about recognizing when you talked about balancing, recognizing when you're out of balance, go to another dimension. So my I get people into you know, who want to open up their soul dimension because they've retired now. So their whole mind dominant existence of career is gone. So where do they go next? Over here? Some of them were over here. They want to explore what is the life My Spirit wanted to live? I never liked that career in the first place. So they want to explore what is my life my spirit wants to live. These kids here well, people here who are spirit dominant, and you are in the film business, we can see some real spirit dominant actors. If you absolutely you know and acting is a really good in some ways, a great space for them because they have a square But they've got markers where they have to stand. And then when they're done, and they can let the spirit of that character in and guide them, but it's really also difficult for them when they can't let go of that spirit that there

Alex Ferrari 50:13
It is, you know, I've had the pleasure of working with Oscar winners. And I've had the pleasure of talking to a lot of these, these high performing artists. And it's really interesting, because you're absolutely right. I've spoken to some of the rock stars and movie stars and artists in general. The great ones, writers and so on the great ones understand that they are a vessel. They get it. There are some who are that are so gifted, they could stay in the body in the mind, because they've been blessed with this obscene gift, that, that they later find. But the Great's the Meryl Streep's of the world, who, every time you see her play any character, she just encompasses that character in a way that nobody else can. Or Daniel Day Lewis, these kinds of deep artists, they, they are spirit dominant, no question and arguably soul dominant, as well to be louder, and they've said it to me, the writers, you know, some Oscar winning writers and I go, Yeah, I just show up, and I'll write and then I'll look back, and I'll read it and go, Well, that was good, who wrote that. And I think we all have a little bit of that in our in our, in our life, hopefully, sometimes. But even athletes I've spoken to they are, when they get in the zone, they are body dominant, because they're athletes. But when they connect to spirit, while being embodied dominant, which is that zone, they don't even think anymore, they just do.

Margot McKinnon 51:54
And it's kind of the oneness too, because it's like, they're, you know, when you see a violinist, and now they're completely like they're in another world. They're lost in the oneness of that total connection to the instrument. And the really great basketball players, they're in this flow of oneness, read my mind, where that basket is, they know where every player is. And so really to develop your oneness over here, will really help you elevate where you are in your life.

Alex Ferrari 52:31
How do you do that?

Margot McKinnon 52:34
Pardon me?

Alex Ferrari 52:34
How do you do that?

Margot McKinnon 52:36
Well, you know, it was out running. And there's somebody who practices piano every morning on this on my route. And you can hear that it's a mind dominant person playing. Because it's really quite practical. You know, they know they're watching the notes, it's very like this. They need to loosen up and breathe. And connect up into oneness. I used to teach my students how to do that in their writing. So when they had to cut, some of the kids would come to me and they didn't know how to write and I said, Well, okay, I want you to look at this word. Now, like the question and it always be some word like, how does fear work? They'd be some big philosophical question. And I'd say, Okay, what I want you to do is sit back in your chair, and close your eyes. And I want you to see, I want you to see the word fear. And then I want to, I want you to the very first images, you see, like a movie, what are you seeing? Which story have we studied, that would match what you're seeing the best? Start writing down what what the movie you're seeing in your head. That's where you start your essay. And though, the kids had tremendous marks on these big provincials that I didn't have to mark, because they were all standardized, but they they used to do and people would say, it's so funny, because you can see one row of students from one teacher, and they're all like drafting it all out mind mapping, and all of this. And then you look down your row and yours, yours open up their booklet, and then they all sit there like this, meditating, meditating to get the answer, because I showed them how I showed them how to have a vision, so that they can pull this really fresh, vibrant, answer down, it is a teachable skill.

Alex Ferrari 54:29
We always gonna say this is something that so many people listening might not understand. But everybody has this ability. Sure, like I've said this before, everybody can play basketball. You could take a ball, you could throw it up, but we're not all Michael Jordan. So some are more gifted than others in this space, but we can all do it and grow in that in this, this technique, this idea because I've learned how to do it, you know, meditating myself, and allowing certain things to come in and As the name of this show came in a meditation, I asked for it. I said, I need a name for this show, I had three weeks to put the show together. Because I was given some marching orders. And I said, Okay, I need a name. And it came, just popped right into my head during the meditation. And I checked, I was like, Oh, nobody else has this name. No one else is using this great. And it just popped in. But you learn the skills. There's nothing I did. I wasn't born with like you. And just wonderful supportive family and educated and in spirit, I wasn't it was a longer, tougher road for me. And that's the one thing I wanted to talk about real quick is the five, the five profiles. You figured out a few of these much earlier than others, because that's your path. For me, I didn't discover my true purpose, up until really, probably around five years ago. So that's when I discovered my purpose. And then when I discovered it, and I truly understood what the purpose was. Everything just fell into place. And then all all the other things around me started to make sense to me. And when I got to that soul place, I was like, oh, okay, and I get it now, all the struggles, all the hardships, all the long roads that I went through to get to this place, was all being designed for me to get to this place. At this moment, not five years ago, not 10 years ago, and not 10 years from now, this is the moment where you needed to learn it in your life. And everything started to open up. So for people listening, don't feel like you're a failure. If you haven't figured it out yet. Everyone's path is completely different. But under but if you're listening to this, you're already on the path, because you're asking the questions.

Margot McKinnon 56:56
While we're all part of a soul group are interested in this kind of thing. Correct. Mind dominance might not be listening, they might think it's all woowoo business, you know, correct. But, you know, it's, uh, yeah, mine came in this way. And there are a whole bunch of things. I can't do like read map.

Alex Ferrari 57:15
Oh, I can't either.

Margot McKinnon 57:17
Like somebody told me and this was only like, a few years ago, like I drew a map about how to get somewhere and they said, so it's north up here. And what do you need? Well, this must be north because you put it at the top. Oh, no, you come out my place and your turtle? Well, that must be No, no. Oh, you know, I have no idea. Like, as some of the things that are like kind of, of this world are is baffling. Yeah. And so a theory of like, you know, trying to get a lid off a jar or something. And then somebody dominant comes by and just grew and like, how did you do that? I fall down on ice. We it's quite icy here in March, with a melt and everything, I have to be really careful. Because I'm a spirit dominant, I'll hold down where you see these body dominant people like Kronk through the ice, and they don't slip. But they're all kinds of things. You know, we're all here. Like, we're eternal beings. And sometimes, like, if you're a body dominant person, like it's easy, I shouldn't say it's easy, but it's like certainly very fun. No, like, for like, so many times when I was over here, like wanting to go home. And I decided I was going to make earth my home. I had to open up my body dimension of self. I became like, I have parties now. I had one last week. I love parties. I love all the food, the candles, the flowers i because body dominance told me like they said no Marco, you're missing the whole point of your life if you're not going to enjoy the whole tangible side of things. You know, and then my so I turn it on and turn it off. So I run I exercise, I get my hair cut. I turn that on. And then mind I turn that it's tax season right? You have to have them in by May 1. So that means I have to turn on my mind and get all my tax stuff all put together. So I turn it on. But do I want to work in a mind dominant career? No. I just don't want to. I'm to spirit and soul. Like I have to work only in things that match my sole purpose, which is to teach people about this. And to help them create the unconditional love and peacefulness so that they can create the life their spirit came here to live. That's my whole purpose in life.

Alex Ferrari 59:48
And on a personal note, that's that makes so much sense because I've been an artist all my life, and artists are generally leaning much more towards spirit Then body or mind, because art is not an intellectual process. So some try, but doesn't work that way. Art is a completely, I think, very spiritual process. So even when I was working throughout my life, everything always had to be in the artists. And anytime I tried to skew from that, it just didn't. It didn't work. It didn't work. I always, always when I was in this artistic aspect of it, and I consider what I do now, in many ways, the next level of that, because there is an art to what we do, and how we present it. But it is much more connected to soul and to oneness, then definitely not body in mind, though there is some intellectual conversations as we've had here as well. But the intellectual is, I think, a gateway into the spirit. Because it walks you in and you go, Wait a minute, she has a PhD from Oxford, she's not alone. So what is that, and then you start, it starts opening doors into the spirit, that's which, which I hope to do with these conversations.

Margot McKinnon 1:01:06
Well, and you know, being an educator and I speak to teachers across the country, like a PhD is a valued thing. And my, my soul feels right to be able, like when I when I came up with this book, I was speaking at like to medical doctors and psychiatrists, I didn't want to get up there and say, Hi, I'm Margot MacKinnon, high school English teacher. as proud as I was of that, I wanted to say, I'm Dr. Margot MacKinnon. And I really do look at the whole scientific part of this. I mean, there's so many brain you had a neurologist on, like, Shane scans, genetic studies, quantum physicists, of course, yeah. Yeah. You know, like all of that. It's, it's, it's sitting right there. And some people say to me, Well, have you proven scientifically your theory? Margo, can you be out there so and I said, You know what, here's the thing. I'm not out here to convince anybody of anything. I'm here to support people who are having spiritual experience. I'm here to support them, so that they want to stay here. Because I've worked with too many people who want to go home now. And this model really helps them look, I'll say, You know what, let's work on your oneness, your sense of connection and belonging, and you are connected to something bigger. Don't check out early. Stay, stay, stay with us. And my job as your high school English teacher, is I'm going to help you explore all of this so that you find a real meaning. And once we did that, it's about getting their voice and where they are in their life. Oh, their marks just went skyrocketed. And the light was in their eyes. So you know, and we are eternal beings. If your life here is, is about enjoying the whole physical, tangible part, go for it. You know, like, that's, that's what your journey is. Excellent. Can you bring me with you? Can you invite me to your parties, because I love them, right? If your experience here is to do a lot of mine things you love all the puzzles, like, this is how, when I was teaching, we had to go to graduation ceremonies. So I had my black gown on and the kids had their blue went on. And I was sitting by my physics teacher, friend. And I always carried a piece of paper and a pen under my gown in case I had a vision while while something was happening. So anyway, I'm sitting beside my friend. And so he whips out his piece paper from under his gown nice like this. Then I at the same time was whipping out mine. And I was writing on my piece of paper, and then we put it and then when the kids were all like clapping for some kid, I said, Hey, what were you working on? And he said, I had this math problem. It's bugged me for a week. I solved it. And mind dominant guy right now he's set but also kind of visionary, because math is visionary, very much, you know. So then he said, What were you working on? I had a vision. Great, let's meet after we'll talk about our visions. And that's the kind of people I worked with. And they gravitated toward me because I always create the space for people to be real about their spiritual experience.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:17
And you want to hear something funny, ever since I launched the show, that's happened to me. Because people start to people who find me, either through the show or in the world out there. They were like, can we talk about simulation theory? And that we're all in this simulation? And what does that mean spiritually and all that? And they and people from Hollywood will call me and they'll go, Hey, can we? Can we, you know, can we just talk about this episode? You did? Because I can't say anything publicly about it, which is something I wanted to ask you. How do you find the courage to be spiritual in our current Western world, because in other in other countries, it's a lot more acceptable Can India and, and other areas like that? That it's it's that's just part of the culture. But for us it is not. And nowadays even worse so the word God is a triggering is a trigger word for God's sakes. So now people have to say the universe or source, which is fine, call it whatever you want. Yeah. But, you know, to just say the words, but I was terrified of this during the show because of that, because of your suicide, career suicide. So how do you approach that if someone's listening?

Margot McKinnon 1:05:27
Okay, well, first of all, when I would go to Job teacher interviews, to get a job, so why did you want to become a teacher? Okay.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:38
Did you lead with the, with the giant beam that came in and your vision?

Margot McKinnon 1:05:42
I actually said, I've always wanted to be a teacher. However, I went to Oxford and my, my supervisor, and I said, I said, Well, how would you like to be me? Having to sit there in a job interview? Why did you? Why am I supposed to sit there going? Well, I heard this voice that told me you are to like, I wouldn't ever get the job, right? However, all the way through high school, like, because it was so natural to me, Alex, what was I supposed to do? I don't even know any different. I don't know anything different. So it was always just a natural thing. And then all my friends in high school always met my university friends, anybody I worked with always knew. And so I just became that person that, you know, my doors open, you can talk to me about anything.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:33
But how about for somebody who's not as lucky as you are in this life in that sense, that didn't have that path that is feeling, you know, listening to this show, and wants to have more spirituality in their life, and maybe even talk about it besides just listening to this show?

Margot McKinnon 1:06:50
Well, I'd say hang in there. Because finding friends that are supportive, you only really need one friend. But having friends finding meetup groups listening to podcasts, podcasts like yours, and it's just becoming more normalized now. And, but you know, my I have a brother and two sisters, right? So my brother is an engineer. And I hope I don't know if he's gonna watch this podcast. But anyway, he's he retired and from engineering. And so now guess what? He's opening up all of this, because he has the time, right to open up all of this side. And so he phones me up, he's lives in Toronto, he phones me up to have conversations about, you know, these, I just think I had a vision does this sound like a vision to you?

Alex Ferrari 1:07:40
An engineer, an engineer, no less an engineer.

Margot McKinnon 1:07:44
And I love it. Right? So I just, you know, I am who I am. I don't, unapologetically I don't. I'm not trying to convince anybody. I just am. If you like me, great. And if you don't, don't, don't hang out with me. I'm okay with that. Right? I'm okay. With my family. My dad's saying you'll commit career suicide if you do that. And then when I sent him my first copy of my book, and I sent it, he got the first copy. And he read it. And he said, I'm so glad you didn't listen to me. Thank you not to write it, because it's helped so many people. Not everybody's gonna like you. I mean, what job you have, I mean, that my students used to say, Aren't you worried that maybe somebody's going to come and arrest you, because you let us tell your Argos stories in here? And I said, Oh, you'll see me on the front of the newspaper with my hands in handcuffs. Yeah, you want to know why I'm being arrested? Because we talked about the great questions of the human experience. And that's what literature is all about.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:53
Margo. It has been such a wonderful conversation with you. I'm going to ask you a few questions asked, Well, my guess what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Margot McKinnon 1:09:03
A fulfilled life. Well, it's partly I want my a class on my judgment. So teaching that, yes. And I and I really want God to be proud of me, and thankful and and say thank you, Margo. You put yourself out there, made some sacrifices. I appreciate that. Fulfilled. Life is really my accessing all my five dimensions. I love to wake up in the morning to a peaceful, lovely day where I get to live the life my spirit came here to live, fun. Friends, kindness, unconditional love.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:39
How do you define God?

Margot McKinnon 1:09:40
That great force of oneness that connects all of us. And as my son said, to understand something, you must become that thing. So it's that oneness that connects all of us. We're all related,

Alex Ferrari 1:09:57
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Margot McKinnon 1:09:59
I think you nailed it earlier when you were talking about all of our lessons, take everything as a lesson. Right now I have a meeting tonight where it's going to get quite contentious. And I'm the kind of the Board Chair of it. And I know it's gonna get contentious. And I do a white light meditation, sometimes two and a half hours in the morning and an hour before bed. And I say to the force of oneness God, creator, and I say, thank you for bringing me an opportunity to practice handling a difficult situation well. So everything any kind of conflict I have, I say, thank you for giving me another chance to practice. So what is my What was the question? Like my purpose or purpose of life? The ultimate purpose is to be conscious of these lessons that you're getting and being grateful for them, that you handle them better and better every time.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:02
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing?

Margot McKinnon 1:11:04
You can go to my website, which is www.drmargotmckinnon.com, drmargotmckinnon.com. And they can go and check out all my I run a meetup group where we do ask the universe we do once a month, ask the universe because I asked the universe anything I want to know I go and ask. So we have a meetup group where we I add I, we have a question. And then we all have to ponder it for the whole month, I go in and get my answers. And then we come together and share all our answers once a month. So we do that and I run webinars and of course, my book here if they want to order one right off my website.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:46
And do you have any parting messages for our audience?

Margot McKinnon 1:11:51
If you know of anyone who's struggling, being human, if you can just hold their hand, and if you can get them a copy of this, and just say, I just hold their hand and life will get better. If they just understand that there's such an exquisite pneus about staying here. Because I think that's really why I'm down here is to help people understand. This is a wonderful place to live.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:21
Margot, thank you again so much for this conversation. And I hope it truly helps people listening to it around the world. So I appreciate you my dear. Thank you.

Margot McKinnon 1:12:28
Thank you, Alex. Bye!

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