GOOSEBUMPS! Woman Has Most Detailed Near-Death Experience TOUR of HEAVEN EVER! with Lura Ketchledge

In the boundless dance of existence, there come moments when the veil between the known and the unknown lifts, revealing the mysteries that lie beyond. On today’s episode, we welcome the captivating Lura Ketchledge, who takes us on a journey through her extraordinary near-death experience (NDE). Lura Ketchledge‘s narrative is a compelling testament to the profound transformations that can emerge from crossing the threshold of life and death.

Lura’s life before her NDE was a whirlwind of youthful exuberance and exploration. At 19, she was navigating the vibrant social scene of Washington D.C., juggling jobs, relationships, and the occasional horseback riding adventure. Raised with Judeo-Christian values by her Presbyterian minister grandfather, she had a foundation in spirituality, yet she harbored doubts about organized religion. This skepticism set the stage for the profound spiritual awakening that was to come.

On a sunny day that seemed perfect for horseback riding, Lura’s life took a dramatic turn. As she raced a horse back to the barn, she was thrown off with such force that her body went one way and her soul another. “I went off like a bottle rocket off that horse and I never hit the ground. I never felt the impact because my body literally went one way and my soul went another,” she recalls. Plunged into a dark tunnel at a high speed, she was acutely aware of her separation from her physical form and knew she was dead.

In this disorienting tunnel, Lura experienced a gamut of emotions—from profound sadness to self-recrimination for the choices that led her there. But then came the light, and with it, her grandfather, no longer ravaged by cancer but healthy and vibrant. The reunion with her grandfather was a moment of immense joy, overshadowing even the strangeness of her situation. However, this joy was tempered by the subsequent life review, a common feature in NDEs, where she was shown the impact of her actions on others, both good and bad.


  1. Self-Reflection and Growth: Lura’s life review emphasized the importance of understanding how our actions affect others. “You judge yourself,” she says, highlighting that the process is not about external judgment but about self-awareness and the desire to improve.
  2. The Continuity of Relationships: One of the most comforting revelations for Lura was the assurance that relationships transcend physical death. The love and connections we forge in life continue beyond, offering solace and hope.
  3. The Non-Linear Nature of Time: Lura’s experience with the concept of simultaneous lifetimes across different periods and realities challenges our conventional understanding of time. This realization underscores the complexity and interconnectedness of our existence.

As Lura journeyed further, she found herself at Source, a realm of indescribable love and bliss. “It was like floating in a sea of love,” she describes, where she felt the presence of other consciousnesses, possibly versions of herself from different lifetimes. This profound sense of unity and peace was, however, brief. She was soon whisked away to a new reality, a beautiful beach where her thoughts could manifest physical objects, revealing the responsive nature of the realms beyond.

Returning to her body was a jarring experience, marked by intense pain and the harshness of physical reality. Despite the trauma and the initial disbelief she encountered from medical professionals, Lura emerged with a renewed understanding of life and death. Her journey didn’t end there; she continued to experience paranormal phenomena, reinforcing her connection to the non-physical realms and deepening her spiritual insights.

Lura’s story is a vivid reminder that life is a tapestry of experiences meant to teach and transform us. Her near-death experience, while deeply personal, offers universal lessons about love, accountability, and the eternal nature of the soul. Her message is clear: we are not alone, and our lives are interwoven with those of others, both in this world and beyond.

In conclusion, Lura Ketchledge’s near-death experience provides a powerful testament to the mysteries that lie beyond our physical existence. Her journey from the brink of death back to life has gifted her with profound insights and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lura Ketchledge.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 304

Lura Ketchledge 0:00
You know, let's say you're a company and you've sold a product and you know, some kids are gonna get killed, okay, but you're making a lot of money. When it comes your time, you're going to feel every individual that you've hurt with your negligence and greed. So it's not like a punishment, but you're going to see what you've done. So, the best advice is like, don't screw up anybody elses life if you can help it

Alex Ferrari 0:34
I'd like to welcome to the show, Lura Ketchledge. How you doing, Lura?

Lura Ketchledge 0:37
I'm doing fine. Thank you for having me today.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your remarkable journey with my audience. Hopefully, it's going to be entertaining and teaching story that we can help everybody with. So my very first question, before we get into your NDE was what was your life like prior to having a near death experience?

Lura Ketchledge 0:56
Well, I was a teenager at the time. I was 19 years old, I had my first apartment. I worked at a rock and roll nightclub at night. I tried to model during the day, I was also flunking out of junior college. And let's say I was juggling two boyfriends. How was your typical teenager having a real taste for freedom and just beginning to live.

Alex Ferrari 1:23
And did you have any spiritual like did you raise spiritually or religiously at all?

Lura Ketchledge 1:28
Well, my grandfather was a Presbyterian minister, and we were very involved in the church. I sang in the choir, all my youth I went to church camp, you know, things like that. Um, but I have to say, I had my doubts about organized religion. I didn't believe the Bible. Word for word. I had Judeo Christian values that were very ingrained. But I wasn't buying what they were selling, basically.

Alex Ferrari 2:01
So did you were you in search of anything at the time of your near death experience? Meaning like, were you going deeper spirituality, you're juggling two boyfriends, and I'm gonna rock and roll clubs

Lura Ketchledge 2:11
Having a good time. I was involved in social life. Having a good time. I can say this now, because I'm a 63. But I was a pretty girl, having a taste for freedom and fun and just living life in the Washington DC area just enjoying my life.

Alex Ferrari 2:29
So did you feel lost at all, or you were just having a good time?

Lura Ketchledge 2:34
I wasn't lost at all. My father was very, very strict. And he raised both his daughters like boys so that we could be independent. In know, and things like that thing for ourselves. going out and getting a job and holding an apartment and paying bills and stuff was a very easy transition. So I wasn't a lost teenager whatsoever.

Alex Ferrari 2:57
Okay, good. I asked these questions, because a lot of people when they have near death experiences are either off the path or going through really difficult times. It seems like you were just being a very happy 19 year old having a good old time. I remember being 19 I remember those years. They were wonderful.

Lura Ketchledge 3:13
But you know, it's scary as you think you know it all and you think you're just so cool.

Alex Ferrari 3:20
You think you're the last Coca Cola in the desert as they say. You think you know everything and you're invulnerable. Obviously, you're invulnerable and nothing, you'll never die. That's the farthest thing from your, from your from your mind. So what happened on the day of your near death experience?

Lura Ketchledge 3:38
Well, I also want to preface this I was a teenager that was responsible, even though I was a good time, Charlie. I never got into alcohol, drug use, or smoking anything legal or illegal. So I was kind of more grounded and more responsible than most teams. And the accident was such a fluke. It was such a fluke. So what happened? Um, my girlfriend Terry called me up, I was in my apartment in Falls Church, Virginia, and she said, Let's go horseback riding. I said, well, let's just go where I used to ride. You know, when I was in high school, let's go out to Centerville. And she kind of bailed on me. And it was such a pretty day I decided to go over to my mom's house, pick up my helmet and boots. And then I cruised on out to Centerville, Virginia. Um, and rented a horse Now there were two horses tied up and I could have picked either one but I like the real pretty one. And Gail said, Wouldn't you like to take the white one I said, I don't need a Western saddle. Give me an English saddle. I know what I'm doing. Big mistake. Big mistake because the horse was a little bit above my abilities but have some nice horse. And I want to tell everybody the horse was fine. I'm the one that got her. A lot of female what happened to the horse? No!

Alex Ferrari 5:01
Eeveryone's much more concerned about the horse.

Lura Ketchledge 5:06
So I got on the horse and there weren't any other riders around. So I decided to go out to a field and canter. And I walked around and I had was having a great time. And then I met up with these two gentlemen, I didn't know they were, you know, maybe in their 20s or 30s or so. And we decided to ride together. And I was kind of like the ending the afternoon I just wanted to get, you know, home, I had to go to work and a few hours. So what happened is we had the bright idea to race the horses back to the barn. Not a good, not a good idea. And of course, I had to have I had to win, I had to win. And I hadn't been writing in a while I was a little bit out of shape. So the horse was going pretty much at a canner and then went into a hand gallop, which is like, like a racehorse. And it was I was losing my balance a little bit, I was a little concerned, but I was holding on. And the horse stumbled. And I went flying. I mean, I went aerial, like a rocket off to the, to the right of the horse. And I remember saying something profane, because I knew this was I was gonna get clobbered. I would didn't think I would get killed or anything. I just knew this was this, this isn't working out. This was like that feeling. Oops, you know, it's gonna happen. So the funny thing is, Alex is I went off, like a bottle rocket off that horse, and I never hit the ground. I never felt the impact. Because my body literally went one way and my soul went another, I went straight into this black pit, it was a beautiful sunny day on I wanted to this big dark pit. And it's it was just as abrupt let's pretend you're sleeping in your bed. You know, it's the middle of the night and all of a sudden your cast out into the Pacific Ocean. That's how abrupt it felt. So I went into this big dark black tunnel at a high rate of speed. I knew I was off the horse, I knew where I was, I wasn't confused. And I knew I was dead. So there was a separation between body and soul, I knew it could happen. Because I had an out of body experience as a as a kid, and left my body before terrible accident went right back in, of course with horses. So I'm in this black tunnel. And I got the feeling of total isolation. My thought this is must this is must, it must feel like this to astronauts in outer space, you're alone. So a rollercoaster of emotions came out shock. A profound sadness because my life had just began to live. It was every emotion. You could think of coming like, like a roller coaster up and down. As I was going through this tunnel. Now the tunnel itself was there wasn't any light at the end for a while. And it was like soft velvet tunnel. I felt like I was still me. Like I had arms and legs. I felt like I was still me. And I knew that the tunnel was Aryan like it dense at the same time. I don't know how I drew that opinion. I just did. But it was nothing structurally like anything here in physical reality that was real. So I'm going through this tunnel with every emotion. And then this profound feeling like you did it to yourself. angry at myself, you did it to yourself. And now you'll never get to live, you know, coming so close to having this great life and then having it snatched and it was all my stupid fault for riding the horse above my abilities and racing him and a lot of anger at myself. And then there was a light. And then there was my grandfather. Oh, that was wonderful. I forgot about I know that sounds weird. I forgot about being dead. I was just so glad to see him. And he was older. You know, he died at 72 and he maybe looked 60 He didn't look sick anymore. It wasn't ravaged with cancer. And, you know to be reunited with him was worth So follow it was worth the accident. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 10:06
So what happened next?

Lura Ketchledge 10:08
This part I didn't like, you know, they say you have a classic life review. Like it's like going through a Rolodex of your life. It is, but it isn't. It's not a judgment, you judge yourself. But I was being given the opportunity to show what my actions were. And I was a 19 year old kid, I wasn't a serial killer. I hadn't done anything terrible. And, you know, I hadn't, you know, screwed up anybody's life yet. So, but I saw things that were very disturbing to me, I took them to heart because I was 19, there wasn't a lot of self forgiveness. If I did this, it 60 or 70, I would have gone aha, that's how I thought at that time. So it was more personal, more upsetting. So basically, I was in this place. I don't know how I got there. I was just there, I was ushered there. And I knew my grandfather was somewhere but not next to me, like in the background, and I was being ushered by an outside individual. I am guessing now in my 63 year old brain, my higher self, but at that time, I had no concept of it just being ushered in, it wasn't a punishment. So basically, this is how it goes. You see the result of your actions, like from scene to scene, like something stupid you do as a little kid and you hurt your little friends feelings, but you feel what they are feeling you see it from their point of view. I was like, harsh to this little girl like in first grade, and I felt so guilty about it, because I really hurt her feelings. It was so stupid of me and trivial. But I was mad at myself. Um, I saw some things like that. Some missed opportunities to be nice. And this wasn't a like, Oh, you have to be good. You have to be you know, this is what happens when you're bad. It wasn't like this, it was more of a an understanding of how things work. I saw some good things like when I rescued a kitten saved its life and got out in traffic as a teenager and rescued this cat when I was 18 This little poor little white kitten that was gonna get run over and smashed and ran through trafficking got it, you know, that was a bigger thing over there than I realized are how there was a kid that was a little girl that was being some good, some that are all in high school quite nasty to her. And I went and I tried to talk to her. And that was big. And when I found the lost child was big, because it was big to those individuals. Not so much a good deed, but it meant a lot. And some, you know, dumb, stupid things I did, I saw I felt humbled by my, quote life review. And I really got the feeling. I was left with a feeling later when I kind of had to digest it all. It's like the physician do no harm. You don't want to screw up somebody else's destiny, even though you can you shouldn't. You know, like the husband that B rates his wife, and she doesn't go for the career she could have been or she could have been more of a person because he has been rated her in her range for so long. That is a big no, no. There's a horrible responsibility you have when you've done something like that, and you're gonna feel the results of your actions through others. So not like, you know, saying that this is like a judgement day. It really isn't. And I don't want to put a religious context or spin on this because I did not have a religious epiphany with all this. But I just got the feeling it was there to show me and doing no harm to an individual is very important. And then I'm going to say something that I think that is really, really big. You know, let's say you're a company and you've sold a product and you know, some kids are gonna get killed, okay, but you're making a lot of money. When it comes your time, you're gonna feel every individual that you've hurt with your negligence and greed. So it's not like a punishment, but you're gonna see what you've done. So, like, the best advice is like don't screw up anybody else's life if you can help it. And when you've done something kinda good for another person, or an animal, it's important.

Alex Ferrari 14:45
Right! No, it's kind of like there's no there is no what's the word? Feeling or not judgment but there is no judgment but there is no attached you vibration to it in the sense that if you put your hand on fire, you're gonna get burned. It's a matter of fact, it's just what it is. It's not good, it's not bad, the fire has neither a positive nor negative charge to it, it is what it is. So when you do something to hurt somebody else, it is what it is. And they're just showing you the repercussions of what you have done. And vice versa, good or bad, negative or positively charged, is that pretty much the way it goes?

Lura Ketchledge 15:32
A lot better than I am. A couple of days, I had a very hard time with it, because I was a kid and when you're 19 You think so I thought, oh, you know, I was a little more horrified at my actions than anybody else could have been. And some missed opportunities to be better, you know, true. So, you know, I went through that my grandfather was born, you know, guiding me and everything. But it was pretty, pretty unpleasant.

Alex Ferrari 16:07
So then after so after you've gone through this life review, who else is in the room is just just you feel the ground? You have your your grandfather in the back. But do you see any other light beings? Or do you feel other presence?

Lura Ketchledge 16:18
Somebody literally like holding my shoulders and guiding me and pushing me and mentoring me. And I got the feeling that there was whispering, talking but I just couldn't hear it. I couldn't I couldn't decipher it. It was it had to be in English, but I couldn't other other souls that were communicating that I was missing them. I couldn't plug into it, or I was able to Got it. Got it. And you know, you're looking for a floor. There isn't one. So you know, that that's really pretty upsetting. It wasn't, this wasn't wasn't going well. I mean, it was great to see my grandfather and stuff. And then something beautiful happened I literally zoomed through layers of non physical reality from dense to less dense. And I arrived at source. Now source going through that flying feeling or that traveling feeling is our Rush is just frickin vantastic and then arriving like I burst into this. And I can only say that my mind perceived it as not what it actually was. My mind perceived it as, like a burst of clouds, there was sun, there's there's like almost an ocean of clouds. It's mine. It's source. There's music that floats in random waves through its bliss. And you're just wrapped in this sea of love. Now I had no sensation of arms and legs, I believe. Just guessing hypothesis now that I was a point of consciousness at that particular time, floating in a sea of love. I mean, just floating with other points of consciousness. I'm thinking I'm not sure but these other points of consciousness were versions or versions of me. Half Life me, future lives me. I don't think I was in with a like in an a heaven or touching God. I think this is as far as most people can go though. So I'm guessing that that sea of love is almost self love if that's a great, that's a good word for it. But it was beautiful. It was bliss. I was floating. And I didn't want for anything. I didn't have regrets. I was free of troubles. There were no troubles. I mean, if I can float in that every once in a while now. I mean, it would be so refreshing. And as good as it was it was over fairly quickly. Okay, I didn't get the answers. There was a bright light there, but no visible sun. So the next place I went to, I'm standing or I had my body. It was sort of drawn backwards. I had my body. I'm looking to the right And there's a lot of black around me and I'm looking to the right now see this blue look like the earth look like the earth. And I thought, isn't that beautiful? Oh my god, I hate heights and I'm thinking, I hate heights. Okay, okay, I'm not scared. I'm not scared. Okay? I hate heights. And I'm like yelling in my mind, I hate heights. This I don't like, you know this at all. Was it really the earth it was my perception of it. So. And in front of me was this cathedral with like a main hall, and it did seem to have a floor. And then there was an aisle here, aisle there. So again, somebody's behind me, guiding me into this. And that I'm flooded with information. Knowledge, and it's it's overwhelming that these were my past lives. And on one side is all the lives I've lived as a male on the other side is all the lives I've lived as a female and I'm like, I could never I'm a girly girl, I could never have been a male. I couldn't even conceptualize such a thing. But I'm going with it. And I'm looking down this row. And it's like they were lined up white. Um, I'm colorless individuals. And I, of course, I got to touch on I touched and then I could actually see form of a man look like he was in his 40s or 50s. I don't know, white, Caucasian, just kind of like, Oh, like that. I mean, I just took my hand back. Oh, God, you know, these are all the mail and there had to be at least 50. And then I went over and then I touched an individual on the female side. And I've always I've said this on other shows, she reminded me of a really mean lunch lady I had in grammar school. Okay. But she, she wasn't any beauty. And I'm not liking this. I don't like the idea of reincarnation. I don't like the idea of past lives. I didn't like it kind of shoved down my throat. But I was curious. I wasn't afraid. Nobody was, you know, trying to scare me. I just thought, Oh, I've done this before. I don't want to come back and be 13. Again, I don't want to you know, this is just not I was kind of horrified. I mean, if I had to I had over 100 past lives, I wouldn't get in it right. Besides just failing life gonna wonder what? And then I thought it was sort of put in my head. This is the life that you become aware of such things. So I don't know. Why this life, you know, I became aware because, you know, I'm not going to school. I was dyslexic. And you know, a little bit of a wild child why it was in this lifetime, this incarnation that I would become aware of, maybe because I had too many accidents with horses, I don't know. So I have to say I was still me, but I was getting more knowledge and more understanding. So the general concept is when a soul comes into physical reality, to experience lower and learn life's lessons, it's not a song, you know, let's hold hands sing Kumbaya moment. You fracture into different personalities at different times in history, to live your life to learn lessons. And it all happens at once. So, again, another thing for a teenager that really couldn't digest it was more confused and got answers a way more confused. And then everything changed. And suddenly, I'm back going back again. And I'm standing on a beach. And this was a beautiful beach with these clips that were big rocks. And you could see windows were carved out of it. And you know, some people inhabited this speech or this clip thing. Gorgeous, gorgeous sand. I mean, the water was just so true blue. And then I was thinking a little bit about religion. I thought wow. What happened to the tree of life? You know why haven't seen anything like that. And as soon as I thought it, there was a this beautiful pine tree right in the shoreline that came straight up where pine trees could never grow. And it was white, and it had like a light moss color to it. So I went over and looked at the texture of the bark and everything. And it was a beautiful pine tree. And then I realized later on, it was a thought responsive reality. But it took me a long time to figure that one out. But I just thought, oh, because I'm 19. And I didn't get a chance to, to look a lot, or investigate, like, I'd like to. So zoom, I'm back, you know, with my grandfather, and we're standing in this layer closer to physical reality because it felt denser, felt heavier.

Standing there, and all of these things I started have learned, like in each thing, I was like, gaining this knowledge just started to leave or fade or dissolve or Get Pulled out. I don't know how to explain it. But all the epiphanies in the understandings were taken away. And there's only a skeleton of those memories left now when I was coming back, but I realized I had to come back and I, you know, wanted to grab my grandfather's hand, now he had very large hands. He had the bluest eyes like Paul Newman, they still think his beautiful blue eyes and his hand was white. And I want to grab his hand, and even my adult hand felt small in comparison to his hand on I really didn't want to come back because the physical reality your life on Earth, or whatever you want to call, it wasn't, I wasn't as connected to it as I had been before, you know, just a few moments ago. So it was just a lot of grief and anguish to leave him. If I hadn't seen him if it had been someone else that gripped me like a great aunt or somebody that wasn't close to, I don't think I would have tried to stay so hard. I did tell him some of my problems that were kind of personal that I, you know, not going to talk about, but he explained a few things to me. That was very sad. Very sad about other family members, Aires. And then I started to travel backwards, and I couldn't hold on to them.

Alex Ferrari 27:33
Then what and then you were slammed back into your body?

Lura Ketchledge 27:36
Oh, and it's not pleasant. Oh, it's like being dropped from a building. Because I went from feeling wonderful, wonderful, painless, and to pain I was far from broken my nose, I broke my finger, there wasn't a body part that wasn't strained bruise. And so sore went to this painful body. And, you know, I know a lot of time had passed. Because there was a car down in the field to take me to the hospital. There were other people. Um, somebody had gotten my car keys and gone got my purse out on my VIP Chevy Vega. So I guess to take me to the hospital, you know, with my Person ID and stuff, or to ID me if I died or whatever. And there was all these people that were concerned. And I'm looking around, and they're trying to pull me up to you know, because they want to get me and I'm not loving it.

Alex Ferrari 28:49
So let me so let me ask you this. There's so many things I want to unpack here. When this concept of multiple lives happening at once, you're not the first say that on the show. It's hard to grasp that idea in this space and time reality that we have. Where there, there is no space or time. It's different. And if we're if let's say you know right now, you and I are in the middle ages in Rome, and Egypt and Atlantis, and we're also in the future in the on the Moon and Mars wherever we'll be in our timeline. Does that mean that we have different perspectives happening all at once. This just is just the one that we're experiencing through this avatar at this moment. Like this is the neat. This is the needle where the needle is hitting the record at this point, but there's multiple needles on multiple records at the same time. That makes sense?

Lura Ketchledge 29:57
I didn't like that concept. I still don't like it.

Alex Ferrari 30:01
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Lura Ketchledge 30:38
But I realized, you know, I realized after I got this okay. It put a different way. I've been the hero. Yeah, like villain, villain. But then the follower I've been the leader. person I've been that everything every race, creed color, you know, boy, you know what you let go of your prejudices. If you have if you if you have a life review or that there's there that they just aren't there anymore when you come back. And the first thought I had Alex when I was looking around when after I opened up my eyes and this beautiful feel. And I just said to myself, this is not reality.

Alex Ferrari 31:23
No, no, this is the dream. Yeah, this is this is the dream. And that's been said, for 1000s of years in different ancient texts as well. It's really interesting that you did not like the idea of past lives. Like for me. For me, I actually enjoy the idea of reincarnation and past lives because it's like, Oh, I get to experience because that's one thing I didn't understand from being raised Christian is like, Oh, you just get the one. And it just happens to be potluck. Like I could only experience a woman being rich or man being poor, a black man in South Africa at the wrong time or, or a black, a black woman in the south at the wrong time or wherever the prejudices are. Or if you die early, like if you die as a kid that's that's it like it just didn't make sense where the the concept of reincarnation and you have multiple players to the game made a lot more sense to me and actually gives me comfort to understand that like, I don't have to get it. All right, this time, I have a set of things that I have to do in this life rather than just have to get it all in. Because this is the only time you're going to be here. That's just my personal perspective on it.

Lura Ketchledge 32:38
Well, I think you're more healthy than I am. I don't like I just don't like I didn't like it. I didn't like it. I can't say I'm a big fan of how everything went well, I was I make some jokes about it. But you know, when I tried to tell the ER doctor, um, he asked me what drugs I'd taken and just treated me like, garbage. And it took me about 12 hours to calm down.

Alex Ferrari 33:06
I'm sure. Well, let me ask you.

Lura Ketchledge 33:09

Alex Ferrari 33:10
So let me ask you, though, what happened when when you finally came out? You've been obviously this is a heck of a traumatic experience, physically, but then and psychologically on the earth plane. But then now understanding this other knowledge that most don't have, at a time where near death experiences are not talked about like they are today. And these conversations were not happening in a public forum at all. How did you process it? How did you come? When did you come out of the closet, the end the closet? And how was the

Lura Ketchledge 33:46

Alex Ferrari 33:47
And how do people around you deal with it?

Lura Ketchledge 33:49
I anguish over this. What I did is like you know, I tried to talk to the ER doctor and he shamed me and just insulted me. My mom was a nurse there and she stood up for me. And you said my daughter's had a severe head injury. She stopped breathing. And he's, you know, he basically said, you know, Crimea river you know, she's she's saying she left her body come on what drugs is she and he was awful to me. So my mom just picked me up and we left the hospital and then she checked me for hours every hour in it because to see if I had a brain bleeding. Nowadays, they the doctors couldn't have, you know, they would just put me to the psych ward, but none with me. So I decided I couldn't I couldn't talk to anybody. I'm not going to tell my mom. Hey, I just had a conversation with your dead father. Yeah, she would have lost it. And so I went to a therapist and tried to talk to a therapist just about 10 days later. And she said, Are we having a pity party about our broken nose? What are you What? Practice Yeah, yeah, we're a real pity party. You know, don't worry, the doctor took his, his his hand and he pushed it back in. So I got a bump and nothing more. She was horrible to me. So then I didn't talk about it for a long time, I finally opened up like to my grandmother. And when when things started happening, and I had experiences I talked to my sister told her everything my mother, my grandmother, we all discussed it, we kept it private, within the family, and I didn't talk about it. From 1979, at 19 years old, I didn't talk about it till I was 50. I was that much in the closet because I didn't want to be labeled a wackadoo. Right. All right. And if I hadn't been having these constant dreams, and paranormal occurrences, you know, that bothered me, I would have kept those things quiet. But I kept dreaming about the stories like that I the stories and with a paranormal flair. And then I just started writing fictional books, and I just was able to get out all my experiences put in, you know, the stuff I learned about my great grandmother having the gift and how she knew when people died before she got the letter and all these things that had run through my family on my grandmother's side. So if I had written books, I still would be not talking about it. But I lived in a time where if you talked about such things, you were shamed. You were thought mentally ill or just a plain, big, fat liar. Even today, sometimes I'll get some very negative comments. This was my near death experience. This was my truth. Take it or leave it. I'm just sharing what happened to me because I had no one to listen to. If I had only heard, one person recounted, I wouldn't have felt the anguish and the isolation for many years.

Alex Ferrari 37:07
Right. I mean, Raymond Moody's book came out, I think, in 76. And it wasn't a runaway bestseller. Yeah, it's that wasn't it, wasn't it. Let's just say,

Lura Ketchledge 37:17
I interviewed him on my show a couple years ago, what a brilliant man.

Alex Ferrari 37:22
Oh, he's wonderful. He is he's wonderful. Well, he's the one that coined the phrase near death experience, and started to start to bring it out into into the public eye. And what we try to do on the show is to open that up to people as well that might not be might not know about it. But it's so much more. I mean, even now, we people think to go to the lie, the tunnel, like it's part of the zeitgeist of humanity now, before those channeling, and all that kind of stuff would never even been talked about in the same way. So it's really interesting. So you said you had some other paranormal things, what other after effects were there from the, from it?

Lura Ketchledge 38:03
Well, that weren't pleasant at first, that you know, now doesn't bother me. It was very unpleasant. Um, after my near death experience, you know, time went by, and I had a friend that died that came to in my room one night. And I saw when someone dies, their point of consciousness sometimes looks like a mob color. Ball, or, or what they call, it's so beautiful. It's like liquid glass. It's transparent, and then just gorgeous. And sometimes they glide into the room and wake you up. And I'd be hysterical. I called my sister and set and, you know, basically said who died in the family. So that happened, and usually, you know, somebody died. And yeah, so that happened the first couple of times, you know, I got up, screamed, ran out of the room. After a while. It just didn't affect me. It doesn't affect me. So basically, I think that you bring back something. I don't know what the word is. But you bring back something not more. A you have an understanding of the non physical, but you bring back some very limited ability. Everybody's got a pinch of sight. Nobody's got a full cup. I've always said that. And when I want it to happen, it never does. And when it does, it's random. And it comes in the message comes in sideways. So I've had different things like that happen over the years. It was very hard to digest. Now I'm totally unfazed by it. It's not that I'm brave. I'm just numb to it. So I can go months or even a year without an paranormal All occurrence, but when it does happen, you know, it's pretty, pretty interesting, sometimes insightful. I was very sick one time and my grandfather came to me. And he looked like he did when he was alive and came into my room, sat down beside me wearing a plaid flannel shirt, like burgundy and gray with grey trousers, I could make out every definition. He put his hand over my stomach and said your spleen. And then he dissolved. And I was very sick at the time. So I went into the other room of staying at my mom's I was very ill, and I had gone to the hospital with concerns and was told I was okay. Just had an inflamed liver capsule, yada yada yada. I didn't I asked her where's your spleen? I have no idea where in the body the spleen was and I was concerned. But you know, and then I heard it again. I woke up a couple days later, and I could hear spleen, spleen and my left ear and a feminine voice. So I got up like a rocket and I went to the doctors and I said, Listen, this does sound bat. Sh crazy. But if I don't get my spleen out, I believe I'm going to die. So I told the doctor the whole thing. And he said, Well, I'm gonna write you a physician's order for splenectomy. And he said, you know why you're not the first person who's come in with something outlandish like that with it didn't turn out to be true. And if you're wrong, you're gonna go through a miserable operation for nothing. They got in their surgeon took out the spleen and had hemorrhage and was had a huge attached clot the size of a man's fist, ours, or a day or two away from bleeding to death.

Alex Ferrari 41:54
So remarkable.

Lura Ketchledge 41:56
But after I had the surgery, it hurts so bad, Alex, it was so miserable, and I got double pneumonia. I didn't know if he taught me a favor or not.

Alex Ferrari 42:08
Well, let me ask you, what do you think is the biggest takeaway you got from this near death experience?

Lura Ketchledge 42:15
The biggest gift. Okay, yes, of course, there's continuation of existence after physical death. Yeah, we all know that. The best thing for me that was the icing on the cake was the fact that I'm going to see my grandfather again, I'm going to have a continued relationship with him. And people that I really love. And I'm sure I won't have to see people I don't like in the next life. I will the relationship and the love is still there. I know for a fact that there are consensus realities. That's what William bule Minh called, I didn't coined that term, William bule, Minh coined that, that are very earth like people will think it's heaven. And there's, like, let's say you if you really want to live by the ocean, there will be an ocean or a area for you to go to that's very lifelike and comfortable after you transition to be with loved ones. So in a way it is heaven. But I've lost the concept of Heaven and Hell.

Alex Ferrari 43:23
Sure. It sounds almost like when you when you're explaining some of the things you were saying on the other side, it sounded very much like the movie what dreams may come with Robin Williams, where he passes and creates his whole he's in actually his and his wife's creation. That's a part of the story, but he's like think something and it happens. And

Lura Ketchledge 43:45
I think it's a little bit more difficult than that. I mean, obviously now. Yeah. And what I didn't like about the movie I really didn't like all that Catholic guilt that was in that movie. They dished it out by

Alex Ferrari 43:57
Oh no, there's though there's you could definitely pick and choose some stuff out of that movie, but just certain concepts

Lura Ketchledge 44:06
They had the right idea when they were doing that. But like so I had a relative that killed himself and there is no repercussions of that it shows something in English moment but um I think that you don't go right to these thought creating Well, there's a lot more to it that I'm not a good explainer of sure I got you here is debt physical realities here. It's very, very dense and there's like a progression because I shot through it like it can and to go to source. There's different layers. It's totally like cruising the interstate. That's the feeling I got. Like when I was flying or traveling there. I was going like on i 95 And I'm going down the interstate how this works. And I was kind of shocked thought that that was going through layers of inhabitants. There were people in there, there was souls in there. And I also want to say something to animal lovers. animals have souls. You know, they have their own path. I don't know exactly how it works. But you know, I saw when my dog was dying, I saw her literally leave her body and be young again. And it was beautiful, tragic that I lost her but beautiful that I was able to see it. I've had some extraordinary paranormal experiences. And the only thing I don't like about it is just, I don't get to repeat it. It's like getting clues, you know, 40 years of clues how these things work. But I never get to stay in them long enough to get explanation. And they never the same clue was never repeated. Yeah. So you know, I feel like this like paranormal Sleuth. And if I die tomorrow, and there is a lot of room that says lecture on having the other ones has happened. I'm taking the lecture first, because that's who I am. I'm always trying to figure it out.

Alex Ferrari 46:18
That's amazing. Lura, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Lura Ketchledge 46:26
That's a very good question. Because I've struggled with illness and autoimmune disease for 40 years, and I've really thought about that. But I think a fulfilled life is when you are living your best possible life, you your best possible person, you know, you kind of others, you're not taking your crap, but on others, you're, you're doing your best, you don't have to be a super saint, but you just got to be on a kinder path or a path that's a little bit more gentle.

Alex Ferrari 46:54
If you had a chance to get into a time machine and go back in time and speak to your younger self. What advice would you give her?

Lura Ketchledge 47:02
Oh, don't marry that guy. You don't need cosmetic surgery. No. No, I would if my younger self, I would cradle my younger self and tell her it's going to be okay, you're gonna figure it out. And not to feel so isolated. Because the anguish I had after my near death experience. And the fact that I let go of organized religion was a lot of anguish. I wish I could go back and cradle that younger self and guide her to stick up more for herself too. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 47:44
How do you define God or Source?

Lura Ketchledge 47:47
Our creator was created source. But I think source is a little different. My I can only go from my experience, I was going to my original source. You know, that beautiful sea of love. But I think there's something beyond that. I think there's a credit creator that's organizing that. I felt the love of God or our Creator, but not an organized religious sense.

Alex Ferrari 48:18
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Lura Ketchledge 48:20
To learn, To love. And if you possibly can to become aware of how things work

Alex Ferrari 48:30
And where can people find out more about you and the work and your books and the things that you're doing?

Lura Ketchledge 48:34
Well, that's very kind of you. If you go to There's my books. And what I did was, I started my books in 1979. And I have a character that had a near death experience very much like mine. But it's not an autobiography. It's a it's it said in the horse world. There's always a murder mystery. It's a paranormal romance. And basically, there's a tragedy that pulls in all these people from the hospital group of near death experiencers. And they're trying to decipher this, these ghostly messages. So if you want to go back to 1979, and a time before the Internet where there was a man quartered a girl it was a little bit more around manic and the paranormal wasn't on YouTube. It I tried to explain through the characters, how things work, so 80% of the paranormal or occurrences are very truthful, then you've got 20% embellishment, because it's a book and it's entertainment. But if you want to really figure out how things work, it's well explained through the book series, the near death saga and near death connection is the first book.

Alex Ferrari 49:55
Very good and do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Lura Ketchledge 49:58
I want to thank them for lists saying the horse is fine the horse was never injured in the accident. Just die was and you know people if you've had a near death experience Good gosh, you're not alone. And if you never have one you can kinda you know, listen to other people's recounts and maybe you've got a clue when you you know do experience the the next phase of our you know in the die it's not as scary if you have a little information. Perhaps.

Alex Ferrari 50:38
Lura, thank you so much for this story for your for your testimony for this conversation and hopefully it will help people around the world so I appreciate you my dear.

Lura Ketchledge 50:47
Thank you so much for having me. Appreciate it.

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