How to Tap Into the Akashic Records with Linda Howe

Now in her third decade of spiritual teaching, Dr. Linda Howe is an award-winning author, teacher, and world-renowned leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. She was the first person to bring the Akashic Records to the world community and make teachable access to the Records available to anyone with a desire to learn, starting in 1996. She founded the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago in 2001, teaching thousands of people globally. Howe focuses on the Akashic Records as a spiritual resource for personal empowerment and transformation.

In 2009, Howe published “How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey” , audio set and book. This was the first time that access to the Akashic Records was made widely available to the public with complete instruction. In 2010 the book won the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Spirituality/Alternative Science Book. In 2018, “How to Read the Akashic Records” was awarded Silver Winner Iconic Book by COVR.

In 2011, Howe published “Healing Through the Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection”, audio set and book. In 2012, the book was awarded Second Runner-Up Award for Best Spirituality/Alternative Science Book by the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR). The book was reissued in paperback in June 2016.

In 2015, Howe published “Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary” in paperback. In 2016, the book won the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Contemporary Spirituality Book.

In 2020, Howe released the long-anticipated “Inspired Manifesting: Elevate Your Energy and Ignite Your Dreams Through the Akashic Records” (Energy Integrity Publishing, ISBN 978-1949661385).

In addition to her four books, Howe has published many articles and has been the subject of scores of interviews, blog posts, and summits.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 095

Linda Howe 0:00
I mean one of the absolute so the Akashic field is judged now. So we come in and and the challenge is how can I not be mad at myself and everyone around me?

Alex Ferrari 0:23
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I like to welcome to the show Linda Howe how are you doing, Linda?

Linda Howe 0:58
Great, great. Thank you. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:01
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I I am excited to have you here because we're gonna discuss a subject that I know just enough about to be dangerous. I've read about the Akashic records, I understand what they are, but I've never really truly delved deep into them. And essentially, that's what you've been doing for many, many years at this point in the game and written multiple books on the subject. So before we get into the Akashic records, how did you start your spiritual journey?

Linda Howe 1:34
Well, quite by accident, as you can imagine, right? I was in my early 20s. And, you know, I'm from the Midwest, you can tell from my accent, right. And I was raised in a very traditional religion, life was good, right? I'm a driven person. I'm, like, all excited about life. And I, I got the idea that if I managed well, if I did everything, right, I would get to be happy. And I woke up at the age of 24, with a fabulous job that I didn't like, you know what I'm saying? I, I had a cool car. I had beautiful clothes. I get and you know, the truth is, I had great friends, I had a good, my life was rich, it was full, it looked great from the outside. The only problem was, I was empty inside. And I was I was flabbergasted that I had a followed the rules, so to speak, right? I have been good. I got the good grades. I did all of that. And yet, there was no pot of gold for me. So I prayed the desperate prayer to a god, I did not have, I couldn't really believe them anything, right? I just knew I was suffering. So I made the prayer, please help. And within short order, a couple of weeks really, I had a moment of profound life changing spiritual awareness. So many in these times are having Yes. And in this moment, I was aware first of all, that I was completely transparent. I was like, completely known. And at the same time, absolutely love Dan embraced and cherished and but get a load of this. I had the I had the sense that whatever this life force was, that it liked me. Now I understood the idea of love, you know? I mean, loves a great idea, right?

Alex Ferrari 3:53
Fantastic idea.

Linda Howe 3:54
But like this was nothing in my life prepared me for this. And I've done nothing to earn it. You understand? I was upended where you're sold, right? And then being who I am, the search was on because I thought I didn't know what this was. I had no idea. And I spent from 24 to 40 looking for ways to maybe recreate that or regenerated or tap into it again for myself. I thought there has to be a way to make this connection. Right. That doesn't involve drugs. I mean, this really what's my thought? I was like, Oh, come on. There's gotta be a way and and lo and behold, and lo and behold, I was led to the Akashic Record and when I opened the records, it was it to this day I'm freaked out when I think of it because it was The closest it was as if I was back in that moment when I was 24. And so there was a 9094. I don't know, I'll leave it to you to figure out the math. I don't know, it's been a while it's been decades. And I keep I keep, you know, it's captivating. So I've been on the path, pretty much my whole life.

Alex Ferrari 5:25
That's amazing. That's I mean that you had that you had that that revelation at such a young age is a blessing. Because many don't have it ever in their lives. And some of them come much later in life. And sometimes it comes much harder in life, you didn't have to go, it didn't seem from what you just told me that you went through some dark period to find this light, you were in a very actually, quote unquote, happy place in a exterior sense, not an interior sense. From from from the window dressing. It looks fantastic.

Linda Howe 5:57
Well, absolutely. And this is, you know, as a Westerner, it was really quite fitting, because I hit achieved what appeared to be the Western ideal of success. And when I found it was hollow for me, I mean, I was crushed. Oh, I was betrayed. I was everything. Of course, of course. And and I do believe when I look back at it now. I you know, I recognize the perfection of it.

Alex Ferrari 6:30
Oh, of course. Yeah, we all I mean, in hindsight, you start looking back at those things, and you're like, Okay, this all makes sense. I get it when you're 24 in the middle of you, like does this make sense? In those 16 years? You were looking? It didn't make sense.

Linda Howe 6:43
Oh, no, no, that was that was those were some tough times. Well, there were you know, it was a roller coaster. It was fabulous. I had a wonderful time.

Alex Ferrari 6:51
It was an it's a ride. What's his life is life is a ride. It brings me to this quote that I heard from Jim Carrey, very famous comedian actor who said, he said I wish everybody in the world could get everything they ever wanted. So they would understand that it doesn't it is not everything. Because he did he basically got what use what you got on steroids. Yeah, world's most famous person 10s of millions of dollars, beautiful women beautiful, anything he wanted, it was at his disposal. And he felt he felt that inside. He said, The void and he's like, oh, and now that's why he is who he is now. And he's kind of pulled into more of the spiritual side of things as opposed to the physical the the this intoxicating world that we live in, it's extremely toxic

Linda Howe 7:47
I know it is.

Alex Ferrari 7:50
So what are the Akashic records?

Linda Howe 7:52
Ah, the Akashic Record is a vibrational archive of every soul. And its journey is human. Okay. So if we break that down, we look at what it's so it's a vibrational archive. So because it's fine operational, it's non physical, we don't see it. You don't see it with your human eye or even with the strong eye. Okay,

Alex Ferrari 8:24
So there's there's no librarian. There's no librarian.

Linda Howe 8:27
I wish I wish there was a librarian. I love librarians. No, there's no librarian. There's no place to go. It's everywhere. Fascinating, right? It's accessible everywhere. In its wholeness. So I'm here in Chicago. And I can make a connection with the records right here. Yeah. And I mean, I could be off the I don't know, the east coast of Brazil. And I could connect, yeah, I could connect with the records. I mean, it just doesn't matter. It is accessible by a perceptual shift in awareness. So the work of the records is in for us is in our awareness. Okay. All right. So it's a vibrational archive. So it's a collection. Everybody's in it. Right? People we like people we don't like we can't erase anybody. So somebody calls you and says, I'm taking you I'm taking you out of the records. You can just relax. It's in. It's an energetic impossibility, right. Everybody's in that's what makes up the record, right vibrational archive of every soul and its journey as human. This is really fascinating to me, because there are people who will say, Oh, what about my lifetime and you know, I don't know in another galaxy. Listen I don't know, we don't know the record, but the record doesn't say the record doesn't say no, that's not true or Yes, that's true. The record has nothing to do with other galaxies. It's about the soul is human. Right in its incarnations here on Earth. Also does not address interestingly enough, like, there are people who will say, Oh, you shift from you know, if you have some bad behavior, you have to go back to being a bunny. If you're lucky, Cree creepy crawly. Okay. And you know that we switch species from a record standpoint? Is that true? Who knows? It's not the point of the record. The record does not address that doesn't say one way or another. Okay. So that so it's really about the soul in its human incarnations here on Earth. Okay,

Alex Ferrari 11:02
Simple, as simple as that. So. So, with the so many 1000s of questions coming flying in right now. So give me a second.

Linda Howe 11:12
I know I can hear your mind. Like what?

Alex Ferrari 11:14
Like the processes and all. Yes. So with the Akashic records, when you say you're able to get to them, What do you mean, exactly? When is it a meditation? Is it a prayer? Is it and how can you connect with different quote unquote, volumes of the record?

Linda Howe 11:35
The way I work in the record, is, I was given a prayer. And in the saying of the prayer, as it's written, yes, it was, you know, delivered to me, right? In the saying of the prayer, there is a subtle shift in the perception of the practitioner. Okay. So if I'm opening your records, or even my own, I'm the practitioner. In the saying of the prayer in the following of the instruction, I experienced enough of a shift, okay, to register these impressions. Okay, now, the challenge for the reader then, is to put words to what it seems like they're getting, because this is not a hard science to its soft, right? It's a soft thing. So. So, so the record is always available. And what's fascinating to me, is that people are always bumping into it. So any class I've ever taught anywhere in the world, someone will always say, Oh, this is to say it was this, I know this, I've been here, I've you know, stepped in this water before, right? The difference in using the prayer, there is an opening and a closing prayer. Okay, in the opening, we enter in, in the closing, we shut everything down. And in the saying of the prayer, the practitioner can make the connection, right, and then wherever they are, wherever they are, and then be able to address the concerns of the requester. Now, what's fascinating is that even though the record is composed of everything, to your past, present, and future, huge, right. But the truth of the matter is that if if I was to connect into my records, and get everything all at once, would do me no good. I would what exactly can you say? Everything's blowing up? So our questions are really vital. Questions. My human concerns are the way in. Right, and they fight human concerns. There really is there's a handful, right work and money family in Florida to love I mean, right? I mean, they're really the health. Okay. But see, the record is alive. And what works best is to acts as questions that are alive to me now. So if I have issues with my health, I go into my record, I'm like, what is up with my health? Right? And in that, it's, it's in the family of like, it seems like 85% of the people who work in the records have that sense of knowing, okay. 10% are visual. That's not very many 5% our audio, so out of a group of 100 people 85 of us may never see an end image, does that mean we're not in the records? No, it means we are the work of a student is to discover for themselves, how they receive, and how best to interpret what's being provided.

Okay, so you could come to my class, lots of talent, no scarcity of talent, right? You're excited, you're ready to go. But the truth is, you have no idea what you're doing. And you have all kinds of old ideas about what the record is how some tall, thin guy, faceless monk, in a brown hooded robe is gonna beat you and show you a book with your name on the page. I mean, obviously, Okay, what else would it be right? But the fact of the matter is, that's not it at all. So when you come to the class, I want you to come and bring your concerns, and your questions about yourself and your life. Right? Like, what is it? Because if I go to the record, and I say, tell me my past lives? This is that a fishing pant? You understand? The record will respond to my sincere questions in the moment at the time, right. But let's say I'm having a real challenge. I don't know, you know, I have this adult son. The only thing harder than parenting a child a young child is, is being the parent of an a young adult. Okay, how do I how do I support encourage this guy? How can I be in a relationship with him? That's nurturing for both of us, like what is going on? This will take me into the record. But if I say tell me about my son, the record is like mine here. Anyway, you know, this is hell.

Alex Ferrari 16:56
Yeah, it's interesting, because I mean, the one thing about the Akashic records is that it has been talked about for 1000s of years, is it by mystics and by sages and, and Yogi's? In the world? I mean, it is it is definitely in intertwined in the philosophies or the spiritual philosophies of the East, specifically, for 1000s and 1000s. of years. So it's not like it's this new age, like, Oh, this is just this just showed up in the 70s, or the 60s like, no, no, it's been a while, I think people are becoming more open to these ideas as based on the sales of your book, and how many people love what you do, and things like that, that show that, you know, this book would have been released in the 20s 1920s. Not so much people have been like, What are you talking about? So as a society, we need to be as a species, we need to be prepared and aware and awakened enough to acknowledge this information, which is really interesting to me. And I think nowadays, more we're awakening more and more, I think we are awakening. But with that awakening, there is some fighting going on interior and like it in ourselves and other souls who don't want to wake up. They're like, No, no, no, no, let's hold on to what we know. Let's hold on to the past. Let's hold on to these things that are more grounded in reality, or quote unquote, reality earthly things. But there's so many people who are just like, No, no, this is not enough. I think the pandemic shook every higher planet up, like, literally like an etch a sketch. If I might date myself, I love that. It's like an etch a sketch back in the day, it shook it up. And everyone, for a moment stopped and said, Wait a minute, am I really happy doing an hour commute every day for a job I don't love. I'm spending so much time with my family. I want to do more of this. How can I figure out and then the question starts to change, like, How can I not like, Oh, I hate my job. How can I have a job that allows me to do more of what I love? That's a very powerful question. That's huge question. It's a very powerful and that's what a lot of people that's why everyone's leaving their jobs. Everyone wants to work from home. Everything just shifted all of a sudden, and then everybody else. Everyone else is just trying. So there's all this kind of craziness. I wanted to ask you before we get back into the Akashic records. And I'd love to hear what the Akashic Records has to say about this. The world is going through a shift. It's no question about it, between environmental, political, economic, pandemic, everything the world is going through a massive shift. Yes. What do you think is happening currently in the awakening of us as a species, and where we're going and I My opinion is I tell this all the time on the show. I don't think we're we're not bottom. We're still we still got a little bit ways to go. This ain't it. This No, I don't think I think this is the worst is not behind us. And again, the concept of worst is a human concept. When you look at the whole reality of our lives, the worst things that happen to us at the moment that they happen, we thought were the worst things, we lost a job we didn't get the girl didn't get the guy, that opportunity went away. Then, five years later, a year later, 10 years later, you're like, Oh, my God, thank God, I didn't get married to that person. Oh, my God, thank God, I didn't get that job, because it led me to opening my own business. And I went off and did this, and so on and so forth. So I think the same thing on a on a species level is happening right now. So I'd love to hear what you think.

Linda Howe 20:41
Yes, yes. Well, you know, my personal experience of the pandemic, you know, it's the best thing that could have happened to me, right? Because I had been for a while, like, how can I get off the treadmill? Right, I was traveling. I mean, I was living in an airport, basically. Right? Not a bad place to live, but not my first choice. Anyway. And, and I couldn't stop myself. Okay. You're there. glamorous, and it was everything. Oh, the ego. Oh, my ego loved it. I loved it. But here was the prep. But anyway, so the pandemic hits. And, anyway, and I found myself at home, which it turns out, I loved. But here was the thing. I looked around me. And I did a lot of work in my records. And what became very clear in all of it, especially in the early days, like, what is this virus and blah, blah, blah? I mean, all those I mean, we were really frightened.

Alex Ferrari 21:48
Wait, is this the end of the world?

Linda Howe 21:50
It's right at right. And it was really interesting, because any suspicions we had about other people really were amplified. Like, oh, my God, that person might be if they're not sick, they could be a carrier. Maybe I'm a carrier. I mean, we were afraid of everything ourselves. Others, it was just toilet paper, toilet paper, oh, my God, right. And then we have to get in line. And we have to go at 7am. Right, it was great. But here's the thing. So everything is falling apart. Our economic systems aren't governments. I mean, there's just epic failure in every area of life. And what's clear, is that the only way out of this through it, is by realizing that we're already won the beginning, I thought to myself, I thought, Oh, this is gonna make us one. And I went into my records, and it was like, oh, no, no, no, honey, we're already won. The thing is that this is shattering. Our calcified notions of separation, the illusion of separation is being shattered. And the only way to successfully resolve these issues, whether their supply chain, right, whether it's baby formula, I mean today, right? Whatever it is, guns makes no difference is the minute we recognize that we are already one. It's a different ballgame. So why are we not working together? And there are hotspots on the planet right now we know. I mean, there's, you know, Russia and the Ukraine. I mean, we've had some of the good old I mean, this is an ancient, you know, sibling crisis, it's been going on forever. But the idea that we are separate from them, that they are separate from us that they are separate from one another. We will never get anything worked out until we accept that it is already so because it is already so that's the first thing. The other thing is and this really offended my little apple cart, is that there's no male us here. Now, people have been behavior. Is there true? Yes, people can be ridiculous. But when they're being ridiculous, it's always to expand their personal experience of being loved. So whether it's bully, who's I don't know, running some, you know, a country that spans 11 time zones, or, right, the cousin, the crazy cousin, I mean, it makes no difference, right? That these individuals are all it's different than doing their best you understand? It's that they are all doing what they are aren't convinced will lead them to an experience of safety and being loved and accepted? And if it means we have to kill a bunch of people? Well, I mean, if we we look at anybody from shooters, individual shooters, to countries that are shooting, I mean, it makes it's all the same. It's this incredible sense that we're not safe. And the truth is, we're safe. We're already safe. We're already one, we don't have to, like get anywhere. We are already there, wherever there is this. And so it's really quite different than what I anticipated. I am, you know, I started in the pandemic, really thinking a lot about lesson plans. And I'm like, Oh, what is? What's the lesson of this? Yes, very punitive idea, this idea of lessons, like, Okay, I'm gonna give you this horrible thing. And then you have to, you know, make gold out of it. But it's really not it is a human being, I will avoid discomfort, like the plague human beings don't like to be uncomfortable. Correct. Okay. And so, you know, we do our best to navigate that. But you know, being uncomfortable is doesn't mean that we're not safe.

Alex Ferrari 26:24
I mean, I use, I use always the analogy of going to the gym, you're uncomfortable lifting the weight, but you have to break down the muscle before it can grow again. And, and it's not comfortable to lift weight. I rather be I'd rather be at home, eating, you know, eating whatever and watching Netflix. That's a much more comfortable place to be yes, yes, yes. But you don't grow and you don't exercise the muscles and things like that. And then other problems come from it. So living in a comfort zone is not a particularly good thing. It is we are, I think evolutionarily programmed to live in comfort zones, because that safety, if we know the box that we're in, we can't get hurt, or we are our odds of getting hurt gets a lot less. But I always use the tiger around the corner, but the tiger around the corner, that guy could eat you. And now it's not literal tigers. It's it's everything else around the world that we do, whether it's your own personal challenges that you want to deal with and things like that. It's pretty fascinating. It's pretty fascinating. Now, the Akashic Record. Yes. So you mentioned about a prayer coming in and out of a prayer. Yes. So without that prayer, are you not able to access it how?

Linda Howe 27:43
Here's the distinction that I have found. Prior to receiving the prayer, which I got this prayer in 2001. Prior to that, I worked with a different prayer. That was very interesting, because it was very mentally driven. It was fine. It was very metal. It was the 90s The referee was just starting to be open to secular people like us. And of course, we didn't know what we were doing. But that's not the point. The point is we experimented and I woke up and I realized the people that I work with, really hips, they're all heart, right? They're all emotion. And this prayer, it was like there was a disconnect. So I prayed for something new. And I got this. Okay. All that said, without the prayer. Most people like I'm sure you and most people have bumped into the records at random. I know I had, I was like, Oh, this this I know this place. There is a it's fascinating because there's a familiarity to it. However, we have no authority over it. And we are in the age of taking authority, right? Assuming authority for our own spiritual journey. You know, the age that like the priest and the you know, the whoever those days are over everyone is now responsible for their own spiritual growth, expansion and awareness. And the big difference between working with a prayer or hoping I mean, before I got the prayer, I would hope that I could get back to that place when I was 24. So I would do things like I would go to yoga, I would drink the green drink, I would stand. And then of course came towards I would iron right as a spiritual practice. I mean, I'm trying anything. I couldn't get the combination, like what is the combination to this lock? And then I got this prayer and it was like, ah, simple, simple shift in awareness. And what's interesting when we work in the record is we are fully conscious, we are conscious, we are responsible, it is deliberate. So like it's not being done to me If it's happening through me, I am a willing participant. Right? So we are never, you know, we're coming off of 1000s of years of being victims of our own spirituality, right? Because, of course, what else would we be? But now, how do we how do we make that shift? And that's the shift that's underway? How do we do this? In my own work? I'm, I'm I have the awareness that I, you know, this is what my life is about, was not on my plan. But that's another story, right? But it's like, okay, so my life is about giving people ideas that are helpful, true, right? Enabling really giving people the tools, they need proper education in this, because you come to a class with the talent, but you don't have the skill. And we can't go I go to my mother for the skills. She's like, What are you talking about? Right? Our predecessors do not have the skills. Our kids, they already know. My son says to me, when he was a little boy, he would say, Oh, what is all this talk about the light? Everybody knows everybody's filled with the light. Like, aren't you a knucklehead mom? Right? It's hilarious. I'd say we are this bridge generation,

Alex Ferrari 31:26
We are the bridge generation,

Linda Howe 31:28
Which is why we're obsessed. Like, we want to learn everything we're trying, we're pressing, we're pushing, we're probing we're going deeper, we're going further out. Because because this is our time, because we have a responsibility individually and collectively, to open the way to those that come after us. I want to open the way in in positive ways that have been helpful to us.

Alex Ferrari 31:56
It's so interesting that, you know, my generation, I'm a Gen X or so you know, as a Gen X, or we, we know the old school. Right? I always tell I tell my kids and like, there used to be a dark time, when there was three channels, no remote control. And they're like, what it's like, I'm telling you a ghost story. And I just, like put the flashlight on my face. And then if you didn't show up at the time that they told you to watch the show, he was gone forever. Because because there are no reruns at that point yet. And there's no syndication. What. So I know that world, but then I'm also a generation that the internet was born in and came into its power. So I in that generation of being connected to everything, where my my kids have grown up in a world where we're all connected, it's just information is easy. It's simple, you have to go to a library to find it. So it's really an interesting I love the word Bridgette generation, because we truly are is that I you know, my work that I am doing is literally opening up gates and doors for my kids and the generation coming behind it.

Linda Howe 33:11
Right! But see, what makes you effective is that you were born into the old ideas, and you understand them and you have compassion for them. No judgment. I mean, one of the absolutes of the Akashic field is judged not. So we come in and and the challenge is, how can I not be mad at myself and everyone around me, like you should know? Right? So we stand in, we stand really at the crossroads. And what's fascinating to me, is that you know, the record, the record finds its way through human beings as the intersecting zone of the heavens and the earth, then when I think of that pitch just blows my mind. So when I understand every human being that I meet, is an ideal blend, right, a unique individual harmonizing of the heavens and the earth, and then stepping out and sharing that that just I don't know, that takes my breath away.

Alex Ferrari 34:22
So with the Akashic records, I think the one thing that I think a lot of people listening would love to be able to tap into is their souls blueprint, their purpose here, so many of us are lost, figuring our way out bumping around the world, trying to figure out why we're here what we're here to do. Yes. So how can the Akashic Records help us?

Linda Howe 34:43
So The Akashic Record can help us most my experience by empowering our sense of acceptance for who we are as people, because see who you are as a person and is ideal at this point in time to express to reflect and express your soul's purposes into the world. So when people, the first thing to understand is that who you are as a person, you are the right person. So accident here, this is all, you know, by cosmic design, because you are the one who can best bring your souls purposes to life. Now, when we're talking about souls purposes, because the record is this intersecting zone, right of the heavens in the Earth, our souls purposes are as well at the individual level. Yes. And so a person that comes in with an incredible ability to organize, right? There's their souls purposes have something to do with that. Our souls purposes are not outside of us, but they're through us. So in order and the Akashic light makes it safe for us to see, to be honest with ourselves about our own gifts and talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Right. And, and so, you know, there are some real clues, right, some real close to our souls purposes. One is, if it's something is your soul's purpose, you really want to do it. If you don't want to do it, who cares? It's not for you to do let somebody else do it. With all due respect, honestly, okay. You've got some ability, you've got some ability for heaven's sakes, no matter what you think about your ability, see, I think I think I have the wrong abilities. I'm like, No way, wait, I should be an accountant. I'm gonna tell you something. You don't want me to balance your checkbook. I'm not the person. I get help with those things. Because, you know, for obvious reasons, I'm not the person. And there's no judgment on that. No judgment. Okay. So you want to do it, you have some natural talent. Here's the other thing. When we're talking about souls purposes, there is a there's a myth. And the myth is that if it's, it's my soul's purpose, it'll be so easy. You know, that just isn't true. I mean, life, this is a planet, that's about expending effort, okay, I'm not saying suffer, I'm saying effort, little elbow grease, right, or nothing happens. It's a planet of action. So we must take action. Now, what's interesting is that with souls, my souls purposes, get me up off the couch and out the door, that's not my soul's purposes, I'm going to change that channel, I'm gonna hang on to that remote. But if it's my soul's purpose, see, there is a connection between what we want to do as human beings, and what we're willing to do. And that's all in this realm of souls purposes.

Alex Ferrari 38:14
You know, it's really interesting, because sometimes when you're on your souls on the path on the path, you might have an innate ability to do something. And it might be part of the equation, but it is not the equation is not the answer. So using I'll use my journey for as an example, I, early on had a gift for editing. I was an editor for for movies, and television shows and commercials. But what I really wanted to do was direct. So for years, I use the editing skills, I had to make a living. But my goal was always to direct. And I then that base that I built off of that was used in my job became a much better director, because of all those years of editing and things like that. There was a lot of anger, a lot of frustration, a lot of bitterness, because I would see I was helping other people with their dreams. And most a lot of times, they didn't know what they were doing. Or you know that that is a judgment, but it is, it's a fair, it's a fair, you know, or like they gave this guy 3 million bucks, but I can't get money for my movie, these kinds of ideas. So he minds was a little bit more muddy, as opposed to like, I didn't say I wanted to be an NBA player. And then I struggled for the next 10 years trying to be an NBA player when I obviously do not have to build a skill set or anything to be the NBA player. But I did have all of this in I did have the skill set and the abilities to do what I was aiming for. But yet the doors didn't open in the way that I needed to and they're things holding me back that were on my mentality, things like that, but I just wanted put that out there for the audience to hear. Because sometimes, you know, I might be a really good organizer. And let's using your example, I'm gonna make me a really good organizer. But what I really want to do is be an architect with the skill sets of the art organizer can lend themselves as a tool in the toolbox of an architect without question. So I'm just trying to sometimes it gets a little muddy, and you could spend decades walking down the wrong path, chasing something that maybe you know, am I making any sense?

Linda Howe 40:29
Yes, of course. Of course. Of course. Of course, of course. But here's the thing. You know, it's a very, it's a ecological and it's an economical universe. So nothing's wasted. Nothing, nothing. Every, every talent that we cultivate, sometimes people wake up, they say, Oh, my God, I'm over here, my path is over there. Right? I have a friend. So funny. She was said, Doctor, Doctor, very happy as a doctor woke up one day decided this is all wrong, whatever, whatever. She's now doing real estate. She loves real estate. Now, how did she go from doctor to real estate? Well, all kinds of terrible things happened. And along the way, she wasn't saying, Oh, isn't this great? I'm being led to my divine purpose. She was mad a sin, right for a few years there. But the fact of the matter is in this real estate, in order for her to go into real estate, she had to let go of all her judgments about being in real estate. Real estate is for crooks and doctors are good people, I mean, all those kinds of things, right? All of that had to go on her way, she had to let go of all these old ideas. And lo and behold, she works with people. And she works with people one at a time. And everything she cultivated as a doctor, learning how to listen, learning how to be with people who were really unhappy for a variety of reasons, to listen behind their questions, their concerns for what was really what was important to them, and what wasn't important to them. All of these skills have brought her to a level of great satisfaction and excellence in real estate. And it's so initially it was all pod wasted my whole life all that schooling all that this? No, no, no, no. This is this is all part of it. In order because she is a certain kind of real estate person. You see,

Alex Ferrari 42:53
I'd argue probably one of the more unique ones because she comes from a perspective that is so outside of real estate.

Linda Howe 42:59
Right! And and so it all works. And so it's it's very important that we not judge harshly. You know, I was before I did this, you know, I was in title insurance. Can I say about title insurance?

Alex Ferrari 43:15
It's extremely exciting work.

Linda Howe 43:16
Oh, it is boredom in America. But you know what, I studied history. Of course, I would find myself in title insurance. Until you know, there was not enough Chinese food to keep me happy I had to get out was terrible. But anyway. And now. So now I'm working in the records, which is, interestingly enough, everything that I've learned from, from title insurance, everything I wanted from history, I found it in the records. It's about who people are. It's about what's important. It's about what does it take to change? How do how do we transform, and the Akashic Record is the light of truth, right? So it's not about a guy telling us who to what to do or where to go. It's about the light shining on us. So we can see and know ourselves as we are seen and known by life itself, and then begin to explore what could be possible.

Alex Ferrari 44:27
Right! And just because so if we if we can come to the idea that we live in a world in a universe, that there is no access, everything happens exactly the way it needs to happen in your life, that you're if you're on a path right now. It might be you've gone off the deep, deep end a little bit and you're being pushed back onto the main path. But there are skills and tools that you're putting in your toolbox that you can will and will use of Eventually, in your main main goal. So again, I'll use myself as an example. I've been in the film industry for almost 30 years. And now I'm podcasting now, from the outside world, and I still still work in the film industry. But my main daily exercise is podcasting. So how do you go from being an editor, filmmaker, and all that all the way to having a conversation with you? And how did those skill sets prepare me to have a conversation with you, to this moment right now, where we're at? Well, if you look back, I've been working in communications, all my life. Whether in the editing world, in the directing world, in the writing world, I've been communicating all my life. Also, the technical skills that I've acquired over the years, have allowed me to single handedly build a business, build a show the multiple shows, without incurring hundreds of 1000s of dollars in cost by hiring people to do it, because I have the technical knowledge to do it all myself. So again, hindsight, is when you're in that way, when you're in the weeds going through all that learning, adding those tools in your tool set, you might not be happy about it. But kind of like when you're at the gym, you're pushing up that you're put, if you have to dig ditches for the next five years. And every day, you go out there and you just pick a pickup pick away at the ground, and you put in your new lifting, and you're moving ground, and you're like God, Jesus, this is horrible. And then at the end of that someone looks at you like, Hey, you should be a powerlifter. Well, you've now built a body up over the last five years, because you were bitching and moaning about digging that ditch you like what is this leaning towards? And then all of a sudden the door opens? Like you should be a power lifter and your professional power lifter. I'm just using that as an example. But that's kind of how it works, correct?

Linda Howe 46:54
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. But you know what, but here's the other piece of this, okay. So I'm out there digging the ditch, waiting the tables, doing whatever, whatever, okay? To think that it's not spiritual is erroneous. Or I understand that I am a spiritual being, no matter what opinion I have about myself, that everyone else is spiritual, that the light that's in me is also in you. I didn't get more, I didn't get less. We're all the same. In that regard. And this is a spiritual universe. There is not one action for me to take that isn't spiritual, even if it's calling Door Dash, which is the height of my spirituality? No, but do you understand? It's like everything is? So the more I recognize that if I'm waiting tables, this is a spiritual exercise. This is a spiritual discipline. Can I love myself, even though I'm waiting tables? Now can I love other people? I love other people. We love other people. You love other people. I love people. I don't even like I love him. I love we love people love each other. The question is, can I love myself when I don't live up to my own standards? This is where it gets. And that's. So when we look at like souls purpose, what's our shared souls purpose, right? The shared souls purposes is that each human being is awakening to knowing and loving themselves, unconditionally without reserve, while still in human form. This is, uh, now we're playing spiritual hardball. And you know, 100 years ago, this was not even on the table. It was not. We were we were stuck in our old religions. Were they good? Yes, we love them long. I love the religions. They got us here. But every religion is founded on the idea that we're not good enough, and that we have somehow screwed up and you know, and we either have to make good or somebody's going to save us.

Alex Ferrari 49:22
I mean, don't forget, you can send it you can don't forget, you have to send the check. So Jesus, obviously

Linda Howe 49:33
I mean, this is all but that really tells us what we thought of ourselves. The best we could come up with are these exacting religions, and we are in the shift. We are in a shift. Right? I know the things that I believe that you believe my parents would be scandalized. Oh, whatever you do, do not let God know that's what you really

Alex Ferrari 50:02
Are you kidding? I mean, jeezz, like a commandment grandparents, for major grandparents thinking even like remotely about the concepts that are. There's an evolution that's happening. It's happening so fast to it's like within the last 120 years. It is massive change much faster than the last 1000 years.

Linda Howe 50:28
Absolutely. But you know, what else is interesting is that the record itself? The record itself has tooling along, shall I say, right? And then it's so like the, I don't know, the beginning of the 20th century, you know, we have Rudolf Steiner comes along, he coined the term Akashic, we move into the middle of the last century, and we've got Edgar Casey here in the West. Casey, oh, my god, brilliant man. But think about Casey, when he worked in the records, he was unconscious, he did not know what the heck he was saying. And somebody else he had, of course, a woman had to make the notes. Okay. Casey was not transformed by his own work in the way that we are now,

Alex Ferrari 51:12
Right! We're aware of it where he was the sleeping prophet

Linda Howe 51:14
His the sleeping prophet, and he couldn't teach anyone else how to do it. And then, with the advent of the internet, you know, there was this guy, do you know this guy? What's his name? Cheney. He's from a star in the mid 90s. He wrote a fascinating book, terrible book, but great core idea. And the core idea is that the Akashic record or that the internet, the World Wide Web, was the physical expression of the Akashic Record. It was the mid 90s. At that point in time the record became available to regular people like us,

Alex Ferrari 51:55
I'm going to make your head explode right now. If you want me to,

Linda Howe 51:59
I'm ready.

Alex Ferrari 52:00
So, that core idea, make sense. But as you will know, the internet, the internet and the World Wide Web can be adjusted when the Akashic Record cannot. Meaning it can be changed, websites can change, information can change. But there is something now, that is even more like the Akashic records in the sense of what it is. And that is blockchain. Blockchain tech,

Linda Howe 52:27
Oh, wait a second. Okay. Tell me about this. Why was it

Alex Ferrari 52:32
Okay. And now everyone, just everyone who's listening. This is this is what blockchain is just a basic concept. That's, that is the basic underlining of cryptocurrency. Whether you believe it, like it or not, doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. But just the idea of blockchain is revolutionary and will be as revolutionary if not more revolutionary, to humanity than the internet is. The reason why is that? It is a record literal record. It's a ledger, that every time there's a transaction. What do you when you write something in a ledger an entry, every time there's an entry into the ledger, it locks into the blockchain, and it is there forever. It doesn't change and you cannot manipulate it. Okay. So it's there all the time. So when, as you were explaining me the Akashic Record, I'm like, This sounds sounds like blockchain.

Linda Howe 53:30
My question. Yep. So who has the authority to interface to interact with this blockchain? Everybody in me? Ah, same as the record.

Alex Ferrari 53:44
Right! And no one has domain over it. And it's not in one location. It's everywhere all the time.

Linda Howe 53:51
Oh, I love this. Oh, I have to

Alex Ferrari 53:53
Decentralized. It's decentralized. It's decentralized. So that is the basic basis of blockchain. So cryptocurrency runs on a transactional things, technology runs on it. It is building things like your medical records. There's so many ideas that the concept of blockchain is going to change the way things are, but in the example, is essentially the Akashic records in the sense that when an entry is put in, it can't be manipulated. Everyone has access to it, and anyone can see it at any time.

Linda Howe 54:29
Okay, but that's where the record is different. Correct. Okay, because you could go in and ask about me, right? Okay. And the record will let you know what you need to know about me without my dick could be completely different than what my sister needs to know about me. Right? And so it's a very it's it's a need to know but It's, but it's interesting because it's deeper than the mind. You know, the mind is like, tell me everything I want the scope. This is underneath that. Okay. Deep. See? So that's so. And if you're out, it's fairly self correcting. So if you're, if you're out of line, the records will just say, Oh, no, I'm setting this up for you

Alex Ferrari 55:22
So let me Alright, so that so yes, it's a little bit different than blockchain. But the concept is

Linda Howe 55:26
But it's interesting because it is it but it's self self selecting, because not everybody wants to jump in on this blockchain or the and it's the same thing with the record. And it's available, doesn't mean everybody wants in.

Alex Ferrari 55:42
And also not everybody understands how to get to certain records. So it's similar in that sense. I think you'll be that way for quite some time. It's like, there's still, you know, my parents and God forbid, grandparents are still trying to figure out email. So there's that, like, how do I take out an attachment?

Linda Howe 56:00
What about attachments? I, will get the email,

Alex Ferrari 56:04
The attachment? What is what is this text? How is text different than email? I'm like, I'm right there. Oh, you know, I'm sure my kids are going to be doing that to me, too. I don't know, maybe we won't, maybe we'll be a little bit more savvy in the future. We'll see. Like that the hologram works like this. When you hit there, then you walk on to the holodeck. And then you can order a drink? God, dad. So let me ask you. So let me ask you a question then, as an experiment, and you could tell me yes or no. Could you ask a question about me in the Akashic records and see what comes up? I just had a morbid curiosity of any, because I like the idea that like, they're not going to tell you anything unless you need to what the information you need to know. In other words, I can't call him and go call in. I can tap in to the Akashic Record with Linda. So when she was a child, what was her past lives? It's not your business. Unless, unless we, like me and Linda, have this bad blood. Why is that? Oh, because when you were both Mayans

Linda Howe 57:05
Different story, It's but here's the and this brings us back to the kinds of like the record response to our questions, it responds to my sincere inquiry, right? If I really want to know need to know about something, a person, a place a thing, a condition, a situation that will be revealed in a way that is helpful to me now, at this point, okay, if I don't need it, it'll be like, oh, what else? Are you at? What else? What else? You know, I mean, all the time I get this. Oh, yeah, that's fun. But no, no, no, that's really not the point. Because, uh, you know, I'm so easily distracted. It's, it's a fascinating thing. Because you really, when we work in the records, we have a chance to see who we are in the light of truth without judgment, criticism, right? It's like, Oh, my goodness, there I go again.

Alex Ferrari 58:04
So is there any value or do you think of asking the records about our conversation right now?

Linda Howe 58:09
No, no, no, I don't. Okay, there it is. Yeah, yeah. No, no, I don't think you know, yeah. Right.

Alex Ferrari 58:17
Now, we talk a lot about vibrations and lifting your vibration and certain people are at a certain vibrational level. Is there anything that you can suggest to people listening to raise their vibration to raise their awareness to awaken them a little bit?

Linda Howe 58:34
Here's the thing in the record, listen, everything is vibration, we get that that's all true, all true, absolutely true. Okay. Now, what is also true is that the way human beings make a connection, a conscious connection with vibration is through emotion. And what drives the motion is thought okay, so we have a we have an operation function happening here. So people come and they say, oh, I want to you know, raise my vibration. Well why I mean, what is that? What do you really want? Who cares about your vibration? You didn't even know you had one a month ago,

Alex Ferrari 59:23
I want the highest one, I want to be the highest

Linda Howe 59:25
I want to be the high of course we want to, but but the thing is, we don't human beings do we do not experience vibration as as vibration. Right? If we do so what, what we want is we want things like fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, enrichment, love, bliss, okay, states of consciousness, then the question becomes, how do I get there? Right. So, from a record standpoint, There is the Akashic field. It's a unified field of everything, right? So everything's in it higher, lower vibrations, it's the record has no judgment on it. As human beings, we have to grow into accelerated vibrations. Right, right. I'm sorry, I wish there was an

Alex Ferrari 1:00:19
Oh, you're absolutely right. I know that I understand that completely. At the level you're talking about. For people listening, they might want that information to get out there just in case they, they're like, can I just fast track? I just, I just want to be enlightened, can I just get enlightened?

Linda Howe 1:00:36
But here's the thing. The truth of the matter is everyone, everyone know me again, be careful of how we evaluate ourselves. We are not we're not here to judge ourselves. We're here to experience our lives. So you can say, oh, I want to be enlightened. Who knows? Maybe you're alright. You're everybody's already enlightened. We're already awakening. Anybody who came to the planet at this time, either has a big hole head, or they're already enlightened. I mean, come on, and no one in their right mind would say, Hey, I'm going in, plug me in coach. This is this is the this is the time. This is this is hardball. This is hardball. And so but the idea with with the vibration, so here's how this is fascinating. You know, when we work in someone's records, we do it with permission. We never like we don't go round opening the records of people we don't know, just because they're interesting. So please, you have to give me personal permission, you have to say, could you please do this? That gives me permission. When the practitioner has temporary authority over the light grid that holds you in place, is the practitioner recognizes the truth, understands the truth can speak, convey describe, what happens is your light grid or the light patterning changes, and then you leave and you grow into the new pattern. That's how this works. Now, if I say, Oh, listen, you're here. Let me just tinker around with your life grid. Let me play with your vibrational field. From a record standpoint, it doesn't work that way. Remember, the record is the intersecting zone of the heavens in the earth through a human being. So we have to look at what you're recognizing and how you're living and the alignment of the two. And that from a spiritual perspective, every choice you make, was the best choice you could make at the time. No one ever gets up and says, Today is the day I destroy my life and the lives of my children. No one ever suspect, right? We all do our best and we make so many mistakes. It's like awful. But what are we gonna do just people we have to lower our standards a little.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:08
You're absolutely right. Which brings me to our next question, healing. I know you wrote a whole book about healing with the Akashic records from our past. And we bring our past along like really dirty luggage that we just can't get rid of like Hoarders were hoarders of the past. Oh, I love that is we're hoarders of the past we need an exorcism from our baggage. So how can the Akashic Records help us heal from the past and move forward?

Linda Howe 1:03:38
All right, so here's the first things first, the record will not change your past. Right? So if they hit you with the frying pan, they hit you with the frame. Okay, that's, that's it. That's it, we're not going to go in and change things. If your ex walked out on you. And it's cheating. That's the way it goes, these things happen. Here's the healing. The healing is in the shift in our awareness of ourselves. So can I love myself even though they hit me with the frying pan? See, if I'm applying my this is what I've seen is so clearly blows my mind. So here I am. I'm seven, and I'm thinking I should respond like a 65 year old woman. No, I'm seven. These are big people. I'm scared of them. I behave like someone who's a scared seven year old. It's fair to so we want to be careful not to bring today's truth to yesterday's situation. And to really begin to see and know ourselves as we the record, as we're seeing a known in the light of truth. And the truth is, it was another time and there are so many of us who have the idea that we especially if we have any kind of spiritual awakening We're like, Oh man, we're dangerous, right? We think, oh, I should have been able to stop that I should have been able to fix that I should have been able to change that. I'm really sorry folks. Can I love myself, even though I could not stop the rape, stop the pillage, stop the plunder, stop the war. Even though I could not keep my family from getting killed? Could I have any compassion for myself? In that situation? Acceptance is the first step in healing to really come to terms with the reality. The other thing is this am I willing to be kind, respectful and loving? When we talk about being spiritual? We're talking about? Can we be loving when it's not so easy? Now some people are easy to love. Some people are a pain in the ass. How do I how can I love myself in the presence of someone who doesn't get me? Probably a family member. Right? How do I love myself when I thought if I was any kind of a person, my marriage would last forever? How do I love myself when my kids are drug addict? How do I love my kid? I love my kid, you know, it's just goes on and on. Then the next part is am I willing to participate in life even though I'm not perfect? See, when I first started working in the record, I thought, well, this is great. Now I'm gonna find out how to get perfect. Right? And then I'll then I'll participate. But I'm not going out there till I'm perfect. No way. Well, lo and behold, here we are, how many years later, I'm still you know, I've got my handful of issues. Thing is, am I willing to participate? Am I willing to love other people and visit with them even though? You know, whatever, we all have our list of grievances. And the one thing if anything is gonna hold us back. It's the grievances we have against ourselves. It's like, Oh, honey, honey, honey. So when we talk, it's like these. You know, when I first came into the record, I had all these. I don't have great ideas, none of them correct. But they were great. And they were like, I have the ledger, right? Like, here's the thing, you have a good life, you have a bad life. You're a good person, you're a bad person, then I'm in the records. You know what I find out? I've always been a good person. Sometimes I've acted like a jerk, just because I was scared. I was still a good person. Like, how do we reconcile the record empowers us to recognize the immutable truth about who we are and who everyone else is. I mean, it's like it's stupefying to me. And it's completely liberating. Because we can all get off the hook.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:11
And that's the thing that we so many of us, God, so many of us beat ourselves up for past actions or decisions we made with the mindset and the hindsight of now. So like you like, Oh, I wish I wouldn't have started smoking when I was 17. Or started drinking, when I should have never picked up that you know that I should have never smoked that thing. Or I should have never taken that job, I should have never gotten to that relationship or open that business. You can't do that because you made the best decision you could make at the moment that it was made.

Linda Howe 1:08:48
And every choice we make every choice at that moment in time is our best option to expand our personal experience of being loved. That's it. No one ever goes into a relationship and says, you know, I really liked this person, but I'm gonna go with that one. What is that? That's crazy. Nobody's crazy that way. Right? Unless they say Oh, I love this person. But it's dangerous for me to be in a loving relationship. So I'll go be with someone I don't like. That's a different story. It is the most loving thing I could do for myself. And this is in the record. See in the light of truth. It's like I spent many years looking for who to blame who's wrong, right? All these kinds of things and the record is like what are you what are you doing it's that's not what this is about. That is not the what the game of life is about. The Game of Life is our Am I Linda, willing to love myself and others. No matter what. That doesn't mean am I will To help the ex murderer over for dinner, no, I'm not. You know, it doesn't you know, you gotta use your head here. But can I love myself even though I used to be friends with the ex murder course. Now I can I couldn't be for now I can It's okay.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:18
It's okay. It at the end of the day it's okay. It's gonna be it's gonna it's gonna pass. Okay, Nolan, I'm gonna ask you a couple questions ask all my guests. What is your mission in this life?

Linda Howe 1:10:32
My mission? It's a great question. My mission in this life is to make access and excellent education and truth about the Akashic record available to anyone who wants it.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:50
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Linda Howe 1:10:53
To learn to love ourselves and others know unconditionally?

Alex Ferrari 1:10:58
Now, where can people find out more about you, your books, your courses, everything that you do?

Linda Howe 1:11:02 simple, as simple as that. And you know what, I have a new book that comes out in 14.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:12
Oh, what's the name of the book?

Linda Howe 1:11:13
Oh, I'm so excited. The heart of the Akashic records revealed.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:20
Oh, very cool. And that'll be available obviously, on Amazon and everywhere else books,

Linda Howe 1:11:24
Every wherever you get a book, right? You can find it there. You will find it. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:29
I'm so excited for that new book. And Linda, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing the knowledge of the Akashic records. I have a better understanding of what it is now. It's kind of like blockchain but different. And and it's it was fascinating conversation. So Linda, thank you so much for coming on the show and for what you're doing for the planet as well. So thank you so much.

Linda Howe 1:11:52
Goodness, thank you very much. Thank you.

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