Woman DIES After CHILDBIRTH; Shown the Reason of LIFE! (Profound NDE) with Lei Mohr

In the profound quiet of the universe, there are moments when the veil between life and death lifts, revealing truths that are both unsettling and deeply comforting. On today’s episode, we welcome Lei Mohr, a remarkable individual who has traversed this boundary multiple times. Lei Mohr is a near-death experiencer, spiritual guide, and channeler who brings messages from beyond to guide us in our earthly journey.

Lei Mohr’s journey began in an extraordinary manner, marked by a childhood filled with trauma and the necessity to sense the emotional states of those around her as a means of survival. Her first near-death experience at the age of 21 occurred during the birth of her second son, where a dangerously high fever led her to a state of being outside her body. She recounts, “I looked behind me, and there behind me was my body sitting down there on the bed. And I was sitting up. There were no emotions in this at all…I felt really good actually.” In this disembodied state, she floated into a dark, yet blissful tunnel, filled with an overwhelming sense of love and peace. This experience instilled in her a profound sense of purpose upon returning to her body, empowering her to make life-altering decisions.

Her second near-death experience, 20 years later, was another encounter with a high fever. This time, the experience was more of a conversation than a journey to another realm. She describes hearing a persistent message, “It would be so easy to step over that line,” which eventually led her to the realization that she had a choice to stay or go. Choosing to stay, she knew that her current life path was not aligned with her true purpose.

The third experience was a turning point. In 2019, she again fell gravely ill and experienced a transformative vision where she was told, “You have done what you came here to do.” This led to months of recovery and a deep dive into spirituality, studying the works of figures like Ram Dass. This period marked the beginning of her spiritual awakening and the integration of her near-death experiences into her daily life.

Throughout her journey, Lei Mohr realized the importance of healing her relationship with her past, particularly with her mother. In a shared death experience, she felt her mother’s transition to the other side, experiencing immense joy and love instead of grief. This profound event highlighted the oneness of all beings and the continuous connection we share beyond physical existence.


  1. Purpose and Empowerment: Each near-death experience reaffirmed Lei’s sense of purpose. She learned that making conscious choices in alignment with her true self was empowering and transformative.
  2. Oneness and Compassion: Her experiences taught her that we are all interconnected. The pain or joy of one affects the collective, and living with this awareness fosters compassion and love.
  3. Transformation Through Trauma: Lei’s journey illustrates that trauma, when processed and understood, can be a powerful catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.

In addition to her near-death experiences, Lei Mohr channels the “Wisdom Keepers of Lost Civilizations,” entities that offer guidance to help humanity avoid the pitfalls that led to the fall of ancient societies. Their message emphasizes the importance of unity, equality, and the mindful use of technology to foster peace rather than division.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lei Mohr.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 322

Lei Mohr 0:00
I look behind me, and they're behind me was my body sitting down there on the bed. And I was sitting up. There's no emotions in this at all. And there's I don't feel bad I feel really good actually. And I just floated out of the body and into a very dark tunnel. I mean, this is pitch black, blacker than your shirt, black, everything black. I saw nothing. But I felt so wonderful, joyful, blissful. There was no judgment, no anything except just pure love.

Alex Ferrari 0:46
I'd like to welcome to the show, Lei Mohr. How you doing Lei?

Lei Mohr 0:49
I'm just honored to be here. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 0:51
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about your near death experience, which apparently are dying way too many times. So you need to stop. There's a few of these we're going to talk about. And then also towards the end, we're going to talk a little bit about channeling and you're actually channeling a group of entities that are have a message for the young people of the world. So we're going to kind of touch upon that towards the end. So my first question to you is, what was your life like, prior to your first near death experience?

Lei Mohr 1:22
I was really just a kid. So I can't really say that there was much about it, except that my childhood was a bit exceptional, and how violent it was or how traumatic it was. Starting from the very beginning. My parents got together when my mother was 16. And my father was 18. And she had her first child when she was 16. And continued to have seven and a half, seven, six kids and seven and a half years after that. Yeah, so she was I think, a little overwhelmed, frustrated, angry. And she let us know it. So I started very early. From the age of three, I can remember feeling people's energy, it was a way of surviving. I had to know what straight state she was in at any moment in time. And went from there. When I was five, I had a little experience where we were walking down the sidewalk. And I just knew I just knew that the lady walking toward us did not like my dress. Now, I don't know why I remember this, but I do. And it was very clear to me that I knew this. And so I've been kind of starting things all through my life. But the first near death experience happened when I was 21. And that was with the birth of my second son. So this I was really still just a child myself.

Alex Ferrari 2:49
Right! I mean, you but at that point you you were a young adult, so it wasn't like you were a kid, like I hadn't lived the life you had lived a little bit of and you've definitely experienced things according to what you're saying. So you've definitely been down the road a bit. I 20 Probably more so than most 21 year olds. Now, do you were you spiritual? Were you religious? Were you raised that way?

Lei Mohr 3:10
My father was a very strong, strict Catholic, you know, this story. And the reason why I pushed everything, including the near death experience down so much was that I was told that my parents and my life was perfect. And this was heaven. And I thought, I truly thought if this is heaven, and if if having any of these these weird experiences is going to send me to hell, which is so much worse. I want no part of it. And so I was like, nope, nope, nothing. I don't admit anything. I never nothing.

Alex Ferrari 3:48
So you pretty much were you before we even get into the near death experiences and other experiences you've had. You shove them down, put them in the closet, lock the door, put a couch against the door, you are just like I used to shove that and denied it for a long time. When did you decide to come out with this information?

Lei Mohr 4:11
Oh, probably when I was about 50.

Alex Ferrari 4:14
So you weren't playing around? You kept? You kept that in for a while. Alright, so we'll come back to we'll come back to that afterwards. So your first near death experience tell me what happened.

Lei Mohr 4:27
Okay. The pregnancy had been unremarkable except that my son was extremely active. When it was time for him to come into the world. He decided to be a gymnast and just play flip flop in my stomach and the attendance and I fought them none for this. It wasn't a situation that lends itself to nice, easy, calm fault. They kept having to reach up inside of me and turn him around so he wouldn't get caught in the cords. And so that you know he would come out the right way. I don't suggest this to anyone. less painful. But that's how it happened. And and so just like within days after he was born, I came down with an extremely high fever it reached at one point I saw the thermometer at 111. And people, yeah, people will say, Well, you can't that's not possible, you would have died, to which I say I did. And that's how it started. And then, as I was in the hospital, I mean, 111, you're not moving much. You're, you're doing very little.

Alex Ferrari 5:38
You're cooking. You're basically just cooking yourself.

Lei Mohr 5:41
Yeah. And so at one point, I'm sitting there, I'm laying on the bed. And I sat up. Now, I didn't think anything at all about this. But I sat up, and I look behind me. And they're behind me was my body sitting down there on the bed. And I was sitting up, there's no emotions in this at all. And there's I don't feel bad, I feel really good actually. And I just floated out of the body and into a very dark tunnel. I mean, this is pitch black, blacker than your shirt, black, everything black. I saw nothing. But I felt so wonderful, joyful, blissful. There was no judgment, no. Anything except just pure love. And I'm like, Oh, this is wonderful. And I'm floating through this tunnel. I think it's a tunnel. And I get to what I perceived as a widening in the tunnel. I don't know what it was because I couldn't see it. But it felt wider. And I didn't, I wasn't moving anymore. And I thought, What's this? And then I heard this voice which I perceived as male, but I don't know that to be true. And it was the most gentle, loving voice I had ever heard and have ever heard. And he asked, Do you want to come now. And I said, I just panicked for a little second. And I said, I can't I have two boys to raise. Then he I sort of perceived a nod of a head, no judgement at all. And back down, I came very quickly and plopped in my body and the fever broke, just like that. And I gave it not much more than two pots at that point in time. Because this was back in 19, the early early, early 1980s. There's no internet. There's no, no, but how do I know what's going on with this? When there's no information available? I didn't know that there were books about it. I just there was a strange experience. And here I am. And okay, now I'm always raising my kids. And that was pretty much how that went. But there was a when I came back, I realized how empowered I was because I had made the choice to come back to be here. I had a purpose, I had a reason to be here. And that, that knowing cost that then marriage, he decided that he needed to control that physically. And I said no, that's that's not happening. And so I took the boys under the cover of darkness and left.

Alex Ferrari 8:27
So when you had this, this experience, did you just ignore it? Did you just think it was a dream? Did you just how did you psychologically deal with this new information?

Lei Mohr 8:40
I didn't, I pushed it down and it wasn't there.

Alex Ferrari 8:43
So again, lock that locked it away. It's like, I don't even know what I don't want to think about that. Let me just keep moving on with life. Okay, so what happened with the second you have to stop dying, the second near death experience that you had?

Lei Mohr 8:58
Well, this one is, you know, 20 years later, I just lived for that time and tried to do the best I can trying to survive. Being a person I wasn't because I was not allowing my true self to come out. And then I was working. And I was a supervisor at a big box man, big big box store. And I again, came down with a fever. There's a theme here going on a very high fever. And I was basically in bed. It was the middle of summer and it was very hot outside. But I had every cover I could find on top of me. And I was still shivering and I spent it this way for two days. Just like that. And during this two days, I'm just laying there laying there and then it toward, you know toward what I perceive as the end of it. I kept getting these messages, you know, it be so easy to step over that line and I didn't think anything of it, you know how easy it would be to step over that line? It would really be easy to step over that line. And finally I said, Oh, you're asking me to make a choice, aren't you? And then I thought, well, if I'm going to stay here, I better get a drink of water. I had had nothing to eat or drink during that time. And I had that high fever. So I must have been thirsty. So anyway, I crawled out of the bed, crawled all the way to the kitchen to get a drink of water and crawled back into the bed. And slowly, slowly, slowly came back. I was out of week or out of work for four weeks that time.

Alex Ferrari 10:43
So then you so that was more of a conversation and less of going into another realm at that point. But still, there's, there's something happening here, there's a pattern that we're kept picking up on. Okay, so now the third time or you did that,

Lei Mohr 11:01
That well, that what happened from the second one was I realized that that was not the life I was supposed to live being a supervisor in a big, big box store, that that whole paradigm was not in keeping with where the world was or where the world was going. And it wasn't for me. And so that career ended. So now I'm moving along. And I'm just doing the best I can trying to stay afloat. And here comes and the dates are important here, here comes at the end of August 2019. Very, very end of August, last days of August, I'm out doing meetings and such. And I've been feeling a little like I'm coming down with something, but you know, we don't stop, we just keep going. And so I just kept going. And I noticed while I was at the last meeting that I couldn't open a pop cam, my fingers would not open the top of the puffer cam. And a friend had to open it for me. I'm like, This is really weird. And then I, I tasted the drink inside of it, which was a, it was a juice of some sort. And I thought this thing tastes really off. I wonder what's going on here. And then a couple days later, September 2, I again, come down with a really high fever. And I'm back in bed again. And again, this one is for three days. And during that time, I went to this different place. I don't know where this place was, it was all kind of a brown, gray, orange, pink, Misty color or foggy color. And there was it's very interesting, there's I can't see anything. But I hear a whole bunch of voices. And I don't know who they were chanting at me. And they are chanting over and over. You have done what you came here to do. And I'm like, Oh, this is so nice. Oh, this is so nice. What. And then instantly back down in the body. I go, and the fever broke. And I'm like, if I've done what I came here to do, why am I here. And so as soon as I was able to start moving, which this one took months to actually get to a point where I was functional. This was my, this was my big transformation. This is when I started, hey, there has to be a different path for me, I have to do something differently. I'm not sure what it is. But there is a different way for me. So my first thing was, if I've done what I came here to do, I may not be here much longer, and maybe I should figure out how to die. And so I I thought well, let's now I've got the internet finally I've got you know, everything I need. And so I started doing the research, and the first person I come up with this ROM das and so I studied him X defensively, and I learned everything I could from him. But I didn't die. And so that's how the third one happened. And that's that was truly my start my my transformational start, where I could no longer ignore that I had a spiritual spiritual backing in me.

Alex Ferrari 14:21
So then you went into the closet, started pulling out these memories and started to shine light on them again and really start to analyze what you have gone through, not throughout your life these three moments and started to really discover who you were through these experiences.

Lei Mohr 14:38
I had remembered the first one some quite a while back, probably. I was in Russia for a couple of years. And it was during that time that I would have remembered that one. But this is when I started putting the pieces all together and making this oh this is a puzzle. This is not this is not separate events. These are all the same events, and it's just little pieces of it along the way.

Alex Ferrari 15:04
Now, you also had Did you have a shared death experience as well?

Lei Mohr 15:08
I did that this one comes just very recently, too. As I've mentioned, I did not have the best relationship with my mother. And at one point in now this is this is Summer of 2022. I'm like, this is really holding me back, I need to do something, I need to heal this relationship, so that I can truly be who I am and who I'm supposed to be here and do what I'm supposed to do. But I don't have a clue how to do this. And I knew someone else who had said, Well, I found a way I had a similar experience, or early experience to yours. And I figured out how to see my parents is loving me. And I thought, what, how is that? So I tried in, you know mulling around in my head a bit and nothing. So finally I just said, Okay, whatever's out there, whoever's out there, I need some help, I need to do this. And I don't have any idea how to do it. And so instantly, they put me in, I don't know what you would call it a vision. Where I am in a movie theater, you'll like this part. I'm in a movie theater, and I'm the only one there and it's all dark. And if I can see a first of all, I can see that I'm the person watching. Okay, then it's given to me that not only am I the person watching, I'm the actor. And then I'm also the director. I'm also the person who's handling all the lights and the sound. And then came the big one. I'm also the writer, whatever this is, I wrote it, and then my, my life starts going on the stage, like a play. And I'm like, Oh, interesting. My life is like a play or a movie, or whatever else you want to call it. And I'm the writer. But I'm also the actor, if I'm an actor, my mother is also an actor. And then it came to me that if she's the actor in my play, she and I both chose to come here in whatever form we came here. And she loved me enough to give me the foundation, I needed to be the transformer that I am the person who transforms the the this last word, the person who transformed the trauma with other people. And that's how much she loved me was to be able to come here as a loving being and do all of that to me. So that I could have that foundation. And when I learned that, when I saw that, I realized that as the writer, I could rewrite the script, not only for what's happening now. But what happened then. And I can see it in a completely different way. And from that I was, came a huge joy, just immense joy and love of life. And not only forgiveness for her, but love for her. Right. And then just a couple months later in December 2022. And now understand some 15 years back from this. She had murdered my sister in law. And she was in jail a while and in what prison I guess is what they would actually call she was in prison for the rest of her life. Nobody had seen her or hurt her. The only contact the the prison had at all was my brother who's former wife she had killed. And so I knew nothing about anything that's going on. But mid December. I go from this very joyous, very loving, very peaceful state to all of a sudden it was like I had had 10 cups of coffee. And they were like, always around. I was just jittery. And I was like nervous and everything was just, you know, I couldn't I I couldn't function because this was happening so much. I tried everything to clean it out and clear it out and nothing touched it. And I'm like what is going on? And then I kid you not? On the third day. It broke into extreme pure joy and love. And I'm like, Oh wow, okay. What was this, and I'm just enjoying the joy and such. And my brother calls me. And he says, I have to tell you that our mother's passed. And so I told him what had happened to me. And I realized, I had been sharing that experience with her. And when I, when I felt the joy, when I felt the love, it was her feeling that too, she was on the other side. And so from that, in fact, there was absolutely no grief, none at all. And that's really important, because I know when my sister passed, I grieved very much. I can also see in the future, where we will understand that this is this here, what we're doing is a movie is a hologram is a play whatever you want to call it. And that when people leave this, whatever you want to call it, they don't, their bodies go back to the earth, but they don't end. And we will celebrate them for being able to have left this little package that is so confining. And then again joining the freedom that is beyond.

Alex Ferrari 21:21
That's amazing. That's an amazing, amazing story. So let me ask you, when all this information is coming out now, and you're really diving into what's happened to you, and really starting to, you know, study rom das and go down the spiritual path. At what point did you decide to come out of the out of the spiritual closet, as I like to say, and come up publicly to really just say, This is who I am. Because that takes bravery to do. So

Lei Mohr 21:51
It does. And I tried it a few times, I tried it on different different levels. And it didn't work very well. You know, this is one of those, if you try and tell a doctor, you know, I will, I will do nothing to hide or two to make this happen sooner. But when my time comes, I'm ready to go. Doctor is going to have some reactions. Don't do this. So the I, I knew that I had to use it, I knew I had to find my quote tribe, and to help the people who could benefit from it. And I had been working on trying to help the people because I knew because of my past that I was a very good, I will call it coach, I had helped a lot of people to make their lives much better. And I knew that's what I needed to do. And so now I'm like, Okay, now I have even some more tools to put in that basket, and a better way of explaining who I am to people. So that would be when I came out. And I don't think I came out like it wasn't a single event. It was more like a process. But it would have been it would have actually started. As I was studying around us, as soon as I got the strength back to be able to actually move and then become something of myself. That's one that would have have actually been me coming out and saying, Hey, world, I'm here, though I had no idea how to do this.

Alex Ferrari 23:30
Right! Well, the one thing I really want to kind of focus on what you said is that the trauma and the pain that you went through in your life, prepared you to be this transformative person now helping other people without that negativity and trauma, you wouldn't have the tools to help people. And that's something that it's hard for people who are in the trauma, in the pain to listen to. We all there's not a soul that's walked this planet that has not gone through some stuff. And multiple levels, very little very high. It's all depending on what you want to learn while you're here. But without the trauma that's happened in my life, I wouldn't be doing the work that I'm doing. I mean, literally would have not even occurred to me to try to do all the work that I do. And same goes for you. So I just wanted to kind of like dig into that a little bit for people who might be going through traumatic, a traumatic process now recovering from a traumatic process, going through pain in their life. What words do you have to say to them?

Lei Mohr 24:37
First of all, that there's hope on the other side, you don't have to live in this. And it's not fair to just say you're choosing this. It may or may it may be true. It probably is true. We all choose this at some on some level. But there is a process to get through the trauma. And it's not an easy process. It's simple, but it's Not easy. You have to look at the events and look at them very deeply. Look at the emotions they cause look at the feelings they cause. Is it there somewhere in your body? When you feel it when you're looking through this? Is there a certain part of your body that is reacting to it? And then you have to kind of make friends with the trauma. And then you have to release it, and let it go. So it sounds really simple. It's a process that frequently takes us years.

Alex Ferrari 25:39
Now, what are some of the biggest takeaways you had, from your spiritual experiences in general, from your near death experience, to your spirit, what's the biggest takeaway that you can share with the audience

Lei Mohr 25:50
That we are all one, there is only oneness and that every one of us what we suffer what each of us suffers individually, everyone suffers. And thus, if, if a person, any person does any motion, action or thought to hurt another person, that person also hurts themselves, and everyone else.

Alex Ferrari 26:17
Very true. Now, were there any after effects from these spiritual experiences, these near death experiences, that abilities, things like that, that came to you that you never had before?

Lei Mohr 26:28
There's actually a lot of I don't know, if I'll call them after effects, I think they were probably there all the time. But they have come out much more. So one of them I mentioned was the ability to see a person's emotional state instantly. Another is that for many years now, I have been able to talk to people see where they're at, or just know where they're at. And somehow magically do it, whatever words they need to hear at that moment, will come out of my mouth. And to them. And to me, it may sound like it's nothing, no big deal. But to them, it's exactly what they needed to hear, so that they could move on from wherever they were, which is an interesting one, which that one, gradually with all of these experiences turned into channeling. And that one has been developing and has recently developed fully.

Alex Ferrari 27:32
What did you think when you started to hear voices for the first time? I mean, I know you've had some of your near death experiences. But that's a bit different than channeling for my understanding, at least

Lei Mohr 27:43
For me, because it was a they were voices that were loving. They were voices that were kind. And they were voices that were extremely beneficial when what they were saying. I was like, Bring it on. Now, was I going to go out to the world and say, I can do this. I told my very best soul friend. I don't know that I told anybody else at the time.

Alex Ferrari 28:08
Right! But what is your family, like your kids and your family? Think about all of this. I mean, you are now coming out publicly, you're doing interviews. It's a very big difference than just having a conversation over the kitchen table, to doing interviews where potentially hundreds of 1000s of people gonna see you.

Lei Mohr 28:31
Most of my family does not talk to me, except for my brother. And my brother has has accepted and he's like, he doesn't actually ask me. Will you do this for me yet? But he's like, do you have anything to say to me?

Alex Ferrari 28:49
The lottery tickets, the lottery tickets, I mean,

Lei Mohr 28:54
My granddaughter who is she's about to turn 22. And she and my oldest son got how I was raising them, both of them. And that was I wanted something different for them. I wanted them to be able to make choices freely to be who they were. My older son is a Buddhist chaplain in the American military. Wow. Awesome. I like that. And my granddaughter is living somewhere in the upper Midwest. In a place that's really kind of I don't know how to say it politely. They're not quite on board with the spiritual thing yet. And she is a practicing Wiccan priestess. So and she has had me channel for her. I have been her foundation throughout her life. The other side of her family does not accept her at all and thinks she should get back in her box. I keep telling her no, you can stay outside that box. You don't need to be there.

Alex Ferrari 30:07
Well, one of the one that's, that's beautiful, the one of the things that is a common theme, I found with all these near death experiences I've spoken to near death experiences is the ability to, to connect with your own truth to who you truly are. And to express that in the world, regardless of how others might try to put you back in a box or try to put you if you're not hurting anyone. And you're truly just trying to help and send love and try and try to assist people on their journey. And express yourself in that way. It's so liberating because I mean, you were in the you were in that closet for quite some time. And you not only were you in the closet, you denied it. Most of those years from my understanding you didn't even didn't it's not that you knew what was going on behind the door. I didn't I don't even know. I don't know, the kind of never happened. Until finally this kind of bubbled up. I guess this is why you needed to die. So many. You are hard headed.

Lei Mohr 31:14
I am a Taurus born in the Year of the Ox. What can I say?

Alex Ferrari 31:20
Well, from my understanding with near death experiences when people lose like why does it happen to some people and doesn't happen to others? I from my understanding, I'd love to hear your point of view, from my understanding, it's that you either needed a wake up call that puts you on the path that you were supposed to be on. Or it's just part of the blueprint that you were kind of set up to do or as an exit potential exit that you you had you set up these kinds of exit points throughout your life that you're like, Hey, do you want that's why they asked or do you want to? Do you want to stay? Or do you want to go? This is an exit? No. Okay, back in see in 20 years? Like, what's your, what's your take on it?

Lei Mohr 32:04
I think all of those are valid. And I think maybe I've had at least one of each. I will say though, as far as the the keeping it down. I was I had this after my parents split when I was six, and I got jostled back and forth a little bit. At the age of 13. I told my mother that I was not going to church anymore, because I thought that I could see the the hypocrisy in the the devout Shall I call them because they weren't living what they said they were supposed to be living live. They were treating people in a way that was not like what Jesus would have done. And I'm like, I can't do this. So at 13 I stopped being a Christian, I stopped being a Catholic, I stopped being anything. So to me, all of this, that religion, and spirituality was all one. And it was the all of these things that happened to me that broke me out of that. And oh, no spirituality and religion are not anywhere close to the same thing.

Alex Ferrari 33:19
Not at all. Not at all. So okay, so if near death experiences and it's shared death experience, all the things you've gone through is not enough. Unless you've said you're now becoming a channel. So can you explain to the audience what how you're channeling is what's your process to channel? And how do you like, energetically deal with it as it comes in?

Lei Mohr 33:42
Okay, first of all, they have now called themselves, the wisdom keepers of Lost Civilizations. And the reason for being here at this time, is to guide younger generations, so that they can avoid the fate of these last generation of these lost civilizations. And they come through me specifically, as a grandmother figure to these people, a loving grandmother figure, as a as opposed to somebody of their own age whom they may or may not trust, to say these things. And so that's why I was chosen and why I'm doing it at this time. The way that it works for me, they're they're here all the time. And these voices that I've heard throughout my life telling people what they need to hear is actually them. But that was I was not quite ready then for it to be full blown channeling. So how I do it now is they're here. They're here all the time. I speak to them like my friends because they're always here and ask them all sorts of questions. But when I'm doing it for someone else, or if I'm doing it publicly, I will close my eyes because the words come through clear to me that way. I will probably not remember it. I've may remember bits and pieces, or I may remember the gist of something. But I will not remember exactly what they said, nonetheless, I go back and watch the tape.

Alex Ferrari 35:13
How did you handle the energy? Because I, from my understanding, there is a priming period, if you will, because if not, you can short circuit, the board as they say.

Lei Mohr 35:25
And I think I'm still going through some of that, after I channel, I usually, if it's a long channel or a deep channel, I will get for a while I get really super energized. This was and then I kind of go, you know,

Alex Ferrari 35:41
That's a technique. Those are both technical terms, by the way, very scientific. Very, Oh, y'all know what that means? You're like this. So I'll translate, you get very energetic, you get a lot of hyped up and then you have a crash. So it's basically you're taking four or five expressos. And then you just completely crash on a sugar or caffeine crash, essentially. Yeah, but you're getting, but you're getting a little bit better, you're getting a little bit more optimized, if you will, to be able to handle these kinds of channels.

Lei Mohr 36:13
I am, and I can still feel it sometimes physically, especially my feet tingle. And my legs will will Pingel. But I also know that I have been being prepared for this for a very, very, very long time. Yeah. And so they have had a lot of time to get my body ready to do this. So it's maybe not as maybe severe. As some of the others who've said, who've learned you are a channel, you're doing this now. And we're going to you know, it's we're off force,

Alex Ferrari 36:43
And we're off. Yeah. As you've been saying, as you've been talking, what was coming to me was like she's probably been prepared physically, because have you gone through so many of these experiences and near death experiences near death experiences, that does change the wiring, if you will, and the capability spiritually of you handling certain energies. So that makes a lot of sense, because you're not 21. And you're just like, hey, you're going to channel now? And you're like, Nah, okay, got it. But that is something really important for people to understand when you are channeling there is this kind of period where you need to prepare the body to handle this flow of information and flow of energy, because it can very much like a kundalini awakening, if you're not ready. It can, it can just fry you.

Lei Mohr 37:29
Absolutely. And I don't want to be fried. They don't want me to be fried, they the message is too important. And it needs to get out in this time. And, and as you said, you know, my vintage does not does not bode well, for last thing, you know, a long time. I've got a very short time to get to do what I can now. So I think they knew that that was part of the plan, the blue blueprint, if you will, the whole time.

Alex Ferrari 37:56
So you mentioned that when you signed up for this interview thing started to to kind of go into hyperdrive a little bit. Because they're like, Oh, we got we got a we got a window here. Let's get her ready. Is that true?

Lei Mohr 38:10
That's absolutely true. And they have been so looking forward to talking with you.

Alex Ferrari 38:15
Well, I appreciate that. Well, if you can't explain it one more time to the audience if what you're what's going to happen when you channel and then have them come in, we'll ask a couple questions. And, and it's a little as a little bonus channeling in a near death experience episode. So I appreciate that.

Lei Mohr 38:32
So what I will do is I will go quiet for just a moment and give them the reins, so to speak. And then I will step back and they will come through. So it'll be just it's very short, easy. You'll notice the difference. All right. Let's go. We are the wisdom keepers of Lost Civilizations. We are here to answer your questions. We are honored to be with you today.

Alex Ferrari 39:03
Thank you so much for showing up. I appreciate that. What are what is the message that you have for the younger generation that you wanted to say?

Lei Mohr 39:10
What is most important to remember is that technology and power that technology for sure is a tool that power uses or can use to separate people. This is what caused our our civilizations to fall. There is a way to have peace and technology at the same time without separating people. And this is our message

Alex Ferrari 39:54
What what advice or so steps should people be taking to avoid this?

Lei Mohr 40:03
As so many have said before, it is all about oneness coming together in oneness, each being an individual part of, shall we say, a body, an individual cell, of a body. But the body does not work without all the cells, without all of the different ways of being a cell. In a body. Everything is important, even if each, even as each has an individual purpose. And each of you, especially you younger people who don't think so, you have a purpose,

Alex Ferrari 40:52
Can you name some of the lost civilizations that you are from?

Lei Mohr 40:56
We have Atlantean, we have Chaco, we have Rue, we have Angkor Wat, and there are so many others that most people name and are familiar with. There is the Egyptians, there's the Babylonians, all of these and more. The South American Mayans all of these and more are here. Because all of these opportunities of the past have been missed. And this time in the global world that you have now is the time to make it work.

Alex Ferrari 41:51
Why did this? Why does humanity constantly go in these cycles of rising in technology and, and consciousness to a certain extent, and then it's lost and this knowledge is lost? And then we have to remember it again. And it's lost again. Why do we keep going in the cyclical manner?

Lei Mohr 42:11
Because people agree to it, people may not realize they're agreeing to it, and they may feel like they are forced into going along with participating in it. But you always have choice. And when the whole or at least the major portion of the whole decides, we are not going along with this anymore, we are not participating, and we are not agreeing to this system. And they create another system that allows all of the people to be equal, truly equal, then the society can move forward. All of us were not in that position, we did not choose to allow everyone to be equal, we allowed some to have power, much power. And that is what brought our civilizations down. We would like to give an example now, of how this can be done, which is current and has been current for over for 1000s of years. If we look at the Buddhist monks and nuns, and the way they live life, they live without policing, they live without power structures, they live together. And they do this by coming together regularly and admitting publicly if they have errored and broken one of the rules that could allow there to be separation or pain. And then the person who has done this also decides how to move forward so that it doesn't happen again. In this way, there is no need for a power structure. There is no need for policing, which is another power structure. And all can live as one individually being themselves and at the same time. A vital part of the whole. Does this help?

Alex Ferrari 44:44
It does it do you have any final words for our audience?

Lei Mohr 44:48
All of you, our life. All of you, our love and our love equally, fully. Holy cow, all of you are made up of that energy equally, fully, and holy.

Alex Ferrari 45:11
And she's back. How are you feeling?

Lei Mohr 45:16
Oh, I'm good now.

Alex Ferrari 45:20
Why did you feel a little off? While you were doing it?

Lei Mohr 45:22
I felt a little like. I'm a little wobbly.

Alex Ferrari 45:27
All right. All right, well, I'll ask you a few questions, I asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Lei Mohr 45:33
Living your purpose, finding your purpose and living your purpose fully, which is going to be something that you're going to want to forgive me the words come a little harder now. If you're experiencing what you're supposed to experience in your experiencing life, that's fulfillment.

Alex Ferrari 45:56
If you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Les, what would you what advice would you give her?

Lei Mohr 46:01
You're going to make it through this, you're going to live a life beyond your wildest imagination and dreams. And just hang in there. And you're going to get there.

Alex Ferrari 46:12
How do you? How do you define God?

Lei Mohr 46:14
Everything all that is the creative. Enter the the unconditional, creative, loving force that is all of us in everything? And what is the ultimate purpose of life, to live, to experience, to love, to love to love to love.

Alex Ferrari 46:32
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Lei Mohr 46:35
My website is handletheshift.com. I'm also on Facebook, LinkedIn, I have a YouTube channel, but it's not really up and going well, at this moment. So those are the others are the best ways of getting a hold of me. There is my my email address in most of those places, you can find it that way. And do you have any parting messages. I'm so grateful that You allowed me to be here today. I am so grateful you allowed them to be here today. They are very grateful that you allowed them to be here today. And thank you, thank you, thank you for all you're doing. And for anyone out there watching. Live your best life.

Alex Ferrari 46:42
I appreciate you and everything you're doing for the world. My dear, thank you again so much for coming on the show, and sharing your knowledge with all of us and experiences with all of us. So thank you.

Lei Mohr 47:24
Thank you.

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