KRYON Speaks! Channeled Message We ALL Need to Hear for 2023! with Lee Carroll & Monika Muranyi

On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi, renowned for their transformative work with the entity known as Kryon. Lee, a former engineer turned channeler, and Monika, a devoted spiritual teacher, bring forth messages that blend scientific understanding with spiritual awakening. Their journey from skepticism to deep spiritual engagement offers a compelling narrative of transformation and enlightenment.

Lee Carroll’s path to becoming Kryon’s channeler began unexpectedly at the age of 45. As an audio engineer with a logical, analytical mindset, he was initially resistant to the idea of channeling. “I didn’t want to channel. This happened to me,” he recalls. His journey involved a series of uncanny experiences, including identical messages from different channelers years apart, which gradually opened his mind to the possibility of a higher calling. He describes the initial connection with Kryon as a profound “love wash,” an overwhelming sensation of unconditional love that defied his rational understanding.

In our conversation, Lee Carroll emphasizes the timeless nature of the soul. “Our soul is forever. It has no beginning and no end, much like spirit itself,” he explains. This perspective underscores the interconnectedness of all existence, suggesting that we are integral parts of a vast, eternal consciousness. Lee’s experiences highlight the importance of embracing this expansive view of the soul, which can transform our understanding of life and our place within the universe.

Monika Muranyi shares her own journey of spiritual awakening, which began after a personal crisis led her to explore energy work and healing. Initially skeptical, Monika experienced a profound shift during a Reiki session that opened her to the spiritual dimensions of existence. Her path led her to Kryon’s teachings, which resonated deeply and guided her towards a new understanding of consciousness and spiritual evolution. “My journey has been a pathway of surrender,” she reflects, highlighting the importance of letting go of resistance to allow spiritual growth.

Lee Carroll discusses the concept of raising consciousness, which he describes as an innate potential within all of us. “The whole ladder of evolution is already in us. It is built in,” he asserts. By setting the intention to evolve and being open to spiritual growth, we can unlock higher levels of consciousness. This process involves recognizing the interconnectedness of all life and embracing the spiritual dimensions of our existence. Lee’s insights emphasize that raising consciousness is not about following rigid rules but about opening ourselves to the inherent wisdom and love within.

Monika elaborates on the role of synchronicity and the importance of being open to unexpected guidance. “Things come to me, and then I have resistance. I have huge resistance. And then I have to break through my own resistance to get to that next piece of surrender,” she explains. This process of overcoming internal barriers allows us to align with the flow of the universe and receive the guidance and support that is always available to us.


  1. Timeless Nature of the Soul: Our soul is eternal, existing beyond the confines of time and space. Embracing this perspective can transform our understanding of life and our interconnectedness with all that exists.
  2. Innate Potential for Higher Consciousness: The evolution of consciousness is an inherent potential within all of us. By setting the intention and being open to spiritual growth, we can unlock higher levels of awareness and understanding.
  3. Embracing Synchronicity: Being open to unexpected guidance and overcoming internal resistance allows us to align with the flow of the universe and receive the support we need on our spiritual journey.

In this profound conversation, Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi offer a wealth of wisdom on navigating the complexities of life with greater clarity and purpose. Their teachings emphasize the importance of recognizing our inherent divinity and embracing the interconnectedness of all existence. By integrating these insights into our daily lives, we can move towards a more enlightened and fulfilling existence.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 175

Lee Carroll 0:00
One that Kyron has given me, is that our soul is forever it was there, it has no beginning and no end much like spirit itself. That tells us we were created at the beginning as if there was a beginning. And we're actually part of everything that exists. So we have this soul, a piece of it, if you want to say, is used here in 3d on the planet, well, where is the rest of it?

Alex Ferrari 0:35
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley. To present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to I'd like to welcome to the show Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi how you doing guys?

Monika Muranyi 1:13
We're doing super great!

Alex Ferrari 1:17
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm so excited to talk to you guys about about your work, crayon and just the mysteries of what you're trying to do for the world and help the world evolve and awaken. So Lee My first question is what was your life like prior to Kryon? And this, this this journey that you're on? I'm assuming you weren't just automatically at five years old in elementary school going? Hold on guys, I got a channel like

Lee Carroll 1:49
I'll tell you we do a lot of interviews too. And we have interviewed some who had exactly that back one just recently. I am I am privileged to have come from an older energy and got to see it. I didn't want to channel this happen to me. Are you ready when I was 45 years old. So I've been doing this now for 33 years, don't do the math, please don't do the math. And in that I was an engineer. I was audio engineer I was very happy with my life. All these things and I was against not against that's a bad word. I was I let's say that I thought everything that had to do with woowoo channeling everything was ridiculous and stupid and just for women. Women don't.

Alex Ferrari 2:31
Don't don't write. The write emails, emails, we didn't write, write letters,

Lee Carroll 2:36
Don't write emails. I'm sorry. That is just the way I felt. Now I've changed that now. But to answer your question, my life was nothing like it is now. And it also, as we go in this interview, you'll see it took me about three to four years to get on board even after I was channeling. So these things occurred to me out of the blue. What I tell people is the greatest thing as I look back now is that spirit or whatever you want to call it really knows you because the series of events that gotten me to look, were just absolutely perfect for my personality. Otherwise, I never would have been interested in this but very, very linear, very 3d Engineering. didn't need any of this. I didn't care about it until it happened.

Alex Ferrari 3:24
Well then let me ask you that because I love asking channels this question. Did you just like were eating cornflakes one morning and then popped in like, since you you weren't in this field, and you weren't kind of open to this? And I imagine it was pretty jarring. And you were like I did you have that moment like am I losing my mind?

Lee Carroll 3:44
Well, I had that later but it's a long story and I don't want to take up the eat up the time I'll share interview have to say that it was a three year run up to this I had I was dragged to two Chandler's both men. Back then I didn't want to go I was taken. Because I it was a birthday of somebody and he was my wife at the time. And and the fact was that they said things in the channel that I didn't care about. But I listened to later on tape that were identical three years apart. Two men who were 40 years apart in age didn't know each other said the identical same thing. And they said there's a magnetic master named Kryon, who wants to get a hold of you. All of that was superbly ridiculous. But because that had happened, it was against all logic. And so I couldn't. I'm one of those a type guys who wants everything, you know, I'm very, very in the boxes, and I want everything sorted. And this didn't sort so what I did, I actually did was I put a chair down and I said, I was alone. And I said cry on which by the way, crayons sounded like rust preventative spray paint to me. That's Krylon so for a long time I called him you know, Mr. Rust so I really did. I said, I put the chair down. And I said, if you're real, you got one chance, show me otherwise, I'm throwing this away. Because this is stupid stuff. I mean, this is where I was. And I sat in the chair. And instantly at that time, I didn't channel didn't get words on the wall, I got a big this incredible love wash. This is all about love. And this changed me because it was a cause and effect. I did it several more times when I realized there's something there. That's the convincing to me. So against all logic, and something happened, and that started the process.

Alex Ferrari 5:37
Wow, that's amazing. And does it take energy out of you? Is it like it? Because some channels like it weakens them, some people like it, energizes them just curious,

Lee Carroll 5:46
Energizes you're, right. It goes both ways. And I've talked, we had many Channeler's on our shows and stuff. And I've had him on my stages, in the old days, and we all channeled together. And some of would say, you know, the bit, it was really draining. But for me, I just, you know, it's disco balls going, like, I'm ready to go,

Alex Ferrari 6:04
It's an energy, it's an energy boost.

Lee Carroll 6:06
It is and even if I'm dead tired. I, when it comes to the channeling, suddenly, everything is just a switch that gets thrown, where suddenly I don't feel I'm aging and I'm not tired anymore. So that's that's my, my kind. Fair enough.

Alex Ferrari 6:21
Now, my first question is, in regards to the work that you're doing, how can we raise our consciousness? Is it a general statement and your definition of consciousness would, would probably help.

Lee Carroll 6:35
You know, the definition of consciousness, not even Plato gave us that one. Hopefully true that it's a very, it's a very tough one. We always say it's, it's the degree of your own sentience and your own awareness and where that takes you. For me back before Kryon, I realized now I had a ceiling I was hitting. And that my consciousness only went so far, even though I was a good guy went to church and all those things at that time. It now when I look back, I realized that I was not aware of God, if you want to call it that got bigger for me. So it's like, it's like your thinking starts to expand. And the X, you see it, first of all, in how you look at the world, and others, somebody comes up to you, I know, I'm straying from your second question. Look at if somebody comes up to you and calls you a name, they don't like you for something you've done. So the first reaction is a defense, or whatever, I realized that was me buttons got pressed on me easy. You could you could come up to me because I'm very opinionated. I know what it wants to, you know, like anybody else. Now, all these years later, if something happens like that, I'll be disappointed. But my first reaction is that person is having a bad day. You see the difference here? And the difference is that's a higher evolved consciousness on how you feel about yourself, others the world you're living in? That to me, that is the conscious awareness. Now, the second part of your question, or maybe the first part again,

Alex Ferrari 8:13
How do we raise our consciousness?

Lee Carroll 8:15
How do we raise it? I we are firmly believe believers and intent, that that the whole ladder of evolution is already in us. And it's not something you have to go get. You don't have to follow rules. You don't have to, you know, swim rivers or climb mountains, that is already there. And that is built in. And you might you might say it's a soul given attribute. And it's almost like spirit was they're all just waiting, growth free choice for you to say, how do I do it. And as soon as you start saying, you know, I wish to evolve my consciousness to something it is not. Now, as soon as you even start to say those things, freewill starts to allow it to fly in. And it does. It's just like healing. It's just like creating that, that people say you can create your own reality. It is something that we are, it's God, given. It's already in there. It's like healing. It's already there. It is up to us now to start asking for it, recognizing it and then being patient while you start to see it develop. This is what happened to me is that I didn't go anywhere, study anything. And the channeling didn't automatically have given me a higher consciousness. That's always something that I had to do myself. So it's within us. But the really fascinating thing is, is that self empowerment thing is that soon as you start asking these questions, it's almost like little switches are thrown inside. And you start to see and feel and hey, you know, hey, this is working.

Alex Ferrari 9:50
Is this kind of the path that many of the Ascended Masters went through because we all are the same abilities as the Ascended Masters? They just got there at a different time.

Lee Carroll 10:01
Yeah. And that is a difference between 1000 1000s years ago and today and we say people, to people, this is a different world. This is not your grandfather's world at all. We're not time is not going to repeat itself not this time. You we have a really good evidence of that with Gregg Braden his work at all that time is really a different time now. And in that the ascended masters that we call ascended masters, they all use the same tools that we have, you just said it. So can we all be Ascended Masters, while we're maybe not right away, have the tools to start climbing up that ladder by ourselves. And we start realizing that it's affecting the planet as well, the more of us to do it. And thanks to the guys like you and people who are starting to expose things, this would never have happened this show. I know, technically, but even even if it could, you wouldn't have seen this like 20 years ago, no, people wouldn't have been interested. And they are if you've noticed, so you are you're riding the wave of interest people will, we'll come in here and look at Lee Carol Chandler, who would never ever, ever look at me 20 years ago, and that way,

Alex Ferrari 11:10
I agreed with you 100%, even 10 years ago would have been a difficult conversation to have. And I've seen it in my own world. It's just people are much more, even when they find out what I do now. They're like the channeling really. And they live. They're curious though there's a conversation, it's not just discarded anymore. And then as you start talking, you'd like, Oh, I'm like I always say this. No one ever questions my channel at that minute generally, but the channel is in general, I go, What are they saying? Does it ring true? Great if it doesn't, discard it and move on. But if it does, who cares how it comes in.

Lee Carroll 11:43
And the other thing too, that we did two times, maybe three times I've forgotten now once in Europe, ones here are twice here is I put multiple Chandler's on the stage from different parts of the country, and from all over Europe. And we did big conferences, and we didn't tell him what to say, we just said give us messages, one, or we had 12 on the stage at once. And we simply kept going. And in every single case, we got one message from all of them. There weren't 12 religions represented there, there were 12 people giving a common message about what's happening on the planet, about love of all the things that we're talking about. So it's almost like it's in the field, and we just kept going. So that's another thing that's channeling is not another belief system.

Alex Ferrari 12:29
Now, the one thing that you know, when we come down here, and we incarnate, we have trouble sometimes finding our purpose. Can you give any advice on how to find the reason why we're here in this incarnation?

Lee Carroll 12:42
Sure. Every ever going back to being super simple, and people will write will shake their head and said, No, it can't be that way. Their spirit, what is my purpose? Show it to me clearly. And don't let me be biased or, or promise not to be everybody thinks they know, even if they say they don't. They'll say I don't know my purpose. But I sure wish it was writing this book. You know, I don't know my purpose. But I'd like to build a healing center, you know, or I don't know my purpose. But I'd like to be. So you always have these filters. I was the same way I had a picture of like, where my channeling would go and what it would do and how long it would last. And it was all completely and totally wrong. So you gotta be open for something that you don't expect. But truly, if you start asking this, you'll start to see synchronicities, come into your life. I think you've had them to order to do what you do. You had to have the synchronicities to get to where you are, have the things fall into place and work for you. And that is almost like a green light. It's a you got to stop and go and, and off his in traffic. And this is the way it feels to us and Monica and I live our lives this way, is that we throw it out there. And if it doesn't happen, like we expect it we say, oh good is gonna be better. It is. And it does. And it'll always be something that flies in, often at the last minute that guides us. This is all through intent. You're not asking for favors for God, what you're doing is creating the pathway, the bridge, your spirit, show me the bridge, I'll be open to it. Just take me there. So that's a little different than we were taught in church a little bit, isn't that Yeah. Where are you Where you've got to have, you've got to do actions, and you have to go here and there and do and, and also it's very, very different thing. People say it's too simple. And I'd say Well, welcome to something simpler than you thought. Isn't that great? Can you say thank you.

Alex Ferrari 14:42
Now, Monika, I wanted to ask you to kind of piggyback on that last question. Do you find that you know, if we just kind of let go that things seem to there's something guiding there's something pushing things in our in our path and like you know, you're gonna meet this person today because this person is going to get you that job that you that you really need to be on. And I know you're an audio engineer, but you're really going to be a channeler in the next five years, that kind of these kinds of synchronicities, you know, but we find ourselves and we have kind of get in our own way, right?

Monika Muranyi 15:14
We completely get in our way, it's funny that you asked that question to me, because my own journey has been a pathway of surrender, right? Things come to me, and then I have resistance, I have huge resistance. And then I have to break through my own resistance to get to that next piece of surrender. And then something else will come up and we have resistance. And it's often our own intellect and logic, will try and come in and argue with ourselves. So for my example, I will give you one where I had my marriage collapse. And this started my journey of I don't know anything about anything. And I knew I was ready to be open to something, but I didn't know how it would come. And back then I was working as a national park ranger in the parks service in Australia. And I had a colleague that kept saying to me, Monica, you know, you really should go see my wife, Linda. She does Reiki and she's a spiritual healer. And I just kept thinking, What on earth is that going to do? For me, I am in so much pain and grief and crying, this is not what I wanted to do. But he was so gentle and persuasive and kind about it. And I think it was the third or fourth time where he said it in a very sweet way that I was just screaming inside. Oh, my God, I am going to see her just so you shut up about having me see her because nothing's gonna happen, right. And I'll just like a bandaid, rip it off and get her over and done with. So I went and had a session with her. And I was in this really vulnerable place where I was wounded and crying and everything else. And there was just something happened that touched me deeply in that session, that allowed me to then start exploring and investigating the things that I don't know the things that I can't explain. And then it led me to a journey where I moved to New Zealand. And the very first yoga class I was in someone gives me a crayon book. And I read this Kryon book, and there's this woman in there who does energy work. And I'm like, I don't know how I'm going to do this energy work, I was so lit up. When it came to doing the course of this energy work where I was so excited. Everyone is moving their hands and feeling energy flow through. It's like palpable, and I feel nothing, like zero, nothing. And so my brain is going well, this is all just a bag of moonshine. And it's like, I thought it was real. And now I'm not feeling anything. It's not for me. And so I had to get through that resistance to surrender, and then continue again. I mean, it took years before I actually felt energy flowing through my hand. And so we get in our own way, by putting out expectations of what we think it's going to be like. So there's so many people who hear the beautiful messages from crayon. And Lee says, this is available for everyone. And then people will say, Well, why isn't cry on talking to me? Why does it cry and talk to me, we have expectations that we're going to hear a voice and it comes down and deliver a message in the way that Lee is delivering it. And it doesn't work that way. We have to suspend how we think it's going to work, and then be open to receiving it in a different way. It's a different language when you start moving with synchronicity. And you began with saying, I'm going to meet this person on the street and I'm going to have this amazing experience happen. How does that work for someone? Well, you, you have no idea how it's going to happen. So you have to be open to an alternate way of how things come to you. So I know that was a very long answer to your question. But if we can learn to get out of our own way, and trust that Spirit, God the Creator, the great beyond whatever name you want to call it to knows you so well loves you so well. That they want to connect with you. They want to steer you in the right path of your life. Know that know that if you put your hand out It's got to be held and connected. So can you get out of your own disbelief that it can happen for you? And can you surrender and allow it to happen? It's as simple as that.

Alex Ferrari 20:10
It comes down to faith, at the end of the day, it's faith that something is out there, and something is guiding you throughout the process without question. Now, Lee, I have a question for you in I've heard this term Super Soul. What is a Super Soul Lee?

Lee Carroll 20:26
We don't we don't use the term super soul. So I don't know. Okay. Maybe it's going to be what Kryon calls the bigger you.

Alex Ferrari 20:36
Fair enough. Fair enough. And what is the bigger you?

Lee Carroll 20:40
Let me get into not the minutiae of it, and doesn't matter. So I'm just going to say, what I'm going to tell you now, you don't have to believe in is not critical to putting love in your life, or, or, or having a, you know, reality created. But it helps to know this, if we have a soul. And we believe we do. And almost all of the spiritual systems on the planet tell us we do, what, what, where, how and why. So we've been told many, many things about souls. Number one, that we get it when we're born. And that's what I learned in church, and that it's there, so that it can be tortured later, when you die. So that's basically

Alex Ferrari 21:22
Obviously forever, by the way, in perpetuity, in perpetuity, in perpetuity.

Lee Carroll 21:29
So my truth, the one that Christ has given me is that our soul is forever it was there, it has no beginning and no end, much like spirit itself. That tells us we were created at the beginning, as if there was a beginning. And we're actually part of everything that exists. So we have this soul, a piece of it, if you want to say, is used here in 3d on the planet, well, where is the rest of it? Does it is it you know, rolling around heaven all day and rocking chairs. And while we're here, and Christ says, No, it's here with you. And part of what you have that you're using the tools of the same tools, as we just discussed, as the Ascended Masters is part of that bigger you that oversoul if you want to, and that is what we're actually blossoming into, more and more of our soul are that eternal, sacred and beautiful divine soul is being used more and more of it while we're here in 3d. So we're becoming a little bit more multi dimensional, and we're getting a little bigger. And the bigger pneus of us is in the light, if you want to call it that's metaphor course. So we believe that our soul is not someplace else. It's living with us. And it's just, it's just like, we're, it's invisible. And it's only only available as we then take the pieces and the parts of it, haven't evolved consciousness and become the masters that I think all of us were meant to be. So that bigger you at Kryon talks about it is the rest of the soul that still you that literally is sitting there tapping his toe, while you're here saying, Well, how much more do you want. And we're learning to use it, you know, it's a trek, when you come out of 3d and you come out on older energy, especially, even young people, I'll tell you, you're born in an older energy compared to what's coming. And compared to what is happening right now you're seeing it all around you. So it takes a lot for us to undo just the programming of the reality we were taught, that is ours or what we can do or what we can't do. And this is not a conspiracy. It's just you know, you have you have what you think you are able to do and not do and that's just the reality. Suddenly cryin says, Ah, you can do a whole lot more, you can go a lot more, you can live longer, you can be happier. And there's a lot more. That's part of the bigger, you

Alex Ferrari 23:54
Now, there's one thing that that many humans, I want to argue most humans, if not all, at one point or another have a problem with fear, fear of moving forward fear of going after their bliss, fear of, you know, following their dreams, following their purpose. You had that fear when you started down the road with Brian, I had this, this fear when I started this show. I didn't want to be outed as a spiritual guy doing a podcast. We all go through these fears and we have to kind of overcome breakthrough. What if any advice do you have for people dealing with crippling fear not about the tight around the corner, which is good fear. But this kind of fear that I'm talking about?

Lee Carroll 24:33
We actually do. You're doing chapter and verse. I've written the books practically on that one because everything you said, I've had that one of my biggest fears when I started now you you're talking about outing yourself. Well, that's exactly what I had. If you don't mind. Just let me just rewind, please. When I first started, and all of those years ago, it was a different world. And I was a business person I had my my studios and our employees and all these things. And one of the I knew crime was real. So what do you do with that? Well, I, I say, Okay, I'm going to do this and only in my niche, nobody's going to know about it. So I put my books on. And the crime books to this day because I wanted to follow the example just for fun is that my name is not on the cover. I've got 14 books. My name is never on the cover. And it's only on the back in 10 Point Type, and my first name is not there. It's L. Carol. So that's me hiding from fear of being outed. Now, what was I afraid of? I was afraid, first of all, that I would lose all my friends.

Alex Ferrari 25:37
I just saw it right here. I just looked, I just looked it up like, no, he's right. It look at it still, oh, Carol

Lee Carroll 25:42
Right! So I would lose all my friends. And that, that, you know, and so my employees who are good, good, very, very good, spiritual Christian man would quit, you know, and all this, I was afraid of that. Well, guess what it all happens. Every single thing I was afraid of happened anyway. And I received new friends and I received a whole new package of wonderful friends and world a world that I never thought I would, the fear is there because we don't want change. And we have social norms that we don't want to change, we don't want to lose our friends, we're gonna lose, we're gonna lose our wives or, and you never know what's going to happen. My God, you you don't necessarily, you don't want your whole world turned upside down just because you, you have a nice belief system that that helps you. We'd like to climb into a corner and just have that our niche doesn't work. When you start showing your light, everybody sees it. And sometimes they don't like it, because it doesn't follow the paradigm that they were programmed in, or that they learned. Sometimes they may see something that's beautiful in you, and they still don't like it, because they happen to know that you are not following their doctrine. And that has happened over and over. So there's so many things that we fear. And you're right, there's some fears that are there. We need like the Bengal tiger around the corner. But basically getting out of fear there's, there's a new movie out by Bill Bennett, it's going to be released soon a Monica has more information on that called facing fear. So it talks about this very thing. This is one of the biggest things when you have a paradigm change like this, that we are looking at. So your right to bring this up. And it has many, many layers. So you ask question, how do you get through it? With me, as a very stubborn person, I had to go through layers of it. And it took me three years, I have talked to people in this New Energy who have done it almost instantly, because they look around and they see all the attributes, and it just snaps into place. And they go this is the difference between the areas I was born in and the energy and today. So it's just a matter of saying what do you want?

Alex Ferrari 28:08
And go ahead.

Lee Carroll 28:10
Yeah, go this or something better? I mean, are it's that a little bit of courage there. But you've got to have stated, What do you want.

Alex Ferrari 28:18
And I did the exact same thing for the show. Because I just said at a certain point, I just did like I can't I just have to go. And I'm like, okay, and I literally just said, Okay, God, I put you in my I'm in your hands. And the second I did that. People like yourself and Monica showed up. And the show started to grow and all these new people and all these new things started to come into my life and all this happened. But I needed to be brave enough to take the leap and nothing that I was afraid of, by the way has happened. Thank God. I was afraid of like, I'm gonna lose my other show. Am I going to lose all these other things I've been working out for my entire life. Are people going to look at me weird? Nothing.

Lee Carroll 28:58
Different the difference I think between two when I when I came out 30 years ago or more and you're now is that you pegged it is that people there's more allowance for thinking out of the box here than there ever was before. And people are a lot more I think accepting. And that's that's gonna tell you a lot about what's happening in consciousness. If you want to define that of society. How are cultures and it's not not just people that are channeling or doing shows like you just regular folks. I think they are looking around and seeing there's more tolerance is going on more appreciation. I mean, we're gonna get get into it, Alex, but you got you got a little war going on here. It's not that little. But did you see the reaction of the world when it started?

Alex Ferrari 29:45
Oh, my God, the entire planet was like no, no, no, no,

Lee Carroll 29:49
No, no, no. Even Switzerland took sides for the first time in history. That ought to tell you is there something going on.

Alex Ferrari 29:59
Yeah. There's absolutely something going on without without question. Which brings me to my next question. Really? Why have these groups of souls who are alive today on the planet choose to incarnate at this insane time? Because this is, I mean, the change between even when I was born in the 70s to now it is massive changes. I'm assuming it's even more massive for your, for the time you've been on the planet. I mean, it's so massive, and the change of mindset, obviously, technology, but just things like that. My My mother was doing yoga in the 70s. And my, my, my family was like, She's crazy. What does she do meditating? What is that? Now?

Lee Carroll 30:46
She's crazy. She's going to hell.

Alex Ferrari 30:48
Oh, obviously. Well, everyone's going to hell. It's just obviously everyone's going to hell

Lee Carroll 30:54
There's bumper sticker, I'm quite sure.

Alex Ferrari 30:57
Go to hell. Yes. Right. Exactly.

Lee Carroll 31:00
We, I'll tell you what my information is. And it makes so much sense. First of all, you got to realize that what is happening right now, in this want to call it New Energy, if you want to, you want to call it the shift, which many people have called it is not a surprise, this has been foretold by the ancients. It was right in the Mayan calendar for us all to look at. The more we study indigenous, the more we see, it is always been there, there. And we got it in Scripture. So we got it with the, with the idea that in the year 2000. And beyond, we're going to be we have Third, we're going to have world war three, Armageddon was going to be there. I mean, that was the target date. This all comes down to astronomy, basically, which is a precession of the equinoxes is what everybody's looking at, which is the start and stop, start and stop of a 26,000 year wobble of the planet so and that became the marker for change. And we got it in Scripture, the indigenous talked about it, but the indigenous talked about it differently. They didn't talk about it as the end of the world, like we got, what they said was three choice. Humans will either terminate themselves at this time, or it will be the highest revolution, evolution of consciousness humanity has ever seen. That comes right out of the mind prophecies. And this is not new. So here we sit at something that was already targeted, known as a time of potential shift. So if you believe in the reincarnation, you believe in souls coming back at all, you're looking at a whole bunch of old souls who are back for this. And they have they've gone they've slogged through a whole lot of lifetimes getting ready for this one. The whole idea of reincarnation, according to Aquinas, it's like a school, you learn things as you go. And so when you have all souls have been through this earth experiences, you know, it's really fun. You can tell a new soul on the planet from an old soul, just by the fact that they are easily duped. I'm just like, Don't go, don't go for the email from the guy in the wherever, who wants to, you know, watch the dollars, I can send you a million. Look right away. I gotta do this. Because Oh, wait, wait, wait. In other words, the School of consciousness of Earth hasn't been with them very long. And there's God bless them. They're so innocent, but you can really see the difference between the newbies coming in just right away at from those old souls. Been there done that. And no, there's a whole bunch of us all souls, your included my friend, who have come in to do what you're doing to do what I'm doing, to see the shift, know what to do recognize it, and go with it. And that is what's going on. So we don't we have and there's help. There's energetic help on the planet. That's the starting to release energies at this time. And it was always targeted. If we made that choice to stay. stuff would happen. And it is, and it's happening. I mean, look at them. Look at the me to movement. I'm talking about for the girls. Yeah. And you what, how long has this been going on? Oh, wait. Oh, wait.

Alex Ferrari 34:21
I mean, I mean, I come from Hollywood. So I mean, the casting couch was a joke. The casting couch was a joke. In movies, people would say, Oh, she wants to get the part. It was just ingrained in the entire industry.

Lee Carroll 34:37
It is and it still is. And it's not just in Hollywood. It was everywhere. So and you real and you wonder how long has it been going on? Well, it's the way of it. It's the way of humanity. And unfortunately, now suddenly, not that it's reversed but it's being seen and dealt with. And there are now ramifications and there's responsibility That's, that's new. I mean, it would have put some of the executives shaking in their boots 20 years ago just to see, to see who's being outed, you know, it's really it's congress people or whether it's show people doesn't matter if they're stars doesn't matter. That's new. I like it. How about a priest abusing kids? How long has that been going on?

Alex Ferrari 35:20
Oh, God, I have no idea. How long probably since the beginning,

Lee Carroll 35:26
They decided to, to make men in charge of spirituality and make them celibate. I mean, how do you like it so far? Did that really work? So you go, like, what were you thinking? And it's starting now to be we've got a pope who's trying to deal with it. And no Pope has ever even mentioned. Right? And yeah, somebody who's trying to actually deal with that is so new people, people look at me and go, well tell me what's new. The word, I'm looking at the news and the earth is so awful. And I say, would you just calm down? First of all, don't look at the news anymore. And second of all, if let's take a look at some of the things that are happening to happen slow, but boy, are they different?

Alex Ferrari 36:07
Yeah. And is it do do agree that in order for these things to be healed, they have to be brought into the light, because they've been completely underground, all of this stuff? You heard whispers, but you never brought it into the light that everybody all of a sudden started seeing that and it's happening at such a rate now, like, it's insane. I mean, even something like racism was, was always under the music. In America specifically, it's always been there quietly. But now it's just like, things people say out loud now you would like, and 1520 years ago, you would have like, say that? You can't say that out loud. But now everyone's saying it because bringing it out into the light. So we can heal. Is that Is that fair?

Lee Carroll 36:52
Yes, that's totally fair. It's accurate. True. And, and that's the way of it now. Let me just bring up one other thing, it and we use metaphors a lot. So people will understand. When you turn on the light in a place, it's been dark for a very long time, you see all the dirt. And you know, a few cockroaches come popping out and things like that, especially when you've had a darkness and you've never had light and it's been there and you've never cleaned it and whatever that says, what's going on. So what happens when we have light start to appear on our planet, is that exposes all of the ugly stuff that as you pointed out, has always always been there. So it to some people, they look at only, oh my goodness, this planet is going down the tubes, look at all the ugly stuff that we're now starting to see. And I would say it's always been there. Aren't you happy now that we're starting to see it so we can do something about it? So there's there's two ways of seeing it, you know, the glass half empty or half full. But that's what's going on right now. This makes it look so bad. I think that this war that we're having, and unfortunate, sad and heartbreaking. Maybe the last one we have like this, because the Earth is looking at it and and reacting to it saying no, not again, never, we're not going to pull us back to the 40s not going to pull us back to the Cold War, no matter who's in charge, or what they want. It isn't going to happen. And that's that's a new earth. And that's what we're talking about.

Alex Ferrari 38:23
Yeah, it's it's, it's fascinating. I mean, he's, you know, Putin is doing things that it's out of the playbook of the 40s and the 50s. It's literal playbook stuff that they're doing. And I'm sitting there going this, this doesn't make any sense. Like, and I'm not the only one. Apparently the rest of the world is going this doesn't make any sense. Why are you doing this?

Lee Carroll 38:42
Well, now, you mentioned his name. Yes. We've been to Russia eight times, Ukraine twice. We met all of them. Oh, wow. We've met and you know, they're the Russians are beautiful people. I think they've been hoodwinked. And I think when they find out the lives that have been lost there, they're not going to be happy with their leader. This is not the Russian people. This is right now, they have no choice at all. I mean, he is in control completely. And so my heart goes out to them too. And I hope people understand the difference when they take a look at who's doing what and why.

Alex Ferrari 39:18
And I'm I'm Cuban, of Cuban descent, and my people have been hoodwinked as well. You know, I don't have many there's a handful of countries I've been hoodwinked. And that's, that's another one as well. So, but all of it starting to come out even in a little island like you but things people are even starting to go no, no, no, this, we can't keep doing this. And there's uprisings. Now were 20 years ago, that's never even heard of it.

Lee Carroll 39:45
How about an uprising of women in Iran?

Alex Ferrari 39:48
I know.

Lee Carroll 39:51
You go ha. Like, I mean, this is we talk about heroics. Jesus. I mean, I know he's I mean, they're there, they they execute them there if they don't behave. Right, you know, there's no choice, you know, and

Alex Ferrari 40:06
Now there was an uproar. And they're you right? There was protests and the women went to the streets like, this is enough.

Lee Carroll 40:10
God bless them. And but they, they are the heroes of our time. What do you what you're talking about?

Alex Ferrari 40:17
So what do let me ask you both? I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you guys see for 2023? This next year coming up, because 2022 has been a lesson second, second, we hit 2020. It's been a hell of a ride. I mean, to say the least 2022 has been in the scope of those three years. It's, it's always bad, it's bad. Let's just put it that every year, it seems to be getting a little bit more insane. 23 And then we're gonna be going into 24, which is, you know, there's an election and all that stuff. What do you guys see for this next year from 2023?

Lee Carroll 40:52
Well, I've been talking a long time, what do you think?

Monika Muranyi 40:55
Well, I people are not gonna like that, we will probably continue to see a little bit more of the same. Because you can't just start a cleanup activity, and then abandon it and go, Okay, we're done. If the cleanup hasn't happened, you can't then go into the next stage. And my, my feeling is that we're setting a foundation of deep change that needs to have solutions come in. And the more we can, as old souls and those who have higher consciousness, focus in that the solutions are here, the solutions are coming, it will quicken that from coming. And so what we're really up against is so many who are staying in fear, because that's what's being fed to us from the media. And so if we can get into a place where we're ignoring the fear, and just focusing on what we can do ourselves and spread that out, that will make things go faster. But Lee, what do you think about the next year, I feel like it's a little bit more of the same Wait, we're still in the cleaning up process,

Lee Carroll 42:20
There will be that I think for several years, but I think that you're going to start to see more, I'm going to call it resolution, you're going to start to see pieces and parts coming together that we always wanted to come together. You mentioned the racism that we have. One, one of the things that must be frustrating and heartbreaking to those who have been put upon like this, in America specifically is that every time something awful happens, and there's a reaction at all, it just goes back to the way it was. It just doesn't seem to to change anything. I think that is going to start to be resolved, I think we're going to start seeing system to vet the police at the at the level of when they come into the force where they may, there may be a jury of people who just ask them questions to see if there's a racism there some something in order to see to change it, rather than it just words from a politician that say we're going to do this and this and we're going to get better. And then ever does that is a form of resolution. I think we're going to see resolution in the war. I think we're going to see resolution with Putin. And I'll tell you what's coming there. But you'll see. And there's going to be Oh men or things like that, that say, Hey, we're making progress. So yes, the stuff will still continue. But I think it's starting to turn so that we're going to start seeing some things that we didn't expect.

Monika Muranyi 43:50
And the other thing, Alex, that I want to add into it is that at the same time, we have all this chaos in the world happening and such divisiveness between opinions. I mean, there's never been a time where we've been more polar extreme with what we believe in to the point that we cut off ties if someone doesn't believe the same way that we do. It's incredibly divisive before you could have two friends with different political views and they didn't matter they could, they could still be friends. But now all of a sudden, if you have a different political view, you don't even want to be friends with them. So this kind of divisiveness is what I mean by everything is being brought to the surface and challenging and to the fore and the chaos and the war and this kind of fear being pumped into us. And at the same time this is what I want to share if this is new to your listeners. Part of the messages from Kryon is about coming solutions on the planet It's one of them that crane has given us is something called the magnetic motor, which is coming that will change and revolutionize the way that we use electricity. Another invention that crane has talked about is real time, desalinization of water. Because there is water issues. Another one that Kryon has talked about is the ability to produce agriculture. And so you start looking at just those three things, changing how we have electricity, changing the availability of water for everybody, and food, that is going to have such ripple effects through our society. And so it's so interesting that on one hand, there's this kind of chaos happening, and not the other. There are all these incredible inventions that are on the cusp, of being released. And that is not what's being pushed in the news, but definitely through the channelings that Lee has been given through crayon that is on the horizon.

Alex Ferrari 46:13
Lee, you've you've been able to travel the world multiple times in your life at this point. And you've met world leaders and influencers around the world. What is your take on the energy because I'm assuming you could read people's energies pretty well, when you meet them? I mean, I've been in rooms with with high power people as well. And I'm like, Okay, I understand. Or this guy's toxic. Okay, I gotta get out of here. How do you feel about the the world leaders that you've actually met and spoken to personally,

Lee Carroll 46:46
I haven't spoken to anybody yet. It has the same energy as a when I met the Dalai Lama.

And you can see and feel love, and joy, he's not filled with himself. And almost everybody I've met is there has to be some time go by Alex, where we see the younger leadership come up the ranks. The older leadership is stuck in a in that old paradigm for a while. And it's, you know, if you take a look at how we elect our presidents, and they're almost all over 70, when we do, there's, it's you got to look at, when we get a young one watch for it. Things start to happen. They're from another time a paradigm. And there's there's hope, that takes a while just because of our system of leadership. So all through the world, you're still seeing leadership, that is Old Energy, because they can being elected or not. And what's coming up anyway, including the Putin, of course, as you're seeing, that's still there. When you start seeing the ones who, when they're getting elected, are not bashing their opponents. When they do debates, they're honoring of their opponents, when they are a little when there's a compromise with with the other party and things of this nature. This is when to pay attention. Because that is when you're going to see real different leadership. We're not there yet.

Alex Ferrari 48:21
But we're but we're moving. We're closer than we were 50 years ago.

Lee Carroll 48:24
We are much closer

Alex Ferrari 48:26
Without question. Now. I want to get your opinion on this Lee or both of you, Monika as well. Do you think that what's happening now this this revolution of medium that is happening. Our show your show. We're getting to a point where individuals have no gatekeepers to the public anymore. There's a show like this would normally have a staff of a ton of executives telling me what I can and can't say and what kind of message it is. And we got to work with the advertisers and all this kind of stuff. We're now people like myself can put out messages into the world and grow audiences that rival mainstream media. I mean, there's big there's podcasts now they get, get almost Super Bowl level attack loads of people around the world. Is this part of this, change this disruption because it is a disruption. And I didn't notice that a lot of disruptors starting to pop up good and bad, quote unquote, good and bad, who are just shaking, shaking the tree shaking the applecart a bit because that's what is needed to reform and to rebuild, because we got to get out of the old and bring in the new would you agree?

Monika Muranyi 49:44
I agree. Absolutely. And I even remember a channel that Kryon gave way before the internet. And it was in relation to the shift that was talking about and Kryon said when everybody can talk to everybody else. And there can be no more secrets. This is where you will begin creating peace on earth. And at the time that channel was given, didn't really know what, when everybody can talk to everybody else meant. It meant the internet. And with the opening of the internet, we have real time communication on a global scale. That is what Kryon was talking about. And then in subsequent channels, what crane has said is, stay tuned for the good news channel, when someone figures out. So mainstream media, it's basically driven by having commercials and having people watch. And there's an old paradigm as to how that works, to be able to fund your platform to create the money to keep the system going. And so the way that you keep that system going, is you get hooked on drama, and fear. And that's what pays for your advertising and all of those things. Now crying is saying, Good News Channel, people want good news. And if you can start figuring out a way how to give them that you're actually going to see a change in the demographics. And finally, there'll be this aha moment, even with mainstream media is that they have to change the direction of what they are serving up to the users because the users are now demanding. We don't you know what, we don't want to be tuned into fear and feeling terrible about ourselves. We want to have good news to uplift us. And then it becomes a cascading effect. That's why things like this podcast where it's uplifting, and joy and laughter, their energies that are contagious and infectious. And Lee, do you want to add more to that?

Lee Carroll 52:16
I do. Know, what you're doing here is, you're not a disrupter, you're the new paradigm, period. If you told me I came from, what I did for a living was commercials

Alex Ferrari 52:30
On me to like, I guess my started commercials, directing commercials.

Lee Carroll 52:34
I've done over 4000 of them as an audio engineer,

Alex Ferrari 52:37
I've done probably around two to 3000 of them as an editor and a director.

Lee Carroll 52:42
So if you told me back then there could there's going to be television without commercials.

Alex Ferrari 52:49

Lee Carroll 52:50
Who will pay the bills? How's this gonna work? I mean, you're crazy. And that's exactly what we have. I haven't watched commercials on television for you for three years. Because now I select what I want to watch. This is the new way of it. So this is a paradigm changer. Now. If I were a news outlet right now, and then old paradigm, if those guys aren't shaking in their boots there, then they got their heads in the sand. Because people are are leaving that you got to ask yourself a question about your show, or shows like your show. Why? Why do people? What's the reasoning for having Super Bowl attendance, you know, for what you're doing. And the reason there's only one reason and free people have free choice, they chose to watch. And at the same time, they're turning off the other guys. So this is the new paradigm, I expect. There won't be like three or four or five news outlets, there will be hundreds, and they will be choices. And you can go to the ones and I believe what crying has said that the ones that are going to be the most successful are the ones that are balanced, especially when they give good news, as well as the other news, they talk about it in the ways we have and have joy there. And you just don't see anything like that you realize I'm on a, you know, on a rant here, when in 2020. We got to see it instantly in March. Right away. We had COVID. And as heartbreaking as that was and all the deaths we had the very people that could have helped us the most are the ones who buried us and that is the media. One very thing that I saw was we watched from Iceland, where we were with a whole group of people. We watched the news, and it was I forgot which media it was and they gave all the death figures. They got all the mounting infection figures and we Got all that we never once got recovery figures, nothing. We never saw the percentage of death and recovery. So to the casual watcher, it was being designed, Mr. Director designed to frighten us and scare us. And we weren't being given the whole picture at all at work. As so disappointed in the media, I think that that is so ashamed of themselves. This was an opportunity for them to really present something to give us a picture that was accurate and true. And help us and give us good news. I mean, there were there were there were hospitals in New York and queens, one in particular, that were having celebration ceremonies, when people recovered and they were releasing, and their, their relatives were hugging each other. And I mean, what I mean, and it made you go like this, there's hope. And this is not all doom and gloom, but I watched it and I figured we had the plague.

Alex Ferrari 55:55
Well, I was wiping down my Amazon boxes with Clorox wipes. Like an insane person. Yeah, it was,

Lee Carroll 56:03
Well, there people still are.

Alex Ferrari 56:06
Because of that

Lee Carroll 56:07
We we talk about it, we say when I see the man or the woman, God bless them, we're in their car alone with their air conditioning on their windows rolled up with a mask. And I say, it's not it's not necessary now. And you got to you got to understand what the virus does and doesn't how it works. And they've just been frightened. So there's I'm gonna wear a mask rose my life. And it probably will.

Alex Ferrari 56:29
It's it's I don't know if you remember or not. But during the time of COVID, there was a show that came on. And it was called The Good News Network on YouTube by Emily Blunt, the actress and John Kaczynski. They weren't they? Weren't they amazing? Yes, sir. And that's what I'm talking about, and how many millions of downloads that they get. And then the big studios or the big networks, one bottom with somebody bought them. And I haven't seen it since.

Lee Carroll 57:01
Well, he also supposedly it was going to he had to stop because he was going to do another one of his Netflix shows, or was it prime? I forget.

Alex Ferrari 57:10
Yeah. Amazon shows that that was the Amazon Prime. Yeah, but I think you're right. I don't know why that hasn't been brought back. Because it was I watched it religiously.

Lee Carroll 57:21
If either of them are watching the show. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, so you gave us a paradigm that was needed. And it was beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 57:29
Yeah. And they weren't. They didn't ask anybody. There was like, crayon, crayon logos in the background. Like, it was beautiful. It was just so homemade. It was just like, This is great. It was no, it was wonderful. Now, I want to ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life. And as to both of you?

Lee Carroll 57:52
Well, for me, I want a life where I enjoy what I'm doing, and I'm joyful every day about it. If I'm in that pocket, then my life is good. If I don't have joy, and there's reasons why I wouldn't have joy, then I'm not living a good life. It's pretty simple. And then we go from there. And there's layers of that. But I think that joy is is one of the primary, I would say feelings that we look for when things are correct in our lives.

Monika Muranyi 58:23
And I think for me, if I was to answer that question, prior to Kryon coming into my life, or just a greater awakening, I would have said, you know, a good life is being in joy and happiness. And I probably would have answered that question just centered on my own self and what myself was wanting to achieve. However, since I've had Kryon come into my life, I think for me, a good life is one where I've been not only to live a life filled with joy and happiness, but that it has filtered out and spread to others. And it's more of like, it's no longer than me and I it's it's the way in the US. And I think that's part of what this shift is about is us. We're not and that's really what was the beauty of COVID Because we're isolated, we can't touch each other, we can't hug each other. And there was that real definition that no, we need this. We need each other. We need to hug each other, love each other and be part of a community. And so I think it's the moving from the eye to the US and the way and that is to me a good life. If you've been able to have your joy and your laughter and create it for yourself and have it filter out to everybody else that you meet. That's a good life

Alex Ferrari 59:59
And Now what is your definition of God?

Monika Muranyi 1:00:05
It is incredibly hard to define God. And even in the channels. Kryon says God is kind of an definable. And it's very hard because my understanding of God is still trying to get around the fact that God had no beginning and no end. I mean, everything in our life has a beginning and an end. So if you try and sit there with your logic, work out, what, how did God not have a beginning? Everything had a beginning, how can how can God be there all the time? When you when you surrender that question, and it's when you said, you said, there's faith that there's something else out there. It's not just faith that there's something out there. You've had evidence that has reinforced the thought that faith is out there that exists, if you can't just go around saying, Yeah, I have faith that's gone out there. If you've never had evidence to reinforce that belief, that intent, that consciousness. And you'd have to look at one person that says, Yes, I have faith, I believe, and there's been this evidence that's showing me, you would think, Okay, that's great. One person has had that experience. But we've now lived on a planet where we've been able to tap into recorded history. And there has been countless episodes of individuals, having experiences that show something greater than themselves, happened in a miracle that changed their life. And we're constantly seeing it around us, it's constantly being shown there are so many people that have what they call a near death experience, they come back with the same message of this unconditional love that embrace them. So the fact that so many have had these experiences, it's almost like the point that the person who has not had this experience, they're more the anomaly than the rest of us. So God, to me is the great, I am beyond all that exists and permeates throughout the universe throughout every cell of your body. And is just, it's love is not even emotion. Love is the state of being of the existence of God. And it's, it's that soup of unconditional love and, and compassion. So long answer, but they kind of request a question about this. Yeah, my understanding of God and and Lee will probably summarize it in three words, I'm sure.

Lee Carroll 1:03:06
Well, I tend to do you know, you say faith is in things that are unseen, I don't have faith in God. Because it's not unseen. My God, that which is in me, which I believe I am part of the creative source, I am in the stuff of the stars. I know God because that is the message. We invite everybody to know God in this way, the creative source, what we're created, the universe is in us. And it becomes part of me becomes part of my molecular structure. If you look at it on the heavens, you say, How is this possible that some force made all this and whatever it is? How is it possible? I don't care? I just know that it is I know it is not faith, I know it. And I also know that this God is great, great, everything knows my name. That's good enough for me. That's my God.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:02
And last question, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Lee Carroll 1:04:07
Purpose of life is to raise the consciousness of the of the planet you're in.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:13
And Monika?

Monika Muranyi 1:04:16
It's where we're here in the test of duality. And the test of test is this. Can you find the Creator inside or not? And by the way, the creator wants to be found.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:31
Yes, he does. And where can people find out more about you, your your books that don't have your name on it? And, and all the work they the great work that you guys are doing?

Lee Carroll 1:04:41
You know, I've got, I've lost count.

Monika Muranyi 1:04:46
I'm gonna give to two short email, web links, All one word. That's where people can connect with our programs that we do, including healing Wednesday. And then there is loads of resources on there hundreds of hours of free audios. And you know, there's so many impersonating channels of Lee on YouTube because they've figured out how to make money from them.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:20
Shocking. Stop it.

Lee Carroll 1:05:25
But there's some guy named Alex with a hat looks like you.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:31
We'll talk about it afterwards, sir. I'll get my 30s

Monika Muranyi 1:05:35
Yeah, you can find the correct YouTube for Lee, which is Because we've made a shortcut link. So it goes straight to Lee's channel. And that's where you can see the free healing Wednesday episodes that we offer as well.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:52
And do you have Lee Do you have any parting words for the audience?

Lee Carroll 1:05:56
Joy, fine. That's the first thing you should look for in your life is joy. And there's many many ways to do find it. You know, it's it's, it's, I wouldn't say it's just magic elixir where you say, hey, find joy and go to bed. There are methods or methodologies. has lots of people we've interviewed talking about this very thing. And some of them will tell you that and but basically, my parting thing is there's a shift going on. Don't be afraid and find joy in your life.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:29
Guys, thank you so much for coming on the show. It's been an absolute pleasure and honor speaking to you and thank you so much for the amazing work you're doing to raise the consciousness of this planet and everybody in it. I appreciate you and the work that you guys are doing. Thank you!

Monika Muranyi 1:06:41
Right back at you!

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