This One Thing Took Me a LIFETIME to Figure Out! with Lars Muhl

In the tapestry of our existence, certain threads shine brighter, weaving stories of profound transformation and spiritual awakening. On today’s episode, we welcome Lars Muhl, a beacon of spiritual wisdom whose journey began in the depths of personal tragedy. At the tender age of ten, Lars experienced the heartbreaking loss of his six-year-old sister to a brain tumor. This event shattered his young world, opening his senses to other realities and marking the beginning of his spiritual path.

Lars recounts that this traumatic experience lifted the veil, revealing an intricate web of light permeating everything. He could sense the thoughts and feelings of adults around him, noticing the stark incongruence between their thoughts, words, and actions. This heightened sensitivity was both a gift and a burden, leading him to question the nature of reality and setting him on a quest for deeper understanding.

Lars’s path took a significant turn when he met the Seer, a spiritual teacher who became his mentor. After suffering from a debilitating illness for three years, Lars reached out to the Seer, who, within a five-minute phone call, facilitated a miraculous recovery. This encounter led Lars to become the Seer’s apprentice, working closely with him for nearly a decade. Through this relationship, Lars learned the importance of living with integrity, the power of distant healing, and the profound impact of connecting with the etheric realm.

The Seer’s teachings were grounded in simplicity and honesty. He believed in the power of basic ethical principles and the importance of aligning what we think, say, and do. He often remarked that spiritual practices should not be complicated but rooted in everyday actions and genuine kindness.

Lars’s experiences and teachings resonate deeply with the concept of living authentically. In his view, many spiritual seekers and teachers often fall into the trap of saying one thing and doing another. True spirituality, according to Lars, is about being honest with oneself and others, walking the talk, and embodying the values we espouse.


  1. Embrace Trauma as a Catalyst: Lars’s journey highlights how profound personal loss can serve as a catalyst for spiritual awakening. By facing and integrating our traumas, we can open ourselves to deeper truths and heightened awareness.
  2. The Power of Trust: One of the central themes in Lars’s teachings is the importance of trust. Whether in the context of healing, personal growth, or spiritual practice, trusting in the process and in one’s inner guidance is crucial for transformation.
  3. Living Authentically: Lars emphasizes the need for integrity and authenticity in our spiritual journeys. By aligning our thoughts, words, and actions, we live in accordance with our true selves and contribute positively to the world.

Reflecting on the current state of the world, Lars sees a unique opportunity for collective awakening. The global challenges we face, from the pandemic to geopolitical conflicts, highlight the interconnectedness of all life. These crises underscore the need for unity and cooperation, transcending national, racial, and religious divides. Lars believes that this moment in history is a call for humanity to recognize our shared destiny and to work together to create a more compassionate and sustainable world.

In our conversation, Lars Muhl shared profound insights into the nature of trust, the power of spiritual practices, and the importance of living a life of integrity. He reminded us that true enlightenment is not about grand gestures or lofty ideals but about everyday actions and genuine kindness.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lars Muhl.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 041

Alex Ferrari 0:09
I'd like to welcome to the show, Lars Muhl. How you doing Lars?

Lars Muhl 0:13
Fine thank you and thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:16
Thank you so much for being on the show. I am, I am a fan of your work and what you've been trying to do for the world. So at first and foremost, I appreciate the work that you're trying to do to help lift the world up a little bit. So thank you so much for that.

Lars Muhl 0:31
Umm my pleasure.

Alex Ferrari 0:32
Now, how did you begin your uniquely spiritual journey?

Lars Muhl 0:38
Oh, that started all the way back when I was 10 years old. My little sister six years old, died from a brain tumor. And that turned my life totally upside down. And I started to have experiences that you know, out of body experiences and stuff, you know, and I also started to develop this sensitivity that I could almost hear or feel, the the adults whatever thinking and what they were doing. And, you know, there was no cone coherence between what they were thinking, saying, and doing that really scared me. So, but it meant that I started to open, be open to other realities. And when I was 14 years old, I received that book by an anonymous post. And I to this day, I don't know who sent it to me, but it was a small book of aphorisms of a Sufi master called Astrid, Hazrat Inayat Khan, and it it really turned my life upside down. And from that moment on, I started my so called spiritual path, you know, that was the beginning.

Alex Ferrari 1:55
So when you say that, you, you know, when, with the passing of your sister, certain things opened up inside you certain abilities or can you explain a little bit about what those like you said, I mean, I understand what about out of body experiences, and, and sensitivities, but how did that affect you, psychologically, at such a young age?

Lars Muhl 2:22
I, I am, well, I saw in you know, it was like the veil was just being lifted. And I saw that a theoretical net of light that was everywhere, and that was really not even behind everything, but it's, it's kind of what do you call it was in everything, you know, it, we will construct it by it, you know, this is there to lighten it. And but at that time, of course, I had no explanation for it, I could not even fathom it. And if I tried to talk about it, you know, you can imagine how that would be, you know, so it wasn't before many years later, before I was more into I started to read a lot, you know, in my teens, and but it wasn't really before I met the CEO, my teacher, Kelly DiMucci grew that, that I found out that what it what it was and his explanation, and it could be maybe interesting for the viewers here also is he told me that it is something that happens to all of us, when we come into the age where sexuality or errors start to evolve within us, you know, then we will experience a serious of what you would call Kundalini movements, not not rising of the Kundalini, but movements, you know, that it follows the awakening of eras. And, but for most people, they don't remember it, and it will only be a like a, you know, something that happens. And then it's gone. But if you have a trauma, for example, as I had, using my dental system, it can be a permanent situation for a certain amount of time, you know, so for me it last three years. And it was really hell. I really, because you know, I could not cope with it. I had no interest in looking inside other people or anything or, and at that age, I wasn't experienced at all in in any form of psychology or so of course, it was scary. But he said he told me that it was something that all of us have experience. And I know now because when I started to have make therapy with people, I could also I recognize it in other people who told me that since their childhood, they had certain traumas, and a similar thing happened to them. So by that I could see that he was tilted right you know that if you were, for example, I, I met somebody who had been in a car accident that had also triggered this situation for a few years. At that age, you know, around 12 11 12 years old.

Alex Ferrari 5:28
That's fascinating. Now, you mentioned the seer, can you tell me the story of how you met the seer, because you wrote a whole book about it, but just for the audience to know.

Lars Muhl 5:36
Yeah, I, you know, as I told you, I was as I was studying, all these things are also became a musician, in order to find a place in life, you know, and became a songwriter, and I made a living from it, you know, and, but at certain point, it was like, I knew that I, I had to get out of it and start taking my, my spiritual path more seriously, meaning start to practice more and to do a lot than ever read it. Also, I thought that I knew everything. And wise I was when I met the seer. And you know, I moved out to a small island in Denmark. And one day, I got sick. And that sick illness took me to pay it for three years, you know, and it became worse and worse and worse. And after three years by a good friend, I was connected to the seer. And I phoned him up, and within five minutes on the telephone, he got me out of bed. And it was like, you know, if you can imagine a world who have been richer, been in black and white for three years, suddenly, it was in Technicolor, I could even hear the birds sing on the other side of the island. And he asked me to come and see him a half year later. And in that way, I ended up being his apprentice in Montague, the holy mountain of Malta guru in the Pyrenees in France. And later on, he invited me back to his home in Andalusia, where he lived. And I stayed there. And, and I was working with him for almost nine years on to this death in 2007.

Alex Ferrari 7:19
And how did he, how did he get out of bed in five minutes? What was that process?

Lars Muhl 7:25
Yeah, he just, I really bet him, you know, and he's, he said, Okay. Let me look into it. And then he was off the telephone, it was like white noise coming. And he said, listen, see, look me up in half a year on this address. And until then, everything should be alright, have a good day. And then he hung up. And I felt this knocking, you know, like a slight knocking in the back of the head, like something is knocking very tenderly, you know, and that was something I recognized earlier. Also, I experienced with him, when we were far apart, and he thought that I needed some help, I also felt this knocking in the head. So that was part of his distant healing. And it wasn't before, of course, when I started working with him that I recognize what he was doing, he was actually sitting there, projecting, and reaching. And he could, he could reach any soul, wherever they were, you know, people were phoning him all from all over the world every morning between eight and nine. And he would diagnose them and he would hear them during the day, in that way. So it will end. In the beginning, I thought that was a special formula, you know, if you do this, you do that. But he always said, it all comes down to us knowing who we really are, where we come from, and what we're doing here. And he said the moment that we start to realize what the theoretical element that is all around us, actually is the element that by which we connect to each other and that we connect to for example, E.T's or other light, light in light bodies from from other planets or other real dimensions. Yeah, dimensions, it is all to that consciousness that is connected through the ether, you know that lightning and so that is when we incarnate on Earth or in the physical universe, that is the element by which we connect to each other. And right now, you are sending out this this thing now on the forum on the internet, but we should remember that the The the whole thing your information is sent to the ether, we actually also say, now we are on the air, you know, when I read you, and it seems that we have forgotten that the human intellectual have invented, you know, these machines who can send and receive, that we ourselves send and receive, you know, yeah. And so off beer to work is actually the way to start to connect. But he said, he always said, that's one thing you must do that is really important to understand that there is some basic rules. And if you think that it will get any harder than keeping the basic rules, which is ethical, you know, then don't, I mean, don't even think about it, you know, because there isn't anything else, it all comes down to trust, and to knowing that you need to find alignment of what you think, say and do. Whereby now, even within the spiritual society, we hear a lot of spiritual show called spiritual teachers and people who say one thing, and when they are on their own, they do another thing, you know, they're not giving it you know, they're not walking the talk. And that's, that's actually the basic rules that he was talking about. I don't care about spiritual saints or anything, he said, I care about honesty, you know, be who you are. And that will, that will be more than enough. You are already enlightened beings, everybody is, but we seem to forget it. And we think, Oh, it must be very complicated, I need to be able to do this or be able to do that. So he would, he would say it all comes down to to those basic rules, you know, of ethics, that it isn't big, fluffy, fluffy words, you know, like love and forgiveness. And they are all right, you know, but they are just words. And if they're, if they're not, if they don't become real deeds, they are just emptiness, you know. And he said, I'd rather prefer an honest thief, or a pretentious thing, you know. And, for example, in my documentary of women alter in my book about him, he's smoking and he's drinking. And there was where a lot of people come in spiritual people coming to me and say, how can he be a holy man when he smokes and drinks? I said, listen, he have never, ever said anything about being a holy man. But despite that, he helped 1000s of people, you know. So, it all comes down to this honesty, you know, why did he drink? Why did he smoke, he used an A Caslen, cigarette, or a glass of red wine to get grounded, you know, after a whole day's work. Every morning, he raised from his bed, and he said, I hereby dedicate myself to the universe. And he really meant that, in the evening, before we went to bed, he sat down on the bed, went through all the things he had done that day, in order to find out if he could sharpen the pen, as he said, or do things better, you know, and he would never shy away of apologizing if he thought that he had been too much, you know, but he could be very harsh, you know, with people. If he thought that they they were not receiving Him, you know, they did not listen, really and take it in, because he thought that you should not waste his time, you know? Because if people would, would perform the opposite. Listen, I've got cancer, and they given me three months to live. Can you help me? Of course, he said, No problem. And he would. And that was it. You know,

Alex Ferrari 14:12
It's pretty, it's pretty, it's I mean, he sounds like a remarkable person. I have to imagine that. When you first met him. That whole transition of having a quote unquote, Guru, if you will, if you want to use that word or not use that word, but it's a spiritual teacher, someone who's guiding you through your own journey must have been fascinating, terrifying, because he was able to see things inside you that you weren't able to see in yourself.

Lars Muhl 14:40
Yeah, in a way, but you should remember have read all about it. They had that half year from when he got me out of bed and until I met him, I was actually building up you know, projecting a picture of a man who was

Alex Ferrari 14:54
20 feet tall.

Lars Muhl 14:56
Yeah, 30 meters up in the air sitting in a perfect lotus position with a halo effect, you know, when I meet this man who has a lot of issues himself, but was able to, to let them stay behind when every morning when he went into his office and was helping hundreds, hundreds of people. So, I found out, you know, I had to readjust all my projection about what it would say to be spiritual, you know. And it all came down to honesty. You know,

Alex Ferrari 15:29
It's it's fascinating because honesty and truth. I think there's such a lack of there's I mean, in today's world with, you know, fake this or fake that fake news and all sorts of there's a lot of data, there's a lot of data because there's so much information that now people even question the truth or not truth. But I find people another word for truth is authenticity. And people really are attracted to truth, they're attracted to authenticity. Because when you I come from the film industry, you come from the music industry. So we both come from the entertainment industry. When you listen to a musician, who is speaking his or her truth, singing his, you're connected with a million, there's a reason why we all connect with the Beatles, or we all connect with, you know, at one point or another, give or take. But the Beatles or L you know, I don't know, whoever you want to call, or you or you connect with Steven Spielberg, exactly. They are, they are performing a truth within themselves. They're not trying to be somebody else. And that I feel is where people fall short so much in their own lives, because they try to put a projection of somebody else out a shield, a face a mask, to protect themselves to make themselves fit in because their egos are or this or that. And the second people like yourself, or others who are just like, This is who I am. This is the truth of who I am. And I know who I am, I'm comfortable in my own skin. I know the path I'm supposed to walk, people become very attracted to that, but also are scared of it within themselves. Why do you think so many of us are afraid of being who we truly are.

Lars Muhl 17:14
I think it comes down to when we incarnated here, we were welcomed by a lot of well meaning people, you know, our parents and all this, and they wanted the best for us. But the problem is most of those people they were not they are not aware of where they come from, what they're doing here. They are not aware of how we are connected with everything and the possibilities. You know, I started to already in the 80s, to study the Aramaic language of Jesus, you know, what, Yeshua, and in the New Testament, and what was really hit me when I met the seer who hadn't read anything, almost certainly did not know that much about the New Testament, it was that he was actually living a lot of those truths that I read in the New Testament, for example. Joshua is saying, follow my example. And you can do even greater wonders tonight, you can actually read that in the New Testament problem is nobody asking what is it? He did, that I can do better? By following his example. You know, it all comes down to that integrity that you were just talking about, you know, to that honesty, and he was also saying, for those who have trust, everything is possible. And that was exactly what I saw in the seer what happened, you know, and if you take the Aramaic word for trust in the New Testament, it's not blind faith, it is actually something that everybody is carrying within. And this is my point now, that when you asked me, How come that people are trying to project something they are not, because they have lost that nobody have children, who they really are. And if those well meaning people who welcomed them into this world, would start telling that child and raise that child with not within, you know, social norms or anything conditions, you know, but freedom from the social conditioning, and start to say, Listen, you don't have to go to follow that path, because that is normal. And that is how to be part of this stuff. Everybody should have a certain path to walk in this life. And it is the parents duty to try to help that soul to but it takes knowledge and it takes awakeness and it takes consciousness in order for the parents in order to do so I would say it comes down to that, that it isn't it isn't really here that consciousness about who we really are. So, when a person wakes up on till, until, or work wakes up to a personal spiritual path, that person has to go through all those steps, you know, in order to find out what is actually, the truth is, you know, because there's so much stuff going on. So I think that if you really know who you are, you don't have to make a big fuss about all those things, you know, because everybody else, you know, the seer, he said, what I can do, everybody can do, but people have no trust, you know, in it, you know, they don't know

Alex Ferrari 20:45
But why, but but why are they afraid? What are they afraid of?

Lars Muhl 20:48
It takes guts, you know, to take that because when you walk the spiritual path, you know, everybody, we're taking that step, if you dare isn't instinct, that in people who say that they know, if I take this step, maybe I will lose my friends. For a while, it's a lonely path, I cannot be normal. Can I drink beer? Can I have fun? Can i Yes, you can have all these things, you have sex, you can, whatever. The thing is, that if when you start to, to, to to walk the spiritual path, you can have as much fun as you want. But then you start to reflect on what you do. And you become conscious, you know? And then you start to think, do I really want this? Am I really wasting my time, and all the things and, and, and you'll find out that that loneliness doesn't have to last a lifetime. You know, for my part, I see a lot of my old friends. And they know that I'm into all these things, but they don't know what it really is, you know, and they take they make a lot of fun of me behind my back. And those are really, you know, because I think, Okay, I've saved their day too, you know, we can we can easily have have also have now talks about it. And, you know, nobody has held any grudge. And sometimes they also come for help, you know, though they won't have immediately Of course,

Alex Ferrari 22:21
Of course, they never admitted they'll never admit it publicly but quietly, like, Hey, listen, Lars, I'm lost. Can you help me?

Lars Muhl 22:29
No, it's just, you know, it, it becomes a natural kind of thing. And, you know, I don't I'm not a preacher, you know, I don't have to, to, to get people to believe in anything. I think the best thing you can do is actually try to live up to who you are supposed to be. And do as good as you can, you know, and see that by your example, you can actually make a difference where you are. And when you start to have to have practices that you could I practice in the supermarket, I practice everywhere I go, and you can actually make a difference where you are, without making a big fuss about it. You know,

Alex Ferrari 23:12
It's so interesting. There was a student of the great spiritual master Yogananda. Who, who said, who was asking him he's like, Yo, Yogananda I, I drink and I smoke, and I'm promiscuous with women. Can I do I need to stop all of this in order to follow your teachings? And he goes, Do you drink? He goes, Yes, you must continue to drink. Do you smoke? Yes, you can continue to smoke, do you have a lot of sex? Yes, you may have continued to have lots of sex. But I can only promise you that if you continue my teachings, you will soon know that you will not need to do any of those things. Which is exactly what you were saying. And somebody was yes, not his time, he will slowly figure things out. And that even in my own, even in my own spiritual path, you start to realize what serves you. And the moment of the path where you are on your life path. Because things that served you in your 20s don't serve you now and you hold on to them for nostalgia, you hold on to them for comfort. And as you start to let go of those things, you become more free and more open to receive new things on your path. Is that your experience as well?

Lars Muhl 24:20
Exactly, exactly. No doubt about it.

Alex Ferrari 24:23
Now you are you are a musician. I'm a filmmaker. So we both understand the creative arts and the flow of it. And I've had the pleasure of speaking to very high performing artists around the world. And I'm always fascinated about the flow energy of that moment where we're in that place where we're not even playing the music or writing the scene. It just kind of just comes out of us. Was there ever a moment for you? Where you were playing music or writing something and then you look down and go who wrote that?

Lars Muhl 24:56
Oh, always right. Yeah. always, I mean, that was something that came in very, very early and, and I always, very early on, I started to have faith in my intuition. And, and, and sometimes, you know, when I read, I wrote my first book in Danish in 1982. And when it was published, I was contacted by the writers, union, or whatever you would call it. And I got this letter that you have written this book, and now you we offered you to be part of this society. And I had this when No, I did not write this book, you know, how can I be a member of this? You know, I feel like a fraud. Yeah, it's actually why I'm, I'm still not a member of that, you know, because I, you know, yeah, that's just how it is, you know, and I know, it's, of course, silly, you know, but, you know, I, I cannot help but you know, it's..

Alex Ferrari 26:05
It's remarkable after speaking to so many different artists over the world, I always think about, yeah, it did come through us, but it comes through our filter. So something else was funneling it through, but it does come through our filter, our personality, our language, our all of these things. So we I take a little bit of credit, not a whole lot, just a little.

Lars Muhl 26:26
Yeah, it is also what I, how I see is that we are active parents of that thing that comes through us, and parents have to take care of the children, you know, if you are in the book, you have to take care of it, you cannot send it out in the world without good cloth, or somebody taking care of them. And it goes with everything with songs with film, you have to follow it all the way through, you cannot just leave it you know, because it's you're the parent of that, it came through your filter, as you said, which I totally agree. And that filter can be purified more and more to spiritual work. So in the end, hopefully, we we will become one with what we are doing, you know,yeah.

Alex Ferrari 27:18
Now, you've discussed in many of your books in regards to connecting with your Source energy, and connect, which is maybe another term for higher self or who we truly are, what advice do you have for the audience who want to try to connect to that source energy, I touched upon it now with as an artist, because I always feel that there's a well, that is your well of energy, or or the Muse that brings you your information as an artist. But is there something that any advice you can have for just people who want to connect with their higher selves to have a closer connection to who they truly are?

Lars Muhl 27:55
Yeah, I mean, all kinds of spiritual work, will will, will eventually take you there, but you need to kind of have the trust within that whatever attracts you has something to offer you at the moment, you know, I'm not talking about guru hopping over, but it you know, we live in a time where everything is available, you can actually go in you know, when I was young, you were not able to go to any internet, there wasn't any internet, you could not read there was a lot of books that was actually almost secret or not available or forbidden or now everything is available. So you need to first and foremost have trust in your own inner voice and where it takes you or lead you and stay with it, you know. And in that way, you know I I started out keeping a diary or a spiritual logbook, writing down my dreams writing Baum, vibe, visions, or ideas or whatever. And I can really recommend that because when you take the you know, you put the effort into writing something down you manifest something on the paper, it actually say to the ether. I'm ready for more. You know, because I took the liberty order. I went all the way and did it actually. It was not just a fleeting thought that came and went and then it's done. No you have to communicate actually with the ether and I and that will sharpen the pen so to speak. It will sharpen your way of connection to your own life party where all the etheric body where all the information about you is actually situated. For example, all your former lifetimes if you need them in your work in this lifetime, it will be there that information, they'll also be a lot of information that you don't absolutely don't need now, so, of course, that will not be there. But if you for some, when you leave this incarnation and you come back, maybe there will be other information, but we should start to communicate with the with the light body, and if they occur body, because that is actually the step in order to to higher consciousness, you know. So, and we can do that in a lot of ways I have described in in some of my books, were given some inspiration to how it can be done, you know, and it builds on my own experiences and the work I did with the sea. So, it is actually something that you can just start doing, you know, and doing that the next problem when you start to practice is that most people in the Western world we are so used to when you open for the hot water, hot water comes immediately. And if you don't one day, at work, where can I go and complain, you know, and you will, when you start to do spiritual work, you will also experience dry periods, periods where you are kind of in the desert. And when most people come in that situation, they kind of lose their, their guts and their interest or the the what do we call it that gets the entity. So you should really stay there have have the guts to be staying there and just wait. Because suddenly you are out on the other side of that desert. And you can take the next step, you know,

Alex Ferrari 31:48
Do you think that that desert is there to test?

Lars Muhl 31:53
You know just also to reflects, you know, it is because that is the time when you actually the things that you have been given must really fall to the ground, like the dust must fall to the ground, you know, so you've really perceive it, take it in with everything you know, and you really understand it on a deeper level, you know, on all levels, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Alex Ferrari 32:21
Now, so many of us, I mean, so many of us are always looking for answers outside of us. Most human beings do they look for, they look for happiness in things and physical objects that they buy in relationships, and sex and drugs and everything. Everyone seems to be trying to find answers outside of themselves, because they have been taught so often throughout their life, that the answer is outside religion teaches you, it's outside of you. Where some philosophy, some teachings, even Jesus said it, I mean, it's like the kingdom of heaven is inside of you. It's what is it about? Or what can people do, to stop looking outside of themselves and to start looking inward for the answers and in my own path, it taken me it's taken me many years to trust to have the faith that the universe will provide me and tell me the path I have to walk, I always say now is my is the thing I always say to people, like I chop wood and carry water. Now where I where I take the wood in the water is up to the universe, but I do my job. It's not like you just sit down and wait for the door to knock with opportunities or the door to knock for you to go a certain path. You got to move, but it will guide you along the way. But it took me a long time to finally say I get into this. And the second I did. Oh my god, the doors flung open for me. And it's been a magical experience so far, walking this path. I was like, Oh my God, what an idiot I was all those decades, you know, struggling against the flow struggling against a stream where now I just sit there and I let the boat go where it goes, but I chopped the wood carry the water. So what do you think?

Lars Muhl 34:10
Yeah, I think it's basically you know, when you find that out, you know that you it is the basic work, as he said to see also, you know, if you think it's going to be any harder than that, forget it, you know, the hard time is to stay with it. Even when you go into the desert, and you think nothing is really happening but something is happening, but on levels that you may might not know yet anything about but it will come you know. So to me that's exactly it. You know, and when you said you know the also in the Bible if we start to read the Bible and actually read it through the Aramaic psychology. In the beginning of the Old Testament, we are told that we were born In the image of God, and that really means that is what Joshua is talking about when he said, The kingdom of heaven is within you, that is that image of God, that is this consciousness, God is consciousness. And that God consciousness, we are carrying it within. So we have it here. But the problem being that we Ria, we have surrounded ourselves with personality issues, and with conditioning, and a lot of noise. And spiritual work is a way of cutting through all that noise, to reach in to that image of God, or to that consciousness of God. And, you know, it's very, very symptomatic thing for for the Western world that we send rockets out in the in fast space, you know, in outer space in order to find life be much easier, as is their life on Earth. And, you know, for the, for the old mystery schools and the old masters, they would not be interested in traveling anywhere out there, because they said, and it's written in the Mystery School traditions, that what is out there is already here to work if what is not here, you cannot find anywhere. If you're looking for life, it's right here. Of course, it's also out there, you know, but what do you want? You know, why don't we take care of what we set here to do you know, but it is like, No, we have to exploit everything and to fuck everything up. Sorry, my friends. Instead of taking care of it, you know, we are here to care and share.

Alex Ferrari 36:47
So obviously, the world right now is going through an unprecedented shift. And ever since the pandemic, I would argue probably even earlier than that, there has been definitely a change in consciousness, there is now for the first time in human history, all of us, the entire world is affected by the same thing, we're all feeling the same effects of the pandemic, no matter where you live in the world, it's I've never heard of that throughout history with the entire planet, going through the exact same thing at the exact same time. And now, you know, with the war that's going on, and the economy and global warming and the weather, and there's so much so many things, even for someone of my generation, and definitely someone of your generation to see so much changes, because I remember, you know, 80s 90s for they pretty much stayed the status quo. Sure the technology changed and things. But you know, the sun rose and set in today's world, there's so much shifted so much. I call it the shaking of the etch a sketch of the of the of the world right now. What is your feeling on? What's going on in this shift in the world right now? And where is this leading all of us?

Lars Muhl 38:03
You know, the answer is very, very clear to me to that question is that we now we should experience that you cannot, it's not, you know, the the problems that we are facing, can only be be so by us as a unity. You know, current nationality doesn't mean anything anymore. I mean, if if, if the world goes down, we all go down with it, you know, if life is out and finished, we are it won't be the oh, all Americans are saved all things say, oh, no, no, no, no, we are in the same boat. And now we need to learn to have that on an even keel. You know, it is like, you know, that somebody has is so busy trying to make holes in the book. And at the same time, others they try to, to get rid of the water that is coming in, you know, that's how it is right now. But we need to find out to work together. And it goes for Russians, Americans, craniums Danes, whoever we are. That's the only that's the next step, you know, is to find out how we are connected. And we are also connected to animal life and, and that island and the planet. That's the thing, you know, when we start to find out how we connect, you know, and also to get rid of all those civic, social conditionings that is ruling around. Really,

Alex Ferrari 39:38
There's, there's so much there's so much disconnection I mean, we've all been raised socially, that we know. You're Dane and I'm American, and I'm this or that and, and we're in this country or that country, this religion or that religion, but this race or that race, but the pandemic has shown us that if we don't take care of the people in Africa, or if we take don't take care of them People in the Middle East or in Europe, or a new strain will come up and affect all of us again. Exactly. So it's showing us something. And I'm, you know how horrible this war is right now in the Ukraine. But one thing that is positive about it, and I've never seen the world more united,

Lars Muhl 40:19

Alex Ferrari 40:20
Against, I mean, the entire planet, really all the all countries, major countries are, are really united. And I really haven't seen that. And it's such a world of tribalism that we're in. So it is, it's almost unprecedented what the world is starting to do against Putin and Russia. And it's just fascinating to watch that aspect of what's happening. So I feel a little hopeful that we are in some sort of rising of consciousness here.

Lars Muhl 40:51
We are on our way. But the Yeah, but I think it's not only about, it's very, very easy to see what's going on in Russia, it's not very good, you know, but there are so many other places all around the world where everything is, again, excuse my friends fucked up, you know, I mean, I just, and that's what that's our, we need to take responsibility for that everyone else, and clean our own act up, it's very, very easy to point the fingers of somebody's knee or, but we should actually just what we can do is to clean up our own. You know, I can tell you one day that I was working with a car and we had a Fallout, and he said, Hey, remember eight years ago, that was before I met him, you were on your island, and you were out walking, and you were, you were out for a whole day walking on a hike. And you brought with you a meal packet. And when you were finished, and you came back from that tour in that nature area, you had a whole lot of garbage, and you just looked around and you chewed into a bush. Remember that? Of course I remember. But you know, I was little bit embarrassed by it. You know? So I said to him, yeah, but nobody saw me. Nobody saw you and said, you saw it? What do you mean, nobody saw it? Are you blind, you saw it. And suddenly, it really dawned on me, that there's nobody to judge us, we are the judges. And when we leave this world, we will be really, really faced with everything that we have done, nobody will judge us, but our own consciousness will suddenly the veil of social conditioning and projections will suddenly disappear. And we will be faced with everything. And all the things would be even what we think is an innocent move towards this. And that will really, really hurt our hearts, we will be so embarrassed by what we see that this will be the lesson that will purify us for the next step, you know. So we should think about that. And as it is told, in the old mystery school, everything you send out, will one day return to you.

Alex Ferrari 43:21
Karma, karma.

Lars Muhl 43:23
Whatever we call it, and if we will, could live by that. Just think about a totally different world. And mindset, we would find ourselves. But that is what towards exactly as you said, we are on our way. And this will be what we are aiming at, you know, to be honest with you. If you need a drink, go and take a drink, enjoy. But the moment you don't enjoy it in most you don't have to, you know, and you don't have to hide it, you know, I mean, there's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with drinking a glass of red wine or whatever. But please enjoy it when you do, you know,

Alex Ferrari 44:10
Right and then when it doesn't serve you anymore. Yeah, I have the strength to let it go. To let it go. And that only happens with, with growth with with with spiritual awakening, even at whatever level you might be at. And again, I always use my own path as an example is like I held on to things so long, literally physical things that I carried along with me for decades, because they had a Association when I was a child, or I connected to it emotionally, there was a fun time. But at a certain point, I'm like, Man, I haven't looked at those in 10 years. I gotta, I gotta get rid of this. I gotta lighten my load a bit. But that only happens with age, which is something that young listeners might be upset about. What age?

Lars Muhl 44:55
I think a lot of young people are really, I don't know where in America I see it in Denmark and also other places in Europe that they are not. They are they are staying away for consuming it. They are trying to be too wise about what? Secondhand, this and secondhand that, you know,

Alex Ferrari 45:17
They're more conscious.

Lars Muhl 45:19
Yeah, you don't need a new telephone you can actually buy a secondhand one and, you know, stuff like that, you know, when I see more and more about on that, you know,

Alex Ferrari 45:30
There's some hope is what you're saying.

Lars Muhl 45:32
I think, no doubt about it.

Alex Ferrari 45:35
Now you also speak of the I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing this right, the essence, the essence? Who are the key tell me about who they are. And what and what they do?

Lars Muhl 45:47
The Iseens,the Iseens.

Alex Ferrari 45:48
Thank you. Yes, they the Iseens. Yeah. Who were they? And what did they teach?

Lars Muhl 45:51
The Iseens were the kind of sect or what you call it, or Mystery School, where Yeshua was educated, along with John the Baptist, they were the people behind the Dead Sea Scrolls, you have heard about the death, of course, of course. And they have the day you can go and visit their university or the ruins of the university at the shore of the Dead Sea, which I have done a lot of times, you know, and I was I've been very connected with them. And I, I was also part of that movement 2000 years ago, and I was a scribe there. And that is something that have been very present in my life. And when I met the Seer, he confirmed that you know, that he called me the scribe, you know, always, you know, and I have been writing all my life also. And

Alex Ferrari 46:50
So what so so they were a sect, they were teachers, essentially, so but they were outside of

Lars Muhl 46:57
Yeah they were in the desert, you know, they did didn't have trust in the fairy seas, and the Priestess of the priests of Jerusalem, the temple of Jerusalem. So they fled and started this community that started already 500 years before Joshua was born. And it goes back to the Prophet Elia. And the prophet Samuel and these people. And yeah, they were vegetarians. They were seers. They were astrologers, astronomers, healers, and they were very well respected by common people, you know? And, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 47:44
What were some of their core? What were their some of their core teachings? And how did Jesus or Jesus find them? And how do they make that connection,

Lars Muhl 47:54
You'll see, the Mary and Joseph were iseens, so she was actually chosen to to be a vessel for that, or channel for that master soul, the Christ, or the Messiah. And so when he was 12 years old, he was in Jerusalem to be to his bar mitzvah. That was when he was recognized also by the priest in there, who he really were. And he was taken to, to to Carmel mountain in the north of Israel, today's Haifa. And there was a settlement of the scenes there, Mr. School and he was taken from there to, to the east, to the Far East, also to, to do teachings, and he was taken to Egypt. And he came back and was baptized in the Jordan River. 10 kilometers, less than 10 kilometers from the University of the dead sees. You seen University. And after that, he went into a cave near the University where he spent you can read about it in New Testament where he spent the 40 days in the desert. And spending 40 days in the desert means actually in Aramaic, to put yourself in an unprotected state. Because going out in the desert, there's no protection and the wild animals that he was facing him facing him was his own demons or his own shadows. And when he were facing the Satan himself was his own ego, of course. So that was the initial initiation. This was the final initiation before he went out on his three year mission.

Alex Ferrari 49:51
So he this is the moment where he essentially found enlightenment, if you will, using the Buddha term, he transcended.

Lars Muhl 49:59
Yeah. He was purified to that 40 days into this banana, actually, this is that cave. And I have a video called The Gate of light, where I perform one of the very, very old practices of the scenes in the cave. And you can go and see it, it's called the gate of light, and mining. And there's a half an hour where you are taking into you can see what is happening. While that practice has been done. It's amazing place, it's

Alex Ferrari 50:37
Now you use you spoke about in another interview about people who ask for protection, or to protect themselves against bad things happening or so on and so forth. You had a very interesting answer to that question, could you answer that you can talk about the false the false roots of asking for protection, because it kind of rings true to what you just said about Jesus walking into the desert with no protection.

Lars Muhl 51:03
It is that the minute that you you think you need protection, you actually step out of that trust, you know, that is we are told for everyone who has trust, everything is possible that you give energy to something that you use it the thing you need protection from you actually are giving energy to wanting protection, you know, there is no need for protection. Because if you are a child of God, you don't need you are already protected, you know, in within your own consciousness of who you are, you know, and who you really are. You don't need all this, it's the eagle who wants all these things, you know, you we are living in a world that of comfort and protection. That is the big issue is, you know, what do you need man?

Alex Ferrari 52:03
At the end of the day, what are the things you need? And how many houses do you need? How many cars do you need? How many, you know, this or that do you need at a certain point, you just go because I know a lot of wealthy people in my in throughout my life. And I'm not saying that all of them were, you know, depressed or in content. But when you read I think Jim Carrey, the famous comedian, he said, I wish everybody in the world could have everything they ever wanted. So they would understand that it means nothing. Because he did it literally got everything you want it and then he was

Lars Muhl 52:39
That's very wise, you know, because, you know, I also said to two young youngsters, you know, that seek my help here and say, go and go and get what you want, you know, do it now. Because when you're young, and you are ambitious, you know, you want to go and grab things and you want to be something, get it over with as fast as possible. So you can get on with what you're really here for, you know, because there's all this social conditioning about, if you really want to make it you need to do this, you need to do that, you know, okay, go and do it, get that medal and go up there. And it's number one on the podium, you know, and find out that, okay, where's the next middle, and you can go from one high to the next, and it's all vicious. But I think that said, that we should also recognize that there are some people who need to go through all this hardship of being very, very rich people, which is absolutely not, not nothing to envy. Because it's a hard job. You know, it's the fear of losing, but you've got this all these speculations of what to do and how to protect yourself. Protect your money. Yeah, yeah. But the moment that you find out that it's actually a gift you're being given, how can I generously share that gift with somebody who really needs it? You know, because what, why do you? Why would you want to own the $39 million? I mean, what was just

Alex Ferrari 54:15
I was just seeing on the news I was just seeing on the news, like one of the oligarchs from Russia had a $500 million yacht. I mean, just like, what a $500 million yacht a boat. Like, at a certain point, you're like what are you looking for my friend because you're not going to find it. I mean, you can you can, you can, you can build as many rockets as you want Jeff Bezos. And that's a very certain it really interesting example, Jeff Bezos, who's arguably one of the richest men in the world. And his ex wife, his ex wife was gifted a, I don't know, I don't know $400 billion, whatever it was, and she's been systematically giving it to way to charities and doing all these things. And Jeff is building rockets. And it look and there's nothing like you got, like you just said, Sometimes you've got to go through those processes in order to find out that it's not what you needed to. It's not what you're looking for.

Lars Muhl 55:16
I think it seems that some of those women, they are very wise, they know what what this is all about, you know, and I think, but it comes down to all of us, you know, even if you haven't got the time, you know, how can you beat you're entering generous with what you've got, and try to find a good balance, because, of course, everyone's make or have to make a living, you know, so it's not about just giving everything away. But he's to find a balance where you have trust, that you will be taken care of, you know, and that we should remember, you know, we are only here for 15 minutes, you know, when you see it in big perspective, you know, so it comes down to what to what do you want to how do we want to spend those 15 minutes? Do we want to be an asshole? Or do you want to try to be the one you're supposed to be?

Alex Ferrari 56:08
How do you so, you know, we've discussed in this conversation about finding your your path, finding out what you truly here to do? What suggestions do you have for people searching for their meaning in their own lives, because I do believe truly, that we are all here for a purpose. We're all here to walk a certain path. And it takes us years to find out what sometimes sometimes you find it very early like you did, but other times it takes years to find out and sometimes you can go two, three decades, down one path and go, Okay, I'm done here. I gotta make a right turn. What suggestions you have?

Lars Muhl 56:47
I think all these things are part of, of the education. You know, for example, there were there was a junkie who sought me out he was 40 years old, and he said, I've I've ruined all my life I've misspent 30 years of my life, Jr. said no, but you had a very, very expensive education. And if you did not get a paper, you know, on what now you have experienced something that is really worth what for other people who find themselves in that situation, you know about this, you have experienced it, you can actually go and make a difference. And I think that goes for all of us. You know, that's why I always said, it doesn't matter if you're a stripper, or a CEO. We always have to try to rise to raise the bar, wherever we are, you know, there's nothing wrong of being a stripper. But maybe when you get more evolved, you find out hmm, I actually want to do something else. Now I've experienced this. And now I take it to the next level. Or the CEO. He said, hey, I want to be a stripper.

Alex Ferrari 58:00
I want to go I want to go into the desert for 40 days because I've I've reached everyone's got their path to walk. And that's and that's the other thing I always tell people is don't compare yourself to other people, because that's just a recipe for for sadness and misery and anger. Because how can you compare yourself to somebody else's path? And you might think that their path is so wonderful. But you know, I know, I know. I know. You know, I know filmmakers who won Oscars and have achieved the highest successes, and they're miserable, because they, but you on the outskirts, you're like, Oh, my God, they have everything, like, no, they don't. They're walking their path that just happened to have these things that society says is valuable. But at the end of the day, I promise you that if you can give them true happiness, they would give it all away.

Lars Muhl 58:52
I mean, I, I also know people who have had Oscars and are really happy about it and, and happy in their lives also. Exactly, exactly. I think it comes down to that wherever we are, wherever we find ourselves, we should never forget that we are enlightened beings. Now, go and behave like once and start to be generous with whatever you have, you know, share, care and share and, and be the ones who are supposed to be you are already what you're looking for. Get rid of all the noise that you have created around you, and all the conditioning and then be free and start to do what you're supposed to. Because suddenly that quarter of an hour is over. And you won't get there will be no be nobody at the end of the line. You know, standing there with a golden watch and says thank you for everything. You did. You know, we It doesn't matter you know, do what you can do. where you are, you know, you can make a difference wherever you are. It goes for all of us. It goes up, and sometimes it goes down. And that's how it is. And when it goes down, that is not the time for, for hopelessness. But it is you know, never give up. Always give it up. Don't give up, give it up. One level we raised for the last year,

Alex Ferrari 1:00:28
I love that I love I might have to take that from you, Lars, I'm sorry. I love that. I love that. Now, you also wrote a book about the law of light, what is the law of light.

Lars Muhl 1:00:43
It's the law that you carry within you that everyone, it's not a written thing. It's in you. It's if it's written somewhere, it's in your heart. It is that image of God, that consciousness, that kingdom of heaven, that Yeshua stola is that law. And everybody knows what is right or wrong when it comes down to it.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:04
Now what you also discuss something called the chariot of fire, what is the chariot of fire?

Lars Muhl 1:01:09
You can go and see that. If you it's it's in my books, also the law of light in a forthcoming book that is called the light within the human heart that will be out on Watkins in June. You can see that video, I was talking about the gate of light and performing that Chariots of Fire practice right there. So I would recommend you see that and it's in a very, very, what Helen Schucman of the the Course in Miracles called the holiest place on earth. That's that.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:49
Do you meditate? Yeah. What is what has meditation done for you in your spiritual journey, because I have my heavy meditators, as well. And I know what it's done for me and my path, but I love explaining it to people again, and again, because so many people are like, I can't meditate, I can do this, it really is for me, the opening into, it's a connection into that inner world, where you let go of all that social conditioning, the ego, all that kind of fades away, for a small amount of time where you can touch that, at least in my path. I wanted to hear what it does for you.

Lars Muhl 1:02:25
I have just released a meditation, it's on my YouTube channel, okay, it's on Facebook, it's called a meditation from the center of your being, and, and beyond. And that's, that's meant to help people start meditating. So it's a guided meditation.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:52
Okay, I will put that in, I'll put that link in the show notes. Now, I'm going to ask you a couple questions asked all my guests. What is your mission in this life?

Lars Muhl 1:03:03
To write into, to, to share knowledge about what I've been studying all my life and that is my module undescribe.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:14
And and then what is why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence? Two simple questions.

Lars Muhl 1:03:22
It is to to, to transform material into spirit, darkness into light. That's the essence of why we are here. And we are supposed to do that in our different ways.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:42
Right with our own unique gifts of whatever we're here to do our missions. And where can people find out more about you and your work?

Lars Muhl 1:03:52
By reading my books, going to my workshops, seeing my videos I have on my YouTube channel.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:01
And you have a website, you have a website?

Lars Muhl 1:04:03
Yeah, I have a website called And it's also committed to books and music and or else my English books on Watkins publishing in London, and also distributed in all over the world.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:19
Amazon and so on.

Lars Muhl 1:04:21

Alex Ferrari 1:04:22
Lars it has been an absolute honor and privilege talking to you today and I I feel more enlightened just speaking to you, sir. So thank you, my friend very much. Thank you so much for all the work you do my friend.

Lars Muhl 1:04:35
Thank you very much the same to you.

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