FINALLY REVEALED: Are Animal’s SOULS Waiting For YOU in a PET AFTERLIFE? with Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson is an award-winning Animal Communicator specializing in pet loss. For the past twenty-six years, she has guided thousands of heartbroken pet parents struggling with a loss to find peace and healing. Karen has written several books documenting her incredible journey sharing insights from the afterlife, including the international #1 bestselling and award-winning “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” and “Hear All Creatures.”

Her newest book The Pet I Can’t Forget: Finding Hope and Healing With Signs From the Afterlife” is a collection of true stories revealing messages and signs from the Other Side for bereaved pet owners.

Karen offers coaching programs for Animal Communication and entrepreneurs who want to follow their passion. She continues her legacy of helping to enrich the lives of all animals. Karen founded Painted Rain Ranch, a non-profit animal sanctuary and final refuge for companion animals in the Inland Pacific Northwest.

Please enjoy my conversation with Karen Anderson.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 339

Karen Anderson 0:00
Did your cat lose a leg in this accident? And she went completely quiet. Silence, deafening silence. And then she started sobbing. And I thought, oh, no, I did it this time. I really did it this time, you know, and I felt so bad. So when she finally got her breath and to tell me what had happened, she said, Karen, sitting me again. She said, No, my cat did not lose a leg. She said three months after he passed away, I was in a horrible car accident, and my leg was amputated.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
I'd like to welcome to the show, Karen Anderson. How you doing Karen?

Karen Anderson 1:01
I'm doing great. Thanks Alex!

Alex Ferrari 1:03
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm, I'm excited to talk to you because this is a subject that I get asked about. All the time it comes up in interviews, it comes up in conversations, you know, it then there's in the subject that we're gonna talk about is such a big, emotional part of our lives, is our pets are animals, cats, dogs, horses are the main trio here that we're talking about. And what happens after they pass. And, you know, when you lose a pet, it's so devastating. I've lost a pet. And I'll tell my story of my pet later. But it's a devastating, devastating thing. And I think the same way that people listen to shows about near death experiences, to feel comfort about what happened to their loved ones. There isn't a whole lot of information out there about pets and pet, in many ways, is a tougher loss than a human being. Because they're pure love it there is no all the backstab me Oh, they cursed me. It's pure love, unless it's a cat. And that's a whole long conversation. I have cats, I can say this, to you know exactly what I mean. Yep, so you're the author of The Amazing, amazing afterlife of pets of animal Excuse me. And it's done very well. It's one of the it's a best seller. And I thought, well, if I'm going to bring somebody on to talk about animals in the afterlife, you were the person. So I appreciate you. Coming on. I am looking forward to diving into this subject for my audience.

Karen Anderson 2:39
Oh, thank you so much. And I'm excited to have so much to share.

Alex Ferrari 2:43
So first question is, when did you discover this ability of being able to communicate with animals on the other side?

Karen Anderson 2:53
Well, I think my earliest memory is probably around. I wish maybe when I was five or six, where I could see spirits, human spirits. Okay, so let's start out human spirits. I could communicate with my living pets. And that's where it all started to surface. So I can't ever remember a time where I wasn't able to communicate with departed spirits. So it's just it just as part of me as far back as I can go.

Alex Ferrari 3:29
So let me ask you this, then, when you decided to come out out of the closet, if you always like asking this question, when you came out of the I could talk to animals on the other side closet, I'm assuming wasn't well, well welcomed by everybody in your life? Because I've had people have channels, I have psychics, I have mediums. That's a tough gig. There's no question coming out to your family going. I'm a psychic. I'm a channel on medium. But to come out and say. And as I say this out loud, it sounds crazy. And you will agree with me. I talk to animals on the other side. Or I talk to animals or I'm a communicator in one way, shape, or form. Do you want to talk the spot I can hook you up? That? That does sound a little nutty? Without question. So how did people around you deal with it? And I'm saying it the way I'm saying it for people to understand that this is not an easy path to walk. You know, this is not an easy path for you to walk because it's it's insane for a psychic and a medium and a channel to do it. You're a whole other subcategory of what I've just discussing, which in my art, in my opinion, is probably one of the toughest paths to walk because people will accept talking to a loved one much faster than they will accept talking to a pet. So go ahead, my dear.

Karen Anderson 4:56
Well, let me just say I have some really thick skin Okay. I do and I've been called every name you can think of, and used to bother me doesn't bother me anymore. I don't care if it's, you know, maybe the first time someone's heard about animal communication, they still have an interest. Like, they'll lean in and go, Oh, well, you should talk to my dog, or you should talk to my cat. So even if they're just borderline like, you know, this woman's nuts, there's still that little teeny spark of interest where they want it, they want to know more. So I would say that, truly my background in law enforcement helped me develop the thickest skin on the planet.

Alex Ferrari 5:44
Real quick, before you continue. Let everybody know you have a background in law enforcement. You weren't like, you know, what? A gypsy walking in the, you know, in the countryside going from show to show or a carny, you are law. Have you had a serious career.

Karen Anderson 6:00
So I did. I did I know it's crazy, right, from deputy to psychic. You know, it didn't make any sense back then. But now as I look back on, it's like, Oh, I get it. That totally makes sense. So here's the fun part. You know, my family thought I was nuts. Enough. When I said I was going to become a cop. This was back in the late 90s. You know, at that point, they they're just like, Oh, my God, Karen's lost her mind. And then when I finally announced I was leaving law enforcement, they were thrilled, until I told them what I was going to be doing. And it was like wank! wonk!

Alex Ferrari 6:37
There it goes Karen again.

Karen Anderson 6:40
Yep. And you know, it's, it's fine. Some of them still don't get it. Sure. Yeah, it's okay. I get it. It's just a weird thing. It's just, it's strange, but it's amazing. And that's why I couldn't really convince myself to stop what I was doing, because it just blew my mind. Every time when my mind gets blown. And I'm the one conducting the session, I want more that I wanted more. So I just kept leaning in. And it just kept growing and growing. It didn't start out with departed pets, it started out with all animal communication, and then it just from there, it's started morphing into the part of pets in the afterlife, because those messages were just incredibly healing, especially to someone who's in that dark, dark place that can't break out of that, that thought that, you know, their beloved companion is gone forever. And then I deliver one itsy bitsy, teeny tiny little message that only that pet would know. And boom, you can feel the shift in the room. As that healing moment takes place. I got addicted to that I will fully admit it. I got addicted to that feeling when somebody shifted from that deep, dark place of grief to that, oh, there's no way you could have known about that. There's only one being in this whole world that knew that. And that was my companion. So

Alex Ferrari 8:23
It's interesting. It's interesting after speaking to I don't know how, but probably over 100 Near Death Experiences now. And many of them their pets are there as a comforting all their pets from like every pet they ever had shows up as a comforting thing. And I heard that one the other day it was telling me that like, we're the family members, and relatives and ancestors weren't that close, their pets could come right up to them. Because there wasn't like, you can't really have a conversation quote unquote, with that. But if you bring up you know, Aunt Jane, like Aunt Jane, where you've been, it wasn't that place that because she wasn't going to stay. She was going to go back. So that that was very interesting to me, like the dog came up and was hanging out and, and things like that, because it's Well, let me ask you because you have such an insight on animals and what their purpose is here for us. You know, animals have such an ability to heal us, to love us when we might not be able to find that anywhere else in our relationships, because it's pure love. I've had a dog and I've had a cat. I've had cats. And my dog is it was pure, pure love. All the time. No matter what it was absolute pure love. Like I said, cats are different. By the way, I never thought I would be a cat or a cat. But my family had to get one. And I was like, All right, and now I've learned to love them. You just they're just different, different vibe. You earn, you earn their love, one treat at a time. So they have such that's such a powerful impact on our lives. But yet, we really not, that's really not discussed very much in the spiritual. And the spiritual conversations that I've had pets and animals generally are not talked about that much. So I wanted to have this conversation with you. So my next question is, from your experience, do animals have souls? Or do they have a spiritual journey that they have to go through, obviously different than ours, but what have you learned?

Karen Anderson 10:38
I have learned that there's a little bit of everything, it is a different type of spiritual journey for an animal than it is for human. Because they don't have agendas. They don't have lessons they have to quote unquote, learn, you know, sometimes humans have to keep coming back because they didn't accomplish in their past lifetime, what they were sent here to accomplish, or learner growth, it's all about the growth of the soul, the expansion of the soul, and the animals are perfect. The human animal, not so much. So you really can't improve on perfection. You know, animals are pretty perfect in every way, shape, and form. So they don't have to keep returning for the same reasons that we keep returning, there is usually a reason they come back, if they do choose to incarnate and come back, and that is for our benefit to help us. So they're truly in our best interest coming back, to support us on our journey, so that we can hopefully get it right the next time. So their souls are just enjoying another lifetime. Another experience, and yes, there's probably expansion for their soul. But again, how do you improve upon perfection? Right? I mean, truly, it's, it's, it's us, we need the little improvements, each time we come back,

Alex Ferrari 12:15
Do from your experience is part of our soul blueprint, or these animals kind of set up to come into our lives because, and teach us lessons and either be a support, or, or possibly just teach us patients because they're just very energetic, a Jack Russell, a cat that doesn't stop running around the house, and you need to learn patience. So that's why that animal was put in your life. I think that's the reason why my animals but in my life currently. So because, because you know what I remember when I was young, I mean, you yell at, you'll yell at a dog, and the dog will whimper and stuff like that. But five seconds later, they'll they'll love you again. You know, it's, it's really interesting. So what do you what's your thoughts?

Karen Anderson 13:01
I do. And, you know, the way I describe it is kind of like, you know, on the back of, you know, the UPC codes back here, whereas there is UPC codes, I feel that our companions are coded to us. So maybe not in every lifetime, but throughout our lifetimes, because we come back many, many times humans do. Animals don't always sometimes they just spend time in the afterlife. Because why wouldn't you it's perfect over there. But I do believe that they're coded to us. So no matter which lifetime we're in, if they choose to come back, we'll find them in some way, shape, or form, they may be a little different than they were the last incarnation. But I do believe that our souls have that same coding, if you will, for lack of a better word. So you don't have to ever worry about finding them or not finding them. It's meant to happen, you'll be together, there will be a way and it will happen. And you just have to trust that because I have a lot of people that will ask me well, how do I know where to find them? How do I know where to look? And I tell them, you just have to pay attention. Your heart will speak to you. There's a something that happens when we connect in with an animal that you can't even describe it. So your heart, your soul, your Higher Self recognizes the soul of your returning animal before your conscious person recognizes that and it'll be instant you'll be drawn to each other.

Alex Ferrari 14:40
It's really interesting that you looked into into the eyes of an animal, especially some of the larger animals like an elephant, or horse. I mean, you see this depth in those. There is something going on behind those eyes. They're not just automatons walking around the Earth. There is that And of course with dogs and cats, but I remember specifically elephant like you see, you can send sadness with them. Sometimes you can sense happiness. I mean, obviously, it's easy with a dog that you can tell they're happy when they're sad pretty quickly. But there's something going on there. Do you believe? I've heard this from other spiritual masters Believe it or not, that there is an evolution to animals, meaning they grow as a soul, as an entity, if you will. And then they might get to a point where they graduate to becoming a human soul, a young human soul. I'd love to hear from your point of view, if that's possible, because their explanation was, if there's animals who are hanging around humans, for long periods of times, many lifetimes over, where you have that super smart dog, or smooth, super smart horse or something like that. Whether you like Lassie, for example, let's just use the famous one, Lassie, they or Benji or something like that they are so far beyond their counterparts, that there's something else going on Super. They're super smart, that maybe their next level is to evolve to a young human soul. I'm just curious to your point of view that I've heard of that just curious.

Karen Anderson 16:13
Well, it's interesting, because I waffled back and forth on which type of soul is the graduation? Is it the graduation of the human soul? Or is it that the human graduates to the animal soul?

Alex Ferrari 16:33
I understand because it's so pure. In that sense,.

Karen Anderson 16:36
Yes! Because truly, the the reason that our animals are with us, there's, you know, hundreds of reasons why they could be with us. But they are so pure of heart, they're pure of soul, in that they are truly the unconditional love that humans, we have to really work at that. They don't. So who's who's graduating to whose level I, in the mental capacity? Of course, there's that. But I think that we have just as much to learn from them, if not more, because they they live their life, so purely and so much in the moment. And Alex, I'm guilty of this. We are rarely in the moment, were thinking about tomorrow, next week, you know, next month, or we're worried about what we did yesterday, or the email we sent or didn't send. Not so much with the animals. They are right here, right now. They're in the moment, they're in the sun spot. They're running through the grass, they're enjoying the sunshine, and what are we doing, we're chasing around thoughts.

Alex Ferrari 17:52
And they are not know what to do a certain part to, to a certain extent, though, and I'll push back to slightly is that animals, you're right are perfect. But they, they're not as complex. So they're not as complex meaning like, they're pure love. They're in that they live in the moment, there is not a lot of room for growth is as opposed to us that we have this massive gambit of emotions, and experiences and things like that. So I would argue that we graduate, they graduate to us, it might not be as pure as as fun as everything. But that's, that's what we are as humans to, if we're here to experience this massive gambit of good, bad and everything in between, as opposed to animals, it's all just really truly purely love. Unless you know that we don't even want to get into the conversations of animals that are abused or animals that are or you know, food or any of that kind of stuff. That's a whole other conversation. But just sticking to pets, at dogs, cats and horses. That's kind of my point of view on it, would you what do you think?

Karen Anderson 18:59
I agree. And I've I've heard both scenarios where, let's say a human. It's in the highest and best interest of their soul to experience what it's like in an animal body the next time they reincarnate, and I've heard animals experiencing life as a human soul. I don't have a million stories about that. Because usually dog comes back as dog cat comes back as Cat horse comes back his horse human comes back as human. So it's rare, but it can happen. I do believe that in the afterlife. Anything is possible if it's in the highest and best good for that souls growth. So it really depends. I don't think there's a rulebook or a checklist that says, nope, your cat, you must come back as a cat or your dog. You must come back as a dog. I don't think the rules apply. I think it's more about what's in the highest and best good for That's so for their journey.

Alex Ferrari 20:03
Fair enough. Now can you share one of the most heartwarming or impactful stories you've come across during your work? Talking to owners who've had Yes, on the other side?

Karen Anderson 20:15
Yes. And I'd like to call you their moms and dads, because the word owner means like, we own them, like fair enough, a car or a piece of property or something, I think they own us.

Alex Ferrari 20:29
And he will looking in from the outside says that little creature has this huge thing walking around, cleaning up after them, feeding them, they live like kings and queens, generally speaking. So

Karen Anderson 20:41
I will, I will sit here, here's, here's my cat. I will sit here and stare at human until human open store, right. And then human gets up and open store. So I get it. So an impactful and impactful story, I have a million of them. But I want to share this one because it just highlights the purity of the animals so well. So I've always said that I love all animals, and I love communicating with every different type of animal. But cats will make a fool out of me every time they if they have the opportunity, they will take full advantage. They will tell me that they're ready to go. And then they'll stay here and be alive and well for another six months. And they're humans going, Karen, you're wrong. Fluffy is still here, whatever. It's like, okay, it's a cat. So in this particular case, it was a cat. And this cat was had passed on. And the client contacted me because she felt horrible about how things ended. Because it was kind of a series of unfortunate events, she was late for work one day, she was backing out of her garage, and she accidentally ran over this cat. That was her cat. But she didn't see it. And the captain died. At that moment, it just got wasn't injured. So took the cat in, you know, got treatment. But the cat never fully recovered. And eventually it succumbed to its injuries and passed away. So she felt responsible, of course, right? Because she ran over it. So when I was communicating with the cat, now she's on the phone with me. So all I have is a picture of the cat, I work off of a photo of the animal. And this cat started, you know, sharing the love that I had for her and she actually rescued it off the streets. And it just was showing all this, you know, complete appreciation for everything she had done for it. And it kept showing me an amputated leg. I'm sorry, but that's what it was showing me. I kept seeing a leg like a human leg. And I thought, Ah, I don't want to. I thought the cat was trying to tell me it's like got amputated and it didn't know how to show me its leg. So it's showing me human like, I don't always know what they're showing me. So I hesitated. And after the third time I have a rule. If an animal shares the message with me three times I have to share it. That means it's important. And I need to deliver it as gently as I can. So I finally said to my client, I'm really sorry. I don't mean to trigger anything here for you. But was Did your cat lose a leg in this accident? And she went completely quiet. Silence. Deafening silence. And then she started sobbing. Oh. And I thought, Oh, no. I did it this time. I really did it this time, you know? And I felt so bad. So when she finally got her breath and to tell me what had happened. She said Karen sitting me again. She said no. My cat did not lose a leg. She said three months after he passed away. I was in a horrible car accident. And my leg was amputated. Wow. Wow. So for her. The cat didn't know that when it was alive. It would only know that if it was still around her after it had passed because it could see what she was going through with her leg being amputated. And all this cat was concerned about was her it didn't care about what happened to when she accidentally ran it over was all about how it was there to help her and it was there by her side and helping her through this difficult time. Yeah. Wow. Wow. I know. It's

Alex Ferrari 25:08
It's pretty remarkable these these stories because it just, you know, as you're telling the story, of course I have my animal who passed when I was a kid in my head. And I'm like, Oh, wow, it's, it's he's always back there he was a very special animal. I mean, oh, they're all special to us. But he was just he just showed up and you know was so funny, I'll tell you this, there was one story. He had a rough last five years of his life. He lost his back legs. So he was basically in diapers and all that stuff. And I was by myself for most of my 20s. I mean, I dates here and there and had girlfriends here and there. But generally speaking, and he did it with me, he wouldn't go, he was already 11 12 years old, wouldn't leave. He met my wife. I brought her over after I was dating, met my wife. The next day, he he left the next day, and I was like, oh, Mike, like, he finally is like, Thank God, someone's here to carry this weight. I had been holding this guy down for 12 years. I'm done. Thank you so much. He's all yours. And he was like, I'm out. And he left the next day. It was. It was I mean, he's not as mean as I portrayed him to be. But, but, but that's what happened. And, you know, when you see things like that, you just can't ignore that there's something going on. And I think, and I think all of us if, if you've had an animal in your life, you've experienced something like that. There's something deeper going on. And I don't know exactly what that could be. You know, I don't talk about it often, because it's just not something that people talk about very often. But it's just interesting, because you can't just look at that and go coinkidink like it's not, you know, I mean, seriously, 12 years, last five or six of it. He couldn't walk really, he was like dragging his you know, he had a little wheelchair, and it was rough. It's a rough time. And I learned I learned a tremendous amount of lessons from him. Patience, all this kind of stuff that I needed to learn at that time of my life. So it was pretty remarkable. I'm sure you've heard stories like that as well.

Karen Anderson 27:30
Well, that's, that's a good one. And I think that, you know, this, it's an honor to have them in our lives, and that they entrust us with their care, and their well being and that they basically want us to be their caretaker, and they choose us in some cases. And it's a beautiful thing. It's, it's unlike any other relationship we have, as a human being a connection to an animal companion cannot be compared to human, I would never try to compare it to human. But there's a depth there that you touched upon. That is indescribable. And when we experience a loss of physical loss of that companion, it changes us. And I think we never go back to the way that we were before. I think we are always a different person after that experience. Because that's part of our growth. That's part of what we are meant to experience. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I would endure all my losses again. If I had to choose, you know, do I want to go through this again? Do I want to experience that deep pain? I would say yes, it's deep pain. I feel it just like everyone else. Just because I can communicate with them doesn't mean I don't experience that full range of emotions. But I would do it again, in a heartbeat. I would do it again, because it's such an honor. Such a joy, to have them in our lives. And I've learned so much from them.

Alex Ferrari 29:09
Well, let me ask you, do you from your perspective, do animals have a different perception of the afterlife or the other side than humans do? What is their perception? How can you explain the difference?

Karen Anderson 29:23
Oh, totally different. So, you know, big. I didn't even believe I didn't even know that I believed in the afterlife, the first departed animal I communicated with I didn't know it was departed. And I freaked out. I thought, oh my gosh, I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing. You know, I was so naive back then. But you know, we're talking about, you know, the late 90s. So I've obviously grown a lot since then. I've learned a lot since then. And it suddenly appeared to me that after many, many, many sessions with I have set her on the other side. I thought it was so interesting Alex that the animals had absolutely no fear, or concern about death or dying, zero. The humans do. And they don't obsess about it. The humans do. They don't want to talk about it. The humans do

Alex Ferrari 30:25
On the other side, once they've passed,

Karen Anderson 30:27
Correct, even animals that are here and alive, and well, they don't want to talk about those things. It wouldn't be like talking about something they have no idea what it is be like trying to describe boogeyman to somebody who's never seen the Boogeyman. They can't really talk about something that they haven't fully experienced. I had somebody asked me one time, can you ask my dog who the next President is going to be? And I thought, what? And of course, the dog had no idea, no clue. But there are just certain topics that they just it doesn't.

Alex Ferrari 31:06
In other words, when the dog or dog or cat passes, they don't automatically have great conversational skills, and no and very well read.

Karen Anderson 31:16
No, no.

Alex Ferrari 31:18
They are, they are animals, and they have certain concerns and certain emotions. But at a very basic level as they would hear, essentially

Karen Anderson 31:25
Correct, they do get more philosophical. So for instance, if I communicated with an animal that was alive, and well, they would probably talk a little bit about their life, what they do with their favorite things. They like to talk about positive things. I think it's very interesting that the humans wanted to focus on everything that was negative, like their their misbehavior, or misconduct or the things you know, not using the litter box, or, you know, the behavioral issues. The animals want to talk about what's fun in their life, that the good stuff, the good memories, and the humans all want to talk about the negative. So I've learned so much by the difference just between how humans think about things versus how animals think about things. It's really fascinating to me, that they don't focus on that. And so from when they get to the other side, when they are in the afterlife. Almost with I can maybe count on one hand, and I've done 1000s upon 1000s of communication sessions. I can count on one hand how many animals wanted to talk in detail about what happened to them in their final moments. They don't want to go there. Because it it doesn't matter. They're very accepting of their life ending however their life ended accident. Predator euthanasia? Sure. Yeah, it doesn't matter. They don't sit there and dwell like a human does. And run it through their mind day and night. They don't do that.

Alex Ferrari 33:01
So, so So from my understanding, speaking to so many mediums, who, who, in channels who talk to the other side. A lot of times there's voices that come in, a lot of times there's images that come in and they have to decipher that flow in how do animals on the other side, send messages because I'm assuming if their Chinese dogs are not going to talk Chinese English dog, they're not talking English. What is the communication medium?

Karen Anderson 33:31
There is a really cool translation process that happens in a split second. And I am a psychic, I am a medium, which means I can communicate with departed spirits. But I also have other vil other abilities like clairvoyance. clairaudience, clairvoyance is where you see images. clairaudience is when you hear things and some of the other Claire's so when I communicate with an animal, I employ all of those. Everything's working all at once to be a receptor and antenna to receive information. So for instance, if I open up a session for departed animal, I have their photo. I might start getting images flashed at me. I might see somebody on a beach, I might see an image of their favorite place to sleep. I might see something out a window I might see just a color or a shape. Then I might hear something. I might hear somebody's name. I might hear some other sound like sometimes. One particular time I kept hearing bells ringing. I thought what that what is that? Well, it turns out that this particular dog had little bells on the doorknob, so when it wanted to go outside it would go over and ring the bells And it was still ringing the bells from the afterlife. So the bells were very important. It was how this dog was communicating with his family that he was still around, he would ring the bells. And they look and there's no one there, the bells would ring and they look. So that was really important. And and then there's also the feelings, the emotions, the sentiment, the love. And that's what's so powerful. And

Alex Ferrari 35:30
Bby the way, is love from a dog different than love from a human on the other side, or is it just love?

Karen Anderson 35:36
Wow, okay, so I have to think about that for a minute. Is it different? I would say my first knee jerk response, which I'm going to give to you is that there is zero hesitation, from an animal, sure to send their love. I have found with departed humans, who I also communicate with, sometimes there is either a worry or a concern or a hesitation, sometimes there's not. But with an animal, it's every time, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, like rapid fire, like exploding love surrounding you in every way, shape and form. So that's, that's my first response to that is that it is never hesitant from an animal. And the reason that they come through to me is because they love their human so much, they're excited that I will be able to share their messages with their mom or dad, they're caretakers. So they're there out of love as our parted humans. But a lot of times my clients in the past which weren't that happy to hear from a certain particular level,

Alex Ferrari 37:07
Because they're still holding on to resentment or the past. Right? So there's none of that generally with animals, animals, there's just there's no like, you know, that animal crapped on the carpet? I don't want to talk to him.

Karen Anderson 37:19
No. Nope. And, you know, it's really interesting, because I'd have to ask permission, you know, I have someone here you know, I'd say I have someone here it looks like a grandmother or grandfather energy that that wants to come through wants to deliver a message Do I have your permission? Because sometimes the answer was no, not want to hear. Right? If I had their other cat or their other dog or their horse or their parent or whoever, like from childhood, oh, yes, please bring them through bring them through. So it's that fascinates me I just the connection that we have with our animals. And and there's no time limit, you know, my oldest client was in her 90s and we did a session and went all the way back almost 100 years back and I was communicating with her pets from when she was a little girl. So there's no time limit it they come through now are our memories failed us. I don't know about you. I'm I'm going to let myself in this category. But my memory sometimes I forget what what I was supposed to do five minutes ago. So for me to be able to remember every quirky little thing that my animal did from 90 years ago, I would have a hard time with that. But the love never falters. The personality comes through that main characteristics come through just hard to remember some of the details like if they said oh, I remember that time we went on a drive to such and such.

Alex Ferrari 38:55
Yeah, that's a big deal. Might be a big deal for the dog with for us. It's just another drive. So it's a different perspective. What is love the most common message to animals share with you what is the most common message, it is the positivity.

Karen Anderson 39:09
It is the lack of negative anything. That's what I have learned so much from the animals. They don't want to talk about the bad stuff. And if you bring up the bad stuff, they will pull their energy back they'll be like I don't want to go there. And then they just it doesn't serve them if it no longer serves you if it no longer serves them. They don't want anything to do with it. So they are all about the here the now the positive. What's good in your life. The funny things they did the funny things you do they like to talk about you that's another one of their favorite topics. I had a gentleman one time I'm gonna refer to him as you Gentleman even though he was not very nice to me, he basically was a skeptic. I'd say borderline cynic. But he wanted his session, I guess to prove me wrong, I think he really wanted to prove me wrong. And this was a while ago. So of course, I, you know, booked it. And it was a departed dog. And the dog came through, and all the dog would show me is I felt like I was sitting at a computer like we are now. But it was like non stop 24/7. And I felt like there were computer screens all around me. I can semi circle and that all my focus and attention was on these computer screens. And no matter what I tried to do as the dog, I could not get the attention of my person. Well, I have this saying, rule, if you will, that I will not alter a message. That assertion, right? I'm the messenger. So my job is to deliver the message. So I thought, Well, how am I going to say this without offending? Mr. Skeptic here, right. So I just thought, you know, just just say it the way you got it. So I told them, what I just told you, I said, I just feel like I'm surrounded by computer screens. And I feel like, nothing's going to get your attention. And this makes me feel sad, because that was the other feeling I got was the sadness was that he, this was the life that he lived. Well, I didn't hear from that gentleman for about a year. And then he finally emailed me with a very long apologetic email saying what a jerk he had been to his dog, and what a jerk he had been to me. And that he was truly, he took the message to his heart. And he changed the way he was living. That was him sitting at the computer. He was in advertising, or I don't remember exactly, but it's something like that, where it was nonstop, he had to be on, you know, six different monitors surrounding him all the time. And now he said, he volunteers animal shelters that he Foster's dogs that are abused and need a holla. And it was all because of the message from his dog. And it changed the course of his life. Wow, that's the power that one message delivered. It can really be life changing in so many powerful, positive ways.

Alex Ferrari 42:51
That's beautiful. That's a really that's a beautiful story. I know that a lot of us as our pets are nearing the end. You know, as we get older, I don't think it ever becomes easier. But it's a lot more difficult for a young one could not expect if you've gone through it once you kind of know what's coming. Well, how can pet owners prepare themselves for this transition to grow when their pets are about to cross over?

Karen Anderson 43:19
Right! I just want to share that. It's different for everyone. You know, we're all we all handle things differently. But I want to share with you what helps most animals and again, all animals are different, too. But most animals that I have communicated with have told me that the thing that they really appreciate the most is that they leave this world with dignity. Now, that may be different for you may be different for me may be different for the next person. But I want you to really think about that with the companion that you love. They came into this world with dignity, how can you help them leave with dignity? One suggestion I have is to not let it get into crisis mode. So if you're struggling with euthanasia, if you're struggling with taking a life, if you're struggling with that, like all of us do. They don't see it that way. To them, you are helping them leave a body that is failing them. And I will tell you as a police officer, former deputy, that death is ugly. natural death is ugly and there is a struggle. It's not like going to movies where you just kind of close your eyes and go to sleep. Now that happens sometimes but generally speaking. The end of life is a struggle the body is trying to live it's trying to breathe, the hearts trying to beat things are trying to keep going. And in the animal kingdom. The will to survive is even stronger, so they're going to be fighting to survive you Even though their bodies failing them. So they really look to us to help manage that, so that they don't go into crisis, because they don't benefit when they're human is in that space of, you know, kind of mania. And I'm speaking from experience, because I've been there. I've lost many of mine. And I've done. I've done it wrong many, many times. But I'm better now. And I think each time I get a little bit better, so there's a fine line, we walk as their caretakers determining, okay, when is it too soon? And when is it too late? You know, how do we find that sweet spot right in the middle. And it's just a personal choice, it's a decision, it's something that you hope that they give you a sign that they're done, or that they're ready to go, or when they stop eating, or when they just don't lift their head up anymore. They can't walk across the room by themselves. You need to realize they've entrusted you, with their care, they trust you with their whole heart. They don't see it as you ending their life. They see it as sorry, I'm getting all emotional here. Who I'm that gateway to nowhere. They see us as it's, it is the most loving thing we can do. And they honor that, and they don't judge us. They don't hold us responsible. They don't blame us. They don't. They don't look at us. Like, how could you do this to me, they don't, even if at the very end, and I've had this happen to me, where they're on the table, and the injection is gone in. And they start flailing around and crying and doing all this crazy stuff. And then all of a sudden you think oh my gosh, what have I done? You know, what have I done? That's just the I'm probably gonna say it right? sympathetic. There's a there's a term for it. There's responses in the body. Sure. That happen when when things are shutting down. And it's natural for the body to resist that. Like, No, I must breathe. Even though we know it's probably best that we say goodbyes. So there's something that happens physiologically, but it messes with us. And that's the last image we have. And we think what have I done. And then we hold on to that we harbor that. I did that one time. For like, decades. I held on to that. And it's so unnecessary. Alex, that's the biggest takeaway that I want for your listeners is, it's so unnecessary to hold on to those feelings, because the animals just don't see it that way. It won't even come up. They won't even mention what happened in those final moments. It's like, it's not part of their experience. And once they're in the afterlife, it doesn't matter what happened. Like it doesn't even come up on the radar. It's, it's, it's non existent. So what you've carried around now, for weeks, months, years, decades, like I did, doesn't even concern them. So use that energy, that ability to turn a negative situation and use that in a more powerful positive way, by sending them how much love you have for them in your thoughts and in your feelings. And use that all of that energy in a more positive way.

Alex Ferrari 48:56
And the you're saying that doesn't even doesn't even register to them. It's very similar to near death experiences to sometimes look down and go. It was like, like, when they leave their body was like taking off with a heavy coat. It was just like, it's not even, you know, it's like, oh, well there Jenny on the floor. Or you know, like, they don't even it's not a big deal. When you start going in the afterlife. It's kind of like just taking off a costume

Karen Anderson 49:23
Kicking off your slippers. Yeah. And so it wasn't relevant. It's almost like it doesn't matter. Do you worry about the pair of shoes that you you know, either tossed or donated? Do you worry about what happens to those shoes? No, and they don't worry either. What matters is the love. That's all that matters and how things ended that it only matters to the human. It doesn't matter to the animal. They will never judge you. They won't even bring it up because not important.

Alex Ferrari 49:59
So let me know ask you, we've kind of mentioned this a little bit, the skepticism and people who are skeptical about all of these things, who questioned the existence of the afterlife, of animal after afterlife in general, let alone an animal afterlife is just a step too far. What would you say to people from your perspective? who are skeptical of afterlife for animals?

Karen Anderson 50:23
I completely get it. I do. I was really not much of a believer myself until I experienced it. So I would say if you're, if you're skeptical, and it's you should be you should have a healthy skepticism. Because you should you should question things that's healthy. And I totally get it. But my thought is experience it, inform yourself, research it find out, you know, if it's a topic that you're interested in, and you're not sure about, you know, read books, you know, you don't have to read my book, but I'd love it if you read my books. And, and read the examples. These are real people. These are real stories. They're there in my I have groups on Facebook, where the people who are actually in my book are in these groups, and they write about their experiences. It's a real thing. And it, it can happen, and it does happen. And when it happens to you, it's magical. And it's life changing. And sometimes in life, we have to take a risk. And sometimes that risk involves stepping outside of our comfort zone. And when it comes to topics such as the afterlife, it is truly one of those things that's worth it. Because when it's when it happens to you, and you get one of those incredible message is, you will remember it and be better for it for the rest of your life. Because there's nothing like it in the world. It truly is an incredible experience.

Alex Ferrari 52:00
No, what do you hope people take away from this conversation?

Karen Anderson 52:03
Death is not the end for their pets, and they don't have to worry about moving away and leaving someone buried in the backyard and not taking them with them or right or they spread their ashes on the you know, on the in the Atlantic Ocean and now they're moving to the Pacific Ocean will their dog or cat or horse or whoever remember them or follow them or know where to find them. It's it's true, it's things to think about right? It is you are bound to each other, there is a connection there that will never be unconnected. It is a it is the bonds of love. The bonds of love never die, they grow stronger and stronger. And the longer that the animals are in the afterlife, the more subtle their energy becomes. That means as time passes, you may not sense their signs or messages as strongly as you did, right after they made their transition. But that's normal. It's not because of lack of love. It's just their soul progressing as you and I will one day, the longer we are on the other side in the afterlife, we will become more and more transparent. That's a good thing. It's like we're doing what we're supposed to do. We're progressing we're expanding our soul is expanding out into this vast universe and beyond. And the same thing happens to our animals, but they will never ever leave you and the more that you talk to them. The more you say their name, the more you celebrate them, and remember the happy times and the more they will come around and possibly send you a son.

Alex Ferrari 53:51
Do animals reincarnate with their their moms and dads if you will, life after life?

Karen Anderson 53:59
Not always. There are some that do and some that don't it's really depends on our particular animal and what's in their highest and best and what is in your highest and best for instance, I've had horses my whole life. Well, what if I, my last horse transitions? And what if I move somewhere where I can't have a horse? So then what does that mean? They would never come back to me. That doesn't necessarily mean they would come back to me as a horse. Maybe they will come back to me in a smaller size cat dog parrot something, they could come back to me. So there's so many ifs when it comes to reincarnation there's it's it's like this fluid ever changing. Because humans change their mind all the time. We move we change careers we change relationships. You know, we we go, you know, throughout our lives with all these different changes, and the animals have to adapt to that too. So if they're planning on coming back to us, they're going to choose the best time for them. And the best time for you, and maybe this lifetime, it may not be until the next lifetime or the one after that, but you will always be connected to that animal companion.

Alex Ferrari 55:27
I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Karen Anderson 55:34
Being able to not just think about your dream, but to do your dream, no matter what it is, if it's cooking, if it's singing, playing the piano, tennis, painting, whatever it is, don't just follow your passion, do your passion, do your dream. And even if it's something crazy, like my dream, was to be able to understand the animals and communicate with them on the highest level I possibly could stand in the exact center of that truth and experience it. It's worth it. It is worth all the negativity that you know, naysayers will give you is changed my life in so many magical ways.

Alex Ferrari 56:20
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Karen, what advice would you give her?

Karen Anderson 56:26
You got this!

Alex Ferrari 56:28
Fair enough! How do you define God or Source?

Karen Anderson 56:32
Ever present ever powerful. Within here, it's here, it's not out there. It's here, the God's sources within each of us, the creator is within all of us. So when you tap into that, the universe responds in amazing ways.

Alex Ferrari 56:54
And what is the ultimate purpose of life for a human and a pet?

Karen Anderson 56:59
Love, experience, love, give love, receive love. When we have animal companions, we not only give love, we learn to receive love. And I think for some of us, that's really hard to receive love, and truly appreciate it. And to give it back, wholeheartedly. No strings attached. Just pure, pure essence of love. That's all that matters with it's what fuels the afterlife. Love fuels, the afterlife.

Alex Ferrari 57:27
And where can people find out more about you your work and pick up your amazing books.

Karen Anderson 57:33
You can find them on Amazon, they're on Audible. You can go to my website, which is simply Nothing special about that I do have books on my site as well. I also teach basic animal communication for people who are interested in learning I have an online course I have a Facebook group where you can practice and and learn with me there. And that's the best way to reach me. And if you're interested in a session, reach out to my website. I am no longer conducting sessions because I am focusing on coaching and writing my next book, which is going to be out in September. Can I share that one too?

Alex Ferrari 58:20
Yeah, sure. Go for it. Yeah, this will come out afterwards. But yes,

Karen Anderson 58:24
Yes. It's called The Pet I Can't Forget. Oh, The Pet I Can't Forget. Yeah. And Alex, it's filled with the stories of what I just shared with you today. Scott, like story after story after story, plus all the signs from the afterlife that our companions send us how to, how to look for them, where to look for them, how to raise your vibration, to receive more signs, and also how healing they are in the transformations that come from signs from the afterlife. So that's going to be out any minute now. The Pet I Can't Forget. I love that.

Alex Ferrari 59:01
It is a great title, I have to say. And Karen, what do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Karen Anderson 59:07
So rap song can't forget. I really I you know, aside from the animal communication and the craziness of connecting with the part of pets, I have a nonprofit animal sanctuary. So all the proceeds from my books, all the proceeds from my courses, all the proceeds from my coaching goes to help animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected and cannot find a home otherwise they have medical issues, their old special needs like yours. I give them a forever home. I live on a 30 acre ranch in eastern Washington. And I devote every waking hour to caring for these animals and they once they're here, they stay here This is their final refuge. I just want anyone who's listening to go, oh, well, she's just profiting off of her books, and our or her courses or whatever, it all goes back to the animals and you can go to my nonprofit is called painted rain And you can check out all of our animals and see how spoiled they are. Instead, send a donation to if you feel so inclined, because we we are solely supported by donations.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:33
Karen it is been a pleasure talking to you. This has been such an interesting and wonderful conversation. I do truly believe it is going to be very healing for a lot of people out there. So I appreciate you and the work you're doing in the world whether thank you again.

Karen Anderson 1:00:47
And right back at you. I appreciate you so much for this opportunity. And thank you for everyone who stayed with us until the very end.

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