TOP Psychic PREDICTS: Politics, Economy & AI – What Will Happen to MANKIND THIS YEAR! with Julie Ryan

In the quiet corners of the cosmos, where ancient wisdom meets modern inquiry, we find ourselves enveloped in the mysteries of life, death, and everything in between. On today’s episode, we welcome back the remarkable Julie Ryan, a beacon of light in the world of spiritual exploration.

Julie Ryan is a multifaceted intuitive healer, medical medium, and psychic whose journey bridges the gap between the seen and unseen. Her unique perspective offers a profound understanding of the spiritual dimensions that intertwine with our everyday lives. Julie’s abilities to communicate with spirits, provide medical insights, and offer spiritual guidance have made her a sought-after expert in her field.

In our enlightening conversation, Julie delves into the spiritual significance of ancient civilizations and their alignment with the cosmos. She vividly explains, “The positioning of structures like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids was no coincidence; it’s as if they had a spiritual internet, raising the vibration of the planet each time something significant happened.” This perspective opens our eyes to the intricate connections between human history and spiritual evolution.


  1. Understanding Fear in Modern Times: Julie discusses the pervasive nature of fear in our contemporary world, driven by a 24/7 news cycle that often highlights the negative. She emphasizes that fear is an ancient survival mechanism, and much of what we fear today is irrational. By recognizing this, we can focus on living more joyfully and creatively.
  2. The Power of Ancestral Healing: Julie introduces the concept of ancestral fear and karma, explaining how unresolved traumas from our ancestors can impact our current lives. By connecting with our ancestors and understanding their experiences, we can heal these ancestral wounds, benefiting ourselves and future generations.
  3. Raising Vibrations through Cosmic Events: The upcoming eclipse is highlighted as a significant spiritual event. Julie explains that such cosmic alignments raise the planet’s vibrational frequency, contributing to the overall spiritual awakening of humanity. She encourages us to view these events not with fear, but with a sense of wonder and gratitude for their transformative potential.

Julie shares her insights on the interconnectedness of all life and the universal journey of the soul. She touches on the concept of reincarnation and the idea that our spirits choose specific experiences to explore in each lifetime. “Our spirit comes in with a plan, like a script, and we create and explore throughout our lives,” she explains. This understanding can help us see our challenges and triumphs as part of a greater adventure.

Our discussion also turns to the topic of Artificial Intelligence and its role in accelerating human spiritual evolution. Julie views AI as a tool that, when used wisely, can enhance our ability to create and connect on deeper levels. “AI is fantastic. It speeds up our spiritual evolution by providing tools to increase our knowledge and efficiency,” she asserts. Her perspective encourages us to embrace technological advancements with an open heart and mind.

As we near the end of our conversation, Julie reflects on the importance of living a life of joy and creation. She shares practical advice on how to stay out of fear and embrace the unfolding perfection of our lives. Her wisdom reminds us that we are constantly creating our reality, and by focusing on love and joy, we can navigate any challenges that come our way.

Please enjoy my conversation with Julie Ryan.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 421

Julie Ryan 0:00
That's why the ancient civilizations paid so much attention to that. And they paid so much attention to the positioning of like Stonehenge and the great pyramids and things like that. If you look at the latitude and longitude, or longitudinal coordinates of those, it's almost like they had a spiritual internet going. Because there's no coincidence that they're all positioned in pretty much the same, you know, latitude and longitude, longitudinal coordinates. So each time something like that happens, it raises the vibration of the planet.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Julie Ryan. How you doing Julie?

Julie Ryan 0:51
Hi Alex, always a delight to be with you.

Alex Ferrari 0:54
Thank you so much for coming back on the show is, our last conversation is did very well, people really enjoyed it. But we really kind of focused on the what happens when you die aspect of the world, you have the the skill sets that you have in the world, in the psychic world, and you are a buffet of different things that you do. But that was a really interesting aspect. Because at the time, I really didn't understand the different stages of what happens when someone's dying and what you see, and so on. So if anybody wants to see that old episode, please click on the link below. And you'll find links to that. But today, what have you back because since we spoke last time, which has been a year ago, now, a lot has happened in the world. And a lot of stuff is going on, and I wanted to get your psychic opinion on things and you do talk to your spirit guides and things like that. So my first question to you is, what do you think is why is this all happening? The wars, the economic strife, the political polarization, it's where I've never seen it ever this bad in my lifetime, and I lived in the 80s. And the 70s. So, so I, you know, I was a kid then. But I still remember. I mean, it was pretty, you know, it was every day you were like, I don't know, they're gonna kill us. But this time, but this time, it seems a little bit different. What is your opinion? What is the other side saying about it to you?

Julie Ryan 2:27
It's a 24/7 news cycle. It's always been like this. And it's just that we have access to the information 24/7. And you know, if it bleeds, it leads. So that's the news business. And the more eyeballs, they can get to watch a story. And it's all about fear. The more eyeballs they can get, the more ad dollars they generate, because it's based on how many people are watching. So you may have 5000 people drive on a road to get to work in the morning. And there's one accident, well, they don't report on the 5000 that have driven they report on the one accident. And I hear this all the time, Alex from people and I want to say well, have you ever heard of the Civil War and America in the 1800s? This we've never been this divided? I'm like, Have you ever heard of this civil war that was a North versus the South, I live in the deep south in Alabama, they have a very different opinion of the civil war than where I grew up in Ohio. You know, I'm a Yankee transplanted to the south. So I believe it has a lot of it has to do with the news cycle. And people watching 24/7 stories on their devices that just keep up, keep people stirred up. Furthermore, read the Bible for heaven's sakes. I mean, it's, it's just too depressing. Most of it. It's like somebody's you know, annihilating somebody else. And you got throughout history, you got the dark gauges, and you got the whatever. And it's, I don't think it's worse. I think it's all the same, we just know about it more. Now. I believe there's a reason for that. We all come in to have an experience in each lifetime. Our spirit comes in and we say, Okay, I'm gonna be born on this day in this place to these parents, so that my life can have a trajectory that will allow me to explore and experience these certain things that I want to check out, like a lot of scripts and subscripts. And then, as we go through life in the spirit world, what I've heard a bazillion times from spirit is there's no right or wrong. There's no good or bad. It's just an experience. Whereas here in the human experience, we have to have right or wrong, good or bad, because we're here to create. Well, how do we create When we know what we don't want, it helps us create what we do want. So we need that duality, to be able to create what it is we're looking to create. And you think about it we create all day long. What are you creating, creating what you're having for breakfast? What are you going to wear, how you're gonna get to work? All of that stuff. And that's why we're here. So it's all part of the creative process, in my opinion.

Alex Ferrari 4:12
Now, there's something happening on April 8 of this year, which is this big Eclipse. Yeah, that happens once every, what, 200 years or something like that. And where I absolutely, where I actually live is right underneath the path of the full Eclipse, people are flying into Austin, to watch the Eclipse from here. Because if you're, you know, a few states over, it's like a quarter clip, and it just keeps getting, you know, different versions of the clips. I've never seen up. I don't think I've ever seen a full Eclipse. I've seen partial eclipses when there's been a full Eclipse. What does that? What does that date have in store for us? I don't want to be you know, like, I know that it's not the Mayan calendar, we're all not gonna die or anything like that. But there's Is there any thing energetically happening? Is there a reasoning for it? What is going to happen during the eclipse, if anything, or what is the meaning behind it? On a spiritual standpoint?

Julie Ryan 5:27
I believe that when we have these eclipses, and I'm, I'm old enough to remember a total eclipse before you said the 70s, and 80s is when you were little blobs in high school and college. And they said, Well, you know, you could have been your babysitter, Alex. And I believe, and it's been my experience that each time we go through one of those, it raises the vibrational level of the planet and the galaxy and everything else that's out there. That's why the ancient civilizations paid so much attention to that. And they paid so much attention to the positioning of like Stonehenge in the great pyramids and things like that. If you look at the latitude and longitude cord, longitudinal coordinates of those, it's almost like they had a spiritual internet going, because there's no coincidence that they're all positioned in pretty much the same, you know, latitude and longitude, longitudinal coordinates. So each time something like that happens, it raises the vibration of the planet. And I it's been my experience, and I believe that every generation that comes in is more advanced than the previous. That's how toddlers know how to use an iPad before they know how to talk and sentences. You've got little kids, you know, I mean, your kids know how to do all of that stuff I struggle with, how do I do this technology thing, whereas a kid who's six or seven, will say, Here, let me let me do this for you. And they've got it figured out. That's all part of it. It's, I love astrology. And I love hearing the bottom line. I'm a businesswoman. I want to know the bottom line, that Saturn is in my Pluto moon in the third return, I have no clue what that means. I don't need to know what that means. Just tell me what the bottom line is. What how's that going to affect my life. And I believe it's the same with the eclipses, we don't need to know all of the you know, the astronomy things and all of that. It's fascinating to read that stuff. But just know that the planets vibration raises every time we go through something like that.

Alex Ferrari 8:49
Interesting, because a lot of there's a lot of fear around the Eclipse, there's I mean, everywhere you're looking online, it's like, oh my god, April 8, that's when it's gonna happen. Oh, my God, and I guess it's everything it was, it was a y2k It was the Mayan calendar. We're always looking at Nostradamus said this, we're always looking for the whole world's gonna come to an end, I doubt that the eclipse is gonna cause the whole world to come to an end. But there is no reason to be afraid is what you're saying?

Julie Ryan 9:17
Oh, no, it's it's a glorious component. That whole fear thing. We were all hardwired for fear. And we need to be because otherwise we wouldn't survive very long as humans to again, have that human experience. In this incarnation. Our spirit comes in and we want to have a human experience exploring things. And so we're always going to go to fear when we don't understand something, and then go back to the ancient civilizations again. They're like, What the heck is this? These are the gods that are upset with us and they're covering the sun or the moon or whatever. Imagine then all that fear is ancestral Fear and there's a whole niche niche of people that deal with ancestral fear and helping people eliminate that. And, and so I think it gets in our DNA, quite frankly, where we think, Oh, what's gonna happen now is glorious. That's we you mentioned earlier, what happens when we die, everybody's afraid of death, because we've all been taught well, when you die, you're either going to fly or you're going to fry. Right? So, so everybody's afraid. But when I'm scanning somebody at the end of their life, as you know, Alex, we're surrounded by angels and the spirits of deceased loved ones and pets, it's glorious. And that helps give a glorious component to something that's heart wrenching, and fearful. Because when we're going through that with somebody that we love what to do, it makes us face our own mortality, and where they know, it's gonna be my turn, what's going to happen there. So I think in every area of our lives, we're always gonna go to fear first. And then the key is being able to discern between Is this a real fear? Is this a fake fear, and 99.9999999% of fear is fake. It's not, it's not rational, rational fear, someone's going to harm you or kill you change the conditions before it does. irrational fear feels like it will, but it won't. But the body doesn't know any differently. The body goes into fight or flight either way. So when we know this is based on a limiting belief, from the ancient Celts that believe that solar eclipses or lunar eclipses were, you know, evil. Well, no, they're not the, you know, the, the astrophysicist can explain them. And there's, there's a scientific reason of what's happening. And then on the spiritual level, it raises the vibration. And the vibration is how we are able to connect with spirit and get guidance.

Alex Ferrari 12:02
So you said something, a term called ancestral fear, ancestral karma, if you will. Right? Can you dive a little bit deeper into that? Because that is something that I, I didn't I think probably I've heard it for the first time. Within the last year, I never really understood that until that someone, one of my guests brought it up. And I've had to deal with my own ancestral stuff. We all have ancestral stuff. And you started looking back to the line of people in your father's side of the family and your mother's side of the family. What were they like? Where did they come from? And what does that mean for you here? And I don't know about you, did you ever do the DNA, the DNA genetic testing, the 23andme, or something like that? Fascinating. I did it. It was it was a gift. I was like, what part what this is crazy. And it's scary how accurate it was, because I knew my grandparents, grandparents, where they were I go that far back. I don't go farther back than that, as far as knowing what it was, but he's exactly where they said it was pretty remarkable. So if you can dive into that just a little bit.

Julie Ryan 13:11
Sure. Well, that ancestral fear comes from beliefs and stories. And and I think it does become part of the DNA. And I learned, I'm an inventor, and a businesswoman who learned how to do woowoo. And so I have the ability. And this is what I teach people around the world to connect with spirit. When you connect with spirit, you can do it all you do past life stuff, you can talk to deceased loved ones, you can talk to any spirit, it doesn't matter whether you know them or not you talk to spirits attached to bodies, doesn't matter, all these other things. So it's been my experience, Alex, that when I have a question about that, I just pull in the spirit that I want to talk to like that would be fun to do with your ancestors, that we can do some time if you want. But our heads are big satellite dishes, and they receive and they transmit frequencies, every spirit as our frequency they keep throughout all of their lifetimes. And in order to communicate with them, you just think of them. And that tuned your satellite dish had to their frequency. And then it opens up a two way radio kind of communication. Everybody does this, they're just don't realize they're doing it. And then with practice, you can get really good at it. So ancestral fear, would be something like and I've done this with clients where we're talking to, perhaps one of their relatives that was in the concentration camps. And so a lot of the information has been lost. And my client wants to know some specifics about things. I have one friend in particular, who is the daughter of a Hungarian Count and Countess. At one point her family her grandmother owned eight castles in Hungary, and they lost everything during the war. are. So the family is trying to get back some of that. And so her ancestor and spirit is giving her very concise direct guidance on, do this, go to this department, call this person, you know, do that kind of thing. And by doing that, what we can do when we can uncover what it is that ancestor went through, it negates any kind of negative energy attached to it, negative meaning a low vibration. And energy is not neither good nor bad. It's just something that's original to us and familiar to us. So it feels good, or it's, or it feels badly, and things that feel badly are always based in fear. So when we have a fear, and certainly this is documented, especially with with descendants of the Holocaust survivors, that they a lot of times have emotional issues that don't make sense, but it's because of what their ancestors went through, during the Holocaust. So we go back and we talk to the ancestors, we get that information, we look at it from a different perspective. And it erases that fear in the person who's living today, because it's just something that they've inherited from their ancestor. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 16:27
It makes all the sense in the world, I want you to kind of let people know that because it is powerful. Yeah, and it does, it can absolutely direct your life and control your life in many ways, if you don't acknowledge it, and deal with it. Because it's kind of like breaking the cycle. You know, like, if you were beaten as a child, you know, do you beat your children, you know? And then when you say, No, I'm not going to beat my children. Oh, then that cycle is broken now. And then my kids would never have ever understood, what was that what was like, and that's kind of, you know, if your your family's drank, I'm not going to drink breaks the cycle. Same thing with ancestral fear, and just also ancestral karma, as well, which is a whole other bag to open up.

Julie Ryan 17:15
Well, the thing about the ancestral to, which is really cool, and it's been my experience in working with 1000s of clients over the years is that not only does it heal for the person in this day and age, but it heals, for the ancestors, they have healing, and it heals for the future generations to be born. So it's really powerful. When we can get that information. I do work with past lives. And those are so much fun. Because we can get documents, we can get historic facts that we can corroborate, validate with documents online a lot of the time. And I say I can't make this stuff up. But but the thing about that, too, with the past lives is I will see a semblance of a script that will go through multiple past lives with a person and they're going to be looking at the script from a different perspective, certainly different time, different gender, oftentimes different set of circumstances, what's happening in the world. Where are they? What language are they speaking, you know, all of those variables. But the interesting thing about it is there, it's the same script, or a semblance of this same script. And I talk in analogies a lot because it gives our human minds a frame of reference for others with stuff that we're talking about. And my favorite analogy for past lives is think of Hamlet. How many times is Hamlet been performed since Shakespeare wrote it in 1602. Who knows? But certainly, when you look at the variables, like when was it performed, in what year what was happening in the world, what language were who were the actors, all of that same script, different perspective, each one of those billion times that it was performed. And since time doesn't exist in the spirit world times a human creation, we can live a whole bunch of past lives. And it may not even be a blip on the radar screen in the spirit world. So that fascinates me how we'll see a running continuation of exploring a similar storyline certainly you understand that from the business, the movie being in the movie business.

Alex Ferrari 19:42
Oh, yeah, absolutely multiple storylines. What I've found one of my favorite topics is the concept of there is no past life. There's no future time. All lives are happening at the exact same time. And whenever we do in this life might ripple quote, unquote, to the future quote unquote, advice. And then if you had really wants to start hurting like Go with every major decision you do in this life spawns a parallel reality, which then plays off that, like, did I date Sally? Or should I not date? Sally? Should I come out as a psychic should not come out as a psychic? And those get completely played out? So there's infinite amount of lives or parallel realities to this one alone, let alone all the other ones as well. And then that spawns off the multiverse. And then they're in quantum physics, physics world, as well, at that point. I love all of that. And you're shaking your head, you're like, yeah, yeah, of course, of course. And other people who just heard that their head is about to explode. But it's, it's a concept that

Julie Ryan 20:38
What I do with that, first of all I go to do I understand it? No. Is it feasible? Yes. Will I understand it? When I'm back in spirit form? And heaven? Yes, I'll immediately understand it. So God just going to is it feasible? Well, yeah, everything's feasible. There's no, there's no black and white, there are always shades of gray right in there. And so that's where I go is, is, is it feasible, I have heard from spirit, many, many times that yes, there are multiple realities happening at the same time. And that's how I believe I'm able to access the past lives. Because it's like, I'm going into that Film Library

Alex Ferrari 21:23
Video, I was gonna say, video store.

Julie Ryan 21:26
Right. And that videos playing constantly, and then they're adding more videos and more videos and more videos from different experiences throughout different lifetimes, to be able to do that. And, and that's, and that affects a lot of us, I do have a technique that I teach that I'd love to share with your, your audience. And that is what I call that two minute rule. And it really helps us live a life of joy. And, and how it works is back to the whole fear concept. when a thought comes into our head, it's neutral, it doesn't have a meaning until we give it a meaning. And a thought is either going to feel good, or it's going to feel bad. And that's called a motion. It's an internal GPS system that we all come in with. We're hard hardwired for it. So the key is to realize anything that feels bad, whether it's anger, jealousy, boredom, actual fear, grief, whatever, it's a low vibration. It's not bad. It's just a lower vibration, and back to the whole fear thing. But understand it feels bad. So, you know, is it real? Is it fake? Two kinds of fear, rational fear, irrational fear, rational fear, someone's going to harm you or kill you change the conditions before it does? Your rational fears. Everything else? We talked about that? So here's the technique, Alex, you just ask yourself, Is this going to kill me in the next two minutes? When you have a thought that feels bad? It's a yes or no answer in this game? If the answer is yes, get out of the road before the bus runs you over. That's a rational fear. If the answer's no, that's an irrational fear. By doing that, you can do that in your head and nanosecond, what that's going to do is that's going to keep you out of fight or flight from an autonomic nervous system. Because when we go in fight or flight, what happens, our cortisol levels go up, our stress hormones go up, the blood drains from our brain, and goes to our heart and extremities. So we can run away from that bus that's chasing us or that appointment, we're going to be late for two very different things. But they both cause fear in the body. And when we're in fear, we lose clarity. So back to your ancestral, you know, trauma, if you will. Well, I've got this fear when I when I fly, and there's no reason why I have the fear. I'm using this as an example. I don't, but you know, a lot of people do. Well, let's go talk to your ancestors and see Did something happened to one of them when they were flying? I had this with a client, and it went back to the Greek days and who was the Greek god that he got too close to the sun and is melted.

Alex Ferrari 24:15
Is it Aries? It was a Mercury. No, it was the little guy. Oh, God. Icarus, Icarus Thank you. Thank you.

Julie Ryan 24:23
And and so what we did was we went all the way back to this guy, you know, he knew about Icarus. And he his wings melted when he got too close to the sun. So he and all of his family members were afraid to fly when we trace it back to that. He was like, Oh my gosh, you know, and then it it just negates the fear. When we know that it's fake fear. It doesn't have any control over us anymore. Those thoughts. Two minute roll. It's a beautiful thing. Beautiful musical on limited times a day. You can use it in any situation, it's free. And it's convenient because it works anywhere your brain is near burns, usually with you wherever you are,

Alex Ferrari 25:07
Generally speaking, I've been in situations where the brain wasn't anywhere to be found. But that's another story ultimately.

Julie Ryan 25:12
That involves rhum or alcohol or something.

Alex Ferrari 25:15
I'm sure it involves something. It's something stupid when I was a kid. So now you mentioned off air that you, you talk to your spirit guides. And you and you bring them in to talk to them and ask them questions. Can we do that a little bit? How's that? How's that work?

Julie Ryan 25:33

Alex Ferrari 25:33
So just so I just asked the question, then you look for that as at work.

Julie Ryan 25:37
How this works is a race my vibrational level, it takes me a nanosecond, I don't walk around scanning people, a lot of the work I do is medical, as you know, Alex, where I'm like a human MRI, and I can scan anybody anywhere in the world with their permission. Of course, I don't do it, because I think it's unethical if I don't have their permission. And then I can see broken bones, torn ligaments, whatever, when I'm working with somebody, their guides are involved, my guides are involved. God, the universe, the angels, all their deceased loved ones from all their lifetimes. It's just like a big soup that I call spirit. So I'll see things in my mind's eye. I'll get information downloaded into my head, I call that divine downloads. And so we go from there. So yeah, ask me questions. And then it's an amalgamation of spirit. Talking through me, I mean, I'm totally coherent. But it's, it's a conversation between spirit you and me.

Alex Ferrari 25:37
Okay. So what do you see for humanity, in this coming year?

Julie Ryan 25:52
Continuing to expand, things are going to continue to get better, we're going to create things we create out of the contrast when we know what we don't want. And I'm an inventor of surgical devices sold throughout the world, how did I create those with the communications degree, by the way? Well, because I knew what the problems were in certain surgeries. And then I was able to access the information. This was before I learned how to do woowoo. But I was able to access the information, all information is available to all of us universal information, when you think of something you get on a channel, and then you download that information. And the key is, is to take a step with it. We're always downloading information, but nothing changes until we act on the information that we get. And that's where the two minute rule comes in. Because most people are afraid to act on the information they get. If it feels good, take a step act on it. So we'll continue to create out of the contrast, the wars and things that are going on. And there have been wars since the beginning of time. But look at the good that's come out of it too. You know, we realize things we want to we want to change how things are done. We have treaties, we have other things that will come out of it. And there are people that want to explore and experience things at different levels. You know, there are people that are criminals, and they want to explore that. And then there are people that that's not even in their their wheelhouse. And so they're exploring something differently that feels better. Every experience benefits us in some way. Even if we perceive it to be horrific. In the spirit world, they don't. They're up there going, Oh, wow. What are we gonna do with that? What's he going to create out of that? You know, they're not looking at it like it's horrific. We do. And we need to, because that's what helps us create an our human existence. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 28:44
It does make sense. What is what is your take, or what is spirits take on the elections happening this year, all over the world is not just in the America and not just in America, which is obviously everyone's looking at that around the world. Everyone always looks at our elections. And they're there. It's pretty important. It's always important. What am I saying? But around the world? There's a lot of elections going on this year. This seems to be a pivotal year for the political winds, if you will, what are your what is spirit's take on that?

Julie Ryan 29:18
Everything unfolds perfectly. Piggybacking on what I just mentioned before, it all unfolds perfectly. Even if it doesn't feel like it is to us go back to the two minute roll. You know, if this guy wins, is that going to kill me in the next two minutes? No, it's not. So then that gets your clarity there, keeps your clarity and space in in its proper place. And then you can move on. Everything is happening perfectly. We're creating out of every situation that appears and when we really understand that and it's a big concept that's a variant vanced concept that's been downloaded to me from spirit for a really long time now, it's amazing how you live a life of joy. You're still interested in what's happening in the world, but it doesn't affect your day to day joy, because you're fretting over, you know, something that could happen. We're all hardwired for fear back to that concept. So what do we do we use our imagination to envision things that we don't want to happen. And we suffer over it. You know, so if we can cut that off with a two minute rule and say, Okay, this is, you know, if this happens, all right, it's benefiting me in some way. How it's going to be interesting to see how how's it going to unfold? What's my involvement going to be? Or not be? A? Do I want to be a creator in this? Do I? How do I want to go forward with this totally different concept than what most of us have been brought up to believe

Alex Ferrari 31:06
With this unfolding of perfection that you're talking about and I understand exactly what you mean. That I mean, I mean, the bad things have happened in my life where unfolded perfectly to become who I am today, right? In my didn't really like some of those things, as you wouldn't sometimes. But it is what it is, with that happening in the world are things going to be more, a little bit more turbulent, moving forward, so we can, because it just seems to me that the dark seems to be coming up, but in for the dark to come up. That's when the light shows up. Because you need the dark in order to see the light is there going to be more dark, or more negative coming up for us to continue to raise because I see your point of view of the positive side. But there's so many people with so much fear about, oh, my god, the world's coming tonight, and we talked about that with the with a new cycle. And I completely agree with you. In this next year, which seems to be a pivotal year, for whatever reason. Eclipses coming. It's raising our vibration. We got the elections going on, there's wars going on, which have always happened. But and these all these wars are old as well. There's the old conflicts, old ideas, for God's sakes, are you serious? The monetary systems and what's going on with the economy, all these kinds of things? What do you see for this year, and also for the rest of this decade, which is I've heard different things about where we're going. We're all at the end of everything from what I hear, we're going to be fine. It's going to be a better place. Now how we get there. This is what I'm trying to find out.

Julie Ryan 32:43
Yeah, yeah. Well, I think to that, it's important to remember to think the long game. You know, when we're focused on the short term, things seem all doom and gloom. But when we focus on the long game, like I heard from a friend who's Jordanian that there's a huge can heard this, I hadn't heard about it in the news. I didn't read about it, maybe you know about this. There's a huge canal, like the Suez Canal being built from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean, and guess where it ends into the Mediterranean? the Gaza Strip, right, and it's called the Ben Gurion canal. But unlike the Panama Canal, it's it's billions and billions of dollars, that are that are being used to build this, it is going to bring in some massive amount of money to these different countries that are all there. So, you know, it makes you think, okay, is this whole Palestinian Israel thing? Is it really about the religion thing? Or is it about really, at the bottom line is money. And I believe, I was amazed that you heard of that, it's called now, and it's gonna have commerce that goes both ways. And the Dead Sea is really low. So they don't, the locks that they're building are going to be totally different. There's all these resorts and stuff that are going to be built along the way. So anyways, point being, I think, where we're going with all of this is that all of our 24/7 news cycle is illuminating. A lot of the bottom line of these things, you know, the news cycle wants to keep us in fear. And certainly to your point, it's an age old story about the Middle Eastern complex. They've been fighting since the beginning of time with

Alex Ferrari 34:43
Russia, Ukraine, for God's sakes, exactly stories well,

Julie Ryan 34:46
Right, but what's underneath it, and if we stay focused on okay, it's going to be revealed to us what the bottom line is here and not get caught up in the short term stuff and go into the fear thing. Is this gonna affect you today in your home in the next two minutes? No, it's not. So you stay out of fear. And then that allows you to look at the big picture. And I think that's going to continue to unfold. And as we become more enlightened, as the vibration of the planet raises, then we can at least go to that feasibility thing. I don't really understand how this works. But is it feasible that there's a bigger picture here? Yeah, I think we can agree that there's, it's feasible, it's possible. And we focus on that. And then that raises our vibrational level. And it allows us to communicate with spirit and then we have access to universal intelligence. An analogy that I like to use Alex for this is we all have energy around us all the time. Everything's made out of energy. All of our deceased loved ones, angels, spirit guides, the whole nine yards are all there. When we're in a low vibration, spirit and communicate on the I feel crappy channels because of vibrations too low. Right? Right. When we're attached to a body, we vibrate more slowly, because the body has mass like trying to run an electrical current through a bullet putting, it's gonna slow it down because of the mass. But it's similar to when we're in an airplane. And it's a rainy day, wherever we're leave taking off from whatever airport and we're on the runway, and then we get airborne. And we get above those gray clouds, what do we see blue sky and white puffy clouds that were always there. We just couldn't see them. Because of that cloud cover from the rain showers. The rain showers and below are a low vibration, the blue skies always there, that's a high vibration, that spirit, we all have access to that. It's learning to communicate with spirit, you do that through meditation, you're a big meditator, you do that through prayer, you do that through other means, but it's there and it's accessible for all of us, we all come in with the hardware. To do that.

Alex Ferrari 37:11
It's fascinating because I was about to say like, so it's like meditation, you leave the body, in a way you kind of leave the body and you raise during meditation, you raise the vibration, to be able to get downloads, to be able to get visions to be able to get information. In a in a in. That's all things that happen to me when I meditate. But when you are meditator at a certain level, like a master, a walking master that or an Ascended Master, when they meditate, they they're gone. They just they literally are gone. And they can go to different realms. Yeah, go, you're at a whole nother level. And that's what, because Ascended Masters fascinate me as they should most everybody but and Yogi's In the yogic powers and those kinds of things, because I just always I'm trying to connect, I'm always trying to see the full elephant. That's the thing, a lot of people just like, I see the trunk now that there's a lot more to the elephant there. So I'm trying to connect the dots. And as these Ascended Masters raised their vibration, or frequency, they are able to access the other side, they will access information that they couldn't access, if you were, you know, doing things that were very low vibration. And from my understanding, when you're at a higher vibration, you can't really attract a lot of low vibration people into your life, because that's just kind of doesn't work. So that's why I always joke I'm like, when was the last time you heard a yogi getting mugged? It doesn't generally happen.

Julie Ryan 38:49
Well, and I think it's important to also mention to Alex that that's one way to do it, I access all that stuff in a nanosecond, because I've learned how to do it, and I teach people how to do it around the world, when you take my class, you're going to be able to do it in a nanosecond. I'm totally conscious. I'm having a conversation with any spirit, I'm accessing any kind of information, it's not necessary to chant for an hour and hop on your left foot for five minutes and raise your right hand and twirl. You know, it's it's a developed skill, and the brain has the capacity to lay those new neural pathways. And it doesn't, you don't have to study it for, you know, 50 years in order to do it. That's one way to do it. Certainly the more you do it, the more proficient you get primarily because when we get information from spirit, we're able to validate it, we learn to trust it. And the more we do it the more we validation we get the more we trust it then it's just second nature. And so that's where I am. I am certainly not an Ascended Master. I don't meditate for an hour every day, by no means, but I'm able to access that stuff instantly.

Alex Ferrari 40:05
Yeah, it's just that and that's another really good point here is that there are many roads to the same temple are the same, and of the journey. And it's not always the one way, I mean, you can sit in a cave in the Himalayas and meditate for 50 years. And, you know, you could, you will probably, if you do it right, and you're drained, get to a certain level of, of enlightenment, doing something like that, or you might do it for 50 years and not be able to do anything, who knows, or you could take your course, or read a book, and then you instantly get it. And you can go someplace, and also depends on the person on what they're where they're at, on an evolutionary spiritual level. There's so many different ways to go about the same West, which is, I want to make sure everyone understands. And that's what the show, my show is about separating out every walk of life, every kind of way. You know, I've met I've met quantum physicists who are extremely enlightened, and I've met spiritual people who are not so much is so it's really fascinating.

Julie Ryan 41:09
Right? And I think furthermore, with that is that everybody is on their own journey again. So the yogi master who's sitting in a cave, meditating for 50 years, that's what he wanted to explore in this human incarnation. But whereas somebody who explores doing that another way, I think we're all here to have the human experience. And the human experience is whatever we design it to be, which, how cool is that? And back to the creation thing, when you think about it, what we're creating our whole lives when we're alive, and then we're done. And we go back to heaven, and what do we do when we go to heaven, we create what our next life's gonna be. And we reincarnate, so the creation process is continual, it never ends. And it's an adventure. It's a journey. We all know. And you especially and I, too, there are things that are have been adventures in our lives. And then we get to the end result, which is what we were aiming for the whole time. And then what do we immediately do we create something else, we come up with another idea to create something else, it's never ending. And everybody is like that everybody has a purpose. Everybody is a valued person, in society, in the human race, regardless of when they've lived, what they've done, what they've experienced, it all contributes to the collective. And that's the information that Universal Intelligence that we have access to.

Alex Ferrari 42:43
Isn't interesting that when most people retire in the West, this concept of retirement at 65, you're supposed to be sent out to pasture or something along those lines. From I don't know what the exact percentages, but most people die within the next five years or 10 years, because they have lost their purpose. And they've lost their ability to create, because they're just like, Oh, I'm just gonna go sit by the beach and eat bonbons and drink. You know, daiquiris that gets old. Yeah, weak I mean, for me, at least, I can't even do that. Now. I plan to keep working or creating until the moment that I'm done. It's just it's the concept of retirement is just something very old, old in the industrial age idea of retirement. Would you agree on all of that?

Julie Ryan 43:40
I do. And it's interesting, because no coincidences in life ever. But I had a conversation with a client yesterday, who lives in the villages in Florida. And I said, I believe that the villages, and for those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, it's a community of people, I think, 55 and older or whatever. And they have lots of activities and opportunities to learn things and attend lectures and things like that. And more and more communities like that are popping up around the country and even around the world. And I believe what the developers are doing is they're trying to recreate the blue zones throughout the world where, yes, it's health. Yes, it's food. Yes, it's spirituality, but it's a sense of community. And the one thing that most people when they retire they talk about is how lonely they are, and how they miss being around people because we're pack animals. You know, we need to be around others. And I believe that's what these communities are fostering in the assisted living places and the communities like the villages and elsewhere. There's a bunch of them in Arizona and Nevada and Florida and Texas, probably too. where people are moving there, because there's so many activities for them so that they don't just sit in their house and rot. And then they end their, you know, they decide to go back to heaven because they're bored out of their minds.

Alex Ferrari 45:16
Yeah, exactly. So, so let's talk a little bit about the economy, because there's also a lot of fear around economic changes happening in the world. Money, monetary systems, economic systems. And a lot of times people like the whole system's rigged, which obviously, it is, in many ways, in many, many ways. So what do you see or what is spirits see for the world economy moving forward this year, specifically, but then over the next decade, because I feel this is just me, I feel that these old institutions are starting to show their cracks in all walks of life, political, health care, education, all of them, religious, the cracks are showing and they're all starting to crumble, because there is something new that has to replace them. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Julie Ryan 46:12
Well, I think it piggybacks on everything that we've been discussing so far. In our time together today, in that it is you've got to shatter the old in order for the new to come in. When you are saying what's going to be the situation in the world, what I heard was, it's all perfectly unfolding again, it's going to be really good. And and when we don't understand something, what do we do, we go to fear. And immediately we go to fear, I do believe that we're going to a digital currency, I believe that will happen sooner than later. And I believe that although there's lots of doom and gloom around that, that it will be advantageous for all of us.

Alex Ferrari 46:56
And when you say a digital currency, because essentially, we almost are on a digital currency, because credit cards and banks, I mean, very few people use cash, at least in the West, are using cash, we're all walking around with gold bars in their pocket. So when you say digital, are you talking about like, Bitcoin and that kind of stuff? Or are we talking more of what we have now?

Julie Ryan 47:20
I don't know that we're gonna have dollar bills in our pockets, I think everything's really going to be done digitally. And so I think that the money that we have that we use, especially in the West will be gonna be collector's items, because that will change. I do believe also that it will be there trying to make it like a global currency. Some, you know, there's a lots of information out there out there about that. And when I asked Spirit, will there be a global currency? I get a yes, there will be, do I understand how all that's going to unfold? No. And I think the most important thing to remember about future events is that they're fluid. There are a bazillion variables that come into effect an outcome, so I can give you what I'm getting at this moment in time, may be different next week, next month, next year, certainly there will be a probability that some of this that we're getting now from spirit will be the same, but spirit doesn't even know. Because think about all the variables that can come in to affect an outcome. Sure, you know, there, and those variables can turn on a dime, speaking of money, it can turn on a dime, and something can come up that wasn't otherwise in the plan, but it changes the whole trajectory of it, but I am getting that there will be a global currency and it will be digital moment in time.

Alex Ferrari 48:58
But from what I understand to with psychics in general, and in channels, and psychics and channels, that they can, quote, unquote, predict the future. But it's a put the most potential or the most possible future as we are currently moving. So in other words, oh, you know, this is going to happen, but this if something switches over, it switches the trajectory of it. So that's why it's never a perfect scenario. Is it probable? Yes. So it's like, is it probable that a common is going to hit us in the next year? Probably not. It's probably you know, it's not going to happen. But if you would say, you know, the common there's a common common, it's kind of a hit in 2035. But there's a lot of things that can happen between now and there. All of our energies are going towards that happening until something shifts. So I heard the other day from someone's like, 9/11 was very probable and everything that was happening in the world was aiming towards something like that, or World War Two, there was something, there was just some the energy was going towards that direction. And it was almost inevitable because it was so much energy focused on that that was like this is going to happen. But a lot of times, it's a little foggy here, and a lot of these predictions that we're talking about, can be foggy or, and can change on a dime from anyways. And by the way, when you said, a world currency, I've also heard that from other guests, and from spirit as well that there will be a world currency, but it will be there'll be different currencies, but they'll all be equal, meaning they will, there's no more currency exchange. So culturally, I can keep my, my, my Euro, or I can keep my dollar, I could keep this, but they all have the same values that have this ridiculousness of oh, this, the pound is worth more than this or that. And you can kind of see what happened with the Euro was a I mean, how many countries are in the, in the Euro, and there was the Deutsche Mark, and that this or that, you know, the lira, and all these kinds of things, and they kind of come combined into one currency, and will be more of those combinations. Does that make sense?

Julie Ryan 51:10
It doesn't, you bring up two really good points that I'd like to expand on, if possible. The first one is, when we get information from spirit, we need to be open to the interpretation, because of global currency. In one way of thinking about it could be okay, we're all using the globe, you know, let's call the globe, that's, that's the currency, the globe, the globe, the world. globey. That's one way. But another interpretation that you just mentioned, is all of the different currencies are valued at the same. But perhaps in the short run, perhaps in the long run, each individual country will have their same and there won't be the fluctuation in the value, like, you know, the Canadian dollar versus the American dollar, though, whatever. So that's number one. The the other point that I want to make based on what you mentioned a minute ago, Alex is when we as a collective, think about something at the same time, we have the potential to affect that with our energy, because thoughts are energy. And I think a great example of that is when you have an intention, let's say somebody in your family is ill, and you put them on a prayer chain, you say, Okay, get everybody, you know, pray in for my whomever or my mom, because she's having surgery on Thursday. And then there's lots of energy focused on, you know, the mom having surgery in Austin, Texas tomorrow. I see examples of that in the operating room. Again, I'm an inventor of surgical devices sold throughout the world and a former manufacturer of them so I spent a lot of time in the operating room. And now I'm I do remote reality remote viewing, I can see what's going on anywhere in the world. So when somebody's having surgery, this as an example, I'll just connect into that person's spirit. And I can tell you how many searches are in the room, I can read the anesthesia equipment, I can tell you where they are in their surgical procedure, whatever. Interestingly enough, there's always a scenario that repeats itself. The patient's guardian angel is over the head of anesthesia. Always, there are surgeons spirits over the heads of the actual surgeons performing the operation, they're advising them. And depending on how much prayer is being said, for that person, there are surgeon there are family and friends, spirits, deceased loved ones spirits that are in the operating room as well. And they line up kind of like an eighth in a amphitheater, like in a in U shape at the foot of the operating room table of the or table. And I can always tell when there's a lot of prayer being said for that patient because the more prayer being said, the more spirits are in the room. It's like our intentions, not only can affect the person who's having the surgery, and I'm just using this as an example it can pertain to anything. But it also brings in our helpers, you know, our deceased loved ones are angels or spirits. And I have a whole chapter in my book about that about what happens in the operating room. You might find that fascinating

Alex Ferrari 54:39
This book right here.

Julie Ryan 54:41
Yeah, yeah, Angelica. What really happens as we transition from this life into the next and by the way, anybody that would like a free copy, just go to, and just say, Hey, I heard you on Alex's show and we'll send you airfree copy. But But the other thing about that too, and it piggy backs into another thought, Alex, if I may, and that is, all of our deceased loved ones, or angels or spirit guides are always around us. And they are so happy to help. They're not going to interfere with our lives, they're gonna send us ideas. They're not, but they're not going to interfere. But boy, when we ask them for help, they are Johnny on the spot. And they're going to come in, and they're going to help us with whatever we're requesting. I have a friend who is a writing professor at Columbia University in New York. And every morning, she says her prayers, and then she has a checklist for all of her deceased loved ones and her angels and saints. And she'll say, okay, Mom, I need you to do this. Dad, I need you to do that. St. Anthony, I need you to do this. And she said, every time whatever she requests is granted. So it's, I think, something that we've done throughout the ages. But as we become more well educated, perhaps we've gotten away from the practice. But just keep in mind, whenever you need some video, people talk about, hey, I need a parking space, play with it, do that, hey, I need this. Can you help me with that? That's what prayer is. And they're more than happy to help us.

Alex Ferrari 55:16
Now with that said, I'm gonna piggyback on that, because a lot of people will hear this and they're like, Well, I would like a Porsche. And that's not the way it works. The one thing I've discovered in this is, this was very profound in my life, is that you might be asking for something that you're not ready for. In your in your path. And you might get very frustrated, because you're not getting what you want. But you're getting what you need, is so, so powerful in understanding your life. Because throughout my filmmaking career, I would get glimpses, I would be right next to a giant movie star, I would get into the room and almost get that big movie deal. And it would just kick constantly, doors would just shut even though they would open and they would tease me they would shut. And then occasionally I would get to work with some amazing people. But it never panned out the exact way I want. And we all as filmmakers, we all want it to be Spielberg, we don't want it to be, you know, Quinn, Tarantino, we all wanted to be these kind of these kinds of icons. But then after looking back, I was like, Oh, I would have self destructed if I would have gotten that kind of money, that kind of Fame at the time. And then the final thing I find really fascinating is when I had my first podcast, when I was talking to all these Oscar winners and big movie stars and stuff, who now my rolodex for all these people who even know what a Rolodex is, for my contacts list on my phone. It became so filled, I would have killed for any one of those five years earlier. And now that I had them, I never used them. And I was like, Wow, isn't this fascinating? Isn't this fascinating? You know, and it's so funny too, because now I pretty much have any, any psychic medium, any channel I want to talk to, I could pick up the phone and probably get sessions all the time about my life. Never. Don't call you, Julie, can you? I mean, I can't Julie can you give me a free session? I just, I never do it. I really rarely ever do anything like that. And it's because I don't need it, though 10 years ago, I your phone would have been blowing up every five minutes Julie. I would have been like, what's going on? What's gonna happen? When am I going to meet my wife? When am I going to when am I gonna make it big? These are the kinds of questions that we've had. So it's a long, which I just wanted to make a point of that because people, so many people think of like the law of attraction and the secret and these ideas of like, just ask for help. Yes, but understand that I want a Porsche Porsche isn't going to show up tomorrow, unless it's something that you need at that time.

Julie Ryan 59:08
Well, I think you make a really good point. And we addressed that earlier in that be open to how it's going to show up. Number one and number two, the other thing is, Spirit knows what our life's trajectory is what we came then to explore and experience. And a lot of us maybe you Alex to a lot of us. Were just heartbroken when our relationship ended. And we think oh my god, I'm never gonna love again. I've never you know, we're in the drama phase of Oh my god. And then you get a few years out and you think, Hey, you gotta marry that person

Alex Ferrari 59:50
That's a bullet I dodged on that point.

Julie Ryan 59:52
Exactly. And that's just one example. I mean, all of us can come up with many examples. And so when we trust that they all are pure love, and they're helping us on our journey of exploration. And when we go where we're led, and have the, you know, the golden ovary courage or the brass ball courage, you know, girls have golden ovaries and guys and brass balls, have the courage to take a step and act on that guidance that we're getting it it doesn't matter if you spend 50 lifetimes acting on something or if you act on it in the next five minutes. Time doesn't exist in the spirit worlds, they don't care. Your Spirit doesn't care about this. It's all about the adventure. It's all about creating, it's all about the exploration. So I think you're you're right on with that. I completely agree with what you just mentioned.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:51
Now, Julie, one last thing I wanted to ask you about is something else that it's a lot of fear around and I, I fall in the non fearful phase of this question, AI, all of a sudden, AI just showed up. It's been around for a while, but the concept of AI just all of a sudden it's everywhere. It's it's taken over. There's Aya it just literally just lit a year ago, I think we weren't even talking about AI. In our last conversation AI wasn't like it was a whisper. It's pretty remarkable how fast it's kind of gotten into the zeitgeist. So you know, everyone's seen, you know, everyone thinks it's Terminator, we're all coming to an end, it's gonna destroy humanity. I don't think so I think that there's guardrails in place, spiritually that humanity has chosen not to have that happen. But want to hear your point. And if you could talk from spirit to the audience about AI, its effect on humanity and its effect on humanity's spiritual evolution as well.

Julie Ryan 1:01:49
It's speeding it up. Humanity's spiritual evolution is speeding it up. And AI is fantastic. It is a tool. It's a mechanism for we humans to use to increase our knowledge, our resources are whatever, in a faster, more efficient way, so that we can continue to create and continue to create the life of joy, which is why we're all here is to create a life of joy. So AI is all part of the big picture. And again, I go back to the two minute rule. If you use AI to help you write a letter, is that gonna kill you in the next two minutes? No, it's not.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:37
It truly depends on the letter, though, it could be a very bad letter, and could that person come and kill you but anyway, I'm joking.

Julie Ryan 1:02:43
You know, you bring up another good point, too, Alex, we all decide when we're born, where we're born, we'll decide when we die. With home, we die, what the circumstances are all of that. So AI is something that's here to help humanity. And we fear what we don't understand. And there are lots of people that are writing articles and doing stories and movies and whatever. You know, what sells? What's the biggest genre in the movie business?

Alex Ferrari 1:03:14
Sci Fi.

Julie Ryan 1:03:15
Is it I thought it was horror?

Alex Ferrari 1:03:18
No, look at the top. Look at the top 20 movies of all time, they're going to be mostly sci fi and comic books.

Julie Ryan 1:03:24
Well, and horror because they are trying to elicit an emotion.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:29
Well, yeah, well, horror is always the place you're going to make money. Yeah. But you see, but there's, that's very interesting. And I don't want to go off on a tangent here. But if you look at the top 20 movies of all time, for I don't even think there's a horror movie on there, because it won't elevate to that level. But if you want to just go baseline, you make a horror movie, it's gonna make it's gonna get to a certain level higher and faster than everything else because it has eliciting emotion. But it won't go to a mass scale as easily. Because people at a mass scale don't want to get terrified anymore. You know, so that's an Jaws wouldn't happen today. Jaws when Jaws came out, it was the first blockbuster jobs wouldn't happen today because we've evolved on that certain level.

Julie Ryan 1:04:17
Interesting point on that. Well, and back to the Sci Fi Listen, as a kid I watched the Jetsons Well, oh, yeah, good. We got picture phones. We got you know, that I'm sure they have flying vehicles that are in certainly the, you know, people from other galaxies far far away. Most likely, have flying vehicles.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:39
Well Rosie is AI Rosie is AI essentially.

Julie Ryan 1:04:42
Yeah, you know, we got robot vacuum cleaners and we got all that stuff. And so much of this sci fi stuff has come to pass. So I asked you as a movie maker. Are those guys channeling all that stuff? I believe they are. Are they channeling stuff? That's In the future, or are we just trying to develop like when President Kennedy said, you know, we'll be on the moon by the end of the decade? What what's happening there? Was he channeling that was he seeing in the future? Or was he what was going on? And what's happening with all these sci fi movies?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:19
Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, if you want even go back to HG Wells, HG Wells was the first those those books spawned so much interest in the science fiction world and the technology world, because these kinds of HG Wells is concepts would never before HG Wells and these didn't exist. I just discovered the other day that Charles Dickens the Christmas Carol is a near death experience. And I really never thought about it that way. And I just came up with it. Oh, wait a minute. Holy crap. It's the entire near death experience. War like everything. He just didn't die. It was just but it was the near death experience. Pat, the life review your everything. So the stories that been around and you go back to DaVinci? And how

Julie Ryan 1:06:08
Plato and Shakespear. I mean, it's literature,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:13
All those where were these coming up? And then we could get into later on another episode of deeper conversation where ideas come from? And how do ideas when do ideas come out? Because if you come up with AI in 1900, everyone's gonna look at you like you have three heads, right? But we weren't ready for that information. We weren't ready for the idea of the car, or the Industrial Revolution until we were because this is the thing I always find fascinating, during the Dark Ages, everything that needed to be everything on this planet that needed as far as materials and information in materials to make the world that we live in today existed in the dark ages. We just didn't have the information at the time. Why? Because we weren't evolved spiritually yet to even deal with that. And I always throw, like imagine giving king his con, a machine gun. Could you imagine how much more damage that man could have? Because we would have destroyed ourselves. If we would have given that kind of technology back then not the one that's doing such a great job today. But you know what I mean.

Julie Ryan 1:07:13
Well, in the present, you bring up a really good point because the potential is there the energy of the potential, and then we bring it in when we have the wherewithal to help make it manifest.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:25
Exactly. And when we're ready for it, when when when certain stories, the matrix came out in 1999 is the 25th 25 year anniversary of it. It's the first time the concept of simulation theory came out into the zeitgeist, it's been around for 7000 years. It's called Maya. It's called the great illusion. It's called the dream by the Aborigines. But we were ready and the mass scale to the Star Wars in 77. The spirituality in that movie, right? was giving us concepts of the force of energy of it, in a way in a beautiful story, and very exciting story. But those ideas were plant those seeds planted into millions and hundreds of millions of people around the world, which would have never even thought about spirituality in that way. Because it is it was a very spiritual movie, in many ways. So but those ideas were of its time it needed to come out at that time. So anyway, I can go on a tangent about movies and stories forever. You know that Julie's been such a pleasure talking to you can tell everybody where they can find you and more about you in the world you're doing and pick up your book for free The Angelic Attendants?

Julie Ryan 1:08:37
Yep, is my website. Ask Julie Ryan, YouTube, on all the podcast channels, we released two shows a week you've been a guest on my show. We've got YouTube channels and, and also podcasts. I have a call in show every Thursday night, where people call in from all over the world. And they asked me a question from my buffet of psychicness. And that's always a blast as you know, Alex, because I never know who's going to call it I never know what their questions are going to be. We can talk to your dead grandma. I can talk to your cat we can. I can scan your body if you've got some medical thing going on. You know energetic healings past lives, whatever. It's a blast every Thursday night at eight Eastern, and everything's that ask Julie Ryan. And then if you want all those social medias, ask Julie Ryan to and then if you'd like a free copy of my book, just go to, And just say you heard me on Alex's show and we'll send you a free copy.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:45
Julie, it is a pleasure and honor speaking to you. I'm sure we'll have you back soon. Because there's 1000 things we can do buffet of things we could discuss separately from the psychic from from spirituals maybe next time we'll have you go into my past lives and see when I fell off of a pyramid somewhere and That's why I'm terrified of heights or something along those lines. So, Julie, thank you so much for being on the show again.

Julie Ryan 1:10:06
And for awakening, I love you, you know that I adore you. You're one of my favorite people on the planet and sending everybody lots of love from Sweet Home Alabama.

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