Deathbed Visions: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into the Next with Julie Ryan

In today’s captivating episode, we dive into the mystical and practical with Julie Ryan, a businesswoman turned medical intuitive and healer. Imagine a blend of corporate savvy and spiritual insight, and that’s where Julie Ryan resides, bringing a unique perspective to the world of energy healing and spiritual guidance.

Julie Ryan’s journey is nothing short of fascinating. A serial entrepreneur, inventor of surgical devices, and manufacturer, Julie took an unexpected turn into the world of “woowoo.” Her transformation began with a book called “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss, which introduced her to the concept of a medical intuitive. This intrigued Julie, especially given her background in the hospital supply industry. Further exploration led her to “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist, who demystified quantum physics principles and their application to energetic healing.

One of Julie’s most profound contributions is her understanding of the 12 phases of transition, which she describes as the stages we go through while dying. These stages involve angels, the spirits of deceased loved ones, and even the spirits of deceased pets forming a supportive presence around the dying person. Julie explains, “Everybody goes to heaven eventually. There are no evil spirits; all spirits are pure love.” This comforting perspective offers solace to those afraid of death, emphasizing that no one dies alone.

Julie has an extraordinary ability to tune into the frequency of spirits, using what she calls her “satellite dish head.” She explains that by simply thinking of someone, you can tune into their frequency and communicate with them, whether they are living or deceased. This ability is not unique to Julie; she insists that everyone has this capability. “We all have had experiences where we think of someone, and then they call or text. That’s not a coincidence; that’s tuning into their frequency,” Julie says.


  1. Everyone has the ability to connect with the spiritual realm: Julie emphasizes that tuning into the frequency of spirits is a natural ability we all possess. It’s a matter of learning and enhancing these skills through practice.
  2. Death is a transition surrounded by love and support: Julie’s insights into the 12 phases of transition highlight that dying is a process filled with the presence of angels and loved ones, offering comfort and reducing the fear associated with death.
  3. Thoughts create our reality: According to Julie, our heads act like satellite dishes, receiving and transmitting frequencies. The thoughts we focus on attract corresponding experiences into our lives, underscoring the importance of maintaining a positive mindset.

Julie also delves into the concept of parallel realities and past lives, topics that stretch the imagination and challenge our understanding of existence. She describes multiple realities happening concurrently, each offering different experiences and lessons. Past lives, she explains, are like pearls on a strand, each one contributing to the soul’s growth and understanding.

Her experiences and stories bring these abstract concepts to life. For instance, she recounts a past life reading for a CEO of a large company who had cancer. In a past life, he was a British Admiral commanding the Atlantic Fleet. This life experience of leadership and control conflicted with his current need to receive help due to his illness, illustrating how past lives can influence current experiences.

Julie also shares a fascinating exercise she uses to alleviate the fear of death called the “Walk to Heaven.” In this process, she guides individuals through a simulated journey to heaven, where they meet their deceased loved ones and experience the peace and love that awaits them. This technique has proven effective in reducing fear and anxiety about dying.

In conclusion, Julie Ryan’s insights offer a blend of practical advice and spiritual wisdom. Her journey from the corporate world to the realm of medical intuition and spiritual healing demonstrates that these two worlds are not mutually exclusive but can complement each other beautifully. Julie’s message is clear: everyone has the potential to connect with the spiritual realm, understand their past lives, and embrace the journey of life and death with love and support.

Please enjoy my conversation with Julie Ryan.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 217

Julie Ryan 0:00
When you feel bad, anything that feels bad any emotion that feels bad is based in fear, anger, jealousy, boredom, whatever. When you feel badly you just ask, is this gonna kill me in the next two minutes? So yes or no answer is yes. Change the conditions get out of the road for the truck run, whoever if it's no, you know it's fake.

Alex Ferrari 0:29
I'd like to welcome to the show, Julie Ryan. How you doin Julie?

Julie Ryan 0:33
I'm wonderful. Thanks so much for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:35
Thank you so much for coming on the show my dad, I really, really appreciate it, you have been doing some very interesting work in your life. And we're here to kind of demystify a few things that people are terrified of. And that's what I kind of do on the show. And as they say, everybody wants to go to heaven, but just not now. Everybody wants to go, not right now.

Julie Ryan 1:03
I got it. I got a spoiler alert for you. Everybody goes eventually, everybody goes to heaven.

Alex Ferrari 1:09
Exactly. But nobody wants to go right this second. So So my first question to you, my dear, how did you start this, this journey of the work that you're doing?

Julie Ryan 1:21
Well, I am a businesswoman. I'm a serial entrepreneur who's founded nine companies in five industries, and I am an inventor of surgical devices sold throughout the world and former manufacturer. And so I tell people, I'm a business woman who learned how to do woowoo. And I'm a buffet of psychicness. And all of this is learned Alex, everybody has the ability. I teach people all over the world, how to do this stuff that I do. Everybody has the ability, it's just learning how to do it, and then enhancing our natural abilities and practicing. So how it all started was I had a friend 30 years ago, give me a book called Hands called anatomy of the spirit by Carolyn mace, who called herself a medical intuitive, I thought, What the heck is that? And so I read her book, because I was inventing surgical devices and was in the hospital supply industry for 30 years. And so I read her book, and I wanted to know more. And back then we didn't have the internet yet. So I did the old fashioned thing, Alex and I went to a bookstore, and went to Barnes and Noble stock, a Barnes and what, sorry, Barnes and Noble dating myself. And because I wanted to see what else was available on this topic, and I found a book called Hands of light by Barbara Brennan, who is a former NASA physicist who parlayed very complex quantum physics principles into understandable English for me for the layperson, the non scientific mind. And I called her school, she had a school, and I asked if anybody was teaching this stuff in my area. And sure enough, there was so that that's how my journey started. And really, where it truly began was I saw Shirley MacLaine on Oprah, decades, probably 40 years ago. Oh, yeah. And she was talking about the spirit stuff. And I thought, okay, and then fast forward 10 years, then I get that book. And so I think the initial seeds were laid by Shirley MacLaine, and also I was born and raised Catholic, and little Catholic children are taught about guardian angels and saints and, and the Holy Spirit and stuff like that. So that's, you know, that's a foundation that was laid initially. And then Shirley MacLaine, and then that the two books that I just mentioned, and here I am, all these years later,

Alex Ferrari 3:53
She really was a trailblazer in so many ways, because she was she had the, the fame to bring attention to something I remember, when I was growing up, I had heard, you know, there was all the whispers, and the jokes and the things talked about all she's past lives. Oh my gosh, she's lost her mind. She really took a big hit for coming out and doing what she did. It's pretty remarkable. And she I don't think she gets enough credit for being that Trailblazer of talking about spirit, the spirit world and past lives and things like that in a very public way in the Western world. No loss. I agree. Now, you as you mentioned a little bit about quantum physics. And I always love when quantum physics meets spirituality, and how that combined what were some of those basic understandings did you learn from that book? And can you say the title of the book one more time for everybody?

Julie Ryan 4:48
Yes, hands of light. Okay, hands of light. What she did was she used Barbara Brennan, this former NASA physicist used very complex quantum physics principles. To facilitate energetic healing. So it's, it's about what we think we attract. And what I have learned over all these years of working with 10s of 1000s of people around the world is, our heads are like big satellite dishes, Alex and they receive and they transmit frequencies. So whenever we want to get in touch with a spirit, whether it's attached to a body or not, because we're all spirits attached to a body having a human experience, we've all heard that term before. It's a great description, I think of what's going on. But in order to get in touch with any spirit, it just think of them. And then it tunes our satellite dish head to their frequency, because every spirit has a frequency that they keep throughout all of their lives. So it's like tuning to a radio station. And then you have like a two way radio that is available, and we can communicate and you don't have to have known them before. You can Who do you want to talk to, or talk to Elvis or Moses or Joan of ark, or whomever it doesn't matter, you just think of them. And that immediately turns your satellite dish head to them. So that's what I use and all of my medical intuitive and energy healing work that I do, because I connect into the person's spirit. And then it's like, I have a human MRI, I can see in my mind's eye, broken bones, torn ligaments, viral infections, bacterial infections, cancer, I just got a phone with a client, who has been suffering for years and years and years and years. And nobody's figured out that she's got mold toxicity, she's got a bad mold problem in her home. Wow. And I got her on my radar, her whole body is inside her energy field is covered in mold. It was so thick Alex, that it was like I was cutting it with a pair of er, scissors to get through it. And she is so sick. She's got lesions on her brain. But the doctors are saying it's not Ms. It's not this, it's not that we don't know, we want to give you an anti anxiety medicine. She'll need an anti anxiety medicine, she needs to, you know, detox from the mold and find someplace else to live?

Alex Ferrari 7:14
Well, let me ask you, it's interesting that you come from the medical supply field. So you're essentially in the medical field. And then all of a sudden, you're like, you know what, guys, I'm gonna be an intuitive medical intuitive. I have to believe that your colleagues when you went public with this must have had, it wasn't a widely accepted at the moment that you came out with it, especially at the time you did so I'm assuming so please correct me if I'm wrong, but was it like that? And how did you deal with that?

Julie Ryan 7:47
Well, I first came out of the closet out of the woowoo closet, or into the woowoo, closet, whatever. By by with my book, Angelica tenants, and I talk about what happens is somebody's dying, and how we're surrounded by angels and deceased loved ones, the spirits of deceased pets. And you're absolutely right. It took me several years to get enough golden ovary courage to do that. You know, guys have breast balls. Girls have golden ovaries, obviously, though, obviously. Oh, my God, people are just gonna think I'm nuts. And the thing that really got me over that hurdle, Alex was I was lecturing at a business conference of C suite executives, primarily men in Austin, Texas. And at the end, I had just put my ask Julie, site up, but I thought, oh, oh, we go. We go. So after my talk, this guy comes up to me, he's got his iPad open. And it's got as Julie on there and my picture, and he says this year was a doll. Yeah, that's my picture. And he's and I thought, oh, here we go. And he said, I'm really interested in knowing more can we sit together at lunch? And I said, Sure, it inside my head, I'm thinking, I'm just gonna get pummeled throughout the whole lunch hour. Well, fast forward, I met a table of eight with seven guy C suite men. We didn't talk about business and all we talked about woowoo the whole time. They were fascinated. They wanted to know more. They wanted to know, how does this work? What can you see what's going on? And I thought, Okay, this is my sign from God, you know, move forward, continue, and everything's gonna be fine. And that's, that's that happened probably five or six years ago.

Alex Ferrari 9:37
And I'll tell you what, the same thing happened to me when I opened up this, this this woowoo kind of show and I was free to peep and all of a sudden, people coming out of the woodwork like so channels, how does that work? Really near death experiences really? Like? Can you tell me more? Fascinating!

Julie Ryan 9:57
Yeah, and everybody has the ability to do that. because we all have had experiences Alex where we think, oh my gosh, it's such a coincidence, I was just thinking of you this morning and you call me or you text me or you email me or I run into you somewhere. And you think, Oh, what a coincidence. There's no coincidence there. That's your satellite dish head connecting with their frequency. And you guys are in sync. And that's how it works. And it's super easy to do once you know what to do.

Alex Ferrari 10:30
Now, you wrote to book about what happens after you, you pass. And you talk about the 12 phases of transition. I've spoken a lot to a lot of near death experiences. And I've heard a lot of different stories, but generally speaking, there are everyone's different but there are certain points that I keep hearing again and again, can you explain to the audience what your 12 12 transitions as you know, what they are

Julie Ryan 10:57
Sure mine is what happens as we're dying as we're transitioning? Okay, there's lots of information out there about the afterlife and about near death experiences, but not much about what happens as we're dying. And people are so afraid of that terrifies we've seen movies like ghost, you know, where there's evil spirits coming to get you there are no evil spirits. It's all spirits are pure love. That's let's establish that

Alex Ferrari 11:24
It's a good it's a good movie I do enjoy that.

Julie Ryan 11:25
Yeah. But, you know, it's they're trying to elicit an emotional response.

Alex Ferrari 11:31
Obviously, you do need it, you need some sort of bad guy or the movie doesn't work.

Julie Ryan 11:37
Exactly. So what I see in my mind's eye, Alex, is what I call the 12 phases of transition. And it's a sequence of events that involve angels, the spirits of deceased loved ones and the spirits of deceased pets that form a horseshoe, they start out in a circle, they form a horseshoe opens up into a straight line as the person is getting closer to departing. And so I can scan anybody anywhere in the world, and instantly tell you what phase of transition they're in. And it gives us information to help us bring in family bring in loved ones, people take time off work, they travel vast distances to be with loved ones at the end of their lives, because they want to be there to say goodbye. This really helps. It also helps comfort people because they understand, okay, my grandparents are there. My I'm describing to them. I had somebody recently, where I said, Okay, there's all these family members around your mother, but there's also a goat does that with the dogs and the cats is dumb. Does that mean anything to you? And she said, Yes, she had a pet goat when she was a child. Well, that's random, but the goat spirit was there. So people find that very comforting that that transit those transition phases happen.

Alex Ferrari 13:00
So okay, so explain to me so when you're saying transitions, or is it the transitions as they're dying, meaning that they're still alive? They haven't completely transitioned over yet. And they're these are the phases before they actually die? Correct. Okay, so can you talk a little bit about those are so we it's, they're starting to? They're coming around, they're like, Okay, we'll get getting ready for we're getting ready. And is there a time period? Or is it like, is it a couple days before or it could be an hour a few minutes before I was at work?

Julie Ryan 13:31
Well, everybody goes through the 12 phases of transition time doesn't exist in the spirit world times a human creation. I'm sure you've heard that before. And so everybody goes through the 12 phases, regardless of how they die. So the 12 phases can happen instantly, like in the case of a homicide or suicide. They can last over days, weeks, months, even years. I have a gal that called into my show for two years her father was in phase 11 of 12 for two years. So everybody does it based on what their spirit wants to explore and experience. Interesting point about the 12 phases to is there is now university based research that corroborates everything I say from the spiritual standpoint because the research shows Alex that 90 plus percent of people at the end of life seat report seeing their deceased loved ones in the spirits of deceased pets either in visions or dreams as they're approaching data. So I love it when science catches up with whoa whoa because what was been around a whole lot longer.

Alex Ferrari 14:40
Okay, so So can you just can I can you give like a quick like a quick list of these 12 transitions and then we'll jump into a few of them.

Julie Ryan 14:47
Sure. So how I can tell if somebody is in one of the phases of transition is the spirit exits the body through the top of the head, and it hangs on attached to the top of the head. It looks like a speech pub All in a cartoon that you'd see. And, and then the first spirit that comes in is always the maternal line. So if the person who's dying mother is deceased, it'll be the mother that comes in first, if she's still alive, it'll be her mother. She's if the maternal grandmother still alive, it'll be the maternal grandmother's mother, always on the maternal line. That's the first person for spirit that comes in pet surprise to me, I thought it'd be like an angel or Jesus, maybe Jesus, or God had like a air traffic control tower that was regulating all of us, you know, here on Earth, I didn't know. And then the paternal spirit comes in, and it again, it's always on the maternal side. So if your dad is still alive, it's gonna be your maternal grandfather, who's gonna show up, it's always on the maternal line, and so forth. And then what happens is, they call in these angels and Catholic girl, you know, angels look to me, like they look like in the statues because that's how I was taught they appear, spirits are going to appear to us in a way that it makes sense to us so we can recognize them. These are big ol angels, Alex, they're like, six feet tall, they got big wings, the way down the rope belt, the whole nine yards. It's not what angels really look like, who knows, that's how they appear to me. So I can recognize what the energy is. And then, but as we get closer to death, that circle opens up into a horseshoe, and then more spirits of deceased loved ones and friends and family show up. Then about phase seven ish. Phase eight ish, that's when the pets show up in the pet spirits. And it can be dogs, cats, snakes, whatever, farm animals. It's hilarious. Let's say, did your grandmother grow up on a farm? Or does she live on a farm now? And we'll say no, but she grew up on a farm I'll say yeah, no, you know, there's cows, ducks in

Alex Ferrari 17:06
India, there might be a pet elephant that shows

Julie Ryan 17:08
There might be you just never know. Or a panther or something, sir, exactly. No, you never know. But about halfway through Alex, an interesting phenomenon occurs in its two extra angels show up and they're on either side of the Spirit bubble, on top of the person's head, goes near death, there's that you talk about a lot of them talking about going through the tunnel. That's what's happening, that spirit exits goes through the tunnel, and hangs on to the top of the head. So about phase nine, between phase nine and phase 10, those angels on either side of the Spirit bubble, their wings start to move. And the movement of the wings reminds me of a giant owls wings. I've ever seen a documentary on a giant owl, you know, the wings are slow and rhythmic, and they're silent. But they you can almost feel the drag when you watch them. And they that movement of those angel's wings creates a vortex above the person's spirit bubble of their head. And the first time I saw this was when my own mother was dying. And that's what I talked about in my book. And I thought, Oh, my God, Am I hallucinating? Am I having a hot flash? What is this, but I knew that it would be somehow connected with the spirit disconnecting from the body. So that goes on. And then what happens is phase 11, the spirit disconnects from the body, the angels who squirt the spirit to heaven, it's always up into the right. And I thought, Okay, what's up with the always up into the right. And I talked to a engineer at a conference where I spoke recently and he said, Well, yeah, I think it was up businesses too. He said, You know, when you're in a vortex and you're unscrewing something and something's coming up, it's gonna come out and go to the right as it comes out of the vortex. I said, Well, that makes sense. One other really interesting point. When I was researching a few things for my book, angelic attendance, I just was led to do an internet search on owl weighing vortex. Come to find out. There's this thing called the wingtip, vortex, that everything that flies, whether it be an animal, a bug bird, a plane, a jet, a kite. There are these vortices that form that cause left causes upward lift you Google wingtip vortex, you will see 10s if not hundreds of 1000s of aeronautical engineering drawings and articles about the wingtip vortex so I thought it was an hazing that, here's this movement of these angel wings in the spirit world that's affecting something in our physical world. That is a real thing. And science can explain it. And it causes the upward left. I got that was remarkable.

Alex Ferrari 20:16
And very cool. So then what are the last few stages?

Julie Ryan 20:19
Phase 12 Is the angels who scored the person spirit to heaven,

Alex Ferrari 20:23
They open the door. Now this is where the Near Death Experience can change, depending on it near death, meaning have to come back. But the experience can change based upon the person's beliefs, the person's in because it's, it's I think what you're talking about is full transition, what I'm talking about is near death, and near death experiences are a little bit more dependent, the production value can be a little bit different than your normal. I love the way we talked about this, the normals because the normal transitions means that this is you're going through. But in near death experiences, like I said, Jesus shows up, Buddha shows up Shiva shows up, Grandpa shows up your third grade teacher shows up it all depends, that is not in a normal transitional phase, whether that be quickly like in a car accident, or in, you know, dying of old age, or an illness, slower process. This all happens at that time. Is that a fair statement?

Julie Ryan 21:24
Well, yeah, and as I mentioned earlier, time doesn't exist in the spirit world. So this, these spaces of transition can happen instantly. Or they can take days, weeks, months, years, my understanding of the nd II with talking with people and reading about it and all of that, and, and my understanding and working with all these 1000s of people and 1000s of spirits over the years is that our spirit decides all of this, we decide where we go, when we go, how we go who's with us or not when we go, what the circumstances are. And the nd II that's part of what that spirit wants to explore. They want to explore that feeling of bliss of total love of, oh my gosh, there really isn't anything to be afraid of. And that spirit wants to explore. Okay, I've got that now I'm gonna come back and live my life and do what with that information. Because it's all up to our spirit. Our Spirit is the one that decides whatever's going to happen. I use the analogy a lot if somebody's shot with a gun. Well, we think okay, that was the murderer. Yeah, the murderer shot that gun. But the person who died it was their spirits prerogative to die from that gunshot. Because there are plenty of people that get shot that don't die. So it's always the spirits prerogative. And it's been my experience that the nd E is part of that spirits prerogative, they want to explore and experience that phase, and then come back and take that information and implement it into their lives.

Alex Ferrari 23:07
Now, the phase that you're talking about, you said earlier, like phase, this one client of yours, the father was a grandfather was in phase 11, for two years. So you can sense that you can just go there and you're like, oh, wait, they seem to be in phase 11. Because x, x and y are there, and this is the next step. But how long that takes is relative to everybody's experience.

Julie Ryan 23:33
It's all predicated on what the Spirit wants to experience of that person. So this gentleman was the father of a caller into my show, and he had Alzheimer's. And whenever I'm helping somebody transition, whether it be the person themselves, which I have many times, or it's a family member who's called and I'm working with the family, I always ask the real questions. Alex, are you ready to go? What do you need? Are you in pain? And they'll answer me, I'm asking them telepathically even if they can't communicate anymore to their families. And I'll get a yes or no, I'm ready to go. Are you in pain? Yes or no? Get that answer. What do you need? That runs the gamut? It can be

Alex Ferrari 24:23
A Big Mac would be nice.

Julie Ryan 24:27
Sweater, I need magazines. I need my May I share my favorite? Yes, please. This was a dear friend of mine. And her father was taken off the ventilator and they thought he'd go right away. Well, it's like a week later, but he's still hanging out. And he kept saying when I asked him, What do you need? He kept saying, I need her to file my quarterly estimated taxes. They said really? She said, Yeah, I really do. So finally she was so exhausted. Rated Her name is Angela. Angela kobish. What does he need to go? It's I'm talking to him. It's like a, you know, a psychic long distance conference call here. And he said, I need her to file my quarterly estimated taxes. And she just said, okay, for God's sakes, where are they? He said, they're in my desk in my bedroom, middle drawer on the left. I said, just go to his house, see if they're there, put them in a mailbox, what have you got to lose at this point, she did just that they were exactly where he told us they were going to be Alex. She filed, she put them in the mailbox, went back to the hospital. He died a few hours later. Now, fast forward, she was the executive of executor of his estate. And by the taxes being filed on the day that he died, it saved her so much headache down the road when she was trying to settle his state. So he wanted her to file his taxes. That check was made out there was a stamp on the envelope. All she needed to do was drop it in the box. Wow. In that wild?

Alex Ferrari 26:07
Julie, I have to ask you. So when was the first time you were witnessed to this? Or got this in

Julie Ryan 26:13
My mother, with my own mother when she was dying in 2002.

Alex Ferrari 26:18
Was someone telling you hey, Julie, write this down? This is phase one. This is phase two, or did you kind of come up with this terminology?

Julie Ryan 26:25
No, I came up with it. Because the first time I saw it was with my own mother. And it was I kind of felt like a schizo because here I am grieving my mother. And I talked about that in my book, angelic attendance. So I am grieving the loss of my mother as she's dying. At the same time, I'm watching all this spiritual stuff happening. And I thought, all right, and my mother was a principal and a teacher before she was a principal. So that was her parting gift to me and to the world. So then I, I helped several other people, as they were transitioning, worked with their families worked with them. And I kept seeing the same sequence of events. And then this is a fun story, how this all came about in the book form. I was with my mentor one day, and she was doing a healing on me. And when I'm on the massage table on covered in a blankie. And she's doing an energy healing on me, my deceased loved ones spirits, mine, both sides of the table, so I can see him my parents are there my grandmother, my dog even, it's hilarious. And one day, Alex, this spirit, dressed as a pope showed up, I'm on Well, this is interesting. So I asked him, I said, Well, who were you? And he said, I'm Clement. And I said, I never heard of a pope Clemen. And he laughed, and he said, I was number six, on okay, how may I help you? And he said, You're supposed to teach your world what happens when somebody dies, because it's been so bastardized, and people are so afraid. And you know, you've seen it, you've helped many people. This is this, you need to just teach the world. And I said, I'm a businesswoman. People are gonna think I'm nuts. I'm not doing that. And he laughed. He said, Yeah, yeah, yeah, just get on with it. So I go to get in my car to leave a little bit later. And I just for kicks, I just Googled Pope Clement the sixth. Alex, come to find out this guy was in office during the Black Plague. He's known best known for his prayers for the dying and his prayers for the dead. And I thought, Ryan, you can't make that stop Bob. Right. So he's my main spirit guide has been around, he treats me like a Nike ad. Who says just do it. Just go do it. Yeah. Okay. So that's how it all came about.

Alex Ferrari 28:44
So let's talk a little bit about you just said spirit guide. Can you talk a little bit about our spirit guides and who is guiding us through this adventure that we're on down here, in in this physical form, from between spirit guides, angels, relatives, other ancestors, or even just other, you know, spirits Ascended Masters, who might be with us, to help us fulfill the missions that we set out for ourselves in a lifetime.

Julie Ryan 29:14
We all have a guardian angel that we keep throughout all of our lifetimes, which I think is quite cool.

Alex Ferrari 29:19
So we have we have the one we have one at least one who's with us

Julie Ryan 29:23
All of our lifetimes and in between lifetimes.

Alex Ferrari 29:27
So that guardian angel is is like assigned to us. Or we have an agreement with that Guardian Angel from this entire this entire time. And they're always with us every time. And again, you found this out how just by

Julie Ryan 29:43
Well I'm just talking from talking with you know 10s of 1000s of spirits. Okay, great. 30 years worth of it. I don't even know how many got it. I had a I had a fun email a couple of days ago a gal called into my show and she went to know her guardian ad angel's name and I got Bartholomew, but the angels said, but you can call me Bart for short if you want. And so she said, fine. So she's like, Yeah, I don't know about that. So she was talking to Bartholomew and she said, Okay, Bart, you know, if you're if that's really your name, I need to have a sign and I need it fast. She said, she went to the grocery store within the next hour. And the checkout boy, she said, Is this teenage boy and his name Badgett? Said, Bart? And she said, in her email, Who names their kid Bart? And I said, well, obviously his parents did. But that was a fast, you know, answer to her requests.

Alex Ferrari 30:38
So we have one guardian angel

Julie Ryan 30:40
One guardian angel. And one other fun thing about guardian angels is, when I first started talking with them, Alex, they would give me these names. And they'd be like 15 letters, all consonants? And I'd say How am I supposed to pronounce that it's either a dead language or a language from a different reality or something. So is it can you give me an American English name with a nickname that I can pronounce. So now the names are usually way easier, like Bart, or Max, or Sam or something like that. So we, we all have a guardian angel, we all have spirit guides. When I scan somebody, and their spirit guides, I will normally see seven that are behind them at any given moment. And they all look like a version of Father Time to me, picture Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies, or Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings, movies, you know, old man, white hair, white beard, and then when we talk to them directly, then they morph into looking like what they look like in the lifetime that they live, that best correlates with what they're advising on the person on in this lifetime. And so there's those, all of our deceased loved ones, and friends, not just from this life, but from all of our lifetimes. And so it's this multitude, you know, you hear about minions, it's millions and millions of spirits that surround us that are supporters. And we're all part of some people call it the collective consciousness, I call it source. So imagine that there's an ocean, and you're a drop of water that goes into the ocean, you as a drop of water separate, soon as you go into the ocean, your source. So that's who it is, I believe, based on my experience, that these different entities are a fraction of source to help our human minds understand them. Because we don't have a frame of reference for source as it exists. When we don't in human form. It's hard for us to understand that. But when we think of okay, I'm talking to Pope Clement. And he's advising me, well, it's source, it's my spirit. It's his spirit. It's God. It's the angels. It's, you know, all my deceased loved ones and friends, all working together, communicating to me through the image of Pope Clement, so it's easier for my human mind to understand it. Because that's how we are raised that, you know, you go to experts for information,

Alex Ferrari 33:20
Right, exactly. And these spirit guides and everyone you've talked about, does, you know, there's, for lack of a better word, Jesus or Buddha, or, you know, whoever, you know, a yogi or whatever, are these spirits there as well to kind of guide you through this process. And to the spirit guides, and angels and other beings around you, kind of not only guide you through life, by giving you a little Pat's on the side to make sure you stay on track to what you agreed upon. But do they also open doors for you opportunities, bring this person into your life when it's time, kind of like when Pope Clemens showed up and said, Hey, this is what you need to kind of do. That was that was a little little nudge at that moment in your life that you needed to see. Is that fair?

Julie Ryan 34:13
I would say yes. To all of the things that you mentioned. Yes, we are. freewill is there is not one set path. When we're born. That's not been my experience, my experience and throughout all of these years has been we all come in to create and then create what well that's where your freewill comes in. In the spirit world, there's no right or wrong. There's no good or bad. It's just an experience, and every experience expands our spirit. It's what all those past lives are all about. When I'm working with past life, things on with clients and with people who call into my show. I will see a semblance of a script that will repeat throughout multiple lifetimes. different perspective on the same thing, different place, different time, different gender different set of circumstances. Same basic script. And an analogy I like to use for that Alex is think of Hamlet, how many times is Hamlet been performed since Shakespeare wrote it in 1602. Who knows? Same script. But where was it performed, in what year what was happening in the world, in what language by home, you know, all those variables will create a different perspective on that same script. And past lives are interesting to me, because the best analogy I've heard for them is they're like a strand of pearls. They're all pearls on the same strand, but their individual pearls, all strung together. And so each lifetime will explore and experience things. And then the next lifetime, perhaps we'll look at some of those same things that we explored and experience from a different perspective. And then that helps us understand.

Alex Ferrari 36:06
But when you're born into a life, generally you have a set of skills or abilities that come in with that life, that will lead you in a certain direction, say, you know, like, perfect example. My, my ability to communicate has been probably one of my great gifts throughout my life, as a film director as a podcaster, as a writer, as all the things that I've done in my life. But if I said tomorrow, I want to be an NBA player. And it's probably not gonna work out so well. Even if I would have done it at the proper age. It wasn't something that I would have been able to achieve with the skill set and the specific skills that I was born with. So I kind of leaned into whatever my gifts were, as I said, same thing with music, same thing for intellect, same things for ability to understand quantum physics, things like that. Would you agree or disagree?

Julie Ryan 36:55
I would disagree with okay. Please think we all come in with things that we want to explore and experience. And, and we all decide where we're born when we're born to whom were born, the circumstances into which were born so our lives can have a basic trajectory that will allow us to explore and experience things. Somebody who's interested in music may choose to be born to a couple of musicians and go to Juilliard, and then go on from there. Is that kid necessarily a savant on the piano? No, but when he goes to Juilliard, he's going to be trained to be a savant. I think Tom Brady's a great example of that. Tom Brady went even drafted until what like the was even drafted or wasn't,

Alex Ferrari 37:39
I think he was like, like the last round, like eighth on the last round or something like that. But if you look at Tom Brady, for everybody listening, Tom Brady is a famous quarterback, arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, when you see his his test, like, feel like this audition, if you will, I was watching it the other day, it was it's pretty bad. One night particularly great or inspiring, or like this kid has the goods. There's nothing to say that that was going to be he was going to become the greatest quarterback ever to play the game and play it longer than almost anybody has ever played it before. But he'd developed those skills along the way. But those skills weren't inside of him that he developed.

Julie Ryan 38:21
But he chose to develop them. Correct. I have a communications degree. How did I end up being an inventor of surgical devices? Are you a doctor? No. Are you a nurse? No. Are you an engineer? No. But I can hire really good engineers who can drop my ideas and plans and then we submit them and I get them patented in my name. So I developed that, you know, was it something that I set out to do? No, was it something that I was looking to help people? So I think my coming in what I wanted to explore was how can I help people from a medical standpoint from other standpoints, and I've used everything all the nine companies I've founded, and five different industries all have served the masses, including the one that I'm doing now with this medical intuitive and psychic medium stuff.

Alex Ferrari 39:19
The woowoo stuff the this insanity. This is sanity, Julie, that you're in right now.

Julie Ryan 39:24
Hilarious. I know it's really fun. Funny thing about this Alex is my consultants that you know with whom I'll I'll meet occasionally and they'll say well, what are your goals? Wow, no, I don't have any. I said well, how can you not have goals? Didn't you have business plans and your companies? I said every one of them, but this one I don't. I'm being led and everything shows up at the exact right time at the exact right people I need to meet and it's been a blast and it continues to be a blast. It's the most fun I've had in anything I've ever done. And because I'm allowing, and not trying to control it with a business plan.

Alex Ferrari 40:05
Well, let me ask you this, do you believe that your journey that you've taken up to the point where you became a medical, intuitive, all of that experience in business and all that helped you all the skills helped you launch this business in a way that made it instantly successful based on the knowledge and experience that you went through. The other way is kind of like it was like building up a set of tools in a toolbox to get you ready for because you were going here, obviously, this is a place that you are going to go and you it's kind of like predestined in your own soul plan. So blueprints is something you want to do. But you have to go through all this other stuff, because you all you need to pick up all these other skills along the way. Is that make sense?

Julie Ryan 40:49
Yeah. And I think all of us can look at our lives. And second say, okay, that led to that, that lead to that, that lead to that, certainly, with the medical intuitive and energy healing part, I was telling a client this morning on a call who has bad arthritis. And I said, when I get somebody on my radar, that's like the CT scan in my mind's eye or in the MRI. Arthritis looks to me like a kind of a crunchy, white, crusty substance that reminds me of a battery that has expired, like your flashlight, you know, that white crunchy stuff. And I said to this gal, I said that's what it looks like on the screens in the operating room when a joint is being scoped. I'm an inventor of orthopedic surgery devices, I've seen bazillions of those surgeries, and watched on the monitor in the or real time. That's what arthritis looks like when they are scraping it out. So that's my frame of reference. So perhaps I have things that are going to come in to me in a way that it's going to be a frame of reference based on my life experience. And then I get crazy ones too, like stem cell energy, looks like a light amber colored gel that reminds me of dippity do hair gel when I was a kid. And then and then DNA healings when I watched that DNA looks like a strand of paper that you see inside a fortune cookie with a fortune written on it. So I mean, that that analogies that come in are hilarious at times. But they're, they're meant to give us a frame of reference for this energy healing stuff. And we don't have a frame of reference for it from our human capacity at this stage of the game. So it's really been fun to watch this stuff evolve.

Alex Ferrari 42:43
So when you going back to the transition, it's what you happen. What happened with you and your mother, would that be a shared death experience?

Julie Ryan 42:54
No, it was me witnessing what was happening on the spiritual love side of the equation. Okay. And, and what I've come to realize now is that when people die, it's heartbreaking. I mean, it's just truthful for most of us when we're losing a loved one. And yet, there's a glorious component to it. So what I find is that when people know about the 12 phases, whether it's as a loved one is transitioning as they're dying, or afterwards, it brings so much comfort to them, especially during the pandemic, when there were so many people that died alone, because their loved ones weren't allowed in the nursing homes or the hospitals or wherever they were. And people have agonized over that there's so much extra grief that my mom died alone, or my dad died alone. Nobody dies alone. Everybody's surrounded by angels and multitudes of deceased loved ones, and the spirits of deceased pets. Always.

Alex Ferrari 44:02
Do you know, from your experience, do you and do you know what happens? After that vortex? What happens after the 12 transitions? Yeah. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Julie Ryan 44:14
Sure. Again, this is how I perceive it. So other people may have a different perception of what happens so angels squirting up into the right, I was gonna call my book, angelic escorts, and my son who's adults and mom, it sounds like a call girl service. You can't name it, you

Alex Ferrari 44:31
Cannot know is a bad branding, bad branding.

Julie Ryan 44:35
No, that's not gonna work. So they escorted him and then the pearly gates look like a plasma wall to me. And so that the person spirit goes through the plasma wall and then the plasma wall is this brilliant yellowish whitish light. With this brilliant like blinding go through it, the plasma wall closes up immediately. There's no trace that you went through it. And then as soon as they get there, then deceased loved ones spirits are there to welcome them. I call that the Welcome to heaven committee. And they're all there waiting. And I had a client recently, we were talking with her deceased dad. And he was just saying it was like a magic trick. He said, All these loved ones spirits were in the room as I was dying, and I could see him. And he said, then when I got to him, and they were all there, you said it was like, you know, a magician will have the girl in the box. And then he spins the box, and the girl isn't there anymore. He said, It was great. It was so interesting. And so there's that. And then that's where their spirit is, with all their deceased loved ones and friends. Interesting point. There is this procedure that I do this technique that I do, that's kind of like a dress rehearsal when people are afraid to die. And I call it the walk to heaven. And I will disconnect my spirit from my body, and I'll get their spirit and we'll walk through the sand, we'll walk into the setting sun will walk through this vortex, we end up at the plasma wall, we go in, they see their family members, spirits are there and their friends, then we come back, I reattach their spirit, I reattach my own spirit. It works every time. Alex, it's so fascinating, a Hunter Hunter percent of the time, it lays there fear. Most of them are people that had been brought up in a religion or a culture where you're either gonna fly if you're good, or you're gonna fry, if you've been, maybe you'll fry just for a while and Purgatory, you know, trying to cleanse yourself so that you can fry, none of that exists. Everybody goes to heaven. No matter what all spirits are pure love. The snarky personality traits of people stay with the body when somebody dies, and everybody goes to heaven, like the movie, all dogs go to heaven, all people go to heaven too.

Alex Ferrari 47:05
That's interesting, too. Because even from my own experience, when you even talking to people who've talked to other people, or souls on the other side, their personality stay with them. So if they were kind of, you know, like, snarky or funny or crotchety, that kind of sticks with them a little bit.

Julie Ryan 47:26
They'll play that that's a part they play to help their loved ones who are still in human form. Understand that that's really that.

Alex Ferrari 47:34
Right! Exactly. If Yeah, because if they're not that they won't even understand who it is. That's in your experience, the concept of life reviews, and all of these, you know, a council of elders, all these ideas I've heard, are commonly in near death experiences. The soul does eventually have to go after the plasma wall. They go through these ideas to kind of like go over what they went through. All right, what I do, what, how did we learn from this? Where do you want to go next? That kind of conversation or from your experience that was it?

Julie Ryan 48:08
Yes, they do. It can happen in less than a nanosecond and our understanding, once we're in pure spirit form, we're in heaven, which is non physical. We and we have all knowledge, we understand everything. So we can look at that. But it's instant. It's less than instant. So we've we get it. We're like, okay, when you were mean to your little brother, when he was born, you were five. Here's how it felt to your little brother. We get all of that. It's not like we sit in a room in a classroom and, you know, watch PowerPoint presentations all day.

Alex Ferrari 48:49
That's on January 1972. Right, but remember when you took the lollipop?

Julie Ryan 48:56
Exactly. So we have Universal Intelligence. The cool thing is, we have access to universal intelligence when we're still attached to a body. But because back to our satellite dish head principle, all you have to do is think of something that connects you to that frequency of those thoughts. All thoughts have a frequency like all spirit has a frequency. That's how somebody like me with no medical background, becomes an inventor, no engineering background, I'm on that frequency of here's a problem. Here's what I need to do to solve this problem in the operating room. I'm getting that information downloaded into my head. And that was way before I knew anything about woowoo. We all do it. How do you know how to fix something? Or how do you know how to deal with somebody who's sick? How do you know how to, we all have experiences in our lives where we're guided, we all are getting those nudges that you alluded to before. Most of them done go, you know, unheated every once in a while will go. Okay, how did you know how to do that? I don't know, the idea just came into my head. And that's how it works. The cool thing too is that spirits and angels are never going to interfere with our lives. They're going to nudge us, they're going to go, okay, hey, what about this, but they think whatever we're experiencing is great, because there's no right or wrong in the spirit world is just an experience. And it expands our spirit, everything we go through, so they're not going to ever interfere, but they certainly will help us if we ask for their help.

Alex Ferrari 50:44
Right. And the nudges are generally, there's small nudges, but from my understanding that because there are lessons that we have to learn in our lifetimes, we bring in ideas of lessons that we're bringing in that we want to explore in this lifetime. And if we continuously, you know, date, the wrong person, don't have a certain, let's say, perfect example is like, Oh, I keep getting taken advantage of by the people who I am dating, or marrying, or something like that. And these concepts, and it just keeps getting stronger. Like you don't face it. And it just keeps getting stronger and worse and worse, until finally, you get slapped across the face by the universe, if you will, for you to learn this lesson. Or you carry it on to the next lifetime to learn the lesson that you're supposed to learn. Do you have any of that kind of information coming to your your viewpoint during this work?

Julie Ryan 51:39
Yeah, I agree with you, as some people would call that karma. And Karma can have a negative connotation to it. Like, you know, you are crappy to your wife and your last life. So you're gonna have crappy wives and this life. But But it goes back to that frequency of those thoughts coming in. So our thoughts create our reality, if we believe that we're always going to get taken advantage of, well, guess what, that's the frequency we're putting out, we live in an attractive universe, we're gonna get more of what we're putting out. And that's a lot of what I teach to in my classes is, how do we know when we're having a thought that saw the panic? We know is it's either neutral or feels good? How do we know when we're in fear? Everything that feels bad is based in fear. The key is to be able to discern between what's a real fear what's a fake fear, real fear, something's gonna harm you or kill you change it conditions before it does get out of the road before the truck runs you over. Right? Everything else, which is 99.9% of the thoughts, we think that feel badly are all based in an irrational fear, that's false. And they're based in limiting beliefs that are also false that we picked up along the lines of our childhood or young adulthood from parents, grandparents, teachers, the media, whatever. So I do this, this game called The Two Minute Rule. And I actually have a book coming out in a couple of weeks called the two minute rule and it in it, here's here's the jest, when you feel bad, anything that feels bad, any emotion that feels bad is based in fear, anger, jealousy, boredom, whatever. When you feel badly, you just ask, is this gonna kill me in the next two minutes? So yes, or no answer is yes. Change the conditions, get out of the road for the truck, run, whoever if it's no, you know, it's fake. You're gonna laugh a lot of the times, you're gonna go, Oh, for God's sakes know, what that does is, it keeps us out of fight or flight. Number one, number two, it keeps our clarity and tack because when we're in fear, we lose clarity. So it's a really good technique that works in any situation. It's free. And it's convenient, because it works anywhere your brain is and your brain is usually with you, wherever you are.

Alex Ferrari 53:59
Now, there's another concept you've spoken about before called about parallel realities. Yeah. Can you kind of you know, I mean, right now, the quantum the multiverse is a very big concept, kind of hitting the zeitgeist in a very, very big way. With you know, big movies are coming out and quantum physics are talking about multiverses and parallel realities and things like that. I'd love to hear your point of view on it.

Julie Ryan 54:26
Fix my head when it explode, trying to understand it from a human perspective. My understanding and I get a yes on this, that this really does exist is that there are multiple realities happening concurrently simultaneously. The best explanation that I've heard about this is recently from an astrophysicist who said, If you think about a star in your hair, okay, it's 100 billion light years away. Okay, great. Well, we can't even begin to understand what that means. But he said, If you think of it in the, in that format, that star was visible in all of those seconds of all of those 100 billion years, and it's visible now. So it's visible in all of those moments, simultaneously, concurrently. And that's how multiple realities work. That's the closest thing I've gotten to have an explanation of it, I think, there are certain concepts that we will never understand in human form. But as soon as we transition, and we're in just pure spirit form, or instantly, we'll be like, Oh, well, that's how that works. But we don't have a frame of reference for it in our human capacity at this point.

Alex Ferrari 55:54
Now, those parallel realities are ourselves living other lives. Okay?

Julie Ryan 56:01
That's what I hear, which is like mind boggling. But I also hear I think of, in the Bible, it says were made in the image and likeness of God. Well, most people think that means God looks like Dumbledore. You know, some old man, why do your white hair white beard, I believe that it means that we're like God in Spirit form. And so if God is everywhere, all at the same time, so can we be everywhere, all at the same time, if we're made in the image and likeness of God in Spirit form, that's kind of my interpretation of

Alex Ferrari 56:35
So then the concept of past lives takes on a whole new meaning. Because you could be living 1000 lives right now, at the same time, all at the same time at different points of view. So in other words, every feasible way that this conversation could go, is happening, where there's one that we're laughing hysterically, there's one that we're cursing at each other, where he's the one that we're doing all sorts of different things. There's one there an elephant falls into the room for no apparent reason. Like, there's all these kind of ideas, because I've heard of that concept of like, that we're living this life, but every possible version of it, I don't know,

Julie Ryan 57:19
I don't, I don't resonate with that. Okay, that's what I resonate more width is, yeah, we're having this experience together right now. And we're creating it as we go. And we're also living in 1921. And, you know, oh, my Washington working at a, you know, working at Boeing or someplace, something like that. And past lives are so much fun, because oftentimes, we can get information that we can corroborate with historic documents online. And that happens all the time. And it's so much fun. And then to what I mentioned before, I'll see we'll see a semblance of a script, that that person was exploring in that lifetime, still happening in this lifetime, just from a different perspective. And it makes lots of sense, when that happens.

Alex Ferrari 58:19
So can you I mean, we have to talk a little bit about past lives as well there. slugline. So what is your experience with past lives? And does because I've heard of concept called generational karma, that you bring in through your your family line, if you will, of the soul group that you were dealing with? I've heard of you, obviously, the concept of Karma bringing it in, like if you were thrown off of a, of a Mayan temple or an Aztec temple on a sacrifice, and this lifetime, you might be a little shaky at heights, and you have no idea why there's no logical reason why there's somebody else who's working towers and looks down and doesn't have a problem with it, because they weren't thrown off and sacrifice on top of an Aztec pyramid or something along those lines. Is that Is that what your experiences are? Please just tell me a little bit about your experience.

Julie Ryan 59:05
Oh, now I got stories about the ying yang about past life stuff. Past Lives are really fun. And of course, I'm an entrepreneur, so I have to do past life scans differently than everybody else. Most people do. hypnosis. Well, I, I just want to cut to the chase. Let's get it let's get the information and move on. So I envision myself in this endless hallway. It's very narrow walls, very tall ceilings and maybe 40 foot tall ceilings. Each wall is lined with vertical and horizontal mirrors, big square 12 inch by 12 inch type mirrors. Each mirror represents a different lifetime. And so I'll ask a question like you know, was Alex a communicator and a past life? Are there any past lives that are affecting Alex being a great communicator in this life? The ones that correlate will cut the mirrors will come out from the wall as if they're on a hydraulic Carme and then I'll say show me the one that correlates the most that one will come out the farthest, I'll see myself jogging down the hallway, and I'll walk into the mirror, or you'll walk in, oh, I'll walk in, that's like I'm walking into a scene in a movie. It's like Alice going through the looking glass. And I'll be given where it was when it was what was going on. It's like, I'm watching a movie in my head. And we'll get information. One of my favorite stories is, I was working with a guy who's he's deceased now. But he at the time was the CEO of a publicly traded huge company. And he had cancer. And so we want to know if there were any past lives that were contributing to this situation. So in the past life, I'm in the Hall of Mirrors thing, and come to find out in a past life, he was this British Admiral, who was in the late 1700s, he commanded the Atlantic Fleet, and he was best known for some big battle with the French. Okay, fine. I don't know British naval history. Okay, great. We get the year we get his name, we get his rank, we get all that stuff. Everything was online, the battle, his name, his rank, head of the Atlantic Fleet, all of that stuff. And the gist of it. I mean, that's fun when we get that, but then what's the correlation? Correlation was, he was used to commanding massive amounts of people. And he was very good at leading, not so good at receiving the cancer in this lifetime, was forcing him to receive from his wife, from his family, from his doctors from his caregivers. And he hated it, because he wasn't in control. So that's how we can take a past life situation. And that's why I always ash show me the one that correlates the most with what's going on and for instance, and Alex's current life, and then we'll be able to get that connection of, okay, what's he exploring in this life, and he ended up having a remission, you know, it was cancer free for several years. And then it came back with a vengeance and it took him out. But his Spirit wanted to explore what it was like to receive. He did, he was forced to, from an illness, he was able to enjoy some more of his life, and then he was ready to go to heaven.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:37
Julie, I can keep talking to you for hours. I mean, this is so much fun. I mean, the story, I'm a storyteller. So these are just wonderful stories that we can get into. But I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Julie Ryan 1:02:53
Joy, living a life of joy?

Alex Ferrari 1:02:56
What is your definition of God?

Julie Ryan 1:02:58

Alex Ferrari 1:03:00
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Julie Ryan 1:03:04
To live a life of joy and to serve others doing so.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:08
And where can people find out more about you and what you what you're doing in the world?

Julie Ryan 1:03:13 And anybody that's listening that would like a free copy of my book, just in see I have props Alex, like a game show. Angelica tenants what happens as we transition from this life into the next. Or I have a bunch of children's books that I've written to the angel messages series and their darling, look at these

Alex Ferrari 1:03:39
Beautifully illustrated, illustrated.

Julie Ryan 1:03:42
Darling. Just got to Julie page, say, Hey, I heard you on Alex's show, I'd love a free copy of your book. And we'll send you a digital and an audio book download for free.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:54
And I'll put that up for. I appreciate that so much. And I will put that link in the show notes into the YouTube description, as well. And do you have any final words for our audience?

Julie Ryan 1:04:05
Everybody can do this stuff. Absolutely everybody. It's a matter of just developing and enhancing the skills that we all come in with. Everybody has the ability you're doing it now you just don't realize it.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:20
Julie, thank you for being on the show. It's been a ball having you on the show and talking to you about all of this and thank you for the work that you're doing in the world and helping people so thank you so much.

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