NO ONE Talks About THIS! Secrets to UNLOCKING Your DREAM LIFE Today! with Jon & Missy Butcher

On today’s episode, we welcome Jon and Missy Butcher, the dynamic duo behind Lifebook, a program designed to help individuals take control of their lives by consciously creating a vision for their future. Picture navigating life with a clear and intentional plan, understanding the importance of aligning your actions with your deepest desires. This is Jon and Missy’s journey—a path marked by resilience, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to living consciously.

Jon and Missy’s story begins with their early experiences as artists and entrepreneurs. “We’ve started around 20 companies over our 33 years together,” Jon shares. Their ventures ranged from art businesses to health-focused companies like Purity Coffee. However, their true calling emerged from a period of intense personal struggle. Jon experienced a complete nervous breakdown, leading him to the brink of agoraphobia. “I couldn’t even leave my house,” he recalls. This crisis became the catalyst for their personal development journey.

In the throes of this breakdown, Jon’s father introduced him to personal development programs, including Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power II.” This was Jon’s first exposure to the concept of consciously shaping one’s life. “I had never heard of this before—deciding what kind of person you want to become and what kind of life you want to live,” he explains. This realization sparked the creation of Lifebook, a comprehensive system that helps individuals define and pursue their ideal life across 12 key categories.

Missy played a crucial role in supporting Jon through his darkest times. “I created a safe space for him to heal,” she explains. Together, they dove into personal development, studying the works of Nathaniel Branden and other self-improvement legends. This period of intense learning and growth laid the foundation for Lifebook, as they began to organize their insights and strategies into a structured format. “We identified 12 categories of life we needed to master,” Jon notes, ranging from health and fitness to love and relationships.

Jon and Missy Butcher emphasize the transformative power of alignment and clarity. They believe that understanding and addressing contradictions in one’s beliefs is essential for personal growth. “If you have disempowering beliefs, they will sabotage your vision,” Jon warns. Lifebook helps individuals identify and replace these beliefs with empowering ones, creating harmony and alignment in all areas of life. This process enables people to move from a state of unconscious living to one of intentionality and purpose.

One of the most powerful aspects of Lifebook is its ability to turn personal challenges into opportunities for growth. Missy explains, “Those obstacles are gifts from the universe, helping you hone your skills.” This philosophy transforms failures into valuable learning experiences, fostering resilience and personal development. By focusing on personal growth as the ultimate goal, Jon and Missy believe that true failure becomes impossible. “If your true outcome is your own personal development, you can’t really fail,” Jon asserts.


  1. Live Consciously: Take responsibility for your life by defining and pursuing your vision with intention and clarity.
  2. Embrace Challenges as Growth Opportunities: View obstacles and failures as gifts that help you develop and refine your skills.
  3. Align Your Beliefs with Your Vision: Identify and replace disempowering beliefs to create harmony and alignment in all areas of life.

Jon and Missy Butcher’s journey from personal crisis to creating a transformative life program offers valuable lessons in resilience, intentional living, and personal growth. Their commitment to helping others achieve their highest potential is a testament to the power of conscious living and the impact it can have on the world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jon and Missy Butcher.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 311

Jon Butcher 0:00
Do you notice when dissonance come into your life? Do you notice when a relationship comes in that's causing friction. It's like, everything was friggin flowing in harmony yesterday, I was completely aligned. And today, I've been knocked off track and it's because of this thing. And that's not acceptable I'm getting I'm gonna handle

Missy Butcher 0:17
Or you have to, you know, adapt in some way or make some sort of an adjustment.

Jon Butcher 0:21
It's the most is the most valuable thing that you could ever have is an aligned life vision with the contradiction that you're moving toward with flow. And if things come out of left field that are going to they're going to, you know, Sideswipe you, you notice and it's not acceptable, you got to get back into that flow.

Alex Ferrari 0:51
I like to welcome to the show, John and Missy Butcher, How you doing John and Missy?

Jon Butcher 0:55
Good. So good to be here Alex.

Missy Butcher 0:56
Thank you, Alex, for having us.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I've been a fan of your work and what you guys have been doing for the world. For a while now I've been I was I was with Mindvalley. For such a long time, I've had our mutual friend Vishen on the show. And I was so impressed with life book and what you guys kind of put together with life book that I was like, I gotta share this with my audience, I want to bring my audience this because my wife and I both took the course a while ago. And it really did shape and change a lot of things in our life and the way we look at things, perspective and all this kind of stuff. So before we jump into your life philosophy, which is fascinating and an oddly simple in the sense that it's everyone should be following these ideas, but not many people do. So we'll get into that as well. So can you guys tell me a little bit about yourselves before you started this amazing thing called life book?

Jon Butcher 1:55
Sure, where artists and entrepreneurs basically were hopeless entrepreneurs. Actually, we've started I think we're at around 20 companies that we've started, we've been together 33 years. So we've had a lot of time to do a lot. Yeah, and so we've had a lot of successes, a lot of epic failures, and a lot of a lot of in between. So really, it's been about art and entrepreneurship, from a career perspective for us before, before LifeLock happened,

Missy Butcher 2:23
because it didn't happen to us. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 2:26
Now, John, is, if I remember correctly, you created precious moments.

Jon Butcher 2:31
My father's the artists, the actual and visual artists have precious moments. And I'm chairman of the board of the companies. And so I sort of handled the business side, my dad handled this creative side, it's a full family business. But that didn't happen until I was in my in my 20s. That was my first real encounter with high level business. So that's where I cut my teeth. On my my core business competencies, which aren't much they're very narrow, but they're very strong in the areas that they're, they're strong in. But we started many, many businesses. Also, like we have, we have a company called purity coffee, that's the healthiest coffee in the world super happy with that company and excited about it and, and a number of other really, really great companies that do good for the world. That's that's our criteria. It's got to be a win win win situation. Otherwise, we just don't have any passion for it.

Alex Ferrari 3:26
Now, you said you had a lot of wins and failures, how do you overcome the failures, because so many of us fail. And so many people are afraid of failing? I always look, I don't say look forward to failing, but you learn when you fail. So how did you go, come and go over some of these epic fails that you're talking about?

Missy Butcher 3:44
Well, I'm gonna say life book came out of one of the hardest times in our life. Not necessarily an epic fail, but I guess Yeah, kind of.

Jon Butcher 3:53
Yeah. And we'll talk about that a little bit later when we get to Lifebook. But here is the philosophical premise that governs how we look at failure. What, what I really try to do is, it doesn't matter what project I'm working on, it doesn't matter what company I'm working on, it doesn't matter what I'm doing. My own personal development is always the highest outcome. So it just always so if I'm, if I'm starting a business, yeah, we want to make money. Yes, we want to be successful. Yes, we want to be profitable. But the most important thing is what we're going to learn and how we're going to grow during that process. Always. That's what that's what we start. That's what we've tried to that's the philosophical premise that we've really tried to install in our lives. And what that means is that failure is impossible. If your true outcome that you're after is your own personal development, you can't really fail. All you can do is have an experience that didn't turn out the way that you thought it would, but it was an amazing learning experience and hopefully you got some personal development. So to give you a concrete example, pool of what that might look like, if a young person and you know, Alex, that these days totally unlike when I was, you know, in my early career, which you got a job with a company and you pretty much stayed for life till you got your gold watch right? Now it's two and three. Now it's two and three years max, right? All right. So if the young if a young person is looking at two possible career options, one of them might pay $5,000 more a year, while the other offers a much more extraordinary learning experience where at the end of that two to three year stint, you will have developed a friggin skill, a talent versus the other one pays you more money, that that's not the case, there is no question that I would choose the second one. Because if you continue to stack your personal development, whether you win or lose, and each individual situation, if your own personal development and your learning and growth is the decision making criteria, you literally can't fail, you've set up the rules of the game in a way that you can't fail. So that's kind of how we look at that.

Missy Butcher 6:02
It's almost like those obstacles that come or those hard things that come they're they're They're gifts that the universe gives you because of what you intended or asked for. If you if you really are on an upward trajectory and trying to grow and become better, then you're always going to get gifts from the universe that helps you hone your skills so that you can become better.

Jon Butcher 6:22
You learn so much more from your challenges than you do from your successes. successes are great. successes are great. And you and you learn from your successes, too. You get you get your money, you get your you know, you get all those good things that you're after. But but the failures are even more valuable. That's what's what really should.

Missy Butcher 6:42
And you know, one thing that we've always done, Alex is anytime we have an epic fail, which we've had a few, especially in business is we literally once we're over the pain of it, and you know, we can look at it objectively, we will literally make a list of all the learnings, everything we learned good and bad, like we'll never do that again. Or Wow, this was amazing that came out of that. Yeah. And so we literally just get real conscious on it, and keep that in our memory bank.

Jon Butcher 7:08
And that's where that's where a lot of our rules for life come from? We're never doing that again.

Missy Butcher 7:13
Yeah, right didn't work, you know, or the timing wasn't right or whatever.

Jon Butcher 7:17
So if you're persistent with that philosophy, at some point, you're gonna get to the point where you have learned so much, you've turned every single disappointment into an incredible growth experience. And you really know what you're good at what you're not good at it just it's a it's a good way for us to live the process for sure.

Alex Ferrari 7:33
Now, I have to ask you, because I mean, I've seen, I've seen, I don't know hundreds of hours of content by you guys at this point in thinking after taking Lifebook. And all the other things that I've seen you two what I find so fascinating about you two is the the ying and yang of you two, and how you guys balance each other. So well. Being married now for a long time. With my wife, I knew what a absolute savage I was, before she showed up. Absolute hot mess. It's, it's so many ways, and she had her things that I helped her with. But we really, really helped each other out. Can you talk a little bit about how both of you balance each other so well, and how you guys deal with it? Because you guys are, you know, for lack of a better word, a power couple in the sense that you are both like forces of nature in your own right. But when you get when you joined forces, it seemed like it became this like supernova. And that's what a good relationship is with. Is that a fair way?

Jon Butcher 8:37
Oh, you know, I think that there's that that's almost it, but not quite. It's not like we were we were super, very young. Yeah, he was 17. And I was. So it's not like we were super Force forces that came together and created something new. Missy created me. And you get it? And I say,

Alex Ferrari 8:58
Oh, I get it.

Jon Butcher 8:59
So so. So the relationship is what created us as individuals. So how it works for us, Alex is I'm a very masculine man. And so my job in this relationship is the structure is the driving is the all those masculine qualities. Missy is a very feminine woman. And her job in this relationship is all the nurturing healing stuff that I wouldn't have a chance to have in my life if it weren't for her. And she wouldn't have a chance to handle right. And so what we're able to do as a very polarized couple, polarized in the most amazing spiritual sense is, so everyone has masculine and feminine side of them. Everyone does. Masculine and Feminine are the gender expression of the continuum. There's a continuum of masculine and feminine and all of us. There are some men that are very masculine, some of them that are very feminine, some women they're very not right, in between, right. So as a single as a thing angle, if you want to really live the best life, you can, you've got to have somewhat of a balance inside of yourself. Because you can't go through life, only masculine masculine goes off the rails without them. And you can't go through life only feminine because feminine disappear dissipates into nothing without the masculine structure. So as a single Your job is to create a balance in yourself that can help you navigate through life, using masculine principles and feminine principles. But when you're a committed couple, a devoted couple like we are, it's all in, you can push those extremes so far out, however you want, you know, right, everybody wants to go. So I've had the benefit in my life. Well, first of all, I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for missing my I mean, I've got two brothers that are dead of drugs and alcohol and everyone in my family and the son of an alcoholic who's the son of an alcoholic? Because right is that way, I would be dead right now, no question. If it weren't for this relationship, I would have flown off the rails so long ago. But what we are able to do is I'm able to push my I'm able to live in my masculine, and I'm talking about the divine masculine, not the toxic masculine, the masculine that protects the masculine that builds the masculine structures and gets things done, I'm able to live there, and really hone those skills. Because Missy has gotten me on the other side,

Missy Butcher 11:23
I get all that benefit of the masculine, the divine masculine, because he's here doing it for me.

Jon Butcher 11:29
And I've got the benefit of the Divine Feminine because here's, here's a great example, missy, and I didn't, our kids didn't go to school, we were like screw school, we're not doing this, what we're going to do is we're going to travel the world with our kids, and they're going to learn that way. We're going to live in 12 different countries, we're going to go deep in those cultures, right? And so we went through about a five or six year period where we literally had to work with the public school to take our kids out for six months a year. If I would have been in charge of that project, there would have been literally a 0% chance that it could have gotten done. But Missy handles that like a boss like the back of her. Oh, all right, yeah.

Missy Butcher 12:11
You know, you're married.

Alex Ferrari 12:12
I've been I've been married for many over 15 years at this point. And, and it Oh, I I talk all young. Oh, I get it. 110% I mean, it, we build each other up within when you're in a great, beautiful, committed relationship. You are balancing each other. And there might and by the way, sometimes it's not like, Oh, you finish my sentences? And that that kind of No, no, no, no, we're very different. Yeah, yes, but the core vibration, and next to each other. And it's

Jon Butcher 12:46
Well, sorry, I was gonna say the key is to have the key is to have a vision for what you want to create together, where you know where you're going, right. And that's the whole life of process.

Missy Butcher 12:57
And that's the base foundational vibration you're talking about.

Jon Butcher 13:01
So if you know work with clarity, what the ultimate goal for you to is, then what you do is you take a look at the tasks that are required to make that happen. And you divide and conquer based on your skills and attributes, Missy handles all the things that she's most suited to handle, I handle all the things that are most suited for me to handle. And that it's like the, it's like the sum of the part, that whole that whole cliche, that one in one, one plus one equals 17. At that point, you are able, you are able to get so much more accomplished. When when you divide and conquer and really are able to lean into the masculine and feminine at the highest levels, all pointing at the same goal. That's one of the most beautiful aspects of our existence. How we do that.

Alex Ferrari 13:52
Yeah, I would agree with you. 100%. I mean, it's, it's I always tell young men when that when they talk to me, I'm like, Guys, find yourself if you can, a partner that will balance you, man, because it will help you dramatically, dramatically. And I love that you said the divine masculine, because a lot of times that the word masculine is charged with other energies. But that's very true because there is a very positive part of being masculine. And there's a very positive part of being feminine and combining the two is where you can really move forward in life. Now, before we get into life book, and the philosophies behind life book, The thing I've noticed about life book is you really systematically built a life and everything that's important in life. Why do you believe that most people who spend God knows how many hours and days and years of their life doing just ridiculous things, or dumb things or wasting time and don't sit down and try to plan where they're going in life either individually or as a couple.

Jon Butcher 15:01
I think it's because they, the thought has never occurred to them, you don't see examples of that around you, you they, you know, it's not their fault for not doing it because they've never even conceived that it's possible to do that. That's why it's so important for those of us who are clued in to do our best to make ourselves the best people we can be and live the best lives we can so that people can see an example and have hope in their own life. That's why it's not it's not so uncommon, Alex Oh, for someone who really truly have stepped off the treadmill of their life for long enough to contemplate the kind of person they'd like to turn themselves into, and the kind of life that they'd like to be living, and then to start moving in that direction with intention every day. That's so friggin rare. And I will tell you this in the world that's coming. If you, if you don't do that, you're fucked. You're gonna see you and meadowland See you in if you are done, because if you don't have a life vision that you're committed to achieving, if you're not in the driver's seat of your own life, there are so many powers, very powerful powers out there that are going to be happy to step in and fill your vision gap and take you where they want to take you. And that's what that's the ride most people are on.

Alex Ferrari 16:26
So do you do you believe it is that programming that we're getting? As we're growing up by either the media that's coming around us, or just society, our family, you know, that they didn't know any better? All that information, like you said, there is not a lot of examples of people sitting up there and go guys think about what kind of life you want to live. They're just so busy in survival mode, or doing what they've been told to do. We're told that like, you got to go to college, you got to get a bachelor's degree, you got to get a master's degree to get a good job. And, you know, I, I can't,

Jon Butcher 17:01
You nailed it right there. Those are the things it's survival mode, survival mode, or it's society's expectations, or its addictions, or its distractions, our culture is set up to to constantly feed you the things that are totally contrary to us sitting down and figuring out what you want. At a deep soul level. That's, that's where we are.

Alex Ferrari 17:26
So then, so let's get into life book, what is the philosophy behind life book?

Missy Butcher 17:31
The philosophy behind life book, taking, it's becoming a conscious person and taking responsibility for yourself so that you can move from the passenger seat being passive in your life and getting in your own driver's seat. Just like John was saying, if you don't become conscious of your own life and make your own decisions, meaning you're not at the wheel, you're over here, lollygagging in the passenger seat doing all this stuff you were saying

Jon Butcher 17:56
Your boss, your parents, your teachers, your corporation, media, right?

Missy Butcher 18:02
You don't have one. So it's it's

Jon Butcher 18:03
Your direction is being controlled by tons of forces that are outside of you. And none of that is coming from the inside it is what are two core values that Lifebook are living consciously, meaning paying attention to what's going on in your life and taking responsibility for yourself. Those are the two core tenets

Missy Butcher 18:23
Starts with freedom. Freedom is number one. And then the two sides of that, well actually freedom and self responsibility are two sides of one coin. If you're truly going to be free, then you have to take full responsibility for yourself.

Alex Ferrari 18:37
Now, we've been talking a lot about this thing called life book, what is life book but because I know what it is, you know what it is, but the audience might not know exactly what it is. So can you explain to them what it is?

Jon Butcher 18:46
Yeah. Do you do you want me to just briefly explain to you how it came about because that kind of

Alex Ferrari 18:51
The inspiration yeah the inspiration behind it would be awesome!

Jon Butcher 18:53
There was not really any inspiration behind it Alex basically what happened is about 30 to 30 30 years ago and change. I had basically a complete nervous breakdown. And I was running the I was running the workaholic program. You know, the 12 to 16 hour days Telstra program president was running five companies and burning the candle at both ends. We were partying like rock stars because we were young. And and being being crazy.

Missy Butcher 19:20
Let's say we're making music, music industry, so and

Jon Butcher 19:28
And what ended up happening when I was in my early 30s Is that I ended up just collapsing under the weight of my own life. And I had, I had what I now characterize is a complete nervous breakdown, which medically what it was, was it it was a generalized anxiety disorder that be caused by panic attacks. I never I didn't know what any of this stuff was because back then anxiety was not a very deeply explored is

Missy Butcher 19:52
Tthe mid early, early 90s Man,

Jon Butcher 19:56
So I had a series of debilitating debilitating panic attacks, I found myself in a generalized anxiety disorder that blossomed into full blown the word is agoraphobia in your house, you can't friggin leave your house, I couldn't get in the car to drive out of my drive, I couldn't go to a grocery store I couldn't go to without feeling like I was going to completely break apart through panic attacks. So I was I was in that state for two to three months. It couldn't like fully shut down. I was CEO of five businesses at that time, I couldn't walk out of my yard, let alone even pretend to run my companies. So it shut down my entire life. I didn't know what to do, didn't know where to turn, my self image was completely destroyed. I was at absolute rock bottom. My dad was watching late night TV one night us watching infomercials and he bought me two personal development programs because he thought they might help. One was about anxiety it was it was listened to Bassets attacking anxiety. That was a game changer because that's when I learned what was happening to me what it was and how because it was so like, and how to deal with it. So that gave me a little bit of a foothold. But the other one was Tony Robbins personal power to the great selling course from the 80s. Right, we all did. And that was my first encounter with personal development, or the concept that you could consciously decide what kind of a person you wanted to turn yourself into meaning what kind of character attributes you wanted to install in your own life. And you could decide what direction you wanted to take your life where you wanted to end up and start moving in that direction consciously. with intention. I'm like, Well, I've never heard that before. It didn't learn that in school. Right. And so I did that program and I was like, wow, this is friggin crazy stuff. I'm, I felt better. Bottom line is I started consuming personal development voraciously. And I started keeping the notes from those programs and they were the Great's man they were they were, you know, Deepak Chopra, Nightingale Carnegie. Wayne Dyer Dyer. Yeah. Brian Tracy, these are the these are the masks Jim Rohn. And yeah, oh, yeah, exactly. So I kept my notes in this little binder. And I bring this little binder with me everywhere I went, I had it with me, I was holding it with me for 10 years. And the reason is, because if I was out somewhere, and started to feel shaky, like, you know, panic attack city, I could open that binder up and read those words of wisdom and I and I'd be like, Okay, I got this I'm, it'd be okay. It was like my lifeline. It was my life raft. And so over the years using that tool, that the next big thing that happened was I took my little binder, and I realized, hey, there are categories of things in here. He saw patterns I saw so so it's like, what categories of life do I need to master in order to have a get out of this hole and then be have a great life fulfilling full life, you know, so that's when I identified? Well, health and fitness can't be overlooked. I gotta have my love relationship dialed in, I need to have my parenting strategies, I've got to have a career that creates financial abundance. That's when I identified the 12 categories of life that I had to master in order to live an extraordinary life that worked at a high level in every important area. And then from there, I figured out that in each one of those areas, I needed to ask and answer four questions. That would totally get me in control of that area. The first one was, what are the beliefs about money about love about health, that my behavior? And do some of them need to go? Are some of them antiquated and holding me back? The second question in each category was, what with clarity do I want in this area of my life? And third, what's the purpose behind that vision? Why is that important to me? Why do I want that? Why am I willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that? And then the last question was, Okay, if that's my vision for health and fitness, if that's my vision for my career, if that's my vision, for my love relationship, what are the strategies that are going to get me there? What do I need to do, to move in that direction. So that's, that's what a life book is. And it took 10 years for me to develop that. It's a book about 12 areas of your life, where you define your beliefs, your vision, the purpose behind that vision, and what you need to do to manifest that vision and 12 areas of your life. Took me 10 years to write mine. never showed it to anyone but Missy, no one ever saw inside that book. We didn't think it'd be relevant. No, I mean, it was just our tool for right and Alex, it led us to our ideal life in in 2002, which was just about 10 years after I started that process, Missy and I had everything that we'd ever wanted in every category. And that's when we realized that we could share this with other people and they could do the same thing we did. So What a life book is, is it's 100 page book that you write for yourself. That's a vivid description of the person that you want to be, and the life that you want to live, what you've done, if you, if you go through this process and create a life book, you've created an ideal self image, you've created a crystal clear picture of your highest self. And then from there, you can start to move in that direction every day. That's what this tool is.

Alex Ferrari 25:24
Thank you, Missy. I'm gonna say I want to ask you, just to go back a little bit, because I think this is important for people listening, when John was going through what he was going through this kind of breakdown, as his partner, how did you deal with it yourself? And also, how did you help him along the way in the journey of this creation of this book?

Missy Butcher 25:47
Well, it was really, really hard, because I couldn't really truly help him. This was this was internal was a complete internal meltdown. It was just, you know, I mean, really, it was an emotional crash. And so for me, it was about okay, I'm gonna make the space around him safe. I got to hold space for this to heal. So I took care of everything that I could he offloaded the businesses to his family and stuff like that, which was great. But for the home, I handled all that, or kids and everything. And I would I studied with him. And I would look, I was always searching for new things to help this. And then I realized that, at one point, it was seriously a self esteem issue that we had to go after. And so that's where we started working with Dr. Nathaniel Branden, that was a game changer, that that really shifted our lives,

Jon Butcher 26:33
He became our mentor for 20 years. Do you know his work Alex? I do not, I do not. He is widely regarded as the father of the concept of modern self esteem. He wrote 20 books, the art of living consciously, honoring the self, pillars of self esteem, he who is a master of 20th century psychology,

Missy Butcher 26:51
We were students of his like we ever since we got together, we've read all of his books and all this. And so anyway, long story short is I mean, I just did whatever the heck I could to help him and support him. Because I couldn't really I couldn't do it for him.

Jon Butcher 27:04
I mean, this is a perfect example, though, of what we were talking about earlier, what she did is she surrounded me with her feminine energy, so that I could heal, I could never have even had a chance of making it through that without her never have it. She couldn't do anything directly inside of me. But she made everything outside of me, the environment that would allow me to heal my inner world.

Missy Butcher 27:25
And then we did all the personal development together. And so I grew massively with him. It was it was an incredible,

Alex Ferrari 27:31
It's it's so important that, you know, having that other partner that is supportive during these situations, because that could have easily been like, Get off your ass. What's wrong with you, that kind of negative energy that you hear about. But that's what a good partnership is, is right balance. When someone's weak, you get stronger than the other one. And you it's a balancing of that ying and yang.

Jon Butcher 27:56
Usually usually, if the man screwed, the exact thing he needs can come from the woman. And if a woman's screwed, same exact thing, what she probably needs is got to come from the other direction. That's the beautiful thing about the yin and yang about the masculine and feminine, they go off the rails without each other. But together, you've got everything you need. For

Missy Butcher 28:17
Loader, I talked about it being you know, like the yin and yang sign, and actually, it's a battery that goes round and round

Alex Ferrari 28:24
very much very much. Now you talk about these 12 categories. Can you tell everybody what those 12 categories are?

Jon Butcher 28:30
Sure. Yep. So 12 categories of life, and the first five are all you the first five are internal, and they don't rely on anybody else. Some of the other ones, you got to have cooperation to make good but these first five, gotta start with your no excuses. These first five, don't read, don't, you don't need anyone's permission to get this right. The first is your health and fitness, foundation of your life and a lot of ways. The second is your intellectual life. As human beings, our minds are our tool of survival, incredibly important and overlooked in our society in a lot of ways. The third category is your emotional life. And that's where I got destroyed, that controls everything. So having a healthy emotional life is one of the most important aspects of reaching your true potential. The fourth category is your character. Who are you really deep down? What are the attributes that you want to build into your life. And then the fifth category is your spiritual life, which is your relationship with God, the universe and everything that exists, whatever your particular version of that so the first five, health and fitness, intellectual, emotional, character, and spiritual, those are all us separate from the rest of the world. You need no one's permission to work on those areas that no one else can can stop you. Those are all yours. Now. From there. We look at relationships and there are three kinds of relationships in your life. The first just romantic love. So love relationship, which is the foundation of our life. Our love relationship is the foundation of everything we have our families, our businesses, everything. The second category is parenting, your relationship with your children. And the whole human race depends on at least some of us doing that job well.

Alex Ferrari 30:25
Ain't that the truth.

Jon Butcher 30:27
And then the third relationship category is your social life, which I'll tell you that one's a sleeper, that category is, we overlooked that category for a lot of years. But when we really understood the power of having the right people around you versus the wrong people around you, we realize this isn't one of the weakest categories. This is one of the most powerful categories, right. And then from there, we go into your business life. And there are two categories there, your career and your financial life, which are both very intimately tied together. But they have to be looked at separately. Because you can have a phenomenal career and a totally jacked up financial life, Mike Tyson made $350 million dollars and he declared bankrupt. That's an incredible career in a jacked up financial life. And we've also seen the opposite and other rare occasions, someone with a very modest career that's handled their financial life so well, that you know, so those two things have got to be thought about separately, even though they're very well connected. And then the 11th category is called your quality of life. And that in that category has to do with the things that you want, the environments that you want to be surrounded by, and the experiences that you want to have in your life. That's the fun stuff.

Missy Butcher 31:48
That all add up to how do you really live your life? Quality of life daily? Yeah. How does it all

Jon Butcher 31:54
And then the last category that the the fundamental mission of Life Book is to take a look at those 11 categories. Define with clarity, your ideal self, and each of them? What is your ideal level of health and fitness? What does your ideal love relationship look like? What would your ideal career be right? So you create basically 11 subdivisions in each of these 11 categories. And then the 12 category is called your life vision. And what you do there is you take those 11, category visions, and you roll them all up into what your ideal life, your highest self could look like. And then Alex, you got a North Star, then you got something that you can sink your teeth and roll up your sleeves and move in that direction every day. Having that is an absolute game changer. I can't even I will not be able to put into words in this podcast, how important it is, and how much it changes your life. If you have that and start running your life, according to it is a different way to experience life on the planet.

Missy Butcher 33:06
It changes your daily choices. Once you have that vision, your days all of a sudden become very clear to what you're going to do that day.

Jon Butcher 33:16
Well. It's a decision making framework, every single decision, every choice you have you ask the same question, does this choice get me closer to matter further away? If it gets me closer? I'm all in if it gets me farther away, it's a hell no.

Alex Ferrari 33:28
But most people don't even know what that Northstar is because no one's ever sat down. Thinking about what this is. We just run around aimlessly like chickens with our heads around as a general statement. And then we're like, I feel lost, I feel lost. I hear that all the time. I feel lost. I have no direction in life, because you haven't sat down and thought about it. Seriously broke it down and thought about it. One thing you said, John, that was really interesting. And it's something that's so so important I want to really focus in on it is when you started to break when you originally started to do this for yourself, you started to identify the beliefs you had around each category. And that's what people don't understand that they have these subconscious beliefs about money, like you have to work hard for money. Or if I'm rich, I must be bad because only rich only bad people are rich and these kinds of beliefs in their head or like I can never really find love because I'm not lovable, or no one really will love me these beliefs. Can you give any advice on how to kind of start to first identify kind of the cancer of these negative beliefs and then how to get in there and literally extract it from your life so you can move forward.

Jon Butcher 34:39
Okay, so let me give an example of how, how a disempowering belief can derail your life and then what you can do with it. It doesn't matter what your vision is in the category. My vision for my financial life is I want to double my income this year. But if I have a belief that was installed in me since childhood that the love of money is the root of all evil. I will figure out on how to sabotage my vision, because I don't want to be evil. And if I if I'm going to double my income that is right. And so that's a contradiction. And that's one of the things that Lifebook does is it brings those contradictions to the surface. I want an extraordinary love relationship. But all the love relationships that I've seen in my life are jacked up. And truly, at the end of the day, I believe that all women cheat and all women leave, or I believe that men can't be trusted. You gotta believe like that. You're gonna, you're gonna jack up your vision you right? So during the life book process, deep into what are the beliefs that have controlled your behavior up to this point, if you discover disempowering beliefs, which you will, sometimes Alex, just the consciousness that will do the job right there. I really, truly want to be wealthy. But I just realized that I've been carrying this with me since I was five years old, because I learned it in Sunday school. And you know what? It's irrational, it doesn't make sense, I'm going to drop that one. And sometimes that's good enough, like literally just bringing consciousness to it. Other times, you've got to coax that belief down the stairs, sometimes you might even have to have therapy to to let it go. Take it out. Yeah, but the bottom line is, you've got to extract it. And what the Lightfoot process does Miss, why don't you talk about this because you say this beautifully. It's about, it's about how the Lifebook process aligns you and in brings those beliefs, and that dissonance so that you can get harmonious and vibrating.

Missy Butcher 36:32
So basically, we dissect your life, your life is made up of 12 categories that we've identified as the most important ones, to have an extraordinary life, right? But really, it's just one life. So during the life program, we go in there and we dissect each one, and we say, okay, what are your beliefs here? What are your What are your beliefs here in this category, and at the end of that, what you'll find is that this, this belief was contradicting, totally cancelling out this beliefs, I'm not getting anywhere in either one of those categories. So basically, what it does is it gives you this congruence and integrity are aligned its alignment and integrity, because what you've done is you've thought down with your powerful consciousness, we have amazing power with our consciousness. It's like Cyclops with its with his red eyes, it's like, if you focus on something, it's going to be huge, it's going to be big. So anyway, once you do that, then you you have this entire flow, you're no longer fighting within your beliefs, you know what all of your beliefs are, in all these 12 categories are harmonious, they're harmonious, and they're integrated, and then you're back to your one life. And it's all flowing, it's flowing toward that life vision, as opposed to there's bumps everywhere, friction, internal friction, and also its dissonance.

Jon Butcher 37:46
I had nothing but internal friction and dissonance. When I was going through my my sage turmoil, I had to have a years long process of getting rid of the contradictions so that I could experience alignment. And then once that happens, Alex, once you get alignment with your philosophical beliefs, with your vision for each category, where there's no war inside, once you get that alignment, and you're moving in the direction of your life vision, you notice when decisions come into your life, you notice when a relationship comes in, that's causing friction. It's like, everything was friggin flowing in harmony. Yesterday, I was completely aligned. And today, I've been knocked off track and it's because of this thing. And that's not acceptable. I'm getting I'm gonna handle

Missy Butcher 38:30
Or you have to, you know, adapt in some way or make some sort of an adjustment.

Jon Butcher 38:34
It's the most, it's the most valuable thing that you could ever have is an aligned life vision with the contradictions that you're moving toward with flow. And as things come out of left field that are going to they're going to you know, Sideswipe you, you notice and it's not acceptable. You got to get back into that exactly.

Missy Butcher 38:55
You know what it really is it Lifebook helps you do the inner work, you know, he talks about spiritually the inner work well, what is that inner work? What are you really trying to do? You're trying to get unencumbered, you're trying to get rid of all the bullshit distractions everybody else's opinions out you know, so you can hear your soul songs you can hear what you are supposed to be doing here and then you ask yourself these questions once you get all that noise out and then you're off to the races you that it's really is a tool to help you do that in our work through the Socratic questions that we asked you sir, yeah, right.

Alex Ferrari 39:33
Do you guys believe that the you attract these if you have a negative bias towards like, men can't be trusted. You're gonna probably be attracted to men that can't be trusted, or? Yeah, it's like, on a subconscious level. Yes. Completely subconsciously.

Missy Butcher 39:49
Yeah. Anytime you think about either I don't want that or I do want that you're letting the universe the universe is neutral. You're if you're saying I don't like that, oh, I don't like that. I don't like that. Doesn't matter, it's going to come to you because that's the vibration you're putting out. Like, literally, you're just it doesn't matter the universe can't hear that don't, it doesn't hear I don't like that. It's just the good a good Buddha court for this continuous repetition.

Jon Butcher 40:13
Buddha Buddha said, all we are is what we have bought, what we think we become, there you go. So if you're going to be going around thinking about what you don't want all day, like you are thinking about what you're going to become.

Missy Butcher 40:25
And once you really get that and realize you're like, holy, that's a huge responsibility to get my frickin mind under control. You know?

Alex Ferrari 40:35
It isn't. It's such an incredibly powerful tool that people misuse all the time. That's because I'm gonna get into this. Let me talk about self talk. I mean, the negative self talk that you beat yourself up, and all of this kind of stuff. But the beliefs are such a powerful, because if you can start extracting those from your life, and at least identifying them and working on them, you can move forward. But if you, like I had, I had negative, I had a negative bias in my head for years, that I couldn't direct that I couldn't direct a didn't want to direct a major motion picture. Because I almost made a $20 million movie with the mafia. And all of that drama, and use that I went through during that time. Subconsciously, I just kept constantly beating myself up along the way about it. So finally, I said, Wait a minute, I got a break in a second, I broke through as Oh, and now I could just do it, but it took forever to. So those negative beliefs could screw 20 years of your life, if not your entire life,

Missy Butcher 41:37
Your entire life. I mean, we all

Jon Butcher 41:39
I mean, those negative beliefs can ruin incredibly important areas of your life, like your relationships and your financial life. Like big, big stuff, it's really important to understand the philosophical premises that are controlling your behavior, and make sure that they're empowering instead of disempowering, because make no mistake about it, we choose our beliefs. You have different beliefs now than you had 10 years ago, and you will have different beliefs 10 years from now, we as we go through life, we adopt beliefs based on our experience, it is a full choice. What I do, I don't really believe in belief, in the sense that there aren't things that I believe out there either know, or I don't, I got this from Satya Yeah, I either either know, or I don't know, how I use my beliefs is I take a look at what I want in my life. And I asked myself, what would be the most empowering thing that I could believe that would move me most effectively toward this goal. So so I know, I know what I want from my physiology, with the belief that I've installed is I will be a strong muscular athlete for the rest of my life. I believe that that is a belief that I consciously decided to put in my head and beliefs control behaviors. And so that's exactly the best path I'm on. And that's the path I'm going to stay on. Thank you. I use my beliefs as tools to get what I want.

Alex Ferrari 43:06
You reprogram your you're reprogramming yourself, because you were programmed. If you can be programmed negatively, you can be programmed positively.

Missy Butcher 43:15
And so much of this that we're talking about is just unconsciousness. Yes, people are being completely unconscious, because they're in the quagmire of the overwhelm of our society in the mirror, and all that mess, right? Until you come to a point where you're like, I am sick of this, or whatever it is for you, whatever, whatever you come to that point, you're like ready for a change, then, like enter life book. And literally, you can really organize, you can get into that quagmire and clean it all out and clean it all up. Get to your higher self, listen to yourself, and plan your life.

Jon Butcher 43:48
And within 45 days, you're going to be living in completely different lives. And that's not an exaggeration.

Alex Ferrari 43:54
And it's that's why I find meditation so important because it completely silences this noise. It gives you a moment for yourself to you can actually think accept new ideas, accept things and just go wait a minute. And that's the thing it's pausing for you are like this insanity. We've all been there. We've all been in this insanity, and this world is very intoxicating, extremely toxic. You pull back and start to look at the wider image, like you guys did with analyzing these wonderful questions and, and creating these categories. You start thinking well maybe wait a minute, and you start moving towards your action. Now you've had so many people go through life book, what are some success stories, they are just remarkable that you would love to share?

Jon Butcher 44:40
So many. We've had 100,000 people go through life book and one of the things about about life book is we've we spent a lot of time on the science of personal development. And I think we're the only personal development company that has quantified personal development so we can track and measure it over time. So we've got 113 data point assessment, that score As you across the 12 categories, and it gives you an overall quality of life score called your life quotient is it's almost like your quality of life IQ, right? So, and we've got seven levels that people fall into on this continuum, the lowest level is called the The uncritical level. And that's where, if you if your life potion is under 60, you're in pain in every area of your life to the point where it's dangerous, like it's dangerous, really stuff, right. And it goes from critical to compromise all the way up a continuum to extraordinary on the top, over over 120 score on our life quotient, you're firing on all cylinders, like literally every single category of your life is going going really well. And there's five levels in between. So we've seen people Alex go from scores in the 60s, pain and every single area of their life not knowing where to turn to scores in the 120s, in 18 months. Now, 18 months is a long time, that's a year and a half. But that person is living a completely different life on this planet, that is a different life, you've gone from pain in every area of your life, to excellence in every area of your life. So we've we've seen that, and we've seen massive transformations. And if you want it if you want to see the Lifebook stories, jump on the Mindvalley website, we've got 1000s of deep, beautiful success stories.

Missy Butcher 46:32
We can't I can't watch him without just bawling. Because I mean, seriously, some people will just say in my I saved my life because of this program.

I'll say my life.

Yeah, I mean, it's, it's just beautiful. It's really beautiful.

Jon Butcher 46:44
We're privileged and honored to do this work really hard.

Alex Ferrari 46:47
So let me ask you, what are some of the major obstacles that people you find that people have, when trying to implement these ideas that we're talking about here?

Jon Butcher 46:58
Well, what do you mean, implement the ideas,

Alex Ferrari 47:01
So just the idea of going through the program, or even even just taking the basic ideas of this conversation that we did, if you just took, Hey, these are the 12 categories, ask these five questions without even using your program, just taking those ideas, what stops people are these obstacles that they have to overcome to even begin to believe that this is a possibility, and they're

Jon Butcher 47:22
That's overwhelmed, man, I mean, it took me 10 years to do what you can now do in six weeks at the highest possible level, what we what we have, and this is important, because if you wanted to try to do this yourself, it would be as hard for you as it was, for me probably harder, because I at least had some resources. And I had nothing but time because I couldn't do anything else. But it's right. But now with the life book system, all you have to do is a step by step process. And if you just because it's completely overwhelming to try to get a grip on your entire life and figure out right, it's overwhelming, of course, but the system that we've created allows you to do it step by step, there's basically 45 exercises, all you've got to do is the one in front of you, and you just keep going methodically through the system. And by the end of that process, you will not believe what you've created, you will have written 120 page book that contains a vivid description of your ideal self and your ideal future. And it's no joke, it came out to you, nobody else it came out of you.

Missy Butcher 48:29
But you know what I think I think one of the biggest hurdles is that like, especially if like I'll just take an example of being if I'm a mom, I'm overwhelmed. I have a career, I have three kids, my husband's working all the time, complete overwhelm, and I'm just literally doing this to stay above water. Just like to keep my life going. I can't do anything one thing out, I'm dead, right? So when you talk to that person and say this can make that all organized and slow. And to think What are you even talking about? I can't take six weeks. I can't take one minute. I can't do it. I mean, this thing is gonna fall down. Well, guess what? This whole thing is going to fall down anyway, at some point that's not going to work. It doesn't you can't do that you can't just barely paddle I mean, I guess you can and stay there in you know, stasis in this non moving on, but it's just this again, it's the cesspool of of just everything overwhelm and you're lost and I'm so lost. You know, we hear that all the time. But what happens seems counterintuitive, but it's actually you need to stop doing that. It happened to us. Life just stopped in a minute. It was like boom, you're not doing that anymore. You're doing this so we didn't have a choice. So I get that this is hard to say okay, I'm gonna stop doing this that whole the whole is my life my whole life together. Just a minute and take take it off and do this and get really think down my whole life, get conscious of everything, and then go back here and really fix this life and that's what people do and when they do that as they go from a 60, in the in the life potion up to 120, because they frickin did the work, it's all about internal work. With the internal alchemy,

Jon Butcher 50:09
It's pay now or pay later, that's the bottom line pay now or pay later, either you can pay now, by bringing a little bit of consciousness to your life, and taking a little bit of time to figure out where you want to take your life. Or you can pay later with regrets that you didn't do that with a train wreck of a life, which is what usually happens with people that are living unconsciously.

Alex Ferrari 50:32
And you explain the importance because obviously, you said something really important there that that and a lot of my listeners are, I'm sure I was, as well. And I do sometimes in life, where you feel like you just can't, I can't read. And, and I have to say specifically from the female side, because I've seen it with my mother, when she was raising me, I seen it with my wife, when we have twins, I have twins. Like, you know, like all the time you get overwhelmed and men do as well. But you get overwhelmed. And you feel like if I stopped the whole world, it's going to come crashing down. But the thing that most people don't understand is if you don't stop, right, you are actually doing more of a favor to your family, to your community, if you take care of yourself, and that's on all the categories. Can you kind of dive into that a little bit?

Missy Butcher 51:27
Yeah, well, if you the bottom line is, especially for a woman because if you're in your feminine, you're a nurturer and you you continuously, you're a continuous well of giving, right. So if you are malnourished, or if you're starved, then you're then the whole thing does fall down the whole entire ecosystem that you're trying to build in your home or wherever can go well, you don't have all done right can't give away what you don't have. So self care is number one. And when we talk to couples, especially entrepreneur, couples that maybe the wife is at home, or maybe she's helping in the business, she's raising the family doing that, you know, it's self care, and it really is to both to any human being, they should care for themselves first, that's salt baths, that's a little bit of meditation in the morning, you know, before the kids wake up, and they take your life on a ride. And so yeah, there's there's nothing more important than self care. And that's what this whole thing is about. That's what life book is all about. The whole thing came from John not taking care of himself, you know, from an internal position from from coming in, going out. And so that's, that's really what it is you have to, that's the only way change happens, the only way change happens is in here. And then it goes outward and concentric circles outwards,

Jon Butcher 52:39
You got to you've got to care enough about yourself and your family, to give yourself the gift of a few days to step off the treadmill. So you can plan the rest of your life. And and really, you know what I mean, and it's more time to planning a trip to Disneyland than they do, contemplating where they'd like to take their life and their and that's so important, especially if you have kids, especially if you have kids. Another aspect that I think is really important, Alex is the aspect of a couple going through life book, it's so powerful for a couple to do it because 90% of the problems that a couple are going to have will be disagreements not being on the same page and one or more of these areas. Oh, yeah, she was wondering what to say or

Alex Ferrari 53:24
Right exactly, or loved one, love languages or love languages are different.

Jon Butcher 53:29
And so life book as a way of life book is a way for a couple to get on the same page in every area of life, and that the importance of that just simply cannot be overstated. That's where 90% of your friction comes from Missy and I never fight about anything important because that shit is we get pissy with each other sometimes. And that those little things, but I'm talking about, I'm talking about the big issues. They don't exist in our lives, because we've taken the time to figure out where we're going. And all of these important areas, we've got complete agreement, we divide and conquer. And if we're going to have friction, it's going to be over small, stupid stuff, not about anything big and important. That's to eliminate

Missy Butcher 54:06
And I'll tell you even that stuff is the bickering or even just petty bullshit goes away. Because once you have a life vision, a shared love relationship vision, let's just take your love relationship. Isn't

Jon Butcher 54:16
That ain't part of it

Missy Butcher 54:17
Yeah. This is where you're going. Where's the bickering and the heavy bullshit?

Jon Butcher 54:21
That's not in my life book. Let's not do that. Let's not do that.

Alex Ferrari 54:26
In a perfect world, in a perfect world, yes, that's it. But you've been married a long time and I've been married for a decent amount of time.

Missy Butcher 54:33
It's a process

Alex Ferrari 54:34
It is a process No, no question. But you know what, what's really interesting about that, and you're absolutely right is when a couple goes through this program. When they define these categories in their lives, they're you know, you always see these these fights like it's never about the dish. If they get into by if they get into a huge brawl like you didn't take up the guard. It's not about the garbage Well, it's never about the garbage, everything it's about, it's about this or that it just builds up and builds up. It's so funny, it's so funny. But when you finally get all that cleared out of the way, you know, then it might just be about the dish. Truly, hopefully, it's just about the dish. And you know what, you're right, I should clean up after myself. Maybe I'll pick up my underwear off the floor, you hopefully at this stage, at this stage, we've already cleared that that's, that's all bad. That's like, first few years in the relationship. Know, where do you guys? What do you guys want to see for individuals who go through what is your hope for individuals who go through this program?

Jon Butcher 55:47
Oh, it's super simple. We want to see individuals move from the passenger seat of their lives to the driver's seat of their lives, we want to see individuals flip the switch. And this is what it is it's a binary thing that happens is it's a switch that gets flipped somewhere during the course of the program. And you never know what category it's going to come. But it's where and on flip, it's, it's a non switch where you all of a sudden realize that the deepest possible level for the first time in your life, my life is mine, I own it, there's going to be no knight in shining armor coming to my rescue, no one's coming to make my life, right. If I have a desire for a happy, successful, fulfilling, balanced life, it is up to me to figure out how to satisfy that desire. And that's when you become the decision maker at the center of your own existence and start to direct your life consciously. You are now the CEO in your own life, you're the boss of your own life, you're going to create an amazing vision for the person that you're going to turn yourself into and the life you're going to live, you're going to commit to that vision, and you're gonna move in that direction with intention every single day of your life. That's what we're after. This program generates humans like that. And we want a community of humans like that. That's right. And that looks different for everyone that says, it looks different for every single person.

Missy Butcher 57:04
And that's the next level. That's how we change the world. That's how we get diverse real diversity back, like real individual. Just mountain movers changers, you know, people that are in control, it's literally gone from being half dead, asleep, mediocre to bone, you're on you're electrified, you're passionate. Your life is is so exciting, instead of Oh, it's so drudgery. It's literally dark and light from darkness to light. That's what we're going for. And

Jon Butcher 57:34
I want to share the most important thing that we've learned in the last 30 years that really ties beautifully into this. And this is why this is why no one else can do this work for you. This is why your answer will never come from a book or from a guru or from a from a personal development seminar that you go to and learn somebody else's wisdom. It's because and we've and we learned this through through looking at 10s of 1000s of assessments and 1000s of life visions and working with 1000s of people. There is no one right answer for everyone. In any area of human endeavor. There is no one right strategy that will work for everyone on the planet. There is no one right diet. There's no one right religion, there is no one, right? The thing for everybody. And once you realize that, you you see what is the is the biggest problem in the world right now. Which is the notion that my way is the right way. And if you're not down with my program, there's going to be trouble. If that one thing could go away in the world right now, we'd be living in the golden age. So when you realize that there is no one thing that will work for everyone, you can stop being so self righteous and get off to your little high horse and allow other people to live the way they want to live. And you live the way you want to live. You don't put your shit on other people and you do not allow other people to put their shit on you. That's the world that we want to see. So we were trying to make a contribution

Alex Ferrari 59:01
That is a that's beautiful, my friend I want to ask, I want to ask both of you to address your category. Missy I want you to talk to women are watching right now and say I can't I don't have the time i This doesn't make sense to me. I want you to give that fat kind of like a little message to them and John, I want you to talk to the guys listening and go and this is this is woowoo crap this is you know, I'm a dude I'm ararararaar the testosterone talk to each of you just take a moment

Jon Butcher 59:34
Message to women. Her best advice to women

Alex Ferrari 59:38
And yours to men

Missy Butcher 59:40
You go first. Yeah!

Jon Butcher 59:42
I was hoping that she could do this.

Missy Butcher 59:46
So Well, I mean, this is what I tell my kids. I this is what I tell my kids. No one knows you better than you, not even me. So you need to trust your own gut, heart and mind. That's your intuition. If you've got heart and mind, listen, check in with that. First, you know what's best, be yourself and stay true to that. Because if you do that, it's like everything comes from that that's beautiful. If you really are truly, like, you're doing your best to stay true to yourself and stay pure and stay good and kind, unconditionally loving, then you you permeate that out. I mean, that's you do nothing that become a lighthouse for other people. And to me, that's like, being an ex being good. It's a good example is kind of like, that's the thing that you're supposed to do in my that's what I was taught, right as a kid. So I think it's just be true to who you really are, like, be that. Do that. And don't let anybody stop you.

Jon Butcher 1:00:42
One of the most important things about that being being a good example, is that one of the reasons that people don't even know that a life vision is possible, or how critical it is, because they don't have any examples out there of people living this way of people who know who they are, who know where they're going. They've got an extraordinary life in every area, because they brought consciousness to it, and they've done work on themselves, right? We don't have examples like that. And that's one of the big benefits of going through this and building a life like that, so that people can see examples, right, that people need hope. Yeah, they don't know where to turn more

Missy Butcher 1:01:23
The more we have the more different life book people we have more diversity we have, the more people can relate to someone, because we're all so different. You know what I mean? When I first started out, there was one life book, and we're who we are. But we're, there's, you know, everybody's so different. Now, we've got 1000s of people in life book using living this way. And they're all different. And that's spreading like wildfire, because someone that can't resonate with me and John will resonate with that person or that person or see this person. And then it's like, oh, it awakens them. That's really what's going on here. Alex is we're Awakening people to the fact that they are their life is going their way, either on autopilot or not. So get off my autopilot, get a hold of your we'll get this car back on the road.

Jon Butcher 1:02:10
And that would be my message to men is it would be a little bit more manly. It's like, bro, if you don't know, if you don't have a clue of the person that you want to turn yourself into, and the life that you want to build, what the hell are you doing everyday? What are you? What are you doing when you you're waking up, and you're putting on your clothes, and you're going to a job that you don't like? And because you don't have your own life vision, you spend your time and energy building your boss's life vision? And right? What are you doing? You've got to get in the driver's seat of your own life, no one's going to do that for you. No one's going to solve this problem for you. And we need you. We need everyone you have more potential inside of you than you could ever cultivate in a lifetime. In order to brush up against that potential. You've got to take a little bit of time and contemplate who you want to turn yourself into and what direction you want to take your life. And then commit to that. Because you could be great, you really could be great. Don't choose mediocrity just because you're lazy or, or just and here's the other thing, man. It's not your fault. Because no one's ever told you this before. No one's ever told you that you could actually you could actually create a vision for yourself and direct your life consciously. But I just did. Now you know, now you got no excuse. So you got to put on your big boy pants starting tomorrow and turn yourself into what you are meant to be called of it.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:36
There was a slight difference in energy. But I'd like to just did you catch the subtle was not energy shift.

Jon Butcher 1:03:49
That's the masculine and feminine one two punch right there.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:52
Right. I mean, it was so beautifully done it she's like she's so soft. There's like that. And you're like do it like beautiful. Now guys, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. Okay. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Jon Butcher 1:04:10
Fulfillment needs to be filled up. That's what it means. fulfillment is when everything's in its proper place. fulfillment is when when you can take a look at your entire life and you just feel so full of love. And it's full. That's what the word means. It's full of love and full of joy and full of happiness, full of abundance. So, fulfillment entails having crossed a threshold where the lion's share of the work has been done, and you've got an almost automatic quality to your life. Here's a couple of concrete examples. I'm not working really, really hard to get in shape anymore. In shape. I've done that work. I've done this study. I know what to eat. I know how to exercise, and now I'm maintaining in a relaxed enjoyable way. I'm not working like a dog to make money, I've crossed that threshold I've gotten I've got abundance in that area of my life. It entails having, having reached simplicity, on the far side of complexity, where you've worked through the complexity of your life. And you've arrived in a place where you're filled up every day, without an immense energy drain, pushing that boulder up the hill, you've arrived, everything is there and everything is good.

Missy Butcher 1:05:28
Wow. That was beautiful. I have like two words that was like gorgeous. To me, it's like once fulfillment is like, like John said, You've arrived you're you're there you've you've healed all the hurts all the things inside yourself, you've emptied it all out, clean up the cobwebs. And it's really it's peace. You're centered, and kind of kind of truthfully, kind of empty, open, right?

Jon Butcher 1:05:57
And at the same time, completely,

Missy Butcher 1:05:58
Completely full because everything's in its place. So now you are this well, of the way I look, I try to look at myself this way. This is what I do. Every morning, I have a ritual that I do this. I'm a well now of nonstop feminine energy. So I am available and of service to everyone and everything in that in my day. And as I attack so that's that's to me fulfilled.

Jon Butcher 1:06:23
I think the reason that we're able to answer that question is because that's the life that we're living right now we have arrived, it's there's no more longed for vision out there in the future. It's on top of this, Alex, we've we've worked so hard on it, we're in it, we wake up in it every single day, and there's nothing that feels better than that, man.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:44
Now, if both of you can go back in time and talk to little Missy, and Little Jon, what advice would you give them?

Missy Butcher 1:06:52
Oh, man, probably what I tell my kids just stick true to you. You know, stick true to you Don't Don't let anybody take you off course if you really no, no, no, no, in your heart. Don't Don't ever. Don't ever let anybody take you off course. It's your head, your heart and your gut. Those are your three intuition pieces.

Jon Butcher 1:07:14
I like that my childhood was so jacked up that it's hard for me to even even know what I would say to my little self to try to help navigate the ship that I went through it. I think that it for me, it would have been more along the lines of there was an amazing speech that Winston Churchill gave to I forgot. I think it was some military academy. It was he was doing the commencement announcement. He got up on that stage and he went up to the microphone and here was his speech verbatim. Never, never, never, never, never never give up. And then he walked away.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:56
Oh, really dropped the mic.

Jon Butcher 1:07:59
That's probably what I stay alive long enough to get your shit together. And then you're gonna have a good life. That would have been my

Missy Butcher 1:08:06
Good, I love it.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:07
Now, how how do you guys define God source energy, the universe, in your lives?

Missy Butcher 1:08:14
In a word consciousness, and kind of it's everything. Everything that is is part of God, the universe. It's the quantum soup, the quantum whatever. That's how I see.

Jon Butcher 1:08:27
We're just we're just, you know, just in the last few years as we're, we're transitioning Alex from life book allowed us to master the 3d physical world, that's the bottom line, mastered, we mastered the areas of living as a human being on this planet. And then once we did that, this was about four or five years. We started to transition into, you know, we've got this handled now we can start to explore this question that you just raised. And so we're just we're infant. We're infants in this area, but it's really exciting. It's mysterious, it's sexy. It's sensual. We're really having a good time with it. I see the answer to your question, God's source energy, all that. I see it is very mechanical. And to me, it's energetic vibration. Everything in the universe is made up of energetic vibration. That's a literal statement. And what is so crazy man is that thought is energetic vibration. So thought is the same stuff as a rock, or a skyscraper, right? So that's where it gets really, really interesting. Is thought is creative and thought is causative. So yes, you can use it to manifest and this is and this is the area that I think that we're going to go deep into exploring. We've got a couple things that we've got to do yet to button up life but completely finished life but one of which is to apply AI to it, which is happening right now. And But by the end of this year, our work with life book is going to be done, meaning the system's going to be complete and buttoned up. After that happens, I think that this is going to be our area of exploration. There are a number of doorways into what can be characterized as the spiritual world or the world of energy. There's religion, there's meditation, there's sex, magic, there's plant medicines, there are so many different, they're all there's many different doorways in right, just nature. And so we're really looking forward to exploring that in the future. That's our next that's our next big thing.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:32
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Jon Butcher 1:10:36
Well, said the purpose of life is to live it. That's a good one.

Missy Butcher 1:10:44
I think it's, I think it's to to really find yourself and bring that out. I mean, I think that that this is, this is totally me, though this like, okay, there's some magic inside of me, there's gifts inside of me, that is a piece of this tapestry that we're all living in, it's my job to bring that out, in my everyday living through with my kids, my husband, my life, to live, to really like live my values, and my beliefs and my spirit here, like bring that it's kind of like bringing heaven to earth, you know, bringing heaven to earth.

Jon Butcher 1:11:17
I will say that I don't believe in a, I don't believe in a general purpose to life for the human race any more than I believe in any one right strategy. I think this is personal for everybody, right? So but I will tell you, my purpose in life is my purpose in life is to forge myself and the world around me in the image of my values that I want to create myself, because we are both the sculptor and the sculpted, right? I want to create myself, and to the extent that I can, I want to create the world around me, and the image of the things that I value most. Right. So that's life is life is about finding yourself, but life is also about creating yourself. That's the intention and allowing aspect of life,

Missy Butcher 1:12:05
Ultimately, oh, add one more, because that was beautiful to mind. It's that to be self actualized, and to really fully be fulfilled, right and at peace, then come service to others. And to me, that's like the Holy Holy Grail, if you really can be pure, clear, whatever, at least enough to help other people, you know what I mean, to be of service to others that that gets me off.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:30
Now, where can people find out more about life book and the amazing work that you're doing in the world, guys?

Jon Butcher 1:12:35
All you got to do his Google Search life book. That's all you got to do. Mindvalley is our partner. So Mindvalley is our major distribution partner. So you can go on mine Valley's website and Mindvalley forward slash life book is our official link. But you can just google search life book and see so much so much stuff there.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:55
And I will put a link in the show notes.

Jon Butcher 1:12:57
All right, great, man. It's been great spending time with you. This has been

Alex Ferrari 1:13:02
Okay, one last question. One last question. Go ahead. Do you have a parting message for the audience?

Jon Butcher 1:13:08
Oh man, well, I'll tell you what I've really I've really enjoyed this this interview with you. I like your energy Allah and I think no, I mean, my parting message is just if you don't feel if you don't feel in control of your life right now. If you if you want a deeper understanding of yourself, if you want to, if you want to have the ability to shape yourself in exactly the way you want, you can take control of your life even though you don't see that it's not very common, but it is possible. jump online, just take a look at some of the videos and see if this resonates with you. And if it does resonate with you this system which saved my life, and his in improve the lives of hundreds of 1000s of people. It really really works. It will and by work I mean it will allow you to create measurable results it will allow you to define a vision for your life that you can hang your hat on and then start to move toward that vision. That's a wonderful thing to do to bring this kind of consciousness to your existence.

Missy Butcher 1:14:18
I would just add one thing to that and that is that you everyone can do this. Anyone can do this. It's the way the human are this the way we're built our body want to do it. We have everything inside to do this. We have you know all the energetics everything it's just a matter of stopping from out here and going in here for just a little bit of time. clean house and then out here is so much more better more better.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:48
This has been such a beautiful conversation. It was wonderful and I really hope that this is the rock that has dropped in the in the pond and starts to ripple away from Many people listening so I appreciate you and I appreciate all the work you're doing to help awaken and help the world. So, thank you for this so much, guys. Thank you!

Jon Butcher 1:15:08
Right back at you, Alex. We hope to do this again with you man. It was really great.

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