NEW EVIDENCE: Vatican CHANGED/DELETED Jesus’ TRUE Teachings & Life Story! MIND-BLOWING! with John Davis

John Davis, raised in a Catholic family with no belief in reincarnation, had his skepticism challenged when an intuitive reader revealed he had ‘walked with Jesus’ in a past life. Despite initial resistance due to his Catholic upbringing, John could not ignore the relentless recurrence of this revelation by nineteen different readers over the next year.


Driven by his determination to seek answers beyond psychic readings, John turned to a past life regression therapist, and the results were nothing short of astonishing. He now vividly recalls that past life and the profound lessons learned under Jeshua’s guidance.

Join me for a fascinating conversation with John Davis.

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John Davis 0:00
Nothing is impossible for you. If you believe it. It's a matter of you coming to that space of realizing that that the substance of the universe is yours to create with God. You know, I said in the last interview that got you know you are the inspiration God is to paint the paintbrush on the canvas. That's what Joshua would tell you. Put your choice your belief into anything you want to create, and believe it into existence, because you do have that power.

Alex Ferrari 0:27
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, John Davis.

John Davis 0:42
Hi, Alex! Thank you. I'm so happy to be back. I love chatting with you.

Alex Ferrari 0:46
I appreciate you, man. Thank you so much for coming back. Our last conversation has done well.

John Davis 0:49
Oh my gosh, for me, too. So it's been wonderful. Yeah, they've met a lot of new wonderful people from your channel.

Alex Ferrari 0:56
Thank you so much. Well, I love talking to you. Last time we spoke. I think our last episodes as of right now is broken in half a million views, which is a lot. A lot. It's a lot. You know, neither you or I are Brad Pitt. So.

John Davis 1:14
But I did work with him once.

Alex Ferrari 1:16
That's a whole other conversation. There was a chicken suit involved.

John Davis 1:21
Yeah, it was it was bad yellow.

Alex Ferrari 1:23
So really quickly, for people who did not listen to our first conversation, can you tell us a little bit about what you do and your kind of recollection that's been very unique. And who that fellow behind you in that, in that painting is? Yeah. Give everybody the Reader's Digest version

John Davis 1:45
The Reader's Digest version. Okay. In 1999, after a bunch of psychic a told me about a specific past life, I was regressed. And I remembered the life of John, you have to spend Zebedee or John, the beloved. And this painting I did in the year 2000, myself, about six months after that regression, and that is what my good friend, Josh, Rob and Joseph look alike, are better known as Jesus. What I do now is that is a very unique perspective, I came back from that, that whole regression with a very unique understanding of who we are, and our own personal divinity and what he was teaching. And so now what I do is my whole life is geared around helping people get over their their self doubt their self worth the the fears of the physical world and of religion, and break free and start creating amazing lives. So my whole life is now dedicated to bringing his teachings forward through the idea of empowering people into their own divinity,

Alex Ferrari 2:45
As opposed to a couple of misconceptions along the way.

John Davis 2:51
That had many misconceptions. Historically, there's a ton we could talk about on that one.

Alex Ferrari 2:58
So let's, let's add, let me ask you that question. What is one of the biggest misconceptions about Jeshua's life and his teachings specifically?

John Davis 3:05
That the biggest one, of course, is that he was the Messiah. Messianic belief is from the Judaic teachings. And he asked, actually, one of my regressive memories, avoided the scenes because they wanted them to step take the role of the Messiah, and he wouldn't take it, because it would be completely antithetical to what he was teaching what he was teaching was that we're all divine and the kingdom of heaven is within and what he was showing what they wanted him to be was a king more than a Messiah, and which is why the first armed conflict against Rome was led by John via scene because they were trying to actually overthrow and turn it into a militaristic sort of King as opposed to the Judaic Messiah, if the only way they could do that is to make them a messiah so that he could be accepted as a king.

Alex Ferrari 3:52
So it's very similar to if you see people with large followings today. The politicians would want you Hey, you should run for office, hey, you should you should run for office because they want that audience to come with that person. And same thing goes for podcast hosts, and like a Joe Rogan and what he was able to do, you know, and, and people will pay large amounts of money sometimes to get that audience without question.

John Davis 4:19
And Jeshua, he was a spiritual Rockstar in the time, my first my literally first regressive memory was watching people run down the beach to him, because they were like, literally running to him. And to me, that meant, you know, he really had a following long before he had a following. People were hearing about him, you know, across the land, and he by the time he got there, and John met him, he was already a big name.

Alex Ferrari 4:45
He was yeah, he was already kind of a rock star. Well, I think it's really interesting too, because when I go back and listen to to Joshua's teachings, that the ones that survived at least the bait the the simple felicity of it is so profound, these little catchphrases, if you will hit so deep. And I always thought it was like, Well, I think that's as far as he could go at that time because the consciousness of the planet was so not ready for him, obviously, to be fair, we're still not really ready for a lot of the things he was teaching

John Davis 5:24
Many are and I think many are one of the things I find really interesting in my in my regression, again, I always go back to the regression, because that's my, my basis, my foundation, right? I literally said, under hypnosis, it's so simple, we have a hard time comprehending how simple it is. Right? And, and it really comes down to I look at people creating all these all these pathways of spirituality. And I think of a quote that came from one of my regressions, which was, when you seek a path, the path will be laid before you, but until you turn the path back to yourself, you never find the doorway. And, you know, I see people going down all these, these rabbit holes of, you know, five d, and all these various things. And I think that those are just paths. I think, in reality, it all comes from within, and Joshua said the kingdom of heaven is within. And in the gut. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, he says the kingdom of heaven is within it without meeting, the outer substance is also you. And so it really comes to this expression of the simplicity of it is really just you're creating, and you're here experiencing. And what we're experiencing really is is our separation from that pure essence of God slash source slash yada, yada, whatever you want to call it,

Alex Ferrari 6:40
And that guy that that teaching what you just said, goes really against a lot of the religious dogma that has been around over the last 2000 plus years. That No, no, it's not really within you, you've got to have to come through us first, to be able to get to the really good stuff, because we know better. It when you the more you think about that, you start thinking about it out loud, you're going wow, that just really, you know, it doesn't make any sense anymore really.

John Davis 7:11
It doesn't make any sense. So when you look at just look at the. In the Catholic Church, we have the sacraments, right? So you're born in sin. So the first thing you have to do is be indoctrinated into the church, get baptized into the church. So it's the early recruitment, right? For First Communion. Now you have to indoctrinate yourself into something by eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ, which is directly over from Judaic sacrifices. Okay, so that's, that's just a general, old Judaic tradition, time you get about 13, you start being able to think they say, Hey, you better confirm, you better confirm this what you believe, right? So then you get then you confirm, and then the next thing that happens is they say, Well, you know, if you do bad things, there's only one place that you can come to be absorbed. And that's a confessional. Obviously, so, so you correct. So you have to come back to the church, right? Then you start having your hormones kick in. And you're like, Who do I like the opposite sex? Or do I not like the opposite sex. And if you'd like the opposite sex, your job isn't to get married, have more babies with original sin. If your job if you don't have the inclination, your job is to take the holy orders and become a nun or a priest. But there's no way there's no off ramp, there's no out it's it is just a competitive cycle, a continual cycle of recruitment, and retain retaining people in good faith.

Alex Ferrari 8:36
I mean, it's a pretty good hustle. I gotta say, as a hustle goes, it's a pretty good hustle. I mean,

John Davis 8:42
It works. You know, they get them before they can think that's great.

Alex Ferrari 8:45
Well, that's I mean, that's the old saying, I forgot what what religion said that or what, there was a group that said, Give me a child for the first seven years and I'll tell give me a boy, the first seven years I'll tell you the man it'll become. And it's so true. Those first seven years of programming, which I've talked about at nauseam on the show, is so important. We spent the first seven years being programming the rest of our life, trying to deprogram ourselves, all the stuff that we kind of were indoctrinated in, whether it be our parents, our love, our religion, our community, traumas, all this kind of stuff.

John Davis 9:19
I love you said it that way. Because in the Bible Jeshua says you must become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven, your child before belief, before you've forgiven all those beliefs, you come back to that place for you haven't picked up all those paths that you followed. And now you come back to that place and the other line that gets gets used wrongly and my my belief is, be born again. I think it just means set down those beliefs and start fresh with a clean slate, and move forward and start with love. Because if God is love, then anything fearful is gotta be not of God. You know, right. And so the Buddha said, The secret to enlightenment is the eradication of fear. Mm. and even the Psalms say, you know that I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. So it's a matter of releasing that fear.

Alex Ferrari 10:09
Yeah, it was interesting. I recently had an opportunity to go to the Vatican, Vatican City and, and walking around, I just kept saying the same thing. This has so little to do with Jesus like this. It's barely anything to do with Jesus. And I want it. I want you to go ahead.

John Davis 10:29
No, no, you go ahead

Alex Ferrari 10:31
When I walked into St. Peter's Basilica, and I looked up. And I mean, it is awe inspiring. And, as I mean, awe inspiring. Regardless, if you believe you don't believe you're not religious, really, you can't deny what that is as far as art piece. And over there, there's a plethora, there you go. It's just stunning. And I was sitting there going, imagine, if you are someone from the country, who really doesn't have a lot of education or access to information, and you walk into a place like that. The only the only like, God made this place, like go move, obviously. Because you know, it just so far beyond anything else. I'm like, it's such a that as well as a recruitment. And then also, what are the great masterpieces of art and during the Renaissance were very religiously based because the church spent money getting all of those made as propaganda and marketing. I mean, because as I walked through Italy, and going into different museums, I'm like, Oh, my God, they're just beating the heck out of Jesus everywhere. Like, it's just like, everywhere. He's just being just, it's just like, Oh, my God, it's so much can we have a smiling picture of Jesus leaves? I mean, it wasn't all bad. Was it? I mean, it's fleeting.

John Davis 11:48
I'm glad you said that. Because you know what I'm painting right now. Yes, I am painting a picture of Joshua and his wife laughing. Nice, because I want them to see this loving couple together as one, you know, laughing and loving life and loving each other and having that love expressed. Because when I painted this painting years ago, I had a psychic see this painting and the first thing she said was, you saw him on the cross, didn't you? I said, Why is this because those are the eyes from the cross. And my regression, my biggest memory is watching them on the cross. And so it's kind of like that was imprint on me. But let's talk about imprints for a second, I think you're gonna enjoy this when I go, I go to Jerusalem, walk into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. felt nothing, no feel. Now I'm a very empathic sort of feeling kind of guy. The guy who took me says, I want to take you somewhere else. I said, Okay. He takes me for a walk. And I'm, I have no idea where I'm going. We walk out to Damascus Gate, we walked down this road, I start getting nauseous, like really sick. I start crying because I feel so bad. Like, we come around this corner, and there's a guy with a machine gun standing there. And he's this list, he looks at me like nothing. We turn the next corner and there's a little sign that says garden tomb you know what the garden tomb is? I do not. The British Archaeological Society said that the Church of the Holy separator is in the wrong space. And they found what the locals call skull Hill, which translated as Golgotha. And right next to it, they found a burial chamber of several burial chambers of a wealthy man's family. And in one of those chambers, they found an empty one that had been rolled open a slab and somebody had carved the cross into the wall, right? So I walk into this place, I turn into the gate, and you're in the middle of the city. And you step in the gate and it goes silent. It's the weirdest thing. And the closer I walked to this overlook where you see Golgotha I am like now vomiting, like feeling sick to my stomach. I am I am whacked out. Like the guy with me is like kind of helping me turns he starts walking, there's good down the staircase, to where the tunes are. And I can't look to my right. I literally can't turn my head to the right. And I mean, literally can't finally I get to the point. And I had the full blown memory of carrying his body at that point, at that point at that place. And I was like, I never found out that they believe this is the actual site. But I had no idea I was even being taken.

Alex Ferrari 14:28
Well, let me ask you this because there's no you don't have a lot of information about this time and gesture was life, which is it's one of the areas that I'm most fascinated with. Is these missing 18 years. Me too, you know, like you just like us when he's born. This kind of a mention of him when he's like 12 or something like that. And then he's the Messiah, and everything in between them like so was he an angsty teenager was he like, what was he doing? You know, How's it go? And My understanding well, your, your your experiences that you met Jeshua, when he came back to Jerusalem from some place. Where do you believe that place was?

John Davis 15:11
I believe it was India. And when I traveled through India as John Davis, I found out all about free Isa, your free Isa right? I've heard of it. Because it's a free Isa they'll tell you where he was. They'll tell you the trek he did that tell you all the things you did. And then you say to him, Well, what happened to him, they say he went back to his country was crucified. They believe the tree Isa was was Yeshua, teaching or studying. You know, either way, it through India at the time, that what's really fascinating to me is when he came back the things he was teaching was so antithetical to everything that the churches for teaching, it was like, it was all about empowerment, it was all about the powers within the Kingdom of Heaven within those things. And my last memory of Joshua was literally that moment. After the crucifixion is a story of the Bible of, of Peter and John on the beach, and he shows up on the shore. The last memory I have is literally that moment. And I'm like, so he did resurrect, I was having that sort of thing. When I was in India, I was talking to several gurus. And they were telling me that all they do is they project their consciousness and manifest their bodies that come to a raging river, he says, and that's what he that's what he did. The resurrection is what they're what they're telling me. And that of course, in India, they believe that he came back to India afterwards with his wife and raised children there and died there in India. And supposedly one of the one of the sites has his doom. But I have not gotten any deeper into that one yet. So me, my last memory, like I said, was on that beach. But I like to think he went back to India and had a happier ending than the one I saw.

Alex Ferrari 17:00
Well, what I understand from one of my former guests who really studied these 18 years and went to India, I went to Tibet and all of this. It was Tibet, India, Egypt, were the kind of the places where he was he was studying. But when he went back, like you were saying after the cruise of the crucifixion, he took mom with him. For mom didn't make it. And they found the tomb of where they say Mary's buried. And they actually snuck in with cameras. Because it's in this place between Pakistan and India, where it's like this kind of like no man's land where someday some time periods India is in control, sometimes Pakistan is in control. And India happened to be in control. And it's a it is within the within the community. Everyone knows that. That's where Mary rice, and they actually built communication towers. And she was in the way and they built it around her. And they filmed it. They snuck in and filmed it and got the footage out when you see it and he has a documentary and he shows it to you. And you're just like, that's, that's fascinating. And then you start getting into Tibet and all this other stuff in those 18 years. It's it's pretty fascinating. I mean, but then if you look at Yogananda, Yogananda wrote about his time, Jesus's time in India, very detailed. But as the more I study yogic, you know, history and the Vedic texts and all of that a lot of the things that Jesus was said to be doing comes right out of the yogi playbook. Right, right. I mean, it's really eerie in that sense.

John Davis 18:43
You and I both have this on our shelf.

Alex Ferrari 18:46
Yes. Yeah. Right. Right. Yes. The Second Coming of Christ. Yeah. But yeah,

John Davis 18:51
Amazing, amazing. Reading a long, long, long read, but But yeah, no, totally is is his teachings were so not Christian were so not Judaic belief. They were, they were really, in Eastern, really a belief and that even the concept of manifestation or creation, you know, Krishna talked about our belief is our experience. And Buddha said, what you think you become you create your world and, you know, Jeshua was said As a Man Thinketh So is he, you know, it really comes down to that, that all the things he was teaching, were right in line with the Eastern stuff, but really out of out of lockstep with the Western stuff. And when, when he came back, the Western stuff was like, hey, you know, you can't do that we have to make you part of us so that we can build you up.

Alex Ferrari 19:49
You know, I was when I was, and I said this on the show before, but I'm gonna say it again, because in case you didn't say that other episode, people listening, it blew my mind that I didn't connect these two dots. It's always been called the Roman Catholic Church. We all heard that term. Only when I was in Italy that I say, Roman. Oh my god, it's Constantine created the Roman Catholic Church because Jeshua was getting out of hand and they needed to do something to control the people like, okay, okay, okay, we're Christians here. And here are the beliefs and then the counsel of Nassim and all that kind of stuff.

John Davis 20:25
Well, doubt love it. Let me jump into that too. Because in the Gnostic texts, that it literally says, they say to Jeshua, who do we go to when you're gone, he says, Go to James the Just. He does not make Peter the head of the church, he makes Jameson the head of the church. Peter had to become the head of the church, because Peter was the disciple who preached in Rome. And so he had to be the first pope, because that makes Rome the seat of Christian power. And so what's fascinating when you dive into the Gnostic texts, is you find all these texts, and then you find these ones that have these weird inclusions of Peter, that make no sense to the rest of the text. He's just kind of like added into the story. So that Peter would be would be there, right and right, but he's not actually integral to the story at all. He's not actually adding or detracting anything to the story. He's just plugged in to have his name there. Which I find really interesting because James is much more prevalent.

Alex Ferrari 21:26
Yeah, it was, it was kind of mind blowing to understand like Roman Catholic is meant the Romans, Constantine counseled Nicene they built a Bible up, just to basically like, oh, we gotta take reincarnation out. Let's take that out. Oh, this, this doesn't work. And like you're sayingthey

John Davis 21:44
They missed one. They missed one miss to actually yeah, yeah. Who do they say that I am? They some say you're Elijah, some Prophet return? No, I tell you, he has come already. And you have shown them referring to John the Baptist. So the disciples had to believe that Elijah could return and be Jesus of Nazareth. And Jesus had to believe that Elijah could return to be John the Baptist. And then there was the story of the blind man who say, the disciples say, who sinned him or his parents? Well, he was born blind. So he had to be able to sin before he came. So there I mean, there's so many

Alex Ferrari 22:18
Couple of things that slipped through the cracks as they say.

John Davis 22:20
Went through the cracks. Right! Exactly!

Alex Ferrari 22:22
It's, it's, it's a really, it's fascinating. Let me ask you this, since you were, you know, you have kind of firsthand experience. I don't get to talk to someone and vice versa, and Nick's memory of work of walking with Jesus. What was it like when He healed people? Were you there when He did?

John Davis 22:38
Healing is such an amazing topic. And yes, I was there and, and I helped facilitate them. But he was he was what he, he wouldn't call himself a healer, he would have called himself more nowadays, he would call himself a healing facilitator. Because he totally believe that it's your faith that heals you. And so he would bring and what happened was, as people began to get healings around him, because he would bring them to their faith, their belief, which is in the Christian faith, faith means faith in Jesus. But in reality, it just means believe. And the greatest example I can give of one of his healing examples is this. The man born blind again, right? He comes to the man he sees the man he picks up dirty spits on it, he makes money puts it on the guy's eyes, they wash it off, and the guy can see now there's no place else in the Bible. The Gnostic texts, the Bhagavad Gita, anywhere where somebody picks up dirt and spits on it makes mud and heals them with the mud. But that blind man did not know what the world looked like visually. That meant blind men needed something tactile to put faith in. So Jeshua will put mud on his eyes so that he had something to put faith in. And that's what that's what he'll demand is his own faith. It's Unbeliev. In my life, I've been lucky to have that experience. And because I've had that experience of watching him do that. I've actually witnessed amazing healings. I had a woman walk into a session I was doing in Canada one time, I was there doing private readings, and she walked in a side door. Miraculously, she had this giant swelling on the side of her face side of a grape size of a grapefruit. Her teeth were pushing between her lips. And she says, Here are the nuns here because the building was an old convent, nuns are already gone. I said what I said, I sat her down. I said, What's your faith? What do you believe? She said, I'm a Christian. And once she said that, I knew which which path of belief I had to take. So I said, I said, So the Bible says that whatever you asking God's name was granted do believe that? She said, Yes. I said, Okay, so why don't you and I just together, ask because it also says were two or more gathered, right? That we can we can ask so Oh, she said, how do we do that? I said, Well, how about we say something like, Thank you God for the perfect teeth I am receiving Amen. She said, Okay, let's do that. I said, Thank you, God for the perfect teeth I am receiving Amen. And we start just talking about laughing at it. And then I say to her, so you know, when you thank for something, it's because you believe you're receiving it. So I can say, Can I have a glass of water? And you know, you're getting it when you say thank you. So you just thank God for perfect teeth. Right? And then you said something else you said, I am receiving. And you know, Moses said, God's name was I am. And you just asked God in God's name, to receive perfect teeth. And you know, the last thing you said it was Amen. You don't that means? She goes, No, I said, it means so bad. It means right here, right now. It's done. So what does that mean? She says, I'm healed, her swelling was gone. Her swelling was gone. She was running around going. But here's the difference. Healing is all about what you believe about your present moment. Right? So had she come into the room, and she said, I'm a Buddhist, I would have said, Your Buddha said what you think you become you create your world, and I would have gone down a whole Buddhist route. Had she said she was a Hindu, I would have gone down a Hindu route. And she said she was a Wiccan, I would have gone down. Right? If you know, whatever she believes, right. So what Jeshua did was he would bring people to faith. There's a famous story in the Bible of the disciples in Joshua avoiding the town of Beth Shea on. And the reason they avoided the town is because it was near Nazareth, and they knew Joseph. And no one could believe that Joseph son could heal anybody. Right? But the memory I have is going into the city, and saying, if you want to be healed, Joshua was out by the river. And people would take the leap of faith and come out of the city to be healed. And that belief will heal them. Then as time goes on, now understand Joshua, his whole intention was not to deceive in any way, shape, or form. It was to be pure love, and to help people come to belief in their healing. And then what what was really interesting was people started getting healings around him by taking their belief. People then started to believe that just being with him could heal. Because then they're believing it. Suddenly, he became the healer, Rockstar, right? And everyone was coming to him saying, and then the woman reaches out of the crowd and touches his garment, he turns and says, it's your faith that healed you. Right? So it really comes back to that whole story of our own belief being created.

Alex Ferrari 27:40
So it's basically a spiritual placebo.

John Davis 27:43
Pretty much. Sounds like a terrible way to say it, but it's true. It's our what we think we become we create our world.

Alex Ferrari 27:51
Yeah. And that's so hard for people to understand living in the three dimensional physical world.

John Davis 27:57
Right. Let me let me give you an example. From just this past month, I, I was doing a private session with one with a woman who had had her leg amputated. And she, she and I don't mean to laugh, because it's not she was not in a good place when we started talking. But the way it ended up being very fun, because she's sitting there and she said, ever since I've had my leg amputated, I, I can't do anything. I'm procrastinating, um, you know, she fear had paralyzed her. And I said, what I said, What's the biggest thing you're afraid of right now? She's well, tomorrow. I said, What's happening tomorrow, she said, I'm going to physical therapy. And it's terrifying to even get out of the car. I know, I'm gonna fall, as she says, and then trying to close the door. It's so heavy. It's just, it's impossible. And then I've got to hobble my way into the place and they always bring a chair out to get me because they, they know I'm not going to make it. And then I have to struggle through the do it all in reverse when I leave. I said to her, What's your favorite song? She said, What? What's your favorite song? She says, She Loves Me by the Beatles. I'm a big Beatles fan. I said, so tomorrow when you go, here's what I want you to do before you do anything else. Pull up, park your car, I want you to start singing. She loves me. She loves me. Yeah, I started singing your son. And then it then wants to go, okay. She loves me and I am. I am striding into this office and they're gonna compliment me for how good I look. Right? And she she was, so she's gonna love me. She got out of her car. She closed the door she walked in, before she realized she had gotten out of her car closer and walked in. She walked into the space. The lady says, My God, you look great today. Then they took her back to the back to the 300 foot walk in physical therapy. Ladies like what do you what did you do different you're doing? You're doing great. The whole time in her head. She's going she loves me. Yeah. She put herself into this positive, joyful state and just believe that she was going to be striding in and being complimented will continue sorry. No, no, that's good.

Alex Ferrari 29:57
So let me ask you this though. And I'm gonna play devil's advocate no pun, please, please. Regard in regards to creating our own reality. There are rules to this game that we're playing here. In reality, in this three dimensional world, there are rules, there's gravity, you know, the sun, the universe, there's some basic understanding of rules. Yes, quantum physics says that we are basically all energy. But yeah, and if I hit you in the face, you're gonna feel it. So there are certain rules to it. So when you said about her, I was like, well, in theory, if we had the faith that we could be healed, she could grow back a limb. But yet, that is against basic, basic reality that we have here right now.

John Davis 30:46
Is it? Or is it just too big for her to believe

Alex Ferrari 30:50
That you caught me before I finished. Because yes, but is it too big of a is too big of a leap for her mind to make. So when we go back to the yogi's, and how they're able to do bio locate, and they're able to, to levitate, and they're able to do all of these kinds of quote, unquote, miracles, their belief system in and their understanding of the simulation, if you will, or the Maya or the illusion that we're living in is at a whole other level that they can create things that break all the rules, hence, Neo and the matrix. Once you understand the matrix, you can start manipulating it in any way you can. She wouldn't be her mind wouldn't be able to take that leap because of all the programming because of all the things that go on. But there are some who can, can kind of can handle them in their little neelesh.

John Davis 31:43
And the matrix is something you can learn.

Alex Ferrari 31:46
Right, so so do you agree with everything I just said,

John Davis 31:49
I do. Yeah, I was. Let me give you another analogy of that. Okay. Let's say, this analogy I use all the time. If I'm a 1500 pound, man, I can't say I'm a thin man, and believe it, right, because my shoes are down there. I just can't see them, right? It's like, Ooh, okay. But I can say I am receiving a healthier body. I am walking to the mailbox a little further today, or I am eating better food. I am being God's name, of course, right. I can bring it into my experience. I like to think of time and the substance of the universe kinda like like this. So imagine if I took a boat and I anchored in the middle of a river, that water is flowing down from from above, and it's passing that boat. I'm standing in the middle of my boat. 100 feet in front of that boat, that water has no shape. It's just out there. When it comes to my boat. It splits it splits off and creates the shape of my boat. And after it passes by boat, it creates a week and a swirl. The water is the time and the substance of the universe. The boat is the shape of my belief. The Wake is my subconscious mind. The cool part is I get to choose what kind of boat I get to choose the kind of boat that I have right? And healing. Can I believe I'm in a yacht? Probably not right are a ocean liner. Can I believe I'm in a little better boat and I have today? Can I then believe a little better? Because I created that first one? Sure. Right. When I started doing manifestation Law of Attraction stuff I've which I personally think the law of attraction is the marketing of creation. I started small I started doing small little things and bringing them into my life. I'll tell you a big one that one morning I was finishing a show in Maryland. I was doing a comedy swordfighting show at the Renaissance Festival. And we were coming to the end of our season I said thank you God for the world travel I am receiving Amen. You know, I don't have to know how it's going to come. I just have to believe it's coming. Two hours later, two guys walked up to me and said, Hey, I love your show. How would you like to do USO shows? They said I'd love to do USO shows. Monday morning I drop into their office in the Pentagon. I hand them off my entire marketing kit. Tuesday morning was September 11. Oh, three weeks later, I went to Iceland, England, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Holland. Right. I eventually went to 16 countries for the USO. During that time, I was contacted by an author who had read the prophetic revelations of Paul Solomon, and saw this thing in there about the apostle John's posting supposing to go to Egypt, which that's another whole story we could do a whole video on. But so he says, Can I take you to Egypt? So I went to Egypt for a month. While I was there. I met another guy who said I'd like to take you to Peru. So we went to Peru. He eventually take me to Israel, Greece and Jordan. I've been to 30 countries now. I paid to go to one paid to go to one. So The key really is is training your mind to believe you can do anything. And healing is no different from manifesting to to anything in your life. I literally treat it like it's my I put my order in, I don't care what route they took to get there. I just know it's gonna show up on my door

Alex Ferrari 35:17
One thing that's really interesting, one thing that I think you need to make clear as well to people listening is that it's not on your timeline a lot of times, right? Well, it takes it takes a minute. Sometimes it takes a minute, could take a little bit, you know, like, hey,

John Davis 35:37
I'm sorry.

Alex Ferrari 35:37
I want to I want to clarify this because this is a really, as far as manifestation is concerned. I tried to manifest growing, growing in the film industry for a couple decades, to be honest with you, I had the talent had a lot of stuff that I needed to do to make it but I was always blocked and said something was always stopping me. It's very frustrating. I could tell you why right now. But the moment I let go of that. All this stuff started to show up. And then I something I would have killed for like my rolodex is stupid. I don't use it. But but but you know, what's funny is I have a Rolodex, you know what I mean? By my contact list, over the years of doing doing 1000s of episodes of shows, talking to Oscar winners, and so on. In the film industry I have, I have literally hundreds of people I can call yet I've never made one call asking for anything for myself ever, ever.

John Davis 36:47

Alex Ferrari 36:49
And yet these people just keep showing up. And And now what's happening in the spiritual space. You know, my contact list of the spiritual space is pretty deep. Now.

John Davis 36:58
Let me let me let me go back to what you said though. Because I was trying for years. Yep. I am trying create trying.

Alex Ferrari 37:08
Yes. I was trying to call it right.

John Davis 37:12
And you and you also said sometimes it takes a minute. I say if you take the timeline out of it, it happens faster. Alex, I'm gonna I'm gonna share with you a manifestation story that you are directly involved with. Okay. Oh, wow. Okay, let's do this. So last February, we had all just come out of COVID It was crazy. During COVID I had I had collected a bunch of debt to keep myself afloat for those couple of years. Sure. And I said thank you god, For the abundant income I am receiving to pay off all this debt before my birthday. Amen. You didn't happen to me the next day Alex Ferrari. I got a response to an email that I had written four months earlier. Hi, John. This is Alex Ferrari from next level soul. I'd like to have you on my channel to do an interview with a great so I go on on your channel we do this interview the day before that interview went live. If you'd have booked a private session with me you can talk to me within seven days. Sure. Right now I am it is now what is this September? I'm booking April right now. And and 90% of them are next level soul. Right? That debt was paid off in April. I will My birthday was in May. Wow. So thank you very much for being a major part of my manifestation Alex Ferrari.

Alex Ferrari 38:34
I feel used by the universe. I don't know. I feel

John Davis 38:36
You should I feel cheap, too.

Alex Ferrari 38:38
I feel cheap. I feel violated. Universe use me this way.

John Davis 38:47
I, I think it's the path of least resistance when you put something out. If you stay out of the way it's going to come to you through the path.

Alex Ferrari 38:56
I'm gonna have I'm gonna have to agree with you 110% on that, because, you know, it's just when I started this show, you know, it was insane. To start the show. And then when I started taking the show seriously, because I got scared and stopped doing it for a little while and I start taking it seriously. January 2022. I just did everything I've always done grind. Just grind

John Davis 39:23
Oh, let's put a bunch of content out my friend.

Alex Ferrari 39:25
Yeah, I mean, at first it was like two episodes a week I might die. Let's do three. And I started doing three weeks. I'm like, anything I can handle for and we started with and I just kept pounding and grinding it. But I didn't truly have had faith, but didn't have belief in it yet. And then, in July of that year, one episode kind of took off. I had like a 200,000 run on one episode in a week, which for me at the time I was doing 1000 1000 views per episode 2000 views per episode. So it was massive. And as I Oh, it was the universe going does this, this is what this is where this is going. This is you gotta keep a little bit more belief. I was like, Okay, two months later, it just exploded and went from 75,000 views to a million in less than two weeks. It was crazy. And then it's been growing ever since. But once that belief opened up, you see, sometimes sometimes you do need to have blind faith. Sometimes the universe helps you out. This is my personal experience. Yeah, you're absolutely right. Sometimes the universe helps you out a little bit and goes, Here's a glimpse of what capacity This is, here's a glimpse of the possibility of what could happen, Here's a glimpse. And and then when you see that you go, Hmm, maybe it is possible. It's not that you're not getting the whole enchilada, you're just getting a taste and a little glimpse, if you will, of, of what's possible. And when you start to believe in the glimpse, the glimpses get bigger to the point now it's become fact, for me, like, I'm like, Oh, my show is doing this. And again, I don't consider it my show. I'm a facilitator. And just like, not that I'm like, Jeshua.

John Davis 41:14
Just as said, Jeshua, would have loved that

Alex Ferrari 41:16
I'm a facilitator. Because I understand 110% That what is happening with this show, is not because of what I am controlling, or I am hacking or doing. And there is technique, of course, there is understanding of YouTube and algorithms there is, but a lot of people understand that stuff and still don't have success. I understand that what's going on here is beyond so beyond me, that it takes the ego completely out of it.

John Davis 41:44
But it wouldn't happen without you being fearless in the response to it, because there's a lot going on, and you've got to set your own fear is always the great paralyze, yeah, I was terrified. I stopped for three months, because it's great. And the second you let go of fear, just as the Buddha said, you start, everything starts to flow, everything starts to move. And, you know, it's one of those situations where, when you're at when you're standing on top of a three storey building, you're supposed to jump off into that fall pad, right? You're looking up, you're looking down at the pad from the top, it looks really scary. And you're looking down there right from the bottom, it doesn't look very high at all, right? But when you do the fall, you're focused on the landing, not the falling. Right? So you're just keeping your eye on target and going down, water going downhill following the path of least resistance going to the sea. Sometimes it falls off a cliff. Question is, is when it's falling? Is it thinking? Falling? Where's the thinking? We fly? Right? It's a weird the way we react to what's going on our life being action heroes rather than reactions, heroes, you know, nice. I'll get that was so my corporate world. It was the corporate action here for years. I'll tell you about that later. Oh, we're off air. But let me give you an example of the staying keeping faith. So years ago, after my regression, I was speaking all over the country. I got called by the AARP, the Association for Research and enlightenment. Edgar Casey's hometown, they wanted me to come speak in Virginia Beach at Edgar Casey's house. I was like, I was like, this is like the Super Bowl of spiritual speaking right? Very excited. I had a big chip at my front tooth was cracked in half from us. swordfight. I just done. Thank you, God for the perfect tooth I am receiving. Amen. I ordered a sandwich from a local sub shop, I was sitting here turned my television on, beat into the sandwich, the tooth broke the rest of the way off. Now, at that moment, I had a choice. I could say, Well, that didn't work. Or I could say cool. I wonder where this is leading me. Of course, I chose the second couple hours later, I get a phone call from a director of a festival in Florida that I worked at the year before. She said, John, how are you? So honest to god, my tooth just fell off broke off. She says that's really weird that you would say that to me today. I go, why? She says, Well, I just became president of an organization that helps Renaissance Festival entertainers get medical and dental work done for free. That's really long story short, she overnighted me the money to get my tooth fixed. Right. But the key was when when I fell off the cliff, I didn't really give up. I was like, Cool. I know where I'm going. And I know we'll get into the sea.

Alex Ferrari 44:38
You know, it's interesting. I heard someone say in the show the other day, and I thought it was so brilliant. I told them I was gonna steal it is that when you type in a destination in a GPS, what does it start with? It starts with the destination. And there's multiple ways to go and you were like, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go down John St. John's St No, that's not where you're going, you're going actually down Smith Street. And, and you just kind of let go. And the GPS guides you in that because you trust and have faith in the GPS to get you to where you want to go as fast as humanly possible, avoiding traffic, sometimes there is traffic, and this is the fastest way to go. Or maybe get some side roads, a will find the best way. But you don't generally don't worry about how you're going to get there because you have the faith and the GPS. And it's going to get you to where you're going. And as that's how you need to look at the universe. You throw out the destination, how you get there, and how long you get there. It's really within the university's purview. And you just got to go along for the ride.

John Davis 45:45
And the lesson and the less involved you are with that, the faster it comes.

Alex Ferrari 45:49
So I'll tell you, I'll tell you one little personal story. I don't think I've ever said this story on the show before. This is a manifestation story. It's probably one of the greatest ones of my life. I was in Mexico by myself, I was three years single, at that point to two and a half years single after a big breakup was in my early 30s. I know 30 I was 30. And I was flying back and I went to there, I went to Mexico by myself with the children needs to loom and I just hung out and wanted to go see these pyramids and these in these structures. And as I'm flying back to Florida, and I'm like, you know God. Now not I wasn't spiritual. I wasn't that you know, but you know, God was always there. You know, and I just said, you know, God, it'd be nice to meet someone I can love and that could she love me back. I think I'm ready. Three weeks later, my wife came into my life. Three weeks later, in the weirdest whale you'll ever know. And I'll, I'll save that for off air. But she showed up. And we've been together ever since. And it's just been. It was. And that was that was one of the first times I saw. I was like, oh, oh, this is before the secret. This is before any of that stuff. You're like, oh, this is kind of interesting. And I it was a throwaway. It was an absolute throw away. I didn't think about it. And then like every day, I'm like, oh my god, I just said hey, it'd be nice. This exact words. Like it'd be nice.

John Davis 47:32
You know, in the, in the Bible, the story of Adam Eve, they ate from the tree of knowledge, they get kicked out of paradise. Paradise is a subjective feeling. And it'd be nice is a subjective feeling. Got God speaks to us and feelings not thinking. We have to respond in the language, God's toxin. So we say, heavy, nice. You're literally telling God, this is what you're looking for. Right? When you're going through something that doesn't feel nice. That's God's saying, hey, that, that that sucks for you don't do that. Right? You start to go, I am joyfully creating something different. When I watch people heal themselves. And Alex, I swear to you, I've seen so many people heal themselves. i There's lists. A friend of mine just had a tumor in her heart, she just healed herself in six months, doctor can't figure out where the tumor went. But it's always comes down to that moment of just putting that feeling out her her whole thing was, I am joyfully living a life that's happy and fun. And her she no longer had a tumor, right. And when you put out that when you talk to God, universe, consciousness, whatever want to call it, when you talk to it in the language of feeling, your conversation is clear and goes back and forth. But once you start wrapping all the head into it, I remember what I did a session for you. And it was a very strange session for me because it was it was very it was speaking on feelings. And being in the feeling of that space with you. But I think I think that's where you are, you know, and when I look when I look at the the idea of when I manifest something my life, I just think the world is fun. And when I decided I want something I just say okay, I'm having that right. And I know so many people who believe believe that struggle equals growth. So that

Alex Ferrari 49:27
Well that's the hustle mentality. It's the hustle the grind mentality, which is you know, one of my other brands for God's sakes that I was like all about the grind and the hustle and the hustle and the grind and well that was the program and I had is like you have to work hard for your money. You know, you have to you have to have good work ethic. And to a certain extent that is good. You do need to have a good work ethic because you can't just show you can't sit eating bonbons and expect you know millions and millions of dollars to drop it you have to make effort in this in this in this process. You have to walk you have to

John Davis 49:58
But like you do you put love into what you're doing. Yeah. And it goes back to I started my YouTube channel two years ago. I've got 1200 videos on my channel. It never felt like work one I just loved I loved doing it. I loved putting information out that empowered people to step into their own their own power their own divinity. And so those 1200 videos are like that.

Alex Ferrari 50:23
Oh, I do I do these like, like, well obviously like water because I just constantly doing them and they keep pumping out and I just keep doing them. I love having these conversations and but more so than it shows it shows I'm truly curious. I'm truly engaged with my with my guests. But now more than ever, I am starting to realize the effect that has on not only my guests, which you just eloquently put it that is having on people who come on the show, but also the people listening. And that's one of the reasons that's one of the reasons we just launched next level soulless been yo, so now we're translating all of these in Spanish as well. That's amazing. You're already translated. You're not out yet.

John Davis 51:06
Oh, really? Oh, yeah. Do I sound like Speedy Gonzales? Okay, good.

Alex Ferrari 51:13
You can't say Speedy Gonzales. She'll get cancelled. So stop. I am Latino, I am offended. But

John Davis 51:27
You can't say Dom DeLuise, are all gonna look at me.

Alex Ferrari 51:32
The great Dom DeLuise, great, great Dom DeLuise. No, no, that's one of the reasons we started to do that languages. We're going to start doing multiple languages. And because of the impact that these stories in these conversations are having, and people are dramatic, and it's hard to grasp that when you're just doing them. You start you see numbers you like, oh, yeah, that so many people watched it great. But when you start hearing the stories of what it's doing to other human beings, and, you know, changing lives, I had one person email me he's like, I was an atheist until I saw this episode. I am not an atheist anymore. Thank you. And I'm like, what is what? That is heavy,

John Davis 52:15
Huge. And let me tell you something, Alex, every day, I do sometimes 10 12 hours a day of private sessions. Every day, I hear a compliment on Alex Ferrari. Oh, stop it. No, every day, I hear next level soul every day, I hear people saying I just love him every day about you. So you should know the work you're doing is really good. And it's because you're bringing your authentic self to it. And that that's what's attracting people is you're not coming with judgment, you're not you're coming out completely out of love. And when you come from that space of love, that's what everybody in the world wants is to be surrounded by love. And that's what you do is you surround not only the people who are subscribed to your channel, but your guess I was really excited to talk to you again today. Just because I really liked

Alex Ferrari 53:05
That same here, my friend, you all right, buddy. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. Truly my friend. And it goes back to you as well, it's, you know, for you to come back twice on the show, mean something. So if you're on the if you're on the show more than once, it means that I really either there's more to be said, or I enjoy the conversations. Or you could provide more value to my audience. And we can dig into different conferences in different areas. But that is you know, now more than ever, it's becoming rarer and rarer for people to come back because I just don't have,

John Davis 53:38
Well, you're so swamped. My God.

Alex Ferrari 53:40
I mean, I could do one a day, for the next two years. And we're booked if we wanted, if I wanted it,

John Davis 53:48
Right, but I am completely grateful that you brought me back on and I'm also even more so grateful to, to kind of think of you as a friend.

Alex Ferrari 53:57
I appreciate that. Thank you very much. We won't let it so let's go back to Jeshua for a second. Okay, what is one message from Jeshua that you'd like everybody to kind of really know

John Davis 54:10
Nothing is impossible for you. If you believe it. It's a matter of you coming to that space of realizing that that the substance of the universe is yours to create with got you know, I said in the last interview that got you know, you are the inspiration God has to paint the paintbrush on the canvas. That's what Joshua would tell you. Put your choice your belief into anything you want to create, and believe it into existence because you do have that power,

Alex Ferrari 54:38
When you are walking with Jesus and the memories that you have of him. I am by the way, say Jesus or Yeshua. I found out the other day that Jesus was actually I Zeus or hail Zeus is the actual translation kind of of Jesus

John Davis 54:52
In India that India they call them Isa the Quran calls them Isa. So they're You know, I say Jeshua Jeshua, which by the way I saw an interview, there was somebody else and they said, Yeshua with a Y, you responded with a J, and I was like, Hey, go, here's my boy.

Alex Ferrari 55:10
Sometimes it's Jeshua sometimes it's Yeshua he goes by many times, and he goes,

John Davis 55:18
Honest to God, he would have loved to be forgotten. Except he would love his teachings to be remembered and he to be forgotten. Because it was not about him, it was not about deifying him, it was not about him being a messiah, it was about everyone stepping into their own power, and realizing their own divinity.

Alex Ferrari 55:37
So there's something lost in translation there, because that's exactly the opposite of what happened.

John Davis 55:42
You know, they call him the Son of God, which didn't happen until that Nicene Council. But if you look at the Bible, he never says that he says, I'm the son of man, will the son of a man is just like you and me.

Alex Ferrari 55:53
It was very difficult for people of that time, and even people at this time to understand that the power is within yourself. And but I think more and more people are opening up an awakening to that that's what's happening with this kind of great shift of that that is happening. This show would not have the amount of years it has, if people weren't interested.

John Davis 56:13
Yeah. And the difference between now and when I first had my regression, because I went away from spiritual work for 10 years, because no one could hear what I was talking about, because all they heard was past life. Right. And the difference from then to now is dramatic. Everybody's awakening to their own power right now. And some people are fighting it. But many more are stepping into it.

Alex Ferrari 56:36
And this new generation coming in is so much more prepared than you or I were or our parents or our grandparents were they just that just a different, different a

John Davis 56:45
My 19 year old son doesn't see race, he doesn't see gender. He doesn't he literally, is just a wide open person. And his whole class was that way in school.

Alex Ferrari 56:54
Yeah, it's kind of like like I always say the program at the factory that way, like we had different programming at the factory, coming in just a reception coming in, as opposed to our parents or our grandparents or even farther back. It's fascinating see where we're all going. John,

John Davis 57:11
I'm really excited for it,

Alex Ferrari 57:12
I'm excited too It is terrifying, and wonderful and exhilarating, all at the same time. I really am happy to be a small part of that in whatever way I do with the work that I do and, and the work that you're doing to help people. It's going to be an interesting ride. That's, that's for sure. It will be more.

John Davis 57:32
Just Just remember, just remember this there's a there's a quote, it's sometimes attributed to Socrates. When the debate is lost, slander becomes a tool of the losers. That's very true. The people who are getting loud right now are getting loud because they've got nothing left to say. Right? And the rest of us are just loving our way into a new world.

Alex Ferrari 57:54
Now, my friend, I will ask you a few questions asked all my guests. Okay. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

John Davis 58:01
Took notice my definition of living a fulfilled life to go through life, leaving a positive weight behind me, changing lives in profound ways.

Alex Ferrari 58:13
I think you'll like this next one, if you could go back in time. And talk to Little John, what advice would you give him?

John Davis 58:21
Well, Little John Davis was an abused child. So I would tell him that he was not the piece of garbage he was being told he was and that he was he was capable of anything in life.

Alex Ferrari 58:32
How do you find God or Source?

John Davis 58:35
At the bottom of every breath. Because when we exhale, we release our fears. And God is right there with us in every moment of every day.

Alex Ferrari 58:43
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

John Davis 58:46
Physical life, our purpose is to come to know and understand God's slash love more fully, through experiencing our fears, our separations and our anxieties, but eventually overcoming them and coming back to that source.

Alex Ferrari 58:58
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing?

John Davis 59:01
Well, thank you for calling in amazing, I think it's amazing to easy to find me on YouTube. I'm at John of new and also my second channel, which was recommended, my friend Alex told me I should get a second channel called at The Recovering Catholic and and also just That's the other place you can find me.

Alex Ferrari 59:27
And do you have any parting messages for the audience John?

John Davis 59:30
My friends, just like Jeshua would say, There's nothing impossible for you. And understand that what you believe about your present moment is what is coming into your experience. So pay attention to what you believe about your present moment. And if it does is not your liking. Choose something different. Every moment is a potential moment of choice.

Alex Ferrari 59:49
John, a pleasure as always, my friend, thank you so much for everything you're doing to help awaken the planet. I appreciate you my friend.

John Davis 59:55
Well, thank you. I appreciate you and all the work you're doing as well. So it was Always a pleasure.

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