How Could I Have Walked With Jesus Christ? His Shocking Past Life Memory with John Davis

In the grand tapestry of existence, we are often drawn to stories that transcend the mundane, lifting us into realms of deeper understanding and profound insight. On today’s episode, we welcome the transformative John Davis, a man whose life journey has intertwined with ancient wisdom and modern spirituality. His story is not just a recollection of past lives but a testament to the enduring quest for truth and enlightenment.

John Davis begins by recounting his upbringing in a devout Catholic family, where spirituality and religious doctrine were deeply intertwined. His mother, a highly spiritual and charitable woman, encouraged John to explore his beliefs, setting him on a path of self-discovery. John’s early explorations into atheism and Buddhism reflect a universal search for meaning beyond traditional religious confines. He poignantly shares, “Spirituality is a personal journey. You must find out what you truly believe.”

A pivotal moment in John’s journey occurred when he was identified as having walked with Jesus in a past life. This revelation came through multiple psychic readings and was initially met with skepticism. However, as more psychics independently confirmed this, John began to accept this extraordinary possibility. His encounter with a woman at a Renaissance Festival, who went into a trance and communicated a profound message from Jesus, marked a turning point in his spiritual awakening. “John of old, John’s new. I love you. I have always loved you,” she said, a statement that deeply resonated with him.

In this profound conversation, John explores the concepts of past life regression and the interconnectedness of all beings. He describes a vivid regression experience where he relived moments from a past life as one of Jesus’s disciples. The details of these regressions, such as the unique fish coat worn by fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, add authenticity to his accounts. Through these experiences, John came to understand that physical existence is a means to experience and overcome fear, allowing us to know and experience love fully.

John’s insights extend to the broader implications of these spiritual truths. He emphasizes the importance of being present and focusing on positive outcomes, as our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. “Fear is an emotional reaction to a future event that may or may not happen, with you focused on a negative outcome,” he explains. By shifting our focus from fear to love, we can transform our lives and the world around us.


  1. Personal Spiritual Journey: Spirituality is deeply personal and must be explored individually. Embrace your journey and seek your truth.
  2. Power of Belief: Our beliefs and thoughts shape our reality. Focus on positive outcomes and embrace love to create a fulfilling life.
  3. Interconnectedness of All Beings: We are all connected through a divine consciousness. Our experiences and interactions are part of a greater cosmic tapestry.

In reflecting on today’s conversation with John Davis, we are reminded of the timeless truths that transcend individual lives and connect us to the divine essence of existence. His journey from skepticism to spiritual awakening is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s true self and the interconnectedness of all beings. By focusing on love and positive outcomes, we can navigate the complexities of life with grace and wisdom.

Please enjoy my conversation with John Davis.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 208

John Davis 0:00
I had to struggle with it. But what eventually happened was people started. My family took it very interestingly, I have a brother and a sister who were like, Yeah, John, you said it. We believe it. Right? I have other brothers and sisters are like you're crazy. We're Catholic, and that doesn't work. And I respect them and love them. You know, because spirituality is a personal journey

Alex Ferrari 0:24
I'd like to welcome to the show, John Davis. How you doin John?

John Davis 0:38
I am doing great! Thank you Alex for having me on the show.

Alex Ferrari 0:40
I'm excited to talk to you, my friend, you have a very interesting story. I haven't had someone like you on the show before. We've had people who remember past lives and pre birth memories and things like that. And you know, the man behind you that sitting looking at us behind you, Mr. Sr, Jesus. He, he, he's made many appearances on the show and near death experiences. I always say, as a running joke. He's the hardest working man. Because he is everywhere all the time.

John Davis 1:12
Absolutely, absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 1:13
So I'm really, really curious about your journey. So my first question to you, sir, is how did you begin your spiritual journey before? Like, what was your life like before, the stuff that we're going to talk about.

John Davis 1:24
Right? Well, I was raised in a very nice Catholic family, seven kids in total, so obvious, obviously. Right? Right. Right. My mom had her master's degree in liturgy. And it was head of liturgical doctrine at our church. And she was very much a very Catholic person, but she was also a very spiritual person. So she was living the love. She was actually going out and doing charitable things and secret not telling people we found all this out after her death. But as time went on, and I turned 18, my mom actually came to me. And she says, John, spirituality is a personal journey. And go find out what you what you what you believe. And I was like, great, I don't go to church anymore. So I went off, and I studied atheism and Buddhism. And I really just just just start kind of trickled and played with things. And I really, I came to a realization that I just I just, I believe that there was a God more because agnostic than anything else, I believe there was something I just wasn't great enough to say, but I knew what it was. And then you want to go into what happened next. Sure, please. Next. So I was a Renaissance Festival entertainer, I did a comedy show called hack and slash, we did sword fights all over the world, including the frontlines of both Iraq and Afghanistan was six uso tours. And we were, we were at an event in Canada. And I was at a party at a friend's house, and sitting there and this party, I'm just kind of sitting back and back in the room. And this woman keeps staring at me. This is kind of weird, because I knew that there was her husband right next to her. So this is just kind of weird. And suddenly she gets up, she walks across the room. She says, you know, you walk with Jesus, right? And I was like, you know, whatever. I did, didn't sit with my Catholic upbringing, right? I didn't turn was like, okay, whatever. And kind of kind of blew it off. And then about two, three weeks later, I was at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and this RV pulls in. As she gets out of it. She's there with her with her husband band to do the show. So now this, this person has just said this right across from me. And I'm getting a little curious. I said, So I pulled her over, once you tell me what's going on. And she said, Well, let me give you a reading. And I found out she was a psychic. I wasn't really even into psychics at the time. And she gives me this reading that basically starts talking about the fact that I walked with Jesus in a past life and I was like, okay. But the weird part was, on an odd level. It just kind of felt like it was true. And that freaked me out. I was like, How can I how can I think that how can I how can I feel that? And so I set up another another reading with her. And on the third reading, in the middle of the reading, she goes full trance channel. And she says John of old, John's new I love you. I've always loved you. I will always love you. I'm with you. I've always been with you. I always will be with you. And that freaked me out and I ran away. Yeah, I literally like literally, what Well, I didn't really literally what happened was I just kind of avoided her for the next several weeks. And I was like, this, this is insane. You know, how can I help you? This is just wrong, you know? Because my Catholic upbringing, he was telling me he was wrong. And I was sitting up on on the festival site with a little a friend of mine, who I'd known for years. And in the middle of the conversation, she stopped what she's saying. She says, you know, you're John the Beloved, right? And I was like, you know, this is somebody else entirely different somebody new. And I was like, Man, this is so bizarre. So then, my friend who I was talking to owned, did a jewelry. And she was at a holistic fair selling her jewelry. And I went to go visit her at the show. And I was, I was walking along the line where all the readers were. And this woman stops one of her readings, runs out in the aisle, grabs me by the arm and tells me that I was John beloved. Now I'm getting really freaked out because it's like, I've got, like, three of them now have told me, right. And then it just started happening with this, like spontaneously, and ended up being a total of 19 of them that would walk out of the blue just telling me this. And it got to the point where I was very much I'm a science minded individual, I want to I want proof, and I don't want psychics telling me, that's how it was at the time. And I was very much in the space where, where I want proof, but I think I'm current going crazy. I really thought I was going crazy. And I said, God, just give me a sign. Just give me some sign that I should pursue this. And I had bought a book called Edgar Cayce you on the millennium, little paperback book. And I'm like, hey, whatever. I'm just gonna see what he's gonna say about the millennium. And I opened it up to page 32. And right in the middle of the page, it says, John, the beloved will again be named John. And I'm like, so I instantly started to search for a psychotherapist who did past life regressions. And I didn't want just someone who had had a class online or, you know, or someone who had read a book and was going to be regression, I wanted to a real psychotherapist, a hypnotherapist who could really do do it justice. And I found a lady in Virginia. And I ended up going, and I went the week before and she led me through a meditation so I could get used to her voice. And for a week, I had to go home and meditate with her tape. And then the following week, I came back when I came back, she sat me down, I'm laying there and she she led me into this hypnosis session. hypnotherapy session. And she, she's she lifts you up, and then she lowers you down in hypnosis. And then I opened my eyes. And I had this huge visceral experience. It was, it was as if I was standing on this shoreline. And it was like Sandy and rocky all at the same time. And I could feel the wind, I could smell the air. And there was just people milling about. And I, I was like, Oh, wow, I looked looked down. And my legs were bare. And I was like, Haha, none of the puzzle, because they always wear robes, right to sell held a little I thought, the time I later discovered doing my research because I'm very much about researching things, that what I was actually wearing was known as a fish coat. It was it was literally what they would wear when they went fishing going to the Sea of Galilee. Because if they were robes and fell over, they were going to drown. And having the bare arms and the bare legs. It was like a Galilean one piece bathing suit. And so I'm sitting here having this whole experience. And she says, what's the next most important moment. And it shifted to people running down the beach in front of me. And I'm looking at these people running down the beach. And I'm like, there's people running on a turn, I look and there's a crowd further down the beach. And as I'm looking further down the beach, I'm like I say to her, there's a crowd, she says, you want to see what that is? Yeah, so I ended up walking over to this crowd. And there's a crowd there. And I pushed my way into the crowd and come to the center of the crowd. As they get closer to the center of the crowd, I start to feel this feeling of just pure unconditional love. And I open to the crowd and I see him this guy, right? See him standing. This is actually a painting I did from this regression. And I could feel I could feel his presence. You hear me in the regression, say, oh my, oh my god, I can feel him and I started panting and like that was overwhelming the feeling. And he looked at me as if he knew me. He smiled. He walked over, he raised his hands up, he placed it on my chest. And I had in my regression, I had basically what most people might think of as a near death experience. I left the illusion of here. And I ended up in this pure white expanse. And knowing full well that there was distance but you couldn't see walls you couldn't see distance, you just knew you were in an expanse of white. And I felt like I was completely one with everything and everyone all at once. And the regression is confused. She's like, are you with him? Or are you him? And I say I'm within him. And I said it's all love, so love. And she left me in that state. And she actually kept trying to get me to come out of it now that she's like you stay as long as you need. I left staying in there about seven or eight minutes. Which by the way, if you ever heard my regression I I trim that section off, because you hear me moaning for about seven minutes. And it's just, yeah, you can take that and do bad things to me. But then she says, what's the next most important moment. And the next most important moment was me feeling and experiencing all my fears and anxieties, and had a complete realization, that to come to the physical world to feel feel that separation from that love is, is a is a part of knowing and experiencing that love. Because if we never had the baseline of our fears and anxieties, we would never know love fully, who would never know God fully, unless we were here to experience this, this baseline. And then very clearly, let me understand the the line though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, because we dropped down into this physical experience of the valley, and we're walking through the shadow of death, we're in a place where death is a possibility of the body, but we ourselves are not of the body, we are of something greater. And so we come down into this into this valley to experience this separation, so that we can come to know God more fully. And in a regression, one of the things that they do is they take the person to the end of the life. And they would they do that specifically so that they, they have an experience a physical experience, they an emotional experience, so they can go oh, I, I this is real. And when when she led me to the, to the end of the life, she she the one thing she did not realize is that in John have old's life, and I say John of old specifically, because I'm John of new, not John of old, I don't necessarily understand what reincarnation is, I'm not vain enough to put a label on it. You know, I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has this information, or this, these memories could be 1000s of could be all of us able to tap into this. But it doesn't matter who you were, it only matters who you are in the here. And now. She says what's next most important moment again, how would you feel about seeing his death, but to John, her saying that was the death of Joshua and Joseph is what I called him. And I just went to the crucifixion. And in my regression, you hear me screaming and overwhelmed, because I'm looking up at me. And he's just a pulp of a man bloke bloodied and beaten. And once again, I took my, my history, and I started writing down details. And there's a lot of details in that are pretty gruesome, but later on, I discovered that were pretty accurate. Like for instance, you know, the only the only evidence they have of a Roman crucifixion is a nail through the ankle bone sideways. And I had in my memory, I had his feet were on the sides of the cross with nails going through the ankle bones into the side of the cross, there wasn't the little platform that you put your feet on, like, they would show him the cross. And the other the other nails were here, not here, like you always see. He was like, they put their putting the nails through the bone so that it would, would stay basically. So as I was coming back with these little tidbits of information that I can research was was great. But after that, I went on and I started having all kinds of very interesting experiences just in the idea of taking what I had learned and this understanding of, of, we're here to experience our fears and anxieties and realizing that what we think and how we how we process our experience is being created around us. And that you know, that that's my biggest takeaway of the whole thing is being very present in your present moment and, and realizing that your thoughts are creative, and your relationship to fear and love is, is how you create your world. I hope that

Alex Ferrari 13:56
That's an amazing recollection or the amazing story in general of what you went through. So, okay, so you have this new information that you walked with Jeshua. And you, you decide, it's one thing to know this information, it's another thing to make it public. So, you know, you had, you know, you were doing things and were How did the people around you, your family, your mother, your, your, your colleagues, your friends, you know, because this, as I always say on the show, because a lot of times people who come on the show have a spiritual awakening, or our channels or our psychics or mediums or had a near death experience did generally clear the room. When you say that you had any of these things happened to you. It clears the room. How did you deal with it psychologically? And how what was it like

John Davis 14:48
For a long time, I didn't want to talk about it because I didn't want to be the guy who thought he was Napoleon.

Alex Ferrari 14:55
Because in past lives, it's always something like I was ill Alexander the Great obviously i right As a of course,

John Davis 15:01
I wasn't Bob, the guy who picked up the dung after the donkey wasn't that guy I was, you know, it's so it's, and I didn't want to be that that guy who thought he was some famous character and from history. And so I was like this, this is, you know, I had to struggle with him. But what eventually happened was people started. My family took it very interestingly, I have a brother and a sister who were like, Yeah, John, you said it, we believe it. Right? I have other brothers and sisters are like you're crazy. We're Catholic, and that doesn't work. And I respect them and love them. You know, because spirituality is a personal journey and reach finding your own way. In the Bible. It says, In my Father's house are many mansions I believe you can find love in any any religion in the world. But it's a matter of are you finding love? Or are you finding judgment? And if you're finding judgment, and fear and anxiety and having to be right, so you're not really being inclusive? Now? Let's talk about my mom. Because my mom right back here, a picture over here. My mom master's degree and liturgy, amazing individual, put me on my spiritual path early. I go and tell her completely open to it. Completely open to it. But she didn't. She didn't necessarily share to me that how completely open she was to it. And how a little bit nervous she was about it. And she went to her Catholic priest who was straight from Ireland, hair parted down the middle, right? Hey, straight from Ireland. He was. She says, Father, I'm really concerned. My son thinks he's an apostle reincarnated. And the priest went like this. Don't just count it, it might be true.

Alex Ferrari 16:47
Right! I love that. For people that are watching this, he turned around and looked behind both shoulders before he said it that could be true, which is always fascinating. You know, What's always interesting, and I found this out from multiple people I've spoken to is what they portray in public is very different than what they portray. In private, like I was talking to a quantum physicist the other day, and I go, Listen, they all have to have a sense of, of respectability within their community, if they actually said what they believe they will be ostracized. But when they're at a dinner party with confidence with friends, or in their own homes, or like just having a drink with a friend, the things that come out of their mouth, is very different than what they preach about in their classroom. So it's interesting.

John Davis 17:33
And that's in all segments of society. Because Correct. 20 years ago, I came out with this story, there was a book written about me called John of old John of new, and by the first psychic who wrote who who read me, and it's actually her, but her book is still on Amazon. Now I get nothing from it. So I'm not trying to sell a book. It's hers, right? But um, but I was speaking all over the country, I was speaking at the Association for Research, enlightenment, Unity churches, metaphysical centers, and I was getting all over all over the place cup and Canada doing stuff. And I realized that no one was everyone was too invested in who I was, and not what I'm actually talking about. And so I decided, I'm gonna take this information. And I'm going to put a different vocabulary around it. And I'm going to stop preaching to the choir. And I'm going to start going to find people who need to be put on a path. So I became a corporate motivational speaker. And what I found really interesting is I would go into into the speeches, and I would do these, these really cool speeches. And I'll just give you an example. At the end of my speech, I would pick the most timid person I could find in my audience, I would bring them in onto the stage in front of everybody. And just by managing their fear and adjusting their timeline to the present, they would learn to crack a whip and hit targets out of my hand and five minutes. Right, literally, and it's just but it's just a matter of managing, right. But what I would find out is at the end of the speech, I'd be standing there, and people come here, thank you so much, that was great. So And there'd always be a group that would stand off to the side. And once everybody else had cleared away, they come over, and they lean in, they go, I know what you're talking about. Like they want to say in the corporate environment, right. But yeah, we sometimes hide our spirituality for the sake of being afraid of being different. And in reality, that that fear of being different is the fear of not being loved. So it comes down to the base of basis element of, we're afraid of not being loved in some form. And that's why we're here is to experience that fear of not being loved or that feeling that separation. But that's what we must overcome the Buddha. The Buddha said, The secret to enlightenment is the eradication of fear. And in Sufism, they believe that God is on one side of a veil and we're on the other side of the veil, and our life is the struggle against the veil and the veil is our fear. So it really comes down to dealing with dealing with our fears in life.

Alex Ferrari 19:52
Fear is the biggest motivator everything revolves around the fear of the fear fear anger is fear. rages fear, lash, all of it is about our fears in one way, shape or form. And even the fear when they say that the fear of the number one fear is not death, but speaking of public, right? It is because you're afraid of being ostracized from the group.

John Davis 20:18
It's exactly right. But if you think about what fear is, wonder if you break it down scientifically, fear is an emotional reaction to a future event that may or may not happen with you focused on a negative outcome.

Alex Ferrari 20:30
Absolutely, absolutely.

John Davis 20:33
So but so fear depends on the negative outcome depends on you believing in a negative outcome. And so I call it negatively focused on certainty. That's what fear is. And when you, when you shift your focus from from negative to positive, you create a whole different experience. So So to give you an example, I talked about being very present. Most people in the world sit in their present moment, and they hash over all of the fearful things that have happened in their life. And they decide this is the way the world is. So right here in this moment. The world is this way. So I am creating more of that, because that's what I'm focused on. That's where my belief is my faith is their Bible says whatever you ask in God's name is granted if you have faith, Moses said God's name was I am. Yes. So I am a victim of that a product of that horrible person because of that, and even Amazing Grace says, I'm a rich, right? All that says all that stuff. Right? Right. So they sit here, this moment, they declare those things, I am this, and God gives them that. Because that's what they want. The people who step into the next levels, their soul, to tie it into your name, here are the people who go, Okay, here's where here's where I am from the product of my belief, but now I am doing this. And they start to start to negate the subconscious beliefs that are behind them. And they start to be very conscious about keeping their focus on a positive outcome. See, most people, most people think that they're going through time on a linear fashion. But we don't go through time. Time goes through us. We are never, ever, not in the present moment. The passage is a collection of present moment memories. The future is just a place where we set goals for our next present moment. But we never get to the future, when we finally experienced that thing, it's going to be in the here and now. And so the future is coming to us. And it becomes more and more in focus as it gets to us. And so here in this moment, if we keep our focus on a positive, I am joyfully receiving perfect health, the and you should keep in that in that place. What you're doing is you're bringing that reality into focus. And so then you experience it in your present moment. And then it goes drops into your past subconscious belief. In the Bible, it says be born again. I mean, that's that's not because that's not what Jehovah's Witnesses say, it's what it is, is set down your paths. Start creating something new, bring something new into your experience. You know, I have been very fortunate in my life to watch people believe themselves out of wheelchairs. And you go to look at the testimonials on my on my private readings page, there's a testimonial on there of lady who had a tumor. And she started getting very present and started putting the positive affirmations in the patois affirmation, there's a topic there. But positive intention or positive belief as positive faith, and her tumor shrank. And it really comes down to each one of us as divine. You know, in the Bible, Joshua says, greater works than I've done, you will do your gods, that is your faith that heals you. He wasn't he wasn't putting himself on a pedestal, he was showing us the potential that we have. And the idea and the, the idea that we are one with God, and we and God is a co creator. We are, we are the inspiration and the and the outcome. And God is the paintbrush, the paints and the canvas. All of the tools that we need here

Alex Ferrari 24:10
Beautifully said my friend beautifully said. So with so I'm going to dig in a little bit because I don't get to speak often with someone who walked with Jeshua as a general statement, so I have a couple questions I've always wanted to know and I've heard, I've done some study, you know, I've done research in spiritual texts and things but the biggest question I always have because I am also a recovering Catholic. So I, I and I feel guilty about it. But

John Davis 24:39
You know, it's funny, but that Alex is this summer, my book, my first book is coming out. And it's called the recovering Catholics guide to spirituality.

Alex Ferrari 24:48
Amen. Amen. Amen. Can't wait for that. It's gonna be amazing. But the thing that always fascinated me among many things about what the church taught, was that you Jesus was born, yada yada yada showed up at 30. Like the yada yada yada is the problem. I've always had since I was a kid, you know if I could go back to Seinfeld that yada yada yada, yeah. So what So I've read, you know, from the, from the Hindu texts and yogic philosophy is that that Jesus was a yogi.

John Davis 25:23
Have you heard of Shri Issa?

Alex Ferrari 25:25
Right! Exact so can you explain to people what happened it as much as you can have the time between he when he was born, and then when he became when he showed up as essentially a master?

John Davis 25:36
Sure. So let me let me kind of tie some things in first. So the whole story of the virgin birth. You have to remember that Matthew, Mark and Luke, two books, books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Theologians and Bible scholars believe they are written from one source. They don't believe they're written by the individuals. And the Bible that we know of today is a conglomeration and an edit from a lot of books at the Nicene Council. It became the codified Bible. When you look at virgin births, nobody Jesus was the virgin birth was miraculous, right? Plato was a virgin birth, Horus in Egypt was a virgin birth. And all the other virgin most of the other virgin births you find in history are all Roman on pagan mythology. So, Joshua being born, I remember him as as a man, as not a not a deity in choirs didn't sing when he entered the room, let's say no. He was, he was a dude. And he was the coolest dude ever. Right? And when I met him in that past life, and I say I, when John of old met him. It was it was when he had come back. But I had a full understanding that he had just come back from somewhere far away. So

Alex Ferrari 27:03
Back to me, it was okay. So let me just clarify, because come back, it could be from the dead. I have to be very clear about this purchase. Just throwing that out there. It's like, that's funny. Dead didn't come back from the no, he went on the journey and came back.

John Davis 27:20
Yeah, he was coming. He was coming back from the east. And a lot of a lot of the teachings that he taught, don't tie into Judaism. And definitely don't tie into Christianity. Because he didn't believe in a messiah. He didn't believe in a savior. One of the real real memories that I have is avoiding the scenes, because they wanted him to not only take the role of Messiah, but they wanted him to take the role of King. And they wanted him to actually raise an army and fight wrong. And he wouldn't do it. And so we avoided the scene in combat, because it was like, you know, they want me to do something I'm not going to do. But yeah, I totally believe he was in India, though, my memories, I wasn't with him. So I don't have those memories of him being there. I totally believe it, because that was just what we understood it to be. Now, when you go to India, which is was a fascinating journey, when I traveled to India, you can learn all about Sri Issa. And you can they can tell you where he was and all the things that he did. And when you ask them what happened to him, they say he went back to his country, and he was crucified. And there's another fight in India, when you're there that after the resurrection, he came back with with his wife and had children and lived out the rest of his life there. And there are sects of Hinduism to believe that I personally hope that's true. Because I would have liked the man to have a happy ending. Right? Right, in his life. Right. So the next question that I always get, and I'm going to tie it into this, your question is did he resurrect? Did he resurrect I have, I have memories of him on the cross. I have memories of carrying his physical body to a tomb, which I can tell you an interesting psychometry story about going to the Garden Tomb in Israel and getting nauseous and crying and weeping and wailing and not even knowing I was going to the place when when we went but I have a distinct memory. I remember I said the second reading the psychic did a full body trance channel, right? She actually at one point in that channeling stage, she says Do you see me? And I was like no, this is close your eyes and see and close my eyes. When I close my eyes. It was like my eyes opened in the past. And I was I was like looking down at the ground and I could see my hands in front of me. And I could see like sand falling off my face. And I look a little further and standing here. Whereas these feet, and I looked up, and it was Jeshua, looking down laughing at me. And I knew the reason I was on my face, because the last time I saw him, I put him in a tomb. And and so people say, Well, how can that be? Well, when you when you study in India and you study the Hindus, there's numerous stories of gurus who would come to a raging river and can project their consciousness to the other side, manifester body around and continue on. That's basically resurrecting the body and another, another segment of this belief. And so, to me, it makes perfect sense that he could have done that if he had gone and studied with the gurus in India.

Alex Ferrari 30:43
And so, you know, I have a statue of, of Jeshua meditating in my office. They're, they're rare, but they are available. Because I do truly believe after doing so much research in in the, in the Hindu texts and the Indian in yogic philosophies, that that Jesus was a yogi. In many ways, he learned those ideas, because, again, the ideas that he was talking about, were ideas that were not like you said, not in the Jewish tradition, not in the Roman tradition. Absolutely. They just weren't they were so far beyond those things. The concept of you are God, you know, God is within you. You could do everything I can do and more. That's heresy.

John Davis 31:33
Yeah, absolutely. It's heresy. But, but let me let me share an interesting fact. I had this experience and I came, I got very public with it. I was out there with it. And I've never had a Buddhists say anything negative to me, I've never had a Hindu say anything negative to me. I've never had a Muslim say anything negative to me, never had a wicked or a high sounding negative. I have been called a false prophet and Satan reborn. And I have been told that I'm doing the devil's work at all by Christians. Right. But what word Christian means Christ means anointed one, which means it's, he has to be a Messiah. And it's a no see, and councils when he became the Son of God. Prior to the Nicene Council, and 325, he was either a teacher or a prophet or a fraud, depending on your your point of view, right. And they made a decision at the Nicene council that he was the son of God. And once that happened, all other religions were wrong. And then you get the Crusades and the Inquisition. And

Alex Ferrari 32:38
Because that's what because that's what Jesus would want. Right? Exactly. I mean, I always another thing as a young, young Catholic boy. So Jesus love everything God's within you, he you either believe in Jesus or die. Like that doesn't seem very Christian.

John Davis 32:57
Think about that. Think about that just didn't make the book of John, a book that I love, by the way. It says, says God is love. And no, and no fear can exist in pure love. But the Old Testament says, God sent two bears to kill 42 children because they made fun of a bald man.

Alex Ferrari 33:15
Well, there's that.

John Davis 33:17
It's like, when you look at the interesting part about the Bible, to me is the texts that have became the Bible, were written by Judaic sects who had their own agenda. They wanted a messianic fulfillment of Judaic law. And so, the original texts, were not even in alignment with gestures, teachings. And then you have, you know, everybody always talks I always hear people talk about the Aramaic gospel. Most people don't realize there is no Aramaic gospel. The Aramaic gospels that they talk it talk about is the procedure and the procedure is a translation into Aramaic from Greek. So it's not even real there's no real Aramaic gospel. And then when you look at the next iterations, you know, they started translating it and you know, we live in to 2023 Right now, you know, the years wrong because it well, they know it's wrong because you look at the Bible, Joshua was born in in the reign of I forget which which Emperor it was. He died about six or eight years before the ascension date. Or the the the ad day, right. So we know that he couldn't have been born in 2023 years ago. So even our years from when did that happen historically, that happened in the Middle Ages. But even our concept of of hell and brim, stone and fire and all that is a reflection of Dante's Inferno, which is a middle ages, text, because the word Gahanna, which is the word that was translated into hell, was actually a trash dump where you burned your trash on the outskirts of Jerusalem and all all the bad stuff was burned in Ghana. And so, so even fascinating. I'm sorry, go ahead.

Alex Ferrari 35:05
No, no, no, no. But the thing is so fascinating is that I've had multiple people, I've had a lot of near death experiences on the show. Yeah. And, and channels and mystics and all this stuff. And one common denominator is that there is no help. And the biggest stuff that I get on comments, is when we dare to say that there is no help, because then we are doing the devil's work. And obviously, I'm a demon, and so on and so forth. We all are. And it's, it's fascinating, because, again, as a child, I didn't understand when they told me about hell, I was terrified. I was in first grade, eighth grade, they said, You're going to hell, if you don't do this, this and this. I'm like, the amount of stress a first grader gets, right. Because of this, you're like, Oh, my God, I'm like, What are we going to do? So it doesn't make sense. Now that you know, as a, as a parent, you look at your kids and you go, there's nothing they could ever do. They could do the I would never dam them for all eternal damnation, for anything that they could possibly do in this world. As a parent, so can you imagine God going? Oh, you didn't go to church on Sunday, and you want me Friday?

John Davis 36:20
Think about Yeah, George Carlin does a great bit on the meet on Friday. Oh, they got rid of purgatory. Do you think there's still people that are doing time on the meat rep.

Alex Ferrari 36:31
Changed it? Is there? Like do they go back to the program?

John Davis 36:37
Here's an interesting thing. You know, when when when I take when I hear that people come at me so negatively. The first thing I do when anybody's coming at me negatively the first thing before I don't have an emotional reaction. I asked what what is the fear? What are they afraid of? Where are they afraid of not being loved? And you can always find it, you know, the, the people who are who are judging me or judging me because they they're afraid they're wrong, or they're afraid they're

Alex Ferrari 37:05
If you are right, then that means everything that my entire life has been based on the foundation that I've raised my beliefs upon, are wrong, and if they are wrong, then my entire world comes crumbling down. That's in politics, that's in religion, that's in just what you eat, talk about vegans and carnivores for yet about like, Oh, my God,

John Davis 37:27
Well, you will wonder financial Greek and carnivore, because I've done both, right. And what I find interesting is the love and peace read vegans are the are the most vehement evil, they will attack and,

Alex Ferrari 37:40
You know, listen, I use Mac and PC. I mean, it's just

John Davis 37:46
What do you want to share it go ahead.

Alex Ferrari 37:49
Exactly. So so if you're a Mac or your PC person, like if you think that the PCs are good, that it just ruins the that's the that's the construct that you've put in your in your, in your mind to live this life. And if that's challenged, you fight to the death. Unless you are open minded and doesn't have as much fear. When you don't have fear. You could go well wait a minute. Is reincarnation possible? Well, let's, let's look into that. And see. I know I was told it wasn't possible. But you know what, it kind of makes more sense because if you only got one life to live, and then it's sucks

John Davis 38:23
It's in the Bible, it's in the Bible. Yeah. Yeah. What do you mean? It's in the Bible? It's like, who do they say that I am? Some say You are Elijah, some Prophet reborn. No, I tell you, Elijah has come already and you have Sunday, I'm referring to John the Baptist. So they had to believe he could return us either John's Baptist Jesus from Nazareth.

Alex Ferrari 38:42
It's it's it's a fascinating it's a fascinating thing. When you start digging into this stuff, especially in spirituality, but you're right, it's always fear fears the base of all this lashing out but when you are open minded, and I think by the way, in today's world more than 20 years ago, there is much more seeking there's people who are like you know what, the traditional way is not working anymore. We are questioning it at all.

John Davis 39:08
I'm glad you brought that up because when I was out speaking to a was 20 years ago, my my first regression was in 1999. And and I was out speaking all over the country, like I said, and the reason I stopped it because they could only be into who I was as opposed to stepping into the divinity. When I came back to this a year and a half ago, I am blown away at the shift in humanity blown away because everybody's about how do I do this? How do I get there? And that there really is there's a huge push towards zero connectedness with God and I just love God consciousness yada yada whatever you call it, but you know,

Alex Ferrari 39:48
The universe the source Yeah, it God is a trigger word, apparently.

John Davis 39:53
Right? It did as as as Jesus right. And I call them Jeshua because that was my memory. Right? And And you can't tell from the painting, but he actually looks much lighter skinned than the painting is the paintings actually darker. And I got crucified for him being a dark skinned man. Right? And it was like,

Alex Ferrari 40:14
You know, it's anything that changes their idea of what's possible. It's, it's again, it's Galileo. It's just basically what do you mean that the sun what?

John Davis 40:25
And they forgave him in 1986, the same year Ferris Bueller's Day Off came out.

Alex Ferrari 40:33
Thank God they came, I mean, at least during farriss, theatrical run.

John Davis 40:38
Exactly. And Big Trouble in Little China same year,

Alex Ferrari 40:41
Obviously, which is a very spiritual movie in its own. Absolutely. But, you know, this is the other thing I've always found, even in my own, my own experience, you know, walking the earth is there's like, well, there's a billion or two Buddhists, another billion Hindus, you know, a billion Catholics, and God knows how many other type of of religions out there. They're all looking at a different side of the elephant, as they as that old saying says it's so true. So you just like, oh, that the tail is the way No, the trunk is the way No, the foot is the way. And you're like, No, it's not. It's just a small part of the whole thing. But I'd love to you said something earlier that you said, you can if you can find love, in all religions, in all walks of spirituality, as long as you don't condemn or judge. And that's such a powerful thing, because there are by the way, I know, I know Catholic priests, who are right now. I had him on the show, who help transition souls who are lost over to the other side. And I asked him, so how is the church working out? How's that working out with the church and they're like, trying to just let me do my thing. You know, but he's still up, you know, a heart. He's okay. He's a Catholic priest, but he's doing different work and he's not judging people. It's like,

John Davis 42:04
Well, you know, the Catholic Catholic faith really, for many years leveraging fear, right. And while still does right lobbying, yeah, I grew up in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which is a beautiful beachside community. It's also known to be the nation's gay summer capital. Right Catholic Church has a giant man used to have a giant mansion on the beach, every priest in the entire east coast with vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I cannot tell you how many times I saw preach coming out of gay Boyers handed amateur boyfriend. Right. To me. There's nothing wrong with that. Because if if God is love, love is not wrong in any form. Right? But the hypocrisy of saying, you know, I don't, I don't believe that that's, that's godly or to send to lie with another man because Paul said it. Paul, who in the Gnostic texts is referred to by James, the brother of Joshua as the great liar, which is fascinating, too. We need to dive into that. Right? Well, God is love. And here's the other thing I wanted to tap into what you just said, Love can be found everywhere, but the universal thoughts and the universal truths can be found everywhere. Buddha said what you think you become you create your world, Krishna said, You are the culmination of your thought the Bible says, As a man thinketh. So is he, Shakespeare said there's nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so. And he also said, words without thoughts, never to heaven go. So you can find these amazing truths in all areas. If you trap yourself into one school of thought you are missing the beautiful enormity and simplicity of God.

Alex Ferrari 43:41
Agreed. 110% is if and that's what we try. That's why I try to bring so many different walks of life onto the show from different perspectives. And, you know, Indian gurus and mystics, you know, from Europe and Catholic priest and Buddhist and Tibetans and beautiful people like yourself, I'm trying to bring as many things and ideas together. But the thing that I found, and I have a very unique perspective on this, because of now, almost 200 conversations like this, I'm starting to notice common truths, keep popping up. And you can't get that until you have the perspective I have of just being able to talk to so many different spiritual people that have had either spiritual experience or mystics are in all walks of life. But when you start seeing common denominators, I'm like, well, there's what God is love. Okay, so that's a common truth. The concept of reincarnation keeps coming up. I haven't had one person who has walked the spiritual path who has not said that said like, no, no, you only get the one life because that's judgment that's very static, very rigid thinking. Right? So reincarnation, past lives, ideas like that. We're here to win. We're here to learn, to experience to remember why we're here what we truly are

John Davis 45:08
And the concept of sowing and reaping. Yes, karma, karma and people think as karma over lifetimes and Am I doomed because of my karma. Karma is what you're showing you're reaping but you have to realize you can sow something new in every present moment. You can create something different in every present moment, as matter of people get into these, these these new a new as a new age, and I want to say them in a negative way. These new I think New Age, dogma is just as pervasive as old age dogma. Oh, absolutely. And, and a lot of times still, like, for instance, the word meditation. When you say the word meditation, it can be mantra, meditation, breathing, meditation, candle meditation, walking meditation, right? I don't call it meditation anymore, just because it's so convoluted. I call it sitting in love, right, and I just go into my room, and I exhale. And I feel that space. And next, you know, it's 40 minutes later, and I've been in this beautiful bliss state for for 40 minutes. And when I started doing that, every day, my whole world smoothed out. And then I started doing this other thing. Like, I meditate grocery shopping, I walk into the grocery store. And before I go in, I go. And I get that feeling. And I walk in with a smile on it, and people do a double take and smile at me. And then they start talking to me, because I'm not used to feeling it right. Now he's experiencing it, then I realized, you know it, there's a primal function of the body, that when we get into fear state, we store air in our bodies. We go, you know, if we're a parent, and we have children, we know that moment where that toddler was going in across the living room, and they tripped and fallen almost smack their head on the coffee table, right, and we know, be gasping for air while we're doing that, because we're filling our lungs up. So we can run fast. And people when they're in fear, they go, I can't breathe, I can't breathe. It's not that they can't breathe, if they're not releasing their air. But if you take an actor on stage, they're they're literally trained, if they forget their lines, and they have a, they get into that fear state. They're literally trained to exhale, relax all their muscles. And all their lines flood right back into their head, because they shut off the fear response. So that idea that every every meditation form that I've ever tried, has all led me to the moment where I went. And just let go. And so I bypass the modality and the technique, and I just go to the letting go. And that's how I get to that space very quickly. And when I do privates I do a lot of private sessions with people I do, yes, four or five a day sometimes. Because I want to help people break free of those barriers. And I get it's so interesting to watch because they come in tense, right? And by getting them to the space of focusing on a positive outcome and creating something different by the end of the sessions, they're laughing and they're, and they're exhaling and what does a laugh but a joyful exhale. Right? You're just sitting out you're feeling next day.

Alex Ferrari 48:03
So did Jesus meditate?

John Davis 48:05
Well, Jesus would do. A I don't know, what if he had a specific form of meditation, but he would go off for long periods of time, and just sit on his own. So I would go inward, go and go inward yet for I would consider it a meditation. And what's really interesting is when you were talking earlier about you said use the word demon or whatever. It's really interesting. The word Satan has two separate big dictionary meanings. One of them is deceiver. Sure, all right. The other one is temptation. Which I think is really interesting, because our Satan is our own temptations. It's our own. fit your influx, yes. Slight from our past, right. And so it to me, it really comes down to you gotta meditate to come to a closer place. I do it. And I sit in love because to me it's it's smooths out my life.

Alex Ferrari 49:02
Let me ask you this, because you just triggered something in me that just popped into my head when you said that, that the word Satan is temptation. Well, arguably, this entire existence is a temptation of the physical form is a temptation. So to be free of the temptation of the physical form to evolve beyond it to to go past it, as all great masters do. Jesus Buddha. I use Yogananda Baba Ji, all these kinds of Indian Yogi's and things. They be they go beyond the physical. Yeah. So they have released the temptation. They have no temptation to physical ideas. They even get to the point where they don't even have attachment to the body, which is the ultimate release to a certain extent.

John Davis 49:50
Have you helped us with that?

Alex Ferrari 49:53
As far as?

John Davis 49:54
Getting out of body?

Alex Ferrari 49:56
Yes. I've meditated. Now for five, five years now I'm going to say that I've been meditating for about an hour to two, sometimes three a day, consistently. I mean, I just did an hour and change before. After this call, I'll do another hour and change before the day is over. It is when you go when you continue to meditate, at that level, continue to continuously at the beginning, and I've said this on the show before at the beginning, it's it's a mess. You're just trying to sit there. It's an absolute mess, your brain stopping you your breath, what are you doing? What's going on? Isn't that to the point now where I'm like, I need it to function in my day. And but there has been moments that I've gone so deep that I, I'm not. I'm somewhere else. I don't know where that is. And I spoke to Tibetan monks. I've spoken to, you know, Buddhist monks who meditate long periods. And they go Oh, yeah, yeah, we understand what it is like, Oh, you got there too. Okay, great. It's like it's not nothing special. And it's everyone could do it. Everyone could do it.

John Davis 51:08
Absolutely, I am. I attribute most of my big, spiritual lightshow experiences to my naivete. Oh, yeah. By being completely naive, right? My I had, I had what is termed as a Kundalini rising in a tent in New Orleans. And

Alex Ferrari 51:29
That's a good place to do that, sir.

John Davis 51:31
So weird, though, is I what happened was it they were having a record cold snap, and I was staying in this tent, freezing my butt off. And earlier that week, I'd seen on 60 minutes, a bit about these Buddhist monks who would go into a freezer, and they would put cold, wet towels on them didn't come out and the towels were like 120 degrees. It was like the heat of the towels beyond their physical body. Right? And it was like, That's amazing, right? So here I am in this tent in New Orleans, freezing my butt off. I'm like, Well, if they can do it, so can I write it totally naive and doesn't take you're sitting on a mountaintop somewhere, right? So I just said, Okay, I'm going to focus on my feet. And I just forgot, and I focused on my feet, and I could feel my feet. And I said, my feet are getting warm, and my feet got warm. And then oh, okay, I'm gonna bring it up to my shins. And over the course of a long period of time, I got it all up to my chest. And it wouldn't go any higher. And that that's when the mind kicks in. And the mind says, you kind of force it, force it. And you sit there going, trying to try to get it out. And suddenly I heard this thought. And I say it that way is hearing someone else's thoughts or hearing the thoughts of God, or something that says, relax into it. And I let go, and I just exhaled and flew. I was everything. And I was in pure. The white expanse I talked about this is before I had my regression, that white expanse, I was in feeling one with everything. I'm just having this amazing, completely warm, and I and then I woke up the next morning. And I turned to my, my comedy partner at the time, who was a longtime practitioner of TM. And I and I was like, This is what happened to me. And I explained the whole thing. He says, Oh my God, you had a cooling cooling riser. I've been trying to have one of those for years. Right. And then I realized, because I was naive, I didn't have to try. And just the belief that I am trying is asking God for trying, I am wanting I am needing I am hoping I am trying or not, or non present moment acts, as I'm joyfully receiving, so that the next night, I said, Well, I'm gonna do that again. I started the process. And suddenly, in the process of bring the heat up, I hear the zipper of the tent open. And I opened my eyes and I watched my comedy partner step into the tent. And he stepped over top of me. And I looked down at my own face down there. And I was looking at my body below me. And I was just like, within minutes, I was back in my body like, holy crap, what was it? You know, I just saw you come into the tent. But what was also happening? As he came into town, all I could hear was what what most people would consider the ohm ohm, right. And so I'm like, I saw you step into that you separator. I looked at my own face. And he says, he says, Did you hear the humming noise? I was like, yeah, so yeah, you're out of it happens to me all the time. Right? So the people who know don't necessarily talk about it, and the people who who talk about it don't necessarily know. But it's it is a matter a matter of it's always a personal experience. It's always your choice. And it's always then I got to the point where I was just doing other parties all the time and they were just I would do things like I wake up, the alarm clock would go off. And I'd reach over to turn it off and I couldn't figure out why couldn't turn it off. I realized I forgot my arm. My arm was here but the other hand was smacking over there and The I'm gonna tell you a funny story. So I was once again doing this technique, you know, bringing the warmth up my body. And I got it. I was getting out of bodies consistently and I was wandering around the campground of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, just kind of experiencing it. And then one night I got out so you know, I wonder if I can travel distance. So I chose to go to my old hometown, Rehoboth Beach, and I ended up going to my friend's Beau's house. And I'm, like I said earlier, I like to get proof and documentation. So I go there, and I'm like, okay, what can I see that I can come back and verify was there and I went, I went to my friend's house, and I'm there and I look over and he's asleep on the couch. And I'm like, Okay. He's asleep on the couch. I thought, Well, I wonder if I can project the thought. And I just said, I need to project the thought that if he says it to me, I'll know that I've did something. And I look over, and I'm like, Oh, what do I say what do I say? Bow, purple rhinoceros purple, or nasutus, purple rhinoceros, purple rhinoceros, because I wanted something so weird. That if you said it, I call them up the next day. Is how you doing? This? is so weird. You're calling me man. I had a dream last night you were in my house saying purple rhinoceros. He literally said it on the phone to me. So I've come to realize, you know, are the key to everything I just said is my belief. I believed I was doing it. And you know, you look, you look at the wall, you look across the room at the wall across from you. And you realize that Einstein has said to us that room is the wall is nothing but a pure energy event in motion. Yes. And the air between you and that wall is a pure energy event motion, same thing. And the eyes that you're looking at it with are pure energy that in motion. This whole thing is a product of your belief. It's a product of what you what you you put into it. And simulation, if you will. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, when you when you look at it that way, you start to realize that you can, there's a thing, people talking about, you know, the superhero movies right now, we're all talking about multiverses.

Alex Ferrari 57:13
Yeah, right. It's amazing, isn't it?

John Davis 57:15
Yeah, you can sit at the same table with somebody having a great time while they're having a negative one. And, and the story I like to tell us who's walking to a restaurant with a friend of mine. On the way hand, he says, I hate this place. Why do we always come here? What are you talking about? I love this place. This is a perfect greasy spoon, right? We go in, we sit down. The waitress comes over to the table. She says, I'm sorry, I'm having a bad day. And it's going to reflect on the service. Right? Right. That's amazing. Other Guy across from me is instantly mad, right? I go, Well, I can give her love. Right. So I say, I'm so sorry. You're having a bad day? Why don't you sit down, I'll get you some dinner. And I'll take care of the rest of your tables. Right. And she started laughing. And we started joking back and forth. And it was it was beautiful. I ended up getting her number right. Now here. Here's the interesting part was, we both ordered our dinners. And our salads came in, I swear to God, my salad looked like she had picked each leaf. And you know, it was like the lights were coming from heaven. how great the salad was. He's got set in front of him. It was the core of the iceberg lettuce cut into four parts. It was just like the worst experience ever. Our steaks come we both ordered steaks. I swear to you, my steak was cooked by my mother. It was like exactly the way I like it Exactly. Perfect. He cut a new steak and the center is frozen.

Alex Ferrari 58:46
It's, it's fascinating because again, being able to talk to so many different people from different walks of life, especially in the scientific community, where I'm talking to quantum physicists a lot and neuroscientists and things, the concept of the simulation theory, Maya, the illusion, all that kind of stuff. But this concept of the world, we are creating the world that we are in our reality with our minds. And you said earlier in regards to you know, people that were able to heal themselves by their beliefs. And people thinking now that like That's impossible, like a well, there's something called the placebo effect that has been around in science that science hates, they don't understand it. They can't they wrap their heads around it, but it is a force that they if there's a belief that the pill, the sugar pill is going to cure them magically, it does, and they have no understanding of why it does it. So that's the power of the brain. That's the power of the not the brain of the mind of the focus. And then when you start talking to you know, a lot of the things we're talking about out of body and this kind of stuff might sound woowoo to people and that's fine. But if you start looking Do you deeply into yogic philosophies of 234 or 5000 years ago, and they're their texts, these ideas have been talked about, for ever, ever, ever, ever. It's just, these are not new age woowoo ideas, these ideas come from a very deep place that's been around humanity for 1000s of years. Unfortunately, some of these ideas have been taken over by more of this kind of woowoo kind of vibe. And that's what turns a lot of people off. And that's what I'm trying to do here on the show is the brand more a little bit of a practical standpoint, because I'm like you, I am more science based, I'm more more rational, you know,

John Davis 1:00:42
And practical that I like to use practical, practical, because that's how I am one of the one of the things that my first regression. I said, it's so simple, we have a hard time understanding it. Right. And, and that I like and when I, when I talk about that simplicity of this, I say when you say you're hungry, your stomach growls, we used to you're tired, you yawn. Right? I am is God's name, I am tired. You yawn, you actually are creating, you're already creating your experience, you are already divine, you're already doing it. It's a matter of them becoming conscious, like Joshua was. But the interesting thing about Joshua was that he understood it was in motion. And as I said, you know, we don't go through time linearly, time goes through us. And so the Bible mother comes to judgment says that they're out there out of wine. First line, he says it's not time yet. And then he turns to the servants, he says, Fill those jugs with water. And they go in, they fill those jugs with water. And over the course of time, he goes over and raises his hand and boom, it's wine. So he understood that he's bringing it into his experience. Through his beliefs, he understood that he had to put all three elements thought, word and deed, because the deed was filled jugs with water, because deed based and faith are creative. And so he had to put the thoughts and words and deeds into into action, until finally could culminate into a wine. And most people have a hard time with the comprehension that they are bringing in all of their life experience. You said earlier about near death experiences. One of the things I find interesting about near death experiences is the is the life review. Yes, because they crossover and they each have their own experience. You know, if you're a Christian, you see Jesus and Buddha, you see Buddha, Shiva, you see Shiva. But the other thing that happens is you you crossover, and you have a review of your life, and all of the feelings of your life. And all of the feelings of the people you interacted with, you hear that as well. Right? So my belief, what's happening is when you when you crossover, you have to transition through your belief and out of your belief. And as you transition through your belief in it, which is why some people see hell, because they believe they believe they were they've done something wrong.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:10
I had one I had somebody that went through hell, and she's like, I only I only went through hell because I thought I needed to go through it.

John Davis 1:03:16
It's exactly right. And so the other the other element is, I believe it's called fully being folded back into the oneness of God. In Hinduism, the consciousness of God is to sit, and we are the sub key, which is the individual sparks of consciousness within God. And so basically, you're getting folded back into it. And to really make this interestingly simple. People asked me about the Trinity all the time. I believe that we are the Holy Spirit. And the father it was it, there's no gender and God the Father is because of the patriarchal time when it was written, but the Father is the God consciousness. The Son is the physical world consciousness. The Holy Spirit is the consciousness that sits between that is us without our fears, without our anxieties that's fully aware of our divine self. And so what happens if we get this information from our divine self is coming through but that Divine Self is connected to the other sets out key the other individuals parks of oneness. And so you're, you're tapping into the oneness of God. You know what, I do a private session an hour before I do one, I sit down and I write the person's name on a sheet of paper. And I do what I said earlier, I just let go. And words start to form in my head and I do an automatic writing for everyone. And what I find so fascinating is that they come out and they go, Oh, my God, how do you know that? How do you do this? I had one one time and I literally at the very beginning of the thing I said, I don't know why I'm supposed to say this, but you're truly scrumptious. She says why? And we kept I kept read down further and I called her Chuchi face and and then I said something and this was the most fascinating line. That all in theoretical evidence is found in illusion in an illusion of belief. So science itself is a dogma, which I thought was interesting, right? So I read this thing to this lady and she says, Oh my she's well, let me tell you what you're talking about. My husband who's passed away now. Our favorite movie was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He used to saying you're truly scrumptious, and my little Tucci face to me. And the line that you read that said, all empirical evidence is found an illusion of belief is from his book. Right? But I don't know, just by opening to it, I don't judge what comes through our coffee comes from a cross over, or just from the consciousness of God, I believe it's all one. And I think in the crossing over, we get folded back into that oneness. And it's all very simple, and it all has happening in the present.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:49
And that's beautiful. And to go back to what you said earlier in regards to the the wine that Jesus parlor trick, if you will. As you were saying it, I was thinking like, well, that's, that's a yogi. That's a yogic power. I mean, if you just go back and listen and read, just read Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda

John Davis 1:06:11
Read the second read the second coming of Christ by Yogananda.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:14
Oh, yeah. The resurrection. Yeah, the the resurrection of Christ. That's that which is within you, which is a mind. My favorite quote, My favorite quote of Yogananda is, is Jesus died on the cross 2000 years ago, but his teachings have been crucified ever since.

John Davis 1:06:30
And God, he says, I like your Jesus, I don't like your Christians.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:38
Amazing, amazing. John is. So I want to ask you, what do you think about what's going on in the world today? This this, this, this kind of insanity? That seems to be happening over the last 4 3 4 years? Yeah. Or longer, probably, but just really, since the pandemic and all that stuff that the world is just, it seems like it's out of control. But yet at the same time, you and I have both said, there seems to be an awakening. So there seems to be like, a lot of crazy, but a lot of spiritual is coming up to balance that,

John Davis 1:07:10
I am so glad you asked this question, Alex, because it's to me, it's so important to to talk about this. You know, Socrates said, when the debate is last slander becomes the tool of the loser. Right. Right. And you've heard a lot of name calling the past several years, you've heard a lot of lack of agenda. You know, you know, we're, we're just against you, we don't, we don't have a real idea, right. So you've heard a lot of this division, it's like this, the world is a predominantly positive place, and most people don't realize that. And, you know, if you take if you if I were to, if I were to have a job up in Cleveland, and I live about a half an hour from Cleveland, and I would commute every day, I'd probably pass 1000 cars on the road. And once a day, maybe probably not even once a day. But once it is to say, once a day, there might be a fender bender on the side of the road, what's going to be on the news, the anomaly, the thing that's different from the rest, what should be the number one story is that 999 cars made it safely to their destination. Right? Because that is the truth of our of our reality. The what I find most interesting is there is there's loving stories every day, but we don't focus on them. Because this our society is really based based on the fact that fear sells. And so I tell people, well, even even we talked about Christian Catholicism earlier. You know, the, the whole concept of Catholicism is based upon marketing fear for recruitment. You know, you're born in sin. Right. I don't know, any, any parent in the world, who has held their child for the first time and said, Oh, look at that nasty center. Right. Right. Right. It'll say that.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:57
Don't get me started

John Davis 1:09:00
And then then First Communion. They're like, yeah, we're indoctrinating them into the brain that that's what they're doing. Then they get to the cognitive thinking years. Yeah, age 13. And they go, Oh, we better make them confirm this thing. And they have a confirmation, right? Yeah. And then they give them this thing called confession, which is you can do bad things. But there's only one place that you can come back to, to get absorbed with that, right? And then you start having your hormones kick in, and the hormones come in, and they say, Oh, you've got hormones now. So if you have a predilection for the opposite sex, and you should get married and have more babies with original sin, and if you don't, then you should become a priest or a nun. Right? And so they've got this this ongoing cycle of recruitment going right, all based in fear. But let me just also say, I'm not trying to bash Greek Catholicism. I have met beautiful loving people, you know,

Alex Ferrari 1:09:52
Of course, of course, of course.

John Davis 1:09:54
But the cycle of fears is really and then like, an 1830. Minister Darby talked to a Scottish boy about a dream he had. And Minister Darby went and sat in the woods and thought about that dream. And then he opened his Bible when he saw this, this one line that said they will gather them up. And then Minister Darby was started writing it all down. And he created this, this idea, right? 1830 this happen? Called the rapture? Oh, yeah, right. The rapture is not in the Bible. It but but a lot of the fates will push it as if it is and the whole Left Behind series and all that stuff. And that's an 1830s guy. Now, Mr. Darby also had many beliefs about the end of the world too. And those years came and went, right, but they take the ones that that are great tools of fear, to keep people in fear. And, you know, it's about power more so than it is about about love. You know? When I, when I went to Egypt, in 2000, everywhere I went in the country, I was treated like an absolute Prince. And to give you an example, I went to Mount Sinai and I was climbing Mount Sinai and you start, you start climbing at one o'clock in the morning, at 2:30 in the morning, in the darkness on the south side of Mount Sinai. I hear John John which, by the way, really trippy. Oh, my God.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:26

John Davis 1:11:28
It wasn't it wasn't God. It was the manager of the hotel that I was staying at. He had run up an hour and a half up Mount Sinai to bring me his coat because he thought it'd be cold.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:40
Oh, my God. That's amazing.

John Davis 1:11:43
The next day, I'm going through St. Catherine's monastery. And this guy comes up to me say, Are you American? I go, Yeah, I'm American. He says, me too, is have you been having problems since you've been here? So no, everyone is treating me like apprentices. Everywhere I go. People want to fight me.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:59
I have no idea why. What could it be?

John Davis 1:12:01
Five minutes later, I wanted to kick the guys but it was like what we put out into the world our belief about our experience is exactly what we get in return. And you know, you I am and people just want to be loved. There's a hero of mine. Her and you don't hear about her enough. Her name is Antoinette tough. And Antoinette tough was a is a well, I don't know if she is still but she was an office worker at a high school. And in the door walks a troubled kid with an AR 15. And he's there to kill people. And he says I'm here. I'm gonna kill and the police come and, and she's on the phone with the police. And she's on the phone with the police. She says, How can I help you, honey? What can I do for you? And she He's like, he's like, nobody cares. Nobody cares. I care, baby. I love you. I love you, baby. Right? And she's taught, she's just talking to this kid. And she says, You know, I'm gonna make sure nothing, nothing goes bad. I'm gonna make sure no, you don't get hurt here today. And we're going to take care of you baby. And she goes over, she hugs the kid. And she takes the gun away. And she says she says you come in here, but you leave him alone. You'd be you'd be nice to him. She's so she's telling the police. And the police come in and they they take the gun and they gently walk him out. And he he's getting mental care, right. But what happened was she instead of being afraid, Instead of succumbing to the what was going on, she just loved him. She just gave him the love that he needed. That waitress story I told you earlier, at the end of my meal, there was one at the beginning of my meal, there was two negative people one positive person, at the end of my meal, there was two positive people one negative person, it really you know, it's up to us to leave a positive week behind us. You know, we're the ones and here's, here's the other thing that a lot of spiritual people struggle with. They want to save the world. You can't save the world. What you can do is make your part of the world so bright that the rest of the world chooses to save their part of the world. And in the end we

Alex Ferrari 1:14:07
Wonderfully said my friend wonderfully said, I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all of my guests Great. What is your definition of living a good life?

John Davis 1:14:18
Being my true authentic self loving as I want to be loved.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:23
What is your definition of God?

John Davis 1:14:27

Alex Ferrari 1:14:29
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

John Davis 1:14:32
To come to know and understand God/love more fully

Alex Ferrari 1:14:37
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing sir?

John Davis 1:14:40 a very easy to find also on YouTube John of new and Alex. I don't know if if you you looked at my stuff, but my readings? Yes, yes. I do want to offer your audience a $50 discount on my readings and you'll have a link that you can share with them.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:58
I absolutely will put it in there. I'll put it in the show notes and in the description as well as if anyone's interested.

John Davis 1:15:03
But only if you're interested. I'm not forcing you or asking you to jump over buy it. If this rang true to you, if it feels true to your heart, realize this in your life. It is your spirit personal journey. If it rings true to you follow it. If it doesn't ring true to you doubt, I don't expect you to believe anything I just said.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:22
And do you have any final words for our audience John?

John Davis 1:15:24
Yeah. Your present moment is the pinpoint of creation and how you live in this present moment is how your next moment will be. Let's make it a good one.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:34
John, I appreciate you my friend. This has been a fantastic conversation. I love talking to you. It's just a good energy between you and I my friend so I appreciate you. And all the work you're doing in the world, my friend.

John Davis 1:15:47
Well, thank thank you so much. I after watching several of your videos, it's really funny. I hear you say things that I say. And I was like that's pretty. That's pretty cool. That's a good work Alex!

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