Channeling the TRUTH! What is REALLY Going On with HUMANITY? There’s No Going Back! with Jessie Herman

In the timeless ebb and flow of existence, we often find ourselves grasping for meaning, reaching for the ethereal threads that weave the fabric of our lives. On today’s episode, we welcome the enlightened Jessie Herman, a channeler of profound wisdom who connects with an entity known as Vagrein. This conversation is a portal to understanding the vastness of our spiritual essence and the interconnectedness of all things.

Jessie Herman begins by sharing her journey from childhood, where she experienced unusual phenomena, to adulthood, where she initially resisted the calling of her spiritual gifts. She describes the internal struggle and societal pressures that made her suppress these abilities, a journey many of us can relate to as we navigate the expectations placed upon us by the world. She candidly recounts, “Letting go of all the stuff that you don’t need, not just physically but emotionally, is crucial.”

As Jessie finally embraced her role as a channeler, she encountered the profound realization that everyone has the ability to channel their essence, a concept that Vagrein reinforces throughout their dialogue. Jessie explains that channeling is not confined to a select few but is an inherent capability within all of us. This resonates deeply with the notion that intuition and creativity are forms of channeling, allowing us to tap into the collective consciousness.

In this profound conversation, we explore the nature of consciousness. Vagrein elucidates that consciousness is the knowing of all that is, a spiral of awareness that transcends individual perception. This understanding challenges our conventional notions and invites us to view our existence through a broader, more inclusive lens. “Consciousness is all that is in its knowing of itself,” Vagrein imparts, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all beings.

A significant portion of our discussion centers on overcoming negative self-talk and trauma. Jessie, with Vagrein’s guidance, highlights the importance of recognizing that negative thoughts are not our true essence. They are merely echoes of past experiences and societal conditioning. By acknowledging this, we can begin to let go of these burdens. Vagrein offers a simple yet profound insight: “Trauma is the state of holding on. Therefore, you do not need to let go; you need to not hold on in the first place.”

As the conversation deepens, we delve into the concepts of destiny, reincarnation, and parallel universes. Vagrein explains that while we each have a destiny, it is not preordained. We are co-creators of our reality, choosing our paths moment to moment. This perspective empowers us to embrace our agency and the limitless possibilities that lie before us. The idea that reincarnation is a simultaneous experience, rather than a linear progression, further expands our understanding of existence.


  1. Embrace Your Essence: Recognize that you are always channeling your true self. Intuition and creativity are your innate connections to the collective consciousness.
  2. Release Negative Self-Talk: Understand that negative thoughts are not your true essence. Let go of what does not serve you and embrace a mindset of compassion and gentleness.
  3. Co-Create Your Reality: Realize that you are the creator of your own experience. Each moment presents an opportunity to choose a path aligned with your highest self.

As we conclude this enlightening episode, we are reminded that the journey to understanding our true nature is ongoing. By embracing our essence, releasing what no longer serves us, and co-creating our reality with conscious intention, we can navigate the complexities of life with grace and wisdom.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jessie Herman.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 206

Jessie Herman 0:00
Letting go of all the stuff that you don't need not just like physically, like, there's lots of stuff that you do need because it brings pleasure, right? But I mean, like, No, we don't need all the drama, we don't need all the stress, we don't need all the strain, there's so much that we can just let go of.

Alex Ferrari 0:26
I'd like to welcome to the show, Jessie Herman. How you doin, Jessie?

Jessie Herman 0:29
I'm great. How are you Alex?

Alex Ferrari 0:31
I'm very good. Thank you so much for coming on the show, I'm excited to talk to you and to Vagrant, the entity that you channel, I've been fascinated with channels for a while now, not only on the show, but the profound messages that keep coming through all of these channels that for whatever reason, are starting to pop up more and more now than before, or at least, they're more public now than they were before. Because of the information that's coming on, I think it's because of the kind of grand awakening that we're all going through on the planet at this point. But we'll get into all of that. But first questions is, what was your life like, before this insanity? of, of, of channeling and, you know, before you had a spiritual awakening, like, what was this? What was your life prior to this? I'm assuming you didn't come out of the womb like this so?

Jessie Herman 1:25
Well, you know, I don't know, that's debatable, because as a child, I had a lot of weirdness going on with me. And then I got to sort of the age where, you know, it's no longer appropriate to have imaginary friends or to have unusual things happening school age, probably about and, and I was, you know, kind of told that that wasn't really, you know, normal or okay. And I was led to believe that, you know, that, that that wasn't, you know, acceptable. And wasn't, you know, it was my imagination. So I believe that for a long time, and I think through my teen years and young adulthood, I tried to just keep it keep it down, keep it normal, mainstream go with the flow, the

Alex Ferrari 2:07
Hold the beast, hold the beast in.

Jessie Herman 2:08
Yeah, well, you know, it wasn't that hard. Because interestingly, you know, it's, it's a question of consent to a lot of the time, you know, with sort of spiritual gifts, I think that we're all we're all attached or connected to something. And that, because we don't believe we can be, we don't allow that through more often than not. So with me, it was it was a case of kind of trying to be normal. And then I had a couple of circumstances in my life that were requested of me to join a spiritual path or to start investigating certain things. So I started meditating. And several years later, I finally got fed up of like, sort of having a knock on my consciousness going like, hey, yeah, hey, try it try and channel me going no, no. And oh, that is not who I am. I don't want that identity. I don't want to be the strange one. I don't want to, you know, have anything to do with that, really. And I just got so fed up with the request, you know, that was, again, always about consent. But like, hey, you know, you have this ability, why not try it? And that was always sort of like a thing going on. So eventually, I had to give into that and see what would happen.

Alex Ferrari 3:19
So, so when you finally give into it, I assume that was I mean, what was the first What was that, like the first time they came through?

Jessie Herman 3:28
Well, it's actually, Yeah, well, yeah, you know, they'd come through several years earlier in writing first. So I had done some sort of writing and made the mistake of showing that to a few people. And in the writing, it was it was very clear what was sort of happening, not that they said, Hey, you're channeling or we're, you know, something from X, Y, or Z. But it was clear that it wasn't my direct consciousness that had, you know, written this information out. And, you know, again, I was discouraged. Oh, that's too weird. Oh, that's just you being you know, you being you, you being your unusual self. You're very creative. And so I kind of put it away again for a couple years, and when I finally channeled verbally, it was it was a shock to me, because I really believe that wouldn't work. And I'm a full trance channel. So I go into, you know, very deep state of meditation or trance, where I don't recall what's sort of being yes said

Alex Ferrari 4:25
Very, very Edgar Cayce. Yes, if you will.

Jessie Herman 4:28
Yeah. I yeah, I don't I don't know too much about other channels. But yeah, like, just just feel you're not there. You know, it needs to be recorded by learning. So whenever you're not sure,

Alex Ferrari 4:39
You just blackout and then come back.

Jessie Herman 4:42
It's not really blackout. It's like, I think the deepest essence that we have is, is a knowingness, but it's not connected to your sense organs, right? So it's as if my sense organs and memory are not in use in that moment, and it's your essence exists, right? Write the things I can remember from the channeling state might be not exactly what was said, but almost like impressions almost like psychic impressions. So sometimes I'll see things while the channeling is happening. So I'm aware channeling is happening. I just can't use my sense organs to access it or record it in my memory afterwards. Like that

Alex Ferrari 5:24
Makes all the sense the world I completely right. Okay, perfect. So, so then when you decide to come out of the closet, if you will, as a channel as a spiritual closet as well, I imagine that this news is not widely accepted by everybody around you, friends, families, colleagues, how did you deal with this? The psychological, you know, because, I mean, to a certain extent, I was afraid to even do the show. In a smaller way I had to become, you know, okay with this. And whatever happened happened. So I'd imagine that there was some negative because it does clear a room, let's just put it out there. Like you just walk in and go, Hey, I'm a channel guys, do you need me to channel? I'm assuming it depends on the room you're in, obviously,

Jessie Herman 6:10
Well, you know, what I found, I found that once you clear that block, and yourself, it doesn't actually manifest that sort of the thing that you're afraid is going to happen. So I've been in many situations, like, you know, just sort of like in a flippant, sort of, let's see what happens if I tell people what I do kind of way like, you know, you're in a room full of accountants, and you're at like a corporate event. And people are like, oh, so what do you do, and I'll be like, I'm a channel. And there's also a language barrier here in Italy, because I'm in Italy, and like, I have to do this in Italian. So it's, like, added, like, I've got an accent. I'm from a different country. And then I understand you write that exact, so there's like that buffer as well. I think I get away with a lot not being like first language. But um, you know, I'll say on my channel, they're like, Oh, that's interesting. You know, what's that? And I'll be like, Well, have you ever heard of like, a medium, you know, like, someone who speaks with, you know, maybe people who have passed on and they're, like, make me like, something's lighting up. And I'm like, Have you ever heard of like, Do you believe in like, other energies? Like, I'll try have this conversation? Eventually, I'll get to like, have you ever heard of a witch? That something that, like you can, you know, grab like,

Alex Ferrari 7:21
I'm like a witch, but different. Please don't burn me at the stake.

Jessie Herman 7:23
Not Yeah, yeah. But you know, what we are in a time in history. Now, where it's not happening is often that you get burned at the stake, right? So everything I was afraid of beforehand, never happened to the point of me kind of being like, a little disappointed. You know, like, I was like, I'm taking this big leap. I have to have all this courage. I'm gonna do this thing. I've been afraid of my whole life. And then it was like, Yeah, all right.

Alex Ferrari 7:47
You know, what's funny is the second that I decided to do the same thing with the show. Now I'm finding people that come up to me like, Oh, I love your show. What can you tell me about what the channel is? Or can you tell me a little bit more about mediums or quantum physics meet spirituality? Can you tell? It's fascinating that people are opening themselves up about it. And I keep hearing again, and again, I don't know if you've run into this as well, when you just are talking to people on the street, if you will, or in your life, that they're like, I can't have this conversation with anybody else. Nobody else understands. This. I've been I've been so curious. But I can't find anyone in my family or my friends, who I can have this long, deep either spiritual conversation, conversation about afterlife conversation about simulation theory, conversation about how the great pyramids were built, like whatever, like, these deep conversations about topics that just like I can't find anyone, is that the same as you?

Jessie Herman 8:44
Yeah. And they'll have you know, there's there's a lot of people who are like closeted curious as well. And they might reach out through like, other channels, like I did notice that there's like, certain people who will now follow me more religiously, in my social media, like they'll never come out and say that they want to know more. But there's definitely this like attention from the most unusual of people, people you would never think had any interest. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 9:12
It's yeah, absolutely. I see it all the time. Now people are, I'm being followed by people around the world. And the show is growing so rapidly now that it's like, wow, this is really interesting to see how this all how it plays out. And again, the way I approach things, as you can see is from our conversation is I'm very matter of fact about everything and I'm pretty practical. I'm like, This is insane. Let's just put it out there. This is not normal. But, but once you get past that, you're like, what's coming through? What is the information that is coming through? Is it profound? Is it helping you? If it isn't, then look at it as an oddity or dismiss it and move on? But if it is, investigate, because that means you're ready to hear that message? Is that the way you look about it?

Jessie Herman 9:57
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I'm the first to say Look, I don't know if channeling is even a real thing. I don't even know if maybe there's some part of my brain that's wired differently that you know, has access to what you're thinking, let's say, you know, and then that's why it resonates. Or maybe I'm crazy. But the point of the matter is, it doesn't really matter. I'm not sort of like hung up on like, Oh, what is this? And where does it come from? And what does it signify? As much as, hey, lots of people are benefiting from this thing. And it's coming from such a place of because I can feel it from like, pure positive energy. And so at that point, like, I can't not share it. And that's all like, basically Baggins message is all about, like, if you've got positive energy, and we all do, if you have access to it, you have to be sharing it. You have to

Alex Ferrari 10:48
Right and then my favorite thing is people said, like, Oh, they're all in it for the money. I'm like, yes, because coming out as a channel, is the way to make that quick cash. Money. Like you writing a book. Oh, ask any author, other than JK Rowling and Stephen King, or James Patterson, if there's money in the book game,

Jessie Herman 11:11
There's money in other fields, at least, you know, I don't know, maybe there's no money in, you know, other fields, but

Alex Ferrari 11:17
It's easier to make money elsewhere. Let's just put this one. And I've had channels on we've had degrees from Yale and work in the military. And, you know, we're scientists, and you know, biologists like there's people who left very, very basic sense. Yes, lucrative careers, lawyers just to be this, and to be out passed by their, maybe their colleagues or their friends or their family. So this is not an easy path. So everyone listening, if you have a doubt, or two, which I probably do listening right now, think about that. This is there's a much easier, there's much easier games to play. Oh, absolutely. To make cash, you know, without question where you don't have to come out and just be on a whole other identity. Like you were fighting off the original, when you were first being asked to do this, you were like, I don't want to be this. I don't want to be identified as this. So this, you know, for? So for that, I applaud you for taking the lead because it I don't know what I would do. It's scary.

Jessie Herman 12:11
I mean, I think I think you do know what you would do, because the truth of the matter is, is like there are people who are channeling the way that I channel, right. But each of us when we're tapping into that sort of soul calling like you're doing this podcast is you're channeling as well. So you do know what you would do if like your calling was presented in another format? You would you would take that baton and run with it. Because that's, you know, that's where you've chosen to be as well.

Alex Ferrari 12:37
I'll accept that. I'll take that. I'll take that. Now. I had a question from a viewer the other day about channels. And I've never asked this question before. So I was I was interested, is there a special diet that you need to be a channel? I don't think so. Like, you have to be vegan, you have to be all meat, you have to be paleo. And it just it's, it has nothing to do with the channeling process,right.

Jessie Herman 12:58
I mean, the truth of the matter is, you don't even have to be like the equivalent of a good person. You know, I don't think that there's any sort of requirement aside from the ability and the willingness, like the openness or the you know, like, there's, there's not a lot of people have asked me about, like having access to Vagrein. And they're like, Oh, my God, it's amazing, you have access to like infinite intelligence, and your life must be amazing, because you have all the answers all the time. And like, you can just ask anything anytime you want. And I'm like, doesn't, like kind of doesn't work like that, because I'm a bit of a stubborn human being, and like, I won't go to them first. So like, I don't really get the benefit in that sort of direct way. And they might not share it with me, because it's a relationship, you know, like, we have certain boundaries in our relationship where they're not going to tell me hey, what's coming up next Tuesday? You know, they might tell me or help me remember how to deal with whatever does come up eventually on Tuesday, right? But they're not going to say like, Oh, watch out, you know, there's going to be this thing happening, you know, because it's not their place to interfere with free will.

Alex Ferrari 14:03
Right! And also, if it doesn't benefit your journey as a soul down wouldn't say anything. You know, that like that thing that happens next Tuesday is pivotal to your growth as a soul. They're not going to say, Hey, be careful, that's going to happen, right? Because they because you've already want that to happen to you on your journey as a soul to grow thing, all that kind of stuff. So yeah. Well, let me ask you, do you mind if we channel that'd be great. That would be Yeah, that'd be awesome. So I have a bunch of questions. It strain you by the way, does it take any good and

Jessie Herman 14:39
It gives me a lot of energy actually. I've heard also that like other people have strain or they get tired. I'm one of the people who I like come out of it. Like I'm just beaming. I'm just so full of full of that energy afterwards. It does take couple of minutes to get into trance but then we can get going. So they will just like say hey, when we're gonna I'm interested.

Alex Ferrari 15:01
Alright, and then I'll let them know I'm like, Okay, we're done now, but I have a whole bunch of questions, but I appreciate you doing it. Thank you so much. Yeah. Wonderful,

Jessie Herman 15:08
Wonderful, wonderful. The now to you

Alex Ferrari 15:15
Hello, thank you so much for coming. Thank you so much for doing this. I appreciate it.

Jessie Herman 15:19
Thank you.!

Alex Ferrari 15:21
So, my first question is, does anybody have the ability to channel?

Jessie Herman 15:26
Yes, all of you have the ability to channel and you are always channeling all the time you are channeling your essence or yourself in every waking moment, as it is not a question of your beingness being local, your beingness is non local, as you are a part of all that is and you are transmitting to yourself the consistency of the essence that you are

Alex Ferrari 15:53
Is intuition and creativity a form of channeling?

Jessie Herman 15:57
Yes, it is all a form of your own essence, whether individuated or collective.

Alex Ferrari 16:06
What is consciousness?

Jessie Herman 16:09
Consciousness is all that is in its knowing of itself in that the ability to be conscious is the knowing of that you are a element of all that is there is no such thing as unconsciousness in that all is conscious, it is only that you are awakening to the fact that you already are awake to the fact of it, it is a bit of a spiral, it is a bit of a mental loop for you to understand at this point, but you are all understanding more frequently, that the fact that you are aware of being aware is consciousness itself and with access to that you then have the ability to play from a space of individuation with that isness that then becomes in your physical reality matter.

Alex Ferrari 17:04
How do we quiet the negative self talk in our minds?

Jessie Herman 17:09
The first step would be to understand that it is not you that you are as mechanical beings, the equivalent of a tape recorder, you are registering what you are exposed to from the moment that you are born and you are then able to play back you have this ability to play back the information that you have either directly absorbed or interpreted as such, and all of the negative talk is not who you are truly in your essence. So, the fastest way to eliminate negative talk is that anytime you sense that something is negative or you sense that it makes you feel in a negative way, because your measurement of what is positive or negative is your feeling state to know that it is not yours to hold on to that it is not true. And that it is not necessary. You are not going to talk does not serve you. Therefore, as soon as you use your logical minds, but you all have to understand that what is not serving you does not need to continue has no purpose, you will let it go there is a miss understanding that the negative talk that you give yourself for example, I cannot do it is helping you in some way. Because in that particular example for this concept, you may believe that telling yourself that you cannot do it will save you from having the experience of trying and failing. But it is not true that you are being saved from anything.

Alex Ferrari 18:47
How do we let go of trauma in our lives?

Jessie Herman 18:54
Trauma is the state of holding on. Therefore, you do not need to let go you need to not hold on in the first place. And again, this is a question of does it serve? Or does it not serve you hold on to trauma because you believe that by holding on to it, you can avoid it in the future. You can avoid pain by holding on to the recollection of the mistakes or the events or the situations that have occurred to you. Your body also has a mechanism for holding on to this but it does start with the mind and with the fear of the repetition of past encounters past situations. The again fastest way to let go of something is to no longer have it in your grasp, to relax to surrender. And in the case of trauma, the first step could be if you choose to allow yourself to accept that that idea that experience that has situation is simply part of view this is a surrender in itself, because it is your resistance to trauma that makes you hold on to it even tighter. So, step one would be to say it is okay, that I've had negative experiences, it is okay that I feel bad about something that has happened, it is okay that I do not feel in this moment all and then from there, except that you would like to change those feeling states and remind yourself with gentleness and compassion, that it is not necessary to hold on to the memory, it is not necessary to hold on to the thoughts relating to it. And as they come up one by one, say thank you very much for all of the ways that you have served me in the past this thought this trauma, this experience, and now I'm ready to move on to the next chapter, I'm ready to move on to the next feeling state where I do not need to use you to protect myself any further

Alex Ferrari 21:02
How do we each have a destiny or do we do we each have a destiny and a purpose to be here?

Jessie Herman 21:08
You do but it is you who is choosing it moment to moment. So it is not pre ordained it is not pre decided you with your energy with your beingness with everything that you are including the all that is are choosing your road and you have quite a lot of conscious ability to choose your road, the only thing you cannot choose is the way that road will appear before you but you can choose who you would like to be and where you would like to go. And then you can enjoy the journey

Alex Ferrari 21:40
Do we before we incarnate in this life do we create a soul plan for life?

Jessie Herman 21:48
You do and as there is no before because time is not linear in the way that you perceive of it you are in the equivalent of what you would call before this life in this current now also creating your soul path and plan and this is the problem or not the problem but situation with your understanding of time currently is that there was a before your existence or there is a before or an after this now moments. However, it is also a new taneous and therefore, every soul contract every plan that you had for yourself before your life is the plan that is having or are having or is having in this current now

Alex Ferrari 22:34
Are we living in a simulation?

Jessie Herman 22:38
In a manner of speaking yes, because consciousness itself is not what you believe it to be in that there is no matter truly there is of course on the human level and on many of the other levels of consciousness in that consciousness slows down to become what is can be perceived as matter and that would be the simulation that you would be thinking that you are living in. But thinking itself is also inside the simulation. And it is not an external simulation created by some other beingness as it is all consciousness. So, you can imagine it is like a video game in that you yourself as consciousness are creating yourself and all of the players and you have chosen in this now to be the version of the player NISS that you most identify with as now, but that is not to say that simultaneously you are not also all of the other players and all of the objects and all of the thought forms.

Alex Ferrari 23:45
Can you explain reincarnation?

Jessie Herman 23:48
Reincarnation is a concept based upon time being linear as well. And as it is simultaneous. One can explain me incarnation as the knowingness for example, if you have a recollection of a past life, yes, then this is the recollection the ability to tap into a another version of you in a another simultaneous now with your consciousness. So the recollection of past lives is not that they have actually happened in the past, they have happened or are happening or will happen in the simultaneous now in any of this particular timelines, versions of reality in this now, or in parallel versions of reality. This also accounts for the fact that sometimes people have recollections of past lives, and you go to check your history books and the bring being that they recall themselves to be was not quite exactly as they recall them. For example, someone remembers being Joe and Joe, in the memory was a warrior. And Joe in the record books that you have was a farmer and someone says Well, then reincarnation cannot possibly exist. However, the being that is remembering being Joe is remembering a parallel version of Joe, which they are simultaneously in this now, in fact, you are a reincarnation of all of the beings that you know, you are all one

Alex Ferrari 25:21
Can you explain the concept of parallel universes or the multiverse, if you will,

Jessie Herman 25:29
In a concise mode, we cannot, but this is because it is a concept that is very abstract still to your understanding, but the nutshell version would be that everything exists all at once in all forms, and in its existence all at once in all forms, you as consciousness, even in your individuation have access to every single of those realities, you are, at times pointed to this with meditations or when it's called quantum jumping, or mind aspects, techniques that you are practicing on this planet. And often you tune into a parallel version of yourself, this is a limited way to use the concept of multiverse in that you do not need to tap into a parallel version of yourself, you will may tap into any version of any self as you are all one. So if you have an admiration for the skills and genius of say Leonardo da Vinci, you may at any time tap into his consciousness, whether in this past present reality simultaneous SNESs, or in any other version of that individual nations, parallel incarnations, realities, planets. And if you want to take it even further, if you have a wide enough imagination, you may tap into the consciousness of anything at all.

Alex Ferrari 27:14
So you're telling me that at this moment, right now, there is a endless version, an endless amount of parallel versions of myself doing things at I could be someone evil, I could be an astronaut, I could be a physicist, I could be a basketball player, I could be, you know, a channeler and other lives as we're speaking right now, multiple just copies of myself if you will,

Jessie Herman 27:38
Yes, and we are saying you could be a rock and an ant, and a planet's and a speck of dust and a grain of sand and a molecule of water and a virus and a apple

Alex Ferrari 27:52
Interesting. So, if everything is happening at the same time, then do we as a soul as a conscious consciousness or soul, know the outcome of where this is all going to end meaning that as far as incarnations are concerned,

Jessie Herman 28:12
Yes, but there is no end again, when you bring it back to the apple, there is no end because you may be in a previous future simultaneous incarnation an apple or a fiber of a shirt. So, there is no end because there is no time, time cannot end if it does not exist. And we do know that in your particular incarnation in your simile, simulation, if you will, that you have created for yourself in this fraction of experiencing that you have chosen that you have instilled the program or the concept of time. So that you can have the experiences that you're having that are dependent upon time existing as a concept, but it is not necessary outside of your human experience. So, if you would notice your collective spends a lot of what you call time focusing on when things begin when they end when they happen and when they stopped happening. Your lives are a trajectory of beginning to end that is your perception of them because you are very connected with your individuation and your individual experiences. You love being separate, this is the human experience is separation and you are now moving towards unity consciousness. And you do know when this will end? In theory, as per your question in that UEs can tap into any of the myriad of storylines that you would like to have and your collective, the one that we are playing in, in this Now moment is playing with the end of the world storyline for fun. And at any point in time you or anyone who is in this collective may decide they would rather do something else, for example, the utopia storyline. And you may call that into your experience, because it is no more difficult to create one thing than another.

Alex Ferrari 30:40
So is the purpose of why we are incarnated in physical form, to eventually ascend like an Ascended Master like Jesus Christ, if you will,

Jessie Herman 30:51
We would say that this again is a very human way of perceiving, you are all ascended, because there is nowhere to go in that you have come here to have this particular experience. And this, if there's anything that we can leave for this particular conversation, is that we would love for you to understand that you are currently no matter what your perception of your circumstance or situation, having, in this Now moment, the grandest experience that there can be, in that you are having the top premium quality of all of consciousness in this now that you have individuation, you have this seesaw teetering on the edge of understanding. And yet you still have access to enough individuation to be able to have the human experience, which is full of sensory and pleasure and pain and suffering and growth that you as, for example, a rock would not have access to Now that does not mean that consciousness as a rock is lesser, in the same way that there is no purpose to being human, other than being human. So no, there is no need to ascend. But you collectively get to decide what does it mean to be human? What do I want it to mean? Do I want it to mean that I live in a state of love and sharing and connection with all the other versions of myself, which are presented here as individuation, including your animal, and plants, and planets, and everything that you are experiencing in physical reality, you are all connected, this is one body. And so each of you gets to choose what it means to be human. And that is what you are here for not to achieve something but to choose in each now moment. What is this?

Alex Ferrari 33:08
Is the field of quantum physics, getting closer to explaining or getting closer to spirituality explaining many of the concepts you you're sitting here today?

Jessie Herman 33:19
Yes, the field of quantum physics is aiding in allowing many more of you to understand unity in a way that is comfortable to you in that there is a belief that scientific method is holy, in many ways, and allowing yourselves to have the permission slip of science, matching with what you have been told or telling yourselves on a spiritual level for millennia, is helping the collective consciousness to awaken. And that is a creation that you are collectively making at this time. If you were to ask in 200 years past of your history, if the science was the same, then no, it wasn't because your consciousness would not have accepted the science being the same then science is created as you move along in the same way. Everything is created as you move along.

Alex Ferrari 34:26
So is that why these conversations are becoming more and more acceptable than they were 20 years ago? 50 years ago?

Jessie Herman 34:34
Yes. The addition of your choice to add a scientific elements does make these conversations more acceptable, but also these conversations are more acceptable because you want it so badly. As a collective, you are getting to the point of saturation. When salt is added to water at a certain point. And it is the question of one green, it begins to crystallize. And when You arrive at that saturation, a saturation of perhaps pain or suffering or catalyst, then it takes one more grain of salt before the crystals begin to form. So you are arriving at that point where there will be no returning into unconsciousness or to a collective darkness, because all the lights will be switched on. And this is what you desire. And it is because so many of you desire it, that it is occurring, and is occurring faster and faster.

Alex Ferrari 35:30
Was there a point in human evolution, or human history that we knew more than we know now. And we went almost in a cycle, meaning that we were smarter, and then we kind of went to Dark Ages. And now we're coming back out of that.

Jessie Herman 35:46
There have been civilizations that have had access to more say holistic or spiritual ways of living. However, it has not been on a collective entirety level. And these particular types of civilizations often were not able to share or spread their messages to their neighbors, and therefore, often could have been eliminated. You have not, at this point, been this close yet to having a consensus, a agreement that this is the direction that you would like to go in. And so the question is, perhaps, but in small pockets.

Alex Ferrari 36:36
So in small pockets, at one point, we probably were more advanced in little areas, but we did not have the ability to share this, globally, like we do now as a collective, we are agreeing to like, No, this is the way but before we couldn't do that, but yes, in human history, there were points that we were more advanced, but then they just either fell apart, were eliminated, but we're not able to share this information. Yes. Now, are we the creator of our own reality?

Jessie Herman 37:07
Yes, but You, as the creator of your own reality, do not yet know who you are,

Alex Ferrari 37:13
Can you explain?

Jessie Herman 37:14
There is a requirement for that statement, that statement is true. But for that statement to be true, you need to know who you are, and you are not your individuation that is a part of who you are. But you are the All That Is. Now that doesn't mean you as an individuation are the All That Is that means you are the All that is and therefore, you are the creator of your reality as the all that is. So everything that occurs to you occurs to you, because you as the all that is have it occur to you, when you arrive at what you are calling enlightenment. It is the moment where you realize that you are the All That Is this does not spare you from having negative things occur in your life, it does not mean that you are having positive thoughts only and only positive things occur to you. It means that when the things that would happen proceed from an individual level that are negative occur to you, they are no longer negative, because you as the all that is or identifying with isness itself have the ability in your individuation to know that there is some plan or how purpose or beauty behind everything that occurs to you as an individual because you cannot positive think your way out of the end of your life. You cannot positive think your way out of the loss of people who are dear to you. You cannot make sure that your life through some form of insurance policy of positive thinking and being high vibe. Get to a place where nothing ever occurs in your life because the only way for nothing to occur would be for you not be human. So, it is the shift of consciousness into understanding that you are the creator that makes you the Creator.

Alex Ferrari 39:25
Can you explain to the audience what happens when we pass when we transition out of this lifetime?

Jessie Herman 39:35
It is one of the mysteries that you have given yourselves to not know there is a desire to not know this information but from the perspective or the don't even want to say level that we are at. Nothing happens because you are not even and experiencing now. So, your individuation is let go of in the same way as you would let go of a ball. But it does not mean that the ball does not exist, it does not mean that the hand that was holding it does not exist, it is simply a letting go of this storyline. And on one level you go to where you are now your spiritual beingness to decide what to do next, to play further to rewind the tape and decide if you had learned the things that you wanted to learn if you are involved in the way that you had wanted to evolve, but this is again not from a place of individuation. This is from a place of isness. And so, as a human it is very difficult to think of oneself without their individuation. Because the question Who am I'm is often responded to with elements of the individuation not that essence that I am. But you are the essence that you are a signature, if you will.

Alex Ferrari 41:14
What do you think about what is happening in the world today? The chaos, the uprisings, the environmental issues, economic issues? What do you think about what's happening today and what does it look like for us in the future,

Jessie Herman 41:26
We will return to the glass with the water and the salt and to have enough salt in the water for crystallization to occur, you have to have the grains decide to jump into the water have a list is what motivates you most as humans to take action and you are in a state of such desiring of change that you are also requiring discomfort on a global level for you to jump towards that change. Now, you can do it without the catalyst you can tomorrow as a planet decide you would prefer to be in unity than separation and you can all wake up and be kind to each other. However, this is not going to be likely instead you have preferred to set yourselves up with realities and call into your experience situations that cause discomfort, the discomfort much like the irritation in an oyster will create the specific environment for you to start to build something that is precious. So, as you see catalysts occur, you may say Oh my The world is ending everything is going badly or you may say wonderful. This will cause enough discomfort for people to wake up just a little bit more and that is what is occurring on your planet you are calling into your experience uncomfortable situations. So that you can all wake up a little bit more

Alex Ferrari 43:13
And finally, do you have any final words for our audience?

Jessie Herman 43:20
Be those who do not need the catalyst choose to see your neighbor as you see yourself because they are they are simply another version of you. They are literally your past life, your reincarnation and who you will be tomorrow. So if you need to spread some kindness do so because it is what will wake them up. You do not need to have suffering to solve a problem you may choose to see the direction to go in before you have situations that force you in that direction because you do desire to go so don't wait be the person you want to be now and love each other and be happy because you are here to have fun.

Alex Ferrari 44:14
Thank you so much for this I appreciate you.

Jessie Herman 44:17
Thank you so much for you and we appreciate you as well. And with that we leave you with the light and the love of 1000 suns.

Alex Ferrari 44:25
And she's back I was that how was that for your experience?

Jessie Herman 44:34
Good good I'm trying to see if any if there was any like sort of residues water a glass of water well gas or water with lots of salt in it. Yes, seawater is what I got salty water. Yeah. And anything else specific? No, not really lots of like, past parallel life stuff. You know, whenever they get into that, that I kind of feel now because I can't like I get to see There's like, almost like, like light, like the same light shooting, it's all kinds of into all kinds of different people. Right? So like, it's the same essence going into everybody. And that's how it gets explained to me that particular thing.

Alex Ferrari 45:15
Well, Vagrein is he's, he she, the group is fascinating they are. They're straight to the point. That all business, they're all business. They don't joke around, there's some channels, sometimes they do. They do well, in this conversation, they were straight to the point. Some channels are much more playful, but right at the stuff that was coming out of, of this session was pretty, pretty robust. Pretty remarkable. And I you don't remember, I mean, when you see this, this interview, you'll go back, I asked very tough questions. I asked some tough questions, because I wanted to see one of the answers. So you know, and, and the thing I always love about channels, if they are truly channeling is that they don't hesitate. Right? They they don't hesitate. They don't hit up. They don't go, boom, II, like we would in a normal conversation. So it's, I mean, if you are not channeling, and you just put on a hell of an act, I have to tell you, Oh, yeah. Oscar, you should win an Oscar because that's not easy. No. And I worked in the film industry for for almost 30 years. So I do understand the process of actors. And what I'll do is,

Jessie Herman 46:30
What I've always said is like, I'm not that smart. Like, I'm not, I'm not as smart as they are.

Alex Ferrari 46:36
And by the way, you didn't know what the questions were. I asked questions and out of the blue, and then some of the questions I didn't even know I was going to ask because I respond by an answer. I was like, Well, wait a minute, what is the multiverse? And can you explain that and all the parallels? And like, how could we be living the same things? And how the past? So these were questions I didn't even have written down. So I kind of threw some impromptu questions out there. Because I was just having a conversation with Yeah, I missed it. I can't wait. I don't know how you would like to call him in for him for right now. Or whatever. But you so some of the concepts that we talked about what let me ask you Do you can you just ask a question and get an answer? Or do you have to go and full trance?

Jessie Herman 47:21
So I've experimented a little bit with it. And what I'll do is like all set an intention before I'll go lie down or something and then record myself if it's like, for example, like during the COVID stuff, you know, like vaccine, no vaccine, like all that sort of stuff. I was really anxious, you know, on a personal level. And so I did, you know, I did sort of like Kate, let me know what's going on type of thing. Of course, you know, their universal consciousness. So they're not going to be like, yeah, don't take it or do take, you know, it wasn't like that the answer if anyone's curious, but you know, I'll go into trance and then I'll get back kind of like focused response, or like, the times I've done like, group sessions that are like, without interaction, all set, I'll be like, Hey, man, like, this is the topic, it would be cool to talk about, you know, and then they'll go and like riff for an hour, you know, on something like that. So if I ask a question, if I ask a question, they'll they can access like answers, or someone else will ask it for me.

Alex Ferrari 48:16
But it's not like, Hey, what is the meaning of life? And you go, so the meaning of life? I just got it back. No, that's not your process. No, no, no, no, it's a different it's a it's fascinating. Like, every channel is so different in the way they, they do, some people can pop in, pop out. Right. One Channel, I asked the question that should pop in, pop out, pop back in every question. Every question. I was like, that was like, what, what like, it was really, it's such an interesting and fascinating process, it truly is. But some of the concepts that they were talking about the big one that I really, and I love to hear your thoughts about it. And by the way, during this whole thing that you've become, you know, affected by this? Does your base of knowledge or experience answering some of these deeper questions? Has that brought in purely by by just being a channel and having this information come through you even though you might not remember it? per se?

Jessie Herman 49:14
Yes. Well, you know, in the process of putting together the books, I had to go through, like all the transcripts and like, figure out what belonged where so like, obviously, I've had, like, a lot of contact with the material. But I would say like, I have over 100 sessions now I've never even listened back to you know, like, there's just so much content. I have noticed that like since I start channeling I deal with life a lot better. Like I just I can handle stuff a lot better and they do sometimes sort of not pop in not that I'll start channeling but I'll feel their energy when like I'm getting off course you know, like if I'm going like full on victim mode or like believing I'm powerless or whatever. Like, they'll be like, no, no, like don't like that's dumb, you know, and Also just like my understanding and my openness to like the world and my compassion for other people and my understanding of like current events and things like that, it is very similar to their flavor now, whereas before it wasn't, you know, before it was like, Okay, this is just and this is how I am. And then they came in I was like, what talking about, like, bad things happen for good reasons. But that's really, like, smoothed out over time. And it is really like right now. I have their like, whole energy, like on me. I used to be I have to, like, go stand in the grass. Like, just to get the energy out of my system.

Alex Ferrari 50:41
Definitely wired your wired a little bit. Yeah, yeah. So now the one of the most, and this is a question I didn't even expect to ask. But that's why I found it. So interesting. Is I asked, and this is something that's been talked about forever, is that were we ever at a point in our evolution, smarter, more connected than we are today? What did you think? What do you think the answer is?

Jessie Herman 51:06
I wouldn't be sure. But I mean, I know we have like remnants of technology and things going on the planet, but you know,

Alex Ferrari 51:13
Can't explain but the thing that is interesting, though, is like you were that there were pockets of more advanced, you know, people but then they couldn't spread that information worldwide. As we can't today, like this is going to be listened to around the world. Nice. All you know, it has everyone has access to this, right? Where before, you know, if you were in the Amazon, building pyramids, the pyramids, people there couldn't talk to the pyramid people in Egypt know exactly. That. And actually, there wasn't a connection with there is now but this is the first time in our history as a species that we have been able to decide collectively to do it. It just it's like a you just go down rabbit holes. It this is such. So just I'll ask you a few questions. That's all my guests. Yes. What is your definition of living a good life?

Jessie Herman 52:10
Not adding anything to you that isn't serving, right? So like, letting go of all the stuff that you don't need? Not just like, physically, like, there's lots of stuff that you do need, because it brings pleasure, right? But I mean, like, you know, we don't need all the drama, we don't need all the stress, we don't need all the strain, there's so much that we can just let go of so like, I'm really partial to peace. Not having hassle. Okay, so to me, that's a good life.

Alex Ferrari 52:37
Fair enough. This is a good place to be, it's a good place to be. What is your definition of God?

Jessie Herman 52:44
I have to go back and what this the all that is, it's everything. It's everywhere. It's it's it's everything and, and you know what it is more than everything. And this just came to my mind. It's recognizing that it's everything. You're with God when you can see that God's everywhere.

Alex Ferrari 53:03
Great answer. And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Jessie Herman 53:08
Well, I mean, first thing, kids minds have a good time, you know, like, have fun. I really think we are here to experience joy and to experience that you don't playing with the fact that we are here as as a specific individual, you know, like we're here to be who we are. Right? And maybe the purpose really is is like getting as close to possible as like feeling resonant with yourself as possible, because then you're going to be enjoy and like you get to be who you came here to be. And that like that's really the sweet spot I think.

Alex Ferrari 53:42
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Jessie Herman 53:45
Okay, um, you can head to my website. That's www.jpherman I have two books out on Amazon also if you search JP Herman there you'll find both are green books. So that green seeking ends when sharing begins and beggary and insights. So those are two channeled books. Yeah, the ones take too much credit for those except for having put them together. And I'm on Instagram Jessicka Herman with a ck so I have all these different places.

Alex Ferrari 54:17
And do you have any final words for our audience?

Jessie Herman 54:19
Um, you know, only that I know that it's been like really rough couple of years everyone's feeling it everyone's knowing it on collective level on a personal level. Remember that you came here at this point in history, not because you're like some sort of victim to like bad timing. You came here because you want it to be here now. Right? So like, for what you may not know what that reason is yet, but we've got like front row seats to to our lives, like you know, like, I want to put it like that, like, this is what you came here to do to be. So try and enjoy it a little bit, even if it's full of like what seems to be suffering.

Alex Ferrari 55:01
Jessie thank you so much for coming on the show. It has been a pleasure talking to you and Vagrein and I appreciate everything you're doing for the world. So thank you.

Jessie Herman 55:10
Thank you so much. Thanks for having me.

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