Clinically DEAD Woman Shown Why is Life So HARD in Near Death Experience (NDE) | Jane Thompson

On today’s episode, we welcome Jane Thompson, whose extraordinary near-death experience (NDE) offers a profound glimpse into the mysteries of existence and the boundless love that underpins our reality. Imagine being on the brink of death, only to be catapulted into a realm of divine light and unconditional love. This is Jane’s story, one that reshapes our understanding of life and the afterlife.

Jane’s life before her NDE was, by all appearances, successful and fulfilling. She was deeply immersed in her career as a real estate agent, thriving in a competitive environment, and maintaining a serious relationship. Yet, beneath this surface of success, Jane felt a lingering emptiness. “I probably would have told you that I was happy, but there was still that part of me even before my NDE where it felt a little bit empty,” she recalls.

The day of her near-death experience was August 22, 2008, a date that marked a profound transformation. Jane fell severely ill with a fever so intense that she was rushed to the hospital. As her condition deteriorated, she felt herself disconnect from her body and the excruciating pain. “I completely disconnected from the external world… I definitely disconnected from the pain,” she explains. What followed was a journey through her body, observing her organs and cells, and then an out-of-body experience where she found herself looking down at her physical form from the ceiling.

Jane describes being enveloped by a brilliant white light, feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and unconditional love. “The deepest peace that I’ve ever felt in my life… truly unconditional love,” she shares. This divine light filled her with a profound sense of safety, healing, and completeness, as if the very essence of her being was being replenished.

As she floated in this realm, Jane began to see other souls around her, connected by thin, iridescent lines resembling a spider web in sunlight. Despite the interconnectedness and the peace of this experience, she was told she had to return. “You have to go back,” a voice conveyed, despite her protests. She was suddenly pulled back into her body, re-experiencing the pain for a brief moment before blacking out.

After her NDE, Jane faced the challenging task of reintegrating into her previous life. She felt bombarded by heightened sensitivities and struggled to find anyone who could understand her experience. “I didn’t have any tools to deal with that. I had no understanding really, of even what a near-death experience was,” she reflects. Her journey was one of gradual self-discovery and acceptance, leading her to embrace her new abilities and sensitivities.

Jane now works as a full-time healer, using her enhanced sensitivities to help others. She sees everyone’s potential and helps bridge the gap between their current state and their true, authentic selves. “I see everyone’s potential, which is really the true self, your original blueprint before life and trauma,” she explains. Her work involves energy healing and guiding individuals through their spiritual and emotional traumas to achieve a state of flow and peace.


  1. Unconditional Love: Jane’s experience emphasizes the boundless love that exists for all of us. We are seen, loved, and accepted unconditionally by a higher power.
  2. Healing and Transformation: True healing involves addressing and integrating past traumas, which allows us to return to our true selves and experience profound peace.
  3. Interconnectedness of Souls: Our experiences are deeply connected with those of others. Recognizing this interconnectedness can foster compassion and understanding in our relationships.

Jane Thompson’s story is a powerful reminder of the profound love and peace that are always available to us. Her journey from near death to spiritual healer illuminates the path of transformation and the potential within each of us to connect with our higher selves.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jane Thompson.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 282

Jane Thompson 0:00
There was so much pressure in my head, I could feel the veins popping in my head. And again, I had that thought that I can't take this anymore. And it was right at that moment that I completely disconnected from the external world. I, in a way disconnected from my body. I definitely disconnected from the pain at that point, the sensations. And I started looking around inside of my body, I was being shown almost like a movie that you would see in health class, maybe in middle school or high school, the blood pumping, and I could see that I could see what the internal organs looked like I could see cells. And it was just an observation. I didn't really think anything of it. I was just looking as I traveled.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
I'd like to welcome to the show Jane Thompson, How you doing Jane?

Jane Thompson 1:08
I'm good. Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:09
I'm doing very good. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you. Coming on to tell your unique story of your life's journey so far. has had a couple of ups and downs, let's say throughout throughout it. So my first question is, what is your life like? Or what was your life like, prior to having a near death experience?

Jane Thompson 1:30
Well, my nd II, I had just turned 34. So I had logged in some time as an adult, I was very much into career. That was my main focus, I was a real estate agent, which is a seven day a week job. It's you know, from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed, and you're on all the time. And I enjoyed it, I liked the challenges of it. I liked the movement of it. And this was in 2008. So the market was not great. So it was a very competitive environment, which I liked. And it was cutthroat, which I didn't like but I, I felt like I was willing to put in whatever effort I needed to move forward in a really ethical way. But work got most of my attention. And I had a really serious boyfriend. And we were, you know, talking about marriage and getting closer and closer to that. So relationship wise things were good. I was happy with him. And he was very into work. So we gave each other the space to do that. And I, you know, probably on the surface, everything looked really great. And I probably would have told you that I was happy. But there was still that part of me even before my nd II where it felt a little bit empty. And kind of like that feeling of this is it. It just didn't feel full to me. And I was doing what I thought would bring happiness kind of, you know, you go to school, you get a job, you are successful, you fall in love. But as I would check off each box, it wasn't really fulfilling me in a deep way. And I knew I had trauma and things that needed healing. And so I would go to therapy and spirituality was always very interesting to me. And I dove into different areas, but nothing really stuck or nothing really resonated. Although I did have what I would say are Christian beliefs. So I was just really plugging along. And I didn't know any better. Now that I look back, I think, oh, that didn't seem too great. But at the time, I thought, you know, this is pretty good. I've got a good life.

Alex Ferrari 4:11
Right! So there wasn't any major struggles or issues you were just kind of coasting essentially doing well, doing well. And, and just on the outside, at least on the outside.

Jane Thompson 4:21
Right, right and doing well for the most part on the inside. But there was that emptiness that always lingered even from when I was little when I was a small girl. I even remember that being there.

Alex Ferrari 4:34
So what happened on the day that you had your near death experience?

Jane Thompson 4:39
The big day, the day that changed everything. It was August 22 2008. My near death experience happened in the emergency room. So we've got the exact time as it was at 1:20pm that day, the night before I hadn't been feeling really well. And I went Get to bed early. And when I woke up, the next morning, I was hot, I was sweating, I was burning up hot. But I still had the comforter that covers over me. And when I moved to try to take the blankets off, I couldn't move my body. And when I would try to, I was experiencing excruciating pain. It was the type of pain that you get those all over body aches that you get when you have the flu, except it was like 1000 times worse, more intense than that. And I was fading in and out. It was very early in the morning, the sun was just starting to come up. So my bedroom was just starting to light up. And each time I would open my eyes, I could see that it was brighter. So I knew that a certain amount of time had gone by. And I had the phone next to me my cell phone, which is so interesting, looking back because my habit at that time was to plug my phone in before bed in the living room. But something that night before I just brought it into my room and thank goodness that I did. Because I finally got enough energy or strength to get the blankets off of me. I reached for the phone. And I called a family member and I said something's wrong. I feel awful. I'm in pain burning up. I need to go to the doctor. And she said, Okay, let me get dressed. I'll be right over. And I don't remember anything until she came to the house to pick me up. I was just completely, it's just blackout for me. And we first went to the hospital. She saw what I looked like. So we went to the hospital instead of trying to get to the doctor. The first hospital that I went to was the one closest to my house. And they did an MRI but it came back inconclusive. So they sent me to a different hospital. By the time I got there, I was I was hurting, I couldn't hold up my head. They had me in a wheelchair to get me into the ER, my head was just hanging. And I was really I mean, I could feel myself dying. At that point. I knew my body was quitting. And as I was waiting for the CT scan there, everything around me became very amplified. The the lights in the hospital are pretty harsh anyway, those fluorescent lights, but boy, were they beating down on me at that point. There were kids that I could hear in the waiting room down the hall. And it sounded like they were screaming. And I told someone that was with me, I said those kids are so loud. And she said they're really actually be pretty good. And it just everything was so amplified, even the clock that was on the wall. The second hand as it was ticking, I could hear it loudly. And they came and got me for the CT scan. At this point, they suspected kidney stones. So they needed to get the IV in before they could do the scan. special type of scan that they wanted to do. By this point. I was so dehydrated from that fever and they weren't letting me drink or anything. They couldn't get a vein in my arm to put the IV in and I was lying there on the you know the mattress that they slide you into the CT tunnel with and I was lying there. And I remember that's when I started trying to leave my body that's when it wasn't just blacking out because I was sick or in pain. I was I could feel myself trying to leave my body. And every time the nurse would poke my arm to try to get a vein. It would pull me back in and I I was a little mad about it. I wanted to leave I was I knew what was taking place. And I told the nurses just get the needle and because I either wanted to be in or I wanted to be out. And so he got that needle in, went in for my CT. And I don't remember any of that. I remember Remember, afterwards being taken to the area in the ER where I was going to wait for the doctor to see what to do next. I hadn't had any pain medication at this time I was completely worn out, my temperature was 106 degrees. And I was fading really fast. I remember feeling like, I remember having this thought of, I can't take this pain anymore. I can't take any more of this pain. And right at that moment, I closed my eyes. And I was burning up from the fever. And I started getting very cold all at the same time. And I started convulsing, I could feel my body shaking all over my head, there was so much pressure in my head, I could feel the veins popping in my head. And again, I had that thought of I can't take this anymore. And it was right at that moment that I completely disconnected from the external world. I, in a way disconnected from my body, I definitely disconnected from the pain at that point, the sensations. And I started looking around inside of my body, I was being shown almost like a movie that you would see in health class, maybe in middle school or high school, the blood pumping. And I could see that I could see what the internal organs looked like I could see cells. And it was just an observation. I didn't really think anything of it. I was just looking Yes, I travelled. And then I had this knowing of, I'm looking at a dying body that I'm dying. And it wasn't so much a thought as it was just a knowing of I'm dying. And oh my gosh, this is what it feels like to die. And I wasn't scared, I really had no emotion around that knowing you would think I would have. But I had no emotion around it. And right at that moment, I popped out of my body was very quick. It was a split second, and I was up on the ceiling, looking down at the scene below me. And I could see my body lying there on the gurney. But I felt myself up here on the ceiling. And it didn't make sense. So I needed a moment to orient to what was going on. And the more that I realized that the real me, I was up on the ceiling. I looked down at that body and I realized that that's the shell of me, I didn't see any life in in that body anymore. And I saw the scene around me doctors, nurses, the couple of people there that I knew that were watching everything that was happening. And I was just taking it all in. I was just looking around, observing. And all of a sudden, I began very gently, very slowly floating up. And I was backwards because I was still looking down. I was very, very, very gently floating backwards and up. And the walls of the hospital started to disappear. The machines that I was hooked up to were disappearing, the bodies were no longer visible.

What I was now looking down at were these little balls of white light, which that was everybody's soul. I was seeing everybody's soul. And I saw how everybody was connected by this really thin, iridescent line that looks exactly the way a spider web looks if you catch it just right in the sunlight. And I was just taking it all in. And then I had a moment where I observed that all these little balls of white light all these souls were really bouncing around. They were really buzzing around. And I thought Why are they all running around like chickens with their heads cut off was the exact thought that I had. And there really wasn't judgment attached to that. It was just an observation of what we Why is this happening? I don't understand. From my perspective, I didn't understand that busyness and what looked like frantic energy. So I kept floating backwards. And then I was really in what I think was the in between space for a little while the void, it was very black was very quick, I got the feeling, I wouldn't have wanted to have stayed there for a long time. And then I very quickly got sucked into a tunnel. And the tunnel was very black, but not scary at all. And I was moving through it, like I was on a ride at the amusement park, having the time of my life. It was fast, it was fun. It was thrilling, it was exciting. And that was also very quick moving through the tunnel. And then I immediately plopped right out of the tunnel. And I was in this beautiful, brilliant, Clear, white light. And there was such a contrast from the tunnel, the tunnel was black and fast, and the white light was bright, and it was very calm. And so I needed a second there to orient to this change as well. And as soon as I settled in there, the first thing I immediately felt was the deepest peace that I've ever felt in my life. Just an overwhelming sense of peace, and it felt safe and warm. And I felt very loved, I felt very comfortable, I felt very cared for in that space. And as I was feeling the peace, then I started really feeling the love that really started getting soaked up. And it was you know, truly unconditional love. I felt very seen. When I was in the lights, I felt very seen for all parts of me and very accepted. And then more safety comes in when you feel seen and you feel accepted and loved, more safety settles in. And I was just taking it all in, it felt so good. It felt very replenishing. And I started noticing I knew that my body wasn't there, but I could still feel me in a sense, you know, those part my soul that the part that's uniquely me. And I started noticing that there were holes that were being filled in. And I started feeling more and more complete, as the holes were being filled in. And I had this understanding that it was wounding that was being healed, I was getting a healing, I was getting a huge, deep, profound healing. And I was noticing how it was all taking place. And it was very gentle, very loving, very caring and understanding. And the more the holes were filled in, the more I felt almost as if I was blending with the white light. But I was still also my own unique vibration, my own unique self. And then with that blending, then I started to realize that this white light, this beautiful white light. It's also me, I just had that, understanding that I'm not separate from it, it's me. I'm part of all this vastness, this beauty that I'm taking in, and I was loving every minute of it. And I then at that point, started to notice that it wasn't just me that was there. I felt almost like a crowd around me. But a really comfortable crowd. And I realize it was other souls that were there with me. And I didn't have really a lot of time to understand that because right at that moment I heard it was an inaudible voice that I heard. You have to go back. Wow. And that was I mean, that's like a it was like a gut punch. That was the last thing I wanted to hear because I was so much in that moment, I was so present for that moment. And it felt so good that I wasn't thinking about anything else, but that. And so to hear you have to go back. I did not want to hear that at all. And I started to protest. I said, No, no, no, no, no, I don't want to go back. Please don't make me go back. And then I heard it again, you need to go back. And I knew, I knew that's what was going to happen. I protested a little more, though. And right, then I felt myself go backwards into the tunnel. Quickly, and then quickly, right back into my body in through the top of my head. It was like I got sucked back into my body. And I had a little bit of the pain come back, I experienced the pain just for a brief second. And it was enough for me to know, Okay, I'm back in my body. I'm back in this world. Here I am. And then it was total blackout until much later that evening, when I went into pre op to prepare for what would be my first surgery to get well again.

Alex Ferrari 21:25
So when you went into your first surgery or any of your surgeries, did you go back by any chance or that was it?

Jane Thompson 21:31
No, I did not go back. I had a brief out of body experience during the first surgery that night, where I popped out quickly looked down, I saw the See of you know that bluish green scrub color? And and then I pop back in, and then that was it.

Alex Ferrari 21:54
Those are just a little quick. How you do?

Jane Thompson 21:57
Exactly. Oh, there I am. What are they doing?

Alex Ferrari 22:00
What are the good solid? Alright, I'm gonna go back in there. So when you were on the other side? Did you were there any guides? Were there any, you know, relatives was, you know, was there a deity, anything like that show up?

Jane Thompson 22:16
It was just mean God. And it was beautiful to have that. I get so emotional still, to have that. You know, direct interaction. It was just I'm glad it was that way, because there were no distractions. But yeah, it was just me and God. And when I did feel some of those other souls come up. I do wonder what was that? Were those family members that had passed? I just don't know what the answer is to that.

Alex Ferrari 22:51
Because it might have been even more difficult. If you would have seen family members or other people you would have really been fighting. Protesting.

Jane Thompson 22:59
Yeah, kind of like they get to be here. I want to stay too

Alex Ferrari 23:04
This is not fair. Not fair. No, fair. No fair, because that's the way life works. Yes, it does. So and what did it look like? I mean, it was all just white light, essentially? Or was it like you anything else, or it was just white light,

Jane Thompson 23:23
It was just white light. And it was, So you know, to have that tone of white almost seems like it would need to be foggy. But it wasn't foggy. It was a clear white light that was all around me. And so it it, it held that space, it kind of held my soul, I guess you could say, but that was all that I saw there.

Alex Ferrari 23:50
Now, when you came back, as every near death experience I've ever spoken to you come back changed. You definitely come back a different person than when you walked in to wherever you walked into. I wanted to ask you, how did you personally deal with it psychologically with the limited machinery that we have down here to process these things?

Jane Thompson 24:13
I mean, it's been a journey, and it's a journey that still continues. It's coming up on 15 years, it'll be 15 years and August and I just a few days ago had a big lightbulb aha moment. So it is continuing to unfold for me. But right when I came back, I was not equipped. You know, I did not have any tools to deal with that. I had no understanding really, of even what a near death experience was. I had heard of it, but I thought it was people who had a brush with death. I honestly didn't know it was an actual thing that was being studied that just wasn't a part of of my learning throughout the course of my life. And so, when I came back, I knew for a fact, there was no question, I knew that I died. And I knew that I had gone into a white light that I believed was God, that loved me. But I didn't have anybody to talk to about it. I mentioned it to a couple of people. And those were the two people that were actually standing there when I did die. And so they, they couldn't hear it. They just they wanted to move on from that portion of what had happened. And I really think they were, I mean, they must have been completely traumatized to stand there and watch that. And then I, so I kind of those are the two people honestly that I trusted the most with that information. And when they didn't receive it well. I gave up for a little while on trying to talk to anybody about it. And I remember after my second surgery, I mentioned it to my surgeon at a follow up. doctor's point, Bad idea. Bad idea. Science Guy, he did not want to hear it. And he actually laughed. He chuckled about it. And so that just shut it down, I just shut it down. And I really was pretty sick for a good three months after my NDE. And so I had a lot of time to sit with it just on my own. Because I was so sick that I was if I wasn't in the hospital, I was expected to be in bed or on the couch. And so I had a lot of time on my own to think about in try to process and integrate. And I was I was going back a lot during those few months. And then I would come back in and I remember some people saying Don't you want to watch TV? Or do you need to put it in a movie for you? No, no, I don't want any kind of distractions here. I just wanted to think about that. But I didn't have anybody to talk to. And then I started to doubt myself thinking well, could I have made this up? And I was on a lot of pain medications during that time. And I kept thinking, well, maybe once I heal, once I'm off the pain medication. Maybe it'll just seem like it was all a dream. But then what happened is as soon as I was off the medication, everything else felt like a dream. And the nd II felt more real than anything else. That was very confusing. And when I was better than I was I needed to go back to work and start taking care of myself again. And I couldn't I would go. I remember my first kind of big outing is my boyfriend and I went to a shoe store and it was one of these warehouse places. So it has a really high ceilings, lots of people. And I had a full blown panic attack. I was so sensitive. Because I was blown wide open during my nd I was so tuned in to everything and every one to be in a space like that was overwhelming. And I had a full blown panic attack. And he got me out of there. And, you know, trying to make sense of it. We just thought well, maybe because it's because I've been in the house for a long time. It's first time I really went out. But I would go to the grocery store. And I was so sensitive. I was picking up on other people's thoughts. I was picking up on other people's emotions. And I had never experienced anything at all like that before. And I didn't know what it meant. I didn't have the tools for it. And so I ended up staying home. For about a year and a half, almost two years, I stayed home. And it was the only place where I felt like I could kind of manage the energy around me. But I was scared to go out was scary, especially when I didn't understand what was going on. I didn't understand I didn't even know what an empath was. And so to try to understand the sensitivities was just impossible. And even when I would stay home, I remember a lot of nights where I would sleep with the lights on. I was really frightened. Because I could sense so much hustle and bustle around me, even when I was at home alone. And I, we had a really bad snowstorm. And it was one of these snow storms where everybody stays home, you can't get your car out of the driveway, nothing. Everybody stays home. So outside was very quiet too. And I had started to get curious, really weirded out by a couple things that were happening. I loved watches. And I had some really cool watch collection, I couldn't wear my watches anymore. Because every time I would wear one, it would break would stop working. And then I try the next watch that would stop working. And the automatic doors like Target. They weren't opening. For me, it was like they didn't see me. And so we have this huge snowstorm. And it's a down it's downtime for me to start thinking about all of this stuff. And so I started Googling is what happened. And I Googled something like, can you wear watches after you die, something like that. And that's when I started pulling up all of this research about nd ease. And after effects of nd ease. And when I would read the list of After Effects. I was just checking off everything as I was going down the list. And that was a huge turning point for me to be able to say, this is what happened to me, I had a near death experience. It's an N D E, there are PhDs that are researching this, it's I'm not the only one that this has happened to. And the reason I can't go out is because I have all these increased sensitivities. So understanding it was a big turning point for me. And I still couldn't go out though, I still couldn't find a lot of information about how to manage the sensitivities. You know, this is before, there were amazing podcasts and YouTube channels, interviewing people that this has happened to. So I was really kind of flailing around. Um, but I knew I had to get my life back again, I was still very young, I was only 36 at this point. And so I really went into research mode, trying to figure out what other people were doing, trying to figure out what researchers were saying to do. And another huge turning point for me was, you know, my friends were worried about me, they weren't hearing from me anymore. They weren't seeing me anymore. And I've always loved music, always. And one of my favorite musicians was coming to town. And my friend said, Come on, you know, let's go. They're trying to coax me out of the house. And I said, You guys are crazy. I can't even go to the grocery store. Without losing my really feeling like I was losing my mind and being scared to death. But you want me to go sit in an arena with 20,000 people. That's never going to work. But they were convincing. And they said if you we just want you to show up. And if you leave 30 seconds later, we'll be proud of you for trying. And so I reluctantly agreed to it. One of the best decisions I've ever made because it changed my journey. What happened was, I play piano and I play guitar. So I listened to music a little bit different because of that.

But as soon as he started playing the guitar and singing, it was just like it was just me and him. And I sat through that entire concert hour and a half, two hours, whatever it was. And when it was over, I remember thinking to myself, How did I do that? I don't feel drained. I don't know what anybody around me is going through. And when I went home after that I really want to meditate meditated on that a lot. And what I came to realize was when I came back from my nd E, I was tuned in to everything. And what I needed to learn how to do was to tune out. And even to this day, I'm always tuned in. So it became a skill to tune out and Going to that concert. And really enjoying and listening to him play is how I learned to tune out. And it's also helped me to channel better. When I when I'm doing healings, I'm channeling the person's higher self, which really takes concentration. And you really have to go blank in order to do that. And I use the same process to channel as I do to tune out in my everyday life. It's kind of a weird thing when you think about it, but it's really focus. And I just started gathering up tools like that in all of these random ways. And then I eventually connected with Dr. Janice minor, Holden, who she I mean, she's one of the leading researchers on this, she and I live just a couple hours away from each other. And she was very gracious and really helped me a lot. During some of my Googling, I found a dissertation that someone had done, about how relationships change after someone has an MD It's something like 70 to 80% of people get a divorce, it's really high. And reading her research really helped me to understand and formulate what had gone on. So I, I was hurtin for a couple of years afterwards. And I would say now, you know, I'm 15 years out from it now. I feel almost like I'm in the sweet spot of it now, where I've learned how to manage a lot of the After Effects. I've gone and I've healed. So many of my traumas that were unhealed that I didn't even know were there. And now I'm in flow, which I I am loving the flow state is as close to being in the light as you can get that piece. It just feels so good.

Alex Ferrari 37:17
Yeah, it's I agree with you 100%. As someone who gets into a flow state every once in a while, in the creative in the creative when you're in the creative space, and you're just kind of in there. It's it's wonderful. It really is.

Jane Thompson 37:32
It's liberating, thrilling,

Alex Ferrari 37:34
Very much. So it does sound like you, you must have thought you were going out of your mind before you Google that. I mean, you must have just Am I was losing my mind.

Jane Thompson 37:43
I thought I was going crazy. I really thought I was going crazy. And I really didn't want to tell anyone, because I thought, what if they think on going crazy. And that could spiral. Yeah, that could spiral out of control really quickly. At the same time, I knew crazy things were happening. But I didn't feel crazy.

Alex Ferrari 38:05
Um, you were just trying to process it, essentially. It wasn't like you were like, You were literally losing your mind. It was just that there's so many things happening. You're just like, I can't process this. I wasn't coming from inside. It was coming from outside and you would try to deal with what was happening coming in especially right?

Jane Thompson 38:24
Right, because I felt I felt completely bombarded by all of these really awarenesses that I had. And it was I mean, it was just too much it was too much. And

Alex Ferrari 38:43
It sounds like you were like you were frying the circuits like literally the nervous system could not deal with what was being coming your your your CPU couldn't process this, essentially your mind not only wasn't equipped for it, it just couldn't physically process this. And you just, it just was too much.

Jane Thompson 39:01
Yeah, though, I don't think the body is equipped or able to feel everything. It's indefinitely. No. And definitely, I mean, definitely the impact on my nervous system, especially as time went on.

Alex Ferrari 39:19
No, but it's really interesting because, again, from my perspective, from talking to so many near death experiences, a lot of the things that you've said, are very in tune with what I've heard before. Yours is interesting because your After Effects are heightened to a very high level I've heard of other in I've heard of other people who've like always had paranormal issues or, or psychic abilities and things were dormant to that like you I always thought I saw grandpa at the edge of my bed when I was five. You had none of this and you had no training whatsoever. Your family wasn't into this stuff. So you truly war or, you know, out at sea without a paddle like you were just floating out there. And then all this stuff happened. And you just, again, the word process is that is the thing psychologically and physically process, what was happening to you? It's, it's a pretty interesting thing. So okay, so we've gone through the dark night of the soul, if you would, you've kind of gone through, you know, the battle, you've come out on the other side now, what are you doing with these abilities now what what is the work you're doing to help the world at this point?

Jane Thompson 40:36
I do energy work on full a full time healer. And I, part of what I see is, I see every one's potential, which is really, you know, the true self, your original blueprint before life and trauma and conditioning, and all that happened. And I take you from here to there. And it's all with energy work, and you know, talking about spiritual ideas and principles and working through traumas, healing traumas, to connect this gap. So everybody can feel flow state really all the time and feel most like they're in a meditative state all the time and to feel that peace. And I am grateful that the sensitivity is so pronounced, because I don't think I could do this work without it. And I'm also very grateful that I've learned that when I'm off the clock, or when I'm busy doing something with my daughter, or trying to do, you know, really human things, that I can tune it out now. But I

Alex Ferrari 41:58
No, I was gonna say, I was gonna say, it just reminds me of, you know, not to make this juvenile. But it reminds me of a superhero, who all of a sudden has these new abilities that they have to deal with? And how to control them. Because if not, it could destroy them. It really could literally destroy them. And again, I'm not trying to compare you to a Marvel superhero by any stretch of the imagination now, but that but that, but that kind of analogy, it kind of makes sense. Because I mean, I've seen enough movies in my day, that there are these when they have abilities that they just can't deal with it just if they don't learn how to hone them. It could be very detrimental to the person who asked them, correct?

Jane Thompson 42:39
It take it down. It can take it down very quickly. Yeah, if I, I'm very fortunate to have a curious personality. And so I had the motivation to Google. And otherwise, if I just sat there, I mean, who knows what would have happened to me? That yeah, it's it is a different lifestyle to I wouldn't say it's a normal way of living, it is a more solitary lifestyle. I need a great deal of quiet, in my world, to stay sane. And, you know, I've had to adjust my life to and I fought that for a while, but I'm good with it now. But it's yeah, it's it's a whole new way of doing things that needed a massive amount of adjusting.

Alex Ferrari 43:37
What is the biggest takeaway you you you had from this near death experience?

Jane Thompson 43:42
There are two, I would say, the biggest takeaway is the amount of love that is there for us. We are so loved we and we are seen you know, I wasn't just I realized I wasn't wasn't just seen during my nd I've been seen my whole life. And I was loved my whole life too. And so we are all loved. That way. We are all seen for who we are and what we're doing for better or for worse in that moment. And it's just deep, true, unconditional love. And the second biggest takeaway is and this one's layered, that piece is available to us. Um, we just have to get there and that's, you know, that's kind of like what's the meaning of life. We're here to learn. We're here to heal our traumas. We're here to strip away or are in dark. donation are conditioning that we got the first part of our lives and returned to our true selves, because that's where that peace is. And so we feel separate from that love and from that peace, but we're not, we're not at all separate. Just things have happened to us that have created these blocks. And so it's there. It's just journeying, you know, healing and journeying to return to that

Alex Ferrari 45:31
Now I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Jane Thompson 45:37
The more we can be in our joy. And the more we find ourselves playing it you know, that's an interesting response. I wasn't expecting that one to come through. The more you feel that you have time for play, and for fun, and I really do think that we were meant to come here to enjoy life. And there will be challenges. And there are I mean, the world's a crazy place, especially right now. But when we find those times to play, and to do what excites us and do what brings us joy, that's truly our purpose. And I think that's how we will find the fullness in life and have that feeling of, I feel pretty good. I feel pretty whole, even in this body and having this human experience.

Alex Ferrari 46:38
If you had a chance to go on a time machine and go back in time, and talk to the little girl that used to be you. What advice would you give her?

Jane Thompson 46:45
Alex, you're gonna make me cry. I would go back.

Alex Ferrari 46:52
Take a minute. Okay.

Jane Thompson 46:54
That's an intense question.

Alex Ferrari 46:57
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to break you down.

Jane Thompson 46:59
No, I love it. It could be a drinking game of every time Jane cries during an interview, I really could turn on the drinking game. Okay. Well, that question makes me very emotional. I would go back to that little girl to the little me too young me. And I would tell her, everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to work out. You go do you? You go play? You go have fun. Be true to yourself. Don't listen to what other people think. Because that says more about them than it does about you. And I would just I would tell her everything is happening for a reason. And everything's gonna be fine.

Alex Ferrari 47:53
You're gonna make me cry now for God's sakes.

Jane Thompson 47:56
What can I ask you? What would you go tell young Alex?

Alex Ferrari 48:02
Oh, God, why this is this is my show. Darnit.

Jane Thompson 48:07
Dose of your own medicine.

Alex Ferrari 48:11
You know, I'll tell you. I mean, I've asked that question. A ton of times. And I've been thinking about that more and more lately, believe it or not, but to go back to my young self. I think everything's gonna be okay, man. Just hang in there. Understand that everything that happens to you is happening to you for a purpose. It is not happening to you. It's happening for you. You are loved when you meet that mobster at 26. Be careful. So that's another story altogether. It's going to be a long ride, but it's going to be one hell of a ride. And enjoy yourself and don't take yourself so seriously. Ah, yes. Don't take yourself so seriously. And don't worry about the this this just the mundane, stupid things of everyday life. Don't worry so much. No one cares. In 100 years, no one's going to remember that mistake, or that thing that you think was a mistake, or that no one cares. No one's watching. Everyone's dealing with their own crap.

Jane Thompson 49:25
Everyone is and I think I love what you said about things aren't happening to you. They're happening for you. Because that is such a true statement. And when you're in it doesn't always feel that way. But that is such a true statement. And we are all exactly where we're supposed to be no matter what age we've been. But, you know, the young the young parts of us had to care about what other people thought and

Alex Ferrari 49:57
As part of the process. Oh god It is but man, I always love saying this to people like imagine if you and I went back, and we were like 20. With our brains today. Oh, that damage we could do in this world?

Jane Thompson 50:13
Oh my gosh, yes, well, and young people today, they get it

Alex Ferrari 50:21
Much more than we did, that's for sure.

Jane Thompson 50:23
Oh, they get it and they are interested and all of this. And I don't know that they have a lot of adults around them to help them put shape to all of this. But yeah, that they're, they're on another level than we were asked for.

Alex Ferrari 50:41
They come programmed from the factory a little bit different than you and I did. Definitely, it's a different thing. But they're coming to keep the evolution of humanity going. If another generation like ours, or our parents would come in, it just wouldn't move. So there has to be something coming in behind us, that's a little bit more ready more evolved innately in their, in their experience as a soul coming into this existence, or in this incarnation, to be able to keep moving things forward, just like we are definitely not our parents, our parents are definitely not their parents, generation by generation, things are moving forward and moving forward. Sometimes more painful than others, to move forward. But I think I have kids. So I understand. They look at their they look at like, you want me to work, how grandpa did what, in a factory. And he made how much and like, and then for 40 years, like it just didn't, it doesn't completely doesn't compute to them, they just don't even understand how that's even a thing.

Jane Thompson 51:51
It doesn't register at all, and they really understand non duality. I don't know if they know that they understand non duality, but they really feel it. And it'll be interesting to see how that shakes out. But our generation, we, you know, a lot of us I see this, you know, calm is a common thread with healing work. Our brain, a lot of us are breaking those generational trauma cycles, which is a hard job and to you know, draw that line in the sand and say it stops here. And that will benefit our children. But it is hard work. And we're kind of, you know, we're building this road from here to here. And that's dirty work, you know, you show up to work with your imagine if you're building a literal road, you show up to work and your clothes are clean, and you're freshly showered, at the end of the day. You're closer and masks, you're sweaty, smell bad. That's what we are doing. And that's okay. Because I'm happy to build this, participate in building this road for our kids and their kids to just glide down hopefully,

Alex Ferrari 53:12
What I always call our generation, the bridge generation. Yeah, because we are a bridge between the old and the new because we understand the old because we came from it. But we also understand the new because we were right there when things started to change in the late 90s and early 2000s, with the internet and technology and all that stuff. And even ideas and concepts changed with our generation. So it is it is not easy work. It is dirty work. But we all ask for it. If you're in this generation, you came down, you signed up for this.

Jane Thompson 53:42
We signed the contract and here we are. So might as well do the best job we can.

Alex Ferrari 53:48
Absolutely. How would you define God?

Jane Thompson 53:52
God is love. God is love. And that light. That's where we all came from. It's I mean, it's truly source. It's where we all came from, and it's where we'll circle back to and then maybe even make a few more circles again. But yeah, God is love and, and caring and safety, safety. I don't know that a lot of us were raised to believe that though. But I do believe there's a lot of safety there.

Alex Ferrari 54:25
We were raised with a lot of judgment. Yeah, we were gonna be judged, at least in the Christian faith. But in other faiths as well. There is a lot of judgment. And finally, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Jane Thompson 54:41
to return to true you and to experience the joy in the fullness of that and to by doing that model for other people how to do it so they can see and they see the results.

Alex Ferrari 54:59
And where can people We'll find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing.

Jane Thompson 55:02
My website is got a lot of different resources there. I try to have something to fit all the different personalities. And there's a lot there to look through.

Alex Ferrari 55:15
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Jane Thompson 55:17
I guess I would like to tell everyone the same thing, I would have told little James, just, everything's gonna be okay. And don't let the judgment seek seep in. And keep, keep doing the work, keep plugging along and take breaks. Take breaks the, you know, the healing journey, it can be really intense, and you need to take a break to integrate that healing work that you just did. And to have some fun and to have, you know, some lightness and some to enjoy life again. So I think that's important for people to hear. And also, this has been coming up a lot lately, I'd like people to know that. As you evolve, and you go on this spiritual journey, your habits change and your way of healing changes. And when you first start out, we're like these kids in a candy shop. And we want to read this and gather that info and try this and you're gathering all the tools and you're doing the research and you're learning, and you're seeing what resonates with you, and what doesn't, what works for you and what doesn't. And then there does come a point where you don't have to keep doing that. And I don't know that we hear that a lot. From from me, healers are really from anyone, there is a time where you can relax and all of that. And you don't have to keep filling your brain with all these things. There is a time where you just, you know, pick up your toolbox of everything you've collected. And then you move on to what's next. And I think if we stay in research mode for a long time, we don't get to experience the beauty of flow. And then sometimes you go back to research mode. It's just, it's a cycle. But I want people to know they can take those breaks, especially if you feel like you're spinning your wheels. That's an indicator, it's time to take a little bit of a breather.

Alex Ferrari 57:30
Jane, thank you so much for this conversation. I hope it helps somebody or many people around the world mature. I appreciate you.

Jane Thompson 57:37
Thank you, Alex.

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