Clinically DEAD Woman Shown Our SOUL’S BLUEPRINT! (Powerful NDE) with Jan Christenson

In the serene stillness of today’s enlightening episode, we delve into the extraordinary journey of Jan Christenson, a woman whose near-death experience transformed her life and understanding of existence. With a blend of wisdom and humility, Jan shares her profound insights on spirituality, consciousness, and the innate magnificence within every human being.

Jan’s life before her near-death experience was a relentless race, a perpetual treadmill where spirituality had no room. Her days as a community nurse were consumed by the frenetic pace of commitments and responsibilities, leaving little space for introspection or spiritual growth. This all changed one fateful day when she slipped on the ice, a seemingly trivial accident that catapulted her into a transformative encounter with the divine.

As she recounts her near-death experience, Jan describes a journey that began in darkness but quickly expanded into a realm of boundless consciousness and love. She was no longer confined to her physical body but felt an overwhelming sense of expansion and unity with everything around her. “I experienced myself as pure consciousness flowing, just this gentle flowing,” she says, emphasizing the profound sense of peace and love that enveloped her. This encounter left her with an unshakable understanding that we are, at our core, pure love.

In this profound state, Jan realized the oneness of all existence, a feeling so intense and perfect that she could imagine staying there forever. Yet, a thought of her daughters brought her back to her earthly existence, and with it, a new mission. She emerged from her experience with a deep appreciation for the spiritual side of life, which had been previously overshadowed by the demands of her human existence.

Jan’s journey of recovery was not easy. The head injury she sustained had significant impacts on her cognitive abilities, leading her to a period of profound transformation. She shares how she leaned into her newfound spiritual wisdom to navigate these challenges. Through this, she discovered the three principles of mind, consciousness, and thought, concepts that reshaped her understanding of reality and her place within it.


  1. Oneness and Expansion: Jan’s near-death experience revealed the interconnectedness of all things and the expansive nature of pure consciousness. This understanding helps us see beyond the limitations of our physical existence and recognize our intrinsic unity with the universe.
  2. Living as Pure Love: The core message Jan brought back from her experience is that we are pure love at our essence. Embracing this truth can transform how we perceive ourselves and others, fostering a deeper sense of compassion and connection.
  3. The Power of Surrender: By letting go of the need to control and instead trusting the flow of life, we can experience greater peace and synchronicity. Jan emphasizes the importance of surrendering to the divine wisdom within us, which guides us toward our highest good.

In reflecting on her transformation, Jan acknowledges the initial resistance from her family and friends. Yet, over time, even the most skeptical among them came to appreciate the profound changes in her life. Her story illustrates the challenge and reward of integrating profound spiritual insights into everyday life, a process that requires patience, faith, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

As Jan beautifully puts it, “We are the commander of our ship, and if we believe it’s going to take a while, it will. But if we say, ‘We’re going to do it now, and it’s going to happen now,’ we are heard.” This powerful statement underscores the role of belief and intention in shaping our reality.

In conclusion, Jan’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of near-death experiences and the profound spiritual insights they can bring. Her message is clear: by embracing our true essence as pure love and surrendering to the divine flow, we can navigate life with greater ease and fulfillment.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jan Christenson.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 177

Jan Christenson 0:00
With this with this beautiful consciousness. Most humans on the earth don't know a lot about it. They don't understand how magnificent they truly are.

Alex Ferrari 0:25
I'd like to welcome to the show, Jan Christenson. How you doing Jan?

Jan Christenson 0:28
Thank you. I'm doing very well. How are you doing?

Alex Ferrari 0:32
I'm doing great, my dear, thank you so much for coming on the show and, and sharing your journey. Your your interesting life to say the least.

Jan Christenson 0:40
Well, I'm really pleased to be here, for sure.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
So my first question is, what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Jan Christenson 0:51
Well, I would say my adult life was living on a complete and total fast, fast, fast pace, like being on a treadmill or a hamster in its on its wheel. It was just unbelievably wired and moving and, and having to meet so many commitments. Not spiritual at all.

Alex Ferrari 1:21
So what tell us what happened to you and your near death experience?

Jan Christenson 1:25
Well, I was at work. So it happened at work, I was a community nurse. And I slipped on ice, which can be a very simple thing. However, I showed up in the air and came down headfirst. So yeah, not not fun, but turned out to be a wonderful thing in my life turned out to be quite a miracle. In the end, the things that came out of that were something that I probably would not be led to where I am today, without having had that experience.

Alex Ferrari 2:03
So when you fell, did you? Did you go? Right away? Or did you when did it actually, when did you start to experience your near death experience?

Jan Christenson 2:13
Yeah, I was knocked out immediately. So then, you know, it's really hard to say I was probably unconscious, though, for a good 10 minutes at least. And what happened was, it seemed very quick, but left me feeling complete change in my life, it was very profound, even though it was short lived. And I probably didn't see everything there was to see over there. But I saw enough to really change things for me.

Alex Ferrari 2:51
So what did you see on the other side?

Jan Christenson 2:53
So suddenly, I was aware of being in a, quite a dark place. But I could see without my eyes, and I could hear without my ears. It was just the experience of being in this place, where it was fairly dark and snowing. I looked around and I thought, Where am I? And then it was annoying of, oh, I'm here, okay. Then no thoughts, just this feeling of very similar to what you would think it would be like if the air comes out of a balloon, there was just this. And suddenly, I was out of my body no longer contained, but just, it was a complete feeling of just expansion. And I experienced myself as your consciousness flowing, just this gentle flowing. And knowing that all was well. And as I was in this flow, suddenly, I could just feel everything that was floating, just expand in every direction. So it was kind of like just becoming a part of everything that was around me, just the flow. And there was no no end to it. It just went on and on. And then the thought that I had was, well, the way I felt, I thought I could just stay here forever. And I wouldn't need anything else. And as a human that start it's really hard to imagine how could you feel in a way that you would not need anything else? I thought I could just stay here forever. And I just continued in this gentle flow. And I felt so good. And I knew immediately that it was an overwhelming feeling of love. It was just intense, and everywhere. And it was me. So, as I stayed in that state and just felt perfect, and kind of knew that this would be fine. Just to be right there in that state forever. Suddenly this thought came to me. What about your daughters? And, you know, they still need me. And the feeling of Yeah, they do. And there was no feeling of argument or feeling of No, please. You know, I want to stay here. It was just a perfect feeling of Yeah. Okay. I'll just go back. And then it was a feeling of just springing back. And going back into my body. And feeling the density again, just feeling complete enclosure. And with that, I wasn't feeling any discomfort. Until suddenly, the darkness just became kind of light, it was like the sunlight started to come through my eyelids again. And then I opened my eyes and was back in pretty much distress at that time.

Alex Ferrari 6:48
Now, everything that you just said, all happened in this void, and this black void.

Jan Christenson 6:54
Yeah, it was very dark, but still with the scene. Still with the seeing of it. So a lot of people have the experience of seeing their loved ones and seeing all kinds of things. I just experienced complete and total oneness.

Alex Ferrari 7:15
So there was no life review. There was no life review, there was no guides there. There was no anything it was just you and avoid. And it's all happening during this time.

Jan Christenson 7:26
Man, I just became everything. And pure love total and complete pure love in feeling that was so intense and so perfect. Imagine he did nothing else ever again. Nothing else.

Alex Ferrari 7:42
So so there was no voice there was no even not voice but even a telepathic message.

Jan Christenson 7:49
Nothing. No, the only message that I took fully and completely and totally was that we are pure love at our core. And this pure love is our spirit. And our spirit is is kind of like a cup of, of the universe that gets dumped into our body. And this perfect cup, but then joins with our human form. And everything is dulled down in the, in the sense of, of how we feel our feeling of love. But the essence of me who I feel here is the same as who I felt out there just not as intense.

Alex Ferrari 8:42
Kind of like, muddied up here in this in this reality almost dense.

Jan Christenson 8:47
Yeah, it's it's, uh, yeah, it's just, it's, it's there, and it's perfect. But it's not at that same high level as it wasn't there.

Alex Ferrari 8:57
So when you came back to your body, were you in the hospital, were you still on the ice.

Jan Christenson 9:03
Was still on the ice. And so I, I couldn't form words. I couldn't move at first and my feet were stuck over my shoulder, my purse lodged under me and it kept my feet from falling back down. So all I could do is screen the thought in my head, feet go down. I was trying to make that happen with it with verbal cues. And finally I did get my feet down but I was not getting very much oxygen when my feet were up there was like I was squishing my chest so there wasn't a lot of oxygen and I had a long road to recovery after that. A head injury can can be a pretty difficult thing to go through. And they told me that I was disabled from here from there on and I would be disabled enough I just needed to accept that. And so I lost my nursing career, my life changed tremendously. And, and significantly. And it was off work for quite a while. And literally, I could stand in the kitchen. And my daughter would say, Could you put some toast in the toaster for me, and I would turn and go two steps and forget where I had gone, I would forget what I was going for. I would be speaking to someone and I had what I call this blank screen come down, the conversation was just suddenly gone, I didn't know what we were talking about. It was It was rough, it was really rough. And I didn't get a lot of I didn't get a lot of confidence from the medical field, that it would be okay. But I knew it would be okay. And I was able to access. I was able to access my, my spiritual self, my soul in ways that were were just pure wisdom. And I could be as normal as can be, with my spiritual self. It was just my physical self that was damaged. And it really gave me a tremendous insight into the three principles. Have you ever heard of that mind consciousness and thought, go for it. That's, yeah, that's actually what my first book was about. And so man, by the name of Sidney banks, takes credit for bringing up this three principles of mind consciousness that, however, it was actually a psychological thing that was developed or thought up, came to someone, many, many years ago, a man by the name of William James, back in the late 1800s, came up with this idea of mind consciousness and thought, and it didn't fly back then. But what it is, is, it tells you that we have, we have these three things a mind, and there's a consciousness. And then there's thought that forms around that. And consciousness is actually everything, we have a personal consciousness, and there's also a universal consciousness. So people often have a little trouble fitting that into the human mind. What can be a mind are a human consciousness, and a universal consciousness. And this is where my new passion lies. The energy, because we're energy from head to toe, everything about us as energy are in the form and the formless that we are in our body, and in our soul that lives inside of us. So this consciousness is also energy, which is everywhere. And with our human brain, we have a consciousness that we go through our life with. However, this universal consciousness, or soul consciousness or spirit, is so much bigger and so much more vast. And it's what I experienced when I was out there, this universal consciousness, its wisdom, its divinity, it's actually what many people think of as God. Now, many people think of God as someone, a little man sits up in the sky. For me, I don't see it as that I'm not religious, but I'm very spiritual. So I don't follow any religious doctrine, which is a scary thing for people. Often people have to believe things that are very frightening. They have to behave in certain ways. However, this God that I see the energy, the consciousness, that is everything, that is divine, and wisdom. It is so magnificent. And it's inside of every one of us. This energy, this consciousness, and it gives us the ability to be much wiser than we could ever really understand until we learn to feel our spirit and understand it. This wisdom would be something that that was back in the day, you could see with someone like Tesla, or the these amazing people from history that we wonder how did how did they know that things they knew. They were literally tapping into the consciousness, the universal consciousness and wisdom. So it wasn't anything that they could have learned from the brain. Here's a human on Earth, right? The things they knew were beyond That way beyond the human brain. And I think our human brain is wonderful. It's but it's like a computer. It only knows what we put into it. However, this universal consciousness, this energy, this divinity, that's also in us is wiser than the human brain, why is there then anything that could be understood by the human brain? Or made up by the human brain? Are you following me so far?

Alex Ferrari 15:36
Absolutely, no, I've vcompletely completely 110%. This is what we talk about on the show all the time.

Jan Christenson 15:42
Hopefully. So with this, with this beautiful consciousness, most humans on the earth don't know a lot about it, they don't understand how magnificent they truly are, and the capabilities they have, when they start to let this energy flow through them, and hear the wisdom that comes from our soul. Here, the wisdom that comes from this divinity, the God in us. And it's something that, quite honestly, I have just learned to appreciate, and to capitalize on in a very big way. So I'm not I don't feel I'm that much ahead of anybody who might understand or not understand it. But I do feel that I have the tremendous blessing of being able to share with people how to understand this soul, and what it can do for your life and for you as a human being. And that feels pretty special. I'm pretty happy to have this knowledge that has come down to me.

Alex Ferrari 17:02
Let me ask you a question. Why do you believe that you went through this near death experience?

Jan Christenson 17:08
In many ways, it's very difficult to know, anything for sure. But this near death experience, I think, came upon me to change my life. I could not go on, and I don't believe I will be here today. If I was still on that hamster wheel. It was way too stressful. And my body would just not have carried on, I would be gone. And so the near death experience, which actually took me way, and brought me back has allowed me to live a much longer and fuller life. So maybe that's the reason I have it. I certainly think I have and have been spared, allowed to be here to teach people something.

Alex Ferrari 18:04
Well, what are some of the after effects that you felt in your life? After you came back the the changes you saw within yourself? What were some of them that you can know?

Jan Christenson 18:19
Well, it did take me a long time to recover. So the changes did not come for quite a while. I would say it was a good 10 years before I got some of the benefits of what had happened to me. Yeah. And I think the changes where the changes are that I i understand so deeply and intensely, the spiritual side of who we are. And I'm probably clearer on that, than I am on the human side of who we are. Joe Joy, I enjoy the spiritual side of me so much more than the human side of me. So my, my struggle is to try to bring those two things into a much better alignment into into living a life which is rounded with both of those things, the human and the spirit, equally, feeling good about both of those things. As a human, we suffer so much. And that's how I spent most of my life thinking and believing the thoughts that I had meant something when most of the thoughts that we have as our human brain or our ego throws at us. Most of those thoughts do not even need to have us pay attention to them. And that is a big eye opener for many people because most people believe if they have a thought it must mean something. However, what happens in our human Wait is this, we have a thought. And then we immediately we attach an emotion to it. And then we think there's an action that's required. None of that is true. Just because you have a thought, you don't need to allow an emotion to attach to it. And you don't need to have a behavior. Follow that.

Alex Ferrari 20:23
I would love it I always enjoy asked, enjoy asking this question from near death experiences, because it's fascinating to me, when you came back, how did the people around you deal with this new version of yourself? Even if it was, years after the accident? I'm assuming people around you didn't accept. I mean, you came out of the closet at one point or another with this story, right? Obviously, you can't quiet for a while, when you came out. I've heard many different people have different versions of it, where, oh, I was accepted by my my family or my family. I'm now the black sheep, we don't talk about it. Or I lost my my friends, I lost my colleagues, what was it like for you? And how did you deal with it? Psychologically.

Jan Christenson 21:10
Um, my immediate family, my daughters and my husband, they didn't buy into it. At first, they did not see what I was seeing. They thought it was very interesting. But they couldn't quite get their head wrapped around it. Now, my daughters are so appreciative of it, because it's changed their life to the understanding that they can, they no longer have to believe that they have a war inside, that they can be peaceful inside. For them to find this at a young age is so amazing. And so they're both right on board, that

Alex Ferrari 21:51
I want to stop here for a second. But it's so profound, that comment is very profound. And I want to dig into that a little bit. That for people listening to that you don't have to be at war within yourself, the thoughts, the monkey brain, the these things, the ego, that are constantly fighting with you, when you realize that you don't have to engage. How do you so for people listening, if this is going on, which is gone? What happened in my life happened in your life, we all go through it at one point or another in our existence? What advice do you have for people who are dealing with this right now? And how can they escape this kind of internal warfare that they're going through?

Jan Christenson 22:35
Yeah, it is. It truly is a human condition that needs to be addressed, isn't it? Because we know we know that most people are running around out there, totally and completely with a war going on inside that maybe nobody knows about. And the way that they can deal with that is, first of all, by understanding that they don't have to believe their thinking. They don't have to believe most of what society has taught them, which is not popular for many people to hear, because everybody wants to believe that they've always been given the right information by their parents by the world. And I stand firm. In the belief, we have been given very little right information about who we are and how we can be in our lives. We've taught, we're taught to be judgmental, we're taught to have opinions, we're taught to argue, to how take a stand. None of that is required. None of that.

Alex Ferrari 23:47
Isn't isn't it funny, though? I don't mean to interrupt you. But isn't it funny, though, that we look at our parents, our, our community, our religions, our countries, our societies for the answer, but they're made up of the same humans with the same problems that you're dealing with. And they're, and they're telling you? No, no, but I figured it out. But it doesn't seem to be working for you, ma'am, or sir. But you're telling me what to do. Or, you know, dogma, dogma from religion or dogma from your country or your society or cultural situations. It's fascinating that we look for answers. Yeah, we look for answers from people who are looking for answers. You know, that's nice. It's so weird.

Jan Christenson 24:35
And so sad. It is so sad. And this, this reminds me of what's been going on with me and my grandson lately. My grandson and I, He's seven years old. And he keeps saying he keeps out is so spiritual. Not from any desire to be he's just he just came in this way. And he yesterday he said to me, Grandma, why is there metric system a system for measuring things. And and then there's this other system. Or I know, isn't it that's ever told him, there is no reason for it, it just came to be. And that's what I didn't say this too. But that's what everything in our society. Why do we do it this way? Well, I'm afraid you can't ask why. What you need to do is you need to go inside and say, Is this the way that I want to do it? Is this the way that I want to be? And, you know, our spirit? It, it talks to us totally and completely all the time. But we don't know how to listen to it. We have this gut feeling it and it's actually, I've heard lately, people talking about it like this, our heart will give you the answer. Six seconds before the brain gives you the answer. And the heart answer is your soul answer. So often when people will say, I'm going to ask you something, and I want you to give me your immediate response. And that's pretty cool. Because your immediate response is going to be your soul. It's when you let the thoughts go, that you get lost.

Alex Ferrari 26:10
Without question, so back to that original question. Your family were your family was very accepting after a while. How did the outskirts of the Rings circles outside of your relationship circles, if you will, your friend, colleague things like that? How did that work out with you? And again, how did you deal with it psychologically?

Jan Christenson 26:31
Well, outside my immediate family, my husband and children was my brothers and sisters. And, you know, it wasn't very cool for them. They're university professors, and they're very intellectual people. So they did not think this week much sense. And to this day, one sister kind of likes it, one doesn't. My brother just fell in love with my book. And he said, You know, I have learned more from this book about life than anybody has ever been able to tell me. And it was just simple things, simple things that you and I are talking about today. And so it changed his life. That's pretty cool. Beyond that, I don't care. Many people probably look at me as quite weird. I just kind of hide myself on Facebook, around people who love this stuff. And that's good. I like that.

Alex Ferrari 27:34
Well, it's interesting, though, because you've been doing this for a little while now. When this happened to you originally, this conversation probably couldn't have happened in a public forum as easily as it is today.

Jan Christenson 27:47
You're right. You're right. It's becoming so much more acceptable. Isn't that? A lot of people? Right. And it's really is

Alex Ferrari 27:56
The things that used to be on the outskirts, like channeling, which is a thing that now people like, Oh, I'm channeling Michael Jordan for the shot. Yeah, you know, or these kinds of words, meditation, you know, mediumship there shows on television, about, you know, mediums doing what they do, and psychics and things. These were kind of like parlor tricks on the outskirts kind of conversations. And let's not even talk about consciousness and the meaning of reality. And, and now having science and quantum physics come in, starting to support ideas have been around for 6000 years. Well, yeah, don't you love that? Oh, my God, it's one of my favorite conversations to have on the show is when we have a quantum physicist on who is spiritually inclined, and they start talking about how physics and quantum physics specifically and spirituality are starting to enter interconnect. And what that means to you, if you understand the basis of reality, it all supports all the things that we're talking about a larger consciousness, we all want these concepts, like what your brother's saying about your book. These are very simple ideas. They're not, you know, a quantum physicist, you know, equation. You know, it's not quantum physics equation. These are simple ideas. Even if you go back to the teachings of Christ, very be Do unto others, the kingdom of heaven is within you. You know, I am the Father as you are like these very basic concepts that we've all said, now, we're saying that but now are becoming more and more accepted. And I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I mean, do you believe now that we are at a stage where we are awakening at a much faster clip than we were 10 years ago? 20 years ago, 50 years ago, even in my lifetime, things were completely different.

Jan Christenson 29:52
Absolutely, yes. And, you know, physics just blows my mind. Alright, I'm certainly not a scientist. And I certainly don't have the standing with scientists out. But I have some pretty cool understandings. And one of them is that quarks, the smallest particle that's inside of us the smallest particle that's everywhere, the smallest piece of matter. These quarks are now exploding faster than ever. So if the smallest particle is exploding faster than ever, of course, things are moving faster, the universe is growing faster, everything is is fast tracked, and you're on Earth, we're certainly going to feel that and as human beings, we're going to feel it. And in fact, interesting is a scientific fact that the sun is moving. So that when I first heard that, I didn't really like that, because that was kind of scary. If the sun is moving, what's gonna happen to us? Well, wouldn't you know what the Sun is moving, but it's moving us with it. In its magnificent magnetizing way, it's moving the Earth along with. So it's keeping us safe, we are always safe and always protected by this divine energy. And the fact that the sun is moving us is so cool. And we it is moving us into a new energy. And this New Energy is much easier, I believe, much easier for people to live in. It's, it's only easier if people will surrender a bit to the things that they are actually made of, and the things that they can do. People who fight this energy are having even more trouble now than they had before. So that makes me that makes me very sad when I have to say that, but it is a reality that we're living in. So we know from a physicist point of view, that the energy is changing. And we know from ourselves here on Earth, that the energy is changing, people's beliefs are changing, we can see all this changing. If people are going to fight that they are going to have more problems, more trouble, more social difficulty, more inner angst. So the more people that can understand this and awaken even a bit, they will find so much more peace, so much more peace. The Earth, actually, for many, many years, really just attracted life. That was its only interest. And of course, the Earth has a consciousness because everything has a consciousness. So if the earth was attracting life, and that was its main goal and what it did over and over again, then you can see how war and trouble would be there. Because if you're just attracting life, there's no attention being paid to loving ways and caring for one another. It's just kind of an evolution of the strongest will survive and more life comes now. The Earth has changed its consciousness and is attracting and wanting to attract loving ways, caring for one another. And that gives me such hope, because we such hope. And I guess it's because we're moving I guess is we're in a new energy. So the energy consciousness is changing over the earth. And for it to be changing to want more loving ways.

Alex Ferrari 33:47
When you said surrender, and it's such a powerful statement, when you surrender to your higher self, to the universe to the guides, whatever that's guiding you along your path, things become so much easier. And do you believe that the people who fight are it's ego that's fighting ego doesn't want to let go ego wants to continue to try to control something that it has no control over? I mean, the reason we get upset is because we have lost control over something we have no control over. If something if someone is doing something that you don't want them to do. That's ego trying to control something that's uncontrollable. So would you agree that that's the main reason why we're having so many problems with people beginning to just let go?

Jan Christenson 34:35
Yes, for sure. For sure. The ego hook is, is the human mind, right? And so if you're going to follow that, we've discussed what is going to happen. You're going to follow those thoughts. You're going to follow the human mind and what the brain could come up with. There's just going to be discord and upheaval and No, no attention to Harmon Me and love and no attention to the spiritual self of who we really are. or So

Alex Ferrari 35:07
Was there a point in your evolution after your near death experience that you had to do that to surrender to this new paradigm in your life? Where you, you know, you, I guess when you had the accident, that kind of forced you to change because you couldn't go back to your career, or anything like that. But at the point where you like, something's telling you, it's time to write a book, it's time to come out of the closet, it's time to start, you know, talking about this in public. Did you have a moment of fear that you're like, I don't know if I want to do this?

Jan Christenson 35:41
Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Because people can be very, very low

Alex Ferrari 35:46
Stop it! on the internet. On the internet. No. Stop it. I can't believe that Jan.

Jan Christenson 35:56
I know, the brutal thing to say is they can be we can be so hard on each other. And yeah, yeah, I didn't want to do it. But I knew I had to.

Alex Ferrari 36:07
So what? So how did you overcome that fear? Because I did it too. With my, in my life. To do a show like this, I had to break through some fear. What did you do that you finally just said? I have to let it go. What was that thing that made you Twitch for people listening to the might be going through something similar in their life? That you can maybe help them with that.

Jan Christenson 36:29
Well, you know, I think when you see who we really are, we're eternity, the soil versus eternity. This little time we're here on Earth is so small, compared to who we are, that you really, I don't know, I just got to a point where I could not be to, I could, I could no longer be too concerned about any of that. And I'm, I'm really trying not to swear. Because like the the words just just Flow. Know how, how I really learned. It was just saying effort, you know, no more. And that's not to say that I came to perfect peace and no war inside. But I can be there whenever I want. And when I go out of that feeling, I know immediately. Like just, I'm just my chains being yanked, and I just need to go back to myself spiritually. Like even even a week ago, I, I was online and this woman was drawing cards. He said, Sure, draw me a card. And so she drew a card. And she said, Oh, it's a beautiful card in such a beautiful future. Oh, but it looks like you might have to find a demon. Oh, my God, no, I'm gonna have to find a demon. To complete overload. Very shortly, the time there's no demon to learn to fight a tempo, pick that ideas shove it. So that's kind of what you have to do.

Alex Ferrari 38:04
So with with the work that you've been doing all these years, what's the biggest surprise to you that you weren't expecting this thing to come to you? Or this effect that you had on somebody? What was that, that thing that you really just caught you off guard in a positive way or negative, but

Jan Christenson 38:22
What I think the most amazing thing is finding that when you get out of the road, the energy that will flow is just so amazing, and, and how things and synchronicities will just occur, they'll just come up. And that's, it's just so different from anything that we were ever taught, you know, you work hard, and you have to be determined and all that's true, you actually surrendered to it, you let it go, you stop feeling like you're in control. And you have to know and as soon as you do that, things just turn into this beautiful magnetic way of, of letting things into your life that they fall perfectly. And that's been the most surprising thing. Because we're taught so deeply to control it all and to you know, sign all the sign all the paperwork and dot the i's and cross the T's. None of that is true.

Alex Ferrari 39:31
It's essentially faith is what we're talking about faith in something larger than yourself, faith that you will be protected. These are things that they're not. They don't tell you. They, they they say that all that's not possible. You've got to control everything. You got to do this. You got to do that. And look, you got to pay your taxes. Yeah, hire an accountant. You got to you know, you got to make sure the mortgage is paid. Like there's certain things you have to do. There's no question about it. You can't say like, no, no, the universe will handle my mortgage payment. Let me know how that works out. I mean, that's generally not the way things work. The universe might help you find the job or find, you know, income to pay that rent. As long as you're working towards that, but it's not going to just magically Oh, look, just didn't have to pay it this month because the universe picked up that.

Jan Christenson 40:18
Yeah, and there's that thing, there's that thing of, of soul and, and human being that comes into play that we have to accept. There are certain things that you're just can't get around. And so you sit down and you do those things. But then you kind of drop away the control. You let it go.

Alex Ferrari 40:40
But it's scary. Jan, isn't it?

Jan Christenson 40:42
It is scary at the beginning. Yeah. When I was a child, though, we had this experience at about 10 years old, where man tried to abduct me, Wow, I didn't know what to do. Because I'd never been taught anything about that shit. We lived in a small town where that didn't happen. Nothing like that happened. And so I stopped in my tracks. And I said, I don't know what to do. I have no idea what to do. Help me. And I don't know how I need new to do that. And, you know, the whole thing just unfolded. He was in a car, I was on foot. And I was able to just go did that. And knowing exactly what to do. The most profound thing that ever happened in my life was maybe that and when it was all over, I said, How did that happen? And I completely gave up any control, any control of knowing any step to take, and I was just completely helped and guided and taken to safety.

Alex Ferrari 41:59
That's amazing. That's an amazing story, if we're able to just let go a little bit, life become so so much easier. Yeah, it's and I know people listening right now are is scary. Trust me, it took me a long time to vibe it, to believe it. And I was told by other people the same, the same thing. We're saying right now, you have to have faith that when you walk off that cliff, there'll be a step there for you to step on. And the next step you take, there'll be another step there. And then not only will it be a step there, but they're going to be pushing you in the direction that you need to go to for your best interests. So it's such a counterintuitive way of looking at life. When you take that little leap, even if it's something small, it just changes your entire life, life becomes so much easier, so so much easier. And it's and I've been on the other end of that, where I'm trying to control everything. And I, I took it to a place where I almost went bankrupt. And, and and I had to climb my way back out of it. But if you just and it's so funny, it's been there all the time. Yeah. The higher time I'm the one that just wasn't listening. I'm the one that said no, no, no, I know best. You sit in the back. And it whatever it is the universe consciousness, your guides, whatever. There's like, what, wait, well, maybe this life, maybe next will be here.

Jan Christenson 43:38
It's so it's so complex. But it's so easy. Yeah, no, it's so complex, or easy. And, yeah, the belief is where people have trouble, the trust. And yet, if they just maybe I don't know, maybe if they listened to enough stories ago. Okay. I'll try just a little bit. Maybe that's it.

Alex Ferrari 44:06
And that's why I'm doing what I do is to tell stories like this and say the same information a lot of times in different ways with different, you know, people hearing from different points of view, but it's at the end of the day, everything we're talking about is it's been said a million times a million people it's not that we're treading new water. Here. It is. Maybe today's the day, maybe somebody was, you know, scrolling through YouTube, and this video popped up. And they said something told them you know what, watch this. And this is the the answer to the question that they had in their mind. And the hearing this conversation maybe changes their perspective and go, You know what, I'm going to take that I'm going to leave my job and go do what I really want to do, because this is where I feel, and I'm going to take that I'm going to take those steps. Yeah, I'm not telling everybody to quit their job. Just put that out there. Don't quit you The job, don't be done. Just you know, just. But if you've had this long conversation with yourself, yes, if that's the right way to go, or whatever that challenge might be to trust, and it might not come right away. And that's the other thing. People really need to understand. When you make that jump. Sometimes it's sometimes you could see it, you can see the the spark happen. Other times, it takes a little bit, it's almost like the universe is going, Okay, let's see how long you can go down this road without having verifiable proof, but some little, maybe a couple of breadcrumbs. Until you're down that path of wild then then the universe goes, Okay, let's, let's open up the real doors now. And it could take a little time. So that's the other thing to notice. Second, you say it, it automatically turns on, is that your experience as well?

Jan Christenson 45:49
Um, you know, I think it's true. But I think it's also true if you, we are so much in control where the commander of the ship, and if we believe it's going to take a while it will. But if we say, we're going to do it now, and it's going to happen now, we're heard, we're heard. And I'm not saying that that would be the case for everybody. Because everybody has a different way of believing and falling into the trust and the surrender. And so you can say that, but if you're not believing it, if you're seeing it from an intellectual point of view, the universe knows.

Alex Ferrari 46:29
Well, that number, that's the thing that I was kind of saying is like when I first said, you know, in this experience, I said, I'm all in, that's the beginning of the door, the door opening. But in the back of my head, there's doubts still. And they're smaller doubts, but there's still that's not as big of a doubt as I had before. Now I'm starting on the path. And it was me stopping it from moving forward only until, you know, six months down the line that I just said, oh, oh, there's stuff happening. Not exactly the way I want it to do, but it's happening, I'm going to keep, and it took me time to open up to the point where I just like, I believe, 100%, I don't have to worry about anything anymore. And when that happened, shortly thereafter, things blew up in a way that I can't, I can't explain. And when you're it's such a it's such a beautiful thing. When you get an opportunity, you meet that person, you get that job. You know, that thing you've been waiting for, opens up or something better than you ever could even conceive of, which is generally always the case, by the way that we we have we think small?

Jan Christenson 47:43
Yeah, me too.

Alex Ferrari 47:46
It's like, you know, I really just want five bucks, but you just got a million dollars. And I'm just using as an example. But you know, it's like, there's little steps you can't because you can't believe like, No, there's no way that I'm going to meet that person. And then a month later, there's an elevator ride and that person happens to walk into the elevator with Yeah, that's happened. That's happened so many times in my life.

Jan Christenson 48:12
It's amazing. And that wonderful is so grand. No, we're even. No, no, no. We are even in control. And I don't say this in any way to make anyone who's sick, feel that it's their fault. But we can jump into the to the seat or jump out of the seat and command ourselves within our body to be healthy. And that's another thing that's so mind blowing. But it takes belief and it takes understanding. But once you have the belief and the understanding, you can come you can command your cells to do what you want them to do, which will be healthy.

Alex Ferrari 48:58
Well, I mean, and a lot of people listening Oh my God, that's fufu stuff. I'm like, Well, no, there's science behind it. It's called the placebo effect.

Jan Christenson 49:06
Yeah, yeah, that is the science behind it, isn't it,

Alex Ferrari 49:09
The placebo effect is the belief that the pill that they're giving you is the cure for your sickness. And if you do believe in it, it throws it throws clinical test. Always they throw it like they like it throws their their numbers out of whack. I've heard doctors I'm like this damn placebo thing is ruining my my findings. And then you can stop and go, dude. If the placebo is working, should you maybe investigate that instead of this new drug? I'm just throwing that out there if it's so it is there is scientific fact behind the the power of the mind to heal yourself. There's no question, but it takes a belief and unwavering belief. That's why the placebo effect is so high Powerful because when you want it, someone in authority in a white coat, gives you a pill and says this is a new, a new pill that will cure you. You believe it and if you believe it and, and it's I've seen placebo test that they did that. And then the person, lost their cancer, lost the disease lost, whatever, and then find out that it was a sugar pill. And they go right back to getting sick. Yeah, six months later, a year later, it's fat. It's, there's so much we don't know. And yet there is so much we do know, we just don't use it.

Jan Christenson 50:38
Yes, and even when we know it, we can still fall out of that knowing, which is, again, the human and the spiritual side of us. But being human isn't, is an amazingly wonderful thing. And as long as I can be here, I want to be here because it's such a big experience such a big experience for me. So I guess

Alex Ferrari 51:00
This is a pretty I'm getting pretty interesting, interesting journey, to say the least.

Jan Christenson 51:04
Oh, he absolutely, yeah. And it's sometimes to help people understand a little bit about the depth of the wisdom of energy. I take people back, I like to take people back to the beginning of time. And this has definitely scientific parts to it as well. But in the beginning of time, there was nothing but energy, there were no planets, there was just the flow of energy. And this would be billions and billions of years ago, I guess. As humans, we like to understand the time when When did it happen? What are you talking about, but just think of the universe as nothing but energy. And when it was in that state, which it probably stayed in for a long time. And then it figured out how to combine itself. And when it did that it created mass. So that's kind of cool. But then, not long ago, I learned that well, when mass was first created, anti mass would just gobble it up. So I think maybe energy thought, well, maybe we won't like mass. So we'll have something to get rid of it. And then energy decided no, I kind of liked maths. So But what's a good to do because it already created anti maths which gobbled up the maths every time it was created. So what came about, and this feels like a fairy tale to me, whenever I tell it. What came about is these quirks that I talked about earlier, the beginning of mass for those quarks were taken, and they were wrapped in what's called a cue ball, which was invisible to antimatter. So these, these quarks hid inside this invisible cloak, I call it which was the eighth which was what energy created to hide this from antimatter. And then as soon as the quakes burst, this coating with the Cubot would disappear. And what happened is, so many quirks were hidden for so long. And then because quirks were much slower to burst, right? We've talked about that. And then when there was this massive burst of all these quirks and he Mater had no way of keeping up with it. So mask got away on Antimatter, and then everything evolved slowly slowly to create the planets we have and and us here today universe. Wow. Yeah, it's it's so incredible that energy was able to figure out how to move through all these amazing little steps. To promise here today,

Alex Ferrari 54:01
Without question, a gentleman asked you a few questions asked all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Jan Christenson 54:07
Living a good life is living your own happiness. Because that's very hard to do. Very often, we and I think this is men as well as women. We think when the people around us are happy, that we need to live that life. But really digging inside yourself and finding what your happiness is what makes your soul sing.

Alex Ferrari 54:47
What is your definition of God?

Jan Christenson 54:51

Alex Ferrari 54:54
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Jan Christenson 55:00
Different for everyone. My, my soul has told me for years, I created peace for people. Now my purpose is to create harmony. So, my soul, I think we are here to evolve our soul. I think that's our purpose. I think that's our life purpose. So if we're here to evolve our soul, we have to find what brings us joy. As soon as we find what brings us joy, the energy that flows through us is so perfect, because when you're in joy, the energy flows the way it wants to flow, the way it can create, most magnificently.

Alex Ferrari 55:46
And where can people find out more about you your books and the work you're doing?

Jan Christenson 55:51
Well, best email me. I, again, I'm not very traditional. I didn't like web sites. So I don't have one right now. Maybe I will again, sometime. But yeah, I put my email in there, just email me. I like to do group work. But I also like to do one on one. I do lots of one on one. With people trying to find their peace, or their harmony, or just not be so scared. And you think the opposite. I'm sorry, I think the opposite of love is actually fear. I think it's fear. And so if you can fall out of fear, you can fall into a loving space. And that's perfect.

Alex Ferrari 56:34
And your books are available on Amazon and all those places as well. Right? Yeah. And I'll put your I make sure to put your email in the show notes. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Jan Christenson 56:45
I'm just living the feeling of love. That's the essence of you. And the more we do that, the more we'll change the world. And that's where the world is heading. So

Alex Ferrari 56:58
Preach sister preach. Jan it has been a pleasure having you on the show. Thank you so much for not only being on the show by sharing your journey and for the work you're doing to help the world mature. I appreciate you.

Jan Christenson 57:11
Yeah, thank you for all you do as well. And thank you for having me on.

Alex Ferrari 57:17
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters Yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to

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