Man DIES; Meets SPIRIT GUIDES; Sent BACK To Earth with URGENT MESSAGE for MANKIND (NDE) with Jacob Cooper

Life, with its intricate web of experiences, often brings us face to face with profound transformations that reshape our understanding of existence. Today, we welcome Jacob Cooper, a remarkable individual whose near-death experience (NDE) at the tender age of three opened the doors to the mysteries of life, death, and the spiritual realm. Jacob Cooper’s journey from a young boy in a playground to a man deeply connected with his spiritual essence offers profound insights into the eternal nature of the soul and the boundless love that permeates our universe.

Jacob’s near-death experience was triggered by a severe case of whooping cough at the age of three. “There was nothing going on in my brain in my body. And once I surrendered to my breath of eternity, I felt my brain literally snap in half,” he recalls, describing the moment he crossed over to the other side. This profound experience catapulted him into a realm of infinite love and wisdom, where he encountered his spirit guides, a myriad of angels, and a deeper understanding of his true essence.

In the moments of his NDE, Jacob experienced a classic life review, a phenomenon often described by those who have had near-death experiences. This review allowed him to see not only his life as a young child but also glimpses of past lives and the broader tapestry of his soul’s journey. “I was aware of past lives that I speak about in my first book, Life After Breath, and an awareness of who I am at a deeper level beyond just this body and identities,” he explains. This awareness brought a profound sense of peace and a realization of the interconnectedness of all existence.

One of the most transformative aspects of Jacob’s NDE was his encounter with divine beings and the unconditional love they radiated. He describes seeing his spirit guides and angels, who provided comfort and guidance. “I had a lot of the classic experiences of the Near Death Experience, from seeing my own spirit guides to an infinite array of angels floating right in front of me,” he shares. These beings, though beyond human characteristics, were embodiments of pure love and light, reinforcing the eternal bond between the physical and spiritual realms.


  1. Embrace the Breath of Eternity: Jacob’s experience highlights the importance of surrendering to the breath of eternity, a concept that connects us to the infinite love and wisdom of the universe. By letting go of fear and embracing this divine breath, we can transcend physical limitations and connect with our higher selves.
  2. Recognize the Interconnectedness of All Life: The life review and encounters with divine beings during Jacob’s NDE emphasize the interconnectedness of all life. Understanding this interconnectedness helps us see beyond our individual experiences and recognize our shared journey with all beings.
  3. Trust in Divine Guidance: Jacob’s interactions with his spirit guides and angels remind us of the ever-present support and guidance available from the spiritual realm. Trusting in this divine guidance can help us navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and confidence.

Jacob’s return to his physical body was marked by a renewed sense of purpose and an understanding of the profound impact his experiences would have on his life’s path. “It was really what saved me, choosing to say yes to life,” he reflects. His decision to return was driven by a deep desire to share his insights and help others understand the eternal nature of the soul and the boundless love that surrounds us.

Through his work as a speaker, author, and psychotherapist, Jacob continues to inspire and guide others on their spiritual journeys. His experiences offer a powerful reminder of the potential for transformation and growth that lies within each of us. By embracing our true nature, recognizing our interconnectedness, and trusting in divine guidance, we can create a life filled with love, purpose, and fulfillment.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jacob Cooper.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 367

Jacob Cooper 0:00
There was nothing going on in my brain in my body. And once I surrendered to my breath of eternity, I felt my brain literally snap in half. And as if you're plugged into a wall and that plug is just yanked from that wall, and I felt this large crack in my brain that that's when everything on the other side opened up. And I had a lot of the classic experiences of the Near Death Experience serve from seeing my own spirit guides, you know, being able to see infinite array of angels that were floating right in front of me. I was aware of, you know, past lives that I speak about in my first book, Life After breath a little bit. Awareness of like, who I am at a deeper level beyond just this body and identities.

Alex Ferrari 0:54
I like to welcome to the show, Jacob Cooper, how you doin, Jacob?

Jacob Cooper 0:58
Hey, Alex, great to be here on next level. So thank you for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:02
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend, I'm really looking forward to talking to you about your book, The wisdom of Jacob's Ladder, your near death experience that you had that really pretty much transformed your current life. Without question and a lot of the none of the wisdom that you've been able to pull from that experience. So my very first question is, and I know you had a near death experience at an early age, but what was your you have any memory of? What was your life like prior to the near death experience?

Jacob Cooper 1:34
Well, yeah, you know, my near death experiences are very diametrically different than I'm sure of a lot of your other guests who have one in midlife or they're a little bit older. For myself, I was just a young infant. So most of my memories, my early infancy or childhood come from connecting to other planes, I don't remember very little about my life that wasn't beyond this earth plane. It also could get to maybe the why behind that, but a lot of my life was really, when I look back on it, when I connect to it, it was really looking back on a lot of the higher connections. But you know, some things come to my mind. I mean, I was blessed obviously, grew up in a beautiful home with caring and loving parents and wonderful community. But you know, all that obviously drastically changed as a young as a young one, you know, one day.

Alex Ferrari 2:24
So what was what exactly happened? When When did this near death experience happen? And what exactly happened that caused got you to the point of having a near death experience?

Jacob Cooper 2:34
Yeah, I was September of 1993. So that would make myself to get give my age away, I was just three age or three years old. And at the time, I had pertussis otherwise known as whooping cough. And for those viewers who are not familiar with whooping cough, and pertussis for infants, children, or even adults, it could be very harmful, and in my case, in many other cases, fatal if left untreated. So I had whooping cough, and that was the medical causality of my near death experience of September of 1993.

Alex Ferrari 3:10
How old were you at that point?

Jacob Cooper 3:13
Yes, I was, I was three years old, you know. And before getting into the end, it's ironic because I grew up you know, of the Jewish faith, my family and you know, around that time was right before, what's called the High Holidays, and not referring to Snoop Dogg, high holidays, or smoking marijuana or anything like that. This is more of time where, you know, the soul is kind of getting ready for the new year, it's a year of manifestation year of abundance, but a year in which the soul is ready for itself to meet the Creator. And little did I know that I was about to meet the Creator, but it's a much different one depictive than then in religion, I would certainly have to say, which is consistent with a lot of near death experiencers.

Alex Ferrari 3:58
From my experience with whooping cough, just my own studies that are when I had my children, when you're an infant, or a year or younger, it's very dangerous, extremely dangerous. But as the years go on, it becomes less dangerous. Dope. Still, I guess you'd like you said untreated can be a thing. So when you said three, I was like, Oh, wow. So this must have been a serious, very, very serious case for you to die from it. Correct?

Jacob Cooper 4:23
Yeah, very serious. And I even know, like a New York Times bestselling author who, as an adult, I was reading her book and she said she had whooping cough, and that did a number on her as an adult's this. When you hear it, you don't think of it as but really, it could lead to very serious conditions and fatalities. So it has to do with the suffocation that happens due to this whooping cough. You know, that could happen.

Alex Ferrari 4:49
Yeah, so so then what so you are taken to the hospital, you have whooping cough, I'm assuming or how did it happen exactly. When did you actually pass away if you as they say

Jacob Cooper 5:00
Well, I was taken to the hospital, I went to a playground, I was just, you know, climbing up the ladder on slide. And at the last rung of the ladder, no pun intended with my name being Jacob, you know, just God has a very humorous way. And it almost seems like if I were to have this put up to script writers, they wouldn't believe this, because it seems too kind of cheesy, too good to be true. But this is exactly what happened. And, you know, I count the last slot on the slide and I suffocated, nothing, I was not able to hold on to anything, you know, if you could imagine if you're drowning, and trying to just grab onto a blog or something, and there was nothing to grab on to. And I lost every bit of my own human breath. And that, from losing my own human breath, I was really forced to surrender to something else that, you know, I refer to my book as the breath of eternity, there was nothing going on in my brain in my body. And once I surrendered to my breath of eternity, I felt my brain literally snap in half. And as if you're plugged into a wall, and that plug is just yanked from that wall, and I felt this large crack in my brain, that's when everything on the other side opened up. And I had a lot of the classic experiences of a near death experience, or from seeing my own spirit guides, you know, being able to see infinite array of angels that were floating right in front of me, I was aware of, you know, past lives that I speak about, in my first book, Life After breath a little bit. Awareness of like, who I am at a deeper level beyond just this body and identity. So it was full blown. It's something that sticks with me, you know, sometimes some days a lot stronger than others, but it never left me from that point. But to answer your question, I was rushed, you know, to a hospital, I was responsive, you know, in the ambulance, and I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days, and, you know, thankfully recovered, but it was really what saved me was choosing to say yes to life, I know, a lot of near death experiences, they're told, hey, you know, it's not your time, go back. And for me, I was given an option as to, you know, staying or going and one side shows, you know, to continue living my life as that three year old kid, you know, that's when everything just kind of left when I was, you know, awakened to a hospital bed.

Alex Ferrari 7:25
What I found fascinating about this so far is that you were a three year old. So you had a three year old mind. And you have three year old references. So it's not like you had been programmed heavily throughout, you know, 10 or 15 years or 20 years that you've have a lot of trauma, or you have a lot of preconceived notions about how the world works. You were a three year old. So when you as a three year old, were on the other side? Did the Near Death Experience present itself as a three year old would understand it? Or were you already just elevated to your higher self, your higher soul and started to be treated as such?

Jacob Cooper 8:04
Yeah. Well, I'm going to give some next level soul insight here that may, you know, be a bit controversial, a thought provocative. But But what I would say is two things could be true at the same time. You know, on one hand, you know, you are who you are right now, at this moment, you know, Alex Ferrari, young Jacob Cooper right now we're here, right now in this human moment, and that's very real. But on a deeper level, this is just an experience of who we are in this moment, you know, this age, this body, this timeframe. And as we know, as a soul level, it goes beyond chronology, it goes beyond linear measurement, you know, so for myself, this was a full experience of my soul that, like anything else, it was just experiencing itself as a young infant child and this family that I had, but beyond that, was an infinity eternal soul. And so that was really what I was experiencing. Now, that doesn't mean that it wasn't an adjustment phase for myself, I think, you know, when people crossover, usually not always, but usually, there's an incubation phase where you get a little bit acclimated, no matter how many Earth years you've had, or how little it's still a big adjustment. And so the other side, although it was familiar, although it was home, it took a little bit of time to really acclimate to, but what I would say is, all of this was on a really deep soul level. If you will, I still had some attachment to you know, my three year old self in a sense where So my questions was, geez, like, what what I look like if I'm older, you know, those those thoughts popped into my head, what my life be like, you know, what would happen? If I left my parents, you know, all those things, you know, we're there, but when you're on the side, it's kind of like being an apartment complex, like we're here on the first floor and Miss Earth school, but on the apartment complex, you go up to like the 10 Their 15th floor and beyond, you're able to see a lot broader of a view, you have a much clearer understanding. And so we're not as limited as we are in these bodies in this linear way of processing life, you know, there's a higher vantage point that we possess and that's through the eyes and ears of the soul.

Alex Ferrari 10:19
So then let's let's go through the near death experience, step by step, if you don't mind. So you are unresponsive, you're at the hospital. At what point where at what point were you unresponsive? At what point did you start to cross over where you were at the playground? Still? Were you in the ambulance? Were you at the hospital? At what point did you decide do you left your body?

Jacob Cooper 10:40
Yeah, playground, you knew it before I went to the hospital, you know, I crossed over was on the other side. This isn't a playground. And it was really due to suffocation as a result of whipping. Like I said before, I believe trauma can be a great gift. Certainly, as a psychotherapist, I see that every day, in my practice, you know that there, some people can really push away their trauma, or can be so heavily imprinted, that it's there with you for the rest of your life, you know, like I had clients that I work with. And I know colleagues attest to this, where they ask a client to draw a picture of a traumatic event, we call it trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, or TFCBT. And part of that is drawing out your experiences. And I heard a colleague mentioned and I had this to where we forgot the piece of paper, that the code that the client was drawing the picture on. And then we ask the client to draw what happened to them. And it's a very sophisticated picture. And they're able to draw exactly what that experience look like exactly what they saw. And it just shows you the hard imprint that trauma has on the brain and how people can remember so clearly as if no time has passed as if you're there. And that is a funny thing about my near death experience. I mean, 30 years ago, I had this but in many ways, it feels like I'm right there with you, Alex. I mean, we're right there together. But But yeah, it was right in the playground where I had my near death experience, and really due to suffocation, but surrendering to the breath of eternity, what was allowed the shift from suffering to euphoria.

Alex Ferrari 12:15
So what was the first thing that happened?

Jacob Cooper 12:19
When I crossed over, I experienced a beautiful and I know of my colleague, Dr. Raymond Moody, and life after life highlights a lot of this that I do give them credit. But I experienced myself ascending that at infinite rate, going higher and higher into a familiar tunnel. The way that I could describe this is when we're in our bodies were used to almost like a limitation with how high we can go and how good we can feel. And when the when you're on the other side there, they talk about, you know, infinity, infinite isn't just limited to time. It's, it's, it's unlimited. And it's versatility. You know, it's also infinite love and infinite euphoria. So for me, what I must remember is that there was no limitations with how high I was going and how good I was feeling. And the energy that I was connected to, on a deeper level, and that was what was happening to myself. And then, you know, you know, it kind of full unfolded, you know, the Series events after that. But what I most remember first happening was just myself ascending past this incredible, just diametric opposition of intense suffering, you know, to incredible euphoria. You know, it's kind of like the Billy Joel song about bipolar disorder, he was just kind of like this intense depth of despair to this contrasting degree of euphoria that I felt.

Alex Ferrari 13:45
So once you once you go through the tunnel, then what happened?

Jacob Cooper 13:48
I fully crossed over, I remember, into the back of the right side of my head, seeing this beautiful Golden Palace, which, you know, God represents itself in different ways. But this golden palace when I looked at it, it was so bright and so beautiful that I just almost couldn't look at it. And I was hearing beautiful octaves coming out of this and sounds and frequencies. And I knew that this was a depiction, at least for myself to understand of where of all of life itself flows from. And the way that I could describe this in our vernacular has a religious connotation, but that would be the term God but to me, it's the center point of where all of life stems from in its pure and truest form, which you know, many viewers could be called the center of the universe or God, whatever your vernacular is, and I was connected to that particular point and I just felt at home I felt at peace you know, there wasn't, you know, there any concern to have at that point? You know, I felt in it oneness with the endless pinnacle of life itself. You know, there was no, sometimes in life we feel there's just a cap to how good we could feel or the cap of reality. This was a euphoric Work endless energy that had no cap to it, there was no limit with how beautiful, how euphoric and how high it was. And so, you know, when we think of energy, we think of vibration. And on the other side, that's exactly what I felt just vibration ascension, and the vibration wasn't, didn't have an end to it didn't have a cap to it didn't have a limitation to it.

Alex Ferrari 15:25
So you're seeing so you're seeing in the back of the back of your head, if you will, because I've heard that you see 360 degrees on the other side. So you're seeing the Golden Palace? What's in front of you? What, are there beings in front of you? Are you in a room? What's the environment feel like?

Jacob Cooper 15:41
Well, you know, a couple steps later, I was able to see in front of me, you know, this started off like panoramic gets to the sides, and then eventually is able to see, you know, in front of me, but to the sides of me, you know, couple steps later, I was able to see my own spirit guides, which was the right and left side of me. Now, there's different terms for spirit guides. I've heard some people like in UK call them the guardian angels here. In the US, we call them spirit guides, but spirit guides are you know angelic beings that we are assigned to before we get to the spotty they're contracted to us. We're, we're both called to each other. And they're here with us contractually, before we get here to really kind of guide us in this life. And so when I saw them, there was a male and female guide. And it's one element about my nd to be transparent that I don't don't know exactly, because in the moment, I knew their exact names, you know, and that came to me and at times, I feel like I know it, but that's the one thing on my end, for whatever reason, I just kind of like Paul Sal, like I just call them the gods at this point. You know, but it was I knew as a male and female guard. And when I saw them, it was the most immaculate beings that could ever imagine. They were just beautiful in their radiance was shimmering, it was like, and that's a common common thing that you hear with near death. experiencers. And that's why I was very sound for a while was, especially in the English language, we have very limited words in our language. You know, you look at psychic stuff for stuff like that, like in France, they call it declares, and there's different forms of Claire's for here, we just call it intuition or psychic energy, the English language is somewhat limited, but there's no language to properly do justice I was experiencing, but these are the tools that we have and stuff like that. But can you imagine, you know, you have someone that you have infatuation with, like some famous Hollywood celebrity that you feel is so out of your league that would never even look at you, whatever. And then imagine they have that same degree of admiration, feeling that you have towards them. Now multiply that by like a million. And that's what I felt like with my spirit guides. You know, when I when I did see them again, but also a feeling of just embarrassment that I forgot that they were with me this whole time. And I know guys are more prone to this, but I just blocked you know, I had my blinders on. And I kind of felt them at times, but I just, you know, wasn't connected to them as fully as it wasn't this moment. You know, they were right with me.

Alex Ferrari 18:12
Did they speak to you at all or communicate with you?

Jacob Cooper 18:15
It was more beyond words, it was more through feeling it was more reassurance it was more through kind of love. I mean, over there, it's very telepathic. So it goes beyond words, you know, that's why you see evidential mediums are kind of like playing charades with Nick talk to loved ones on their side, because they're not exactly showing them. They're not speaking exact language. They're showing them images and feelings and sensations that go beyond, you know, language many times. So, but, but the feeling that I just got was one big degree of reassurance, you know, overall, you know, my en te, and through them and through, you know, God and, you know, other connections that I was having, it was just this feeling that I had that overcame me, you know, in our world, as Lao Tzu would say, when we're living in the past, we could become quite depressed when we're living, you know, in the future that could promote a great deal of anxiety, but in this moment, you know, it's pure bliss, really, when we take out all of our judgments and barriers and stuff like that. And so what I felt was in an understanding, the best way to describe it that all is well was well, we'll be well, and for those of most of us, especially right now, not again, specifics, that everything we're going through, that's a very foreign feeling. We're always used to kind of penciling and bracing ourselves for something that's happened or something that will happen but to have a knowing you know that you're okay. No matter what happens you know, your eternal you are infinite you are will always will be okay. You know, that was something that really stuck with me because I had a fear of still had my own human emotions going on, you know, on the other side, really earned a lot of those feelings away. And I just worried about my parents and worried about my future, you know, all these unanswered questions. But I saw, everything would turn out, okay, no matter what, you know?

Alex Ferrari 20:11
So as your vision is becoming clearer, and now you're seeing your spirit guides, what's the next thing that you see the next beings that you see?

Jacob Cooper 20:19
Next beings that I had? Well, I felt myself just really pushed down the slide with my angels, as my spirit guides, as crazy as that sounds, you know, energies that could manipulate physical stuff, you'd look at lights, and you know, they have the power, and I just felt myself pushed down the slide and I was on the floor, I was irresponsive, to all the people that were calling me. I saw my body, but my form was to the side of my body, you know, so it wasn't in my body, but I still felt I had a form. And I saw everyone was people were shaking my body, they're like, are you okay? Or you're right, and I wanted to shake them back to say, I am better than ever, you know, I am, you know, death is a fiction. And I could really empathize with how probably those who crossover feel on the other side, although they don't have any bad feelings about this, but they're constantly communicating with us, and they're seeing us but not always do we hear and see them, you know, and so that's kind of how I felt, but I was able to look at all the people that I went to the playground at that day, and I was able to really have transparency with who they are, you know, you see in our culture, sometimes we in our world, rather, we reserve spiritual titers, titles for, you know, select, few will say, if someone, you know, is ascended there, all of a sudden spiritual, but I love what Wayne Dyer would say, where he's, you would say, you take an arm just squeezing orange out, you get orange juice, and you take each one of us just squeeze each one of us out. There's pure Infinite Spirit. And that's what I saw. From each individual that I saw that they were so much more than the human, you know, emotional side represented or what I thought of them. And I think that holds true with all of us, we are so much more than what we think and how we perceive, you know, our, our fellow brethren. But I was able to really see their auric fields and their spirit guides, and I just had a lot of information that wouldn't be privy to some of the best top mediums in the world. But really, a lot of those barriers to clear sight and clear vision were gone. And I was just a pure soul that was seeing this thing with no possible filth, barriers. But in that moment, I just saw an infinite array of angels that were floating right in front of me. Now, contrary to the spirit guides, the angels really had no distinct characteristics that I saw. And these were very child and youthful angels that I saw, or you could call refer to as a cherub, but they all look pretty uniform will in their presentation, they had a lot less human characteristics, if you will, they were just they're sending energy sending love, and I could hear their beautiful sound emanating from them. And I was just trying to look at them, but I saw they weren't really looking at me, they were just looking straight ahead and just sending love and not needing or wanting anything back in return, which is you know, stuff so far. And they're just kind of like minions of God, if you will, just sending energy. And I really just had to pinch myself because it's just like, Jesus is like, literally, like, looking at you right now. This is right in front of me happening. Right in front of my eyes. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 23:30
So there was so there wasn't there wasn't a depiction of them. Or they you saw that or is like how we depict them down here with like that statue behind you with the ring, like wings behind it and the robe and you know, or Archangel Michael or Metatron, or one of these kinds of Archangels that have the swords and all that kind of stuff. That's not what you saw.

Jacob Cooper 23:51
I didn't see like an army and I know those are like Archangels I didn't connect to necessary Archangels I'm not gonna deny that I certainly think that has validity. I can only speak from my experience where I really connected to these childlike pure angels that weren't you know, fighting a war or whatever having fire coming out of there sore or you know, it i I'm not going to discount that. But I could only speak of what I experienced. And that's that's, you know, but sometimes I think in spirituality, people look for sexiness and stuff like that. It's like it has to be you know, that kind of sticks with things but I think some you know, is a beautiful Yes. Is it like a sexy all the time is how it's depicted? I don't know. I think it's very pure. You know, I think spirituality is very pure in its real. Something pure and real is not always sexy. Sometimes it is sometimes it's not it. Oh, but um, I guess. I guess what I would say to viewers is You know, the angels that I saw are just a thin layer separating this reality. And the other side, they are right here around us. And it's just like you take a radio dial, and I'm sure you hear this at every interview, but true rings true, you take that radio dial, you just turn it just a slight fraction higher than this reality. All of these things are around us, even at this, you know, surrounded this Earth reality they're here. So the other side, in some ways, felt like millions of miles away when I ascended to this infinite, you know, vibration, but it also the other side is right here, too. It's, it's really, you know, right here on earth to just a thin veil separates the, what we call the other side and the side.

Alex Ferrari 25:46
So was the next thing after you were seeing the angels and your spirit guides and you went down on the slide? Where were you what was the environment, what happened next?

Jacob Cooper 25:56
What next was common to a lot of near death experiences. And this happened to myself, I could imagine yourself being not like the shore of the beach. And I use the shore as like, a lot of my talks because it describes the cycle of life and death and eternity, where we come from this infinite ocean, we go on the shoreline, we come back to the ocean, and it's a continual cycle. Inhale an exhalation. But imagine viewers Imagine yourself just being at that shoreline, and just seeing your loved ones just slowly coming from that shoreline from the Infinite Energy of this ocean of love that we come from, that we're connected to is coming to you. And I was able to really see all these beings that come that are coming to me. And the best way I could describe it as these beings were, what I would refer to it, what is referred to as soul family, or spiritual family. Now, I think that is an unfortunate term, because sometimes people take that, like, we're not a part of a soul family, we all are. But there's a nuclear component to it, where, you know, Shakespeare describes, you know, we're just on this theater of life, and we take on different roles and different acts, but we're a part of many ways of a similar nuclear crew and cast, but we're all interconnected, you know, in our own roles in this life, but I was able to see my own, you know, soul family, and I became, again, embarrassed when I saw them, it wasn't their judgment of me, again, I want to be clear that there's no judgment from loved ones and the other side, you know, there's just awareness, there's love, but my judgment was, would be like, imagine you're going to the military, and then you have this tremendous party are making all these promises, and everyone's getting all hyped. And then, two weeks later, like, I'm not feeling this, and then you go home, it's like, you know, you felt like, you know, a lot of people were let down, you had a lot of excitement that you generated. And then that's how I felt, but then that thought was taken from me, it was just love, embrace acceptance, you know, from my soul family. And then, you know, that's when everyone kind of came together. And I was pose this question between my guides, you know, the angels around me, my soul family, which was what I would do you know, what I continue, you know, my life continues here, or there, what I continue my life on the other side, or what I continue my life, you know, as three year old Jacob and I, I guess I was faced with the most difficult question of my life. So I posed a question back and I just asked, you know, what, if I were, if I will, if I were to stay? What would my life look like? Why am I here? Which is the most common question that I'm asked in all of my seminars, and it's a very pivotal question that we have our why's are very important. And then I was given what's referred to as a life review, which, for those viewers who haven't heard of it, a life review is really a panoramic understanding of your life, not only from what you see, but also through the lens of others and the impact that you have. And you could say, well, that must have been like a two second video that you saw, it was three years old. And what I would say is, you know, it's not a matter of the years, the years of your life, but rather the life within those years in so chronologically, we could be here a very short time, but that could feel like an eternity, in many ways for the for the greater good. But I was also able to really see, you know, a couple of different past lives that I saw, you know, saw myself just spanning the globe, having a lot of different past lives and seeing myself in different forms of the planet and different civilizations and cultures. But the most, you know, life that I really has drawn a lot of parallels with my near death experience and why I had stuck most closely to me and I don't know if your viewers would be interested in that if I would bore them by sharing that, you know, but that but my my last lifetime is the lie. It's time that I feel is most closely related to why I believe I had a near death experience in my life right now. But

Alex Ferrari 30:07
What was your like? What the what was the life last time? What was your life last time?

Jacob Cooper 30:10
Well, but the interesting thing is I, I'm a firm believer and being, you know, kind of like a lawyer in a courtroom, I don't know, Ramin, you know, status and stuff like that, for me, I need hard evidence for to validate this stuff. And, you know, years ago, before I became public with anything, and this in my later teens, early 20s, I went to an intuitive and all throughout my childhood and adulthood, I would just see the same, you know, memory. It's not like a child or an adult, I would say, this is a past life, that term when it comes to me, it was just, it was just kind of like this nuisance, if anything, but then this intuitive was able to really validate and see exactly, you know, what I saw, which was life where, and obviously work in the mental health field. And I know for viewers, this may be a sensitive topic, but hey, to clear the wound, you really need to go there. And this is happening on a constant basis where, you know, I, I had what's called a death by suicide, I'm not going to say committed suicide because I don't criminalize mental health, much like I don't criminalize heart attacks or brain cancer, I don't look at anything differently. It's a, you know, in many ways, just succumbing to whatever it is you're going through. It's not always mental health, it could be physical health that leads to that. So it's a plethora of reasons or trauma or abuse. So there's a lot of reasons for that. But I just saw, to get the main points of it that my back was against a wall. I was a teacher at that time. I had a lot of students that I was a teacher of, but my back was against the wall and I just crashed. I'd say it's something you know, that it wasn't supposed to do. And then everything just kind of crashed, like a great hubris, if you will. And I just saw that there was no heute there was no hope out of this situation. You know, my lifeforce was like it was taken. And I felt that similar degree of suffocation, that's when immediately it made that decision. And I just, you know, remember people around me in the room, and the intuitive was able to mention people around me in a room at a building and stuff like that. But then I saw, I wasn't condemned, I wasn't judged at all, I was just, I just saw that what I was going through would have passed, you know, if I just kind of like, stayed the course. Fast forward to my near death experience, I have that similar sensation, where I feel complete suffocation I am out of life, I am out of sorts, you know, my breath is taken for me, you know, and then different than know that last lifetime, I just decided to surrender, you know, into a greater force beyond my own suffering, which is the which is the breath of eternity. You know, in the Jewish tradition, where I come from, the word for spirit is called Ruach, which translates to the wind or the breath of God. And I know that from my own humor, breathtaking that there was a there's a breath, and each and every one of us that's eternal, that goes beyond this human breath. And I think what's important is when we're feeling out of sorts, is to find ways to connect to that force within. Because that's very powerful. And the term force is funny, because actually, I do believe George Lucas had a near death experience of not mistaken. And that's where he came up with the term the force.

Alex Ferrari 33:13
Ohh really, didn't know that. Oh, he did. Well, he didn't have that crash when he was 18. Something like that. Yeah, I never heard of them. Actually have it? Well, I'm gonna have to call George up now.

Jacob Cooper 33:23
I may. I may be misinformed. But I've heard that from several people. I mean, it does. So it sounds good. But I think that is true. There's a lot of people throughout history have had entities.

Alex Ferrari 33:34
Well, now of course, as you see, I have Yoda behind me. So now I must do the research to find out if George has actually had a near death experience if he's spoken about it. And it would make sense because he did have a crash when he was a teenager, that set him on the on the course of he was on the course of becoming a filmmaker, and then created Star Wars, which arguably is one of the greater spiritual lessons or spiritual messages that have come out of those really cool just, as you call it sexy, you know, lightsabers, and action and all that kind of stuff. But the message behind the force, the ideas in the mass and the mass way before it really wasn't, you know, wasn't really known in the zeitgeist as much before. Use the force.

Jacob Cooper 34:18
Weather he or whoever was involved came up with that term they had an entity or not, you know, their wisdom is very much in alignment with spiritual realities, that there's just this force, and each and every one of us, waiting to be unleashed. And sometimes we have darkness come in front of us. And we have really, in order to survive that, you know, if it's a near death experience, if it's a loss, if it's, you know, a global crisis, to survive that in a way with the Shika periods forces us to tap into a different gear than we're used to. If we're just cruising we're not going to really search within to that force to that gear. You know, we don't really you know, need it. But sometimes when these challenges come to us, it forces is to dig a little bit deeper, you know, and go deeper to connect to that force and a deeper level. So, you know, wherever the source of the force came from, I'm eternally grateful, because sometimes directly or indirectly, these mass media productions, and now you're involved with have a great deal of spiritual lessons. And sometimes I do believe the universe uses, you know, the, the platforms that we have, you know, really to depict these incredible messages that need to be heard to the masses.

Alex Ferrari 35:28
So you're now in the middle of a life review your because I was gonna say, you're three years old. I mean, that must have been a quick life review. But then you're saying you saw many different lives in there? So you're processing all of this? And then you're given a choice? Do you want to stay? Or do you want to go, so you make your choice, and like, I'm gonna come back, what happens next?

Jacob Cooper 35:46
I was really flooded with a media doubt, you know, because all of a sudden, my human hearts are coming up. And I would just say, Geez, you know, Well, fast forward to that I was shown, actually, the life that I would live and the people that I would impact, I was shown myself speaking in front of a lot of people in this life. And it wasn't like I was some pompous guru that was better than anyone, I was just one with people one with the message. And I saw the eyes of people that I was speaking in front of in the lectures and workshops that I would be doing in this life. And I just thought, like, it was beautiful is the other side is this window to bring forward this information to others, is something that I can't turn down. And then with that thought, you know, I just decided to say, Yes, I understood the other side, it will always be there, but this window, may not, you know, this is a beautiful window that I wanted to venture down in this life. And then I just had doubt or I just said, How do I know I will be able to attain all this? How will how will I know this will all work out. I was just began to doubt myself turning down heaven, and then spirit. And my guide just left me with a with a last thought, which was the power of trusting the path, the power of trusting your blueprint and your thoughts. And really, for viewers, it's really to put a lot more trust in this infinite intelligence more than our fears and our limited understanding. And it's through surrender, surrendering, trust surrendering assertion to, to beings on the other side, and to spirit. And once we familiarize ourselves with that, enough confidence to it, you know, that could really be a great deal of a governing force in our lives to make better choices to live a more peaceful life and a more life that's in alignment with what I call flow, which is really just being with energy, being one with things and not getting in the way of the way things are supposed to unfold, or the way that we want things to unfold. Just the way things are.

Alex Ferrari 37:41
So you, you make the choice, do you get slammed back into your body, you get start feeling pain? How did that process come out?

Jacob Cooper 37:49
Well, my mother always mentioned this, but I woke up on a hospital bed, you know, I was in a Long Island hospital bed. And then, you know, my mother and I remember this to a degree where this doctor just tried to like, work on me and operate on me, you know, a couple of days later, and I was so infuriated. And for many reasons, trauma is a big reason that when you're when you have a big trauma you have I had no way to really express myself in many ways. I wanted to like shake everyone to kind of express like where I was, but I didn't have the language. But also I just felt like jeez, I turned down all this to woke to wake up in a cold hospital bed and just like it was such a contrasting energy field where I was just in the womb of God to now just being in this cold hospital, but no offense to my friends and family who are in the medical field, they do great work, they're you know, they're angels in many ways, but as a patient that you know, that's not the best place to be so it was just a big degree of adjustment and actually my mother told me a couple of days later actually kicked the doctor because I was so angry and I ran around the room because again that's I was so furious inside but also emotionally stifled because there was no way to really express what I had. My father was also a therapist, I come from a line of three different social workers so my father told me recently you know, because I don't speak to me about my near death experiences much that come more so from a religious you know, framework and I'm just I kind of respect you know, where they come from, but he just basically said, you know, after your end II and I'm using my vernacular now, but he said after you had your near death experience, he said, Dad, you know, something happened when I had my near death experience one day will make sense to you, brother. I said to him, you know, remember when I was rushed to the hospital, something happened on that day, one day will make sense to you, but now it won't, but you'll understand one day what happened and so for years, I kept this very close to heart which is, you know, very common actually for near death experiencers you know, I follow a lot of the research of this were some near death experiences they'll shatter from the rooftops the moment it happened the moment that they're healthy enough. And for others, it could take around 20 to 30 years as you know, people like PMH Atwater, you know, who specializes, particularly infant and children near death experiences. So there's a, there's an acclimation process, you know, just really making sense of it all, but finding the words to sufficently, describe what you experienced. So, for myself, I had this going on for, you know, over around two decades really inside of me. So,

Alex Ferrari 40:27
When you decided to when, when this happened to you, and came back to your three year old body and your three year old mind, did you understand what had happened? Or did it unfold itself over the course of the next couple of decades? Did you ever like, Oh, I was on the other side, I saw angels, I saw my Spirit Guides. Did you come back with that understanding? Or did you come back to your three year old body going? Something, something happened, but I'm not sure what it was?

Jacob Cooper 40:53
Yeah, the series of the narratives never changed. But my ability to articulate and describe what that experience was evolve with in time, you know, like, I knew I had this experience, but it wasn't labeled a near death experience. You know, it wasn't until I read Betty 80s book embraced by the light, which was given to me by a family friend, was when I actually saw like juice. Other people have this thing, which, in some ways, is create a lot more universality. And it was very cathartic. On the other hand, I'm like, I'm not that special. Like, I like damn, I thought, like, I was, like, carry, the only one that I see like, all these organizations and all this stuff. And so like, the moment there was a term for it, like if you can name it, you containment, as we say, in therapy. So the term really helped me to take ownership of this and really identify that this was a thing. But before that was just like this big thing that happened that didn't really tell anyone about.

Alex Ferrari 41:50
So when did you decide to come out of the nde closet, as I call it?

Jacob Cooper 41:54
You know, I mean, that is Buck was a big factor, big component. But it's hard to like pinpoint, like, like what led me to this path. But I think the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, was an I talked about the story of life after breath, like I was a pretty difficult child, I know a lot of near death experiences. They may be soft or docile when they after they have it. But for me, I was rather oppositional because there was just this force in me that that knew so much more than the peers my age and the lack of the ability to explain it to process it. And then combined with a very, like religious upbringing, those incongruent it was it was hard, but I got into some type of spat. I mean, most bats are like, whose turn is it to take out the trash, whatever. But this was something different with my family. And I not going to say whether I deserved or not, that's not my place. But I was told that I had to leave the house for a couple of days. And I just like, that triggered me for some reason. And I just walked around, you know, my house, and I was just like, sobbing. And then all of a sudden, I found myself in a playground. And all of a sudden, I sat in a playground, and then all of a sudden, I just was like, looked at the playground. I'm like, Wow, this playground. And why I had my near death experience in this playground was an allegory of life, that we are all just children here in God's playground. Our brothers and sisters keeper in this playground was the allegory of the ultimate home when I felt like I was displaced from this home, that we all have a home. And we're temporary dwelling here. But this is impermanent. And so that kind of trigger point, you know, helped me to really understand a lot of the reference. And there's a lot of symbology and stuff. In my second book, I really speak to that a little bit more of the wisdom, Jacob's Ladder, but then I went to a yoga class, and I still was feeling a little cruddy. And then this random person just came up to me, I had no idea who she was. And she just said, you know, I see a lot of people that you're going to be speaking in front of one day, you're gonna be a very well known healer. And at the time, I'm just, I'm like, What are you talking about? You like purple hair? And like, you know, earrings, nothing against that. But like, like, Who is this punk? Like, why are you coming? I don't know who you are. And then she's, like, just kept on saying things about myself that no one would know, I had no idea who she was. But then she was just like this earth angel that reminded me of who I was, and why I was here that was here to make a difference to help people, you know, that wasn't just here to like, get a job and work a nine to five that, you know, there was a reason and so that gave me a lot of validation with when I saw my near death experience and the people that I would impact and sometimes God, there's angels on the other side, but there's also angels here and that was a definite earth angel that came to me for a reason. But after hearing that, I'm like, You know what, you know, let's, let's do it. Because for years, I just wanted to, you know, be like a Tony Robbins type or whatever. And I just started reading every possible book. And I'm like, You know what, I have something to share and it's in my own backyard. Why don't I just start speaking in front of crowds about my near death experience and No, I didn't recognize that that had value. And sometimes we hold to something, it's like, we don't think anything of it, but to other people, that could mean the difference of life and death. And I, and I am not going to shortchange that because I've seen people who hear no near death experiences or come to mediums. And, sure, I mean, when this happens, you probably should, you know, seek higher levels of cares. But at the moment, like myself, they are drowning, and they're looking for someone to hold on to, and you better bring it, you know, you just, you know, you don't know what that word is going to mean to that person who's really, you know, just at at a great abyss, and I've seen great transformation, through, you know, this near death experience, but also through a lot of different people who are real, who are authentic and acum. More importantly, from from a pure and real place. But not everyone does, sadly,

Alex Ferrari 45:53
I have to ask you, because I've heard this from so many near death experiences. You came up in a religious background, that and I've had other near death experiences where the Mormon or Catholic or Muslim or whatever other religions, they have that completely cold, go counter to what they've experienced, of this wholeness, this oneness, this love, there's not like, you are not just the concept of the chosen people, like, you know, having I was raised Catholic, and I've had like, oh, Baptists were like, Oh, well, as a Baptist, we knew that you Catholics were gonna go to hell, like, these kinds of ridiculous concepts and ideas? Or how did you reconcile your truth with the programming of your community and of your group, which has a lot of love in it, have a lot of good intentions in it, but really didn't connect with your truth,

Jacob Cooper 46:42
I think what's important is, you know, religion, you know, gets hit around a lot in the spiritual community. And I think what's important is, you know, there's many paths up to the mountain of truth. And for some people, they need, you know, more structure more of an organization of it, as long as you don't miss out from the forest, to the trees, and start to really see yourself, you know, as the special group there to just bring everyone down, as long as it uplifts, you know, the people around you. And it's, it's of love, and it's a feeling and you're able to really see the me and the we, you know, working together, then it is good. But for myself, it was hard. It was just in some ways, it just was like this nightmarish version of God that, you know, is like this abusive principal that you didn't want to work with, or this parent that like, I'm like, Who is this dude? Like, I'm like, if you were to tell me all these things, I don't want to have anything to do with you. Like, you know, I need to like a god that falls in love with just falling all these things in there was chauvinistic, and it was, like you named the word it was that there's a lot of beauty to within my faith that I was able to find within my life. And so I think there's a lot of factors that get in the way, I think, a lot of power and control, you know, get in the way of it. I mean, for instance, you know, I'll give Christianity for instance, Jesus Himself spoke about past lives. And the Council of Constantinople, I believe around was like 250 ad started to ban those teachings. And you have to ask yourself, why? Because I think really, past lives leads people to more individual thought, and you can't control the people have more of their own compass of truth and reality, and they start to experience you know, themselves as a soul versus a mechanism of group control. So, you know, I think there's great spirituality within every religion, but sometimes religion overtakes that spirituality and the control ticks over it. And it's just kind of like that game of telephone becomes something totally that it's not within time, and a total misrepresentation of it, from the Crusades that happened and of Christianity to programs that occurred or you know, just like whatever it is, it's like this is totally diametrically antithetical to what the religions really intended, were about and people just ran with it. So I think it was really learned to beat to my own drum at a very young age, you know, and not just being a leaf in water of the world around me, but rather having my own spirit influenced the way that I saw the world not the world influencing the spirit.

Alex Ferrari 49:12
What is what is your biggest takeaway from your near death experience?

Jacob Cooper 49:15
So much it oh, that's, that's my not my second book is really filled with a lot of that the wisdom of Jacob's Ladder, and why it's called The Wisdom Jacob's Ladder is ironically, my name is Jacob from the Bible, his brother was chasing him his life was on the line. All of a sudden, he saw angels going up and down the ladder similar when I was having a nd on the ladder, but I think I bring up the ladder because there's many rungs of existences and lifetimes in each lifetime that we want to live and I know William Blake has this beautiful drawing of the ladder if you don't see it, just try to look at it. But each lifetime that we live like that apartment analogy, we want to find ways to ascend to get that next level. So it's why I love your podcast. You know, this life is really about being able to challenge co Trump myths that we're taught, we're taught that, in order to be something, we need to do something, and really, it's really falling in love with our own being in this life and following, really in pure awareness of that, and who we are on a deeper level and being an expression, each and every day, a grander expression of who we are. But for viewers, the first things first is I'm living proof that obviously, I and 1000s of other near death experiences are living proof that we don't die, we are eternal, we are infinite. So that's, that's one. Now I work with a lot of patients dealing with grief. And I find that belief works very well with grief, people who have a belief of something, even all this as a farce, tend to do so much better within their grief processing. So if anything, you know, finding ways to visit that box, and what you look at that loved one, obviously looking at the evidence to really build a case of eternity. But being an open minded skeptic, not a cynic. I think that's important. The second thing is we are so much more than what we think we are, you know, there's a word for how we see yourself, which is called ego. And many people say edging God out whatever your acronym is for remembering it. But we walk around with these labels. And this box is who I am this body, the skin. And so I started my workshops where I ask people to like point to themselves, and they point to their bodies. So well your body goes, where will you go, and you will start to point to their jobs while your job goes and who are what are you, your spouse go then who or what are you. So we experience all these things, we are so much more than that. But yet we so many people really have a hard time transforming, which really means trance to change form the shape. So really to change how we see ourselves in the shape of reality just requires ourselves in order to find ourselves requires yourself to lose a part of how we see ourselves, which is very vulnerable. But it's also incredibly healing an eye opening in life altering for people. So I think if anything, it's to be able to question yourself and to try to look at yourself day by day a little bit in a different way as well as the world around you. And that's why we have a world you know, back in the day, the world was just flat people challenged that cultural myth. And they were able to really push the bounds in this. So that was not the case. And so right now we're coming out of crosswords crossroads where people could start to, you know, be open. And I know your platform is a great platform and instrument for this information that could take the information that could start to really maybe explore, how can I see myself in a different way? How could you see the world around me a different way. And as Wayne Dyer would say, when you change the way you look at things, those the things you look at do change. So the vantage point of life is everything. Now

Alex Ferrari 52:36
I'm gonna ask you a few questions that ask all my guests for sure. What is your definition of living a good life?

Jacob Cooper 52:41
Living a good life? That's a great question. I'm gonna keep it simple. My grandfather's tombstone that I visit, try to visit as much as I can here on Long Island, you know, just says simply he lived, he left the world a better place. And I look exactly like my grandfather. He's like, he, interestingly enough, like I, before he died, we would have conversations about the afterlife. And I'm not going to say the exact language that he used just for viewership reasons and YouTube reasons. But he would say I don't believe in any of the stuff. But what I do believe is i a part of me is in you, and that never dies. And so even if you believe this or not, you know, part of this is remembering that we want to be the undeniable imprint of all the loved ones that have come before us. And having that part of that loved one inside of us, and honoring who they were what they were about. And, you know, we could really build on their legacy and build on who they were, by the instruments that are life hours, I really, I think all of us don't exist in a vacuum, we have so many people that came before us. And it's really, you know, the chain and having that ripple effect and being, you know, taking on the baton of all those who come before you. But really, it's leaving this world a better place with them when you came in is really, to me the definition of a good life, that this world is a better place because all these things you can't take. But what you can take with you is a love that you were and the love that you spread in this world, the ripple effect.

Alex Ferrari 54:11
Now if you got a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Jacob, what advice would you give him?

Jacob Cooper 54:15
Talk to the old Jacob, you're saying?

Alex Ferrari 54:18
Little Jacob, little Jacob.

Jacob Cooper 54:19
I would say I'd say you you'll be alright. But I would also say look at the number one or number two regret that most people have before they die in hospice care, is that they they regret a lot of the choices that they didn't make. They were coming from a place of fear. And in that moment, they really just either that or they were someone else's version of who they wanted them to be versus who they became. But also fear got in the way of their life. And as a young kid, I had a lot of fear. You know, I was terrified of like, talking to girls or, you know, talking to people I was very withdrawn, which was a good thing. You know, I think You can learn a lot from just watching as Yogi Berra would say, you know, but I was just, I was very quiet, you know, I was very, I was like an observer, not an absorber, but an observer. But I would just say, to let go of, to let go of a lot of the doubt and to attack life. I think it's important to attack life, because Tomorrow is not promised, as I experienced in this body.

Alex Ferrari 55:22
How do you define God?

Jacob Cooper 55:23
Our answers is that each and every day we we have a closer understanding of that definition. That's the hope, you know, every day as Sheryl Crow would say, is a winding road to that, you know, eternal unfoldment of that understanding. I think the DNA of God, though, is different than a definition. I think the definition is always evolving and changing as our awareness evolves and change. But I do think it's that Divine Spark, within each and every one of us, you know, it's forever connected to God. But the DNA of it is within eternal euphoric love. That's where I got my near death experience. It's, it's eternal, euphoric, unconditional. Love, is the best way to describe God and everything. If it's not love, it's not God.

Alex Ferrari 56:07
It's a great, that's a great line. And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Jacob Cooper 56:10
The ultimate purpose of your life ties down to a good life. But I think it's really about making the most of each and every day of your life. I know I love your pockets, podcast, Next Level soul, but for those viewers who want to really understand the purpose of life, just watch the movie soul. I'm not I don't get, I don't get money from that movie. I'm not there for advertisement. I was working with a very well known medium who's been on the Maury show before. And we were doing an event together he goes, I thought is going to be you know, he was talking about a movie that he recommended, I thought is going to be showing a cleanse out of a limb or something like that. But it says watched the Pixar movie, so and I'm like, What are you talking about? Dude, Pixar, like, really? I watched them holy, you know, Holy guacamole like that movie. And I think that consulted with a lot of people with near death experiences, maybe ions to from my understanding, but that movie hits the nail the hammer. So I think the movie soul, you know, epitomizes it, but really, it's sometimes, you know, we're waiting to find joy at the end of the road. And we understand the road has no end. And so I think it's really finding joy within this moment to recognizing that the biggest spirituality that we could have is from the depth and the vast and the rich experience that we have in this life. You know, people like talk about ascension and doing all these things. And sometimes they beat they bypass the actual life that's in front of them. And so the world is a beautiful place, travel it experience it is zero, hold no think hold nothing back. Because what we experienced here, we carry over over there, you know, and our life is our afterlife. And in a degree in the lives that we live, are the loved ones after life's because they're connected to what we do. So, you know, the afterlife is not after it's here in this life, too.

Alex Ferrari 58:02
And where can people find out more about you? Your book Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Jacob Cooper 58:07
So they could find me Jacob, is unfortunately not available. You know, They could find me there. I'm on Facebook, Instagram. I also have a podcast called The Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder right now have two guests per week coming out with interviews and have my own segments on there. So ascend the ladder, you could find me there, but, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Alex Ferrari 58:09
Jacob I appreciate you, my friend, everything you do for the world. Do you have a parting message for the audience?

Jacob Cooper 58:39
Well, first of all, thank you so much, Alex, for the great work that you do. And I think for the audience, it's really true to remind ourselves that we all have superpowers, and each and every one of us, which is a chapter in my book, but each and every one of us has a superpower. And we have so much more around us at all times. And even if we're feeling alone, even for feeling that this life is is terrible and dire. There's a whole army of people who believe in us more than our doubts and I think it's important to trust in faith knowing a lot more so then our doubts and that driving force are really allow us to go through life like like a Ferrari no pun intended, like Alex Ferrari could like, go through with grace and ease in your life, but it's really about trusting in reframing the small sense of self to really connecting to how incredibly expansive we all are on a deeper esoteric level.

Alex Ferrari 59:33
Jacob, thank you again, my friend for coming on the show, sharing your experience and your wisdom with all of us. I appreciate you.

Jacob Cooper 59:38
Thank you. Thank you.

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