Atheist is SHOCKED By What Happens During POWERFUL Near Death Experience (NDE) with Jack Morrigan

On today’s episode, we welcome Jack Morrigan, whose transformative journey from a skeptical scientist to a spiritual seeker provides a riveting tale of personal evolution. Picture a life governed by logic and empirical evidence, suddenly disrupted by an overwhelming encounter with the mystical. This is Jack’s story—a journey that began with deep skepticism and culminated in profound spiritual awakening, bridging the gap between science and spirituality in ways that are both enlightening and inspiring.

Before his spiritual awakening, Jack was entrenched in a world of science and medicine, working in psychological research with no inclination toward spirituality. “I was an atheist. I studied medicine and was working in psychological research. I had no interest in this kind of thing other than in fantasy films and sci-fi,” he shares. This materialistic worldview was upended one day when a friend recommended a video by Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher known for his teachings on presence and mindfulness.

As Jack watched Tolle, he noticed an unusual glow surrounding the teacher, which intrigued him deeply. “Everything went quiet in my mind. I was intrigued by that,” he recalls. This led him to experiment with meditation, an experience that radically shifted his consciousness. For the first time, Jack experienced a state of profound peace and presence, a stark contrast to his previous encounters with psychedelics used to cope with childhood trauma.

Jack’s journey took a dramatic turn when he began practicing techniques suggested by Ramana Maharshi, another spiritual teacher. This practice triggered a near-death-like experience during a lucid dream, leading him to a state of ecstasy and divine light. “I felt this intense fear like I was going to die, but also an ecstatic, pleasurable feeling,” he describes. Crossing into the light, he was enveloped by an overwhelming sense of bliss, an experience that profoundly changed his consciousness.

Following this awakening, Jack faced the daunting task of integrating these profound experiences into his daily life. “I was out of work for two and a half years, just letting the energy settle,” he explains. This period of isolation was necessary for him to process and understand the new dimensions of his existence. He experienced heightened sensitivities, out-of-body experiences, and communications with beings from other dimensions, all of which challenged his previous atheistic beliefs.

A significant part of Jack’s spiritual journey involved facing and integrating his past traumas. The intensity of his awakening brought all his unresolved issues to the surface, forcing him to confront and heal from them. “It was all that trauma that I’d been running away from… it was time to deal with it,” he admits. This process, though painful, was essential for his transformation and has now become a cornerstone of his spiritual practice.

Jack also emphasizes the importance of grounding these spiritual experiences in everyday life. He has learned to balance his expanded awareness with the practical aspects of living, finding harmony between the mystical and the mundane. “Now, I’m at a point where I can be friends with basically anyone,” he says, highlighting the integration of his spiritual insights into a more balanced, holistic way of being.


  1. Embrace Change: Profound spiritual awakenings often come with significant life changes and challenges. Embrace these transformations as opportunities for growth.
  2. Integrate Trauma: Healing past traumas is essential for spiritual growth. Confronting and integrating these experiences can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself.
  3. Balance and Grounding: It’s crucial to find a balance between spiritual experiences and daily life. Grounding mystical insights into practical reality ensures a harmonious existence.

Jack Morrigan’s journey from skepticism to spiritual enlightenment is a powerful testament to the transformative potential within each of us. His experiences encourage us to explore the depths of our consciousness and integrate our spiritual insights into our daily lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jack Morrigan.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 285

Jack Morrigan 0:00
I was in bed, just having nightmares, you know, and I'd wake up the sweats just because it was, it was all that trauma that I've been running away from and using drugs and alcohol to run away from. It was like it was time to deal with it. Like, okay. And then I didn't have a choice. You know, I wouldn't have chosen to deal with it. To be honest. Like I was dragged kicking and screaming into all of this

Alex Ferrari 0:26
I like to welcome to the show, Jack Morrigan. How're you doing Jack?

Jack Morrigan 0:39
I'm doing good. I'm doing good. Yeah, I really enjoyed our little conversation there just off the camera.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
Absolutely, my friend. Absolutely. Well, I appreciate you coming on the show you have a unique experience that you'd like to share with us. It's kind of like a near death experience. But it's near death experience, like, correct something along those lines.

Jack Morrigan 0:57
Right. Exactly. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 0:59
So before we get into the nitty gritty of that, what was your life like, prior to this experience?

Jack Morrigan 1:04
Yeah, so I was an atheist. And I'd studied medicine, and I was working in psychological research. So I had no interest in this kind of thing other than in like fantasy films, and sci fi and stuff like that. Like I wished all that was true. You know, but it's not true. That was my mentality, you know.

Alex Ferrari 1:27
And so you and then what led you up to this experience? Like, how did you even ramp up to this if you weren't looking for it? I'm assuming you didn't knock on the door and go, Jack, it's your turn, like, how did it actually rolling?

Jack Morrigan 1:40
I mean, it was It wasn't too far from that in one day, someone just recommended a spiritual teacher. And I looked at their, one of their videos. And I was looking at him. And I was like, why is this guy glowing? Like, it was just like, everything just disappeared from the background. And he was just shining this light out of him. And as I was looking at him, everything went quiet in my mind. And I was intrigued by that. And I, one of his videos was it said how to stop thinking. And I was like, huh, is thinking a bad thing. Like, I didn't even know that that's a bad thing. But I'll give that a try. Like, I'll see if I can stop my thoughts. So I sat on my bed and I, I basically copied what I'd seen in movies, from meditation, because I'd never done it before. And followed it along, I started observing my thoughts. And to my surprise, they slowed down, and then they stopped completely, they completely stopped. And in their place was just the sense of peace. And I was looking around my room and everything was glowing, with a similar light that I just seen in this teacher. And I was in that state for about 20 or 30 minutes. And with like, no thoughts going through my mind at all. And when I came out of it, the first thing I started thinking was, this is going to change my life. Like, this is what I've been looking for all my life, and I didn't even know I didn't know this was an option to be in this state of consciousness. You know, I'd I'd experimented with drugs, mostly just to try and cope with trauma that I'd had from childhood. And so I'd had some psychedelic experiences, but this was like so much cleaner, and clearer and better, and it was free and I can just follow this advice and I can go into the state of consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 3:48
Who was the spiritual master?

Jack Morrigan 3:50
I was Eckhart Tolle.

Alex Ferrari 3:53
Oh, realy was Eckhart interested in Eckhart has such an interesting energy to him. He is Yeah, he is very his voice. His voice could put you to sleep. And he has on many occasion, but it's such a calming energy that it's very even difficult to be excited around. It's like its energy. Its energy, just drawing brings you slowly, quiet or slow. everything slows down around him.

Jack Morrigan 4:23
Yeah, for sure. For sure. And, like, he was the first spiritual teacher that I really came across, you know, like, I didn't have any background or anything. So I was just like, whatever is just happened to me, obviously, Eckhart know is what it is because he's triggered it. So I, I was following his teachings for a while for a few months. And then he recommended Ramana Maharshi in one of his books. And so I was like, Okay, well, if Eckhart thinks that this guy's the real deal, I'll I'll look into him. So I looked in The hem found out this little book called Ananya, which is just like the basic teachings of Ramana Maharshi. And he explains that you're, you're meant to look at your thoughts like and question like, To whom do they arise like? So when a thought comes up, you ask yourself, Who is this arising to? And it's to me, but then who am I, and you follow that line of inquiry and remain focused on it. And I'm the kind of person who, when I decide that I'm going to do something, I just do it 100%. And I completely go all in. So that's what I did with this teaching. And I didn't realize how powerful of a teaching is and what it could do. And so what it ended up doing was triggering basically a near death experience in me. And

Alex Ferrari 5:51
Before we go into the near death experience, I from a point of view of somebody who did not believe in any of this at all, having this first spiritual experience, a transformative spiritual experience. How did you deal with it psychologically? How did you like even wrap your head around what happened that first time?

Jack Morrigan 6:14
It was confusing, and I was like, I can't share this with anyone because they're gonna think that I'm crazy, right? You know, like, how can I talk to someone about this, but I ended up getting drunk one night and sharing it with a friend of mine,

Alex Ferrari 6:25
As as one does serve as one does.

Jack Morrigan 6:29
And I showed him the same video that I had watched. And I thought, Okay, this is going to be great. Like, he's going to have this experience, and it's going to be absolutely amazing. It's going to blow his mind, this is going to be fantastic. And by when the video finished, he was just like, oh, yeah, that was cool. And I was like, what, what do you mean, that was cool. Like, why isn't he having this massive experience, and that that was really difficult to process. Like, I couldn't understand why it was happening to me. And it wasn't happening to other people. I started talking to other people who were following Eckhart Tolle his teachings, and it wasn't happening to them. And so yeah, it was a confusing time. It got more confusing after

Alex Ferrari 7:18
This experience. So let's, let's dive into this. What was this near death like experience?

Jack Morrigan 7:24
So I was sleeping, and I started having a lot of lucid dreams, I think I was so dedicated to the meditation, it was making my mind very clear. So I would be aware while I was shifting through different states of consciousness, like in sleep, and in one of these dreams, there was a teacher sat in front of me. And he said to me, bring your attention, bring your awareness into your left hand, and then bring your awareness into your right hand. So I did that. And he said, The awareness, he said, the hands are different. left hand right hand, and like, yeah, I can feel them, I can feel the difference. And then he says, The awareness is the same. And I could feel that, like, I experienced it, like, Oh, my God, like, yeah, the awareness that is sensing both of these hands is the same. And that realization like triggered something inside my psyche, or inside my spirit. And it caused the whole dream to collapse in on itself. And I felt this rotation like my spine was rotating backwards, right at this really insane angle. And then there was this loud snap. And then I was just in darkness, just just darkness. And in the distance, there was a point of light. And it started to grow. And as it grew, I felt this intense fear, like I was going to die. I mean, absolutely certain, you know, like, I'm going to die. This is the end. But we're there also this like ecstasy, like this ecstatic, pleasurable feeling. And they just kept rising with each other. And at some point, all I could see was the light, but I could feel this invisible threshold in front of me. And I felt like an invitation to cross. Like, you can cross over if you want to, into the light. And I was like, There's no way I'm going to do that. Like, if I cross over into this light. That's it. It's game over. Like, I'm dead. And so I felt like there was some kind of benevolent force around me, and it just gave me this little nudge. Kind of like a parent, like with a toddler, just encouraging them to do the right thing. So then I crossed over into the light. All the fear completely disappeared like it had never been there. All I could experience was just this ecstasy. and golden light. US although all that was there, and I was there for, I don't know how long, like it's really hard to tell time. But then I returned to my body and I could feel that same energy moving up and down my spine. And I've learned since about Kundalini awakening, and near death experiences, which I didn't really know about at the time. But yeah, it was, it was very, very intense. And after that, my consciousness changed. So it's like it slightly dimmer switch, it just been turned up, like loads. And suddenly, I was aware of all these things that I wasn't aware of before. Like, being able to see energy, and feel energy, and being able to communicate with deities, beings from other dimensions, having out of body experiences where I would meet those beings. And all this stuff that I was like, you know, this is fantasy and sci fi. But it's happening like this is real. But this is actually happening, like all those things are real. That said, that was the big kind of shock to my system, of like, hang on. I'm a theist, none of this is true. Wait a minute.

Alex Ferrari 11:26
This is really interesting, because this is what this show does, in a lot of ways, it rocks, foundations of people's beliefs a lot of times, because if you believe in one concept, it negates your entire, what you've been told your entire life, like you, you believe there was nothing else and then all of a sudden, something dropped into your world that completely destroyed the foundation of your entire existence, essentially. And all your belief systems were all wrapped into that. And then now you're like, Well, wait a minute, if I, if that's not true, I need to accept this new thing. I don't know even how to deal with this, because I don't have no reference point to this. So that's kind of like these conversations do that to a lot of people sometimes, because it starts to trigger things in them and starts to trigger questions. So that's kind of what happened to you as well.

Jack Morrigan 12:16
Yeah. And, and I think, you know, with the these conversations that we're having, in the you're sharing with your show, there's an energy that comes along with these kinds of transformations. Like, you know, it took me years and years to integrate all this stuff, I was out of work for two and a half years, embed a lot of the time just letting the energy settle. And so it took so long for it to integrate into my psyche, and for me to come back to be a relatively ordinary human being. But with all this stuff still open. But there's, there's an energy that comes along with it once once you've been there, your body just resonates with it, it transmits it. And that then spreads to other people through voice through sound through image. And it will start to awaken people it all, you know vibrate. Like the seeds of consciousness that are in them, it will water them, and then they'll start to flower.

Alex Ferrari 13:15
I've heard that that with these kinds of awakenings. And these kinds of experiences, your body needs to be primed to deal with it. The physical body needs to be primed to deal with this kind of energy. And it sounds like you got overloaded a bit. That fried up a bit at the beginning because you have not been meditating for 10 or 15 years, you haven't been building up this thing slowly like the yogi's have done over centuries. Like they go into practices, they've been meditating for many years. So the point where this kind of thing starts to happen and awakens in them, their body is primed to be able to handle the wattage. It doesn't sound like you had that was a very short rhyming time. And it seems like you got a little fried up and it took you time to even settle back in those two and a half years. Is that a fair statement?

Jack Morrigan 14:05
That's absolutely accurate. Yeah. 100%. And it's something that I see a lot of people now that like chasing kundalini awakening, you know, and they're chasing different forms of awakening. And, and if you've done that preparation by the, like you're talking about, and that's a fantastic thing to be, that's fantastic goal to be aiming toward. But if you haven't done that preparation, you know, you can do that, you know, and it's a free world. It's your choice if you want to do that. But be aware that there are risks associated with that, like, you can, you know, that's a real shock to the system. And if your awareness just suddenly goes up a lot, it's going to shine on everything. Like it's not just gonna shine on the happy fun stuff, like it's gonna shine on all of that stuff that you wish wasn't in your psyche. And that you're right up. Yeah, exactly. up. And that's what happened to me, you know, I was in bed, just having nightmares, you know, and I'd wake up with sweats, just because it was, it was all that trauma that I've been running away from and using drugs and alcohol to run away from. It was like it was time to deal with it, it's like, okay, and I didn't have a choice, you know, I, I wouldn't have chosen to deal with it. To be honest, like I was dragged kicking and screaming into all of this. I'm very grateful for it now that the dust has settled, and my consciousness is open, and I feel healthier, and better. But that was a really challenging time. And it's something that I try and give caution to, if someone is just trying to rush into the Kundalini awakening,

Alex Ferrari 15:47
It's really interesting that you said that you did psychedelics at one point or another. And you kind of touched, I call it dipping the toe into the universe, if you will, into the pool of the universe, you kind of went and can you talk a little bit about the difference between the psychedelic version of this versus the more organic version of this, for people to kind of find this because like you said, people are searching for these awakenings. And a lot of times they're using psychedelics to go in. And Rahm Das was the one who said the same thing. He's like, I kept going in, but I would leave, I kept going in, but I leave and I want to stay there, but I can't because psychedelics only give you a short window. And even then it's like you said, not clean. Then he met the Maha Rashi. And he's like, Oh, this dude's there all the time. I want to study with him. And that's where he started going to see, can you tell us a difference?

Jack Morrigan 16:42
I think it is about cleanliness. Like and I don't mean that in a disrespectful way. Because I think there are a lot of people who use psychedelics in a very wise, mature way. And there's definitely a place for them. I wasn't using them in that wise, mature way. I was just like, okay, what can I take the escape? You know, what can I do? It's reckless, you know, that was the way that I was doing it. But I for me, like, I didn't even really have like experiences with deities or things like that. Like I had one. One time when I took LSD, like the one time that I've taken it when I was freaking out because I had to get flight. And I was like, I can't be flying on LSD. Like, this isn't

Alex Ferrari 17:28
Not a good situation for for the TSA.

Jack Morrigan 17:35
And I remember looking at a tree and feeling this connection to the tree. And the tree was basically like, everything's gonna be fine. And I was like, Oh, thank God, yeah, everything's gonna be fine.

Alex Ferrari 17:49
But she told you,

Jack Morrigan 17:50
Yeah. You told me, the tree told me and I totally believed that I could feel it inside me. And I was just like, yeah, everything's fine. And it was completely fine from that moment on. But now, I have those that experience with trees all the time, like, all the time,

Alex Ferrari 18:09
But you're connected, you're connected to a different level of consciousness. So I've heard this before. I've heard this before from other guests who, when they open themselves up, and this happens through meditation, this happens through Kundalini awakening, this happens in near death experiences, their awareness opens up so widely, that they can start seeing things that others can't, and they start feeling things that others can't, and they're aware of other things that others can, it is very similar. And I use this reference all the time, and I apologize for anyone who's gonna get angry, but I don't care. It's like the matrix. And now you start to see the code, you start to be able to understand how things are working at a deeper level than just seeing the matrix you see behind the matrix. Is that fair to say?

Jack Morrigan 18:54
Yeah, like, as one of the things is, this happening more and more, to be honest, like, and it's difficult to to explain it in brief, but I've gone on this journey of consciousness where initially, I was having these big like, up and out experiences, like out of body experiences, I was meeting angels and not all of this stuff was going on. While on a human level, really struggling, like being in a lot of pain, interested, but then my awareness started to come down. Like I felt this descent movement. And it started to go into my heart, and then down, like through my abdomen, and just kept going down like through my feet, and then into the earth, and then into the heart of the earth. And something happened where I can feel the spirit of the earth blank beneath me all the time. And I know that all of us We are the Earth. We are, like, I see her as this supreme deity that we're all born from, and that we will all die into. And all of our ancestors were born from and all life on Earth was born from. And I can sense that in the spirit beneath me. And I can also feel that within the cosmos, I had an experience where I started to connect with dragons. Again, it's like, you know, I come from the scientific background, right? Like, I was training to become a doctor. And now I'm having these experiences with dragons and things. And I'm like, This can't be real. It's just so real. And they are these immense cosmic beings. And through my connection with them, and the energetic transmissions, they've been sharing with me, I start to know myself as the cosmos, like I am Cosmos, and we all are, with the cosmos, just being in this human form right now. But we are completely a part of it, we're like a cell in the body, that is the cosmos. And we can open to that, like we can, we can communicate with ourself, you know, which is the cosmos, in such a way that the flow of information becomes a lot healthier. Like, because we already know everything we need to know. So it can just flow through us and download into us. And then that going back to the idea of the matrix, well, then it that realization is like, like Neo realizing the code is like, Oh, my God, this is all me. This is all me like I, this is who I am. And it's just mind blowing. I have these experiences sometimes where I'll just feel the light of the sun on my skin, and I'll be like, I am the sun, like, I know that I am the sun. And it's one of those things that could sound a little trite. Like, it's an easy thing to say, you know, but actually having those kinds of experiences is so, so profound. And it really moves me,

Alex Ferrari 22:21
You know, and not to be dismissive of what you're saying. But for laymen outside of this conversation, it could sound like this dude is high all the time. Like, what are you smoking? What are you taking? Because everything you just talking about is I was like, very, like, see dragons. Now I'm talking to dragons. I'm talking to age. It's a I love doing this on the show, because I'm with you, but people listening, but like this guy sounds like he's high. Which brings me to my next question. And I'm sure you've gotten this before. How did the people around you, your family, your friends, your colleagues deal with the new jack? Because I'm assuming the new jack, very different than the old jack in public places? How did they How did they deal with it?

Jack Morrigan 23:07
Like, I went into a period of isolation, like I, I was in the rave scene, I was taking drugs, and I was doing all this stuff while I was living in London when this happened. And I just like, felt like there was this point where I just had to stop. It's like I had to choose basically is like, do you want to carry on that lifestyle? Or do you want to go deeper into spirit and I was like, I want to go deeper and spirit that I couldn't really keep that going with the friendships that I had. Sure, you know, like, I knew that if I went out, I'd be pressured. Like, there was already pressure. Like when I said that I wasn't going out there was like a people were taking offense, you know. And it's like, man, like, I got to reassess who my friends are, you know, because what's happening to me right now is something incredible. And I need friends who will support me in that. So I went into this period of isolation, basically, for about two and a half years only. So family, and one close friend, one close friend who I'm so grateful for, because he was actually open minded enough that I shared some of this with him. And he was like, Okay. Like, I was like, that's a true friend. But since then, I've I, you know, I've had to shift gears, and I've changed my friendship groups so that I'm with people who are much more open minded about this kind of thing. But since it's all calm down now, as well, I'm just an ordinary person alongside everything that's happening. So I can now I'm at a point where I can be friends with basically anyone you know,

Alex Ferrari 24:51
Right. But do you want to be friends with anyone is the question what is that energy bringing into your life and so on?

Jack Morrigan 24:56
Yeah, I mean, that's, it's a good question and it's up pens because I went through a phase of being a bit of a spiritual snob, you know, and

Alex Ferrari 25:04
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, the the humble spiritual person. I'm the most I'm the most spiritual. You are pathetic. Wendling I have found eternal understanding of the cosmos. Yes, I, I am very well aware of that situation when I was younger. It's it's just because you find like one little truth. And like Autobiography of a Yogi you read, you're like, I'm so much better than all of these people. Like, that's the ego the ego pop. It's a very it's a dangerous trap. It's a very dangerous trap. For sure.

Jack Morrigan 25:31
Yeah. And you can really destroy your life with that, like, you know, just throw people out who really shouldn't be throwing out. Yeah. But yeah, that took a long time, to kind of whittle that away and come back to some kind of sense of being a normal person. As you can imagine, with it being such a sudden shift. Like I was like, I'm like, I'm, you know, some amazing, super amazing person and like, everything's gonna be amazing. I'm gonna, you know, lots of delusions.

Alex Ferrari 25:59
Am I Jesus? think everybody's fine. Am I Jesus? Did I come back? Like, that's how far the ego will go. At some point. She's like, am I Buddha? Did I? Am I Buddha and Jesus wants?

Jack Morrigan 26:20
Yeah, exactly. And I've seen teachers like that, like teachers like that, who they're like, you know, Jesus has like, 1000 Spiritual units of power or whatever. And I've got 10,000 You know,

Alex Ferrari 26:32
Oh, my God. Oh, jeez. Oh, God really like competing for the most spiritual power in the universe? If that's not the most unspiritual egocentric way of approaching, because that's what that's what Jesus did when he walked the earth. He's like, I'm so I'm so much better than all of you guys. Geez, look, I can make wine out of nothing. I cannot play fish. Did you not see the fish trick? Come on. That is that that's fascinating. Now with your and also with your family. Like now you're a little bit more public about this. This is different when you have a group of friends. But you're now out of the quote unquote, spiritual closet with the stories publicly, you know, doing interviews. How has your life changed after that, too, because now, now, you know, aunt and uncle who might have not known about you goes is Jack, what is Jackie doing?

Jack Morrigan 27:27
Were worried about you

Alex Ferrari 27:28
Were worried about Jackie, let's talk about this during the holidays.

Jack Morrigan 27:34
Yeah, I mean, I've heard that definitely, from my mom, especially. Her just being like, like, she got my dad to ring me. Basically, when soon after I'd had this Kundalini experience, like probably sent us some crazy message or something I don't even know. So my dad calls me and, and bearing in mind, like my mum, and my dad broke up when I was about five. So I've not seen my dad much. And he calls me and he goes, Oh, like, I understand what's going on. Like you. You studied medicine to understand the body. And then you're setting psychology to understand the mind. And now you're into spirituality to understand the soul. And I was like,

Alex Ferrari 28:15
That's profound.

Jack Morrigan 28:16
Yeah. Yeah, I hadn't realized I hadn't put those pieces together. And, you know, you might hear this. And if you've got a close relationship with your dad, you might resonate with that, you know, you might understand, but for me, that was completely out there. Like, I couldn't believe that he understood me so well. You know, and there's a whole conversation there to be had, I think about the souls that come to incarnate into families, and the relationships that we have with each other. And how my dad could actually know me a lot better than I realize.

Alex Ferrari 28:59
I mean, I'm a father. So I could look at my daughters and understand them at a deep, deep, deep, deep level, because even when they're 40s, in their head, they're going to be in their 30s or 40s. I'll go I remember that one time when you were growing up, or I just I just under even even on a experiencial level, but also on a soul level. Like you could just go there's a way there's a way that parents have sometimes they're really close to see the show you things that's right in front of your eyes, because that's so obvious. And so I didn't even notice that either. Until you just said I'm like, of course that makes all the sense in the world.

Jack Morrigan 29:32
And it's funny, like because I feel like a lot gets passed through families like the more that I've gone into the earth and understood ancestry and the way that spirit links to ancestry and in that whole topic, the more I realize how much I've inherited from him, you know, like he's a very sensitive person. And in his life, he didn't really have the opportunity to go into it in the ways that I have. But I really see the similarities and the resonance of that. And there's something really beautiful about that, like seeing it, especially for me who's come from a broken home where it never really felt like we were a real family and I had real parents to feel that connection, and to realize how instrumental they have been in, in propelling me into this new form of life that I'm in now, which I'm really grateful for. It's very healing, it helps me to forgive for the many pains that they're going to cause me.

Alex Ferrari 30:41
Yeah, we all go through those pains. My friend, I think, well, we're down here, I think you sign up for that we sign up for pain, we sign up for suffering, we sign up for a conflict and in struggle. That's kind of the point of this whole thing, isn't it? That that's how you learn. It's not it's not nice. And don't feel good. I mean, you just can't learn as much being on a beach in Hawaii drinking a pina colada. Like that's not a you can only learn that you'd like your pina colada chilled at this temperature and not this temperature.

Jack Morrigan 31:15
It's true, though, like, and it's something that I work with people on now. Like how to integrate pain, like and how to go into the underworld, and integrate all of that stuff. Like as you know, like I was saying, like, the light got turned up, and just everything started bubbling up to the surface was a real, really overwhelming thing to happen. But it did teach me a lot, taught me a lot about who I am, and how capable I am of resolving these wounds. And that it is possible, like even these things that we think are impossible to heal. And it's reached a point now, where I'm so familiar with going into the underworld and feeling my pain that I can move through it fairly easily. Like, I know that there's going to be an endpoint, I know that there are going to be gifts that are going to be given as a result of that

Alex Ferrari 32:11
When you say underworld, because that's a triggering word, it could be meaning a bunch of different things, you mean, basically the inner world of the darkness within you the stuff that you have to deal with the garbage, the the trauma, the stress, the all that stuff that you've been carrying with you for your life, that you're going into that world and go, Okay, who's next? Let's bring you out to the light, let's bring you up and, and that kind of thing. But you had it all kind of like thrown at you at once. And you had to process it all once hence why you were isolated for two years.

Jack Morrigan 32:45
Yeah, yeah. And like the way that I see it now, like, I used to see the darkness as this kind of problem that needs to be fixed. It's like, okay, I'll go in there, and I'll do what I need to do, or something in my life will trigger and it's like, Okay, I'll do it. But that relationship has changed over time, when I'm seeing the divinity within the darkness. So the darkness itself as divine, and as enlightened in itself. And it's a difficult thing to describe. But it links to what I was saying about this descent of consciousness. Like from being up in the heavens, if you like to going down into the underworld, I see that they're all interconnected. Like they're all flowing between one another. And something that I see happen a lot with people is that they will obsess about the light. And they'll obsess about ascension, and this part of the journey of human existence. And secretly they're trying to run from the the underworld and the darkness that's there. That's we can actually make a home. We can make a home in the underworld and realize that it's a very rich place. It's like really fertile soil. And we can plant the seeds of our dreams in that soil. So that it can be created as our life in the know there's a way that we can link these different parts of ourselves to become creators. And I feel like we were here to become creators.

Alex Ferrari 34:30
Well, to be fair to what you're saying. I mean, without the trauma, without the struggles without all of that fertile ground. You could have not grown into who you are right now and doing the work you are doing right now. I had some dramas that I dealt with that drove me to do this kind of work, being a podcast or trying to help people having deep conversations in whatever field I'm in. That all started from a trauma that I said, I can't let anybody else go through what I went through. Without that dark soil. This show doesn't exist. So if you look at the struggles as that, and these traumas in these things, I mean, I know people who've had, you know, I mean huge traumas in their life, whether physical or psychological traumas as a child. But now, without that, they wouldn't be doing the work of helping other people. As they are because of that they, you kind of have to go through the gauntlet, in order to help other people who are going through the gauntlet, you can't it's very difficult. It's, you could do it on an intellectual level, but you really need to be there. It's like, you know, an alcoholic, who's sober, can help another alcoholic become sober, it's very difficult to make an alcoholic who's or someone who's addictive, who's never gone through being addicted, understand what they're going through. Because intellectually, it's a very different thing than feeling it. Would you agree?

Jack Morrigan 36:01
Absolutely. 100%. And I was having a conversation with my housemate this morning about my mom and the difficulties I've had with her, and how angry I can still feel towards her. But something is changing, because I can see the gifts of what she has given me. Like, the the trauma itself is a gift. And I feel like the more we move into that realization, the less resistance we feel to trauma and pain and suffering. And I think it links to some of the Buddhist teachings where they'll talk about just fully accepting suffering, you know, just fully allowing it through and seeing it as a gift. Or Rumi's, famous poem about just having your door open and being a good host and letting everything come and go. There's something there too, but we're so heavily conditioned to believe that suffering is bad and wrong, and that we must resist it. You know, and it's stored in our bodies, like as, as there's tension against life. But the more we can open in, the less we resist, the more the flows of life, move through us. And then that can help us to connect with spirit with our Mother Earth with the cosmos, in ways that really enrich our lives. Because I feel like often these forces are trying to give us everything that we need, and we are resisting them. Because we don't really understand what's happening.

Alex Ferrari 37:36
When you talked a little bit earlier about the astral travel that you've done. And out of body experiences you've done. And you've met deities and things like that. I got to ask first time you did that? How was that like? Your first time you like pop out of your body? You're like, hey, Jesus, like what are you doing here? better things to do than hanging out with me? Oh, wait a minute, am I you know, I'm sorry. I will tell everyone that I'm you. I'm to take you for now. I know. It's true. I am you. Right, right. Buddha? No. Anyway, what was that first experience like my friend?

Jack Morrigan 38:21
It felt kind of normal, because I was just in it at the time, you know, so I was already in that energy. And I was taken by some beings like out of my body. And I just remember looking around me and seeing these hyper vivid colors, like these greens and purples like don't exist, like in regular life. And I saw these little bubbles. And they had people inside them. And I felt this like wordless communication. Like I just like a Bing was speaking to me. But I just knew what they were saying. And they were like, oh, that's people inside dreams like that, just inside dreams. So they moved me out of that place. And they took me up into this area that just looked like a village, I think my mind basically couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. So I saw it in a way that I could understand. And to what I was seeing was a village full of all of these different creatures from fantasy novels, basically. And the beings there, they took me over to a market stall, and the person at the market stall gave me this item and they said, only a human can carry this site, okay, that's kind of why I'm here then this is my job. And they took me over to a pool of water. And they asked me to put the this item, whatever it was into the water. And I did it. And I've thought about that a lot since and I think what was happening was those higher rounds, like they need entry points where they can give their wisdom, you know that they They can download knowledge. And I think what I was doing was putting inspiration into somebody's dream. And I think it needed to be a human beings hands because it was going into a human mind. That's my theory anyway.

Alex Ferrari 40:14
Interesting. I want to ask you, because you know, with these kinds of conversations, there are people who are ready to hear it. And the people who are are not, to say the least, what would you say to somebody who's watching this? Who, by the way, if you're still here watching this, you should probably look inward a little bit, brother, or sister? Because before you leave the negative quote, or comments on this video, you've stayed this long, why have you stayed this long? what's intriguing you about this conversation? So what would you say to someone who's just as this is bollocks, this guy is just still on a trip. He's still the guide. I also take drugs, like this kind of dismissive language, because they either don't understand it, they can't grasp this information, or can't even believe this could possibly be real, because then it would completely destroy their foundation. And that's scary as hell like it was for you. What would you what would you say to that person who is still listening and believes this is complete bollocks. If I may use a term from your world, sir,

Jack Morrigan 41:23
I appreciate it. I noticed I noticed. So I would, I'd ask them to try and remember a time from their childhood, when they felt wonder. So try and remember a time when you felt wonder, like, maybe you were a kid, and you were running around, and you're playing, and you looked up at the stars, and you were just in awe. And then you and your friends start talking about what could be up there. You know, your mind was open, you know, all sorts of possibilities. And maybe there's other memories that you have that you haven't thought of in a really long time. Like when you had an imaginary friend, and you really enjoyed that company, and playing with them. Because these are gateways to the kind of consciousness that can reopen. So that you can start experiencing this for yourself. And when you do start to experience this for yourself, you will realize that, you know, this world can feel like a really lonely place. But actually, there's support and love all over the place, we just need to remember. And we need to return to that childhood innocence and curiosity so that we can reopen.

Alex Ferrari 42:53
My friend that was beautiful. I appreciate that. Hopefully, that helps a few people listening. Now I'm gonna ask you a few questions asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Jack Morrigan 43:06
I feel like it's like being who you are. Like, truly being who you are. Like, without needing to modify yourself for other people. Like you are fully in the flow of life. You're exactly who you were born to be. And you follow that all the way. I feel like that's the best path to a fulfilling life.

Alex Ferrari 43:31
If you can jump into a time machine and go back in time and talk to that little boy, that used to be you, what advice would you give them?

Jack Morrigan 43:38
It's all real. Like all those things like that you think are amazing in these books and these movies. It's all real. And the people around you, they won't believe you. And they will try and convince you that it's not true. But it is it's true. Keep your heart open, no matter what.

Alex Ferrari 44:04
Um, how do you define God?

Jack Morrigan 44:05
That's that's a big question. So my tuning into things to give a given. How do you define God? Okay, so what I'm doing is I'm just tuning into like, the frequencies of that because to me that God is the present moment. So the best way for me to answer that question is to tune into that that energy so that people can feel for themselves what that is. And I feel like it's this completely motionless, timeless part of ourselves that is always here. And that everything arises inside of and falls back into. So it's like, perfect safety. And because it's completely self sustaining, doesn't need anything

Alex Ferrari 45:02
That's a good answer, sir. And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Jack Morrigan 45:06
I mean, there's something simple like to be what it is? That's one answer to that question. The purpose of life is to be what it is. But there's other parts to it. It's like there's a playfulness. It's like to be the artist wanted to be the artist that paints whatever the artist wants to paint, or to be the full expression of every possibility. And I feel like life has no conclusion. It has no endpoint. So there's just this constant dance, this endless dance. And we could give that a purpose, if we want to, but we could also make it purposeless. Like, it doesn't have to have a purpose. It can just be because it is.

Alex Ferrari 45:57
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing my friend?

Jack Morrigan 46:00
Yeah. So having gone through all these experiences with goddesses and dragons, I've founded a school of Goddess and Dragon magick. It's called My rising rose. So the website is

Alex Ferrari 46:14
And do you have any parting messages for this for the audience?

Jack Morrigan 46:17
Yeah. So the first one is, you are not alone. You are not alone. You are part of our living Cosmos, and our living world, which is billions of years old. And you're playing your part in a story that is that old. And that will continue on. So your life is fundamentally of immense value. Because you are seamlessly a part of all of this. So no matter what is happening in your life, try to remember that try to remember the bigger context of what's happening. And flow with it as best you can. We're going through a huge transformation at the moment in human consciousness. And we all need to be here for each other, and support each other as best we can, so that we can remember the truth of who we are.

Alex Ferrari 47:12
Jack, thank you so much for this conversation. I really do hope it helps somebody out there listening, and I appreciate you and the work you're doing to help awaken this planet, my friends. So thank you again.

Jack Morrigan 47:21
Thank you so so much. Thank you for having me.

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