Spiritual Quantum Physics: How & Why GOD Created the Universe with Grandmaster Wolf

On today’s episode, we welcome the enigmatic and profoundly insightful Grandmaster Wolf. His journey through life, marked by a blend of mysticism, martial arts, and spiritual awakening, brings a unique perspective that resonates deeply within our collective quest for understanding. Grandmaster Wolf’s story is not just about his experiences but also about the universal truths that lie hidden within each of us.

From the very beginning, Grandmaster Wolf delves into the duality of his existence—the brain, the ego, and the mystic within. He eloquently explains that his spiritual journey began at birth, a notion that underscores the idea that life itself is a spiritual path. According to him, every moment since the Big Bang has been an attempt by life to understand itself through us. His early experiences of abuse and visions, which he interpreted as memories from past lives, set him on a unique path different from others, leading him to martial arts and eventually to mystical monasteries.

As a young boy, Grandmaster Wolf faced significant challenges. He was often plagued by vivid visions and memories that seemed to belong to another lifetime. These experiences, while terrifying and confusing, became the catalyst for his exploration into martial arts and mysticism. At a tender age, he found solace and strength in martial arts, driven by the need to protect himself from the abuse he endured. This journey of self-defense soon transformed into a quest for deeper spiritual truths, leading him to Nepal and Tibet, where he was ordained as a monk at the age of fourteen.

In this profound conversation, Grandmaster Wolf shares the essence of his mystical experiences. He talks about how life in the mystical monasteries taught him to transcend thought and ego, guiding him to a state of pure awareness. One of his most poignant revelations is the idea that our pristine, original mind is always present, overshadowed by the ego and the accumulation of thoughts imposed by others. Through practices that leech out the ego, one can reconnect with this pure state of being, leading to true happiness and enlightenment.

“Once I sat back for the first time and saw my fear and saw my misery, but not feeling those things because I was separate from them, that was the end of my misery,” says Grandmaster Wolf. This profound insight speaks to the heart of his teachings—observing thoughts without becoming entangled in them allows for a life lived in knowing, not thinking. This simple yet profound shift can lead to immense healing and inner peace.


  1. Pure Awareness: Our original, pristine mind is always present, overshadowed by the ego and accumulated thoughts. Reconnecting with this pure state leads to true enlightenment.
  2. Transcending Thought: Observing thoughts without becoming entangled in them allows one to live from a place of knowing rather than thinking, leading to inner peace and healing.
  3. Unity with the Universe: Understanding that we are a part of a larger, living universe helps us see our place in it and the interconnectedness of all life forms.

In essence, Grandmaster Wolf’s teachings remind us that we are not our thoughts. By watching our thoughts rather than identifying with them, we reclaim our original, joyful mind. This practice not only heals us but also transforms our perception of reality, aligning us with the universal consciousness that is the essence of life itself.

In conclusion, this episode with Grandmaster Wolf offers a profound exploration into the nature of self, consciousness, and the universe. His insights guide us towards a deeper understanding of our true nature and the immense potential for joy and peace that lies within us. By transcending the ego and reconnecting with our original mind, we can live a life of profound happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

Please enjoy my conversation with Grandmaster Wolf.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 204

Grandmaster Wolf 0:01
All of the mysteries and all of the forces and all of the energies that come together to make up this mysterious a wonderful miracle we call life is between your ears right now, otherwise you wouldn't be dead, wouldn't you?

Alex Ferrari 0:34
I like to welcome to the show, Grandmaster Wolf, how you doing Grandmaster Wolf?

Grandmaster Wolf 0:38
Very, very well. Thank you, Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:41
I'm great. Thank you so much for for coming on the show. And I'm really excited to talk to you. Because like I was saying earlier before we got on the show, I've had, you know, spiritual masters on the show and Yogi's before, I haven't had a martial artist at your level, come on the show before. And I'm really interested to hear your pretty remarkable life story and what you've kind of found and discovered along your, your own spiritual path and your own path through life. So my very first question to you is, how did your spiritual journey begin? We don't have to do the entire, you know, just some highlights, if you could.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:24
You have to keep in mind, there's two of me in here. There's the the brain, the ego head, and then there's the mystic. The Mystic immediately would say, I was born. And that's what started me on the spiritual path. I could also say that, since life began, it's been trying to figure out what it is, through us and through all forms of life throughout the universe. So, in that light, I started the spiritual path somewhere around the Big Bang, same same time you did, actually. But then if you want to bring it right back down to normal, everyday speech, probably about the age of seven.

Alex Ferrari 2:15
And then you from from what I've understood, and the research I've done on you, you, you were in a monastery, you you studied multiple different martial arts, Tao was that I mean, how did you find yourself in those worlds? How did you get started in those worlds?

Grandmaster Wolf 2:33
Luck. I am sorry, luck. I had a very difficult childhoods difficult upbringing, lots of abuse. That's where the martial arts began. So I was being abused, no one was stepping in to help me out as a child. So it wasn't. And don't forget, there was Bruce Lee back in those days. So studying Kung Fu, studying in martial arts in order to protect myself. That's what got me into the martial arts. Coincidentally, and luckily, around about the same time I was having visions and memories that shouldn't have been mine adult memories. Being seven years old, obviously, not my memories. So that sparked me off in a different direction to everyone else. Little things like before I was seven, when I was maybe four or five years old, I have memories of sitting on the couch in the lounge room. And for no apparent reason the wall just opening up before me and seeing huge megaliths, huge rocks, rolling down these Scottish Hills towards me. And I would just reel back on the couch and scream, close my eyes and then open up and the war would have come back together and the loudest would be back together and nothing actually happened. So that was happening to me. Of course, back then the first thing my parents did was take me to the doctor's thinking that maybe I've got brain tumors and things like that, which obviously wasn't the case. That's it really lots of strange things. And the memories I didn't know, then, but later on in years to come. It was very obvious to me that the memories was of a past existence a past life. And therefore I've obviously been here before, some of the memories involved occult and mystical practices. Therefore, I've obviously done this before. And that's when I realized I was just carrying on a project that I'd started in Previous body. And that's what started it for me.

Alex Ferrari 5:04
And when you were when you were that young seeing these kinds of visions, seeing getting this kind of information, how did you process it? How did you process the this? I mean, as a normal child if I was seven, Hell if I was 48, I see you, I've seen my wall open up and these giant monoliths coming towards me. Generally speaking, that's a psychological, you know, you know, deal, you have to deal with it psychologically. How did you process it? How did you process it?

Grandmaster Wolf 5:34
Well, I didn't, because at that age, I thought everyone was doing that. I thought everyone was like that. So it wasn't till I was at school, maybe around 10 years old, that I started to realize that other kids weren't going through this. Yeah, and that's really when it took off.

Alex Ferrari 5:54
So when you decided to start going more deeper into the martial arts, is that when you started to kind of go into the philosophies of the Tao was philosophies and, and to kind of journey out into the monastery, life or monastery?

Grandmaster Wolf 6:11
Yeah, I was very lucky that one of my, one of my teachers was a, it was from China. And his father used to work for the Tang, the triads basically, in China, he was a very, very well respected master, very old, and a lot of wisdom. And he wanted to leave the town. And just leave live a normal life like everybody else. Of course, most people, you don't leave any kind of Mafia without any while you just don't, apparently, I'm saying apparently, I don't know. But they respected him so much when he wanted to leave, they didn't take his life, they took his face with a glass of acid, they put acid on his face, left in one eye so he could see and they let him go. And he was free. Free from that. He came over to live with his son who was my teacher, my first martial art teacher. And we got on like a house on fire man, the old guy. So my, my teacher handed me over to his father. And his father was an absolute master of Iron Shirt is incredible man. And after about a year of working with him, he basically turned around and said to me, you are broken on the inside my friend because of the abuse and everything else. Until you get fixed, I can't do much more with you. And he wrote me a letter of introduction, put that in a silver tube, bought me a ticket and sent me off to Nepal. And I was met by a Sherpa. And the Sherpa took me over the border into Tibet, which was quite difficult because it was a very tumultuous time back then the Chinese was still very heavy, heavy handed over there. They were still beating a lot of people up and killing a lot of people. So it was quite difficult. But anyway, my Sherpa got me into Tibet over the border. And two weeks later, he dropped me off at the front and gates of a monastery and kindly took off and left me there. And in a in a wonderful Australian accent I thought you bastard.

Alex Ferrari 8:42
How old were you? How old were you do this?

Grandmaster Wolf 8:49
Hmm 13 12 13 ordained at 14. So it must have been about 13.

Alex Ferrari 8:57
And then the doors open like a movie. This is like a movie at this point in the game. The doors open

Grandmaster Wolf 9:02
The movies are like this. This came first.

Alex Ferrari 9:06
Exactly. So then you the door opens and among because I'm assuming there's a monk there and brings you in and then your journey begins.

Grandmaster Wolf 9:14
But it was three monks. One monk was there to allow me in and the other two were there to laugh at me.

Alex Ferrari 9:22
I've heard that I've heard of that. Yes, I've heard of that concept. And you stayed at that monastery for how many years?

Grandmaster Wolf 9:30

Alex Ferrari 9:32
And that's where you did your internal healing

Grandmaster Wolf 9:38
Within the first two years.

Alex Ferrari 9:41
So for the first two years and what did what did they do there that allowed you to heal was it meditation was assuming that was part of it?

Grandmaster Wolf 9:52
The monasteries that I were mainly involved with were the mystical monasteries, they allow for religion. But under certain conditions, but generally speaking, mystical monasteries, which is generally called transmission of mind beyond the teaching. So, if it's your lot in this particular incarnation, to be a mystic, and to rise above everything, and be one with the orb, it's time to leave religion behind. And you go to the next step. And that was for me. So to answer your question, there's certain practices that leech you out of your ego. And when I say ego, I mean, the entire gamut of your thought process, not just the bad thoughts, people think that the ego is just the bad thoughts and narcissistic thoughts. But it's not the ego is the whole self, the whole accumulation of thought, you're not born with those thoughts, you are born a pristine, clean mind. So these thoughts are put in there. So the situation just from that alone, is obviously you're not born with thoughts you are born is this pristine, clean, beautiful, wonderful mind that we call a baby. And unless it's hungry, it's just joy and happiness and awareness is this big. That's what you're born as no thoughts, no ego, no laws, no hatred, no racism, none of that stuff, just beautiful, pristine, clean mind, and it's still there till the day you die. pristine, clean awareness cannot be touched, it can't be located, you can't see if it's not made of matter. Therefore, that is an aspect of you that is immortal. Which made sense. So after you're born, this for many different reasons, this ego, this self gets built up inside you by other people. You're not filling your mind up as a baby with your experiences and turning them into concepts people are putting their thoughts into, that's a cop, that's bad, that's good. She's a horror, he's not very good. Don't go over there, that's rotten, don't do that, oh, this will happen. Your brain fills up with this shit. And that pile of shit ends up thinking that it's you. And you end up thinking that you are it. This pristine, beautiful, clean mind that nature produced is forgotten in the background somewhere. So the first thing when you get leached out and you start watching your thoughts, as opposed to thinking them, you see in those thoughts, fear, hatred, pain, beliefs, opinions, judgments, all of that is in there. And of course, while you're watching them, you're not experiencing, you're just watching them, there's something else that you can now see. So once I sat back for the first time, and saw my fear and saw my misery, but not feeling those things, because I was separate from them. That was the end of my misery. That was the end of my pain. That was the end of my revengeful thoughts. I was happy I was healed, ready to go. My next thing was I wanted to know whatever this? What is this thing in here that I am watching my thoughts? You don't think that you have to jump back into your thoughts to think it? You just know if you understand that? Do you have someone in? I'll give you an example. Do you have someone in your life that you love dearly? Of course? How do you know you love them? You just know? There you go. No thought needed.

Alex Ferrari 13:59
No, you don't have to think about your loving you children are loving your wife you just know,

Grandmaster Wolf 14:06
In the mystical realm. When you step out of your thought process. You just live your life from knowing, not from thinking. Big difference. Yeah. You can't think of something you don't know, if I asked you to think of a motorcar. If you don't know what a motorcar is, you can't think about what so you have to know it's before you can think it. So why bother thinking it? You know, you love your children. You don't have to think about it. You see, and why. Why do we put so much emphasis on the dead turns of knowing, which is what a thought is.

Alex Ferrari 14:47
That term the dead turns of knowing. That's a great, great, great, term, a turd that's great, great It's a It's amazing. That's, that's so beautiful. And, and so simple and even doing the work that the thing that I again by doing this work and speaking to so many spiritual masters and people in the in these kinds of fields is I've discovered that the simpler the answer is generally the quickest way to the truth. Absolutely. It's this other stuff that the, you know, the these gurus and, and you know, kind of life coaches, not all of them are bad, but you know what I mean, these kinds of people come out and they these complicated systems in isn't and then I talked to someone like you it's like, no, it's a plus b equals c, one plus one is two, it's not an algebra equation.

Grandmaster Wolf 15:45
Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 15:48
But that's what I've discovered that myself and understanding that concept of knowing is so powerful, because because when we with religion in general, I love what you said about that, like you can, you can hold on to religion if you want, but if you want to take it to the next level, you must leave religion behind, which is, you know, goes along with a lot of the yogic philosophies that I've studied over the course of my life. And people asked me like, how do you know reincarnation is real? And that, that this is a thing, and then we're, we come back in many lives. I go, I just know, it's not intellectual. It's when I first heard the concept being raised Catholic, which goes completely against the Catholic, you know, the Catholic church that I was raised in. I just understood I got that makes sense to me. It wasn't intellectual. I could intellectualize it. But I just knew, and nothing that anybody else says to me. Well, swayed me from that truth. Because I understand. That just makes sense. To me, it's a knowing. So when you can do that in multiple areas of your life is and hopefully when we become grandmasters ourselves.

Grandmaster Wolf 17:05
Absolutely. This is another point that are sorry,

Alex Ferrari 17:10
No, no, no, please, no, no, please go ahead. Go ahead.

Grandmaster Wolf 17:13
I was just kind of say, when you're in there watching your thoughts, you're dead turds of knowing. If you grab a thought, and you break it in half, it doesn't know you're there looking at it. It's not alive. A thought is a little package of data. It is not alive, you can break it open and it's empty. It doesn't even know you're there looking at it is a dead thing. And yet, we let these things create our society and dictate every second of our lives. And there's no life in them. There's no wisdom in them. It is pure, unadulterated mechanical stuff. That's why there's no you go,

Alex Ferrari 17:57
It's it's code. It's code in the computer.

Grandmaster Wolf 18:01
So how is that going to take you into the realms of spiritual enlightenment? That's right.

Alex Ferrari 18:13
Well, it's very much like, you know, all the great ascended masters that we've that walked the earth, from Buddha to Jesus to a Yogananda to Baba Ji, all these great masters, they all say the same thing. You must transcend thought you must empty the mind these these basic concepts, these basic concepts of evolving beyond the physical beyond beyond where you're at here because this is dense, it's very, very dense, very intoxicating to intoxicating in the dense, you know, there's a lot of a lot of you can really have a good time down here. Very problem. Exactly. So It's intoxicating in the senses, and with all the senses and things but when you start to transcend that, it's so much more and so much more. And from even from my, you know, I meditated for a little while for, like five or six years of my life. And in my short practice, I've already felt glimpses, pinches of it, of like, oh, oh, that bliss, that blissful feeling that's so beyond anything you can really explain. I can only imagine what it's like for someone like yourself who who's been meditating most of their life?

Grandmaster Wolf 19:36
Yeah, oh, my life actually.

Alex Ferrari 19:38
Pretty much almost all your life.

Grandmaster Wolf 19:42
When I think about it,

Alex Ferrari 19:44
Well, let me ask you this when you were in the in the monastery for those 18 years, were weird. Did the knowledge come from what is the text the I'm assuming there's some sort of ancient texts that have been passed down and passed down? This information that's been passed down? on and passed down to kind of open the mind like the Vedic texts, things like that. And in the Indian philosophy and the yogic philosophies, where did it come from Indira monastery?

Grandmaster Wolf 20:14
Between our ears. Yes, I will explain.

Alex Ferrari 20:21
Thank you, I appreciate

Grandmaster Wolf 20:29
All of the mysteries and all of the forces, and all of the energies that come together to make up this mysterious a wonderful miracle we call life is between your ears right now, otherwise, you would be dead, wouldn't you? So, if you have all of the ingredients of the miracle of life in you, making you keeping you manifest right now, why would you go and ask someone else to tell you about it? Why would you go and buy a book on the subject, turn inwards, and the whole damn volume of life and humanity is right there before your gaze, it's in your head already. You are made of the stuff that you're looking for? What the fuck? So you see what I mean? I do. The only teaching are the only teachings are methods that have been honed in and tweaked over 1000s of years by millions of mistakes, that can take you out of your thought process without destroying self. And place that original all knowing mind that you have back into the seat of dominance between your ears. Damn, that sounded good. But boy, I bet no one really understands that. Did that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 22:03
It makes I understand exactly what you're saying. You are so so in again, we can go back to you know basic teachings of Christ that are everything that you look, I everything I can do, you can do, the kingdom of God is within you. looking inward is the key. That's what meditation is, is to open yourself up to my, to my understanding, to open yourself up to transcend this, this heavy this heaviness that we're going through. So what you were taught were the techniques, not the knowledge. It's not like there's a big library of the secrets of the universe. You know, you don't have you don't have the Akashic records in a vault somewhere at the bottom of any year. Yeah. So you can tap into that knowledge which is all around you in inside of you. But you need the techniques to help you transcend this the self, the ego, the things like that. That's what you're taught I've it makes all the sense in the world to me, I can't believe I've never thought of it because again, it's too simple.

Grandmaster Wolf 23:11
Let's let's simpler down a little bit more, shall we, my friend, please. Let's take all life throughout the universe, something easy will work with that. The entire universe? What can you break that down to matter? And an animating force, put the animating force in the matter? You've got a living form, take that animating force out, you got dust, you got a dead body. You can break everything down to that. How did these two things come together originally? What is this thing? And what is this thing? They're the only questions and they're the things that you go into observe? How did it all begin? That's quite easy. Do you want to go into that, please? How deep do you want to go Alex?

Alex Ferrari 24:00
I would like to go as deep as you are willing to go. Because these are the kinds of questions that don't get answered and are not exposed into the broad spectrum of of the world. And that's what this show is about. It is to literally take your soul to the next level. And that is why I want to is why I like these deep, deep questions that are not surface level. I want to go deeper in so it's up to you as far as how far you would like to go sir.

Grandmaster Wolf 24:29
Okay. Originally, initially you have to speak. Whenever you speak about self whenever you speak about life. Whenever you speak about anything, you have to be talking about the entire universe, otherwise you're full of shit and you're missing something. When you say I or me, you have to be talking about the universe when you say that otherwise, you've got it wrong. And nothing more than make sense? Now I'm gonna go at this slightly scientifically slightly mystically. So, in the beginning, before matter, there was space, emptiness, empty space, nothing there no matter, no dust, no light, nothing that could be considered matter whatsoever. Now this space, and this is we know this for a fact space has substance, we, it can twist, it can turn, it can get sucked into black holes, it has substance. And we call that mind. Now, that space that all eternal mind going everywhere eternally is absolutely crammed packed with joy, consciousness. universal love, and awareness. That's what it is. Now, if you imagine as mind, you are floating around there in that nothingness that empty space, no brain, no body, no thoughts, nothing, just mind sitting there, how would you know you were there, I'll save you some time, you wouldn't. You have to see something to imply that you're there seeing it before you can be self realized. So mind has been there forever, you experienced this. By the way, this isn't a belief system or a teaching, you can experience this. So you've got this space been there for who knows how long. It doesn't know it's there. So let's put that aside for half a second. next principle is substance of space. Any substance, we know this for a fact, when it gets thick enough and dense enough, it will reach critical mass. And when it does that, it will start to light up. Not much, but it will light up somewhere in space, this space would have got thick enough and dense enough at some point where it would have started to light up a little bit, not like a cigarette, but lit up less than that it would have lit up. Not in a center, by the way. There would have to be a periphery around space to measure a center from for there to be a center, there is no periphery around space. So there's no center, great. Now, this lighting up stuff would have started somewhere but not a center. So when it starts to light up, the rest of mind that is externally in all directions would have gone. It didn't have a head so it wouldn't have done what I'm doing. But you get the point. If I could speak it would have gone. I am. What am I? I don't know I'm invisible. So now it realizes it's there. But it doesn't know what it is. It's only just woke up basically. So from the need to know what it is out of its inbuilt miraculous powers that it didn't know it had out of that need. Big Bang, now we have skin. So now it can see itself. It's got dust, it's got matter, and it can throw that over itself. Now it looks like you and me and trees and planets and galaxies. Now it can see itself. Now it can begin to explore itself. So now you've got mind in matter. And you've got matter in mind. Because the matter or became into being within this big mind and this mind is within it. It's exactly the same as if you have a sponge, a sea sponge at the bottom of the ocean, you can see how the sea water is in the sponge and the sponge is in the sea, all at the same moment. Mind is in ours and we are in mind while at the same moment. So now let's look at you. You are a part of that story. You have matter and you have this animating force. When you are watching your thoughts. You are that original mind. Pure awareness. When you're thinking you are the matter. Those two things. The road to enlightenment is to make that transition from the matter back into that original mind source. So all things that has ever been alive or things that this animating force has ever been in

Leave behind their experiences in this awareness, whatever this awareness has been in whatever form it has ever created and lived through. It retains the memory and the knowledge from that experience. This is how it's getting to know itself life. And this is why when you know things before you turn them into thoughts, that's that knowing. The thought is matter. Thoughts are made of electrical impulses and chemicals that matter, that's part of your brain. Loving and knowing isn't made of matter. We don't know where it comes from. It's mysterious stuff. And that's what you're made of animating force inside matter. That's a fact. We've just broken all that down. So the path to self mastery and enlightenment. I have to go back a little bit, I'm sorry. Sure. Sure. So when you're born, you got the matter is self regulating self reliant. It's like a perpetual motion engine. Once you started off, it can run itself. It's the same with Mata Mata has an inbuilt processor. It knows how to feed itself. It knows how to fix itself that it can run itself basically. So while it's going through life, looking after itself, the Spirit can do what the Spirit does, which is to observe what it can be. And when it comes to knowing itself, life, to fully 100% know itself, it has to have become and been every potentiality every possibility that it could ever be, it has to have done otherwise, it doesn't fully know itself. It has to have been everything. So if it's possible for an elephant to have 14 legs and speak Japanese, that has to happen otherwise, life has never fully explored itself to its full potential. So through a tree, it's experiencing that through us it's experiencing what we do, it's experiencing that the matter has the ability to create thoughts matter can do this, it's learning about itself. And that's pretty much the human condition. Now, when this beautiful baby is born with this pristine, clean mind, exactly the same one that created life in the first place. That's mind, let's say this is the baby's mind. That's the dominating force. It's just watching. It's loving. It's joyful. It's Happy, happy joy, joy, baby. And of course, and you've probably already heard this. As soon as you're born, people start putting names and labels in you. That's good. That's bad. This is me. That's daddy, that's, that's a dog. Don't go over there. He's a prick. She's not too bad. By the time you're five years old, you've got a head full of mud, you filled out that beautiful, pristine, clean bundle of joy with thoughts, and none of them are yours. They are other people's opinions, other people's labels, other people's ideas. That's who built you. Now there's the you that nature produced from your mother's womb, beautiful, pristine, clean, enlightened mind. And then there's the you that other people produced and put in there as an ego. And it's that ego that is ruling your life. The trick is to re reverse engineer that process. So beautiful, pristine, clean mind lots and lots of thoughts, thoughts become more and more and more and more and they overtake this. And now they got here. Now your thoughts are your dominating force between your ears this poor guy's completely forgotten about. And that's a waste of life. The practice is to bring this back up to a place of dominance and put your thoughts back where they belong. Most people go but how can you live through your day without using your thoughts? Whilst very simple you do it all the time. When you're having when you're sitting on the toilet having a poo you're not thinking about opening your sphincter and measuring the length of your poo and cutting it off with a nice little tip so that your bum cheeks they slept together. You're thinking about work while you're sitting on the toilet. You're thinking about the drive home today you're thinking about something else. When you're eating your dinner. You're not feeling the peas moving around in your mouth. You're not feeling the texture of meat. You're not doing any of that. You're told Looking while you're thinking about something else while you're eating? How many times have you driven to a destination and you've thought to yourself, oh my God, I don't remember driving here, I was talking to my friend the whole time, you certainly weren't thinking about driving the car, you spend your whole day thinking about other things. Missing the actuality of reality. You think about it. Anything either side of now is either memory or assumption. Most people are living in fear of the future. That's an assumption. or feeling bad about the past, which is memory. Neither exists now exist. fear comes from the future. If I have a gun in your face, you're not scared of the gun in your face, you're scared of the thought of what's coming next. Right? If you didn't have that thought you would immediately deal with the gun immediately. But we don't we go straight to this fear factor. So if you can stay out of the future and remain in the now you will never ever experience fear again. You see,

Alex Ferrari 36:16
Easier said than done my friend.

Grandmaster Wolf 36:20
Yes, it is! It's just 6 decades.

Alex Ferrari 36:26
Oh, that's all just a six decades.

Grandmaster Wolf 36:28
Yeah, Anyway, that's the situation. And any true teaching from any tradition, any school of thought, should be showing you methods of leaching out of your ego. And starting to engage life from your original mind again, and putting your thoughts in place. That's the only problem in the human realm. That's the only problem in life. That's the reason why our society can be as bad as it can be. That's the reason why we kill each other and rape each other and steal from each other. Etc, etc. This all comes from the way people think. So if you reverse that, and have this beautiful, wonderful loving entity, dominating your life, that serve yourself master, and you have access to all of the information that that awareness has ever accumulated, through everything that it has ever been in. That's where the knowledge comes from. Every tree has enough awareness for its leaves to follow the sun across the sky, every piece of grass, it's not the same awareness as yours or mine, it's the same one. And you have access to it. This is where the knowledge comes from. Anything that has ever been alive in the universe that awareness has been in, you have access to that information.

Alex Ferrari 38:06
And even if you're reading a book, that is spiritual text, or you know a novel, whatever, if the information that is says that, that brings up to your conscious thought, it is only reminding you of something you already knew. Yes. It is not the base of the knowledge. It is a cue for you to go. Oh reincarnation. Yes, that makes sense to me. Oh, I'm here to learn this. Oh, I'm here to and it just it's a remembering as opposed to inputting.

Grandmaster Wolf 38:44

Alex Ferrari 38:47
Which is? Yeah. It's fascinating that you, first of all, thank you for that amazing explanation. And it's so beautifully. It was so beautifully and eloquently put together, especially the poop part. The the poop part was wonderful, by the way. You know what that itself is enlightening. As you get older it is, but, but a lot of these concepts that you were talking about are, are truths that I've heard in other fields of, of spiritual practices, other spiritual practices. So it seems that either you are in a Tibetan monastery, a Shaolin Kung Fu, Monk, monastery, you're in the caves of the Himalayas, with the yogi's, you're in or you're in the mystics of, of Christianity, or what all of these ideas seem to be similar, but peppered with maybe different flavors, but we're all going to the same place. Is that a fair statement?

Grandmaster Wolf 40:00
Well, yeah, there's matter and there's an animating force, which way do you want to go?

Alex Ferrari 40:05
Right! But the but the concept of the programming, and the deprogramming is enlightenment. Because all you're right, we come in clean, we get thrown all this crap until around the age of seven. And then we still, that's who we form ourselves, then we add more crap on and it just kind of builds up and builds up. And the people who are the most enlightened or lighter, if you will, the vibrations higher, if you will, on these people are people who have been able to deprogram themselves, let go of that baggage, let go of these thoughts. And when you get to a certain place, your vibration is so high that people around you go, oh, I want to be around you. That's why I've heard the yogi's and people just want to be in the presence of the Maharishi, just purely because of his awareness of where he's at, in, in this process. And that's why they laughed, like the two months that when you walked in laughed at you, because the kinds of things that we deal with on a daily basis. It's kind of ridiculous. And so many things that we worry about. I always tell people, you know, one of my daughters who is well beyond her years said to me the other day, you know, Daddy, when someone insults me in school, the thought that goes into my head is I'm not going to know this person in 20 years, why should I care what they think of me? Isn't that amazing? I'm like, holy Who taught you that? I mean, she's probably been around me and absorb some of the stuff that I've been talking about. But that is something that seems to have come from her. And I just thought, Oh, my God, that's so perfect. Yeah, that's beautiful. Isn't that? Isn't that amazing?

Grandmaster Wolf 41:50
Yes, it is. Yes, it is, it's also rare.

Alex Ferrari 41:56
Yes, it is. Yes, it is. But there's a reason why that little soul is in my life. And I'm in hers. There's no question about that. Now, I mean, so you've, you've gone through this, this process, this 18 year process, then you come out, and you come into the world? What do you find yourself doing? Being What is your mission at this point in the life art because you're doing more interviews, you're becoming more public with a lot of the skills and ideas of things that you've been able to do. The thing that drew not drew me to you, but once I started doing research really wanted me to interview you is your ability to do things that seems to be unworldly. And when I mean it's like using the power of chi and things like that, that I've heard about, we've all heard of these things. But they seem to be almost like yogic powers like the things you hear about and like Autobiography of a Yogi and you know being in two places at the same times levitation these are all ideas that high in Yogi's talk about but they're not shown in public very often. What Why did you feel the need to start showing these these skills of yours these abilities of yours in public? And what is the point of what you're trying to do in the like, what is your mission in this life right now, at this point?

Grandmaster Wolf 43:16
Exactly the same as yours.

Alex Ferrari 43:19
Awaken to awaken people.

Grandmaster Wolf 43:27
I have no words. As a universe, I still don't know what I am. So you're exploring now well, I'm, I'm speaking from that pure awareness, it's in all things. As the universe like I said, before, I'm you and I, and everything is made of matter. And it has an animating force, you call it spirit, call it mind, it doesn't have a name. And it's in there. When a person immediately in the beginning starts to explore self, they start exploring the lower self, they start exploring their psychology and their thoughts and their emotions. And of course, the monkey that we inhabit, is very, very limited. Emotionally, very, very limited, psychologically very limited. timewise we don't have much time this, this meat can only hold itself together for 100 years at best. And then it's going to fall apart then you have to get another one a little bit like a Toyota

Alex Ferrari 44:45
And Toyota lasts that long to my friend

Grandmaster Wolf 44:55
I forgot what I was saying. I'm sorry,

Alex Ferrari 44:57
The meets the meets that we, we hear so often and we, we only have a certain amount of time and how we deal psychologically, we're limited.

Grandmaster Wolf 45:07
Right! Right, thank you. So when you start exploring self, this is what you realize, you realize that something happens because of your programming, you will respond to that happening in a certain way, you will think about what's happened in a certain way, anything in life, you will have an emotional response to your psychology. And then your average person will just unwittingly react from their emotions or react from a concept. And from that they live their life and shit can happen from that, or sometimes good things can happen from that, as well. So what happens is, you end up exploring this thing that is very limited, it's accumulating a whole bunch of relative truths about itself, believing that they are absolute truths. And then of course, when the body and the brain dies, all of those so called relative truth die with the brain, very different to absolute truth. So it's a very limited thing that you're exploring. And this is a case where many people who meditate actually become suicidally depressed, because when they start exploring self, they think, gee, basically, I'm a skin bag full of horrible thoughts and opinions, quite a fair bit of hatred. And I'm going to die at the end of it, or what the fuck, and it makes them, excuse me for swearing that I'm Australian, it. Anyway, that's what occurs. If you're meditating correctly, and you've been shown correctly by your guide, or whatever shows you and you're meditating in the right way, and you are practicing in the right way, you will start to realize very quickly that you are not your thoughts. If you are aware of when you're thinking and you are aware of when you're not thinking, then you're not your thoughts. If you know, when you're not thinking, then your knowing isn't based on thought. Because you know, when you're not thinking, you see what I'm so it's a very limited thing. So if you've been trained correctly, and you just spend one moment, if you can, for one minute experience, this other self, there's higher you that was born, the pristine one that part of you doesn't die, that part of you isn't limited, it doesn't think it it lives on knowing, not thinking, it doesn't have an ego. It's not limited by time. It's not limited by space, you can't touch it, you can't find it. You can't do anything with it, but it's there. And it's in all things. And it is divinely powerful and full of joy and full of knowledge. It is the Creator of life, it is the God that you are looking for on the outside, potentially that little bit inside that's doing or looking in the first place. So, once you realize that, that is the real self, that is the you that was born, that is the you that nature actually produced not people, you can start exploring that self. Now. You can explore timelessness, you can explore immortality, you can explore universal love, you can explore universal joy, but not while you think you are your thoughts. If you think you are your thoughts, when your thoughts get confused, you think it's users confused. If your thoughts get depressed, you think it's you that's depressed, and people will kill themselves because of that. If you sit back and watch your thoughts being depressed, the worst thing that's gonna happen is you go oh, look at that thing, you'll get laughed at. You will

Alex Ferrari 49:01
Like watching a movie.

Grandmaster Wolf 49:03
Absolutely once you can do that the path is over for you, as an individual delusion.

Alex Ferrari 49:14
And this is the path of enlightenment. This is the path of Self Realization. Thank you. That's basically where we're at. And to go back to these other abilities and powers and things that we've heard the yogic powers and things like that you speak of the higher mind. And coming from that higher mind. Can you explain the higher mind and how that affects these things? Because it was there's a story I think it's in the Autobiography of a Yogi where there was two Yogi's, and they were at on a river and this yogi, one of them's because look what I can do, and he floated over the other side. Yeah, and landed on the other side. And then the other Yogi just walked across the bridge and he's like, I wouldn't have spent 20 years of my life to learn how to do that I could just use a bridge and spend that time doing more valuable things because there's a bridge I don't need. That's not a life skill. It's an ego skill. And that is the danger with people searching to do these kinds of yogic powers or, or chi powers. That ability, because it could very easily fall into the yoke into the ego, so easily fall into that. Right, it's a trade, it is a trap, it is a trap, because you could spend 20 years learning to do or 50 years of learning to do some of the things you've been showing online where you either using your cheat to start fire or crunch, crunch, a plastic bottle or hold a paper, things like that. You can spend your your life trying to do that. But it all depends on what the purpose is behind. What you're trying to do with that. Is that makes sense?

Grandmaster Wolf 50:57
Oh, absolutely. Yeah, you're right on track.

Alex Ferrari 51:00
So then, so what is the higher mind? And is and how does that give you the ability to do these kinds of miraculous things that are spoken about in books like autobiography or yogi, because I'm fascinated by what gets you to that place to be able to access those powers, those that kind of knowledge, because it's a knowledge, it's a power that you're accessing, you're at a higher level you've entered, I hate to use the term the matrix, I'm assuming you've seen The Matrix, you've become, you've become Neil, you're able to now stop bullets, don't please, nobody tried to stop bullets with their mind listening. But you get to start moving matter and controlling matter in ways that seem magical. To the rest of us. Just like if we would show a monkey, a light from a flashlight, they would think you're a god. Essentially that like, Oh, my God, like fire what? You know, but we've mastered fire. So it's just another level of evolution. So that's why I'm interested in discussing it a bit.

Grandmaster Wolf 52:08
Okay. What was your question?

Alex Ferrari 52:11
So the higher mind and how that affects the abilities that that that are spoken about in autobiography, Yogi, and yogic powers, or the powers of like the QI powers that you were able to do.

Grandmaster Wolf 52:25
Let me clarify something first. And this is purely my fault. By me, referring to it as the higher mind, I'm actually in, it's wrong, because I'm implying that there are two minds, right? higher and lower. And that's not really the case, it's just easier for people to catch on to what I'm saying, when I use those terms. The original mind is the best way to put it, if you have to give it any terminology at all. Before I go on with this, I just need to point something else out. And that'll make my answer a lot more understandable. Do you have a window where you are right now?

Alex Ferrari 53:09
I see. I could see some I could see outside Yes.

Grandmaster Wolf 53:12
Can you see a tree?

Alex Ferrari 53:13
I do actually see a tree

Grandmaster Wolf 53:19
To the rest of the universe. Outside of this six inch little skull, you got here to the rest of the universe. What would that treat the called? I can save you time again, if you like?

Alex Ferrari 53:34
Please. I was I was already my gears started to crack, you could have see the smoke coming out of my ears already.

Grandmaster Wolf 53:43
While the point is outside of the human head that doesn't have a name, it's not really called a tree. That's something that we superimpose over it. It's not called Green. That's something that we've superimposed over it, it's there, or you could hit your head on it and your head or split in half and bleed. But it's not called a tree. That's something we call it to the rest of the universe, it doesn't have a name. It's just one more form that life is experiencing itself through. Nothing has a name out there. A mountain isn't really called a mountain outside of our heads. That's just a label that we've superimposed over it. And that is what causes all the problems in the world. What is before you we call the void. That doesn't mean there's nothing there. It just means that the tree for instance. In reality, it is void of name. It is void of meaning. It is just there and it's alive, but it doesn't have a name. And it's not called life. There's nothing out there has these concepts. Now that we know that I have to go into this next bit if you call This a tree, and you call this a house, you've just created two delusions. The first one is now it takes time to get from the tree to the house, you just created time, from thought and label, you see, if you call this a tree, you now have to call everything else in the universe that doesn't look like this something else. It's exhausting. It is. So just by calling that a tree, just by giving one thing a label, you split the entire universe up into countless trillions of pieces, just by giving a label to one thing. If you can look out the window and watch life with giving no labels to any of it, it all joins together, and you will see this animal that we call the universe being alive and you are part of it. Then you have an amazing realization, when you see that when you experience that. And you'll see what it's doing and why it's doing it and your place in it. And why you are here, as well. All in that one division. So that's one practice. This is one of the ways that I was talking about that gets you there. Now that I've explained that, and I am really sorry about this, I needed to ask the original question. Because he needed to know that bit.

Alex Ferrari 56:28
Okay, so the original mind, and how, by tapping into that you can access these other kinds of powers that so many people want to access because there's superpowers in our world, but in reality, they're not.

Grandmaster Wolf 56:44
Okay, so what I've just explained is the process. If I give that the label pen, there's a whole bunch of thoughts that come along behind that that's a pen that was made by a factory, it's certainly got nothing to do with me, and it's sitting there separate from me. All of that thinking, will make it impossible for me to move that pan, because now my brain thinks it's a separate fragment. And how can I move something that I'm not connected to. So that delusion will stop you. Once you have the ability to remain in the non thinking mind, but the All Knowing mind, and you don't entertain any thoughts of self, because as soon as you have a thought of self, you now have to call that up and you see no thoughts of self one with everything, you are part of that big living moving entity, that animal that you saw when you got rid of your labels. And the pen is also a part of the animal. So now, once you're in that state of no thought moving the pen is no different than doing that with your own finger. That's the best explanation I can give.

Alex Ferrari 58:07
That's a wonderful, it's, at least to me, it makes sense. Because you are this delusion that we are under this thought the ego, the mind, the physical, is something that we're trying to transcend. And if you stub your toe, if you have any toe inside of it, it muddies up the water, even if it's a slight thought, it stops you from doing anything. Absolutely. So when you're able to transcend that, then you're able to do things and work within the world, the reality the code, if you will, if you're Neo within the code, because you see the code. And it was if we go back to the matrix, the moment that Neo believed that he was the one and he connected to source, which was the code he started to see the code. And once he started to see the code, he can control the code. And that is in a way an explanation for people listening. Have the abilities of someone like yourself or other yogic masters and things like that, who you know, the yogi's I like create ash out of their hands or, or levitate or, or are in two places at the same time. These you know, things that have happened throughout history is they're tapped into this moving of the universe, you are one with the universe. And if you are a one, it's like blinking. It's less any anything that you want to control in your your body. You have the mind to control it. But when you're connected to source to the one, you can do many things that would seem miraculous, but seems simple to you because you are now in the one you are in the source. And you can control things just as simple As blinking or moving your finger.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:00:02
Absolutely. And that is more natural than following your thoughts

Alex Ferrari 1:00:13
It's such a such a beautiful conversation. It's such a beautiful conversation. I can't say other than that, because you are quantifying, at least intellectually, ideas that shouldn't be quantifiable. And we're trying to explain it in language, which things that are feeling like explained love. There's no words, for love. It's a knowing it's a feeling. You know, you can't quantify love. But you we all know it. We all sense it. We all are it, we all have it somewhere in our life one way, shape, or form, have experienced that in this existence. But to try to quantify is very difficult. So at least in my brain, everything you're saying makes sense to me. And it's clicking with me. Because once you're able to transcend and there was a there was a, a self help. Guru whose name was Wayne Dyer he passed years ago, who I love that very wisdom, he is a wonderful guy. But one day he said he was meditating. And he said that he was able to levitate in his meditation. But then a thought came into his head and said, Oh, I wonder if I could do this on The Tonight Show. And he came crashing down, I was never able to do it again. Yeah. And that lines up with what you are saying is the second you can transcend. And that's where meditation kind of takes you in transcends the self that transcends this physical and the more you do it, the stronger you're at it, you can eventually at whim leave this, this this thing kind of like what Yogananda used to do, he'd be like, I'll be back. And he'd go away for 12 hours. And he's like, if you need me just whisper in my ear, and I'll be back in a second. But he would be gone like completely gone and other in an other worldly event, other worldly ways. It's, it's fascinating, in your experience from doing the levels of, of self realization that you've attained, gam? Are there other realms that you go to in your meditations? Are there other places that are beyond what we know as this kind of reality? Yes. As he did the Deep breath, deep breath, yes, yes. You go all the time as when Correct.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:02:53
I call sitting here in this world talking to you and people like you I call visiting another realm. I am in other realms more than I am in this one. Honestly, if I'm not engaging with you, or anyone else, I don't think I have nothing to think about. I'm extremely content. I'm extremely happy. I have no questions about life whatsoever. Extraordinarily content, very, very, very happy.

Yeah, so if I'm not talking to people, I just park this thing, basically, this Oh, all gone. I don't park it somewhere and make sure that it's not going to shoot itself while I'm away and give it a bit of water and food. And then I go and explore other dimensions. Other times, you can go to other planets, or it's not a matter of going it's a matter of you're already there. All things are in you and you are in all things already. So you could be on Mars in less than the blink of an eye. You're already there awareness wise,

Alex Ferrari 1:04:06
Because you're it's the ultimate quantum entanglement.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:04:11
Thank you. He just took that out of my head. There you go your mind reading. They are the words that I was thinking right then

Alex Ferrari 1:04:18
It is what it is the idea of quantum entanglement. And that's what's throwing quantum physics into upward because they can't explain it. They don't understand quantum and we can explain that. Of course, it's because it's a mystery. And, and that's why I love having quantum physicist on who are connected to the spiritual because when you can, it seems that science and the mystical and spirituality are coming closer and closer. And science is catching up. A bit, just to the mystic is talking about things like quantum entanglement for 1000s of 1000s of years, and it's in a different language, but the concepts are the same.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:05:02
They steal our discoveries and put their own names to it and then pretend that life discover it. We've been, we've been healing people and healing ourselves and met it and levitating all the things that you can do with great meditation. Shit, I just lost my train of thought, again, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:28
It's all good. It's all good. No, there you go. That that I mean, they were talking about Maya, and the grand illusion or the or in the Aborigines have been talking the dream, which is the illusion of where we're where we are at, which is basically simulation theory. At this point, they're starting to talk about the concept of simulation theory. And that will, we're all at and it's, it all seems to be connecting more and more, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, the world in general, is pretty much and you know, it seems to be going crazy for many people. But from my understanding, all of this insanity that is happening is a necessity, to bring up all the stuff that needs to be the light needs to be shined on. Because we are going through a great awakening, as as as as a species as, as humanity, we've decided to start to evolve spiritually to, and that's why these, the show, like the show, is a show like this wouldn't have done well 15 years ago, or 20 years,

Grandmaster Wolf 1:06:32
You would have been shot by some Christian bloody terrorist group

Alex Ferrari 1:06:36
Or or or burned at the state if it was that, you know, 100 years back 150 years back, and I would have been said anything like this. So we've evolved to a point where now we're talking about these concepts, publicly. And this is going to be seen by hopefully millions of people around the world. And even if they might not understand everything, that you are saying, it might plant a seed here, or plant the seed there that might evolve into something later.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:07:04
Some seeds fall on fertile soil.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:08
Some do not.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:07:11
Many do not.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:17
So what is your what are your thoughts about what's going on in the world today? And we're we're all heading as far as the you know, this awakening that we're going through?

Grandmaster Wolf 1:07:26
I think it's wonderful. where lots of people are waking up to Oh, God, I don't know where I should go with this. Alex, can I say anything I want to say

Alex Ferrari 1:07:40
Anything you'd like to say, sir.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:07:45
Obviously, the world has been geared up is being geared up towards globalization. Most of your lay man in the world has no say or control over this globalization. The powers that be, for whatever reason, needs and wants to control everyone, on every level. And, honestly, 30 or 40 years ago, most people wouldn't have believed you, if you'd have told them that because we didn't have the internet to demonstrate what we're talking about. But these days, if you're a nasty bastard, or if you've got some bad plans up your sleeve, it doesn't take long for that to get out. And the reason a lot of the reason the world is the way it is at the moment. Unfortunately, I also people who are deluded that humanity can't possibly be this bad, that everyone is really, really kind at heart. And you know, people that just want to deny the bad side of humanity. They're starting to realize that we're a nasty animal. Until we start to bring, you know, look after ourselves and bring ourselves back into gear and start mastering ourselves. Your average person that had a bad upbringing turns into a nasty creature, and does lots of damage. We're learning this about ourselves. We're learning that there are people of our own species that will do us harm. We need to know that. If we don't know that if we don't accept it, if we don't accept that we are not the children of God. We are actually a bunch of assholes who are trying to get better, then more people will try harder to be better. You've got we have to realize what we are. Accept the fact that we have the ability to be very nasty people and there are some very nasty people in the world and something has to be done about it. Once that is accept it as a fact we can then look at, well, if you take everyone's programs out of their head, what would everyone be like then? Would that change things? Well, yes, it would. So that means then that most of the nastiness that comes from people is due to their education, not necessarily at school, but education at home education, peers, education, you know, blah, blah, movies, TV. And that's what makes us what we are nature and nurture. Once we understand that, we can start to stop producing now nasty people. Very, very easy. I'll show you an example, thought experiment, take Hitler. I always have a problem with this, take half a dozen evil people. And I can't think of any excuse. Just put your own evil people in this room, please, half a dozen of them. One is evil, because this person likes to destroy children's lives and other one is evil will because that person wants to take over the world and get rid of whatever certain races, whatever show you get all of these evil, horrible people that you wouldn't want to be near. Put them all in the same room. Show them all a method of meditating and raising out of their program, their education, their thought process, get them to sit in that meditative state for one minute. And for that one minute, those people would be the same as each other. There would be no anger, no aggression, no hatred, no angst, no bias, no racism, they would all be exactly the same, they would have this wonderful, still all loving, universal mind. And then when the program comes back, he got your ASOS back again, because they'll be following the program. So it doesn't matter how evil you are, how nasty you are, how bad things you've done in life, you still have the potential and the ability to be an enlightened being.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:25
Is there no, there's no question. And isn't there? Isn't that people that are at that lower vibration? They're they're at a very low dense vibration, hate anger? You know, revenge those kinds of those kinds of feelings and ideas, drop your vibration, is it that the far that the more evil, let's say quote unquote, evil, you are or negative? You are in that vibration? The farther away you are from source detached from the idea of oneness.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:12:58
Yes, that's better definitely

Alex Ferrari 1:13:01
Detach from the idea of that we are all one. And the closer you get to the idea that we are all one, you elevate that vibration more and more and more.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:13:11
Absolutely. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:13
Well, then let me ask you this, then the idea of co creation, that our our mind is we are in a partnership with to source energy with life that that universal energy that we're talking about. And we are in a partnership with CO creating that reality for ourselves. We're writing the code along with the programmer, if you will, what are your ideas upon that concept of co creation? Because that's a difficult idea for so many people to understand that like, Well, wait a minute, I'm the one that asked for these abusive parents. I'm the one that asked for this, you know, crazy boss that, you know, yells at me or this spouse or this car accident or whatever it happens to come into their lives. And we could talk about soul blueprints and all that kind of stuff. Other you know, karma and all that other stuff later. But generally speaking with the concept of co creation, what are your ideas with that?

Grandmaster Wolf 1:14:10
You talking about nature and nurture?

Alex Ferrari 1:14:13
A little bit. Yeah. But the concept of co creation is like you can change the reality that you are in by your thoughts, in many ways. Is or Am I incorrect?

Grandmaster Wolf 1:14:26
No, no, no, that's correct. The brain. What you're talking about actually doesn't have much to do spirituality. It has everything to do with the mind of matter. Matter is a self regulating entity, but it has no spirit other than you. Mine has no spirit other than me. So there is spirit in the matter. The matter is set off as a self regulating thing like a horse. You know, you ride a horse around all day long and the horse will take you wherever you need to go. It will tell You places you wouldn't be able to go without your horse, your horse will love you and you will love your horse. But your horse isn't you. It doesn't think like you, it has different physics, it has different weights, it eats different things. It's not you, you live completely different lives, completely different lives. And yet you can walk work together quite wonderfully, if you can get that horse to love you enough to serve you. And that's the trick with the body. Now, now that I've said that the human brain let's look at placebo, for instance. And I may swear here, okay, so you might have to bleep for me, good. You have an illness. You go, don't don't believe what I'm saying, right? You You don't have anyone to switch. Let's say you have an illness. And you go to several doctors, they can't do a damn thing with you. They don't know what's wrong with you, they can't help you there. Sorry. You go to some Maximus, neurologists, you name it, you've been to them, they can't do a thing for you. They're starting to tell you to make funeral arrangements. As a last ditch resort, you go and see a mystic mistake comes to you you have great faith in the mistake, the mistake shows you a couple of things that can be done something that would seem miraculous, or you just go to a different doctor will do the same thing. And this doctor, if he knows what he's doing, he will listen to your story. And then he will look around, and you'll pull his drawer open. And he goes, Look, I shouldn't be doing this. I have a tablet here. And if I give this tablet to you, and you take this at midnight tonight, make sure you drink a full glass of water while you're having this, that's imperative that this happens. You'll be on your way to being fully healed tomorrow, okay? He gives that to you, you go home, you take your tablet, you drink your glass of water, you're fully mindful of what you've just done. And of course, tomorrow, you've just healed yourself and the tablet was sugar. That's all it was. It has no medicinal properties whatsoever. So that's your brain created the placebo, it's hypnosis. You know, under hypnosis, if I convinced you that this pen is a red hot poker, and put it on your hand, your hand will blister. That's a fact. Because it thinks that's that that's what it is. Your brain will believe anything you tell us. That's just the way it is. And, and this is why hypnosis works. So what I'm getting at here is when you know how to work with the brain, and you know how to turn certain buttons on and off, you can create miracles with that brain, and it will heal things that no one else could possibly heal, it could make things move, that shouldn't be able to move, it can do many, many miraculous things. So if you know we're talking about magic, you're always doing magic on yourself. For every thought that you have that you think is real, it's going to have a placebo effect on you. And that can be a curse, or it can be whatever the opposite of a curse is.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:23
A blessing a blessing. Let's

Grandmaster Wolf 1:18:26
Thank you, thank you, it can be a blessing.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:31
But the placebo only works, if you believe the source that that idea is coming from. So in my parents generation, anyone with a white coat, who calls himself a doctor knows all that you go. And if a doctor says here's this pill that we just had this, they'll believe it. If I tell them the same thing, they'll go, No, you're you're you have no they don't believe that. So it all depends on the belief system of the person in this in this scenario. So with that same thought pattern or that same idea, you can then believe if you have a truth, belief in co creation of your own universe, you can do miraculous things, doors that were shot will open. People that you never thought would come into your life have come it come into your life.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:19:20
And all of a sudden, what you think will come to be

Alex Ferrari 1:19:25
You know, and I'll tell you what, for years, I worked in the film industry. For years I wanted to talk and have access to Oscar winners and movie stars and big time producers and all of this right. And anytime I got close again the room sometimes but I never could block it in ever. I can never get there. And then the second I started this little podcast on filmmaking I did eight years ago. All of a sudden, I have Oscar winners have big movie stars. I have big giant producers who are on my phone Oh, and I can call, because we've become friends, access to people that would have never had been access to before, just by switching the belief system of what I believe was possible. And now I can talk to whoever I want to in my life, and they just start to show up. It's a pretty miraculous thing.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:20:20
It's it's a wonderful thing.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:22
It's it's a basis of what the law of attraction when that movie came out 20 years ago, the secret, it was the seed of this concept. You know, because people misunderstand the law of attraction and how it works and all this because like, it's not about, hey, I need a new car. But this is the idea of this co creation idea is really powerful. Jim had to talk to you for another five hours, my friend, but you will you will fall asleep. Because I know you're tired where you are.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:20:51
I really, really apologize, Alex, but just in the last 20 minutes, I'm just going.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:56
No, no, no, no, it's all good. It's all good. I completely understand. Listen, you've given me more than enough time, and I appreciate your time, I want to ask you a few questions. I ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Grandmaster Wolf 1:21:09
Being happy

Alex Ferrari 1:21:12
What is your definition of God?

Grandmaster Wolf 1:21:16
I don't have one.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:19
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Grandmaster Wolf 1:21:21
To understand self

Alex Ferrari 1:21:24
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing? I'll answer for him. There's a website. I'll put it in the show notes for everybody in the description so people can actually reach out to grandmaster. He's a horrible marketer for himself.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:21:45
Anyone out there wants to become a manager, I'm open to discussion.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:52
And do you have any final messages for the audience?

Grandmaster Wolf 1:21:55
The world some absolutely wonderful, magnificent things are going to be happening in the world in the next year or so. Life is going to get much much better, I can guarantee you that. Some things are going to be happening soon in the world that is just going to blow everybody's minds. And I'm talking spiritual stuff. Space travel. Yeah. Yeah, it's it's, we're due for a revolution and it's about and it's already started. So I guess the message is this. It doesn't matter how bad things seem at the moment. Just look after yourself. Look after your loved ones. Stay healthy, stay happy, and be patient because life is about to get so much better for everyone. Guaranteed.

Alex Ferrari 1:22:54
Grandmaster Wolf, thank you so much for coming on the show. And this has been a profound conversation. Uh, you're welcome back anytime I'm gonna have we have to have you back and have deeper conversations about other aspects of reality in the future, my friend but I truly, truly appreciate you being on the show and sharing your knowledge and experience with us my friend. Thank you.

Grandmaster Wolf 1:23:14
I have absolutely thoroughly enjoyed myself tonight. Alex, thank you very much. Let's definitely do this again. And next time I'll have a nap before hand.

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