Medium/Channel’s NDE Showed Her “I’m No Longer Afraid of Death” with Ginette Biro

In today’s enlightening episode, we welcome an extraordinary guest whose life has been a journey through both light and shadow, Ginette Biro. With her profound abilities as a medium, Ginette has spent her life bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Her journey began in childhood, feeling the presence of invisible beings, which later blossomed into a full embrace of her mediumship around the age of twenty.

Ginette’s early years were marked by fear and confusion, sensing spirits without understanding why. She recalls, “I would go to bed at night and know there were people standing around me.” This fear turned into acceptance when she encountered her lifetime guide, a turning point that led her to fully explore her mediumship abilities. She describes a pivotal moment: “One of my guides actually was standing down the end of the hallway. He said, ‘Ginette, look down the hall.’ And that moment validated everything for me.”

Her journey took a significant turn with a profound near-death experience (NDE) three years ago. During a surgery, Ginette found herself in a realm beyond, greeted by her grandmother and other spirits from her past. She explains, “I knew exactly where I was. I was on the other side.” This experience led her to a deeper understanding of her life’s blueprint and the ability to alter her destiny by choosing health and other life paths consciously.


  1. Embrace Your Path: Ginette emphasizes the importance of embracing your unique spiritual journey. Whether through mediumship, healing past traumas, or exploring new spiritual practices, each path leads to deeper self-knowledge.
  2. Connect with Nature: She underscores the healing power of nature, drawing from the energy of elements like water and trees. “The frequency of nature is a powerful tool for grounding and healing,” she says.
  3. Trust in Your Guides: Ginette’s experiences with her guides highlight the importance of trusting the guidance from higher beings. These guides are always present, offering wisdom and support, even in the most challenging times.

Ginette’s life is a testament to the integration of spiritual awareness with everyday living. Her connection to her guides and the higher realms provides her with insights that help others navigate their own spiritual paths. She shares, “One of the biggest things I understood from my experiences is that we come here to learn conscious choice. It’s about making decisions that align with our higher selves.”

Her teachings also extend to understanding the current global shifts. According to her guides, we are in a period of rapid ascension, likened to walking into a dark forest equipped with the tools and knowledge gained from self-work. “We’re stepping into this dark forest right now,” she explains, “and those who have been doing the work are well-prepared for the journey ahead.”

As we wrapped up our conversation, Ginette channeled a message from her guides, emphasizing the importance of seeing life’s challenges as layers to be peeled back, revealing growth and learning. They also encouraged connecting with the Earth’s frequency for grounding and support, highlighting the profound healing available through nature.

In conclusion, Ginette Biro’s journey from fear to embracing her mediumship, her transformative NDE, and her continued guidance from higher beings offer profound lessons for all of us. Her story is a beacon of light, reminding us to embrace our spiritual paths, connect with nature, and trust in the guidance we receive from the spiritual realm.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ginette Biro.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 154

Ginette Biro 0:00
We're into what I call the dark forest right now. This is how my guides showed it to me and they were like for people that have been doing the work, digging into their traumas healing their past, you know, healing their bodies getting in touch with their soul thinking outside the box, whatever your pathway is, there isn't one right or wrong pathway, but it's about getting to know self and becoming better because of that. So for those that have been doing the work, that's like the same as packing a really good backpack full of good tools, extra clothes extra food as you step in with a flashlight to the dark forest.

Alex Ferrari 0:46
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I'd like to welcome to the show Ginette Biro. How are you doin Ginette?

Ginette Biro 1:23
Great thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:25
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about what you do, how you do it, the messages that are coming through you and all the good stuff that we're going to get into. So my first question is, how was your life prior to you fully embracing your abilities? Because I, from what I understand you've had these on and off since you were basically a child, but you didn't embrace them right away? Or tell me the story?

Ginette Biro 1:52
Yeah, so I embraced my mediumship abilities, it was around the age of 20 is when I was like, Okay, we're gonna figure this out. But up until then, like I can go back to the age of five, feeling people in my room. I knew there were invisible people in my room. But I didn't have like a family line of mediums or that grandmother, that wise grandmother who had sage, the house or something, I didn't have that. And so I didn't have this reference point, I had no reference point for what was happening. And I couldn't explain why I just knew, but I would go to bed at night and know there was people standing around me and I'd have the covers over my head. And so much of my early years with this gift was actually very scary, because I didn't understand it. Right. And then, you know, as I got older, I communicated with my grandmother after she passed, but in my mind, I was like that was just a dream, tried to logic it all away. And then I started hearing spirit and the ways that you hear spirit isn't always audibly, right. It's not always like an external voice. Sometimes it's a voice in your mind. Sometimes it's your own voice in your mind, but not your thought. And so to try and discern all that, when again, you don't have a reference point, led me into a ton of anxiety when I was 17. And so I say that because underneath all of that are on top of all of that I was like a normal kid doing sports and school and plays and everything. But I had this dislike bubbling scary aspect of my life that I wanted to understand but didn't know where to go to understand it. And so it was around the age of 20 ish, mid 20, early 20s that finally one of my guides actually was standing down the end of the hallway. And I was in the house by myself. And I was folding laundry and you know, there's always this kind of like, prickly or bubbly sensation when they come near. And now I really liked that feeling. But when I was younger, it would you know, give me the heebie jeebies. And that feeling came on. Then I heard this voice at the end of the hall this big, like firm masculine voice saying she net look down the hall. And I mean, you can imagine I kind of yelled every profanity I could think of out of tear. And he was like she net look down the hall. Right. And so I remember turning my head so slowly to see who is there. And it was actually my, what I've come to know now is my lifetime guide, standing there. And he was essentially like, now's your time to actually get into this, okay. And the thing that changed it for me was that my cat at the time was sitting there staring up at him looking at him with her tail kind of wagging, you know, like WAGs back and forth. And I knew in that moment that she saw him and I saw him and it just it was this piece that validated me being ready to dive into actually learning this instead of running from it. So that was a big change maker for me. So like you said, like I always kind of knew there was stuff but I kind of avoided it tried to be so normal, if I could put it that way. And then after that it experience, I was just like, Okay, we're gonna dive in and see what this means. And it led me to embracing my gift as a medium. And I worked. It was all through just kind of word of mouth that spread. And I was busy doing mediumship readings for about a decade. And then had an added near death experience. And then that further opened it. So like it's in these compounding experiences one on top of the other that has brought me to where I am today talking to you.

Alex Ferrari 5:29
So we're going to definitely get into your near death experience in a little bit. But I have to ask, so when you decided to dive in at 20, I imagine that everybody around you was like, Oh, you're your medium now. Fantastic. This is great. We accept you 110%. I'm assuming that wasn't the case. How did you deal with that psychologically? Like just that your friends? Maybe your family just didn't accept? Because I'm assuming when you came out as a medium, when did you come out fully? Did you do it quietly for a little while? You know, it's kind of like a closeted me.

Ginette Biro 6:08
Oh, really? Yeah. Because I mean, even back then to now now, it's so much more open. But even back then, which wasn't that long ago. Come on, let's be real. But it wasn't as accepted or as talked about as it is now. And so, you know, I did talk to my family very bluntly, I was like, Listen, guys, I am seeing deceased people and spirits. I talked to them. And I realized, I always have been feeling them. So I'm exploring this. And so it's kind of like, no one was like, Don't do this, or anything like that. But it was kind of like, Alright, you're not sure. You know, kinda like, we'll see. Because again, like, I didn't grow up in a line of mediums where it was like, Oh, welcome to the club, or something like that. It's just it was kind of like an unknown, but it. So it was like yet to be seen, I guess. And the more that they saw, you know, I would say something, and then it would happen, or I would validate something that I couldn't have known that maybe occurred before I was born and things like that, once enough of those things happen, then it was more accepted. But like you said, that closeted medium, I was willing to share it with kind of certain people, and it kind of just grew by word of mouth. So for the first 10 years of doing my mediumship work, it was all just word of mouth, I didn't really advertise, I didn't, I didn't have my website, I didn't, you know, it just kind of spread that way. And, and I was happy with that. I was like, Yeah, this is good. And you know, I'm doing my thing. But it was after my NDA II that my guys are like, so if you're going back, you know, you got to actually step up, and like, really share this. And I was like, Yeah, I get it now, for sure I'm in. So it was just kind of this neat evolution, but it did take time. But the driving force behind it for me was that I have always had this strong undercurrent, if I could call it or like, purpose within that, when it's pushing me in a direction, I have to go in that direction. Because if I try to go against it, it's just it's a non starter, I just can't go against it. And so that's, I think, but just kept pushing me through, to stand in my truth and keep going.

Alex Ferrari 8:24
So let me ask you, because you've, you obviously have connections or abilities to be able to talk to, to your spirit guides into people on the other side and have a much grander understanding of what's going on not only for other people, but for yourself in general, your own life mission, your own, you know, your own blueprint, if you will, that you kind of your soul journey of this life. Is there during all of that, is there an understanding of why you were given these gifts at this time? And that you're you know, because not everyone gets them, obviously. So why you and why this moment in this life? Do you? Did you get that under that understanding somewhere along the line?

Ginette Biro 9:09
Yeah, that's a great question. So what I've come to understand is there have been many lifetimes leading to this one, too. First of all, give me the resilience to keep going to give me the framework of past life understanding is that when ignited would just come back in memory or knowing it's kind of like, you know, when you say you try a new sport, and you realize you're really amazing, right? You're like, Wow, look how good I am at golfing, and this is my second time golfing, right? It's like, Well, you probably did that in the past life or something like that. Right. So what I heard from my guides is that there was much preparation for this lifetime. And essentially, being here now and everyone that does have these open gifts or open awareness to their purpose right now is so specific to the massive change that we're going through are in the world like we're in massive, rapid ascension, right? My guy had said from the year 2020 to 2024. It's about 100 years worth of intellectual and spiritual awakening condensed into four years. Right? So there are many souls here at this time opening and finding this like thing that's pushing them to do more to help to ascend to awaken, just like you are doing your thing, right, like you're living your purpose. So I feel it's very timely in conjunction to everybody else that's here at this time.

Alex Ferrari 10:33
It's fantastic. Now, when you when you first channeled was it before or after your near death experience?

Ginette Biro 10:40
I started channeling a little bit before I did, but I, I kind of kept that on the Download like there's these.

Alex Ferrari 10:48
I mean, you're a medium already. At this point. I think channeling is not that grand of a step. You could have just said, Oh, by the way, I also channeled now, I mean, it's

Ginette Biro 10:56
I know you would think so right. But I was like, oh, no, like that's going a step further. It was funny. Too much. Yeah, so I had channeled before, but I'm more comfortable now channeling because I really understand kind of the difference between the two and how it works and who I will channel like, I wouldn't just channel any spirit, right? Because it's a much tighter bond of energy to allow someone to channel three.

Alex Ferrari 11:24
Right! So So let me ask you this, because I always love asking channels this when you first channeled how to feel? Like, did you did you? Did you? Did it just happen? Were you just you know, you're making breakfast? And all of a sudden, someone's here? And do you know what's going on when you channel? Meaning like, do you hear what's going on? Are you just pushed to the side? And then afterwards, you're like, what happened? Like, what was that first time like?

Ginette Biro 11:50
Yeah, that's, that's funny. So I was very comfortable again, at this point doing mediumship. So mediumship. To me, again, everyone's different. But to me, I'm like a translator or an interpreter, right? So I hear spirit, I interpret it and share it with the person. So I'm like that middle person, right? So there's more consciousness that's going on of me being a part of the conversation. Whereas channeling is where like you said, I move more out of the way. So I'm like, say three quarters pushed out, in a way not pushed out, I step out, kind of, but I'm still connected. But I'm hearing it come through me and into my voice audibly. At the same time as somebody else. I'm not hearing it before and translating it. It's coming direct through me. And so the first time this really happened, I was doing a mediumship reading in the spirit that was coming through me, or connecting with me. She was telling me these things, and I was telling the person, but I kept not quite getting it the way she wanted it. And so it was so interesting. She said, um, she said, Do you mind if I just kind of direct through you? And I was like, okay, like, What do you mean, she's like, can you just like move over a little bit, and I'll just come direct through you. And so I remember saying, to my client, I'm like, I'm just, I'm just gonna channel this because she wants to speak directly. And he was essentially that, that's where I learned you just move to the side. And then they come direct through you and I had more of her like inflections, her cadence of speech, apparently, her tone, not that my voice fully changed. But you could see, or you could hear apparently, the similarities, and it just came directly through. And so it's like, I was hearing it for the first time, the same time as my client was. And so it's this free flow thing. And I would say, it varies how much I remember in detail of what is said and channeling, the higher the frequency of the being, the less that I remember in the moment. And the more that I'll need to go back and listen to get the full memory of it. But if it's like a family member or friend that wishes to channel through, then I'm usually more able to kind of keep up with what's coming through.

Alex Ferrari 14:02
So you also so unlike a lot of channels that I know they channels, they're exclusive. They they're kind of like an exclusive they're not dating. They've married the the the beings, either group of beings or or being that they are channeling, but you are able to not only channel your group of beings but also as almost like a next level medium. You don't translate but

Ginette Biro 14:28
Yeah, but I'm very like I don't do I don't allow a mediumship session to turn into a channel of that spirit. Often. That's probably been twice okay, right. But that's where I learned how to do it. But with channeling I am quite exclusive. There aren't many that I will channel

Alex Ferrari 14:48
But they're part of it. Are they part of this group? They call them the three guides of light?

Ginette Biro 14:54
They are at the three guys light is one of them but there's also sometimes, so not Kamara was like an Ascended Master will sometimes come in channeled through me too. It's not as common. So my usual go to would be the three gods of light.

Alex Ferrari 15:07
Gotcha. Okay, so. So when when you first channeled the guides, what was that? Like? Is this a little bit different than? Yeah, having you know, in relative going, can I just talk to you for a second, just so right?

Ginette Biro 15:22
Move over for a minute

Alex Ferrari 15:23
Just a minute. It's just gonna be quicker this way.

Ginette Biro 15:26
Literally, right? No. So the three guys have the light. So they are their light frequency. And the reason why I say this is because that's very high vibratory. So when they first came to me, they showed me as three kind of shadowed or outline figures that looked like the three or five pointed star human design, right with lots of light behind them. But when I then got to know them there, they were, like, you know, we're not actual embodied beings were light consciousness, we just showed you that so your brain would understand. We're a collective of consciousness. And I was like, Okay, so the reason why I say that is because that frequency, the body of the human physical body can only merge with that frequency for so long before it exhausts itself. Right? Like it's so high vibratory it's like sprinting, you can only sustain a sprint for so long, you can train it to sprint longer, but you can only do it for so long. So when I first started channeling them, it was quite short. And then it grew over time. But they're now I find when their energy comes in, it's like this kind of wash and merge with like, warm water or like when you feel sunbeams on your face in the summer, and you step out in the morning, and you feel it just like wash your body. It's kind of like that.

Alex Ferrari 16:42
Okay. All right. So, so you're you're living a fairly interesting life at this point. You're doing, you're doing some good work. And then you happen to have a near death experience. Can you talk a little bit about because your life not interesting enough? So we need to throw this into the mix. What Tell me about your near death experience?

Ginette Biro 17:02
Yeah, so that was three years ago now. And what's interesting is what led me to that was, I used to have a lot of troubles with my menstrual cycle, essentially, I would hemorrhage every month. And so it was so severe that you know, we couldn't fix it, we finally had to do surgery, essentially, that's to really make it a small short story. So we get to the point of surgery, and there was something really interesting. And I mean, I wrote a book about it. So there's the whole story in there, of how it led me to that moment. But what happened was, you know, going into the operating room, I had this amazing sense of excitement. And I've had surgery before and I'm not usually like excited and wanting to high five people, but like, I swear I could hear music in the background. Or maybe I just felt music, but like excitement. And I remember when the anesthesiologist came to put me under, I felt like a kid who was waiting for the lifeguard to say I could have my turn on the waterslide. Right, like, you know, when you're waiting there, and you're like, come on, and let me go, let me go. And it was so interesting, because as soon as I was put under I, my grandmother who was in Spirit came and met me. And what was interesting is when I started walking up this kind of like grassy hill where I could see the blades of grass, at like, in finite detail if I wanted to, or not. And the sky was like, this was beautiful, amazing summer blue. I knew where I was, like I knew exactly where I was, I knew I was on the other side. And I knew this was vastly different from any other astral travel I had done, or spirit communication. And we have spent 1000s of hours in readings talking to spirits about their transition, how they died all of this. But none of that was the same as this as being there. It's like feet on the ground, right. And so I walked up this this hill with my grandmother. And we came upon this like summer barbecue, like atmosphere picnic kind of thing. And I could see the the red and white checkered tablecloth. And what I realized was there was all of these spirits from my life that had crossed over, but lifetimes before. And I knew them all. And they were just walking up and I was giving them the best hugs that you can imagine. It's like you want a toddler, I always say when a toddler throws themselves in your arms, you know, they're giving you all of their love, right? And that's what the hugs on the other side felt like and I got to spend the time reminiscing and talking to people from lifetimes before being like what have you been up to what's been going on and and so it felt like I spent hours there hours. And then after that my grandmother took me to this separate place kind of at the what I call like the edge of the galaxy or where the the edge of the universe where the universe is essentially creating itself. We were in this white room with this massive whiteboard room table. And I had my accounts All around me my guides, we all have a group of guides or counsel and and they rolled out on the table, these blueprints. And I was like, what I always explained to people that our life was like a tapestry, right. And we like weave the weavings of fate and all this as tapestry. They rolled it out and showed it to me as blueprints. And I remember looking at it thinking like, this looks like architect blueprints like how cool is that? Right? And so when they rolled it out, I saw this massive line down the center. And it still had this energy moving back and forth. It's kind of iridescent energy that you know, it was like lifeforce. And so my guides and I, we went through my life review, up until that point, like where we were, and we went through everything. And then there was a certain piece that was remaining. Now the piece that was remaining was about six inches long in my memory. But I can't remember how long that is compared to what we reviewed before like one of my guide shoulders is right in the way. So I don't know how long it is because of course I would measure to see, right. So we go through that. And so sorry, once we hit that juncture where we were right, then that's when they asked me if I wanted to stay or come back. And that's when I really realized the juncture point that I was at. I was like, wow, oh, well, yeah, I want to go back. And so they said, you know, if you if you go back, then you have the opportunity now with what's remaining of your life to change out different juncture points. And I was like, oh, and so they said you will remember the first one, but you won't remember the others until they happen. And the first one, I remember it was like a fuse and a fuse box kind of thing. Like I was pulling up this fuse. And remember, it was one of chronic illness, because I'd always had something wrong. Right? Growing up, I get sick, easy, all this kind of stuff. And so I remember pulling it out and being like, Are you sure I can do this? And they're like, Yeah, and I put it down and it picked one of health. Like, put it back in. And I remember kind of thinking like, we'll see you guys we'll see, right? Because I was so used to just being the one who was always sick. And so I changed a bunch of them, which really taught me the idea of how much we do design our life blueprint, right. That's our destiny piece. And so, after I did that, they asked me again, do you want to stay like, Are you sure you want to go? Or do you want to stay here. And that's when I had the opportunity to see my higher self essentially, separate from me, yet still the same as me. And I know that doesn't make sense, really in our human terms. But on the other side, so many other things make sense. And when I got to see the value, and the awe and wonder that my higher self had for the human experience, how much what we're all doing right now and the triumphs and the pitfalls and the struggles and the successes and everything in between how valuable that is to the soul. I was like, wow, yeah, I absolutely have to go back. And so that's when I had an understanding that my body had been weakened up to that point, that if I decided to stay, I would have they it was basically like a light switch. And it would have just been a switch, essentially, that would have had me code on the table in the operating room and just have a massive heart attack, and not be revived. And so I was like, No, I'm gonna go back. And so it was interesting, because at that point, then everything this next piece happened with this within a span of like, three, four seconds, but I heard the nurse in the recovery room says you net, are you awake, and then I felt my spirit go like mush back into my body. But I could still feel my grandmother with me. But then my higher self came in so clear. And I'm not clear after surgery. I'm quite the comic actually. And my higher self came in and said to the nurse with my eyes closed, it was like, I need you to write something down. And the nurse stopped what she was doing. And she's like, okay, honey, what is it and I was like, I need you to write down these four phrases. I'm a medium and they're very important, then I need you to fold up the paper and put it in my hand. Like I gave her clear didn't like instructions. And so she did. And so I wrote it down. I have it on my desk here. So this is the paper from surgery. And these words wouldn't really make sense to people it I mean, it's great Baba tree roots time to entwine and I went far. So it doesn't really make sense to people. Baba was my grandmother. But what happened was my higher self caught the nurse before I had any pain meds put into my body. Because my higher self knew that if I had pain meds, I would question all of it. Right? Like, there's still a linear sense to me, right? So I you know, I had that paper, I gave it to my mum. And after I was in recovery, I was like, don't lose this paper. And then it was a couple of days later when I had no more payments and my body spirit was like, It's time for you to read the paper. And I remember I unfolded it, I read those four statements. And it just everything flooded back to me. I already knew something significant happened. I had pieces of the memory, but these words triggered the whole experience. And I remember I sat that afternoon talking to my parents, I was like, Guys, I have to tell you have a story. And they're like, Wow. And then I wrote my book, like, it just all poured out. And so that's, that was my end II. And the best nutshell I could give you.

Alex Ferrari 25:29
That is this amazing story. And what I find fascinating is when you pulled out the the fuse of health, about health and put in good health, and you're literally like, we'll see. It's fascinating to me, because you're on the other side, it's not your first rodeo in the spirit world. And yet, you're like, Yeah, I don't believe this.

Ginette Biro 25:53
Right! I know, because it was like, it honestly was a part of my identity, I realized to be often ill. And so it took probably about a good year for me to actually trust that I was no longer that.

Alex Ferrari 26:07
But did you have a life review or anything like that, or no life review?

Ginette Biro 26:10
I did. When we reviewed my blueprint, that first part up until there we reviewed all the things that I've done up until that point.

Alex Ferrari 26:16
So was your life review? On the table? Or was it like that 360 looking at everything at the same time feeling both sides of the interactions? How was it for you?

Ginette Biro 26:28
Mine was like, it was almost like, I've seen many spirits explain exactly what you you just explained. Mine, though. Interesting enough, was almost like having a parent teacher interview with my guides, where we went over, like, the different events, how I did, what I thought about it, what they thought about it, what we could do different next time, you know, and like, tie everything up into a nice bow. So like all of that, to get me to where I could then decide what I thought I wanted to do.

Alex Ferrari 26:58
And most I mean, you're the first that said, I interviewed probably 2030 Near Death Experiences that said, No, I want to go back. Like right away. Most say no, this feels way too good up here. Why would I want to go back to that pain and that suffering? And that all that kind of weirdness and the heaviness and all this kind of stuff? You were the first to say no, no, I want to I want to go back. Which is which is interesting. But again, you're at a whole other you know, you're playing with different set of rules, if you will, because of the abilities that you were given. So early on. That's fascinating. When you came back though, you said earlier that they said okay, if you go back, you got to take this seriously, or you got to you gotta start doing real.

Ginette Biro 27:44
Yeah, that was that was my my promise to them, essentially, that I would not just kind of, you know, stay half in the closet, one foot out maybe right and just do it word of word of mouth, that I had to start sharing my voice and what I know, right, and I call it the sharing of stories, I think we can learn so much from hearing people's stories, their experience, right experience gives us wisdom, we can learn from other people's experiences. And so the deal was that I would step it up. And so I started my podcast, and I started my YouTube channel and I started Avalon spirit, and which is the the company and I just started doing the things to create an opportunity for information for people to take it or leave it.

Alex Ferrari 28:31
So I have to ask because there's, you know, if I had someone like you and the family, I'm assuming sometimes it could get abusive. Meaning that so can you talk to the guides? Or can you ask the medium? Can you talk to grandma, can I get grandma real quick? I mean, you're essentially a phone, a telephone, the direct line almost? Is that happened? I always wanted to know, like, Do you Do you have children? Right? Do you have children? Yeah, your children or husband or family members or friends are like, Listen, I'm going through some tough day at work. Should I really fire this person? Or should I you know, should I invest in Tesla? Should I?

Ginette Biro 29:09
Right! So does that happen? Yeah, it does. It does. But I have to say no one's like, no one's abusive about it. But it's really interesting. The point in which people, not everyone, but some people do turn to me, I'm like, Ooh, it must be pretty significant if they're asking my feelings on this, right. So it's, it's funny, but I have to say I'm, I'm really lucky that I have a lot of great supportive people and pretty non intrusive people. But I mean, I would want to ask to you should see how much I asked my guides and they, they actually they'll just silence it. Sometimes if I'm relying on them too much and I need to actually not be codependent, they'll be like, okay, and they won't say much for a while until I kind of get on my own two feet again. So

Alex Ferrari 29:53
you can't ask the guides. So Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, which one which Apple by Apple It's been quite a thing. Should I do this goal? What should I buy?

Ginette Biro 30:03
Yeah, sometimes they will no, sometimes they will give you insights. And then sometimes they're like, this one's actually more of a life lesson for you. So what do you think? Right? You're gonna dictate your destiny at this point. It's like,

Alex Ferrari 30:16
And you're just like a son of how am I just tell me what to do? It's like, that's not the point of this. That's not the point of this. So which brings us to another another question. What, for people who don't understand? Because I mean, you and I both have a different understanding of this. You know, from my experience, interviewing speaking to so many people on the show, I have, I think, an understanding of what what we're here to do, why we're here, why there is pain? Why is there suffering, all this kind of stuff? The question I always, or the comment I always hear from people is like, if there's a God, how can we allow so much pain and suffering and war and all this kind of stuff. But if you look at it more from a macro sense of a souls journey, and the lessons that they have to learn, it makes sense. It's hard to understand it from our perspective, but very easily understand it from the tops perspective. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

Ginette Biro 31:14
Yeah, I mean, that's a great question. Earth life is very dense. It's dense, energetically, it's also very emotional. We have like heightened emotions here. So as much as we feel the highs, we also feel the lows, but we need the lows to recognize the highs. It's all part of the learning of Earth life. So when we decide as a soul, we want to come to earth we're coming essentially, she like Earth school. And I love whoever coined that was right on the money because it is Earth school. Not all learning is easy. And one of the biggest things that I understood from my experiences was that we come here to learn conscious choice to master the understanding of conscious choice, which so many of us miss, we want someone else to tell us what to do even spirit to tell us what to do. What should I do here? What do I do here, and what we're coming here to do is to learn through not always knowing and meandering through the mud, to get to the surface, through our choices. And so when we add consciousness to those choices, is when we really get to grow and evolve as a soul. What do I want to do in this moment? What feels right for me? And why is that? Right? When we start actually asking those questions and actually following through on them, we become so much more high vibratory and our frequency, which then helps us ascend and grow, right. And that's really what we're wanting to do. So one is conscious choice. And the other one is the, the gaining of wisdom through experience, right, we gain great wisdom when we go through challenging things, right? And then in retrospect, that experience gives us so much more, the more we ponder different angles of that experience. Right? So I think, for me, anyway, my understanding is that those are the two heavy hitters of why we come here

Alex Ferrari 33:03
In from, from my point of view, as from where I come from, which is the film industry, and storytelling and movies and things like that, when you're writing a script. It's kind of like grinding the blueprint of your soul, which is like, okay, so I need to give this character, some adversity, if not, the story is boring, and they don't grow. Because if they're the same person, as they were, from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie, it's not a good movie, they have to, you have to change the main character has to change. You know, Luke Skywalker becomes a Jedi Knight, he's not a farm boy anymore. There's, they went through all sorts of things. So it's kind of like you have to have those obstacles in your life in order to grow and evolve as a as a person in as a character in a movie. It's, which is kind of similar to what we're going through in this grand movie that we're all in.

Ginette Biro 33:57
And, you know, to speak that up to that even one step further. I've talked to many different souls, too, that actually came in for human experience of what is called a resting lifetime. Where they're the ones that Yeah, right. They're the ones that come in for like, the live till they're 95. And they smoke and drink and run marathons. And they have lots of money, and they're happily married, and they're, or whatever brings them happiness. And then they die in their sleep. And that's it. Right? So those souls will be like, you know, what, I had a great time, I, my soul wanted an opportunity to rest and experience the goodness of this because, you know, I had four or five lifetimes in a row that were really hard on Earth, I just wanted to experience the opposite. And so they'll do that, but they're like, I didn't gain a lot of wisdom, though that lifetime, but that's okay. Right. So it's kind of like, if we're going to do something, how involved do we want to get into it? Right, like, are we gonna Are we like, Okay, I'll take this and this and this and this because it means we'll get it all done at one time. Right. And that's what a lot of us have done. And so that's why a lot of us have experienced a lot of adversity. The, in our experience here because we're like, if I'm going there, I'm gonna get it done. So that maybe either I don't have to go back or I can make a big difference but like are getting in let's get in and get dirty.

Alex Ferrari 35:10
Right! And that's a great analogy and I love and I've heard the concept of the vacation lifetime, multiple times where it makes sense because there's some people look like they're born into billionaires, they have no worries. They're just there's just, they're basically gluttony throughout their throughout their life. You wonder like, she smoked a pack every day for 60 years and died at 95 in her bed sleeping here, like how was that fair? Like, oh, yeah, she smokes. She drank she, you know, she, she mainlined pour grease like it's.

Ginette Biro 35:44
And here we are with like vitamins and air filters and like barely crawling by.

Alex Ferrari 35:49
Right, exactly. It's just fascinating, because there are those people I started with documentary years ago, of old, like sanitarians. And there was this old guy in England, who drank every day and smoke. He was 106. And he was drinking and smoking, just walking around London, like it was nothing. And when they interviewed him, he's like, don't do what I do. And he's just smoking to die, I die, you'll die if you do what I do. And he and he just did his thing. And I was just like, always like, is that genetics? Like not to vacation lifetime?

Ginette Biro 36:25
Yeah, literally. Yeah, it is right there. Right there.

Alex Ferrari 36:28
That's a perfect example of it. So there's so many crazy things happening in life right now, Jeanette. I mean, we'd like you've mentioned before, we are in this kind of moment of great ascension, and great awakening. And when there is that kind of awakening, there has to be a little bit of chaos, to kind of get it into the light so it can be healed and move forward. Can you talk a little bit about what your guides have told you about what is happening right now? And what we can expect in the future? Because from what I hear, it's not going to, it's gonna get a little worse, before it gets better. So we're not out of the woods just yet. That's what I hear from other people I've spoken to. But I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Ginette Biro 37:15
Yeah. So if I go back to starting in 2020, okay, that I'm going to start with these four years and then move from that. So the four years that we're in right now, 2020 to 2024, like I said, as 100 years worth of intellectual and spiritual growth and awakening condensed into four years. And so what we saw, it's kind of in the shape of a you, because it's like humanity as a collective needed to do a u turn and get back to goodness, because it was going the wrong way. So the first half of that was like the downwards part of the EU, which was essentially massive crumbling, total chaos. And we all felt like we were tumbling down a mountain, just like snowballing losing all of our stuff yardsaling everything on us to finally kind of hit a bottom. And then it was kind of moving through the unknown of this bottom part of the EU. But now we're in the upward swing. Now, I want to say the upward swing is more like an uphill hike, versus, you know, gently trotting up a hill, like, we're into what I call the dark forest right now. This is how my guides showed it to me. And they were like for people that have been doing the work, digging into their traumas, healing their past, you know, healing their bodies, getting in touch with their soul, thinking outside the box, whatever your pathway is, there isn't one right or wrong pathway. But it's about getting to know self and becoming better because of that. So for those that have been doing the work, that's like the same as packing a really good backpack full of good tools, extra clothes, extra food as you step in, with a flashlight to the dark forest. Right. Those that haven't done the work are walking into the forest with a T shirt and matches and it's going to rain and a dream. And a dream. Yeah, exactly, exactly. So we're stepping into this dark forest right now. And I say dark because it's you know, there's still a lot of stuff shrouding our understanding of where it's going, but we are moving uphill. And so if we can, if we keep coming back to that, and remember to pace ourselves to rest when we need to, you know, rehydrate, meaning rebalance our energies when we need. Remember, we have a flashlight, remember, we have the tools, we don't need to be afraid of the unknown, we can actually make a real impact as we move up that hill, right, and we can also be beacons of light for other people. So we're stepping into that. So what that means is, under the surface, there are more things falling into place that need to fall into place, with a lot of the things that have crumbled, but we're still gonna see with that, under the surface part, it still has to finish pushing up, right and the crumbling that we've seen, we still have to crumble. Now those kinds of foundational There's, so that takes a little bit more work. So it's not done yet. So we're stepping into having more of humanity actually awaken than I think we realize. Some people might say I'm overly positive, but honestly, that's the vibe that I feel, I feel such brightness under the surface, it really seems to be stepping into more awakening than we realize, there's still a bit more crumbling that has to happen. But the more that we embody who we are, the more come 2024 2025 Although there's going to be still probably more strife and oppositional frequencies, we're also going to be having this big growth of embodied partnerships. That's not just in relationships, but all of the healing that many people have done individually, will now have a steady frequency that they can pair and merge with others, whether that be personal relationships, community, social relationships, even government, I'm gonna go as far as say, even potentials in government to actually be governing in a way that benefits the greater collective. Stop it. I know. Come on, don't be positive. Don't see this happening overnight, though. So you know, up until 2030, we still have a lot of hard work to do. But what we need to do is those that are, you know, really standing true in their selves and feeling their frequency, they need to stay solid in staying who they are, because that frequency helps others find that solidness and themselves. And every single change starts within the individual. So the more that we really realized that an anchor who we are, the more we're going to create this beautiful ripple effect that is going to help to raise the garbage to let the goodness come through.

Alex Ferrari 41:45
So will you tell him this is going to be a hell of a decade?

Ginette Biro 41:48
Yes, yes. epic, epic, but a lot of them massive crumbling? have happened. It doesn't mean that there won't be more but I feel like a lot of the massive crumbling, crumbling has have happened.

Alex Ferrari 42:03
Yeah, it just it seems like there's a lot of old systems then need to be brought down. So the new ones can be rebuilt up around. And that pandemic was the first thing that that was the first shot across the bow as they say, Yeah, it really helped a lot of us reevaluate our lives. Yeah, sure. I mean, it's massive change. We're still, we're still under employed. People are just like, No, I don't want to work like that. If you're gonna make, it's fascinating. It's, I always people are like, Oh, we don't have enough staff. I'm like, where are all the people they used to work with? What are they doing now? Like, how are they making a living? I don't understand, like, I get you don't want to do this gig anymore. But yeah, how will you survive, you just can't be at home. No one's paying you to just be at home right now. But people are making changes,

Ginette Biro 42:49
You know, and what my guides are showing me right now to they're saying, mentioned, eyes opened. And so what they're getting at is like, a lot of what has happened has allowed many people to open their eyes to either think outside the box, or look outside the box, that what actually is maybe reality, or what can be reality. Again, it's not such a linear way of thinking now we're expanding into higher consciousness. So eyes are being opened forcibly.

Alex Ferrari 43:18
Now, you've mentioned your guides. Is there anything that the guides specifically want to tell our audience right now about any messages? They might have anything like that? Do they want to come in through you or channeled through you or just mention it however they want to get the message through? I'm just curious if they have anything to say, however it works.

Ginette Biro 43:37
Let me just tune into them. Just give me one moment here, let me Sure. Okay, I'm gonna let them just come straight through. Okay. We're really grateful for this opportunity to connect with you all today and share messages of consciousness. Our advice to you now is to look at the unfoldings on your planet in layers, see them as layers. Because when you do this, it is less overwhelming. The human consciousness often gets overwhelmed easily when emotions get involved. Therefore, if you see it in layers, you can see the unfolding and the growth in steps. This is a recommendation for you. As each layer comes off, it allows new skin to be shown to be seen to be understood. This way, you will not be overwhelmed. We also wish to share with you the value of number patterns right now. We've been bringing through as have many spirits being we're bringing through repeated number patterns to help you move forward in your journey, as well as to feel supported. Any repeating them number patterns that you are seeing right now are bringing messages of encouragement or things that may be unfolding for you. Again, this is one of the easiest ways for us to come through with this Have a message. Lastly, we ask that you ground into the beautiful consciousness of your planet. Many don't realize the frequency that Mother Earth holds. Gaia, her energy is a force for you. Force of grounding of steadiness of peace. Her frequency is five d already, you can draw from her energy at any time. Simply pause, place your intention to focus in with her. Spending time near the water's edge or in the forest, mountaintops anywhere in which you feel expansive, allows you the opportunity to connect with Gaia. You can ground and recenter your energy there. This is also one of your greatest gifts but many seem to miss that was an abrupt ending on their part No,

Alex Ferrari 45:56
and out funny, that's fine. I thank you so much for that. That was That's just you know, I felt something while we were talking about that was it's it's fascinating anytime I feel anytime I see it, or have a channel on the on the show, and they and they bless us with a channel like a channeling session. Like on the show. It's really interesting people in the comments are like, Oh, my God, I got the chills. Oh my god, like it just it just and it lives. It lives in the recording the energy, vibration lives in the recording.

Ginette Biro 46:31
Absolutely, absolutely. And I love that they brought up the three random things, too, again. Of course. Of course.

Alex Ferrari 46:43
No, that was That was beautiful. And I love what they said about, you know, just go into nature. This is something I would love to hear your thoughts on as well. That people don't understand the power of just walking in nature, the energy of just walking around at a park or going hiking or just being around trees or just you know, going to the ocean. I think the ocean is the at least for me, it's always been the biggest energy. You could feel the energy coming off because it's so massive and, and all that energy from the waves and stuff there. And there is some science based on what is going on at the beach, as well. Can you explain to people what a healing effect how important it is? To be in nature more and more as we move forward?

Ginette Biro 47:31
Absolutely. I mean, we really are undervaluing the energetics and consciousness in the elements. We just see them as an element, like a thing, but we don't realize there's a consciousness in it. And I mean, if we use water, for example, I actually just last week did a podcast with a fabulous lady about the consciousness of water. And we dove into that whole idea. And if many of your viewers I would imagine, have heard of even Dr. Masaru Emoto, to write messages and water. So if we think of water alone, how water moves through all things, like moderate water moves through people, trees, mountains, the atmosphere comes back down, like it has been moving through all things forever. It's fascinating. And water has the ability to you know, take in frequencies. So water alone is a massively healing frequency, informative frequency, mind bending frequency, like that's why oceans and lakes and rivers are so powerful, right? So even if we then take the element of water, and the element of land, where we merge, right where water merges with land, if you're walking on that water's edge, like and you tune into those two frequencies, that will alone amplify your healing ability, as well as your intuitive spirit connection, just by tuning into the frequency. And then if we go to the understanding of trees, I mean, trees, forests alone are this amazing network library type thing and spirit one time, said to me, they're like, if you guys only realized the amount of knowledge embedded energetically in trees, every tree would be like a Google page. And when you connect into that frequency, it's like downloading that information and it's all connected in by the mycelium underground. Right so it's this like internet like network of consciousness and information through the forest so like, we're walking around on earth all the time not realizing the magnitude of frequencies available to us. So when we tune into that without having to understand it, but we just tune into the energy of it. It can be amplifying cleansing, healing and inspiring

Alex Ferrari 49:46
don't get me started on fungus. Yeah All right. Don't get fungi or mushrooms boy because that day i That's my new fascination after started learning more about what they do. They are respond they from what I understand from One of the experts in the and people are like mushrooms. Wait a minute, stay stay safe stay with us for a second, that we have more in common genetically with mushrooms than almost any other being on on the planet. Which is, and I might be misquoting something along the but we have a deep connection to mushrooms, and to fungi. And what they do underneath the soil. And what they how they connect. And it's like it's just I mean, it's just watch the the fabulous fungi documentary. That's a great show. Oh, what a great and then there's a new one on Netflix I forgot where they it's a four part series about when they go to psilocybin, peyote. That other one MD for forgot what the other one is, and I Alaska. And they just go into all of those different, which most of those are based out of mushroom, two of them are mushrooms. But what what the science is behind them what they do to your mind, it just gets fascinating. I've been fascinated with psilocybin, I haven't taken any of it. I don't think I dwell on it. But from what I hear from people who do talk about going on trips, ROM Das was one of them. That it pales in comparison to when you meditate at a high level. Because it's kind of like, you're like sneaking in the back door for a quick second with psilocybin. And the glimpse that you get is just like, Oh my God, but when you are able to live there, which is like the Maharishi and those kind of Ascended Masters or living masters were able to do. It's a whole other experience, which I also want to ask you do you meditate?

Ginette Biro 51:50
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 51:53
So what is it? So I so I meditate. I'm a very heavy meditator. I do two, three hours a day? And what I know what it's like for me? What is it like for you? Because you're connected to spirit so much, and you chat on? What is a meditation session like that for you? And how long have you been doing it?

Ginette Biro 52:12
So I have been meditating. Probably since my 20s. Right. So not that long ago,

Alex Ferrari 52:20
obviously. Yeah, like, obviously, like yesterday. Yeah, totally.

Ginette Biro 52:25
Yeah. So I've been meditating for a long time. Now what it looks like for me is so vast and varied. So I actually love that you asked that question, because there is not one way to meditate, right? Whether it's walking, meditation, sitting, you know, chanting so many ways to meditate painting playing music. For me, it really depends. It depends on am I meditating for work, and my wife meditating, to download some information to spirit need to have a meeting with me. And then I sometimes go to a different astral plane to connect with them. When I do my own meditation to just tune in, and you know, not do anything. I go to this most beautiful tropical beach, and it's got purple skies, that's kind of like the sunset, and I walk along the water's edge there. And I just I go, and I'm so fully there, that I can hear the water and I can feel the breeze and all of that. And to me, that is my most peaceful meditative state. A lot of the other ones are like deep journeys of traveling through time and space here or, you know, astral projecting here or downloads, like I said, so it's very varied. But my favorite is that beach.

Alex Ferrari 53:42
Very, very cool. Yeah, it's pretty powerful. When you start meditating like that. When you get sick. Have you been surprised by certain messages you've gotten? Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Oh, yes. Yeah.

Ginette Biro 53:57
Definitely. You know, one of the funniest things, I was one time in this really deep meditative process. And it was actually like a spiritual hypnosis. So that's like, that's a really neat pathway. For some people, if they find they can't meditate. Having someone regress you in spiritual hypnosis is a great way to get into it. So when I do when I do that, I go really far. And so what was funny is we were, you know, in the midst of chatting about something and I was like, I need to go to the washroom. So the lady I was with, she's like, alright, so I'll just pull you out just enough so you can go to the washroom and then come back and we'll jump right back in right. So I get up in my I have like, one eye open and they go to the washroom. And I'm there and all of a sudden I'm like, I have my eyes closed. And I'm flying through time and space like you know the visions of Star Trek when the stars it was like, Wow, am I ever far is like Okay, I gotta finish up and get back. Right so I get back and and I lay back down and I'm we're We're trying to get back into it. And in my vision, there's these higher beings, these alien like beings, higher consciousness beings. And they're like, this is kind of my vision, right? They're looking at me. And there's two different ones. And they're like, I was like, What are you doing? You're excuse me, I'm doing some work. And they're like, Well, what were you doing? I was like, What do you mean? What was I doing? They're like, we don't often see people go out that far. What are you doing? I was like, Oh, I'm just doing a regression here. Can you? Do you need anything? They're like, No, we were just checking on you to make sure that like, you weren't in the wrong place. And I'm like, No, we're good. And then we parted ways. But it was so funny. They literally stepped in. We're like, Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing over here? Because of how far I went.

Alex Ferrari 55:47
That year, because you you basically went to the other side of the universe, if you will. And the like, you don't have a past to get in here. You're backstage?

Ginette Biro 55:55
To check on that. Can we? Can we

Alex Ferrari 55:57
see some ID you're not supposed to be here.

Ginette Biro 56:00
Funny. Yeah. Yeah. And it's interesting that way, like, spirit isn't always, you know, floating and divine and all of this. It can also be funny. And it can also be like, stumbling upon something and being like, Oops, wrong way. Sorry, going this way. Like, it's, it's all things. And that's why I love it. Yeah, it's truly why I love it.

Alex Ferrari 56:24
There was a story I heard the other day, I was talking to a channeler who has the ability to see angels. And she was like, I see them everywhere. But they never looked at me. They never acknowledged them even around. I'm not sure if that goes with you as well. But she was there was one day she was in traffic. So funny story, I have to tell she was in traffic. And there was this guy just honking is like kid out of the way what's going on. And she's sitting next to him and like looking over and she sees the angel in the passenger seat. And the angels are apparently very large so that he's like crunched in down there like this. And then she's, it's he's just keeps you move and cursing and all. And all of a sudden, the angel just turns to her and goes No way. Just as like, he's my guy, and just just laughing. So there is a sense of humor on the other side

Ginette Biro 57:22
is they really love it. They love to laugh.

Alex Ferrari 57:25
I mean, well, Robin Williams is on the other side. So there's obviously his sense of humor.

Ginette Biro 57:31
Yes, obviously.

Alex Ferrari 57:33
Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Ginette Biro 57:40
living a good life? Um, I would say that's, like feeling in flow. Like there being no right or wrong. But I think like life feels really good to me. When I'm in flow, whatever that may be flow with my kids flow with my work flow with, you know, my own activities like that feeling that that's a good life.

Alex Ferrari 58:03
How do you define God?

Ginette Biro 58:06
Oh, that's a good question. God is kind of this energy that permeates all things. It's this energy, we try to quantify it with a word Love comes closest creation, but it's like a source, energy that moves through all things. And we really only understand a drop in the bucket of it. But it is vast and revealing and all encompassing. And I think when we have those moments, we really get to experience it, we would say it's love.

Alex Ferrari 58:45
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Ginette Biro 58:49
ultimate purpose, to experience, really, to gain experiences. And we get to choose whether those experiences in our minds were good or bad. And I mean, in what we take from it, we can have a horrible experience. But it can be one of our most beautiful, life changing moments where we're like, wow, I'm glad that happened. Because I would have never, you know, gotten to this or that. So we have the opportunity to change the narrative of an experience. And I know that's general and there are some that are just harsh. So I'm going to say this as a general statement. But I would say it's it's experiences gaining everything that we can from them.

Alex Ferrari 59:32
And one question that popped into my head while the while we were answering these, you mentioned an Ascended Master before that channels through you every once in a while. Can you explain to the audience what an Ascended Master is because a lot of the people might not understand what an Ascended Master is, and ascended masters come from every walk of life, every culture every quote unquote religion, but what is an Ascended Master? So

Ginette Biro 59:59
as I've come to under Stand it is they are souls that have spent a lot of time on earth that have gotten to the point where they no longer need to reincarnate. There's no purpose for them to embody again, I mean, unless they wanted to, for whatever reason, but they have gained so much experience, that they're very beneficial in helping us here. So they have a great purpose in helping humanity, but they have grown through the ranks essentially of humanity. So they are ascended, they are ascended souls into mastery form, where they're kind of at that master teacher level.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:39
So the Buddha is the Jesus is the the Muhammad Yogananda is these kind of people who were able to ascend as they say, ASCEND Ascended Masters. Alright, just wanted to clarify that for people who aren't listening. And where can people find out more about you where they can get your book and, and the things that you're doing?

Ginette Biro 1:00:58
Yeah, so my website is Avalon spirit. And that kind of has the, that has kind of everything on it. But I also have the geonet viral podcast, and my you know, my social media handles and YouTube, I put a lot of videos on YouTube is Genet by row medium. So I do you know, kind of daily card readings there I do videos of, Hey, did you know about spirit? Or what are angels? You know, like common questions and sharing and posts podcast there as well. So and my book, of course, people can find that on Amazon. So Janette, thank

Alex Ferrari 1:01:33
you so much for coming on the show. It's been such a pleasure talking to you. It's been so much fun. Thank you for the three, the three, three, light three guides of light, I can do better, why can't say that they got to live for coming in and dropping the mic as they did. And thank you so much for the work that you've been doing and helping helping us all and helping humanity hopefully, grow a little bit and get out of the mess that we're in.

Ginette Biro 1:01:57
That's awesome. Well, thank you so much. It's been so much fun. This has been great.

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