Young BABY Has NDE; Man Years Later SHOWN His Future Lives (Near Death Experience) with Franco Romero

On today’s episode, we welcome Franco Romero, an individual whose life reads like a tapestry woven with threads of the mystical and the extraordinary. Imagine living a life where the boundaries between this world and the next are as thin as a veil, where voices beyond our plane of existence guide your journey. This is Franco’s reality, a man who, from a near-death experience at six months old, has walked a path that defies conventional understanding.

Franco’s journey began with a near-death experience that wasn’t fully realized until his teenage years. At six months old, he developed a severe respiratory condition that escalated rapidly. “I was having a hard time breathing,” he recalls. The medical prognosis was grim, yet as Franco describes, a miraculous transformation occurred. His mother, in a state of deep prayer and gratitude, saw visions of his future, a future where he would thrive and contribute significantly to the world. This act of profound love and faith seemed to invoke a divine intervention, altering the course of Franco’s life.

From an early age, Franco experienced what many would call supernatural or paranormal events. Living in a house he termed “the hauntings,” he was surrounded by inexplicable phenomena. Yet, the most significant aspect of his childhood was the emergence of an internal voice, which he later identified as Caleb, the collective. This voice became a guiding presence, leading him through life’s mysteries and ultimately inspiring him to write his book.

Franco’s near-death experience didn’t just leave him with a second chance at life; it granted him visions and insights that spanned beyond our physical realm. At 15, he began to have vivid dreams and visions of the event that happened when he was a baby. These weren’t just memories; they were deeply immersive experiences where he relived the emotions and sensations of his near-death experience. “I could feel the vibrations, the feelings, the emotions,” he explains. These experiences connected him to a higher state of consciousness, one where time and space dissolved into an eternal now.

A profound moment in Franco’s journey was his encounter with an all-encompassing light during his near-death experience. Describing it, he says, “I felt 50 trillion cells of me, expressing itself in bliss.” This wasn’t just a visual experience but a deep, cellular connection to the divine, an overwhelming sense of oneness with the universe. This sense of oneness, Franco believes, is a fundamental truth we all share, though often buried beneath layers of mundane existence.

Franco’s insights extend to the concept of oneness, a central theme in his teachings. He shares that this oneness means that we are not just part of the divine; we are the divine. “We are God,” he states boldly, challenging the traditional notion of a separate deity. This realization is not about elevating the self above others but understanding that the divine essence permeates all existence. It’s a paradigm shift that can transform how we view ourselves and our place in the universe.

Throughout his life, Franco has also experienced what he calls a “walk-in” event, where he feels his soul switched during his near-death experience. This has given him a unique perspective, feeling slightly disconnected from his physical body but deeply connected to the spiritual realm. His walk-in experience and his role as a channel for the collective known as Caleb have equipped him with a profound understanding of life’s purpose and the nature of our existence.

In this profound conversation, Franco Romero delves into these experiences and their implications for our spiritual awakening. His message is clear: now is the time for humanity to wake up to its true nature. We are here not just to live but to realize our divine potential, to remember that we are integral parts of a greater whole. This awakening is not a distant future event but an immediate, pressing call to action.


  1. Divine Oneness: We are not just connected to the divine; we are embodiments of the divine essence. Understanding this oneness can transform our perspective on life and our interactions with others.
  2. The Power of Faith and Gratitude: Franco’s story highlights how deep faith and gratitude can invoke miraculous changes, emphasizing the power of positive, heartfelt intentions.
  3. Awakening to Our True Nature: Now is the time for humanity to wake up and recognize its divine potential. This awakening involves remembering our true essence and embracing our roles as co-creators of our reality.

Franco’s journey is a testament to the extraordinary potential that lies within each of us, a reminder that our lives are deeply intertwined with the divine. As we conclude this exploration of his mystical experiences and profound insights, let’s carry forward the wisdom he shares.

Please enjoy my conversation with Franco Romero.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 277

Franco Romero 0:00
I switched souls, if you will, in the process of experiencing the near death. And that was something that didn't come to me until much later in life.

Alex Ferrari 0:20
I'd like to welcome to the show Franco Romero. How you doing Franco?

Franco Romero 0:23
Great, man. Great. Thanks for letting me be on your show. Excited!

Alex Ferrari 0:26
Yeah, thank you so much for coming on the show my friend. We've just spent, I think 40 minutes just talking and catching up. And we're like past friends. It's like we known each other from another life or something, I guess. We're like, Hey, man, we should start recording some of this stuff is pretty good. So my first question to you, my friend is what was your life like, before you had this near death experience?

Franco Romero 0:47
Well, that's the interesting thing, okay, because my near death experience happened when I was six months. So my life through that period until I was 1516 years old, was kind of sorta like most kids, but not really, because it's kind of like one of those movies where you got to see the the ending first and then you kind of figure out how you got there. In my situation, I started having what most people would consider either supernatural or paranormal experiences from a very early age. At the age of seven, I was living in a home that basically was what I call the hauntings, because it was basically anything you want to imagine was happening in that house. And like a good the movie, I just for whatever reason, my family never wanted to leave for years. But the things that went in there, what went on in there were pretty, pretty intense. But being a kid, I didn't know that. I just kind of thought this was rather normal in some way. The interesting thing about that, though, Alex, was that when I was in that experience, I also it was the first time that I actually started to experience an internal voice, the sense that there was something speaking to me, not just whatever was out there. And years later, much, many, many, many years later that that voice became this kind of friendship thing that I had throughout the rest of my life that I started when I was a kid. And that voice became what was known as Caleb, or is known as Caleb, the collective. And it was through that relationship that I wrote the book. And so going back at 15, I started having visions, and dreams quite consistently, about this event that happened in my life. When I was six months, but the first time the first couple of times that I had it, it was just kind of like one of these lucid arrangements or dreams where I'm kind of trying to figure out why am I having this dream over and over again? Why am I in this hospital? Why am I seeing my mom, why am I seeing some family members? And they're all young? And why am I seeing this little baby in a kind of like this incubator in a small little hospital in South America. And I couldn't really quite figure out what this was all about. But it didn't take too long, probably maybe about a half a year or so of these visions and dreams coming in and out that I realized pretty pretty much that I was reliving recounting recounting of an experience that I had. So I actually to your question, I wasn't after or before. It's just like, it depends on which way you're looking at it. Because for me my experiences of the near death that I had didn't happen for me, it didn't become real to me until I was about 15 or 16. And so I saw the visions, I saw this whole scene playing out in the hospital. I did the crazy thing, if that wasn't crazy enough, but the thing that really got me was they could feel the vibe, the vibrations, the feelings, the emotions were very vibratory there was like frequency like, and that was the kind of the thing that I couldn't really make sense, because back then nobody was telling me anything about anything. I didn't know how it died. But what I could really pick up on it was the fact that my mother, who I was really close with, I could really pick her up. I mean, I could really feel her emotions. I could feel her thoughts. And I say feel, because it wasn't like I heard it. I could sense it. Anyway, that experience of seeing that and there's more to it, but I just want to answer your question in a more direct way. It was a series of events from the hauntings through to when I finally started, I mean, I was by the time I was gone from from that place. I knew that life wasn't really kind of what people were telling me it was. But it wasn't until I had the visions and dreams that I really started to realize that something was completely completely different here. And I wasn't feeling like this was home to me. I was Feeling like somewhere else was home to me. And I wanted to have those visions as much as I could. Because the visions weren't just about the hospital scene. They were also about what happened when I crossed over. And that's the part that when those visions and those dreams came into play, and the intensity of those that I mean, it's like what everybody talks about, I literally was in them immersed in them in all sorts of ways that I couldn't, I couldn't do it anymore. I had to eventually confront my mom with it and say, did any of this, by any chance actually happen. And when I explained to her what I saw, especially the hospital stuff, she she kind of flipped. She She from I remember that we were in the kitchen, our mouth dropped open. And she said, everything you just told me, every conversation that I had, in that moment, when they told me you were going to die. Everything is exactly the way it transpired, transpired, everything, even things that other people wouldn't have known what happened when she got the news, and so on, where she went, and so forth. And so she encouraged me to share it with somebody but man, look, look, I don't want to date myself. But this was before the internet. There was nobody to talk to. Yeah, so I didn't, I kept it to myself. So after that, when you keep going, as I'm sure many people have told you, when you keep that kind of truth bottled up, it eats you up, it eats you up. So, so long winded answer to your question, but it's been, well, an odyssey at the very least I in the book that I wrote about all of this. I call it the outer journey and the inner quest, because there are two separate events that go on and all that. And I was definitely living a lot of the outer journey, which is what most people do. So yeah, so that that it's never been more normal if you want it whatever normal is these days. Sorry.

Alex Ferrari 7:07
So let's go over before we get into some other visions, can you go over the experience that you remember, of the actual near death experience?

Franco Romero 7:16
Yeah. So when I, like I said, when I was six months old, I was starting to develop, I developed sort of this upper respiratory condition. And at the time, my mom didn't think much about it, she just assumed that we were niche that I was just experiencing a cold. And so we had a little clinic Hospital, in the, in the city, that she in the neighborhood that she lived in. And she took me there and within what when I came in, it was the condition she that she was telling me about was was really kind of progressing, but but they just they just figure that, that everything would be fine. They wanted to keep me overnight for not for observation, but nothing that was sounding any kind of alarm. Within about two to three hours, everything's just started to turn a it was as if, you know, this mild condition had just erupted. And I was really having a hard time breathing. And it was apparent to the doctors that I that I have something more than just a cold. So they told my mother at the time that they were going to watch me but they kind of had this feeling that the the, the things could get maybe a little bit worse before it got better. About four hours into this, I mean, this thing was just rapidly going four hours into this day, one doctor would pulled my mother out of the room and told her and this is kind of where I zipped into my dream basically told her that it didn't look like I was going to make it through the night that they wanted to know if there was anything they could do like maybe bring in the priest and pray for me and do my last rites for me and and I remember feeling like the room had shifted in energy and I could feel that she had disconnected with the conversation and I could feel as though I was kind of inside of her but not really I always felt like I was just on the outside of her and and I remember that she went back into the room. said a little prayer. And to the chagrin of everybody to the surprise for sure of everybody she got she got back up and and walked out of the hospital and about a block or so away from the hospital there. There's a there was this church and when she saw the church and I remember this visit because this is kind of what I was describing her, I remember that she literally got on her knees. And she crawled all the way to the entrance of the church, there was like a little Boulevard and, and when she got to the front altar, she was in deep prayer, almost meditative type of a prayer. But here again, the energy kind of shifted in the church. It was though, it wasn't this heaviness of grief that you would expect. It was, she was in this state of gratitude, appreciation of just having had six months with me, that was what her prayer was, it was thank you so much for the time I had with with my child kind of a thing. And I remember the prayer very specifically. And at a certain point, it wasn't very long into her prayer that things again kind of shifted in the air got lighter and the energy got lighter. And she was able to, unbeknownst to her, she was able to see visions of my life, of what I would be like in the future, if I could live. And so it was she remember, she was she always told me that she didn't really remember shifting, she just remembers that these visions started occurring. And basically, it was me being a good father, a good husband, a good son, a good a good person. And she remembers having this complete sense of calmness come through and appreciate, again, gratitude and appreciation that she was able to see this, even though she knew she would never actually experience it with me. Because she felt for what she knew. By the time she came back, I was going to be dead. But she was so appreciative. And so at that moment, when this calmness kind of swept through, she got back up, she went, she kind of had the sense that everything was going to be alright, she didn't know that man or right because she could handle the news when she got back or she could, or really, or whether it was something else. Okay, she she just didn't know. But she didn't really care, she went back to the hospital. And she got greeted by the doctors and family member and she said she was really surprised because they were crying, but they were tears of joy. And, and all of this, I'm seeing all of this in my dream. And and they said, you know, back then and even today, though, they said, you know, we don't know exactly what happened. But in the time that you were gone, the your your baby went from being pretty much dead, all his organs were shutting down, his vitals were going, we really thought he was going to die. And now everything has changed. The vitals went up, Oregon's came back everything, even his condition was different. And all they could tell her had to be a miracle. And that was not my mother was a very, very, very stout Catholic woman. He looked what she just did. She that was all she needed to hear. And that's all that doctors could give her. So then go ahead.

Alex Ferrari 13:16
So what happened to that's from the outside perspective, about the year perspective going on the other side? What was that like?

Franco Romero 13:23
So, in a lot of those visions, the next thing I remember was being in this sort of desert. I don't know where exactly, but it was very bright. It was it was, even though it was a desert, it didn't feel like a desert per se it there was five Princey in it. And I remember looking down and I see this old man, he he was a pretty fragile, old man, like almost like a beggar looking in extending his hand out and he was looking at me and I thought he was looking at me, it turns out he was looking behind me. And when I looked behind me there was this beautiful or, and it was like five to 10 times bigger easily than what we would consider the sun to be. But I remember at that moment that it didn't hurt my eyes. And I kept thinking to myself, why isn't it hurting my eyes because this thing is really brilliant. And when I went to look back down the beggar man was now this boy a fragile little boy. And I same thing. He was looking through me and I looked back and there was desorb but it was now coming closer to me. And as he got closer to me, I could start feeling sensory wise, I started feeling this connection with it with what I specifically remember was that my cells, okay, you have what 50 trillion cells in your body, something like that. I could feel each one of those cells they were they were vibrating like uncontrollably Like as if they were, like hungry for this energy for this light. And as the light got closer to me, those the cells literally just erupted like I felt the way I described that was, and this is kind of the the thing that I always to this day remember is that I didn't feel it like me feeling all this vibration, it was me feeling 50 trillion cells of Ni, expressing itself in bliss, for like 234 seconds. I felt ni as 50 trillion me's. And it was amazing. I it's hard to, to put it into words, because I don't know what that would be like to actually experience yourself 50 trillion times in one particular moment. And back then I mean, forget it, I didn't have any way of even knowing what just happened

Alex Ferrari 15:57
Really quickly. Are you perceiving all of this as a six month old or as an older

Franco Romero 16:04
As a six months

Alex Ferrari 16:06
Intellectually, intellectually, intellectually?

Franco Romero 16:09
Intellectually, it's funny, you mentioned that because I always explain it this way. When we pass, there is no such thing as time and space. Right? We're just, we're just simply consciousness. And so I was experiencing something in our linear time, that was 1516 years later. But in the in in the metaphysical aspect of it, there is no such thing as that. There's only the now. So that experience in that happened 15 or 16 years ago, and that point was happening to me, right at that moment, it was there was no difference.

Alex Ferrari 16:49
So how but because a lot of times I've had children come on, they are not children, but people who who crossed over as a child, and they see the world, the other side as a child, they because they have no reference point because they still are. They're far there's they're farther away from source 5 6 7 years that they can they're basically looking at it and perceiving everything as a seven year old. But you were six months old. So you were right. close by, to source you were still a child, a baby an infant. So, I'm assuming that you didn't have an intellectual you were a you were dealing with this or experiencing this as consciousness.

Franco Romero 17:30
I was experiencing as consciousness because in the Okay, so the other thing that people oftentimes have a have a hard time grasping grappling with is that we don't experience this this life. Okay, we, we, we have experience lives like this. A lot of times. So when you when one says, you know, did when one asked, you know, like, did you experience it as a baby or as an adult, I experienced that the way I experienced it 1000 times before, because it's, that's to me, to us, that's real. This this is not. And so when that it's kind of like going back to a favorite place that you've always been to whether or not you did it now, or whether you did it 20 years ago, or, or even in a different life with a different personality, or what have you, I'm hoping that I can make can kind of explain that because to me, it was like going back home. And it didn't matter that I had, you know, died and read and saw it from a six month perspective. Now there is a little twist to this that comes in a little later, which is that some of this was also attributed to the fact that I had, I had what's called a walking experience. So I switched souls, if you will, in the process of experiencing the near death. And that was something that didn't come to me until much later in life, where I actually thought that I had always felt like I was slightly disconnected from this avatar body, like, like the coding was there, like, like, everything seemed to match up properly, but I just didn't feel like I was originally in this body. And so that also attributed to the way that I experienced some of the visions that I had, in that experience of the near death and also the things that I would see later on in my channeling.

Alex Ferrari 19:26
Do you as a walk in remember prior pre birth pre birth experiences or no?

Franco Romero 19:33

Alex Ferrari 19:34
Can you talk a bit about that?

Franco Romero 19:35
Well, that could be a long conversation but so walk ins have different different I'll just call them missions here. Okay. When a walk in comes in, they split they have a specific role and that all walk ins come from the same place. So like in my particular case, my my expense answers have always been direct with source God, whatever you want to call it as part of a group of spiritual beings that are here and go elsewhere to help to help plant the seeds of the will and then watch the seeds bloom in what would be called schools, this or school and many others throughout throughout the universe and multiverse and multi dimensions really. So I started to see visions of the various lives that I have lived not just here, but in other places that I would call more like my home or places that I existed in more often than here. There are teams that do what they call themselves, architects, there are teams that come here and design and basically put together the structure for for a school like this. And we visit this world from from the beginning of this school and previous are schools. And we and by the way, I've never really mentioned any of this to anybody. So this is the first time that anybody's really kind of hearing this. But we were here with, with what one would consider your linear time at the beginning of all this. And we come through various cycles of humanity, to make sure that humanity is still on the course that it's supposed to be. And then we come at the end, which is why we're here. So so when I particularly came here was the opposite the opportunity presented itself through the through this divine act of unconditional love that my mother had to open up a portal, if you will, for me to enter into this vessel. And so my experiences are somewhat different than others, because I have a really clear picture of what I was supposed to do here. And in the end was part of it. But it was just the opportunity to come in at this time.

Alex Ferrari 22:16
Frankly, you're like a smorgasbord of spiritual stuff going on. You got all sorts of stuff that you

Franco Romero 22:21
I'm telling you, man. I'm telling you, they're there, it gives you a flavor, Alex, I hope it gives people a flavor or listen to the listening to this, then we are so much more than what we have been shown even in some of the things that may be near death experience people have seen. And I have had a lot of conversations with near death experience errs, and I have explained my sort of different role here. And I've explained to them how, how their experience was meant for them to come back, and not just share the story of what happened on the other side. See, we can get fixated on that all day long. And people want that they want to know what's on the other side. But what a lot of these engineers are starting to realize is that when they came back, they were resequenced genetically, not biologically but spiritually, they were resequenced. So that eventually, they would start to remember, not just the specifics of what happened in the near death. But the things that I'm telling you right now, some of the stuff that's happening, why it's happening, why did they come back? They were messengers, and they flip out, some of them flip up because they they've always struggled with what happened and why it happened and what's happening now to them. And when I tell them that they came back as messengers, but not just of what happened on the other side, but what's coming. Then they really get excited. And they remember it.

Alex Ferrari 23:53
So so you're, you're in the desert. There's Yeah, sorry. Yeah, young, young boy, we're back. Okay, that there's an orb there. What else is what goes on?

Franco Romero 24:03
Well, probably one of the most powerful things that happened was when I was in the orb, and I was having this blissful experience. I remember having I remember looking and seeing all these sorts of silhouettes. And it was it was these dark silhouettes on the on these this beautiful whitish goldish background. And I remember clearly that I knew them, right. And I knew who they were, but they weren't from this life. They were from many, many, many lives in different places. And what was interesting was that I remember that they I felt what they were communicating there was there was no audible stuff like what we're doing here it was all just vibrational and I think it's Yeah, and I could feel so like in in energy, they're sustained call energetic signatures, and I could feel their energetic signature I could feel I knew who exactly they were without him. To see specific characteristics of or features of anything, I also felt like this entity was surrounding me. Like it was like it was guiding me and kind of showing me around. But what I remember was that at a certain point, when I was like, I don't know how long I was in this whole experience, but I remember that they, they insisted that I really look at something. So I kept hearing him say, what do you see. And at first, I was like, I'm just so wrapped up in this, I don't really do Sorry, I don't really care what I say, I'm just gonna tell you what I could feel. But I could feel that they were really insistent, and I wasn't going to go anywhere else, whatever that was, until I could see what they were insisting on me seeing, but not with my eyes. It was as if they were asking me to feel this whole thing. So I remember looking around. And I remember that things got really crisp and really vivid. And it in at that moment, as I'm gazing on my mind literally can feel like I'm there right now. And I, I could see this on this infinite stream of individual lights, just the infinite, you can never count them. And at that moment, just as I really had that aha moment, I felt this thing grabbed me and this and pushed me back. I mean, it was like, alright, you saw it. We know now that you got it. Let's go. And I was like, free falling through this beautiful canal. And knowing that I was leaving somewhere that was more home to me, and I land it. And just like it did over and over and over again. I started crying. I just didn't want to be here. And this is f 1516. So you can imagine why I wasn't gonna go share this with anybody. So here's what I saw. Okay, which is huge. All right. Because it dawned on me years later, it didn't dawn on me, they'd been walking me through and getting me ready for this because this is one of the messages that I had to bring back. What I saw was, Yes, I saw infinite number of spiritual beings, I mean, amazing beings, okay. It's what I felt. And I realized that their point that I understood oneness, and it was at that point that I realized what they wanted me to bring back, which was the message that just just as much as we'd been shown, and this is really kind of in recent times, where we've been told that we have the spark of divinity in us and we have to try to find it and work with it and whatever. Though there is truth to that. What is more of the truth is what lies beyond that. And that was that oneness, this thing, God or source, whatever you want to call it, has just as much of vos in it, as we believe we have of it in us. In other words, oneness was created by the individuality of all the supreme beings coming together as a community. And if for one this God didn't make us we may God. And that, my friend, is a paradigm shifter. Now, if you don't necessarily know if you can grasp that, and you know where you want to go with it. Some time ago, I was shown a vision. And I'm not a Biblical person I hate you know, I'm not gonna say I hate that minute. But I just wasn't I just didn't grow up like that. Even though my parents my mom in particular was really Catholic. I just, I just wasn't, it didn't meet make sense to me. But I was shown a verse in, in, in the Bible, and it was in Genesis. And there was like, verse 26, I believe, people can go check. I'm not quite like I said, I don't know. But in there, there's a discussion about how man or back then it was, man. Now it's humans were made in the image of God, right, which is what we were told. But in that same verse, everything that was discussed wasn't in the image of God, like as if it were a he. Everything there are plural words in there, of us being made in their image in our image. It was clear black and white. It blew it blew my mind even though I had been. I had seen it firsthand. It blew my mind that something so clear was in one of these most sacred books, and it was plural Just the way they showed it to me, that moment that I experienced that. And it all came together for me. I mean, it was already together, maybe I just needed some validation. But it made complete sense. We have always been told just the opposite, that we're just this tiny little speck, depending on the religion that you come from, you're either in a tiny little speck that inherited Original Sin or your tiny little speck did and inherited karma or something else. So not only in your tiny and disconnected in some way. But you also have to carry this cross or this burden of something that you supposedly you did in the past. We were told that that's how we had to view our life. And now they're telling me that that was intentional, because of the way the school was designed of contrast and duality. We had to do that in order to experience ourselves as what we would never be. Right, but that isn't what we're here to do. Now, Alex, we're here. And the reason why there are 1000s 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of people that are finally sharing their stories, not just near death experiences, but Ste soup, you know, spiritually transforming experiences, and all these other ones. The reason that we're here now is to wake up to our divinity. Right? And the Divinity isn't just this thing that says, We're connected to God, or we have a we have the spark of God in us. But that we are, God. Period.

Alex Ferrari 31:36
And we are extension without question.

Franco Romero 31:39
We'll see. That's where that's where I talk. I took a long time, Alex, this wasn't something that I just decided one day to start hauling people or writing a book about it. And it might the book goes into more of an explanation about how have you got his energy in the in the beginning, and there's no end. And there's a beginning and we're part of that energy. And therefore we are all I mean, I could take it from that state if you want to. But the whole point is that it would not just extensions, we actually are the pieces that put the puzzle together, they created the oneness, it's kind of like an ocean, you take away drops, or it drops or let's take the sand. If you take away a grain of sand, you go out and nothing's really changed. But it did you change, you change that forever. But if you take them all away, separate them all the trillions upon trillions upon trillions, you no longer have an ocean floor. It happened because individually, and this is a natural, instinctive thing that we do as a spiritual species. We do want to form community, which is why things like like Darwinism, when contrary to that, because we were in the School of duality. Everything that was told to us was flipped upside down. So that we could remember how to flip it back up again. And so that and that there's a whole bunch of stuff, and so many different religions, and in so many different spiritual traditions to talk about this whole experience.

Alex Ferrari 33:19
Go ahead.

Franco Romero 33:20
No, no, no, I said the hardest thing, the hardest thing that I grappled with, let's, you know, so I channel and I channeled this collective call Caleb and I, then they, they've been sort of prepping me all my life to put together these messages and then show this kind of teaching called The Way of the inner child, which is also a teaching or a practice that's been lost for 1000s of years. But Buddha, Yeshua, all of them talk about it. Okay? They, I was like, Look, guys, I don't want to stick my neck out here. All right. I mean, what you're, what you are telling me is, because of what I saw, and what I have now gone through, I, it's time to humanity. Humanity realizes it. When you die, Alex, you realize that the moment you die, when you die, you realize you're going back into the light because that's your home because you created it with your community. You created it with your community,

Alex Ferrari 34:22
Everything that you've said, you know, in one way, shape, or form rings true in some of the great ancient texts, the Vedic texts and things like that the oldest oldest texts that we have Sumerian texts and things like that. These are these are ideas have been around for a while. They've they're, they're slightly differently angled than I've used to hearing. But it's all pretty much the same message, which is the thing that I continuously hear again and again, from my perspective of talking to so many near death experiencers channelers of spiritual people, yogi's masters. It all the truth is the truth. And it just keeps coming again and again, different flavors of it. But it's still the truth. You can cook a hot dog and 50 50 different ways, but it's a hot dog. Nevertheless,

Franco Romero 35:13
It is, you know, unless it's a turkey dog or a chicken dog or a beef dog, because the reason I say that is because we've been dancing around something that we know inherently is truth. We've been dancing around it. And that is that, you know, we were afraid to to to consider the what would have been the unimaginable. The the thing that would have created heresy and this is heresy things.

Alex Ferrari 35:42
You should be burned at the stake, sir. You're a demon.

Franco Romero 35:45
Yeah. Not even 100 years ago, I probably could have been burned and staked still probably if somebody wanted to do it very quietly, somewhere. Okay, but the truth is, the truth is The truth is the truth. And there's plenty of references everywhere that says we're not just, we're not just extensions, we're not just these little sparks. If you follow the way that that nature works in its desire to be one, it makes complete sense that as we are nature nature is us we have spiritually that desire to reunite ourselves with the greater version of what we create it, of what we create it. Because there's always has to be a singularity of some kind. Now that can be multiple singularities, and which is what happens in in nature, let's call it but there's multiplicity and they come together, they experience themselves as bigger oneness oneness. There's no difference in the world of of the metaphysics of the spiritual, the angelic, it's no different. And they were really insistent that I see that before I came back.

Alex Ferrari 37:00
So let's talk about your this channel, because you're not only a near death experiencer. But you're also a channeler. Tell me about your channeling. How do you channel is it something that it's just there all the time? Do you go into a trance? How does it work?

Franco Romero 37:15
It depends on the person. But for me, it's natural. And the reason why it's natural is not it's because it happened to me, because the transition happened to me so early on, like you said it had I was literally not that far removed from having been over on the other place. Okay, so for me, you know, the genetic sequencing, I use that reference because there is a lot of what you would consider be science, but it's not its intelligence, there's a lot of that that happens in the first several years of life. In fact, I will tell you, it actually happens in the in the nine months that we're inside our mother's womb, actually, there's more of that that happens there. But relative to your question, it all sort of as sort of neural networks and stuff began to form, it all just came together naturally. So for me, it just happens. I mean, I literally can walk into a room, and within just a few minutes, not even, I could read, not your energy, but I could read your vibration. So all I would need you to do was like we did when before we got on on the show, is I just needed to hear you speak a little bit. And from there, I could hear your vibration, I could hear your energetic signature. And I could start talking about things that I could feel about you, especially things that were present to you now and things that could potentially happen in the future, that might that's different than most other Chandler's that I'm aware of. Because I really tap into your soul, I really am able to do that. Because that was one of the gifts now we can all do this. We just haven't allowed ourselves to get that intimate with it. We can't even allow ourselves to accept the fact that when we're talking to ourselves, we're actually talking to our divinity. Or when we hear a voice or we get an intuition, we oh, we can't even accept that those are subtle communications with our higher Divine Self, much less. All right, let's go full gangbusters and allow ourselves to tap into each other. So because there's this thing in our language called entanglement and we have that entanglement everywhere, we're not disconnected in any way shape, or form. And so it's easy through this umbilical cord if you want to call it that, because it really actually is we can connect that we are naturally connectors.

Alex Ferrari 39:40
What was your saying is a channel though you say you channel a collective? Is that channeling through this process of connecting to the person's vibration than

Franco Romero 39:52
It is it's kind of like my own my umbilical cord to the universal soul which we all have. kind of imagine yourself in You know, this is gonna date me a little bit Alex, but it's kind of like, like being in a room, a huge room where all the switchboard operators are taking calls. And you're kind of okay, ah, and in my end of the room I make, I'm connecting to this aspect, the same room, the same system. Okay, the same stream of consciousness, if you will, but I'm connecting on one end of the room, somebody else is connecting on another end, somewhere else, and another and so, so my collectiveness is no different than Seth, that came back that came here back many, many years ago, Abraham Hicks Abraham, or any of the other channels crayon or any of the others, they're just, they're just connecting to a certain channel that comes in and they go into the same stream of consciousness, because we're all that

Alex Ferrari 40:48
Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. Oh, it's a very interesting way of channeling. I've spoken to a lot of channelers. I know everyone's different. And everyone's different completely. I mean, frankly, you're, you're fascinating, my friend to say the least, you've gone through some, some interesting stuff in your lifetime so far. And you're the stuff that you're bringing back is really, their seeds that need to be planted for people to really start to wake up in many ways.

Franco Romero 41:17
Yeah. And you know what, Alex? It's not like we what we're going to do this for the next couple 100 years. And this is the real Biggie thing. So besides the fact that that one of the messages was we are God. Another message is that we that we exist in a simulated reality, and how does that work, relative to whole spiritual Ness that we're experienced. And then the third one is that we are here right now, right now, not 100 years from now. Right now we're here to wake up to the first two truths, to realize who we really are, so that we can usher in what so many have talked about in this in this particular time in human history? There is no tomorrow because in any sense, there is no tomorrow. There's no such thing as that tomorrow, but this is it, everybody, I always tell people that what we have waited for what humanity has waited for for 1000s of years, is now here. And they say to me, Well, how's that possible? The world hasn't changed. And I say because what we've been waiting for, was actually just us. We had to wake up. And if we could wake up, which is why like biblical Lee, the kingdom of happiness inside of you, okay, the gateless gate and unknown. If you want to go Eastern tradition, it's inside of you. We have always been able to do this. We just had to wake up, and now is the time. It's not tomorrow, next month, it's now I mean, that's the biggest message they wanted me to bring back. It's now!

Alex Ferrari 42:57
Again, from this front row seat that I am so blessed and humbled to do and talk to people like yourself daily. Now, I keep hearing the same message just coming in from different perspectives, but same message is time to awaken. People are hungry. Yes, starving for this information. The numbers of my show dictate that there's somebody out there who's really hungry for this. And it's just beginning. And it's just the beginning. I think this is the start of the Great Awakening that we're all we're all hungry for.

Franco Romero 43:34
And that's the I love the way you phrase this, Alex, because in the world of duality, okay, you cannot experience something in the wanting, if you don't know what it is that you want, if you haven't experienced it already. So our desire our hunger, and this is what drives people literally mad is that it's not just that they are desiring something out there, and I'm not even quite sure what, what the heck they're desiring. It's not like, like they're designing what the word is, you know what everybody's talking about. It's the fact that they know deep down inside, they know what it is that they're hungry for. They know what it is that they're thirsty for. They may not be able to articulate it, but they know it. In the world of contrast, you cannot be hungry for something unless you've already experienced it. And they know it because they know what lies on the other side. The reason why they why they're fascinated about the other side isn't because they're trying to reaffirm something about you know how it fits into their system right now. They want to remember they want to remember something a nugget something to somebody says or an experience it something will trigger the remembering of what it was like on the other side. That's why they're doing it because they've already had it and they want to remember it more.

Alex Ferrari 44:54
I mean, not to be cliche, but we were all Neo trying to wake up from the matrix.

Franco Romero 45:00
I don't I look, look, I wanted to tell you something, the universe that this aspect of ourselves, okay, that Plitt in the book, it's the book, it talks about the game. All right. And in the book, the book, we're not when I wrote it, I did it in a channeling state. With kala never knew what I was going to write, I just would go in and write it. And there is a section called the game. And the game talks, kind of dances around what you just said, Okay? We have been in the game, we are given clues, just like a great virtual reality game with the Okay, we got to look at it that way. Okay, because it is a massive virtual reality game that is enabling us to get clues. I don't know anything much about the way kids play virtual reality games. But I do know this, that when they go through those experiences, there's always clues and riddles, and passageways and secret hiding places, and, and the game fills you with those. And if you could figure them out, you figure out how the game works. And then eventually you evolve outside of that game, either you go on to a higher level of the game, or the game changes and have to come up with another system. Okay, this isn't meant to be really cryptic, so people don't get it, or they weren't computerized in any way. But this is how the school works, is you have to figure out the riddles and the fact that Hollywood, I know there's a lot of people to say some things about Hollywood. And I'm not going to be here to question either which way from Sunday. But what I am telling you is that those things are embedded in the messages, the books, you read whatever books, you read the conversations, you have the movies, you see, they're giving you a glimpse of reality, just as similar as that passage I told you in Genesis is a glimpse. But if they told you, they came out in your face, and they said, Okay, this is how it works, the game is over.

Alex Ferrari 46:56
And that's not how it works. And they wouldn't believe it either, you know,

Franco Romero 47:00
Well, they would have to eventually believe it, because embedded in your genetic coding sequencing, that eventually as your energy rises, they start to pop,

Alex Ferrari 47:10
And then energy rises. But if your energy has not risen to you tell them they're not going to exist

Franco Romero 47:15
Exactly. But But like, you know, like, you know, you're in a popcorn maker, right? The first one pops, the second one popped. And the next thing you know, all of them start to pop, it only takes the few to start popping, to start raising the energetic frequency of this planet. And everybody can tell you that I mean, you've had some great guests on the planet that could tell you that, okay, I'm just looking at it, like you said, from a different lens from a spiritual lens, it only takes a few. And the energy starts to rise, we're at a point where the energy is risen so high, that everybody like I said, You're shocked. Just wait, the popcorn is just ready to start popping. And the frequency on this planet is going to start rising. And people say, Well, how is it possible what you're telling me, because part of what I also see are prophecies, timelines, the splitting of the earth and the fifth dimension, third dimension, and I'd write I talk about all of this in the book, and I'm writing a second book about it. And all of that has to do with where we're at with humanity. It doesn't take everybody to remember right away, it just takes those few, which is why you are doing this show. Not with just me but with everybody. Because we are embedded with signatures, binary codes, if you will. And once those triggers trigger, once that frequency rises, it's like a bomb. Once it gets to that point, it triggers and there's no looking back. It's kind of like The Matrix. At some point, you have to decide whether you take the red pill or the blue pill. Seriously, and once you take the red pill, Alex, you'll never, ever come back again. And all I do as a spiritual guy, when I work with my students and stuff, when I teach them the way of the inner child, I always tell them the same thing when they start. I said, you have to decide where you want to be at this point. And I always use that reference. And then they say, all I can show you is the truth. What you do with it after that. And I guarantee you every one of my students who take the red pill, come back differently, they never go back to that reality, they come back in a way that is so entirely different.

Alex Ferrari 49:29
Franco, I can keep talking to you for a few hours without questions. All right. I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests.

Franco Romero 49:37
Yeah, sure.

Alex Ferrari 49:37
What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Franco Romero 49:41
Being completely aware of yourself as truth and light.

Alex Ferrari 49:47
If you can get in a time machine and go back to talk to the young boy, a little boy you wish you what advice would you give him?

Franco Romero 49:55
Well, that's kind of an unfair question because I do it all the time. So

Alex Ferrari 49:58
So it's just one are the things you tell him that

Franco Romero 50:02
I would never change anything that I have done is as tempting as it would be, don't change anything that you have done every trial, every tribulation, every experience that you've had has brought you to this precise point. Don't change anything, just if anything, go for it go with go with the flow, right? It be the tide be the wave instead of being drowned by it all the time.

Alex Ferrari 50:31
How do you define God or Source?

Franco Romero 50:34
I am

Alex Ferrari 50:37
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Franco Romero 50:40
To wake up and realize that I am.

Alex Ferrari 50:44
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing my friend?

Franco Romero 50:47
I have a website, it's called it and you have to put thought, because there is somebody that has a different one. The closet is the best way to reach me, I do have Facebook, I do have Instagram, but you can find all that at the website. You could also email me and there's a way to do a contact form there. And I'd be happy to try to talk to people. Suffice it to say it's become a little bit difficult these days to do that. But I will try if I can to contact people. But I also do the consultations and what I really, really, really, really encourage people if you're feeling something from this conversation, reach out to me and learn more about how to be a student so that I can show you how to remember the way of the inner child and it will completely change your life.

Alex Ferrari 51:43
And do you have any parting messages for the audience my friend?

Franco Romero 51:45
Yes. The biggest parting messages this in it kind of gets back to what I just said. Which is to say everything that you have done, you have done it for a purpose if you feel that you've been disconnected. And that disconnection has led to so many trials and tribulations depression, suicidal thoughts, this connections or whatever label people put understand that those were never maladies those were never maladies, even though you were told they were. Understand that we're simply there to help remind you that you are so much more than what anybody has ever told you. And certainly nothing like a label could ever be tagged on you. If your experience has been that in your life, then you have come to the right place in your life. You're here now you're ready to wake up in whatever way you want to do, and see it as a blessing. Because there are so many people right now that are walking this life and haven't even begun to experience what you have experience. You are genuine and you are perfection. You are perfection. If you have done this already done the journey, the in even some parts of the inner quest, you are perfection, and you are ready to wake up and shine so that the world could see that you are the light of the world. It wasn't just a designation for one person. That one person said we would all one day, be the light of the world and it's time for you to shine.

Alex Ferrari 53:31
My friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show, sharing your journey sharing your wisdom. I appreciate you in the work you're doing in the world.

Franco Romero 53:38
I appreciate you, Alex. Thank you!

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